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I tw" '"'"" comi'axihs ronatr.t
M H fW ,illt". "f ,1" '" Cnlnrmln l'rodur-
I imn f rrcrlmii Mrtnl In Cnllfnrnln nml
I Npvndu 111 18!K-riiijnr on llit 1'iielfll
I Mnn ('' '" I'nntrrn (Jtnli Miintann's
I unl I'rnnilaliic UnslilliElim Mines.
H , r MipIi Inn HO Tho iipvv VIp.
inn, v 1 1! 1 nininnr will lin'wi for Its l'rp.l
() x i i 1 It DuiiRtnn of Itnnoovk Tlie
, it iiriics II10 old Toroit, l'orcst Ul',1,
, 1 01 InlU Hvlvtin nml .rctlo proper
, t , 1 f J mo ncro. trlntron Hie wen
, ( in 111 tonacon lllvnr There nrnflB
,,, j, . 1 1 M'jor lioarliiB lodpi trnvaralni;
lh 1 I'rr Tlie Hoton brokoinrjo flnim
or J i, i 11 Hill A On and Hornblovver A.
eks In oltieil In briiiKliiK tlio proper!)
put I ho siiliseriptlon prlco was $7 n slinre.
wl,l, . i. Km in tlie trpinun. pud premium
0r i slum wn bid nlmoat before tlie nub
firn i il wcio i loH'il Ouls n verf
hnw i uti' i f sto"k. perhaps fi.ooo nhnre
nll I i v is ullntted to I.ako subscribers
rii v in 1 itte subscription was nlso a Krcat
(1 ,.. Mi stock. beliiKrierfliibscrlbed b
(l i .. iip niutnllp.itloii, u.rIiiuIc brokoraue
j, j e i Hoiiulitoti tiiklinr orders for -Itl.tMM)
tli, i almu-t half tlio stock Tlioorlalnnl
tmmrs f 'In propert) reserved u ciu.irtei In
H (pr, , the in w is-iuo nuioiintliic lo 'J5.000
!IH I tii.-inl l(l(HHl qIiiiAm nddltlnn .1
In ie ill tn il to subsoribors herb ulvlni;
,i k liuus fur lloiton people
tin I wnrp Is ilso on the inniket In kojiI
Kn , - toek Invlui: been ovi-rsilbsptlboil
at -I i wfi n St.OOll.lKX) foi the propprt).
)1 is bl 1 for It idiortlv inter the nuli
i i looks were closed Owlin: to the
h mi s mineral aron, about tlilttv wjuiire.
i, i lie MhVl.OtM) on (he itrountl In nin
lunii i diinrs Ai , tho stock liris'.bojn pop
ii a h Hie luvestlui: public. An excep
i mi -it inn iiiiinaesiiient hasjieen peBiired.
( , i I' ilnn'r. tqnnerb ceneinl manaxer
in Unite itnl llostou belnc slated for I're
i ioi v ill Is i ie St. Jlncne, I II' DeveirflauT
hi I oi i iinin of Doston ninonic the diiei -ton
lit uri tlrst nnmed were directors of
in .nun Mltiinc Company for mam cnn
i 1 II in lieltt of Hausock. Oov Dunstan A
n lit lei Ins been In ehaice of the detail
ik i irKiniatlon at llostou foi both the
1 ir ee mil the Victoria
Ii w is i it the intention of the promoters ot
l tin ulnsi Ijind and Cooper Company to
ti ii M'rltinn books here or place anv
st i k : all irious to the orKinlratlon In
I .it n t ut i e inslderable number of orders
h e nlreils b"cn phi ed with Innks and
Inkers tliiouulioiit the enuntf The exlst
eni e f hoth eoppf i and silver in lurae iiunn
titios In the oldei .vorkincs of the Sheldrn and
I iiumliian now tho Onondaca, Is vouched fm
t man of the older uenention of nilneis
nil w rked there three decide" nKO, and with
the lenini: if the llaltic lode, undeihlnc the
tntir tnct. thero Is cers prospect of open
ing t iniuo which should Droo both larce and
ir lltible
1 he Onoei rcmnlns a mrstor It Is the old
Hunutrlan mine, with a Kenerous addition of
utljini; torrltor. and It is a Klt?eerald prop
rt nirther than which nothliiK can be
lei n iliout it It will doubtless comn on
tli nurket in due season
Tli llhoile Island has the Pewabie lode, at
lltt e lep'h from sni'iee. and tho lode Is as
tirndit ftith copper and In everv.wise ascn
couraL'inc is had been hoped for from tho line
ohi wins made bj o 'J haft of the Tranklln
Junnr on the wmo mineral bed POO feet to the
toullm.uil Tlnj propertj comprised with the
Ilhoili Ishnd was owned or Thomas I' Mason
of New ork l'rtsldcnt of the (Julncy MinliiB
( niipauj Mr Mason took almost hnlf of the
nit ! ii-sue of Rhode Island stock, which may
evpUiii wh tho subscription books were open
on ine d ly and he has all his nfcinal stock
in new enjine house Is belnc built and
lliflwirh iniehfncrr at tho Ithode Island
slm t and the work of slnkinc It will be le
suuied about 1 eb I It Is stated, thoueh not
upon the authority of Capt S II Harris, the
iicmt that the llhodellsland will pa) some at
lemnn f-oou to tho Alloitez eouslomerato.
Ii hi h i I elieved to bo'rlehor.in metal at tint
lont ih.m on the I ranklln Junior property
imn eil'atel) south Attempts to ODen pnylne
mlnPfOn the llouei- eonelomerate bankrupt
el ihe lban mil Itoston and Peninsuh Mln
lue i omraniPR and put th stock of tho Al
ii ue nmpiii) down to 10 cents a share aftei
atr it 1 a sinte hurt been paid In, on .assess-
I I Ltl.
lirwi-R Ian IH-The unnuil meetlrc of
the IsHliilki Miniuz Comian), oneratlnK In
t ie ( r pi Ie ( ri k dlstLict. h.ip held at t olo
r ili;i nncs this pok When the present
in i iceineiit took h"ld a vH.u uco the known
rv huteniip prattle ill) exhausted and tho
eiei-rs were aurnclni: $.'0 000 montlih
I In runnini: south oti the Ic shnft, ninth
leu1! a new elnite mil) (Hl feet in lencth
ri icli f it belin: ph-noineua'h rich ore. was
uismvireil '1 ho nt I luulltb of the compnii)
(or the year weie SKKIfMTM The toinpins
w II resume Uiirtmil) dividends nei JIarcli
fi-rtt ire of this meetliiu was the expltlni:
i.niir ers) wherein it was nllei.'pil that olll
fi ' the ep'iipini kept the iliseoer of tlie
tsiv ire i hnte n steret from tliPHtockholdeis.
wh Ii prevented the litter fiom takliiK ml
t image ( Hit stock nurket' "M.inlpulitlotis
of the s oi k were i lollfible to friends of the
r.ui ucmeiil nrjther blf strike on Isibelli
eininil h.ts be. n roiMiited this week rI lie flint
iris in idi h) lcs.e on the liinma No 'J 1 he
Chine w is limt and has I em seurched fordlll
sn'h rrrscTer.il venrs A er) rich ore chute
lii hi a ilii n 'red In a crosscut .
1' rtioit d tli it a i lob and wide ore chute
rn-. i.hi, enteicit ju tin, Portland liCi drift on
tli si 1 1 f00 ,.ve j tho .luck Pot the) are
t n. in t. ut rft worth 5700 a ton
I' i ipopeii thin the Moon-Anchor mine
g," ii Id In 1ndon for flKioooo cash
Ii. ii ine If tii itil on Hold Hill and has tmld
din ln U for two vears it the rate of 7". cents
0 -Ii in I he iiold tolu inluo at Motor has
on I ! eKdl nut of an estimated aluo of $1,
fiiiiMXHi Kin ore bod) is about forty feet In
i'llli in I is ion feet liiali nnd 100 feet in
I'liuih Ks mi put for this lonilni! Jear will
bp 1 lib o tint if last )oir
Ihe lemUilip pimiiiiiii; Vssrelntlon has nll
ine in iv re iiiireil to continue work on the
y' ' 'Q mines Water Is beinit holstpil
Ir n vr ftluilts nt the rule of "(.MH) callous a
am ii.i ntitl the w.uer level Is rec edlnit al tho
'"' nre' rtetailiy It Is anticipated that
th er ii n will Ie drained by Mnreh 1
i st. kp ,n ttm )i , ji ,nfl at s,ir,i of n
tyem f ur inch n stroak runnini: twelve
out p u colli with some 'liver and copper,
fur h. stionctlu ns that canip lltirlnt: the
ri-' lupe months Ihn now rnllwa) has ear
ri"i mi I iiki tons of uooil ore hilter I'lumn
l" - ne mlnliic silo this )far to New ork
Tin tuner" who have hncuroil 'the Josephine
(hi N '''"'""' "' ar ,tl0 '' Tunnel, near
The ii is! ,, tors i (,i,n lounty do not
ovoili the niPtil iiruiluin Tho ore Is sold
ui at it 'in for each nnr emit of thu metal
p i an r ! therein s Hint ore mnnlnc .'10 ppr
ri" 'mi m is worth loontou 'Hie orltr
it,1 .'"P''". Producer of ui.iiiliiin In (HI
I" . 'r Is tho Wooilloae in lenvonworth
" I lento,! under lease h) two I'lentll
" '"'f Ih'v have a vein foit)-sl inches
, ' ' entlv made a shinnunt of llvn
' - f- i,i, f, ir. ! '20 er tent of ur.i
J v sun iin nt of about eicht ions of
;, , ' from the 'lopekn milio re
". u vt racpd f LfiOii a ti4i
ii, , ' " tiien nf Pueblo prospei tine In
J" ' i i mrl'i. madp finious Id the lias
,1 , iiinnc th" last ivvti months hnvn
,, , ' '; i neb ore in tin udjoliiliiK claim
" ' ' i 'I irtv fift ,
,, , ' "' " ', ' i streak of ilcli Bnlilquartr
(,' , -' !' l'rrlbleiinilIiiillHrll),ln the
,,' tli prmlrus times slmiini
i, ' ' ' ' "mil; as hlitli us s(0 n lound
. . . ' ii "ii -01111101011 last)enran
it,, " , ' , i uielid'Pil the pronert) uti
,i ",, . '' i ii I l in nltei biilldinci thlrtj
i, . '."v'' i' ne iiiinmny and bo.ud-
, , , "k hiiee. thoy rorfpit.d their
' " iriert) ipverted to tlie nwiior.
h . "i i "w (oiiientiator and now
I ,J'i, tjOKI,t(.
' 'here were shlnicil from Alma
a . ' '"'in I iirnhv -ii M; from I'u-
1 ", ' ' 'I'" m .. 1"j and fiom Weston
i nif. unit rf jlacer (.'round, showinc
h1, -. -"' 'ii'mofiio ri eiibeniil. has
,i, ",l," "" raiir In llouttcoiiiii) aim
r in, i . ' k';'i"d 1 I'-'O .icies of this
" "in i lllmHf ,! ,j, ,ocn,es
, V 111 I MA
in. j ," V"f," u1'," ." I'ho annual slnte
i, ' " I 1 nrcn I mii-phs (m-
1 f ' 1 l ! Ilio Jin dUIIH IIIPttilK
ii, , ' '-' , ii liipmentp handled b)
i. "' ' ' 'h' rs i uisthenrodiutlouof
Sri ii ' i iiliforula for iMIWat
ir ii'i.n ',"",', N''V'drf at ?2.7WI,7H.-5 The
LsnfiiM.. i c 1 1 hiimr oopper and Itad In
VWwm. u put u iw0tw51. LiXwKJrt,
5,yft.,,r,4M- Tli? f rtlmatos wore made by
vnluihic silver nt.o) cents an onnen, coppor nt
1-! centsi n liound. nnd lend nt$.tor. a hundred
ireleht. Aecprdlntr to another authority. Cnl
iromlft has hjerensed. Its copper nnxluctlon
from ll.HHi.dL' iKjunds In mn to ltl.1500.000
pounds in IrfliM
'I ho Homiicrn Pnclne llallroad Company Is
nrpparlnc to tap tho coal deiioslts In the Llv
crniora alley. In Alameda county. I.nrge do
posits of ij very irood qimllty of eoal oxlst there,
the vrlii belnc fnurtren feet wide nnd nt least
two miles lone 'Hie difficulty of mlnlnu It,
however, putssonio doubt njion its eommer
etal vnliie The volii la on a perpendloular
slant and thoeoil slides so badly Hint the cost
0'MMmllPrlnK becomes en heavy
Is now runnltic on full tiinonnd a shaft, which
Is tc be nut . low ii 'J.OOO ftet, Is.boinc sunk be
i twepn the, Mndlfoti nnd Hold Cliff prooertlos.
us the old one enn no lotcor bo used. The
Moser mine, near Mokelumnn Hill, has lieen
bonded to thn Demnrest Company or Ancel's.
anil will he oimrated at onco. Tho Potazuba
inlne In Amador county, hns crushed IHOtons
of oro. vlehlliic S7.f.o0 The Oram! Victory
mine H Horn Jo oonnty, has been pumped
Vm' n!!',' 'ho, mill will soon be stnrted up The
Ulue lllrd nilnont Hand Mountain, alter several
scars of Idleness, line been stnrted up. and the
'eii-stnmn mill Is ninnlticnn full time
I he Coppor Klmc mine. In rreinocountv. Is
now vleldlnL' ore tliatJHrkti onoush In gold to
iwi ror the smoltlnmif tho copper Tho Hels
Uoll eopper mln. not far from Fresno. Is belnir
devoloped In Madera county tho mlnos of
the lino Hold Coiro Gold and Ortili Oulch
districts are all resumlnc notivlty and inueli
work Is beltic done The Abbe) mine nt III
ilrctli vvhlch hns produced moro thau a mil
ium dollars Is to be reopened noon
T ho cold'belt recently opened In the Pnnn
mint Mountains, Inyo county, ht nboitt twenty
miles lonir and Is already showluc very en
vmirjBliiK nrosiiocts ear ltnllnrat the Ilat
tlliro Jllulnc Comimny is dovploplne a ptop
erty wlilt h Is vleldlnit fair returns Adve-foot
lodge, platlnc ln n ton, hns becnopened nnd a
tcn-Htnnii mill will soon be In operation
j ne aiinuni icpirt of tho Wedce Company
shows Mint the mine milled lnsf year about
ski.OOO. rrom which all debts of thotompjiiy
were paid. S l.ootf jeorth of inachlnory wa9
luirchnscd. n new shnft was put down, new
lovels run nnd new bulldlims ore"ted Moro
than $4,000 re Ins In the treasury On the
-'On-level theie Is now lsible a body of oie
over two feet thick A Mm rrnnclsco com
pnii'livsceiircil some cround betweetiUntids
burc and Hand Mountain, nnd promises to
sink ,i verticil shaft 500 feet in the country
rot k. and then to eriss-cut both wnvs until
It strikes ledges 'I he dtv eoneentiator of thn
Htid (ash mine Is proving n sutcess The
lompiny has boueht live adjoining claims,
which give It control over about L'OO acres of
mining Piopcrtv in a single group The Hold
en Howl iuine,;ne.ir Kaiiilsbuig, li.isjlev eloped
suwell that nun bluer) has been imlMed to
wotk It oMonslvel) The Little Nugget mine,
near (I irloek h i u two-foot vein on the fort)
root level that mills '0 jtou
'1 ho new (him nciu l.owijl Hill, Nuvada eoun
t) has been accented by tho 1'nlted .States
l)i brls Cominlsslon It is the property of the
I.vitlslor Mining Conunii) of Mm 1'ranclsoo,
and Is leady to begin work nt once. The
1 agle lllrd mine, at M.ivbert, bus a ton-loot
ledge In the :!00 level nnd has struck another
ore bod) in tho 000 level 'I he price paid to
the 1 inpire ( mniiiinv for a controlling inter
est in the Omaha mine Is s.ild to have beeu
SlfidOO ror 20 OUO slnie-
Virginia Dile distiict. in San llernnrdino
count), (settling Into better londlllon and the
mines ,iro now showing up well 'I he output
now nvernges about til.iiOOn week, and tho ore
presented it the mill" averages s'Jl a ton
lompiui), has le.ispd 'J.IOO ncrPB of land near
the ninutli ol the Nmtii ner Hlver. In Mint.i
Jlnrbai.i count) for the puriiose of prospect
ing it tlioroiighlv foi gold sjlvei, asbestos und
Neai Iveswuk. Shasta county, n strike of
high unile ore has lipen made in the Illnck
spidei i .me 1 rem h companv has begun
work on the Phu ni, which has a large body of
low-giade ore
It is believed that n good supply of platinum
cm be securtd in Ttinltv county, where nug
gets oi i onslderable sln h ive been ftmnd.Sind
win re it is taken In fall ounntltles from the
stieims js ,i bv-product V. I Harrows.
President of the vNolslnch I ieht Compnn). lias
leieiitly been tiavelling In that region buvlne
up all the ihtinum he i ould find W It
Ihomason Ins pnrchnsed the propertv of tho
Sijulrrel Gulili Plaiei Compuiv near Trinity
(N'litie Ground sluicing on the propert) Is
s.ud to have jieldoil ?10 a il.i) n man
Svt.T I.Khr Ian 1(1 flieat excitement pro
r.ll In p istem I tab over gold discoveries in
the lllue MountiliiH ne ir thn (Colorado line
The tlr-t dlseoveiv was made b) Doe McDon
ald or the Ninth Ctivnliv 'I ho ore Is said to
average 'J"i i ton I he new finds are lo
cated twent)-llve miles eist of Vernal
The (te)sci.Mniion Hold Mining ( oinpnnv
held its ;iiinii il niietlng in tills cit) on Inn !
The )psil leport showed that tho coiuinpv
had hn'Mlled during ls'is .17. tin tons or oro at
a not Hiving o' tt."l a 'on 'I he totnl re
ceipts fm the jieir were "-I tlJJi'i SS and tho
ixpenses $IU '' o To giving the eompan) a net
incfiine ot s 17.011 IK Iiom this there vyas
paid s. toon in divldend-
The Sliver King started the year with Its
monthly dividend Incicased from ' rr.oOO to
J'iO.OOO 'J l,e loaipant s now mill Is nbont
read) for operation
Andrew Kloptiistine lias jus' sold his Intel
est in several claims at lilnghnm for tho sum
ot SI 1,000 Tho puiclnsor is George 1! I anc
lev of Now Terse)
Hie Meicur Company has declared dividend
No 4H ot SJI.OOO to be paid on Inn "JO Dur
ing tho week the (.rand Central and Swansea
paid dividends or II "-'10 and s.l.ooo respec
tively 1 ho Hearst estate, which controls the unin
corporated halt of the Da')-West mine at
Park City. hn arranged with J I Dalv for an
amalgamation of Interests, which menus "the
orenlnc in oi the big mine Tho Mni k. in
conseuueuce. has taken a big jump and is now
In upoiand noove fli a shnre
The new Incline in the Mercui mine Ins
nenetrated the third oie ono. demonstrating
Its eontlnnitv 1 his clve- the toinpan) a still
greater ore stippl) and guarantees the run
ning of tho mill constantly to Its lull inpacity
of -400 tons dallr
The I,ion Consolidate.!, at Stockton v-hich
has a record of heav) shipments olflOtoSKO
oro in tho seventies l to bo developed b) a
nowly imoriiorated eompan) The plan is to
run a tunnel to t ip the old ore bodies
'J lie Ingot Hold Mining Company, which re
cently piirenjood the Cannon croupat Merour
for I iiO.OOO, beg.in work ju thoproiertv this
S H Worthlngton has made n strike on
Wild Cat .Mountain In Toole county 'I ho oro
inns 407 ounces of sliver and ?" of gold to
the ton
ntiTTF. Jan 17 There was a wonderful in
crease in the conl Industr) in Montana last
year In IK)7 there weie mined 1.047 HKJ
tons of coal, while for last i.tr the total is
estimated at .'. 17,800 tons, besides 70 000
tons of toku The countim of ( arlion and
Park, just north of the lellowst.ue National
Park, have produced most of tho coal t
Caibomdo the firt deep vortical shaft has
been put down IH)0 rent thioueb sandstone
At llrldgpi a slope has opened the ground to a
dopth ot 1.800 feet and a spin or the Noithern
Pacltlc llnllroad has been built to connect with
the main line
stilke Is reiKirted in the lllack Sheen mine,
in lellerson county It Is a three foot vein,
samples of which average $10 in gold to the
Tho Hear Gulch Mining Company of the
Bheepeater district. In Pnrk county, has nearly
completed tho erection of Its twenO-stamp
Hfatti f, Jan 10 Samples of coppor oie
from a newly discovered mine s tuated twen
t) llvo miles south of Okiinngan Itlver. In
(iknnognn count), were brought to beattlo )es
lordny by a niospeitor Ho describes It as a
well defined ledge 700 leet in width, lying bo
twoen granite and porplnry walls, the ledgo
matter being highly mineralized the entire
width and nssa) ing J t gold. Independent or the
copper values 'I he largost pay streak Is solid
clinic o pyrites nine leet wide, and Is tracert
bio over 1 000 ftet almost perpendicular Tim
Milne of this oro Is non being dntormlt'ed and
from Its appearance cannot fall below $2." oi
S 10 a ton In coppor and gold, at which value it
could be prontah!) shipped to tho smelters on
Puget hound There nro seven claims in tho
group This dlstovei) is hardly second In Im
port nice to the Republic lode. In eastern
Washington, now nttinctlng capitalists and
mong tho flut Washington mlnos to pay
dividends with the beginning of the new year
was Deer Trail So '. situated on the Colvllle
Ilpservoand for a number or v oars operated by
rarmers In the neighborhood, It Is a silver
load producer and the oio Is shipped lorti
miles by wngou to tho railroad, thence to the
smellorb This properly recently changed
hands, Moknno cipltallsts securing It from
the origin il owners
In Iteiuilille camp tho thermompter has
been making some rather chilly records, get
ting down to Mi I plow mo, but f.il Ing to
check tho ardor of the miners It Is esti
mated thai there are now 4.000 mon In carnji,
and soiiiii predict that tho numlior .will bo (.
0O0 hv noxt OetnbPi 'I ho fourth dlvldPiid do
elarcd last weekb) the Itepubllemlne.amount
oil to a creator sum than tho entire mlno
could have been purchased fin n )enr ago
'Ihe last btrlkp in the mini wns mndo in tho
Ml) II at a depth oi ten reel, and the ore ox
untied elcar across the Mcc'of the drift giving
assnys or xl'iJ cold a ton. Tills nssa) leuuroil
tlie sale ottlip mine to Spokane brokers
.. iaiikkn rut: cm.
A I 0111-1 enr-lil lln nn lUrlttng Adven
line mi the liridgr.
t tho HronkHn nnd or tho bridge at.') o'clock
)esteiila) nftemoon a llttlo fellow about 4
oars old Ml I et ween two cars just ns a train
was about to start lor New York The child
was eiiteiuig tho at with his mother nnd some
riiendi. when he III in Pled oft All tho cars were
lllled ut the tlmo
Uhein was an linpiesslon that the hoy was
run over, und a rush was made to the platform.
'J he child was picked up very badly frightened,
but aut ut ttU liurt. ttaUwhuifituluttin otuv
-iJ...g'---.. HI llJ nl. ., ilJM U -i
nnri&mt tariff for vorto rwo.
The Itntes nf .Duty Average Ahont IS Per
Cent.) Against SB Per Cent. In Cnbn.
Wahhinoton, .Tan, '22 A rolsed tariff for
thelslnmlof l'orto Hlco will be rutin forto on
Tab. 1. It tins been drnwn on the lccoinincnda
tlonsotHpfclsl Commissioners Hobert 1' Por
ter and Henry K Carroll, and Is practically an
oitonslon o( tho tarllT recently put Into effect
In Cuba, although inodllled nnd oven lowered
to meet tho different conditions existing in
Portn Itleo The teinliorni v tnrlff now In forec.
whitli was the minimum rato Imposed b)
Spain, has boon tho cnuso of complaint by tho
people of Porto Woo. and the amended tariff.
It Is thought, wilt not only bu a great relief to
them, but will nlso inoet nil demands mndo l
tho several petitions and memorials of the
commercial and manufacturing Interests or the
The new tnrlff Is framed on n rovenue basis,
w Ith tho objec t ot producing a sum sufflilutit to
defray the Government expenses of the Island,
approximately fl.'JfiO.OOO The latos oI duly
will average about 15 r cent .ngnlnst 'J5 per
cent InCubn.a dlfrurotK'cihie tovniyliig neces
sities and w nuts ot the two Islands, Porto lllco
not having been devastated bj war. not re
quiring a largo United Slates army to koep
order, and having no armed Insurgents de
manding millions foi payment of military
services to be charged up uguluat customs
receipts Tho schedules nre not uniform
ly 15 per cent, howuvei. Those relating
to wool nnd niunutneluros have been in
creased to 25 per cent The llciuoi schedule
will exceed -5 per cent 'I he rale on cotton
goods Is about 10 pel cent lor coarse and 10
per cent, lor tho line qualities, while the latter
rate is applied to machinery to bo used In ex
tending transportation and advancing tho in
dustries o( the Island. Ploughs, hoes, hatchets,
enne knives nnd other agricultural implements
have boon placed on the ticollnl, to which have
been added also quinine, mlneial waters and
noii-aleoholie bovornges, Including root bcei
and glugei ule
Tho greatest i eduction was mndo in tho
sehuduleof food products and thedutles would
have beta) plated still lower but for the taut
that 75 per tent of the duties collected here
toroie were iiirnlshod bv this one schedule.
Under the Spanish tailfl the schedules vvoie so
arranged as to fuvor Spanish goods, and high
rules were placed on those articles going into
Porto lllco from other i-ountrios 'Jims tho
food products, which were supplied almost
entlrelv by tho United States, weie taxed
'-'0 per cent The average tlutv on the
lood schedule Is not given in tho roport.
but Mt Poitorsuys that, as the people of the
Island can, by reason or the dim. ito. do with
out almost anything but rood, it has been the
object In making up that schedule to make tho
tax loss burdensome on articles or rood than on
articles which are consumed by thoso hett r
ablotopn) Tho general result, he sa)s, will
be a taritr not dissimilai tothuot tlienear-b)
Island ol Jamaica
Spain, attordlng to Di Carroll, furnished
over 40 por cent in value of the iiniHirts, and
Paid less thnu 4 percent of the customs col
looted, the United btutes furnished 21 pot
cent ot tho vnluoot tho Imports and paid .18
percent ot the customs collected s Spanish
Imports now pa) duties at the sume rates as
those rrom othei countries, an Ineicase id
levenue may fairly be expected If the amount
of this Increase could be estimated. It would lie
possible tocouslderably reduce the ratcsof duty
on foodstuff, but to doso without kuowlngnx
actly tho amount or revenue It mav be possible
to obtain trom the other revised -scludules
would be a dangerous experiment it is esti
mated by Dr Carroll that the dlfforente be
tween the sums which Spain paid ii 1S07
and that which she would pa now Isdhe dlt
rerenco between SIOS.IM i and $l.7SS.oi)0. on
the basis ot tho duties pud by impoits fiom
the Inited btntcs. or$l,o1.057 IheolTeit of
the older accepting tho peso nt no cents in
I mteil States mono) will in Mr Porters
opinioiL make a hoiiout.il loductlnii of Ill's
per tent In the amount or revenue collected In
J'orto lllco iiiln This however, will not, ho
.saH. cut much llguio with the Americans
doing business with the Island, because all
theii transactions are calculated in United
States monev Hut It will relieve the laborer
In Porto Itico. who lor a time was bound tollnd
it more .11 fill ult to live in a silver country on
2.i pel month gold than on $50 per month
The follow lug aro the rates of duty under the
new nnd old turills on the principal articles of
export from tho United states, the unit of
quantity being 100 kilograms.
lit l lit (l o d
Arliclri Tanjr. Temp
sn heif nd pork . ... . 1 i" S3 65
I ant 1 70 4 60
llai'oll 2 40 4 0
Hum . a ao a to
rinncii beef i oo ,i ro
I-null beef -' To . 5o
llulti r . 4 20 il 714
Wheat HO a 15
Com , .IS I 10
Wlimt Hour 1 00 4 OO
( hUli 1 00 S 7.',
l,,i . V.O oo 411 OO
Mulfsi, nlealleiii H
Siigur tpoiind 2
ltner, bottlf hictolltr.!) a fll 7 76
Uraiiil) init other II piers In b il
tlisihettoliiipi . .14 Oi jr. no
Cimt (l.ooo kilncrainst 'o n
lirlcksiini kilovrmnsi no in
UallH, irunnritt. plnoo klloianuii 4.,lv l oo
Mainifa. Ilirts ol intlnn (ail u
loipiui lotoir.p t. varving
Mnimfn titremof wool mil valorpnil
25 p ... vsrjlnc
BUVPK 1 ooo so - to
I.llmter i tlbic meter) 40 loo
llurses ethi 10 on 21 O)
Com each a an 7 oo
Tobacin, manufactured (pound IJ 12
Lear tobacco pound) 5 00 I ro
tf gam und . iitarettPf (pound) 4 50r.nil25
peal Talorara a oo
K basket clause Is added, imposing a tax of
25 per cont ad valoiem on mniiufni lured
articles and 10 per cent on uninniiurnctuied
artlttns not otherwiso provided toi
AK1T llAt'KX R. R.'H At TIn fUFSII)K T
lie-President .lolin II. Ilnll nt the Helm
in President lurk's Abseme.
During th" absence Irom this tountr) of
President CI irk of the Ji York, New II ien
and I l.i r I ford llallroad Coninany, thn duties of
his olllce will be performed b) John M ilnll.
tho Vice-President ol tho company Acting In
Mr Clark's phu e, he will have administrative)
supei vision ol all the roids which make up tho
Consolidated s)stem Mr (lark's lieilth Is
somewhat impniied, and his stay abroad will
probablv be a lone ono
Vico-J'iesldpnt flail succeeded Lucius Timle
in thnotllce In 1WU He was notanevperionceil
railroad man at that time, but was ono ol tho
best known citizens ol Counoi tli nt, in tlie pub
He affairs of which Slate hn had been prom
inent He wns n lawyer and was recognized as
ono of the leaders ot tho bar Ho had served
In both blanches of thn State Legislature, hav
ing been tho Speaker of the lower house nnd
President of the higher branch Hn hud also
served the Statn on the bench. In his public
c nreer he became intimate!) acqiiulutpd with
the Held covered by tho railroad ol which he is
now the acting President, and his knowledge
of the people lu New Pnglnnd has been id great
service to lilm and Ills assoelntes In furtheiing
the Interests of hlscoiupany
On entoring thoolllee of Vico-Piesident Mr
Ilnll began an exhaustive stud) of tho practi
cal sicio ot tho rnllroad business, with the re
sult that he is thoroughly Informi d upon the
details of operation, as well us on the uilmlnls
t nit Ion ot the couiiau) Ju performing the
duties or his office he did not confine his at
tention to the legal questions w hh h uioso for
consideration, but extended his nctlvlt) to
eveiy department ol tho corporation In this
wn) lie lifted hlmsell to assume the duties of
President Ills relations with Mr Clark Imvo
been most Intimate, and ho has as
sisted in tho planning nnd execution
ot the consolidation ot railronds which
(ire Included in the svsteni During the
past two lenrs President CI irk has devoted it
largo part of Ills time to the gro.it changes and
improvements which the eompan) bus made In
Itoston Whlln ho was so engaged Vice-President
Hall managed the affairs of the system III
tho westom district During the six vears he
has held ollloo In the eompan) he has been
consulted on all and hns suifgested many of
the changes and Improvements which' have
In en made. Thus he knows the dntnllsof the
c onstructlon and operation of all the divisions
of thes)t.li m. and In inrtlculnrly equipped to
contlnuothe work of development which was
begun b) President Chuk eleven )enrsago
Iii order to lit himsoir for his olllce Mi Hall
took up In turn tho passenger and freight
handling departments und the construction
department, endeavoring nil the tlmo to In
muse the iHTlplenc) und econoni) of nil of
them and to weld the several railroads which
aro liiclii'led In the sstem moro closely to-
f other Ills abllltv has been recognlzod by
'resident Clnik and his associates In tho toun
clls of the 10 id, und his selection us acting
Piesldent Is taken as an Indication that tho
ptansand i olloy or the corporation will becai
rled out dining the absence ot Its President
as the) would be under his porsouul super
v Ision
( Inn Untile entertainment nt (lie Cnilno.
A pi rformnnte for the benellt of charity will
bo held at tho Casino Theatre on Thursday
afternoon. I-eh H, under tho direction of tffp A
C S II Sisterhood 'I ho pioi eedsot the enter
tainment will bo entirely devoted to the relief
of tho por In tlie district which has been
assigned to the spuinl t ir" of tho Sisterhood
of the United Hebrew iharlties Oeorgi W
Lederer will have charge of the entertainment
Mrs U JLeerburger is President of the Bister,
i... !. ..I f-. -fc. - vI,Wl W
Ot the 23.0CO Prranns employed nn Cnnnl
liimrovrliirnl Work In 181)7-8 MnroThnn
Tiro-thlids Were Aliens Kflerl nf Immi
gration mi Atnrrlrnn I.nbnr nnd AVngcs.
Al.nASi.Jnn 22 Theicportof JohtiT Jtc
Donoiigh, Stnto Commissioner of I.nbor Sta
tistics (now fiecictnrv of Stale), will bo sent to
the Legislature to-morrow morning An Im
portant question llio lA-glslnluro will bo called
upon to ileal with Is the almost exclusive em
plo)meut on the cannl Improvement work of
alien Italian laborers Commissioner McDon
ottgli c.iusod to be thoroughly Investigated tho
omploMiient of alien labor on State contract
work For Ms puriose heotnplox'dtriellablo
Interpreter, who donned laborers' clothes nnd
worked, uto and slept with tho alien Italian
laborers who woio largely employed upon
the canal woik Tho result of tho In
M'stigatlou ot this Interpreter undoubtedly
will mnke the members ot the Legislature hes
itate bernre thoy make any moro largo appro
priations fot this can nl Improvement unless
some plan enn be devised to give preference lo
cltlen laborers of this State At the time tho
original nlne-milllou-dollnr nproprlatlon was
made nsttong ntguipcnt advanied before tho
Legislature In lis favor was that It would af
ford work for the thousands of iincmplo)ed
residents of tho Stale That comparatively
few citizens of this Statu weie emplwcd noon
the canal wotk Is shown by the following ex
tract fiom Couimlsslonei McDoiiough s report :
"From the closing of navigation on the
canals In December, lull 7. UP to May 1, ISP8.
ovei 22,000 persons were employed on the
cnnul Improvement In fort) -seven different oc
cupations. Common laborers predominated,
there being over 15.000 emplojcd, nnd of this
iiumbei onl) 1.000 were inericnn eitlrens.
l.'t,500 wore jtnllnn aliens. :i."0 Poles and 150
were Hungarians The highest wages paid to
laborers wcro $2 per da and the lowest
$l20perdnv There weie IMK) niasonseni
ployed whose wages langed from $1 50 pel
da) to $4 per da) Ivot moro than .'10O of tho
unisons wVre Ainoileans. the others were
Italian aliens Hut of 414 slope wall lajeis
only 50 were meilcans: the othei Hill wore
Itulian aliens 1 heli wages were $1 50 and
$1 25 pel d iv Of 701 masons' helpers receiv
ing fiom $1 25 to 2 pel duv 0'5were Italian
" 1 hero were numerous strikes on the dirfni
cnt si ctlons ot the eaunl, which weie instituted
bv the Italian aliens because id the low wages
they were paid, togethei with the excessive
prices the) were charged ror rood and lodging
by tli contractors' nadrones J it some eases
these aliens became tiotous, and It Incline
necessnv to call upon the Sheriff and his
deputies to subdue the strikeis and protect
those who wanted to c out In lie work A few or
tho strikes weie successful but the most of
them wore lost und the strikers discharged "
'1 he reiioit shows that from March .11. 1W7.
to Sept .10. 1SW. thetolnlnunibei or organised
wage earners Increased 20 pp. cent On March
.11, 1807. there were 4'1.II54 niembors ol laboi
organlrntlons which leported who vvereuneni
liloved. ami on Sept. .'10, lS'H the tiumbur of
unemployed had decieased to 2J.4S5 Dining
the thtee months ended Match .'(1. 1K07. theie
were .15 'tHl membeisor such laboi orgniilza
tions uneinplo)(d, and this numboi was de
creased ilurlni. the quarter ended Sept .10.
1808. to 0,7.14 which the Commissioner thinks
Is a most ruvorable Indication is to existing
conditions. It does no' appeal tint there has
been olthei a general increase oi n general
decrease in the average working time
Perouarler in case of oltln r men or women,
conditions remaining rather vei) much tho
same during 1807 and 1808 In 1st IS a com
pared vvitli 1807, thero wnsn piett) clear nnd
quite general ineicusr In the earnings ol men
Hut no such lucre iso In the turning of women
can be lurerred the indli atlons Leing ritlnr
for some tendenev In the opposite direction.
Tho report dwells at length upon the subject
of Immigration 1 he iiumbei r immigrants
who arrived nt the port of New iork from Jan
1, 1850, about six months uttei th' opening ot
Castle Harden as a Inndlug station, to lunn .'in
1808. wns 10.0 18,717 or these .. l.'iH.HOT
(Jill 4 percent Ideclnrod thpir Intention to re
side in the State ot ew Iork
'In viov ol numerous complaints rrom labor
organizations as to the adverse effect of Im
migration on thetndesin thlsStnte the hurt an
determined to ascertain tlie tacts rrom those
directly affocted tho working iieople them
selves, through their iinlouv or accrodlted
representatives so there was i-enfc to everv
trades union In tho Stalnaschcdu o contain
Inp tltnan nliabtlmia ill lliw c on r tf.ttla
been affected b) Immigration cluring tlie
past six yeirs?' (2) 'If si,, how many ot voui
membors hnve been lisplaced by limn
grants' (.'l 'Have wages In vour trade
been lediued by reason ol comjictitlon of
Immigrants? Kesnonses camel from 1 01 i
organisations having a membershipof 175
115)1 : 774 unions, with lO'i.HSd meinheis le
pl)ing that tho were not affected, while 20"
oiganlnilons(2")5 percent of the whole mini
berniaklng returns), repoitlng a mi mhorslnp
ot 7o 000 (ii'l s tioi cent or the total) stile that
they were detilinontall) affected bv immigrant
labor This competition was felt bv the work
ers In Kitr.uli s. or 45 per tent.oi the lSOcov
eied liy tho resean h. and Its iiilluemo wns
observed to some extent in every gi ner.il In
dustr) except thntof glassvvorking
"It Is reported h) l.i4 organisation that In
six vears 1 7. IJ J members weie displaced b,
Immigrants and 07 unions havlngn niembei
shipof'.'J. llS.doclnie that tho term of omplo)
inent of these members was materially loo
sened with a resultant deerens. In wage earn
ings, b) the surplusage of labor brought nlmut
hi nevvl) arrived aliens overcrowding the
trades Of the 2tl5 organisations nffeitcd b)
Immigration 120, with 14.'104 members. state
that wage rates weie reduced as a icsiilt nf tho
unequal competition of these newcomers,
vvhlb 1.17, tin mbershlp .14.482, rotiort no effect
on union intts Six unions, leturnlng 1.284
members, fall loauswei tho question '
Applic iiiouswer" mndo to the Kree Public
Kmployiuent Hiireau In New ork eit) b) 2.487
men and 2 Old women Lust vein HO pet cent
id tin .ipf llcants foi einplo)ni( nt wen plmed.
us against 20 per tent in 1807 Housewives
will I uiti rested in tho follow Ing tomnient ot
Cnmuilsslonei McDoiiough upon the i mplo)
iiient or doint stle servants
' I here Is n i haugegiailunlly taking plain in
tin. re idjiistnient of domestic serv intsto meet
present conditions Ihlsehange for thn pies
ent, at leist, is not veiv agree ible to women
who havo ntpiistnuiid themselves to.ui) one
particular branch of such seivlce Hwlng
to the I irgo iiumbors ot families (lush
ing to reside in Hats nniP apartment
houses, deinands foi women who do gen
eral lumpen ork me on the Ineiease while
calls for waitresses, chambermaids, cooks,
Ac. corresponding!) decienso Wo Hud it
Impossible to gel girls to llll all our calls foi
general housework ns women who In retoforn
were emploved at othei branches ot domestic
service nre ver reluctant to make tho change
For ns cooks, chambermaids and waitresses
they sny Hint they hnve regulai hours, vv bile as
frenoral housnworknrs the) contend thai their
ubor Is hardly ever nl nn end nnd man) ot the
women lire ph)slcnll) unable to perform Hie
moro laborious tasks of gonoru! housework "
4 vjt.ru or tot-rnR iv tint.
I. lent. Cnpebart Helleved of Hie Pnplensnnt
Itrsult nf nn Old Kxplcnilon.
Lieut Tilward V. Capohart. navigating officer
or tho tiuiser New ork. Hear Admiral Samp
son's flagship, now at tho navy yard In Hrook
lyu. had an operation performed on his light
fortarm on I'rlday by Passed Assistant Sur-
feon Horn hill and Asslstiuit Surgion Spoai
u 180.1, while on dut) nt tho torpedo station
nt .Newport, Llout Capohart and others wore
In lug 0 extinguish n lire, when a eonpei tank
of guncottou explndt'd A pleen of the eonpei
was Imbedded In Capehnrt's right forearm,
and he ilso re"elved an ugl wound lu the
chest lie wns laid up foi tour months '1 ho
copper was uover removed rrom his arm I oi
some months recently a point ot the copper has
caused him considerable tinno)ance, as nt
tlmi s it pressed upon a nerve which controlled
the thumb and the two llrst fingers of his right
bind Whenever this norvo was touched, tho
Lliuteiinut lost control of his hand and what
ever ho w is holding would tall '1 ho siiigeons
cnl the niece or topper out
In llntiiii In Aid uf n Mmiunieiit fr iiihI.
Arrangements have been made tor a sub
scription dam o to lie given nt thn Kuickei
bucket 1 leld (lub In I'lathm-h on Siturihi)
ovcuing lob 11, foi the benefit of the monu
ment fund of the prison ship maityis to be
erei ted in Port nreeni 'Ihe patiom sso, of
tie nlfilr are Mrs.s Wnlio, Mrs I llj.ib It
heniu. Mrs I r.iiikliu W Hopkins, .Ml- Mo
Pip n Weart Hlles. Mrs J a llurep 'lh)ei.
Mi- lb iiiituiin I n denbiirgli Stephens, Mrr.
.1 Llo)d Hull, Mrs 'J lionuis D ( ochraii. Mis
W II danism), nnd Mis Herman (la ike
rtitt lleiilim' Third Suit for Dlvoiie,
Prnin 0 T . Ian 22 A CI Ilentoii. an
artist who was married In Vew ork tit) in
1874 to the dnughlor ol a prominent New York
lavv)er nnd politician, has llled a suit for dl
voiie from Ids wife, Mrs Adelaide ( Helton,
now of Washington. D C Htaton sued fora
divoice hero six nionlhs ago and In the city nf
Wiishlli.ton lour yenrsago but lmt both cases
aiimt Sucerpafiil Truui.111 tbiiis
have bei i. broiiulit about through Ihi Sim, Ileal
hjilata . liiiiiin. Jliiili the dealir and the reader
uia. in ij tnmd on, a factur not to be lout aighl of,
NKRD $10,0OOi RAISE! OXLT $0,000.
Remit of the Special Collection nttlie Fifth
Avenue Prenbylerlnn Chnrrli. ,
When tho offerings nt tho morning son Ice nt
tho fifth Avenue Presbitorlnh Chiiren yestor
day wore counted It was found that they
amounted to Stl.000 The Itev Dr. Thomna C.
Hall, son of tho late pastor, who occupied tho
pulpit, appealed to tho congregation to con
tribute flil.ooo width tho church session had
dpclarcd was netessar) toinrrj on the work of
the chapels nnd schools connected with tho
church A similar appeal hnd been mndo n
week ago by the llov Di Pattou. President of
Princeton University The mombors or the
sosslon wetodlsapiiolnted ut tho collection, as
It hud beeu aiiuouiicid Mint II wasof gieat lin
pot tunco to rulso tho entlro ninount.
Hlegfileil Wngner's New Opern Prodnred
In Munich.
Svtaal CMt l)'tva(c l Tur Scs
Muvuii, Jan 22 -Slegtricd W'agnor's new
opein. "Der Hneron-haoutei." was produced
hero this evening Tlie enthusiasm was pro
nounced, but not extravngant.
Wagncrls both the librettist and composer
The story Isn blend or the lomntitieand fan
tastic and the music Is of the modern compli
cated pattern
Home llreeder C. .1. Hnlley Injured.
Lkximitos. Kx , .Tan 22-Chnrles I Itnllc),
the well-known saddle-horse breeder, was
nearly killed by a horse this afternoon at his
honip, lUmhurst. In this count) He was load
ing n horso out to show to some visitors when
thn animal jerked him down His hand was
fastened in the bridle loins, and tho horso
dragged him several vaids and kicked him
His collar bono was broken and his body badlv
bruised Three physicians from the cit ate
attending him
Kim rlaep. . 7 17 Hun nota 6 07 I Moon seti DOG
tiiciu WAirn nils PAY
Bandy Hook. r 17 I Gov laid 5 49 Hell Hat) 7 42
Arrled BnsiiAV. Ian 1Z.
ks fuflc, I an( aaler Ilverpool lau 11
sp ltrltlsli Trader. O tlagau, Autwerii.
Hs Werkendalu, Urtltusma ItntteiitAin.
hs Seaboard Iliirton I'htladiltihla
SaH ) Dlmo.i, llaktr Boatou.
Sk Mllliaiiiipiirt Oodfie). JJjateii,
Hst'lt) orKIttliburg, Blbbir. hall Itlver
KaClt) or llirniliichain. Jlurg Savannah.
Ha.lameatown Doar Norfolk
Dark Hestltuta Madre, Mam Ha. Huijrna
tl or later aiiivalRpeo First (ncs
AltltlV!.. OUT
hs llmbrJs from Kew Vuik. at Liverpool.
Sp N'oinaiUc, from Nfw Xoik ut Liverpool
Sa iirnniaii, from Quponstowii forN.WVork.
Wp VPKornlaud from Atituup foi Nework
Sm Alter, from Ocnos for New Vork.
sp Matiuel I. Mllave-de, from HaTana for New
sp Arkadia from -an Juan for New ork
paii rn inoM iHiiirpTic poiitp
Ha Kldckerboi ker fnui New Orleaua forNew ork.
ba Iri.'iliola, flam laekpiinvHle foi Niw ork.
.Viol 7 Aii.
VililC.nj' I eltfl Saill
I bu nn Is liaiiitmiv ! to 1' SI
.v,i if 7o tui roti
I slin llreini ii 7oo M Kioo A XI
Advaiipp Cdon UOOM 2 00PM
Mataii'iia Prokiesn I oo I' M inn I'M
Algonquin Chailppton . a on p M
H Doiaao New Orleans .HOP M
Van II nhit mIjj Jan.lt.
Teutonli Ilverpool noil ( M JSOuM
Pari. Millthaniptnii 7 Oil X M lOOOAXt
irleslaml Vntwirp In in I II llimll
Orcnada flrenad 11 on M I oo p M
Segurnnci Havana 1 on P M 100 P XI
1'ar.ipnae turn IJ oo XI 2 oo P XI
Antllio, Natpan 1 oo 1' VI 3 00PM
incomino prFivtaiitps
Dii' r.i liuu
KentiePin . . shieldp. Pec 2
Ktratbairl) Ip lldon Dec UI
llogptal Hull Jan 4
llatoiim . Ipiiulon Jan a
I,n Normancliu llvic Jan 14
ppvrlan (Oi-tro Jau lo
(tlenu'v le . . Glbultftr Jau h
Alcim pdn .lickpnnvill. Ian 10
Xlepaba 1 ontlon Ian 12
Ilovic Ilverpool Ian 1 1
Htatendam ltitl.rdam Tan 12
i'hdtnette . . NewOrlians Ian is
Orinoco St I n la Ian 17
Caiibbee SI hltts Jau 17
In' rwfftnti Jan. !
Soutliwark Antwerp. lanli
Hoartli St Lucia lau 17
Adiiondack . loitllmon Ian 17
J'biUlPltilila (llliiino Ian !(
Colorado ItrinsulcV lanJl
KanaaaCity Savannah . . . lauJl
Dm Wrtitttidiu.Jan r.
EalaprVVillulm II Oil rallar .. .Tin HI
Italia Vutvverp Ian IT
Solve Smitlmnipton Ian I I
Iitinl Warwick l.lbndtir Ian 1 1
Malllur tdblallal Ian 11
Arktlla San Itian tan 20
lnnlll', I. MllHveiO Havana . Ian JO
IroipiOls Iiikponvilio Jan 2J
Jin TUitiniiin Jim 2u
Saale llu men Tan 17
llollvla nil rallar Ian 12
HitmtliPliPe Pin Ian 14
Illols SI I in la . . Jau IS
flu Friilau Jan Z7.
BrltannV liveipoo . . Tan is
Amerlis Ip.iidiiii . . Jan M
TliiinzvalU ( lirfKtliliPand Jan 18
Ilnlliihi Hull .. Ian 1 1
ftluiipia (iIipu i Jau HI
l oidor (llliialtnr .. Jan II
Rntckerboi ktl Nrw Oileana Jan 21
lint amriltu tan 28
ITilscaiori I on l in Tan 11
niookijnCII) swmc Jan 14
Masi iiiiuiiio I melon . Ian in
Critic Dimil.ti Ian 14
Mlthrousli trains Plop at lbunv I'tica Sjraitlap,
Hoi luptei and lliilTal i
Trains leive (Irind ( i ntral stiitlou n folios p
C'lCiA M lludi . vi . pt Sillula p lanioii
l: I 1 Ml Illh SIATI- I'SWtlJvS, LIMITI I)
1 u-iept tia ii In tlie we ild lino initiate 4 4s Niaz
nn lallp ' ., Imonto u oo I' M. liitroit II lo
I1 M Limit. 1 to Up stating a) aclt).
), 1 ". V. M KSI MAIL Hilly lei DuSaln, M
CI. I a.aia lalN nil I C levelalid
1V,0VA M l) hM'lll'J.s evcepl hllndaip
I f.OV 1 oi lluralo and all Impoilaut Nework
Still li ilutp.
l.fWI 1' soprilVVlsll.US IIM11M) and
I !Utf ( llll ACID sPM'IU, Dallr for ( iillllilblla,
Cilii liilintl Imlliiiapillp st Ipiniaalid ( hfcaito
.1,(1 II1 VI riltl) Ml ALIiAN) SI'fCIAI.iI
i.)J . epl Sundae rilopn at Important statioiia
.1HI''M IAhl iiHiiiri.iMnhii nam .m
fl.Ul liour tra n lorClilcaLii via f,Tko Shnii Due
i lev.liin 17 fi I M , Ctiitni;.! 4 P M sleeping
mid pallor, t rp null
ll.tVf Maicarn fallp. lulontu Cli vt land, loledo,
Is tioit itiid I hit nun
il-rr M Mill IIIHIS I-XPIIKHS Palh - For
l)Mt Montreal and.cxiept Satiir laj, for Ottawa
I iOXJ MONT IILA1. KM'lll.ls Jijtlj MnUtlca
n.iiVt HI'I'C'IAI Hail) lor MiL'ara Falla, ('live
lind Cln lunatl Indlaiiapolip and st Lou's
si p- i. r utpirini l.tiiss i.ail, v n
.'. Ii) wpifii, (ludi usburg, Hull do, Niagara Falls,
Cliv. laud lei. do lblcii.o and except halur
da , foi 1 an.. V iin . nl nml tin Auburn n ad.
1 ().l l MlHIl MlllMIIHI I M'llKsHFOKt III
I i.l U i viio -Fv.rj iilkliteMiptsiindi) nlalit.
Handle mchl ( bleafto pIi ep r. leave at Ii ir.
ll.Wtl.l.l! IIIVIslClS.
Itir.A M mii 1 i 6". P M Dill) oieijt Biiiirtaj.lo
Ilttplleld sun lajponl) at Ii jn M
Wauui r l'alaci Cum on all tlnin uli trains
'Iralnpllluiiiluiiiil "I'll I'iiitftiti llultt
Ticket olllci sat 111 Jill 41) and 42 llroailwa,
.11 la. I 14lh Ft J I', Cnlillilliupav , III t r.'.'ith
at.ilrand (Vim d Hlatiou, U'.tli Ht. Htatlon, aud
liistlihi station, Ni lurk, .us and 7Je Fiilnn at ,
and inn llroailvi-a 1) llrooklju
llll phono J7IK) Tldrl) eiulith atlcet for New
lor), central t'dihirvltp. HaLirnKi ihicked from
hoti 1 or ripldeiii. by W.stcott Kxpreap Cotnpauv
(il OlClil" II IMMI'I-S Hi in lal Papal tiger Agent
New York and Boston All Bail
N V , N 11. II II II and connections,
1 rom (tiaud Ci ntral htatlon,
l,cau lly way of flue
Ii n i A. M Sprlnglield und Wirimtei, Jitip II,
IOooa M tlNew Londonaiid Provide nee, a oo P M
Hoot M N. wLonilnininl 1'rmiileiice 4 21 P M
ljouM Hnr nu'lli Id and VVhii eater r. in P M
1100 1' M An I me via Hlllmianlii II Of) 1' M
1 oj t M New I ondi n Old Piovideliie. 7 00 I' M
loop M .Spw Loudon mil Providian d no P ji
4 oil' M 'sprillKllildandVV.il i Pti r III GOT M
(p nop M -Niiv London and Provtib in p, 1 1 OOP M
111 OOP V "Hpnnutleld and Wnrieaici, i) n A M
112 nop 31 ,-Nr Loudon and 1'iovidiu e (I jr. U
J!lua dail) lll( JtldiUK Hllllilav
itlla) state Llnillid nll pirlorrara fare $7. In
clnilinu Jiatlor par seal
i An Lino I ludied arnvca iml depart from r-k
hpiar. statin i liMton llctfirn ptrviie aanie hour
an I b aaiui rnille fWlll pP p at 1 J'.lli al
JlirotiL'li parlor and pit epmg. aia to aacli tram
C r HI'Ml sTf Ml lieu 1'aai Meill
hlHKDILl IN I I 1K1 Mll MHFH .0 isus.
J i uvti New Ink VVItit. ball 1. nniiial ppiuili len; i
am. fool of Llberli airiei
Ij1 l ii.pt Mm lai ihnulaip
tTlllKMli) 'I mi A d from I Ik rn pircrtoiil)
"I P. M iml 1J l' ml I
Pill SHI 11(1 '4 lo A M Iron 1 llu II) atliet
onl) "'. V 31 IJiir, nlitlil.1
l l.M INNAI I ST I (II IS, 'U '.. A M "i f.fi J' M
M VV (Jl.l EVSS '. ir.l- M
VAhlllN(.I()N.llLllMfil(l. 17 r,-. 'i r,-. ilnneri
JI jr. i Dim i iljr.f. p M u jr, inner
J V Hoial Liiiuted Kt lilsne IMllliuaii Usui
li.r liimr '' V M und -J III linilil Soil
HiLK II. ' P M
111 nam-ar illiiinnuh d uiili I'niiai a I it'll
orUos 11.117. Jul 414. IJs4 IIimIwsv ,1 fa-t
14tli pi 1J7 llmerj N HJIi 14 1 lullc.ii ti
llrn.kliu VMulrliaP Tuuilml lii'.'.a.'u iliccked
(icui kulsl ut rcalueuca lu diatuiatioa,
l!Jg!J:. n .ll . ?l , rar mil
8TTTIONS""footof Vet TwenTj .tiilrd" street' and
Iipabropns and Curllancll Sttieta
- llio leavlnu' lllue from l)cshm. a and Cort
JauiUHlreeialateii mliiutfs. later than thatKlveii be
hitr ror Twenty third Hireet Station.
Tl W Ai. II. FAST .MAIL -Pullman HtilTet Parloi
t'arNewVorktoPlitabUM S!c-iliiBCarPlltaliurit
tiii'ldcMto Voroacliia to Pittaburr
HiRliA. At. FVSTLIM: Plttabnrvr and Clnv eland
compattnietit, Sleeplnc Dililnir Hnioklm: and Ob
porvatioti Can. 1 or I lilcaito, Cl"velauil Toledo,
I'lmlimatl linllaiiapollp, 1iiIpvI1I( st lamia
liftor. l. CIIICi(ll) tMIST. 11JH1SKAP111-S1-
li.r Nalivlllp vli flni liinatl lndlMiapolU, Cld-
iai.n st t,on
fliM) i'. JI. nuil,lt KXritlAS.-lur Chu-RKii
I or 1 oledn i it epl Saturdai
Till) I'. J. Hilt lllrTr.UN lAPHISH-roi
I'lttabunt Cleveland, C tultiiiiiti Ijiulsvllh, In
dlaiiapnlla. SI Lull
7i40 I1. M. PvCIUO i:I'llls-for I'ltubnre
and CIiIcko I'oniieds lor Cleveland ptcipt Sat-
Bin I', M. Mill, i.Nll KM'KHH -Pnllinan lluffpt
Sleejilmt Car New oH. to Allciona l:al Llbertv ,
Plltibuii; ami points Weil dull) enepts inda)
No roac hea
7 .o h 20. u ju Ii to ilJiidiiu Can. 10 r.o (Dliilne
Can A M , I J til. I r.o. I JO C'.n Kieiulnlial I llu
all Parlor ami Dliilne Cars ,4 I'Oiliiiilnz v an 4 Do
UlnlniM'ari. s r.oj' M I J or, imlil. biuidaj H jo.
I) 20, 10 &n illinlnct in AM, 12 50 CJ 20 ' Cnn
irreeilonal l.lin ,' all Parlor and Dininxt nri 4 jo
(DlnliiitCari, 4 50 iDlnlnir Cai mi I' M., IJ 0".
H0UII1I UN ItAII.MA -' Horlila Lliiilted II r.o
A, M. week da) a hipr. s. I 211 P VI is 0" iilclit
ATLANTIC CO IHI LINI " Florida Sp,clnl 12 JO
P M weekdays htpi as, 11 Jo A VI alulHtr.il p.
JrOHOLllPOIM I (IMK)UI' anil NOHIOLK 7 r.l) ,
M i ok iin) sand 7 (IIP M dalli
ATIAMICCITV I "UP M wickd.ls(lPlnoii
ami cortlaudtHlrrilR J 111 P. M Tlinniu'li Vesii
billed Train lluflel PailorCara l'as?eiujc r Coai li
anil Combined 0 uih
CAPF. MAi -12 rup M ne.kdavs
Louk Branch Asburi l'aik tlnterlaken Sinidnvp).
OceaaOrnvi and Point Pleasant ifrom Wist Iwen
t third Htteit Station M'.oA M , 12 jo ijound
4 HOP M stmdavK n 20 M 4 r.o P. M .fioiu
Desbruppps ami Corthudt Hlnelsi, lo V M,
IJ SO a 40 aud f. Ill 1' M Hlilidav a li 4 11 ,
r. ir. p if.
roi: I'liii.AKi.M'iii.t.
B 10. 7 211 7 no, 8 JO S "0 11 JO r.o Penna 1 li i
Ited), il lOcDlnlm: Can. lo -,o DiuiiiKlir 11 r,o
V M , I J DO 1 Till 2 no .1 Ml 4 20 4 Jll Dlllllll'
Cir), 4 ',o (Dliilne Carl, r. ro cDiniuu Can 7 m
silo P M , i J o". nlidit Huii(iu)p ti hi h jo s ',ii
li Ju, li soil United), n '.o lo Co Dlnliiifl'ur V M
12 r.o lT,o iDlnliu'Can l:'o 4 Jo ililiumtiai
a -.o ,lllil., I',, -. -... , I1li.lt... ....... r j. u T,. n
V 12 n-iLit
Tliket olllica Nos 4I 1144, 11IMI J (J I Jll and
2111 llroadwa). 1 Asloi House West Twrnt) third
Htreet Station and fltatlons foot of DtpbroHPfs u d
Cnrllandt Hlreetp, 4 Court htreet silo lidlnn
Street lis llroadwa) ami P. unsvlvania tiliex
Hlatiou Brookl)n station, Iere) fit) 1 lie. New
ork Transfer Couipunv will call for mid i heck
hainraite from hotpls aud resldenup thrmcli to
Teli phonu 2757 Eittlitecnth Htreet ' for Pennsyl
vaula llallroad Cab SerTlce
(lilurul Mauaicr clenetal Pass r ieellt
Finest Daylight Train in the World !
6Tntfc h
tew York El Washington
Via Central R R of New Jersey,
I'liihdelphia & Rcadm? Ry.,
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
Most Convenient Station!
No Increase in Fare!
I eave South Fern, foot of Whitehall street. Ter
minus of all elevated loalp, 2 T.1 P M Dailjr
Leave, foot of LIIrty Street .loop M Dail)
Lehigh Valley' System.
Stations foot of W i pt Jld St I'enn It It , Cortlandt
or Debrosscs St
Tndlcafcp time fr mi WiPt 2Sd Si (dliei tluuii s
pllow time from torlluudt or Dealiro-sep St
Hill. 7.10 M dadv forFASTON and inteune
diatc. ptatl. iip
71 11). Kllft V M dail) for VV ILkKsllAlIIU,
M llANniN. ITIItCV OINl-W Il()Clli:sHt lit t
FVIO MAX MIA I VLI sand tlie West and prim Ipal
loiulpointp ilinluir.i.iraud pailorcai I flntlal I
"ll.no. UiOO in I n dalli ei eiit Sunda)
A-rrivea liufiU, p t. p VI Pullman Vpatlhuln liar
tnacbep and Pnlnr Carp Iliulnel ar service Meals
a la i in tr. l onnecta at Ilulfalo with lliiuueli li ep
tra to 1) ir ill and Cldi airo
I'JWI 1 Oil P M dull) fur I ASJOS MAI CM
(IIl'Nh, VV1I hlSlHUIlK HdlVNTON and mil
II no. -till) P M daily except hllllilav tor
WlLhhSUMCHF I'll 1HTON, Si ItV.NTON and prin
cipal interim diutu piati ma Connects fi r all pomti
In ci at regions Pullman llurttt Parlor Cat for
4ino, ftilfl P M Sunday for Mt(II ( IH'Mv
and llitermodlite stations
"4I.-.0. niJO P M ilall) iicept Sunda), fur FAS
TON and intermedial, stations
n r.o, ll.KO P M dallj, enccpt Sunday, fori AH
TON and principal Interim dial, stations
UlSI). 7HIO P M dail) for llltl FA1 O. MAO Kill
FALl S ufnlull jmlnts West, Illlllnau slepp. r vratl
bide train N to t lib uiro Me. i era to lliiftalo and
Toionl i Diiiinic i ar Now )e rk to radon
7l40, rilllll P M dhilj.stiippliifonlr at SOFT II
CHI Nh HWIIE (JFSF.VA, Kill Jlr SI Fli llll
1 Aid and IOHONTO Pullmaii alepp. i for Hnllali
uom lint sleopiiiK i ar pasaenirers rariied No liaj
Kijc can led
AOl (.FSF.VA HOCIIKjiTnil, Jll 1FVLO MalHIll
FAI I H and all points West Pilllmun fclppper lo I
Cnl auo I
d lltioiuil local trifits dadc, e xi e pt Kiiudat for
H(lt;iII IHIMIHI) not Nil llllliOK anl Inlir
uiediale pollils leaveas fi Uons 10 2U In IVO V M
cJ JO J TO to Houtli Plaliimld end) i I :i 4 .o,
m jo anil H jo p M
Tl. kets ami Piillm m a-eniiimndatioua at 1 1 3. Ji 1
27 I, 111, H4. 1 and I 123 llinadtwv II FislJ4lliPt
I Bl K. l'jr.th st , 127 Bower) N H0 rllltnnst 4
Court st iih II nai, and Ilrooklyn Amu x, Ilnv Lljn
N 1 Iransfprio will cull fm pd beck I antaje
from hotel or residence tlirouuli 1 1 d stfnailou
ritN it it.
Slntlnna In Srvf mU. foot nt Hun ln mid
Chrtsteipliei sf f t,
Alls, 1'IN 1st II (, I.
H:OO.A. tl.-lltUL'Laiulm Mall Slops at prim Ipal
10 (Ml . M.-ifaf.i ( nr Uiitlulii Scraumn lllnii
luintnu Oweuii. Dlia a l-lmlra, I tli a, S.iaiusi,
and O-wpco Fxiirips piillm in bullet pirlor i irs
c onntu ilii at llullaln with trilns for I lil.ajo and
points West
IHMI I', M. Dall)l-ClilraL'oanilllill)aliiV.sliliiiled
Jxpn as forHirautnu, lliuicbaiiiton aul Flinlra &
Pnllniin Inittet parlor ears to Hiiuia llirniub
pleepltmcars and da) c ohi h to('Mtat;o airiTluic
at 4 1 1" M m it da)
lino P. VI. Scriut u VVIlkesbarrii and I'ljnioiilli
Rxpriss Pullman butTot parlor cars.
7iOD I. M. (Daily Cliieaito atlbiilu Limited F.i
p ess for H rantou )lliu,'!iaiiitn F.hulia llullaln
rbroticli biitfei sleejilnir car New iork to Cldcao
D ulm; e ar west of iiiitfalo
Hi.'O 1. M.-iDall) Iiiitfalo Kipress Piilluiaii
sli ei eta for Kcrantou Iliuitbuintoii 1 linlra llaib,
Mt Morris an I lliutido rrniui: lliuTiilo H A M
II:. 10 I', VI, Dail) llittalo M raiitou, llmi.)iaiii
Inn Onei-ti Illiaia Mmtrx, hyiai use. llua il d
Oswei; i 1 xpreaa Pnllinan bllflel slee era
ficki ts and Pullman accuuiiiniilatlous nt llenr)
Oa A, Sous Ild II l 111 adwa) 14 1'arliplai 4.U
and U4J ltioadv.a) TIcL.ts ut fe-rr) st itinns 111
4thnv ,mr. l.lb at ill West 12Mb at j 11 i i Inm
lnisiiv NeiTurk il m and 7J1 1 ullnii st. and nil
lin.ilwii) Jlr loklyn lime tables mv Iiik f ill intoi
luatlou al nll tation
Westcoll a 1 xi r ssi mipaii) will call for ami cluck
blKuace limn b te 1 iml tepid, nee lu lestlliatloll
lluoiijli lulus leave ".i loik t ifihuiiilurs
street as follows, und Hie uifniit. eailu i rmuiWist
JJ1 st
(11I1A, M, . PtJt.nl. il J- xi.r ss lal!) i r lllm.
fJAJU bamtou Wavtrlv 1 lu iru, Itiinal lira I
foul nrrlvis lnuTaloH p VI Pari u ear In II illalo
.fWl ' 'l.-lllluli IiiuiIlI last mid el nl)
AHs in) Irani furl Id una ji nisal I Imelin I
7 4 1 A M . I tlliau'. ' P M HI. i peia tn (In i. ,,
(1 vrlau I and i iiii iniiatl liunmttai
7 .'ell1'- 1l- ll'dtol ' ami (It-iu.iM.l Visiibiilcd
.9iJ i-xptisa dadv, urrivis liutfalu " n a. M
llradf rlTJuA M , Iain, st nan 7 o i A VI V , iocs
tonu lu J" M Cleveland IJ lei I M Sli.eia
to Hiitrslua.nl CJ' velaud afc I it rar) ( ar
(1,1 . I'. 1. Dadv solid iriiui I'" lliiiitbauit ni
tJ, 1 t ) hlndra Waverl) Cnl airo Hleep. rs In Hnr
nellsvilli ( lileaitu all 1 ( ilicuiliatl IMuuiulat
'I'ICkl 1- loiAI 1IMI I vlllis VND PI I I MMV
1 AKOMMoDVIP'Sh at ill 1 1 i. .11 ml mil
l.r7 II iailay U ll.vv.r) 1 il Ijsi l.dtipl unl
271 Vvest . Mi pi ( iinnibiia mid ti. ijflai t.
nip, New ork o j laud mn 1 iilion pi h Hi alwa I
Urnoklyil l.'J Itivirst liuheikeli mil l.iseil . .
Mutluli Sev. link llsn-fur l i alls tui unl lie. ks
iHitfifaKa fioui hotclt aud mlJeucus to distluatlou. I
i , I , I
j To the . j!
f Kootenai. I
I Hours J
Saved, jj j
Passeiiffrs fnnn Chimin and the Fjvst 4
nniko Iminedlsti. ponnections with Hie, 4 ' .
!' Hunt Noitliern l'ljci ' nn up lo date, '
Msllbuli el train, euir) Ins tho "Pacific last .
Mud. 'i S
I verj moriilmt ntSI. Paul 5
and Mlnneipolla , J
Also iniiiieiliitpciiiinecHonsat Bpnkane with l
dailv trilns to llossl it d nnd Nelson Jlhonrs A S
the sboitest runt. Thi-otmli alcipinit and 4 !
, ellnlnc (. Meals srrved a fit tar- t In
i 0111 t NoinimiiN p.MiwAV 1 S'
3; 37 5 Bio.idway, J
J' New York. ?I
(Orcint "Jtrdiucrj. f
I sl I.M'ltl.ss s IHId. '
Salltlll! WiiIiips lays ul 111 V M 3
Pirls I 11 J". l'Jll- Fp li 15 1 1
St Paul Fi b 1 St Paul F e li 2J ' 3 ,
St. lends lib h St Louis March 1 Si
NKW 01tK MHSI -PVH1S ' I i
I rr Wdlut rM.m at l1 noon, ?
I-r.ppInn 1 )nu ."V Went uil-md heh 8 h
KoiithwarIi Ivb I Ken-inkton Feb n i
I lit Mt. Ktcaiiur- am iilj su ontl m, tMinl cUm
1UH8 tit; ts at low nitea
I'urH Hindi:. N It omit n ltdulniiiCiiPoii, 4
Tlie tout 1st rout, li all s nilbern Winter HeamU. J I
Nassau and Cubi j
hteain.rsl.iiv PI. l JU Fiat Itlver 3 P. M !
AMIONOl IN lllisda). Ian .'4 '
IIIOCJI 019 llldl) Ian 27 i
sLMlNOI.L siinriliv, Jin JS l i
(OMANl'lll" lup iliv. Inn .11 ' j
Tor fr. mid and pa-sii.i ril.p and cimral Infor- I
niatlon nppll to WM I' I II III. V CO (li u Went. ,
D ll.ulln.-Oreen u li 1
OtH'Ibn I relnht an I I'll"- I. in vn Cha-leston, 'i I
r (' nn I P I ast I irhl and Pu-s line, via lackson-
villi IIIK) (I I ii Kit c. V , J7". lima Iwnj, .JT. '
!xrnK forwarded m nil nuil ii.l iT'lrat tPAra j
phip lt m pnn-siblt? lailro ut t nnm i tlnu ;
Cuban and Pan-American Express Co., ij
? ItrnHflua). Nrw Vuh, ;
l.ram h nfllit in Haxunii, htntiacn, "-an linn i
CUNARD LINEvo'.'rKs1! I.
Iriiui 1 ii r 40 S It foot l laikson -1 '!
Campania lau JS, 7 M. J ucaiila Feb 11.7 M. II
Auranla I cli 4 IOA M I trilria Feb IH, 10 A M. 4
LII.NONII.11P.OVVN.U) Otn Wl. ,4UowlinK(lrppn 1
dihut i.ini- io uwiiF- rum Muvri, .
Sallflitx if Hwnt 10 A 31
hmiillcrNi. I-' Norllt Kiu r. foot Morton I. 3
Ja N'irnian iU Jhii 2f l HrrUcne teh 18
li ancnmif Yit 4 in Inurahif Feb 21 (
1 i riianij.Hirnn tcb II Im Norman Uf March 1 ?
I li nt ttas i mHnct tollmi $ anil tipnanl
G n J n ni furl1 s nml Cm t Pmr line fin fit Y.
HOIA IM-On 1 rb II iml Marrh 4
rooks part Iff will lu Now ot for x
triirlrU tourn in I in t r Kc pt and tlir Holj
JjuhI VII thr arranjt-iiii iiIk foi ibobp par
tin arr llrst ilah tliruntiliout ff btMtfr
oppnrtunitj tan ponnlblj l found for viMc ' i
itm Hit Hast (n o lcKiirfly nlaant and
MitiMfat tory a manner lor lull partteulara
w pHtuphlrt obtainabb fnm aii3 of our
'JM and l J.r Hr iadwa Nework
U if ton, Phi! a !( Jpb.a lilrao, San Fran
I win Herew 1 ipress Linn tn (lnrbnirR Paris),
Soiiiliamuton (lpiu 1 111 mil Jlamloiic
A iilorla Viulln liM M 1 1 lma-i k Maj 4,10AM.
I WIS Will VV PVSP.I-.N .1 Ii sHIVIl r
Vfler V.ril "null via I In rli .iiik Paris
Plmmrla Ian JI J (III M Ilra.illa I-el. 4 J I A Jf
P. uiiailvmila.lali 2H,iM M iPalutialel 11 ) A M,
IUMUI III. Oil IUCW LINI 17 Dr .edcvij , N
NMV K11IK, lttK M VND IMl l.ANl.Olt ISh
On Sadirdav lib. 4, and evirv I iui-ila lolion
Inc sliamii leues Ne orl lor .()( hl.VMl CAM
DIN III I I VST 111 ChSl'OIU and IMV.OIt Me,
I I nn. rli!i wnli tad an I water liura . (
SO ainei ie.ves . w Vork Ian 2 ami weeklr jni
lli.nnfl.r for r.VSIPOlir Me llldST KlIIN N II, I
.villi r. nm i lions t irull points learners sail trom la
Purl N II I'relKliI i.ielveil lalll until HP M
N I NIVVl Ollll i.tneral Maliauer i
".-II llioildvvilv. New link
l'sr IM'llfs- -.11 VMHtS f.
I I aim 1u Ian 31 lot M I din Til I. ! . I 10 V M. H
Saali lu. Jan tl.lovM rlse To Ma " 1 V M i
(II I III! IIS 11 . 11 VTlllllilill.n
lor old 1' Hit c nut tl N il 11 N t I t New., j
letrlsliiliu P 1 1 -.11 lltli, I itiiiei - 1 1 111' 111 Iin Olid. j
Virktmi lie. li Va und Wasli n.ion 1 i li.j lit !
Ami paeiiu. i nii'alil is lad i m P.r i! N rth t
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Winter Cruise to the Scenes of j
Tho Spanish-American War ;
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1'iei I i, Nortl. llivi i Ollli p i Hi a.lwaj, New York, S
Boston and New England Points, f!
I Aid, KIVI'K I. IN I., via Newport ami Fall gi
liiver I ui Iii r In N II , footor VVaneii Ht week )j
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ei no p M hieaiiier. Maine and New Hampshire. S.
NIIKVVKII I.INI., via New Isllldon Leaiei
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P VI htiaiueipi in nt I iwell and Itfi d. Island ft
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tups, all f ir mm inns wlutnr ami auiiuui i lM
VI 1 OilJ',1., old reillalile pdnl IH
MIDI IhllINO Sli Vlulei faie'.O rues. Tliurs at HJ
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