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I I W SJJJIIMIJIm'-P B) Ll I I Cold w.nve (o-dav; southwesterly gales,
M W SSJBoiSEBSte'' wW' " becoming northwesterly
i i.
tiox or ax nxEur.
Semis Despntch to the Junta nt IIonK
Knne (living ttin Status of the Trenty
mut Snjlnjt Thnt Now II the Tims to
J strike for Independence Hern re Our
Itelnforremonts Cnn ltench Gen. Oll.
Washinoton. Jan. 20. Evidence of n dam
aging character against I'ollpo Agonolllo. tho
ncont font to Washington by Agulnaldo. -has
I (!n; discovered: by tlio Government, nnd the
nature of Aconclllo'n offonco Is reganltd n bo
serious Hint no doubt Is felt In oftlolnl circles
that tosltlvo measures to put n, stop to tlie
srstcm of espionage establlslied by the Fili
pino emissary will be justified. ; The Govern
ment to-day ciiiuq into possession of a do
apatcli filed by Agonclllo sostordny, for trans
mission to tho I'lllplno Junta nt Hong Kong.
which contains tho ovtdonce In question. Tills
ilppat"h was not obtained by the Federal au
thorities hero until nttor It bad been trans
mitted. In substance, Agonclllo Inforniod his Hone
Kong compatriots, v ho act as the ofllolnl chan
nel of uoinmunlcatlon between tho Filipino
diplomatic agents and Agulnaldo, thnt the
Senate had agreed to take n voto on tho peace
Heats on l'eb 0. that the treaty would proba
bl ho ratified, thnt It waa tho purposo of tho
President to pursue an aggressive policy In
the Philippines when tho ratification had been
obtained, that reinforcements sent to Gen.
Otis would arrive in aiaulla about that time,
tint if tho Filipinos wanted Independence, they
would bo cbllgod to fight for It. nnd thnl now
wis tho time to act before, tho American lines
were strengthened by reinforcements.
W hethor tlio despatch was written In a se
ciet cipher or in Spanish or somo otlicr Inn
cuiico win not ascertained, but nt any rate tho
Internment .succeeded in obtaining n copy of
the ineasngo in its plain Knclish orslon. The
message was ioad and discussed to-day by the
ilinlnlstrntion officials concerned, and as a re
mit of their conference Its text was trans
mitted to .Manila for the Information of Gen.
What notion the Government will tako In
dentine with Aconelllo remains to be scon
It is evident, from the fnct that the message
was received so promptly, thnt Aconelllo is
I eing closels watched There Is ronson to be
lieve that lie will not bo taken into custody at
this time orotheiwise mndo to appreciate the
eriouness of his nffenoe, but there Is a stronz
reeliiiLT in olticl.il circles that tils attitude
toward tho United States should not be tol
erated any longer It cannot be told with any
decree ot positivoness what tho Government
intends to do, nnd in splto of the belief that
Vgoncllio Till not be molested for the pres
ent, tho assertion of the authority of tho
United Mates maj occur unoxpcctedls Tho
despah h is construed to place. Aconelllo In
the attitude of an enojiv of tho United States,
nnd as such ho cm be prosecuted without re
tard to his political status Altera considera
tion of tho subject tlio Government authori
ties havo decided that until the treaty of pence
has been ratified, nil Filipinos who havo not
foresworn tho sovereignty of Spain for that of
some Ireoocnlred Government nre to bo con
sidered as bpnnlsh subjects. Aconelllo comes
within this clnss and cnn bo urrested nnd
tried ns n spy.
This Is not tho first olTence of tho kind com
mitted by Agonclllo of which, tbe Govern
ment has knowledge. A copy of the instruc
tions sent to Gen. Otis by tho Secretary of
War in regard to tlio situation at Hollo, in
which the purpose ot the President to avoid a
conflict with tho Filipinos was set forth, was
transmitted by Auonclllo to tho Hone Kouc
Junta n few hours after the newspaper in
which the instructions wore published toadied
boon after tho knowlcdco ot this action on
Agoneillo's part camo to the Government, Gen.
Otl established a strict censorship over tele
crams nt Manila, and tho only way In which
sgonclllo can now communicate quickly with
vsulnnldo is by telegraphing to the junta at
tlonc Kong and trusting to tho junta to send
tliernossagoto the l'hlllnplnos by steamer. Tho
defiant attitude of the Filipinos at Manila and
Hollo Is belloved horo to be due to tho de
livery to them of tho Instructions to Gen. Otis
contained In Agoneillo's message.
The War Department lias been Informed.
also. Ihat Aconelllo attempted to get the
Cuban nnd Porto Wean delegations, now in
Washlneton. to act with him in opposition to
the United States In nn nttcmot to weaken the
urposo of the Government to maintain con
trol over tho Philippines anil the ullegod In
tention to annex Cuba to this country. To
what oxtent tho Porto Itlcnns were to partici
pate In this movement has not been disclosed.
s the Cuban representatives nre perfectly
satislled with the present status of the rela
tlnm ol this Government with their people,
and have faith that the Cubnn question will be
settled with entire satisfaction to everybody
concerned, thoy declined tobedrnwu Into any
such sehmo, and the Porto lllcnns. who de
sire that their (aland shall remain an Ameri
can lossesslon, wero likewise Indifferent to
V-EOndllo's advances Agoncillo's lateftmovo.
In asking the Sooretary of State tho purposes
of tho United Statesjin sending moro ships
and troons to tho Philippines, caused consid
erable Irritation In official circles uud was tho
subject of a discussion among members of tho
Cabinet, hut the Administration decided to
Hi) no attention for the tlmo being
The disclosures Jn Agoneillo's telegram havo
Mils verified tho bollef of the Administration
that the radical oloment of the Filipinos were
anxious to precipitate hostilities with tho
Inlted Mates, but thoro has been n hopofut
f'ellnc in ofllclal circles that the considerate
attltudn of fit. i. Otis at Manila and Gen. Mil
ler at Hollo would bring to the people of the
Islands a realization of tho good Intentions of
the United States nnd result In an ultimate ac
ceptance by tlio native population of Ameri
can authority In spite of Agoncillo's Im
plied advice that tho Filipinos should aot be
forejlie reinforcements forGen Otis nrrlved at
Manila, that hope has not boon abandoned
Tivo massages from Gen, Otis wero received
at the War Department to-day. and ns nolther
t them contained nuv rcforeneo to tho polltl
al situation, tho military authorities aro satis
llil that the conditions havo not grown worse.
It Is believed in official circles that If hostlll
inlwlth the Filipinos are averted, after the
l-e treaty has been rntllled tho difficulties
with tho 1 lliplnos will bo adjusted ninieably.
llio greatest apprehension of tho Admlnlstra
Hon at this time. Is ovor the likelihood of ag
.TOMhe action bj some of (ho Filipino soldiers
In Hi" neighborhood of Manila, which might
ireclrltate a light with the American troons
'hero have been several encounters lately
which might havo culminated In bloodshed,
"id it Is admitted openly that the feeling of
WulnMdo'x followers Is growing more and
aiorn bitter toward tho forces under Gen. Otis
In eontratt witli tho expressions contained
hi Ids telegram of yesterday aro tho send
"fits e pressed by Agonclllo to-night in an
interview tegardlnc an attack on him In an
"liti.rlal in a iiioining miwspnpcr.
'What would vou huvo mo snv?" ho asked
n answer to n nuestlon ns to what he thought
"' tli' fdiu.iial
'He muse I defend for nu country Icon
"l'r Fergus and humane I have absolute
'ilh in tho good putposo of tho great nation,
"'c InitMl Mates of America. and Its legltl
"ntr, re proentiitlvcs. und In the noble eentl
uiuts of the American people. Excuse me
tor saying that I mutt not take account ot cer
tain deeds, ospeolally thoso which rofer to my
personality, which do not refer to the cause I
defend. I must continue my way without
faltering toward tho Institutions which direct
tho destlnloi of this great country "
"Can you tell me anything In regard to the re
sult of your Inquiries concerning tho pur
poses of the Government of tho Unltad States
with respeot to your country?" Agonclllo was
"I beg that you will pardon me that I cannot
answer this question," he sold "The Phil
ippine matter Is very delicate as you must
comprehend, and prudence counsel me to
keepabsoluto sllenco nnd to hold complete
faith In tho justice ot tho Administration of
this country, whoso history Is so glorious thab
I have been and will always be a faithful ami
devoted admirer. This, also, is I he belief of
my countrymon."
FiT.inxo wak rsur.ixn.
Nntlre Congress (lives Aculunlilo Power
to Declare AVnr nt Any Tim.
Sptrtal Coble DepU ( Tn Bom.
lloso Koku, Jan. 20. Tho Filipino Congress
at Mnlolos has passed n resolution expressing
confldonco In Agulnaldo. and oru powering lilm
todeolaro war nt any tlmo and for any pur
pose. Tho work ot approving the I'lllplno Con
stitution was llnlshod by tho Cabinet with tho
utmost expedition, Thoro Is great enthusiasm
throughout tho Island of Luzon over tho pro
mulgation of tho Constitution, and tho In
surgent novvspapors nro publishing still more
violent attacks upon tho Americans thnu bo
foro Tho strictest form of martial law prevails at
Manila. No natives aro permitted to bo In the
streets after 10 o'clock at night. Tho Insur
gents refuse to nllow tho Americans to go
through their linen Thoy even compellod the
American officers who started out to pay tho
waterworks employees to return at the point
of tho bayonet because tho officers did not havo
Agulnnldo's pass,
Tho insurgent newspnpors torm the killing
of the Insurgent Captain, llllmonte. by Private
Ulmerot the Minnesota troops last Thursday
evening an assassination This has had tho
effect of Increasing the bitterness ot tho nn
ttvos toward tho Americans
At n meeting of Filipino women, held nt
CnvltiS, neat Manila, on Friday last, n resolu
tion was adoptod to potltlou Agulnaldo to sup
ply the women with weapons to enable them
to share In defending their independence
1'iiTi.irrtxn mtvatiox grave.
London Papers Tear Tliut the Filipinos'
Attitude Means Wnr.
Hr'cial Calte D'spatch to Tur Sn.
London, Jnn 27 Tho pipers heio nro Im
pressed by tho Increasing gravity of the posi
tion In the Philippines. They foar thnt tho
defiant, passionate attltudo ot tho Filipinos
rendors war probable if not imminent Tho
Tme advises tho United States to bo prepared
for a serious struggle.
Tho .S((7iiJardnas tli it tho proclamation ot a
republic by tho Malolos government is n gago
( battlo which tho United Stales can
hardly refuso to tako up The situation
justifies a great deal or nnxiety. as Gen Otlss
force Is nowisoeiiu.il to thodoniandsthnt must
be made upoii It If opjrntlons begin In earnest.
Tho .Sinicirt compares tho difficulties In
tho Philippines with those Great liritain
has frequently had to grapple with It be
lieves that tho Americans will face thorn with
something less than tho first flush of enthu
siasm, but with a steadfast determination to
The Daily Xeira is convinced that whatov or
happens, thotask of pacification niu.st bo along
Tho Cfaoniclc ridicules the new republic,
which. It says. It It is allowed to run, will en
dure for about a month. Tho papor blames
tho United States for allowing tho movement
to gain such headway. It ascribes tho growth
of tho movement to olltlcs in tlio United
Statos, which it dcploies.
Tiwovs orr roic vixnu
Twentieth Tnfantr3 Leaves nn I'rnnrUco
on the Transport Srnmlln.
S.v FnANTisco, Jnn 20 Tho transports
Morgan Clt and Seandla sailed to-night for
Manila. Tho 8candia carries the Twentieth
Infantry nnd the Morgan City carried over ono
hundred passcngors, mostly wives of ofllcors.
One of Those (.Han to the Crew Turns Up
at ii London Sule.
.Vprciu! Cable Dupatch to The Sun.
London-. Jan 20 A sliver medal, on the
obverse of which was an engraving of tlio
Amorlcan warship Iirookljn, with tho Inscrip
tion. "Brooklm. Santiago do Cuba, July It.
18II8." and on tho reverse tho Inscription.
"From tliecltl7ensof I)rookln to the men be
hind the guns In commemoration of their hero
ism at tho destruction of the SpnnUh Hoot,"
mid also the motto, "Union makes might."
was offered for salo at auction In Loudon to
day. Tho auctioneer bid it in nt 2 7s. lid . tho
resorve nrlco not having been bid. The medal
was suspended from a ribbon wlthasllvpr clasp
bearing tho nnmo "0 Vancleef."
William Herri nnd Col George A Prlco of tho
committee who had charge ot the distribution
ot tho medals could not remember tlio name
C. Vancleef last night. Tho list of tho recipi
ents ot tho modala could not be obtained last
night Col. Prlco said that 4tu medals were
distributed, and thnt all of thorn had been
bronro. He said If tho modal In question wis
a gonulna ono It was only sllver-platod, Ho
added that many ot tho crow of tho Hrooklyn
had been transferred to other ossels. nnd that
he had received applications from several ot
them for dupllcato medals, ns they had lost
tho original ones
rtiir.i fttj: .shots at a ainr.
Mamie Nugent Ilefuted to Marry nnd Tay
lor Would lluve Killed Her.
Charles Taylor fired five shots at Mamie Nu
gent last night in Newark and then she escaped
Into a saloon at Adams and Terry streets
Somebody tripped tho electric light switch
and plunged tho place into darkness so that
Taylor was thwarted In his deslro to kill
tho clrl, Tayloi Is 20 years old nnd lives ut
105 Adams sticet Miss Nugent, who is lit,
has been In tlio habit of visiting a girl friend In
tho samo house Tnv lor has repeatedly urged
her to marry him and sho has invariably re
fused Last evening, when she was on hoi way
to call upon her friend, Miss Sadie Luckey.Tuv .
lor met ner In tho street nnd again asked her to
mnrry him. She said. "No;" und ho pulled
out a pistol, crying. "Then I will kill you I"
Sho ran from him and he tired nt her until shu
hndoscaped Into tho saloon. Taylor was nr
rested at his homo and Is locked, up. Miss
Nugout was tnkon to Miss Lnckoy's house suf
fering considerably from fright, but subse
quently recovered sufllclontly to go to her
homo, nt 145 Morris avenue.
Threatened to U"lt In Montreal Ilernuie
the Advertising Didn't Mult Him.
Montiikip, Jnn 20,-Slguor Campannrl, tho
baritono, got Into a huff to-day and refused to
sing nt tho Sembrloh concert to-night because
hlsnamn had not been promlnontly onough
hhown on thondvortlscmentB
Ho telegraphed to Manager Grau, and the
latter replied that If he did not sing the en
gagement would tie cancelled Tho offended
sinner then reconsidered his decision nnd ap
peared to-night before n largo audience, being
enthusiastically reoolved
Tho Gunboat Prlnreton Ilencliet Gibraltar.
Sptdal Cable OetvaUK to Tut Son.
Gibbaltah. Jan, 20. The American gunboat
Prlncoton arrived hero to-day. She will pro
ceed to-morrow for Manila.
okx. iinooiiR Axn anx. iroon cox
ran ox Tit v. iituatiox.
Demnnds That the Ciilnin Army lie Pnld
Continue One Culmn General Snys Our
Government Is Worse Than Weyler's
Feb, 34 Chosen nn n Nntlonnl Holiday.
Fvtaat Cable Deivaleh lo Tub Snv,
Havana, Jan, 20 Avellno llosns, n General
In tho Cuban Army, who Is a native ot the Ito
public, ot Colombia, and whooamo to Cuba with
Gen. Caltxto Garcia on tho Hcrmtida expedi
tion In 181)0, publishes a signed urtlclo in tho
)tail(Hle la Marina. In which ho savs (hat the
American Government Is worse than Wovler's,
nnd tho blockade established by tho United
States extonntnatod tho paclflcos and was In
humane. He further says that tho attitude of
tho American Government toward tho Cubans
Is tlio same ns that ot Spain, tho Amorlcnns
now collecting tho revenues of the country and
refusing to pay tho army.
l.a J)isciinon energetically advocates the
payment of the Cuban troops It says that tho
Ainorlcaua did not como hero to rule against
the will of tho country, and adds that tho
Cubans want their army pnld ns the soldiers
of Washington were pnld'after American Inde
pondoneo, Tho agitation concornlng tho payment of the
army is growing. Tho Cuban Gonernl Assem
bly will meet nt Marlanao on Fob. 15 to con
sider the subject. Honor La nil 7 a and the other
Commissioners who were sent to tho United
Statos will be hoard regarding their efforts In
Tho Cuban Assembly issued n manifesto
advising tho Cubans to keep qutot until It Is
officially known what tho United States Gov
ernment has decided to do In legarJ to pniug
tho Cuban Army. Tlio Assombly snys in tho
proclamation that It represents 45,000 armed
Cubans and will tako care of their rights.
At present, it says, tho duty of all Cubans Is
to await tho arrival ot the Cuban Commission
ers from Washington with tho answer of tho
United States Government and not make any
display of disgust grounded only upon rumors
The Cubans havo selected Fob. 24 ns a na
tional holiday, and nro trslnc to obtain per
mission to have fetes on that day Gen Maximo
Gomer will be near Havana on that dato with
his wholo armv, and ho Is desirous of entering
tlio city Gen Ludlow, who wishes to satisfy
the desires of tho Cubans, conferred with Oov-ernor-Oenornl
Hrooko to-day on the subject
Tho question will be referred to Washington
Cubans aro protesting In tho nowsjiapors
against the 100 doctors who wore appointed to
investignto tho sinltary condition of the
dwellings In tlio cltv Theso doctors nio cost
ing the city $10,000 a month, mid the Cubans
stiy that tho Invcstlgntioii could be in ml o bv tlio
police nnd tho municipal doctors nt farleshcost.
Dr Frlas. a well-known Cuban, has been pio
posed for Maorof Clenfuegos
Gen Leo has returned from Gulnes Ho
says there Is no trouble there The Cubnns.
ns usual, were enthusiastic ovor hint
No npointineritsot Supremo Court Justices
l.n. n . a. 1. ...... ......I.. "..... I,.. a I..I...A l.n
navovet ueen mime lien iirooko wishes tho
com t to consist of ten Judges and ono Presi
dent The proceedings ngninst the Board of Diree
tois of thn Hiivnua Tramway ( ompnny arc
being vigorously pushed All tho stockholders
nro testifying. Jinny of them charge tho board
with having accepted bribes to sell the
road Tho Tom Johnson Hvndlcate and
tho American Indies Company nre bidders
for tho road, 'llio American-Indies Klec
trlc Company has n roprc-ontntivo horo.
and ho will probably bid against tlio
other competitors if anew salo is ordered by
tlio court. Maekenlo Nlcholls of Toronto
also havo a representative here The Marquis
do Pinnr del llio has returned hero from his
visit to Now oik Ho Is nn Important wit
ness In the cno and Ins been summoned to
Cons. Brooke. Wood, Ludlow nnd Chnffeo
havo bad a conference regarding alTalis in
bantlago nnd thn political situation in tlio
whole island After the conference Gen Brooke
sent a long cipher despatch to Washington
Gon Ludlow lias granted permission to the
Cubans to hold a demonstration on Suiidaj In
honor ot the late President Marti
Several Cubnn officers are collecting signa
tures of taxpaors to a petition jirnylng that
$40,000,000 bo paid to the Cuban Army, and
that tho money thus expended ho declared a
pirtof the public debt
I A. Hyatt, an American, who was formorly
Consul nt Santiago, nnd has resided for a 'one
tlmo in tho neighboring town of Gunnnbacon.
has been appointed Mavorot thatplaco Ho
ossumod the duties of thoofllco thismoinliig
Tho Cubans refuse to accept positions under
him in splto of tlio fact that ho is a grcnt friend
of Cuba. Tho Cubnns say they want no Amer
ican Mayors
Gen. Brooke gave his first reception to-dnyat
his resldcnco In La Ycdado Many of tho best
families ot Hnvana attended.
Col Guild will sail for homo to-morrow on the
transport Michigan
Major Laoallc, n Cubnn, has been appointed n
surgeon on Gen Ludlow's staff.
Gon. Brooko and hl staff will attend to-morrow
a reception to bo given by t lie Herman
Consul In honor of tho birthday of Kmporor
Monvovs STOxen jx aickaxks.
Warned to Leave Jnrd County or lie Killed
Governor's Aid AsUed.
I.irriK Rock, Ark, Jon. 20, Fred W Clapp
to-day appealed to tho Governor for protection
against a mob of New burg. Ark,, citizens, who,
Mr Clapp says, seem bent on killing all mem
bers of tho Church of Latter Day Saints of that
place He sas tho mob stoned tho Mormon
church ntNowburg last Sunday night, throw
ing rocks through the windows, hitting and
seriously injuring n number of tho congrega
tion, causing tho men. women and children to
lli'o for their lives All tan excepting hlswlfn.
who was so badly frightened sho Could not
move. Bho has since been confined to hei bed,
und lie fears sho will die. Clupji pints tlio
Governor tnsmid protection Immediately to the
Mnrmonr of Izard county. He sat h that he and
other elders have been warned to leavo In
stantly or suffer denth The Governor referred
Clapp's letter to ShorltT Freeman of Izard
county w It it instructions to tako such steps ns
tho situation called for
coscoitn c.okh mtr.
Saloons Closed nnd Stocks Ileiuoveil on
Mnyor Martin's Order.
C'ONConp, N. II , Jan 20. All of tho saloons
in which liquor was being sold wore closed this
morning by order of Mavor Martin Tho deal
ers were summoned toappear ut tho police sta
tion at 0 o'clock, and wero ordered to close
their places, both hack and front doors, and to
remove their stocks of goods. Tho dealors
mude no protost and compiled with tho order
ifltlilti lit., nnuitllaH f I , rt 1. 1.1 i...ll.ur.. ...
within 1110 speciuen time, it is pretty safe to
assume that Concord will he a dry town for two
y ars to como unless tho Legislature makes
changes in the prohibitory laws
$a,ooo riiov axurkw carxkoik
Subscribed to the Iliiilillng Fund of the
'oologlrill Hotlety.
At a meeting of tho Executive Committee of
tho Zoological Society held last night ex-Gov
Levi P Morton announced that Mr Andrew
Carneglo had subscribed $5,000 to tho build
fug fund for tho Zoological Park, and Mr Car
neglo was oleoted a foundor Tho Executive
Commlttoe hopesthat h i'on 20. Its next moot
ing, so many additional subscriptions will havo
been received thntthe construction of tho ante
lopo house cnn be undertaken immediately.
-None HettrrThuu the Hale Desks, I
Kxpnrt prices, lOBtonost., neitProducsKxthsEsje, I
Atlti, ' I
Knocks Pieces Out of I h Doorsteps of Philip
nhlnelnnder's House.
Mr Philip nhinelander of .'12 l.nst Thirty
ninth street lias torn long tlmo been making a
collection ot engines and Implements of war.
Of course he has addod relics and souvenlisof
tho war with Spain He has purchased some
of theso and somo have boon given to In ui
Ono ot his friends got together sovonunex
plodcd shells, silpposod to have been fired by
thoToxaa.whlch had been picked up about the
defences ot Santiago de Cuba and sent them to
Mr. Ilhluelandor by tho Cuban and Pan Ameri
can Lxprcss Company.
Tho express company tins handled several
such consignments und paid no purtlcularnt
tentton to this one which was delivered about
dark last Tuesday ov citing. There wore llirce
men with the delivery wagon which stopiied In
front of Mr. Ithlnelander'n door They slid tlio
sholls down to tho Bldownlkand rolled them up
tho steps end ovor end ns though they were
kegs, Six wnro safely handled In this way and
landod In tho front hall
The seventh, howovor said to have been a
12-Inch shell slipped on tho third step nnd
slid back to tlio second, toppled down to tho
bottom, fell over on Us side and rolled out on
the sidewalk It knocked chunks out ot tho
edges ot both the steps It struck, and also out
of tho brownstonc nowol post. Tho drlvct ot
the express wngon savs something exploded,
Tho shell certainly didn't
Mr Bhlnelaiidei. who was standing bv the
door, told tho driver he did not wish to have so
lively n shell in tho house; so tho drlvci of the
express wngon. with tho help of cevcral by
standers, lifted It back Into tho wagon and
drove awny with It
dk.vkd bv ir. ". rAxnKitnu.T.
No Vnnderlillt Ilond Going to Control North
west nnd Union Purine.
W. K Vnnderbllt took tlio trouble esterday
to deny over his own nnmo the persistently
published stories thai tho Now York Cential
Itailrond was to consolidate wltli or absorb tho
Chicago and Northwestern nnd Union Pacific
railroads The denial did not satisfy somo
people because Mr Vniidorbllt, In his published
note, did not sav that no such stop was con
templated by any road controlled ib tho New
York Central, such, for Instance, ns the Canada
Mr Yanderbllt had left his office In tho
Grand Central Station before his statement
was on the street. Itwus not posslblo to llnd
him so that Ills attention could bo called to the
doubts of tho unsntlsflcd Senator-elect De
pevv. hovvevei, mail" a sitppleineiitarv statu
meiit for their benellt
"Those stories," ho said, "are bosh nnd non
sense Mr. Yanderbllt wrote that loiter be
cause he was sick nnd tired of having a lot of
stock jobbeis down In Wall street uo his name
and thnt of tho Now York Central Irresponsi
bly without n word of truth nnd foi purposes
ot their own "
III Deiievv was told that some people thought
that Mr Ynnderhilfs note did not deny that
somo road controlled by the Now ork Central
might undertake the proposed absorption
"ion may wiy foi me.' sild Dr Depovv,
"tint Mr vnnderbllt Is not in tlio habit of
niHklngpubllestntements with mental reserva
tions orqulbbles on inn) say for him mid for
me that there Is no intention, plan, purpose or
laul . mi lliA unrl nl llm ..n V .t i..nl . I ....
uftirn un me pan 01 iiiuvew lurh, c.'iiinu. or
of nuv rnnd controlled, owned or leased bv tho
New 1 ork Central, to undnrtnko tho pureli ise.
leabo. management or contiol of those rnil-
MGtllZltT DAY'S Mfv YET.
Stock Market Seen Another Great liny
Metropolitan street Itiillimy .lumps t'p.
Sales of stocks on tlio Now York Stock F.x
etntiKO )citerdn were oven hcnvler than on
Monday last, tho total being 1.50" 044 shares,
against 1.5't8.400 on Monilav. In addition
about $7,000,000 par value of railway bonds
wore sold The public Interest in the market
continued unabated, and there was a repeti
tion of some of (he exciting scenes of Mnn
daj Decided buovanei was exhibited In the
opening donllngs Tho commission brok
erage linns were loaded up with busing or
ders The trading gained impetus as It pro
'ceded and important advances were recorded
bj many stocks.
Metropolitan street Ilnilvvav made an ad
vanie or twelve points, nnd tho Pacitlc Itail
load Issues. St Paul. New lork Central I'enn
sylv.inis Itallroad. Chesacenko and Ohio Ten
nessee Coal nnd Iron. People s Gas, tho United
Stntes llubbor Rtocks General Flectrie, Sugar
Helloing and Brooklwi ltnnld Tinnslt wero
among tlio other specliliv bullish features
Tho publication of various favorable state
ments of railroad earnings helped In tho buoy
aucv. Put in tho nlternoon large selling to take
prollls developed This t erved to Incite a bear
ish attack and resulted in unsettling tlio mar
ket in the final dealings While ninny stocks
lost much of the improvement mndo earlier In
the day the closing prioes wero quite gener
ally above the (!nl figures of Wednesdav.
One result of the enormous pusiness which
has been doing In the stock market has been
tlie i08tlrg by several prominent block Kx
'hingo linns of notices nt tho windows in their
ofllees where ecmimrlson tickets nre received
tlmt no Clearing House tickets would be ex
chanced nfter '.M o'clock in the afternoon
After that hour all stocks not compared must
be settled for by chock on the following dn
The reaso'i for the notices is that many
brokers have been delinquent and have kept
othei ofllees from completing their Clearing
House sheets within tho time proscribed by
the rules of thv Institution, with tlie result
that several lirgu linns have become liable to
many lines for being late In their sheets
though they were not primarily responsible
for their latene-s
vottox, 1; 4 r .iv rori'KK i .
32.1,000 Hales of Cotton ami Nearly 0,000,
tlOO Ilusliels of Wheat Nnlil III n Dny.
Prices rose in tho cotton market esterday to
a level 7 to 10 points higher than on Wednos
dny, making an advance In two dnvs of 15 to
20 points oi equal to about 1 a bale In n
short tlmo cotton has advanced S2 50abule
Liverpool astonished tho bears vestcrda) by
shooting upwards to 0 Knglish points or fully
75 conts a bale Bulls overywhero maintain
that tho crop Is going to turn out very much
smaller than vvus at one time suposod Print
cloths nro active and advancing Full Illver on
Wednesday sold 250,000 pieces, nnd llio mills
are not inclined to tako further orders nt cur
rent prices Tho great uctlvitv at tlio Stock
Kxchungo had a bracing effect on cotton nnd
tho speculation is rapldli broadening Tho
sales of lato have risen to 1120,000 bales la a
single day. There was a reaction toward tlio
close yesterday on heavy realizing, unit Jan
uary closed at O 07 cents, Mny at 0 10 tents and
August ut 0 20 cents
Wheat shot upvvaid fl'i to 4'. cents nt tho
New lork Produce Exchange and tho transac
tions, which wore reoently null 500.000 to
1,000.000 bushels a dny, mndo a leap to nearly
0,000.000 bushels The Liverpool cables wero
decidedlk higher, a cold wave was ieiorted at
tho West, the clearances woio liberal and Ku
rope 1 taking BO per cent of Its wheat from
this country Tho Itusslaiicrop turns out to ho
25 per cent less than was ot ono tlmo esti
mated In fact, there Isveryilttle competition
with the United States from uny where There
were rumors of a big Wall street clique ut
work on the bull side May hero closod at HI '
cents und July at HO cents
Coffee had a spurt of 15 to 25 points up
ward and developed considerable activity, the
sales being 44,000 bags.
ClilniRo Hulls Cry "Dollar Wheat."
CiiiPAdo, Jan 20 "Dollar vvhoat" Is again
theory ot tho bulls on 'Change May went up
4 Scents a bushel to-duy, nnd, at 0 ovor tho
quotations ot a woek ago, dealings ran Into the
millions bofore tho close, when May sold at
77'f cents Wnll si reel speculators, foreign
buyers, lurgo shipments ubroad nnd various
minor elements combined to send up the prices,
'1 ho primary reasons assigned for the bull movc
mont which has been boiling for several days
and reached a noteworthy point to-day are tho
rise of securities in Wall streol nnd tho solid
profits which have been gleaned from tho stock
market thorn In proof of this Wall street
houses lod the local maiket In the buying
through tholr agents hero
Vitality Itestored.
All ronsumptlTes should est Ronittoss Illscuit.
Meat and bread combined. Bold by all druggist.
If There's Anything In It Hie M'omnn llnd
nn Areoiupllre Another" Cornish" Let
ter from 1070 Ilrnndwny Sent Ion Detroit
Druggist Mho It new the Itenl CnrnMi.
It has often been suggested, since tho death
by poisoning of Mrs Kato J. Adams, that a
woman sent tho drug which killed Mis Adams
to Harry Cornish, Intending Hint ho should bo
tho victim. A reporter of The Sun whs told
jesterdny by a city official that, no matter what
tlio police mnv say, thoy suspect, and havo sus
pected for some time, that tho sendornf tho
bottle of "bromo seltror" to Hnrry Cornish
wns not n innn. but was a woman, to whom the
lecoverv or destruction of a photograph had
become Important. This photograph. It is said,
hns been missing since Henrj ('. Unmet died
nt tho Knickerbocker Athletic Club.somoweoks
before tho supposed attempt to poison Cotnlsli.
According to this story tho police, upon the
hypothesis (hat n woman was the o!sonor.
bollovo thnt sho bad nn nccompllco nnd that
that nccompllco may have boon "II Cornish."
who rented a letter box ut 1020 Broadway, and
"H C Burnet." who routed nnothor letter box
nt 257 West Forty-second street Tho lessee
of both theso boxes. It Is supposed, was
tho samo man Ho sent letters to Vou Mold
A Co of Cincinnati asking for sample pack
ages of medicine they put up "II C.Bainet"
sent such n requost to Vou Mold in tho latter
da8 of last May "II. Cornish' never called
fortho two packages sent to him "H.O. Bar
net" called for his and received, according to
the lessor of tho liox nt 257 Wost Forty-second
street, many other samples of medicine. He
lilted the box on May 24 for ono month and
usually cnlled for his mail about 7 o'clock
ever evening.
Tho lessor of tho box nt 1020 Broadway says
that "II. Cornish' was a man nhout5fetH
Inches In height, well mado and with a reddish
brown curling mustneho nnd reddish-brown
hair H.C Harriot "Is similarly described by
tho lossorof tlie boxat 257Acst Forts-second
street, oxcopt that "Harriot" elwavs wore a
derby hat, wlillo "II. Cornish" wore n white
Alpine hat. with n black band
Detroit. Jnn 20. There wasscntto the New
iork Police Department n few days ago a letter
which was received in this city early in Decem
ber bv Frederick Stonrns ,1 Co.. wholesale
druggists What the contents of this totter
aro cannot bo ascertained here Tho letter
fell Into tlie hands of Frederick K.
Steams, and wns answered by him personally.
It was signed "H Cornish." nnd tlie address
to which the reply wns to bo sent was 1020
Broadway. Now ork elt). Mr. Stearns de
clares thnt he does not nt tills time romembor
thoexnet tenor or the letter, but It contained
some questions which ho was unable to an
swer, and ho replied to this effect Mr Stearns
siDHtliat the letter dlil not refer to drugs and
vvasof nn unlniportnnt nnture.as he remem
bers It.
Ho had forgotten nil about tho Incident until
ten dnvs ago. when local detectives called upon
him and asked him to go through hlslettoi
files anil seo If he could find such n lettei Mr.
Mearns then remembered the nnine. nnd the
letter was picked out nnd handed ovci to the
local pollio authorities Bythem it was sent to
tho New York Police Bureau
Mr. Stearns nnd Hnris I Cornish have been
personal friends for ngient rniinv years, their
friendship dating Inck to thednvs when both
wero on the Bonn! or Managers of the Middle
Division of the matour Mliletic Union Mr.
Me-ims wns President of tho honrd and also
President or thn Detroit Athletic lull,
while nt Hint timo Cornish was connected
with the (hlcago Athletic Club Mi
Stearns nnd Mr Cornish corresponded quite
frequently on athletic matters anil Stearns be
came tolenbly farnilinr with tVinJeli s hand
writing Mr Stearns Is positive Hnrrv C. ( Or
nish did not wrllu tho letter Ills firm received
In December He snvsttdld not contnln nny
of tlie characteristics or Harry Cornish's pen
manship, ns ho remembers it, and In would
havorombered It because of the similarity of
Ho savs that tho cnntenlHOf tho letter were
such thnt If Hnrry Cornish had written it lie
would linvo nddieMCil It tohlm personally, and
there Is no icnson why ho should not have
dotio so
.llOVWV HltlllF.UY CtlARGFS.
rnml .lurj Snjs Money Hub lleen Used, but
Does Not Indict Stnte henntor Unseated.
Hti kna. Mon . Jnn 20 Tho Senatorial eon
test toemed with sensations to-ila). The
Grand Jur) reported. AVhltesldo lost his seat In
the Senate after a speech full of bitter elnrgos
of corruption and bribery against W A l lark,
tho latter pained one more vote, and his elec
tion iseonlldontly predicted
Tho Gfnnd Jur was convened on tlie recom
mendation of the joint Assembly, so that tlie
charges of cor million and bribers in tlio Sena
torial contest might bo investigated In part
tho report reads.
' We liavo been In session ton dnvs and havo
evamlnod forts-four witnesses, nnd have also
exnmlned all pnpors. documents and other legal
evidence touching the questions under con
sideration and have had produced before us all
witnesses whom wo had reason to bellovocould
shed any light upon tho questions of bribery,
porjurs or consjiiracy Tho evidence intro
duced before us, whllo It tends to show that
money has been used in connection with the
election of a United Stntes Senator, lias beon
contradicted and explained in such a way that
It would not In uur opinion warrant a convic
tion by a trial jurv "
The Attornes-Guncrnl, who is a Daly man,
addretsed the Court asking for another jury,
saslng tlio ovldence instilled the, returning of
truo bills, but Judge Melntyro refused to grant
the request
Then camo thu joint Assembly. When Sen
ator Whiteside's name was called he arose on
a question of personal prlv liege, snj ing Hist tho
lint had gone forth that this was to be Ills Inst
dnyauu Senator, and ho proposed to tuko ad
vantage of It to furtlnr expose the methods
pursued bs Clark.
"The crime of bribery stands forth In all its
naked hldeousness. and you ureliemly to eni
brneoand kiss It." ho said "My God. what
shull bo said of such mon as you Would you
pave tho road to the United Suites Senato fur
tills fiend incarnute. Clark V"
He then Recused Bepresentutivo Onrr of hav
ing gone home under n plen of sickness to se
cure money placed to his credit as a br I bo to
vote Tor Clark Pointing to (mrr. ho snld .
Deny It If you can. deny It If you dare I"
Oarr jumped to his feet mid called Whiteside
u liar and perjurer A personal eneountor was
narrowly averted Whftesldo continued in this
strain for somo time Thn spcecli created
great excitement, und threats against White
side are heard on tho streets to-night. Duly Is
being blttflrlv denounced for resorting to such
luetics toileleat Clnrk
Tho Sonato tills afternoon by a voto of 14 to
It decided that Gelgnr ( Hop I had been elected
to the scut now hold by Whiteside Whiteside,
had one majority on thn fseo of tho returns,
while tho recount by tho bonnto shown tlmt
Gclger has a majority of ono Tins Is regarded
as u great Clark victor), as Whiteside had been
tlie Duly leadcrin joint Assent bis.
Tho balloting proceeded to-dny as follows:
.Chirk. 40; Cnnrnd. :i0: Oiubhllfep I, 15: rest
scattering 'lhls shows n gnln of ono for
Clark, and he now lacks but eight votes of
Proposed Clinuco In thn Alabama Designa
tion of the TUnck Mnn.
MoNTnoMKin, Ala . Jan 20 Itopresontatlvu
Jones of Covington introduced Into tho House
of Itepresentatlves to-day a resolution to llio
effect that In all transactions In this Htuto of a
judicial, educational or business character, and
In all matters publla or private, where It Is
necessary or desirable to distinguish hotwean
llui.. D..I, u, UDOlfniri. ,ii llintiiiKuiDii HUinuill
the wlilto and black races, the word
"colored" ns now applied to thn black race
shall bo eliminated nnd tlie word " nogro" sub
stituted thorefor, nnd Hint In writing or print
ing tho word the Initial letter shall be n capital
The preamble to the resolution ests out that
"colored" Is not a generic word ami that tho
word "negro" Is not Intended as an Insult or
stigma to tho race Tho Alabama statutes now
refer to tho negro as "a person of color "
. Another II re In Iteude Street.
Tho five-story stono building known as 22,
24 and 20 ltendu street, occupied by firms
afflllutod with tho printing trades, was dam
aged by fire last night to thn extent of $25,000
Deputy Chief Croker said tlio fire probably be
gan In tho printing house of Htettlner Brothers,
on the second floor The other coucorns in tho
building who suffered by tho firs warn Vernon
Bros A Co., paier manufacturers; the Gregory
.Binding Company, A D. Porter A- Co , publish
ers : Theodore Hickseckor t 2o , dealors In
perfume, and the No w lork Envelope Company,
l'lour Denier llcutrr nnd IllsVllfo Die In
the Street When Nenr Their Home,
l'mll rteuter, n denlei in Hour nt ll'J. .'14 nnd MO
Union nvenuo. Brooklirl, nnd his wlfo Ma
both died Inst night within n few iiinhieiiintir
each other. Mrs. llctitor died of hutirt dlstnso
nnd her husband of npoplovs
Shortly before midnight Hies were passing
through Madison street on tholr was hi their
homo nt 721 Madison street. When In front
of Kl." Madison street, Mrs lleilter suddoiil)
guvo n groan and fell to llm sidewalk. Her
husband nrottsed tho people living in tho
house, and Mrs Holder unseamed within,
Dr. Browning and Dr. timber were hunledly
summoned, hut they pronounced her dead,
sn Ing that she had died of heart disease.
Mr Iteuter went totho homo of Lmtl Duson
borg, at PSO Madison avenue. Ho told Ml and
Mrs Dusonbergnt his wife's death, nnd asked
Unit thoy accompany him to tlie house where
her body lay They started away from their
homo with him When thoy worn In front
ot H.T7 Madison street, ono door from
the houso where his wife's ody was, Mr.
iteuter. without warning, fell to tho sidewalk.
Ho was carried Into the house and Dr. Brown
ing and Dr. drover wero again summoned.
They snld that Mi. Keillor had died of a po
plexs nefomtheli arrival.
Mr. Iteuter nnd his wlfo wero on tlicli vvnv
home from n card party.
A Lurky Sliullniily of Nniues Secures Im
munity to tho Assorlnlod Piess.
THANKI out. Ks'.. Juu. 20 -The U'rutem A) git;
tho lending Democratic organ hero, to-dav pub
lishes tho following.
"Tho Indictment against tlioAssoelutod Pi ess
for falling lo ropoit was pardoned bofore trial
by Gov. Worthlngtou on Weilnesda This Is
an extiaordlnnry proceeding nnd it Is sel
dom resorted to bs an executive. Tlio ap
plication for a pardon was written and signed
by .Melville Stono nnd presented to tlio Gov
ernor. When his Kxcellcne) rend the stnto
meiit ho said that ho would paidon the com
pnuy, and In a second the signature that ro
llovod tho company ot any penalty w as attached
and Melville Stono departed a happy man.
Soon after tho Governor steppod Into Auditor
Samuel Stono's office and remarked I hat ho
had granted tho pardon requested.
" ' What pardon V the Auditor asked.
"Tlio Governor immediately answered, 'The
Associated Press Company.'
" The Auditor said lie had made no such ro
questand had nothing to do with it. When tho
Governor examined the potltlou again ho dis
covered it was 'Sfelville.' and not 'Samuol.'
Stone that appeared on the petition "
Two Sisters or Hie Order of St. Prniiels to
.loin tho Luper Colony In llnvvnll.
KinAcusF. Jnn 20 Twoslstois of tho Order
ot St. Frnncls. Sister FI iv iunn and Sistor Boun
venture. leave this city to-night to join tho
leper colons In tho Sandvv I h Islands. Tvvelvo
sisters of St. Francis have alicads cone from
this city to Immolate themselves in tlio leper
colons '1 ho order his mndo thisnii iinpnttnut
branch of Us rnlsslon.irv work, to which Itwns
tho first to offer Its serv lees, but those w ho go
are volunteers There is no compulsion, and
tho net Is ono of pure self-sncrlllcH. Sisters
Flavlanaand Bonaventuro havo mado tho sub
ject a matter of cspeelLi deliberation, nnd go
frocl). Tliofnmils of one of them lives in this
olty. tho other In Louisville. Ky. Both families
aio heartbroken, but will put no obstmlosln
tho way of either. Arrangements for their re
ccptlonjnvo lieon madn bs tlio Mother Supe
rior of tho order at Honolulu, nnd the) will go
toNeoloknl Immediately on tholr arrival nt the
Sandwich Islands.
Resolutions Passed Declaring Thnt We
Should Hold the Philippine.
Toi'F.ka. Kan., Jan 20 '1 ho Houso of Hepro
sentntlves sestcrdiy killed an expansion reso
lution by tabling It Lator tho Itepublican
lendors hold n caucus to decide upon future
action To-dny strong expansion resolutions
wore adopted by tho House, tlio Itcpublicans
favoring and tlio Populists and Democrats op
IKisIng. Tho resolution declares that this Gov
ernment should hold Porto Itlco and tho
Philippines, and that tho Kansas delegation
should oppose turning theso Islnnds hick to
Spain upon nny consideration whatever Tlio
Kansas delegation Is Instructed to voto torn
ratification of tho peace treaty
.!(-.. HERRMAX GlfES $10,000
To the molding I'unil of the Scientific Al
liance or This City.
Mrs Esther Herrpian has given $10,000 to
the building fund of tho Scientific Alliance of
this city Mrs Horrmnn sass she has long felt
thntthe dignity of tlie rnotropnlls required a
building devoted to tlie learned societies ns nn
addition to Its educational facilities Sho also
believes that public-spirited citlrons need only
have their attention c tiled to tills necessity to
provide means for meeting It,
Tlie Council of tho Scientific Alliance has ad
dressed a lotter to Mrs. Horrmnn acknowledg
ing her generous gift and expressing, on bolinlf
ot tiro alliance, appreciation of Iter kindess
.Mrs. Herrman was ono of tlie first to con
tribute monc) to Barnard College Shegnvn
$10,000 to the Hebrew technical schools nnd
also a large sum to tho Botanical Garden
New Itule to Ho Put In 1'orre on Peh, I nt
the Pnssenger btenmshln Piers.
lieturntng transatlantic passongcrs, ns tho
result of nn order of the Treasury Department,
will, after Feb l.liavo lo declare In detail to
thn customs oflloers all tho articles purchased
by them alirond Horotofore tho passengers
havo been asked to specify their foreign pur
ohnscsonly in n general was, giving the total
value. No duty was charged if tho value did
not amount to $100. They will now have to
name specifically In their declarations eacli
foreign purchase and the prlco Tho reason
for the change. It was said nt tho Custom
Houso yesterday, was because Inspectors had
nt times carclessls nllowed dutiable articles to
get into the country
Itnllnns ltesnut the l.lronsetl Assnull of the
Herond-Hnnd Clothing Trade,
Two Italian laborers turned out of Park row
Into Pearl sticet yesterday aflor noon A pull-er-lnat
n clothing store grabbed onoot the
two, Tho mnn swung his shovel and it rang
on tlie puller-ln's head Tho puller-lii retali
ated with a swift punch at the Italian's stom
ach. Then.thn Italian's comrado drewn re
volver, whereat the puller-ln mado haslo up
Park row, with the Italian who had the gun In
close pursuit, shooting every once In awhile.
Policeman Schmidt arrested tho mini with the
gun The puller-ln had been shot through tho
right tin nil Ho said that ho was Charles
Murks. I Hfi soars old. nf ;i51 Lust Flftv-slxth
street IlaffuHlloCavullo, the prisoner, lives at
1 Grand street.
Groter's Diamond Pound In Kite Pudding.
Nr.w Haven. Conn.. Jan. 20 John Hugo, a
erocor, lost n valuublo diamond about five
weeks ugo To-dny one of his customers, whllo
at dinner, noticed a jewel sparkling In n lice
pudding It was recalled that llio pounds of rice
had been ordered from Hugo by this customer
over a month ngo. The diamond wus returned
to tho grocer
To some people Champagne Is Champagne, simply
this and nntbiDi: more lllsrrtraluatlug juihisa
however, whose taste enables beui to apnreciato
delicate tlavor, invariably orde' t-omrarrr. It Is tbs
rlinlra of select soclet) lu Alibrlo, Just as it Is In
Kuro. AtvK ' '
-- ' 1
He Pelt Hint He nnd Ills Wife mill Children ,
YTeir DlsBlix oil, nnd Ho Could Not Knt
imr weep-"The Charges Against .Me) j
Wero So Foul," He Snld, "Thnt I Pelt t
Was Horning Insldn"-Onirers uud Km 4
ployeesof the lliqinrtnirlitTestits rhntllo J
Wns l.iilifiilng I nilrr (J rent Kxdtcmmitt J
Washington. Jan 20 -Gen F.agan.Commls. 3
sar$ -Genctnl of Subsistence, who Is being tried
bycourt-mnrtlnt for his attack nn Gen Miles!
lu his slnliiniolit to tho Wnr Iuvestlgatlna
Commission, took the tnml to-day In his own s
defence uud was cxnmlnod by Attorney WortlH j
ingtou )JH
y. How long havo sou been connected with gl
tho nrmy' -In volunteer ntmv from IHO'J m
to IKiH, and later entered regular niiny lit iil
1800. U
Attorney Worihlnglon Inquired closely lulo) 'I
tho service of flen Ungnii. Tlie latter replleil M
quiotly nnd nnnchuhntls. He wan unmoved. 'B
utidlstuibed Onro he shifted his uli'ilr ami IB
occasionally he shook his he.i 1 lo give rorvfl W
to his words Ho oplaincd his ca'l to Wash- W
Ington In Mm last ns CommlssaivGcneiiil )Mi
nnd his summons bv lotterlto tlie Wnr Conn 5
mission 3
(J loir weio swoin' os sii, in I n'of ji
erabls so j!
Itcferrlng to llio preimrntion ot Ills dale- !
ment replying to Gen. Miles, Gen ISignn enlil '
that ho lutd little time to luepnie Ml -h n stale- '
O-DId ou take nny steps lo have Gin. ,
Miles tailed lo nicvuiit foi his assertions.' j
A I told (ho Socretniy of Wnr that 1 deslrtci
to meet these charges that I was a tuutdcrcif
and a thief,
y. nd you wore told that Gen. .Miles vnsj j
Protected bs the President for Ills testlnions?
A Yes sir j
y -How about Interviews In tho Vow orl
pipers A When I saw It it drove me nearly f1
cra?s. I did not believe tlio President's list ;
mmilty extended to novvsnapor Interviews S
nnd 1 therefore sent tho dinning to Gen. ,1
Miles. Vho made an evasive .inswor. which In M
my opinion was a declination to avow or ills- ft
avow the Intorvicvv. Tho latter cniplns'zoJ
tho words of pietmico of ovporlment.
y What impression did It make upon you? 9
A. I felt tint I wns dlgrnccd I did not go to w
the clubs. I did not go on tho sticot 1 felt S
Hint It would bo licttci to bo dead In tho cutter B
than to have such accusation nealnst inc. W,
When tho clippings) from all parts of tlio conn- .
try lKsured In to mo I felt 1 must do something. j I
1 finally gnvo tho dlunlflod stntoment that It J
wns unmllltary lo discuss such matters. Thin j
wns hooted ut bv tlie country nnd I ronlircd .
that I hail been convicted and condemned. ' ' '
Hint nis wito and children wore disgraced. I jj '
coald not cit. I could not sleep I reillreij I
had to say something Tho charges against 5 j
mo were o foul that I felt burned up. I was ! i
burning Insldn Gon. llagan grow excited. i '
l.t . AlA ,,, 1 I . i ,.. . ,., 3 i
nis voieo mitereil and lie omphasirod his ro- J;
marks by raising his hands in front of hlin.l
Tlio pooplo believed I wns not nn honest
man I felt that such charges should bo nn- I
swered In such vvnv that tho i coplo would be
lieve mu nr. honest man I felt the way to do i
it was to hurl It back in such language that
the people would believe mo. .
y Wero you interrupted in vour reading be- ;
fore tlio commission? A I vvn not. No ono
suggested to mo that tho languaeo was Inw
proper. I nns taken up with speaking to 70,
(KH).OOO pcoplo through tho commission.
Attorney Wortlilngton Inquired about ths
conduct of tho olflco with referente to nny
nionov thnt Gen. Hagnn might hnvo received. !
In tones loud ami violent Gen Lagan respond I
Kl- j
"On mv honor, and before God. not tho color j
of ono cent did I receive. I haven t to-das the) j
money to pas sou sour fee K
Gen. l'ngan insisted that ho was much dls- J
turbed because of tho suggestion that lie had 3
leen guilty of corruption. Great pressure hail j
been briught to heir upon him to purclmsa i
certain (nod, but ho dtHlncd to do so Ho
declared that he wis honest nnd wisiertn'n j
that thn pooplo of tlio country would now be- j j
lieve him lionet Ho had done even thl"g ut J
secure vindication without going bofuro rim J
commission, but was unablo to do so Tlio j
uso of beef was not nn experiment, still loss
furnished ns a nrotenco of experiment Gcu. - I ;
Fngun nrgueil tilth much rorco that such t jj
charge implied Ihat he was n rnuidi rer nnd ,v j
thief, a murderer fui gain He could not stand j
such un nceiisitlon, and prei ired Ills stnte- !
menl a the onls was of convincing tlio puhlls j
that lie was nn honest man When he was $
finally informed that tho langingo ,vas not u- i
eeptablo lie modified llio sPiteniont and ir- gl
turned It to the War Commission w
This concluded Gen J'ignns testimony, H
the court nnd Judge dvoeato hiving no f
questions t ask 1
Mr Wnrt'ilngton tl.cn unnouneed tint ha
iiosneshCil mans newsfiater lipplrwts untie.. -
lug tho opinion of tlie nubile about don I near.. :
He wns permitted to rend cxtr.n 'strom rlun j
publications, innris of thorn violently ilcimunt- i
inc the Commlfcsirs -General
"These nre somo of the thlncs that nnVeted j
Gen l'.ni'nn, said counsel for tho dii'"iiee ; l
He next trad tlie lnrinnl denial f iicu, m
F.agan furnished the newspapers soon .Iter '
Gen Miles s testimony (ft
When the court-mnrrlal assembled today K
Judge Advocate Davis siibniitleo as test uu n
the printed copy of Gen .Miles s statemont be- 9
fore tlio War Investigating Commission K
' I read tills sesterdus,' snld Col Davis, and
In submlttlir.' this statement tho prosecution eg
rests Its case ' If
Attorney Wortlilngton. for the defence, then mi
read certain communications vvilli rcforcric
to the fooil supply of tha army, and ths letter j
of Gen Lugnn to Gen .Miles culling attention
lo a publication inn New Wk paper In tliM I''
lettor Gen l'ngan. through tho Adrutant-Gcn- I
end ot llio nriny, requested Gen Miles to nvow 1
ordlsuvow thsnllegnd Interview Gen Miles'
indorsement followed, siislug "I have re- i
peatedly refused to be Interviewed ortocom- m
ment upon or discuss mv testimony before fg
tho War Investigating Commission A third '
Indorsement made by Gen Lagan showed that I
ho was not satisfied with the explanation ot
Gen Miles Tho paper was returned to tho
Adjutant-General, stating that llio questions )
diu pot seem to bo nnswered The paper witli J
this Indorsement win not returned to Gen
Miles The defence submitted othsr exhibits s
and eal'ed ns thn first witness Col W L Alex-
under, an assistant to t hi Commlssarr-Gcn-
erul l
y-At what hour did sou seo the Commissary-General
the day ho submitted his state
ment to the Wnr Investigating tommlsslon? !
A bout an hour before he went to tho com-
y -What was his manner? A -Ho was very
greatly excited At times he was not able to fg
control himself I
y-Can sou Indicate his manner? A -He
was nervously handling papers and his gen- I
era! demeanor Indicated his state of excite- 1
ment It was much different from his general
condition I thought probably ho was 111. but j
Col Davis of tho (V.iiimlssnry Department. In ' t
the office, said his condition was due to tho i
strain upon him J
Cross-examined by Judge Advocate Davis. i
Col Alexander ndmltted having read s portion j :
of Gen Lagan s statement before it was rend j
Gen Morrltt-I sliould like toknow if 1" wit j'
ness " knowledge Gerr I'agnu consulted with !
any ono about tlio puriort of his statement to I
bo mado bofore llio commission' ,
"Not within my knowledge. ' niw-red Col j ,
'ol George B Divls. assistant lo llm (mi
inlcsars-General, followed inl Msxauiler I'e HE
plvirig to a question of Mi W'ilhiugtou. ol v
Davis testified that bo hid bet n closed asso- 4
elated with the ( ommlssaiy-Geiierni slrieu it,
lust Mil) Not only did lie see 1 1 i in ollicldlj,
but also accompanied him homo in tlio oven. m
i) Wore sou la the oflli e when Gen Miles j !
gave his testimony beloie Diu War I oiuinil
slon' X - ies. sir
y Stnte ills iMind Hon fi m tint time to Mie ,
inuklni' of ids reply When den Lagan .
read the published imoiiut "f (Jen Milrss
statement he became vers excited and re-
quested of tho commission a copy of the testl. (
mony of Gen Miles When b received this '
and law ihat it verified the statements lu tu '

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