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9! ,y ' ' . V ' ' THE SON, FRlfrAV; JAWAltY 27HS99. '' " ' ' ' "
. 311 TitunsmiT. Jan. 20.
JS The reeorJ of activity on tho Stock Kxchange
ill ' rins broken nirnln to-day. An usual, extraor-
R'A f dliuny triinsnctluns resulted In wide fluctt)a-
)jf . tlons. The roiictlonnry tendency of the market
l'j I ' t thn close, yeitord.iy was cliockcd iiartly by
B9 j a, ttrons market for American neourltteft
Hjj In London and by tbo usual Influx
H, .', . of donip'itlo buylne orders ovor night.
B'i'p The streiiRth developed nt the opening
V 5 led Drofcsaloiml oporatom to abandon thn
H1!!,1 f position they took yesterday afternoon, und
'ji g t licit purchases, nddod tn thn oxlonslve com
!' mission buylni:, resulted In tlio lilslicst prices
a I yet recorded for a number of stocks, partlcu-
F8 ter!7!s '.lie railroad list. Tho beat foaturo of
ft $ I tho mnrLot van the excellent dlatrlbutlon
HHllf of "'" tinsncttons. In no stock did the
H I total Jcntlr.es root up 100.000 shares. That
H 'ft J i Acute was approximated by Union Pnclflo
B ;f f 6 preferred, Atchison preferred, Northern Faolflo
H f$ common nnd by l'oopto's Oaa. Transactions In
B C I other at'X'ks nRgregatlng 20.000 to upward of
H( I I 0,01.0 sliaiAi each wet common. Tliespeeu-
f1' I f 1 latlto "ommunlty. both In and out of Wall
, E if itree', has nnpnrontly becomo susceptible, to
' W tho wildest talcs nffectlr.e values, Ono of
H- M the storlrs nf tlio character rcforrod
H j? I to, vlilch bus possibly been utillrcd to lis
Hi fullusl c.int. mnnely, the leporl of.nn ntnal
lH Ik Ji ciiinatloii between tbo Now York Central and
Wli allied piorcrtlcn nnr tho Union 1'iielfle nyi.
BWtf ni nn eleoflvoly dleposod of to-day. In
Hf 111 f I consequence. Union Paclflo proferred, which
Br !? J t '"' l'10 ""' '" reenect lo activity, lost nil
liffi J of Its maximum advance of '2H points. Now
intD I York Central also sold off to an extent
lifPif I that left It fraollonally lower than yestorday.
B?j'; An explicit and authoritative denial of porsls
HfcJMfc tent icpiWa.of nn amalgamation of some sort
flail c' "oxl"im" so-called Vandorbllt properties
rj and (hi Union l'aciflc system Is printed in an-
net ! other column.
IH I Tho Improvement In Union Pacific preferred
H tin tn the present tlmo Is amply explained by
1$ u prospects tl at the stock may bo placed upon a
gr J 4 Y icnt. bas.s when tho noxt semi-annual
9 dividend Is declared, nnd nlo by tho proba-
ffi I bllltr that Union Paclllo common stock
K I will not be ftchaiitied for shares of
I 8 the Oiecon Khott I.ino Company uton
B 9 even ti'im. but that holders of tho Inst
I jr nnmod will hao to paj something In cash to
J F convert their stuck Intnl'iilon I'acillceonimon
The stionc nnd nctixo inniket forBt. Paul and
ji for Atchison preferrml is amply evplnlned by
j ft the tranic letiiins of thn to companies for
A Decemhnr, printed fntlberon in this column
aj,j OthTslronc features of the railway list were
Sul Soutliein Hallway prefoired. I.onc Island
j nnd Minneapolis and hi Louis common (If
the local tinctlon slocks Metropolitan btreet
1 Hallway was conspicuous nt n net advance of
! 0 point", mnkinc a total net. -idxanco of ovor 20
IJI jiolntsln twodars. Tho Street has It that tho
HI Mftiopolitan Company Is likely to undertake
lr HI the ennstruetlon of an underground tunnel,
I Slfi nn'' "'"' '" connection llh that enterpr'so
If Bw holders of Its stock 111 lie cix on h preference
li Hli !n B,l,t,rll'l"B for 'I'" securities of the now
l nil company
I k In the Industrial list Federal Steel was the.
f mill leadri stlll.,1 fairly larirn amount of business
Mlfijl was enntrlliuted by Amori'-an ISucar Ilellninu,
ljjji by Tcnneep Coal and lion, and hyscMunlof
lllillll thn usunllv les nctlestO''ks In local traction
If If Id I sceurltleH Mcttoiiolitnn Traction wnsnunln the
IllHIIr loader nt n net ndxnnen of 0 points, ninkine
IFlliFMl '''" not t"'n'" ''"r'lu; "l0 'n'"t' lwn dnys moio
Mil I ill ",an '"' r":''",s People's (ihs was a featuie.
lililP! rlslnit inpldly on trustworthy advices
O llj from Clilesco that none of thn attacks upon
UiIkI t,1c com,",n5'"'"er in the Ht-ito LcBlslatuio
IsJinS 0r r "'" "n:r'' r 'dnnnen. ii-likely to. stic-
0 112? c"'' suhstnntial ndxancolnTeiiiiessen Coal
I Ml lit and Iron radved rumors that tlio company
PjjjB may bo absorbed l,y dm Federal Steel Com-
jtjH pany It can b stated with a cood deal of pos-
ft aR Itlxenessthat nosticli nnialcainatlon Is contem-
IlfflB plated Velthor Is it pioli.il.te that thn Poderal
1 fiteel Company lll absorl the plants of the
fftffl Colorado Fuel nnd lion Cnrnpnny. Both thn
It jftl Colorado and thn Tcnnessio companies are
K t ffs doinc nn enormous amount of business at
HI li rrofltalile rates, a circumstance whleli justifies
If j the public inteiest taken In tho stock of the
fi h two concerns Tlie inaction In prices In tho
111 , late trading brought In a good manyhuslnc
f j J orders, anil In ennsoiiunnco tho closing of tho
J j market was xnry steady.
Ill New York Stink i;xr)inngn -Snles ,tnn. "J1.
SB H BO H 8 at., e j 1 a V K deb 2 as
Weft H 107W'107"4 ofl901 86W
SM.IS 6 1nn8rt3 06"t'
mfll eLohiNn rr.icKS of itnitkd status bonds.
IK rnPI3.. r. IUnits, r,
m itplof. OB'i I !.. 128 120H
ID TJBa, t(i08. ilTnSt4, c.
(K ints.r. 106 I07' 102-.. 12DW 130K
j; nS3s,l0S- tlnStrf. r,
M; lois.c. 107K108 ii04. 111M11SM
I Cn 6t 4i, r, t'nhtfi, c,
! l07. .112 112il lixii 113 113
! Unfit 4, c, Un Static, r,
j 1007. .112" 113'4i JW24. I)C110'
f BAii.noAD and oTitrn noNDs (is Sl.()00sl.
K 10AtchidJ4i 84 10 I.I fcrrr4 101
. 170 84t &l.racUHaill22
NB 6 84(llo JIet8tltj-B. 1 23H
I 30 834i 7 jgj
f HOI 84 7 ....123K
3 2Atchunl4 102i 1 Mnr K E Int. 14.1
KJ . 67 102H fiMinIfy4 104
f 03 102N 2 . . , 105
j 2 Ailin Ex 4i 10(S( 103 104H
II 3 Am 8 MOs 80 1 0 Met El 1st 117
!l 4 AlhARcn 8s,rll7W 1 Met Fl 2a 103
(j lOAiiiOOm .108 '10MolA.OKnl 86
. 10 AiiiiSWltt. 04i. 3 J'obAiO.MdBsloe
f 6 04 lMlcliCent7s U2
U, OH 'aiMoI'aocn ...,U4l
S 3oii4o.swt.wt . no ho i?.
fK ?5 1U04i,l, 001, 6 ' 'ti
II 130 0010 '."ll4U
30 00h G Mutual FO r.s.1001
ffl 12 UK O, S W, lit 1 horfaolst, cllfii.
Hi Inc.serD. . 1 2'4 05 N Pprlor 4.. . 103H
V.- 5 13'4 2 103
Ffl- 11 H,Crt.VNetRU2 UON-Pgnlss... ODN
II 10 1luir.Ny4Elstl40 (I (J floj,
W. lIJreokHT6i 110 100 00V
1 Hi W 4. Was . 02X 10 Ki Wen 4s ... 019s
,mM DI!'4 11 01
liHl lil X 02 20 02
SfUljl 7reoliUflr,s 117M' 2 01U
Sllml 3 Chr t Ocn(.l ID lya .'..,' oil,
WWl 000OgnUM. OG's, fi N J cili'l si""l irj
'fljlBffl 10s SO.. . . 05 17.VV0, I, Scol
itjjjll, 10 llOTi, as . 102
klHUfc Vut 102s
l'llP 4 00 ISOKVCMOul
MM 21 l)6.' 3v. .... i01
'MM an.iortiA na 1()JH'
lliUJII lslciMn .10GV ION lTiltbSs.r,llai(
mm ac,Qcnrr.siaou a.N v.(;.vsi,4s.ios
3 Is - 24 1.1AQ4..N.X107S 1 Nil S M 1.1 . . i034
"SI'i 7i.))Q7. 114J, 5NWff.i. ...lOOIt
VJnlflt 8CIHO(i,S 3NV.OA.Wr4s.
MWla' so c. c.o 111 1. a.Nv.ovwcnesioo'I
'MM, '-ul 4s ... 1)8 !J Ohio i. m 3d, 1S0M
'Mnl 41 7 :)fiOi(AX4s. ion
;njj! oosi-u mi,, a 10illi
;HI.', 0' 1 Sl.cn B... 11 o
I nlW J0 -O'll i Ore 8 I, luo A . 8H!
Klt'f ' tJ' ,1'iUraSI.InsB . 72I1
I Hi! 10 Oil'. 7. ?5
8 It1' ? "0 175 73l
I j 1)1 !"6 'JO .10 73ji
P. 46 HftS'll 74
lL 3C.C0 A I 1st 102 :uvoAK..tj,t B6
lUf iC 1 ranhoum 1st Uo mi HS.
iy- 1 iio 1.0 :.; a5
WW 0 HOMO ! a.,
ill Ej fiO Chi -lei 4. . H4" 1 :! Mjuui,, . ;,i
111 Hi. j-; , ,. ,- U6 1 aitineuns .io7
I Klf 4 Cl i antnu ,2o 10,
D .s's.w. . Vl',1 lt,aaKDl4 HU
IB, i8.ir.u. do.;," 13. .:..:..: s;
IK 1 O.KtI,NOB,12u ,20 t
Ifl g 6'.'i.Mi.nst .. 73 10 hh !
Mm ceoiMidv.4s oiJo7 :::::; ;;
IB, . 6cn.nist.. iidi, aimwint 5a,'
lb' ? "Oil 5 0lM
iES i oa. h 4
I KM f t'2ll 3 M I'.UU VC tit
1 p' nui.i . o ,. . mo
IK 800Ityi.QO 401, 14 M i, 4. B Ti: Us. 1 3 ,
IK, SOOOlly2din0. 13 , 1 .', ioJ,.
liK 8a-xi'....ioo 1 1 ; ;;:.;.iSi
ill "Vrtl
jBJBBi' .sVillsssssssssssssssssssssskt
1 lOOXi aStt.it8rBas.107M
fi Drn riOIt.104U 10 107M
S 104H IS 107K
10 1041(34 108
1 UstatyUCs.. 07 CBtLJsBFis... U4W
ftKtTHcnlts.102 8 E4(
40 101K1U 80
22 loin C SCM
10 10a fi er.fi
lOKrlecnlst 14C' 3G 80
70 Kr prior bds... r4! 6 80S
27 04M 20 87
20ErcllnS4s . 7SKJ10 U7M
80 7GH 1 BtPlst.Oli M,
40 76H if 1S0M
Bb 76K 6 181
10 7liH 2fSBtL8Wlst.... 00"i
60 70 10 DOM
12FllntA-PJtr,i.l01K 46 l0'
2 101 263 , U0'-
10 Ft Worth 1st... 86M 08 BtLS Wad..,. C0(
6 BGN106 COIs
18 rtTFt II 0 lit 24C 61
-4s t)2 20 61)i
1 03 00 r,iH
6 02X89 61)1
10al,nUBs. 101H24 61H
3 101 6 61M
loo.u'e it a a do cm
lire 102K 12BAAPlst4s.. 80
8 103 20 tSOH
6 10314 12 80
0 Or Bar rial) B 8M 3SCt. Ht .106
06 0 13 So rV way 6s.... 10 II
16 8T1 6 lOOIt
14 8W 20 100i
1 B5 13 100!
70 U V 6s, 180 v. 74 1! KtJOI 2-3-4s 8D
10 74H 0H n ATO11,. 80
lOHATCenUs. BOH 168t IliTlno... 27 (
1 89K 10 C74
6IMt Ark b. ...100 B 28
23 Iron Mt 3d ....lOO'i 10 28U
45Iron3ItCs 108 81 28K
15 108? 10 28!l
27 108! 10 20
3,. 100 10 30
18 108! 04 20K
20 108H 1 lexl-aolntns.lOD's'
20 111 Ctn Ss.St 1 2 Tei Pso 2d In.. 4(l
l.dlr . ... Bill 40s
10Kan&Tex4s. 03V'6O 40
6 03H.10 40H
16 t)3 5Tol.rWlst. 78)4
41 04 I 7TA.SO ends 103M
3 04) 0 1031
160 KantTei2s. OO't 10 104
20 OOJs 15T C. I t nm,
10 (I0U Tcunillr 106
10 UOH 6 100
16 00"j 5TC.1 n nj.
14 (3D Clrdlr 106H
lKanOfcTlst. 81 6 lOG'i
6KC, l'k Olst. OOS 37Tol,BtlsiKO
6 (17 :st,tr 08
5 67) 3 00
16 08 1 Union Po 4a .106W
1 osulia 106
4 08K' 4 105M
6 08 30 1055s
o iii;uu 105?
15 01) '20 tin r, D k a
21 OOU lst.tr OOH
20 004l D0'
21 OO'-t 2 labial 116
1 09? 11 Wabash 2d O0'
2C 70 , 1 O0'
6 70l D OD't
6 70' 13 Wab dab. a n. 37U
7 71 116 37'-
12 714,20 37M
16 72 110 37H
1 71T82 38't
4 72Ui46 38s
3 72522 38).
4 71X12 38i
0 I. 4 WD.tnan 101 43 36
12I.KfcWtst 118 6 37
8 18hSts ....lO?1' 8 Wrst 8h4s....ll2M
25 107)4 2WtstSh4s, r.H2
11 107L 15 112M
8 L011 1 N g 4i... nol 6WXY4:raciil 60s
10 OS) 7 SOW
10 065s 1 Ytilkes&E lst-lOlK
18 00 ,10 101
lotal frIos o( ralliray bnuds (par Talne), $7,1B8.000.
(?'tl High Low , Chung ,
Saltl. iiib. it. til. Did. Jil'rf.
127AdsFx 1001s 100M100H 100 110
"IHOAmdlu 71 74W 71 73 73S
an Am Op. 10854" 110 108' 100M HO'a
47r,S0Ani S R.13P 133M 131! 1324 132
400AmSHpll3 113 1124 113
2!iooAinS'M 13W 13W 13 13H 1 3W
eOOAmSlIp 30 36H 30 3BH 36
4OA0ihIn.l01h 101M 101 100'sl02K
6R AmDT 445t 45 445( 44'
anon Am Tob 147U 148 14GW 146X147
BIOOAmOO 30 30 36'( 36U 36
eooAmOOp 00 00 00 80 00
...,r J"'., . 24 24 23X 23)s 234
Kepf. 03H 040 63W 035 03M
670.Malt. 35 35K 32)i 33 33H
1825AMltp 87 87'( 85)4" B6X 80
lOOAnnArb 16X 16X 16X 14M 16
100 Ann A p 30 30 3D 3fa) 3D
non,KA.l. 32 32 32 32 34
100H.Ul'p 78 78 78 74
,?n2?,n."w- l'in liiH 14, 14l 14T
ip 73X 74X 734 73H 74l
.!?"" J.":0A,,1 69 6D!s 60 50 fiOX
I388r. li fcOp, m.-
wi 70l 705 78 78( V(l
20250 B St Oai 0J 7H 0J 7 7H
00(12r.nkRT 01H 0414 Dl'4" 00 90
200BUflaal41 141 140X140 142
6746Can8o. 04 64 02 62 OS'-t"
aooCanPao. 86X 86 85H 86H 80
18O0ConI.' 47 47li 40H 474 47
270ConIpf 03 93 03 01 03
242l50ChO(W 18 18X 17X 17X 1 7H
Pf V... 60X 61X 50X 60M 61
1900 Cli lit W
Pfli . 33U 35X 33'i 32 33X
200 Ch Ot W
deb . . 87H 88 87X 84 88X
18700 CnPac 47M 48J 47X 47M
4OB05Ches.(.O 304 30X 30 30 30X
34000 : EI. 60X 68 06X 66X 67X
JR0CEIpll6Mi 116X 116X 116 110
42UCliA:AUl(i0 100X100 16BJM00X
I88B0 cr.ot
Btl, .. 01 OIK 60H 60X 60W
8862 CO. 0
81I.P..102H 102K 101 101 101
120004NW151 161X161 131 151X
2120DO.B4Q130 130X138 138 1384
00000 Oil A St
P.. 128X130X 12BX 129X 189X
67B CM At Bt
Pp. 1C8 108 108 107X168X
2R8500.im:P110lt 121X1 10X 120X 120
BBOOColFnol 34X 35K 34X 344 36
485 Col Ho in
Pf. . 56 53X 65 65 66X
B88 Col 80 2d
Pf 23X 23 22 22 224
lOOOChTerp 38 30X 38 38 3D
O.IIVA.T 3X 3X 3 3 34
128 C, II V A.
'I P 7H 7X 7 8 8X
2S02CMldp 204 21 20)1 -,
ICOC0111CI8D 180 1HO
liuuauiu I8U 180 180
2200 c.i, vr iex io?( iox iei ie
loocrAWp 43is 43i .rm 42 4371
2.12UConOasl03 193 1 004 1 00 1014
i:'S()IelAH.110llU5 116 110 110.4
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1 1(H) Ufc ltd 20? 21 20i 204 "1
J04 OD.UUiii 724 735 724 72' 73
1. ,. 20 20 1J)M 104 204
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431HKriBlp. 414 41H 41 41 4i
SOOErlaSji. 22 22 22 .14
ICO Et: Til Hll SO KD am, 04
02rtTlIp 72 72 72 724 76
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KiOfAPM 224 ii'lh 224 214 24?4"
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Iln .1064 1004 105511004
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7O0IaCenp 4114 404 401, 404 47
J.lf0h0,P.il 14 16 14 16 164
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f"i 300 huh L'r
lee 6(1 60 60 65 60
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sr,(Jfjislsl 06 00 00 t)8)s 70
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StUu in. hL lit, Kit. Jilts.
4480Mt3tI, 41X 435C 414 434 48X
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2d p 774 785 77X 78 78
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SU,2t 40 404 MDfs 3D4 3114
11 BO Nat Ills. 644 644 64 66 664
200.VAW.. 105 194 194 ID 104
4200NA.WP 084 004 084 084 084
14tONorPna 494 6151 404 604 604
U8000NorPi 80.4 814 794 81) 804
H)fOOntA.W 244 244 235 234 23!.
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eoolC2dp 00 0(1 00 06 074
r.OOOltl.N 60 60 50 404 604
1...11..11 i .1 nil oil SO 4H4 604
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lOUOroBI, 47 47 47 404 474
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Rtl.p. 00 00 00 88 00
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71770 Pooptn's
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27(144 Itmdtp 034 044 034 034 04
B700Itead2p 33 334 324 324 324
flSOUOW 304 41 304 404 425
7B()K(lWp 76 70 75 764 70
.-0(itt,W.tO130X 1304 1304 130
12400BtI,SW 84 04 84 94 DX
25(00StLSWp 224 244 224 24 244
4P0HPA.O 08 084 08 08 08.4
2POPlI.Opl704 1704 17041704
IPSO Standard
VU 254 254 264 254 264
HBO Rlandard
li (.Dp 704 704 784 70 794
7cooaoPac. 384 384 384 384 384
82r,C(i8ony . 13 14 124 1354 134
4B7fOSoKyp 484 605 404 404 4D?
100 St J A a
Ilstii 50 60 60 404 624
200 St 14.(1
12dp 144 144 144 14 10
18400SH.A3F 104 134 104 134 134
07r. St I, ,(. S
144007. 7 7M 7 ?3 7S
l"2dp. 38 404 38 404 404
400 Staa r.
.T .. 94 10) 04 10 104
4238BTCA:I. 444 465s 434 46 464
18IB0Twln O
nr. 00 604 60 00 eox
8OT0I k O
Op 40 40 40 40 60
anosdAvnni70 170 1094 1094 1704
700 Ti Tao
IJind 154 164 16 144 154
28oTeirao IB 18 174 175t 18
8404BIInPao. 484 40 474 474 48
88fOI!nPp 824 8354" 814 814 814
200ltp.Dltl 124 134 124 124 13
ailTREip 55 66 65 65 68
lh020t'HItub 61 63 51 614 61
17inURRp 117 120 117 1174118
10780118 1. . 74 74 74 74 75
8HB0UHI,p 744 745 734 734 74
1000 Wabash 84. 84 84 S5 8
flono Wab pf 244 244 244 24 244
71Br, WDaT 074 07)i 064 06 07
030 Wil. K 74 74 74 74 74
lOdWfcLKp 284 284 284 28 284
El dliidend.
Total sales. 1,607.644 sharsa.
roaTON nosiNO quotations.
flirf. Atktt. Bid. Allrd.
nAlh.250 266 Bleep.. 1 5B ICO
BeskMe 1714 172 BsM(in.207 29D
ChlcJ roml444 1454 Calt Hecla750 766
Fitckb'n p.l 14 116 Osceola . 094 004
Ueresnthall 80 188 Qulncy If . 1 87 189
BostonEl. 884 89 Tarn Mln. .240 246
OldCeloaylDS 200 Old Dora... 374 38
WERcora. 944 944 Butte 88 89
DomloCotl 334 3354' BUOlsts. 034 044
AlnB.llT.300 BDO;4,. 78
JMaTel.... 00 91 Arcadian. 69 704
WsatElee... 45 464 Isle Royal. 484 40
Bid. Alltd. ff(i. Jikti.
LehlekTal 264 264ElSBp .. 774 78
PhllaTrao. 005 064 Peun Mnf.. 264 2fl
UnTrac.... 335 3354PMr5a 1034 104
EtPTotfs 09M 994 WelaCcoin 10 11
MetTrac. .216 217 Welsh 0 pf 61 02
CTofNJs 50X 00 Cam Iron 45i 46
ClofJCsllO 110'4lVKVJ.r 34 3j
UGImpCo.1434 144 HlectrloV.. 26
WttLCo. 39 40 Bait Trao.. 374
El SB com 714 714 Uarwltm. . 851 84
Atchison 244iNorthern Paclllo . 61 4
Atchison pf 054JNortliernPacinopf 82'4
Canadian Paclflo 89 jOntarioA; West ... 26
Chicapeale k Ohio 304 Pennsylranla 704
Central Paclflo 484 Heading: 1 ZH
DenrrA:Ita .. 21 lteadlns 1st pf ... 32,
Denvertltapf.... 744 Readlnit2d pf..,,. ief
Eriecon 164lSt.Panl 1324
Erlelstpf 434 South Railway .... 13,
Illlnola Central .,124 South Railway pf.. 40 j
Eansss k Texas . 1 34 Union Paclflo . 484'
loulsville Naan.. 894 Union Paclflo pf.... 854
New York Central.. 1424i Wabash pf 26
Norfolk A: W pf. .. 704I (
Final s&les compare with those ot yesterday
as follows:
Jan. tit. Jan. IS.. Jan. tf. Jan tt!
A. TtRl'e 23 2S4Uet8tRr .2084 2174
A.TA-SFop 03M 035NatId .. 38) 33
Am Cot O 30 30 NorthAto.. 74 7j
Ara BRef 1 3 1 4 1 3254 Norf k W 10 10f(
AmBRpf. 1 124 1 12H'NerfWp 084 684
An Tab . .1474 1404!XWcor. .161 1llli
AmSpM. 13?S 134NPaocom. 484 604
AmSpMp 364 304NPp. 7051 804
Br.okKT. 014 034 NY Cent ..1384 1 375
B4.0 724 734NJCent 103 104
CanSo ... 624 02 lOmahac. . 074 Q8X
C.C.CtBtl, 004 00 0ut.West 235 23
CBA. Q .1384 1384iPoOfc c luij n0i
ConOas .. 102X 100 IPaoMall. 404 fll'
ChesltO,. 204 30 pullp Car 1 504 1 664
ChOW . 174 17Rofl.IsIsndllD51 120M
O.I.kW 10 1 04Uelln(r . 24 "4
D.I.IW. 1014 1004lteatllstpf 034 04
Deltllud li6 116 UtPcom 1"74 1P()4
D4.no... 20), BOM'so It'way 121, iV I
DtrtOpf. 724 7! Js'SoH-wnyp 471 .lpl
Trie It 11 164 lfiXistl.BW rt'i jii..
Ij-lflstn. 41). 41 Utl.SWp 224 244
Qenllec .1004 112 jS(anRA7 04 104
atNorlbp.lUUls KIOH'TtusalMe. 1 7j 1 ,
llllnslsCsniaoX 1204 T01.I. . 424 45
KaiiHTfZ. 13 144li;l'ae. . 48 43
KanLTp. 38 384 CnPtcp . (,!'' (,14
I.uANjh 0',4 (174 lUJSiibbsr 49), 615,
I.IH.W .. 204 S04 USKiibp 117 n8
1.1. LWpf 704 704'usiatlifr 7)( 7,
I.uclede(.s 63 63 lusi.eathp 73), 73,.
MsnCon. 1104 110 Wabmb .. H4 h'-,
lllrh Cent 1144 1144 tVabaabp . 24 244
MAStI, . 414 424 Univ 074 004
MAStl.2.lp 774 784.WijAI, K . 7 7js'
AliiPjc .. 4S4 48 tt!iA 1,1,11 Va ofc))i
(iiiioninieiit buiiils Me.nl v til iiimlinnml
iiu(il.iiluiii. Jtullwu and o-hrr l.omls stmi.t
nnil nctlM' 'I ho It-atun-s ieio Aintin ami
Noitliwchtuin 1U, ClicapoiiKo and Olilu
KJ-ncial H.K. CKni.ainI, ( tnt-liiri.iti. flik-iiL'o
andM JauiIh ifoncruHc, l.vmiit llnuinl T0110
.iillt. cunrr.il Im, Un-wll lluy ildt-cnturr li.
Ilovklni: iilivi .is. N.ii.. linn Mountain .,
hatiwis Ci y. 1'iltsljiiic anil (iulf Ists. .M.U,J
lattiiii Hallway An. .Norfolk and cstorn ss.
lloiidliii; ifi'iuual -Ih. Soiitlinrn li.illu.iy fit
liiMiH l'nclllu 2ds. Toledo. ht. I)ulund Kuntu-!
City Imh. I i Ati-iiHfiii, linlllnioionii.lOliI.).
Jiln, hiinsas nnd Tuxas, .Nortlioni lji'lil N
. IVntriiL Orcvon Hliort I.lim. I'enila ami
J.nsti'in.M J,onli,aiiil Kan riniK'lM'o, si J.oiilss
Wb "l'"s,i'ir"' bt""Ua,u 1!o'-u ll1"1 'i'v.lne. and
( omiiHTuinl pi lew of liar silver in N'my York.
villi nJ1".ri "'M'',,1" '-"I'l0" llos.-d nt L'7'.d
Mexlunnjilcrdoll.ii-s vein ijuoted nt 47o
Ih nut. (1 nt 2', I'cfiit. fority .lays -j &
cent for fuur inontliH and 3 V cent fii Vufcn
iiontli, 011 wood inlM'd Htock j:cliniikHCol.
latoral. Coiiiiiicrcliil pnnf r Is -inotoU Jt I ' ,W4
ft t-ont. for bills receivable: m-ceiitanvc 1. ! ml
prlino slnclo .iinimis, :t),6 V Junt : otlier
naini'sHfo)-) ', V cont
Storllnc I'xi'liMiiCH was trone. with nn id.
??!',? V f"! i"!'iiilnl. ""VP T,,rro WIl " bf""r de
innnd fi.i blllf. t on Inental wnsiiulel l'oMod
"'';?'. I-oni-' Illl. 41.fi.; sljtlit Ira
fitf! .-Vjuiilnilfnuiii AntTlilll".4.rU4fii
at6,JJ.fa5.Jl,'s for Ions and (VJOfo'IUO?, for
i'i' in ' '
h6rt! rclelintnnrks, (M.l.'rtM)!,1.' tor lone nnd
l4 1.'M6V.I4 15-10 for uliort: culldons, tlO'ifi)
30 15-10 for lone nnd 40O40 1-10 for short.
Domestic cxchftniro on Now York: Roslon
(fiCH cents dlfooiint. Chiirleston Iiuylncr,
lir; sell I lie, 4 iit-ninliini. Hnannnh lltiy
inir, 1-Hi illsrniint: sclllnir. 75 eentH pre
iiiluni NtiwOrloaiis llnnk.SJ m 0111 lum: coin
nioreliil. -'.I renin ineniliiin Kan rrniiolfco
Hluht. li .'. CfiitH iri'iiibiiii: tileirrnpl), '-!(i cent'i
premium, nt l.otils -.I) cents premium.
Olileuro -10 cenlH pronilnm. (;im Intmll-lln-tuocn
liniiki-, p.ir: mnr ountor. fiw e-outd
. tn tlio ontslilo lunrkfl Slnmlanl Oil trust cer
tlllwites elovd nl -HOhMtHI. Stniulard (Ins
i-oiiiinonatlWWllk'l.niiil tlif profcrreil nt IJH-tJ
lir! Mutual (Insnt .'iKir.Iliiri: Amsterdam (las
ur U'jtigiHi ,, proforted nt il'4''iW. ami tlio
lton.l nl III! it KM',; CVntnil I'liion (las bivnls
nl in 1 '4ftlo7'i: llruokliti mm New Voil: I'eny
nt .IM'ttttVat. Mini tho ImndN at oriiSliTi', : (011
tliieiit.il I'obni'eoat 37Ai'17l, nnd tlio tirefel red
nt illfPid'j; IntiTiintioiinl Slitrr lominon at
-tlrtt'-j-l nnil American Air I'unui at ir.i,.i,n7ilj
Oils I.loxuttir etiniiiioii nl I'.ltn'V.W, and tlio
Preferred atMrVntfli',: Ainerli-an Moel and Wlie
( niiip.in- eonininii at t'J'uMJ1.. nnil Hie pre
fnriu.l at ii'.XsfftlKI, ami l'ios-eil 8teel ("nr
( ompanv cominou at ."ilVri'.!. mid tlio pre
foirvil ntH'.' i, (.18.1 1
The Aleldton. Toin-kn ni.d SanlalV Itnllro.nl l
reiiiiiiHitroMO'iirnliiesforlleeemliorof MI.MNH,- I
1 73. an Increaso of yj77.mi4 lis eomunred w It Is I
tlioMiini' month of tlio p ovioiir i-ar, nnil not
$l.l'JI,lr,(), nn literi'iise of $.'!(h;,70 Toi tlio
bIi iiiiintliM Pinlliic llee 31 the Kiosnemiiinis
wtre S'Jl.OSi.OVJ, nn Im lease of f mil. 871 hh
eonituied with tho eorresnonillnc pet lod or thn
I'J!il?.",rV,,a!' aml net, Jll.3SH.281. mi luercasn
pf$li!l,K.rc Tnxmaud rentals wei SS4I.1H7.
Icalmt Ineonie ftom operation $6,648.001. 1111
Increase of $100,0411.
Tho I'lileiiKo. Mllwiiukee nnd Rt. Paul Hall
I?'U,n.l?Cn.r,, Bros" earnlnB" for Deeember ot
$I.004,'j(7, an Increase of S0M7 10(1 as eom
paied with tho nnmo month of tho pieious
ynnr. and net $1,501,300. nn Increase of $:U10.
I)J. I or the six months endlni; Dec. 31 thn
cross enrnliiR" wore $(1.3:10.348. nn Inorenso
of J ,000,007 nscom pa red with tho correspond
Inc period of tho previous year.nnd net $8.ri07.
241. nu Increaso of SD74.154.
Tho Iluffalo. HocheBlor nnd nttsburn llall
I?.",1.1. .'l!or,B Rioss enrnlncn for Decombor of
S'-W.H.i.f, nn Increaso or VJ.041 as compared
lv. ,.1,.,,.1 mo month of InM onr, and net
$S(,8W. n tlerenso of $12. 185 Tor tho six
mouths cmllni;I)cc.3l thecross enrninee wero
$J.()0.i.-(8(l. an ineioaso of $105,025 ns com
pared with thn eorrespoiidlnr period of tho
P!0,P.,!.', enr. anil not STOfi.tmo. nn Incre.iso
or $rj.7bn.
Tho Cle eland. Canton nnd Southern Hall
Jnd reports cross enrnlnRs for Docombnrnf
JOI.IMU. 11 decrease of $0,153 ns eonipni eil Ith
i.!-m.l!0,no.nl,lof tllp Prov Ions jear. nnd net
$tl).ilD. n deci-easo of $11,404. For tho six
niniitlujonillnirDoe 31 thn cross enrnlncs worn
$.1.0.1 07. nn lncrea-.e ot $20,801! ns compared
with the eorrcstionillnK period r the previous
year, nnd not $.i.r.W)!l. n decrenso of $31,1)2.;.
Tho Now York and lVniisihnnl.i Itallroad
Comp.inyiepoitsfoi thoqunttor ended Dec. 31:
"i?. 19-1." Chang,,.
Cross earnings ..lil.r.4t $ln,r.'.a Inc r,ns
Opel atliii: expenses O.IT11 7.340 Iiec . I. Ml
Not nirnlnua 10,3ilJ 1.1.7m Inc S7.Hu
Plsed chances 4.7B'J 421 Inc 4,8.11
Surpliu. . iat S,7in Inc 12,818
TliHcnneralhalnneo sheet ns of Dec.31. shows
cash on hand $13,410. and n profit and loss gtir-
D us of S.t.ll.l(l.
Tho report of tho American District Teln
Brapli Company for the year ended Dec. 31
tin. I.7 Chanriu.
Oiossearnlnss. S'.ns.iM $R,10,.14J Inc sn7,814
Oper expenses 4HI.M17 41H.42U Inc S1.07R
Netearnlne $lI.n4fl 71,nia Inc.$14,7aH
Odierlncomf. 17,tiir, 17.7H7 Ino 78
Total Incoma... $101,514 S8H.70O lne SlTsu
Construrilon in,l7H I4,r.n itec. i.i.n
nalanee . . SD1.330 $76,18l Ino tin, 147
rmidends 7H.884 7H.882 Int. 2
Surplus H4.4B2 def.l,(lin Iur till, US
Pamsi:es settled r,,ot;o Inc r.,000
Surplus $,452 def.$l,nos Inc iTTtTl
Previous surplus. B.I, 020 n4,7ta Dec. 1 mil
Total surplus . SU2.472 $R3,020 Inc SP.4R2
There, has been no chance in the securities
held in thn company's treasury. Statistics of
operation follow:
,. '. IW. CAani7.
SlnssenBerealls 4,nr.o.400 2,B2l,ni-, Inc. 2.128.40";
Teleit'liiKdelU'd.4J2R,4.10 4,M17,r17 Inc. 22H.HH1
clrr'rrl'llv-rles.7,27H.H.ia 8,2112,2111 Hoc ltHB.881
Mile wire 1,47.". 1,448 Inc. 27
OfllctK. . 8R 81 Inc. 2
Instruments . 28.07.1 2P,Gr..1 Dec. RBO
At the annual moetinit of tho stockholders of
th eonipani tho retlrlnc directors wero re
eloeted. mid Thomas F. Olark was elected to
mici-eed J. W.CIendonin, decensed
Deeds and contracts wero executed to-dny by
which tho mnlllnc plants, storehouses, eieva
tors nnd Htock on hand of Neidllncor A hons
became tho nroporty of the American Mnltlnc
(ompany IJciiardlnn: this transaction Presi
dent Charles A. Rtadlerof tho American Slalt
!.nfiS0,rl,pnn'',nakcs t,", follow Inc statement:
seldllnscr .t Sons were, tho Tarcest eom
petitors of tho American Maltinc Company
They had oxtonsivti malthouses and elevators
occupylncthe block between Klxty-thlrd and
Rltty-fourth streets, nnd extendlnc from Ave
nue A to t lie Last Hlvor. They also had malt
nnd store houses In Kast Forty-sixth and Forty
cpventh streets nud extensive properties. In
cludliiK malthouHes. storehouses nnd olentors
in HioDklyn.lnenr tlie waterfront, nt Sodus
Toint on Lake Ontario, at Hondout on the Huil
gon River, and at Oswego and Caynca In this
.tai!, A". of t.1!0''0 Plants ha-.o excellent
reilities for shlpiune 1 oth by rail nnd
Wtltnrfinrl lHn.pl nrnnnnHryna n.ltl. 1. l..l..l
n,,i.-t nun ..iiv;i i;itllliei'liaiis Willi 1110 principal
crain markets In the West. By this purchase
"ie American Maltine tympany ncoulres nn
S'l!.WS.nl:'.'",l,um,J .f buxlness nmountlnc to
Jffi!IKK' I."?,"01'' ,' '"n't , The business of
Jold incer A Sons Is the oldest of Its kind In
tho United States, nnd the house was tho strone
est competitor of tho American Maltlnc Com
pany financially nnd In other respects. Tho
nethe members or tho firm will continue to
supervlBO tlie plants they hnvo sold, and It Is
expepted thnt In the near future Uooreo F.
Neidllngor will be elected n director of the
American Mnlti.-iir Company."
Tho receipts of tho Ooornment to-day were
customs. $070,350: Internal revenue, $022
Z(,K;in.,."il!.m!!;?0lla.nooU8' f 33.774: a total of
AiP2tl.8i4 The disbursements were S2.08(i.-,l92,na-.l,r.xcf
ot PsPendltures over receipts of
$402.12(1. The receipt, of tho ilscal year to
L!.n'e ", ben S281.1tIo,'.tl5, tho expenditures
$.J74.(I.)5..I11. an excess of expenditures oer
receipts of TO.), 100,040.
The ofllclal count ot cash In tho Treasury to
day compared with that of yesterday shows:
,. , . . , Jan. IS. Jan.te
Oold coin and bullion. 1220, 2Iir, 7I0 S22P 10.1 040
PilTcrdolIarsand bullion. 10,43.1.784 10.584.'fli)7
Ilnlteil stales notes 14.301.000 14 784 885
Other assets less demand
liabilities. 86.301,888 86,788,882
cludinit cold resurvo ..$200,332,671 $201,271,804
Money In London ,?' t cent. Unto of dis
count In open market for short and three
months bllfs. 2 1-1U2'. V cent. Tho Bank
or Encland minimum rato of discount un
changed nt.L'J cent. The proportion of Its
roservo to liabilities Is 45110 V cent., ncnlnst
4 1 bO last week and 44.80 the same wook last
jear. Theweoklystntementof the Uankshows
the followlnc chances from the previous ac
count. Total rcsere Increased SilO.00o.eir
,4l.aM?,.Vl?.cro.ase! 20.-).(MX), bullion increased
?JA'1",.MJ:. ot, lor. eeurllles decreased 21.
000 other" deposits decreased 445.000.
publlo deposits decroaseil l,:t40.000. notes
reserve. Increased 078.000. Government
ceurlties unclmnKed Paris advices quote
IV cents nt (),! francs 12'. centimes. Cx-
hanuo nu London 25 frnncs in centimes.
'1 he neeislT stntemeiit or the Bank ot France
slir.wi. the following elianireh Notes In tlrcu
lullon docroased 4.t.L'r.0.lli)o (rnues Tieasury
aceiiiiiiis Increased 1lU7.ri.(K)0 Irdncs. cold on
hnml lin-reiised tl37.rt(l'i fiancs. bills ills.
iiiiiiii in. n-iiM-ii .i.iiiMMjii nancs. bills ills,
counted decreased :p.4i.rt.0(i() francs, sllvoron
hand Incionsed l.H'.'.i.lWO francs The weekly
slHlement of tin. Impel ml Hank of Uernmny
fi".),i',',a"i0 .?'J2m J'Jff. -'haiiiriis: rash on hand
nei cased 42.180 (K)() murks. Treasury notes
IncriMsed 2 (M0.(K) mm ks. "oiler" securlt os
.Increased 4!l.(WMK(i murks, notes In clmi a
tltmileciudsi'd 74,700.000 inatkb
A i-oninilttoo consist lnL' of Krnest Tlialiiiann.
', I") miiiu i Louis riti.uu'd. .1 Lowlier Welsh
.1. In (ioeyeu. .Jr. Wil lap. L Hull. Aiisxuh
lleeUchei nud Artliui li htl'well has been ni
lioliited by ii majority or the holders or tlio
Mock t. and boiiilB or tho hsnniis City. I'lttslmiL'
ii ban Belt Itallroad ('onuuny, Katuas (Mv.
Shi.nepoit ami (Iulf Teiniin.il'Con paii. i id
lv.it Ai Inn C'haiiiiu! and Dock Compiiiy t. Ie-
,,,"i'L"'!',Vi"l)'tn,1,lt u .,a" fot u".' readjiistm mt
of thn air ilrs or the uboie named eiimpani-s by
means of eoinolidntloii and othoi wise, mid tin.
romnliiltis li.tldon. of the seeuillles li ", u"
aroruiiues ed to eonimiiiilento with tho com
mittee so Hint they may bo fully mlifsed or tlio
L'-ViilaHoii'" l ,Ca,r "B "ta'llu" ' reor
Se77ff'V.H Thosalcsor inlnlii:: stocks jt the New York
Conolldatd Stock mid J'.itroluui Kxcliaiici
to-duy wore ai follows! s..iiiii.
.. , .. "I" llm'i- l.BW f7.
lUOOUelcber . .. .00 .00 .00 Of
r,O0Bet.JI..!i-hiT.. .45 .45 AT, ' b
2i.li Con Col Vi. 1.30 1.30 130 1.20
loochrjHollto . .14 .14 M .
1 2oo Ci cede JwOOr'k. .03 .03 03 'o1?
KiOfalYllle 13 ,13 "i3 ",
400 Uttlo Chief 20 ,21 20 n'l
1800 Pharmacist . .00 .00 ,'un 'od
40U yellow Jacket. .18 .18 .18 ,'l8
'lotal sales, fi,200s u.-ji.
to i iv.ncid u in ui-kxh,
TnunRPAT. Jim, 'JO.-HnaiN-Wheat-Rpnt
was hlBhor Sales fWO.000 hush, for export
here uud ut the outporU. No. 1 northern Du-
r '
lulh. 44"o. over May f. o. b. afloat i' No, 1 hard
Dulutli.OKc.ovor May: No. 1 northern Now
York. 4o. over May. Tlio Northwestern receipts
wore 480 ears. nRalnstJITiO last weok nnd 28t
last yoar: Chlcneo 143. ncnlnst 174 Inst week
iind.21 last enr. I'litnrea closed 2'o. to 3fe.
higher, with alus of 5,875.000 bush. Trices
ns follows!
Oifnlng. 1ttii'tt. T.tltrril. Cluing, A iff J
March ...8H1 r,H MiU nr.H HJI,
JIsj. .oi sjt, 7iii 8I 785i
July 78H Hdts 7Hj 8(1 701
I Oats wero fuiiKi nu lie spoil silos of 04,000 hush,
I No. s In elm.iiui, :ir.,-1 do. delliend, .'inc.; Nn, a
white, niiHc i Nn. II do.ncci track ami iiintrsdoit
I white. KfltKOci No. k'wldlc ellpped.Tc Futures
. nunitiial. fern was stronger on tho upoti sales of
44tv " hush, fin export hero slid at the (imports.
N'n, 2. Hjc. over Ma), No. a jelhiw, 2c, ntor Mav;
Nil 2 white, S'tV. mn Msl. I'lltlirra rlosod Si'.
I lihtli'i , itli aslos of 42r..ouo bush. Pilccs as fob
i loin
Art it
Optmitg. Iltiik'tt. Awirt.. Ctotlng. A((W.
I Mar.li 4JW -1.1:4 4l( . ..
I MJ 4.lS 43!t 43) 41li 4.1'
I Win at shut alii ad litiila) In a way (hat suceestrd
nlil times, ami It soi all done by uulslde bit) inir.
I I'usfcibb lii njieriots who wire mentlr Intrrsted
lnletli, Atoir rale, tli.ro was a derid"d luiiadou-
1 lug nr On. spioulslluii hiro and ut the We. I. 'lliu
I transaction hero neie (btulile tliosn of jefterda),
ami Ue orslx tunes ns lanre ns they were a short
time nun Nat'trulls. with u 1 so of 3i tu 4c. thcie
w I'on-lib'iBtil.. eiclleineiit, "lie artlllll at thn
Htoik IXLtiaiik'e was utidoiibtnlly a fartor in thn
liuiirotoiiieiit. but asldo fiiitu this ttiore miia ilea of
ii!iiroM!iiciu. uut astuo riiitu ibis more miia nee or
l!td (114(1. in Liverpool, a . old wnte was reporlo.1
In thti Wrst, the plant Ins. apparently bten Injured
mine or li ss .if lato by alternate rittviug and thavt
Inc. lliu Llearames weru 7 1 i.tuj bush., forolgn
hunter ioorud to soino extent nnd there was cer
tilnlr 110 pretstirnlnaoll, nlttioimli thorcn Ipta wero
pieily bin nil. and at one (line there was some Kuto
ponn sdlhi- and also the usual aellluu axalust 1 alls,
lisy monev lunrkets here and alnoad f.i or specula
tion, tlio stalisticil posltton is .onsidrrril stronir.
1-uropels mukliig by furtho lsivprproiioitlon of Its
purchases In this iiiiintry, tlio lttisstnn 1 rop lun been
greatb oiciestiniaie.l Aigeullna cannot b--ronie a
really liiiiiuriantfactorforiuoiiths tmonio, tt It doea
then, and 111 tho meantime tho world is draw
ing on tho lnt rrnp rather than old stocks
and rraenci Thrre lis nothing new in all this;
tlino and again attention has been draun to theso
facts In thin column. lint what Is new Is that tho
outildo public Is vinalngup to tho inoilts of wheat
nnd thst the speculation in broidcnlng to some
Oilne lllio H iild-ttnie volume Veteran mouthers
or lh trade have long maintained that whet wns
good property nt aiottud theso pilren, and they now
legaivl their position ss more Impregnable thsn
eve. Northwestern markets were strong. Paris
was fi contlmen lo.or to r. higher and Antorp
tnuied up 12S rctillmes. Pndoulitedly tho huiing
of wheat br the outside public la Isrgrly duo 10 th
wao of hull sentiment that la nweoptug over the
couutry. It swept pticiH to n utsuilally higher
level to-day and In tho Judgment of ery many
whose opinion ts worth ciiMiilerlng tho end Is not
)it Corn paled its lneBcitual tires In thn ptesenca
of nheat, Itwssmmere satellite to tho (titer btnil
narV Htill It moved 1111 partly, nnlngtii the tine In
wheat and partly betausonf an advance in Liverpool
of(d. There Is n meat deal of poor corn and much
of the receipti nt Chkago is below contract gride.
Tlio clcarantrn, moreoier, were. (I40,0(io huah. Irom
the Heaboard Oats sympathized lu a rutasuru with
tho rise In oilier 1 ereals.
l'Loiin Wan hlulirr in sympathr with wheat.
Salea 17,000 bbls. Iterelptn wero B,2r.ll bids, and
211,247 sacks: oxporln 11087 bbls and I) U47
sacks TMnter In hbls.i Buperflne, S2.30,a2.4ii,
No. 2 eilra. $2.r.0$2 (IO clears. S3 l(l'$3.l).r.;
straights, S3 ".n($3 Ho. patent', 1.70'$ l.no. Spring
111 hbK. Clears. $lr,1 25. ntralght". $ 1..'I5($1 DO;
patents, $3 7r.4. in Uuckdheit tloiii as steady
at ti.iMi. Ttro was Ann nt .l.20'4$ 1 10.
Cotton Spot cotton hero whs tint linrged; sales of
400 bales tor export and 848 for spinning. HOOvrero
delherod on toiitractn Middling uplands. (IHc.
neinerou on toiuracin .Miiidun.? uplands. (IHc.
agalnat f. If. Ic last yeai. New Orleans and (Iulf.
nHc. against (1 .1 inc. Mobile and Ht. !,oiil ad
vanced 1 inc. and Savannah. Norfolk and Vngtista
lic New Orleans sold n.ooo bales. HI. ImmI I 778,
Augusta 1.283 and Mobil" 800. I.Ierpool aiUaneeil
1-1 nd. on the npot.wtth salraof In.oiHibnles, futures
adtanred4Lu toil points but reacted slightly, clos
ing barely sleady at a net rise of 4 to 5 points. Thn
llombar receipts for the week wero 78.000, against
44,000 last 1 ear. nlllpniruta to the Continent, 4,000,
au'slnst r.,000 last year: to (treat Britain, 1,000.
against imno last year. '1 he moi intent to day was
as follows:
To'Dav. .mt lire. ,mt IVnr.
Port rocelpta 22,878 15,1147 2r.,07H
New Orleans, est.,
to morrow . 7, ',00 8,r,01 10,d7n
Auuiista ... . 481I nu nun
Memphis . . l.ilnl 1,2114 2,o.n
81 1.0111s 200 H4H .12.1
('luclunatl 2,218 I.7.M 2.T.12
Houston i, mm a.una fi.nus
Houston, est., to
morrow 2.800 4.318 r.,043
Augusta shipped lo-da 808 biles, Memphis n,r42,
Bt. Lints 4.(184. Citioinn.ttl 2,178 and llnnst.ni
2,4r.&. The etpoitn from the ports worn .'8,11 11
New Orleans advanoed 11 to II prints, but lost mot
pf tho rise. Futures hero advance I 7 to lo points,
hut reacted and closed steady, with prices 2 points
higher to 1 point lowei. Prli.cs in follow : '
il'll't'st. I.nvfll. Clnung
January fl.io .4 B.07(l.o8
FebrnaiT o 14 d 1111 it (i"u 08
Marrh 0.111 11 mi non'4i.io
April h.ih 11.11 0131411. 11
May (1.21 11 in n ntflrt 17
June .123 11 in h iit'..i 17
'illy W H.I7 fl I7',1H
August 0.28 11.20 II20'.2I
heptemher 11.12 (is fl.onwii 07
October. .... il 12 (IDS nitiWH H7
November 11 12 fl os (t.otJ'aii 08
December . 11.15 11 in Hniwit. 111
Cotton prices were easily lifted to day with the aid
of decidedly higher Iherpool rabies. relatlel
emall rciclptn, an Imieasfng trndenertn reduce
crop estimates, easy money markets, and the epoch
making acthltr at (he New iork Stork Kichanue.
The speculation In cotton has been very large all the.
week; tnmsartlonaare net reported, so farnn iit.in
titles ara concerned, which not a err few 1111 111
bern am b( ginning to recognize. In a gnat nils
tako on tho part of the Kxchango, it throws
a needless veil oier tho fact thnt. next to tha
Stock hxihange. the New York Cotton Firhango
in doing tha lari st hiisinrsi of any of (ho
New ork business boards. Yesterdsy tho transac
tions, it is estimated, were 82!,, 000 balee: to dav.
.100.000 hales. Th(re in nothing really new lu tlio
situation, the yeast Is still working, that is all. Tho
crop has seemlngl been greatly overestimated, re-
celpta are moderate, tho export demand pirststent,
tho short lutcrtat for Liverpool account alone is end
mated at 1,600,000 bales, plartlng preparations are
far behind, sales of frtlll7ors unusually small, print
oloths are active and ntrnnp. and, in a word tho
situation strikes msne an bullish both it homn
and abroad. In fact the bun sentiment is
dominant, honn call itariare but add that it Is
danuerous to fight a crae. a man may bo a lunatic
and yet very powerful. The majoritv of opentoia.
however, think the advance perfectly Justified by
tne big legitimate dsinaud, the enormous consump
tion, tho indications of supply exhaustion, and tho
over-estimating of the crops Tho Inrtutnco nf the
Stock Exchange is also very gieat. Heavy realizing
rained a reaction before tho (.lose. The llalllranro
Manufaclurrr,' Jlrcotd to-dav mjs "Tho cotton
mill interests of North Carolina, Houlh Caro
lina, Alabama. Georgia, and Virginia, in tho
facta brought out at anuilal mictiugn of tl.o
directors (such as tho 8 V tent, divi
dend doclsred by tho I.vnchburg Colton Mills Com
pany, (he a rl cent dividend uf the IlarnenvllleOa ,
Manufactur ng Company, the earnings of the peo
ple a Cotton Factory of .Montgomery, Ala . the hand
some surplus of tho Cherry Cotton Mills of Mor
eno. Ala., after pajing annual dividend of over
'ft.?. co"t-. a Xer.f.or '."" Ia,t fl, c,r"i "'a
add lions to tho Manchater Cotton Mill of
ltock Hill, BVC . and to Sterling C Hon Mills of
rrauklliiton. N. C ) are Indicating a decidedly heal thy
"V, ..I,roBrK',? "Vlrli- tJP1"1 "f "" ncral
activity in the South, flndlng other expressions in
excellent earnings of financial Institutions In exten
sion of railroad lines, particulars in tho Southwest,
and the efforts of Charleston, Oalveslnn. Mobllo and
Now Orleans (o provide tht means for reaching out
to lncreane forolfn roinmerca of the country " Ma
con. Ga. "No matter what the advance in cotton
P17 . b?.L'( nnot help tho lieKroes-they
have lost their mules crops of all kinds nnd no one
ci"..?.L wlU n,n """" 0no I'rty. with a place
J1' ih!rJr','?n?,,pl!"l'th routed by negroes, tayn tho
land will llo idle in IBIlll. It would pay him lo let It
remain no rather than risk nil Ui get tlio alinplo rent.
Thiols the rase every where Thn negroes are going
Jptho lumber mills ai.d turpentine farms nil over
the South, which business 1. prospering nnd 1 vpldlv
increasing, with many Idle planlB nnunilngduilv."
Augusta. (!.. Jan. 23.-"lt hat rained hrri the
greater part of the day-no r fleet in this iianmlutn
section, except to retard farm work, as theio is no
cotton to bo picked."
.Corr"r,,f? "" "i" P w firmer at fl,c for
No. 7. Haleaof .1,000 bags I( o No, 4, lo arrive, at 7)tc
a.oou .Maracaib... r.Oo ?avn.illla audi, lot of Santo.
r.-!-.i "J11 ? ".' .'"c l0, uml 'w'ght. 1 uiiirt s closed
'.""."'adianeuoMntoar. point- Kali a of
44.000. Havre inlionced Mf Hamburg was un
changed. Aiuirican warnhouso deliveries. 27 osn
bags. Itiowas weaknt Hiichauged liriten, rieilnta
11.000. stock. 2711,000. . ichange. 7'vd. In ad i'... .
It ! if '"' ' :"?W- ' an advuncn
nur-.1ti-din'gj;.rt.:.?oii1ws,,u'l,r ,n Mn,8- '1Lo
January.. . "" """'" L"'""- r.C'"rr
rebiiiaty . r.ou r, o r,.(to ':'.:,', ;i io
Ao.'i'i11 - r".T-6,? -r,'T: r':"" fVii-in:"!!
iVar! " - a.oto Wuo so E:Sg2?E:K5
S.. -'S!" "'" r'w' wB2:i.i.!
August . .'An 11 im ,1,1,1 11 tiidtd is
Hi ptiMilber 8.5011 it 211 un, 11 n
lictiiher. tl,7.-.il .I2r, .1. lit 11 so.r) ""
Nol.-lllbri C.lil C.2II HI-, i,2.vd .1(1
Itrcembei.. 11. nun .1.41 j (umJoVr,
(JotTte ilUpUynl ninri. ai tlvity nud slren-th lo djr
llisii for u lung Kino ,,, i in1,s,i,11'"5
h 11 id. ewlng , sinlsi 1, tor, . abb-., s, ., iiuj ilth
tlm ailv.ui.-, .11 H,e bto-k i:,iii ,., unit all 1 1
iV ."in1 ,"""""'"' "i mend fur mil.ldo at,, ,,
.1 li riVsla'i' '""'"' '"''"tB n.l Hie vvanliouVo
Nvv.t Hi...itr-Oiilr; Stilills ttiriicnuii.. 42!-,i
411. ('.nullum to good HlrjIiLi! ioviii.Jl.S6
i'iioi-iii,-l..r.i vn.iiriu. mini. We.teni tn
t.lt.6.r. t .iiilneiiul iciiind, $,i. j',,v J..J
P.ckh.l ham... ,0, du sli.iuldein, 4r.. do. bill"5
hij...ii. Is'l.m. 1 l.inv iJi.ssul li,"
.;(3J,c Hiitui-CriMiKiy, W esteru. 1 xtria 1 1. .
"1" fusts, 17'j'iSIM . (hi, 1,, la
le.i do tlrsls.- I717Jc Cheeao-Cfij. ,f?
. emu, large. n'orc.l .11 wlille, Inn, v, 1 .j .1 ' "
Ktat. uud IrnnsyltniiU, nieiage bt.t ln.'li,r
IJ.I.C f, mi. ,,, xalca.if noo (on. ruba "
tisl late it-l.ido f.i hxinu atsii 111. V0.1....1
muhl. iteflu. .1 was lairly a, live ,uil flnii. J JJo
peancsbles wrn (asiei. ""' 4uru-
Ciiicauo. Jjn 20.-'lhr. wero to dar's prh es
j'Sr 0i7."r' "&' J-r'i- c'w- $
"Zn S 'ni '" ?1 W
Maj .. .IsVt milt .18i 3h ikW
Jl',,u '" '" fi Siu, pH.f
Mai 2N an 2H5, mi -MJ4
Jidy..( aiH si, ..,.5, ;rt,i Jj.
jui. MTW Mio u, .iVi .Sg
Hept,.. t.QJH t.lih 8.07M S.o? ''"?''
Jan.. . 6.05 B.OR 4.M 1 I1.01J4 B.00
May... f..ir, R.20 M3KI M7M B.lJ
July.. n.alK 6.80 B.J7M18,80i a.6
Bent ,t C.40 C.42W 0.40 0.43W ....
Jsn'.-! rtO.SJJV I10.22M
May HO.r.O $10.03)4 $10.43). 10.67.'. 10,2H
I.lvo Stock Mnrknt.
Nrw Von, Thursday, Jan.2. Ileeelpts of beeves
were 1,001 head, all for exporters and slatifthtnrera.
No trading. Feeling steady. Drersed beef null
gold diMimnd and firm, at 7)ie. l lb. for native
Ides. Cables firm, and refrigerator beef hlghor nt
r.lvemoul and telling at 1 1 He. V . Exiiorta to-day,
28" bouvet, 18 sheep and i.OSO quarters of becfj
to-morrow, none. . .,...,
Ilocelptn nt islves were 108 head, sll for the mar
ket, l'lnn and active for lira calves. Common tn
nrlmo veals aoldat "l(8.!i7! V lOotts : a carof
Bnntlie.rn calves nt S4. Llty Uresaod reals nrm at ua
tleceliiti'of sheep and limrs were 3,487 head,
Including 4 cars direct, and, with the etsle stock,
there wero 21 cars on sale. Sheep wero quiet but
steady! lambs dull at barely sustained prices.
Twelve tars, mainly lambs, wero held over, rairta
inline sheep sold at $4$4.n7W V loo Ds.j common
toi'liolio limbs at 4.il2Hjlf.80. 11 head at $5.85.
lircsod mutton, 07Hc ft t'.i dressed lambs, 79
Itereipts of hoga wero 1,751 head, Including 207
for the market. iKiwer for live hoga, at $4(l$4.25 V
100 bi.
J.V.VH xvir.s.
Canadian capitalists hao secured control of
tho pronorty formerly worked hy tho Sabas
kong (lold Mining (Jonitiuny In tho vicinity of
ltat 1'ortago, Out . aud hao commenced oper
ations to teat nnd open tip somo of tho veins.
Tlio Dominion reduction works at Iiatl'ort
nco hao been bought bv Atnorhan and Van
llsli enpitnllsts. Tho mill lins twenty Btainpa
nnd It is proposed to ndd a cyunldo plant. Tho
sanio company has also inkon over tho Qold
Hill inljio, whleli has thousands of tons of oro
on tho surface nnd 11 shaft UUO foot deep that
shows up a good duality ot metal. Thero la
much activity in the district und miners aro
predictinx a phenomenal output.
Honoris from tho Jjick l'or. Cripple Crock,
contlntio satisfactory. Oro from tho pay streak
In the breach'or tho vein runs :i() ounoos in ill
vet and Sk'k'O gold; from the othor pnrt assays
rottini values 01 $40 n ton. In the second level
of tho -Mlniilo Hell rich talo has been oooned
similar to that found In tho old Ogllvln work
ings. Ticked samples fiom tho Dolly Vnrden
run $14,000 to tho ton. while oro tafcon from
llio'.fiill, width oT the olti shows $04.'l.
Onllio lornliiBOloryoftho Work Company,
Cripple Creek, tho wlnre from tho ;i40-foot
lorel Is tlonu seven feet, ovory Bhot opening un
bettor ore, lu which sylvanlto nnd froo cold
predomlnnte. Work an tho 1'oorMan mine of
the tumo comnany nlso reveals promlsinc con
ditions. Tho drift lins run 140 feet Into tho
hill, tl'.e breast Improving with overy foot of
lncrcisiiic values lu the ore bodies aro
shown hy the extension of tho tuncol of tho
Golden Islet, Qunnlsnn Jounty. Col., which Is
owned by tho 1'nlted Mints Company of this
city. Tho oro resombles thnt of the Maid of
Athena nnd runs from fLI) to $00 per ton.
Tho J,ondvllle Consolidated reports thnt now
nnd promising oro bodies aro belnc opened tip
nnd thnt tho prospects daily improto with de
velopment. Small Hopes and Doreel. Lendvllle. which
are worked on n partnership hisls. nro pro
ducing from $10.0(K) to 5-1LMKHJ monthly. Tho
nnnunl meeting of the Horeol Company will
bo held in this city I'ob. 4, wl en It Is expected
un iit-ici in nun ciiy 1 on. , wi en it is expected
tho old Hoard ot Jlliectors will ho ic-eleoted.
Letters from Arizona stnto thnt the race for
copper properties continues Itopresentatlvos
of rjistoni syndicates are scouring; the several
dlsdicts nnd bidding hleh tor good prospects.
Claims that could have beon bought fora few
bundled dollars two months ngo are now hold
stlfllv tit as mnnv thoiiKtnds.and the price eoe
up dally. The old miner., tliink their harvest
tlmo liiifl come. nnd. us they urn kept well In
formed of the demand for copper properties In
thn Kaut, they invariably reject lirst proposi
tions nnd hold oil Tor litaiior bids. Tho nmount
or cniilt.il going Into tho Ktato nnd the de
velopments In Progress justify tho belief that
Arizona will soon Lo the loading cooper pro
ducer of tlio country.
riiiporintendeiit Hn.lb.10h of the Markeen Cop
per Company, whose claims In the Clifton dis
trict. Ailrona. rank hich In tho estimation of
miners, is putting mora men lo work, and re
ports that the workings shownlmost continu
ous improvement. Tills property Is largely
owned br Now York business men. nnd it Is
understood thai tho stock will soon he listed
In lioston. which Is mnklnz great ofTorts to
ninintnin .control or tho copper stock market,
heveral New York corporations have recently
nut their stock on sale there In tho hellof that
It would find readier sale than In New York.
A movomont Is on foot, however, to keep this
business here, and heforo long, ir thnplnnsof
certain promoters prosper, n mining market
will bo established in Now York.whieh will put
all others in die shade.
Court Cnlnndnrs This Par.
Appellate Plvisloti- Supremo Court. Recess.
Rupiemn Court-Appellate Term. Adjourned for
the term.
Supreme Court Pptclal Term. Part I. Slotion
ralendnrcelledatm aOA.M. Part II Kx-parte mat-ter-.Part
III. Clear Motions. Demurrers -Non. 020.
H02. wis, not. Picfcrrcd lausei Nos. 2808 2815,
2840 Part IV.-Caso untlnlnhod. Law and fact
Nos 1P44. 11184, lir,,lB28. 11)55.11190.2022.111111
lHMi, 2001 2014, 1881, 20011. 18117. 1875.
187(1. 1MH0, 18110. 1HHI, 187, JKMS, 11(00.
1W20. 11125, 11142, 105O, 1854, lict5. IPSO.
11184. 18111, 14(12, 1778. 1807, 1801. 10117.
Part . Adjourned unUl Monday, Jan. .10. lBiui.
Part VI. Motions from Special Term, Part I. Part
MI.-1 ass on No. 1011. Donnely vs. Manhat
tan Hallway Company. No day calendar. Trial
Term Part II. -Clear. Prefened causes Nos.
731.1, 74211, 7741, 8047, 72(4, (1518, 742(1, 71110.
8445. 70S4, O.HIM. 7081, 7".21i (182(1. 7H34 7S28
(113d. (151.2, 7304, (IK03, (I.1H4, 7773, 4033!
.nls .r.l r.r... n-?nA r..,.- Ar n '
.... n, .....-, i.iui, H.J4, (I1H, C25U, 8(lKII.
7831, 751.2, 71.MI. 7434, 7n55, 7118, 7801. 8017.
71121. 71150. 7320. (I37U. 7U4H, 7550, f.817. 7886.
Part III. Case unfinished. No. II7H8. Wheeler vs
Mayor, Ao Part IV. clear. Cases from Part III.
Tart V. and VI. dJourned for tho term. Part VII.
Case unfinished Nos. 2108. 555, 7074. 7875. 875
811(11, 2.18(1, 8080, 32111, .1220. 1638, 2881. 272l'
2i81. 280. 2H2n. .1112 14(14. 2107, 2838. 8530
3807. 547, 28M. itiij rart Vlll.-Caso unfinished
Cases from Tart VII. P.irt IX.-CIear. Cakes from
Part VII Sentence. 1'art t X. Judge to charge.
Cases from Pirt VII Part XI -Adjourned for the
term. PartXII Case unfinished. Cases from Part II.
Surrogate's Co.irt Chambers. Motion calendar
cnlh.d nt 10 10 A M For probate Willaof Gustavo
,; "ctzler, Benjamin D. Match Jarvln Blade. Peter
11 Ta) lor. Karl Jlaab, Matthew MrQnnde, Murla An
derson. C.ustnvo llerter. Michael Mulshlne. at 10 30
A JI., John Brown, nt 11 A M , Martha E, Swift, at
1J do A H.i lleiijamln C. Pent. Ann Dowllng. Vic
lorta P.aymond, at 2 P, M Trial Term.-No day cal
endar. '
City Court-Special Term. Court openn at 10 A. M.
Motions nt 10 30 A. M. Trial Term-Pnrt I.-Clear
Nos 2128. II5J7. 8440, 314. 877, 2877. 2(178.28711
31180,2(181, 2ilK4,28H5, 2(18, 21188. 28811 ,2(111(1 2601
rl-'- rl "-''' No 2278-IIandihodo vs."
Onion Railway Coinnnnr. No day oalennar. Part
J, ;rC12a 'No- 2096-llonnessv vs. Third Avenue
Railroad Company. No day calendar. Part IV.
Court of Appenls Calendar.
Albakt, Jan. 38. Court of Appeals day calsndar
eOOan'dD803?W1 7". T88, 7W8. 7U4f 78;78,
2 w'AiXsniEmv P
NEW YORK, January 21, 1809. j
To the Holders of the
First Mortgage Four Per Cent. '
Gold Bonds
.or Tin!
(I)ATKU ,IUI,Y 1, 1887)1
Retorting to our circular of December 14. 1898,
wt) have now to announce th-t over a majority in
amount of tho above described bonds has been de
posited with us under the t-rmn of our said clrcttlor.
Holders of like bonds who have not yet deposited
tho huiue, icid wii i wih in to Includo their bonds In
bid arrangement vvo may make, as indicated iu said
clrn.lnr. alu hereby notlttid to deposit their bonds
with ns not later than I ebruaiy 7, 18UB, after which
date depos'ts. If received at all, will bo subject to
men coiidltlnns as wo may detsrmlno
We raiui'tt tindeitako ti ait for any landholder
iv ho shall not have deposited his bonda vvllh us on
or befoie lobrutry 7, I8lt(i.
.B. I EOKfAtX & CO.
'lite date ilxol b) (he Walker contract of Jim, i
IBUii, fur tho v,,thdrawal without charuo of tho
t-ertlrtcates depcslted theioiindcr with tho Fanners'
IDau and Trust (Joinpany. havliia expired in 1805
and tho stamped recolpU hcrskttore lusticd for such
certllicales becll0w no , ,,,,, un the
York htock I.j. hatic-c, the holder. of the, and other
certlncal.s uro ur.:.d to deposit tho .am, with
Messrs Ilrown Il.othem & C ,.., d.pn,luri..of
tho nnder-U-iied CommlKee, lu ordci that a new
ouotilioi, mav bo promptly .euuel fiom the Stock
l.tduuite, and a plan of settlement immediately
pre..,,,, for the acceptance of d.po.!l,,R creditor.
b.forolt,(0 I,,. for , tlnua r
Tho holders of upward of 10,000.000 of Vlruln'.
Pefened Certificate. Invo already deposit, with or
Pledced thelr-crtlllrate, to this Committee. A cZ
-IdcMhlo further. I., ....It I. now nece.iary In order
:::,".-NNt;:;;;r:MVN' ch-"--
or.oiKii; rnri'Ki.i,,
I.AItllNOi; f'AKV,
BODZRI L. 11A.K11180H, Secretary.
sjsjpjsjBjsjsjsM.siaatssiiJ!l-J?r.-7 '"' '
& innndnl.
.Capital Stock, $1,000,000; I'nr
Value, $1, Full Paid and
Subscription Price, 25 Cent's Per Share.
O-l. la ( Iml Ilia i . nl HaI.1 -. ..
This Is truly tits Ar of Gold. Never before la
the history of tho World hare so many human helots
eneaj-ed in the search for tho precious metal Qmtti
mines a few years ago were, unprofitable, nnle.s ths
Oro contained $40 or ino to tho ton in Gold
Or oontalnlnssslowas $3.00 per ton pays enormom
dividends to the Stockholders notably tho Al,k.
Treadwcll. that has been paylne reeularly dividend,
of 1000,000 per year on a capitalization of sc.ooo.
000, the Ore actually sversulnc less than iA.O0r..'r
Thero Is no other business on earth where the let.
senlngof the cost of production and doubling th
output has not been followed by a correspondim
reduction in the value of that product.
The opening up of thomliilnc reeions hr Rl.
roads, the employment of Machinery In mining, an4
the use of Ojanldoln the treatment ot Oro Is rs.
sponslblo for tho decrease In tho cost of production,
while the spread of civilization and tho demands ef
trade absorb the precious metal as a medium nf n
change, so that to-dav the whole World I. competing
for the possession of Oold, and fortunes are hing
made In a day by the possessors of oven the smsdlsit
Interest tn a Qold producinc property.
Can you find auy business that lite the "Leltol"
Mine Jumped in value from a few thousand dollsrs
to 10,000,000 in a little over a yoar's time, making
all ita Stockholders, even those who had hut a few
hundred invo.tod, rich! Or, like tho "ltepttblli"nf
the Colvlllo Ilenerv atlon in the Stat, of ashlngten
whose stock was. ofJerod t 2 cents a share in ism'
and in now soiling at many dollars per share! Atk
any of the fortunato owners of this stock tn Bpokans
men whoso few hundred dollars Invested bars
made them tho ricli men of that citv.
Million, upon millions of Gold aro still locked In
nature's colossal storehouse Keyn to this ulllt'rlng
treasure aro holng rorgod readv for your hands
They are found In (he rich mineral belts of our crest
Here a word to tho wise may facilitate tjnlden re.
.ultn. Do not Invest indiscriminately in mining
properties. Solect a district comparatively new
where the results prnvn the existence of rich mlnei
still undeveloped. Get Into one of tho rnmpanln
encaged in thn development of Us properties. Yen
then have every chanio in onr favor riemcmtier
the best are opened up Drat. Three, that show ths
greatest surface Indications are of course the onu
that are developed first
Such a locality exists In the Oolville Peervs(An
in Washington, 110 miles north of bnokane Ii,
than thn o 3 earn ago not a mine was located on ths m
Iteaorvatlon, tor tbo simple roanon that it was an In-
dlan Reservation. Now tho whole cnttntrv teems B
with tho Industry of Mining therondsate niled with I
wagons hauling Oro to thn rtailrond that ninsaleng- H
aide tho denervation tho hills resound with ths
nolsn of tho explosions of miners' Giant Fcwder
and Dyiiauiitn rending tho rocks that hold tho Gold,
Companies that a few monthn ago were nelhng H
Htock at a few rents per sham aro now figuring the H
Dividends to bo paid their lucky Stockholders, wlills
the price of shares hare risen hundreds per rent
Tho IXointbllp Mine has psld ltn 4th monthlv divl- H
dend nf S30.000. and stands tn dav tho richest pro
luring mine for Us depth in the World Properties
In the viclnltv have Jumped from almost nothing to
hundredaof thousands in value.
This la votir opportunity to seenre at once an in
terent In thin new Mining country. Do not wait until
Companies owning the really good properties hat.
secured all (ho money they want for dovelopm.nt,
hut investat nnce to hasten and eulargo develop
ments now going nn.
The best undeveloped Mining propertv today!)
owned by the Old Hickory Oold Mining Company.
Fix propertles-the "Victoi," thn "Old Hickory.'1
tho "I.. C. Kid," thn "Dcnslow," the "Ward, 'and
tho "New York" are owned by thlsCompanv and
aro all located on the Colvlllo ltenervallon. where net
aalugloinino has been sunk tn a depth of ion feet
but what ban proved a paying mine Tho VletorwH H
located tho nrat da) the Reservation wan op-nsd. B
February 20th, laim. being the pick of the whels
Reservation. Its nxfstenco having been known to th. I
Indlann long before.
Tho others were all located early in the history e(
the ramp, and were selected from among a number
of favorable looking properties. The deeds ere all
in the office of tho Company.
Work was started on theo properties and lis, I
Erogrensed rapidly on tho Motor, where twn tunnel, -
avn been run and shaftn sunk. all encountering ri-h. m
Ore running from S8 (o $r.l5 per ton bi assarand
carrying a high percentage of copper, showing!)!.
permanence of tho ledge.
On tho Victor and I. C. Kid the lodges on (h.
surface are 80 feet ncrosn, and prospects at the prti.
ent stage of development aro far nupeiior lo H
those of either the I.O Hni nr tin. Tl. n.ihtl. nt tlis aal
same period of development.
There is no question hut that the Old nickory I
properties will prove to be a second Iteptihlle,
whose stock Is now selling at many dollars pel i-hare. I
To carry on tho developments one third nt tb
whole Capital Stock of $1,000,000 was set aside tn bs
sold for development purposes as thn woik pin B
gressed. It in this Stock which you now hi 'in I
opportunity nf buying, thn management offering
only enough Stock at present low prices to meet et
pauses aa work tirocresaen Before many months It
wlllprobsldr.eUat .everal dollars per share What
romalnn of the Treasury Htock, after nalen for d v I
oument nurponea, will bn distributed among lbs
aharcholdern as an extra dividend
Do not delay until too late, but secure tho tock
to-day while it la cheap lo morrow a strike mr
send tho Stock into thedollaiaand jour opportunity
or gelting an) considerable interest for a small
amount of money will begone.
Books for subscription at 2 cents 'per share fer
the Treasury Block will open January 27 and clou
February If, at tho Hanking Office of
Fiscal Agents of the Old nickory Gold Mining Co.,
No. 40 Kxclmngn PInee, New Vork City.
Singer MaDuIacliirloj Stock.
Enslcy Land Stock.
American Air Power Stock.
H. R. Worthington Pfd. Stock.
Guaranty Trust Stock.
Stale Trust Stock.
Buffalo das Stock. 1
Brooklyn EL 4s, When Issued. I
American Ran IV rVni c.4-i.
American uank note Stock.
Wagner Palace Car Stock.
Union Tobacco Subscriptions.
Otis Elevator Com. & Pfd. Stocks.
Union Typewriter 1st Pfd. Stock.
Michigan Peninsular Car Pfd. Stock.
Metropolitan West Side Stock of ChlcaM
Central Union Gaa of N. J. Com. & Pfd
No. 8 Broad St.
to riiK iioi.dkks or Tin:
I10M)S OF Till'.
Cleveland and Canton Railroad Compani :
n,!!ice..",,r'b 'n, pursuant to tie lei I
the lloiidholder.' Agreement ni in lober I' ! '
that . general meeting of tho hnldeis..' " s
S7' "" f,n,r L-s, man. at u 0 1 '
l'lllHr-lpreKdveareportfrmn the On ro b ' ''
HlV ',P,,17.yi'"!1,hftproiohluiiilers4i I gi
HH.OMi-lii.iinlderapr.iposalthitHi C
1? ...V.riVV''u lll" ertty f the pro) 1
f, .'. '.'' J'? ",,, ' "nuiiltler. such an im t s
toneciliiHu disc barge the liidebtidiirss .
1 ug" u lion.or ntherwls., on lliu in i' i I
Oupauy, prior tu tho lien of the a I. i I
nj"'1fi',l;.''Jt"'",'(iiil Ibrneo.lodhrs.i li . '
ncctli igllnrs, sudtn inalo Impi v.ine.i' ai '
linns in the propertj uai.iuirnt an.i
."r.'.JV.1.0"""".' " ITrlmlr ll ad H a
eorgaiiiathm and to . arrv tlm ,. ui '
iPfii'iliV'.i' ' ('"'sW' 'li-tiib..ti..ii . , ' I
I'S',.".' U.',At" "f ""eh new ac urlu i
pr' vl.l.d for lu sin It plan. 9
Uated Acw ork,.Iaiiuari i'n inns M
II f.. llinilNl.i.i,,
11, K. FOMItdV,
Committee of Dcmdhoiatr
--- - MIL

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