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Wmi' a 'THE SUN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 1809.' '
SilfWf'F anK BTATE AaAt!' Titoojir.ED irixir
niflll1 Tnt: T,EVRR rnunchir.
if lH 1 ' Thoncli tho Lroio or the l'rvaent fiom AVI1I
nlilBSs Soon Kllrr, 'u l'rnvlalon Una Ileen
ImlSl Made for Its Inmntea-tfrRoncy of Action
J8t' to Htnmp Out tlm Illaenae Ilronqlit to
fjffrRf! LoulalaiiR by Eanellne'a Fcople.
filili ' 'Kw OntiEAXA. Jan. II). The leaso of tlio
iflrllf & LepoiV Homo of Lojlslnna will expire In n
HliixT (h6rt "ma antl the Btto wl" "un,n be ,'roUK'11
tlRIrl I tliCe ,0 fnco "llh "in luc',tl0" ' what to l
IlllSllh w,t'1 "" ll-IOr', T,, HniWltK of tho Hlato
lililU? ,n '""l' w1"' t,,e lufslion Is responsible
lllBlnli' n fBrt 'or "'" continuance ' t'1' til0"0
IKBIhS brastle measures, such n have been niioiituil
fllfflHa1 ,n "nwnll nnd otlier countries whero leprosy
I Ml! Iffi urovnlK would. It Is believed, hnvo routed U
"1 Blfll from tne blnte Ion? aid. A It l. leprosy Iian
flifilS i lingered In imi-ilnni for a tommy mid a
llirtJJ? quarter
-) ji ' The mpoitof Mm ISonrd of Contiol tofiov.
ill In & Foster shows Unit Louisiana will bo ontlri ly
ufiilitri if unproparcdtocarofortheliiinntosoftholiidlnh
iSllliS r Comp Homo upon tlio expiration of tlio lease
liillK It will bo Impossible to socuro a renewal of tho
aftlHiV lease becnuso of public prejudice In Iberville
Ulnil f parish, w hero the home Is situated, nnd the
nlifliT r bitter opposition of the neighboring prosperous
'3JJE f. town of 'Whltecastlo. Tho gamo opiiosltlon
1'IjjbEh will be encountered In othor pnrlshes whore
ij.: the Btate may try to establish u homo for
,k lepers. The board has frequently called tho
J' attention of tho Legislature to tho mnttur,
pointing out that tho Mate ought to purchase
llldlKsJ? property for a homo nnd not depend upon a
illllfll g lease: but tho Legislature hat nlvva)s dodged
illiiii the unpleasant question. bother tho failure
SliiSlv of tho State to net will result In turning tho
mrllfl h lcpem loose on tho eoinuiuiilty. or whether
HOlt V they will remnln whoro they are until thoycan
Ullpfi 6 ,B rnmc"''' elsewhere, cannot now bo deter-
lliiil I? mined Noone Is likelytovehturoo'itho plueo
njjHi I to rimovo them ns ttispu...her8. It Ih possible
linlti i that the) will lln 1 unotlier homo through tho
tHrtJi' ohnrltv nf IricmK for they hnvo n'eolvuil
3Sm ' many ciltH nnd locm-ies fnm nil parts of tho
ilHsf counlrj.niiil the.o Is tin nuvlllary HHoclatlon
8 In If ' ofwomen In Ni" Orle.ms who look after and
lilnlii l cnrr 'or ''" b" m,frtim l,u P'oplo
(jj!E; 'ihepieoent homo was established In IM'1!
nlflfii when l.oulRl.ina -pemed to be nroused to thu
!&lfi Imrortniicoof dtiillni; with tho problem of lop-
i)jfj ; rosy. It had previously teen recardod as a sub-
jljHjii - ject to be avoided, tho mere mention of whloh
MHaj ' was thoiicht to b prejudicial to thn Interosts
tlillnj! . ' '''" t"te. 1'or more than n century slnco
Iflu! '" Caionduteth rclnm undor tho Spanish
lUSii ' domination the leper auostlou had been
Ifill! v Icuorcil, nnd It wiih nureed not to rne-
JlJSii obiiIzo thn existence oi tlio disease. But
111 3 ID In It-!'-, owinu to tho unpl.isHiit publicity
! that bad Um n kivoii tho disease, tlirouch
I lltggft tlio dlscoor of a l"per bnrlier nnd a leper
Mfify baker, thn iii'iesslly of action was reiou-
I Higs plrorl byull 'I lie l.ccislnture provided lorn
; (1 3f n home, but uufoituuatply .uipronrlatod only
i Kjfa enough uione to lease one. not onouKh to buy
j antl one, and pasx-ii an actwhicii provided peimi-
vj!i ties tor hurhorlnif lepers and required HhorllTn
) J13 I , to deliver xuch unfortunatea to the homo when
I 9V so ordered li thn DlBtrutJudte. Tho llrst Idea
I 8sl'J2 wnH '" establish the honio In tho outskirts
I fin i a of Now Orleans, where bettor medical attond-
I H3JH fc anie roulil I provided: but the city prutestctl
i M?1H ' fo loudl thut this plan wasaliauiloned. Tlio
! jli.ij Jioard of Loiitrol kept its subsixiuent plans
f BSfR secret, to pievctit similar protects from tho
f Sll4j tinrlhlins. nml It was not until the Jndlnii Cninti
; BnJrt ' plaiitutiou IkkI been l.iHel that tho location
I lllin clttorniined on vt.ih miido known
i 11 Sir- ' Tlio Leer Homo is .idmiraiily situatod. It
i Vfflr ' covets 'JiKl uerenoi an old plantation in Ibor-
i H: lllo parish, oil thu Mi-slsslppi. beven miles
Sail from a null owl mid two mile f rom hltoens-
jjjijjj i tie. on thn opposite xlde of tlio river. 'I ho
. UJU lepers aieeouiliied within n hlKhhtnckadoi sur-
; Jtlnl ro Hiding a mmlo of 15 acres. Within tlio
' llil' ; stockade mo sevin houses ocouided hy tho
; Usir . topers, an olovntud I avlllon or lookout for tbmr
llfl ' amusement, and a sploudid crovo or live oaks
' aali J On the otlier sidaoi alonen In the direction of
Hli; ' ; tho main iilnntatlon bullillni; is it lone inlsod
JJ j: cottace, espei.liill cnnstriiLtud fur the lc crs'
! lj3i ' r riinliiu h.tll. kltLhon und otlioroftlces No ono
MaSf 1 Is allotted lu-Iilu Mix iiinnr leper stockade ox-
fJll f cf pt tho doctoi.the nursesnnd tho meinburaof
Jji f thn Boird ol Lontrol.
If- The home is admirably managed In nil re-
jjtl ' spe ts, mid the i:roatest caie is taken to pre-
' ilfi t vent .my spiiint oT tho dlstnse. All money
. ' hundkd b tlio lepois Is soul.od in bichloride of
I IS ' rnorcurj solution and funilmitcd with tho
flji l i Btroncet-t dlsint.'Ujuts The site is lieallhlul
Ie i and Isol itod There nan old-time plantation
. fgi i minsion.nn imi.innt' bilck bullillni;, which is
J Bill s on'jr '''" "ccunlnd liy tlio lilsturs of Cluirlty,
Ii f i who do I lis i uixiui;, and otbur emplovoes, nml
J 'Mh ,: there uienxoiiiniodations on the iilace for live
' times as in my lepurs as are tlmre; indeed.
Ml i ' when tlio til mtntlon was leas'd,t was with tho
fjl fj Idea that tno act ol 1M.I.', riiqniniiBthin.oiiilne
a'. jl . mentot ah lep-rs in tha home.would be rlcldly
Hi j! g enforced Tno homo Is somovvhn expensive,
f M and the ritnle is pnjini; mine 'IIH) a yetr lor
l JS i the support of ouch innnte
i- fit s L'nfortunatel. the law of 1802 has been al
ii J ' lovyod ti fall into d siiotud . and there aro
II i ' i moie lopersoutsldu tho homo than In It This
tin i1,1 K due p ui.lv i tliucoucealmunt of lepers, mid
(jH! I to in uuvvlliiiuiiess uf th -lnerlfTs to urnst
BJ . them 'the lioui 1 of Control Itself has not
JJgli heretofore Insisted on tho compuisoi) eonlliie
W 1 : mont of lepers pruferruiK tnnt they should
IB H olunlaii v iro to the home, nnd hlioiild lie ,it
,f! 1 ? traded ty tho fact thit Ihev would bn moio
an 8 I coinformlile in the Institution than on tlio nut
Jlji S f fide, vvheio thev are.ivoli'.ed b) eveiyone '1 ho
IBS t home Isiert.ilnlv lomfortalile The lepers uro
f B 9 ' well i.utd foi. well fid. well clo'lnd Thev
is a bullcrn Bie.itdi.u Irom eold, for when it once
. p ffs rearhi'h their Lones, li sienis linpaosililn
$'&, to vvaim thditi up nanrlln Otlieivviso tlm
W'fcrS' f 6r0 nd" "a" ' d, anil onb ono toper has es-
yglSi' capod, a o,ins man vvlu idiioiT ioeo tn thn J
fHiEt llawaiiim Islands, vvnein lie thought tlieni
jl'S! f Were Imtter eliiiucos ' u a I "p r to make liead-
lifit way than In 1iuisl mn Oi.i chh f leasjn wliy
Aval maiy lepers re u o to enter the lm ne is tliut it
9li Is not perm uie'it I, -piiihuro timid, and their
fit 3; ; relatives want to know all about the Immn lio-
jlllj; lorn pHiclm; memheisof their fnmlllis there:
Jjlljl and wlieu thev Hud thru the homo Is merely
j 1 leaded mid that thorn will h ive to I o n removal I
,11 this year they i el us do tnki- advantaco of tho
lfi Bceomnioiliitioiis the Mtatn olters.
jlj Tho lliiuil of Cmitiul, a'ter nllowlnc tho law
' i. ns to thoci I'l'ienuuit oi lepers to lenmiti un
31 , enforced. Ins ilnnlly eomu to tho conclusion
that uometiiiiik. should lie done In rr'tnl to
if lepers tvnou relatives uin nliln to c.iio for
Jr l them. Tins", tbo boird d" I iros, can bn
Jl; reached only throuiih their faindy iiIdhIcIiiis,
lr nnd It la proposed to lompel thn latter to ro
ll ; port tlio reii nnmesand lesidentesof allhprs
ft i within their kiiowleilizo ami iirai tiee to tho
i Hoard of Health or ditsiuiiiitu 1 olllelnls,
ff who shall deel ie Pin question of (h-lr removal
1'' totholnmo s fort no-o lepers whoso iiuLos.
VA litlos requlrn tlium to inluule with the poopln i
If' In order to suptioit themselves mid theirfumi
1 ' lies, the board insists that they should be con
B (lucd at once. One or tho pledires that tho
E, ; honrd makos is that the real tiamos of the
S r lepers 6!iall never lie mado known, nor shull
J t liny liniuir) bo conducted Into their family
Bl i connectloiih p!cdi;o of this kind Is ubso
g; lutely neces-ary Tlio fait tlmta leper Iston
8' ' neetul with a Louisiana Innnly Is certain to
lw ailecttlmt t.imily This Is ovvliu' to tho belief
jj ' that the dlseiM m iv hkip imeiiciutlon or so,
fflf , nnd break o-t nt aiu time n the descendants i
? r ot uliunilyanil'fed v-itli tliemalndy I
Su, v lit o the li imo has enred for thn lepers
,J well und has made thorn morn comfortable
, I : nml Pinlnnued theli llves.it cannot be mild
ff'B r that it bus ucloiiiiIIsIio I niiv'hlui.' In tli way ,
Bs i of treatltiK m curliiu the illsi.e-e. nltliouitli
glji f evervremedv his been tried It has b en
5 g . shown Hint tlio disease Is not infection;, but '
B , eotitnulous v.tun uirrlml to thu boo I t y per- I
II f j S soiial contact Willi leprous sor's Not aim i 1
' lior a suspicion of uen-e i.in bo traenl n tlio i
Jfl I Indian Camp Inline rimlnatitutinu vvaseslnb- j
I ral . llshid, hnwi vi r, mom r r Hie pioteetlon of din
I ffl , cnmmun ty n.'iiiiist tlio mnl idy than vvitli tiuv
I W i beltelthnt n iiirnioulil lm fo mil forlt.
IMS I , invnstlitioii. con luM I in nn v oy Ir Isi-
Hli doi-o Dfi-r. Hist President of the Louisiana
B , I.ep'r Do ml, shows ll.ut the disease vvas
bbb ' iirouuiii into ioiiisi mn it, i j o in' tlio Acaili-
ffll f ani, l.viinu'ellnnspooiic It Is well known that
MMI k leprosy lusjirevallod t( r n ioup o orcentiiin s
HI 111 Ac id;. INovi Keotial, lint it hid been L'ell-
U ' erally tliouitht tint tbo Louls.ami leprosv
Dn cxmefron lie I'asi It is now Iio)oiii quostiou
Ml 1 that It w ts i ioi.'IP in by the uidmiis In
B'jfi , J7P", .in 1 leiu oiei.,1 liy, lio lartfor Auidlun
WmM L Imniiuriuiiiii of IHil There weie a Jars' o
Hi . niinbiq Oi lep'rs iimotis the now ur-
WjKwL rivals, who nxji isod t llfi l soles ami hocked
VMM t on Hi s're, Is wi iirousliu: popul ir Hentlmeiit
MB t that n ninr lionpitnl vvns ei.vtol in 17K'i hy
MH. f Don ioli -s Mnii)i,nre-.7,'iii milltthi'Ht I.ouls
IWf ;, Cathedral, the Clnrltv iloitntal ind otlier
jH ' public Iniild in: i. and ivm, the rleliest man In
ItfEl ' ""' "" "n '''' ' ""sjiit it mi, nu Metniilo
tWim ItitU'e In thu liniii 'dlate leui or lie d nveuiin,
Sf'; the noluiihntliii: eouutrv lien I, loun as
U SB : "Ittiors' iiiml I In- h mult il ut. ntn ledu ed
the ainri.int ' le nii.y, und It Hie vikuoiis ,
r j E il i poite' then puisiinl ol loii.nnii; all lepeis
I flfii - wltiiui it li el i, en oiiiiiiue ih mII-imsii uouid I
3 klWt niv,li-'ii into I nit oi f.oinsi um
IISH,- , Irom Isii( to IMi il tth a . hour 1 of leprosy
Blarl ' In 1'iUisi um. aitlioiitili it exist, il It vvas eon- I
MP f erali) lo.irto. (1 1 jii loiv liimilles nml to i iniolo '
B J1- localities espi-e nll I lei swiunii iiIuiib tho
Irfg. lonir l.lloinulp Miout lHl'll the dlse.ihe HI- I
ftfjlia,' trad d .itluitlou iiKtilu win n si v u easi-snorn .
Hint reports! Tli Mloetois lii;mi iin oxu'iilnatlon
H ;; ; and reoorted cifhtv-thrivuisou in till.utium
W Jji Ifi of them In tho immediate l dnllv of the
H lr old Ioiht hospital, closeil hoventy-two eurs I
IS ' before Most of tho natienth vvern of foreiun
II jB birth or pirentnse (it these lepers only ten
Ml Hf l weroiontlnid In iho post houoe Tliuiu.'ita '
IS I tton .unused tho Iyls'utiiie. and tha result I
lr was the legislation if irfiij I
mm ilL Altotetlier. Ur Dyer found evidence of U77 I
!.- a. Icprofcy In Louisiana. of which Ul are
presumedlr Jlvlnp. None of the cases was lm-
Krted, the patlenft havlne been born In
ulslana or linvlnc neiiulrcd leprosy niter
removal hero Nor could any cases of heredity
bo fotind, contrary to the popular heller, when
Bo-called family leprosy occurs It Is manifested
aftnr tho iicoof fiord, and oltcncr In adults
Thoro wore twenty-ono Instances of con
snuaulnlty. mnny with a history of contact;
fortr-flvo InstnnciM of parents nnd children
nrnicled.hut no liistnuc In which eltherpiireiit
wnsnfTectcd brfnrn tlio birth of n child, mm
sixtr-ono lnstnii"es of lonstnnt exiiosuro to
conlact. In six cases both husband and wife
wore leppn: In twenty-seven, brothers nnd
sisters; In twunty-slx, parents mid children
Ono of the cases was that of a priest, an Italian,
Infocted while mltilstrrltiK to tho lepers of thn
lower Lafourche, nnd another that of a mtr-to
who bad waited on tho leper sick.
Tho Hoard of Control In Its report to Oov.
roster mnkes an earnest uomnml for enorBetlo
nnd vigorous action, the purchase nftrrounds
for tho liqior" and tho confinement of nil lepers
In n home. If this lm ilono It Is tho opinion of
nil exports Mint tho disease can be cot rid of In
Liiilslann In n vorv clioit time: but notion
should bo taken Pt once, as tho lease of the
present homuoxplrcs this voir.
oor. r.t.r.i'.itnivs l-mwisrs.
An l'.dllnr Sprlnc n IMecret Cninplilcii I.rt
tei Which film hs Uiiplirtty.
South Carolina Is very much stirred ovor a
controversy that Is koIiuj on between N tl
flonrnlos, editor of the Columbia .sfnfe. and
Oov. William II. Kllerbc. Tho Ho has boon
passed, and as both men are hot-tempered nml
Plucky, a personal encounter Is feared. Jinny
in em bo rs of tho Lioulslaturo seem deter
mined on Introducing n moasure to Imponch
tho Governor. Tho cause of the controversy
dutos back to last summer's canioalKn, when
even candidates for tho oflloo spoke In overy
county of tho, "State, each telllmr the peoplo
why ho should bo oloctod Governor. Threo ot
those. Kllerbo. Watson nnd Arolier, ran on n
dlsponsnry platform: ono. I'ontherstono, ran
as a prohibitionist, and two, Schumport and
Oeorito I) Tillman, nn ax-Cotiurossmnnnnd n
brothor of I'ltchfork Ken, announced them
selves In favoi of local uptlou. lutm in, who
has run tor ovory olllce from County Coroner
to United States Senator, also canvassed tho
Htuto on his merits nnd n t t model bloclc.
The election was so closelr contested that
for several days It was not known who would
bis In tho socond primary, hut the fullrotiiiiis
placed Kllerbe and FeatlieiHlono in the lead
Thu vote iras vorr lutoiostint: in that the local ',
option "to held tho balance of power. Neither
Lllorbo nor l'cnthorstoua could win without
It. Hut tho probabilities wore that It would
ko for prohibition as imiiust the dispensary,
and the dispensary advocates wore flllod witli
dismay. Their defeat nioant the brenklni: up
of the machine, with n 1 Its patronnuo, freo
liquor samples for tho clan and rebates for
some one In Utopia.
Mr. Oonwiles had spent the summer In Cuba
fltchtiai: with tho insurcents nnd did not reach
Columoia until a few days before the second
primary. Ho announced that, havlne no com
prehensive Idea of the situation, ho would bo
"hands off" in rttrnrd to the eUctlou. Then
the next day he declared foi Kllerbe. Such a
quick chauao aroused comment. Many sus
pected a deal of soma kind. baoausoUonzales
had always boomed local option, and hllerbe
waa committed to'the dlsiwnssry. Although it
was well known that Ullorbo eould not afford to
lose the bupport of the machine, tho Wnfe's
chnnue of attitude convinced tho majority of
local option me i that Kllerbe was nt hoart
one of them. To this ho owed his election.
JNothluu was said about liquor problems un
til tho Governor'.snununl mesi-aBocnnie reeom
mendinc tlio coutitiuauco of tho Dispensary
law in its essential features. Then the Mate
published an editorial article over the signa
ture of Mr Gonzales, showing that a political
trade had been mado and brokon. Onjho
day of his ' t rn Irom Cuba .Mr. CionnlesJiad
been nppio. li U by W. A Neal and l" II
Weston, whu waro personal friends of L'llerbo
nnd nlso loeal optiomsts Thev naked Gon
zales to supiiort Kllerbe GoiiAiles refused to
do so unless Kllerbo would commit himself in
writlnu to local option, which ufter some few
hitches was done in the following letter wi it
ten to Weston:
"Dkab Ki.ank: In reply to lour Inquiry will
aar I full conour In your view as to tho best
solution of the liquor question, Aur inine
llnc with tho peoplo for three mouths, and
thorough consideration, I have crme to Hie
conclusion that the Dispenury act should bo
so amended as to allow each count) to settle
tho liquor question for itself, nnd havo deter
mined to make such recommendation to the
ne.xt Genoral Assembly, iour frleud,
"IV. H. KLLEnnF "
With such a promise In bis pocket and hav
lne performed his nart of the compact. Gou
7ides was sure he had the Governor In his
Cinsii His Indignation know no biunds wh -u
the Lrovernor refused to lie held. To be tricked
vvns not pleasant; and the lauirhs nnd jeers of
contemporaries were added call. Of courso
such an exposure caused u sensation 'I hit
the chief cxeeii'iveof tho SUto could br guilty
of Hiich duplicity and trlckorv and eould hnvo
so little retard for his norsonal integrity and
reputation mortified mnny, while others ro
ftiseil to believo or to form nny opinion until
thev heard tho other side. Kllerbe refused to
I bainteivlewed.oxcept to siy that Weston acted I
1 in bad filth to show a urlvato letter, nnd that I
ionnles hal lied Weston replied thnt thp
letter vvns wiitten in Ills presence and h inded
to him to be usid in securliut votes, then to
bo given to (lonnlcs
Gonnlos eleirly showed In his editorial nr
tii lc thnt Kllerbe knew full well from two In
terviews that his dupllclt would be exposed
should ho not nH ui to his written promise
I 'I ho onlv surmise is Hint Sonator Tillman's
i visit to Columbia just previous to thenmioar
I anee of tlio tnes-nge was responsible for tho i
el .use recommending the dispensary i .
lerbo w.ih slnnlv caught in his own net lie i
hal luoiiiUoil dispells uv in his mibliu
sicechts; ho hid promised local option In n
letter and he had Tlllmun. who Is rosponslblo
for tho dlspeiisnrv's exlstenee. to review his
' messuge Ho chose tlio easiest way ami bun
I coid tile editor
Several of the dally papers hnve suggested
Impeachmi nt. and It la believed that Impeiieh
mrrt could ho elTected, ho conoril Is tho dls
trust; but It Is verv Improbible tl. it buncoing'
an editor can be construed ni either high
crlmo or mlfldomeauor.
ESt)T.llH 67.1.V IX nC.ll.MSS.
Secret nf (irttlnc lUch Julrkly by Selling
Three-llnllnr Shoes at Ten Cruts.
Tho endless chain Idea Ins been adapted to
business vvitli surprising results If people
will onlv take to it, they can buy n three-dollar
pair of shoes for lOcents.n tnentv-dollur over
coat for a qunrtcr, nnd other things nt equally
low prices, whilo tho dealers will short)) be
nblo to retlro with hugn fortunes.
The thine works this wni: Supposo you
want to get n pair of $'t shoes for 10 cents You
nsk joursolf If you have six frlondj or nc
Qunlntnnecs) who nlso wish to secure npilr of
shoes for 10 cunts You co to thooillcoof thn
concern and pay 70 cents for a certificate with
six coupons iittnchod. These coupons jou sell,
ouotooich of six friends for 10 cents:, thus
getting baik 00 cents In cnsli of our Invest
ment nnd leaving jou only 10 cents out. Your
friends hnvo the snme privilege jou h id of tak
ing outcotliflcntca nnd selling their coupons
Kiel! ecrtiflcntn Is numbered nnd caih couiion
benrs the number of tho cnrtlllinto of which It
Is a prut, ns well ns n numborof itsowu On
the hack of tlio eertlllcatn are six ruled nnd
numbeieil lines upon whleli the owner of tho
eorlltleitn wrltni thn niiino of tlin friends lo
whom ho Iiiih hold thenounons HI. eeitllle.ito
, li" nil tiijiii,nnii.iiiu,uii'if'i', iii'ii'iillii'.IIU
must bo full and Paid up before ho can draw
l tho premium: Hint Is lo u;iy, e.ieh of his filends
I to whom he has sold ncouimu must huvneoiim
I totho ofllen mnl tiikin out a eerllllentnut 00
lentf for his own nei-ourit before the order fir
theflpilr of Mines will bo given When this
bus Ik en dune ho gets nn order for the shoes,
or If he piefers, hni mi h ive ft In cash All hn
will be out will be 1(1 tents Tho coneorn will
have received the 70 cents orlKlimll) paid In by
tho bin ei of the "linos plus (10 cents from i neb
oi slv friends or S'l HO In nil, or a total nt S4 .'ill
for ii S.: pair of shoes, which Is n Kitlsfnotory
profit The fiinndsmiiv enoh soil six coupons to
slv. friends, net their shoes and so In Ipto swell
th fortune of th" Promoter of ('ie iden
To the eoitllluitiitliut enlltles Its owner t
get u 'JO oveicoit or suit of dutliis for "
cents there inn ten coupons attached, nnd each
person nresoutlng one of tho e coupons at tlio
, olllei' of the Investment enmpany must bring
vvitli it $J.r((l In casih 'I lint maki'K f.'7'i th.it
I he bus paid out, nil or which comos bnek to
him in the iili) of tin. coupons nxm pt the
original '."i lent". Totnl icceliitsof the eon-
I tern $.'7 7.' forn J-'Onveriont 'riioicrllllentn
I up-iii vvhich tlmoiviiet limy get $! worth nf
grre'erlcs for '.." loins has six millions nt-
I Inched nhii h must lie pn sentml at th ofllen
, w Hi SI 50 In cash, mnklng 10 7.1 In nil
rptotliepiesditHnii. this Is ntmut tlio limit
tov.lili vi ilii'ionie ii goes In thn way of benelll
certlili U hut I) ninrnses to add to the list
eiv lug I'liiehines vvliich will cost th" buvnr.lO
('ints tilauos nt from 1.i."itoi5'J. and subarl nn
i L".,l,?u,"1 '?,? ! ,!"' wl'l L-0'" .'he owner
' J r.n It w II tuiild homo that will ho worth
nhout S'ikki mnl give thn owner possession
when his n) iilu on a certificate for $40 is com
plete.iuid will also furnNliH flat foi you on the
I ccitiliciito. Instcud of the hibtulltnont plan.
Exrumnn vnAiti'n imqvimav takes
jiiyLr io ciriLizut i.tr&
A Hnrhnrlnn Only n, Little More Tlinn n
Yenr Ago, the O-Yrnr-Olit I.nrt I Now
nn linger American Hclmoltioy Ho Is
Obedient, yulik nml Keeps Clenn.
In the big pchoolhousn tit Mount Hope. In
the borough of tho Bronx, thoro Is In dally at
tendance a llttlo bo) of about 11 years old
whose history and origin Is perhaps tho mot
lntetestins of any schoolbsy to bo found In
this lilg city Ho Is known n" "Jfcne" Wal
lace, tho ward of Superintendent Wallneo of
the Museum or ivntunil Ilistoty, I.lttlo Mono
llrst saw the light ol day, or iios-lhly the dark
ness of nn Arctic day, In ft snew hut awny up
In the northern peninsula of Gieetilniiil, nhhli
lies between the waters of Katie Ilasln and
Melville liny, within 000 miles of the .North
Vole. He belongs to tho most northern tribe
of Ksqulmnui Ho was brought hero In Hon
tomber, IMI7, hi Lieut l'oary, the Aictlc ot
plorer. with llvo otliotv, three nisu, one wo
man and n llttlo gin about Menc'stige. .Among
the men was hutdiiii. Mcno s father, who died
n few months nfter bis arrival here. Ills
mother died In Greenland about a roar pro
vious to his dopatturo for tills country.
Shortly after tholr arrival hero the members
of the band were attacked with luUuenza and
eventually all but llttlo Mcno and one of the
men died, '1 he voucg man who survived re
turned with l'eary last summer. At llttlo
Menu loomed In good health and was boreft
of both patents. Superintendent Wallace took
blm Into his own household, whoro he receives
tho enro and the comforts ot civilization. Kb
boy In all tho city shows a higher appreciation
of those comforts than llttlo Mone. Ho Is
ratlur under size for his age, ot stocky build,
hn u eoppor-colorcit complexion, with n Mon
golian ensto of countenance. He lias high
cheek bone and tn.issivo jaws and largo
brown ecs, which spnr'tlo with Intelligence
when talking In his broken 1'ngllih, No little
savage ever camo to civ lllz.it Ion who ov luces a
livelier interest in its wondeis than ho. Ho is
' mastering our language rapldlv and can ex-
tue-s himself so ns to bo understood, upon ul
i most every subject In which ii bov of his ago
would bo expected to be interacted.
l'llncipal Kvons of tho .Mount Hopo School
receutlv said of Metio-
"llo is one of the most wonderful pupils t
oversaw When one stops to think, hero is n
bright, intelligent little fellow, who only n lit
tle ovor a seal ago camn from m. uncivilised
trlbo of people, who liilmhit; tho coldest and
most desolate tract of country on tho .earth,
readily adapting himself to tho wavs of civili
sation and eagerly devouring every lesson
tnught Ii i in in bis now sphere of life It almost
pusaes belief. Could vou seo him in t-chool
taking his place In lino and marching w ith tho
other children In isMfeut stop, poring over his
lessons or attentively listening to his teachers'
explanations of tho various letters and words
on the chart und blackboard, vou would hnrdly
bellovo that a little over one short ) ear ago ho
was n little wntt In the great, desolate, frozen
north. Until he came horn he'nevor saw a
blade of grass, never partook of a mouthful of
vegetable food, never saw a tree or plant, ex
cept possibly a few stunted shrubs and some
moss found in Isolated places unon the rooks!
never saw n domestic animal oxcunt tlio 1-s-quimnti
dogs, uevit lentil the song of a blid
or listened to tho tones of it musical, instru
ment, never knew of anv.othor clothes except
furs, novel Inn! a bath, never dreamed of soap
and nought life vvas pleasant and doslraPle
whero the dujs und nights nre each about
thieo months long, nnd the balance of tlio
voir broken up into swift changes from duv
llstit to daikuess.
"The llerce, howling storms which swept
over his humble snow hut for class nnd wooks
at a time had no terrors to him. an 1 the de
lights of n summer day were undreamed of
The problems of a future life never entered
the heads ot his people ami probubl) never
would hnve entered Ills own had ho remained
theie, for tho Lsqulmnus.. of all tho people
which inhabit tlio earth, are tho lenst con
cerned about Hie future Ufo, tholr only belief
bo 1 Ok' that whon lito i e.x-es the) co down in
the water, where there Is good llshlng and
hunting. Thev have no religious ceremonies
and their chief concern In this Ufo seems to ho
to keen on hand plenty of blubber nltn.ivhlch
to prolong this lite.
There is no bettor behaved little schoolboy
fri Jvew York thin Mone. He has a most ro
markablo temperament. Ho is u tivorlto
with all the pupils und no matter what oecuts
he seldom snows temper Ho Is bright und
llvelt and eutcis Into tlio fun nnd play of his
schoolmates with nil the est of n modern
schoollinv. Ono would naturnlli suppose Hint
he would show a selllsh desiro to obtain
and keep eveiv plnjthing which camo into his
hands, for heretofore ho has had little to
pleaso und am use him Hut such Is not thn
cito In fiet It isexictlv tho otposlto Ho
will shnro his m irbles and tojw wltii an) bov
who v, ants 'hcni and seems genorous In nil his
duallugs In fuit.no teahei could desire a
more attentive and orderly pupil than little
I Jlene "
Llttlo Meno wa seen at the homo of Super
intendent Wallace and from Mr and Mrs
Wallace was learned an interesting histor) of
Ills homo life haid Mr. Wallace
"When wn llrst brought him Into our homo
ho was. of course, unacquainted with tlio mode
of life In n modern home of ctvillMlon, but ho
showed tho llvelles-t Interest In all the new and
strnugo tilings seen nnd ued about hlm
Mrs Willaeo took a keen Interest In tho little
valf and to her is almost entlrelv due the
ranld progress which hf has maih In iicquir
I't eivlli'd manners und customs lie his
a inor rem irkable temperament I hnvo
never vitsien him In u temper Como whut
mii to veviind nnno) him. ho Is the snmo
ven-tenipciid und patient little chap as jou
see It i in to-d iv ?vn mutter what vnu tell him
to do theio Is no motest or discussion over
the request Hn simpl) nbejs orders to tho
best of hisnliilit) ami with a cheerfulness mi
lium seen in our modern innkeo oungsters
JSefoto wo look hint In our home he had lived
w ith tho b mil In tho cottage mi mv i lac e bore,
and. of eoiiise, hid Income accustomed to
modern clothe , but Ills mumicts had not been
muih ctlltlv ited hevond those of tho other
members of tho band Ho hid learned toe it
with it knife, Imt he h id no use torn fork Ho
won! I put n Iiko piece, of lood between his
teeth nnd gri-p It vvitli one hand nnd with a
knife In the other would cut oirtho desired
miiut'iful. Once shown the proper use of
knlfo nnd fork he never after resorted to tho
Ksiiuiin.ui method He I- exceedingly lean
Iv In h's hihlts. und for one who new r knew
tho use of soup or the delights of a lath Ills
habits In this resto t are remurkablo Hn Is
nevermore delighted than when told tot ike Ills
lint ti. mnl will use so. ni and water with reekhss
cxtravagntieu. and when through mid dressed
will eniuo out unit mvlio nn Inspection of hlm
self to see If ho Is clemi flu is fond of vvres.
ling and can thiow to tho lloor almost oveiy
ho ho wrestles with, oven though the) bo
larger and stiongcr than himself, lie uses
only ono hold, that of puttl"g hm urnis about
his opponent i body ami elisplng IiIb hands
tit inly together, nnd b dnxteroiislv iNrJi: his
knees will gniierully nut ids opponrnt on his
back. Wn got him a biejelo last summer ami
I doubt if an.' llttlo boy on this broad entth
vvas ovorv morn happy with such n gift than
Mcno, Ho illdn t need much insliuctloti in
mastering tho dlfllcultloi usual to beginners,
nnd In ri.lmit Hum was Bulling around here
tust ns If l.o had been used to riding one nil
his dats up in Greenland.
"It Is niniiblni; to tnko hlm about town to
bco tho sights Of couio ho is aeeii"t mod
now to the t lovatcd loads and btiect cars, but
tho tall buildings and tho elevators hi them
aro stl.l murces of mo t;ie, test wonderment
Ho saw nl ugu building the other iliy nml
compared It to u big iceberg In his n itlvo I mil,
saving tho mil) dilleienm was that ono was
...., !. m... ..in, .tiuv,. um ni'n mm 'JIIU VI, IS
full i f people and w irm mnl the berg was 'ah.
Hi cold ' I took him to thn theatre recently
and he was nlmrst overwhelmed with imtou
ishuiiiit It was ii light varloty pcrformaiico
and the acrobat In feats nml antics of the or.
fotmeni niuusul linn viondorfully He would
sit In perfect silence all through un ait and
whin tho cuitnlu dinnped uini shut out the
stage lm would break out In n hourly laugh
nml uevur stop till it iom ng.aln. whuii ho
would bci'omnsn'oinn nml uttoinlvo
"1 took hlti tosi'o the v ild Wes' Show Homo
mouths ago, thinking this nerfonii mee would
pleaso hlm, Imt it did not Hngularl) enou.-b,
hn was nil aid of tlio Indians und cried to be
taken awny Mrs Wallnio Is ntKuding to his
loMglous training and lie shown n (hop Inter
est In listening to lllblu stories, such u are
usual, y told to children of hi. iiko He Is n
llttl" bit skeptical yet on somo points, and lie
hardi) knows which to hoheto. tlio stor told
hlm that when wo dlo we go up to heaven in
the si.) ,it Hie Lsquluiaii hi I'bf tint when nn
l.squlniau dies he goes duvn in thn water
vi iii-rti tliTe Is gooii liuplltig and llshins Jie
It f III the elllencv of prnyer n isti t nude much
mpiosion upon bis mini! et, hut ho willing.
y snvs his "Nov 1 lay inn uuwn to slc-en' nlglit
y with tlio solo object of ple.islnir Jlrs Wul
ace, lathir thniillii ploanigof any suiioriint
ural licltig lie has become quite ncoiutomeil
totho fowlof civiluiil people and ents boat illy
of bread mid butter, and u fuvv vcffitables.
such as potatoes, cabbage. Ac Ho Is tinl'iitly
fond of coffee, und vvints pluntr of nutrirln It,
but singularly enough hn has not set do.
velonod a taste for candles or othor sweet
t lings. He, looked suspiciously or a long
tlmo upon all kinds of pie anil pastry, hut the
other day he win inirsuniied to try a piece of
apple pie and after solemnly thlaklua it ovor
. i
for a whlln concluded ho liked It, and wanted
more. Ho also tried the tasto of pickles out
of enrioslty nml vlocldfd that pltklos worpTot
tor than pie. Ho profers.to sleep up In tno nt
Me with tho windows wldo open, no matter
how cold thu weather, nnd seems (0 be In hot
ter health for it. . . .... ..i
"Take hlm till In all he Is n desirable llttlo
chap to nave with us. kind. obedient, alloc
Donate nnd possessing a nnturnl Intelligence
which scerna capable of cultivation up to nnd
equal to that of nnv child bruin or civilised par
ents. Ho Is being eloeely nbsorvod by tho
sclcntlllo ronn ond his progress Is noted step
by step, for he Is tho nnlv Ksqiilinau who has
ovor lived so long In civilization, ills progress
is rcmnrknble whon one stops to think that
In so short n time ho has mado such rapid ad
vancement In acquiring the customs of civ
ilized people, for but alow brief u."nlhs ago ho
was llttlo moro than a bnrbnrlun possessing
hut thn crudest Idons of life.
"Tho habits nnd food of these people nro so
totally dllToretit from those of nny other upon
thn face of tho earth that somo of tho soldi
tlllc men nro almost tition thn imlnt of classing
thorn ns nmphlblnits nnltmiln Tho nutnpsy
held uiioii tho remains of those who died horn
disclosed tho curious fact Hint their Intostlucs
measured only about twenty-two feet In
length, while tho nverago length uf tbo Intes
tines of ii civilized peroii If fn .1 'ottj-tl.reo
lofott).lv" feel und sometimes longer. Mono
seems to be developing nlcclv both menlnllv
und plDslcnllv nnd there Is every hopo that ho
will grow nml become n useful cli lcp.
the omuix ov rut: waltz.
An Krnlntlnn from n RnllEtnus Dnnce How
It liecnmo rnthlnnnbln In Germany,
from thi rarltlan.
The opinion most generally conceded Is that
France received tho waltz from Gormany
toward tho closoof tho eighteenth century,
and among many bollefs this contains tin most
troth: but the iustlco of attributing to Oor
manlo Influenco tho rsnalssnnce of tho waltz
In Franco doos not of necessity verify tho
statement thnt It had Its origin In Germany.
Like everything else thnt touches humanity,
whero nothlugisborti spontanoonslybutevery
thlng is tho product of n sories of successive
evolutions, '. lie waltz did not cmnnnto In Its
present form from tho ornln of n dnncing mas
ter. Long before 1780, tho tlmewheu wo find It
llrst mentioned under this name, its graceful
curves nnd euden-ns woro displayed on the
village greens ns well ns In thn golden salons
ot palaces: It hill Itsnllori.iitlvosof vogue and
neglect. Its supporters and dotractors.
Tho waltz, like many otlier sooular tilings,
wo Und n.-stln tlio thureh. whero, in tho midst
of barbaric dlsordor. It serves to trace tho
union between ancient clvlllrntlon nnd that of
the mhldln ages The sacred dnnce uf tho pa
gans Is preserved ton coitnln isiltit In I hrls
tlnn rites: it is transformer! to a series of rev
olutions made to the sound of thn tambourine.
St Isldoio, Archbishop of .Seville, born about
A. D WO. was Intrusted hv the Council of To
ledo with the revision of the liturgy as It
was then practiced In thn Unman Church. In
whkh there was a mm pontine dance The
Cjuticll decided to ndopt (ho Isldorian llturgv
In nil tspaln. and it dil1crd but little from thnt
used In other countries nt Hint tlmo. '1 bin
I lito. celebrated before the eighth century,
1 when the Moors llrst invaded Spain, was still
! colcbruted by the Christians in tho seven
chiirehis of Toledo, wlii"h tho Moors aban
doned after their enpturo of tie city, and wnrt
after that tlmo called the Moorish rite.
Uiilsvvas known nnd employed In 1'rovence
ami Italy '1 ho tambourine In uso in this re
ligious dance was called I ) St. Isidore "molt Io
do svmphonle, ' and evidently corresponded to
tlio instrument which. In tho ancient sacred
dances, accompanied tho flute, a sort of bag
pile invented two centurios 11. C. And thus,
ns the religious dance of tho middle nges Is
allied to the unclent sacred dance, so the w1t7.
is an evolution of this religious dance, having
pissed through mnny changes bclore arriving
nt its picsenl form
in Hie eleventh century, when tho Gregor
ian rite supplanted tbo Moorish rite, the dance
dlsnppennd Irom Hie Church. It appeared
vety quickl) In society under the nnmo of
curole, a word derived Irom the Latin imnler:
nlterwtird undor thnt of hasse-danco. In which
the grand prelates, kings and dignitaries did
not disdain to join, comnosoil of three pnrts,
tivo very slow and one moro lively.
The people and nt this tlmo. all who were
not of the clergv or royalty were the people
used the hitter part, called tho tonrdion,
nlik h. lighter nnd moro lively, appealed to
them, and, llttlo liy little, it became changed.
In Italv it was first separated from the rest
under the name of romanesca. and from thore
It passed to Provence and southern Germany,
but In each uf these countries It vvns diversi
fied and developed according to the cnarac
terof the people.
In 1'io.euce It soon became the galllard.
and this name Indicates the character of the
transfoi inatlon
llvo hundred vears later they danced the
volte, whleli vvns. in turn.n transformation of
tlio gablard. The measure was tornars like
the hitler, and might be designated technically
thus- two steps, a skip, feet together, nauso
The man first faced tnu opposite couple, then
skli ped on the left foot, turning tho left shoul
der toward them: repeating this fourtlmep.
he agiin faced the othor dancers: as for tno
Indv. her movements wero reduced to em
brniing as tightly as possible the neck of hot
As tun be t-ecn at once, this dance resembled
tho waltE in threo wa)s. It was danced In
three time, It vvas tlio Mist dance In which n
tuin wnsmade.'and the llrst In whleli thoduneor
embraced his partner. Tho Intter. in fact, did
not touch Hie ground: tlio cavalier held her
suspended with his left arm us he executed
tho four movements described above.
t the court of Nalols the volte was n favor
ite dunce, especially with Catherine do Medici,
whlln Henry II was i harmed with the i'snlm
whli h Clement Mnrot set to an air of thn
volte, thinking, perhaps. Hint what came from
tho Church should go bsnk io thn Church.
Tho volte. ii did Inter tho" wait, turned tho
beads of this lourt Thn Ouoen. Marguerite
lo Vivarrc, wife of Henry I , wasnn ailmlru
blo i tnltiisr
Aftor Hie (oirupt court of Valois had been
disponed hv the I eague, nnd Henry III,, the
last of Hie great t ntrm . hid fallen under tho
knife of .ftieuues Clement, this dnnco disap
peared forever from couit, city nnd peoplo.
Though It grentl) resembled tlio waltz, the
latter did not descend fiom It directly, but was
rather the vuiinger sister of it
In Inet, the romnnescn. transported, as we
have said, to I'roveneo and southern Germnnv.
was developed In those countries very differ
ently; in Provence into tho gnlllardand volto.
while tho Germans, more drenmv nnd slow,
changed tho romanesca into tho german and
I Tho xoltn succumbed, while, young, to ob
livion. In tho sixteenth centun. br very rea
son of Its excess, but the germnn llvori long
und produced the wait whleli lelgns to-div.
About 17N; mi Incident oecuned which
tended to fix definitely tho wnltz among Ger
mnn customs. In Its piosent form und name.
Planing It In high soc.'et) and making it known
to foreigners. This was Its Introduction In nn
openi by lucent Martin, Una Cos a Vara "
which, In S7, dethroned, at Vlonna. the "U
gtuo" of Moznit. 1'our choraiteis in this
opera, i.uiiin. Vita. I'Uita and l.illn, dressed In
i blm k and roo color, dan -ed on the stage the
, llrst wait
Tlio favorable reception of the oporn naturnl
Ivdtew the attention of society to tho dan;1?,
ntulutiderthenumeof cosnvara It Immediately
beenmn tho fashion, and shortl) afterward ns
s lined tlio name ot wait,:, by whkh It has been
kmiAii ever since.
Thus.'froin tho tourdlon of the arlstocratlo
dance, transformed by tl.o poople, was born
the romuneseii. which became, In Fran en, tho
galllard nnd volte, nnd In Germany, through
various stages, emerged nt last Into tho waltz,
and this last avatar of tho old dunce of tho
-levonth century seems to he Installed definite
ly nud.to have llxi'il tho fancy of the-orld
Iho waltz has always had, an I uIwids will
have, iippreclntlon and inquisition, hut it linn
triumphed over all und to-iluy (ts inusloiil
rlDthm. so ihirmlng nnd captivating, which
Ileethoven nnd ( liopln disdained not to lm
luortnllzn. Is to bo heard on every side. "1 ho
InvltitPm to thn Wait ' by Webor. mngnill
centlv orchestrated b) 11011101.. Is ce'ohrnted
Ul touiso. it must In remembered thnt those,
waltes wore pom posed to bo listened to rathor
tliun to bn danced,
Ileceiitly the i lusslcnl wait ln boon oh
seured liy ii nnvveomor of Ameilcan origin.
which Is called-I do not know why "Tho
lloston 'I lieiii Is no il.anco of that mine In
America, and If one asks a lomiir American
for four de Itiitlim' she does not know or
whut ou sneak. 'I his su verv slow anil
miiuieV waltz. In which the gyrntnrv'movement
Is nre: In fact, pioduccd only every oight or
ten measures, and then slowly nnd almost In
sciiHiblv (In the other hand the waltz, as It Is danced
In (lormnny. Is von livelv. thu gviatlnns very
; ipld nnd frequent Tim slownr wall lias
tbo iidvaiitngo In tint It admits of onnversn
Jlon, Is less monotonous to watch, and causes
less of lis iiWnrx t! (m rnomeiiM ,lr fete,"
which ho disturbed the good iholnot rbenii.
In thoMii..o rn) that theeosiumesnnil mnn
iiers of the world chango. tho waltz, too, is evo
lution doil-uilup ei) to, (lio conditions hui
louiiilhig It 'ibis . dance ' Ins dethroiinl
more uobln iliincf-the p.ivano. guv otto nnd
inlnui't Wo have not tlmo i uougli now to
Iciiin these eouiplieated dances, nnd tho waltz
niiiv, in its f um. be biiprilnnted by something
(teler Perhaps the future genorathms, on
Hreli occupied In oilier illrectlotis, vvl'l regard
diiiicing ns a ( illdisli pttlmo, beloiiBlns to
tho bnilinroiis davs of their anccstois.
.nJ"vr 'dentlno Principle. Hiraple and y lo u.
rlie ; nly natural and common nfnao cure for Iat
Slanhoud ifrnm any caiifel und Imperfect deirlnn
ment tiuienor to uiedlilnn unilur all elrcuui
tancea, l.oat Iror la h local wenkneM, re
qiiiriiia Incnl trentnirnt. Tall eipUnatlon of
irethc d aent f n; araled In plain ruvtlnno Att"n
tlonffph)lcUn.rs.iif.ted. TliK CAUIUION CO.,
U i niton at,, Naif Vorl.
t saoo ansviti:
Sad aa Was the l'nte of Mnitlson Jenka, It
XVnaNotSoSnd na Thnt ot lIlsGitnrillnn,
Who Wn Compelled to Spend a Certnln
Siimof: vjonry on the Cntt'ntll Dentil Camo
"Bomo of tho wealthiest cats In tlio world
llvo In Harlem," snld tho theological student,
who was talking about oxporlonees with cats.
"I mean exactly what I say. Thoro aro cots
horo which havo money In the bank, which llvo
in luxury on their incomes. For thcro ato
scores of rich maiden Indies in Harlem who
mnko cats tholr favorlto companions, and wilt n
they die they leave the felines logaclos. and fat
ones, too Outirdlnns nro npiiolntod for tho
nnlmnls, and thus they lend a life of feline cuso
until the fires of tlio ninth llfonre extinguished.
"When my friend Dulton'n olaerlv maldoti
mint died, como tlmo ago. sho lottu leguf f-vf
$000 a jc.tr to her ict Mnltesa c.il, Mn lisoq
Jonks.nnumo bestowed on thounlmnt in iiicm-orv-of
a lover who died inimy ye.un ago. nnd
directed in hor will that Uiltoti slioiild be Its
guardian. As lorn: ns tho cut lived ho was to
proviilo it with overy euro nnd dainty, and
whon it died tho StlH) a onr was to bo to IDnl
ton. to bo UBcd as ho pleased. To mnko sure
that Madison Jenks obtained all tho enro and
cat luxuries sho wished him to have, Ualton's
aunt speciflod In hor will a lone listot things
to bn purchased ovory wock. and dlrectod that
tho bills should be sont regularly to tho oxec
utor of her estate to bo audltod. Tho o.xeoutor
was nlso to v tslt tho cat once a month to assuro
himself thatDalton wns not neglectful.
"Well, Laltoti took tho cat to his home In
Manhattan avenue and was highly pleased to
bavo direct ehnrgo of Mndlson Jenks and tho
$000 a yoar. for ho calculated that an annual
expenditure of $50 would covor tlio cat's re
quirements. thuRleavlncSSoOn year for hlsovvn
nnd his dilution's numerous needs. Hut when
ho woht to tho executor nt tho ond of tlio llrst
quurtcr to draw his first Installment of tlio
StlOO Dalton found, to his amazement and
chagrin, t hat undor tho prov isloiiH of his aunt's
will ho had hnd to spond two-thirds of tho
monoy due. leaving only n bcgBiiiIy$50 for
himself. Ho returnod homo chnvvlng cloves
and steeped In thought.
"Mrs. Dalton wns equnlly nmozed nnd
chagrined and joined Dalton In his lamenta
tions It seemed Impossible to ovndo tho heavy
expenditures for Madison Jenks. The executor,
who tuuzht lu a Sunday school nnd was a con
scientious man, insisted that overy specifica
tion In Dalton's aunt's will which related to
Madison Jenks should bo fulfilled to the letter.
"'And so.' sighed Mrs. Dalton gloomll).
'we must continue to pay $400 out of tho $(!U0
every ) ear until that impudent cat dies.'
" 'Until ho dies V
" Dalton klssod her. Then ho dnnccd. Ho
would have stood on his head, but the chll
drod had assemblod to take part in tho family
gloom and such an up-sending of tho parental
anntomy ho deemed ruinous to paroutal au
thority. "'Funny It nover occurred to mo before.' bo
'"What novor occurred to you before?'
asked Mrs. Dalton. astonished by his actions.
""That Mndlson Jenks has been looking
mighty feeblo of late and Is liable to dropoff
almost nny day,' returned Dalton, scanning
tho chandelier In n meditative fachlon.
"Mrs. Dalton scanned tho carpet patterns.
Sho was o. good woman, and her mind nnd
heart did not bond easily to a suggestion of
crime : but $400 n year for a bloated, lazy, good-for-nothlnc
eat when tho childron needed
"' Rough on rats wouldn't do. would it?'
shoventurcd. still ovclnctho patterns.
"'Xo.'ansvvored Dalton. 'That pestiferous,
lynx-o)od executor would Insist on an autopsy,
and havo tho courts sot asldo the legacy on tho
grounds of malfeasance in ofllcc, contribu
tory negligence or some other of his Icgul
"'Disappearance is also out of tho question,
too, I suppose?' continued Mrs. Dalton,
managing to raise her eyes to tho piano legs.
"'(Julte.' returned Dalton with decision.
'Mndlson Jenks must meet with a fatal acci
dent. Ho sleeps In the hired girl's room,
doesn't ho?'
"'Yes.' said Mrs. Dalton. wonderlnglv. 'hut
what has that cot to do with Madison Jenks's
ill-health or sudden demise?'
'"Nothing much.' Dalton ropliod. "only this
Is the hired girl's night off. I believo.''
"'It is.' returned Mrs. Dalton. still per
plexed '"Very well.' continued Dalton, 'let her stay
away all night.'
" ' blm a'.vvavs does.' Mrs. Dalton answered,
and would hnvo questioned Dalton further, but
he snld tho Interview wns nt an end for the
time being, so sho went about hor household
"It was half-past 10 when Mis. Dalton
sniffed the nlr vigorously nnd suspiciously,
llei halrwa8 In curl-papers and Dalton had al
ready turned In.
""Don't you smell gas?' she inquired nnx
iouslv. " ' Mvdear.' rctoitcd Dalton from his pillow,
'your overactive imagination will bo )our un
doing '
"Nevertheless, sho visited tho children's
rooms, iho ptulor. tho dining loom, nnd the li
brary boforo sho vvas sitlsfled that It might
havo been a trick of her Illumination or I ick of
olfactor) discrimination
" Karly the next morning sho was roused
from a sound sninibi r liy n loud rup at hor
chambordoor Tho hired girl stood without,
bobbing h)8tcrlcttilv-und tioiuhl ug vh.lentn
"It's about Madison Jenks,' she gurgled
wildly 'I didn't know I went out Inst night
nnd left tho gas on. Indeed 1 didn't, Jlrs Dal
ton: indeed und double-deed I didn't '
"Mrs. Dalton followed tho hired i;lrl to the
Inttcr's room The odor of escaping gas vv hieli
saluted her nostrils ne.irl) overpowered nei.
and she was forcid to gasp for bieith. Tho
hired girl rushed in und thievv open the win
dow Mrs Dalton entered ns soon us she
deemed It safn 'lliero on lilssllkon pallet 1 1)
Madison Jenks. stark und btllT in tho eternal
" Never mind, Kntle.' sho sal I kindly to Iho
distracted hired girl "Accidents will hnppi n.
The escaped gas will not bo deducted from
)our wages, so don't worr)
"Hut Mndlson Jenks what will Mr, Dalton
say t" sobbed the hired Rlrl.
"'Of courso I'm vei), very sorry Hint Mndl
son Jenks is ilenil, hntie,' said Dalton. when
bescoched by Mis Dalton to soothn the per
turbed gul. "for 1 luied hlm as did we all Mi
Urlpfs, the exiK'Htoi, will piohnbly come homo
vvitli me to dliinei.nnil thin vou must toll hlm
how it htippciir.il Hole's a dollar to bit) per
fume for)our loom '
"Dalton wore u black necktie and n grave
ovpuission wlien hn presented himself at tho
pfllco or tho executor that morning 'ou
haveeillod nt n most oppoi tune moment,' be
gan tlio executor as soon us Dalton i ritmi.il
'lor I hnve Important ww lor ) on Wnliavo
discovered onothcil will of)our aunt, which
siiusi qucuts the ououlri'nd) probutcd I ) inven
months In tills one, which I shull havo in
corded nt once, SioOO. i yeui Is allowed lor tho
inainten Hue of )our liinii uled mint's i it,
iiltlioiiKti tho pioilsions nro slightly ililTcrniit
fiom those iiicorpornlnd into tho probated
Instrument ioq nro to hnvo ohuico
of Mndlsoti Jcuks until Ills deunse,
!!' ,,ll't,J "'fn'. If )ou I'l-iuly piovo
Hint death wns duo exclusively to iuiiur.il
causes tlio legae) Is jours. Hut should tip
cnt'sdoath be duo touecltlent or iles'gn.tlien
tlio money gres to the Soilelyfor hiipplvlng
hpyglassis to rihliiwii eked Ki.lois iiesi is.
It is set loith tlial I must Inspect thn eat onee
ever) twowciks Instead of oneo u month us
bcfoiji. Penult me lo congiaiuluto sou on this
addition to our income
"That uflniiioon a man In n black ne-ktln
wnsHCOiirliu: thn length mnl breadth of Hnr
lem with u baski ton his amis lor hours he
rushed in nml out of those establishments
widen keep small animals foi sale and exelteil
I) ileni'inded u Mnlteso cat -a repllciii I Mad
ison .lenks
"'The cat mint lie mcdiuni-slzi d, very much
bloated and In),' ixri',ilned Dalton to the
jouthfnl sales'vomnii who .ippiouclioil him in
the Inst nn limit shop lie v mil. d
, "' I vngvtnx ictly what o i want,' snld she.
Inulen lug n sleeping reline In tin show widow
Dalton nxnm. ned It, nml a smile of ecstatic my
ovei spread his eoiiuleiniiee It wmj Jhulisou
Jniiksuil ovorngnin bloiitod, la) und utterly
worthless Thn i it was n luritiln, snld tho
salesw Oman-.l lis Dalton told her to koop
tho change and hn Polled for homo
" whatever )ou do. Kntie,' said ho to tho
hired girl. 'do not turn thu gas on Madison
Jenks the second, nnd Inevor ioiget the name.
QU may forget, liowovor, that theio ever vvas
a Madison JenkB the llrst, nnd bn sure you
mention not the fact of his sudden taking oir,'
.. 'It wata iinrrow escape,' he told his wife
that night. 'I'm glad ou said nothing about
that i at s death jo tne children ' Ami the peuen
of mind of tho adult inmates thui restored, the
Dalton household settled down to Ita usual re-
A Lesson in Physiology
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liafom eiiUrlnu the VVl fSTSF YSaifVJVVv E?'fe If
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suiim if muc'1 ds. ft'tSJl1T5 rtW -4k t '
atrnyod here by rXrX l,XsLy KJ .& Olo,fl .h- trr i, ,
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tellies )!H(RS.TfiVtJ SiT'iSr i'U'1'ors an v
TiiNia-i:. -fm&'&I &W 'a""": ""trr "
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atioyeit b) strong VJN MbaAV I ,1.,,,.'r "'" 1,rnn hid
iiruua. . fT JySpo I rU.,.r" "d Lang
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Pmnplilets (Onuiltntiou and advice free. Send lor the eton of "llvomei'''
Mailed -U:il.
Fieo trentinent given daily nt the office of II. T. Booth Co.
Fren ilWIrllinlliin of snmples nml deinmiatrntlnii for mm week, commencing ,Inn :o h
nt the Inllowllic alores: " l
HI'llMTs rir,mtArV. SOT. Ttron.lnny, New York.
,saimti:k;s sicdicai, ihm.s, 3sj nmrord Av nml I ,.
Smitli Htli t. nml Ilroudvrnj, jnrookljn.
T3E3:E3 del. c. bootee oo.,
IS irest. ,14th St. (A(ov Court Jimliling:), N. V. City.
pose nnd vocations Madison .Icnks'd rucccs
hor tooK kindly to its new environment, us will
it inlitht. for novel was n feline so pampered oi
vvntihed with such anxiouscm
"Iho executor vvlll be up hittird ir,' snld
TJnltnn In Ml s Iljillrili nim W'.iilm w nt innnln,,
-',, -', ,. ...t IOIIUII ,F,I" ,,V-'tlll -III, ! UVl'll'IIK,
ns he leturiied Irom tl c olllce
"'Will. I hiipn Madi-on J nks IT. will be nn
baud.' letiirticil she "1 Invent heinhiin nil
afternoon, nlthouch Innisuro ho Isnbout tho
house, '
"Hut on Thursdav thecnt vvns still tulsaliij;
Hilton nenrlv hidiillt when the ileliiuiucney
was ret orted to hlm nt niuht, und n piolonced
sinri'h was mide It i nine to iinucht.
" Thei.it Is somewhere about the house. I
know,' insisted Mrs Dalton Thoro Is no pos
sible way li which ho eould union", und 1 m
sure he doesn't want to. after (he trentinent ln
has been cettinc However, tlioehllilien and
I will look ncnin In the moriilnc I expect hn
Is hldine in tlio (,'arret. for thoro tno lots of
mice un there '
' i'ildy nluht the Dalton ntmo-nhoro wns
decidedly Mtunllv Mndli-on Jenks was still in
visible, hiitiinlny moriilnc dtivvned. nnd thn
storm of doubt nml ioiistern.it nn had not
nbuted Dalton nt down to briaklast vvi'li ,i
slnklni; heart. Hut his fnithfnl vvifo revived
hlnsplntB She brouchtoiit tho bisket. I'al
ton took the hint
" I'll try it nKiiln,' mutta-od Dalton between
his clenched teeth A shout of joy arrested
him ns hot-taitodawav vvitli the basket on his
""I'lpi! Pupil' called one of the children
from Hie ccllai "We've found Madison Jenks
lildltiK In a nest behind tlio i onl '
" Dalton waited to hear no more Ho kicked
the basket into Hie street unit lied rejoIcliiR to
hlsotlice He called 'round nt the meoiifni s
ril.ice nfter bitsinesn hours nnd escoited him
lomo to view the rat nnd take dinner Dinner
enme flrrt. nnd then the executor remarked
eotirtoou'lv th.it, nsn nine matter of form, of
course, he would like to Insinn i Mudl-i'ii
Jenks Dalton tnld ono of the children to fitch
tho ent lu
" 'Vvliv. vvecin't net him up fiom the cellar,
papa, exeinime I cue of the vounKsters. 'lie's
btlll ii ill in tr in thn nest ho made '
" ' Don't disturb the little ones,' pie nled tho
oxecutor. "wei in run down ami look at hlm
when lie is. It jou don't mind.'
" Preceded by the children Dalton and Hie
eei utoi doM'i'inliil to the icllar. Ono of Hie
juveniles mote iidventiiri-omo than tlie otheis
si .iled tho mil pile and mad" for Mndlson
Jenks h no.t
" Pull him out, Olivei, clinreed Dalton
'1 hero was. n slnut seutlle. n tieniendoussint
tint:. vowlinc nnd elawlni.'. but thn vlet(ir.nis
bov lauded Miidi-iut lenks nil liclit ind held
the (lit liplDVlevvbv tin -cnifTof thn nuek
." 'Do Jou wai t the-e nt In i ones, too ''asked
the boy
' I)n 1 want whit r'cnspd Dalton
"'Mldisoil Jellk I kittens1' Sbolltoil tho
lioj us he Hirevv Hi" Miulrmlin; cat to the
crviuiil und M-nop. d fnen the nest III the coil u
Inlf ilnen iiiewiim:. sphitferinj;. blind, llttlo
feline, tluipHU-'i 11 of the inls-ldentilli d Jliul-l-nii
Jenks 'Wow ! wnitiui; to surprise vnu
with tlieni,' concluded tin dlscoveioi. proudlv.
" Well.' siinl Dnlton that nlnht. us Mrs.
Hilton I'lidiavmed to subdue the Inllimmntio.i
of her eves with roin.viitci, 'nf course I liuto
to loo i In moii' v, bit damn a cat. nnv way!'
" And tile's ilM)n vc ir, what hecamo of If"
asked Hie others
' Y u II h iv e tocsk the. Society forSupplvInc
bPU'lasses to Sliipwiecked hilloia." returned
tin; theoloci 'nl htiidcnt, passim; Ids cup for tho
third li'lnnir
i Extract i
g CAvoidanbstitutcs) p.jsg
tLfseamscs ansa $M
Meats aSS t!i;i
ict w o man
umtamesa &ur- r j
faces, Cuscs mm
Sore Throat, l
Asttsma, If I
ti rjg
Oatarfh am dinil
i Riis 1
toi iZ tifttliSi
ig ill
ItTy,' v i.'ws-rltiBliMHI
ajaiMajjMiMgMa g-iji-i-i-jg-
tiii: questios or nni h.
Mrdlcnl Opinion on I.lqunr Snlnnnt and
1 heir Sni 'al Intlm-mc.
rom fi Mctnral linoitl
At the present time.ovvlnc tondsruonl.
tvvecn several piomincnt divines in wliHi
ThbXiav ohk 8un has taken a vlRomusratt
vvitli recaid to tho desirability of lliuar
saloons fiom tho vvorklncmnn's outlook. tM
question may be Slid to bo decidedly on tl,j
flow. The wordy tilt ntarms oiiclnatci frin
some apparently Incautious phrases u-olby
Ilishop Potter In deseriblnc tho sail siiooni
when t-penkln; nt tlio Wnldorf-A-torii a few
I duvsnuo. Theliishopproclaimedaslilsorinlia
tint to tho worklncman tho linuor siloenlu
"social" necessity, und wenton tnrip'firnata i!
the poorman'sclub." which satlsfleshls ri".
rnatlvo Instinct " lliesa expressions brojsM
foithn stionu piotcst from tho lips ofI"atlir
Doyle, n well-known champion of tniperaiicf,
who, tnkiiie upon himself the losltion of spoWv.
man for tho toller, denounced tho Ulshops as
sertion in no measured terms
It certainly m ems lo us Hint r.ithir Tiorlai
laiiKuaeo was jiintlflcd. The aicumenttlat
li'iuoi saloons aro n 'oilnl necesitj 'toil?
poor man, or. Indeed, to anj one.lstoisre'ion
to hold water At any rale, in this countrr
there Is but little ot tho "pool nuns !uh"
pertaining to them. Of couisc. Hie neitui:
Ilishop Potter Intended to eonve by Ins word
vvns Hint the workiiiKtunn vlu n ha iiwied
rocioation lind no nsort uiiswerliir; In purp;''
to the rich m m's club. Hut It must be con
fessed Hi it in decl.ttiiic tho "li mor hi'eon' t)
bo to the pool nian wh it his club is to tliarf'i
num. ho dli plajed n deploi iblo 1 1 k of kn f.
odt'o of t'm i.i inner in which thn viinler- of
Iiitoxlciufh uinn.ici) theft lnisinei- At Iti
best the linuoi saloon Is but a sirrrais
shift vvhnii leete.itton is the ol "t id
i tlio iiistiiietlon n v.orkinmnn i- like y
to cain in it is KCIIVelv e.1 In (I ')
clevalo or impinvo liis mind ,, i ,c i,j
Ii ih niimev ami will spetul it with i se-it in
enmpaiiv is welcome, but when his p i kcnir
empty Ins Hueletv is no lom-Hr icirirdi Iwitli
favor I y thu piopiletoi sTiii.si iptlvri"
the case, tlie saloon koepet I- not a in ill uf ""
t.ineiit. Lint inviiriabb k 'eiishiseveon Hi. in n
cliiinet' This Indue mi. the line-til i must i"
fnieilns it roallj is end not judjei II n n'l P'
'iiiistie mid imnirinativu point nl i"" fits
truth is th it the lii-unr silonn in nr v
let it "uMir I'liin'rt chili, u p'a -ii lu vviiiihhi
euiiiive his "rceieatlve instiiu is fur p '
I I utsimply und solol) a lioin-e for tne nil'' I
Bluing drinks at n larco piollt to tlie rra
! prlemr
If tho linuor siloon does sntii-f) the won
iikiii iii'h ' lecrentiv.i In-tlnet ' all we ein "1
is that If he does no ios the i.ibjl'
instinct un nro son j lorthn luteliiKi nee "''
vtuihiiiKtiiiin Thn (jre.it imipiritv inel
men nowndavs nro iult, uie.il tints '
does no .nml to u health) man in I. ikn S
nto consideration the inealeiil iliie i i "'it
Ilium that lias In eu vvrniis'ht bv iisiB ni v It
lest that the niiittiir bhnilld lie I uinl "tl In
ni rits. anil Hut tbo icnni u.t in I ir ;'
Minii'd lie warned nf theli daiii;i i 1 i-njtf
and jii-t (hat iho vvorklnitimi'i s,i nil m
tiun!id the oia uitiiiiitie-of iiiImjic hi "
(.'"iiltil i ex let y which tin ti'li mini e i J ".
he mii-,t not look for it in the lliiunrhi
I rum a i onslderntion of theso. lal -' 1 ft "
miIik iiiiebtl(iu lothtitof the ibue ln"
li.it n Hti i Win re then, i, the imp Iv '
boiicht in nidei to nliolish or enimti i t u '
vvlin li Is in know leititod nu all i-idesi ! Wl1'" H
spi ' id H'nl nxlivmel) piii il in 'I i is. vo sjajaj
ii vs liivn In en tried, but tin lie- i v 3 m
h; nnv ni" ins iuiivorally-u ceful i iJ;
benlci.-' I wlth.ibsoluti Vila, it j in 'i1"'1
devoted iiphnlderH li 'shies, in - tntrw
Mtidiiirf meii-iiii s strictlj to em t I a
liu e mis mo vvliollv at viru ' M
M'iiilmcnt of the inhabitant- I i " ''"
an th i" rci; irdeil a-, uu en. i 'i i u' '
tin libeitj in n fie i P il Mi" M
thai hnbitunl diiiiiki'iii)"f-. i- . .'i- ''
sli mid bn tn nted us siieh I-, tin i ' .c "
ei illy In Id In tln-ed.vs lh I"'
th l'' ,n v n HriHsli a itn ' :
tei, sav i "Ijinl wit i Hi. i.i ii i- '
litivi sue' essiuiiv limit with Hi "
il wn nut on him ns i Imp!, n I a '
iii"ii)i er he bus fiil'en hv 'i imv i ' r'J
cilnweuev wli'eli hisciiishedi i h i ' "
the noblei-t nnd must Kilt -il i I -
1 all -nt lihurim under n I all' i ir n ' !"
'l, it.- iIimuhi nnd timid iiiiiiv ''"
lli-nls Sin n iiie.imrnnr su i
)om true eiuiitlVH tti, anient ns a I i i ' " J
)iiurhi irtstis men, wlil'ii ii wn it l "
Skil' US pi JHCiflll- " ,
IiillnwiriK in inese I'm s nu Ii ' """
vvns pn- I h tile llritisli Pu nn "'
ei me iiilc. furienii .Inn 1 nf In- v ,r
ir n! huiiiiiiul drunkards vv, r i ' '
KrilVlli lli'liceaie III iced III S it u '
fnriiiiitiiri' s ll.il.ltuid ditrir.1 I I ,
mil snme u'ttvolTeiiii. nn ih an ' ' 1 ,
ilieblillte li'iirmntiilies, v.ln'i tl v l
lis ill the i is,v i.f lb" fi run i ' ,,,
ns felniH. bit merelv un b-i t "' ,
trcatinciit ll uli tne stn Hid r i '.
torlesiitul Hidci irillul llielui: ie , .
vill bn ninluti I ei m tlmcxi '
or thn t,., authorities ili M " ";
Whleli istertilllll) u fmwai-il m ill
vv it bed Willi lliti li) 'ntere t n ll '
I he m vv -, tei. lOlili s frm i I - ii x ,.
lent resti'ts have lucn nl tauu I I ' ' ', ',
men' of inebriates In sit d I 1 1 "
ifitu'liihinii Iiiih been lei.eli dib.it i ' ' '
liifellh'cnt ireiitmi tit n drm k ir I ,
to oitnuu am) is STori.
1131 B'way, between 26th and 27th SU.
. J
aair-iliiiiiiM.li " "-4aBBBl)aBBl

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