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' " - THE SUN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 1800- ; ? , j
jjn n'ltioin wiurixaa of xim
J iwvkii Airi:xTunnit.
T.1U the Slury ' Hit Iormer Olltn.te In
thr 1omht "dlmmle tlio Kid "-III. II,,.
nllnn Mngnrlne n'"' "I Hanlihmivnt
I oik l. "rr '" Hhymo Some of Illi Skits.
Jsnicsl' llallen. soniotlmos known as Julian
p Hume id then ns Don JoseJ do Herrera,
l,nwo,couvlctod recently In tho General Boa-
inDJi nhero lie appeared as Ills own counsel. It
till in tlm Tombs, waiting to net n now trial.
His career ns & lawyei, doctor of medicine.
i rech' r editor, bankor nnd colToo plantor has
U?n full ot evlting Incidonta Having a good
Jlir ,Hnn li w it easy for him to loam the lan-
iiujki h nt tho various countries ho visited, and
I, , affable manners enabled htm to get Into
llallen uasconvlctod of forgery on an Indict
ment charging him with presenting a forged
mortKK ,0 rB Sarah Cnuldwell.Bo that ho
I pjeoived from her Sltl.tioO UN trial lastod
to weeks and ho defended himself, frequently
4 i WW
I Mi W
liking the witness stand and asking himself
questions for the purpose of getting the ques
tions and ansvvc rs on tho court records. While
the trial was In progress Mrs. Sarah Brush, tho
woman who said sho was married to him In
Florida, appeared In court and Identified him
mJullanD.Hnyne Henlleged thatthewoman
was mistaken. He had a mustache, and she had
sild that the man she mnrrlod was clean shaven.
Ho appeared In court one day with his mus
tache shaved off so as to convince Mrs. Brush
that ho was not the man sho mnrrled. Whon
the trial ended in hi conviction Judgo Mc
Jlahon sentenei d him to eight ears nnd three
months imprisonment He then Recured a
temporan stay, which permitted him tostayln
the Tombs pending a new trial.
Hallon's cellmate In the Tombs for n tlmo and
until a low dais ago was William A. E. Mooro,
the twicer man Monro spoilt most of his tlma
trritlug letters to his friends. Hallcn. however,
liac) a desk rigged up In his coll. nnd with the aid
of the dim llcht ftirnl-hed by two tallow candles
fpent his tlmo writing stories of facts nnd fic
tion Here Is the latest story which ho turned
out in his cell In the Tombs:
"For several weeks In my dally rambles
about tlirNo 2 In tho Tombs I had forncom
finlon one .Tame-, Casshlj,. vor long nnd well
known lu till-, modern old Egj ptian mauso
leum ns Jlmmle the Kid ' Although much
lastsixtv. whitehe.ieled nnd bent, he was full
nf the icor of mulling war against society
Time ten-ieirs stretches in Sing Sing had
Mt him with one log less thannaturo gno
him. but had lllltd Ills head with a strango
Und o' s-nb-liitollcctn.il knowledge that was
met u"(ul in the underground pasngcs of
the Tombs Ills fivorlte expression wua: "Tho
lord is good To Jinimie this meant nbout ns
much as Ininnca does to the heathen Amazuln
"Tlilr, mm hid commenced to sto.il at tho
firlrnKi or l years In rati, tho first dnto nf
Jdincs (.assiJi'B lf0 tint he could clearly recall
vvns theilai of his llrst conviction for petit
loncni Habltuiil crook and thief have been
written against him oc r since The other diy
II miK'o hut must bo his last trip up Dm
.,,. ,'ii' ', ""con ears r.ir hnnileido will
f i.l iinl) finish up Ifniinie tho Kid
Jlmmle was lor a t.ni.. tho o. llinnto of Wll
?.? Vr0 , "" ' 1 h ird Jlnunlo sii) to
lin Bill, I nnss,'.l no vocation In life ' 'Is
iiUJV' "'"pi ' ns ered Mooro OS.' said
ii?,.i.i H'Uie bcunoo hctieM.' 1 confers
r,,! ,nV m"lU "ln. Bnsp. but Jlmmlo con-
n? i M"',1 should Have been a lawyor
n,i ini .'"da Morn of shrewd xperlenees
uinY,ikfd f!'1""" thnt "ulcI lortalnlr havo
-cn invaluable io mun a puzzled seeker after
?,Hi,,nillU,ltnnRleHorthMcrlnilnul law I
,?'"' J?" thing ii follow sojourner the other
S.";' - fashion HipertH. mo boy?
l rlt'l " SWf,,lf,t ' nnythlng Show n nio.ll--n,Uhr
? sa".!10 under u doid man's bed.
hoi." ,l,'I'ctf,r will swear ho died from eating
f.?finil?ln,f toulll.I10vl""e dlgostod juill
thorm,.,110'1 bctler l,aJ lie read a11 theau-
s) YJr
lert l,B.nHnn,lft 8 dlNlne services Jimmy
ilioumiii !?''' I'i'iding of myriad tin cans.
otditu,h'ic',re 'i'i'r wm,B fvorito hymn, did
8rumb, ' .. ll0'":' l'rloii fare without a
KSbTS","11'',1''"1 '" tllu buramors, gang
!lke , " m' "-"a'cd every one oxactly
la t VeaVnu"!"" .U"0 n0 caH,e- Within tho
UtneiVr ,, , ,K'H. I"0" ul;0 amputntod.
him neT,ra,mllri,ll"'l'dlsoourni:emont escaped
Tomb, or ?, '.' i."1, ,"9 turnedlils back on the
iwilnt n, ,fcl1' ',"""' tl,nes hero was no
w Jlmm "imply said. 'The Ixird Is good.'
tw Sh7n0,ie ma,ly 9'orps Klmllar to tho
Wuhl i' .'"' ?.",H ,n Honolulu There he
''MtmSl , n,1,Iltlll inagazlne. which he had
"UcU"'i "'which he made frequent
Hawaii "I?1' 'dent Uolo's govornment of
l(i h.n n irI',ff "' ''Is magazine were
Mwhlllifi1? lla,w'l'n Government This
" hid art ir.Vi" k.n."wn, n" Ju'll,n Htt',e'
id Soart .Sd ,n Ilfiolulu under that name
'riaciwo in iVey".PaJ'r e,lltor ,'rom Ban
Sletr anrt ,,5.,iou?l,ulu,"a moved n tho beat
Ho s? dma.de Irlf-nds wherever he wont.
" SiS.. i? d0 n,ny onpmles through
Hawat I it upo" 'e uilsstonarlea of
h i fteriHi" in'."" we-'n It Is Bald thut
0oernm,i! , , '! ,ot " overthrow tho
!" nlnYh f 'I'1 '''"lost succoeded in mnk
"Uiti, ,i ,r,',,!r "' thollawallau Island.
""Ilrtsl. l I T ' JP'""d Ilia mugazlno was
""u hi, ",' " "," baulHhed from Hono
1 ?,llM"lLie ,-,',' ""1 "'sln lasted he
I ,I(,,1VV'' "ihieiu'o ovur the natives of
I ',' m nn t ls "ul !' obtained large sums
1 IIumu " ""V of Prominence IVvIng nt
1 mtwfiBe '""""' 'illhough frequent y hi
I yfe'sTi. '" "'T' t10 onla Of Whioll
I I " ori oi , "' lw "'Xlphea of his own llfo.
1 koLoQB,i! i'iM ''""'s.he criticised iiersone
I "out,aidlwfi-ttudrubezilert, UeraU
asimplo taVftn from n copy of hla magailne.
Xirlutod tinder tha namo of tlio IlawaUan In tho
month of November, 1805:
"tub jronotn. DunuM-rna and KMnKMLKaa'
"(Ontanlrcd for Mutual Itcllof In Tlmos of
"In tho Arpm lor October. 1B0S, A. B, Bar
rett, an ex-Oovornmniit oAnmlnor of banks,
ays: 'btatlatlcs nhow that during tho past ton
years bank wreckers, omuorzlers and default
ers havo robbed tlio people of this eountry-tho
nnd this state, ot things has been growlnif
worso tho past two years, for tho year 1WU
Miows robberies by the nlKive-iiiontionod mnth
od ot about $li.(XXMKX), while 18.-H shows
?bout $111,000,000, mn nbout $5.000.000.nnd
JHSI5 shows over $4.0IK),000 to July 1 ' Thon
Mr. Barrett adds, most significantly; 'These
sums probably tin not represont what wan
actually takou during thoeo years, but simply
tlio amount of tho robberies discolored '
wo feel now. howevqr. that tho tlmo Is rlpo
jor.n mighty movo In the direction of thocs
tabllshment of nn honorable nnd Independent
organization for tha protection of telonu. nna
iel sure thnt such araoiement f ill gain Im
petus ns Its morlts and advantages become
recognlzod through just and Impartial consul
trntlon. It would bo Iihmjs1po and lmpoilllo
In this prcllmlnnrv prospectus to discuss In de
tail tho designs ot this most Importnut move
,nr,nt'. ." e will, thorotoro.only submit Its most
eallont features
"To bo ollglblo to membership In this or
ganization you must bo nblo to (stnbllsh,
without question, a clean record : to furnish
the highest testimonials ns to social character
and Unauclnl staudlug, our object being to
meld mid protect thosnwho hnvo given ovl
nonco of Intellcotunl activity, not to defend tho
weak nnd misguided vlctlmsotdiipllclty. Thoso
who hnvo been soiectod nlrendy as public ex
amples by tho chinch militant, tho judicial
bench, the press, or the secret soclctlos nbovo
named wo havo no usofor and tan in no wlso
servo. Thus tho llrst rrqulsito of iiHmiborshlp
Is an unblemished reputation. This wlll.no
feel assured, result In no Impediment to suc
cessful oigaiilzatlon, but will intlier stlimiliito
those occupying positions ot trust to solf
rreservntloii: the dally and hourly downf Ml of
our brightest nnd most honored members ot
society bearing ln upon us this homely truth:
I.ct htm who stands beware lest ho fallal'
lien our day and hour como wo shall all nood
the nssurnnco of protection
" AppllcimtH vv 111 bo riqulred to submit to the
most llgld examination, ns tlio inemlierslilu
will consist of the most fnstldlous and cvclu-
ivo iKirtloii of every communlti. So expect
ninny mcmborafioni tho ranks of millionaires,
while undoubtedly t ho rellned and super-sensl-tlvo
follow a cashiers, treasurers of corpora
tions and other gentlemen of liniKiitnuee In
financial circles will favor nur organization
with a liberal membership. The mcmbcrshlii
duos and fees will, of course, bo high, and must
bo paid. Invariably, In advance. This method
alone would preclude, the possibility ot admis
sion to the vulgar working iIiirmib
"Money will tie lavishly expended In perfect
ing all tho ramltlcntlons necessari for the pro
tection of members, und no uct will bo tolerated
which could otTend tho most sonsitlvennd ro
flneu tnsto Exposure of the affairs of In
dividuals Is. of courso. to bo deprecated,
especially thoso which Invo engaged his pains
taking caro to coutlno to his own private
Miowledgo nnd personal supervision, and all
honorablo means will be employed to insuro
the snfety of members In thlsdirectlon Sliould,
however, oxposure become Inevltnule, it would
then become the duty and pleasure of this or
ganization to 'stand pat.'
"Tho highest nnd most respectahlo legnl
talent will be provided, and tho powerof our
strongest nnd most widely circulated news-
Capers will bo cmplojed In jour defence, aided
y eloquent nnd touching letters from our
most einlnont divines. expenso will bo
spared ln moulding public opinion In a mem
bers favor. Tho greatest modern hjpnotlsts
will bo engaged to work up thn .asu in couit, J
and fascinating Indies will vie with eaoh other
lu extending thoso ilellcato courtesies which
make n life of enforced seclusion a constant
Pleasure A guarantee 0! all the luxuries ot
modorn llfo will be given und will ex
tend over tho entire period of your retire
ment from tho active pursuits of business
Should solitude become irksome, a foreign
mission will bo obtained nnd. during your
exile, your family will be nssuied extra luxu
rlaneo in their modo of living to ln part com
pensate them for t lie loss of jour own solicitous
enro. Gov eriimontnl positions will bo secured i
for our sons, nnd jour daughters will bo mai
rled with great pomp nnd splendor to tho ini
mnculatesonsof 'foreign nobility.'
"Upon jour return from 'wandering on snmo
foreign strnnd.'oi t he closed doors ot seclusion,
you will be welcomed with inuih eerciuouj,
and binquets in jour honoi will bo spn nd In
the luxurious homes ol the opuiont and un
discovered' members of tho ni.soclttinii.iunl
vou will be rcstoiod ton llfo of usefulness and
According to tho stories told about llallen by
the police and tho olllcials commoted with tho
District Attornoy'8 0fllee. Hallen ls oho ot tlio
ah a rr.EAcnrn
biightest eiimln lis in tlilscountii I he story
of his checken d inner lontiuiis enoui.li urn
I toil li lor n si iisntiiui il novel
I "I llrst In aril of llallen when ho was prae
1 tieing Itiw in ibis cltj soum Ji-ars ngo,' stlil
i Detective hcrgeiuit John Cuir. the iiiuii ile.
I tnllid bj the Pollen Department to go after
criminals who hnvo tied to lornlgu lands
I "llallen hid an ollleo Inn building m llroad
wn. und, toull uiipearaiKes, hud n good prae
tke llu was n geiitleiiianiy law jer, and got
Into the good graces of main wealthy people
lu thia city Finiuls he went wrong, mid,. liter
Lommittiiig mnnv crimes, all of which con
sisted nt big swindling schemes, the pilkegot
niter lilm and he left t muliurriedlv rotirteen
indictments clinrglng lilm with vnrious crimes
nm Hied ugalust hint lu the (fraud Jul j
"H.tllen kept away from till city for a few
jnirs and nieiintimn travelleil nmtind the
vvorbl H finally got Mrs (auldwells mones.
amounting to ?ltl.rill(). giving lior it forged
mortgage for it lot this he was Indicted in
1KIKJ .Tlie iiolico of this city traced Inm to
Florida, where they learned that ho was
known as Julian D. llajne. Just about the
time the tlctictivcs were nndj to arrest lilm
he lied to Mexico. Thoro he entered Into a
contract with the Mexican Oovcrnmcnt to
supply Mexico with railroad cars In Mexico
ho posodasn wealthy railroad contractor and
demanded $45,000 from the Mexican Govern
ment as n payment on the contract which ho
had made. Ho convinced the Mexican olllelnls
that ho was a responsible contractor und that
ho did not want to run any chances of having
tho contract broken, bo he needed some money
to bind the contract , , .
"Tho Mexican Government lnndod over tho
W5.0IX). und llallen was preparing to get away
with It when the Chlof of I'olico of this city
loui ni-d thnt Hallcn vvus In Mexico e thought
It would be an easj matter to hnvohlru oxtru
dltcd and havo him brought back lioro for
trial, but tho Mexican Government rufusod to
give him up, sajing he was an honest man and
that n grave mlstnko must hnve boon made
somowhurn In nlleging that ho was a Rvvlndlor.
As soon ns the muttor quieted down. Ilnlluii,
or ns ho wits then known. Mr Hnj ne. lied from
Mexico with tho Mexican Government s$4.i.
000 Ho neM went to Peru, where he did so
nuiiiy things that no one could tell about them
In less than n week's time. . ,. . ,,.
"It might take mu two "uks to Ml of Ills
inner from the time he left Peru until he went
to Jamil Ho proved to ben model n Don Hum,
and lull In love with women of msinj countries
Ills main purpose in fulling In love vvns to get
possession of money, and ho suueeded very
well Nothing morn wits heard of lilm alter ho
went to Japan until ho turned up nt New Or
leans and through a lawyer wrote in .loiter to
District Attorney Oar.llnor ask ng whether It
was true that all of the Indutmeuts against
him here In this city had bom dlrtinlijHocl.
"The letter was turned over to Mr Oar li
ner's Bt orutnrj. Mr llrjitii, w ho made lj."l'; J
it the oniee of the Clerk of (jeiieral rless i s
and there eltrnod thnt Mm fourteen Indlit
mentrt llled prev oils to lMltl had been dis-
isred Mr Dryitit wrote to Halleirs l'r
I ormliigblin tint llallen was not wniitedln
lilsi'l " Mr Bonn believed this nt tlio time
be wrote the letter because lie learned of lie
dismissal of tho fotirtt on liidietiuents Being
con" lilted In bis own mind that lie ; mild conn
buck, hero to Now York Mate. Hallcn dwlded
to come on and settle hero for the rest of his
lite Although ho was married, that did not
prevent him from marrjlng Mrs barah Brush.
Swoa thy widow living nt Molbourno. Fin. Ho
"eft her alter getting all hermoney. nj .
"While he wns away ho had posed as acotleo
planter and also asVMethodUt m nliur. On
some occasions ho represented himself as a
allMicedCathollo priest. However, upon being
informed 1 that nil tie Indletmenfs iiere had
boon dismissed, ho came on to New o k. mot
Ids first vlfe, and went to live iwltlihoron a
farm at AddUn. this Male When I heard
Uiatho had returned hero 1 retnemOerod that
I had a binch arrant, which had I eon issued
In 1MH). for his nrrest It was deolded to ond
ainanp to Addison for the purpose , of Iden I
fyinKUallen. Tila man reported that he had
made the identification, but llallen. bolne
rnornlntt, accompanied by Detectlyo Borgoant
McNaught, I reached Addison, Our coming
had been previously announced, but not aa
dctectlvos. We had ft fixed snthat tho spotters
nbout .the railroad station believed wo wore
thoro Just for the purposo of ploasuro-on a
shooting expedition. Wo wont to tho Ameri
can House and wore thoro mot by fnrmore. who
had nhotguns for us. together with throe old
dogs. There worn two guides ready to show ns
Where tlio nood shooting was to bo had. Wo
took tho shotguns nnd started un tho road that
led to Hallon's farm. Wo had not Bono very far
when wo mot Hnllon and his wife riding in n
dogonrt. It did not tnko us long to stop tho
fig and ordor llallon to get out. Wo told
lilm that lis was under arrest on nn
Indictment found against him In New orlc
city. Ho said that ho had boon Informed by tho
private secretary ot tho District Attorney that
allot tho Indictment against him had boon
dismissed Ho seemed to think thnt this In
formation had bcon given to him for tho pur
pose ot getting him to como back to Now ork
eo that no might bo arrested. He took his
arrest coolly and accompanied us back to tho
railroad station. That day tho train on which
Mr. lloosovolt was spooking onme along nnd
stopped at Addison, llallen wanted to go and
speak to Mr. lloosovolt. but we did notporiult
hiin to do so. Wo brought hlin on to New York
and his trial followed "
Assistant District Attorney Osborne, who was
successful ln convicting llallon, rocelvod more
than lltty letters from various parts nf tho
country, giving Infoimntlon as to Hallon's
record In ono of these letters, sent by E. C
llnuch, n plumber ot Hnrrlsburg, l'n , tho
vvrltor says that llallon was known In Harris
litirg as Don JosA do llerrorn. having lived In
tho city from April to August of last year.
" Ho jiosed as n wealthy cotTco planter from
Guatemala" wroto Mr. llnuch He Bald ho
cume to Hnrrlsbuig to raise a colony of Amer
letn formers to settle on what ho called his
' Horrent plnntntlon ' Ills scheme was rlpo
when ho wns Ilnnlly unmnakod by a chief en
gineer In the imvi who had been on the cruiser
Philadelphia whon that vessel was stntlonod
at Hawaii. Tho naval olllcor denounced tho
so-called don as Julian Hnyno, who had mar
ried Mrs Brush, a wealthy widow, and then
skipped out "
Hen ls a copy of n pootlo love) lettor which
tho wldows.tjs was sent to her by llallon:
Obind Viiw Hotkl. )
.1 ArxnoNvii.uc, FU , Dec. 2U, 189S. I
Mr$. Sarah A. JruiA. iUlbournt, i a,
Mt Drxn Madaus
Tho pnpor oKUite, no ilonbt yoa have found,
Tor some Is Iho world s ou hsvs trBVtllml nrouna.
That, It we can't get (or our me quite the boat.
We ma V "io ot the poorest with much the name
So ot Uila paper, 'til the bent I oan Unit,
And I'm used to much better In much bettor mind.
Well, how artt 3 on sllY lla.4 It been my lut
Ho smui out of ilght, o soon I'm forgot T
Or have I at Milbomne Moms frlrnd constant yet?
Although since my li avlnir tbere'e time to forget I
If any them be who have mo iu tbolr Ihouitbt.
Give them, I pray you, my reapeits, that 1 natiglit.
Hut to aisure al thoio friends that hrrov er I be
1 hat each one I met not forgotten will he,
Jitfit a word to yourself and then 1 am through:
If ourconveraaUouyon wish to renew,
I mean the one at that breakfaat. you know,
Ilut you may have forgotten, ami tla better io,
l.ut write me, tf yon d boar It out to the end.
And tol. O. SanFrancIn jrour meaaage eend
In tho meantime, as ever j our friend I will be.
Though abort our acquaintance.
uuraevar, J. D
Many of Hallen's writings wore conlod by tho
Honolulu newspapers Undor tho he id of
"Sayings for Wise Mon" he wrote tho follow
I make my living. ' A. Trancla J said,
" All aud alone by using 1117 head "
" V by that." repliod Ulckj -bird up ln a tree,
" Tho woodpecker doea Just exactly like thee."
that's too thin.
President Dole will not learn to ride a wheel This
la the reason Whin he tried on hla new knlekor
beckcra in the prest nee of the members of hla l-anl
int. Attonicy-Gcncrsl Smith gave hla oplulun in the
uiatti r of Dole a phj aical conformation thtia " Hole,
if j on wtar thoae new kmrki rbockera on the 8tl(t
)eu will get yourself arrestid for having no vUdhlu
means of support."
When Hnllon was on trial In the General
Sessions of this cltj the prosecuting attorney
Introduced some of Hallen's writings in evi
dence. Mr Osborne, referring to one article
printed in the ioiraiinn. said it was a sketch
ot Hallen's life, written ny Hallen Here Is
one of his rhjinlng stories about "The Ha
waiian hmull 1 armor".
A small farmer jay.
Up lu halatnaroo,
Out letters one da)
ruiu Honolulu
Tbev all ended thus " c'oiuo down ere Units rlw,
Aud thus on ) our purchase auiuu gain iialtn.
And lach litter aaid.
In a certa'u sure way
" Co 111 , buy a h inn stead.
There Utile to pa,
rouu m hero the 1 ablsuie and licet glad tho eree
The whole ) ear around, and Ufe'a dream r. alUe.
And Ja Farmer Small,
llack in Kalninaoo,
Sid I out his wee all
lor a ttiousdnd or two
And sailed in high feather for tropn at skies
'io hunt up some land aud on it reatu
Three abort years ran by
1 his tan isu t llu'
Oni da) 1 pas.ed n'gh
That small farm Hawaiian
Sajal, " lloware tiinra and he alowl) nidus
Oh, tuuea hero aio real wcll.Just real Ho.
" Iii many cities. ' s tld Assistant District At
torn. ) us borne, "Hallen posed as it Methodist
minister and did preaching. In Peiinsjlviinia
he po-.(! as a stleeod priest of the t'utholio
Cliuruh. All ' : the disguises which lit as
sumcMl werecloaksforcoveringhlserimes In
somo placos he kept to himselt so much tint
ho attracted attention, made friends, and
worked n high game Ho Is u mail whoso
maxim is 'haw wood and s.i nothing. Ho
w rote a isx-m of th.it title, which 1 rvferiud to
on the trial Heie is the way it goes.
' mil (artir klm tu this ere Umn.
Hack uitfli near eitflito 11 one.
He d tra nped for work well up aud down,
Ilut nary a Job w tu be dime
Hire lllll-helil We never could
lill whtro hi Hud be Jest sawed wood
1 l'oj 111 Slab Clt) uaid tu 'sruss
ItiiiriMluliliors budlntss fairandfree,
Ilut lull, he d mix in no one's muss,
'I v o tisi much w ork 011 hsnd , sa d he
And when folka asked lio 11111 a mind stood
Hill eald uothlng-Jist aawed wood.
And so be prospen d. built a mill
lie took totaling timber tlun
IJut inner had a word to sav, not Hill,
Moot tin oiiuniln kind or men
Ml llillillrd rlill rispiitid. good.
Count s ij lug nothing, savs ln w uud
llallen believes he will sectuo a 1 wti al 1
from tliu Court of Apiwals ind siijs lio will bo
a free man before the lourthol .lulj iho
Mexlian Govornmont wnnU to get at lilm. but
ho will not bo given up until the autlioiities
here nio through witli lilm.
Till! ' JMMOllTiT. J. X."
The Mrnngo Mnrv of .Iiimli Ncvvinnn 1'ire,
11 I.nwver with n Coiiaclenie.
From Vie At'arta Coiutitution.
Tho report that tho "Immortal J N'"isdj
Ing nt Urbana. Ill . recalls the history of one of
tho most eecontrie nnd pathetic characters of
tho century It is the story of n brilliant at
torney udllcted with Insanity, and the manner
in which he was attacked by mental disease
constitutes a fine narrative for looso-con-Bclenccd
Jacob Newman Froo Is tho roal namo of this
romarkuble man At the ago of '21 he was one
ot tho most eloquent and promising law jcrs
practicing In Cincinnati Ho was called upon
to defend a man accused of murder, and al
though the evidence was convincing "s to tho
man's guilt. Free was Impressed witli a sense
ot his innocence, nnd ontered Into tho case
with nil his vigor nnd dutormliintlou to win
fioedom for ono ho Imagined to bo unjustly ac
cused For a whole month Ills in nd, was on 11
eoiitliiuul and Intense strain, nnd his 1 losing
niipual ln the case was ro eloquent, as to move
Judge, jury and spectators T he jury brought
In u v oreilct of " not guilty " for the prisoner, and
tholriuinpliuiitattoniel retired tohls residence
for nfewdajs" rest lie was followed by the
former defendant, who confessed that ho really
was guilty of the crime of which he had just
been acquitted. ,
Freo hurried back to the courtroom, where
the Judgo was engaged In tliu trial of nnothor
ense 1 10 ejaculated "iour Honor ,'nnd
fell to tho tloor Irom nn attack ol npop'oxy.
T ho rude brouklngot his faith In the innocence
... l.n... I... Iiml ttivil iniirv roinnrotv to
01 a mull vvlioin no nnu cuauu evorjr e-uiiiicii ui
defend, combined with tho uiiwoiitod drain on
his v Itallty. permanent!), 1 louded his Intellect,
allhoiigli ho rocov ered his usual health in Iho
coursoof a few dns
lrom this time on ho mndu himself known as
the "Immortal J.N ." loeturor on "Pressure."
und superintendent of Hint mvsteirlous lorco
which liedcoluredthroatmieiltlieexlsteiicp and
happlniss of millions, nnd w hose malign Inllu
enens wore only restrained bj his miirtl rdom
of tolliiudBelt.sncilllco.In tills airy rapaeity
ho bcnime known to all the iitllroads, hot da
nnd newspapers of linpoitanio Hi the country.
Ho had life passes on most of tho tinnsporta
tliinlliios. made it a habit never tojnj uuoiril
bill and dovuatatocl nuwspuper olllccs unless
his lectures weie given free notices lit with
all llieso hllosinciaslos. ho was a welcome vis
itor w Imrevcr he went, nnd on account ot the
vivid Imagination exhibited in Ills lecture,
thousands lloukod to hear lilm, An Incident Is
given to prove that his nflllctlon had not
dimmed his wit ... L - ,
l.oag -, when his famo was not firmly
estalilTslied, ho visited St. Louis und nuturady
made his way to the Southern. When he was
taking leave the manager said: "Well. 'J N ,'
you havo been a wcleomo visitor, and haie
afforded both profit and pleasure to us all.
Seeing It U)ou I'll knock off half your bill"
"I nover allow nnv body to be more magnani
mous thml. ' replied "J N ," who alvvnvs
bvv ore lie had a cop) right on the stur j . " so 1 II
'nock off the other half" nnd ho did Ills
1 gvneiosity soon became proverjilnl nmotu'
hotel keepers, and it was marvellous how
quickly they full In with his ways
This caso furnishes another one of those pe
cullar Instances jor the study ot the modern
physlolan. It will also be of valuo to those of
the legal profession who hold that credulity is
a quality which should bo far romovod from
the succcislul lawyer. v
urirr.r hvuxth o' oxk nrxxixa at
jtn' irmrix wah tx.mk
renthere I'lucked from the Unite Ttlrd
Hpnrtlng III1101I of Fried F.ggt Arotiaod
Itelllgereucy of the I.nnyar nnd the .ludgo
Pence Itoatorcd by n Sleepy Womiin.
"Tho Eagle lllrtl." whlohwns thoouphem
Ism applied to tho ootlt larceny roulotto wheel
lu Koy West during that coral rook's era of
activity tu a naval baao In tho recent war, had
boon burning tho boys up. Al and Tommy
and Johnny, tho thrco centlomon who took
turns nt spinning tho little marblo around and
announcing that It was rod or blaok and in tho
first, socotid or third "oolyutn." as the caso
might bo, had bocomo plothorlo with their
prosporlty. Every ono was agreed that roulotto
was n como-on's gamo.
"If thoy'donly deal faro," sold ono of tho
boys ono night, as n number ot men sat on the
front veranda of tho Key West notel, "I think I
could do 'cm That's tlio only gamo to buck,
A man's got n chnncj at faro, but at roulotto ho
might Just nswoll glvo 'cm tho monoyattho
start oft."
" Woll. I don't know." drawlod a long-legged
Mlnsourian. who was In Koy West as n Inwycr
looking aftor tho prlzo money claims of tha
shlps'erows which had boon capturing Spanish
merchantmen. "They'vo been sticking It Into
1110 till I'vo got to boat 'om or swim bnck to
Tampa. Now I'vu got just 0110 bono nnd I'm
going to cross myself nnd tnko a llnal flier.
Como nhond up and watch me."
"" There was a chorus of dissent from most ot
tho mon, but sonic ot thorn followed tho lawyer.
"If I win," wns tho Mlssourlan's parting
word to those lett bohlnd, " I'll como back nnd
blow you off. Wish me luck for tlio bnr'n sake."
This last was a strictly Key West orthodox
sentiment, for almost everything that hap
penod thoro militated In favor ot tho bar So
every one called out n good w Ish and tho Mis
souri mi dlsappenrod around the corner, fol
lowed by a few retail ers. An hour and a half
lator It was then near midnight ho renp
peared s ho enmo down tho street his lint
wns tilted triumphantly to ono side, nnd In his
right hind, outstretched bofore lilm, was a
hunch ot bills.
"Oh. I did 'cm I" he cried 'Tlajed nothing
but ropoaters. Al's choking to death right now.
btarted In with a bono, playing 10-cont chocks,
nnd skinned 'om for $102. Now, let's havo a
drink. Call up evorybody nnd we 11 drink right
hero "
Tho scml-wccklvsoclal runctionntliBrljn.n
daticing million on tlie bench frcquentod b the
swell set of Key West, was over, ond tho hotol
veranda wns crowded with correspondents,
naval onkors and others who made lit their
lieadqtnrtois. hvcry one was agreeable to the
Missourlans suggtstlou, und the darky
walteis were kept busy running back and forth
between tho bur and tho veranda utrrjlng
bottled beer nnd Scotch high halls The luekj
law lor was ixtjing for overj thing, taking ns a
personal affront tho display of money byunj
one else Tho pace wns so svvilt that by uud
bj It began to toil K alleged jokes were re
ceived with uproarious laughter llottlesnud
glasses were jocularly dropped nnd smashed to
lilts on tho brick pavement in front of tho
hotel Voices grew loud nnd the congrnttiln
tlun to the Mlssourlun tor Ills good foil lino
could Le hennl us Inr as the Govi rnment dock.
Prominent in the nierr) crowd was a tall
mitt), smooth shaven robust, but whitu hain d.
a tjpleal houthorner He was a lawver. too,
holding n (iovernmeot ofllce. He wns both
dlgnilled ami clever, nnd even one liked lilm
Wlthnl ho vvus 11 judge of whlskei nnd n be
liever in It ns liclng crnducivo to longovitv
1 or tho purposes of this story it is well enough
to call him the Judge Now tho Judgo was
having lust us good n tlmo oer thu fortune of
his fellow memberot the bar as any one else,
but being older I linn most of thoo present at
tho telebntion, ho tired sooner, ami nbout 1
o'clock, with much dlgiiit) nnd 11 slight list to
st irboard, he arose and meauden'd upstnln. to
his room The jollillcntion had rciehcd thnt
stage when no man is iiiIssimI, uud 11 cih
driver is as good as n Count Hence it wns thnt
1 riisl 1'gi.s, lu which inmo n mottlod I uban
( tbmaii was known to fame In hej West, bad
been induilid in the eompaii) which the Mis
sourlnu was entertaining 1 lied lrgsinude his
llvlugout of .1 horse thnt would hxvo euined
jiitii ut leust ,1 vears hoard in a penitontl irj
find he driven it 111-t once in .New ork I'lm
lHKiren 11(11 rc looked iilwajs us thougli itwould
irumiilo up tlio next minute and die in its
trucks Hut 1 ncd l.ggs loved it and it was his
slnndtug 1st 1st tint it could beat any man in
Ki j i st running ,
It so h ipp- tied thnt upon this night I rieil
l.ggs, in respiiise to erltiei-m by the merrj
niakors concerniiig Ills hor-e. renewed Ins
. clinlleugc to mulch the niiiiiml against any
man In town licreup m the sporting soul
of the Missouri law jci was aroused, and ho ac
cepted h). mm.' ho declired. "Ill licit him
right now Hot Jou .J 1 cull beat bun from
that street to tint stieot " pointing to the
street above and the street in low the hotel
Tlil-.illAt.inec wisiiunttt I.ri0vnrl-
"'Iake vou.' said Fried I ggs with a grin,
and he iminediatcl) i-limbed into his inm
sh uklosiinej
"Hole on. there, 'iriedtho Mlssourian Put
iipiour nionej
I 1 led 1 ggs dug for ltnnd pulled out .) cents
"ou re binning." iiuiiouiiceil the Missourinn,
stripping olTn $-' bill fiom wli itwas leftof his
1-igle Illrd pluekiiiKS " Put tip now. Put up"
hrnd 1 ggs (linilicil out of his surrej again
and held a consultation Willi some of the other
tubmen The) dug down and bj dint of much
effort succeeded in getting together $1! In
liood '" s-iid even body Now forthonco"
V shun, fit mm. who was common!) (ailed
Devils in, vu- made stakeholder. Kettle the
t lalrvoviuit wns mule startui. and btuut. u
Plillnih lphlan. vvisdiuseii for n feree
'N'ovv. giMitlenien.' began the Missouri in,
"go alu ud and link me. It'iac!uch Hut
llr-t I must take off m shoes "
" Hut vou'H cut jour bet on the eliss." somo
one said
No. 1 won't I vis raised In Mizrournaiul
nevi r s nv a pair of shots till I vvns crown up "
Mttnig dovvii. tluieloie un tho hotel sti n,
ho took oil his shoi s, mil walked down to the
st-irtlng street I ried Fggs was ulread) there,
vv hip 111 li mil W it la nn Inconsistent deference
for tin gin stsof tin) hotel vv ho weio nllcgcd to
be sleeping, it was ilei bled not to start tho
rii'ors with n pl-lol hut by word or mouth.
I.v en thing being read). Kittle shouted "Go'
The Missouil.iu lit out, head UP uud tei t
a filing. Fried Eggs hit his cripple it lick
with the whip, sliirl.liic tho aiilinnl so
that its legs got tnngUd and boloio the
horse could straighten them out another
cab drovii down the street from the op
Hislte direction ami Fried 1 'gs vv is poiketi d
1 lie Mlssourian reached the tape will blown,
and looked iiround for his four-footed rival.
All hu could see wns 1 ried Eggs trying to bent
the brains out of the lu nil ot tho cabman who
had cut lilm oil The Mlssourian demanded
the mono), but Stunt the referee held It to bo
no race, and ordered It to bo run ovi r agnln
"How uro vour feetr" nsked 1111 anxious
bickei of tho Mlssourlun ns they went back to
tho starting point ,
"All right, lie sild, and ho examined their
sob s Anp-ireiiti) tho glass ho hud dnii"ed 011
hndn t hint them
Once more a start vvns made, precaution
beiii)- taken to keep thu coutso clear 1 ried
Fggsgot afnlrnturt l'p the road tlie) cume,
tho lnw)er n little In the lend Thocuhmcii
vveieclicorlnglrlod Egs und evory one else
the foot rncor . . ,
" Como on, you Itorder lluninn I" yelled a man
ft urn Kansas, ns the liivuer lilt tlio glass-iov-eied
section of sldowalk The runner was
unking good tlmo. His head was so far back
that ho could only see the slais, which were
blinking down curious!) at this unusual Pro
ceeding Twenty Pices be) ond the hotel steps
was a (olograph pole It had luen sot In Iho
sidewalk, cloao to the otitei edge It was quite
dark thuio. nnd the foot racoi dldn t see It Ho
hud been veering a little to the left during tho
ulml run. nnd when he reached the telegraph
lion. I DO. UUU WJICU JO' 11'IH.lll'., tltu .v.u.t.,..
polo hu ran squuro Into it with n eraek that
soundod like the mushing of a watermelon Lp
lu the air ho lievv, nnd. sprawling back against
tlie fence on tho othor side of tho walk, ho fell.
"Well. I'll be dog.gonedl"he ejaculated, as
he looked at the polo uud then at tried Eggs
living b.u winner. . . .
The impression among the spectators was
that the Missnurlau must bo badly hurt, uud
they all ran to lilm. ,. ,, , , ,
"lirenk anything?" asymnathlrorasked.
" Notlilug but my watch," ho uiiswerod, fcol
Ing himself nil over "I had him beat, though,
dldn t If HeseasY I can boat anv; horso In
this town, I citn I'm a runner fiom Jllzrnurn, '
Just then Fi led Fggs nppeared and demanded
the stakes
"I decide this a draw," declared tho referee,
"The cab fouled Fried Egga and tho telegraph
polo his opponent. Draw down jour stakes,
All bets off '' , , ,..
Stunt's decision wns popular with nil oxcopt
tho cabmen. They Inslstod that tholr cham
pion had won. and thoy proceeded to make de
mands In vory loud tones Thu argument was
progressing peaceably enough ou tho veranda
wlienn strange figure appeared, it was tho
Judge, clad in an undershirt and a pair of
trousers, his bare feet being lurgely In ovl
donee His fncu vvus very white and a sllonco
fell on the urguiiHintiitlve crowd , .
What In tliuinlei In jou rufllnns mean''
. buaii the ludge "b) ki epllig overilsuly
I awake In this iiiiinnn' Vou'ie 1 lot of hood
I lunis1 ITie ideuof sm ligoliigs-onat this tlniii
I of night' '
1 Willie the Judge's remarks worn geiiontl,
the) were delivered at thu Missouri 111. vvli
stood nt the bottom of the vnuiula steps tight
ntnld nil tho hrnken glassware , It appeared tu
be 1111 to lilm to iniikii re pi) nnd he thought so
""What tiro u klcklus about V ho iuqulnd.
" Yon stayed down hnro shd pot yonr skin full
ofbooyontrnyojcpotifto. I didn't sen you pass
ing up nny drinks" ...,,,
"ott rnscnll" furiously cried tho Judge.
Ignoring the tnithtul remnrks of tho other
member of tho bar. "I'll lick thundoroutof
you, sir. In just nbout n minute." . , ,.
"Como right down horo nnd do It," was tho
retort, ,
Tho two eyed each other forn second, l.vory
one elso wns silent, A young mnn with a long
nose, who sat In a wlckor chair by tlie Judgo s
side, coughod In Ids sunpressod oxcltomcnt.
The Judgo wheeled, grabbed lilm nut ot tho
chair nnd slammed lilm against tho wall.
"Oh. 1ml. the llrst victim!" oxclalmod tlio
?oung man, but the Judgo paid no more ntton
Ion to lilm. He simply sol7ed tho chair, raised
It aloft arid dnshctl down tho steps.
"I'll beat your brnlns out, slrl" ho shouted.
Thn Missourlnn dashod into tho mlddlo ot
VuMlint chair down nnd fight" ho cried.
"You JiKtr mo? Put that chair down nnd I'll
tat you up " ...
Tho Judgo started after htm with tho chair
till alott. The Mlssourian recreated
"Youoownrdl" hlssod tho Judge.
"Put tho chair down and I'll show who's a
Tho Judge hesitated nnd then ho walkod
back across tho broken glass and up onto tho
steps. Hero ho put tho chntr down and tho
joung man with tho long nose resumod Ills
sont. , ,
'lou'roa lot of drunknrds," remarked Iho
Judgo to tho crowd, at thosnmo tlmo suppress
ing n slight hiccough himself ....
" os, that's right," spoko up n figure bohlnd
tho Judgo who had just appeared on the scene
It was thn hotel manager, clad Inn beautiful
carmine bath mbo. "What will the guests In
the hotolsay? It'sshocklngl"
"You sold the rum, didn't jou?" put In thn
Mlssourian. "You've got tho monoy tor it,
haven't) oil? M) money? Nn.v liusli "
"Dour inc." mill mured the hotel mnnngor.
" W hat 0 scandal I"
"That's right." began the Judgo ngnln It
Is a scandal to hnvo such drunken, cowardly
minimis about the place," and again hu looked
hard nt tho Missourlnn
"Oh, you're drunk yourself "was tho retort
"Why, (limn you, slrl" exclaimed tho Judgo
" Y'ou uro Insulting, sir I'll bust vou open "
Again whirling tho loiig-noed young man
from his sent, hu selred the chair nnd darted
down tho steps. This time he kept rlghtiiftur
tho Missourlnn, who ran up tlie street to where
stood Fried Eggs'scub with tho horse tied to
tho fntal telegraph pole Taking roluge be
hind tills, tl 0 Mlssourian began taunting his
pursuer Tho Judgo tool, after lilm. Around
nnd nround the cab the) went, one In his ban .
thu other In his stocking bet
"Cownrd! (onatdl Coward!" howled tho
Juilire. (ontlntinll)
" Put that clinlr down l"bawled tho fugitive,
" and I'll liek )our life out "
Still tho raco kept up
"Oh! I'm a runner," facetiously remarked
tho Missourlnn "I'm a foot nicer, and I'm a
better luw yer than you are. too I can lick you
here or I can lick In your court"
Tho. ludgo redoubled his efforts, his profes
sional pride having been aroused, but lu viln
He couldn't citclt his mnn nnd ho wouldn t put
down his chair to light him Finally ho re
turned once more to thn steps nnd turned his
weapon over to tho long-noed young mnn
The argument recommenced nnd wns thrnsh
Itigovertho old ground when feminine whis
pers wore heard on theveratidn nlnivo One
buxom youug woman hearing the riot had
solred n revolver In one hand and a pitcher or
waterln the other und dashed out Into the hall
She was considerably In deshabille!, but bolng
excited she didn't mind this.
"Hero I" she said too malo guest whom she
met In tho hall, "tako this pistol aud shoot
those men."
"No: you do It." sold tho ungnll.-int guest
"I would, but I don't think my husband
would like it." she replied
Then sho flow out onto tho veranda nnd.
compromising with herself, dumped the con
tents of tho water pitcher on thn t rowd below
The water lit on tho Mlssourlun mid dive ried
his attention Irom tho Judge long enough foi
tho latter to get Inside the hotel without 11P
penrjng to retreit In the presence of the i-n-em)
'I lie carinliio-robed nnnnger follow eel,
nnd the tfOlleo force having tin illy put in ,111
nppoarnnoe the crowd dispersed The net
till) the Judgo vv dked with 11 suspicious limp
stnlght lnst the other honorable member nf
the b tr, who hnd a large lump on his foiclu ad
Imt. strangely enough, no limp; and neither of
them spoke
irownr.nruh sur.r.i' jocjs.
Storlra of n ltrreel ltrouglit fiuiii evi rn
land to the We it lu 1873.
From the lenrer I cemng I'oit
"I he most celebrated breed of shephcid doc
over known in the West," saiel .Jtid lln-tol, the
old-tlmo sheep man of lort Collins, Col , ' were
those bred from n inlrof Now Zealand dog
brought to Colorado in 187.r I Ind several of
theii pups on 1115 ranges and. could 1111 it volume
with instances of their rnre intelligence and
"1 remember ono pup in particular, lfowus
oni) si months old when he w.i-. sent out ono
elav to work on thei.tiigo Vt night when tlio
he rd was brought up to tho corrals wu saw nt
once tint a isirt of tho henl was mis-dog
Thoro were l.tlOOhead In the bunch whon thev
went out In tho morning, but when wo put
them through tlio chute we found that '.'(HI
were missing The pup was nl-o missing
W oil. all hind- turned "Ut for the -eareh W c
hunted all the night and all of the noxt ele)
and did not find tlu lost sluepuitil -lli.ngto-winl
night Hut theiethe) wcic.all herded In
it littlo draw, about live miles from home, and
there wis tho faithful dog standing fiimi-d
Iho wolves wore ver) plentiful in thosodi)s
nnd the dog had not ti illy hidden tho sheep
from tho nniinitls In the draw The poor follow
was nearly famished, as ho had been for thirty -six
hours without food orwutor From that
day he becaino a hero, but was so badly
affected by hunger, exposure, and thirst, nnd
subsequent ovorft edllig und petting, that lie
died not long nfterivnrd
"This snme pups mother was in especially
fliionnimnl One tilglil the hcnloi brought In
his flocks and hurried to hlscnbin toiook hlm
m If some supper, for he was more than usually
hungry. Hut he missed the dog, which usually
followed him to the cabin of an evening to have
iiorstipper Thehi nlorthoiight rnthorstrnngo
of it, but mndu nnsearcli for the dog that night
Hut win n he we'tit ilowu to the corrals the next
morning ho found the gttu open mid tlio faith
ful elog standing guard over the Hocks 'Iho
border. In his haste the night bofore. had for
gotten to olosu tho gate, and the dog, more
faithful thin her mnstei. had renmlimd at her
IHist nil night, though suffering from hunger
nnd thirst.
"On another occasion this snmo clog vvns left
towntcli n Hock of sheep neai the herder's
labinwhlle tho he-nlor got his supper. After
tlie herder hid ente'ii his supper ho wont out to
where the shoepworo and told tlio dog to put
the sheep in tlio corral This she refused to do
niicl.ulthoughsheliad hud nosupper.shestiirtcil
off over the prnlrle as fust as she could go The
herder put the sheep in tho cot ral und went to
bed. boiitiuldiilglit he was awakened by tho
loud bnrklngotuilogilown by tho corr els Ho
got up, diessed himself nnd went ehwiilotho
corrals, and there found tho dog with n bnnd
of about lllty sheep, which hid strujedoff dur
Inc the previous day without tho herder's
knowledge, hut the poor doc knew It. unci nlso
knew tint they ought to bo corrallid. and she
" Anol her good siory of this snmo elog Ono
da) slio wns sent out with n new herder to an
outlvlng ranch some fifteen miles elist mt Thnt
ulglit sho c.iiiio home, aud by her actions told
us that there was something wrong at tlio
ranch Well, we mounted our broncos ond
w out ovor to the ranch, and very soon found out
what the matter wis. Tho now herder was
slmplvn tramp, who. ns soon ns he had got n
good feed, had lit out and left tlie sheep un
cared for, sine by his more faithful companion,
"Ono time wo had a tenderfoot come to work
for us, ond tho boys hud llllud lilm so full of
hair-raising stories that ho never wont out em
the range without expecting to bo elthor eaten
by bears or scnlpod by Indlnns One. day ho
came running to thu house, all out of bi oath,
declaring thai he hndseenii boar Wo laughed
ut lilm and sent lilm back to the inngo
"A fewelays afterward liocamnlii again, more
scared than evor.nnd said It wnsabenr thut tlmo
sure. Well, wu took our guns nnd u foxhound
and went out, and, sure enough, ov e;r on a hill w o
saw a large black animal. It wasn't a bear, but
wo couldn't mako out exactly a hat It wns. W u
sent the hound and tho shepherd dog that was
tending tho herd out on Its trail, vvhlle we fol
lowed on foot. The dogs chased the animal
ovor tho hill out of sight. Bonn the shepherd
dog caino trotting leisurely back and took her
place with the herd again Over In n gulch wp
found tho hound standing ovoradend aiilniol.
which upon oxnmlnntloii we found to be n big
black Mexican sheep. Now. that shephi rd dog.
ns soon ns he found It wns nothing but a sheep,
had given up the chaso and returned to her
(look. She knew It was, not game and of no
account, while the hound h id followed the trail
uud killed tho sheep"
MV HI PAL f'rs.
One That Varlra tho Uatixl Plnn of WnlMntr
on the Piano Keyboard,
Wilminoton. Del .Jan. 28 It Is not unusual
to find cats thnt tnko pleasure lu walking up
and down tho ke boards of pianos, often caus
ing fright totlmid folks nt night Thorn seems
to be some fastiiiiitlnii for Iho cats either III tho
notes ot the piano or in tin thrills sent through
thocnts I v the vibration of the wire Mrs If
'I Price of this city has it e at that does not foi
low the usual wn) oteiijoyiug Hie piiino ft
lines not 'Imii, iijhiii the, ke) board, but simply
squnts on tho piiino stool nnd strikes the keiB
with Its front pnv.s It taught Itself the trick
and nt every importunity mnkes niiialo for It
self I' has not ynt nllempted Io sing, hut It is
jounmet nudum) tn vwal music later.
John H. Woodbury 0$$j f
Dermatological :: '
Institute RS 1
Now at Islte!' $$y
26 W. 23d St. IP
Itnpurfoct nnd (Jcformoil features painlessly corrrctctl All tllRflRiirlnif 1
blemishes spoetllly ami permanently removed. Hkln ntul sonlp illsenson fiireiil. I
A Letter from n Former Mnvo to Ills Old
Reoently Hie writer has como Into posses
sion ot a lottur written from Ohio In a former
slave to his old master in Kentucky The
slave ln question wns n Christmas gift to his
ownor nnd ho wa at tho tlmo ho ran away tho
only slave In tl.o ovvnor's ihjssossIou. though
his mothor was owned by a brnnoh of tho sanio
family. Ho wns a mulatto bor ot 10 nnd wns
whit wns known as a "llkolv nigger," worth ,
at market ratos about $1,000 or $1,200. Ho
had passed the greater part of his life on tho l
hanks ot tho Ohio Hirer ln sight ot Ohio and j
freedom, but ho ehoso to remain 'In Kentucky
and bondage. In 18.15. fearing thnt ho would
be taken with his master's family into the In
terior, wlioro there were no people of his color,
he dennrttd ono night and for many years ho
wns not hcanl or, his owner making no at
tempt to recapture lilm.
In 1WMI, or thlrt)-llve jenrs after bo had nm
nwa. ho wroto the letter given below or '
rnthor his dnughtor wrote it for him. as he I
hnd. In common with other elivcs. never been
taught to toad or wrlto. and he had no tlmo for
education when he cot nway from tho easy j
wais of tho South ami had to hustle for him- I
self. His first slopping place In Ohio wits only
about 100 miles from his old homo, and tho
town whence his letter was written was pniba
blv twlco an fm '
It will bo observed that he signs tho name I
by which he was known In slavori nnd gives ,
nuotnor ns his nddto-s. The reason Is ap
lsircnt. In thee later dajs many colored I
puoplo from thu South who me now living in j
.Northern lo-alltlos. havo tho nnnios of their i
former mnstets. but in tho days when freedom
w is a crime tlio Individual seeking It chose I
am nntno than that which might Ideiiti.'j lilm I
with his old l'fe. I
H . O . Oct 7. TW
Tl Drill I'M) sir I receive I a verv kind let
tern few woeksacotrom jourslter.Mrs W .
lu lunlv to n long letter which I vvioto hor after
hearing from Airs 1, . tint she was living
and where sho resided 1 think vou could
harill) renllre how difficult I found it to bre tk
awav from mi old home and nil who were so
elcnr to me. tlio only ones oo earth whom I
knew nnd loved Them wns vour mother, who i
was'nlwiys so kind to mo in) mother who wns
.lire-oil) sold, and might be irsoM nnJ ent
vvhete I should never again see her, mv sitters
weie aire, id) sold and taken nvviy from us,
and I lived in terror lest, through somo mis- i
I fortune J might bo i;aln sold nnd sent nws) i
from all I loved and my onlv home, snd vet '
continue in sliverv to u stt tuger ro. ntlat. .
thoiish )ou tientod me well, unci jou and yotn
children were vcrj uoir unci clear to me. and .
I loved my home, 'ind bid no Interest outside
of yours. I gathered up enough cotince to run I
awav from the onlv ones 1 ctreel for or who
e.ued for me Man) times in my journey I i
longed to return uud give up my ambition to
be a flee mini an 1 try to content myself in I
mi eomfortible and nleasant home, but some-
thing urged me on
I lor )(.irs 1 havo t niggled on. honestly. I
believe, to gain a comfortable homo for my-
1 self und fast Increasing famili The second
, j'.ir after 1 arrived here 1 married a verv
1 voung. light-colored girl, onlv lfi years old,
I who bus proved n good, faithful wife, very
I domestic nnd Industrious Mv Ann ha been
the mother oT olgli'een children nine sons unit
I .line d mgliters I Ive girls and four hots lived:
. the joungest. n el luchler. la 7 nnd going o
' school I hive nevci succeeded in owning a
home Ml burden Ins been loo nenvv forme
to accomplish more tlnn to take good care of
nil chl'dren uud ke'ep them In school borne
of them lire pretti good scholars Three of
' mi daughters are married Tlio eldest,
1 (inre, has lo-d her husband, William George
she Is a child to bo proud of My fourth
, daughter, .iced 111 is ver) pretty in face, form
und in itiners Mie hns lived with Airs
sim e she wasH vears old She Ins a line edu-
e it Ion
I I wish jou would write to me ln I'll much
to hem from v m nnd to leiin about ) our ladv
mil vour love!) children 1 have a large black
ke rcblef vourile.il mother give me not long be-
f ui- 1 left home 1 think cf vou a'l very often
and. oh bow much 1 lone to seo )ou all once
mon- If I Ind the means I s'lotild make m
old home and in) old friends a visit. If onlv a
hurt (lie 1 am getting broken down err
ifnst 1 show my vears, for I have worked
ver) 'onstnnllv nnd severelv to keep up with
our wnnts 1 have novr forgotten you. nor
ran 1 ever forget you Will vou lease wrlto
to me. oven if vou can spare but a few mo
ments to me Eveiy word )ou utter will bo
high!) prized by me
Please give mv respectful remembrances to
)our klnel wife, al-o to )our children Yours
roMeotfull). Wiimh.
Addiess ino as John F .
inxoi:noVH jitrrTr.a uvlks.
A stntn of -Affnlrs That Mcnnrra Xnvlgntton
on tlio Mississippi.
Nfw Or.iKA.NR.Jan. 28. On tlio complaint of
the steamship agents and stenmboalmen of
tho damnge dono by coal boats, barges and
other derelict craft, the Dook Commissioners
and others Interested In tho navigation of tho
Mississippi hnvo determined to proceed vigor
ously against those who are responsible for
this nuisance A proposition Is bofore Con
gross to prohibit the navigation ot tlio lower
Mississippi Iiiver by vessels which havo no
means or piopulslon and therefore cannot con
trol themselvus. but drift down, at the mercy
of tho current, in constant danger of collision
with the .'teumships and steamboats and fre
quently injuring tho latter. Even It the law
passes Congress it will be some tlmo bofore It
tan be put in active operation; and it ls doubt
ful wliethor It will meet the conditions against
which the steambuatmon complain. Tho
trouble just ut present Is duo mainly to tho
drifting coil birges, which are turned looso
in tho river nt tlio stream's mercy These
barges come down from Pittsburg or some
upii liver point laden with coal, but under
the eontiol of a poworful tug. 'J hey laud on
thu bank opHislto borne plantation und the
coil thev contain is sold. The barges are of
no valuo afterward anil are usunlly sold for
liruwoocl II firewood Is cheap or abunoant
wlii'retlioilhnvo landed, they are not deemed
worth tutting up nnd are turned loose llko
worn-out horses to go their own way
This, however. Is extremely dangerous to
the river craft below The Innres are power
ful and lieav), and with the current of the
Mississippi bthliid them are like so many
i.i ins They are without eontiol of any klnct,
uud without llglils. so that the steumers can
not seo them coming Tossed about by the
wavos, thev frequently run itshoie, knocking
holes In tho vessels lauded or anchored there
Thoro nre several of tluso barges strandod
just now at Audubon Pirk, In front of -Sew
Orleans, and there have been a number of ac
cidents lately duo to colllsUu with thOBO dare-
The Superintendent of Docks of New Or
leans, who succeeded In catching some of tlie
floating barges, foaiid that tlio marks on thorn
had been carefully obllieiated, sous to render
It ImpOBslblo t detnnninn to whom thov orig
inally holongsd, and icinscuucntly .who Is re
am nislblo for Iho accidents cuused by them
Tho coal dealers emphatically duuy that they
are In nur way responsible, mid nscort that
the barges lire turned looso by the planters to
whom they were sold after tho d al they e-on-tnincd
hnd been dlsch irged, and lliey agree to
Join forces with the shipowners and Dock
t'oinmlsi-loiiersln Investigating the manor and
determining who are reHKUisible for this nui
sance und mi'i nee to river navigation An In
quiry has been orelered lu all eatesof derelict
h trees found Hosting on tha Mississippi, and
an attempt will be mndo to bring to account
those resKnnlblo for them It will probably
huto io be under the Federal statute forob
stitictl n of navigable streams
111 entlird '.' t Hours through a l.nrden Hose.
f'ruM tlie Mtnneapolu Irt'une
IIfpWimi Minn.. Jnn 24 -Edward Johnson
was btirii'd alive lu n sand pit al ( Inybank for
twenty nine hours nnd when extricated was
uninjured Johnson was working in pits when
the llrst oitve-ln occurred, covering liliuaafur
ns the shoulders A garden hose was throwi
to the man. when tho scoond cave-In riccurred.
bur) lug lilm under ten feet of sand, and through
thy lioie Johnson breathed for oyer a day.
ltOMKHlCKXESS C41 S.7) HI' iltltirAti
AXO .OS-Altlll)At. 1 V tf..l.
When the Units Do Arrive It's UUe n Knock- J
Diivtii HIow to tlio Slcn Mhe Oct No I.pN i
ters-tJiHcr lli-lni for M hie It Thero
HrcmatoHoNo llensnnnVilc Lupliinntlon. '
Mamiu. Nov. 211. Oeenslonntlv tho kindly i
fito which wiitehos over Iho lives nnd fortunes; j
ot Fnolo Ham s soldlors and sailors Inletvcnesi ,
with tho mall destrovors of the postal servleo ;
and a few sacks of letters get through On n
Lehalf of nbout 18.000 men In the land and J
navnl service of tho Fulled Ktitcs remarks j
have been mndo ubout tills su! jo. lofDVC.
so'iietlinos by cable, but the) Into hnd no ap
parent result. The nrilvnl ot the now linteli i
of transports liilugs the subject unnficsli nisti i
now beennsj thoro Is it new Instance of the np- j
parent disregard of the feelings of Iho men J
out hero with which postal affnlrs are handled
at homo P.-ol ubly there is no use In tryluir
to make tho "sheltered people" uiidersmnil ,
how o.igeil) the men nvvalt their mall, with
vvlnt lovnnd nleisine thev get tlicli letters.
or how lei i lllc is the blow when thov got none.
Just )eslerda) nllernoon I was talking nbout
the mall w.th n man who his bcon In tlm hos
pital for sltv davs with Uphold fcver.nudho
lold me hie stot) of niiinii who died In tho cot J
next his own The tnxir folluw held out well i
until the mill eime lu Ho was longing with
nil tho intcnslt) of ills fever-racked soul for
letters from home W hen the mall finally was
delivered nearly even m in about lilm got lit- ,
ters. but tills (hup had none It falrlv broka J
lilm down. Half th" night he la) Tnco down
on his lot and cried like ii child And after j
that it seemed as if his grit was gone Hs will
togct well was bioken He just didn't care to
live, that was all. and ho didn't live
When mail omcs so fur nnd Is so Ilong In
coming Its vnluo to tlm lecipinils Increases In c
geonietrleil ratio with the mlbs travelled.
iVhen mills onme so lufrcquciit') It is a knock- i
down blow to get the Peyliuosti r'snccitivo
shako of the head, and I Invo seen big husky
fellows who 'vould go forwanl elieerlng under 4
fire fairl) staged uvv.i) from tho gHiicrnl elo-
liver) window Pcrlnps the ikop'o at homo
do not wiite It Is a beautiful demonstration
if the worth or friendship to put it to t'mt tc-s'. !
Even kinsmen grow i.ueless. 'J lioso things I
have to Lo borne as best thev mi).
To go b ick to the beginning. Nearly all the) ,
ships of the American lines running out of ?
HiiiFianciseowerctnl.cn bv tlio Oovernnient i
for tran-iorts. Thcreuiwm tho l'o-t OflUe 1
Department deelarcsl that Its mail service was
broken up The Wnr Department jumped
into tlio muddle and ordered tho Jinil sont for- 3
ward by transports Thero was a lino of ex
press steamers riiunlnc from Vlctotla io
Hong Konc which mndo tho ttlp In throa J
weeks with the regulnritv of Jeisey City fer- J
tie-, and which w is uot in tho least dlsturbe'd -4
by tho war or tho transjiort service. Hut this J
wns a foreign line nnd could bo utilized only "'
In emergencies. There was no licltallou
about using tlie foreign-owned line of shim
that ran from San 1 lanciaco to Hong Kong. i
Ilut theso ships take from twetiD-eight to w
thlrt)-ono dit)s for the trip tlie others mala
iu twenty If every bit ot tlio in ill hnd been 1
held for Yictoila express steamers, no doubt 4
It would Invo reached here. Often it might j
have got hero had it been elospatchcd by nn- J
other route, but there would havolbeen this l
tremendous advantage, that tho servi' o would
Invo been tegular nnd to bo relied upon. ?
whereas as it was nothing was to bo depended
on It was hit and miss, titko )ourchanco
and trust In Prov idem e.
That, however. s. ufler nil, only ono PhO'-a i
of tlie nrr.ingemcnt. it was when tho dtter-
mlnutlon to forward mull hv tinnsports was
put Into effect that the bright and shinlnc .
light of some overimstering Intellect begun to
dazzle tho Western world. Thoro vvus thoctua
of tho Morgan City. Many on tho east coat
know- the .Morgan City. Hho ls tho old crnft
ihnt. was lilted un foi the Klondike tnuie und
llllll. U". i,,lT- ,,,' IUI IMU .......M.nv .... .... .
when sho left New York last Deeombor all ,
houth street mado pools on the point of hor
coll ipse Well, she got nrouud to '1 rlseo.
utter bolne reported as repairing on the way,
and was sent out with troops und mall OI
course they put tlio mall on hor. There)
wnsn't another thing so slow on the Paclfla
Ocean, nnd It was too good a chance to loso. ,
Two days nfter she left ban Francisco tha j
Newport sailed with Gen. Merritt and bis
staff, bound through ln the shortest possibla i
time In Honolulu tho Neiviort hud a chance
to tnko tho mull from the Morgan City, but .,
tlm Newisirt's people said: "hho left before wo
did. Mie hasn't any mnll for ns." ho tho i
SewDort came along nnd llvo days nttor blio
reached CnvlteS tho Morgan Cltv caino in.
On Aug. 20 tho Arizona left 'Frisco. On Aug.
27 tho Beandla followed, with the neeumu-
lutod mnll of tho week. In Honolulu thev ;
met. nnd the Ari70in camo on as fast ns sho t
could, but do you supposo 6h broucbt thes i
boandla's mall? Not tho Arizona I Iho. liol- j
glc.whlcbleft 'Frlscoonhopt.:i. reached Hono-
lulu before tho Arizona left, nnd placldlv kept
on to Hong Kong with hor week's mnll Tho )
skipper of the Arizona couldn't bo bothered j
with it Tho Arizona went back to Honolulu 5
from horo for troops and stores W hen slm )
left Honolulu to como back hero tho Indiana. J
Ohio nnd oalandlu. transports, and Doric;,
liner, lav in tlie hnibor there, all with nifell. j
The Arizona ls the lastest of nil theso ships v
nnd sho win coming through at top speed. i
The Indiana had the mull from Oct 20 to tho H
27, tha ilny on whi 'h she loft 'Frisco. The t
Ohlostarted from 'Frlseotl o nextday with ono Ij
da) s mail Tho eulauilla left on the 2!'tli 'i
with ono ct.iv s mml uud the Doric on tho (j
:i(ith with another iIid's mail W Ith tills new j
day's mall lllug thoro in Honolulu, the rl- "
wmli Bteaiiu el out nnd hurtled ncrose to Mu-
nllu In fourteen duisatul never brought n let- "p
tor or n paper blnco then tho Ohio h ts coin i
In with her oneiliii's mnll. and tho Indiana h
with her liateh Is somewhere m tho P.icllle. ?,
Tho Doric's mail will cnnio down from Hong '
hong somo tlmo' Id and lii.and we hopo iho i
Zenhindln will gc t In ifel) i.
There Is littlo doubt that If there were no i
mnll whntovor It would bo bettor for the arm). 1
Homeslekni'ss often follows the receipt of lj
home letters, which probably would not be i
caused If It wore not possible to got mall. ,
- i
Positively cnrctl by theso J
Littlo Pills.
Tlicy also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, h
Indigestion anelToo Iearty 1-ating. A per- 4
feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowtl- '
ncss, IliclTastefn the Mouth, Coatael Tongua '
Tain In the Side, TORriD MVl'R. Tliey '!
Regulate the Bowels, Purely Vegetable. jjj
Small PHI. Small Doso. '
Small Price. '

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