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' " THE SUN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 29. 1890. . ' g
iionr. ntntva mm irx.vnrn mas
Uany l'i'l'H Bl tn" Aendomles-rolnls for
ltrRluncis Park lllillns anil Hunting
Miuihrr f Lessons Needed The Skilful
Itlriir' llitnil Tho Costume for 'Women,
Ihc hore ' feollnc mlghtr proud thia win
Mr He is holding lil head up again unit
anoiting contemptuously nt nil the bloyeles
1 automobile In sight And why this prldo?
Itcauee Imrselaok riding Is more popular
tl,an It has been for five yearn and tho horee
i In demand
lour jears ago, when the bleyole orazo was
t lever heat, wheeling on.huslasts prophesied
th tho horse would In a tow years becoiuo
eitlnct or would be relegaUd entirely to the
gtlcultunl dlstrlots. But thoy wero nils
tiieu Everybody who Is anybody either
keowf how to ride or Is learning or wishes to
irn. The riding academies aro crowded
from morning until nlcht with novices, go-it-alones
ind oiperti, all as oaser to master tho
hor M they weie to master the wheel a short
tlroo ago. Tno '"'''demy on tno Circle at tho
intrance to the l'ork was In tho old days about
tne most popular riding school around these
irti With 'ho rovlval of this sport It Is
nulla crowded, and the horses connected with
the establishment aro prnnolnc and pawing
the air fir jot. Thoy aro no lets happy than
the people who rldo them Kvcn tho devotees
el the wheel who drop In from ths Uoulevnrd
to oc wlnt tho attraction Is watch tho riders
awhile and then fall to thinking. A doubt
nf if
enteri their minds, and doubts are dangerous
thicee: they are forerunners of faithlessness
These cyclists begin to wonder If. after all, they
have been deceived by their steel steeds, if
there l-n't. alter all. more genuine sport in
ndlnc a horse. This Is because the horseback
I riders look bo everlastingly happy and aro so
good humored The former merry wheelers
co back to their inanimate mounts, locked in
a rack, with a discontented sigh, and nine
times out of ten they say:
' There's no denying ,tho fact that wheel
Ide Isn t what It used to be. Wheels will al
ways be ridden by thousands and hundreds of
thousand1) of people, but luoky aro they who
can aflord a horse "
More people turn out on the tan bark at 4
o'clock Id the afternoon than at any other hour
of the day, and they walk, trot, canter, wabble
or topple off. according to their ability in eques
trianism, to tho boom, boom of a band. After
(retting warmed up In the ring those who aro
able to ride In tho Park, generally do o. It
looks easy to ride a horso. but It Isn't Borne
people never can learn the art. Two of tha
best riders In the citvare Mrs. Emily S. Beach
and her daughter Miss Bella Beach. Thoy
rM&fz v (? I r
Mi lre less-ins. and when reporter visited
the school u, other afternoon the mother was
' rusKline to toioli a pretty younc woman.
1 'll's ileach was telling two other younc wo
ran, anxious to learn, how (hey should becln.
The rns W4S crowded.
'Rejlly." said one pretty elrl to Miss Beach.
i must learn to ride horsebaok. Do you
wow, the girls who do not ride are almost
nobbed for It and I lnuat take lessons at once."
nd so must I," rut In her companion, "ho
oo tell us Bint we must net to woar and glvo
soine 1 lea about how one is taught to ride."
1- d." eieialmed a dark-eyed Southern girl.
trpns her aklrt with her orop. 'It does
ouud so funny to ma .to hear these iNo'the'n
nrl i talUn' about learnln' to ride horsebaok.
Bouthe n girls never learn. We know how
"Ma we are born. I reckon. My first mom
.ii i lll:t,,r, of mrs9lf "tride of a horso
"l7' wound the barnyard. But go on. I
Jtoi .ho xA'SSL teMh t,60Ple t0 r,19'"
rn elrlV'i.lS".101' ',lP. lMnB "bout lou South.
!aloncStidu?r!,,nc ",,'nterruptod a girl
Vou'd dopSn'M1 "0" a n.de like hunters.
'wi.ibfflgS'SUt "h0 aM-but rou "" ,0
"flnlci hr!S,i0,ca.Vort?.!.er':o.,,rllttl0 tl,1JI
tkt riu. JnH.tl"tl,i, 1Ld ra"'er h"0!' ov
,hsha"udtnrkn9erdltCh0, nd "DeeS'" ""
heinerflhi in" '.'" elrl ,rau,t 'arn la
liwch "lH.c?n rli'9 ,P"L nt. began Miss
W a lot nf,?n'r7.,00ll!h ,or beginner to
' am Hidlntt t0 before he or she finds
' ?'bouuDv,,cVX.lr,!:,on " '
ret t l?U'r rM,le,,? r" ro Uught to sit
'' iuetlon0'ii'nueJ M'0 ,"thortly " I he
,b'H if., i.' V ,' the less. Most people
' If ih. siB" to ,,ln ,,,at' 1)Ut 'I1" I" ml"
?'v r learn i J vK Br" "'K the pupil ran
11 "m 7, i?.,b"ci?me ". "Xpert enuestrlnii
,e'r I I ,'?r l". teyil n Person wno has
!-;ht ,'. ," " ' rln,, who line bot-n
r'niewartiii LllR """"""d lesson s also of a
h" to Hf? . hr aatr for then you merely
'.'owing ni irtctI,ri lBttl" the hands go nnd
ki "" thmi iJU' ,0 Wftlk, wound th. ring.
had fcr ,l,iT. " r"''egln to sta progresH
,0'le li i VrJ :!'eu to jog, to learn how
" ' urt I"I,11,! . M this lesson a teiii'h-
" li in b rhythm can fall to ii to
fded.hK,'i1 ihL!',n le"'""'." said ii pale
'sth. a mi r-.loollnc.llttla omu In a blnck
I Oou f.V.'i" lllt learned liow to sit"
I t i.u n f "?"." said the teacher.
I ooan r.ir.S?"'" a rldBr yt. Tho average
u irns how to ride u twenty lessous.
J Born clever athletlo gills learn to ridp In Ovo
' ?Mi'r'm?i,4P.lnd.2' IJ' nothing to learn to
KK:. ?h? In,t t0 d0 '".. learn to manage n
norje, and that cornea with praotlce."
.. 'S0.'1'' .'iP,..ciwt roiT 'ro on tlnt
PJ1.".!"1 .,hi" ri1't wUn the green saddle blan
ket," orled out a young follow, cracking his
J . -p pf ny i
whip. "He's doing his best to learn nnd Is
using a military bridle nnd saddle Ills stir
rups are fairly dragging on the ground."
'He's a Major," volunteered a groom.
'Must be u Major of marines," commented
a girl.
ios. and used to riding sea horses." added a
man in riding breeches
"He doesn't hold a candlo to that little fat
girl wearing the sailor waist." remarked a wo
man. "It's a sin for n mother to allow n girl
In the ring in such n costume. Clothes do
make such a dllTerenoo in one's appearance "
"And In ono's comfort nnd skill." added Miss
Boaoh, and then she resumed her talk whore
Bhe left off.
"Thcro hasn't been so much riding ns now
In four or lle years Xo!ces nre taking les
sons, and thoso who dropped It are taking it
up ngaln. If a pupil gets on fairly well she
takes about her tenth lesson In the Park, and
after a girl loams to manage n horse thor
oughly she takes some jumping leisons. For
her llrst he lm a uulet horse, a perfect jump
er, nnd sho goes oor a feuce two or three feet,
Bhe thinks her bloomln' head Is coming off
when she doos that, but It doesn t. and she be
gins all oor again. Rome girls also lenrn
tnndem; that Is, to ride one horse and drive
another, but that is not necessary, merely an
"Is it better to take lessons In a class or sep
arately?" asked a woman.
"Separately, by all means. It Is very like
fencing A class can be told tho same things
at the first lessons, but after tint the apt pn-
fills aro so far ahead of the stupid ones that
hey cannot bo taught together with justice
to all. ou must understand that a woman
oaanot become an accomplished oquestrlan In
twenty lessons. If she gets over her nervous-
ness it takes two years to become skilful onn
when she takes to It. And only a woman who
loves a horse can hunt. It requires a good
seat and a good nene, the nenn of the strong
est man; and above all a good hand."
"By that you mean a Qrm hand." asserted a
man knowingly. . .
"I don't at all, answered Miss Beach with
a crushing look. "I'll never forget what a
French riding master said to me once when
ho was teaching me to do show work. I was
trying to gef. my horse's ueck supple bo I
could pull it around to mo Ihu horse was
vnrr high and strong nnd I'm not very big.
Finally I told him it would tako a mill's
strength to supple up that horse's neok. that
a woman couldn't do it. I'll never forgot his
" 'I wish you to" remember It Is not the ef
fect of strength: It Is the streugth of effect.'
"I saw In a minute what ho me-int and I e
nover seen a horse from that dav to this that
I could not master. I've just returned from
the iencsee Valley, where wo hunted fordnvs
in the snow nnd sleet, and out of eleu-n mounts
I onlv had one refusal What do I mean? One
borne rsfused to tnko a jump, but when I wont
back and gave him a second trial he took it
llko a bird. ....
"It is the delicate firmness that the hand has
on tho piano nnd not the banc that counts Ho
It is in managing a horeo. Few vomen have
that power A horso knows whon a rider,
man or woman, is nervous A fort of tolo
graphing goes on from vour hirni to the
horso'a mouth. That's the reason some
hordes act llko brutes with one person nna
llko lambs with another. Vou who nro hccln
ners s'-ould bear In mind that Park riding and
hunting aro two different things Take a wo
man who has a flue seat and walks, trots and
canters in n pretty manner In tho I'nrk and
peihaps she can't do a thing In tho fleld.whlle
a woman who Is a magnificent hunter can do
nothing In the show ring. That reminds inn
that there nre very few vvomon who enn show
a horse Showing a horHe means getting ths
best out of any horso you mo"ut. At times
i mi nuii.T
tho horsewomnii Is cnlled on to show it horse
hat she has rmver been n Hho doomi'i know
r r.nbltH, galtu or temper, .whether It is ii;i
len on thei'urliorsnanio, vvhidhor it wonts to
gu fait or bl5iv Htm must te.id Its clnracter
In in in-taut Out of lweiit-Hiru.' women In ,
it tliifh In the list II i-vc Miojv ;.nly live rpd.j i
w.ll 'J lie rest had n liliMof Ium to "Uilml
n lii.ii.f oi ihemwi tw V worn in lm thn k
si u is ispah o of going luli i hIiuvv ring ought
to forgut lierct'Jf nml hei linliliniul remember
0''lVmliproimhed to tell uftlio nrpner things to
seni " reminded a gl' nho had Wen out lor
" Vv I'noVhcr I coming out of the ring now
and I'll take my pom Beggar and show you all
n vv to mount anil sit. Beggar is a great horse.
e call him Beggar, tho blind Beggar, be
"ause uuo ol tils ees Is out. Ho has ulil'tpry.
ivor cantankerous one. A lien we got him
iyipsprMT(ii.rirtii-:-..... ... z -- -
tour years ago he. had a great reputation for
pinning away, and wo were warned against
, hlin, but he's never run away with us. though
I wo never allow any other woman to ride him,
F.vcry woman should learn to mount from the
ground without the assistance of n iniiii," she
added, hopping upon Beggar's back without
a man within ten foet of lir,
"Do tell us about what to wear," urged an
Impatient ono
Urst," s-ild the young teacher, a rldor
should wear it bathrlggan union suit nnd a
very short, loose riding corset. Ono cannot
laco Mid rldo Nover wear petticoats, as somo
women do. Instead nf Its being Immodostto
go without them, thoy nre posltlvo'y Milgar
when ono Is on a horse Dress as netr llko
n man a you can. For ring nnd Park riding
tights are prefornblc. but In hunting breeches
aro better, for then nil open sifety skirt Is
worn Boots are more comfortable and noatnr
looking than loggings, an 1 those of blnck
patent leather or kid nre used for winter wear,
whllo tan onos go hotter with linen and light
colored orrlng nnd summer habits, hover
wear stockings."
"Whntl do without?" cried a dornn voice"
'Wear socks," explained Miss Bench "Thoy
tds.y un without garters, nnd garters are very
bid They hurt tho legs, and the legs wml per
fect freedom You get your grip with your
enlf nnd not In the atirrun, as so many think.
Then you can wear a shirt waist ond stock
or a wnlsteont, as jou ploaso. The stylish lutblt
Itself consists of a long tonr. single hrensted.
nnd a patented skirt, perfectlr smooth on the
left side ind close around tho hlp. On tho
left side it l constructed so ns to lit perfoctly
over the pommels.
"Cheap habltsnre pooroeonomv It does not
piv to go to a cheap tailor an 1 It Is useless al
most to get ono lostlng less than from $70 to
S'Hl Wear big gloves for forty-'levon rea
sons. Tho hands must bo free Just take n
look In the ring See tho women clutching lit
their hair and hats Tint tells volumes High
lints aro onllnly out of vogue, nnd the derby
Is tho correct tiling for Park riding nnd hunt
ing and shoulu bo hclil on with a broad elas
tic The halt should be plainly braldod and
held In place lust as firmly asposslbli In
the country ono can rldo with It braldod down
the back and baruhesded, nnd that is heaven
Itself, but alasl New York Is not the oountry "
"Don t men larn to ride more quickly than
womon?" nsked an old gentleman who hud
been an Interested listener.
"Not a whir," answered Miss Beach, "but
young boys do 1 hey tako to it naturally,
and so do voung girls"
"What kind of paddle do you preform 'aked
a young mnn standing near.
'I prefer a plcskln uigllsh saddlo. astiaight
saddle," she answerod. and continued : "1 here s
ono tiling about tho revived fad for horseback
riding that I nover noticed before Tho men
and women who rldo don't Hop for the
w either They ride In wind snow, ind rain, he it
and cold, ami nre moiu ontlmsl.Ttie than I
ever knew them before Un cruellv old divs
the stirrup foot is npt to get cold The cold
steel is responsible, for this, and if the xtlr
run is wrapped with Canton Uarinel it rider
will llnd It eliminates this dlsngroeable fea
ture Heavy knit gloves over one's dogskin
gloves keen ths hnnds comfortable, and one Is
so much better off for braving the cold and
taking a brisk trot dallj."
"I've learned moro about riding than I ever
hoped to know," exclaimed ono girl
'I'm sure sou know more about it than
many who are out thore trying," said a man
' bee tho old German professor taking off his
flesh I wonder if ho Is a beginner."
"No. he is not a bg!nnor. nnd ho is a Ger
man brewer, for all his wise looks," said
Miss Beach "All sorts o' curious folk como
here Prcaohors, Inwers. swells, sports, and
the finest in the Innd "
"Tho thing that strikes mo most about thoso
horseback rldeis Is that thoy look so pleased,"
commenced a woman In a blejclo dress
' 1 here soemi to bo no such thing as the horse
face No matter how badly thev ride or how
much they are shaken up. they dou't mind "
"ou see that woman dashing through the
gate." cried a newcomer as Miss Beich en
tered the ring on her pony. "Sho cnn'l bo
beat Last weok she rode a horse here th it
had laid ten men low. AH the grooms had
forty kinds of fits whon she said she'd inle
him. but I'll bo hanged if sho didn't spring Into
tho raddle, nnd soon she had lilm acting about
as a superannuated street car horse would ba
ejeoocted to act In a ring "
spirit of friendliness pervades the ring
nnd is evident also among tho onlookers True,
the talk is all of horso anil of riding, but it is
Interesting talk. Tho Park policemen say that
the horseback rldors make things livelier
there than they have been In several winters,
and they Ray also that they nre glad that tho
horse has come to the front again.
Branch Surprlso. the Tntent Agntn nnd
Win. thn Live Onk Handicap.
New Orlkavh. Jan 'JH For the second time
since the meeting began Branch upset nil cal-culatlonsto-day
by Hnlshlng llrst in a handicap.
A couplo of weeks ago. nt odds of DO to 1 , ho
won tho aentllly Handicap from a good Held,
nnd to-day ho repeated the performance by
annoiinc the Live Oak Handicap, ono mile,
and worth $1,0(K). Branch s price was
7 to 1, Bonnersos and Sot Itobbor being
equal favorites at threes Tim track
was muddy, which going Is Branch's long
suit. After running fourth for a half
milo ho forged to tho front nnd. assuming
commnnd, romped In th" easiest kind of n vvln
noi. At a silo held In tho paddock hoforetho
first race hrniiei Hooker, i tlireo-year-old filly
belonging to John MU'nffurty, was sold for
I'JOOtoll I'orrls, .Ii 'I lie latter sturtcd his
purchase In tho llftli nice. Her price was
sixes and she won In a hnid drive from
Hwordsmnn I'urrls bet enough to pay the
purchase price, which nmilti tho Investment a
profitable one. .... , .
1! O HiinUln. Chnlrman of the Bo.ird of
btewards. severed hit. connection with the
track to-dny No one Ins us yi t been ap
pointed In his pliieo t'linuue McDowell, as
soelale judge, wilt occupt the position tempo
ral li. Summaries of the r.n i s
I lrnt Uuo helling, nil furl itigs-Frinna lUrry, 0
illtirnio, 7 tn I, vmui, lit. I uf i"i ij-ioiiti, sl nd,
'linkhr lO'i Ofoiiniir, tlnr t Ium 1 li.
hi urt Hoif -1 lire, ami un half furlniur O.valr,
ios Vn l , II tn 1, wen, Mum lilm, II Hiullianli,
te ni,l leu, 1ir, ilium ll.tr I llw n n't
1 hit il luui selling, uuo .in'l u lull inll.f loiy
Mull), IUI Uiiiiiu, 7 t , turn, Sd' h , !
Olilt-litdli. Kiiouil, ltiiku-uul UK ill.ilu lit ,1
Time i J ,
Fourth lUte-Ilvo Oak HniiiIicip one wile -Ilrnnili,
100 rroliri, 7 In I win Hei Unhliir, n
(Combs , ticoml, VV lwm, lil liuius, tlilnl lima,
Hillt lime Rdlliu. ni Slid nn ulilarntli miles
Vrsiin Honker 17 (O Oeiuior), rt to 1, on, Swords
man, 112 mlieppnrdi, n court, I h.i llutoiral, 112
(Comix), tlilnl Time, 1 SM
Slitli lUci-siillim mttn fiirlonu's Applejack,
111 ill Coimor) ii tor,, won, I aurciln . liu iLIiii m,
imid, VVatci cient, 111 il'uwui tlilrd, lime,
Ten nine Grnsa Ulllei Will (Jo lo England.
I.exisoios, Jan 2H Hruco Heaton of N'nw
murket, Lnglnnd, has purchased of Milton
Young. McOrathlnnn rnrin, ton thoroughbrod
vinrling llllles b lliiurver, Htrnllimnni and
Onondaga for f.'.OOu l llioold farm of Byron
Mel lelliuid Halllo Millellund bus foiled a
ihifltuut colt b) Henri of N iv.urc The ynutig
htm is a lino Individual Tliu Inst i nr iirml
urt ol tho snme num. nllll liylhnrynf S.i
Mirre. met with mishap. anil "III only lm lit for
breeding piirKsei
The West India crlcki lorn sent ,m invitation
to Die hsoeiuled Cricket ( luh.f i'liliiideipliln
for a visit of a u American team this wlnttr
The Pliilndiilphliins, not being able to gelit team
together for the trip, declined Hie Invitation
It Is unite posslhlo th it II tiam could bcoiguil
iud in u ork with a llttlo uulnldu uslt
iiiiio htivurul of tho best cricketer hor nto
Wist In ilniih ii lir n in hive lived there
These Include 0 II. Cl trke, champion luUHinau
of the Metroiiolltan League: (1 A, Ultteni, T.
(I. C'lurke. T Clurke. A. V, Warko and 0. P.
Hurdltch These would form the nucleus of a
strong team,
i.vr rijATKtis ovr at zAKitirooD'a
Judges aildersleeve nnd O'llrlen Win the
First nnd Ncennil rrlrrs nt lite Ocenn
County Hunt nnd Country Cluli .1. W,
1 lint Lends nt tlm (Inlf Clilb-Otber OnniPS
Tho fcaturo of tho golf tournament nttho
Ocean County Hunt nnd Country Club ycBtcr
day was tho fine display mado by two Supremo
Court Judges, II, A Olldorsleevo and Morgan
3 O'Brien. Tho formor won tho first prize nnd
the lattor the second prlrc. which woro tho
only onos offered by tho club. It was an
nounced that nny plnvor would bo al
lowed to compete as ninny limns as
ho dcslrod, providing tho entry was
mado In tho regular way and tho compotllors
stated tholr Intentions beforostnrtlng Judges
Olldorslcovo nnd O'Brien look advantage of the
privilege, nnd played both In tho morning and
afternoon. Dicli received a handicap of 17,
nnd, ns thoy nro well matchod In skill, they
had thn llvelh kind of a contest. Judge
O'Brien proved the better mnn In tho
morning, beating his nntngonlst by 88 to
HI. Thoy plnvcd in bettor form In , thn
nfternoon and cut their morning scorns down
bysovornlBtrokcs Judge Glbiersleevo on this
occasion proved the victor by HI to H5 Whllo
they woro having nrtnrm struggle with onch
other they little dren nod that tho scoies thoy
tinned In would prove to bo tho winning cards
of thn day. Tho best gross score was mado by
W. II Biivls of Buffalo Tho sumiuurj follows:
roiJi. can. A el.
II. A. aildendeovc. Ocean County Hunt
Out . r r. r. u r, r. u u in
in . ii ii it r. 7 a ii o u-r2-ioi 17 84
Morgan J O nrton. Blilunrcnck Illll
Out o u r. r 7 r. r, 7 ii-tij
In ... I 0 4 li 7 7 G 7 U-r.O- 10.! 17 es
Bruce Pr.ce, Ckein County Hunt
Out . . il il 4 4 il 4 H II r 4
Iu 7 7 B 0 ") II r. (I 451-103 l 8fl
VV 11 Dvrla, lluffalo Counln Cluli
Out r. ti 4 h r, r, u r. 48
III II 0 4 r r. (1 5 r 445- 01 a 87
II, M Adam, lij-ler Meadow
Out, r. 4 & r. ii r. u u r 47
Iu .7 O 4 5 5 D a II ll 01 US It 87
T. Toscanl, Waumbcck
Out. 74400708 650
111 0 7 0 0 0 4 0 U 5 4 9 12 87
Morgan J. O'Brien
Out ii r. 4 t 7 n r. ti 40
111 , ,. 7 It 4 , 0 7 7 r.-Bllln5 17 BS
N' J, Carman, Oceau Ouunty Hunt
Out ii r 5 4 7 ,' h o 4 tn
In 7 0 4 6 7 10 r, 5 867118 S 8
Cliarlea L. Tappln, VV catlireok
Out .ii tl o r r, n r u 448
In . II 4 t li 4 I II I (119 84 8 80
ft Jt. Olhlcraleeve, Ocean County
Out . n 8 n 7 il 0 H 7 fi RS
111 0 i 7 I ( 5 C tl f.l 100 17 89
Col. G. n M. Harvey. Oilcan Oiunty
Out 7 tl 4 II r H 7 7 r. '.rt
In . a U 0 4 tl f. II 7 6-51109 20 89
lleonre 0 Smith. Occau Count!
out ii ti r. ii 7 4 io u r.-oi
111 uUCUtlGU? ort-114 38 89
D P Klngsle,Ht.Andri's
Out . U II .1 T, tl 0 o 448
In 0 4 J II II 4 7 7 450 98 8 90
0 11. Itoblilus, Ocesn Couul)
Out I il r. il 7 7 ll 7 d nil
lu . . 5 7 r. H 7 H 0 7 U-67-118 22 91
James Couvirsc, dean County -Out.
.. r, o n 4 ii r, u r, n 47
In 1) 4 5 r, 7 r, tl 411- 08 0 92
P J. J. De Ralimts. Oolf Club of I akewood
Out. .. 5 G S r. D 0 7 0 647
In . 5 5 4 U & 7 5 650 97 4 93
Arthur 11 Clafllu, Oicau Countr
Out tl 0 4 7 7 4 (I B 7-82
In. 7 C 6 5 G It ll tl 0 64 108 9 97
P 11 Pratt. Nasau County Club
Out 7 7 4 r. 7 7 ll 7 7-67
111. 5 0 &J0 6 0 4 4 5J-110 10 100
P. M fe-olt. Ocean t'ount
Out. .. H 7 II II 7 4 10 7 6 DO
III . 0 10 6 5 7 0 li 7 It UO 120 20 100
Charlti A Smith. Oct an County
Out HI! S 71! 7 ll B 775
III 7 rl 7 7 0 ll U 7 0 OS 141 24 110
A. D. Chandler, Harbor Hill
Out r, r, r. r, 7 w a r 61
in . 11 11 0 r, u m 7 a a '.a-io is 111
Tho Dist of it series of open handicaps which
nro to tuko the place of tho Pick-up team
matches was played ostorday at tho links of
tho Oolf Club of Lakovvood. Tho day was dull
and cold, but the links wero frozen hard, and
thero was 11 long run to tlm ball. There wero
threo prizes olToied. which wero all won by
elub mi mbors. Thowluner of the llrst prire.
,1 . Flint, reeolved the lull limit of tho handi
cap and ho mado the best net score Second
prlro was won by the Itov. Br. 1). I, Schwartz,
who pluved a round iu tho afternoon w ith F. B.
Pratt. '1 ho prizo for the boat groBS score was
won by F.J. J. Be ltalsmes A number who
competed nnd mado poor scores dccllnod to
turn in cards. Tho sumnmiy follows:
iimth Wear. Sit.
I. VV . Flint. Oolf Club of Lalewood
Out rt ' fi 8 ' 7 b 1 7 15
In 0 0 6 7 6 5 ll 6 r,l 108 28 81
Dr. II. L Schwartz, Oolf Clnb of I.akwood
Out , r, 11 r. 11 4 a 4 ii ro
In 8 ll ll 4 8 6 4 4 3 4K- 93 14 84
S B Ferris tlolf Club of I-akowood
Out 5 T 7 fi II 6 tl il 0 61
III .7 U 7 6 tl 6 6 6 4 BJ-10U 20 88
T M 1'. Mills Oolf Club of Lakewood
Out, I 7 l. ll n fi 0 6 ll 51
In ....10 7 10 4 tl 0 4 a 6 .'.a 111 25 88
I I'. Klnsali y, at. Andrew's
Out. r il 6 1 6 tl M .1 447
In.... 7 I! 7 5 fi 4 4 fi 4-47 P4 8 88
P J. J. De Haliines Oolf Club of I akewood
Out,. 4 r. il ,0664 11411
In 7 n 5 0 tl 4 4 fi 3411 92 S 80
IV II Davln.Oolf Clubof Lalewood
Out ll II 7 ' 6 6 tl 4 4 4H
In . 7 il fi il 0 4 4 6 J-40 04 5 80
II 11 Curt as. 1 alrtleld County Club
Out 4 S II 11 6 fi tl 4 1160
III .. 8 11 il 5 tl B 6 4 7 4U 99 10 89
Charles I.. Tappln, VVntbrook
Out I il 4 4 tl il a fi fi 45
111 . 7 rt K 6 8 4 3 fi 6-51 99 6 00
1 B l'ritt. Isassvu Country Club
Out. 4 il 6 fi a a it " 750
In II 8 M 4 7 6 6 6 4 fiJ-102 10 03
Jasper 1 5 nUi, tulf Club of Lnkewood
Out .r. il fi il . fi il 4 4-4l
III ,il 7 U 4 0 5 6 fi 4-4M 04 O 04
.1 llorden Hariiman, Oolf Club of LaVewood
Out K 7 7 il 7 "I 7 .1 4-6'.
In 7 il 4 6 fi 7 il ll ll 5J 107 12 96
,1. daunt. Kn.tIeood Oolf Club
Out . ft 7 M 7 7 ll il ll H-rtO
In 7 8 H fi 7 4 6 fi II-6U118 20 08
(I. VV, Stoikley, Oolf Club of LaUowood
Out . 5 X fi fi 7 7 7 7-'.7
111 .. . 7 10 H 7 4 6 fi fi-57-114 18 08
P D. Heard, Ocean County Hunt
Out 7 ll tl 6 ll 7 ll 4 50
1H . l H II ll 8 6 4 7 4-57118 14 09
V. II. Ilurr.Ardtlty
Out 4 il II 7 fi rt 7 6 6-61
In... 7 an 6 7 r, 6 r 4-55108 8 100
Jamee Convtrse. Golf Club nf 1 akewood
Out 'I il 7 fi 6 H 7 11 fi ri1
In 0 H 6 6 5 6 6 6-51-108 100
ATI antic Cm, .Inn "JH The brisk but
plensantweatherto-daj brought out tho largest
numbcrof visitors thit evci gathored nttho
links of tlm Atlnntlocountrj CliibntNorllifleM
'I wo gimesvvoie pluind.nno in tho morning
and tin other In tho nfternoon '1 ho llrst i ou
tput was an open handicap medal tournament,
I n derlck Hemsley winning llrst nrle. A II.
Bitrtlett bCiond and Hurry Look third bum-
'na,Jr' (7iYiu. lreao. .VI.
M. O. Work. lis 6 a I
.1 II Ilpplncnlt HI 5 us
(I F ratterann . HI l) HI
II VV. Brown . . lei a no
V II. Clmdbourne 1114 12 nl
VV h. Kitire lo'i u m I
VV Homtr ion 10 ll
J S Hmllh II-' 16 l'7
JililgnPn lliolt .... 117 .0 H7
VV II llarllclt Illl in Hi!
F llenmliy . . . o7 .'fi sj
II Cullln i"l H ss
Iir liientui . 104 rt hs
VV II (nek P7 10 S7
III. llmar ss ii ss
Jl. C L ul 120 io Hid
In the afternoon a mati h play tournament
was contested between two Iiiiiiik headed h
.1 II I.lpplneott, "The Man of CVrtalntj," who
t lime out victorious, and (I F. Patterson Snow
begun fulling when philng stopped. 'Die
ili-iisiorv's Tun. i AiTFBnN'a team.
.1. H Llpplnrntt 1 (1 r Patterain ... .0
Brown . I Work
Birtlctt , . . o ( olUns . . .0
Cook il Rils'u J
Ilnreton In Hollars . , n
Hiumler li Smith . . ..4
l.nlliott 7,1 mil . 0
Hliltiu . . ojJorilmi 7
Total . . 2 11 letal 11
Tourlilng Tribute lei IVrry .Inlfrny by Ilia
Clnimnntr nf llurtnril.
fAtinniPciK, Jnn '.H 1 ho following lottm
has been font In thnpirents of P. M J.ilTin),
'01), by the cotniulitn of th senior class it
Harvard npimlnud for that piirpobi'
IlrK Mb vu Mna Jarrntv In behalf of our
rlniswi lliti eipreai lo jou oui leipKt rui
l.llu fi i I hi' lent of join k n Itiiul will, li
11 wh 1 olli.i teeU innre lit i )j and more eon ,
epiutlj t ihu II In p '!' lu in ) in s un n '"nil il
hrit, r liu aiiro of hl ilrnili alt , kiioo on , l
lu la sinates prufoiiudly and " nunalH for lie
Ioai a vup In ft ri mn slid I ri m mil
viraalli hard that thuil isa apprn iatn deeply jour
tnrliilee He ma known to avirj one mid to
i vi n out Ins perminalitj viaa a lountanl element of
i beer V n el that ln miu iry will lara be one I
of tin. muni i heruhi ,1 imollei tlona of cullege III
dividuallj audas a tlaai wu nd lu you our luot
li.urtfill ajinpatliy.
The letter was signed by President Malnolm
Ilonuld. Benjamin Hurrison Dlbblee. John
uIIh r'arloy. Henry U. Fish and X. W. Urlcc.
lillllll IMIIIMIIIII mjimmmmmm
llnttfffnf Iron nnd Wood Orent Inflnenee nt
Fnahlon-Itevlerr by n Well-Known Export,
CopvHqU fa merVca hy th llotton Gelftr.
Vfo.nronlwavs Inclined to think when wo soo
a thing well done that Its exoellonco dependod
greatly on tho tools that wero usod In tho do
ing. It Is this disposition In human nature
that Is mainly responsible for the changes in
tho fashion of golf clubs that have taken plnco
during such tlmo ns golf has boon matter of
history. iVo sco this man or tho oilier Allan
Itobertson, long ago; young Tom Morris, later;
Holland Yardon, or whom you will. In modern
dnys playing a peculiarly flno gnmo with n
club of a cortnln fashion, nnd nt ouco tho gen
erality of tho golilng world, concluding that
this nnd no other Is tho fashion of club with
which good golf Is to bo played, nt onco set to
copy It, and piny on tho whole very much as
they did under tho previous rcglmo
There Is no doubt wo aro better than our
fathers In this matter clubs and balls have
Improved, but they hao Improved chiefly by
roason of tho material of their manufacture,
less by reason of their shapo The great mns
tor clubninkorot tha pnst was Hugh l'hllp
Specimens of his nrt have como down to us,
nnd nothing can show greater or nicer skill
thnn their maiiufnctutc They nro perfectly
flnlshod: thoy aro light, very slender In tho
shaft, long In tho bend, nnd tho faces not nearly
so dcop ns tho faces of most clubs that nro
mado to-dny Old Fillip, however, who inndo
these perfect c'nbs, was ecarcoly our fathers'
clubmakor; ho worked rather for tho grand
fathers of most of us who nro of tho
rising generation In Fillip's day golf
ers woro fovv, thorn vvns but n mod
einto do maud foi clubs, and there was
lelsunv lo finish them perfectly. In tho timoof
our fathers, that Is lo any nbout twenty ears
ngo, tho demand bognu to bo soinetbliu: moru
than moderate. excessive Inexcoss of tho rea
sonably good supply, lorono tiling thciowns
no tlmo to season tho wood : clubmakors had
to turn out clubs ns thoy received tho wood
green; to turn out the balls as thoy received
the gutta pereha soft and of Indifferent qual
ity. In Fillip's time, of course, tho balls woro
of feather of feathers packed within .1 casing
of leather, which, after packment, was sown up
Those balls woro laborious to make and ox
ponslvo to buy. Moroovcr, one good "top'
w 1th tho Iron would cut a hole In them nnd the
feathers would como out, ns If out of a pillow.
It Is said that thoy were so closely packed
within a ball that ono ball's feathers would
"fill a top hat."
Halls thus manufactured made golf a costly
game, and few played It. It was the Invention
of gutta porcha, coinciding with other inilu
enoos, that mado golf popular But, by all no
counts, tho old feather balls How remarkably
vt oil. nulla nswell ns tho new "gutty" balls
But after a certain season of this green wood
and this soft gutta pereha, tho outcries of golf
ers aroused the makers at le 1st tu a scuso that
something better was needed, Thoy now nt
all events make efforts to glwi one seasoned
wood nnd seasoned gutta pereha, A fuw years
ago rt bill called the "Kcllpse," and mure
tnmlllnrly tho "puttv" because "putty" and
"gutty" rhyme, and beeuuso the now bill was
softer thnn the other came on the maiket nnd
did excellent sorvlco. It had the effect of
unking the manufacturers of "gutty" lulls at
tend to making them heller, and with their Im
provement they have t.itheroustedthe "putt '
bull. Now, If we vvuro addressing ourselves to
a beginner to-dav. we should ndvlsn him to
uso n "guttv" ball The "puttv" is much
cheaper; It Is it wonderful bill for putting
with though Its nickname did not aim at the
atrocious pun It might seem to Implv-novel -theless.
it is not quite tho same ball as tho
"gutty." does not lly with the rnme flight or
co off the club with tho same click, nnd it Is
better to innko a beginning vv Ith tho bull w hk h
jou are likely to use whon vou grow up When
it Is said that the "puttv "Is cheaper. It must
bo understood to menu that It lasts better: Its
soft, elastic surface comes out ngilti niter being
dented In. 80 that It does nut show the effects
of lll-usigo. It Is also a very good ball In a
wind, but It is almost Impossible to stop It nt
ulldeid nfter n loft with the Iron or innshle.
and. on the vvliolo. aftor a very fair trial. It has
failed to bold its own Willi gutta pcrclia
A change in the fashion of the game. 111 it
was In a measure duo to the Introduction of
tho gutta-percha bull, was the disuse of the old
"baff "spoon for approaching This was a
club with a Bhort. stiff slialt and a very much
"spooned " or laid-back face it Is rarely seen
now, every, 'one approaching with an Iron or a
mashle. But In tho dajs of feathor balls,
when, as hns been said, a good hard
"too" on tho head meant destruction to
the bill and a pecuniary loss of something
llko four Hhlllliigs, it was not likcl to bo
the habit of an) mnn, least of nil n Scot, to
uso tho Iron when wood would answer tho pur
pose nenrlv. If not iiulte, nswell Therefore
the used tho balTy. nnd thero aroa greit ninny
men who make very Indifferent work, oven to
tlnv.wlth the Iron for approaching who would
do a deal better to betake tin mi-elves to
the liaffi Thero Is moro to be done with
the Iron, in tho hinds of n mnn vv ho cm use it
skilfully, than with the hnffy Willi tho iron it
deal more cut can lie put on the ball so that It
stops deader on alighting. But to use tho Iron
moderately well Is much moro dlfllcultthan to
uso the bntly moderately.
The fatal errors that cusuo from misuse of
thn Iron are not so likely to attend bungling
with tho wood: therefore tinny n mnn. If he
would only imcket his pride, would llnd his
game greatly improved by tho substitution of
batty for Iron The groenkeepor's mouth also
would be full of blessings, for. on Inland gn ens
nt lenst. tho iron in tho bunds of n duffor Is
much moro "-overonn the turf It was about In
the beginning nf " loung 'lorn " Morris's cn
reer that tho Iron was coming Into lino, super
seding tho biffs for npprniK fling, nnd he and
Div Id Strath nnd other young professionals of
their time brought the us,, of the Iron to sui h
perfection that, according to the lnw I ml dotv u
lit the commencement all the golilng world be
gau to rollow them, so that a " bally " is ulmost
(in obsolete club to-dav.
There Is another del arlment of tho game In
which iron linH very much, though less eom
ldetolv. supeiseded wood In tho "putting"
v hen tho writer was a bov say twentv oais
oi moio ngo such i thing no an iron putter
was seireely hoird of. 1 liny had been In
vente I long before, but nn one used them for
one thing ' oung 'loin " Morris used a wooden
puttt'i. so nil the world snoiei hi wc od But In
nvcr) tew yeuis a wonderful chance oiiniiiil
Iron puttors became not onl common but
general, and to-day it Ir quite the exi cption to
w t a man using a wooden putter, though for
the long niiiulng-up putts wood Is certulnlv the
hottorstulT Otlwoud the bull seems to go In
a more springy, bounding fashion ilinii oil the
lion, which Booms to keep It travelling morn
eloselj to the ground: generally there is rough
ground to he passed nt the start of these lung
putts, mid with tlio hounding run tint It gi Is
off tho wood tho ball will piss over the rough
ness moro eislli. nnd with fenor "bid kicks '
than whon running olT tho lion
The ipudi ncv or thn ago Ins boon to ex
change wood fm (inn in golf clubs almost ns
much ns In battleships 'i ho old-time gnlfi is
used to mirj a nlcly graduated set of Hpimns
vnrjing In h nglh of shnit and gradient of face.
from the long nnd prnetlcnllv perpendicular
faeeddrlver tn tho shoit and much Inld-hick
"h.iITi" 'Ihero WHro the "grassed elub' a
sllghll) spooned driver- tlm long sponn, iniil
illn spoon, unit short spoilt 'i hem weie also
the huffy spoon nnd the putter li ilhnf wood,
and probnbh tlmgolfer lfthit d tv wuiildcnirv
lull a single in n i lull, which he would all tlm
'sand lion ' Tho nibllik is an Invention not
more than some th'rtv veins old, and the
niushle Is n very miiih I lb i Invention ngilu
Thncleek was Hotnotimts among the old goll
ei h slock In trnle, but most of Us fiinelions
could be porfoinied eiiuall) well b one or mi
rt lu-r of lil-. spoons I ompari) this with tint
nt tho Ironclid golfnr ol tu-d iv The Inttei
hns hlsilrlvernml his hrnssov this attain Is a
new weapon whldion llsllrsl IntroiliRtlou ns
a slKMt-fin ed elub, whlli tin driveis nnd so n
weie sllil of tho long f u ed fashion affected In
Hugh l'hllp, used to be culled. In eason of lis
sliaie nvvoslen nihil' k mid tho addition nf
the plate of brass to its sole wns a Inter notion
added for tho -like nf n meeting II when pliu
Ing off loads or the like haul surfaces
I lilt . ( I t it I li to I In loinl the inodei n gnlfei
cnrrlis drlvei nnd biassi j. and, mure lll.elj
lllllll not, tills Will exlilillst (he l milt of his
vviKideu clubs But nf Irons he basil pli nlilul
nhsiirtiuellt He will h.ivoi leek, dilvllig linn,
lulling lion, nlblhk nianhle, nnd. most likelv,
Imu puttor Tills list by no uuans exhausts
all tho possible vmletles Hull mime is
legion He may havo n jigger or lofting
ileik: he may have n nlieli gridiinled set nf
lofting mashfes iirappron h i g ii un, such ns
ev en so good a plus er ns Hi maul Nil ers enrrles
llifuethciliuy.il It pit use lilm with thenildi
tiniinf some of (he fiinci sorts sui ll as thn
linrlle" Iron, At'.lulng lln'li niiuibei nml
w ighl iiptoHUchpropnii misthnt .isinnll pnnj
nude it tv mid In the lilting intanslnr tholi
liaiispnit rutllor than it uends liiliu in e nldle
1 1 i ndviintiigeof sin h i i mil pin it "I' ilbs Is
i lyilniihtfiil Alinin inti-i Is In veiv e mstitut
PI a In e In have e n li one of s n ll u multitude
I i miliar tn his hand tmnpirativt ll few wed
chosen ntieswIllsultHit liuipiiilv of g dfeisl nt
lin Of vvnndeii iliibs, as has l en said, ,i nian
will in i d ii drlvei ninlahriissei and II is alums
a- vv. II In hnio at luast Die -puediivii lu the
nd jnui any un ii ntiicudcnts Thou, uf Imu
i lube taking Un m In the onlei of their driv
lugimmr, vvn may hugiu with n clmk. nr
"driving niushle' tlm latter being purely
it shnrl-faeed ihck-nn linn of medium
lilt. Iiit li mav si rvo eiiuullv for woik
through the grei u nnd for longlsh approaches;
a lodluc innshio for thn shorter appro.iehi s
nml an iron puller Tills probably will bo found
an aileiiuatn uiul ronttonnblo equipment cnpit
Filoof dialing with nil the ordinary emergen
cies o! golilng life If a inuuliavo the good for
tune to be fuirly ainlildoxtrouH, it will no doubt
Two j7 C?' For '
Phenomenal "llW This Week J
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A speclnl ptirchnso of sovcrril hundred pnlrs of IirulleV Uutton and Lac
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. . ....... V
bo usoful to him nt n pinch to have a loft-hnnd-od
club. Thoro nre clrcumstnticos In whl'di a
loft-handcil plnyer might got n good bull tivvav,
while a right-handed mnn could do next to
nothing with Its and I remembern notnblo In
stance of such n enso arising In which the Into
Bob Kirk, the Nt Andrew's professional, won
un Important match by virtue of having a left
handed elub In his set nml of his ability to uso
It. All men. however, nio not given this abil
ity, nnd to tho mnjorltv a loft-handed club Is
worso than useless
To-dav tho fashion Is for short clubs and
light clubs Vardon won his eh lniplonshlp
dilvllig long balls with short light clubs. Tlio
thcorv Is Hint with a short chin you nro moro
necuruto, and that with a light club vou can
Impart moro spoed of travel to tho head at tho
liniment of Impact Theie enn bo llttlo doubt,
nt nil events, that n long club, putting n mnn nt
adlstnnco from the bill, must maka m curacy
of hitting more difficult, unit the best bit of
udvlco jou enn glvo a beginner, even before
ou havo seen his clubs, is probably to toll him
to shorten them
Good, too, both in theory and In practice
seems to he thn present fashion of short-faced
clubs, which thus have tbolr weight nnd sub
stance mnssed behind the point on which the
ball is struck. Of course it Is dlfllcult not to
bellevo that tho fashion which wo follow Is tho
right one. yet all wo who havo plavcd for
twentj and thlrtv years must confess that wo
have followed many fashions, and trust wo
have held 1 lie same opinion about each. It is
likely therefore that wo shall follow ninny
morn before wu finish, holding a like opinion
about them, too Between tho light and long
faced nnd modorntely long-shafted clubs of
l'hllp's tlmo ciiiuo an era of heavj, short-faced
and immoderately long-shafted clubs Now
wo are hick nt light clubs : wo keep to tho
hhurt-headed fashion, nnd wo have reduced
our sh ills to shorter length thnn ever before,
but who enn ay how long they w ill stay so. or
when our clubs of to duywlll take their place
as fossils ut the golilng museum at Ht. An
drew's.' Ho hack HUTCinssoN.
Tuurnnmrnt Hat urds, and tlio Cloilnc Game!
at Lint Week.
Tha Kama nte vtaa tha onl) team lait week to
bacurea place among the probable prize wlunera In
ths Arlington head plu tournament, lollowlngara
ruiurda uf aome of the principal tournoya
riul,. icorr.l Clubi Scirr.
Antuilal . . 47H'C O. Durgono2 .Mi
JliimJale 1 ... 41s 0. O. llurguyua J, .JrU
tlnlileultodl 4M Aurallla 1 1111
HlceiliTl 4flO I'xcelalnr a'H
1'remkrl 429 Ivurdileutiicher 2 MJ
vViatbhnm 4iS Isautllna 1 848
Orchard.' 420 Couooritla .147
OiLhardl 4 jr. Nnyur A. Black . . 37
PioueirJ 4ir. Jumbo 34s
I D K 4 14 Premier .' J4U
Orlciiul -' . . , 413 Calamity 344
Arlluirtonl 411 Woodland ms
Arllnston 2 .. . 40SIafaett a3fl
Kuina 1 401 KosnUlea II IS
Cannon 1 . 40J Jolly 32V
tlotham 1 401 Kami! 3.J8
Norddeiitarhtr 1 .. 4112 Oleudals 1 JJ2
trleudahlp 1. . 400 Itcereatlon 1 322
I'lirli; sun 1 .. . 3lir, Anchor J 2l
Auranla2 3114 Olendale 1 81U
Adtlpliii ana Adelphi a air
Dradelll sliJ.Uarmonte 2 31.1
Ilcclor: 3U1 'Oriental 3 UlJ
llarmonla 1 . . :tiil ,IInrle Sam 2 SOU
hotoud tcuu 1 3HB St. Oeorite 2 .'Hie
VVit Harlem .IH" Commodore 2 803
VVelcomel 382 Hecnnl Avenue 2 2uv
Hefendor2 3H2 Nautllun2 29D
Ulpi-cker 2 nso lxibnturs Jul
Jinnrerl 30 Cuiiiini-iloro 1 27
lllack Ilaia UNO Oradell J 2H1
Park 1 37U Hols, In-nl 274
Oiientall 87H Hector 1 274
mal 377 Thursday Aft, 2110
l'lMO Hilt 1 874 Konedaloll 2U2
Police Gazette 374 Recreation 2 2H1
Adelphi 2 ... .171 Holxclicu J 2111
Ilt-remler I 370 Wolcorne 2 244
ht. Ocoige I 170iAnchorl 2J8
Hose Hill 2 3UU Cannon 2 211)
Ciotham J ,3tlJlOradall3 203
lliph. ma
Clubi Won I oil. icorr ICIubl. TTon Lett. Scon
a VVash'utonO O B21 Sherman. ...2 7 828
II Washgtnr. 1 7H7 Old Olory . I 6 7J7
Union . .4 6 70
rmr itiiUANCi iraaur.
Palatine 10 2 788 Luncanhiro 4 4 7S2
Hojal lu J 73 1'kcnlx. r 7 7im
(lernmniii 7 1 7P7 Home . 5 7 7J4
Ornennlrb.it 4 810 L'n'nof L d'n4 11 7NP
(aleilonian. n 4 789 German Am. 8 7 7H7
I V.L liO 7 & 7H4 IIanncr . X 11 mm
ShK.ua n il 745,American , o 8 071
Norw'h Un'nr. 5 7ill)
Tcerleiia 10 3 87iCaitlpton . 7 JS 805
Illilunonl 18 4 U24Inipcrlal , 0 19 N04
Silt n 111 ,1 HI a Hri8i('oluinbla 0 111 708
American 1.1 11 804 luiiip'vlllo. 1 20 774
Marlon 12 IU 84J
The Peerless Ii at a game on Trldar ntirht In tha
Rtateii Inland Amateur Bowling league, maklns
tlitir third defeat this aeanou Thoaooixai
rinar oaue.
American Anaelm, 1R8 Spruck, 140, J Boehe,
17f. laikson, 170, C. lliolie, 211. Total, SH4
I'oi rli-llrlll nil, Happtnliigin 136, Krana,
liu, 1rkr117e11, 133, Woeiilencr, 171. ToUl, 7H2.
I'oi rlef llrlll 144: Happenliagen, 126, Fvani,
177 i rkruPii, 1 J4, Woin-benpr ine. Total, 740
Imi rrlal Cuuulnvham, 121, Irloh, JM. Clirk,
III Mi rurmack, 1J4, Jlurkhardt, l&tl. Total, -JUS
tiiiiiii oasif
AmTiran Anaelm, 177. Spruck, 12fl, J, Boehe,
wu liukfon Hil.L' B),lif. HI lital, 74S
lull 1 rl il Cunningham 12J Txirirb, ir7 Hark,
11", MiCurmack, 14il, Uurkhardt, 111 Total, tll
The All B detailed huh the Slerry" and Carl
tons In tie New Jernoj BowlliM naoditIon toiirna
un ut at Hchocko'u allej a, Hobokou, un Friday night.
Tho Hmitsi
iiiuiT ikr
Merrj It (' -Blelill, 1 14, On mpler 107. Krk, 102s
(oue HR Melsanil, 1S1, letal, S'I7.
1 iirltnii II C -dnrli 1.10 l.lilcrs, 178, Man, 171 j
Noniifl 1211 llruwii, 1,111 To'al, 74U
arrnsp iumi,
Alllleeall (' Hanlty I mi Htumpf 120! Braeck
ncr. 117 Kucai 1.I2U 1 lark, I7H Tula) 7 (In
Vlrrrj II (' Htilill, HI, ilnnipbr. 81, Erk, 87:
(leuri , lm, Mttaani r, 160, 'lolal, 01 J
lillllll OAMt
All Hies H. C -Ilanley. 12l, Htiimpf, I1I6 llrarck.
ner 140 luiiifl, l,lu, Clark, nil Total, 7J7,
Cirlten II C-(i,irlr. 12n Klilirn IU9, Man, 12,
Niuilie, I4f. Ill o 11, INI. Total, UU7.
1 he Melr in team wnu time gamen in the North
8ldo tiurnauient on Krhlai nluht Thencoiea
unai mar
Crunm 112 Slaek, 1211. Herman 136 Cramer, 161
0 ti nil) II, ion llllon, 144 Tela), urn
Milro.i -Mtliriile las schilling 141. Flelacher,
l.J curilia 14" Iinjli 141 lotal, 701)
aai iivii iiamf
Cnmiwfll J-Staili 1 ,s llrrman, 140 Cramer,
inn ll ( mini II in. I) IPiii. Ml Total U63
Midrn" Mi Prlli. Us S-Iitll lliar 162, Helachar,
US. I'lirdo, I IV 1)0) If, 103 Total, 76tt,
11111111 UAStr,
(mmell2 stick, ltd llomiaii, 07, Cramet, l.lli
ni'nmiall, H", Ulliiii 1'i.t rmal llos
VielriiM-Miliihli, I M. s. lulling 117, Flelacher,
167, I oidea. He, ini)le, 17J Total, 74M,
I in Nes-nrk Rojal Arcanum league tournament
Cauii-M mi iida) iilglit reau Hid a foihme
Mini OAVIr
Harlem C un II LIndrn, I7d, Cuwlea, 14fli Man
hrlin. 141 Deldcrirk, 14J, VVjnian, 211 Total, SIM
Vlanhittaii Ciiutiril-Ievnr, 140 Jrcln. 16J, wlae,
IBP, Cohen, 161, Keller 128 litil, 7H
intoMi iiaur.
Manhattan Council -heller. 1,K, Fela, lis, Tried
hi Un I611 Cohen us. heinr, 1.17. Total, nn
Oar (.ilinii BillMukil, I l.M. Caumll, 16S
Ulllir 162, htarr, 187 WiltluliH, leS. lilul.KSO.
lillllll (IAU
Harhln (1 iiiull bllidru, 176 Cole, 1811 Man
lirlni 110 In 'ern k, IHU, Wjman, I in. Total, sap
liar I'liuiiill lliilfinkel Jin Caiitrrll ISO,
ltuiT, 1HI hlurr, liu VV Ukiua .0. total, pjs,
V I la) niklit x value 111 tlio An hilloceaan Union
I.i ague loiiriiaillttlt reunited aa follevm
nuai CIAMK,
Loyola Unloti 2 -Murpli) I7H Ham, 146, Han
lei, 162 tarroll 211 Miaher 181, Tital,85l
llnlj 1 rnol ) -uiti -t allalian, 1 17 Murrlaasy, 181,
(liltng. Hit Huliurmi', 111 Uurke, 178 Total.
Harlem catholic Club- Carney, 134. Murphy, 146
Lynch I54i Itclnather. 184: Wallace, 140 lolal, ,87,
Holy Croea Lyceum Callahan, 148MorrlMo), lull
nettings, 107, Ifolagrovn, 132, Burke, 22fl. Total,
tiiiiiii naur j
Harlem Calhollo Cluh-Carnej 116, Munihr, U(l
I.yuiJi, 10J ltelnacher, 111), Widlare 11)0 Total, II4U. j
Ijoyola I'nlun 2 Murpli, Ui),Brr, I1IJ1 Hauler, J
1.10, Carroll, 160, Meaglur, IPO. Total, 70s. J
The Manhattans made a good showing on Friday K
nhtht In the Brooklyn national tournament. 'Ill i
aioni' T
nnrr aavir. '
Templetnn-Auer, 202, Hildobrandl. 170, tVIrtri, J!
HIOi Herbfrirer. 18rt. Flood 183 Total, 851,
Don I Kiiuvt -Mliiner, 140, Uearnes, ltl Feld- i
maun. 148, llahlbonder, 16d. Total, UU3 i
sreosn oamf. '
Don't Know Dahlhi ndi r 1117, Bearnea, 108, FeH- f
inanu, 167, Ullilitr, I61I Total, II7H, l
Alaiihatlvu-VVIiik'tMifthl, 18., Hiiller, 1B2, Qaaai.
isu, Batch, 1-.4, Allen, l.U Total, (Ml ?
TIlllll) OVMF $
Manhattan Wlneenfe hi. 170! Haller, 194: Hans, 4
inn, Batch, 204, Allen, 201. Total, 1144. 1,1
Templeton -Auer. inn, Hildibiaiidt, 162- Wlrlh, s
16J, lierberger, 13 1, Hood, 181. Total, 7113.
The teamiof theltosevllln A. A and Newark A. a s
rolled three gamca In tho Suburban Athletic. Bowl-
Inn League at the forintr a alleja on Friday night.
'Iha acorea
linaT oap. j,
Hosevillo A. A - Bibioik, HIM, Meyer, 169: Wood,
201, Waters, 1711, Van Nibs, J II. Total, IH7.
Newark A. C Polnler, 2U.1, Duren. 1U4, 1'. Dana, ".
118, Abbott, 127, Nurthrup, ltll). lotal, 731. ,
noaeWlle A A Dabcock. 164; Meyer, 17ft. Wood, ,!
inn, Waters, 178, Van Nis, 171. total.850
Newark A. 0 Polnler, 143. Duren. 1JJ, F.Dana,
ltu, Abbott. 1U4, orthrup, 1 Jl. Total, 726
iiiuiu uauf, I
ltosevllle A A Badpcr, 1 BO, Mi ycr, 186. Wood, 3
2J4 Waters, 180. .an Siss, lid lotai. D72
.Newark A. O Poiulir. 187 Duren. 101I, F. Dana,
101, Ajbott, 12J. Nolthrup, 134. Total, 7 11. -
The teama of the Castla Pdut Oyclcra and North j
Hudson Countr Cyclera rolled two postiioned games
at ths former a allaj a on 1 rlday night in the JLnaocl i
and O) cling Cluba of Isew Jersey Bowling League. 1
Tha acorea, n
Caatla Point Cyclers Kunsken, 148, Duncan, 176 4
BllLk. 181). iuessel. 183, hillir, 178 Total,828 A
North lliulsnu County Cclre Martin, 1.14: Ott, 4
120; Hchrlleudorf, Hr , 166, bchelleudorf, Jr , 114 i
Butteubauui, 144. Total, U07 . i
vfc.coM uiur.
Castle Point Cyclera Kunoken. 105, Duncan, 1771
Buck, ltll. I uesaei. 166: heller, 18l Total 847. J
North Hudson Conuty Cjclnia Martin. 170, OIL
mi Hchillendorf, Br., lia Hchellendorf, Jr , U4i 4
Butteubaum. 163. Total, 731. Vj
Tha following were the scores In tho New York As- 4
aociated Cluba tourname ut ou frlday night i
iiustoamf. J
Bowling Green Wlieelmeu Thiini 137: Conrad, 4
17H. Bechtol. 101, Worth, 181), Schilling, 178. To. '-
tal. 80U. A
Hlreralde Wheelmen W (lerdes 195: Breen, 224
J. Beam, 192, Jjcho, 157, Klingrlhoffrr, 183. To- A'.
tal, 961. J
fiEIONl) 1IAME. y
Bowling Oraen Wheelmoti Thiim, 170. ConraiL,
178, Berhtol, 156, Worth, 173, Sihilling, 2JI. 4
Total, 897. J
Pontlao IVheelmen Ki Ksler, 11)1. Durable, 1IU; ;
h Walter, 140, lorgr, J70, Lehrbach, 237, lo- ,.!
tal, UJO. f
llllnD OAME i
niveralda Wheelmen V Gerdea 212; Biaen.l07 4i
J. Ueam, 185, Uiche, IOC, hlluirelhoffer, 113. To- X,
tal 883 j3
l'onttao Wheelmen Kesaler, 178, Dumble, IRrti "ji
8.Waltar,200, Foege. 178,1 ehrbach,20U. Total, U51.
.. , , . -.-, . . . v
Powara at Wehrhtman's team, tal) endeTS In tha
Wholasala Dnig Trade Association tournament, de-
feated the champion Colgate A, Co, fire in ono of he J '
gamea at Held a allcjs jtaterday afteruooa. The j1
1I1ST oiiix ,
Reahury k Johnaon Da 7eller. 139 Bcrlmabaw, 1
li). Oaughoy, 207, Withers, 189, Judge, 209. To- Ji
lal,84. I
Parke. Darla Co Grubcr. 109. Doran. 1671 8
Blake, 184, Bruun, JOO.Carr, 125. Total, 776. f,
Baabury A Johnaon De eller. 180, 8crlmahaw s
167. Ctughej, 157; Withers, 148. Judge, 133. To- t,
tal. 725.
Parko. Davla 4; Co Grubcr. 141: Doran. 1M 1,
Blako, 145, Bruun, 131, Carr, ltll. Total, 732 '
TIlllll) OAME, j
Raabury A: Johnson De 7eller, 128, ftrrlmahaw, ,
147, uiuchey, 141, Withers, 148, JiUgc. 108. Total, i
727. i
Parka, Darla k Co Oruber. ins. Doran, 121 i
Blake, 163, Bruun, 175, Carr, 170. Total. 787. 1
, roonTH oamf ,
Colizate k Co Darncs, 171. Chrystal, 145, Ward, f
13 1, Faulkner, 196, ColKalo, 182. Totul 8JU, J
Powers k '.velghtman Lawrence, 18 1, Rupp, $
121, liellly, 100. Ciossmoud, 121), filohbius, 151. J
Total, 042
rimt oamx. 1
Colcate A, c. names. 174, Chrystal. ISA Ward, J
1113 laulknrr, 175 Colgate, 1611. Tllal 800 I
1 owtrs VVahrhtman Lawreiue, 111, Hupp, 114
Itrllly, 127, Croasmond, 14 1, Stcbblus, 186. to- i
tal, S',0 '
Colgate A. Oo Barnes 1411, Chrystal, 147, Ward,
187, taulkner, 1211, Cilgate, 168 Total, 718 '
Powers t Wilghtman Ijtwronco, 167; Hupp, 1S1
Itellly, 1J5, ( roasmoud, 138, Slebhina, lili. To
tal, 75-'. !
Trap Shunting. i .
The members of the Now Utrecht Bod and Gun j;
Club jentertlay mat In tho New Utrecht Handicap, '
which will run for the season The winner will re- i
colve an entry from the club tn tho Grand American 1
Handhapof 1900 and evorj Item of eipeuse will ba j
paid IrederickA Thompson and J hn 11. Oauglien A
captured tha first leg on tha pnn v killing all i
their birds jestwrday Gcorji. I, Nustrand won ths
club shoot handily hummarics i:
First I vent Club comjietitioii, ten live htrdi per l:
man (leonia t Soslrand, clsi.s II 211 rds, 10 A. J
A Heirrman rlissA js yards w Mir 11 Frnsi, "
class II J8 yards, H, 1 rederl' k A Th 1111 sou, Ias , 1
ji jards 7. John I- (lauuhcu iUhI .ujauU,7; ?
h n rol'lllz, 1 lass II 28 jar Is 11 A
Het nd l.voul Three llvo hinls then miss tint 1
nut loplltz J8 vards, 7 (isiulieu III janls, 11, 1
Htg uisn, 30 yards o (witlulnwi Thompsm, 30
jards 4 ,
rhird Invent 'Quarterly slmotat llvo llta birds pur j
man JH yards nse null bird 1 oiints 01111 point anil 2
haudltaps are hamd nil thesiiallnwiliios S H lop- n
lit, A, l.iiu'liin 5, liegeman 4 lliompsnn, .'I, '
Frost 1, M Oil, 2
lourth F.ieut Ne I'tmiht llumlirap, rlvn lira 1
birds per man Thompson. Ju itrils '. (lauuhcn, 4
2H jards, 6, Oils, 211 an!s ', Frnt, J7 yards, 4
Toplll, JU janls I N strand J7larls, 4 I
llfth Kvt lit -Five 1 le birds per uisn 12 a cornari r
bl)ds utra roplltr, I Thompson, 1, Oils, 3.
Kraklno II, I.nlt won tha Januarj Cup at thn Owl s
Head grounds of the Crescent C yesterday on tha
lolala for tho month H imiuarj of yo,tcr,lay'i
Mitch Twenty five larrila known angles F,ra
kluell lot 17, J II Ilalloik, HI
Hweepstakis riitytlvi' clny piirrnna, known
ani:l a-Orant Nnlinaii in ll) V ll lliuemaii iO
1'. II. Hlepliiiisin JO I 11 11 ill, it V, IP, ll II.
lx)tt, is.
Hual (mpetitlon for t'u' lauuarj Cun Twentr
five ilsy birds per man I 11 I ( II, handicap 2, IR
J. 11 llallork, 7, 20 F II Klepbeiiain 5 21 ll V
11 Heuemau, n, J 1, Grant Isutmau, 5 Is, Charles
A Hikes ll IP, Thomas VV Make J J2 James V.
It F.lllott, Kansas City (guest) 21, VV VV Hhoerer
(vuest). 7.
Panel Handicap No I 26 birds Mrei imu handi
cap, 4, Jo foiiiian, 4, J I, I ."It 1 j 1 Hallo, k, 4
.1 hiephen-on. 4, 20. Slakiill.JI. Hkrs,4, in:
Ullott, scrat h J5 hihenier s ralch, 11 hlio it off
nrtlis Milniali. J3 Loll 21 Hall L Jl
lane! Hiiuilltaii No 2-Iwenl tile Uruels dairy
WjckofT, 4, 17, llallork, 4, lei, Htak t. Ill Stcjihuif
mil 7, 19 hotmsll 4 III, Loll I SI ,
Ilfteru Doubliapir Min-I lliott J6, Wyckolf, 20 j
Hal) ck 19,
blunt tor Hykes Irophlts Tw nti-flvn taritets- 'A
Ileueman, 4 20, Nnluiin, I 21 Ti un total 18 K. I
11 l(t,l 21 htiplunsoii 4, Ji) Ittratital, 11
Managtr Wright had a gi o I programme for tha a
inntubeiaaud gui sts of tlio Urouklt 11 (luu Club yea-
terday, at thn cluli (rmuiids, I 111011 Course Sum j
uiarlea follow 1
llrooklin Gun Club Hanilliaii, (lfl) lav lurls I. JI
B S l.tuiseu 4li I. ills HarrlMUi 44, Uharha VV U
Illlllnirs, 40 II Wsllers 44 lliruaid AUeiid. 41 1
(I K. Wood II (wlthlrcH I
ruenty Ave! Is) llirds lloaisen 11, Ilarrtuui 12 1 '
IlllliURS. 13. Ameud u, Wml II, I) mitlsss , -
'""on Hlngles Mcdlynn 7 imulass r Wood,
Amend 4 Illlllnirs 9 Harrison 11 l.rmsMi x.
Tlfteen Blrda-lteinseu 1 1, Harri-mi II lllllliiga,
lilt Douulaaa, 7, Martin. U.
Twenty-fire Huds-Martln. 19. Douglass, 10)
Wood, 191 Amrud, 17; Waltsrs, I9,.llarria0a, 214 '
BUllnga. 201 lUuaen, J a.

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