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fir ' ' ' THE STJfa, MONDAY, JANOAftf 30, 1890- ' v 5 )
I ritf '" """ or STAOEI.AN1I IN
I r;(-ii.vr ok tub wi:u.H.
i i.infio l HI" X' ln ' '-ent One l'r-
tlciilnr New l'lasys Tried I.ntnly In
limit"" n,,h Vnrlons llcaiilta Notea of
MnnpV Worth nt n Dime Mciirnm.
Th, humor of "Ttelawny of tho WolU" is
raer ' ltro ," n" ,01 ' tll0i0 fortiM
illsd vitli the Jokoi of ootors Hut tho talk
ihst Arthur l'lnoro puts Into tho mouth of
Mi characters la tho humor of tho totor suu-
, tej anl tslor'deJ to level whlah ronlcos
t .moianle to overr one. It Is nono tho less
othln mora tliftu tho real humor of tho
" snj it In ronnirknlilo that Iff appeal to
wiular nudle-neea Phould bo so potent. It Is
trus Hi"' llie 0lll0F ,lt:Rr,lllr oplo which
mint t ' b0 Incomprehensible to persons un-
'. mjr with the itajre 1'ossllily tho siicces.
15 thl" mattor comes from Mr. I'lnero's douse
. mourr.tlou Ho nlwavs know where to
. The c usp'iuotioe Is that It never bt-
t , ritoaslonnl It Is not permitted to
ms tho limit of Rftioral human Interost and
Li me siednl Thoro are episodes In "Tro-
liwnr oil lll W"" "lllt ,mv0 Bome .relation
to the Hold c f musical farce It has always
Lfn a P principle of Charles Hurl's art
that Dothtntc ha! a funnier effect than tho un-
.jMtid ilUulRrnoe of a woman in tights. Blio
mir appear wltl' a lonK 0,oak nn' 'D(1 ,uJd,D
I, rut that aside, or eho may pop through a
door or Horn behind n soreen. Bo lone as she
lia urprlo the mothod Is not Important. Mr.
llnoro Introdueoi Aionia Ilunn In Just the
nmt innnnor when tho old Chancellor comes
to ."" ' ehvruv't rooms. Bhe wears tights
lull'e m dl.crset as uoh clothing could be.
Her tunic ciimes half war down to tho kneo.
but there i enough expoauro to oreate the ef
r'., ,, hithli valued 111 the Hoytoloces. Mr.
linen aenN ln exposed soubrptto cut of tho
J ill! within n few minute" Hut he :brlnus
i,rr it l -i in slterward.Btlll In her Ueshlngn.
i ere lie e more thu aime allocking lm-nreUl-m
nn t!i ' liVHrlloft maiden slater.
The I) emu - etitoninrr completeness In
.into irnl" ti i'- wis never more admirable
thin In Hie nirient oomodlntta of l'lnero
ThelolirinBs of His 7 lien, which Ib tho Bceno
nf the ftr-t act. ire Miown In just the quaint,
Mfxhleiied wnv Hint nas necessnrj with
the livt oxBKceratloti Ihe liorao of the
,i,,, , with Us prim comfort and stilt
iiwintl n. Imped tho dramntlat's purpoao
vmintuIlT N lie t the Ljeourn's produc
lon hi ihown Lieater! taste: and nppioprl-
,,,! thxn theic four neoDes thlt lUURtrato
I ehwnr ,f the Wells" When the I.yoe
uin Th nn loi" " Its enreor there xvlll bo no
vlilou' ii"iit- in Its hltury Quito tu brilliant as
tiiiM- conneied with Mr l'lnero namo.
From Meet 1 mender" down to "Tho l'rla
Jes nml the Hutterlly ' the list was a oredlta
IV one iiml "Trelawrn of the ells" can only
iJJ to Its lutre '1 ho latest play, llko all that
haie rrecMed It. arouses tho actors to tholr
lot off rt" The oompinj played In The
Hnf 'It of the Doubt .as It hid rarely acted In
tar other iliy Iibel Inlnc. in that piece.
' r lnt nice -"hoired talents and skill before
uifusreitel Now the composition of tho
iimi-no ! r dltlerent. Hut the nctors
ihr Hh imi.Lsllenco that wns eiuullod only
in Th IVineiwuIind tho liuttorlly." Kdward
Vorviti need only be natural aad oaoy as
7 1 1 II ren h, nnd when ono recalls his melo
dramatic strenuousnew only, a short timo ago
that mark-t i sreit nd an"0 In his skill Wil
liam lourtlelcli a fr and unctions chnraeter
lathn n the tragedian Is remarkable from
an vtor i-oelnteil only with heroic and senti
mental riMes Mrs Wslcot's Violet Sytrefter
anl Mr Walcots I Imiiie lm- these are all ele
ments of a terforruinco which Is worthy the
fine standard of Mr l'lnero s play and that Is
certilnl) hlch
A one act pliy cilled "Repentance" has been
written by Mrs Cralglo for Goorge Aloxander.
Its scene in In Spain at the time of tho Carllst
war In l&is The leading two characters are
cillel upon toMeclde between their dorotlon
to their country and their Ioe foreaoh other.
Mrs I'atrick Camnbell Is to be seen soon ln an
adaitntlon of 'Te's of tho D'Urberllles." She
Is starrina In 1 nfcland with "Magdn." "The
iMComl Mrs Tanqueray." and "Tho Notorious
Mrs Ehbmlth " John Haro has revived Tom
Iiolertsons "School." and tho crltlos 'hae
teen kindly toward tho old play, which is do
scribed as entirely nut of the fashion. Mr.
Uire, who acta lleau Farm'osh, playod the rOle
first ln the orlclnnl productloa of tho play on
JanlW. 1SR. Grace Hawthorne, the Ameri
can actress, who has I een some years In Lon
don 1 to apteir In a ftnee version nf Dau
dets "hapho nhloh has never before been
cnen In h uullsh The work hie been adapted
in a way Tlili-h Is siUl "not to diminish Its
ethical significance although ItH revision
will maVe It sultablo to England." An op
eretta farailiir hare as "The Merry Monarch"
as recently sung at tho bat oy as "The Lucky
'-tar lhe names of eight persons were
plren In the procrammo as responsible for tho
libretto In i Its of all thone cooks the broth
nai round barely necentnblo In these days of
comic oi era degeneration My holdler iloy"
i one of the latest of LiiKlIsh farce It starts
yitii the raNe claims of a nulet barrlstor that
he u the ( olonel of i regiment, and tho con
cealment In hU wife nf tho fnct that sho has
u en the successful claimant inadamaue suit
for breach uf promltH. Weedon llrossmlth.
nho Played tho leading role. Is said to have
cot more genuine fun out of these oompllca
tloni than the authors, who followed rather
nuclianlcil methods In deelopln their pluy.
lnm nn) 1 w' was the title of nn operetta
re eitli i.en in lenna Mnrle Halton was
Mi' r i rei-eiitainn f the flri-t woman. Tho
mm u t t,n,teil in what was dsuorlbed as un
in Mi iiriillse. while the second was In
Wit so many rears liter that our original
Ninnts ha.l been tranpformed into Joseph and
,k J1 !!' " s!'lr" of the niece wis so bold
'nit the authorities stopped tho performance
al.'r a few night 1 here was also objection
L .i1". '"""W r religious subjects. ' Colin-tie,
which Julia Marlowe Is to use horo. was
irmluced llrst in I'arls cnrlr this fall, and It
nule n success It was said to contain a sit
tioii similar to that In Hardou's "1'amela"
The time or thr , H Is toward the end of the
jw cenuiri The German Kinneror hns con
' naej the work lie ei mmenced as a drama
, !"' '?VrKigottlth Unr lturggraf " Ho ar
n,i i:p l the Pn iri . tor "Roland of llerlln" re-
,,) i5","" '" lterll nai to be used ns an
'leri I r I eoncivnllo.
rt is trull long. lse tho measure of It given
I' r a dime it a "museum" could not be
I esllc tho ticket taker aro oxnmples of price
less Tast ludlan potters from Trenton. In the
i lenairorle un an upi er Uoor Is a cage labollod
Iuslan wolf" and various unmarked ones
'Plaining dogs Detween are the living" won-
Hut the lecturer describes Inrmoehlne
niJJe terse Una exhibit Is an orang-outang.
'vnieli Wle, Baly nt t,e orntor hodeolares
, ,4t ln "ornso the species builds hutH and
"e Ir an almost civilized way Ho closes his
J" h 1 1 calling attention to tho resemblanco
.'.'"'" hlH It's face and human features.
ih f,!'1" h.a,lr to ,lls hlrt collar, nnd
tlatf'rni Ni'.0'0" lllm downstairs to the next
i ti w I, me,r! ?.re n lingular woman and a
tlie srL.P.'r l,"ln h,lH '"" of curvos At
a shVlfuw e,r0lmnand the woman steps Into
it n mL '"? n M 'Jb what purports to be
an I L ,?P ,'lM,, H,le removes her shoes.
"iVfhlt, i ."r.urr. I!.r'l"'on,-l,to. ft disrobing
' tluL utt!"1 "ij'nre. dlscioaes footloss
tluiU . Li,h"'i '!? harnlst twangs and the
W'k tig u 1 r mu htr ,,,ct B,out the box.
'' wn wh mi,croW,.lhe ha ot th world's
I im tan . Wi' ,wl'o In suinmor varies the
' ee in 7 , L"10 B,'"Y business by serving out
-of ,? ,i ,ii' r'ir0u.19 ln tough Coney Island
"I lave ti. la tono,? tnnt reea" I""" "Iwo
W wi u'?i".,r L'n" OK ,he attorn I" and
' la " xer i, ,i,'v?.,,?,r Bentsr" he describes
I kite" i,, ,V "'W'lpns 3f chnmplon prize
"ii ' f how a t?il,i " '? nn """"nt exYilbl-
"n .ti or u' e,,0'lne bn nthless
1' rnur ....'hi 1,r'."B.B " fudleiee nn,i
!" e I "re iVh5."im n '"" ''Br0 l8 n miln
u ami I re. T.rj'.'1 '"ro covered wllh
" "nt. n, 'klnK" . 1 ho, Professor calls
lm, f ,i" ""''omments fielfngly uihhi the
' eni i, ",, ""," I' 1 iMiinaeh. the Ma
11 " ihiMrJ.'1" ;h0l'l'': "I'd various
"'-r ii biail"1". IJ,X,'1 oman .mind
1 ' b e ftnSe0Iltr.ol,l,,"1 '' 'nan with
"utilul liftr?; rh?" ,,,ttt lle I'orrows from
h s 'L", r"H"e''','!'a north when the
111 I ir i ?"1 ".nu,111, wli'n tho coin s
" l- Bin- ie r.7f of '.''" co,le H''ou'J be
! ThJ lm. ,l8 ,'.',.w,' ! :loe" ,h0 blindfold
' I Uf . nit" "I:?1 '" 'ls deiartment Is a
'' " " r1in,. ij lx wnmn. oungand beautl
v,r" I ?a !.iiI,V."".um dards. In trou-
tl. ij .,9U'' l,h,'t re wtln by the same
I'l " I ' a ir.mif1 lo, "l'nh "I'leh are at-
e (,, ,iWin,,woik that keens them well
'?" S1, tandlnlr aUe and he
..' " 'kin r . ul ,,nlr "' W3'en is the man
." " r a e B11 ":"fIn hte" I edalllng to give
' ' ," vy .m..? ..",8 L'rl''? n ' nr. bends nn.l
1 h . h! '.'loielef and standard nt lonst
I irel '. l!'u wo'n wlilrl niray mer-
I , " ' tlcUtV "".''Khts ehliiB out and tho
1 r , , y ""' the variety show begin o-
I ' ' Wei I ,u .i ,"flL'.,l?.r '""" Itnia the
1 ' "-and ifW, llu ft dive waiter, the glass
I i ? g ln ",'! In,,rr"''r retire to me
1 ' "' '' un ..Sn ,tu1, l"''"rer takes a rent
I , wo t J!1 ","' In I ve minutes and blows
I l'" i i- m ii "" ""' !""! sullering ulrj are
I bi l " 'he" r . MS't'fLW '!'B fMblts get
' 6la"ona and the show Ib on again,
Bwmsj-. i r ii inii initfi'iity
,. , .
I Trns or Tliomnndt Now Hound for the
Atlanta .Mnrket.
' Atlanta, Ga . Jan. a8.-"Craokl Tonl Fowl
Ho-ce, ho-eel" Tho clatter of hoofs on the
slippery Ilolglan blocks sounds like a squadron
of cavalry on (ho charge, nnd down tho broad
street comes n roughly clad rider mounted on
n gray horso nnd at his heels n troop of sorrel,
bay, brown, Mick, dun and mouse-colored
mules, followed by two other wild rldors In a
gallop, oracklng their long whips and uttering
tho pocullor cry nf tho mulo drover.
Tho mulo season has opened At all houra of
tho day the samo spoctacle Is repoatod, for this
Is tho groat point of distribution of mules for
sovoral States Tho mules, from three to four
years old, are shipped here by tenslof thousands
from tho rloh grain fields and grazing lands of
Indlnna, Kentucky nnd wostoni Tennessee by
tho stock dealers and aro put on thu market
l'lantors, lumbermen, turpentlno opcrntorsand
contractors In railroad building congregnto
horo from all iKJlnts.nnd from nboiitthomlddlo
of January until March 1 Is tho busy tlino In
the raulo Undo. To observe tho nmnydrovos.
ono naturally wonders whore they nil go. but
thoy aro disposed of In some waj, nnd many a
wild, unbroken mulo oolt, frosh from Its homo
In the West, will soon bo wenrlng tho
shuok collar nnd hames of the Georgia or Ala
bama cotton plantation, followed by n lusty
darky, and guldod by tho "Oeo. whoa, haw I"
of the ploughman, while the mocking bird
chirrups his drowsy too-doodlo and too-deodlo
on tho old worm fenco at tho end of the row:
or perhaps It will bo straining and tugging nt
tho great hlgh-wheolod lumber cart among the
pine barrens of southern Georgia, lashod nnd
cursed by tho driver, whllo tho hugo log Is
drawn over tho rough ground from the forest
to tho mill. l)ut before the mulo ls thus taught
to earn Its living It must go through various
preliminaries of preparation, bargain, nnd
sale, nnd must tako n xvoary journey In tho
crowded stock cars.
Tho mulo Is a pecullsr boast. Naturally skit
tlsh and yot docllo, It Is oasllr trained, but no
amount of education can ovorcomo tho per
versity of Its naturo. You mayrldeonetwenty
flvo yoars In perfect safoty, and when you least
suspect It the fickle bruto will make you throw
a somersault and kick jou to kingdom come
bofore you strike the ground. Its naturo Is
only consistent In Its Inconsistencies
In tho first plaoo tho stock dealers visit tho
niulo-growlne regions of tho West duilng tho
late fall and early winter and Beleet such lots
ns suit them, and theso nro shipped by tho
tratnlond to this I point of distribution. Nat
urally uncouth nnd rather ungainly, tho mulo
must bo trlmmod and pruned Into tho most
prosontablo shape. Unllko Its near relative,
tho horso, a long tall and a flowing mane tond
but to make the raulo ridiculous In the eyes ot
tho connolssour. Thorofore. ono of tho ilrst
things to bo done Is to remove all tho super
fluous brlBtles from Its nock and stubby tall.
and this Is no easy task ou account of tho
lurking contrary spirit of tho animal. It
must first bo driven Into n narrow stall
and haltered, and then, whllo one mnn holds
tho halter, another, generally an export negro.
a9 tho negro understands mulo naturo better
than the whlto man, proceeds to clip oil tho
mane w 1th a pair of big shears Tho long hairs
aro removed fom the ears no as to givo tho
mulo a port and llv ely look, and then tho worst
trouble begins. Tho danger end of tho mulo
must now be approached, and. for fear of somo
sudden uprising of the hools, tho animal Is
backed up against a board partition which Is
higher than tho muln can kick ln its cramped
position. Tho oporator sobes tho tall, draws It
over the partition, nnd with the shears proceeds
to divest It of hair, liuvlng only a little tuft
at tho tip. and when It is released It resembles
nothing so much as a short section of rubber
Sometimes tho hnltors aro loft on tho mules
for convenience, but as n rule thoy nre taken
off. and with asky-nsplrltig swing of Its heels
tho freed animal bounds out Into tho corral to
air Its improved appeurnnco among its long
eared comrades Thoro Is another peculiarity
about tho mulo that is hard to comprohend. It
will follow a gray horse to tho jumplng-oft
plaeo and then plunge over tho preclplie after
Its leader. Tor this reason the rider who leads
tho drove Is alwavs moutitod on a gray steed
Occasionally a member of tho drovo will dash
down a Bldo street or across a scant lot, but
the two horsomon ln tho roar aro after It in n
twinkling, cracking their long whips, and after
a few gyrations tho frlghtoned mulo catches a
sight of the gray horso of tho leader and hears
tho familiar "ho-eo, ho-eol" of the rider, and
away It bounds to rejoin Its comrades.
Down nt tho big Tlfton lumbor mills, a few
years ngo, tho woodsman rode n gray pon
which was turned Into the rf8 -ltn the mules
at night In a short tlmo It was noticed that
the pony's mane and tall woro disappearing,
and tho reason was soon apparent. In their
fondness for the gray pony tho mulos wero
continually nipping at Its mnne nnd tall, and
lifter Unit it had to be placed ln a stall by Itself.
Ono night the pony succeeded In escaping
from the stall, anil the mules gathorod around
und a frollo began Tho watchman was some
what negligent, nnd In their caperlngs tho ani
mals burst open the big gates, and away went
the whole gang, thundering down the road
at breakneck Rpoed The alarm was given,
the teamsters wero orousod. horses wore so
cured and a choao began which lasted until
late In the following afternoon. But the mules
hod stuck to tholr gray leader and not ono of
the entire band of seventy-five or eighty was
In somo parts of the Stato tho wealthy
planters affect lino mule teams. Instead of thor
oughbrod horses, for driving. There Is no such
thing as a thoroughbrod mulo. each and every
Individual possessing characteristics that nro
separate and distinct, and there being only a
gonoral similarity among tho spocles Conse
quently the plan'or selects pairs that match In
looks and gait, and a two or four mulo team
attached to a carriage, dashing along through
tho lanes and over the country roads, Is n pretty
good Indication of the lndepondonco und pros
perity of the owner.
A good sarldlo mule Is a priceless boon. Ono
that moves along In a "fox trot" will carry Its
rlderovcrthe roughest roads without n jolt or
a jostle, and, barring tho element of possible
treachery, the rider may enjoy all tho pleasur
able sensations of a sail over smooth and sunlit
waters, or n swing In a hnmmoak under tho
magnolias when tho summer sun rides high In
the lieuvons
Tho young mules brine from $125 to $1.10 in
the mnrket here, if unbrokon, but If brokon
and of unusually good qualities, they some
times command a higher price
Tim hiinnuy Conct rt ut lhe Metropolitan,
The concort at the Metropolitan Opera Houso
last night win meant to Introduoo two singers
nnwtothobO programmes during tho present
season, but while Maurice Grau proposos the
weather disposes. Mme bavllle, who was to
have sung, ls 111 with a oold. Bo Miss Hu7anne
Adams took her plooe, Krneat Van I)yok was
a novelty, and the other soloists wero
Fran Kchumann-Helnk, M, Planeon and
Miss Leonora Van Btosch. Herr Bchnlk
conducted, and the" programme took on
the rather serious musical aspect whloh ho Is
likely to give it His orchestral nuiubi rs were
tho overture to "TlieMagle I'lute." Chabrlur's
" Esparto " and the overture to " Kuryunthe "
M Viin Dick was heard 111 uu aria from
M6huo's "Joseph In I'gypt. ' and tho pio
Km mine announced songs by Schumann mid
Humbert Miss Adiims sting the waltz song
from ' llomeo t Juliette" In hei nccus
totned fashion, nnd Mme rkhuinnnn
Hulnk gave as nn encore the llrmiliti from
"LucreztiiHorgln." whl liaroiiBedthuuudlenco
to the same enthusiasm It exhibited before
M I'lawjoii gave the aria from Ilavdii's "hns
sons," which Is known as a number which di
plays his voice and his art at their buM MIh
nil Btosch played Httriisatn'n " (ypt Dunes
"Koutt" wllljbe sung to-night In plaue of
"Lucia dl Lammermoor" Mme Bembrlch
took cold on her way from Moutn ill nnd found
thutshe wssunablo to appiar MIssrtuzanno
Adams will bo heard In New ork (or the llrst
time as JMrtfuerife. M Haltfru will slug haunt
and Kdouarudelieszkewill be heard nrjlrpltw-tniiMe
llrorgr Tniile Stubbed In a right.
Gcorgo Tonic, aged 32, of 209 llroiidwny.
llllumsburg. while playing pool In thu saloon
of 'Charlie Allen on tho ground floor ostor
dny nftornoon. got Into a light with Charles
Inn l',)ck. n negro, 24 yiars old, of l .Moore
street, and two other men Toulo was stubbed
four times In tho Mt side near tho heart und
may die Ten Kick wijs arrested, but tho
other two men escaped Tnlo iiusitltol)
iilentllled Ten Eypk us his nssulliint lhe lat
ter stoutly denied It Ho uUj fluid he did not
Know the other two men
tit to I.olt, 1'lolt or Knrm.
Orailtra of The Bum slwtyt know when a good
Iking liureiented. Let Ibeui know wbtt ) ml bin
tueatr u utiug the aduriliuig column!. Ait,
' -Milii,iiiiri-r-"rfiT''ttiJ',fc-''-i--'-i" -"
'H. ...'.'.. liini't iiiiiiiMavMMMtntMllfMtMrifal
man OU TIMES IN thm m)tokm
stnmtT oMCKttx mahhkt.
The Animal That Wns Destined to tlrnre
llra.lley'a Fenat Kicnprt-Ololiteln Tries
lo Cntch It with Idmhnrgert Aflrr Kill
ing it ret Cat with Ills Army IMitol.
About four weeks ago Congressman Thomas
J llradley, vanquisher of the Uon, Tim Camp
bell, was Invited to a 'possum dinner In Wash
ington, given by Henator Mason of Illinois.
Among the other guests were Congressman
Ham Lewis, John F, I Itzcer&ld ot Massachu
setts, William Rulrer of New".York, I'rnnk Gor
man of Chicago, who Isprivato scuretary to
Congressman William Lorlmer, and Peter
Dunn, better known as "Mr, Dooloy In Fence
and War," also of Chicago. The Eastoru
statesmen had never tasted 'possum, and wero
enthusiastic In their praises of It Congress
man Uradlev, on his next return to Now York,
declared that no goose eversleughtored on
the east side could oomparo with 'possum,
Ilradloy mentioned the 'possum dlnnor
while In company tilth several friends. Includ
ing Herat. Jacob Itosonblonm of the 201st
lieglmeiit, Naw York Volunteers, now at Green
vllle. H. O, Koienbloom Is a brother of Con
gressman Bradley'sZlaw partner. Michael
Hosenbloom. Bergt. Ilosonblooru wns then In
New York on a furlough. Ho told tho Con
gressman that large numbors ot 'possums
wore sent North from tho South that were
dangerous to. eat, because they wero often
gathored after having died from disease lie
said that on his return toGreenvlllo he would
send Bradloy a live 'possum, whloh he could
have slaughtered ln New York.
The Congressman said ho would aocout tho
present, and It the 'possum had not been true
to the traditions ot his speclos thoro would
havo bcenta 'possum dlnnor next Saturday
night in'ths rojms of the Columbian Club. In
Grand stroct. As It Is, the dinner is a possi
bility, oontlngont ou tho oflorts of the Invited
guests to capture the 'possum, whloh Is still nt
large. Among those Invited to the dinner
wore Sliver Dollar Smith. City Clerk I'. J.
Scully, Alderman Jnmos Smith, August ,T.
Gtolsteln. President of the Gloleteln Tlshlng
Club: Pat Connolly, the Mayor of Povarty Hol
low; "Bhoot-the-Chuto Bhute." Jako llrodbeek,
Connroto Klrschner und Henator Hamuel l'olcy.
Tho box containing the 'possum arrived lata
Saturday nftornoon at Congressman Hr.ullsy's
oftlce In Dm street. The Congressman sent
it to tho chicken market of Frank Illllman, at
7.1 llutgers street Ho told Illllman to keep
the'possum until ho was ordered to kill It Tho
time of oxcoutlon was designated as next
Wednesday lho chlckeu market occupies
all ot a building ot four stories, nnd Is tilled
with Uvo fowl. It ls n well-known fact that
'poisums like chickens and chickens do not
like 'posBums This was demonstrated In tho
ca-e ot llr&dloy s 'iiossum.
Hlllmnn placed tho box containing the 'pos
sum on the llrst floor of tho building Shortly
niter U o'clock on Saturday night there was u
commotion In the chicken mnrket. The men
employed In the place were alirmoi by tho
ci owing of roosters and the vocal oemonstra
tions of the hens and'other tow I unable to crow
Hoveral employees Investigated nnd discov
ered nearly all the roosters strutting around,
crowing and kicking their spurred lngs In tho
nlr. Tho hens were -ackllng from alarm and
the tittle chickens wore vainly trying to get
out of their ooope.
The omployeos woro mystified ror n tlmo.
Then one of them happened to remember tho
presence of the 'possum. He ran to the box
which bad contained the animal, and tho mys
tery was oxulalned. A slat on the top of tho
box had been wrenched off and tho 'poesum
hnd escaped
"Dollcol llolicet He vlll gill nil der shtsk
ensl" shouted one ot tho men.
They got lanterns nnd made a search
through tho building. Their oflorts were re
warded by finding tho 'possum f kulklng In a
corner on tho ton floor. When the 'wsuni
perceived the mon he stretched himself out on
the Uoor. apparently asleep One of tho vaen,
knowing the deeetttulneas of "poesume. got an
emptv flour barrel and placed It over the nnl
mal Some one declared that the bite nt n
'loesum was worse than a rattlesnake's Tho
barrel was tilted slightly and a noone wns
plaoed over tho 'possums feet. The snlinnl
struggled to get away, hut was finally lnnded
in a cage with wire bnrs only three Inches
apart. Tho employees then retired and tho
roosters and hens wont back to their slumbers
on the perches
Congressman Hradloi Invited a number of
friends to go to the chicken market jesterdu
morning and sec tho animal destined to pro
vide tho chief enjoyment of the expected fenst.
When Hillman escorted tno pnrt to the eugo
in which the 'possum hud been plated the
night before ho found two of the wlro bars
pressed aside and the 'possum nowhere In
"My God I he has escaped again." said Hill
man "What will become of my chickens? '
"ever mind your chickens." said the Con
gressman. ' How nbout that 'possum sup
per?" "Dot vns a'shnmo " snld August J Ololsteln.
"Vo vlll ontch him,"
"I'll get him nil right." said Sliver Dollar
Smith. "I've got a bulldog that will And him
if he's In the building"
A eounell of war was hold and It was decided
to postpone tho hunt until the nftornoon.
Meantime; Hillman'H: employees woro ordered
to ttay on guard When the hunting pnrty ar
rived at tho chicken mnrket shortly after 2
o clock It looked ominous for Mr 'Possum.
Ololsteln was armod with his Gcrmnn army
pistol, a huge cnunk of llmburgcr cheese, nnd
a Ashing pole Silver Dollar Smith was ac
companied by his in in McCarthy and n brln
dle bull terrier. Mayor Pat Connolly had an
normous blackthorn stick. "Hhoot-the-Chute.
Bhuta" oarrled a rllle and Connroto Mrschner
had a double-barrelled shotgun
It was agreed that the party should hunt ln
pairs, and as nn Incentive the Congressman
offered a reward ot a bottle of wlno to the cou
ple capturlnr the missing animal. Glnisteln
and Connolly were , Igned to search the
upper story.
What are yo bringing that charo for? 'asked
Connolly of Ulolsteln. "Do yer wont to plzen
the bosto so we can't oto him?"
'Bh-h-hl Pat. not a vord." said Glolstoln. "I
vlll put dor clieeso by der holes Den der 'pos
sum vlll smell Id and eome owld. I vlll den
shood him."
Glolstoln and Connolly proceeded to the top
"I see him I I see hlml" shouted Olol
steln a few minutes after ho had dlbtributed
the cheese around tho room.
"Where? Where;" shouted Connolly
"I'p doro on der too of der box," replied
Glotsteln as he blazed awa with the urmy
The shots woro nnawored by tho fall to the
floor of Hlllman's pet black cat, which was slid
through the head
"Ololsteln," said Connolly, "I am going
homo Ilegorra. a man nln't safe wld you The
furrst thing I know I'll get a shot In me own
head from you You don't know a cat from a
'possum, nnd ou might not know mo from u
jsi knss If I got mvni from vou In the dark "
And then Connolly left the building In a
Hllver Dollar Smith had turned loose the
bulldog, which KnllTod around the lower llor
for n while Suddenly, with loud birks the
dog run to the basement too fast for Smith to
follow A moment Inter he o.imo up the stairs
with n chicken In his mouth I 111 man in
sisted that Smith should take tho bulldog out
nf the building. Smith complied wllh the re
quest Conereto Klrsohner. who was senrchlng the
second floor, d'scharge.l his shotgun nt a
thadow and killed six chickens In ono of the
crates At this juncture Hlllmnn declared the
hunt at on end, and asked the party to wait
until some time to-duv bofore continuing
All of the party were accounted for oxiert
Ololsteln. After a search Congressman llradley
found hlmon the top floor sitting on a box.
fishing pole In hand. The lino wns balled
with cneeso and Gloleteln was holding It over
n hole In the floor
"Dot vns dor vny to cnteh him, said Olol
Mem Ho was Induced to Join tho nthors In
temporarily giving un tho hunt for tho 'pos
sum It will bo rsum"d to-day.
i ski) i 4i: ov h isrr.it- i.-i, t n.
lliil-ti of ii ltovv lit a Mixed Ale I'nrty In
Knit Thirty srventli Htrmil.
Then) was a mixed ale inrt In the homo of
Patrick Derwln. at 201 ilnal Thirty-seventh
street, yestenlny The chief Indulgers wero
rntrtek, his brothor Jnmes nnd Patrick's wife,
Ilessle In tho row thnt followed James was
giving Patrick a good .liubblng when Mr
YierwTn wi nt loth.) hidp of her husband, she
bent her brother-in-law and he plcko.lupan
nxo nnd struck her twice, knocking her down
stairs She wns taken to lleltevuu Hospltul
with a broken arm, it dislocated shoulder su.l
many contusions James was locked up in
the Past Thlrty-flfth street station
Knrly Horning File In llrou.liviiy,
I'lre wasdlscovired b) n passerby earlv yen
tordu) morning In tho building at 1M77 und
1.I7D Hroadwoy, between '1 hlrti-suientli and
Thirty-eighth streets It was burning brlsklv
In the celling nf the llrst floor, and a good deal
of water wns required to put It out Several
tenants suffered loss; among them Catherine
W Arnhulin. a tailor; George II Walkor, a
fatter; the Edison Phonograph Company. .1
I Oolt A Co, dealers In gas generators P,
Jomtnlk, a tailors N l'anonl, u manicure, and
Altllu. u doalei In gymnasium stock.
. . ,
l.ttJ: TOPICS .IIIQVT tons.
Ono of tho visible phases of lho present win
ter In New York Is tho passing of tho mackin
tosh, Scleral j ears ago It noeded only a
storm to In lug nut the rubber cnuts In almost
tho same lurgo numbers Hint the umbrellas
appeared 'lho mackintosh passed through
tho various stages usually allowed to such
garments At one tlmo It was highly fashion;
utile then only Itr utility wan conFldered. and
1'imll) there wns nothing more modish nbout
lhe eont thin there wis about n pair of rub
ber shoes Hut no soonor had thy great use
fulness of the thing been recognised thnn It
began to decline steadily In public favor until
It reached the stage or almost total neglect to
tie not Iced to-day. Thoro wero successors to
It as a fashlonnblo gnrm lit, just as there have
come newer things to serve Its usofnl.pur
poses Tho mackintosh In not alono In this
fleklenoss of fuhlon. nnd the whirligig may
restoro II nnoo more to Its old.tlmo plnco of
favor It hns beon superseded gonornlly by
cloth eoiilsnf u kind slmllnr to the invert ennts
which enmo Into fashion here twenty ycais
ago 1 lilt, Is l)hsbly the snlliarv exception
to lhe rule Hint fashions change, ns conts of
this kind hnio never been out of the fashion
onco slneo thov wero first worn hero Now
thi have the n.ldltlonnl prestige of having
Influenced another fashion for men thut had
come in bo looked upon on permanent
Tho varying scnloof prices for flowers of
tho some kind and quality, which one qnlokly
notices In buying f'om dealers In different
parts ot I lie clt y, Is regulated by ront and fash
Ion. Tho big florists who monopoltro tho busi
ness of rurnlshlng floral docointlons for the
largo weddings, receptions and dinners sell
their flowers at very nonrly uniform prices,
but tho hundreds of small florists all over the
dtv liaio prices which vary greatly Howers
are generally considered n luxury, nnd peoplo
buy them gonerously In good times and as
stingily as they .nay In hard times This has
been nn unusallr prosperous season for the
florists, and thu floral decorations at allot the
larao publlo dlnnors hnio been elaborate and
costly. At n dinner given n few nights ago bv
a llttlo group of men who serve tho i Ity nnd
spend all they rocolve from It, the Itornl deco
rations cost nearly $2,000 rho fntdilonnblo
florists frequently get three and four times as
much for their llowerH as do their modest
coinpotltors und thoy probably would eoaso to
be fnshlonnlle If thel lowotd their prices.
When tho demand exceeds the supply there Is
n squeeze In the flower market and prices go
up more rnp'dly thnn stocks In a bull market.
A young mini who vaguely lememberod buy
ing Ainerlcnn lleuuty rmes for $1 or ?f n
dozen telegraphed to a friend soveral weeks
ogo to buy two dozen of theso roses for him
and send them to a certain address When
he returned to town- ho dlscovoied that his
friend hnd bought them nt a tlmo whon tho
market win short und as a result ho hud paid
just $21 n do7un forthciu
William Pay ne, who died In tho old Leffertn
farmhouso In llrooklyn Inst week, was a deco
ratoi In I ond m before ho tamo to this coun
try and ho wns the nrtlt called upon regularly
to decornto the Cry "til Palace for cnta occa
sions Thirty -llvo years ngo ho bought a part
of the old I efforts estato In whit was tlien tho
outskirts of llrookliu and made his home in
tho old farmhouse Mr Pay no devoted him
self to the study of history nnd lo Increasing
tho collection ofeurioi nnd nnthiuex which ho
estuhhhd In the old I.elTerts mansion lieu
the mnu-ion wis torn down n few years ago
Mr l'nvne declined to sell his collodion, but
he distributed the articles among the m n nnd
women whom ho knew would appreelnte them
Some yeirw ago Mr Payne nlteied the old
farmhouse by putting nn a new root and turn
lug It around so Hint It should face on llaNcv
street Since he settled, there llrooklyn has
grown nwny out beyond HnNey s'.rei t in tVA
blocks and the old road houses for which that
neighborhood was famous hive all disap
peared "I was swindled out of 40 cents list week, '
sild a mm whose ofll:o Is In West Thirtieth
street "bra fellow who oirned his t"onev. nn J
his work interested me so much that 1 mndo
Inquiries and discovered that three of my no
qualntaiices had been worked by him In the
same manner Ho came to my olllce mil haid
t hit lie wanted to leave with met he flower seeds
ordered by my wife I told lllm tint I kntw
nothing nbout them HoprovoJ very quickly
that lis ki ew ill nbout them He told a cir
cumstantial story abcut tnking lho order from
in) w fe it our homo in the submits and he
told ma th"t my fnthor-lii-liivr. who-e namo
and .i ldre-s In llrooklyn he gave, had also
bought seeds fiom him Moreovei ho told mo
where I lived In New ork n year ngo before I
moved to tho country. All of whloh ootiilneed
me th it the mnn wns honest and ns thoro was
only 10 cents to tov on the package I accented
It When I gnve tho seeds to my wi'e she .ild
that she had never ordered them It did not
heeni pronnblo to me. however, thittinv man
for o ftiisll a "Uin ot money would tikn tho
tlmo to look up my various niireses and that
of my fntlier-lu law nnd 1 thought thut there
must bo a mistake to account for it It wis a
clear enso of swindle, hoivover. nnd tho man
worked nil of the oitlces in my neigiiboriioo.1
In each case he knew various details about
the man ho approached, which made his story
seem plausible 1 he same amount of en
ergy nml skill would bring that fellow suceess
In almost any honest business."
The reported profits of i firm of restnunnt
proprietors In Hie Tenderloin hivo tempted !
several outlders.to enter the flcld. nnd among
them n Chic igo restaurant oroprlcb r who has
recently leased u building for the purpose
lho patrons ot all-night restaurants lu the
Tenderloin aro flckle, however, and several
men who have ventured to cnterto them havo
come to grief One of those rostnur.ints was
opened on llros.lvvay seven or eight yo irs ago
and for a time It flourished When tibles cf
a rival restaurant acioss the etrent wero vo
cant tills restuurant wus so crowded that It
was necessary to engage tiiDlee before hand to
Insure getting a xuppor there. Night after
night the other restaurant was brilliantly 11
laminated and empty, 'lho proprietor was
patient, however, and he waited und burned
gas lor no apparent reason, bocnii'-e the
two restaurants were mod. lied on tho snino
plan and run in the same fashion, the patrons
of the o'der one left itsuddenli and went over
to reward the mnn who burned gns and w lit
d. Tho proprietor of the deserted restaurant
tried In vnin to get buck Ills customers and
then he fnlltd lhe Tenderloin now has al
most as many all night restnmants an siloons
Ono of the members of the Astor llnttery
brought back as a souvenir amachete which
he obtained from a 1 lllnlno guard ot Aguln
aldo's army. Tho Aetor llnttery mnn nnd a
companion had occaslon'to'cross tho I'illiiinns'
lines anirthoy expocted to run the pickets
Justus they were congratulating themselves
on their hiic-ess they were held up by n picket,
who brought them to a halt with u flourish ot
his machete and nsked them to give un act omit
of themselves 'I hey hud no right to be with
in the rillplno lines, nnd If they wero arrested
they foresaw all manner of subsequent .11111
eultls The Astor llnttery man had profited
by tides which ho hnd heard, und pointing to
the mucin te. ho asked.
"Hon inu.li"
lhe l'llli Ino understood tho questlm nnd
his expression ihiiiki'd Ho hcstlnted n inn
meut mid then el a in lee on his vvenpon equli
nlont to $J of inerlc in inonei. Itwusnmiy
ordinary machete an 1 his price was extumi
gant "All right," wild Hie stor llnttery mil l
nud giving the plekit J"-' ho took Ills mni hi tit
and walked on, thus not onli acquiring nil In
teresting souvenir, but oxtrl.atltig himself
and bin mini anion from vihnl might havo
been an awkward predicament
i)ii)'i mi. nn: for", ininvxr.
Magnus, ' I'nlmlat nml S l.'iitlit," I)l-
linrgid by Mnglttrntn Mult.
James Caput Magnus of 117 Wi st 1'lftceiitli
street u eripp'e, wns nrrnlgiied before Magis
trate Molt In the Jefferson Market Court yes
terday, ohotged with being a fortune tiller
Magnus declined tint ho was n ' p iliiilst nnd u
scientist.' but not a fortune lellei
D to. Hm 'lompkliis of the West 'I hlrtleth
strict lollie station, who visited Miciiiikh
home nu Saturday to learn something about
his future mid then nrreste I Magnus, admitted
Hint Magnus hud merely pioieanl to be n
iiilmlst vlliglstraieMolt cited re.ont dei Islons
b) the higher courts holding that palmistry is
not fortune telling, mid thou discharged
llrtr.lltr liitrrriiptK a I'llirlluhl.
Tliniuas III. hards, 17 years old. nu acrobat,
nnd I .nils I Hinlnu, 1H yum old, ailerk, both
of Miinh iltuii. wete arrested hte on Saturday
night i hinged wllh prirellghtlng George
Armstrong, -o years old, wus also arrested,
charged with aiding nnd abetting tho fight
Acting Di te. live lloivo ot the Pnrkvilln station
u as passing the hotel of Adolph Wolsbruin ut
talon avenue and Ocean Iloiiloyard whon he
h.urd shouts coming fiom tho barn in tho
rear lie made un Investigation ,iud loiiud
llklinnls anil I.nud.iu stripped und in the cen
tre ut n ii giiluiion rope ring 'Jhey worn llve
duiice gluiex .Hid wore just b. ginning tho
bi'cond round when the oflb.r male his
nppeurntiec lie paced the time inrii under
arrest, and the spectators about llftr In uuin
iber. made a busty exit Howe wns Informed
thut there hud been a llvo-roiliid bout before ho
arrived The men wero nrrnlgiied before Mug
lstrnte Steers in the 1'lntbiish Police Court yes
tenluy and were admitted to bull In jrim) enuh
'1 hey said the bout were simply preliminary
to the organization ot un athletic club.
,...rt.i;'-' : !l.J:
star nana!.
The I,nlet Instruments Itnve No Hell Crank
nnd the llcrnld Hns flrlrrd the Oppor
tunity to Strike Itiplf Itldlcnlntis-llie
New System Heller Thnn the Old One.
All Improved adjustment of tho telephono
system now to this city which has beon In
troduced In tho upper port of tho town fur
nished an opportunity for tho A'ew York Herald
to make Itselt onco more ridiculous, and was
promptly selred. Subscribers' Instruments
equipped In tho new woy hnvo no bell crank
The bell rings only when " Contral " wants tho
subscriber's nttontlon. When tho subscriber
deslros to call " Central " ho moroly takes down
tho receiver, places It ot his ear anil pres
ently tho volco of tho operator announces
his success "Human frailty and n new
stylo of telephono service havo produced much
iiuhappltiess In Harlem and along tho west
side," was thu Herald's comment. "In fact,
lho now schema of tho telephono company
doesn't work Tormorly subscribers could
ring n boll, and thnt at least mndo It uncom
fortable for tho girl at ' Control' to such nn ox
tent that sho was llkoly to mako tho desired
connection rather thnn be further disturbed."
A moment's reflection would tell n being ot
ordinary Intelligence that pandemonium would
bo othoroal slloneo compared to tho bedlam
Into which a telephone oxchango would be
turned If subscribers rang bells thore overy
Hmo thoy called "Central." The only bell tho
subscriber rings la that at his own elbow. To
bo sure, It Is sometimes amusing to soo how
otherwise eodnto jiersons will entertain thorn
selves by grinding away nt that bell crank llko
mnd. just as though each turn screwed tho
garroto further into tho tortured oporator sup
posed lo be nt tho other end of the lino Duttho
fact remains thnt nil that mlsnppllod Industry
serves tho purposo only of working off tho Im
patient mnn's superfluous energy; It doesn't
bothor or ''disturb" tho "girl at 'Contral' "at
nil. Tho llrst movoment of the crank causes a
small Bhuttor to drop boforo tho oporator ot
tho oxchango, dlsoloslng tho subscriber's
uumbor: that's all. Tho only condition undor
which further turning of tho crank may bo
effcctlvo Is In tho ovont of tho operator's
thoughtlessly replacing tho drop-shuttor with
out nnsworlng the catl.
Hut the aid declares "tho clamorous boll
did formerly lend the young woman to ask
what number was wanted" Describing tho
new stylo of Instrument and Its operation, tho
puporsayH: "Tho moment ono lifted tho re
ceiver from tho hook. It wns asserted, an elec
tric light would flash before the ey es of tho girl
nt "Central,' nnd she would leap to tho plug
boird " Tiro "glrlnt 'Central'" doesn't loap.
She keeps us steadily In one place. In tho busy
exchanges of Now York, as though sho woro
lived thoro. All tho operations- sho Is called
upon to perform may bo accomplished
without tho necosslty of leaving her
chair P.vory thing Is nt her hand. In tho
Cortlindt street exchange, for Instance,
thu whole (1,000 subscribers whoso wires
I are connected with that oflleo aro within
rencli of th" arm of overy one of the scores of
operators who arc beulod close together all
around tho big room lho comuctlons ot all
are r. pi otcd In that ectlonot the switchboard
which it is the pirtloular duty nf ea.'h girl to
uttond to " Hut it doos not work." the Jfeiald
n peats of tho now schomo nnd goes on to sny
thut It is mndu "apparent that something
morel Hiun an electric light is necessiry to
spur 'Ceiitril' to her duty. Tho troubles, ems
to bo that tho new si stem does not take no
count of humnn frailty, and, what is worse,
gives tho subscrlbor no opportunity to arouso
tho Central' girl utter she lius returned to her
book. '
A telephono girl In Now York hns about aa
much time to read a book while sho is on duty
as a ersey woman has for personal manicure
operations In m. squlto tlmo Not only iro tho
ile tn inds on her too great and too exacting to
Permit of n a ling when on duty, but neither a
bo ik nor anything else Is allowed on theswltch
lioird The girls are not even permitted to luy
a pockctbook or a hairpin there T he girls sit
no close together ns almost to touch elbows
in tlio largo exchanges, and behind thorn
aro other girls, the supervisors ono su
pervisor to every twelve operators. Bo
eldirt theso supervisors thoro are monitors
who .ires, nted nt contiul .1. sks with receivers
I constantly ut their cars and cut In on any and
all operators from tlmo to time, without dis
turbing tho opentors, mid by listening to what
Is pisslni' over the wires ascertain whether
tho operator Ib ittendlng proporly to hor busi
ness, and whether thoro Is troublo with a lino,
or vibe thercomplalntB lire being mndo. Abovo
tne monitors mere aro cue manager nnu nis
assistant, so that it is fair to presumo thnt the
amount of "returning to her book" done by tho
"girl ut 'Central' " ls ut least reduced to a
As a matter of fact, tho new nrrongoment of
the tel. phono Hint is In use lu somo parts of
thceiti mid that ltd to the iM's exhibition
of itself is dei ldedly nu Improvement on tho
old. und Is in successful operation ln several
i stern cities In tlmo it will, in all proba
bility, be Installed throughout Now i'ork It
bus replaced thu old system In Harlem and tho
l"v.Sh s"iift! SJi. a--d it Is being put In
wliTcver nw exchunges aro built or old ones
re laced Tho new exchange which ls to take
thepliiiii of tho old hov.iiity-iiinth street ex
ihiingo Is being equlppod ocordlng to tho
new system, nnd another on tho west sldo will
soon be in operation.
Cnder the old system tho subscriber's number-shutter
drops In a trough that is let Into
the horizontal part of the sw llchboard. nnd tho
oporator "plugs Into" his number In the up
right part of the board to answer his call
Under the new system tho Biibscribor's actof
taking the rocoiver from the hook llghta a
small electric lump directly at his number In
the vertical part of Hie board The oporator
"plugs In,' Ieirns his want, nnd makes tho
desired connection It it inn be obtained Tho
plugging In extinguishes the light Down
in the horizontal pirt ot tho board each
connection ls represented by two ot tho small
limps, uhioli, however, nro dark when the
connection Is made When either of tho sub
scribers hangs up his receiver, ono ot these
lamiH glows When they both glow the oper
ntoi knows that both people aro through tulk
Ing und she disconnects the Hues. If only ono
of the lamps Ib alight sho presumes that tho
subscriber whoso number It represents has
(.one on some short in rand, or turned to look
up soiut thing, or left the 'phone for uny
lenson Hiillh'lelit to himself, while the other
Is holding the wire for his return. Conse
quently she doesn't Inturfero wlthlt. The old
annoy lug interruption of conversation by tho
ot orator s question to know win thor ono Is
"through" Is done owuy with. The dread of
the iiinu who In holding lho wlro, when a sim
ilar question tomes to him, lest a too nctlve
"I ui nil gill" cut him off, nnd his haste to us
suri her thut lm Isn't through, undor tho new
Hsteni oi use to bo. Pntrone gain peace of
mill. I und n more sutlsfnetory service, and tho
t lei bom eouipnny's uiuployeis gain time nnd
are roll, vi d of much useless trouble
Abovt the verllinl switchboards of tho opera
tors under thu new system urn largo eh. trio
1 mips, inlled pilot lumps, which nre set aglow
wtiennvi rono of tho small lumps below, either
In Hie vertical board win n u subscriber calls
or in Hie horizontal board when a reciivorin
hung up after connection. Is lit These pilot
lamp can be seeti from the manager's ileHk.
and so ho Is ublo to see without leaving Ills
work there whether things nro being attended
to properly by the oi erntors If a pilot lamp
remains lit for an unusual length nf tlmo ho
kiioivsthiit something Is wrong, either that u
girl hns nut nusweii d some cull or that sho has
not taken down some connection.
About 27,1100 intHiif wlroH nre operate! by
the telephone eomi any here About 2 000 In
struments nr now equipped undir tho new
si st. m In tho Harlem nnd lllversldo exchanges,
When the oiitlro service Is brought under the
Improved system It will undoubtedly tjcomo
luoroHntlsfuctory Naturally, in a system where
so much Is done automatically, there Is llkelv
to be at llrst somo little dllllcultv with the In
Irlcate nieelianUm necessarily employed Hut
in the cities where ibe now system hue been
installed It has been found to give creator sat
Isrm Hon nil around than tho old one
1 bn Jlirattl bus from time to time roeontly
hniiimi'ied the telephone company In various
ways, and the only suggestion put forward for
this Inst article, other limn that It wis a result
or tne iniantiie naiut ot mini! tnnt tno nwm ran
to disguise, Is Hint a onld-wi atlinr mothod of
supplying the good things thut In summer tho
free-Ice lake brings lu hud to be devised.
A Theatre I'nrty for 400 Young Women,
The Hnbert Davis Association of Hudson
county, N J , which recently netted more than
f.10,000 at a two weeks' fair held In Jersey
City, hns arranged a theatre party for the 400
young woman who ntten. led at the booths and
aided lu bringing about that jatlsfactory re
sult '1 he party will he given to-morrow night
ut tho Aoideniy of Muslo Thu entire orches
tra Uoor has been reserved
Hon of Dr. IV.Irl.ll Drowned.
1'iihAic, Jan 20 Earl Podrlck. the 10-year-old
son of Dr Hdward H Pedrlck, was drowned
at Dundee Luke this nftornoon Ho was no
company ing his father on his professional
en is, nud the father had occasion tn stop near
the bank of the lake The boy left the car
riage to slide on the ice, which was not very
thick Before he had gone many yards he
broke through.
in i i i i
Trw.vr sntvs itcitr in xavt YAttns.
Norfolk Thinks Shipbuilders Shouldn't Have
lhe Advantage of n Longer 'Workday.
NonvoLK. Va.. Jan. 20. The question of an
eight-hour day for all Inbororn engaged on
Goxemment naval work, whether employed In
private shipyards whoro battleships nnd cruis
ers nro constructed under contract, or In navy
yards, is being agitated by tho commercial
bodies of Norfolk and Portsmouth Tho con.
tentlon ot the shipyards thatthey can turn out
warshlpu at lower cost than thoy can bo con
structed by tho Gov ornmontnt Its navy yards
Is mndo possible, it Is said, by the fact that tho
omployeos of tho prtvnto concorns nro com
pelled, some ot thorn, It not all, to work ten
nnd even twelve hours por day, for which they
recotvo about the samo, and frequently lower,
wages than aro paid navy yard workmen for
eight hours' labor Tho lapse of tho Govern
ment yards, In consoquence of this, Into use
merely ns depots of repairs has Interested thf)
commercial bodies wherever navy yards exist
Theuoanl of Trade, the Business Men'H As
sociation of Norfolk nud tho Hoard nf Trade of
Portsmouth have placed tho matter In the
hands of tholr legislative committees, and they
will endeavor to secure n law fixing uniform
hours for all Governmont work wherever ox-ootited.
itnriKmcn nr costMtmoitK rmrir.
Commandant of the Nnvy Ynrd Vlilti fit.
John's rtonmn Cntlmlle Home.
Commodore John W Philip, commandant ot
tho navy yard In Brooklyn, rev lew od tho cadet
corps ot Bt. John's Homan Catholic Homo on
Bt. Mark's and Albany aionuos yesterday. Ho
was oocompanled by Chaplain Itoyco of tho
cruiser Now York. Thoro nro about 1,200 boys
In the home. The cadet corps has a member
ship of 300 woll-drlllod boys The bovs visited
tho navy ynrd last August, and received a
hearty welcome from Commodore Philip, who
was then In command ot the battleship Texas.
William Pendleton, 14 yoars old. delivered
an address ot wolcomo y estorday. Ho said tho
boys hod.be en treated In a kindly manner on
the occasion of tholr visit to tho navy yard,
and thor wanted to thank tho Commodore for
his kindness in paying them a return visit.
In responding Oommodoro Philip said that
ho wanted the boys to know that ho thought a
great deal of them and wanted to seo thorn ull
grow up and becomo Christian men. Chaplain
Itoyco also mado a short address There wns
a largo number of visitors, who took as much
Interest In Commodore Philip as did thu boys.
irons or a bluejacket.
Was nobbed In McOurk'i-llonght a Flitol
to Clenn It Out nnd Was Arrested.
John Doll, a bluejacket from tho training
ship Vermont, wont Into McGurk's saloon, at
205 Dowory, on Saturday night, and. whllo
there, a man In a sailor's uniform enmo up to
htm, slnpped him on tho back, and said:
" Hello, Bhlpmato I Ain't you going to treat ?"
Bell asked tho man what ship he was from,
ond ho answored, "Thu cruiser Brooklyn. Just
got into port "
Bell told tho man ho was a fako sailor, as the
Brooklyn was not in port Tho man struck
hlmlnthooyo and soveral other men joined
In tho fight that followod Whon tho sailor got
away ho wont too pawnshop, bought a loaded
revolver, and returned to tno saloon. Ho was
arresteHl In tho Yorkvlllo Court yosterday he
declared thnt ho had been nssmltod and robbed
ot $10 In tho saloon and hnd gone back to
get his monoy.iHe was fined Jo nnd his revolver
was confiscated Ho said he hadn't nny money,
thut ho hod been drafted for thu supply ship
Solace, and If he was locked up ho wouldn't be
nblo tn catch her Ho was sent downstairs tn
default of tho fine.
Suit Against the Mnrk Stone Crushing Com
pnny on Hook Mountain.
Ntack. Jan. 29. The suit of Arthur C.
Tuokor. n wealthy resident of Upper Nynck
and President of the 7lllage. against the Mack
Paving Company, to restrain the company
from blasting at their new stone crushing
plant In Hook Mountain, will come up in the
Bupremo Court at New City to-morrow. Borne
months ago the Maok Paving Company pur
chased a large section of the Hook Mountain,
upon which to erect one of the largest stone
crushing plants in tho Stato. Mr. Tucker,
who owns a handsome place near by, nnd Mr.
Jnmos P. McOualde, whoso estate adjoins Mr
Tuckor's. believed that their property would
be much damaged by tho blasting which is
necessary ln carrying ou tho stone-crushing
business, and Mr. Tucker instituted proceed
ings ln tho Supreme Court to restrain tho
Maok Company from blasting. Tho Mack
Company havo their Hook Mountain property
Inclosed nnd guarded, and those who for y oars
past have visited the Hook Mountain as a
pleasure report are now prohibited from going
upon the grounds
uminmE ai VASio Tnri bat.
Banrlaea ... 72Siineata r, HI I Moon rites D 21
mnn WATrn Tina dat.
Bandy Hook. 9 2tl I Gov III d 10 01 Hell Gato 1 1 CO.
Arrived Schdat, Jan. 30.
Hs Norwpclnn Williams, Glasgow,
fifl PncatiniiU. James .mice.
Ss A.Ira, Harris, l'lillvlrlpbia.
Hs MsdiHiis, Praser, llarnados
Ha Princess Annr. liulphrri Norfolk.
Hi Washington, Dluklags, Hull
Hi Llenefactor, Townsen.1, Philadelphia
U. 8. transport ltoumaula, Walcott, Nuerltaa.
For later arrival! loo First Pago 1
8a Pomeranian, from New York, at Glasgow.
SAiim rnonf roBEios roan.
8s T.ucanla from Qucenatnwn for Now York.
Ha Fuerat llliinarck from Naples for New urk.
bs Auchorla from Mnvllle for New York,
Rs Nomtt, from Chriitlansand fur New York.
Bi EeusinKtou, from Autwerp for New York,
Si Algonquin, from Jaokionvlllo for New York,
isail To-Day.
Jaill Col. luirlSatli
Pennsylvania, Hamburg 7 00 A 31
Vlllavorde, Havana . 1 00 P M
Kaffir Prince, Pernamhuco 1 00 1' M BOO P M
Sail TthSlorrow
Ethiopia, Glasgow 1000 AM 1200 M
Haale, Dromen 7 00 A It 1000 AM
finance. Colon 13 00 M 2 00 p II
Ithaka, Projrrf io. 1 00 P M aooPM
Comanche. Charleston 3 00PM
Iticelslur.NewOrkana . Boo P M
Arkadla, Porto llico 1 00 P M S 00 P M
Vait irrtineftiTii, leb. I.
fit, Paul, Rnuthampton 7 no A M 10 00 A M
nrllannlc.Ilvorpool II no AM J200M
Bmithwark, Antwerp In 10 A II 12 00 U
Vjieilanria, liarana I 00 P M aooI'U
Atuos, Haytl 10 00 AM 12 00M
Andes, Haytl . 1 0 00 AM 12 00 11
Lauipaiai, Galieaton .. 3 00 I'M
Due To Day.
KnpiUd Hull Jan
Italia .... Antwerp ,. , Jan IS
Norife Southampton Jan 11
Lord Warwick ....Gibraltar Jan 11
llollvla Illiraltar Jan II
America Iimlon JsnIA
buffalo Hull Jan 19
lioudor . . (Illiraltar Jan 18
Knlckirbocair New Orleani Jan 21
Tuscarnra . . I-enrti n Jan 1A
llrooklyn City Hwamea Jan 14
Maarouomn ... , London ,, Jan 15
Crltlo Dunrlffl Jan 14
LaOaimitne Havre Jan 21
Bt Cuthbert Antwerp Jan IK
llraalha llamlnirv Jan It
Oindor Manila , ,, Nov IB
I herese lleymann Hhlel ls . Ian 14
Lampaaaa Galveston Jan 22
Auranla I.lvrnm il , Jan Jl
Citle , Liverpool , I am J I
II, II, Meier llremei Jan I
Nnrwrulan , Olaag.iw .. J in lit
Powhatan ., fllhraltv Jnn M
ZIPajo ..XewOrleans Jan 21
UioUraude . llniniwlck , . Jan 27
Vut Tvftdin Jan. SI
Edam Amiterdam Jan 111
Uaullnu Loutlin . , Jan in
Bpartau Pnnre Gibraltar Jan 17
Hudmn New Orleans Jan 21
Mueeea .. Galveston .. Jan 21
Hut VFitiii.iaii, tib. I.
Uajeitlr .. , Liverpool Jan 21
Allir . . Gibraltar . Jan 2S
Wisternlsnd ... , Antwerp . .. .. Jan 21
Adrla . . Antwerp, ., Jan IU
llellurla Hi I ueia .... Jan .'ft
Finance . Colon , . Jaa 2r
Handel Ht I iicla. Jan it,
Algonquin Jacksonville Jau 2U
Vut Thurttau. Ftb !
Iteil Jacket Bt Mlrliaeli Jau 22
Halrrno NuMrantlt Jau I'l
lanama llnnl.aui Jau IS
liaise Itlikmrra lis' re Jan In
ElUar NewUrlram ...Jan JS
Vut lriiiu Itb J.
lueanla . Ilterimol Ian 2a
l'alalla , . Ilamlnirg Jan ii
Ohio . . Hull Jan 211
lirlL'liton , Harry Jau .'
Out .Sulurdan, Ftb, t,
ft Lonli ..,, Rnuthampton , Jau J
Europe,,,, ,. London, ., Jau JJ
' ' in. .I.. I i
girt gaW ana (SxhlMOone.
Mrs. A. Hawkins, I
Nt. IOllls, Mo j
daughter-ln-law of Ex-Asslstnnt Secretary o j I
tho Intorlor David 11. Hawkins, I
at tho )
Schenck Art Gallery, j
between Mllllam and Naisau. $
Anionic the nrtlila rrpreaonte.lt ' J
Honhour, Millet, Hennor, Troyoii, Cos- '1 j
nnovn, Corot, Courbot, Constnblo, Dlass, j 1
Dnpre, Jnctiuo, Michel, Mauvo, Omtno 1
gauck, Plcnu, 1'nrodcs, Tnmburlnl.Prfttollft, i J
Boynn, Ronnml, Vorboeckhovon, Vnn Marko, 'j
Vern8sat, Zlom, nml many others. i 1
To Bo Sold nt Auction ;
Wednesday, Thursday ond Friday, At J
13:15 o'clock each day.
FRANK H. SCHENCK, Auctioneer, 1 ?
. i i
American Art Galleries.
To'Day yiSSSfek To-Morrow t '
a narvT Trm-n csattp 1 !
THE i j
Antique & ElAodern I j
Beautiful !
Oriental Fabrics !
Embroideries. I
THOMAS e. K1RBY, Auctioneer.
(Formerly Ortjlfs'l). I ' J
366-368 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. i if
ComprUintf Examples of 1
Amoim the Artist ropreientod ara
Barker. Lawrence, J
IifrKhnra, I mi ere t, u
UourueoiB, Ulerevelt, j f
Calainp, Murphy, 1 4:
Canaletto. an Ontade. "
CoiiHUblo, Van Poelenburc, J
Cottet, Ptiussln, '
Crewick, ltomney. J 3
lalnluroutfb, Baftloen,
Van (loyen, Thaulow. -&
auder HeUt, anUden, f i
Ilondceooter, Vanvltlll. i i
Iblietnon, Vandir erff, V 5'
do Koulnck, Zurbaran. c "'
Ja'n'y 28th to Night of Sale, ! I
Thursday, Feb. 2d, 1899, ''
AT 8 ir, P. M. '
TAMKS P. SII.O Auctioneer '
i i I
Norfolk Girl SerretlyMnrrled "The Adonla."
Bai.tisioiie. JM . Jnn L1 Miss Aenes
llrowno of Norfolk was qulotljr married this af-
tornoon at Ht. John's Cathollo Church to Frank
J. Farley, tho Instructor In boxlna at Johns
Hopkins UnlTorslty. His fine figure has given .
Farler the sobrliiuot of "The Adonis." Tho
arrangements for tho mnrriago were mads
ecretly Mlsi Ilrowne vraa InUoltlmore on a ;
visit to hor aunt, who also had no knowledge of I
tho marrlUKO
.' i
gjtigtuugg 3lotUt6.
1 nt la l'ntnl
to health and lieantr, flraU rluced lir HICHAM)
111'IJNITH IIFDUOTION 1'II.U iniarantead harm
loas, tuat of treatinftiit areraea tl por weokt 40-pase
bootletfreo. 11 1IUUNUT, MjnUroadwaj, New York.
It you lurk npprtltx, try hnlf a wlneadaaa
of Aiwoattira Ulltora heforu dinner Dr. Hlegart'a '
tho ucnuino. Import d from South America
, i
CAItlt. On Ian. 28, at 800 Weitcrn Doulorard,
Carollno lllancliard, widow of William Carr and
alaterof tho lato William Ulanchard of London, , '
Lnuland, In her 71xt year,
runeiil acrvirn will be hold at St. Mlcbafl'i
Cliurih, KUtli at and Amatentam av .onTueaday, 1
Jan ,11, at 1 30 1. M. London vauera plraaa ' )
Cf.AIlK. -On Friday, Jan 27, after a brief illnata. '
Cttbariue tlark (nea Knliflit), beloved wife of ,
I'lulliill Clark
RUtlvra and frienda are Invited to attend the
funeral from her Ute rraldenee, 420 Eait 120th
at , on M unlay, Jan, ao, at II 30 o'clock, thence
tn the Church of lhe Holy Itoaary, Eait 132d at ,
tetween l.tand Jdavi .where aaolemn raqnlem i
maa will bo celebrated. Interment In Calvary
FAIKHAIUN.-On Jan. 27, at 04 Dwatur at,,
linn kl) n the Ili'V lloliert llrlnckerhoff Fair
baliii I), D , LI, H , lato warden of Bt. Stephen's
CoIIoki', Annandali, N V, III the Slat year of
rmiTJl at Holy Trlnll), corner Montarrue and t
Clinton ala , llrookljn, Monday Jan 30, at 10 SO
A M lutcruient at Troy, S, Y, Troy paper
I leane cop,
iUi:i:si:,-On Biliirda) mornlne, Jan 28, Major
(! i Oeor.tR-aa Greene, In the UHth year of
hia ax
Kline ral aervlrea at Ft Pete r a Chun Ii, Uorriatown,
K. J on luialay, Jnn 81, at 2 P, M , or on
arilial of 12 M train from Now York Inter
ment at Apponani: VVarwink.lt 1. t
Tllll'I'lo-AIPinavlll, V Y on Ian 2n Oharlea
Alfreil Trippt1, nnu of the lati Jamoa and Anua&I, '
lilPI'o, i the Mlh yia ofliiaau, '
runeral aervhea at l,a brotlier'a realdence, BK7 .J
leiilril aviiiur Kaat Oianite, N J on Tun Jay,
Jan. 31, at 2 ml' M
)Olllllls. Suddenly, at Homerv llle, N J., on '
lrlda), Jan 27, IHim, John redentmr Voor- r '
1 em, in hia Muth jrar
Fuueral aervlcra on Monday, Jan 30, at i o'clock,
U lih late ihld lire
Special Jloticm. J
lOItl.AN'S liutit rial Mineral Water., hl(heat
avMtula VVurlla 1 air foi urity and ruelUuu. ,a
Attealed by 11 ur I f II allh ludnrne 1 by nhralctanai gfl
analrw" I'll lotilra 11. Iliiilniri rtmitli Granular a JfJ
H.irvereiit Hall. KtWotimli H
rfY' LeSasi'ii AhihhUih 'M.rry Uachelori" 'jj
OU'ulllilu, duUide. 1'ltAlT, lolDIUav.
3ii.i, i ..-I u , 7

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