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'. .' ''.'' " : ' ' 'SiBPsraf MOKDAY, JANliARY Soflttft ' ."." . ' " . . l ,t I
ly-DUSXtttAtj IMFBnrAtltSlf.
i lire portion of last wool;' normou
iMimetlon In tooli connUtrd. ppnmllr,
.ales mde lo ako lho Pflt on previous
ffhMe Tl'e 'nr,",' loweTor. stood up
"J. idDn.nmnyrtockmnndtfTonbondMoa
i .her lcfl thsn Ihcrlmdover before reached!
,' j,monslrntlnB tlio stronnth of tho biiylnn
"mer.t and its unripeness for an early col
?Zl A fnot nlno oncoiirAclna to buyer for n
i,," lithe coutlntisncoof low rotes of Interest
li,mnner(in(l tho so with wliloli It eati bo
rrawrl H'111 tl10 '"l"10'1 tl,u tnlhod
,,rhilninn. tlicro li llliolr lo be no null lo
.11 and consequently, no chfck to a further
Xbm' At lpn,t " "" ,nnn' KOoA JU(,e
iMnV t tie country linn entered upon a lone
rlod ' ''' ,,nr cc"'- 'ncomo 'rom 'nvoM
Minis III difficult lo mo why llio Prevalllnit
klih price of (-pcmitlos should not bo main-
TM prominence In Hie market of (hi stock
. tw recently funned slsnntlo Industrlnl cor
porations, suelini I'eileral Bteol and lnlurna
bonal rarr. ' wo" , "' "10, of slmllnr oon
rtrtisof longer stnndlnu. has called renewed
iiifdtloii to tlio progress wliloh tho country I
nitlDB lowaid tlm cnm-antratlon In a row
kmdtofthf cnpitul Invested In manufactures.
rolltlelD ieo In tlio movomont a curtailment
it the tiidcpendonon of oltlr.oni of small means
ilid a mcntiee to tho Interest of consumer.
Mu is eminent as Piesldent Cleveland and
Jodf Feeklmni of the United Btntes Supreme
Court have publicly deprecated It and favored
miMurM for Its repression. Tho newspapers
hats joine tl In tlio cry. and donounco the Brent
"trusts."' they cull them, as enemies of tho
tuhllo welfare To tho cconomUt. howoter.
thrrare lecltlmate result of clvlllratlon.and
tiunatiiialoutcoinoof tha law that underlies
ill human development.
Tbedomlnant (orcein the physical imlverao
) in attraction of Ita particles to ono nnother
ithleli ha created out of widely diffused vapor
ous matter solid suns and plnnots. Our own
olir rtem l hold tooethar by this forco nnu
but for It would fly asunder nnd ba dissipated
Into endless space Air and water cllne to tlio
jrfce of tho earth nud form a continuous en
relope around It. Mtnernln and niotnls cohere
ind line useful purposes in proportion to the
tfDtclty with whloh they retain thelrsolld form.
Inlltlns orexnlsni. the assimilation and ncere
ritlon of substances co on continually, and
whenever the process censes, tho organisms
llrit decay and then die. Accretion is tho mark
ol life, and dlslntecratlon tho accompaniment
nd consequeneo of death. Neither n vegetable)
tor an animal can survive tho destruction of Its
nnity.and roslits it to the utmost of its power.
History testified that tho sumo principle
toverns tho crowth and decay of niitioiiH.
Towerful empires haxe been powerful, not
from the extent of their territories nnd tha
number of I Mr inhabitants, but from tho
union of their parts under the swavof a central
mntrolllne head China, for example, em
braces an area of many thousand square utiles,
and its peoplo aro counted by hundreds of mil
l.on., but it is weaker than Japan, of one-tenth
it size, because Japan is well organised and
MgorouslyndinlnlMored. In undent times tho
Assyrian. Babylonian. Persian and Macedonian
empires perished as soon as they wore broken
ni' Greece fell under llomun domination be
eaue of thi want of unity of Its various ro
nubllc. ami Home. In turn, ceased to Iks
the ml-tres of tho world when It ceased
to lo uuo orvanlc whole. India. ImmeiiFa
as Is Its aren and its icbourccs. was Bpcodily
subjugated by the Kncllsh because it was
.In i Jed into numerous petty States, each at
var with Its neighbors. On tho other hand,
Iceland itself owes Its strength to havlnc
i merged from a succession of chll wars into
Its present unity. Ocrninliy. from a moro con
cerns of kiuedoms, principalities nnd duko
ilonif. lias recently lieon consolidated into one
nation, and so has Italy, This country, uutll It
kcanie the "United" States, remained merely
a utrlnc of fceblo colonies, and. only since tho
(upprcsslon of the attempt to disrupt Its union,
has It attained the tank of a first-class power.
When Benjamin Franklin put at tho head of
hla newsiaper tho flKuro of a sorpent divided
Into pieces, with the motto. "Join or die," lie
showed the hacaclous perception for which liu
iscelebratcd. InobeJIeneo to the bamo prin
ciple his successois avqulrod Florida and tho
territory west uf tlio Jlisslsslppl. and wo are
now on the oo of extrndlnR our dominion over
Cuba. Porto Bieo and the Philippines. Some
of our citizens denounce as " Imperialism " this
Irreprcssililo crowth, but they do it icnorantly.
Human industry has undergone u liko de
velopment from tho isolated and independent
laborof individuals and families. Into the or-i-anited
activity of groat factories and work
hop. Spinning and weaving aro no longer,
as they were, down to a comparatively recent
date, household occupations, but aro carried
n by multitudes of workers gathered to
gether In mills equipped with machines which
accomplish Inau hour what formerly was the
task ol weeks. The rural blacksmith has
ceased to forge horseshoes and iihIIb by hand.
but buy them roady tnadu. Every Implement
and tool the workman requires Is turned out
lor him in quantities. Instead or being mado
singly by slow and laborious processes. Tho
result has ocen an enormous increaso In tho
unplrof the articles used In dally life and an
Qual diminution of tholr money cost.
Vrom concentrating Into grent factories and
worlshopi tlio lubor previously scattered
among thousands of llttlo households, to
further concentrating under slnglo heads tho
numerous factories and w orkshops themselves.
Previously mnnaged Independently. Ik evl
'Untlr nothing moio than a stop forward in thi
aaepathoflmprovenieiit. The haum t,ain
"I labor and leductlon of cost that nro secured
''Tspinnlrg nnd weaving In a factory Instead
""In the homes of tho spinners and weavcis
are secured In a ci-atr degree by combining a
"amber of factories, as far as practicable into
In place of competition wo lmvo unity of
n erprlse. The cost of tho law material Is
Educed. and IlkewUetheexpcnsc of mnnage
mentiud of dlsirlhutlng the product, and the
nou'trc from being wcakenod by holms split
"PMong a number of conflicting ownors, bo
'omeian Inilu.trlol empire, with nil tho nd-
i7..J"tJc' "wt Imp-rlnllsni 1'onossos over
tnliiet tlilslndiiMrl.il Iiupoiiiilff.ni t lie com
amtliniadMik ,a, l,e,i mciitlonod. that It
""'" men of small means from uudor
ern iniJ"uf"",""",r,n "'olrown account and
I....I IMhcml" beiiiinuiIciKindoiil foromploy
aiii ,'r.?" '""""'"'"MSBivcnfloiiHof capital;
,,, !m"" "" iont:er fft,J laboroM.lmi
alii i, "'"'", complaint "as made, nnd
!.,, I t,eieai'0n, when what nro now small
culli ""'"""'If'l tho home vvmkMiori and
r. , wil'KvKjiknien unilnronn tnof. Mislead
Tl.r "e "'"" h,'"l",',"l vor tho country.
orV,lr,l"a"l"'usi.d to nnikocloili or nails
lors.shoesl,,.,,,,,!! nnttu., KM0 wny to
imni.Mu!,l"r wl' ',J'1 1'1"' W!"-'cs nnd
Z.,. V.1'1'' ,""- T,,!,! tll "'" ''")
uer now n tilrn u.u.k way to tho mammoth
tohi ?"""f ",nnv 'newilo. Isu hardship
,i,'m: f"'"l. but to tlio community nt large
JS-h'Ii" tjld ,lmt ,i(' ,,,c,t f t1""10 '
cwjUnf"',n'" ,,l""bliiutloiis Is to oxtortfiom
. " ,e"OII"eirpioduet8iiluherprlcea.nnd,
i,l,. ''e,, t"'L'1"" ,,)l' "",lr o-"
li't ., " TI,llot Inionsftinatturof
tf'irti,.10!"" "''"" u,l'no ,l:lt thu weaving
oreo i ' '" """" '"-tend u having it
iote ," ,"""' "" " hllll'll scale, iciideis It
ifcBtMi . ."'J la '"'lauinor and unduly
' w. 1".1 '" mill owner. As, tlse Individual
i;''' ,'!""' ,llr' "lit leas cloth by his
lull! .. ?" ""' '',l1"0 wenvor doeg In u
1 tijtb. f Bm,,l,erof "1'iBlo mills produce less
I ben , "''""'Ht'iiB of llmo und lubor.
I liienmif'""''telvrtlm" w" "'"y "r" I-11'1
1 tUof mi " lnk,,,B'1 "( P'"',I,K v,rl
1 n.steiL.1 .,""" "ie coinhinutloii pajs but ono:
I un,i ,',",'""' "" bv lompotltlon the cost of
I Utu ' " ,,l," at 'I'cnatuial prlce.and.
I "iicDii.i !c' " ",l"11'"" I'Oi-cemage of profit on
1 Tki.1,., ,",,,e'1 contents Its members.
1 "'lent . ",1l,,lll01'-,'l Hem Is one to which auf-
1 'noeeVhi' I"110" '" rar,llr clven by even
I Muitri.. ,r,e"dlr ,0 "'a consolidation of
I "" Jiun going on, The Individual fac-
ii i liiininiirt lii'n
i laBnsssxssBsssesvssaKBiEEsr
torr owfttr la, W common consent, entitled, at
compensation for hi entercrlte and rlak.ton
sum which yields film Orl hl Invostmcnt a rnto
of lntorest far xMOdlng that which Is paid to
tho fdto cspllallst. who relies for hit Income on
tho labor and entorvrUsot those to whom lie
lenda hit monoy. If. now. tho factory owner
can join to Ida own capital, ton or u hun
dred times as tauoh more, whloli other people
aro willing to tend him oven nt 5 nnd 0 per
cent., he can do business nt a vutly smnllerrnto
of profit on tho entlfo amount omployed, pay 5
or 0 per cent, on tlm portion lit borrows, nnd
still retoln for himself tho 20, 'M or 50
per cent, on hi own capital which he formor
ly sained. This Is what the modem glgantlo
Industrial combination accomplish, Tho
managers of them onrn for thcnieolves, Indeed,
pilnoely salaries, but, since (hoy pay on tho
capital thoy omploy only florO ior cent., they
can nfford to conduct tho business nt n vastly
cheaper rate, nnd t.ell tholr product ntnlowor
price, than If they had only tholr own capital
lo work with. Tholr subordinates, too. who
formerly wero Independent faotoiy owners,
being relieved of personal risk nnd respon
sibility, nro contonl with n correspondingly rc
ditced eompen.4ntlon.nnd this constitutes an
other saving of oxpenso.
KetpectlhB tho supposed danger that these
mammotji corporations may stlflo competition,
and exact from tho community prices exceed
ing tlioso which would bo p.ild but for tholr
formation, It Is sufllelent to say that tho rapidly
Increasing wealth of the country and the pre
vailing low rntos of Interest for money, which
threaten to (nil lowor still, nro a mifllcldnt
guarantee against It. Thero aro among us too
many rtblo men seeking employment, nnd too
mnny owners of capital roody to lend It to thorn,
for a permanent monopoly to bo established In
nny branch of Industry. Orent as Is tho powor
wielded by corporatlonswlthcrchtcapltals.lt
Is not greater than tho lowor that can bo
brought against thorn whenever thoy overstep
tho limits of moderation. Competition can bo
suppressed only by making It hopelessly un
profltnbto, nnd tho knowledge of this fact Is u
sure protection of tho community against any
111 effects of Industrial imperialism.
Mattiikw MAtisitixr..
rix.txct.tn AXtt conxmicTAr,
New York Stork Rxchnngo Mnira nnd Itnng
of rrlcfn on All Securities Dealt In Dur
ing tha Meb Ending .Inn. 38, 1800.
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004Texl,c2.1ln. . 40X 40X 40 40X
lOTol. Vk W lt . 78X 70 78X 70
1 1 Till AU Cist .1064 106!i" 104 104
94Tex.tNOrnr,.103X 104 103X 104
01 TO. I A-UH.,IItl03 109 102 100
7STC.Ilinils,Tdl03! 100X 103X 100X
273 Tol, Ht I. A K 0
lst.tr 05X 100 OOX 100
003 Cnl'ud. ....100X100106 106
1 i;i CT4Xi. tr 07X 07X 07X 07X
11 DIst&Uel IstCs.lOOX 100X OOX OOX
GOU11KlUt.tr. .103X103X103 103X
107 mMlrl lt.tr . OOX OOX UOX OOX
2 V. Mid Kill . 1 1 OX 1 1 0, 1 1 OX 1 1 0'.
70 Wsbaali 1st .116 11&X114X116X
234 Wsbasb Vd . OOX DOS 08X OOX
1116 Wibdeb.sB. 38 3BX 30X 37
14Wsb. IIACox 107X 107X 100X 107X
14WestUu('ol5 114 116X114 116W
40 West 8h 4s. .113 113 112X113
91 West 81i4i, r. .112X113 112X113
176 WN Yisllgul 60 67 60 67
10 WNT.V l'alst 11 OX 11 OX 11 OX 11 OX
14WNY&111I1C . 10X 10X 10M 15M
2B6WlsCeulst.tr 50!( 60X 6B 60
31 WilkesSKslst 101 101X101 101
2 WsshCent 1st 00 00 00 00
Total 4lcs uf rutins)- bonds pr Ttlue), S 117,483,0(10.
Oitfn- IlitiK- Law. Clot
Aiilj.. .uiii in. til. ttl. na.
SjTAdamiKx .100X110 100X110
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r.ni Am aiticoier.il OX UOX 108H 110
JOIIOOO Am 8 Bef... .133 136X 129H 136X
12:0 An 8 Bet p.. .113X 113X 112X 113X
1IIT4I AmHMfit 13U 14X 13 14
4H(0AmHMfg p. . 3 OX 36X 36X 38X
85H Am C.ble. . . 100 101X 100 101X
UOr.AmDI.t Tol 44X 46 44 44
HlOKOAniTob. .. 140 140 144X 140X
liiM Am Tulip .. ..137'.' 130 137 138
HKl.Mi. Kxim'-t. .138X 146 138M 143
l.MSOAint'olOll . OOX 30X 36X 30
. llllilAui CtitOitp 00 00 801. 00
13:151(1 AK'li.a' A 81" . 24 24X 22!i 23
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4-JHH0AlMMi.lt ... 34X 37X 32)l 32X
lOOHSAmMaltp.. .. 86X 87!s 86X 8bH
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r.JiAiinAibnrp. . 3D 30 37W 30
411OA1118A W, tl'.. 63X 63't 40 60
ICOAinhfcW, tiplV2)ii 122X l2!i 182X
4U0Btitr, BAP .. 34 34X 32 34
roo Bntr, 11 k r pr 70 78 70 78
440(1 UiiiDinlnktlo. 16 1 6)1 14X 1 6X
,-.7tt-I)iO, alp .. 08 74X 08 72X
2Si)2llliO, wl . 66!.' 60X 64!i 68X
niDlUAOpf.wl . 78 70X 77X 78X
41)0 0. 0 8 Up . OX OX OX OM
r,l.-.-,0 Bjj- HUtodsi. 7 7X G!i 7X
1040C0BroukI(T . 02 04U 88 03
cir.o lliook U11 (. 143 143 1401.140).
4DTU0Can 811 01X 70 00 01
2SI5 Can Pan . 86X H6X 86 SOX
hT.'.nCmilco. 40 40X 40 40X
433 Con li pf.. . 03 03 03 03
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mir.oCbrjtVVpll. . 32X 36X 32X 34X
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CUB.-.n Cent I'oe. . . 47X 40X 46X 40
I.10T48 flies 1 Ohlu 27X 30X 27 20X
jnnTnCbtA, Kill. . OOX 08 06 00
1.10 fill k Kill p. 116)i U6X U6X U6X
lOOOTrae 07 07 07 07
laiiOfblo All ....160 100X108 188
l' ,i)4 C. C, OLHt I. . 62X 01X 62 60
.J4UDC. C, OA Wtl.p OB 102X 07 100
2U38lCMoa:NW ..160 162X147X140
lOTOANWp ..102 102 102 102
1214-OCUAQ 140X 141X 130X 187X
msilU0C.Ml.8tr . .120 130X120 128X
U4HC, M AHtl'p. 108 100 108 108X
1318230,1111'.... 121 122XU7X120X
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rilOCcd 8u 8 rt 8 8
24u:iCol8j HtP. . 66 60 64X 60
24IUC0I80 2d p. . 22 23 2 IX 22X
u2i)lhlc'IVr OX UK 0 OX
'.iiVE.lliU'leri).. . 87X 30X OOX 38
.14iHifulClIUev . IX IX IX IX
SHVIS I'ol, II V JL T. . 3X 3X 2X 3
8411 Col, II V A. T p. 8, .8X 7X 7
lii75fi'UHC. . .. 7!i 74 7X 7M
300 t'nl Mid 7X 8 7X 8
nsat'nlMldp . 10) 21 10X SOX
100 Com Cable . 180 180 180 180
UK8.-iCI.fcW. . 14?s 10X 14X 16X
TOOL', LAW pr. 43 43X 43 43X
73TOConaolOsCo 104X 104!. 100 100X
U30 C, 1 1 1, ... OX 10 OX 10
P77C, Ifcl.p . ... 34 37 34 36
l.737Pelfc Hud.nn.116 117H 113X 116
10S66D,Ll W . ...168X 103 168X1 OOX
CU7CDenARG. .. 21X SIX COM 20X
2B;ol)en I ltay.. 7SX 73M 70X 72H
Orxt- mis' n C7-
Sff. XMK w. , '. "i. '
leooDMtrtu.... so sox lox so
10omil,8BAAtl.. 3i 3K 3X 3M
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8247 Erie MB lit p. 40X 42 40X -41X
2870 Erie BB 2d pt. 81 S3 81 82
14ir.Ell.rtnKI 1D7X 107X 100 106X
1518)51: Tit ,. 30 30)4 38 30
117KfcT Up... . 71K 72 71M 72
2:f.74.1 1'eiUral Steel. 04 OCX fiBM 63W
HSonoredBteslp .. 84X B7.X 88X BOX
4700 Flint A-.P M . 28 20X 28 26
100 Flint A: I'M p. 40 40 40 40
15.1 It W t 0 0 . . 24X 24X 24t G4X
15171 OtKorp.. ..107X108X100 100
27175 0n Electric... 103X 112X 10CX 111
vonsrlcm 300 300 300 300
ssftHiiucuniti. ...ioqx io7' loax 107X
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loonCRttrir.. .. 6D 60 60 60
100 Horn Silver L30 130 130 1.80
33180Inthper 07 08X 04K 06X
VU40lnt Paper pf . 07 07X 03X 03X
43uoltllnolaCn. ..122 122 118X120X
H)4SlowCentul . llf 11 11 11X
2li4TIawaCeiitp... 47 47 46V 40X
loiwiKC.l'ko .. 16 17H 14 17
1406 Kan fcMlcii.. 10! 1CX 10X 11X
alOOKfcPera 2 OX 2 6
loo K A Bern M . .26 .26 .26 .26
IDKcolnfcfcDM. 4X 4X 4X 4X
luKeoVfcDMp. 17 17 17 17
1(175 KiilcWrb'r Ice OOX 67 60 60X
IMOKnlck lesp. . 79 BOX 77Jt" 80
laiiai.Kt We.tern 17X 22X 10X SIX
i;02l)I,r.fcWeatp.. 07 76 03X 72X
f.00 Lake Shore, ...202 208 802 SOOX
12lntTmgIsUnd . 03 74X 08 73X
2470UeIeileOas 03' 63X 68 63X
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nr.KenkfcWn ..32 38 32 32
12A7eLoiiliNa'tli.. 07X 0) 00 08X
1000 M.SPiSM. B'i 8X BX 8X
OSM, RrABMp 23 23 83 23
2D010ManCon 116 117X 113X 116H
33aManbttUn llh. 6 6 6 6
120Md Coalpf . . 66 66 66 66
000 Mer Jill otfi. . 1!,' IX IX IX
WtoMex Central. . 7X 7X 7) 7X
8SeoMotBtBwy. ..lnO 280X 190 217
1 OPS Mich Central 113 110 113 114X
128811 MA-St L 48 46 40X 43N
.1831 Mini fit L 2 p 78 70 77X 78W
lIUasuMlsiflliiirai-. . 47X 40X 40X 47S
20oMo,K.nfcT. . 13H 14X 13 14X
S04&OMO, Kin AT p. 36 30 30X 3BX
17 Mobile A-OI1I0. 37H 37X 36 30X
llt.MorrlsA-Kwxl70 170 170 170
210 Nat 1,011.. . . 8X 8S 8X BX
USD New Cent L'osl. 42 42 42 42
1.1220N J Central. .103 100X 102X 108X
lil007MYCeutral....iao 140 133X136M
II 1130 Nat Lead 38H 30X 37X 38X
1 483 Nat I.es.1 p. 1 1 4X 1 1 4X 1 1 3 1 1 3X
3270 Norlli Aiuer . 7X O 7X 7X
4780NYAlrBrake.l53X 163M 146 140
178U.V YAN1I 200 200X 100X200
WH&NYCA-SlL 1 7X 10 17 17X
naoXYCA-SlLIp 70 70 76 70
300XYC'fcHt Lap 40X 41 30( 30X
2.-.0 S Y. I. k W .1201.130 181)1. Ian
eooo Nat Biscuit . . 67X 67X 63X 64
4ir. Sat Biscuit i 100X1001.100 100
25U.-1 Norfolk VVVst 20X 20X 10X 10X
1U4W) Norfolk Wp. (10 70 OOX OOX
lli744-.Nor(licnil'sc . 40X 62 47X 52
100507 Northern Hup 801. 81X 70 80X
lOOOm A-St I t r. 7 .7 7 7
31HI340 Ontaiio A vvest 23X 25 22X 23X
41271'acllloCoast. . 40 40X 48 40
53 lie Coast 1 p . 80 8 0 80 80
233 He Coast 2 p . 06 00 00 00
12231 Ore It A-N OOX 62 60 52
llWOOre BtNp.. . 70M 70( 74.X 70Ji
l.T.'H Oregon 8 L. . 47"i 47X 44 47
137301 1'acltic Mall 40' 54X 40 64X
2U7H Peo. Doe A- Ev. IX 1?J 1 IX
838 l'eo A rstmi OX 0!i 0 0)i
lororhieitlx M 12 .12 -12 12
32.'..-.I'iillI11CUrC0l60 167.X 160 168X
.12400 1". 0. C Rt I... 76 88 70 75
281101'. CO 8tLp 00 03 80X 01
2201'ltUA-Wupr.. 8 8 8 8
03200 IVnna It It .130X 142 134). 135X
3:miJ0 People's (It CI 10" 118X 100X 11GX
14l)0Qiilcksllcr .3 3 3 3
lOOQuicksllierp. 0 0 0 0
r,17.10Bcadtus 22X 26 223 23X
234813 Beadlnc 1st p. 68 00 57)1 03
7076.-. Bcadina 2d p. 31X 34X SOX 32X
20Bem8ar 188 188 188 188
:i.1O0 Bin Untitle W. 33 41 33 41
40481llo(i W pfd. 73 76X 71 70
JioiiB.WtO 130X 130X 130 130
4K40 8tLSW . 8X 10'i 8 10X
84330itI.8WpM. . 21X 28X 21 28).
480 ht V k Dill 43 43.X 43 43Ki
6H3 HI P Dill i .100 100 106X 105X
481KI 8t 1' Omalis. UOX OOX 07 08
4U0MP0p . 170)4 172X 170X 172X
in.1BSt.ild II A 1) 25 26X 24.X 25
4373RtiidD Dp. 80 80 78X 78X
C5775 8ottthenil'e . 38X 30X 30 OOX
80013Houthcrnnwy. 10X 14 12H 13X
10.1003 Holtwypf 48)s 50X 40 49X
.100 Rt Jn k a I. . . 6X 6X 5!i 5's
300 8t Jo (1 1 1 p. 40X 01 40X 51
1200bt JoiG I2p. ltU 10 14X 10
3T4B0RtLHE . OX 14X OX 14X
(1248 Bt L 8 r I p. 08X 76X 08X 74X
4372&8tL RTJp 30X 42X 36X 42X
U0O3 Standard BT OX 11!.' OX 11
160504 TcnnOAI. . 40 4BX 30 40X
843TeiinOIpf .115 125 116 126
421 TolAOC .. .. 20 26 20 20
180TolOCp . 30 40 35 40
4-jOOTex Pin Land 14X 16X 14X l&X
UOSOTexa. I'sclnc . 1 8X 1BX 17X 17X
4H34r.l'ulon Tactile 40X 60 40X 47's
8788)10 Union Piwpf... 84X 84'. 78X SIX
r.(l4.-.0P.D (.... 12X 13l( 12X 12X
(100 L' R Kzpross. . 60X OOX 66 60
S03BB Twin OUT ... 40 01 40 00
l.-,3M'lwliiOKTp 130 136 120 136
23f.-. Third Av B It .170 170 100X100X
82800 UHItubber.. . 47X 63X 40X 52X
U8115 0 S Rubber p.. 1 1 5X 120 114M 118
.1004 t)U 8 Leather . 7X 8 7! 7X
3U3r.0 V Leather p. 741. 74X 73 73X
878" V.b.li 8X BX 8 8X
llvtir.Wab.sh pfd. . 24X 24X 23X 23X
40Well.r.irttoExl20X 120X 127 127
1.6(140 Wnt t'n Tel . 00 08X 00 OOX
1.416 WALK pfd .. 27W 32X 27 30X
8000WLKp.wl 08X 03 &8M 03
inoWIiCenti-al.tr 2X 8K 2)i 2'
Kx dividend,
Total sales, 7,136,018 ahares.
Optn- yi't;. Aoi.i. riot.
Sttlti .amf iiitf. ttl. fit tng.
l.-.Park 421 421 421 421
HUNDAY. .Ilin.'.'tl.
Tlio Troasuiy bnliiiipp t tliocloseof buslnes
on Knturduy wo $'J01,:r.2.878. of vvliicli $2'.'0.
10H.75O wis cold.
Tlieimpoitsof acneial merilinudlse, laelud
Idb dry eoods, si tlio port of New York last week
weie SU.477,550, nualnst $H.'.'3'J.448 the pre
vlou week sud SH.U72.030 for Hie corre
spondlne wenk of list yusr TIip Imports of
specie for the weekweie $'J2U.4(i3. of wlileli
ll&H.Ol'J wi cold, mnblns total specls Im
noils slue Jn. 1, S2,'J.VJ.7L'. Kxport of
specie weie: Gold, 80.300, nud silver.
$1.00t.7.')3, a total of S 1.001.0.'): I. sirulnsl
l,154,t)80 the preylous wek. The exports of
ipeelo sine Jan, 1 have been: OoW. i'.'OO.OHO.
and silver, 4.()74.'.'l!.'!. a total of S4,:i73,tll'..
The weekly statement of nvarares of the
Clearliia House banks shows'
Jan. St. Jan. tl. fhaniiti.
Icus .S7:0,35l,tl00 (7211,372,200 lue. SS.oju.ikM
Dlo'ts, 8411,074,100 8111,1187,500 Inc. 12,5(13,40,)
Oirl't'n. ie,43w,:ioo 14,700,000 Dec. 7u,soo
1,'tft'ri. 5tl,SHIl,l(K) (11,1511,500 Ine, 1,387,400
Hpecla. . 187,073,11)0 I08.484.lioo Inc. h,41I,hmi
lSS're.240.tlS2,30O -.'54, (141, 41)0 Inc. 7,B7II,2(MI
H' r'd 2l2,2U8,32e 216,4()ll,37' Inc. 8,140,851)
rp'l. t14,Ct)3,75 3U,232,033 Ilic 4,538,.'il)
The surplus ytar ato was jri5,(JO'.4r(). aad
two yars aaro $uO,148.'J5i),
Tho IleoreonlsHon CouinilltedOf I lie Wheel
lute and I.ako Krle Hallway Company ulvt
notice to holdurn of Cential Trust L'ouipniiy's
certificates of deposit for common and pie
forred stock that Jan. 30 Is tho last day for
payment of thnnu.il Installment, mid that no
payment will bo received nfter that date except
under such penalty au the committee may see
fit to Impose.
llullearten it Co., repreeutlni; tho second
inortesiie bondholder of t lie Stnton Island
llapld Transit Company, have issued a circular
settinK forth the proposition relative to those
bond which the firm has sscurnd from tho re
organization managers of the Baltimore and
Ohio Itallroad Company.
11 ' ' '
, elHHdI.
Tuesday, Jan. 31, at 12:30 P. M
At tha New York lies! ratale Salesroom, 111
(TCstate nf Uary Hart.)
180 shires MiierlcsnBiiretrCo.. ftoeaeh,
20 ihares '1 wenty-thlrd Want Hank, (luu esrlt.
1 ihare ow York Society Library.
(Fni- if count nf wliom tt may concern.)
2R0 shares produce Kicharnte Trust Co., SUM each,
T Hovenperrent. Untutiot the Denver PsperCo,,
MK) each, July, 181)7, and alt aubixiuent
Equitable Life Assurance 8oclety Policy No. .110,.
407, mi llfo nf I'ernaiido Haiti., for 3,omi
000 absrrs American Oroceiy Co., 2d prefcrrtdi 100
38,000 8t. Leiili, New Orleaiis and 0-an Canal and
Traniportatlon On, (I per rent. First Blnrtirege
lluld Licnda, due July 1, lu 17. (.1 llonds hare
January, I88U, slid auhieqiient eonpona at-
taiibi-di n llonds line July, 188i, and subae-
(pient enuiKina attaebedt 20 itondi bars Jinn-
ary, 18U0, sod subsequent coupona attached).
(Oy order of Kteciltors.)
3C suarca Oallfortila Dry Hock Co., 1 100 each.
IJit at AucUouesra'. 71 Slid 7.1 Liberty fit.
Capital Stock, $1,000,000; I'nr
Value, $1, Full Paid and
Subscription Price, 25 Cents Per Share.
This Is truly the Axe of Gold. Never biirore In
the history nt tlm World have an many human 1 ciliita
riigsced In the search for the precious metal, (.uartr.
mines a few year aim wer unprofitable, i.nUss tho
Oro contained 140 or $j(l tothe ton In Gold. Nnw
Ore contalulncs.lowsi $3 00 per tun pays enormous
dividends to the Btockholdeia notably tho Alaska.
TrcadvrelL that has been pa ine reislilarly div I. lends
of $(100,000 per yearon a capitalization of f.'.OOO.
ooti, thcOrnittiially averaslnc less llinn 13.00 per
Titers ii no other business on earth where tho lei
selling of throit of production and doubling tho
output lias not been followed by corresponding
reduction In the value of that product.
'the opening up nf tho mining regions by Rail
roads, the employment nf Machinery lu mining, and
tho lire of Cyanide. In the treatment of Ore Is le
sponsible for the decrease lu the ( nil of production.
hlle the spread of civilization nnd thu demands nt
trado absorb the precious metal as a medium nf ex
change, so that to-day tho whole World Is competing
for the iinaersalon of Oold, and fortunes are being
made In a day bv Ibe possessors uf ei en the imallcat
Intel est In a Odd producing propcrtj .
i.AnciF. FonTrxra in misi.no.
Can .ion find any business that like the "t.c Uol"
.Mine jumped in value from a lew thousand dollars
to $I,IHI(),001 In a little over a year's time, maVIng
all Ita Stockholders, eien tno.cn ho had lmtafow
huudred invested, rioh? Or.llVe the "Itepubllc" of
lho Culiilln Kesri ration In the State of Washington,
who.e utncL sn otTerrd at 2 (int. a share in 18U7.
and Is now telling at many dollars per share 7 Ail
any of the forlttnate owners of this itork In 8ioVano
men whoso few hundred dollars invested hao
mado Ihem tlm rich men of that i it.i
Mllllouilipou lullliousnr Gold are still locked in
nature's colossal storehouse. Ke) s to this glittering
trtasure aru being forced tendv for iiur hands.
They ale found lu the rich mineral belts of our great
Here Moid lo the wise may farllit.te golden re
sult. Ho not Invest IndUcriiiiluatcIy in mining
in-operUei. Select s district comparatively new
where the results prove the existence of rich mines
still undeveloped. Get Into one of the companies
engaged in tho development of its properties. You
thenlisve eiery chance In jour faior. Ilememlier
thaliest are opened up flnt. Then that show the
greatest sttrface indlistiona arsof coumo the ones
that ne derelopod flrat.
bin h a locality exiits In the Onlrllle IteicrvaMon
in Washington, tie luilsi north of bnoLiuo. Iss
lliau thrre jears ago not a mine was lorutcd imi Hie
Itcsenation, for the simple reason that It was an In
dian llesenntlon. Now the whole rountrr teems
with the Industry of Mining the nmdare llllcd with
wagoiti hauling (lie to the Itailroad that rum along
sldn the lteservatlon the bills resound with the
n is of tlm explosions of mtui-ii' Glsnt Powder
nnd Drnamlte rending the rocVs tliat hold the Gold.
Companies that a. few mouths ago wero selling
8totl.at afcwfcnts per shaioam now tlcuriug the
Diiidcudalo be ialdlhelr lucky 8tockholdeis, whilo
lliprleoof shares hue risen hundteds per cent.
The He-public Mine hm pild its 4th monthly dill
dendnf IliO.ooo. and stands to-dv the ili'hcst pro
ducing mlno for Its depth in tho Wntld. Properties
In tho ielnity have jumped from almost nothing to
hundreds of thousands in value.
'1 his is your opportunity to secure at once an In
terest in this new Mining lountry. Donot wait until
Companies owning the really good properties haio
secured all the money they want for development,
but imrstat once to hasten und enlarge develei
limits now going on.
Tin: old mcKoitv company.
'Hie Vt nudeeloped Mining property to-djy Is
owned b) the Old Hickory Gold Minute Company.
81x properties the "Victor." the "Old Hickory."
tho "I.. O. Kid," Ibe "Peiielnw," the ' Ward," and
tho 'New York" are owned by this Company, and
am all loc.ted on tho Colvllle Iteservstlon, wheie not
ailiiRlemlne has been sunk to a depth or Inofeet
but what hai proved a paling mine. The Victor wai
located the tint da) tho llescrvitlou wns upened,
"'ebniarvSOth, 18lin. being tho pick of the wliolo
ne.crl itlnn.lt. eii.teiKe having been known to the
Indians long befut,-.
The others were all located early in the lnitnry nf
the ramp, and wero selected from among a number
offaiorable looking propeult i. 'lho seda aie all
In the office of tbe Company.
Work waa started on tlieso ptonarllc und has
progressed rapidly on the Victor, where two tunnels
have b( on run and shaf la sunk, all eurounturlng ri b
Oro running trom $8 to $.M." per ton by .iasa and
(arnlnga high percenlagu of topper, showing tile
permanent of the ledge.
Ou tho Victor and T C. Kid the ledges on the
surface are 80 feet across, and proipeots at the pres
ent stage of doxelopmeiit arn far suin-ilnr to
thoe of either tho Le ltol or the l:eptbllo at the
asme period of development.
Theie Is no .jnestlon but that the old HUkmy
properties will prove to be a second Republic,
ivhoio itock Is now selling at tuau) dollars pershnre.
To carry on the deielopmenl. ono Ihlril of ttio
whole Capital Htockof $1,000,000 was set aside to be
sold for development purposes ai the work pro
gressed. It la thli 8tock which you now havoau
opportunity nf buying, tho management offering
onlytuoiighHtock at present low prices to meet ex
penses a. work progresses. Ilerorn liuiuy mouths It
will probably sll at teteraldnllara per share. What
remains of the Treasury Block, after sales for devel
onininl purposes, will bo diatributed ar.ioug the
harchnldeni as an extra dividend.
Do not delay until too late, but secure tlm Mock
to-day while It la obeap To-morrow a strike may
send the Ktook Into thedollara and your opportunity
of getting any considerable, luterest for a .mall
amount of money will be gone,
llonka for stibscilptlon at 3.1 cents per share for
the Treasury Stock will open January 27 and dole
1'ehruary io at the Banking Omce of
I'iscal Agenli of the Old ILckory Gold Mining Co.,
No. 40 Enrlinngi) l'lncc , Nivr Yuik 4,'lt.v.
Cnpltlll, 8l,0O0,(8M) I ... i ., ,rnl, s,
Sllllllls, 1,000,000 1 ',7 """ '''' """ M"
HIIAYTON IV1M, l'ic.ldent.
rilKDEltlCK I). TAI'PUN. V..)ies.
CIIA8. M. JrSl'P. 2d V -ries.
llK.n:ilI.YrUKW. 8ecreur.
11AYM0ND J. CHATItr, Aisl Secretary.
.Hot I is K. Jesup, I). O. .1111)..
Dudley Uloutt, lr-d'h 1). Tupiirii.
(Ieo. A. Ilnrilln, (.'. 1. IIiiiiIIiikIou,
Kdnanl II. .Illdlon, lllnilley Mnrtln,
.1. V. Kills, lleber It, lll.linp,
Hubert Ilur, lIoHHlil King,
William I.. Hull, Henry II. I'lnnl.
Illlliuril .Mortimer, vVm. II. Tllllngbu.l.
Humiiel Tliuums, lieu. Henry Wurrell,
luliii i:, I'uriom, Uokiiell 1'. I lower,
.loliu T. Tirry, llninlllnii Hiultll,
lll'lljlmi In Hisiry I'iske,
J, h.illniril Slllillioni,
II, 13, in, mill 17 llroiiil st. .
litdeiseieiuted forluveitinenl oron margin. In.
trresl allowed on deposits, ittbjeot lo cluck at light.
I'. 8. llunda. nil Isaiira, biiliEbl wild sold.
;oj rirrii av., ior. s-itb at.
487 DUO W)WAY,HUk rich's Dldf.
llianth Offices ' HUuHItOADWAY, ior Ileade at.
87 HIIDHON 8'l.,MenautfleKi'ge.
inCOL'IITSr. Uroutln.
4 per rent, Intcrrat paid on Open Ravings Account!.
6 per cent. lutereit aldoa au-ounti which remain
mer s period of one yeir. by tbe MEnCAMTILK
CO-OPEBATIVE HANK, 133 Ea.l 33d itraet.
Caj'lt.l, 1,UOO,(XK). New lork city.
ffiwaHcinl. .
Hie Miimapolis and St, Louis
Railroad Company.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.. Jsn. 27, ISU".
Notice la hereby ghetl that n special met ting of
the stockholders of the Mtlinetpolls and Bt. Louis
Itallroad Compsny of Minnesota and Iowa Is called
lo b held on Tuesday, 'JVb. 14, 18UI), st 10:30 A. U.,
at the offlcea of Ilia Company. In the City of Minne
apolis, Minnesota, for the purpose of tiling action
and voting on the following propositions, or any
tuedlflcation or modifications thereof which may bo
prtsenUd at such Meeting, vlr.t
I, To ratify sud confirm Ilia action of (ho Hoard
ol Directors of this Company In behalf of this Com
pany in ths purchase and aciulsltlou of the rail
roads and properties described as folio wit
(1) The railway ind Property of tho Minneapolis,
New Vim and Sotithweelein Itallroad Company, Its
line of road as coinpletsd and oparated at present
extending from a point of connection with lho rail
way of this Coi.ipsiiy at or near Wlnlhrop, Min
nesota, to and through New I'lm, Minnesota, the
entire length of said r ad as now operated icing
about twenty miles.
(3) That part of the railway nf ths Wisconsin,
Minnesota and Pad Co Railroad Company eilendine
from Morton, Mlniieants, at the point uf connection
with the tailway of. this Contpsuy, to Watertown,
Botith Dakota, the entire length of and portion
being about one hundred and tweuty-tluee miles.
II, And In furtherance bf the policy of developing
the business nud ths railway properties of this Com
pany, as well ssio reduce the amount of fixed an
nual lularcst charges, to authorlreand giverouieut
to the Issue by this Company of Its four per cent,
I'lltBT and IILrCHDINU gold bouda In the prin
cipal stun of twenty-five million dollars, to be
termed by moitgige covering the propertlea of "XliU
Company and tho properties acquired as aforesaid,
which said bonds thall be uaed, appropriated or re
served for tho follonlug purposes, vlr.t
(1) llonds to ths amount of five million thiae hun
dred thousand dollkra (ST., .1011,000) of principal shtll
be uaed for purchasing and pajlug for the several
lines of railroad abovo dtscrlbod: for constructing
and paying for tho construction of a line nf road to
be built and completed from a point at or near Niw
01 m. Minnesota, the present terminus of the Min
neapolis, New Ulm and rVmthweitiiu ltdtirnad, lo i
point of connection or iulcrsccllou with th iallwj.
of the Illinois Central Itallroad Company at eome
point In either Dm na Vista nt Cherokeo Cmimtes,
Iowa; for purchasing and paving for equipment,
lolling stock-and motive ponti, and oilier peisntial
iroperlv neceaiary to propetl) operate and main
tain the lines nf rsllwsi so to l-e nciiiilred or mil
alrurled ai aforesaid.
(21 llonds to the amount of ten million dolUrs nf
ptlnrltal ahall l- rcsorvul soldi forthn pttrposo
of refunding, pnving, satlsfj lug nnd iitlilug nil tins
bonds of this Company How nulstan.liug accuied by
niortgnges upon ita pivipirlldor propoitlons there
of, sotliat ultlmntib tli II' n In becnaledbj lho
proposed new luorlgagu ahall be a nrat and pilnr
lien oil all and slnunUr the prop-rly of the Com
pany. CO bond" to Die amount of two million the hun
dred thousand dollars 't'.',.',00.0wi) or principal may
bereaerved for the pun ose of provfdlngsuch funds
s. insv 1, neee.sarr til retlro st nm-sll the tnirrs of
tlie I'lrst Prrfernd Cntiltal Sloikof thtK Conipjtiv
now outitaudluc. the par value thereof being tun
million Ave hundred IhotiMiud dollsis.SL',.",(Hi,ntKH,
nt nu Inline slid in sin hmauni r lis the Dhrclors of
this Company may dceni advisable mi riatonabln
notice to the hol.'ers nf sad l'lisi I'rcfeirtd Sto'k.
Dividends acrriicd on aiiih Pri filled Slock at the
tlmo of laid iclirement to be paid in cili out of the
neteainlngiof thin Company. If sui h L'.r,0().0o0
bonds shall not bo used for lho purpose aforesaid
they shall be used Ymly for the pitrpo-es referred to
I in the next paragraph.
(4) All the remainder of s.tid bonds lo wit,
about acveu million two hundred thousand dollais
(7,-0O,i)00i shall bo deposited with the Cutiiil
Tiu.t Company of New Yoik ai Ttnsti a of tho mort
gage, to be used by this Company for tho pmpose of
constructing or acquiring additional prn)n.-ity, or
for Its other corporate purpoes. under proper lo
strlotiona to be contained in the moitgauc.
III. To authortra the Hoard of Dln-itnrs of ibis
Company, whenever In the judgment of aid Hoard
it may 'bo advisable, to puide for Ihoiancellrttiou
slid rutliemeiitas abotp mentioned of nil the shales
of Tint Preferred Stock of this Company, where
upon the remaining C'apltil Rtork or this Company
.lull be ten million dollars lo,noi,ooo. ami
thereafter lho shares now known as "Second Pre
ferred Stock" shall be known as "Piefrried Stock,"
and tho shares now known a "Common Stock"
shall continue to be known as "Common hloik,''
all tho rights aud prhl'eges as to votlu power,
dlvldands and division of net earuiuge nun attach
ing to said aharea of slock to continue in full foice
and effect, cxceid ko far us relate to the I'lrst Pre
rrrrcd Stock so to be cuuiclled and retired.
The books of tho Company for the transfer of
storks will betloied from 8 I'. M. on February 'J,
18DP, to 10 A. M. oul'ebr.tary I A, 18U1I.
EOtYIN HAVI,i:Y, President.
JOS. OASKKI.l.. Bccretarj .
Baltimore and Ohio
Southwestern Railway Company.
To the Holders of the following
Bonds and Stock:
Ohio S. MUaliilunl Ilullnur I'lrst ( nil
snllilnteil MortBUBo llniida. Kxlrnilrd lour
IVr Cent.',
Olilo A 3Ilasisslipl llnlllvny Vllst ton
sollilnted Mortgngr Mel ling lliuidi, llv
tenileil l'oiir I'er Cent,;
Ohio X' .Mississippi Itnllvwiy Second Coll
soliduted Mnrtgnci' 7 1'rr Out, Ilnnds
Ohio A- Mlssllpil llntlirti) I'lrst .Vlint
sne Hprluglleld Dlvlnion 7 I'rr Out. Iloinl.
Ohio Jt MUelaslppl Itnllvinv ISenrriil Mnrl
Illce 3 I'rr Ont. llnint" (Ciirienrjl;
II. A- O. Nniitliwesli-iii Itnllrnuil III si
.Vlnrtgnge 4 1-1 I'd- Cent. Ilnnilsi
II. ft 41. Siiutliitratern Itnlltviiy l'irst t nil
sollilnted Mnrtcnav 4 l-'S IVr Cent, tlnld
II. O. SnullinestMii ltullnuy l'lt-st In
(nine Morlcugn A l'er Cent, llonds, hi-rlra A I
II, 41. Soutlilvratern IlnlltvHV Drat In
rnuiei 31uitBUBi3 1'or Out. Ilnnds, Series It i
It. 4). Snutlitvcstcrn Itnlliviiv I'l-pfrrrnl
Slink i
II. ). Nmitlitve.lrin Terniluul Cniiipnny
0 1'eir Cent, fluid llonds t
Cliiclnnntl and lliiltliiiim- ltiillrinid First
.llnrtanee 7 I'er Out. lluniUi
3Inrlettu Kalltvnr I'lrst .llottgugr 4 IVr
Cent. Iinnds,
)VKR 87 1'KIt CKNT. of the above iiaund ottt-l-taudlng
llonds, and DVKK 8.1 I'Klt CKNT. of
Ibe above Prrfrrrrd Htock, having l"en deposited
uuderthe Plan and Agreement tor the Iteorganlra
linn of ths llaltlmoro mid Ohio Southwestern llallwu)
Com) any, dated Heccnib.-l 1.,, 189H, the under
signed hcitbygtie notice that ll.', said I'l.AN IS
The time for further depiisltsiif tho akove-uanied
bonds and stork, without addllionul chsrgr, has
been extended to and imlndlng rKIHtl'AltY 0,
1BO0, AFTI'.H AVIIICII DATK (but only for
surhllmeaithoManageii may lis by notice) deposits
of such bond, and .lock will be accepted only upon
a rash payment ora perieul. of ths parvalue there
of, excepting In ths cam of the llaltlmoro and Ohio
ttouthVM'iteni Hallway (Vrnipan) 1'lrit Iuivium Mort
gagoO per cent, llot.il. 8rle. " A" and "II" ami the
Ilaltlmore and Ohio Southwestern Hallway Company
lVcferred Hlock, upon which s cash pa) ment of only
one per i cut, will be iciuhed.
London, Ni n Voil, Jinuirj L'(, Hj;i.
Si'.V-r .V Co.,
anllioad filuel, N. lork,
Kllllli, Loci) A.' Co,.
'11 l'ma Htrsrt, :en Voik,
Spoycr Ui'dUiLM-s,
7 Lothbuiy, l.wJjii,
Keiirgaiilrnlloii .llmincei..
nr.WAlll), f.HTUItm k STKLI.F.
New York.
ritESlll'IKLDS A- WH.LIAllh.
linden, .
Counsel to Iteoi-csnliiatioii Mauairs
W ALL BTltKCr UU1UK. Out Wedneadsy.
it bend for trtscopj. S3 Exchange place.
. ., -
eflMWffll,in 1
Second Mortgage 6 per Cent. Bonds " li
Staten Island Rapid Transit;; J
Railroad Company: . .: 1 1
Inroiiseiiueureof the lnolvencrotthel)altituor' J
and Ohio Itallroad Company, ths undtralgfitd bava . jt
lieenlniitgollatlon with the Ilaltlmore and Ohio Its " &),
organlMllon atailagsra, with a vlsw to ths prolsctlosr? J ; ,
of the above liotids.i , Vf ji
As a result, lbs follonlog proposlllon has betn Ob- 'i j
talned, which ws deem adv antageotia for ) our Int.r- J I
eiti, and ricomraenrt for ) our prompt aeoiptancS: 1 "
The Daltimore and Ohio Iteorgantcatlon Manigsrs r t A ' i
offer to procure an am cement from ths Baltlraors-" i
and Ohio Itallroad Company (as IIS organised) to
purchase your bonds at par and Interest In cash, In ' ii
Ave years, and In the meantime to guarantee InUr- 35 '
est Ihcr.-on at four cent, per annum, which la to be '& j ..
accepted by the holders in full of such Interest, In :
Lonslderallon thereof, the lulllmors and Ohio ItalW. .1
road Company (ii Iteorganired) la to have ths right! f
to purchase your bonds at any time within such fir J .'
leers, at par and Interest, In cash, upon thirty days' J
police. The Ilaltlmore and Ohio Itallroad Company. -
(is Iteorgaulted) UU agree further that In cais.dur- I
mg slid ftv a years, k plan for ths reortanltatlou ot v i
the Rtateit liland llapld Tranalt Dallroad Company j
shall bs Issued by It or with Its approval. It will si ' ,
oure foryou the option for two weeks after anoh plan i J
is publicly fasuc.il to take tho new securities thereby J
provided, in lienor tlio cash price of parand Interest, 4
for our bonds sa above stated. 'j ,
In case, however, ths mortgage aecurlnc your J ;
1 units shniild b foreclosed, new four per csnt, '-i ,
botiitalo the same amount shall be created to be s J '.
cured ! morlgage having ths same lien upon tha- , ''
sama propei ty, and Ihe agreement of the Daltimore) J I
and Ohio Itallroad Company (as Iteorgaulted) ahall '.
apply eiiuatlv lo such new bonds.
1 he agreement will not become effective uuleis alt ;v
lho bonds, or such liner amount as the llaltlmorar j '
nnd Ohio lteonunlratlou Managers shall approve, f '
assent therein and have tholr bonds stamped ao i
tnnllngly, I'pnu the agreement thus becomlnu j
i.i'iieUvotheoierditeconponi wlllbe paid In casta. y
as stated bi low. 1
I'tidir jour llondlioldets' Aureemejt nf July r,,.
18.IH, It Is provided that If st any llmiinfterdsfan.lt I "
In lnlerol, tin ro should arlsa an opportunity, Con
sldered favornlde by us, for arranzement and settle" j
inentof the claims npnn tho deposited bonds or
rouix ni, then with lho assent (l-i bo manifested bje
exptcssnppiinal or by failure within four weeks Vi ' J
(n-essdls.mtinf Ihe holders nf our certUcatea of J j
deposit representing, .evenly nvu per cent, lu t
amount of the deposited bonds, wo may make such'' i '
ariangeiniut nud settlement, J ',
The foregoing proposition presents an opportunity I
for a srttkinent nnd arrangement of jour claims
uliiih we dcotn favoralde. Wo request, therefore, ',
your assent thfieto in writing. 1'nless within four S J
wieks from the dale nf mailing this notice to jou ;
miu uriilfy i nf inurdissent, we shall presume con 1
i litsivrlv that jou hie assented to the proposed J
srrauucliieiitniid to the ataniplnj of your bonds a (
iisseiitiutheicti, us aiHiMi fct rortii, nnu to tne nu, j ,
ingnr such steps on nm-pait n vo deem uccesaar.r T '
toiaii) the lame lnlofle.-t, litliet bj declaring tho 1
pilnclpnliif ) our IdiiiIs due or l,v esnslDg proceed-
Irgi tnbelnsliliited fur the torn Insure of ths mort" J '
gsguor othetwise, as we may beadvl.ed. i
Vnur lioud1, or the new bonds Issued In lieu $
Ihenof.wilt aicoidlngly be ho stamped by naif tha j '
holders nf our (crtilbates of deposit, represenrlng J !
aeienty-five, per cent. In nuionnt of the deposited
bonds, shall assent, either in writing or bv falluro , '
to liutiry us nf tin ir dissent, and Ihe same ahall be
come npciatiiK bv tlie assent of the requislta
amount of outstanding bolide as above stated. '
Sos on as tho agreement shall lie declated effec- 1
live, Ihe deposited bunds will be stamped at tha "j
ufllionf thu Central Tinsl Company of New York.
nud n tumid to the depositors upon surrender ot J
uuricrtltlratin of deposit therefor, unless the mort t
gage securing onr bonds shall be, fcreclosed, lu
uhlihrase tho i.eiv bonds, stuuiped as above pro i
vidi d. will be ibliiired In lien of the existing. bonds,'" 'i
At tin time nf such delivery or the exlstlwfdjondaop i
new bonds. Ihe nierlue lutereet on t'lelwnde, repre "'
sentedbyonr eeitlfic.ites of deposit, will be. paid In ,'
io'Ii, at its fuce value, with Inteivn-t. i
In insc the aaieenitnt shall not become operative, i
the deposited bunds will not lie stamped, but wswtlt .
(outliine to hold the sime under the bondholders' 1 )
gr-(ineiitot July r,. IHiii. " -H
All but ",u(Ml of the bonds of tho lolsl issue of ' ,
St:,r,(iO,(iO() liave licen deposited. 1 '
Datid New York, Jjimarj 27lh, lbt. ,' f ,
28 UltOAU BT.. N. V., I ;
s 5
Itipiescnling Staten Island llapld Transit :d Moris i ,
glge llondlioldets. J '
CITY OF ORANBi, N, i,f ll
5 Coupon Bonds, ,
JIATl'niNt. i , '
$25,000, June 1st, 1927.
25,000, " 1928.
25,000, " 1929. '
Exempt from Taxation In New Jersey. ' ' i
1'IIKi: AND ri'I.I. l'AllTK'tl.ATtS i '
(IN -3 J
AITI.l',TION. tt ''1
DIIILI; IIK.1I (ilitlil.MI'NK U'vL.fOIIIMlltlllX i ,
N.W. Harris & Co. I
ttl Xu.ssnis rS... Xcw 1'tti'k. , ,
(UK KCi) IIOsiOX. ,i
. 1
Korrowers on Mortgage 11
tr.ould apply to tli.' Inrcest lendtr ori niort-
cage In NcwYotk or riroollyu. LOW FEES ' ,
for ciaminntiun a'ld suarantee ot title. '
MO Broadwav, 175 Ucuitven Bt. , ff
Sovr trU. Brooklyn; j
CAPITAL, .... $2,500,000. -1 '
SURPLUS $2.iO,(M)0. ' i "
. . , )
ro iioi.Dints or nnsT mortoaoH
The Mechanical Eubber Oo.
'lho unddslgusd Tnutcm, under tho mortfStS
alioto rtferred to, drslrr, tiiulor authoiitr of said jj
inoilgago, tooipendthosiim of fourteen tbouaaad j
two hundred snd slstr-nve dollars and slitr-nva
(ruts vl4,33.or,)in tho purchase of bonds of sail '
Issue, proldod such purcbass can, in their opinion, s
bo now made advantageously.
tiralod offira of said bauds nur be sent to ths)
lie. Uroadna), Near York, addreimd to ths uodsr.
signrd, mi or brforo Kebruarj- 10, 1SSQ, Tb 1
Tiustees icssr'e the right to rejei.t anr and all bids) ,
nut in s',-rrd,iif-olth theabjvc anniiiiocement.
rnAf t. lunNEt, 1 TniilMi ).
Nes. Virlr. Jan 17JSDi, 1
71 Broadway, New York. .3
( x, i". .sroc r.tchtngf, 1
Mcwbeim . 1', tottan HchnKr. I
( (hlcifo Hoard ot Trmdr. '
Branch Oflice: LAKEWOOD HOTEI j .'
AJiWOmt.JN.I. f j
Haskins & Sells, i
Ceitified Public Accountants,
HO, UO HHO.V1) ST,, NKW i)Kuff

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