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I ' mJ I 1 1 UfliiillCM .T) 1 J I I Fair-and warmer; fresh to brisk H
JS M9BSS-1mm' JS Ww " southerly winds. ;
urnrts imvK oim t.jsk at
itltlinrswsl "' "l,r Tr""" 'rom ndn
, ,. Lair Thrm Courage-First At.
Iek llriiiils'dt lull "lbcy Kept lip n
light tiring imrltiB Lnst XlElit-Sew
rnl shot Penetrated Gen. Kins'
I ilmtQ"r""r"' 1)l" ,lf,1",m ltenchrs Ma
lls H.lit 1 applied Nnrth o( the City,
r,,, iicif' tfipatrhn lolnr Sin
fliMU l''b 1!1 4 !"'' M In ,1C clty ,loro
itter ari I r grossing- much ns usual Tim
1 mtar iiith 'i ' " nr0 ei'Inf ft r eloso
.ph'ipnn tli n-tlxe. nml whatever nppro
. sions vim 'elt foreigners ot elnngor
frflin this nartor li wo now been dismissed
The retell in Urn country In front of Urn
IrftfriM" 'in lr" o'0'''' sonnulng every
mTe nndn In the American troops, but thoy
Afently (ad t renlirn thu significance of
c 0 ,pm ihcli nllogod sharpshooters
u.e ndvintiKs : even opportunity to at
tempt to pick off our men nt long range, but
,ke) tpidom sti'ceo 1 in hitting any ot tlicin
letini: under orders from Gen F.lwoll S. Otis.
ommati'l" of tin- American foicos hero, four
toMpanicsof tliel. ihfmila reglmout and two
companies f lif llll,1 oglmenr, who baa
lfn occur irKtti" villngeot Guadeloupe, ie
1 red tln morning to bin Pedro Macatl.
The enoms appnronti) took this move Tor a
retreat ami opened " or' tooblo attack. Tor
W ,i first llmo licMhe Inttlo ot Fob. 0, when
J neywere eevoretv punished, the rebels used
H uiiivrj' ihev fired two shots at the Amori
n tar, loth of w,,leh foil short.
fho Uih Unttery replied to tho (lie rind a
I fcwshots Ind the effect of silencing the ono-
m clailral Done) s Ueet has been strengthened
H bflhe cunboit Helena, which anlved to-day
II from the I nitcd states
I iBtEorTs Kur cr Tnr attack iastmoiit.
I Umla. M mla). Feb 20. 10 A. M.- The
I injurgenls were evident Iv oneoungod by tho
wlthinwnl nr the troops from fSnadaloupo
I Thr followed the moilcans nt n sn'o dls
H tanco as thoj rctiied to San Pedro Macatl.
9 nd durins the nlu'ht they kept up n desultory
II tut annojine lire. Sevonl of thoir shots pene
H trsted the headquarters of Gen Klnc, which
i. in tha bmldlnK formerly occunled by the
I -obelOen Tilar
fl The unusual number of tho onomy who have
I Wen seen to the northward causes a suspicion
I IhXthcr areplanninc an .-.ttaet on Gen Mac
B Arthur s division.
R Fife Thouitinri ItpBulum tVUl Ilench Ului In
la Mirdi-Ten Adititlonnl Cmunltlei.
I Waihinoton. lob 10 Major-Gen. Otis did
9 cot advise tho i- Department to-day about
H the situation at Manila, but ho sent a list of
U ten casualties not previously reported, result-
II its (rom the several notion In the vicinity of
H Manila during the past week. Willie the do-
rattment has not been fully Informed by Gen.
Otis as to his plans. It is supposed here that he
l ltaitlng until the Bcattord remnants of
Atulnaido's army are reorganized, so that
another telllnc blow can bo straok by the
Americans It Is reallzod ho re that Gen. Otis
has not enough men to encago In a ceneral
camaicn with tho object of hunttne down
the Filipinos and crushing tho uprlslnc.
tut it Is expected that as soon as tho roin
ortements now on their way to hiin reach Ma
rl'a he Trill beem nccre&slvo operations ex
ind're man miles ticyond the capital. Tho
'rinsport Grant will probably reach Manila on
March 4 and the Sherman about ten days later.
Wore the Mieruinn arrives tho two expedi
tions from San Francisco will doubtless be
there Moro than r,000 regular troops are oni
trace.l In theso several expeditions, thus
mine Oen Otis an nfre.tlve force of
about 2"j0u He has Informod tho Woi
wpartment that if those troops were at Mo
nl hscould crush tho insurrection or offoa
uallr I r ent any further resistance to Amerl
fan authority It ma ho anticipated, thero
lore. that Oen Otis will resume operations
about March 10, with the expectation of put
tu an end to the outbreak early in April
These operations extond only to the Island of
town, but no croat amountof trouble la likely
woecur. according to tho opinion held here, in
tr-s other Wands
Tie ten additional rnsualtles mentlonod in
WJded four deaths from wounds recolvod In
uecghtlnR last week. Tho names of these
al the dates of the actions In which thoy re
lved mortal wounds sre.
Prlvats dart nee U llrlcgs. band. First Mon
ttfa, and l'rivate Bruno L I'utrker, BnttoryK,
IMrd United Btitos Artillery, action of Fob U
Prltate William 11 Moierslck, Company 1,
lrit Montana, action of l.lth. and Private John
i Limpbeil, Lompany M, First Montnim. ac
tion ol 10th
Oen Otis added to the despateli eontalnlnc
W list that I lout, licrt 1 Whedonof tho First
AHruVa, who was wounded, wus dolnc well.
i he other osualtios reported nro-
First WasMricton-Nounded on 17th; Beict
MnoD HapiH. slleht, Berut. LeKovI..Chllds,
tompanr I. moderate: Corporal Edward 1).
n?i'n,.'r,l,t9 IMward K Dyer. Waconer
mnr MuIIlii, Company C. Injured sllehtly
tfthe i eiplrwion of i HprliiBfleld rifle.
.ill u'.ftf hraska-Wounded on Feb. 3 .1 Mual
VIV Ji."?ln " Dlsbrow. Company H. severe.
the folloTflnc dentlm from natural causes
net "lofted to Gen. Otis durine tho past
r)lbvi1I,r!,a," Banlol K White. Company
tVAuKi"11" l "'t"'1 "tatcs Infantry, nt Ilollo.
Jiaiar al forer and pnoumonln. Feb. 11-Prl-tv.Ki
"!'1" Irussnian. Company O, First
JMWoitton chr mle diarrho a Feb 14-Com-willV
'Beant Arthur J Smith V H It .
iVifi .'I'V"' Olluro leb l.V-Corporal Wll
fflJI t?!rne. Lomp-inyF. Flist Houth Da
&lllrl0 ,' !."b 17 I'rlvato Jacob Htnssen.
&vV " Iwentj -third Fnlted BUtes ln
wtrr, (,e lrt faur unaBr Oi,ioroform
"" I (tit MAMIA AT I AST,
' fronpulilu Slieridnn Stnrts on Hri r.oiic
Jnumej s ipn itiips on tlir Wnj,
ik1- lnii'"i q,a,(!, troopship Bherldan. with
Titelttli Infantry nnd oue battalion of the
enteenth Infantry aboard, sta'tod for Ma
' at i , 0u )Psterday afternoon All
(in, werc ' ',M7 I'ursons on board. In
"Mine lorti.fjur a(it,, the wlosof offlcers.
.,' M,ter'11 ' fiJUIreii Amonirthe ladles was
e if . f ( a, ,, SruUl of 10 Tweift,
tion i1 wl" ' ""oinmiind of the ovpedl
to 1 Rmfi'f"'", ' ' X" J"Iy In Rfttlnir away
tatum h"3"1 i6erdi just before tho do
that .'..."" " '""- bad been wasted, nut
Itir k, f!.' r'"ieut )nd been oi-eupled In do
fori J? H.,hlni: that would ndd to tha com.
ThVff '"?" on tho VOTDUO
faiihr ! ',r. '"('"mint left it with me," Col
I5,",i ''," ""'I and told me to tnko all lbs
!l'tii . - thuiiRlit nei essary for inaklnu
done in i ?!arul m '1 hat s just what I have
l lllio AM "i'P!'.1.10' these two orsanlatlons
J ora lo, i1.0,1 t'l'll'i'lncM In a shin that is Juel
I ( i',' "' " troopship ran imselblybo
1 'Mtiiat,, , T.V"" "HI l"ive his bunk. The
1 " K11,' I'l.h'-Rt that could be nrranued,
1 And i.i1 11" ".',l""J " of "ood food.
I l.i IimIV1 ' a" '' tho onicers ami men
1 "otJuiuY. ,e"1"PP"rlunitlc- to bieak up the
1 "-al J.V r r ,ln f rlt hv colnc nshore We
'm s, i i un 1 provisions at Gibraltar.
aiii 0n ' den I'oluiutHi hiiiKapore
frratw k''! '' slure Iciavn will be In or-
' iei. " "' ' !""' niilrthemen will be
"liti.v , .' ' ." "" "'"I HiurRaiiirutlons one
I '"lu IL" .'", "' 'oipimniid ot an ofllcer.
U rnt ih. .'" ' V,lu,llh Mth that nrrnnce
T& ""lniii kV.1. " nr 'omnlalnts of bkilark.
Mri (a ttS H. llt'Ts"
it it. ,'.!!, nt IJor I M Ollrlen. who is
Ml tftnth In i1'1, ' ,"'' hanallon of tho Beven
B " 'alantri. Loth uported that all of their
men aboard the shin woro In porfect health.
Twelve orivatersoldlors, slckwlth measles,
were left bohlnd Tho arrangements for fie
varture were, well In hand early yesterday
tnornlnR. Col Bmlth announced at M o'clotk
that the ship would sail at 3 o'clook, and It
was lust a when tho lines were let bo
. u was an Ideal lav torn spootneulnr-devmi
turo Tho bin ship, with her white sldos kIIs
oiilnc In the sunlight nnd above decks hrluht
in her liolidny dress of many-oolnrcd buiitlnir,
with a brand-now American lias llontltiK
(istern. and wliha solid wall of men In bluoiit
tho rail, made a beautiful slchtns she backed
out (rom hornier nt the foot of Pnolllc street
and turned slowly downstream
IIIrIi tip above every one elso on the hurrl
enne dock was a llttlo clr. In nicd hood nnd
cloak, parched on tho shoulder of n very tn'l
Lnptnin Mho was wavlne a handkerchief
pud shoutlns pood-hy nnd was the only one on
board who didn't stop laushlue and look n lit
tle bit serious for nil Instant or two when tho
shin beunn to move
Th Twelfth lleeiment Hand was ptaylnp
soiuethlnB. but the folks on tho dock couldn't
tell just what because tho wind wan tho wiomi
way nnd beeauao of the farewell shouts ot
Good luck '
JGoclr.I.o ooixa 10 Kvnoru.
I.rrt Montreal I. nut Nlclit (or Thin City nml
Will Salt by tlin Iniiiiin Line.
MosTnKAi. (Juo. Feb lit Aconclllo left
Montreal suddenlythlsevenlnir Juki pievious
to his departure the Filipino delegates, who
toadied Amorlca a few days aco, nrrlvod from
ban Francisco After a bilef conforonco
with them Agonclllo hurt led to the railway
station nnd took tho train for Kcw ork lln
stated ho was bound for Fnclnnd and that ho
would sail bj tln Inninn line from Now York
Bettors do ltlos and Illvera, when seen, de
nied that their mission I mil nuythine to do
with Aeoncillo, or that it was of a imiIIUchI na
ture at all Thoy snj that they were appointed
by tho Filipino Government tovlMt tho dif
forent countries ot Kuropo with n vlow to on
lightening thorn on tho military, civil nml
Industrial characteristics of thol lllpliio- Tin's
woro surprised to henr on their nrrlvnl In
America that hostilities hod brokon out be
tween tho Americans nnd tho Flllpluon. but
they doelnred emphatically that thov had no
political mission They will remain here for
about n week and will then go to London, nfter
w aril v Kiting tho chief i Itlee of Kuropo.
Chartered by the NlrarnBunn IiisurEents
Two Agents Arrlvi tin the Stiniitvn.
MoBtir. Ala.. Feb. 10 Tho Xoiweglnn
steamslilp Kunnlva. which arrived here to-dnr.
brought deiratohes from Nlcaingui re
cardlni! tho situation there. At the time the
Sunnhn left lllueflelds things were uuiet. nnd
nothing had occurred slnco the foreiblo sell
ing of the Xorweclan steamship Condoi some
twelve days aco. The Condor was blue along
side tho Sunnlva when she was selred by Gen.
Luna, Military Commander-in-Chief for Gen.
Itnyes. who leads the Insurgents Protests
wore unavailing, and the Condor was seized a
second time after havlns besn released by the
insurnonts. The order for tho closing of tho
port of Blueflclds was made by President Va
Iaya. Gen. lleyes and bis troops are In eon
rolof the port, however, and the order will not
be noticed by them. Nlcaraguan Consuls in
this country axelnot Issuing any consular clear
ance papers, but several vessels aro to soil for
Bluoflelds without them In the not few days
About 100 foreigners. Including maoy Ameri
cans, havo joined Iteyes's forees
When the Hunnlvaleft Illuofleld" elaya s
forces were marching upon the Insurgents In
several columns, onoo! which l directed
toward Blueilelds." Another Is beaded for
llama, also a seaeoast town. Reyes has force
of six or seven hundred men and llluellel Is is
well garrisoned, besides having a war'veisel
In the harbor.
Seflor Hafael Marerro. who arrived hero yes
terday. Is still In the cits. On the arrival of
the Hunniva to-day he met three ot her oas
sencers. They are from the Insurgent army
and are hers to purchase war materials One
of the two schooners charteredlby beBor Mar
erro sailed from Ship Island to-day. nothor
schooner and a steamship will sail in a few days
Boflor Marerro will not disclose tho names of
the vessels nor whence they sail until tliev aio
at sea
UoiIIck ot Two 'Women and Two Children
Found In at Uedroom In riillredelphin.
Pun.ADEi.rniA. Feb. 10 Four persons woiu
found to day killed by llluminntlng gas in a front
bed chamber of tho dwelling at H1U Xorth
Fifty-second street Thoy were Cora rnhren
knmp, 28 years, and hor two children. 1 lorenco
nod Willie, andnwonnn ot dark lomplexion.
apparently M5 years old, whoso Identity is un
known. Very llttlo is known ot tho Fahron
knmp fumlly In tho neighborhood
On Thursday night there wcro sounds of rev
elry in tho Fabrenkamp bouse. At (I o'clock
Trlday morning Mrs Vi llson, a neighbor,
beard loud screams next door. An horn and a
halt lator Florence rahrenkninp eimo to a rear
window on tho second floor and called to Mrs
Wilson Who told Mrs Wilson that hor mother
wns nBleen and could not bo nwnkoned JIrs
llson asked where the other woman was nnd
tho child said she was asleep, top Mrs llson
told the llttlo girl she could do nothing and
Florence went back into thu Iioubo No sound
was heard from the Fabrenkamp houso after
' Mrs. Wilson's husband nnd n policeman en
tored tho house to-day They found tho bodies
of the four Inmates In tho second-story room
Lvlng about were n doron empty beer bottle-)
nndavrhlHTjoybottlo Thopas wns turned on
full from a side bracket In the room wero
found a check for J10 to tho order of Chnrles
Kahronkainp on the National State Hank of
Camden, N. J . signed ' M O Bonstedt." dated
leb It: a pawn ticket for n diamond ring
pledged for Jit n few days ago. nnd a letter, In
Uosed In an envelope bearing the address II
It Lamport, l."r.8 Broadway. llrooklyn.N
The loiter was addressed 'My dear daugh
ter." and was signed "Dick
UeUgato Unly ot Sure n to the Wisdom
of Persecuting Corpointloiis.
Delegate Daly of the Metal Pollshors' Union
made a report to the Central Foderutod Union
yesterday on behalf of a eommitteo Bent to Al
bany to advocate Senator Ford's bill providing
for the taxation of franchises Tor surfaeo rail
roads and gas and water plants Ho said thnt
tho opposition to the bill came principally from
the Metropolitan Street Hallway Cominny. tho
Third Avenue IlailroadCompuny.theN'ewYork
Mutual Gaslight Company, nnd two Buffalo
C0"K'dgte0llBrbwn. on behalf, of the Metropolitan
Street Hallway Company," ho said, contended
that If the bill bocamo law It would drive tho
company out of existence,
"This made us hesitate." he continued If
n railway company is driven out of existence, it
means the rendering Idlo of a great number of
i en I went, us you romembor, us a lommittco
rom this bnlj nt tin. ryiuost of acltlens'iis
soeiatlon and others who were supporting the
bltl. I must sny tho association hnd iioriirn.
arod Its side of the ease properly, nnd tho
earing was adjourneil until Slareh il."
Threr Attempts In lortnlBbl-t might by n
Hritlon Host on Hnturduj NlEht.
KrwAE. III.. Fob 10 -Three attempts have
beon made hero in tho past two weeks lo wroek
No 0. the Burlington road's east-bound Over
l.uid "lljer " Two boys have been arrested
Tho boys, William I)ng and Hugh Vandujn.
woro seen by tlio soetlnn boss, Jumps Trout.
nlacluB an obstruction on the trucks last night
iiist ii fov" minutes before tho (lynr was due
'rhe boys havo been reading dime novels about
tr nfia vvrookfc Tho railroad had olTerod a re
ward of 00 for the arrest and conviction of
the wreckers
Kltlier Mrs. lingers or airs. Mollnaiis lo "
the Chief Witness Tn-Iiiy.
Assistant Dlstrlit Attorno) Oxbnrnosald last
nlglitthat he understood that Mrs Florence
lingers, daughter of Mrs hntherine J VdaniH.
was so much better thut she would be able ap
ntur to-davandtcstifynt the imiui st Into tin)
murder of Mrs Adunis by rolson If Mio
should not fe'l noil enouglito undergo tho
ordiul Mrs Holand It , Molliioux would b
Mired. Mr Osborne said, and eltlior one of
these vvaiicssea would occupy the greater part
of the day Hucb other witnesses as may bo
tilled will not be important.
inch ai t ni.i' to I'ATtinnt.Asn.
t-aiiud llieiiueltrs. Their Variety Minw nnd
Their liiillnn Medicine, l'nrtlriilnrly the
l.ntter, Unnpprerlutpd In Ihn l.nnd
t'nrte Sum's Hoys Were tlnod lo Tlietu.
According to tho lows of Knglo and Little
Thunder, thn Porto Hlenns of tho present day
(the Spaniards exterminated tho nboilgines
long ago) aren't of much account Having
just returned from Porto lllco after various
adventures there, thu two gentlemen nbovo
named, who are of tho Iroouols trlbo. consider
themselves lu a position to judge. Asl'nglo
It a patriarchal Indian of 00 and Little Thun
der a clean-cut voung buck of "J7. thov fairly
roornscnt somewhat different points of vlow
Through an Interpreter, White Moon, who is
it-Carllslo School graduate nnd owns n head ot
hair for which many n voting woman would
Inula her wisdom teeth, they told the storj of
thoir trip In n series of grunts, gurgles and
gulps which tho Interpreter turned Into vory
good liiisllsh. nt their lodgings, fion Broome
street, yestorday
A few dnvs befoie New dear's the two In
dians sailed for Porto Hlco to become part of ,i
vnrletv show evplolllncn certain Itidlnn rom
edy, which Is warranted to be n stomnehlu
powerful enough to euiethe Spnhlsh ting of
jaundice Itlwas the business of the two In
dlans to do n "turn" Illustrating theli tribal
dances and songs nnd to sell as mnnv bottles
of the lemtdy as possible I'pon their arrival
the manager or the show, n man named lllge
low, told them Hint bea sales wero neces
saiy, as he had beon compelled to pay forn
theitrlenl license and permission to sell Ids
medicines, sd OOtl to the American authorities
nnd SHOO to the Spviiish autho'ltlcs During
tho llrst day alter thelt arrival In Ban Junn
the Iroquois spont most of thoir time wander
ing uround the streets, lo tho undisguised nnd
rather impertinent Interest of the naties,
who gathered around them every time they
"N'o good." Is Little Thunder's expression of
his Impression "Plenty chanoe for fight, but
I was very careful Too many for light "
Nobody olTered them nuy violence nor were
they seriously Interfered with They were
gieitly scnndnllred. however, by the fact that
the children, both boys nnd elrls. un to the nge
of 10 voars, ran about without the formalllj ot
clothing, a thing which would nevor be per
mitted, they declnred. on their reser.ntlon.
In one day they had satisfied their prouensltv
for sightseeing, and went to work at getting
the show Into shape. The first thing to do
was to put una canvas Inclosure 'Ibis was
resented by the Porto llicans, who regarded It
as an Infringement of their rlcht toseo evon
thiug that was going on Iherefoie. these
slmple-souled children of nature produced
their knives nnd jnbbcd holes in the canvas, to
which Holes they nuplled their eves Both
Fagle and Little Thunder are dignified per
sons, and this peek-a-boo performance filled
them with disgust. 'Ihey discouraged It for a
timoby throwing dust nt the holes, but the
Porto Itlcans were persevering and stuck to
their places Presently a noweomor selected
n place In the canvas and with Ids knife ripped
n gash a foot long. Tho next Instnnt Little
rhundor poked a revolver through the liole.
and both Iudlnns let out In warwhoou The
enterprising Porto ltienn departed and as
cended t) e naxreat tree as a toy monkey goes
up a stlk He left his knife behind The In
dians Inve It now.
But another Porto nie.ui was meanwhile
avenging his fellow countryman F'agle had
brought with him n vallso containing two suits
of American ulothes.'n pair of moecaslns and
some bend work, which he left in his tent
When he eaine back it was gone He went to
tho manager, who made iininpluints, and that
evening an American soldier appeared a
Fngle's tent with tha valise in his hand lln
saluted Faglo and said
How. Chief"
' How," responded'FiElo gravelr
'This roui valise. Chief"
I guess they cot 5 our tuff Look In It "
'I aklng the valine tho old Ironuols opened It
and found Inside only the bend work nnd the
moccasins. Tho two suits of clothes, pride of
his heart and made especlall for tho trip,
wero cone For a moment Fnglo recaided the
vallso blankly, then looked up at tho soldier.
"How you say ItV ho usked
"Sav whut'" naked thn BOldler
Fagle looked In tho ti.r. tore his hair, gilt
ted his ieth, brandished his fists and oxpres
Blveh kicked the vallso end over end.
How you say that9 ' he domanded
)h.' i-iid the eoldlor "hav that, damn '
' That all" slid Fagle. looking disappointed
"No,"sald tho soldier, "there s plentj more,"
and he gave specimens
Fuel lotlredto his tent and SDont tho even
ing In tho vocalization of a chant which fairly
came under the head of profano music 1 here
after his vocabulary became a' source of un
mitigated joy to all tho American soldiers
With tho soldier boys tho Iroquois soon be
I'amo great !rlend. Tho soldiers escorted
the Indians around town. Instructed them in
the manners and morals of the. place and ioii
stltuted themselves thoir champions. It soon
I AAt.n.n L nnni tn Him niitliMa that If rria rmf
I ecumo known to me names msr n w;ih nor
wise to subject the copper-colored Americans
to any impoliteness upon the nubile streets,
for tho list ot I'ncle Bam. his soldier. Is hav
beyond expression and ns swift in motion as
It is straight of aim Nevertheless, tho In
dians weren't popular with the Porto Itlcans
One reason lor this wns that the latter de
veloped a habit of crawling under the tent
Haps into the Indians' tents When taught
they wero pounded over tho head with what
ever camo handiest When nobody was
around they looted what they could find,
Thore was another renson for tho dislike con
nected with the Hist performance l Die com
pany After the "turn" of the Indians was
completed they went nmone the spectators
selling tho bottles of medicine with only fnlr
success ns the Porto Ilicaiib complained of the
jirlce A nuinbei purchased, however, ami It
then appeared that they were under a delusion
regarding tho nature of the bottles Hero
wns a performance and here worn bottles con
taining Ihiuld Obviously tho enjojraent of
the performnnco wns to be enhanced by the
nlisorptlon of tho conti nts of the bottles, ith
ono accord and In ontlro disregard of the dl
lections tho Porto ltlcims removed the corks
ami drank ,, , ,
lmmediatelv there was n wild ihorus of
spluttering and strangled coughs ami mad
bowls for Iho inedlelne while not hsrmful, is
hot and unpleasant to the taste '1 ho victims
of the erroi. when they recovered artleulntii
speech, arc.0 and demanded the hearts' blond
ol the whole show In oiineiul and the Indians
in particular, and but for tho restraining pre
enco of i number of soldiers there would pnh
11111; have been a riot then and there 'i he
management hastllv hlied a local orator Itn
make an eMlauantloii In Spanish to the if
feet thut the bottles contained a madleine and
not a bovorage, but the Innocent IioijiioIh wer
thereafter regarded as poisoners by ninny of
the Porto Itlcans. It mav have been an out
come of this that Little Thundei had a tilt
with the authorities on the following I riduy
night He Is a devout llbninn Catholic See
ing a church open lie went In and took neeat.
As bo was coming out nttei tho service two
loi al ofllcers arrested him, and lod bini nwnv
to jail, jabbering Sianlsh at him It looked
dark for him. but fortunately luh arrest was
scon by an Aniieleaii soldier v ho knew him
nnd followed to tho jail 'I here the soldier de
manded to know on nhnt charge his friend,
who was n mlghtr man In his own inuntri
was arrested Somewhat staggered, thn an
thoritlrs said tint thev luidii t supposed thu
prisoner amounted to inueh nud that he wns
arrested as a spv
'Bpv ' orled the soldier vMu, Ids folks
have been Americans since there was any biicIi
idaio as merlca
Hie olllolals wereverj -orry and full apolo
gies should be made If there was a mistake
but they couldn't release the prisoner.
'Cnn'tllmw" erled the eoldlei "We'll see
about that. ' ...
He went awav nnd returned with two non
commissioned ofllcers. who spent nn hour In
unavailing arguments. Then they went awav
and relumed with n man whom Little Thun
der describes ns a vorvgient chief, who must
hive had a record, because even body rut bis
bnnil to his scalp when the ofllcer appi-onched
He said n fow words to the jnllers which Llttlo
Thunder remcnibois to havo beard In the
ihnnt of F.ngle. nnd the thankful Indian was
straightway sot nt llbem with a warning
from the officer not to go nuout alone nt night
Two weeks the troiui" stajed at him Juan,
then wont Inland thirty-live miles to n place
inlled Lnslma. where tliov stnvod a week, but
tho natives there didn't nppreolato it drink
that bad no morodeclslvo cITects thin the In
dian remedy, so the company broko up. with
Plentv of money, howevor. to cenio home In
style And very well satisfied thev are to get
back here. . ,,
"They don t like tho Porto llicans nt all
said lillo Moon ' 1 hev sav, thoy aren t civ .
Ill70il They don't like the tllmnte. either "
' sk them if they would go hick there, ' said
the reporter ...
White Moon asked It in two warbles and a
ihlrp. and Fagle responded In two chirps and
a warble. ... , ,
"He says, 'not while thete s nny other place
open," translated Whlto Moon, nnd Llttlo
Thunder nodded to show tint lie was of tho
same opinion
jxss urivasTOV a ciihohc.
A Mrnilii a of the Well-Kiiowii Tamil, He
noiitiics the i:pls(opnl I iiith.
II beenmo known vestoiday that Miss F.llra
beth Kilsyth Livingston had embraced the
Catholic faith Miss Livingston wa-received
into the Church b tho Hev Fither Healcy.
S .1 , ot tho Church of bt Ignatius 1jyole,
r.lghty-fourth street and Park avenue, last
week She 'received llrst communion nt tho
Convent ot the Sacred Heart In Madison
Miss Livingston is u lineal descendant of
Peter Van Brugli, Livingston, whose wlfo wns
Mary Alexander, sister of tho F-nrl of Sterling
Peter was the son of Philip, second son of tho
l.ord of the Manor of Livingston, who was
President of tin- llrst Provincial Congress lu
Nework An older brothcrof Peter was one
ot tho signers of tho Declaration of Independ
ence, ind iinothcr brothorwns a Governor of
New lei spy . ,
Aliss Livingston was born in Bnlllmme Him
p irnnts nnd only slstor dlod n ear ago and she
lias slnco livid with ho- uncle mid aunt, Mr
nnd Mis Van Brugh Livingston, who nro also
her guardians, nt. invest Forty-ninth street
During hor early llfo Miss Livingston was n
Baptist, but Inter she joined the 1 piscopnl
Church Her aunt and uncle nro Catholics
Stinls well known In Now York socletv.isu
member of the Colonial Dames nnd is Inter
ested In chniitablo work Sho Is heiress t a
lal go estate
I might by n Worshipper Who Prayed with
Ills i:jr Open mid Itoughl) Handled.
Miehaol Ansonlg of 'J4 Clinton street always
pravs with his ees open Ansonlg Is one of
the parlshlonois of Bt btnnlslaus's Polish
Cntholiu Church, at Fon-jth and btanton
streets, nnd he puisued his devotions In his
usual manner yesterday While engaged In
prnving ho saw two men In the pew ahead of
him pinking the pocket of a woman who was
praying with hei ores closed. , ,
"Gonofl Gonetl" shouted Ansonlg, and ho
jumped over tho pew nnd fell on the two
thieves His cries startled the worshippers
and the services wero suspended, while evorv
mnn In thee ongregatlon rushed to assist An
sonlg in Ills effort to bold the pickpockets The
two men were faring ill at tho hands of tie ex
i i'lsl people when Policeman Carroll of tin;
1 Idridgo street station nirlved nud plaeed
them under nrrent . .
Two-thirds of tho congregitlon followed
i.uroll and his prisoners to tho stntion. In
the excitement tho woman disappeared, so thn
men wero locked up on Ansonlg's chaigo of
"attempting to plok tho pocket of Jane Doe "
The prisoners doacrlbecl thomselves ns Samuol
Schwartz. 40 vears old. of VMY, Dclaneej.
street, and Louis Sllvorbloom, 1H years old, of
45 Ludlow htroe.
niOT i t cirictao TiiKiTnn.
Mm Ilrokn hnlrs nnd Tore Up CnrpeU He
roine the Curtain Didn't Go Up.
Ciite-vao. Feb 10 A lively riot occnired this
evening in tho Court Theatre. It wns brought
on by the failure to ralsa tho curtain for more
than an hour aftor the scheduled time "Tho
hpan of Llfo ' w.is the announced nttractlon
Ldwii. Birboui, who sas ho owns tho play,
r ... .,. 1 n . nllii.tlunniif nnnlnet t li i. Hlllli-
secured an attachment against the man
ager of tho copmimy. alleging that bo
was lliegalli presenting the dram i
Barbour hold tho sccnory on the attachment
ManagorI.ee of the Court tiled to explain to
tbo.iudlenie, but theeiowd would not listen to
One man veiled. "Lets teir up the old
shack I" nnd inn moment two hundred angry
men were npplhg up carpets, te.irlnctheohnlrs
from theli fastenings, and destroying ovcrv
thing thoy could Iho tore down olectrle
light fixtures nnd threw (hem at tho stngi-.
A riot call was sent to the neatest police sta
tion, ami the tumult w.ih ended, when alt bad
the lr admission monei returned Several wo
men wero slightly hurt In the rioting
t iigngeiiieiit of MUs I.ttilly .Inutes Smith
mid deorge Haven Putnam Announced.
The engagement of Oeoigo Haven Putnam of
the publishing house of G P Putnam's Sous to
Miss Kmlly James bniith. the dean of Barnaul
College, is announced The llrst knowledge
that those outside of tho Immediate families ot
tho two had of the engagement was when Miss
Hmlth announced hor Intentions on Friday la-.t
to the trustees of tho college M the sime time
Miss Smith asked for it vacation to reeuporato
In health, ns she had worked hard for tho col
lege since It wns organlrod Bho Is at present
on her way to the Bermudas, vvhero bIiu will
stay a fow weeks Tho marriage w ill take pi ico
soon alter her return Sho Intends to retain
her post ns denn as long ns hni health penults
Miss Smith Is the daughter of Justice James l
Bmlt h of Canatidalgiia. formerly oftho Supreme)
Court bench Mr. Putnniu is u widovvei and
has sovcrul giown children
. 7,000,000 1 YEAlt FOR CI ItV EG IF.
If the Pressed Steel Cnr Company Mnl.p
All the Cars It Inn.
I'lTTsnuno, Pa . Fob. 10 OiTie oih ot the Cai -negh)
Btool Compnnv confirmed to-duy the
slory sent our Inst night from Now York that,
at n mooting hold In New ork, tho Camoglo
Company uud tho Pressed Stool Car Com
piny bad made an agreement b which
thu former was lo abandon its Intention nf
louipotlng In thnsteol car trade and thu lat
ter inmpaiiv was to buv all Its steel from
Cnrncgio Hie car company's new plant will
liavn a capacity of soventy-llvo cars a dn
i nch cm contains twelve tons of steel As the
st l vv III tost about tlB per ton and as tho car
company w 111 require about 'JSO.OOOtonsn v oai.
It will tin rehire pi) tint Carnegie Company
thnut $ri,UU0 000 aniiii ill) The nr vomiuiliv
has ordors booked for $10000,000 worth of
i nrs
I dwln Gould Hits a heioud Son.
Announcement cards conveying Information
of the 1)1 1 tit of a son to Mr uud Mis Idvvin
Gould were sent out last week Tim hnr was
bnrn on Feb 0 Ho has been named I rank
Mlll.it Gould, attor his fnther'H brother 1 rank
and his father's mother who was Miss Millet
Hh is the second son of Mi and Mm Gould, his
i Ider brother being between fi nud 0 )oars old
I dwln Gould Is the second i-on of Jny Gould
His wife wus Miss Sarah Shradv, dniMhtei nf
Dr Geoign I Shrad)
GEllHA.S VI K OF r.oi ni'.r.
rieillu Cnrrrspoiiilant Hn) His lleiliiin li
Mi wed with Sntlilai lion.
Vpeiici Culte I'eipaicA to Shi Hit.
London, Feb 1!0 ibsp-iteh to the tlu
Stumlmii from Berlin sn)s that M Ijoubot's
nloctlon Is, on tho whole, viewed withgener.il
batlsfac tion in Germany, as it suems to prom
ise a pacific, tactful foreign jiollcy and u res
toraliou u tiiniiiilllty In Fiance
1IVICF OF OIll.Kt.VS'S .11 .yim:m',
KctIimts the slotn of Affairs in Finnce, but
Vilnius No tlenlloii.
.'trctul rnllt Ititpatrli OTiirSi's
PaIIIH, Feb 10 Tho (.tizettr ilf I'ltmii' pub
llshch n munifnsto in tin Duko of Orlenus n
prt tender to the throne, lev lowing the present
condition ot nffiilishi I ranee Snoiiupioti any
ntttiition to It
rifteen Per tout. Per Annum
lu rrftiilai Dividend, nlth udditicmil isrui. l'rotils,
IKafi buuiiiI Mire Cripplii Creek tlidfl Murks Ad
dress lli I'ro.li) hlirlcli S) udicmt, tulorsdu
bprln.', Culuudu, ifr,
ItiMiubllrnn Guards Cnllcd Out to Dispeise
it Crowd lu Ihe llnulotaril Miinlitmrlro
Xtub Sinnshts XVIndnvv. In ltolhschlld's
timers nml tho Petit .luminal Oltlce -Aiitl-l)re)fm
I'ress Attacks I outlet.
i)tctal Callt linpntth Ik Thk Sis
PvlitH, Fob 10 A campaign of Insult and
nbuso far more violent than thnt which diove
M Caslmlr PiSrler from tho pnlaco of tho F.ly
soo uow ragos around the now President of tho
republic. Yesteiday's shouts of 'roslgu"niid
'Panama" In tho streets of Paris havobocomo
contemptuous Insinuations and open slanders
in the antl-Droyfus press to-dnv Tho vpnoni
ous, almost Insano nngei of the opponents of
revision ov or tho crushing defeat ol their can
didate at Versailles Is sufficient Indication of
their Intention to resort to desperate means to
satisfy their passion
There wns n demonstration of considerable
Piopoitlons to-dayon tho loft nnd then on the
llgliMinnkof tho Seine, tho crowd traversing
tho Boulevard Montmnrtre, shouting "ltc
3lgn"'aud "Conepuo? Loubetl ' Travel on the
guind boulevards was Inteirnptad, omnibuses
nnd carriages being compelled to remain nt a
standstill for half nn hour The pollca arrived
tardily nnd dispersed thociowd
At a Into hour to-night n riotous band passed
down lluolullllo and broke the windows on
the ground floor ot tho building In which tho
ofllces of the llothschllds are loented '1 he
police dispersed the mob Liter a crowd
assembled In front of theofllcos of the 7'ifit
.oiinialnnd smashed doors and windows
During tho rioting In tho Boulevard Mont
niartro the charges of tho police wcro Ineffec
tual in disponing the crowd, nnd the mounted
Ilepubllcan Guard wero summoned Aheu
tho rioters saw the guaids thoy lied
At a meeting to-da) of 1.500 lnijierlallsts a
resolution was ndoptod declaring that M. Lou-
bet's election was nn Insult to the army
& An announcement mado to-night furnishes
rtason to fear that the snvago attacks have
alreudy produced some effect upon President
Loubet. It was made known, seml-oftlclall).
this ovenlngthat Frlmo Miniitor Dupuy had
consented to remain in poweremly on condition
that the present polloyof the Government be
continued, and that the bill transferring the
Dre)fus revision caso to tho whole Couit of
Cassation be pressed lu the Benato on Frida)
nnd made n question of confidence lurthor
more.and this Is aslgiilileant fact.it is nfllrmed
on the authority of M. Dupuy that the "Prosi
dentof the republic recognizes that the passage
of this bill is necessary "
This attitude or M Loubet does not nrguo
opposition to revision. There ure. indoed,
many Frenchmen who can bo best descilbod
ns modorntp revisionists who aio willing to
support the Government's Iniquitous bill as a
matter of expediency. M. Loubet s consent to
tho measure, which, according to Amorlcar
and English standards. Is a gross violation of
tlio llrst principles of justice, seems at least a
sign of weakness, nnd weakness nt this mo
ment lu the President of tho republic Is a fatal
crime It will encourage tho enemies who at
tack hi in to be florcer and Invite revolutionary
Another unfortunate Incident Is tho change
or modification of President Loubet's brief
spoech ot nccoptnnco from the version printed
In Inst night's IVmjistoaverydltlorontcolorloss
thing which appears in the.Aournal Ojyicia! to
day. This naturally calls out anti-rev islonlst
1 housands of persons to-day passed through
the chnpol in tho Palace of the Elystio. where
tho body of tho dead President will lie In state
until Tuesday night
'J ho moit encouraging feature of tho situa
tion Is tho fact that no opposition to M. Lou
bofscloetlon Is shown anywhere In the prov
inces On tho contrary, the news was genct
ally rcceivodwitlt public satisfaction
It is believed by politicians thnt M Constnns.
1 n nch Ambassador at Constantinople, will be
recalled to the President1) of tliobennte. Even
tin supporters or tho republic who are not his
fnonds regard him as the ono stiong man His
presoncont the Palace du Luxembourg would
be a source of confident e
Among the choice names applied to I'iCM
dent loubet by the opimsitlon press aro "Im
beclle,' " Panamlst." "wretch, "liar." " Pres
ident of the i'anninists, "nomlneoof tlin He
brew press, ' and " vowod protoctorof l)ie
fiiharels '
Piiil do Cassagnao sa- in the Aiifm ite Hint
it Is Imposslblo to dionm ot a more damaging
chief of tho State thnn M. Loubet He adds
"After n strutting tuikcy wo Inve.i cackling
goose, and the whole Ipoultry )nrd will proba
bly follow Wherever Ixiubet goes he will be
stuttered with tho mud of ihe Pnnnma Canal "
The I.ibie lii ofe Is equally bitter, accusing
tho Piosldontot having robbod tho taxpajers.
including the unfortunate Panama share
holder The Tempt rejoices unreseivedl) ov.m M
foubet's election
Mmo I'uuio has rce elved lelegrains of (uii
dolenco from the President, of the United
Stites, President Heuienux of the Dominican
ltepubllc. President ham of Hnytl. President
Krllgei of thn Transvaal. President Din of
Mexico, tho Sultan of Turko), tho Shah of
Persia, the Pope, the King ot Doninark, the
Grand Duko Vlndlmfi and the Roumanian
Tho body of President Fnurn was placed lu
a eoflln this morning In tho presence of Prime
Minister Dupuy and tho ofllcers of tho Presi
dential household
0 GItEiT 1'IIAl'tE I Olt I Ol HE1.
London Pi est Hnys Only Thai lie tlin, I'el
liapi, Ihv licit holl'l- Avutlllble.
pttta! Call' Dupalch to Tut Sis
London, Feb 'JO Tho pn ss hcin Is inclined
lo adopt a sonievvnat skeptical tone in dis
cussing M Loubet s quallilintions. though it
Is, pcihnps, igreed that he was thn best
oholesnvallable The Tnien says that Flint
is to be ciiugrntiilatod upon Hid usiill
of tho pioteedinga at Veisnllles vvhi -h
made M Inibct President In no uthui
country nud under no othei Const i
tutlou in the world could the higliPi-l exeeu
tlvn unite 111 the Mute be filled with Elealei
ease and smoothnosn 'I he l iper thinks it was
imi haps fortunato that no llngei lug Illness i nine
toM I nitre, blneu through the suddiuinessof
hlsdonth events did not allow ot the org mini
tion of n revolution or even a dnngeioiis move
incut 'Ihe lrteaiih sa)S that tliein In this much
eoni-olntlon to bu derived from the elettlonof
M Loubi l that It was due iiiuinlr to thn fait
that he was not committed toclthorsoctlou
'ihe yjiiifiy .Ynrs Hays that the choice w is
probibly the best that lould be iiiailn under
existing circumstances
The Muitiiiii) but declares that tho oi deal
which liauin has been suddenl) lequlred
to face has for tho moment, bellied to
allay the apprehensions ot the past few
mouths Tho comparative unanlmlt) and
the promptitude dlspliDnd In Uniting a
capable substitute foi M Fnure will be wel
comed ns some proof of the stability of the ev
icting political Hystcm in 1 rnuce
Tho ( In nun If says that M Loubet is a man
of whom It Is Imposslblo to spunk ill, and not
ens) to speuk well, except in terms applicable
to any dignified, honest statesman
'lUv Dailu Villi sns thai M Loubet Is it man
of no euiineiu e, and, us far as known, of no re
iiiiirknbje strength of ilinraotor He Is one nf
those moderate, respectable iionoiiltles who
nro usually holpk'is lu a tiuio cif.c'rUli,,
German Proposition That the Attsof 11
Itepresentlitltes lln Disavowed.
Sprcmt rnllt Pmuttek in 'tnr fit's
London, Feb 20 Tho Berlin coirespondeut
of thn 7'miM snvs tho news that thu action ot
Chief Justice thambors in Samoa has not
been disowned by tho Government of tho United
States Is In ncionlnnco with what was nlreidy
known In woll-lliforincd quurtors lu Berlin
It would nppcar, however, that tho Gor
man Oovornmont has piotosted nt
Washington agnlnst tho notion ot
Mr Chnmbors, while tho Government
of the United Stntes has entered a
counter-protest ngilnst tho action of llerr
Bono, tho Got mnn Consul nt .pia
In Influontlnl political circles the view Is
expressed that perhaps the best solution
ot thn difficulties which have arisen
would be a disavowal of tho action of their
representatives on tho part of all three powers
concerned Tho way would thus bo cleared
fot n unanimous decision ns to future action
OFFltAI. Er.hf'TIOV IV OltEEIl..
All of Ui-l'rlmc Minister Drlyniinls's Cnn
lldntrs ltpjertrtl In Alliens.
.VD'tiat C'' DtiBDlth loTur Srs
Atiifns, I'ob 10 At the gonoral eleetlon
to- la) for members of tho Boulo there weroOoO
candidates for the '.''17 seats Of the candi
dates 180 liolongcd to tho lato Trlcoupls
part v. which has been reorganlfed under the
lendeishipof M Thcotokl, Dopnty for Corfu
About tho same nuinboi supported ox-Piliue
Minister Delanns Two hundred belonged to
thoMliilstorlnland sniallor partics.nnd theresl
wore iudepondonts
Tho results, so farns known, wero favorable
to the supporters ot M Theotoki in Athens
all the Del)nnnlst candidates WJro rejocted.
About n Ilundrrd Chlnaiuen ltepoiteil
Killed in it Tax libit nt Tulleuwitii.
.Tfcial Cable DttjiatcK loTme 8ox.
London-, Feb. 10 A despatch received hero
fioni Pokln stutes that tt conflict ins occurred
between tho ltusslnns und Chinese at Tallen
wnn About ono hundred Chinese are reported
to hnvo been killed A question of taxes Is
said to havo led to the collision
SEX A TO 11 31 A 0 V HISSED.
Sons of the Itevolutlon Oltlii'l Approvo of
Ills .Sympathy with the Uillplnos.
Washinoton. Feb 10. Seuator Mason of
Illinois was one of the speakers at a meeting
in tlio Interest of tho Lafa)etto memorial fund
hold to-night at the Columbia 1 heatie, under
the joint auspices of tlio Sous of the Revolution
and bons of the American Itevolutlon. In
mentioning the nations of the earth who had
hnd their Lnf.Dettcs. Senator Mason referred
to the Philippines. sa)ing be had no doub
thov. too, would have their I.af.Detto. Tho
sentiment wns ovldeutl) an unpopuhr one
with the utidionce. for it brought fot t li a storm
of hisses
Other addresses weie delivered by Repre
sentative Gillette of Massachusetts. Secretary
Cox of the bulled States Semite. Chapln Brown
ot this cit), nnd Robert I. Thompson of Chi
cago, the origiuntor of tho movement.
a sunvniiAX MinviGiu Ai.itni.
"litrn Off Your )," the Police Shouted
ns They XToikrd lth Club and Hell.
Residents of the Richmond Hill and Morris
Park sections had an hour's lively excitement,
beginning nt 12 'M o'clock yostorday morning.
Tho East Now Y'ork Gas Light Company sup
plies that district, and shortly aftor midnight a
message was received ovoi the telephone at
tho police station In Richmond Hill that the
( ompany was about to turn off tho gas to make
some urgent repairs. Sorgt Kreamer din ctod
the gas company not to cut oft tho supply until
ho communicited with It later '1 hen nil the
risorves woio hiiatlnd out nnd directed to
mike a hoilse-to-houso eanvnss through
out tho entire section, ntouso the In
mates of each house, and toll them thn gas
wits to be turned off This moasuiu wns
deemed necessary to provont families who kept
tliu gas burningnll night from being asphyxi
ated should (lie gas be tinned on again With
their night sticks thn rcKerves si t oft at a
liMible-ijuick pace through tho village Wholn
rowsof slumbutliiK residents wore iiwa.kenid
bv tho b ingiiig of doors uud 1 1 liiglng of dooi
' Turn oft our gis, ' shouted the policemen
in answei to eveiy query
'1 hen the lights wont out 'I ho gas was
turned on again Inst evening
Ainntetii Photographers Vlndi Ihn Mom of
llei llml I, in U nnd Ihn ItrlBhl Jluy.
'1 ho White Star s'oamer Germanic, which
ret on tlio bottom at her slip, foot of .West
'lenth street, proved t drawing caul yester
day thoiiBaud sightseers were hanging
about the dock all da Only a few wcro ad
mltted to tho piof1. nnd tho remnlnder had to
boiontent with looking at thc.Gerniniilc. bow
on, fiom tho end of tho slip Amateui pho
tographers were Iiidp). It Isn't very ofton that
ono has a chance to snap a sunken steamship
on i bright Sundny afternoon vlth drv feet
'Ihe Germanic's position wns llttlo chnnged.
There Is n slight llst'to starboard, which brings
the rail on thnt side on a level with the Ice
'1 ho afte- inrt of tho vessel appears to be sub
merged The bow ilso three or four feet
above the Ice Several wreckinr tugs and
8C3WS wore clustered around the steamer yes
torda) nnd there was constant aotlvity on
board Some pumnlng was done, but the ves
sel s condition was not visibly altered
sf.chftaiiy hi.iss's sricrssoit.
31r. Illli hi nek liny Un Sworn In To-llny ns
,sei i clary of the luterloi.
AhiitNi.TON, Fob ltl-ldwnid Hitchcock,
the newlvappolntod Secretary of thn Interior
and formei Ambassador to Russia, nrilved in
Washington to-night fiom Now Y'euk, He was
accompanlod by Seeretai) Cornelius Bliss,
whoso successor ho is to bo In thn Intorloi
Mr Hitchcock snld to night Hint ho expected
to entci upon the duties ot hlsncvv oflh n lin
medi.ittd) Ho will u ill on the President to
moi row morning nnd will prob ibly be sworn in
as hecrelar) of the Interior Inter In tho da)
fill' OF SIN t.VTOXlO III. ItlGHT,
A l riven nt Itiiiiistvii U Willi Ilolh 4.111I101
out. mid I luce llor.es I'lueit to llcnlh.
Hill NKWICK, Im , lob 111 rim ovoidiln Mal
lei) liner lit) of San Antonio arrived hoici this
iiioining Shu expel lonccdver) heavy weather
She lost both mi hors, and cabins und state
looms vveiin Hooded 'linen horses for thu
Jokyl Ihlnndt lub were froen in dnnth 'Ihe
ship vv III Mill on 'J uesdu) for N'ovv ork
SO C III EH V Ill's TF.lt S I It OF. , I OO.
Norfolk shlppem I'ri'dlil it Si.'mllr nml
High Prit foi it Yrni,
Noniotu, 'a lob 10 -The recent 1 1 rive
was disastrous to thu n)stei Industry in this
vitlnit), ileports from e oast points state thai
the ovsterh gcnmally wero froren and urn
worthltss Pin kers hern say tint oysters will
be scai eo a nil piobabl) vurydrarforaoar
l'elinn) IviuiIm llrmoi ints s Holding Dill,
IlAiimsiii no, l'a . I cd 10 Senator Vua) s
friends nio liupefiii that the Democrats will
break the deadlock this week but Domncratlc
leadeih declare thut no stub thing will ever
happen It was the hopn of Senator ,'ua)'s
llciiliinunth that ".loo Bible) would lie nblutn
start the Dcmouratin dlsinlDgratlon which has
been regarded for two vviinks as the onl) pern
hilile hope of I lit Quay men One of the ileiks
I county uieiiilcrs ssld this week that they
I would prefer 0R) to am other Republican
but that under the circumstances it would bu
politlial suicide for them to doseit tho candi
date of their pact) at uor stuge ol the game.
itEi.GAit.t is a si:rniii: timtv. "U
Crow Irfied lo Abandon the Vessel, lint Its
fused An Italian Hark XVim ked ill the ' -
Itay and nu Uugllsli llnrk Mimiiloiieil f
The I'nvonln Itrsrtte nsTnld In Her l.ng. f
.Vpecnil Collf Ittipalck to Till Sis 1
PontaDkuiaui. Azores. Fob 10 1'hn pns
pengersof tho ills ibled Cunard liner Piivonlu, 5
which wns towed here )estcnla), wore landed )
tills morning under great tllffloultins bad ,
wenthor hnv lug commenced ngniu. Tho ttaliiin
bailcf Into his been wrecked In tho open ba).
The members ol tier crow wore saved Tho I
crow ot tho Lngllsh bark Tliomns'lhomiwoii I
have abaudoiiud thoir vessel, which will proba
bly sluiro tlio ate of tliu Cinco The Puvoiiiu'sj D
crew wero asked to abandon hci, but they re- 1
fused. Thcio nro good hopes that the Pnvonla t
wlllildoout the storm, owing lo 'ho strength
of her mooring chnlns '
Following nro evtraets from tho logbook of ;
thoPavonla i
"l'eb.:i,.'l 20 P M Engines slopped Strom? t
gale from tho nnrthwost . heivysni BolloM f.
adilft, caused hy ship's laboring heavll). H
"Feb l.i.IIOl1 M -Fired distress slgnnls to ft
steamel In sight h
"Fob 0. 0::i0 P M --aw that stcnmoi wnal !(
the Colorado, of Hull, which arranged to tow It
thn Pavunln, conimonoliig nt 0:10 A, M., but at
0 '10 tho Colorado tarried away hor bltts anil p
rigging, bolng obliged to lot go tho tow rope, j
and signalled 'I cannot tnko )ou In tow ' At I
2 P. M snine day the Colorado signalled 'Do (,
)0U wish mo to stand by?' tlio Tavonlu reply- .
Ing "Yes '" f
The log goes on to sav that it daybreak tho IE
following moinlng the Colorado had dlsap- i
poured A heavy gnto was still blowing and Ja
there woro dangerous high 3uas, which con- i
tinned until Fob 0 During tho interval from
Feb 0 to Fab W no vessels wore sighted. On
FobO, at.'l A. M., a steamer wnslslghted, bound. ji
east. Distress signals wore fired to attract hor 'J
attention. She proved to bo tho Horatio of i
Liverpool. Sho was asked to tow tho Pavonla.
but replied that it was Impossible owing to
the state of the wcathor. At 0 o clock tho j
Horatio departed from the Pavonla, but halt
an hour later she returned and offered to take, j
tho Pavonla in tow. At 10-40 o'clock, how-
over, tho Horatio again stood on horoourse, f
signalling that she could not wait. i'
At about noon on Feb 10 tho stoamor Wol-
vlston of West Hartlepool appeared and agreed . I
to tow the Pavonla to St. Michaels Bho took. I
hold of tho Pavonla at U.30 P. M. and towed hor
until 11 P. SI. when sho broko the tow ropo
owing to tho heavy weather, but sho did not
abandou tho Pavonla. Tlio next d ly tho Pavo-
nla signalled to tho Wolvlston, "Walt for finer
weather Do not desert us." Tho Wolviston
replied. "I will wait until to-morrow." All
night there wus veiy bad wouthor, with vivid
lightning nnd rain The latter caused tho Pa-
vonla to lose sight of tho Wolvlston for twent)- J
four hours At S P M , Fob 12. tho Wolvlston
was again sighted nnd remalnod standing br J
until 7 HO V M Feb 14. when sho took tho
Pavonla lu tow and succeeded In taking her to
Punta Delgardu. where sho arrived at noon
vestcrday Tho passonsors and crow aro all j
well J
Several Out of Charleston Long Overduo-i
ltescued Crevv on the Mount llopr. m
N'okfoie. Va, Fob 10 The schooners Van ,
Lear Black. .vJIco Holbrook. Annlo Brown and j;
Fannie Ritchie, tow od In here to-day. report that ij
the recent storm olT tho coast was toi rifle. 4
Several schooners are still missing, nml. It is H
feared, may be lost. Tho schooner Mary I ur- W.
tis. Capt. Maker, which sailed from C hnrlcston W'
for Richmond on Fob. &, is one of these Sho
Is tlvo days overdue It Is regarded ns posslblo
that sho may have gono before the wind,, is j
somo othois did. and been blown further oil j
her course than they j
The Annie Brow n, which left Chirleston four j
dnvs after the Curtis however, arrived hoi e to-
da In distress Capt I nmson said tint n
whirlwind struck the Brown on Fob. Ill while,
hound tho mate woie below nt supper This
took her new foresail away with u rush, cross
trees and boom going with it Subsequently
about a thousand railroad ties on deck wont by
tho bonid '1 lie schooner, which was bound
for Now Tiondon, was blown 200 miles
nut ot hcM eoiiise Capt Lamson said
that ("apt I indxtiv of tho tug Annie 3
nf Richmond reported tint ho towed Into Ifamp- i
ton Roads thu schooner Mount Hope, Capt Mi 8
I can. bound from Boston for Norfolk, nud i
ttboird her was tho crew of a schoonor aban- I
doiied nt sea It Is not possible to-night to J
ascertain tho name or tho derelict Incoming I
Captains say thnt reports of muny disaster I
niu) well be expected 1
Trio British tramp Windsor is still hard j
aground on Slxteen-1 oot Rldgo in Chesapeake t
Bay The Merchants nnd Miners' liner htato I
of Texas, which was sunk at Gwlnn's Island, 1
came up to her pier this afternoon I
Tho lei Jam Snuius lo Have Tinned this
I hmiiiel Through X nlunblo Lands,
RtriiMONi), Ya , 1 ob ID Tho Ico goigo In j
thu James River apparently has caused the
ilvettocnta new channel through tho valua- j
ble I inds on tho Chosterblleld sldo. A false) j
channel now might destroy much of tho work '
done by the Government to improvo tho navi
gation of the James to Richmond In tho largo
amount of floating prupert) carried away by
thn lie yestenliiv wns tho entire Government
plint used in tins work, consisting nf tug,
dredge, hoisting anpiratus and birgos. all
aground with ico piled over them. The river
Is falling, und tin effort will be made to-morrow
to break tho gorge with explosives.
nlnge's V heels Slipped on Ihe Track
I'lip.rngrrs Shaken Up.
A ISreadwar cable car and a Central Park I
stage hired by a thoatro party were in collision
eirl) ) i storda) morning at Eighteenth street. j
Tho stage, which contained somo fifteen or
twent) people nieii and women, cams oust S
through Eighteenth street and was just clear
ing thn uptown inr track when the wheel
httmed I
Car No "J'eO wns coming up. and tho gripinitn, IJ
Jo-eph Mosnior, was iimble to avoid the ol- a
Union 'lhnctti knoeki d dT thn steps of the B
singe nnd damaged the finmn of the vehicle se ft
Hint the occupants gut out and went to their i
homes bv other convoy inces Sobodv was
hurt, bcvniid a few biiilsesanil a severe slink
ing up and the drivii of the since. Michael
Sheridtiu refill-oil to mnkuu comidulut against
One of the passengers on this stave was
Aiimld C Well a lawvor living ut loll West
.Semnly-sovi nth street ,
llrlirfl hilt Ihe I llievet Stole Vnlllllblr lie- i
IoiieIiie to VI r.. ah In s, llrlie. '
I ima, IJ , Feb 10 soiiii) tliiin last night
burglars broko into thn ri Mdiuu'f of Mrs '
Mellly thiiiiioihei of vlis t nlvlii 8 Bileeof
Nevvoil. In West Market street and ran- ,
sacked thn premlsin Mrs Modi) Is on i visit ,'
to another d uigblei at tioshin. 1 ml and no ' i
one Is living lu tho hou-e dining heriibsnne ;
It Is pot known whether thn thieves got in .
thing of vuliip, in. limine Is at hand who knows - I
what is missing 'Ilils istho hmii-ofioin wh oh 1 i
tlin funeral of Ihe late nv seiuitut Rneo i nk i ;j
pIiiip It w.is leteiitl) lepnrltd that Mis, ij
llllcehud sent Imm Vvrl irk iniieli vnliiiibls , f
brle-.i brae and other hi lungingH in b. I opt , ,
hern In tin old fiunii) innhii towbiih -Im v
intended to n llllll in live ll is In ln dibit ft
the mbbeis' nbji cl was to gi I thi'se mill ms ' .
Mnini-liPii. I.rnluim Itrtui n on the Iterlln. . 1
'ihe transport Berlin whl h unveil icsirr- i
day from San limn, I'niiie and Snmingii,
brought nlnvt) soven dim haired soldiers and t
Sntiseiigors, among whom were ilaiui-Uea. ,'
loutrosu Gruhuiu aud Uuut'htur, )

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