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Hm-rrZ )sltffl!''ffirlHls1B "stiff '""TO1' ? l' 'wra
' iftflr 'H' ' '' ' f --t V -, f f,i,Tif ;
H- iHB -1 "" ' - "'- THE-SUN TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1J30Q,
Imnaxciaz asd cotittnnciAU
Monday, Feb. 211.
In re.poet to nctlvltr. fluctuation find, tone
the. .took markat hru returnee! to condition!
that previllod a month ngo. The trtninctlons
to-day were In excels of 1,2SO,000 shares, tho
morcment of prices was rapid and wldo nndth6
net result was a materially higher mneo of
values for nearlr tho entire list, Tho most sensa
tional movement was In American Tobacco,
which enjood a furtharadvanceotlGtt points,
making a total adrancoot HO points from the
lowest price last Friday morning. Tho deal
Inei in It when roduced to full stock wero
about ftfl.000 shares. As reported br tho
Htock Exehance. tho stock supplied loss than
30 cent, of the total transactions.
. was the ease on Saturday, the
further sharp ndvanco in Amorlcan Tobacco
was accompanied by n similar movement In
the shnrec of tho Continental Tobacco Com
pany, which rfro donlt In on the curb. This
circumstance, tocothor with the continuous
nnd unstained advanco In American Tobaoco,
Imparted a strong color of probability to cur
rent reports that a settlement has beon reached
between tho various Intorests In tho tobacco
manufacturing Industry.
Thn dealings In tho most volatile Industrial
wero overshadowed by a revival of epoculatlvo
Intorest In Atchison proforred. Transactions
of over JfiO.OOO shares in that stook resulted In
a not advance of noarly 3 points. Intlmntlo..
that tho statcmont or tho company for January
will roako an extraordinarily good showing
worn chiefly responslbln for tho seemingly
urgent demand for tho preferred stock. The
rromlnonco nttnlnod by tho railway list
was regarded In many quarters as tho
most satisfactory fenturo of the market.
Bt 1'nul. Itock Island, Loulnvlllo nnd Nash
ville, Union l'nclfic Ihsuoi, Toxas Pacific. Mis
souri Pacific and Missouri. Kansas and Toxas
proforrod wero all dealt in upon an extensive
scale, ami all closed materially higher than
on Saturday. Tho attention accorded the last
two doubtless rosultod from tho progress
that Is boluc mado in tlio matter of trans
ferring tho control of tho Chicago nnd Alton
Kailioadand toward readjusting tho cnpltall
pation of that company. Tho miacment In tho
Union raciflo Mocks was partly oxplalnod by
an announcement thatn largo amount of tho
common stock received by holders of Oregon
filiortl.lno stock has boon disposed of at pri
vate salo by the last named to Influential intor-
H ! I' S &1 estn In tho Union Pacific Company.
H i UlS tSlrf Thn railway list was not uniformly strong.
H ! WM WXl 'or Chicago. Durlington nnd Qulncy. Central
B i' IfialpB? raclflc. Southorn Paclflo and to a lesser do-
H ' Is? imSi creo ow York C(Jntra' 'elt lll effects of sales
H SSt5 lflil to realize profits nccruing from tho sharp ad-
H i8"'-Q KP? nnco In theo stocks last week. Therowasno
H ijtjJ sES news regarding tho Chicago. Burlington
H ' raiw JPfirl nnd Qulncy lefunding progiamine. n elrcuin-
B 1 fc8 OTlW stnnco that naturally Induced some selling.
H ' ?nJlS The formnl announcement of tho plan for read-
B i?PB Justing tlio liidohtrdiipss ami capitalisation of
H it .Ml IS "10 ro"tr''' l'icillu Itallroad and for turning
B ffratw" the control of tho property out to tho South-
B ' "tIS ffi orn ','u'"'e Company was regarded by the
B '' JfM'sW frpoculntlvo community as tlio culmination
B ''Mi $& '' favorable developments affecting tho
B 'alfr Hm tw0 corporations The selling of thoso
B 'aTEHa 9K stocks. however, was not particularly ef-
B li 1x5$ Iffl fcctlM'. for the net loss in each ease was
B ' i HHl rtHt less than 1 V cent An authoritative statement
B ! HPi regarding tho Central I'ncillc readjustment is
B J $$ Bgfe printed in an adjoining column Tho list of
B i fi !lf loss nctho railway shares that made an evcol-
B rS tMl 'ont Bl,owlul; Is a long one. Including Chicago
B ' .5v ' ii anil' nnd 1'astorn Illinois. Chicago Great Western
a T$'4$rfv prcforrcd A.. Minneapolis and Ht IxjuIs, Paciflo
S i nf "S I Utt Coast second preforrsd and P., C . O. and Bt.
t '' ai'I ffllt' Interost in tho Industrial list was not con-
X li ta IllJI lined to Amorlcan Tobacco Sugar Iteflnlng
BX ! WTli wns Jea"' ,n to tl10 eltellt of "early 100.000
S1 I ' iSl EIk. shares, and at a recession of nearly 'J points
BS' I' Wi(l Fl 'ronl "le ,,'e',cst Point closed 3. V cent.
Bs 71 HlffSf higher than yesterday. A reduction of 1-1U of
BS- ! M- wE" n cent a P01'"11 '" tho price of standard granu-
BS 1 l' Ws JCTi' latcd sugars by ono of tho Independent re-
BS V lfj I llnerles seemed to stimulato ratlier than tp
BC HeS ffl fi check the demand for tho common stock of tho
BS Ss?. '& f American Company. Other strong features in
Be ' I SIS.EI If ",0 'n('U9'r'a' group wore Tcop'o's Gas, Ten-
Bf Si yillflfjir' nossoo Coal and Irou. United States Itubbor,
H ' Ml ff" rl and International Silvor. All of the local trac-
SBB ' flliW'KS. "0n stoe':'i vvore exceptionally Btrong at net
BE flftHlw advances averaging about '2'i Y cent.
Bf (iffilf 'r'10 hcavlet dealings wero In lirooklyn
Win i 12 Ilapld Transit, but tlio best record was made
Jf?H trft 'J7 3Innlmtta" Hallway. It now seems to be
Bf J Pfg ft g- perfectly well understood that tho attacks upon
B ' ' M PtHr "10 'anl,attnn Hallway Company by a local
H '! Rail; political Intore'd are part of an attempt to force
B i !l Mis' "10 n,tinaU",lln"t ot 'ho elevated svstem to
Bt ' ' full Srfti Adopt couipiesond air power instead of
B ! III ffiiif eloctriclty. To-day's market furnished some
B ' ' mil IKjI indication that, Incidental to this effort
I jp H oxplolt tho alr-povver Invention, u
: Kt B''SI largo amount of short sales of Manhattan
IS Mwt Hallway slock has been mado by local polltl-
I HI SISkI elans. It cortninlv Is becoming iilain that the
811 BfS attacks upon the Manhattan Hallway Company
ffl ffl 3 lire not disinterested, nor nro thoy made with a
Wlf 2 $ I viow of benelltlng the patrons of tlio elovated
litl 9Mi roads. Although piollt taking depressed prices
ffii wl fractionally In tho late dealings, the tone at the
' Ki 8fl close was v. cry strong.
' I " J85! tf 1 ITcw York StnrU i:rlinngti-Snles Ii. 20.
' ' li?r'l 16 U ba,r ... . I lTrttfb23
fef Kj'S lOTwlO? oflBSt 86M
) w 1 jrl! m Susan, c 107 I
I J Kj '311 S uosihd rnicFh or uNiiED srTKs bonds.
lHw PI I - " "' '"' I Ul. Alkfd.
I RSI nM&' rnRt2. r. UnRto, r,
' P W1 stplofO 00 I lluo 127f 128H
1 MHwiii liH, inoH. Unst,c,
I f m m 1 Jl.r. 100 107Ui in-.-l. .127M 12BH
f Wi Sfl 8' LB3,Il08. UuStCs, r,
I tlttf m I 1U18.C 100 107U l(.0. U1M112H
(B mi li I l'n fet r. On St 5, c.
ilM : 1U07. ...U2 112, li0. ,U1112
S Mn 4MB f l " Bt ' " u" ht B-ttr"". r.
i'i.JfM:' lb07 11CM 113l 11.J4.DC118
' il IB' M 1X8 Atcn.IJ4... 84 bhkX,VKBUt,l074
R,W I, ' !! 8f.tcti .100H
I R Rl ,fl , 17 8.U 2 long Island 01 00
' Pi W Hi 72 83i lOSIetBtHyni. 121
1 PriwU ' JaS 8a'" hl'exlnlcn .. 87
f'lilili, 108 84 6 . BBK
'WlflBa' 1 Ateh sdj 4. r 811 Il4 .... .. as
I; IKS ill 00 Alth bhUi 102't 6MiBtI.cnR.113
fi T " "' 102H 7 J!o, K i. r of
Pftd4 ' 20.... 102' Tnuna . . 88
f Sa.ifc' T " Atrh cnH, r. 10H, 21 Man R'm 106'f
b Pli f 10 1011 3 106U
MefiS ' 4 Adm Ex 4t 100' 1 1 Mol) . oBnl . 87i
mttMS' ' AmTebscrlp . 084 40 Mo I'iocn.. . .U4J,
IffiSlfil 3 " 20 H4i
H lVm r 1 0 Ateh i. 0 1st.tr 00 11 1144
'IBi I 6AnOOBi ..100 1 MnPcol lstCs (11
WlMvi i 10 Aiis. W lit. 08 10 90
BHi$l 1 ISlllOBKc. l. 00 1 01
S'M'llw r 121IA.C)4i.,wl. 100 1 MfcLB 1st... 142
KIM' 13 IIOH 6.MII.I,Hei Killo
EflWfiS - 3 mn K Vh K B" l '0 N l' Prior 4s... 1 03't
"I'Mft' 6 lt.St M Jl 8 r.s 104 10 103M
mnm ea loe i 103
mimMl a llrook It 1 Gi lOOMilOKFgnlSt 0H
Kflfffl l ,'i 110.36 00
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ilUfW f 80 lOOJf 8 08H
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llfl' fffl a ooulio nvx
: I Wl $$ ! SCImKlltlA 1SVOSH Hm
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ftjlillltlli 1 l1D, a loo
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M-i Iffa 4..htl.div 101's, 2NW.- 144)4
W'.jKjl fiCIAOl.tK. .HUH 2Wen. ,,107
'X i Ml 8 Can South 1st 110 . 15 N Wei 4,r ...100H
M Cl U 110)4 B.VV,OtWr,10o'(
'flSil 6Chiler4 . .. 06)illOOUA,N4..... 102M
f v mk io.. nesiJio loax
I fiftlWlJ " &H10 10CM
liffifBIS ' 0 Clf v & Cantmi I 1 Or. H Lcn e.. .1 1 l)t
I 1 'I Mi lsti.tr.. 80 4 .HI),
uMjlBM ' lOC.nPB.,111311 llUh,10 0rBI,lnc:A 80
' I m" i iSI - 23 . . . 117H 6 I'scof.Mo lit lot!
' I lH " 8 Col So 4., w t BfinHOi'ao Coast 1st 107
7 &?' E0 SV Uf.IXiRlst.trlOl
f;R'H' 4.Ustr,lC.110 3 1'coliLutlit. 80
fiCoivjm..... 87 ionuWB nt. oo
0 B7M11 It, WfcOelBs.131
24 87M00Bdgnl..,. 8BM
10 87M88 B8M
S , 8B 10S 88K
8 CoIMIda-.... 74X14 B6M
10 CatRenS... 00H62 B8!4
13 00N OltOWI.t 03H
, 14S DON S7 D4
120 DOM lBViHE.. . 00K
I 10 COanylitlno 43 2 Bo Po of Cal
8 43X tn H, i 107M
6 43M EOfllP Mensl38M
24 44 1 BirMenk.U4M
0 43N 6 8t Pita 2d... 124
37 00kllyadlni. 13H 6 124U
16 14M 10StrMaet4.106W
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30 COaRr 3d lno 7 O 100
11 7H 1 BtLJkBF.. , B8
3 7 11 BtPlst.OkP,
7Den RQUtlOO Wdlv 1S1
5 Dtnoca 101 6 HUM
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22 KTIlnl6i,102 28 02K
6 102M 14 02U
23 Erprlor bdi... 04M CBtL8W2d. , 06
8 04X10 06H
4 04 11 66
20 ErgIl.na-4... 70 io 64M
31 72M 10 54W
10 73 20BAbAPlst4... 70M
13ET.nnC. 116X30 70M
2r.Tfnnlst 104H 14 70
4KTfiin dlrSn.llOM 26 70,
6 Equltft 4Fof 16 70
Chl.t 100 16 70k
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mdlr 104K 2 100).
11 106 17 100
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0 122H 10BunRT8... 88M
10 1Q3 21 BUH
1 rilntkPMB.,101 7 88M
4 Ft Worth lit... 86 26 BtR k Tlno.... 32X
1 84H 10 32X
-l 86 70 32M
36 PtWi. It Out 1 TexPaolitG. 1 1 1)4
' 04 1 111M
13 04X 11 112
6 63H 8 112X
6 0,11'e J. H a S 112X
"PS. 104M 1 113
8 104X 48T.xPao2dln.. 504
o 104X 48 T.irao 2ain.. &u4
20r.cnndebD. 0X120 60X
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BHVCi, 15p, 75 31 sou
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12 '.b 01 61X
10 IlfcT Csnl4s. BOM 20 61M
1 IMt,ArkbexGal00?s 10 01X
04IronlItC. ..m 160 51X
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26 Ill M 2 52
17 111X102 61X
21 111H03 61M
lOIUCenoXi .100 10T0I4R. D.
00 IHCaXi.Ldlv 00X B40?I. .102X
6 lit Cen 3i. 8t L 1 2 T C, I k R d,
dlv 83X Teniullv.. ..100
2 lllCenSXs. at a 100X
LJW . 06X 10 106W
25. . . 00 7 107
6I04i,lDBS ...104 02 Union Pao 4a. 104X
1 Inttllt.V lat.l24X 10 1 04
3 IntfcOtN 2d. 00 e 104H
1 Iowa Cent lit .108X 10 Unl'acOT 4ki,
1 KantTox4.. Q4f tr 08
2 04X 10 UnU.Kllnt.tr 102X
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16 06H OWablst 116X
40 .. 06 6 116
28 Kan 4 lei 2ds. OB't" 4 115X
00 OBX 3Wabdab. all. 37
6 08H 37 37M
12 08K 10 37X
07KO,P4Qlst. 74i'100 37X
23 75 I 2 WeatUncol6s.ll4
17 74X 3WeatHb4 .112X
10 74"!l3 WmI Bh4t. r 112X
10 74X 2 112X
30 74 2WNV4PalatllOX
1 I.acl.di-aaslstlOS 1 0 Wl. Cent Inc. . OH
lLK.Tfl.t 117X lWl.Clst.tr. G9X
8LakeBhlst. r.,10QX 10 08K
6I,N',etSi, 100X78 00
6 10BX 5 Wllke.4Elst.104
Total tales otrallira: Votidi (par ralu.), $5,478,000,
Opm- High- iou- , CUnnff ,
S'l'i. m fit. tit. Hid. Aiktd.
HBAd.Et..ll5 116 115 115 120
210AmOlu. OOX 70 60X 70X 71
8MMAm8R.13Q 140X130 138 130
l00AmBIlpll4 114 114 113 116
1200 Am Tin. 38 30 38 30 30W
SOOATiup 03 03 03 02X 03M
JlOOAmSlI. 13X 13X 13X 1 3X 13X
314U3AmTobl58 172 16B 171X172
8r,AmTp 138 140 13B 130 140
SOOAmCO 30 37 3G 30X 37
20OAmCOp 03 03 03 02 03
Po 23X 24 23X 23? 24
1'epf.. 63K OOP" 03X 00H COX
700 A SUlt. 32X 32X 32X 33X 32t"
40ASIaltp 83X 84 83X 83H 84
240AnnAp 37 37 30 30M 37H
IDSOO mSleel
4W.. . 40H 40M 48X 48M 40
212B AmSteel
iWp 93M 04 03M 03!. 04
lOOB.RiP. 34 34 34 32 34
lSOOBrniisw. 15H io 15X 16X 10
1U0B4O, a
'I' -71 71 71 70X 71
700B4O,wl 57X 57M 67X 57.X 67
1H70B&OP, l
w 1 77M 78X 77M 78 78X
aiooBBtOai OM 0 OX OX h
C7130BkRT R4H 07 B45 OOM 00J.
2tOBUO..140 140 140 140 140X
lBlDCanSo OOX OOX 60X 00 OOX
1200onloe 40 40 40 46X 47
24iiuChOtW 10X 10H 10X QH 10M
lioo ch at w
pfA . 09 70X 09 OOX 70X
100 (hut V
pfB . 34X 34X 34X 34X 35
20165CnPao 54X 65X 63M 64X 64X
B068Cbe.4.O 20 20X 20 20X 20M
SBOOCtEI. 07X 08M 07 08X 08s
JOOCTrac. 85 85 85 85
321Ch4Altl71X172 171X171 173
2700 C, C, O 4
BtL oox eix oox oox ook
1C0C.CC 4
StLp. 08X 08H P8X 08 00
B&00CA.N-W161X 161X 140M 150X 161
130CAKWpl02f 102H 102X 102 106
486n3C.Bigi48 148X140 140X 140X
P . 132X 133M 132X 132X 132X
125 C.M 4 Bt
pp. . ioox looM looj loo ieo(
33115C.ltI4.P121 182 121 121H121K
4roColl'iioi 34X 34X 34M 34X 34X
400 Col So lit
Pf. . 54X 64X 64X 56 60
100 Col Bo 2d
Pf . 21X 21X 21X 2IX 22
2B00ChTer. 14 14X 13X 13X 14
3400ChTrp 40 40X 30)1 30X 40
T.r 3W 3X 3X 3X 3M
Tp.tr 8M 8X 8X 8X
I0C4II0 7X 7, 7, QH 7H
8200Con Oas200X 200K 206X 206M 200
420C.I4L. 10 10X 10 OX 10
600.1 4Lp 46K 46 45 46 40
20B0D14H.U3M114 113X113X113X
airoii,i,4Wieoxioi looxioi ioix
1880 D4R0 23X 23M 23X 23X 23X
27BDinaP 76M 76H 76M 76M 76M
U- .. 20X 20X 20X COX 21
A Atl . 4 4 4 4 4X
i 00 Dul. B H
Atlp UX 11X 11X 11X UK
2r.5Eriolp 30M 30X SOX 30X 30X
!3Edl.KI106X 106X 106W 106M 107X
100KAT1I 38 38 38 37X 38
100E4TlIp 76 76 76 76 77
11WIJFM..1 61M 61H 61 61)f 61X
13(t7BF.dHp 88X 80 B8X 88X 88X
700FW4RQ 18X 10 18X 1 OX 10X
20e5ONorpl81W 182W 1B1 1B3M 183X
1760OeniaeoU3 113X 112X 1131, 1 1 8X
1 to II II CUf-
Ila . ..107M107M107M107X 108X
ICOOIPaper. 00 02 00 OIK 02
aoOIntPp. 00 00 BOX 88 00
7BBBIUCont.ll7X 118X117X118 118X
4(IB2IBIl.r 33X 34M 33X 33)i 34
40(UCnt 12 12 12 12 12X
lOUCnp 48X 48X 48X 47X 48X
S075KO.P4U 17 17X lO'i 10X 10k
400 Kntck'r
..,. 08 03 a SOU 03
i$iO. M. Ml. att Bit. A&ti.
HSOIJttWp 00 OOX 08X 07X 00
20LBhon.e01 801 SOI SOOMSOQK
KBoLulO . 63M 66M 63K 64X 66
23S0OIxu4N 06X OOX 05X OOM OOX
4S04BXIanOonlU)i 114X 1UX113X 114
0UMStRy247 240X247 247 247X
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Utp 08X 08X 08X 08 100
200 Mi BtL
2dp . 83 84 83 83X 84
BSIOBMoPaa 40X 48X 40X 47M 48
S1761I.K4T 14X 14M 14X 14X 14X
1520M,KATp 30 41X 30 4UX 40X
400SIob40 40X 40X 40 40 40X
22I8NJCentl04M 105 104X104X106
BS7ONYCeal30M 140 130 130X130X
22(ONatLd.. 30X 37 30X 3 OX 37
t,2CNLdp..ll6 115 114 113X114
.2700 Nor Am. 8X BX 8X 8N 8X
430 N Y Air
nrak..140X 160 140X148 160
2NYiMI208 208 208 207 200
400 NT. 04
StL . 14X 14X 14 14X 16
100 NY. 0 4
BtL2p 34 34 34 34 35
1440 Nat 1)1.. SIX 6l( 60 60X 61X
110 N Bis p. 1 04M 1 04X 1 04 1 02X-1 04X
476N4W.. SO 20 10 10X 10.X
3200N4Wp 07 07X 07 07X 07X
lB405NorPao. 64X 64X 64X 64X 64M
Bl5orPp 80X OOX 70X 80X BOX
7013 0nttW 22H 23 22X 22X 23
730PCOMI. 48X 40X 48X 40X 60
120 PacC to 00 00 00 BOX 00
17HOP02dp OOX 07X 05X 07 07
J00 0 114N 40X 40X 40X 40 40
lOOORiNp 76 76 75 73 70
BOOreHL. 44 44 44
407OPaoMall 5 IX 61X 61X 61X 61
M 07 .08 .07
47BrPCar.l02 102 102 101X102
22040 r, cot
StL .. 70W 72H 70X 70M 72
2825 T. C, C 4
StL p. 85 B5 85 84 86
100PIIR..135X 130X 135M 130X 130X
OA-0. 116 110X115 110 UOX
2700Redlng 22X 23 22X 22X 22X
ISOSOReadlp 04X 04X 04 04M 04X
7730 Head 2 p 33X 33X 32X 32X 33
a20Btr,sw iox iox iox iox iox
441BBtLSWp 30X 31 30X 30X 30)4
lOOBtPADiil 43X 43M 43X 43M 444
600htP,0 03 03X 03 03 04
C25 Standard
DA Dp 74X 74X 74X 74X 76
lUSOSoPao.. 40X 40X 30 80 3DX
41208oRy . 13X 13M 13)i 13X 13X
S970Boltyp 60X 61X 60X SIX 51M
lOOStJ 40
I2dp 14 14 14
COOStLASP 12T, 12X 12X 12X 12X
100 Bt L4U
Flstp. 73 73 73 72 73X
8400 StL 4 3
F2dp. 42 42X 42 42X 42M
1010 Stan II
tt ... UK 12 UX UX U?i
BR70TC4I. 43X 44X 43X 44M 44X
100104Ipl30 130 130 125 140
IBCOTwln 0
T . . OOX 70 OOX OOX 70
1B10 3UAVRR102 103X101 103X106
24795 Tex Pao 22X 24M 22X 23X 23M
40220Un Pac 48X 40X 48X 40X 40X
48222 UnPp 81X 82s BOX B2X 82X
825UP.im 13X 13X 12)4 12X 12X
125U9Exp 65X 66X 65X 65 57
11831 UH Hub 03 64 53 53X 63X
B75UHRi U8 118 117 117X118
4125 US I, .7 7X 7 7 7H
Stir.oUSLp 72X 72X 71X 72 72X
200 Wabash 8X 8X 8S HH B
lB2Wabpf 23X 23X 23X 23X 23t
830 WB. T 0659 OCX 05X U5)l 05X
lOOWALi: 12 12 12 Ut 12
looWAI.Kp 34 34 34 33 34','
wl . 01X 01X 01X 01 02
lBWisCtr 3 3 3 2X 3
Ex dividend.
'total sales. 1,260.450 .liarei.
Bit A)krd Bid. Axlit.
B. Alb. .248 250 Bos 4 Mod. 370 374
B..4M. 172 175 Cal4IIecla885 800
CkloJ c.ml40X 147 Osceola 104 104X
FItchVcp.U4 114X Qulncy M.. 186
lleriethall86 180 Tam Jltn ,247 260
Boito.1.1.. 88 OIilDom. . 47X 47?
01dC.l.ny201 Bntt 03
TVEI'.com. 93 B UG Itt. 92 D3X
BoBlnCoal 34 34XBtia2di. 73
Am Hell '1 372 Arcadia.. . 77 77
Vii.tEl.c.. 46 40 IleIioal. 01 01X
" A" I ltd. AlUi.
Le.teh Vat 26X 20XElSBp ,130'132
PklUTrac. OOTs 97 Pen. Mnf . 28X 28X
OnTrac. 30X 30X PaUt3 104M106
EiPTctfs 09H ODXWel.Or.u 10',
llefrrac. 247 248 iWelsk Cp( 00 01
CT.fNJ. 50X 00 Cm Iron. 45X 45X
OT.fNJ5.U0 U0'4WNY4P4 45, 4jj
DOImpOo.140 140X El.ctrioV.. 04 07
TfOLCo. 38 30 jUaltTr. 30X 40
EI8Bcom.l2R 120 Maradn. . io IOX
Ihd. Atkld.l J),d. AHld.
Amtr'bd 30 30X X CkStRr.21 0 223
C 4 Dock . 00 SoSIde"!," 70'u 77
CltyR'way.290 206 VfChbtRy. 03', 04
Dlam-dM 142X 142X
Atchison 24 iNorthern PaclUc .. 5QX
Atchison pf . 00 INorthern Paclflcpf 82X
Canadian Pacific.,. 02X Ontario 4 West . 24
Chesapeake A Ohio 3( ll'enniyliaula OOM
Central Pacific. . 54 Iteadlnc in,
Denver 4R0 .. .. 24X Readlncl.t pf .. 32X
Denver no pf... 77X Heading 2d pf ... iQf
Erlecon . . . 16)ht.Paul. . ..135),
Erielstpf ... 40X Bontli Hallway ... 13),
Illinois Central ,.120't South Hallway pf . 52
XansaaA Texas .. 14HUnlouPaciac. . . 40J
LoulavilIei.Naia.. 07X,lnIonPiciac pf.... U3X
New York Central..l43XVabahpf 04
Norfolk 4 W pf.. .. OOX'
Final sales compare rrlth those of Saturday
as rollovvs
fib. 11. Feb. tO. lib. IS fib SO,
A, TISI-. 23'4 23X N.rthAw.. 8X 8'.
A,T4SFep 03X OOHNorfW. ipi, 10
Am Cot O. 37 30HNorfWp 004 07X
AmBRef 1 36U 138X N Wcom. 151 160J.
Acl.b .150 171X'NPaocem. 54X 54X
AMhpM. 13X lSXNPacp . BOX BOX
Br.okR P. 04 OOX NY Cent .13DM130X
BtO 70X 71 NJCeut ..104X 104X
CanBo . OOX 00 0ut4 West 22X 22X
CanTae . OOX OOX PeoO 4 0. 1 15' Uox
C,C,C4BtL OOX 00XPa.Mail. 51M 51X
CB4Q 147X 140XPullPCar.l01 102
ConOa. . 200X 206X ltocklilsndl 20X 121X
Cheat O... 28X 20X Re.dlnif . 22M 221.
ChOW . IOX IOX Iteadl.tpf 04 04X
D.L4W. 100X 101 BtPcotn. .131X 132X
Bel4IIu.U3X 113B.R'war . 1 3X 13X
D4R0.... 23X 23XBoIfwayp 60X 51 X
4R(lpf. 75X 76StLBW . IOX IOX
Frlelstp.. 30X 30Xl8tLSWp, 80X 30X
OeaElsc ,U2X 1 1 3X StanRtT. UK UX
OtN.rthp 182 182X,reiasPao.. 22X 23X
HU..l.C.nll7X U8X T04I, . 43W 44X
EsnlTei. 14X 14X!vnPao .. 48X 40X
Kan4Tp. 30 40X DnP.ep , 81 82X
Lu4.N'ask 06X 80X( DS Ilukbsr 62X 63X
LE4W ., 21 20XURukpUB 118
LE4Wpf 00 00 U8Leather 7 7)(
LacledeOaa 64 64). USLestbp 72 72't
UanCi.,..lll U3X Wabash .. tiH 8X
U4HtL . 47X 4BXIWabashp., 23X 23X
liorac ... 40X 47W0uT.I. 06 06X
UetBtRy 244X247 Iwh41, E. 12 12
Nat Lead .. 30 30HVI.I!p 34X 34
Qovernmont bonds steady at nnchanired 0110.
tatlons. Ilallwav and other bonds Htront and
active U lie features were iliooklm Ttapld
Transit rw. (Jilorado Fuel and Iron 6s, Iron
Mountain 6s. Kansas City. I'ittshurn and tiulf
Jsts. Oreenn Itallroad and Navlentlon 4a,Iaud
Iru eenornHs. him ntoiilo nnd Arnnsus l'ass
Js, Inlon l'aellie 4s, Atchison. Oentrnl ot
Oeorirla. Lrle. harihiis and Texas. Missouri
I'aclire. Northorn l'aellie. St Louis Houtli.
Srs.t,VrDIi.Bi.,an.,"riU&I,e an(l Twine. Texas
l'aellie. Wabash and Wisconsin Central Issues.
Commercial prleo of bar silver in Nnw sork.
r.l'e Jlar silver in I-oudon closed at U7Hd
Mexican ellver dollars wero auotod nt 47'4C
Money on call '-'i2, V cent Time inoner
Is quoted at ,.), V cent lor sixty uaiT on m"t!
aecur ties. 3S, oent. for four, live and six
months on mixed securities; Indubtrlali! 4 b
rent, for thre, four and six months, and 3 V
cent, (our and flro months on Urn-class rail.
road dividend stocks. Commercial paper ta
quoted at UWit'Mi V cent, for bills receivable!
acceptances and prime simile names, 3&3X r
cent.: nthor names, 44,X Vcont.
Bterllnc exchnnen waa easier for lone and
firmer for short on hither private discount at
Iondon, butthoclinneos In rates worn alight,
lluslncss was (tulto moderate, Continental ex
change was quiet. Posted rates nro: Ionii
bills. $4.W: sight drafts, $4.87. Actual rates
aro: I-ong bills. $t.84ffi$4 84,U; sight drafts,
$4.8'V5f$4 80X. and cable transfers, $4.tt)W
S4.80X; francs aro quotod at G.'JOSTrf.V-iO for
long and 5.18S(S5.17li for short: relehsmnrks.
tt4'i(S)t)4,V for long nnd (Ki.'MOSOEifi-lf) for
short : guilders. 40?S40 1-10 for lone and 40X
40 3-10 for short
Dotnostlo exchange on New York: lloston
lOCoiL'O cents discount, t'linrlcston lluylng,
par: selling ' promlum. Havannnh lluylng,
1-10 discount: soiling. 25 cents premium.
iovv Orleans Hank, $1 premium :o6mmorclal.
par San Francisco Hlght, 17X cents pre
mium : telegrnpli, 'JO conts premium. Ht. Ixiuls
10 conts premium. Chicago 5 conts dis
count Clnolnnntl llctween banks, par. and
Jo cents discount; ovor countor, CO cents pre
mium. In the outside market Standard Oil tnist cer
ttllcates closed at 47Hr5'4N0: Standard (las
common at 13!U913R and thn preferred at lBOffl
IBS'. Mutual Gas at 3150325: Amsterdam Gas
at JfliSl)f. preferred at OHWOtl nnd tho bonds
S!.-.11'-"': Contral Union ()as bonds at
10fffll07X: lirooklyn nnd Now York Terry at
ollrSMiX and tho bonds at wvsain1,; Contl
nonlnriobaoco at 30,4rrt'37 and tho preferred
Bt7tl,77, aud Amorlcan Air I'ovvornt0.-Ilif3
07: Otis levator common. IIO'itSMOX. nnd tho
preferred at IWalK) , : Pressed Hteel CarCom
innvcommon ut lll'ffiori' nnd thn proforred
H7UWH7S: Amorlcan Car and Foundry com
mon nt 33rt?34. preferred at 70W71 : Meet Bilgar
common ofTered nt 30: llubber Goods Manu-facturlnn-
Company common olTored ntlll, pre
ferred offered nt 81 : T.lectrlo Veblclo common
at 04fSW nnd tho preferred nt IH)01 ,.
The nll-rall east-bound shipments of dead
freight from Chicago last week were 88,.r)24
tons, against 03.700 tons tlio previous week
Tho wockly statement of avoraccs of tho
banks In tills city. Brookljn, Jersey City.
Iiohoken and Stnten Island which nro not
members of the New York Clearing Houso As
sociation, but which clear through omo of tho
members, is ns follows:
L'ns, dl. ," F,U. 11. FrK 11 CAonuM
tme.f. $04,845,400 $0r,,S2(l,40O Inc 384,000
Clro'latlnn i,or,T,200 l,',r,,700 Dec. 1,1500
Jietd'p'tl. 74,313,300 "8.7UB.O0U Deo. 544,300
..cm j. 1-, 4,oi,),ouu lO.iOW.UOU Ueo. 044,UUU
Dep. wltli
Oll.ac'a 0,850,700 P.301,000 Dec 169,800
Leu. ten 4
bkirisi 4,314.800 4.331,700 Dec. 112,1)00
Dep. b'k 4
tr CO. 4,003,700 4.74P.200 Deo. ir,4.r,00
Bpicio :i,B8u,tiiHi a,5r,ioo Dec. .122.800
Tot. re. t32,H7,IIOO J21.BOO.noi) Dec. 77ll.00()
Res.roci'd. 18.578,325 18,442,260 Dec. 18(1.075
Bur rci'vo $4,101,675 $3,458,000 Dec. $042,1125
Tho Chlcngonnd XorthwestornllallwnyCoin
I?AI?3r,.rSl',r' r,a cross onrnlngM for January of
J.82II.5!)8. nn Increaso of $208,041 as com
pared with the snmo month hist car.
Tho Ohio Illvor Itailro.id reports gross earn
ings for December of $7l.20X a decrease of
J.t..(JOns comparod with the same month ot
tl."RW '.ou,, ear and net $24,783, an IncroHso
of $2,510 tor tho jenr enillng Dee. 31 tho
5C0J,,t'arnlnK8 were $U."8,440. 11 decrease of
5u.i4; as compared with the corresponding
period of the previous ear, and net $332,430
a decrease of $!),40.i.
Tho Mnnta To, Prescott nnd Phoenix Itallroad
rnports gross earnings for December of $7,
ll7i,nn Increase of $14,408 as compared with
the same montliof ho previous your, nnd net
$.ir.2J'o. an Increase of $ii.78.'l Tor tho six
BY?.,4,?!.,!.?m"D,i D'c :n ,lle cross earnings wero
$ an lncieaoof $04.t)71 as compared
with tho correspondincperlodof tho previous
year, and net S203.22II. nn Inereaso of $18,881.
..The Tittshurc. Youngstown and Ashtabula
Il?,l'r"d renorts gross earnings for January of
$il).0i0. a decrease of $,).OtK) ns compired with
the same month of last ear. and not $13,855.
a decrease of $1,521.
The New Jerspy and Now Yoik llnilroad
Company leports for quarter ended Dec. 31-
1S!9. nV. Changlt.
Orof. famines $71,(-.o $B7,1II Inc $4,81!)
UpemtlnK eipemes. ill.nio r,i,i:n Dec 10.371
Net eanilncs ...$10,440 $15.(iB2 Dec. $5,552
Otber income.. 7 . , nc 7
'lotal . $10,447 $16,0(11 Dec $5,644
Tlxed charges. 14.U4I I4,il2l) Inc ai2
Delicit ... $4,44 .urSl.anj Iuc $1850
Tho balance sheet shows cash on band $3'),
40 1. and prolltand loss surphiK of $132.) 103
Ofllcersof the International .Silver Company
say that thn Increase In the prlco of metals,
copper and tin. makes n dilTereneo to the ad
vantage of thn company of about S200.000 In
tho nluo oftbo raw materials and unfinished
goods 011 banil The company has advanced
tho price of nil ilocers hiandi of Ilalvraru.
Simons and forks. 10 per cent
Tho receipts of theGovornmont to-d.iy were:
riiHtoms, Sf.)8.1.ri8: Internnl rnvonuo. $1,400.-
QVIlofl-Vii1" i?elln."?0UI'- W'-'M- " lntal of
TI,tlS0.t8U. The disbursements wero $2,012.-
l 1 ?,'cx'mTn r oxpendltures over receipts of
$.11,014 ThereeelptHorthellsc.il ear to date
i'?iV?..H-121o$:,1:,-!-,--8,!7'. t,lu expemlltures
lsSoV f ""-""
Tho official count ot cash In tlie Trcnsnrv to
day.compared with that or Saturday, shows
,, Fib. IS. I eh "1
Gold rom ondbulllon $227,181,600 $227 1 14 3t'K
Silverdollarsaml bullion 10,1112,1121 io' 'sn'317
I nit- il -tales notes 14,U0,2IU ulii.ll.'oir.
Other a-nets li is demand
liabilities 20U71.002 20 0I3.SSI
Availableca-hlulance.in. '
illlillng gold risen e $273,0o5,ll $272,8S-.848
Money in Loudon. lXtffll', V cent. Itato of
discount in open market for short and three,
months-bills. 2W2'. V cent Paris advices
quote.) fcenls at 102 francs 87', centlmos.
J-.chango on Iindon. 2o francs 18l. centimes
Tlio lUehmond Locomotive nnd Machlno
Works have received an order for twenty com
pound locomotives for the Hwedish railways.
Tho sites of mining stocks at tho New York
Consolidated Htock and Petroleum Kxchangi
to-day were as follows: .
opm- ir,a. .,. n.
Xalrt. A'ame. tnff eir. tit. mp.
3000 Alamo 07 .07 .07 .07
5oos.dams . .20 .20 .20 .20
BOOCripploCr'kcn. .12 .12 .12 .12
too Gould 4 Curry .5,0 ,55 53 '53
40olsabcllii . . 1.05 1.25 1.25 lies
70OI,eadTllle 14 ,14 .n j,j
tsoo Mount Rosa . .20 .20 !20 .20
tOOOphlr 140 1.40 1.40 l!40
3001'otosi 1.40 1.40 1.40 1.40
1000 Pharmacist. . .00 .00 .0(1 .00
iooSmall Hopes 1.40 1.40 1.40 1.40
tooByndlcate . . .13 .13 .13 .13
Total sales. 8.000 aaMi.
Monday, Teb. 20. Grain Wheat-Spot was
firm. Bales Ot.000 bush, for export here nnd
at tho outpoits. No. 1 northern Duluth. ll'.c.
over May, f.o b afloat; No. 1 hard Diilutii. 12c.
over May: No 1 northern New York. Oc. over
May. The Northwostern receipts wero 000
cars. against 330 last year: Chicago IX), against
80Iastyear Tuliiiea closed 'c. to lc. hlclier
vvlth sales ot 1 .530.000 bush. Prices ih "of:
Owning, Ifiphnt. ou-nl. Clouna. ,al,l.
Match H2. Kit 82h s.l jv.
May ,711', 77X 7ll', 77h 7iiv
July. .76), 70 74), 75X 76
Corn was Kteadj en tlio spot hnles 2114.000 bu.U
for export hrro and ut the onlports Ko " 4Iil'
over May; No u rlln, nXe ovir Mai j ho. 2 white'
4Xc. mtr Mar Chicago rrreiveil Mil lilt nudn'
pi.tsl.oir, to-morrow, l'utures ilcdinc.l '41'., but
jailed and 1 handle. blL-lier. with .ale.of 13'oou
lmib. l'riir. asfollona
Ovning. jrigl'tt. Lourtt. Cltmng, Aiahi
MJ .4UX 4UX 40X 4I)X 40X
Jlll 41!4 41)1
Oataweroaleadvonthu sjiot, willt sale, of 104.00U
liuali, No, 2 111 elevator. ilBHr ; do. delivered
llUXe.; o. 2 white, :i7e j track and ungraded while'
?;!,' W,L,lra.c.7,,nl"d- 87e lo 3 wl to
clipped. a7Xc Chtcagii reirivetl 4lll iar nnd ex.
peels 500 tu-iiiori oh. rmure. iioinlnal Hiewai
uliadl , No. M e.tern, 68Xc. c. 1. f Uutialo. Hurley
wuk iiulet. new feed, 45s4Uc. The visible supply is
ssfoUowst ' v '
. . . F'b. 13. Chaiiptt, l.att l'tar
Wheat, uun..2P1ll!B.OUO Dec. 54a,ll00 85.432 000
Corn, hush 81,M20,ooo lnc.1,24il.ooci nu.uos 000
Oats, buili 8,i7n,ooo Inc i.52ti.nno i .isi'iiiki
uais, limn n.uiii.liuu Inc l,52tt,llil0 111 ,102 OIHJ
IljP. bllnll 1,641. OOO Die 4II.UUO H II, H '(Mill
U.rley.bu.ii.. A772.UOO IHi. 160,1,00 "i'lilooo
hiat was stroiiittheiied by noine reports of dam
ate. rather better cjhlm, Increased ikaranccs and
loverlngof shorts TI1111, t. o. the quantity on pas
UK" to I-uroi.e decrei.ed r.ilu.DOO lnt.li .and Ilia
wurld'. khlpuients amounted to only 4.7111 0110
bu.li., KKsluat h.lJloi) for Ihc previous weei'and
7..I73.UOO last jear ludi. .Iiipi'wl only 2B2 (So
BL-alllHt 63U,l)liO II. the PleVlollV week ItuasU e,'
ported unlj 808,000, nuslnst J USH.000 In tin 1 ,n.
ou. week and 3.1140.0011 last year Dauubl.a urov
luci sbliiped 40,0011, naainit 5,()00 in the urevinii.
week and 1 13,000 last jear Llvirpoo a! vm-e,l't I
for May, Pans adiamed 5r.roriloiirand fell 1V0 11 1
wheat, Tlie. uionlhly r. port of tho Sll.ioiiriWt.ther
llurean aald -Wheat wa. Injured nmre or less inall
eectlons by the intense fold and tliawlni:.and In
oui points rlojer suff-nd tm the wfile, 11,"
crops .tood the winter up to Jan .'8 fairly oil 1
daui.ea from tl.s Pebruary weather is 1111, ertuln. but
Ilis.iippovedloberon.ldirable " Olluruuraiorab h
reiiorts . anie from N; brs.ka and hans... loinment
v.as niadcalsoon the liahtlliuslaushlnnienu ,",
u. k.eiierttlejpeilatlou of iipiettv uo..d liicriise In
the visible suppfy howeier. and this teude, I loilifok
u ai:L-ri-slv. tradluif un tho bull side, Hllll prir. a
advanced. It Is polnkd out that on March ".
aieI"!St inr!,"a-n haud. 171,1100000 bush, or
2Htcent oftha nop of jhOI, on Mar.h I. ihd 1
there wero laa.cion 000 buHi.,or 30.2 cent, o Tho
crop of lt,Vi. On March 1 huj, there us hi 2
Ainertoan vuibl4l r.ft', ooobu.h on March ".is 1
h total of 7i.i)ss,i)iiu bush Visible and Invlsi l
.lock, on March 1, IMI13. were 313,555.1100 b,i.n .011
!! I. 1. 3M.08H.no.) bush (In ilareh I IHlSj
visible aa.oi.'.ooo and tnvl.ltile I3l,ioooo0 J
''fiS'i' litocwolB4.lll2,ISHl Luih ,,n ,1 ,r,ili
..f 630.000.000 In 1HU7. and primary Wester inir
(K).ooo bush Owlnir to v..tl linpfoiedm.tnc.Vl.
thUycarlncoUecUon. tat Uorirnmeatrtturuireji I
trscnt mow closely than ever before the actual
wheat yield, those of former yean falllne
materially short of this, fct to be to
niembered In maklnii deduction, and conip.ri
on.. In each of the year, alluded to above,
exception 18RS, there wero more or less old re.ervea
from other crop, on hand 1 In isns there was prseti
rally none. On the bait, ot 76.00O.OJ0 pepnl.tlon
and H hush, per caplta.onr annual consumption Is
n37,5oft,000 bush, which, added to fully flo.ooo.ooo
bush, for .eed, bilnus home requirement, to a7.
r.OO.OOO bush. Add to this tho 14S.000.000 ex
ported to Feb. 1 leave, a residue for export, and
for visible nnd Invisible stock, to July 1 of
l.'io.ooo.ooo hush., plus whatever old ieserve
wore on hand on July 1, last. None of the
new, ISO", crop will be exportable before
Aut. 1, leaving from leb. I nur dsts. piactlcally
alx month, ef exports et to come out of the crop of
IHiia The statement I. Int.reatlnir and valuable,
became It deal, wllh tho two epochs of our largest
crops. World .visible stock, of wheaton Feb. I, ns
reported by Ileerbohm, were' In IRItH, 116,2oo.ti0n
blllh , ill lHliS, 122,348,000. In 1RU7, 141,073.000,
111 IHIItl, 172,644,0(X, In 18115, 1I)H,H24,000, In JHH4,
1117,644 OOO. In 18113, 1K0.644.O00; ill 1803, lAH,
400.000 hash. To-day the vl.iblo drcrca.ed 543,000
Com sympathized with wheat, and beside, mm
rirettr aroo.l buytntt wa. reported. It being stated
hat Wall street people had become Interested In
corn. The receipts at Chicago were large, but It
was noticed that there was no (treat pressure to sell.
The visible Incressed 1,240,000 bush. Tho world',
shipment, for the week amounted to only 2, son, OOO
bush,, aealn.t 4,1)54,000 In the prevlou. week and
5.BO0.0O0 last year. It la stated that there I. not In
farmers' hands overita Vcent. of tho nuantlty that
there should be nn the basla of the Government crop
return.. Of the ChlraKo.rrlv als only about 1 6 cent,
grades So 3 or belter. Iho nuantlty on psssano to
Knrope dtcrcasid 2,100,oii0. Uverpool advanced
4d Oats sympathlred with the rest of tho list. Tho
visible Increased 1,5311,000 bush.
Ptocn Firm In simpathy with wheat. Rales,
P.OOO bbls, Itcielpts were 8,r0 bbls. and 7, .'H.I
sacks; exports 651 libls and 2H,l17 sacks, Winter
In bbls.i bupcrune, S3 2a1t2.au, No. 2 extra. 12.tr,
e2.46; clears, SB.Ioai.1 no; stralchts, n.4oa
S.1.6II; patents, ta H6i3 86. RprlliE In bbls.:
Clears, .'13 20, straluhts. t.1 35tn 60; patent..
l:i."r.'s4 llurktthtat fliiur was llrm at $2. ltyo
was atrady at tu.2nai3.(i0,
CorroN Rpot cotton hero declined l-lflc; no
sales. Middling uplands, 11 0-lr.c , against il'(c, last
esr. New Orleans and Oulf, (I la-lrtc. against nc.
Charleston advanred 1-ltlc and Memphis )jo Now
Orleans sold 2,000, Memphis 1)00, Mobile J100. and
Augusia 224 bales, Liverpool was unchanged on
thn spot, with sales of 10,0490 balcst futures ad
vnnced H point, but reacted and dosed 1 Si to 2
lower. Bombay seml-wi ekly recelpta 40,0 0, against
2 a OOO a year ago. The movement to-day was as
i wl JC, B.U ,,IB luUKlUCUl ,l-.,B T. ia B9
7V day. J.ait teeel. haxi ytar.
IVrtrerelpts .. .14,302 16,167 3V.8D8
New Orleans est, to
morrow. ... . 5,600 3,648 10,243
Augusta 157 IKI ,107
.Memphis . 1,4111 412 .1,741)
M.Louis . .Hit HO . .
Cincinnati . .. U40 fit 1,72.1
Houston 3,1 2d 1,875 2,777
llomton et to-mor. 4,100 3,403 0,01)1
Augusta shipped today 68.1, Memphis 1,457, Bt.
Louis l.tlixi, Cincinnati 3,162 and Houston 4,181.
Port exports, 2H.0', I. The Klcnal Service predicted
fair wtathcr during the next 8(1 hours, except proba
lily rain In the mrt'ieastern portion of Texas and
tho southesstern portions of Mississippi, I,oulslana
and east 1 lorlda. New Orleans declined u to 8
points, l'utiires here fUl 7 to I) polnti, and closod
stea.lv. Estimated Bales 215,000 bales. Price, a.
Jhijli'lt. LowfiL Ctosxng.
February 0 2.1 fl.22 0 2tatl.28
Marth 11.30 e.23 ti.25'il.2tt
April (13il n.2ll II !IW1.KI
May (131 (121 8 32tl 23
Juno 0.27 1122 n.22n 24
July d 211 H.2 1 24r,jo 2d
August (131 H 25 (I 27(t.28
Ueptembcr (120 n.l.. (I I5n HI
October tl.su 11 14 tl. 1 6 H 1 0
November (117 ti.HJ 0 14rt.l5
December ... 0 21 0.10 178(1.18
Clear and warmer weather at tho South, a rather
hesitating touo In I.lwrpool, dun it Is raid to Mr.
Nelll's once morn lelteratlng his estimate of 11,
750,000 bales, and an Mi a that with better weather
lecclnta will iiicrcui-e, account for tlio decline In cot
ton here to da) Of course, too, there was morn nr
less realizing vet experienced observers contend
that peoplo who expect ricelptH tn increase very
luutcrliill) will bo Kailly dlsa)iiolntcd, Mr. Neillnud
his adherents to the contrary notwithstanding.
A man may make an estimate and stick to It, but it
is uulte another thing to bo correct. K man who
makexa wrong estimate and sticks to It is not so
correct as u stopped clock, which Is bound to be
light twice, day Memphis and oilier ndv ices take
the ground that 11 great deal of cotton will lnev Ilably
be loit In thn field-. Homo Increase In the reel Ijita
i reasonably . italu. 'I ho Houston figures slready
show it. But that the lncn aso will be very marked
or .ontinuod Is something which close observers
here think altogether unllkelj. 'Ihe.uanllty to be
brought Into sight this week is f stiinated nt only
120,000 I idea, against 17H.000 for this wiok last
Jiar. If these figures are verified, the quantity in
sight on this crop next Frldav nlgnt will bo 180,000
bales sinalU r than on tho corresponding date lai-t
jear Tills is'a conservative estimate, the rent dell
1 It may bo 200,000 bale". Vndeniabl stocks are
ample, but the cnuHtiiuptlnn is mormons, the crop
h is evident!) b.cn greatly overestimated, exports
are large, receipt-! moderate, planting preparations
ba.kward. cott. ill goods sro advancing and outsldu
uii) nig on all dccltuas Is pi rshti ut Lancaster King
hams advanced c jn.l l'u tile and Cochico fancy
prints 2'n per cent. Planting preparation, aro back
ward, jud this fa tand the iiurstionof tho next acre
age aro llkily to become more nnd uioro Important
fsctors 111 tho situation as tlmn gees on Just at tlia
nmiueiit iieathe rand reeeli.ts ilon.inatn tho market.
Manchester, I'-ug "'lheootloii operatives in South
I ancn-hlro have unanlm.iui.ly resolved to give a
month's notice of thi Ir Intention to go on strike un
less 1111 advance of 7.1 in ihe pound In their om
peiisitiou is conceded b the masters Klghty
thousand persons are ntrected " llirmlngham. Ma.
'"tho Merrima- Mniiutacliirliig Company of
Lowell, llsss , has tontracted to build u enttou
mill it Hiintsvlllo nltli a .apacltl of 300 000
1 indies. 'Ibis pew iinnufactorj, when tompleted.
will lis thieo tllneH as large as tho largest
mill St present in operation In the South."
M.mphls, 'lenn lib 16 "Hlnee Jan If) weather
lino continued vin bad, and tlicimometer touched
Io est point on re. ord 1'ri sent spell of cold w eather
began with .1 1 eavj full of sleet of about two il.ehis
In one hour 'llils frou wnni aflir falling, covering
ground ith I. e, and at pre-, ut tho ground has c oat
lug of thru., to four Inch, sot snow and Meet. Weather
now moderating, but suou and ico are melting very
slnul), and I think it will be Impossible In do nuv
pliking Hits month. One meet of this weather wifl
be to make a 1. usldi ruble vv.istu of the . niton still
In H.lils. us by its long 1 xpomire it will the more
eaMly be knocked out hv vvlnil. rain and sunn It
Isgeneially thought that bulk of 1 uttnn jet to come
forward Is still in th. field-, and us pi king will de
p.Ild on weathil t think mm II of it will be lnt. I
think all the cotton on the stalk nill be pi, kid, but
it will rc.iuiro inn It tune to do so, tmisi.ituntli'
llttlo or no farm work will be dona until this cotton
Is pick. .1, as the price now fur low giudes Is as good
or better thin for tho ilrst pickings i his will result
in a late start for lit it crop and seed will b. tdanted
iu,,nic.i,iKuuiuitlUl 1.11. 1 HC'e.l Will 111 planted
with little or no preparation of the land. Owing to
couliiiii.d lind VT.iither I pow think iron .aunot ex
iled 11,000.000 bales." Opellka, Ala., Feb. 15.
'"ihe I.bmarj wiather has only dlllered from thn
previous two months' wiather In that it was more
sewre. It lathe sevtrest weather wo have had lu
this section for a great many j ears, and very ill
prepared are our ptfojilo for such weather. Tho
little cotton that hos mov ed has been fmni the smaller
stocks at the tut. rior umouuted towns. The latter
ure now more ne irlj depl. ted for this time of the
srasou than we havo ever known them, lu fact thn
stocks f lotion that nro In Id now are not at plat cm
or ..litres that are in icsch of a railroad
nrrallrnad stations, therefore, for the remainder of
the siaoii wo will hai to look for supplies from
Places not a. . essll le to the rillmnds. The iiuantlty
thus lit Id we rcgardascnmjaratiiily miall, aud wo
reach this conclusion b thorough iuv.stigatlou.
Due fu.t must nut he lost sight of the heavy re
lelnts of O tnber and Noveuibtr lat wero caused
to a great eitm.t. by tlie prrs.uro upon thefarmerbj
tliocndltor. This ai counts to a great extentfortho
phenomenal receipts that we had in October and No
veuibir, and In a great measure account, for thn
small receipts sincu tho first of Janusrj, Peonl.
who attribute the present small tioclpta eutluly to
bad roads and bad wiather will ceitalniy find them
selves elthet uiislnforme.l or their Judgment mis
leads Iheui "
Cum Itionn the spot was nuict at dtji.' for No
7 Sales of 2 0110 lugs flahla Nos 7 and 8 at Ukc
260havanlllauud 2ix) Jamaica. Futures declined 6
In lOpolntsanil clised st.sdy Sale. 18.000 bags.
Havre declined ' to tg franc. Hnmbuig declined 'a
Pig American warehouse il.-llv.rles last week 7l
641 bags, lilo wassteadj nnd unchanged; recelnts
H 000 slock. 2611,000, ci. hange. 7 li-.IJd , a declili.
(if l-.l3il. SintoH wus steidy and unehanted. re-
eipts, 19,000. stock, 650,000 Prices a. follow..
Ihilhril. J on nl. riming,
"' h -- . 6.46 6.40 6 405.5 45
M 6.(1(1 6(10 6 6.V45.III)
'"' 5iir. 6 115 6..I6S6.70
Allgllit 6 80 6 mi 5.761.6 HO
Heplimbet 6,s'. 6.8'. amiiH
Or-tolier. 5.110 f,.u.) 5H6BJ.i)
Nov ember .. .. 5 ur, 6 06 6uo6li5
Iieceinler ill)-, u or, l OOsUl.t.'ft
.-..tr. .Is. 1I..A.1 .....lA .1. I. .a. .
(oir.e deillned under tho Infliienceof continued
large itielpts and lower rumpiau rablca. Ihellra
Ulan advl.es were aicid). but thnutsi nee of specu
lative bujiiig Induced soino local longs to sell out
Oalvc.ton.'l ei.-'' The first dliect shipment of Hlo
loffee that has b.en mado to Oalveston tor many
j i ara will arrive hero at about the end of the month.
1 he consignment consists of 7.0011 bags and It is the
iTr."1""."-' .r,B",i.m." '" eet collie Into this market
aud Into theWistirn niarlets as iheapli-. If nut
inoiechiaplj, than has been done before.and that,
too. direct from the g,,at prinisrj-coHee markets
Ihorate to St Imi; j, .bout the same I," ,j-f
New Orlean. or Now York, but for thn territory west
of St Louis it Is hoped Io make better rate slid
"riirn the ( o-operation of the rallrruds maintaining
a dill, rentlal lo Western points. This is dono in S
banana business and tho same might bo made lo
applj to the rorltn business "
NAVALHioms-Spiiits 4lt47c lto.in. $1.30 for
eoniinnii to good strained '
l'uivihii.Nh 1 ard wan ea.y, prime rve.tetn. $5.50.
rlty, tn, I onllnental refined, t5 , pork wus easl.r
at tl 2611. tor n Meats were ."."; p'okled
fS'i'i-7? fie ' "olloVld''"',''4W0-i di! Vellle,,
r.aBWe. TaIluw,4taP Dressed hog., b'tUe Hull
ter-Oreaini rj , Wnte-rn, extras. 2.'c . do fli.ts ow
(-lfc . Ht.te. flne.t, 21H,22c ; do, firsts ,313
2IP. Checsn-Htatn full cream, large, colored or
wklte, fsnej. loHc , do. choue. li'lwioe. sm.ll
fancy. lj(llc. Kgg.-Statn .,'! 'erinsyl",,,','
SrItil!r.V,'e'J:hie,8S4,''". W"".r!!', fr""' Kll errd
llrsts, .'.1c. Chic.io, I eh. 2u.--' 'Ihere wa. .nutlmr
day of very f n e llmiidatloii by scattered holrtersln
provisions, tindei whl. I. imres declined sharply and
h h'"""1 'ihe cash trade was rather
hkiau Itaw was firm at 4 Side, for lid' test and
B 1:1 Hie. for Hi.' test Bales of l.'io.l bags rcVitr?f
ugals, l.il test. Iletlned wa. f.lrlr active. Arbuckl.
llms lowered granuliited lu bulk l-HJc; other re
Oners llliehauged at 6c ' "u'cr r0
Ciucac.0, Feb, 20. The.n wero to day', price.
, V 72Jv 'n,s 72s 7,n 7-
"'; 7l ' 7" 7l" 71 ?"
May ,isi nd ,ir,u a',ar r,u
July. .1.1 iinij Hr,,J , na
Vm'i. ' :""' '"" "
'V 27S 2"'s 2"l 27m 374
J,,i;rf 3S, -''' ft
Muj r, in r 40 s ao r. ,10 r. 4,
Jul) . 6 50 r. 621, 6 42l r, 4-.U r. R
SC,.H '"-' C"ni!t r'B ' f:'7'
Mil 4 77, 4.80 4 S6 4.B7W 4 R214
Jul.,,. 4.60 4.K0 4.80 4.80 4 Sftj
Bept.... COP 8.00 4.0JK 4.0JM 0.10
May',.', tfl.110 tO.OSX B.8(l 19.88 $9.70
July.... tP.53 tU.56 tU.BJX
Live Stock Market,
NfwYobk, Monday, I'eb. 20. Receipts of beeves
fortwoitsys were.4U5 hesd, Including 20 rsrs for
expi t alive, 13(1 for slaughterers, and 10 for the
mariet, making, with the rattle held over Saturday,
MB ear. on .ale Prices fell off 36c. on .teer. owing
to the heavy supply, and .everal car. wore to sell
at the close: row. nnd bulls, on limited receipt.,
held up fairly well, with aoms sales loo. lower.
Medium to choice native .leers .old at t4.itno
16.60 V 100 R.; oxen nnd stags at tar
4. (io, bulls at fn.4naj4.no. rows t t2.2ratn 70.
Pressed benf in fair demand, hut lower, at 7k'lc
V Hi, for native side. 'Io-day' rabies from Liver
pool and Ixindon quoted American live cattle higher
at 11 WW 12 14c. fi ., estimati-d dressed wtlithti live
heep tinner at 1213c dtes.sd weight, refrlgeta
tor beef .elllne al PHc. lb. Kxpoits to day 450
beeves, 1,03 sheep, and 4, 1(1(1 nusrter. of beet; to
morrow, tloo beeves and 4,,i6 quarters.
Iticciptsof calve, wern 1.810 head, including 1)1
direct. Prices wern low er naaln to-day. v cat. si lllng
256()c, off from last Friday nnd Southern calves
tnlly 60e. lower than at last sales. A car of tho latter
was held over. Toor to choice veils sold nt $4.50(4
$8.35 fi loo ".. fed calves at $3 60$4, Southern
do. at $3.65a$3.25. City dressed veals lower at l"4
13c. V .
Iterelpt. of sheep nnd lambs for two day. were
0,103 head, Including 13 cars for butchers, nnd.
counting the stile stock, there were 31 car. to be
sold, sheep were slow of sile and 10c, lower;
limbs, In light supply, made an advance of 10c,
and the market closed steady at the Improvement
Four cars of stock wern held ov er. Common to ery
prime sheep .old at $1$4.50 rl 100 tt.i Inferior tn
choice lamb, at $4 7r,5.4(i 1 care at $5.60.
Dicssod mutton, 97We. W lb.; drca.ed lambs. IQHHe.
Itecelpts of hog. for two daj . were 11,010 held,
Including l,20il head for file. Dull and lower for
live hog. nt $.1 P0a$4.t6 per 100 ft.; few choice
Ht.te pig. sold at $4.808$ 4.40.
80 llroftdway. New York, manufacturer, of loin
Inr and smelting machinery, ltlmstea on mining,
milling nnd .melting supplies piomptly furnished.
State Trust Co
American Surety Co.
Telephones 1 38 Oortlandt.
Preferred and Common Stocks
United Shoe Machinery Co.
-1-1 wAIil4h'l
Arthur S.LelandS Co.
f ft III II Dl 3Ii:SI 11 KKS N,Y. STOCK
00 HUH dl. (Ho.'rfw"!.)
arcNicirAL honiis.
l'OR SAI.K 7 percent, preferred stock of pros
perous established manufacturing business; money
wanted to extend business, no triners, state amount
v oil hiv e to lnv est. references exchanged.
BUSINESS, box HS2 Sub uptown office, 1205 ll'way.
CIcrtions and pminge.
M OTICF. is hi rebj given that the annual meeting
li of tliHrltocaholdersof the New lork Mail and
N'uvspiier Transput t-ttlou Compaiiv will beheld at
the office of tho Compaii in the Tribune llullding.
154 Nasall ht , in the Borough of Manhattan in the
CltyofNew lork, oil llte.day, thn 7th dav of March.
IHIte. at 12 o'clock noon on that daj . for tho purpose
ofclectlng.lirect.ini oftbo Compan; for the .nsutng
.vear, for theptupo.o of nmonding tho Dy-l.awH of
the Compaiiv and for the purposo of transacting
such other business as uiui projierlj come before
such meeting The amendments or tho ISy-Law.
proposed to be submitted to the StocUioldern at .aid
annual mi etlng are as follows
In Article II, bictlour,, for the words, "Itegular
mouthly uitetlngHof the Hoard of Directum shall bo
held 011 thu hrst Tuisdav of ea. h month at 12
o'clock mum," substitute the following ' ll.gular
quarterly meeting, of the Hoard of Directors shall bo
held on the tirst Iuesda afti r the mcolul Monday
or thi months of March, June, hiptimber and
December lu each year, at 111 teen minutes past 12
o'i lock noon "
lu Mticlo 111,8 etion I, aftr tho words, "The
offlci rs of this corporation shall be a President," in
sert tlie wordB "a Mie-I'rcsldelit."
Io Article III. add a urw ntctiouaa follows;
"be. lion 4Si. 'llin Vice President shall, during
the absent e or Inability of the President, do and
perform all the duties of the l'r.l.!ent as set forth
In th.su llyl.sws or in the u. ts under which thu
Company (is organised, and when so acting shall
hav null the powers and be subject to all the restric
tions thereby given to or Imputed upon said 1'resl
dint." lu 4.rticln lit , Section P. after the words "other
than the President" insert the words "tho Vicu
1'resid. ut," and after thn words "and tho Presi
dent " iliKert the words "or VI. e President."
Add to rtlele III. a uoti section, as follows
be. Hon 10 1 iicutivei'omiulttto The Hoard of
m-i i.e.. iv , it.-ii..,,- lAiiiiium.'i -iiie itoar.i or
Directors ma appoint an F.xecutivu Committee con
sisting of threo members of tho Hoard, who shall
have all tlie powers ot the Hoard of Directors when
the Hoard is not in session, subject to the subsequent
unproiul 1 f the Hoard; aud who shall regularly 10
port all their prw rulings to the Hoard at its oiiar
tirly meitlng, but such Committee nil) be relieved
from dut at any time hv the Hoard "
For Article . substitute. ,the following: "These
liy Ijihs mas- be altered, amended or repealed at any
meeting of the llovrd of Directors by n vole to t ha V.
edict or two thirds of all thn numbers of the Hoard
provided n copy of the proposed changts .hall have
been sent by the S.cretari to each director at leaat
three vifekB in adiauioof the nicetlugat which said
vote is taken "
Ihe muster books of the Company will be closed
on Thursday, the S.td day of r.ibruarj. lMllli, at .1 p
M .nd will be reopened on Wednesday, tbotftb dar
ofMaieh, IHlil). at 10 A.M '
,..,,. ,.,,., HESS0.V, Secretary.
Dated New oil, leb, 20. 1811,1,
NO 1 llIt()IIVVV.V,
, ... NEtt Olth. Feb.14.18ni).
The Hoard of Directors of tin American Coal Com
panj of Allegany count). Mil,, have this day de
ilaied aaeml unimal dividend of four per cent, aud
au extra dividend of one percent, upon the -apita!
slock of the Company, pajablo at this office ou
Wednenday, March 1st, lMlm,
liEOltor, M HOWl.Iir. 8ecretry.
TIIK ANNUAL F.I.hClION' for DircctcuToFFaTeT
woather i I.adew (Inc) will be held at the
oltices of the Company, 15II-K15 Fjist Houston st
New lork clt), on the tlrst Tuesday of March (7tli
Polls open from 10 A M. to 12 o'clock M.
JUUS J. llF.l.i:ibecretary.
Slviflrnam ami 31nttttt.
ST. ! l I, AXI iiur.urii It. R. CO.
32 Nassau Mn et. New York. February 2d, 1891)
A dlvidendor Ihlieand one-half per cent. (3Vn per
rent.) tm thu priferred stock of this Conipiny has
this day been declared parable at this office, on and
ifter Marcli 1st. men iho transfer books of the
preferred stock will be closed on Tuesday. Feb.
iury7tli. IMiu at thn eo'i lock P.M.. aud reopened
on tho 1st daj of March. IH11I1 "
F b IIOLU.NS, Ais't Treasurer.
... , . (of Clilrnco).
Notice Is hereby given thatn dividend of one and
one half percent, has been declared on the Capital
Btoek of this Company payable to the Stockholder,
on February 26th, ihdu.
Thn transfer books will close. In New York, on
Febru.iy 14. liil).t ,1P.M.. and will reopen Feb'
ruary27, 18tH),aHOA. M. ej.uren
I,. A. W1I.IT, Treasurer.
WniUffl egtmnUg.
110 WEST 125T1I ST.,
BRANCH, oxt.
If Your .Neritftir
need, instruction in Ihe
Ait ut I 00k lux,
...." J?.'.r itlentlon to thlsiipportunllv.
MI.NDKI) HEHVANT 'Ml ")Nn FltKF. 1. 1 i HON.
UMBRELLAS Wanted, operators'
Willcox & Gibbs machines; steady
253 Church st
A'lJiJnir' AI- l'i-0'riW.-Hrni1l Blrl.rnlsT i.TIt
l.KONAHI) IIYAMH A. IlIlO.. art West 3d st.
A HTII'ICIAI, lluncis.-l'louet maker, and vIoleT
-ii hands, exponeu.ed baud, on , ne. d apply
It I.IMCHM . .ailoidway
AIIT1FICIAI, FIXlVVKlti,. Wanted, .mill nirl. to
Jy learn mint be 14 ear. of ige
i ZUClUai t JOBEl'Iiy. flM17 BroKlVTaj,
Waattfl tmrtteu.
AltTIFtCIAT FLOWKHB. Ito.eraaVtr. nt im,
Ctrl, to learn; good pay. '"""
1 M.MKi:iIAN, 714 Pr ..!
A" IITIFICIAI, 1'1X)WKRS.- Wanted, good m. ,.7
violet maker.! good price, paid nl ).a..i,,
tldyjeaniers. luvnAtlV.lt 1)2 to tm llle. , k, ,,,.
BOOKHINDnilS.-OIrl I" feed point ami b r',ii
folding machine. J. F TVI.f CO 11 ,, t ,'
BLANK-I100K .ewer wanted nn luir b. un I tr rl
IUCIlAl;i)KVA8 112 t,i !.,"
lltl-l for gathering! h o clock. niNini
" HtlNTINO CO .(.54 Hudson st "
OPIUIATOftSon lock-stitch mn. bines
01,01111, W KKIIIT A CO . 51) II .war I at
MEN'S neckwear; experienced ls,xers "
HAltl 1,KltO,rt.ioll ., lar
Siomfjstic friinnts IVautru.
BI'TI.VIt end cool-, man and wife niu.t 1 ln,,,
onghly competent and bnv 11 veiv best iir rri,,i
Mrs. I, HlXi.Y 15. .thai
CHAMIU'IIMAII) and waitress tn go to 11, v e -.,.i.
Conn , wages $14; references reiiuire.i '
Mrs, 1, MKEI.l .tr.2 tith a,
CIIAMIIKIIMAID to go to WasTiliigb.n. u, t C 1
plain seamstress: referenda teiiilred
Mrs I,. Hi:i I ,1 2 nn, ,,
'OMVI7TKNT waitress and thnuilicrmal I mlbni
V- to go to I'Jist Orange; good wages, r. f. rei , r.
ipttred. Mrs I . Hhl.IA. ar.j . n, ,
pOMI'ET ENT cook, also Ilrst class laundress .!.
' $20, rereteuce. re.iulrcd, willing to g , hs'i h .J
from New York; Situ I, rllM'.I i .1 ,. .1 ,v
COMPETENT rook, wllllngtu goto VV.st heiteri t
w.ge. $2U; references reuttired
Mrs. I.. 8Ki:LY 1 ,2 1 11, ., I
fiOMPKTnNT Oerlimn nurse, wages $2. ,n, f,.
V' lly, reference, required. "
Mr.1,. Bi:rj,Y, .162 .ith st
IIIKNCIt matd for two children; mu.t spesi g.,i
J- Irench. nlio lo asdst vvlth chaniberw.,rk and
plain sewing, lerereneesrequlnd. a
Mrs. I,. hF.ni.Y. .112 nth t
IIIIHI CLASS French ladj'n maid mu.t b. goni
J- halntrnsscr and sesmslre.s good wag. s refr.
cure, rociutred. Mm. L. HEKI.V. .152 nth av
IIIIST-CLASS wnllres. to go one hour from Sew
- lork, mu.t bo competent nnd haio best refer.
nce. JUr. I,. 8I.KI.Y, ;t.-,3 nil, ,
JIItRT nnd necond liundress, Protostsnt c. ,1
wi,tes; best references required
MnL. BEi:i,Y. ,T,2 nth av
Ij'IlF.N'ClI nursery gov ernes., wagr. $20 to $2". for
three children, references r. quired
MrsI..KrEI,Y, .162 nth ar
iflltSI -CLASS waitress; must understand carvnici
wage. $30, very best references required
MnL.SF.KLY; ar.2 nth at
"IJHOTF.8TANT cook and laundress willing to g,
1 half hour from Nciv lork, good wagos, reference.
required, Mr. L. BKEl.v.a-.a nth av
Wmt& gnaitu ptchauiw, c.
TEF.DEK on ruling machine. " V
x 8MI01-.L, lfld William st. ?
?INI81IKns on blank hooks
JAS. II. KNOI.1HH A SON, nn Jttnrriy st
ULINOMACIUNF.FF.r.I)i:it. steady work '
i SMI11I A SCHWIND, 13.1 William si
X DOltSETT, Ilia Clinton t Hoboken, N J
"IV ANTED A flrst-clas. piano plato moulrtert
' ' steady work whole cnr round, good pay, only
w ell recommended lncn need nppli .
STEINWAY li bONS, Slolnway, Long Island
WANTED Two Fourdrinler wire weaver.
IHtOWN A HELLKUS. llolyoke. Mas.
JU'anttfl SRIaltjs Slisctllancauj.
Jjlfo Iiitmrimco Compiiiiy
(the only stipulated premium company doing
business in New York Statei
reiiulrn gentlemen ns reprpseiitntlvei;
IirevIoiise.T.iH-rlciicciiiiiif'ceftsui'v. Aimlv
nt New York Olllcc, Times jiltlK. 41
l'nrk Kinv.
ToENTCw.aNTEiCw.rTranTnn agent In every
.,i.low" to "eeuro subscribers to 'HIE l.ADII.V
HOME JOL11NAL. to look after renewals and ills
tribute advertising matter. We oflcr prntttahle ein
plojmeut for tho wlnler, also special rewaids for
goodwork. $1,000 will be given to the agent send
ing the laruent Hat up to April 15 neit, $501) to the
next best worker, and so ou distributing $il,-no
among ctxi best agents tho coming season liood
pay is assured ever-agent whether he or the n
cures 011.1 of the extra awards or not.
TUE CUltTIS l'UHLISlIINO CO.. Vbilndelphla. Ta.
1AS1I HOYS wanted. Apply with references and
V (luplo)Ulent certificate,
LOKIH.TWLOII, Hroadwirand20thft
1 T YOU Altr. A CATHOLIC, uilemploved and will
L wVrk fo.r. '.H. '"r n,,ck' wrU" MACCONNEI.l,
BJ0.JJJ.'nJluitJh 1
'niK KI.LEK-W anted for a nldoliue'of children .
L dresees, uiu.t talk Oeniiau
M. UHEI.NWALD. 2fl Allen st
AANTED Experlenc.il forwarders. Sl'UI.NH-
fleld. Mas.
ef ist-(CIasjJ $cln jf rmalfjJ. )
St. Bartholomew's Employment Bureau
211 liist 42d St. Telephone 33U4 .iMth St.
First clnsB domestic employ, esof all kinds
CUm for nursemaids T hurBday ev euings
A YOUNG LADY deslresn7posltion for light offlr.
. .work, two ears' experience, excellent references.
Address Miss KATE HENEDICT. 66(1 East 14id st
pIIAMBKItSI UD. vv llllng to assist with some'other
work; wngeH $10: cltv rtfernucn. M. McO , box
625 Hun uptown oillce. 12115 Hroadway
CvOMl'EIEST O. rman nurse for grown children;
'uudcrstuuii. plain sewing, best references. M O.,
box 613 Mm uptown office. 1205 Broadway.
("MlAMllEltMAID and waitress, willing and ohlti
i. lnE: ,,!"t references. E. II.. box 822 bun uptown
office, 12(15 Jlroadwa)
( UlAUUKIUIMM and-laundl-essTwagesni'JoTcrity
references, h. v., box 652 Sun uptown office,
3 2rt',Uroudway
IIUbf-CLAbS waitress, wages $20. understand.
ten lug wines, making salad dressing, earring,
Ac.; city references M. 11., box 521 Sun uptown
ottlic, 1205 Hroadway
IIItST CIAbS laundress? understands shlrtiT rob
Inrs. cutrs Ac, best teforeiue.. M. C, box 6',0
Sun uptown office, 1205Hroadw.y.
pillSI CLASS laundressTvagu $2 best private
J- (ninll) references. U. M., box 555 Sun uptown
odice. 12(15 Hroadw ly.
llll-NClI UOVEltNhSSdesirrs situation wiiTTyoung .
J- ihlldron. good references given Address
M C. Newport. R 1
JOOD plain family cook: w.gea $20, heat refer,
v a enira. M. C box 65J Sun uptown odice, 13tlr U
Hroadtiaj. B
LAUNDItES8; wage. $20: thoroughly competent; B
willing to assist if Ith chaniberwork, best refer- I
mces. M. It., box 624 Sun uptown office, 12 ill 1
Hroadway. (Y
SCOTCH Protestant waitress: thoroughly competent-
illy nfenuces. L. C, box 6J7 Sun up
town office, 1206 Hroadway.
SWEDISH chambermaid and waitress, wages $lfl;
best referenda L. N box 641) Sun uptown
office, 1205 Broadway.
SWEDISH cook, thoroughly competent; wages 2't
best referenoes. H. I' box 654 bun uptoviii offlcs,
12H5 Hroadwaj
CTENO. desire, position, beginner; good penman.
MISS 0 7H Leiinstou av.. Jeinoy City.
'I'lIOIiOrr.HLVrompetentla.lj'e maid, good hean-
stress, wagei '.'(), hist nfeteucrs. M. M , box
651 bun uptown oftl. e,1205 Broadway
VAITltESS and chambermaid: understands her
' work thiiinughl, wage. $I.I$ih bestpt'r
ences. 1). McC, box 620 hun uptown office Udl
Ar AITIinRB, thoroughly rompetent. willing lo b
" sis! with chainberwork, best reft renoe 1. o,
P.. box f.aamin nptovinoln.e. 1 205 Hroadway
cfirjot-lClass ilrlp lllnlcp.
A VOUNO MAN. .'II years old, carpenter, wishes
v position In hotel, cliibhoiisit, store, or newspaper
ornco. would make himself g. nerulii useful, no
fill-nub references. 1' DWiF.lt, 1U7 Ijist nist st
A OriVKvoiiiig man requires position atnnithing
. ,"', rttl 5rs buslmss cipuiinie, (apabiea.id
ludutlrious.Alicrrieu.es .
A I.M'IL80N, 71) Nassau.! l
10OKIIINI)Elir.- Ihorougii.iiractlcal bookbinder I
-' deslrisu si nation ns foreman, largo experien I
In a I kinds of w,,rk has had charge of lai.-e bin 1 I
eiy in this rltj for scleral jear.. FOItEMAN loi I
lj. bun llarlim binuth, I
HOI, I7W. vionll like position in wholesale dry I
goiiils house t II Ikii 1114 Hull office. ,
BO, I7!d. would likuto learn paper ruling trad..
II II , box nil hun office
lANlTOIt, best refer. nces. iiudirstauds steam,
also repairs. J hlorhKIt, 6111 1st av.
1 lU.IAltl.l: mail, ije 311, mairied, desires to repre-
vsu inauuiaitiirii.loca r tiavul, emplojed
bj flov eminent at present I est of r. aon fin hangei
rtieienie, and bond given if ur.tH.ar). Ad.lr.s.
J AH, A IIAIIDIS, Oik Park, ChlfUg.i, III
CAI.l.SMAN, with.eipisliitanio nmnu.-best InMiset
' Hi 1111 trnpulltsn distil, t wishes to n 1,1 es, ut msn
tir.ii 1111. roil .'.immlisiuu. .nitnrtiwii manuta. 1 11
eis seeking iiriiiaii.iii . nui . n.ui nub ti atn ,. ih .
reliable, sib small will Mini this an ev. ell. 111 01, 1
IllllltJ , hlglll.t leflluluir. Pilot lou b ,x JIIOH 111
nthi e
W'ANIED I'osltiMii as auliinr, inniiuiii or
' statlUlelall Address l ilI.l.MvN. bin I.) Ur
Jem bun oihce
VOI'Ni. COI'PI.E liochlldrcn wish Mend, pli. a
In pilvate fatnilv. man a gard. in r m' lor
liniisi work, good 11 lereneea Addiess .VH I n
VOI'SO MAN wishes position is Janitor nre, un H
or genual iitllit) good uferen... as 1.. cha.a - B
In andabiutj Ad.lnss.1., box I7nsnii ..til e
VOCNii MAN, j, willing, desires petition at any-
l'otu t ' Harlem uUlct, ill) W4
ajjtyfJ-1 Jff'f t-mi iiiil- , BI

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