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pr iA:L, '' ""P' FEBRUARY- Riylgofe'v''-- V " - - '. " . ' S 9
utile sxir Lianr on nnn ttornan'B
nKATir jit roisos,
chs U Tt to I Questioned Th. Story of
Ilarnf l' Prt' Told by nil Doctor nnd
lit the Nurse Wlie Cried Over It Letter
Itoi Man Tells ft the Wlneed-Foot Let
(rr. nlilili Mrs. nosers llerelred ns Miss
Addrion-tornlali Discovered tn lie the
Source nf Srisnilnls About Mollneux,
r Florence Y. Itocors. daughtor of Mr.
K.lhirino T Adams, who was killed by poison.
, the In't witness nt the inquest yesterday.
she hnd Inrolr begun to testify when tho hour
. adjournment cvme. She will bo callod
,riln to lar It ho Is vtoll enough
The first witness was Harry A. Klnit. a mom
,,r of flu Knickerbocker Athlctio Club, to
Tl,om af"10 elub- on Saturday, Doo IM.Cor
illi showed ,lie tiottlo of poisoned broino
witter winch he had recohed a few hours bo-
hinc when the bottle was shown to him,
complain"0" of a headache and salil he thought
v, w ii f ' ! some of tho bromo-seltzcr,
Corni"li ,w "' t,iat tlw reason Klnt: did not
!.lc a a vn was because ho couldn't find a
l, 'jt the. water cooler, which Is near tho
jntntic1 t the eymnasium Vlnnernn teatl
doil (it first that Klnu didn't tako any of the
contents of ,no bottle bocauso there wan no
c a and later, when closely questioned about
tlie matter a,lthnt Klnc didn't tako any of
thetu(T leeause there was no water In the
The reason that Mr Osborne has spent so
much time in cettlnc at King's real reason for
nottaUncnnvotthe contents of tho bottlo Is
thl Tli ' I ottlo wbb shown to Kins before 1
o clock on l'ec '.'4 Thorois neorany wator
In the cooler heforo 1 o'clock Cornish, the
illrei tord the ennnasium, knew this porfoctly
well and. if he happened to think that It
nt tint 1 o clock, knew that Klnc wouldn't
f ml an witer to take tho bromo-selt7r In Xo
pi lertnn was raised to King's proposal to tako
inneoith" hromo-sclt7cr Mr Osborne's point
wiktlnt tlieie wis no occasion to apprehend
oinUirnhmK whether or not tho bottlo was
tlpn known to be poisoned In answer to
j, ti ms king testltled that he did not take
,n! of the i intents of tho bottle because there
fl Kii neither water in tho cooler nor a clas
ip near it
1 The next witness was Dr II Beaman Doue-
t. one of the phvslclnns who attended Henry
I C linnet In his last illness at tho Knioker-
bocker Uhl"tie Club Dr. Douglass testillod
I isfell
I ' It wn in Oct TO. 1SP8, that I was called to
itten I Mr llirnot When I arrived he sat in
tliiafi talking with Dr A. M. Hanney. He
went with me to an adjoining room, where was
Col u-din. is I understood it, ono of his em
rli)ir I asked him what was the mattur
with him, and he said he had a sore throat and
(e't Ian e all oer An examination of his
thr- v "In wed a dlphtherltlo membrane, but
thue was im particular swelling, except of the
t-.fil and no ulceration The membranous
growth was conllned to the right side 1 ex-pre-Beil
the opinion that ho had a slight attack
of diphtheria, but I aNo said that 1 wanted
to to sure of It. I got two culture tubes
K and carried a bit of the membrane
to ray hhoratorj in tho Manhattan Kjo and
lar Hospital There I tested for dlphtheila
ticilli I concluded, after subjecting the tube
to lu-at, not to wait for tho bacteriological ex
amination, and I returned to the club andgae
the ratient an antitoxin injection at once
Theiasewisa mild attack of diphtheria, and
continue Is fornomo time. s tho result of
mrttaminutlon of the culture. I did not And
dphtlum germs but found otiier bacilli
which I could not Identify.
"On the morning of Nov. 4. 1 think it was. I
found eiirtences of mercurial ulceration in
thro-it hi.n I found thiH I remembered th.it
thsiitient had told me on Oct. 30 nbout hat
ing liken a sm ill doo of Kutnow powder,
h eh lie -aid had made him er ill When I
founi 'lie mercurial ulceration I atiked for the
ra k.ice containing the remainder of tlie Kut
j com wrti r I took tho package to Van Horn
k I ii-on chemist-, and Mr. Llllson ile
teei.rt"tancen He told me that tho powder
com ane l c .initio of mercury Whonlhenrd
thm 1 ordered him to seal the package and
nark It f ir Identification I retained the naek
ce until I turned It oer to the police When
I next sin llirnetltold him what the powder
had contained mil expressed tho opinion that
thi mereiiri was wha' had produced the ulcera
tion I a-keit him how the tolson got Into tho
raekige ind Im slid he didn't know. I asked
him if tin was willing that 1 should keep the
n kise and ho told me to keep it till he got
0 nhit time, or before that, did liirnot
tell rou that he had received the Kutnow pow
ders from an anonymous sourco? A He did
not He -imply told mo that he had received
the raekice through the mail At the tlmothat
1 thought that the package camo from tho
manufacturers I told Itatnet that, since tho
powder contained poison, he would hat e a flno
I action for damages
Q Dirt it eieroecurtoyou to ask Iiarnot if
he had eTer had a su-picion as to w ho sent him
th'hutnowpowdwr? A I did ask him IT ha
would like to tell me whoie he thought tho
powder came from To that Question ho re
plied ' Xo, J 11 attend to that when I get well."
y-When did his symptoms change for the
worse? . -The symptoms continued tery
much as thoy were at the beginning for some
time, but two dajs before his death all signs of
diphtheria disappeared
Q If that is the ease what did ho die from ?
A -He reall) died from heart failure. In one
particular Mr ilarnet was a most mtrnctablo
Patient Ho lnslbted upon getting up from his
bed to go to tho bathroom I cautioned him
time and agHin about this and told him that
exertion of that kind on the part of n person
lufjerlng from diphtheria waslikelytonroduco
hart tailurn with fatal results Two days bo
fore he dlid I begged him to release mo from
the case unless ho were willing to obey my in
structions Ho promised to obey, but I found
that as soon ns I left the room ho did exactly
what h hid been told not to do On Not I'.
after returning from the bathroom, he had an
attaik of iiHjrr filluro from which ho notor
rallied M n l- ji on Not 10 he died
i) Would cyanide of mercury produce symp
tnuisr.f hihtheria V It would not
V aa any other physician calii d in con
eulin'Kn wi'h jou? -Ir Dolaflold was
call l i,ut was not nt home, ami then J)i n
Oren H htniih was called When Dr Hraith
aw th" rat ent lm gato him tho same wnrnlng
that had ghcn about leatlnghis bed, but Di
emith did it recommend nny ehnngo in the
trfotnieiit When Dr Hmllh left tho room
IMrn t hiidioij n "Ho tiled to scaio ma to
dti'h diln t l.i.'
v . 'J- ou report to tho Hoard of
ll'"h itm. , -netdledof dlPhtlierla A -I
V'l ii ' I took adtaiitago ol n technicality.
nlnle h lid huto cllnieal diphthoria. he did
not hate I idoriologienl diphthoria As I did
n ' And diphtheria germs In tho outturn, I took
rum IhmIii j u, I did not consider it nocossary
? i imr that tho patlont had died of dlph-
.'J In taking adtantugoof this tenhnleallty
oi m ist hao d inn it at tho wiliest of 801110
per- n I d oii not i I did not. and I don t
hi "i ii n ier mil w hat you mean by tho ques-
'.' "' 1 tho rules of the lionrd of Health are
terj sin. L, m ,, out Ihlsmattoi of reporting
J Jt ii, i- dikiiiMis, nro tlioynot? A Thoy
'.' I h nues nr made so stringent In order
"lr i 'Hi hi re ad of thedlaeaso. nro they
'' Hi nio but wo liid a nractlial
' ', f iIiimhm' at thiieliib
, V a Ii l Wlu, I understood that persons
, i -i i tly coming to tho door to make
!n i r - hi in llai uei s condition, that tho
R "ii Mi- (u lie. went In and .out or
'" i' 1 1 an ' tli. ii niinn In contact with othoi
'.: a- i' Mi lub, in.l that thoeamo was true
V'1 in- i l in t know about tlm nlr
tun.vi ti , ,n ft,, h jou refer: I notor saw
J'Iiii l lik. ill it 'i hoorderhtterotoiystrlct
",! 'I tT nrit mo In Hie loom .......
. i " I ii admit that Daniel died of dlph-;.n-,,i
lie (mini dliilHcauHH of Iiarnot s
' '! i--i mi in tho death LertlUcate, was
'' ' ' tli nut nr hem I failure, with d ph he
'a i silc nf the thniMt ns coiitilliutory
ii- i'w a fat howotor, that ho had cllul-
' '' ii Mh ru
,.',. " " hern was no secret about his death
I .,"'"" ''I" s Sonewhamver
1 ui .." '- "' r" mi) attempt to keep secret tho
I "I't'nt linnet recited Kutnow powders?
I ,i iN' " 'd' I beard it from a waltei In the
J"' 'hung ir ni j was dining then) one
,l.M 'In waiter nuked int If It wuHtrunthat
' ' I" vi I. rs had killed Uarnot I told him
I1' v '"I n i TMubody uruiind the club
I fine I. ki w about it , ,.
1 r. ,. I r". "hunk Did the mercury In tho
I f I i-win hHiinit look cauct his dentil it
II i, 'V1'1"' I Hal nel died of diphtheriit
II "'ill ng.lB.
II iL. ' . ( r""1 'd y011 ever say to Dr.
Jl -Uaiei. Laiaiibcll that liarnet did not die ol
SI ' "
BBkm ji i
ainhtherla. but Ihai he did die of mercurial
ntmrpatlent had diphtheria nnd mercurial
poisoning at the mmo lltno. but 1 snoko of this
??. ,,?iaicB' curiosity, because It has been
Sir?"." 80mR tnodlenlauthorltlcfl thnt a man
cannot hayo diphthoria. if there be nny mcr
r? In.hiB oystctn. Mr. llnrnof case dls
protes this theor
oonNtsn's BIoniF.Fl atiout moiinrux.
.-I'.011.00"?" Kslvynrrt T Hughes, private secre
tary to Capt. McClusky, producod n Btono
ttraphlo rcimrt of a statement made by Cornish
to (apt. McClusky on tho nrternoon of Deo W
nt the Knlckorbookor Athlctio club Aceonl
Ing to Hughes's notes, Coinlsh told the Chief
of Detectives that ho reoelvod the poison pnek
ngo on the afternoon of Deo '4 Ho testified
Hint lio hnd received It on tho morning of that
day To Cant. McClusky ho said that he got
tho bottlo of alleged bromo-seltrerout of Mrs
ltogers's room Ho testified that he got tho
bottlo from his own room, and Mrs lingers
corroborated this later According to Hughes's
notes, Cornish drank out of the simo glnssas
Mrs Adams As reported by Hughes, Cornish
"As soon ns she had swallowed roiiio of tho
stuff she -said, 'That tastos funny. It burns
my mouth I enlil. W lit. It's all right ' Then
1 tasted It and said. ' Why. It Is hlttei ' "
Hughes also hnd n monioiiiiidum of n siaio
rnoiit made by ComNIi to dipt McCluskj on
Jan. rial I'ollco Hemhiunrters According to
the Rtenogrnphio 1 cport. Cornish said thnt after
Moliiimix had loft tho Knlokerbockei Athletic
Club Iiarnot hnd had Mlsg ( hesebiough there
to dinner Cornlsli suld also that Mulliiniix
had said that hot Mollneux) wnsn slate to the
opium hnhlt and would llko to break it off Ho
said that Mollneux 1-d Chuck Connors' b ill In
1WH1 and knew 'Chuck and tho girl " lie told
Cniit McCluskvthnt Mollneux had had an Ille
gitimate child hj some woman and hud been
supiMirtlnc thowomunnnd thoelilld eter since
He also said that .Mollneux had implintl.mH to
bo an onora singer and had tried at ono tlmo to
goon the stage
Most of those allegations Mr Mollneux has
uiieuuivoeally denlid on tho witness stand
Ho admitted. Iiowotor. that ho know Chuck
Connors nnd Chuck's wire, that he hud United
Chinatown and had smoked opium once or
twleo. Ho deuloil that ho hud eter led Chuck
Connors s ball, and he dtnlcd tho woman and
chill story He nlso denied that beliadetor
had any aspirations to be an opera singer
Jtiht bofuro Hughes loft tho witness stand,
the Coronoi asked this question
V. How sick was Cornish when he made
tills statement at tho Knickerbocker Athletic
Club? A Ho appeared in pretty good ah ipe
Ho tossed about In bed u little, hut ho didn't
apoenr to bo tery ill
J. Herbert ISallnntlne. tho next witness, could
thiow nr light on the death of Mrs Adams or
, the denth of Iiarnot bout tho only tiling
that Mr liallantliio'fl testimony did show was
that he Is President of tho I'iquj Voelntlon,
which lots tho building occupied by the Knick
erbocker Athletic Club to tho club
MIsb Addle Hates, a trained mine, testified
that shn hml been engaged b Dt Douglass to
attend IJninel and that she had begun liei at
tendance on Not 1 Unmet said to hei
"Miss Hates. I don't think toil will hate
much to do as 1 am not tery ill
J Did Mr H irnet tell you Hint ho had been
poisoned? -He told me that he had reeeltod
some Kutnow powder Di Dougl ism told inn
ho hid analyzed the powder and that It con
tained cjanldeof mercury
Q Do ton remember hearing a contersa
tlou among members of the club about II ir
net's being poisoned ? A I heard a minor that
Mr. llirnct said in the dining room that ho
thought lie hnd been poisoned
y Do ou leraember llamet's receitlng
some tlowers while ou attended him? A On
the Monday following tho day 1 began to at
tend him he got a box containing flowers ac
companied by a note 1 read tho note to him
and ho said "I wonder how she knew I was
Q Did you eter hear that Mr. Darnet did
nor rocoito the proper medical tieatment?
A. C ery decldedlj i 1 did not
Q Ou the da) betore he died were you not
walking up and down the hall in front of his
room erslng I nd iliiljouuot meet a mem
ber of tho club who asked you what was tho
matter, and tou told him that Mi liarnet was
tiry ill and that ton did not think that ho was
receitlng the propel meiUenl attention' K I
may hate been-ienerjIngoutHldu Mr liarnet's
door, but I certainly never Hindu any such re
mark as the one to wliioh jou refer
O Mr liarnet s condition affected you very
deeply, did It not ' K It did
y Mid yet you had netei known him before
you attended him professionally' A. I bad
y. And yet his condition mot ed you to tears?
A. I think that would bo iiulto natural in a
woman who had a putieleof human sympathy
y Wero you nioted to tears because Darnet
had been polf-om d ' s. 'n
O Why did you cry thou? A It is always
end for a young person to die
y Didn't you say when tou were asked why
you were crying that this was nn unusually sad
case, as the young man had been poisoned.'
A I don't know : I may lint e done so
y nd if you said it you meant it? A I
certainly did
0 Miss Dates, was the note which nccompi
nied the flowers you referred to signed
"Dlineho"? A. It was
RTlio note was shown to tho witness and alio
idontifliid it
y Were some flowers sent to Dirnetontho
day he died? A -Us
y Whossnt them t A.. They were sent by
some woman In Brooklyn They camo about
two hours after Mi Unmet'- death
0. Did Mr litrni l sat my thine to you at
last to indicate) tint ho knew how sick he was?
A - Forty-eight bonis heforo ho died Mr liai
net said to mo that ho thought he mis giowing
weikor and aiked mo to let Ills friends know
I asked him if there was any one whom he es
pecially wanted to see Ho looked at me in a
ino-t pathetic hort of way foiatlmoand then
ho simply shook his head.
Datid Murdoch, stitloner of f.OT Columbus
ntenue. tostlfled that at ono time he kept pil
tate letter boxes foi hire, nnd that Mrs iiogers
Ion-oil one of these boxes fioin Oit l.i, lis'M.
until April !.", 1KT7 Mr Murdoch sworo th it a
woman giting tho name of Anna V xihlesun
came into his store on (let l. lwi-t. and hired
a letter box hlie recelted many leltois and
calhd for them tegularly Some of tliein had
tho New York Athletic Club wingeil foot on tho
ntolopes Ono day in iinl, 1K07. shoe ime
into tlie stole to get In r mail, and Dr Mbert I .
tedder a dentist at 100 West Kighty-sixth
street, happened to bo in tho store fier tho
woman went out Dr Veddor asked soum mic
tions nhout her.filllng her Mis Itogor Ml
Murdoch told the doctor that the inly t.
name was ddeson and not Ilogcrs The
Doctor replied that ho knew her as Rogers nnd
hnd done work for her Mr Murdoch said that
shortly after his eontersntion with Dr tedder
Miss Addeson, or Mra liogers, came Into his
storo and asked him if ho had retealed her
nninn The witness toM lior bo hadn't Mrs
llogers.or Miss Adileson. was very angry, laid
hei bill and withdrew her pitronngo Later
ho happened to see Mrs lingers, or Miss Adde
son, go Into the apartment house at til West
righty-blxth street, ho when a telegram came
for Miss Addeson, thinking she might want to
getit. lietookitotei to hoi.
y, -Did you find Mrs. lingers? A -I did I
rapped at tho door andjuelty soon tli lady
herself camo to the door I saw It was Miss
Addeson and I gave her tho telegram. And do
you know, she notor thnnknd mo for bringing
It to her Hho just told me nter lo bring mull
or telegrams to her house again, and y ou bet I
Mr Murdoch was excused, with the lenuest
io'brliig to court to-dn) all his hooks, allowing
any transactions ho had with Mrs lingers, oi
Miss Addeson, or II h t Ornish, to whom tin;
witness said lie sorted nowspipeih oiico nt HIS
West I'.lehty -fourth HtroHt Or. ulder corrob
orated Murdoch and testified fiirtherthat when
ho found out that Mrs llogers h id two names
ho Inclosed to Miss Addeson at Mis ItogerHS
address hi,s bill, which lie bad previously sent
to Mrs llogeis without results Tho bill was
Mrs Hogors now entered tho courtroom from
the Coroner's jury loom, attended by Cornish.
Mrs. Hotoy.Mr Hntoi nnd a man who Is s ud
to bo her brothel hho was In mourning,
welling a black cloth sklit. black satin shirt
waist and n long crape tell draped oyer tho
back of her bonnet. Mrs 1 ogers Is ra hoi
a short woman, with full figure, black
hair and tery black eyes. Mr Homy sat
behind her fanning hor while she gate
he testimony Only, oncn ill. Mis llogers
show any emotion, nnd then, as If apologizing
for It. sho bald it wns tery warm In tlie court
room nnd tho atmosphere), was close hn
windows were promptly raised Mr Osboiiij.
oxi mined the witness, nnd lie-il.a I gently wit Ii
her Hn asked la-i to toll eti-ry tiling she knew
about tho Inst Illness and death of hor mother
b," hen mymothei nwoko In tho niornlnz
hho loniploined or n violent headaeho nnd
asked mo If thorn was iiiiytblng In thehoii-e
that she could Hike 1 thought ol the jiomo
so Izor and asked Mr Cornish 'or It. Then I
w. it to open It and glte It to her my
self but the otk was so comr.il with nar
nnine th it I could not open It. nnd 1 asked
Mr Cornish to aid , mu I , put tho bottlo
ilown on Urn table besldo him and ho
l rle the cork out My mother bioiipht out
two glns-es from tho kitchen Mr Cornish
iiskod w lint it said on the bottle, and I U.ld him
that it said u heiiPliig tiiibpoonfu 'J hen ho
mixed tho dose, and imitherdraiik It and sii Id
Why. how bitter it tastes ' A minilto later
Mhosald It made hei sick, nnd bho started foi
He bathroom I followed her nnd found her
Vomiting tioleutly Almost before sho could
sneik sho fell to the Moor imconsclous
,:1 called lor Mr Com sh nnd ho camo In to
help mi lift hor up, but ho could not. nnd he
"ailed for Mr Hotey Then all of us carr led
her to tho dining room and laid, heron the
lounge Mr CoruUh called forth., ha boy and
sent for a doet.il Trotty soon Dr Jlllelieoek
camo liofoio he iiinn Mr Cornish had
hrmglit In some iromatlo niniiioiiln and
tm tried to inako mv inolliei luko I.
but she could not Then I got the
aiinoiilbolllo and held It lo her nose, trying
?o revlto her W hen Hie doctor came he asked
Vvhat had happened uu.l I told liliu Hon-kml
for a class or waloi. roiiio camphor a id for
iome salts, a hoy tried to force some whiskey
jb-Mfc rMiiiiiMimiiraMmriinlllllllllM
floiyn her throat, but the couldn't axynlloW It
In the monntlmn tho doctor told, mo.nr
f-iother was vorr 111, but tie did not toll mo then
lint sho was dying. ,
accubxd n. roTntn or nwK btatkmbhtb.
"When Dr. l'otter drrlted and had examined
my mother I naked him If he conlddonnythlng
for her Ho said there wns nothing thnt could
be done nnd after n tlmo ho loft , Later ho sent
me his hill for doing nothing, and for which ho
charged $20 Tho bill hasiiot been paid, nnd per
haps thnt accounts for somo of the false state
ments nnd misrepresentations which Dr rotter
has mado slnco my mother's iloath I remom
bei tho doctor talking to Mr Cornish nnd 1 heard
something about notifying Die Coroner. Mi
Cornish snld that ho would go to Mr Molntyro
toseowhnt could be ilono about gottlnu tho
Coroner at once The doctors. 1 bellevo. didn't
think that this wns necessary I turned to Mr
Cornish and i ecoinmonded that Ml Mclutyio
be sent for Ho wont out not long afterward
and did not retuin
' fter that I wns taken out of tho room
latter In the nfternoon I saw a policeman In the
house Mr Molntyro then nrilted llemies
tloned eterybndy in tho house l.'itoi Dr
Weston urrlmd nnd took a slateinont us to uiv
mother's ugu and parentage Ho told mo that
she had been poisoned
Mrs llogeis hesitated hcie ns though she
had llnished, and then she added thostatement
That Mrs Hotcy liad been telegraphed for
im uiuitAi. or Tiir. bottlf
"Toll us n bout the arrival of tho bottle," sug
gested Ml Osborne
"OnSundiy, nt dinner, Mr Cornish told me
he had teiulted iiuniionyniousf lirlstmns pres
ent He said It consisted of a silt ol holder uu.l
n bottlo of bionio seltrer tie snld ho couldn't
recogniro the liiindwrltlug Mother nnd I
asked him to bring It to Us We laughed about
his getting a pie-eut like that niioiiymoils
ly Tuesday morning I asked him why ho
liiulii t bioiiuht the piesent lot us to s. e lie
said he would hi lug it that night That eteu
lug mi mother mid I went to the tbentie witli
All Hotey When we letiirnod. Mr ConiMi
had come homo nnd biought tho bottle and
holdei i leniiirkod something about the
bolder, but paid no great intention to It
I asked who he thought sent It. and le
inurked the ent clone without n card in it
Something was said about the holder bilng
llko some sllmr articles I h id 1 don't know
whether It was that evening or hot. I don t
know whothui 1 took It Into my room th it
night oi not 1 reini niber 1 snld tho hnnd
wrlllng looked disguised II looked llko a
lady's hand, disguised, and 1 think I sildso "
" When your mother llrst complained of hat
ing a headache, did she ask you for something
for It ' " asked the Cuioner
' es, and I told hei I knew of nothing ex
cept the biumo-seltzei I went to .Mr Cor
nish s room Hiid knocked on the door and
asked him foi the bottle Ho !ald ceitniuly
and handed tho bottlo to me"
"Did your mot her often b ive headaches?
"ts, sometimes Wo generally had some
hrndache medicine In tho house "
It was 4. o clock and Mi, Osborne asked Mrs
llogers to bo in court tills morning toion
tlnuo hor testimony She was not Interrupted
by many iiuestioiisye-terdar
llobhe.l (llRtn )f thm Itoynlton, Alire lie
Urn Kuiployrd, I).e.tlve Snys.
although arreated on Saturday night as a
suspiclo is person. Anthony W. Dlnslerof 218
teBt 1 orty -eighth street wis not arnlgned
on Sund ly. because Dstectite William llrown
of tlie Central Olllce did not leach any of the
police courts befoie adjaurnment When tak
en befoie Mncistrats Deusl in Hie West Hftt
fourth Miest I'ollce Court yesterday morning
Dinsler. after being under irret thirty six
hours, was dlschaiged, the detoctito not hat
ing etidence enough lo hold him Martin Do
lan, who was arrested with Dinsler, and who
was kept in custody until Monday morning
before being arraigned, was held In $1,000
ball for furthei examination on tlie charge of
stealing si OHO ttoith of jewelry fn in "lie
guests of the Hotel liotalton on West 1 ortt
third etreet
Dinsler and Dolan weie employed at the
Itoyallon until .Ian I, when t lift gave up theii
jobs Dolin wue the night clerk and Dinsler
assistant miinagei. Ilefore Hie two men left
there hid betn iiuineious complaints from
the guests lb it jeweliv had be. n taken fiom
their looms The thefts were repotted to 'he
Police, n ml so was the fact tli it Diuslet and
Dolan had left the hotel nnd that their address
was not known n employee of tho hotel
learned ou Saturday that Din-lot and Dolm
were bnni.llng together at 'JIM W.st lorty
elghlh street, nnd Detective Drown went there
ami arra-ted them
Drwn tiled an aflldatit In couit yesterday
to the effect that Dolan hid confessed to him
that lie hnd stolen tho jewelry and tha' set
eral articles supposed to linte been taken fiom
ruests nt the lioyalton were found in his pos
session ecor.ling to Drown the prisoner nlso
admitted to him that ha had sent the pawn
tickets for some of the stolen propertr to his
mother, a commerciil triteller. who is now
In Wilkesl arro. nnd that these tickets would
to return, d nt his request, as Ids mo'her
knew nothing about tho nature of the transac
tion when she leeeited them
None of the icrsons who are said lo have
tieen robbed appeared in court to make a
IiOVTMt Ii 4 tOKGKtt.
Tried to Get Into the Vilntil. Poisoning
( nse, but Iroe.l nl.inr.
Wllllim C hniitnlek of Spring street. West
HoDoken. was eonticted in the General Ses
sions Couit In .lersey ( ity yesterday on an in
dictment for passing a forced chock for $114
Koutnlck got his name into tho damn poison
ing case a short time ago by telling a yarn
about hating posted Urn ackage containing
the poison to Cornisli for a man he met on the
street He proted to be a liar
I ast summer h" crentod a i-ensation by get
ting a story printed In the newspapers tint ho
had been drowned two n-.ys after Ids wedding
while fishing with a friend in the Hiekensick
Itlver His object in hitlng himself Pelleted
to be drowned was to avoid prosecution for tho
cheek forgery
Tlie forged check was uttered on June 8
list yen Prior to tint time houtnick had
been in tho employ of W Kelly, superin
tendent of the Prudential Iti-uinnce ( ..nipniiy
On the morning of thnt day houtnick stopped
1 eo Lake, a 14 sen old in. ssenger hot. on the
street and ask. d him if ho wanted to mnkooO
1 ho boy said hedl.l.nndhoulniek.hamlinghim
nleltoi.told him to lake It to tho liud-oa ( oiintr
National Ii ink and get a i heck . ahlied Ho
said lie would meet lie boy nt tlie (ourt House
and gel the money 'I hn 1. tlei purported lo
be from Superintendent hilly. akins tlie
uishiei lo oblige him by . ashing he inclosed
.heck for $114 The check bore the inme of
illzibeth MeDoiigall. and was .It twn on the
I'soplo's Safe Deposit I onip.inr of Hie Town of
I nion 'I ho .he k was . n-hed nnd tho boy
wont to the Court House with the monet. but
was iinnhle to Mud Itoiilniek Lake letilned
the money foi 'wo d its and then gate it to Ills
mother, who returned It to tho bank At tho
trinl resleulit 1 ako positively identified tho
difendant. ns.lld'nlso Waltei M( Himpsey, a 10-year-old
iiewsnot. wli i wns with I nke.
Koutnlck InM-led t'ut It was a eiseof mis
tiikon identity, but the jury did not bellete
,it noKH coHfLitv or atnnivmt.
Illntrlrt Attorney's Oilier Snld lo He llrlilnd
hnn.l will. Non-Spnrtnoiilnr Cnsei,
Within a fowdiys tlm lodges of tlie Court nf
Oeneral Sessions will hold meeting In con
sider District Mtoinoy (lirdlners manage
ment of his ollleo Tho lodges hate already
made a rulo to tlie (Teet tint M ijoi fiurdlnoi s
deputy assistants shall not bo recognized of
flclnlly In court ns toprosontntlws or tho Dis
trict attorney's ofllce It is complained thnt
some of these "deputy flops ' Imtn not hi on
competent enough to secuie eon lotions w In re
convictions should hato been s. cured It is
also complained tint the Distiict Attoruet s
olllce lias I), en behliidhiuiil in the pieparatiou
ofi-ises, and that the Judges ire oft. n con
pelied lo iiilinurn ..nut .ally In the day be
cause the District Attorneys i pr.nentatie Is
not ready , ,,,,,,. ,
t.ostordav moinliig.iinlge ileMnlinn adjourn
ed 1'art III. of the l.eneril Missions be.iiiiR..
the prosecuting iillorn. y had no . ises ready
for trial Therew. re llfloen ease- ou the conn
lalendai. but Judge MeMiiliou hnd tondjouin
at 1 1 l k in tlie iiioi mug. jusl half im hour
alter In. went on the buuli t similar thing
hiippeiieil on Thuisdii) I ist and nlso on Iil.lny
lust, and was loiuineiited upon bj two of the
Judges. ,
tAR4.vo soiikii nun onrnrrrn.
In the Il.iw tx hl li l'olliiweil urnll Cut Her
is It ti u lining Knltr.
Antonio Curat! of fi'-M dams street, Ho
lioken, wns hold for Ihoaition of the Hudson
county (irand Jury by Ilecordei Stanton In that
city yesterda), clinrged with cutting his wlfo
on the head with a carving knife Mrs Curat!
was removed to Kt Jlary's Hospital Hor son
Daniel Mild that bis father was iislrfr. and was
snoiing loudly Mrs Cuiatl object. d to tho
nul6n, andatleinpleil to tin n hoi husband oter
on his side, thinking th it It would prevent the
nnuoyanio He awoke and as-aulled her
I mall claimed that his wife alliu ked him w lib
an umbrella while ho was asle. p He kiild that
lieouli def.'iiiltil himself
1 he ilifan eharir. I sin pio liiie.1 hi n une man
ufi I irem inilii-reunlD luiu.l ufiuuch to hiiUl'.)
nlr p. opl niuiiitl llle n tliainpiuiie but Ilio
piiruf.in.imin lilelil henl inilri b I'll- I'rbiuaWluo
Oa 1 rapidly obliterating tills prejudice, Aiv,
The Following Came to the RIpaas Chem
ical Company on Wednesday, February
15th, 1599. Those Who Doubt the Uen
ulneness of Theic Commendations of
Ripnns Tabulei Arc Recommended to
Select the One Nearest or Most Ac
cessible and Write for Verification.
A Personal Interview Would Be Still
eryrtru,:BlMflIi R-M K S. lofor ti centi,or
12 Uu ctut ittt-ketn fur 4tt tout
OIT1 VAlli.
WouM not bo ullhcmt l(iiftiti now,
Mu 1.1'eaty.ftlHiunrUppei.! " 'M Ilvil f
itNo 13 Forsyth t Nvr ork. wrltft nudt i ! ' r
JVliruary 111, 1HHU "I hh toi itm been trmiblet
with patua In the tuinat.h Ltttim il b hnliKf tion. I
hnotxlPd UlaoiiM vt rrmulli n, but tu no avail, un
til hI out nlxiiiontlinatfo.whun I wan toM br a filfinl
to try ltlpatiH lahuloi vhUU I .1U1. ami tan aay I
huh BUrprlf, 1 with the lesult of on rtt-cent box or
thfin, ami hao alua)HHliii (In n laken tlim Now
I liMeim mora of th( pain I nmil to bavn lneUoii
to takllitfthe labuhM, ami (tlncn tlicy Iith auiic mo
toiutuh kuinl I will ueor be without thnn 1 earn
ently rcLumtiuml tliem to ppojilc hattiiCAUt trouble
with tlm mtomach, and will uuch tho will cure
thi in 1 do not obJt( t to my testimonial beltns pub
llRhtd. as I will om h for nil 1 a
UarydruudlitiicllHR ll'ANH. 10 for 5 centJ,or
1 J rteneut packtti for 48 iMit.
thi: roar or honor.
Mr William 1 Rldigway, the eteran ilrussUt at
No 17JHiith . iaa lebruaryl6, 1MM 'lUpana
labulPM tell like everjthtiiK Fxciua my iei tmtiiic
abruptuenatnKttlnie ou brief attt-ntiou, but 1 havo
ot to be behind tho counter aMIlUK Hlpana toru
touirrn.' Mr ltidua was .r buj, and the i
porter was unablo to icet auy further ioneraatluu
I very drtitfgint he 11a RIPAM 10 for B centa, or
1'2 &t cent lacketa for ictmntft
ni:u i:ks.
1 houuht she would ko crary,
Mm AsufH Dloxttoui, a huuai keeper, thirty Ave
yearn old mini: at No. UJJl Kniglit it., Camden,
N J , write umlei date of February 14, I8UMI "I
ha I betort taklnc Rlpans Ttbulea been under treat
input tind waa not nmh bttti. K Udy fiimd of
inltii.a Mm Hadie I)rln. o. 410 Milder ft . Phlla
delphhi. told of how the had cured her of indi
Kehtion and of whut trouble nhe had, coinptalnlUK
of Ulffeir-ut thluxa Ihae taken thorn two yara,
and must my that I am cured and would not bo
without tlu in In lur household I had auih dintrem
In ui) breast and uaed to have auch apelU of
fnintlnc. ami at time I "pit up a unat
dtal of blnod I had auch palm In my head
aud cirythinc became blark befoie inj Pec,
nnd I tliuutfut 1 ould a raj 1 had snth
Hpella wlthm bowel that I would not hat a mo"
mcut for three oaynut a time, lhad only taken tha
UlmU-i two moutha when X naw that 1 had hi ent all
iu niunr to pay my pbralt-lana. and that It waa uo
iiai uf ductorliiK any luiiKer. ao 1 kept ou takluu the
'labulfH tlUthnj bae cured mean well um m lad
Iiifjul. 1 uUoi;ae thpm to mi dmnthter. atfed Uf
ti i n eain, ho, n lt since she had ararUt fe er, ha
hAd paiua in hfratotnaLh and hiadacht. Hh only
took a ltw boxat when she found relief I hope
that trvbod who read1 m teitlmouUl will tr
llll am labuleH. an I havo done and reap the heuent
of them In tlm Agentlemau friend of onii took
them forindittectton aud they hae cured him Hi
name it Edward Low dm, ou Third at., below Me
ihanfc, Camden N J 1 am wllllug to ha luy
nuiiiu putdished '
J-erj druKCiataaUaR 1 P A 3 10 for 5 centa, or
12tit centpacketu for 4b ceutt
Mi. Job It (luiiio, an iuauruiRe and real eatate
agent tlfty vearn of age whoi address 1 225
Jamtatowu ot t(20 Drexol Ruildinc. Philadelphia
writin under date uf frebiuarj 11 1MU About
two raw ao 1 took Ripana labule for eructation
iirfimtl and found thtiu anawer atonic I hate now
taktu two tr thu doeu etrtoua aud ktp them
mi ir mo all the timt I urrt aw mention of the
labulea in Philadelphia Record a pap r that I
have, ukeu fr many y ear I can t nay 1 am i me-d
because f the mortiiui: troublu 1 hat hut if I lad
p( r-dfted in takliiK tin m irtnilarly oi ry dav I uiltflit
hac btt n until, I am tclud the daya uf the noxtoiM
1 Ills are. past and that wo Iihvo a in lit iue that
iiteiuw far mure leathlue m lta effect than thoao
1 ills that erjbody was exptend to take Uu cau
une thi tt btimoulnl if y ou carts to '
1 i,tr druccM ilIImR I P A N S, 10 for 5 ceuta.or
1 Iie ceut packtta for 49 cents.
Tlie clerk at Paul 1 Geblcke drug store lOrt W
Houitou st. New York, aayu, February 15 IHDWi
' Rlpans TahuUs are the heft HelUiiff thine we hae
aud tin Rlpana ClumUal Company knowlne that
lherhd a uood tiling are pUHhiuie It alonic Mr
Otuicke lo do hi iait display two cnamulled aiena
In bin win low " Rlpana Tabulon, 10 for ScenU
Evcr drueittacllsR Il'tSS loforu cent, or
12 fte cent iai keta for4Hcentn
COMl'I-KMON HKCAMKOrin: sAi.row.
Ha- now a rny, healtln color i
Mrs I oufaa Wilt in. a woman of flftj year of ace
and a nurse hiiii at o P4 Cherry st , New York
( itj wnts undtr dat of P bruary 14, lHuu I
wan erj mu h troubh d withfulncRtof the ritomncli
aiul atter bJtiiii:, tnatod toneueaud breath n foul
I aUo had a w poor appetite wan troubled with
Insomnia, wk eri nervou and my tomploion he
time ijtiiti nil iir. I wa troubled with ioustla
ttnti pain iu in) head an 1 dl77ineH and wm
,ieatl) tmublid with omittntr, bei ame bltated after
ratine and wan unatlj troubled with hlmituPH of
1 reath M n In law Jia iit 1 llii an- lahuleafnr
nparlr a ear anil he aao me aome t try
an 1 t lit ii I pirn Iium i home, but until I uaed the
third box I did not notice auy ImipIH, hut tfttrthnt
I heiHii to impiovA Pttadilv, ami luutiuupd to n.t
them a 1 Hud Ihey have done me a pmit deal nf
c iod M (ompbxiou i now a roM , health) color,
an 1 m triemN ak uie what I hae doni tottfiuch
a health) t olnr andlsat VPt Ripan lahnUaand
nu will ip r rrirret it' I find tin heaKh greatly
improved, hihI I rrronimond the Talulc to all mv
fnndf. I will ( he rtulb allow m name to be
ui 1 tor adwrtixing purpose
Pvrry rim trend aell II I IM V S JO for 6 canta, nr
I J ftc cent pat krti for 4H tentu
KI.I'T HIM mTsi.
A clerk in th mploj of C, ) Ihaalow, pothe
car Ni li2 huth a , Ntwork an) a February
1 , lh Mi "h)niau ee, Ripain iHhulea sell ttrnt
rat The i lerk waHe) hu and had lust made
a sale of lit) ana whf n tin rrportHr aririn aned him.
Keij dniKwIftai IN II I IM V S 10 forScenti.or
12 rtve emt ackt tH for 4H cent
iNnw Rlan is hi doctor)
Mr T.K O-wnoiie a metal aeiterinabriss foundrr,
thirt) juirn oil 11 inc at 24 4 it lulip i-t , 1 hiladel
phu writPH under date nf I ehruar) II, IMi l-or
tho lHt two tars I hate ha 1 hrr tiouhleaudso
en headai lit rt aud hai bt en dot. foriim a ear and
a half and it did no koo I I ne er had an) faith Iu
I at nt uiMliPina but 1 cot Imhl of mj ai ei one
muht tin Philadelphia Inquirer and (aw Itlpann
TabulpH n cnmiiien l d hn welt that I apnk'i to a
frit ml of mine th it had taktn tin m and I dd him I
was it irnz in ti) them I uned them a Iiort time
aud telt that I waacttlni: rt U t d I te minuend th
RilxiiH labitlt s to all nn frit iuIn, foi I t an na lam
(ureil. Nj din t ir but Itlpaun it nn doctor now,
ou t in use my name and my addrp
Kvtrj drncuiHtdtlU III IM V S 10 forRcenta, or
1J Iitc cmt patkota fur 4K tcnty.
Ur, h Mapimt, Pharmat ie Iramaise at No. 142
Ithitker nt , Now orfc, iaj c lebruai) ir, 181HI
' Pernonall), 1 wUh Rlpam labulea were in h I
Ihty at di Uo Iuk tin mil of r rj thin, c 1 o and
ait luiuinu the huaineha ot the reKtilai lit tinted
druL.uiat It a a miuht) I oor indiu t meiit ttttered to
the iraduatn of a Pharmat eiitlcnl ( tdb e to aliot
tin Irilulert ohi a count r with uliuoat mdliiiu to
ahow f ti time and labi r Pai notliim,' H hi- phai
mat i utii al preparation ' '1 Im dot tor a t mnd oblt
iiiin to tin fact that Im nud more tluu a c nt on
tt lt i cut sale, and ttiat poor i enplnappiriiatn
btinu abln to Kt t mo c.nod a uiidlclue at a pric no
Jon a h 11 r tentri
I'm ry dniKiiiat aella R I IM V H, 10 for fl cents, or
12 tlte. it ul packet for 4H ceuta
i. am: in iiori s or m,ic cituKn.
Now attt nda to her work without auy trouble,
Mr Radclitru, u mannd woman, thlrti eiuht
jt ma old, llMimat No ,rj Pilmrtto t , Drookbn,
S Y , wntua uudur ttato of 1 nbruary 15, Ihiui I or
twoyearal waHaHUtltm rtloiuheadai IrtSaatid bilious
in es and oerj time 1 had an attat k of tho kind
1 wns taktn to bal, whuli was a itreat draw hack for
nt) fun tly, hh I ti4e fourihihlun au 1 a husbauC to
ram for 1 trie I moit mirjthimc, but uothliiif
proe I of anj aall U&tn uii all hop a nf bum;
urrd when I lsitd nn old frhml, who drw ui
attt ntiou to Ripiua Iabuba and on ni) way houin I
boui.'lit u pat kaut. little thinking tiny would do inn
an) uoo'l uudlotklheui a few timis a tho Atttr
that packauo was ono 1 me I not aa that Iff It
(putu anothi r woman, ami could iittind to in) work
withnrrt-MU) trouble I ha bt t u taking tin lit about
fourmmtliM and think 1 am tuned ntirely M name.
ran bt luid tor adM rtia'u juirp pan I tian no ob
j. i Hon whati'M i 1 Mult do all iu iu) pnwtrtoari
trtiat Ripiu labulea, an ttmrti 1 uothlim o jual to
tin in M) huahund itiida thim cry uood for torpid
llpr '
1 cryilinclsts(l1aR I PA VS 10 for 6 tenta, or
13 llM'LCiitpackcUi tor 44 cent t
A lerk at MMrier'fc Cam rata a dms atore No
r.7 itl Went ilouauin fit, Sow )ork aaj a lehniai
lr, IriMJ t Mlla ood many more Itlpam lali
ulea than wo want to Ihn Ulpana themlial Com
pan) fail to at ton the print iple of Rvo and let Ww,
aud a Uihk them dinct to putihaair at-iHreutaa
thuen cut our protlta down to almost not him; We
don t puh tin m, aud wo would drop them if wo
could '
Kurj dniKKlat sell R 1 V AN H JO for 5 ceuta.or
1J te tcutpacketa fur 44 ttnta
(fliouhl abe would dltt.)
Miait FrlrdriLha almuattwife, thirt) three years of
ae?, UMuuat No Mil Metropolitan avc , Ilrooklyn,
, wriua undtr data of J-ebruary 1. IMWi For
tin pastnvo)iara 1 hate hrn troubled with mr
heart and atoinach Fer moniliiK when I would
arisn I would find my heart achtuc an I also tn
Iwm would hi hi ami this nia le no fei 1 ik an old
wuiuau of Mixtt araofac 1 wtiit to nn doctor
for ui) trouble ttMeral )car, and th uulit I would
iltt A friend of mine lame t mj hout the "Ihor
mouth and told me about Rlpana lahuba aud I
cut m L'irl for a box of the u. uu 1 utt I about to ir
or iue tf Iheiii mil a L tullef rluht away Kver
txl 1 iuow X told about theiu aud what Uiu did (ur
- T ' ' " " ' I ,..--
mt. fcoA X know Iota of my fnenfla troutd nw tfri
well if I haLnot told them about Rlpana Tabules,
Tou can put my name In teatimonial."
F.terydrnffttlit aella R-IF A-N-S. 10 for 5 cenU.or
13 ntt-cent packeU for 48 cents,
Mr. J Oatrewlcz, Pbarmaclat.No 54H West llroad
way. New ork, aaja, Fcbruarj 15, lHlUM "Rlpana
Tannics area prett) cood Illustration of the old adaso
thnt aluablo tfoods urn uanally dono up In small
ptikatffa that la, small enouqti to bn handled con
leniently The Tabulea aro tne beat telling imdl
clue on tliQ market, running ahead of brotno seltzer,
their next nearest loinpctttor Their lugrcdlenta
arecood, distomeraare pleased with them, and there
ta a fortune lu tlutuforthu owiurs of the trade
mark "
Etvy dniRsist sells It 1 1 A N fl, 10 for & cents, nr
1 J flva-cent packets for 4U rents,
Rliiauatheoul) thluir thnt gate relief
Mr UlUlam Worth Mriuht, llMntf at Sallabtin
Mills, Oianuo count). V, wiltes umlei date of
rchntar l'l lmui 'Ab nit a srar ai:o I was utlir
lribf with am h pains tn luy head I did not know what
todo 1 heal J of Rlpans 'iabule of a fifeud down
in Ucthleln m Mm Cntsui and Just thought I would
try a flft cent package aud after nslnn them for a
ftwda I ijot loltef K also lu the inorntnx I waa
troubled with sin h a hear fietlUK In my tin at, and
after u-lm: the Rlpana labuleH for no htadthe.
heay feellnu dlHappcaud, mi uow 1 haa ktpt lluht
on taking; them evor slticn by t akin 2 one after tach
lucnl aud uue on n tiling at bedtime Thtj wert thu
ouh thtuvf width set im d to wive me rtllcr, so 1 take,
Uieat pleasure lu rLtouimeudlUtf them to any ono
aimllaih affetttd
Kcr) dniuai-t sella R t P N S 10 for & tenia, or
li rive i tut paikntrt for 4H cents.
V(tl, ST. MrhHV.
The cloikat llsvunuas Pharmacy, "0i Oaual st ,
New ork aas, rebiuau ir 18iui "This phat
tuactaut loinpetewlth grocery stoiea in the sals
of Rlpalis I ahull s hiiuewe don't bl them.' J hn
lepuiler adit a nic)Uuer to this pharmacy half au
hour latt r to buy a fiM tent narkaueof Rlpana and
tin cooris were handed out with cumnundable
prumptnrss The wtuulnr Is where the) get their
stock if they do not buy It
Eveiy drutfuliitselUR I 1" A N 8. 10 for 5 oenU.or
l-'ftve ceut packtta for 4B oeata
Mrs. PoUr, whose addres ia in care of M T
Kenny, 47" Hudson a , borunifh of llrooklyu
N .writes under date of rtbrnary 13 IHQ "I
hse been itonblad with palua around my heait
which I thouuht waa heart disease and the doi tuia
tould not aeem to help iue. no matter what the,
trae me I wa-i told to tr) Rlpaui Tabules, whloh I
tlfd, and tliei setmed to relle inn rlnht away so
when I uet that palu all 1 hai to do is to uet a
Tatmle and I am all light An)bod that la troubled
with pains around tho heart I adwse to take Hit ans
labuler 1 hey art easy to take and easy to buy. '
Kvery dmu'L'tst sells H I l'-A-N S lOfor&ceuta, or
1J Uo t ent packets for 4tt cents.
.MIOIITV MKN" 4.1.1 AltOUMl.
Mr . H Renaa Apnlhecar), H. Hth ar,, New York,
asys. Febmar 1 r.. IMPU Tho Rlpana Chemical Com
pany ia a might) mean Compau), selling their oods
in grocery itun s aaloona aud uu newsstands and
ruiniuK the biiHtne of the leuularl) licensed druK
Klats ' Notwithstanding hta opinion an ahoe ex
presstd.Mr Reussnutonl) sell- the, five cant pack
aRta of Rlpans, but asmmes the auperflous expense
of wiapplnt; the packet in a dirty piece vt white
Kvery drusslot sells R I P V N 3. 10 for Scents, or
1J fle tent packtta for 48 ceuts
m:kk kn.ioveu iikttkk hkaltii.
(Owes it to Rlpans )
Misa Amelia Bookman, li ln at Ruasell st , W. ood
harnPark,l, I , wiltes under date of tebruarr ir,
lH'Mi tt is with the greatest uf pleasure I write to
lufoim oti what the Hi pun labulea ha, a done foi
me I have suflered for veara with onstjpatlou aud
headat hes and tried all kinds of medicines and the)
would help me for a w Idle, but 1 never ha e enjoj ed
belter health than now, and I owe to the valuable
Tabulea and leiuumieud them to all sufferlmc
frit mis
Fcr druKiciat sells R I P A N 8 10 for 6 ceuta.or
1J Aw tent picket for 44 cents.
Mr Fdwiu nl, Uriuiclst and Pharmacist. No 44
Grami st , New oik, aaH, rehruary 1T, IttMD Rl
pans Tabule aro the btHt aeltinit medicine we hae
lliat shows how they please our customers
Kver dtUKufatHells R I P A N-3 10 for 5 cants, or
12 lle tent packets for48 OLUts.
Adala M Lambert flWuc at J4J4 Arlington st ,
1 hiladelphia, wiiteN under date of lebruary 14,
iHlij 'l hUffeied from iudicestiim for rlo
vears in its worst form, and tried ecry lemedy
(if width I beanl without an) result Rlpans
labultsweio icinmmeuded aud now I am better
both in spitits aud in health 1 take pleasure iu
leiommendtui: the Tabules to anr one in miser). '
1- ery dnuitciat st lis It I P N 3 10 for & cent, or
1 J five cent pickets for 48 ccuts
clerk at the rhrmann Dma Co.'a storo. No 41
Sixth ae , New ork. xiyR February ir, Ihihk
There la no discounting Rlpans labnles. The)
beat everj thine as aellerc. '
Fery dnikcf-t dl 11 IIM N S 10 for F cetta, or
1-fit cent packets toi 48 cent
Mr liankllnP Mifllin Ir , lhlnc at 2120 Oaul at ,
Philadelphia writes, under date of lebruary 18,
IrUUi 1 hae had a headaeho anil slippy feeling
for Kome time and, ghine Rlpans Tabulea a trial,
about seven mouths ago, I haxe felt a great rolief
and wtuld not do without them in m) home I
ham told nil my fiieuds about the wondtrful Ripnns
Ta bulls
erj dnicgit sella RI PANS 10 for 6 cent, or
12ni cent pack ta for 48 cents
Mr luha ntoxanm, liim;at llos South 4th St.,
Pntlndt lphia writes under date of It bruary 1-',
jhmi I anion of theunfnrtunatt nuts autlerinc
from that ttuadiul plague call d d)ept pnia 1 hati
spentalaiKf portion of my life trjiug to n t n lief
lninctnan rmetlipH but none suited my ae sol
thought nn elf im uiablt In reading some of tlm
testiumnlals I waw a gnat man) thnt t nnrsponrled
with ni) feeling and the obtain 1 relief from Rlpana
ralmb but is 1 had trn d ao matij remetlies which
did me no gootl I conimenctd to tnink that I would
neerft el well aain I thought I would gie Rlpana
Tabules a fair trial and I found them jiiht the medi
(inethiit I netded I ohtaiue I gtvat lelief and feel
It nn iluty to n inter ton nn eerlaiinc thanks for
puttiug such a g tdend in ni) reath lean lughh
r commend them to all aufft it rs fiom d)-pcpia aud
imligMtinu ami I woul t not under auy consideration
i without tin in
Fery druggltt sells R I P A N S 10 for 5 cents, or
1 2 tio cent pat keta for 48 centa
NOriUNO sri.I.s nKTTKR.
The Mansgt r of Salmon s Phsi macj , c irner Canal
and Hudson Hta New ork, sa e "rebrusrr l, liit
Me hivi a large and steadm increamng salo of
Rfpaua Tabules Hon t know as anything in the
store sells 1 1 ttei
Ferj druggist sella R I P-A N S 10 for ft centa, or
12 hie ct nt pa kef for 4S cents
Rose lleim tweut years old ltwne at 814 Han
en k sfTPnilidelphia, writ sunder date of 1 ebruarv
IB IMUP I wttrh in onf ct inner) and hao been
troublott with m st iiiadinrrmnu laid "pung I
took all ktmK i f uiedif jn a without being b uefittd
I suflt re I rirearitull) fiom iudig ation and bilious
neH tilt a friend of none told me to tr Ripauslab
ul s which 1 waa i) unwilling to tin bnause I had
luil all tafth in nu di in. hut ah lualtPri no to pleas
In i 1 bought some In a hnrl tlmo 1 found great
reluf I took tine wh(iieei I felt bad, and now I
takt out aft i eat h me ti iltlioiigh I han no need to
do so aa I fe 1 ptrftoth well I hao recouiliieuded
ilio Ta bul Ad to all in) frn nls as a ery g mil remel)
and ntner fail to lino a ime at lioim Ton maus
nn name and this stati no nt if u wish, and I ahU
be pleaded 1 1 re mniut nil or write to an) one who
winheo to hear from me.
Ecr ilrugi-tsflN P 1 P A N-S lOfor fioantstot
1.' nptent paiketi for 4 t ents
Ripaus t un d lhiu
Thought lh) Nr a Humbug
Mi .losejdi II am ) a collator agri twenty fh
irs, luliuat H14 Hilton rt , Phlla lelphia writes
undiidatoof relit nan M Ihup I took Ripane
'lahules ftii 1) sm pp-ia and tan safel) sit that I am
tun laud (itnri onl) b) Jtipana Tabutca 1 havn
tri d nth r small imperii tiou. but onh uil ilif
fiom the lubult a it m mil) afli r ui) miaja I won 11
f i a sour tantt coming up troin mr tdnmat h whb h
-wastr) aniioiug to in , esp clall) when I would
be Ulklngfo one of nn cm-toimis whbh I olleit
from Nt rj often I would hae a t igai almo'-t whol
aud would u t dUgiiMlo I ami throw tin t igar uwaj ,
owing to that dlfagrei ahln tustn that won) 1 tome
oer die, but. now I don t thittw away au ilara
owing to that di-ngntatdi ta-t t r) ufun I w oil 1
ftelaiil at in) at in ic Ii inri wouldliaet rtstnijaolf
a whl It until I w old g t s uut u lo t 1 statti d ttitako
Rlpans rahult Kabtnit tin mid Ui f llttembti aud
about the (.ct ond wn kin. lanuur) I wasi nt n 1) uud
The wav I tamo to using them was at tho suppt r
tablo when a fib ml of mint who had h en at mr
Jiouse wh n I (oui)dainetl how 1 fet I aoim timt a af
teraupl er, atld to uu o hc dsapipsia, S,
after supptr wi all join din a ep lluig gamo which
1 ui j self t nut oc 1, au I ltlJo pi t) ing uni out of
uainth gameeptlhtl MUpain-. M this oint ui)
frlind said to mo Jo there fa a good thing for
youi trnub ( ' WH I hato often sein tliem adxt r
tist'laud thought Iht) w mb a hum) iu. Ilk a good
in Hi) ndortis d diriH, Rut, amwaj I said I will
giSft tlnpia trial, so J got a box lho titat box did
not urn me but aftor the hird bun I began t ) f 1 a
hange ami U) attt i da) I got bcilrr. I had dys
cpsia, lo the bot of mj knowlelgo abtuit two
ram aiul trieil cures if nil kin 1 and got very little
rt lit f, but now I in el not look for relier as 1 am en
tin I) turn I nu tan u-a iu. name and a hlntf and
also ni) atatetmnt lu ngard t Rlpana Tabu le for
an) purpose ) ou tb sin. I allow auch with my free
V.ery druggist selUR I P A N 3. 10 for ft centa or
12 rite int packet lor 4H (puts
The Manager of Charlton Pharmae), No, fjft2
Oneiiwich t , New ork, saya lebruary 16, I Rim
Mr iiistonieraswtar b) Jtipana labule. They aay
tho) euro a majority of their 111 "
l-erydru'iBtsellsIM P A N H. lOfor ft ccnta.or
12 five cent packtta for t uts,
(louiid relief in Itipau,)
Ura, Rlanche trubenback, who ketps a board lug
bouso at rlbert a. H mth Rockaway Reach, N ,
wrlt under datn nf rchruar I.' lHtuk "I lno
auff r d for the last eight can with d) spepsia, and
hae trud all known r rmidlra but neter bad r Uef
from any id tht m 1 wax fun adned tu try Rlpana
rahulfi but refused as I lassed tbtm nobettir
thsu am other mediruu that I hail pn iousj taken '
but th Lord dfret I d me out da to tr) them and I
hinurv thankful t bt able t t sai that the lbults ,
arethenul) thing that mr giua ms relief J cau ;
aafel) sac that an) person sullen ug at did witn I
II at I mule dlsedse. dspcpsia will fiud that.
Ripaus wtU make aa autU cure If takvu m directed, j
If this testimonial -would be of any help to you I
am aura you can uao it -with pleasure."
Krery druggist sells R-I-rA.N 8. lOfor ft centa, or
13 Gve-cent packets for 48 cent.
Dr. Renr. Pharmat 1st at Ml Greenwich at, Nr
York, aara. February 15 IHin "Much oourngo waa
reiufrcd In thfl incorporation of a compam like tho
Rlpana Chemical Company to sell such excellent
producta as Rlpana Tabules, ten for Ave cents, on nc
fount of thecheapntas Asa whole tho prim Is a
must arnaibleone Tho Tabulea aro good sellers
Reecham s Pills ha n bnn tholr marest competitor,
but the) are tiow falling far bt hind ou sslrs
lerydruggist sills R 1 P A NH 10 for ft tenia, nr
l'J tle reut patketn for 4 ents
(Olid) NOI l.ir V Ml. A I,.
tTluew up oerlhlng
Mrs U llaoii, lUHiu at JP47 Nurth U t Phllsdel
lhla,wiitea uiulot date uf lobruary 12, lsuP I
thought as I han uel Rip ins lahulf s Torso long I
would write and let ton know how much good ther
hae done luc I was a gnat sullen r fttr twotir
thru at bout a )tar ago thev wtrr rr um
membd to mo bv a fileml of mine nudliuut)
tlm hacuied luu lwasngital atitTerer from lu
digestion aud itiuld not at n meal unlet I thtew
eurj thing up, and I also had a bloated feillng J
trled so much nit tlit lu hut nothing did mo am good
until I found the Ripms Tabulea Now I tan let
ouimeud them to an) out sutleriug from what I
did "
Kery druggiat a. lis RI IM N 8 10 for ft centa, or
1 2 lite tint packets for 4s it uts
A rletk at Roth A Flown s dirnr stoic, 4U3 Hudson
at , Ni w nrk, snjs l(lnuar I i 1P Th. ten
for to tints kind of Rlpans 1 abide- takes the bun
and beats eter) thing ete lu the store
Men druggist sella R I IM S S ti for G cents, or
12 lit cent pa keta Tor 4K cents
Mis M Thompson, living at 2K04 Jasper at ,
Philadelphia wiitcs under date, of 1 ehruar) U,
iHltW Iteelltui) dut to Inform j ou of the great
heuetH 1 and my fanill) hae derited from the
famous Itipatis Tabules 1 have bt eu asutlerer from
djspcpsla and indigiatloii Tor a number of years,
and had tritd renn dli a without fatorable results,
until I determined to test the qualltUa uf Rlpans
Tabules I did so and after a shmt time found mr
self lelleted eutlrl. aud am now inner without
them lu the house and hat e also ret ommendi d them
to h trial friend, who have also found thnn bene
He I it 1 iu a number of was The) are an excelleut
reined) fur constitution.
Kverj druggist ell R 1 P A N S 10 for ft ceuts, or
12 tne-cent packet for 4H t elite
Mr. faiiiea M ( olllns, Druggist and Apothecary,
ft7M Hudson st , New ork, ssts, lebrnart ID IHHPI
Rlpans labulea sell llku the tb til and the) beat
everthlng In stock If m cu-domt ra are to be be
Reted they buy them for eter) thing from lull) ache
to a bruUe of the big toi
Kttry druggist at IN R I IM V 3. 10 for 6 cents, or
1 J five cent packet foi 4H cent
i or si) ni.MKDivu: iti,i.n:r.
Mrs F. R Saurman.litingatNo TOM Cumberland
st , Philadelphia, writes uud r date of I ebruar) l.t.
lmm lor aoiue two oi thieo ttais I hate sutlered
with stomach trouble Was adttsed bt fiiendsto
tr) Jtipana Tabuloa aud fluall) did so It has been
about three months aintel began taking them I
found In them an Immediate relit f to all m) dis
agreeable symptoms It is tin onl) medicine that
ha ever been of an) use tn nn
I-very druggtst sella R I P K. N 3. 10 for ft cents, or
12 flte-,tnt paokfcts for 4H itnts.
A clerk at Uenn C Roth a drug stoie 14th at.
A: 7th at , New kork, aata, rob mar) 15, 180W
Ripaus Tabults st 11 like hot gtligt rcaken Noth
ing elae aella uearl) ao wtll
Etery dnigglstHtlU R I P A N S 10 for 5 cents, or
1 2 fit e cent packet for 48 cent
lllhk AUK 4 (.OltSl.M).
Mr. Daniel Sharp, lit ing at a J Pilling st .Ilrooklyn,
N ,writH ttuderdaM.of lehruan 11 liu A
word of praiwo for temr wonderful into I hate
been troubled tor tears with Kick heads ho and
d)8 ei sia and hato tried a number of doctor who
would relietn me foi a short time and then tin ft el
lug would cuiue tin again Hating read in tho
World of the manr i ure with Hlpaus labulea
Idttided to gne them a tiial I hate ut d them
now for about two wteka and I hate Improved
vrouderfullt. I now nJo a goo I night n lint and
hate uo full or diatn smI t lings after eating as
he re to for. RipausT ihuleauioa godaeutl buctesa
lo them
hter) druggist elli R I IM N 3. 10 for 5 centa, or
12 fitt ctnt pack ta for 48 cents
A clerk at LuerHeti a lharmac),No (10 Sixth ate ,
New York, Hats iebruarj 1" 18lut We sell Jots of
Ripajis Tabulea and I am glad to lecommeud theiu
to customcia
Ft ert druggist st lis K I P K N 3 10 for 6 cents, or
12 fite cent packet for 48 ctnt".
(aiuiug Rapidh.)
Mr V I Pansnt liting ut No 22 Hanna st ,
lort Win nr Ind , writia under date of J-ebruarv l.t,
lHtm ' 1 sutlercd from indigtstion in rnusues,
billons attack, coiiNtipatitn dlin kh amlothcralml
lai N)uiptoins, ami it was plain that in) stoma b and
litir weie at fault Idoitorid with several first
i lass phyfdeiaus without obtaining relief, nbd I also
tiled various stoma h remedies hut tht t didmeui
good When I started taking Rlpana Tabules I im
mediate!) began to lmprot, and bt fore I had taken
two littli 1 ottles of twilto Ripaua T ibulea 1 wan
gaining rapidly I took eleten lit tin bottles of
Jatiulrs, and neter felt better in m life. I was not
abb to work foi fnurtieu months, but now I am
working again and in do a day a work with any
man Mt wif and m, friends who knew me when
I was au k aic astonished 1 ictonimcnd Ri ans
Tabulc t all mr fri lids and always intend tn praise
them The) have dnne muro for mo than any other
mtdicint I t vi r used
Fv ery druggist wells R-I P N S 10 for 6 centa, or
12 five cent packets for 4S cents.
Mr M I Render, a druggist No T57 W. Mth st ,
ni)s 1 bruart 1", IKiu If the Ripaus ( hemt al
Co would online the sale nf Hi ans Tahiti a to thn
druggists we wouldu t kit k, small as the pro tits an ,
but whin the rompnnt shotta us into c nipctition
with barber hop- halons ami uewsttands for
be 4 rs nee. bin its ltintt Mr Heud r sells Rlpana
TabulcH, hnw ter, aud in a onpi uous iln e in his
store may be found i sign W h iell Ripaus Tabules,
ten for live icntn
Fvery druggf-d sells It 1 P K N S. 10forftcanta,or
12 lite cut packet- for 48 cents
tliiitl iniiin m diUnes
Mrs Starke, a drcmiker 4Hwm nt age, lmng
at No It) m spring ttatd list , I hiladelphia. writes un
tier ilat of l-ebiuari 1 t Impu "Mj tniulde started
about four ) eara ao, anl I have b en under doctors
treatment tor dt spt psia and ait k hea la h hut as I
did not i c ivt h cure 1 thought I would Lite HipaiiH
Tabules attial 1 would arif-r very morning regu
larl) with a Kick hcadat he in) tyesdnll ami such a
pool appetite, ii ml havo been hHm ti d with ietero
)ins in tin st una h nnd bloat d afttrmeal I
wa- vervnertous at night uld not get a sound
sleep, my tongue lias be n ci atod for a long time,
I was ttoubl! with a sour IbkIp in mj mouth, and
I VI1H lliillliil t Mill), n nun iiii i- iti in j iiiiiiiiii, nun
ui) tompleilou has ba n vi rt white and pale I was
btsing ni) health ind was hardl) able to att nd to nt)
tlutiei at m) ork. I Haw ad vert Ist nn nt in our 'Rte
oid aud thought I WfiuldL'lvi HipaiiHTabub safalr
triil I hate r.tdsomnii) kinds of medicine both
fmm the tin t r and putt nt m diciue and was ilisap
pointid but 1 alwata as) where there is life there Is
hope ftnr I had iun hai d a Mimll ft cent I o aud
received sin h rt litf I pin haed a large botilt anl I
hatt at pn si ut half of them that I have not takt n aa
1 im cured I noth e that I can eat a lit art) mt al with
a great plcahiiie, and hat u pains or si, k hi adacht .
sleep well, ami hatcbiu gaining in m hi alth I
hope tint ui) tHstiui inlal will he the means of ricom
mtndtng ltii ana labulcs to thosewlio ma) be sufler
Ing with tioubltsnfni) kind ami with pleasure, if
ucctUd )ou mav us my uaim . 1 will te alwava
thinking of the labul s when 1 meet my triends, at
1 will recoiumand them hlghl) '
1 tery druggist sella R I P A N S, 10 for 6 cents, or
12nteitnt acki t lor 4H( ents
llr (terrc.cN Suns druggUt No IU iT Eighth
av. New Virk, a)a Itliruar) IV JHtip Rtj ans
Tabules sell light along, th cart ui ten (or lito
irnta t-rlllug artiiularl wU I don t think I
hav aiDthing that beats Hon sales ThttUHoin
erx who t uu on e tnni audn t but Ripins lab
ul a in prett) got d ovfden e of tin ir popularit) aud
nieillciual vabu
Ft ery druguit sells It I P N s. 1 0 for ft cents, or
l.'fltrrmt lacketH for 4 8 tents
TKIi:i) TUKNTi-llVF kemkihks.
(Ripins curt 1 luin
Mr Otto RoHt-ler, a priuler, tw nt) ii yeais old,
lltlngat No, Jttn 1 ulton st Riokltu N , writes
under datn of I biuai) 14 IHim I hate I e n suf
ferlug for )ars with a nil Hoium h iiml iudlM st.on
I hatt trid i ter thing hut did not m m t m t ant
rein f, no the olhertlat I hit pi nut to run across a
couph of fn nds who adti-ed mo to tr) Rlpana
Tahiilp width I did I Imvt been taking Hum for
th last thru w t ks and hato btin nion than bur
prir.nl us P tin rt Milts as I thought tht re wa- nothing
that woul 1 nlievo m hitkmt" 1 will n commend
themtoitirt one fot stoiuuch tmuble ml imlig k
tlon I inter 1 ovt tho h ns for work without a
box if Ilipain I it tiles in ui) p ket 1 ran Unit
th) an thebtat thing ut for stomach troullin
Aftai tr)tugat lat ttt nt) tU remi liea v itlinul ic
litf, 1 am thankful to almit that Rij ans lubulia
Jute ici ouiplishcd It 1 tie I) ulvt in) naiii forud
vertUfment purpost h, as it ma) bo tho nuan of
hi l ing otln rs
Ftcn druggist sells IU IM N 1 10 for ft centa, or
12 five cuit iai keta for 48 nuts
Mr (it orge Redder, drugUt and bfttanlst, No 170
hlith ate Ni w ork, ana, 1 briur) Jft, 1MU
Wt makobigsalta tf llipaii-' to llmg 1 ox after box
N 'lldlig sells well 1 he foimuia of thi labul s
is an xci lleut one, and tht) are. O K It would bo
too mm h to f cct them to tut hronlc d)sp psla,
but m) tut uu is otteu i hum n lief from bt idat hu
ami biliousness
Kvery druggist st lis 111 IM N fl 10 for 1 cents or
1 J i v t tent ack ts foi 4Htents
MissMaryl I aske) a tahswnmsn sUtten tear
ofage lltlngat No Jill Waterloo st 1 hila lelphl t
writta uudi r tlate of Jauuart 11 Ihui ' Ihatetuin
to work feiliugver) I ad and had to nm houit dat
aftei da) VI last 1 was tak n In the ibutoi s.aud ho
told me I had the grll Je an I then he haudd me
some uiedh iue which is calhd grippt imdlUue, sol
wi nt tn with it for oun wjiolo w m k, and atlll I
til In t ft el one bit hitler t hi"t in) mntlii r
i-in. I ' Tn Ripau Jalulen t. ate rj
ihs) t take so I to k ne i th morn
I ing and one in the hvi mug au I I ftt 1
I much bettfi M ui dhei who in nft f ui yaif
i old lias be n siitleriu with 1 1 spoj for t tn rt)
i tears an i has 1 1 1 u suu Ho labul - an I g t gr at
t lelief from tin m ami w ul in t I- with "it th m I
I have itcnmuwud lth in I eight girl that I go with
Iand cavetheiu nn t i tr ami tht) hud great relief
too. In our Uuue wc cannot do withuut Iheni, You
ran ui mr nm. for T m irllllnit lo r.oommen J ll
lllpnThiilMtciiirloilj'. I'H
ICrerr (tnmttMt .ell n-I-P-A-Nf 10 for t cent., or &tasl
12 (We-cent ji.ckttn for 4H crnU. vjjrfl
Mr. Oeoruo I'rrjtmc, ilruenlsl, Nn. 2411 Vtert JflSB
llmadwiiy. Now Ycrk, ,, Folimarr lf, lHiidi "Oo .'
tothoilfivil with ItlpaiiK labulu That feller that uBBJ
rMldhun,' loiitliiueil Mr l'ri'j itanc, Kith rapldlr 'BBSl
rltlnitrolnr, 'inn llilif anilaraiiol ills rl nTab ;aSI
ulr.arrilrlliiK'iit iir.vlliliiK rloo In thA market BBB
anil rillnlnu' my tmdc 111 ton tlinm In h I befora
111 aril thnn" further than thi Mr. FrATtnuK SB
wnulil not trimt lilmoi lfto appak, and ha nouldnot
llMcn In an unl Intituled to Im mollify Inn by tli. !
Iiportir An linnr lalnr tlm rrrorlpr pnt a meaan BSB
mr lohin a Mm tent racket of llliian. from Mr. '
l roitainr, and thriinods were produced without any
dela i'taVJ
hirydriiKKlataoll. Ht-P A N S. loforfi centa. Of
12 ll e rrnt packet ror 44 cvuU
ms thoi m.r.s ham: insArrnAiirn. ':H
(lialned fonrtcen pouudii ) 'H
Mr 1'ranV Mt l.nuicliliii. a laborrr, thirty year, of tBBa
ui, llliikrat lor.T No Front at , Philadelphia, wrlloa ...aSS
uiiler dam ot 1 i'ljriur l.l, IHl'ti "Ihavebeen. iBSS
iiilnir fiom In lluisllim nnd KtomaUi ttnublo for ifBVJ
about Ihri-H yinia I tilrd nuiny doctora and ilH
alio many palrut incdlcliio?i, but all did ma SBB
tty llltlo uikmI, iinlll aeiilim adTertlaomenl :
lu the l'nlladtlphla llrcord about four NBSS
montha aito I louclmlid to itlui Itlpain Tahulea jpSj
a trial llrfore I liauau tatlmi them 1 could "
mrvi. nit anythluK without fiellne worn .'
Hi r 1 na thnuiKli than brforn 1 bruau, viat contln- :BSB
Hall) lo.inK Hcali and alio bicomlnu dejected. My iSVa
work Mai eiy hard and the way I wai feeltnfflwai aH
aliuiil to thro up the Hponice, but. thanka to ltlpana f 18
labiilm all ni troublea hae disappeared. In four
monlln I limi' gained rourti.u pound., andean ta ',Sbj
atnlhluit without fiellnic dlatrrsso 1 In any way and 'JIB
ftel likeadlirrrtutinaii t ae.thla for adertlalnv. ' '
Et try dnncuist sells 11 1 l'-A-N B. 10 for 8 cents, o M
12 live cent packets forts centa. H
Mr. 1' J Arbelter, Deutsche Apotheke, (101 Canal IH
st., New York, sa a lebruary IC, 1HW, speaklnsot BBJ.
ltlpana Tubules There is no money In thorn." Mr.
Arbelter sells them, however, as the reporter noticed
a prett) uond stock of the 6 tent lartous on. shelf SBJ
behind tiM (.ouuter BBj
Ferj drinntist aella It 1 1' A N 1. 10 for B cants, of iwfj
12 lle ceut paiketi for tn cents. BBJ
I Hi: ONLY ltl:ill.HV FOUND TO DO '9
Mr F. la k Itiitherfonl, twenty one years of brs. H
llvliii: ut Tho llelinar, 710 1'lne at, Philadelphia. ')VBJ
wrlli s undtr date of Februar) IS, 18SU-"Tbecrlll- -
cal and piisMui; clrLiimntaniee In whloh I llnd my iSBl
nlf plaied oblige uu urKentl) to call your attention rSBJ
to my communication I shall ulo as briefly as pos -BBJ
slblo ni) pa.t inn lor tho past lle ysara I hav. jBj
belli troiiblid with d)spepttla and stomach trouble. .BBJ
Hli month" sieo Itrled Hit wonderful remedy, ltlpana MBVJ
Tabules which I took rmularly for one month, -BBJ
and now I Uud m self in the best ot health and BBJ
in) stomach neei bothers me When I eat a hearty iBJ
meal or rat luto ut nluhl I take one of the Tabulea
before iculuc to led, and the next mornlnc I
leil like u new belnu I lay It all to the Tabulea JjB
end can ltcartlh itcommeiid them to nny person, or &Bj
eaptciall) lo Htutlcnts Kitlnir to college, when their tBJ
uu to luto snpperi Ac. Allow me to say that this It SBl
the mil) iiutiidy 1 lue eer fiiund to do me aa H
nmch cod, and 1 woul I not be afraid to advise anr BJ
one Iroubltu with ihsn'la to just try them and
the Tabulert will do thi Hit BJ
ter) ilnntKist sulln K 1-1' a -1 10 for S cents, or
12 live cent packets I or t a centa BJ
a mhickim. iiski.i'ki:si:ntation.
Mr Oifirft IIIcki.li in ilrncuiil. No. 633 lludion H
St., New lork, su) s I'ibiuur) ir,( ihiiii- BBJ
'do to a Un milt if )ou want to Hnd Itipans Tab- BBJ
nles duu't ionic here Ne don't keep 'em." BB
llnlf au hour later the r porter scut a messenger to BJ
Mr HhkHteiiis store to bu) a necent paokaze of
Itipans Iabule. 1 hn Kouds wi re promptly handed JB.
oer the count r. tho clt rk even tskinc palna to H
niapttpthe jisckago inaer) icrean) piece of pink x BJ
paper V BJ
hxery druei:it sells R 1 1' A S 3. 10 for B cents, of '
2 Ave c nt packets for ttt cents BJ
(hrltilirry iu tho head I ' U
Mr Frank riiillip)H a brakeman on the T. W. II.
Kailniad, llvlnc at .'4 HI H Keexe st . I'hlladelpbla, ,
writer, uudi rdnte of Februuiy iJ, 18uni "lhad tha
tUsptpfila for o era iur and tried all kinds of medl- Bj
dm. which did me no koo 1 I could not eat, alway. BJ
felt d7 lu my head ami thought it was on account B
of the bter I diank, so I stopped thut and waa Just
the s-iluo I waH rendim; tin luiiuircr and saw oua fl
of the ails showing teHtimoniala of nthcra con H
ceruiiig IllpauH Inbuilt so 1 thought I would try t fl
them, and bought ono package, and took ono tabula J fl
after taih intsl I did not feci the elfectaof tho t
Hrtt packngi , ho 1 bought two moie, and took two
Tabules attet tach me il, uml after two weeks I felt
like a new man 1 don t hao any mnrtMl) soepaia, flj
uml tuu eit and sh en well uud the dlzlness has nil flj
left ms I take out ortwo labulcs ecry day now, 4flB
uud wool I not be without them. Ion can use thi. 11
ttstiuiomul BB
Lver druggist sells It I I' N" S. 10 for IS cents, or
12 ilt tent packets fortH ceuts ' IBJ
AV AM 1-1) -V i ase of bad heslth that R I P-A-N' S ' Ifl
t will not beuellt It I P A N S lo for 6 centa. or ifl
1 J packets for 4R i ents. ma) be had of nil druggists IBJ
who ale willing to si if u low priced mediolno at a ,f m
moderate proltl The) bauiili pain and prolong life. jBB
One gives relief. Atceitt no aub.tilute. ota tho ifl
wordil I V A N S on ths packet. fB
'icnd r, cents to Hipuns t hcmlcal Co., No. lORprme !
at , New York, form samplisand l.OOOtratimoniala. VU
Tammnny Appoints nnOIIUinl Kitrrmlna-
tor lledbiigs nt fur lulled.
Tnmmnny lias f-tnrtod another cruande In th.
interest of the people Tho btiCB must col "
Tho Department of Charities hrii talven the
mntt.r In hand nnd his decided that tho
roaeliet of different sneclos which awarra in
tlie charitable. Institutions of tho city must b.
done away with
llids wero submitted yesterday to the. Chari
ties Commissioners nt their office, foot of East
Twenty-sixth Btreot, foi tho "destruction and '
banishment of all roaches and vfatorbuij."
from tho followinc institutions for tho roar
1WK1. lelleuo Hospital, the City I-odelnc-hotiso.
Almshouse. City Hospital. Idiot Asylum. (
infant--' Hospital. Metrooltan HoapItaU
(louvi'rnoiu Hospital. Harlem Hospital, Ford- '
Inin Hospital. 1-pileptlo Hospttnl. the Central
(llllee and the Outdoor I'ooi Department. Ths "
job is a bic one so thooflli'ial bugcatcher roust
Kie n bond and must furnish satisfactory tes
timonials of character and illness
Iho bids were adwrtised foi on Feb. 0 and ';
there wero six competitors yesterday. The) ,
hichest bid was Sl.jiOD and Iho lowest oflof v
was flMO HO for the year's work Thonaraeof
tlie suce essful candidato for the now position i
was not revealed. ;
it is inferred fiom the fae't that it is not men- -:
tioneel in the mhertlscmont timt an important
branch of tlie ermin family tlie R.nus bed. '.
btiB m not Included lu iho ostimato Borneo!
the inmates of cll iiiKtitiitions said yestordar
that this was in overslcbt which should to
cei) e tlie attention of tho ( ommissloneri .
ixcT.iXE ijvxtTiox orr.
Justice .11 add ox Dlssolvnalt and Lone Islands,
Trnlns ainy Run tn Miinlinttnn. l
hupreme Court Justice Jfaddox fn BrooUya ,'i
handed down a decision yesterday denylncrtha)
application of John (ullacher. a ta.xpayer.tr
continue an injunction reatialnlnc the LonB
island Hnllroad Compan) nnd the Ilrooklyn El-
.Mitnd Hiilroad ( ompany from connootlnc tha f
two roads by a iaduet and Inellnoatl'latbush '
and tlantic nvonuos, and also reetralnins
Commissioner of Hicliwarjs James V. Koatlnit ,
and Ids depiit from peritiitiiiic tho construe-
lion of tho viaduct and connections Justice
Maddox nlwi dissolved the temporary In-
jiiiK'tlon Mr (iiillacher contended that tho i
light to make the connections should be ob' r
tiiliied throiifh a frtii' hi- from tlm Municipal
As-enibh. and that fni the nmmissloner ot
Hlchwa)s loKrnnt apeiniit fortheeoiihtmction .
of the im line was a w iaio of eorpoiato prop-
ei l) J
Justice Maddox sas thnt there h,is been no
injur) tout waste of publle pinperiv and tli it '
the c,iniitliiB of t tin piunnts liyih Highway
( onimisKloni'r wus not in ilh unl, unlinfiilor fl
dlslionesl oHli'lnl in I. I ho iiicllm is Intonde 1 VII
to i niiblei the loin; Islind 11 illroad to run im
trnlns over tiio eloMili d ru id nnd the Ilrooklyn ''IB.
Ilililgn to lint M.inhntl.iii terminus of tin) j
bridge I
STS.ntm nnn v nttoimiir. i'
Ivvn rirenien It'll Tlnoiicb n I lour In
Tlclitliig It Amid Hi use so,,, I,,., 1
K flro at 4"i and tr7 llnmlwa) destroyed .
$7iri,ii0i) worth of pi'ipi rtv )ilii.la) The j
Kreulei loss wns ais,iiniil bi lb I linn lliotlior S
A I o , di alets in spool silks who oi'-upied part f
of the croiind Horn anel the w bole cellai ?
'I he Ilicbn ke utii in Hit ell u and tiotihled ' '
Hie llreniHii en ill) 'J h mu In w is douse I
and lmtiiii nt nnd Hie heal ml use but tha f
lire lluhii rs siiKeede'd b) chnppiiiK up the I
sidewalk and in ttini: ui thellii th it vvii), nn I, r
bj iiinvliiK a strong foi is un th -lair In pn - i
M'lillnu' tin II um s fi un ttiiilni; up in tl.o 1
lie in-..- Tlm siunke did Imwi vei and w rotiirht X
ll.lVlie ill I lli xt "kofelll. 1 elejIiglllK lo till) fltlll 1
of I'uill (iilinbililioi A I ii V
I in nn ii O'Ni II ami ( oiiwnj of 1 imlno Coin-
nan) I'i ti'll through tie' lloor into the col nr .
ilurlliB Hie Hie, hut were Ic'xeilfU bv thtir U
ionirai'.a I,
MhiIiiuiiii IVnnlly tti nn I a-f'onvirt. 4m
I'lterCorcorin ilins "fionc," nn ex convict,
was sentenced b Magistrate Utnllich m th. a
Centre Htreet Police I ourt etnidny to 100 j
davs in the penitentiary, He was arrostod
Knturda) itfternoon while Initeriui: near tha
Irvine Mitiiuul II ink, ut Warr.'ii multireel!- -j
wlch streets, by lieteeiives II e and Mc- J
henna, and a limited to the d te tivos. who 4
iiitstioiiod him that he was it the bank for 1
the iiiipo-e of pi king (uieki'is Miigiitrat. J
hudlich imposed the maxiliiiiui penalty i
I If iiii Are Pressed fni Tlmo (J
I ' Wsut adveiiiseiiients for 1 ill Hon may b Tafia.
an) postal Irlegraph Uisisuger ofilDt. Chjugsstka 1
I samMatTliBBBefllce, Aiv, ,

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