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? ft -Wro-as-AY, March 1.
I m Thero was ft further falling oft In the volume
I j of business on tho fltocExclinngo to-Jay nnd
1 If ttlao r further Jeollno lo price. The net re-
I II cults of tho retrograde movoment, howover,
1 J wero not quite as goneral as yesterday, nor
I i were they as pronounced. The moraine's
f H news regarding the situation at Manila
f h not only disposed of yestarday's canard
1 if. of a collision between tho Amortcan and
-V K German forces, but contained tho gratify
fl Ins intelligence of exceedingly amlcablo re
V 8' latlons botwoen tho two Governments. This
& P development tallod to stlmulato tho London
i market for American securities nnd had oo ra
ti " paratlvely littlo effect horo. Tho oarly lm-
I provoment In prices apnearod to result chiefly
,1 from manipulation and the covering of somo
f, t ofthoshorlsputoutycstorday. Thatthebuylng
'H was not of tho most substantial charnotor was
Jj ( shown by tho action of tho market during the
'j I Mlddloofthoday, when prlcos reacted sharply
3 under selling that appoared to bo chiefly by
i'L professionals. 0., B. nnd Qulnoy was consplo
J ' L uously weak nt a docllno of 2X points from
3 'j the highest prlco. A number of other stocks
3 i yielded 2 points, whllo recessions of 1 cent.
II or more woro not uncommon. At tho extreme
f decllno somo good buying mode Its nppear
S I stneo and In conscquonco prlcos ralllod frao
s f, tlonally In the last hour, giving an nppearanco
J1 of firmness nt tho closo.
, Although tho volumo of trading was the
2 smallest In a numbor of days past, tho illstrl
I button was unusually woll maintained. Only
f two stocks wore exceptionally notlvo, nnmely,
f I , Atchison proforrod and C 15. and Qulney. To
S 1 ' nether they suppllod only about 20 V cont.
I ; '. of tho total transactions. Other foatures
f f Iri v tho railway list woro Texas Ta
t elflc, whloh was exceptionally strong, nnd
S :j f Union and Southern raciflc, which on light
( transactions sustained tho only noteworthy
l net losses recorded. Tho selling of tlioso
? I stocks appeared to be chiefly by sranll spoc-
8; ulators whu failed to take advantago of tho re-
1 cont sharp advancei in thoso stocks. Tho In-
a. dnstrlsl group madon rather bettor showing
W than tho railway list. American Steel and
I H' Wire issues not only recovered from tho
Iff midday reaction, but closed fractionally
0 higher than last night. This was truo of
Ej Sugar Iteflnlng also, American Tobacco
H' jumped up l points from yesterday's
Ml final price, but subsequently l09t tho
(K greater part of tho improvement; still. It
iff closed lli V cent, higher thnn yesterday.
j', Thoro was n rovhal of Interest In Amortcan
I 1 Bplrlts, resulting from tho improvement In the
I jr. financial condition of the company. Having
1 I disposed of certain properties not required In
i . its business, tho company has pnld oft all of Its
L floating indebtodness, and has in Its treasury,
' for the first tlmoln months, ample working
SK, capital. American Maltlnglssueswerostrongon
ffi. tho absorption of two or three competing
, plants, as noted In detail further on in this
fJKp column. Consolidated Gas fluctuated widely,
iMl advancing 0 points nnd finishing with a net
IB train of "I. Another noteworthy net advance
ijHi was that of nearly 2 points in Philadelphia
9 Company's stook. 1'orolgn arbitrage houses
W took comparati ely littlo interest in tho spocu-
jM'- Jatlon, trading moderately for both accounts.
-B!f The motit encouraging development of tho day
", was the greater aotivlty in tho bond market at
K advancing prices. Thn extent of tho demand
Vr for Investment securities may be Inforred from
,Bj' tho fact that tho block of S4.000.000 of Phlla-
i delphla Company bonds reeently offered In
S this city were subscribed for eight times oor,
,B; Maw York Stock Exchange Snles March 1.
S'" 07 0 831,0 20 US4s.o. 1H35.1 2 8H
107M9107H 3DBCI.0 U2!
?fll 1 084a.r.lD2S.128H
,!? Did. Alktd. Bid. Atlctd.
', Dn Bt 2i, r, Va St 4s. r.
!K atploftt DO 11)25 1S8X 129
':imA v a 3,ibo8- u st u, c.
Wje, 1018,r...l07 107K 102G 128W 129
M& CBSs.lBOS- Unfit Bi.r.
mr 1B18.O...107 107 104 111M112
Umi CnBt4s,r, Unfit Gs.o,
fill; 1S07 lllMlllK 1004 111H112W
till' OnBtO, c. Unfit 3.03b, r,
hilt 1907 112W113W 1924.DC.118
1 I SO AUh ad) .... 83WI 5 Max Intcn 80H
S 60 B3K 7 8 OH
,K 2 82M11 87
IE11 104 83 1 0 Mo Pc cot 1st
; ; 10Atcageni....l01H Cs 00K
fit J 26 101 6MoPoad ...114M
: ' 16 101M 2NorP3lt,c..ll7
'. 3 AolsmsEx 4i..l04 48 N Paoprior 4S.102M
,'fl ; 120 AmTobierlplOO 3 Nor Po gnl as 08M
I ' 22 100M 1 U8
I ', 18 i.lOOH 20NorttVcn4 G2
If ;- 33..., 100W 6 OIK
1 86 101 3 02
It -, SiuitNWUt. ROM 1 NY&8 1it,rC108M
If I 6 OOM 10 NJ O enr cs.
II i BO B & O SKs. w L 08H 1S9 102
Vf 80 08k lNJOtCi,r..Hfl
flfr 2B&04H.W1. . 09 30 NYC. L 8 col
(j( lOBrWiffti, . 00 a 100
JI1 2BrEllsk.tr ..10 IK 12 OOJi
all) i 1 BrooVUOBs..ll7 383 100
illi; 80h4OcnB.r.ll7W lNV.Uill.,
Blii 2 OfcOcnCa . .118 dU ctt 184
I ' ', lChitOgnUK. 03M 4N Y.C&SI, 41.107K
I ,' 4, 03M 3 107k
f ' 3 0,BliQcnTSil42Si lONWem 108
i! I j 6 142M 6NY.O4:Wcntii00M
f ,!, 3 141M 10OlttN4s 101K
j . 3 141 8 Oregon B I, Us.. 128
f, 3B O. DAQ4i,Keil08M OOro 81, en Cs .1 10X
j. 1 0,BtQ7....116K lOOreBMnoA.. 70
. . S0O.B4Q4s,Ddl014' 7 l'o of Mo Int.. 100
fj ' 1CC0 1 Btl, 2 Pic Coast lit.. 107
iv ' gnl 4s 04 10 P, O it O lit
I ". ', 2ChloTnul4s.. O&H en Oi 106
f ', " 6 OOM 13 Bill gnl 4s.... 100
n i 1 D6H 7 106M
W , Sfi Cen Po ei 8s, 6 100K
!- Ie,tr.s20.106)a lfiRIslgnl4s.r..l00I(
' : ' fiOsJO 100 OKlifc Dnvlat..l23K
' i, BColtSo4i,wI. 87M 207Kedgnl4s. 80
J' '. 40 88 20 8BK
Ml V 7ChEIgnlosll2 98 88U
r ; coirti6s.... 87 anioo wiit.... 04
M B0J:ErIalst....ll4M 5 04H
j.; 10 Oof Oacnfis., OCX 2 St Pt Ms lit,
j 'jj' 6 06H Dei 126
Jj ' S 06)4 10BtLBFgBa..l08M
'h ; 7 06X20 108U
,1' 40otOslsttno. 41M 6 108M
v 6 DnBOlst.l0BM b BtP lit, Oil',
i I ' f 16Dsn&naiCs.l06M Wdlr 120M
''. 'I 1 7 Dsl t TVo 1st. 96 lBtl'lit, I&D
6Dst,MMW.. 20 ei 106
; 8 DstOity Oss 6s 90 16 Bt LB Wilt..., 01
I' 60 Er prior bda... 03 20 D1H
Fl, 82 08X11 01M
:i ; 10ErgllsnO-4a.. 72M 10 91k
i,' 10 72M 48Btr,SW2d.... 62M
J 7 72H 32 62K
( t 3 78M 20 6SU
II J lBTcnnBs. 110)4 68 62
' 10Ed!iEIlit....ll0 6 61(
V I i 10 110M 2BBsnAtAPlst4s 86U
' I 6"tWaR01st 10 86M
I ; $ 8-4 63H 8 S6M
Ilk lOBaydabB.. 6H20 86i
li 0....v OH 6 86'
I? 10HV6s,$88p.. 70 30 B6
'8' inkTOmUi. 80H 2BoRwys. 106M
1 1- 0 BOM 11 106U
: 7 BOX 0 106X
I igv 10H.E4WTlst.103 2 100
II fillronlXtCs 111X 1 6tJ4ai3-3-4s 83
,;' 10 lUli 3StudItiiTIno 20M
r 86 111X22 30
'! lOIHOSXsLdlT. 07X 2Tz4PolstBsll3X
1 1 ' 30I04s,lM.,..104 101T4Pso2dln 62
j, 6lDd.lllUlitl0O 118 02'i
M , 10Knl.TezCs. 83X76 62X
ill' 60 Kin i Tens,. 034 47 62X
,n '4 04M 16 02H
'I 10KsnTei2d.. 07X.170 62H
B , 60 08 20 62U
ft lKCPtQlst. 72X'100 63
,'R 6 72 178 63X
'ifl 4LK4W1H .110 06 63X
g 1 lib 110 63
;1 ULOU4NB4I. 06X40 62X
' I, 3L4N,F4Blst.l07 . 0 Tx 4 N Ocn 6sl 04H
l B lOOK'lO. 106
lLtK.otli. 100X 180 Unionise 4s,l 04
I 10Ixu4Nct4..100X,28 . 10JH
, ! 80Lo,Ev48tI,Bs, 6 104X
I tr. 60 16UnEllst.tr 101k
I 10 66 10 Un 1', u la
82 66X nt. tr. . . 88
'1 7 SOX lWsblst, s20 114X
J, 8 ,,. SQX SiWsbithid P6X
0 Uo,K4 Elst.104X30Trsbdsb.sB.. 30M
6s 20 103H 10 30W
112 Msnnwy 4s.. 106X 46 30M
10 Mob 4 O lst.N.l 27K 3 WestUn cot Bs.l 14M
3 MobfcOnnl. . B6X 4 WtstTsa ,S20.100
6 84K lOWtLElsMVd 08U
76Morocn.. .114X 2W N YfcPslst.1 10
07 114M26WlsCsnlst.tr 09
26 114H26 08X
130 116 14 08M
CO 116X 4 Wllltea.tr, liUl 04
26 UOt
Ki Inlnrf L
Totnl sales of railway bonds (par rains), $4,880,000,
0). High- tow t Ctoifnu
Sain, ina. ' til. Btd. Jtktd.
82BIM)ABtlW 01X 02's 69M til 01X
Wp .101 101 100X1003 100M
14BRSAU1BR.138X 130sl37X13S 138M
i:5Amsrtpll4H114H 114X114 116
UJSAraTln. 40X 40 "a 30X 39X 40
DOOAmTp. 94X 94s 04 08 94
71.18 Am SM. 12X 12X 12M 12X 12X
740OAm8Up 3d 39 30 SB's 38U
10RACsblo.lOOX 101 100X100 101X
.ICOAmUX 40 40 48 48 60
24MK)AmTobl8D 191K187 187X188
2noAraTp.l44X144X 142X143 146
lO0AmKit.l41 141 141 141 143
08i Am 0 0. 34H 34M B4H 84H 36
HOAmCOp 02S 98M OCX 92 93
18050 A, T4B
l-o. ... 22H 2CK 22 82X 22K
80480 A. T4 8
Fp .. 02b 02K om 01X OB
2800AMslt. SOX 324 30X 31 31X
810 AM.lt p 82X 83X 82X 82X B3X
C2r,Am Olu 08 "a 68X 68X 68X 00
lOAmOlplOBX 108X 10BM100 108
lOOll.ntP 32 32 82 31 32
100 B 4 0, a
Ip 71 71 71 71 72
1100B40,wl 681 684 68 68 68X
I'OO B 4 O p.
wl... . 77X 77M 77a 77M 78
80800 BBtO.. 6X 6Ki 4H 4.U 4X
lur.oBlcKT. 94X 04H 027a 93X 03X
27BllkUnU163 164 168 163X164X
350 Cm So.. 68 6B 68 6T 68
OOOCau Pao 00 90 89X 804 80'4
IBOOonlce. 47Ts 47M 47J 47 47
4010611 OW 16X 16'. 164 1CX 10X
200 cn o w
p. A. . 71 71 704 704 71X
tiBO Cb. ( W
P, B. . 3UX 36X 36X 36X 30
100CU O W
deb. .. 01 01 01 90 01
4',10CnPaa 62X 62X 60k 60X 61
3720Cbes40 28 28 274 27X 27X
B0OC4EI. 07 07X 07 07" 684
200Ch4Altl72H172'e 172s 1724 173
410C, 0.04
BtU. . 68 68 67's 67M 68
80 C.0, 0 4
HtLp. 99 99 99 07 984
410CliJ.NW148 148 147X1474 148
e2400C,B4Q1424 1434 141 141" 141X
P ...120X130X128X120X1204
lllBOCllIiPllBX 1184 117S 117M 117X
3301'olFuel 324 32X 32X 32'. 33
SSOChT.r. 13 13 12 12 1 2M
EOCUTsrp 38 38 38 36 38
100 0 A, 1IC 7 7 7 0s 7k
200C.L4W HX 11 11M 114 12
C2e5Con(lat213X218 2134 216 210
t005l4HU2X 112X112 112 1124
320B,IiA.W16B 168 167 168
100OD411U 22X 82M 22M 22K 22".
JHOOUAROp 74 74 73X 734 73M
300 Erie . 14s 14M 14k 144 144
C0EJ1.EI1044 104.4 1044 106 106
lOOEi-lUp 80 80 80 70 RO
Itt75rea8t.. 62 624 60X 61X 614
10U14 FedStp 8BU 88X 87X 87X 88
120F4PMp 46 40 40
800FW4BG 20 20X 20 20 21
100 FtW 4 D
C, s . . 21 21 21
1180GtNorpl86 186 184X184X186X
C00nElecll2 1134 1124 113 113k
C8ue.. 76 75 76 76 85
aoOHBClaflOOk 1004 100k 100k 106M
M 1.03 1.03 1.03
1671 1 Paper. 684 60 684 68 684
400lPappf 88K 88M 88 88 80
1810 HI Cent.1 16X1164 116X116X1164
2700IntSilv 324 32X 31X 31X 32
800 Iron SU-
rerM.. .77 .77 .77
1170KC.P4O 16 16 144 14 14X
lOOKanlM 124 124 12X 124 13
Ice.... 694 61 69 60 61
loop . 80 80 784 80 81
100LE4W 107a 10'a 197. 19 IBM
100LE4'A'p 00k 064 60k 06 064
B01.,Bhore2024 2024 202X200 202M
lCOLontlal 734 73X 73X 73 76
1180I.aclG.. 62X 62X 52X 62X 62M
4tlG0I,ou 4 N 054 6SX 04X 04M 64a
200 M.StP 4
BSM.. 17k 17X 17W
lOOMNctfs 14 14 14 IX l"s
880MBtny243 2444 242k 2424 242"
200M48tL 627t 62'a 62X 62k 52X
100 M 4 Btl,
latp. 99X 90k OOX 90 100
627BMoPac 46 40"i 44'a 464 454
100M.K4T 144 14X 14X 13a 144
2225M,K4Tp 40 404 30k 30M 40Ja
82BNJCentl00 100X 107M 1074 1 08W
03ir,NYCentl36X137X136X130X 130
2C0Nt!Jad 364 35X 33't 344 34H
lO0NLcadpll3 113 113 1114 112X
4riS0NorArn OM OH Ok Ok 9M
ISoN v Air
BraVe..l52 152 152 147 150
r,0NTANn200X20Dk200M208 210
180ONtl BU. 60X 604 60 404 40"a
B80NBlap.l04 104 103 103 104
CkOX&W. 10 10 10 18M 104
TOoS&Wp 06 06 66X 65M 60
1247BNorPao 63" 63H 62a 62X 62".
ClOSNorPp 7011 70a 78' 78M 70
420m 4 Bt
I., tr. 10 10 10
182r00 4 W.. 2ti 26S 25fs 204 204
lSOPaeO. . 48 48 48 4B 404
26PU2dp 07 67 67 64 08
CV4A PacMail 50X 61 60 60X 604
C01D4E ls 1H la 1 Ik
77BPbllaCo 06M 07M 06X 07k 07M
COO Phctnli
M 11 .11 .11
8B5PPCar.l60 160' 159 157 168X
120BP.C0 4
BtL . 60 67 60 05 60
100P, CO 4
BtLpf 82X 82X 82X B2 83
108e0PaIta,132k 132'a 131J 131X132
4330Peo04O113X 113M 112M1124 112U
8oeolteadtni 22M 22M 21M 21X 22X
217B01(eadlp 03 63 61X 01H 01X
0o01tead2p 32M 324 32X 32X 33
200R1OUW 30 30 30 36 88
810 it 11 Wp 76X 76 764 75X 7U4
100It,W4 012B4 120M120"i 120 131
1000 SI, 8 W, OM OM 9X 9X 10
2S30BL8WP 28)4 28k 274 87M 28X
1008tP40ul 43 43 43 43 46
1008tP40 92 92 92 02 03
2800 Stand I)
ill... 22M 23. 22X 22X 23k
1024 Standi)
4 Dp.. 75H 77 764 70 774
71B08olMc.. 30". 30M 34M 36 36X
HOoHoItwy 12M 12M 12X 12X 12H
718BBoByp 48X 40 48M 48S 484
228 Bt J 4 O
llstp. 60X 60X 50X
1200BtT,4SF 11X 11X 11X 114 11M
Flatp 72 72 72 71 73
F2dp. 30X 30X 3BX 38k 38H
1UT, 10X 10X 10X 10 104
C720T04I.. 44M 46 44 44X 44M
111 . OOX 60X 09 OSX OOX
400Tnln 0
IlTp, 141 141 141 140 142
2.',003ilavl'lt222k22n 222X223 223X
211170 Tcil'uo 23M 26X 23M 24X 24M
JOSCBUPao. 47M 4B 47k 47M 48
USDBUPaop. 70'4 80X 70M 70X 70H
u;o Un P, I)
A U . 12X 12k 12X 12X 12.
40UBEI 66 66 66 66X 67
SOUBUHIlub 62X 6i.M bO'i 61 X 61M
UUUSItii.llU HO 115X115X116k
H00U8I, OM OX 6M 6M OM
1210UHl,p. 71 71 70X 704 70M
12BWabaah 8X 8X 8k 6'. 8M
24(10 Wab p. 224 22X 21M 21 22X
4881 WU Tel 04X 04X 034 034 04
C25W4I.E UX Ilk Ilk UX 11M
200WO.tr. 2X 2S 2k 2 Sk
'Ioitl salil, 6ei00 sbares,
. ; Jk A a-
outsidb BcounmEa olosino quotatiomr.
mi, jMrJ. Mid. UlWaV
Air Power.. 00 01 EleeTehe. 71 73
AC4rcora 33 38XEleaVehp. 00 08
A04Fpf.. OOX 07X Matnal0as819 325
Amitor'rnO 89X 30XOUsElee 39X 40X
AmaOaapf 00 OOM Otis Ele pf. 00 01
AmsObds.l04X 106 PBteelOe. C7 07k
BeetBeora. 33 36 I Steel Op. 88 88X
IleetSpf... Bl H3 nubberOo 32X 33
B&NYF 47 47M Bubberflp. 77X 70
UI.NYFb.lB 99 OOXBIandOo 136 138
BufOltrO. 16X 1 Ok Stand O iM 60 166
BnfOObds 93 04M BtandOT.,480 481
COO bda 107k 107M UnB4Po. 34 38
C'ontTob. 40k 40MCnB4Pp BO
CoutTpf. 83X 84
Bid. AtktJ. Bid. AM.
Bilt Con 11. 30k 30MOenEAut. 13 14
CanWol.b. 2H CMIehYRlt. 26k U6X
Cambria I. 40 40k Maraden . 16M 16X
CamBteel.. 20X 21XMaradenp. 61
0,0 4Qo. 34X 36k Palmetto 6 6X
0.0 4 Op. 46M 40 PennaBR. 00 00k
CllSlRl .. 39 40 PenBteelo 40 41
OBtRIBs.lOSk 103MP Blaelp.. 00 02
CTofKJa 60 00 PML4P. 27s 27M
OTrjlio.. 32M 32M Phlla Trao. 07M 98
OTPgbp.. 04 06 Union Trao 86X 3 OX
KLCoofA 20M 20M UOICo... 146X 140
EVehCo.. 73 WNY4T. 6M 6
EBBato .129 130 WelsLCo. 38X 30
EBBatpf.129 131 WelsOcom 10
E4PT4S. 97 98 WelsCpf.. 69
Bid. Allctd. Bid. Alktd.
Am Btrwb. 29 81 LBt l'ett 11 11X
CltyBarsy. 890 KChStBj220
IMMatch. 141X 148 BtSCar.... 21X 22k
HI"'".. 13 13X WOhStBy. 03X 93
Atchison 33XNorthern Pswinp... 64"a
Atcblaonpt 04X Northern Pacific pt 81.
Canadian l-actno... 9SX Ontario 4 West ... 27X
Cboaapeake 4 Ohio 29 Pennsylvania 68
Central Paclflo 52MiBeadlng UX
Denver! RO 83k neadlng lstpf 33k
Denver 4 UOpf... 70 Beading 2d pf 1 OH
Erlecon 16 Bt. 14ul 133X
Eric 1st pf 40 South Railway .... 13k
Illinois Central... .118 Bonth Railway pf.. 60
Ksnaa4Texas ... 14X Union Paoino 4QM
I.ouIstIUo 4 Naah. OOM Union Pacific pf... 82
Now York Central 139X Wabash pf, 22M
Norfolk 4 Wpf .. 07
Final sales compare with thoso of yesterday
as follows:
Feb. tS. JforcA 1 1 rib. tS. ATrch t.
A.T4SF.. 22X 28kNortbAm.. 9Ja 9M
A.T&HFp 62 02 KorfAW. 19 19
AmOotOU. 84M 34 K 4 Wp 06M 66M
AmSR....137M 138X N'weatcoml4B 147X
Am Blip 114k U4M Nor Pace . 63 52X
AmTob....l80k 187MNorPop.. 79 79
AmBMrg.. 12X 13XNYCou .130M130M
An.SpMp 35k 38MiNJCen .109 107M
Brook RT. 03k 93X Omabac... 93 93
Balt4 0 . 72X 71 O 4 We.t. . 20 20
Can So ... 68 58 Peo0 4 0 113 112M
CanPac .. BOX 89Xll'aoMaIl . 61 60X
O.C.OAStL. 58 67X Pull P Car. 169K 169M
C.B4Q. 141M 141X Bock lal ..118 11711
CouOaa. ..212 216 Holding . 22k 22
Cues A O . 28 27XBeadlatp. 62M 61 M
qhloOtW . 16X 16X8tPaulc .129X12PX
D.L4W 168 157 BoRatlway. 12M 12X
It.l4Uud U2M HE SoBVp . 48M 48X
D4R0... 22X 22M8tI,BW . OX 9k
B4RGP. 73X 73BtL9Wp. 28 27
ErieRR.. 14M 14k Stan B4T. 10X 10X
GenElec. 1 13X 1 13k TeiPao. . 23M 24X
GtNorp 184 184X Tenn04I. 44M 44k
111 Cen ... U6k 11 6X Union Pao. 47k 47M
Kan4T. . 14X 14X Ulaop.... 79k 79X
EauATp. 30X 30k US Bub.. . 62X 61M
Lou A Nash 05 64M US Hub p.l 16k 1 15X
LE4Wp. 60k 66kU8L 6M OM
IjtcOaa.. . 62X 62XUBLp... 70M 70X
Man Con. 1 12X 1 1 1M Wabaah .... BX OX
Mini St I. 62X 52k Wabsah p. 22 22k
MoPao 45k 46XWDTel... 94M D3H
MetBtBr..242 242XW4LB... UX Ilk
NatLead... 36W 34X
Government bonds steady at unchanged quo
tations. Railway nnd other bonds Irregular.
The foatures were American Tobacco scrip,
Colorado Bouthern in. w. I., Central of -Georgia
consol Os, Iron Mountain 6a. Louisville, Evans
vlllo and Bt. Loula 5s. t. r.. Manhattan Hallway
6s. Norfolk nnd Western 4s. New York Central
1. a col 3ks, lteuding general 4s. San Antonio
and Aransas 1'ass 4s. Union Paelfio 4s, Wiscon
sin Centralists, t. r, Athison, Eric. Kansas
nnd Texas. Mlssoarl Paelfio. 8t. Louis South
western and Texas Paelfio issue1!.
Commercial price of bar silver In Now York.
nnjiO. Bar silver In London closed at "i7)id.
Metlcansllerdollars woro Quoted nt47,'fc.
Money on call 'JlY83 cent. Time money
Is quoted at 3k t cent, for sltty days on mixed
securities, 3S y cent, for four, me and six
montliH on mixed securities: Industrials. 4 f)
cent, for three, four and six montlm. and 3 V
cent, four nnd five months on flrst-class rail
road dividend stocks. Commercial paper Is
quoted nt2'fffl34 t cent, for bills receivable:
acceptances nnd prime single names, 3fa'3. "fl
cont.: other names. 4(3'4S cont.
Sterling exchange was weaker, with only a
limited demand frnm remitters. Continental
Bxchnnco was also weaker. Posted rates aro:
Long drafts. $4 87. Actual rates are: Long
bills. $4.84 k: slghtdratts. S4 3k, nnd cable
transfers. $4.80J: francs are quoted nt 5.20?.
6 20 for loug and 5.1H'fffl,").17;i for short:
relehsmarks. u 11-10OP4 13-10 for long and
05 S-lOroOTC-lflforshort: guilders. 40(5140 1-10
for long nnd 40 S40 3-10 for short.
Domestic exchange on Now York: Boston
20rtJ25 cents discount. Charleston lluylng.par:
soiling, S premium. Savannah lluylng, 1-10
discount: selling, 75 cento premium. Now Or
lonns Bank, $1 piemium; commercial, 25
cents premium. Han Francisco Sight, 17K
csnts premium: telegraph. 20 rents premium.
St. Louis 25 cents discount. Chicago 40 cents
discount. Cincinnati lletweon bankn. pnrand
25 cents discount: over counter. 50 cents
Tho Now York Central and Hudson River
Railroad Company has declared a quarterly
dividend of 1 r cent., payable April 15
Tho Chicago. St. Paul. Minneapolis and
Omaha Railroad Company reports gross earn
ings for January of f823.8i)t. an lncreaso of
$2.)0,330 as compared with tho same month
last year.
The LouIsWIle and Nashville Railroad re
ports gross earnings for. Tnnunry of $1,028,087.
nn increase of $121,003 as compared with tho
same month of last year, and not $501,310. n
decrease of $30.5-111. For the snen months
ending Jan. 31 the gross etrnlngs were $13,
814.48., nn Increase of $1KI2.UH7 as compared
with tho corresponding period of last year, and
net $4,701,383, an Incieaso of $323,002.
The Cnnadlnn Pacific Railroad reports cross
earnings for January of $1,804,570. an Incronso
of $192,11 8 as compared with the same month
nf lost year, and net $017,534, nn increase of
The Central of Georgia Itellroad roports
cross earnings for January of $50l),213. it de
crease of $la,4H4 as compared with tho snmn
month of last year, and net $164,000. a de
crease of $10,724. For tho seven months end
ing Jnn. 31 tho gross eurnlngs were $3,002,
1U7. an Increase of $97,201 as compared with
the corresponding period of last year, and net
$1,320,707. a decrease of $43,747,
The Reading Railroad reports gross earnings
for January of $1,804,053, an Inoreaso of
$140,182 as compared with the same month of
last vear.and not$7U).(l45,adeoreasnof $4,315,
For the seven months ending Jnn. 31 the gross
earnings were $13,850,141. nn lucrease of
$248,505 as compared with the corresponding
period of lant year, and net $5,071,772. a de
crease of $308,017,
Tho Reading Coal nnd Iron Company reports
gross earnings for January of $2,272,310, nn
Increase of $327,040 as compared with tho
same month of Inst yenr. and net $104,020. nn
Increase of. $240,530. For the seven months
Jmding Jan. 31 the gross earnings were $14,
itl3.721l. a docreaso of $73.1.557 as compared
with tho corresponding peilod of last rear, and
net $008,304. an Increase of $235,147
The Ann Arbor Railroad reports KroBs earn
ings for December of $122,tM4. a decrease of
$1,1H2 as compared with tho same month of
tho provlous yenr, nnd uot $20,038, a decrease
of $5.20!l.
The Brooklyn Elevated Railroad Company
reports for the quarter ended Dec. 31 ;
mn. 1S97 CAaiwi.
Cross earnings I4TH.H82 o9,t0r Ino 110,477
Upet.eiueusra 813.0H7 2H4.2H7 Ino. 28,800
Ntearnlncs..Slfln,8IA fl7fi,lS8 Deo. 89,323
Otherlncoinu .. 0,4 lit , Inc o,478
Total l72,22H I7G,1.'1H Die. $2,1)10
fixed (hargea, 4H.2U1 214.7H2 Dec. 1 mi, 001
Murplns. f 12.1, Hli7 clrf.09, il4 Inc li!.1,fl7
The American Malting Company has pur
chased the mult houses of John M. Moser,
.ockport and Phelps, N Y, nnd of the hcott
Malting t'timpauy, at Lyons, also in this State,
their aggregate capacity being about375,0(K)
bushels These properties, ns well as those of
Neldllnger A bona of this city, were acquired
without increasing the company's capital
stock, its earnings and treasury stook having
been applied to their purchase, thus strength
ening tho company's position
The agreement under which the stock of the
Chicago and Alton Railroad Company has been
deposited with tho United States Trust Com
pany was formally declared operative to-day,
the deposits being largely In excess of a ma
jority. Payment for stock already deposited
will bo mado on Jfnreh 1G. Tho mlnorltyBtock
holders will have until April 1 to doposlt their
stock on tho same term with the majority.
Stocks so deposited by March 12 will bo paid
for on March 15
Thoso securities, among others, wero sold by
auction to-day at tho Real Kstato exchange:
22 shares PanV of America...,. . . 8D'I
A abarea Chemical National Bank. .4,101
20 ahares Merchants' Jtatlonsl Itauk lm
80 aharea American Onion 1,1 fo Insurance Co. 1 0
no aharea Farmers' Liau and Truat
Co 1,40091,401
18 aharea Franklin Truat Co. . . 2SO
8 shares Central Trust Co 1.87S
8 aharea Union Ttuat Co . . I.32S
20 ahares Washington Truat Oo . . 2!ik
108 aharea Title (luarantee and TruatCo 32H
87 shares Stste Tmat Co .... 40IQI41O
20 shares Seaboard National Bank . 215
40 aharea Mechanics' Rational Bank . 200
10 aharea Continental Truat Co. ... . 210
40 shares Phenlx Inaiirance Co nt Brooklyn 2IX)
1 share Clinton Hall Association 03
20 shares llrookl) n Academy of Mualc. 122
10 shares United Btates Msnufacturing Co.,
pref . . look
110 sharea Atlantlo Cnaet Electrlo B. B. Co 20
At a meeting of tho directors of tho Amorl
enn Tobncco Company to-day tho purchaso of
tho union Tobacco Company, recently nego
tiated by ofllcors o( tho company. vns con
firmed, and tho preliminary steps woro fnken
toward authorizing an Issuo of tho company's
common stock In exchange for the securities
of tho Union Tobacco Company, it Is under
stood thnt tho new issuo of stock will bo large
enough to declare a scrip dividend upon tho
amount of American Tobacco common now
outstanding. Tho amount of that scrip divi
dend Is not stated, but It Is bollevod that It
will bo 100 cent.
Tho Vatlu Stockholder computes the Intorest
payments on corporation and municipal se
ouritlen, duo to-day. at $.1,714,240, n against
S21.301.08i last year and 17.404.1)37 four
years ago Dlvldord pnyments during the
month will nggregr.t $10,381,873, as agninst
$10,054,111 lust year nnd $7,201,775 four yearo
The following will bo admitted to quotations
In tho unltatod department of tho Stock Ex
change to-morrow: Contracts for Central Pa
elfio ltnllroad rifundlug mortgage 4 V cont.
gold bonds nnd 3k V cent, gold bonds: South
ern Pacirto 4 Y cont. collatoral trust gold bonds,
" when and as Issued tinder the plan of read
justment, dated Fob. 8. 1800. with anyfuturo
modifications thereof." These contracts aro
subject to clearance when otdered by tho Gov
erning Committee.
The amount of national banVnotosoutstand
Ing Fob. 28 was $242.002.1107. n decrease of
$330,131 for the mouth and nn Increase of
$18,155,335 for thoyvnr. Thoamount of bonds
depositod In tho Treasury by national banks
to secure circulating notes and public deposits
aggregates $300,053,110, of which $78,824,700
was In 3 Y cent, war bonds.
Tho receipts of tho Government to-day were:
CtlBtoms. $1,231,407: internal revcuue, $523,
(104, nnd miscellaneous. $23,071. a total of
$1,778,802 Tho disbursements wero $1,441.
000, an excess of recolptsoer expenditures of
$337,802. Tho receipts of tho ilsoal car to
date hno been $327,102.0110: tho expendi
tures. $425,064,732. nn excess of expenditures
oer receipts of $08,771,742.
Tho offloinl count of cash In tho Treasury to
day, compared with that of yesterday, shows:
Ftl. IS. March 1.
Ooldcnln and bullion 8290,418 203 8231.124,1188
BUrer dollars and bullion 8,f7,64 H,434,0HF
United Statea notes .. 15,112,814, 1C,27U,U1S
Other aaseta, leas demand
liabilities . . 1(1,003,410 14,273.872
K aUablo cnah balance.lu.
eluding Hold reaerve $273,877,389 8209,103,013
Money In London, 2V cent. Rate of dis
count In opeu market for short and three
months' bills, 2'. Y cent. Anionnt of bul
lion gone into the bank of England on balance
to-day, 47.000. Parlsadvlcos quote 3 Y conts
at 103 francs 22 ) centimes. Exchange on Lou
don, 25 francs 21 centimes.
J. ,V V. Seligmnn .t Co. offer for subscription
nt 102 nnd acorued Interest $2,845,0110 5
V oent. consolidated mortgage gold bonds of
tho Patsrson and Pnssalo Gas nnd Electrlo
Company, duo March 1. 1040. tho principal and
Interest payable without any deduction for
State, county or municipal taxes loled nnd
assessed in tho State of Now Jcrsoy. This
company Is the only one supplying gas or elec
tricity to Pntorhon nnd Passaic and tho sur
rounding territory and has a perpotunl fran
chise. The net earnings of the companies con
solidated were, before consolidation, largely In
excess of the amount needed to pav tho Inter
est on all the Issues of bonds, Including the
new consolidated mortgage bonds. The
United Gas Improvement Company of Phila
delphia owns a large majority of tho capital
stock and will supervise Its operations. Tho
subscription books will be opened March 3.
The sales of raining stocks at tho New York
Consolidated Stock ana Petroleum Exchange
to-day wore as follows:
Open- Hig- Loxo. CTei
Stlii. .Vane. '"a. tit. (if. !.
irooAlaine 07 .07 .07 .07
KCOAnaeonJa 68 .68 .68 .68
000 Gould 4 Curry. .50 .60 .60 .50
llOOIrnnBlUer. 77 .77 .70 .73
200MtBoaa 30 .30 .30 .30
260Portland 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00
200Phrenix 13 .13 .13 .13
400Sarge 40 .40 .40 .40
tOOSleitaNerada . 1.45 1.50 1.45 1.60
Total aalea, 4,050 aharea.
Wfdkksdat. March 1. Giuiv Wheat Spot
waB steady. Sales 120.000 bush, foi export
horeundat tho out ports. No. 1 northern Du
luth, 7Vi'. oter May f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard
Duluth. 12c. nnr May: No. 1 northern Now
York. 7lic. oor Muy. Tutures clocd '.c. to
Mo. lov.er.with sales of 1,585,000 bush. Prices
as follows:
Optning. lhohrll. 1 oirttL Closing. Jltpht.
March B4' K4'l 84 H4) 4k
Mo) 7SH THX 77H 78 78k
July.. 70k 7UX 7UX 7llk 70H
Oats nere ateady on tho ppot, Fales 60,000 bush,
So. 2 In elevator, ale: do. delHered, nilc:
No. 2 white, 87c , tract and tinirradrd white, Itflk
GMOo., o. 2 white cllppi d, 88c: No 3 do., l!7c.
1 nturea nominal, ChlcuKO rccehrd KM cars nnd
expecla 110 toniorrow. Corn was ateady on tho
apot. Sales 2511,000 bueh. for export hero and Bt
the nutports. No. 2 oM, 4kc. oter Ma, No. 2 yel
low, fkc. over Ma. Chicago riven ed 80 J cars and
expects 320 to morrow. Future clofed He. lower
to Mr. higher, with sales of 108,000 biich. Prices
aa follow fl
Opening. Iftghitt. I.tncftl. Vloitng, .Aiiaf.
May . ,41k 41X 41k 41. 41
July .. . . 42k 42X
Tho net result of tbe wheat fluctuations was a trilling
dcLllne. ouly )ac. to kc. tboutrii at oue time there
waa a alight riie, due to higlier able, strong caali
tnarki t , o crine of aborts and talk of a posiuin cor
ner In March whfrb inhere given for what it la worth,
and certalnl) at the moment does not seem to ne
worth ery much. I.l erpool al anced kd. onome
months and apntprlcea there wero linn. The dellv
eriea ou March contra'ta reached 280,000 bush , of
which IOU.000 went to exporters, part at
leaat at like to OXc. out May. The re
mainder wan stopped Ly two local Urma, Some
reporta of crop damatre wero In circulation
and for a time had a rlUht effect. I,U erpooru atork
for the mouth aa reported earl In tho day ahowed
b decrero of 200,000 bush,, but this proved to
be a mlataka. Danger to the Argentina crop from
hall and rain was roporlod inn Chicago deapatcli
which purported to be bised ou cable advjtea. Ilia
rlearaucea were pretty liberal, reaching OlH.Ouo
buah, MlniKapoliacash prices wero cry atronir st
the May quotation to sjo. over. Kanaan City, itla
atatud, aold 800,000 bush, for export, . J a moder
ate buelnejs wsa done at the seaboard. Bales of
Hour at Minncapolia yctnrday are aald to have
reai bed 80,000 bbla. Chicago's rereipta were about
the same aa lsat year's and only half aa largo
aa thoae of a week ago. while the North
weat got 270 cara leas thsn on this daj laat
week. Ihere were supporting nrdera In May, and
buying aculnat "jmta tended to present auythtue
more than a very alight decline. At thn aatne time,
two noteworthr fcaturca combined to prevent any
advance, t '., Mr. Tlioman'a bearlah croji reports
and ratna In California, Mr. Thoman enllra.il. a
farmers' reaenrea on March 1 at 210,noo,oou bush ,
ngaiuat inr,,nno,0()01at jear. In addition tho com
mercial laihls heatateaat 00,000,(100 Total, 202,
000,000. He alvea the home requirements from
March 1 toJnly 1, 1 809, at 104,Oipo,(kio buah. for
bread and 21 000,000 for aeed: total home rnjulre
menu 12C.00O,0ui buah, and adds' "It Is thus
ahown that the exceia abop home needs eriuuls
141 ,000,000 bush, Should the averace w rek ly exjtorta
eince the drat of last July be maintained from now
nutll the endof next JuiiHthmiur.utity In all poal
tlona to be arrled overinlo the new cropyear would
approximate t)A,000,000 buah., at coutraated with
40,000 000 bush, last res-." It Is ot Interest to
liotlic that Mr, Thoman a ngitrea aa to thefannera
reaorrrs are very large. Without ipuatlonlug their
t orrecluess it Is certainly well to remember that thev
are the largest In many vesra, and are at arlance
with the Ugurvi" giien of Isle b other aUtlail al
AUlhoritlea. The rrciit JiutltUn of Chit ago
makee tho total 1 00, ( 00 000 to 1 nO.COO.ono, the Cm-
lunatl J'rict Vumnt 147,000 oooaurt Jlradilrrrft la
understood to aaaniue that it is 141,000,000, Mr.
Ihoman'a flgutes of 2111,000,000 buah. under tho
clroumatancea attracted a good deal of attention
here and throughout tho W at. They are ttaul on
hlacrop eatlmato of nsil.ooo.nnobnah. Vet, whilo the
trade read tin ae Agurea with lntereat, it la elgnlncant
that the decline was alight, though thla may have
bean due to tho fact that the market was without
lite enough to more decisively either way. Paris de
clined 18 to 20 centimes on wheat and 40 centimes
ou flour. California reports rBlne and lower prices
It has been raining for three days In Oregon.
'Iho wealhfr Jn the wfntei wheat belt on the
whole aeemed to be filterable for tho crop. Ilia
Miasourl Btato report gave the acreage aa 7 V ent.
larger limn tbalof )t year. The Ltierpool shvl.,
too, instead of ilccreaaitig 200,000 bu.h. during
February, Increased 4f0,0( 0 It la not denied that
for the next thirty iIsh at least crojirtpoits will
have conalderable woght In directing the course of
wheat prices Mr Thuiuau gltca the condition of
winter wheat to day as 10,2 j rent,, against 111 II a
mouth ayn and 1'7 8 ou Pec 1 Coin udtancei!
slightly and then rcaitid a fine, tint only
a trine, for rain and predli tlona of tain
st the West had a steadying fTect. I'o
side, Liverpool aiUancd Kid. and tho aiaboard
clearances were 1,11,7.000 buah Farmtra' rcaertea
are elated at 7MO hOO.ihio bush., against 7in.ono.iKi i
a ear ago, I 283,O(),O0O in 107 and 1,100 000 noo
in IHiin. Mr Tboman eatimatea the crop at l,78(,
000,000. Oatawere coinparathel ateady. Farntera'
reseries are stated at 28H.ooo.000, against 318,000,.
ooo last year. 220,000,000 two jesrs ago and 424,.
000,000 In lia. The crop la eatlmated at 7(0,000,
ono buah.
Ftonn Quiet and featureless but ateady. Bales.
11, MX) bbla.i receipts were E.SS8 bbls. snd 7,631
sacks; exports, H,2 Jo bbls. and V.uso sacks. Winter
la bbla.i HuperHas, 12.263(2.40; No, 2 extra, 12.40
OU.r.6: clears, S.10ll.a0: alrslphts, f 3.40ia.M)
patents, n tiR93.Bri. Bprlng in bbla.i Clears, 3
X20i straights. SS.Soass not patents, 3.7BSt4.
CoTtox-Bpot cotton here was unebanged, with
ales ot 01 bales for spinning! 43.300 were deltv
ered on contracts. Middling uplands (1 p-ine.,
against (I G-IHc. list year) New Orleans and Onlf,
n IS-lflr., against n n-inc. Now Orleans sold 2.W10.
Memphis 1,000 and Ausitsta 200 bales. Liverpool was
unchanged on the spot, with aalea of 12,000 baleas
fiituros declined 1 In IK points. MancbealerwM
steady. Tho movement to-day waa as follows:
To-Tav, ,ail n'f'h. Latl Ttar.
Port receipts .. . 10,002 10,784 24,707
New Urlesna est. to
morrow .. . 1,000 3.R41 G,n2H
Augnsta 677 301 441
Memphis 1,037 1,021 2,471
HI, Louts MHO . . 100
Clnclnnsll . .. 3,181 .... 3,22
Houston 704 4,101 7,837
Houston est. to mor
row 1,000 4.091 0,377
Augusta shipped DOS bales, Memphis 0,278. Bt. Louis
ti.HUO, Clnalnnatl I.OtU and Houston 2,284. New
DrleatiB advanced r points, Tho Hlgnal Berico pre
dicted for the next twenty-four hours! Tsnnoeaee,
fair In eastern, probably tain In western portion to
night, Thnrada) rain and warmer: North Carolina
and Boutu Carolina, partly cloudy, Thursiay warmer
and rain: Georgia, increasing cloudiness, warmer
and probably rain In oxttemo west Uwilght: eaetorn
1 lorida, fair eicept rain In northern portion, Thurs
day wanner: western Florida, Alabama. MteUolppl
and Louisiana, rain and warmer: eastern Texas, fair,
except rain in southeastern portion to-night; western
Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory, fair and
colder; Arkansas, tain In cistern portion to-uight
and probably Thuradaj , FiitureB here closed steady
at a net rise of 1 to 3 points. Prices as follows
llighnt. Ictvttt. Ctttina.
March 0.81 6.28 H.'iO'aMl.Sl
April . tl.2H'4il.0
May dill n.2d H.2U1U.H0
Jun 0 2D 0.28 tl.27fit0.2a
July .... .. . 0 20 fl.20 (1 3I.K0
August 0.80 (1.20 H2SWH.2U
Betitembor 0.14 0.12 n.13'40.14
October U.15 till (I.1HA0.14
November 0.12 fl.U 0.1l(n.l2
December. 0.14 tl.ia (I,14MH.1B
January fl,170.18
Thero la no denying that there baa been somo man
ipulation of lato In the Interost of lower prlcos for
cotton. There la nothing surprising shout this.
Such things aro done at the Htock Exchange, Pro
duce Exchange and the Chicago Hoard of Trade
every day, and the fact excites no comment. Hut It
la lust aa certain that ttinouierattons for a rail have
thusfarproted futile. The reason la that themajor
tty of operators and merchants rogard the poal
tlon as bullish, and on anv decline there la buy
ing on a acale which checka tho receatlon very
much, aa buying against "pitta" often ohecka
a decline In the grain markets: only tho cot
ton buying Is far more Important. Cotton Blocks
araabnndautandmuchof the supply hero is of low
grade, which could not be tendered on contracta In
l.horpool. lint tho certificates aro negotiable here.
1 hey answer every purposo of speculative trading,
and besides the stock lu this market, though alowly
increasing, la still v cry email In fact, the smallest
at this time formany ears past. Tho abort Intor
est, too. for F.uropean account is still vrry large,
amounting, perhaps, to l.f.QO.OOO. While this Is not.
In the strictest sense, a short Interest, being In the
form of " hedges," yet it amounts to pretty much
the same thing to all intents and pill posca, and at
any rate la considered a distinctly bullish
feature of the market. Meanwhile the reoeipts
at tho ports and the interior tnwne in
aplto of the improed weather conditions at tho
South continue small. For example, the porta re
ceived about 3,100 leeato day than a week ato, while
they wero considerably less than half what thev
wore on thla day last year, to-day's arrhala being
10,1100. agslust nearly 25 000 on this dny lu 18WS
Again, the New Orleans eatlmato for to morrow was
only one tenth to one fifth the quantity received ou
the corresponding day last ear. Memphis arrivals
were practically the same as a week ago and nearly
1,1500 lose than on thla doy last l car. The Houston
receipts wero een moro strikingly Interesting,
being 400 less thon a week ago aud not
one tenth as large aa a 3 ear ago. It Is littlo
wonder under the circumstances that crop estimates
are being reduced and are now on tho aerage about
IO.COO.000 to 10,000.000 bales. Bomo are looking
for slightly lncrcaaed receipta aa u reault of the bet
ter wcjther, but we hae had pretty good weather
for some daya now, and yet there Is a striking dia
parity between the arrh als of to da , and not merely
those of last year, but also thoso nf last week,
though It la not denied that tho '..lal amount to be
brought Into sight tbleweek may, oy reason of an
addition to Norfolk's htock of 83.000 tulea lu tho
monthly correction, approxlmato 170,000 bales,
against 111,(00 last week, but, even to, there
would be a decreaso us compared with Inst jear
of r.2.000 bales aud the deficit on the crop at the end
of the week will be. it would aeem. about 2J0 000
bales, as compared with laat J ear. Meanwhile, 1 ju
cashlro appeara to be losing faith In the high crop
estimates, for It has renewed lie purchases lu I.tvcr-
Iiool on a liberal scale, the apot sales thero to dav
lelng 12,000 bales at atiaily prices, though futures
declined model ately. Then, too, print clntha con
tinue strong on a brisk demand Wages of opera
tives have been ndvamed lu thla country and there
la nn reason to doubt that thev will be advanced In
Kngland In coiupltanco with the demand of the
operatives, since trade ia in altogether too prosjerous
a condition to admit or the posdbllit) of a strike.
New outside bu ing was reported ou the small crop
movetueut and aome of the shorts covered in tho
niarmouths. loreign political news waa more fa
vorable, the canard about a fight with tne ciermaim
at Manila having been exploded; the international
aituatinu there has apparently Improved, and Iremh
reutes iu two dav a liavo risen .IK centimes, which re
flects a more traluiull atate of public feeling In
Trance. No further March noticea wero Issued to
day, although thla waa the second notice clay and It
had been rumored that a largo Philadelphia houeo
which stopped about 40,oi)O bales of "notices" the
other dav would relaaue anme of them to day. Provl
denee.lt t. "Ihe Knight mllls.wltbr.OO.OOOaplndlca,
will reatore wagea to the new Fall Klver schedule.
The Chase mills, with 2.000 hands, will meet the ad
vance next month." New Orleans, Feb 128 "Re
ceipts at Texas towns aro curtailed, owing to holding
back for reduced freight rates to go into effect next
week." Memphis aud Now Orleans, Feb. 2rt.
"Weat'ier favorable, picking progressing." Flor
ence, s.la , Feb. 28 " Wentiierpcrftct. considerable
i otton in rtelds here; picking progressing freely."
Kileigh, N. C. leb. 25. " lieueral impression is
that receipts from now on will be liberal. It ia
thought that bad weather put a btop to business, and
that cotton U waiting on opportunity to come out.
In our territory we think there is 2", jier cent
lea cotton than laat onr. Our State mills
arc supplied with cotton to about 1st of June;
demAiid for cotton from that quarter la
keeping prices of all good grades high and
his stopped foreign shipments from thts State."
'Ibe New York warehouse stock slowlv lncicaata It
is now HI7.UO0 bales, against 100 000. 2BH.000.
J70.000 aud ir.n.oo" bales iirev Ions four ears and
120,000 lu 1KH1. ThlB week's port receipts are esli
inated at lin.nou, against 141", ooo last year It will
be noticed that tho prenlctwma of Increased receipta
bj reason of more favoMhlo weather have not vet
been verified, though some temporary Increase in
the near future would not be stall surprising
CorrtF Hio on thu spot was Bteady at fllic. for No.
7. Sales of 3,000 bags Maracaibo Futures ad
vanced r. to lo jminta, but Inst pari, closing un
changed to 5 points higher, with pales of 0,75c) Imjs.
Havr and Hamburg advanced ll American ware
house deltverlc s, 22,071 bags. Itio waa steady at no
rein decline, receipts, u 000; stock. 2(l.r.,000 ex
change. 7d in advance of l-32d Santoe waa quiet
at looreisdorline, receipts. 13,000, stock, MP.ooo.
Prices as follows:
ilwhftt. I.tuvtt'. Chung.
May . 1.40 r,.4i) r,.nrxr,.40
Juls- ... ,6.r.a r. r.i r, roi-.r,-,
Beptember . . , . 5.76 r. 7r, r.70ir,.7r
October, .. ..D.8D 5 80 5 7tVr 80
l)eceniler . . 5.S5 cpr, r, uwi.no
There waa Borne advance In coffee to-day on better
cables than had been expected and ti small specu
lative demand Thoieceijitsat ltio and Sintos dur
ing February wero 584,000 bags, making the total
since Julv 1, 0 8 01. 000 bags. Karl Krlsche k Co
estimate the March rcreijitsat (100,001) bags, against
71i,ooi)ili the t.amu month laat year. 51all advices
from Ilraiil stato that Then, WIHo A Co have re
duced their eatlnuto of tho present Itio crop from
3. 500,000 to 3.00O.O00, and thai they sov that the next
croj) will not be largei than the pre-entone, John
Moore A Co, lu a letter from ltlo state that the grow
ing lllo ciop will bo no Urgcr thin the present crop.
Navai. Sionrs Spirits 47c, Common to good
strained rosin, si.MOr4tl.024
Provisions I.nrd waa firm: prime Western f, 574:
citv, fr, 10, Continental refined, K 85 Pork was
steadv at tl3l'.7B for mess. Meats were flrin: ph k
leeljhalns, 7(7tVjC. do. shouldc rs, 4Q 14c, do bil
lies, 554c. Tallow, 4'4c Dreised hogs, nMMSKo,
Hutter Creauierj , Western, (xtraa, L'lc. do, flrst-i,
2020Sc, State, fancy. 204'21c , do , flrsts, llih'4
2oc. Chcc ee State, full cream, large, colon d or
white, fincjr, lOS'sdlc.; do., choice, inUSUOXc;
do .small. fancy, imc. Kjgs State and Pennslvnnla,
avoiage best. 2.1424e , Western fresh gathered,
firsts, sac. Chicago. March 1. "After an ensj open
ing b cause of a further decline In hogs, provisions
tinned up on moderate buying bv several packers
and lathe t free cnverlnc by local shorts and closed
steady at a small udvauce. Liberal selling through
biokerswas cn elite d to a largo packer. The cash
tiiefle waa aomewhat Improved "
Chicago, March 1. These were to day's prices
iraeat' Ortving, Iliihttt. Lovnt, Clotxnj, fiwhl.
May 73Jti 7.1' 73'( 7.1'n 7.1V
July.. . 72 72 71M 7i 717.
May MH 37i an-U anij 37
July B74-H 87Hi .I7J 7'I !17i,
Sept 88 JH UVi U7! 07Js
Muy 28M 28M 28M 28' 28lf
July 20!i 2il'i 2ilii 204 .tin
Msy B324 5 40 5 82W 5,40 5.3',
Jlllv 5 424 5.52W r,,42a 5 511 5 47M
Sept 5.110 r..l1o b OO 5 024 5.1111
May 4.72U 4 824 724 4.80 4.75
July,. 4 85 4.1121s 4 H5 4 1)24 4 H74
Sept 5 00 5 05 1.1)0 5 1):, 5.O0
March 02' fp.n.xi tt 024 Ji,20
May., . 1).'1J4 I'.ro l).:i() n.424 l) S-,
July,. . V.5U IMI24 V 50 11.824 U 50
Live Slock Market.
Nrw Ve1r.1t, Weicluesday, March 1. Receipt of
becvea were 2,574 head, IncluJiug !M caia for
alaiightcrera direct end 42 for the market, aud with
the few cattle already in the v ants there weicU.'t cars
on sale. Demand fair for all sorts of tattle, and jiricua
steady forsteers and cows, but a tilllewcak for bulls.
Tlircu cars were he UluvcT Medium to extra steer
sold al t4.75(.tt,7r, t 100 tt.,oeu and mixed cattle
st4 1CSH.M), bulla at 1.l5ttl 10. choice fat do,
at M 5o, dry cows at t2 ,KKit4, Urease dluef vvasslow
st 7(siic. p tb, for naUve sides, Cablesweak for
American cattle and lefrlgcrstor beef; strong forllve
shrop. Imports today, 5P3 beeves. 11J ahe.tiand
4,IH4 eiusrters of beef. No shipments to moitow.
lleceiiu of call t a were 1,1)75 head, tin ludlug I'd
dire et to butchers, sue! with the htatu calves there
were 1,1)40 on sale. The maikt t opened lower and
closed 50c lower than Mouclav's prices, with Km
calves unsold. I'oiiiinou lo prime veals sold inaiul)
at Mst7 f 100 16., clmlco and sele cteel small loia
earlv ill Ihe elav at t7 2.Vtt7 ro. little calves at
f 8 25efl.r.e), fediatVcBat f3vt,1,r,0. No Solllliern
or Veeetcru culves ou sale, fit:, dreaced veuls 8(4
lOHc V It., selected do., lie
ueceipts offeheei) unci lambs were 7.774 head,
Including Hears for butchers, aud counting ihe
stale stock there wero 304 ears nn sale. Sheep
ruled ateacl) lainl opened atraly to afrav'tlou
lower, tlosed JO lower cell aiotllid slid weak, with
44 ears unsold. Common to prime sheep sold at
.l 414.55 1 100 ft., a tew export do at f 5, or.ll
liar) to choice ilatnba at tS ihh4'. mi, mainly at
to.253t5.60. Dressed mutton slow at fi'i74i. ft B.,
dressed lambs at 7884c.
ilecelpta of hogs ware 5,433 bead. Including 14
cars for the. market. Lower for live hogs at 4 109
ti 80 V 100 B. A dcckloid ot Inferior Delaware
pigs sold at f 9.7S.
m '
Paterson and Passaic
Gas and Electric Company
Consolidated Mortgage Gold Bonds
Dntetl Mnrch 1, 180D. Due Mnreh 1. 1040.
Tho Paterson Safo Doposlt & Trust Co.,
Principal anil Interest 1'nynble In Gold
Coin or the United Stntcs ot tlio
rreient Stnntlnril ot AVelght
nnd Fineness.
The Principal and Interest of These Bonds
Are Payable Without Any Deduction
for State, County or Municipal
Taxes Levied and Assess
ed In the State of
New Jersey.
Total authorized issue. $5,000.000
Itetcrvcd with Trnstoo for
redemption of Undnrlylnc
BomW 81,280,000
Itefterveil xvitlx Truiteo for
expenditure upon tho
plant or for the ncqu tui
tion of new property, real
or penonnl 000,000
Present issuo $2,845,000
Total 88,000,000
A letter (copies of which may be had upon applica
subatance the following Intorniatloa concernlcg the
Ihls Company la the only company supplying
gas or electricity in Pateraon, Passaic and the aur
roundiug terrltor3', and ia working under a per
petunl trnnrlilnn.
The population served by this Company is not less
than 140,000 people. The City of Paterson is the
third largest t'..y lu the Btato of New Jcraey,
The net earnlncs of the merged companies now
conuli dated were, before consolIdaUon. LARGE
Ufa expected that the economies ot consolidation, aa
well aa the Increased business, will result In largely
increaeed net earnings.
Legal matters hae been paased upon by Mr. Eu
scue Stevenson of Patcraon. New Jeraey; Mr. Randal
Morgan of Philadelphia, and Messrs. Beligmsn &
BellRman of New York.
Copies ot the Mortgage may be had at onr office.
Application will be made, if desired, to have the
bonds Hated on the New York and Philadelphia Stock
1Y offer the above-nnmed Ronds tor Bub
Bcrlptlein nt 102M and accrued Interest to
elnte ot elollvery, payable, TUESDAY,
MARCH 7, 1800, when the Bonds will be
ready for elellvery nt our office.
The subscription booka will open at 10
o'clock on FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1890, and
will close nt 3 o'clork on the sntno day, or
earlier. Allotments will be made nn soon as
possible, nnd tlie right is reserved to reject
any applications or allot smnller amonnts
than those applied for.
J. & W. Seligman & Co.
March 1, 1899.
NEW YORK, February 8th, 1890.
The following numbers of bonds of the
of one thousand dollars each, issued under Inden
ture of Trust to tho Union Trust Company of New
YorL aa lrnatee, dnted Jelly let, 1H76. have been
dran for ledempttou by the Blnklnit Fund on and
after May lat, 1MIII), until and including July mat,
Ittliti. on presentation at the ufucoof the UnlonTntst
Company of New York, Ir. ;
3.-2, 047, 142, 1708,
21f.$, 2.J00, 2780, 2014,
407, .I7540, .16IJ0, 0704,
422(1, 442, 4504, 4030,
r,:$7o, fiiuij, ooin, ooog,
0000, 0274, 0470.
157, 103, 170, 1167,
1402, l"i7, 1801, 1030,
2178, 2333, 2721, 2837,
2884, 2800, 2038, 3025,
3170. '
Interest on the b6nds presented for jiayment
ceaaea May lat, 1H,U1; iKinds not presented prior to
Auguat lat, lHUU, are not entitled to payment under
this drawing, but will e ontlnue to bear Interest anil
be subject to bo ill awn lu any future drawing.
Government and
Municipal Bonds
Alio FIUKT MORTGAGE bond, of eatab-.
Ilehed Hteam and Street Ratlsrays,
rniiNiBtiFD for tiii: pukchahr. baiji. on
ExciiANaix or abovb bbcuiiitiiis.
N. W. HARRI5 & CO.,
B1HABHAU HT. (Sauk of 1'smraerce Dldci.
II, 13, in mill 17 llronil St.
M KM 11 Jilts N. Y. STOCK KXC'lIANOl.'.
Orders executed for Investment or on margin. In
teieat allowed ou depoMta, subjirt to check at alEbt.
Itallroada reortfsulzed A trade e onibinatloua efftctud,
U, o, Honda, till laaiiea, iMiiiirlit ami sold,
202 Kinil AV.eor Jfith at
4M7 llHOIWAy, Hllk Kirh ee lllde,
Erancn Omces- '.'till JimnuWAl, cor. lleade at,
h7 ill DiONHJ .Mercantile Kx'ge.
ldOl KI HI .Jlrooklj ii.
j. l. Mclean & co.,
ItiiiiltcpH nnd itrokers,
Sleiiibnrs of N, '. Cnnseillilntrel Hleicl; Kxrtig,
HO Ilro'dfta) la t'ougreaa Bt,
BtorkB and Grain dealt in on commlaa'on, for cash or
on margin ufa ton per lent.
Dally Adtiaorr Ix-tterand March quotation record
sent on applleatiou.
Iteporta land valuea In the Northwest. Bend 10c. fcr
auplt copy. Lumber Exchange, Urn ne spoils, MtrTt,
23 Wall Street,
New York, March 1, 1M3,
Reorganization Certificato3
or Receipts for
Proforrcd Stock Unci Common Stock
Columbus, Hocking Valley and
Toledo Railway Company.
(Deposited tinder the pi mi mid ngrocinent
dnted ."nniinry 4, 18W.)
rursttant to the prorlalons of said Plan and Agre -man!,
notice la hereby gh en that tho remainder ot
the amount of cash payablo for Stock of the "New
Company" which etepoaltora of tho preaent stock
are entitled to acquire (aa pmlded In Plan and
Agreement) la hereby called for, and Is payable at
our office,, No. 23 Wall Strocl, Now York, on March
20, 181)0. and all holders of our certiorate or re
ceipt for stock of the present Company arc notified
to make bucu payment on or beforo that date.
Their reorganlratlon cerllncatea or receipts must
be presented so that such payment may be Indorsed
The sums to bo paid under this present call are
respecthely eqnal to:
I3.7G on each ahare nf tho present preferred
stock specified In our receipt or certificate.
12.60 on each share of tho present common stock
specified In our receipt or certificate.
Reorffantzfttlon Managcri.
' ' ... i 1 1 i ..-a
To tho Shareholders of tho
Chicago & Alton R. R. Co.:
Notice Is hereby given that a majority of the capital
stock of tho Cblcngo nnd Alton Rnllronel Com I
pnny has been deposited under the agreement of
January 28th, 18(P; that said agreement hag, there
fore, become effective, and that the purchase price
for the stock bo deposited will be payablo by the pnr
chasers at the office of this Company on and aftc
MARCH in. 1800, upon surrender of tho receipts
Issued therefor.
The time for the deposit of stock nnder the terms
of the above ajreeruant baa been extended UNTI1,
APIUI 1ST, 1800, for the purpose of enabling
any remaining holders of proforred and common
stook of Bald Railroad Company to arall of tho otTetf
of purchase and to deposit their certificates with the
Trust Company. The purchase price for all stoclt
deposited prior to .MARCH 1STH, 1800, will
be payable by the purchasers upon surrender of the
Truat Company's receipts therefor, on and after
TIIK 15T1I DAY Ol MARCH, 1800. Tha
purchaae price for all Btock depoaltcd UKTWKIIN
MARCH 1ST1I ANI Al'Itir, 1ST, inclusive,
will be paj ablo by the purchaaera from time to Urns,
but not later than Al'RII, 1C, 1890.
United States Trust Company of New York,
By JOHN A. 8TEWA11T, President.
New York, March 2d. 180P.
j. a. svaoengLL,
11 Wall St.
8,ltction$ ami gUfttiugis.
NEWARK, N. J.. March lat. 18fi.
Notlcois hereby given thata special meotlngof the
Stockholders of the American Tobacco Company will
be held at the jirluclpal offlce of the company, lu
room No. 82.2. at No. 70S Broad Street, Newark, New
Jeraey, nn tho 28th day of March, lauu, at two
o'clock P. M.( for the purpoae of eonaldcrlntc, and
taking, action ujion the iueatlona of tncreaalng the
capital atock of the Company by adding thlrty-flva
million dollars ($85,000,00(1) to ttu existing capital
stock, such lncreaae to bet lu ciuimon atook of,
the Company aud divided Into eoicn hundred
thousand (7OO.0O0) aharea of the par value of Fifty
Dollars eacht aud of ameudlnir the charter of the)
Company so that the tilth section thereof shall read
aa followa:
"The number of Directors of the Company, until
chantted according to law, ahall be flf teen, and they
Bhall be ao claaalfled, as aoou aa may bo, that the
terms of five Directors will expire in each year."
And of amending the )yawa of the Company aes
that aectlon 1 of Article II. thereof shall read as fol
lows: "Hectlon 1. Tho business of the Company Bhall be
manased and conducted by a board of fifteen Direct
ore, who ahall reapectlv ely be shareholder therein
and whose number may be altered aa provided in
law. The three additional Dlrectora Jierein provided
for ehall b elected by the Board of Directors to
serve until the next annual meeting of the Stock
holders. At such next annual meeting five Directors
shall be elected for three years, and Aio Dlrectora
shall be elocted for two years, and two Dlrectora
Bhall bo eleoted for one year, and at the expiration
of their respective terms their successors shall be
elected for three years. All Dlroctora elected by the
Htockholders after tho year 18011 shall bo elected for
three years."
And br striking out of aectlon 0 nf Article II. of
the Br-laws the words "aamo" and substituting
therefor the word " proper."
The transfer books of the Company will lie cloaed
Bt three o'clook P. M. on March K. lriiio, and remain
clo.ee! unlll 10 o'clock A XI. on March I'll. 1HD9.
JAMLM It. DUKE. ITealdent.
JOSIAU BUOWSE, bocretary.
Sif.drna.'J nntl 3fittttsn.
NEW Y01IK. Keh. 2nd. 181)11. A quarterly dlvi
on the capital atock of thla Comjiany will be paid at
tho office of the Company, 21 Cortland! street, in this
city, on and after WedneBday, March JBth, 18&P,
The transfor books will bo closed from the close of
bualneas to-day until the morning of Thursday,
March lflth, 181(9.
By order of the Hoard of Manacera.
CUAItLEH A. WALKEB, Treasurer,
been longer established and has had more experience
than auy other advertising physician; city papers
prove this. Under hia scientinu treatment blood aud
akin dleeaaea, pain in bones, red ,pota, sore throat
and mouth, ulcers, jtaiiiful Hwelllmz, kidney and
bladdor complaints acaldlug. lnllamination, irrave I,
undeveloped organs, weak back, lost vitality, are
speedily, jitrmancntlv cured. Meti about to marry
should consult OLD DR.UHINDI.K. Every Impedi
ment removed, buffcrere, do not waste time vlaltlng
lesa aklltul pbyslclaiiH llemmnlier, OM) Dll. ORI.N
DLE never falls. OFFICE 0ER ir, 1EAIIS at 171
West 12th at., botweeu nth aud7thavs, Advlcofrea.
Medicine. $1, lljuu, u to 1), Hunil.i), H to li.
Ol.l im. illi:Y, 4S jceira n apeclullat In
dlspases of tiipn only, guickeat pornianent cure
guaranteed in all the cliaeaMea peculiar to men.
Blood poison, skin dlEcaacs, kidney and blsdiler
trouble, weakness, nervous dobillty, errors of outh,
bad etreama, undeveloiie'l orKaua Impedimenta to
marrlaico. Ao. Conault old r iirey tlrat. heis the
oldest established and the loimeat In jirac tlce of any
speciallat In the city. Olllce over Hf, years nt 1 SO
Kast 17th st.. near Ciilou hiuare. Hours n to v, Sun
days, Ii to . Hclentlfiii trtalnieut, sdvlee free.
Medicine onl) CO ce nts. No charge unleaa cured.
A -DP IS'IIMKH 81MISON. the leading apeclal.
New York aucceasfnlly treat ell female
eoniiUuitaand Irregularities, 20 ) ears' experieiicei
prlvatu sanitarium; trained nurses, treatment guar
anteed: free confidential advice, 0 to u ii eit
27th at , near Broadway.
" X7- A.-A.-aricKi:sT r 1: it m a n i: r
C'lHtl in d ecases of inoii; daimeroua cases aolicit
ed, relief at once, thoao deeiritig only lliat-clasa
selrntifia treatment ahuulcl call ihe 1, aclluu )"
i Iallat, Dr. lJouachur, 127 Sot TlA st u to .1..7 to 1),
Bundaya. 10 to 1.
A-DIt CONRAD S BVNmRII'M Hcleutlflc, akll
. fill treatment of all ills, aaeaeif women, private '
rooms, every convenlc nee sncl appliance, cousulti
tions. Ii A M teiltP M. Call or wrlto for booklet,
117 West47tbst. Tel. K120 dWL.
T.R MRS. Ri:iNIIARDIIOHL5lANN,f.'iriilar pliy"
-l-'alclaii, 711-7th av., near 4th at., poalllv ely cures
female lrrcguluiltlcH, aiuitle, married, or returns
money: conndentlal, 80 ) ears' exjjern nee
It ULINN'H HiiNITAliflTM, 177 e7t 47th st.
(Broadwav), Eatabllahed 18", Functional aud
organic eleraugements of women
LAOIESI Chldiister't English Pennyroyal PiHi
iDitiob4 Vrasdl, Qfes tha tsoat. t', R11,I.
Tek, ettM-. tVaca 4., . sij, f r-rtlcal.ra. ' r..lt.f
ix uaia" i ia as ir Return Mqll,., A' l'"ff'
Chichester ChsmlcaT Co.. I'bllaeta., 1U.
'E positively euro all female Irregularities or re
tt turn money, reaularjih j aiclani an ears exps
rlence consultation rrue D1L and MRS. AMES, 144
?uuUc "Ooticro.
iu MAYOR'S OITICE -Thla Council having de
rided to have a system of waterworks and aaultary
rewcrago built lu thla clt), iineof the most prosper
ous in the island, such jiartieaaa aie willing lo male
propoiltlona aie hereby invited to III them with tl e
uiideraie-iieel before the '' 4 1 1 1 nf March noil, when
the prolueta which shall be arpbd will be submit
ted to tlio proper authorities fur approval.
JOSE A, FRIA8, Mayor.
PATENTS for InrtuUnna procured promptly: loT
rates. It 0 ED Ell i. BRILUEN, 82 Nassau sU, N. X,
r-i-.i.c- isot.
na ad anytfieA, toe.-aal-. NM, t J

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