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HH tt $HE SUN, THURSDAY, TORCH ;$t 3,89$. ; ,
FlH roar jx von cosbideratiox.
T jH'i An Amendment Adopted Which Benntor
IsHb'' flrndy Took In Albany anil 8ld W
I HI, Favored by tlm City Authorltles-Frlendii
E Ml' l,e nl" wn MoTe Htrlke It Out.
UVK Ami ant, Mnrch 8 -yTho Sonata Railroad Com-
VKIl mltleo to-dny decided to report for tho consld-
H'lr n rat I on of tho Senate Senator Ford's Amstcr-
IhI''' dnm Arunuo bill, which provides that If
jflt clcotrlo cm of tho Thlnl Avenue Railroad
Hroi Company nnd tho of tho Metropolitan lino
Rul are to run on doublo oats of tracks on Amstor-
KJpl (nm avenue, botwoen Sovonty-socond and
VyQ) 125 th ptrccta. nono of tho tracks shall come
Kiirvr Within twenty foot of elthor curb. Tho report
BKl 1 of tho committoo wns unanimous. This action
jJIHlrf. I oothopartot tho committoo leaves Its mom-
Slggy'l bars free lu vuto as they pioaso whon tho bill
' FHjfW'- K com en up for passngo In the Senate.
' Hffgj9 l Section 4 of the bill reads: "Any corporation
HUB V, or person deprhodof anyprlvato property by
inH the operation of this act shall havo a right of
SKft' action nt law In tho Hupromo Court of this
IB' Blato against tho city of Now York to recovor
1 PHIBf U8t compensation for tho value thorcof. to bo
; IlKlBJ, nscortalnod by a jury In such action." Tho
lin'PE committed Inserted n now section 4. which
IHMInKl reads ns follows:
H vJHI' Whenever tho reloutlon at any railroad pursuant
ujjBflH 0 the tcond section of this act shall InroHo Inter-
ilWaH 'jrenre with tho existing structure or operation of
HIH'' ny other rallrcad, tho Attorney-Ocnoral shall, on
' jffVs tha application of the company de-lrlne to mate
" H.Hr uttQh relocation, comnif nco and maintain an action
' MaaUar' Sq tho Bupreino Caurt, to which thn owner of
'9B both of said railroads anil the city of New York
jjUH ahall be parties, and the court thall hats
IjH' Jurisdiction In audi action to determine the
Tflm" ehamAter and extent of Interference which ehall ba
t'HS necessary, tho term and condition In respect of
BjlflB maintenance, and operation upon which the same
Ill shall be allowed, the competition to bo made there-
fJB for, and to award Judgment therefor against any of
yBjWjWjW9 thepartlea to the action, and no Mich relocation or
JH Interference ehall bo luado except In puniuance of
CVBBBBJ the judgment Ln such action.
i 'If (n aucb action It (hall appear to the court that
SyHWHf tha'ptiblio uso of aald avenue wilt lo promotod by
jSJHpHpB the entire removal of cne or more of the track, for
TCSWjjWHr (he relocation of which application la made, without
f jfApj the relocation thereof, so a to reduce the number
'Hm ! of .tracka upon eaid avenue, the judgment may dl-
'iSrlaw Bv rect the removal thereof arcorrllnely, upon due
! MM !BX, compensation to the company owning tho same,
larMI iBft; and may asses, upon the city of Kerr York and upon
'M the company or companies owning the remaining
lean !wM track,, the amount of such compensation to bo paid
&1H 'aa; by tbemrcsprctttely in proportion to the bencatsro-
l jjHJ celred from ouch removal.
I jl(l This newsoctlon was brought to Albany by
i mm liJl Senator Grady, who said that It represented
I Hi ;H1 tno views of the Now York olty authorities.
1 19 'ffll Benntor Feather-son offered It as an atnend-
1 i xB !Ea ment to the bill when tho committee met In
t mK 11 executive session this afternoon nnd it was
I Ollw ill; adopted.
"J J 'Asscmblymon Fallows and Mazot. who
s Hffl ' if S "'l done hard work in advocating tho
tt$ S iliS passaco of tho bill, urged Senator Ford
' it J! s nl tno representatives of the Amsterdam
3 S property owners not tn accept the amendment.
9 ill declarlne that It would mean the defeat of the
Jf lt measure. It was finally decided that when tho
3; l B hill comes up In the Sonata a motion will bo
(J I lionrd to strlko out tho amendment, so that tho
S ; fl bill may pam In Its orlulnnl form. A similar
tffi J ij - bill. Introduced bvAssomblymnii Fallows, will
m l ebme up for consideration In tho Assembly to-
A tnnrrow, nml Mr. Fallows nnd Mr. Mazot con-
m f fldently expect that It will bo advanced to
.ijj 1 third rendlne without amendment.
S3 '"31 A member of the ARstimbly Hallrond Com-
MI ;! i mltteo said to-nicht that it was understood at
3rl ilil 1 no oxeeutlvo session of tho committee held
VI 'Sij r yesterday that if the Amsterdam bill came
MSI Iffll back to the committee foramendmont it would
;! ' If $ not aealn be renortod out.
ISB t ll I Johnl C. Coleman, one of tho counsel of
eFt ' 'I P t"0 AinHterdam avenue property ownors,
-Iwl ' is i nnJ ThoniBh A. Ftilinn, their committee's
iJ'U li Chairman, am both nureeU that the amend-
jtiJ? !1 K ments suKircsted are nelthor necessary
HM ll nor ileslrntile. Tin. .tssort that tho rlKhtsof
ijBj ' jj the rullrond company nro fully protected by
'"" ' tho bill nsorlt'lnnllydrafledand bytheReneral
1H jl I provisions of law nnd eiiulty Kovernltic "uch n
Sm if esse. Thoyareot the opinion that tlmamend-
LM ments, If carried. mlKht settle utm the cltv of
Wm . i Kework nlnrKoeontliiEent llabllily for mis-
EB iuf J i deeds of tho rnllroads, for which tlm latter are
B ill responsible and which they should bear.
IS iff I Coins to the 1'otir-Track Ilenrlnc.
rvHJ ! K . rlho special car which will carry the delesa-
fl M R tlon of tho W6st End Association to Albany
jHBM S , this mornlnu' to attend tho liearlnc on tho Ford
BI'UlK bi)t with rcforeneo to mldltlonal trolley tracks
flilSlv on'Amsterdain nvcnuo will not leave at 7:43
SHf! - o'clock as had been announced. Instead it will
.''tHiaJli' baattached to the rcunlar fast ranll. which will
, leave tho Grand Central Station nt H:4o o'clock.
SHVjI. At th0 meetlue of the Uoanl of Education
OTliU yesteniny a renolution was passed fnvorlnc tho
HiftR Ford bill. President Little was also authorized
, Lfl toseloctncommltteoot llvo to so to Albany to
' HH91 day to rere-ent the board.
:flHIU ho Board of Trade nnd Transportation
, BmBH passed a resolution yesterday deelariwr against
W the additional tracks and appointed a commit-
flUBr tea to co to Albany.
' HljHj Mme. Illaucliliil Toiiuil Guilty nf Trylnc to
3BflgBJ I'otsnti Her Htuliuntl.
' laHaWX Xptctal Cat.lt Private) In The Si.'n.
' 9HB Pabib. March H Mme. Dinnohlnl, wlioso
MBIfB' trial for attempting to poison her husband
; 9BlS'. t with atropine hns attracted wide attention,
tfefllflr suggesting In somo tespects tho celebrated
fslPW Maybrlck case, was to-day found guilty and
., IlllPfl sentenced to llvo years' Imprisonment at hard
- glafl' labor.
; IvmJHb When tho sentonco was pronounced Mme.
. HsB(' Blanchlnl nttempted to ttab herself In tho
itf&aMS heart with n hatpin, but she was seized by
' BEXar eendarmes and preented from injuring lier-
. QHMf' self.
jHSir i.oitn cii.titi.r.s iiEitEsronn home.
jHSSf Bays Tlint II -Vna Dollclitcil with Ills Ke-
TOai' ceiitlun In This Country.
laWjBlVl' ftmtal CtMi llntakh to Tin Sck.
JBBBjjf BouTHAMiToN. March 8. Tho American line
jBjHlf ateamshlp St. Louis, with Lord Chnrlcs Ilores-
HbH' ford on board, arrived lioro to-duy. There
. HIH v,an D0 demonstration In tho nnturo of a reccp-
uHjIw'' tlon to Lord Charles upon his landing.
PHHJHs! In an intcrvlow ho said that the onlrpos-
ifHHjK aible policy In China was that of the opon door,
llHHXf and unions this was granted England would go
bIHHB to war. Ho o.preseil himself as dotlghtod
I HBB. wlth'hfs reception in tho United Btatos. where.
IHMB he ald. ho was most sympathetically received.
lBflBH Beached riyimiuth Yesterday in it Greatly
'jBHBj DHmnced Condition.
jfHSS' Heicitil Cable Ptioateli to The Res,
iiSlHj: London. March 8. Tho llrlxliam trawler
)' 3HB ' Tirana reports that at midnight last night, ten
,!9HHj miles off Start Light, Devonshire, she wns
, HHB; passed by a steamer on fire, tho crow of which
"HjHJi eboutod for usslstnuco, saying they could not
hHHJ., tct below to stop tho engines on account of,'
I jHHa the flames. Tho steamer was stooring west by
BBf To-day tho steamer, which proved to bo tho
jjflHHT Blaine of Liverpool, entered Plymouth ir. a
'''HflHJ, sreatly damaged condition.
H Gen. Itlos Ttonews sotlntlon fur Their
' fBnKV Itelensx and Hopes to Succeed,
' nBBIBB Sptaal Cabli Veipatch to Thl Bin,.
LhHHJ Micnip. March 8. Gen. Ilios has cabled to
flHHJ the Government that lie oxpocts satisfactory
KflHlHlr results from tho fresh negotiations ho has en-
IHHj; tered into with the Tagalos for tho ransom of
MHHHa tho Spanish prisoners In their hands
bHbSb Premier Bllvcla will devoto special attention
'jTflHB i to thla matter, as he is desirous of cloarlng the
HHHJ; Philippines of all Spanish soldiers Immodl-
jHH Germany to Assume Control of thn Keir
il'aVaSR Giilnrn Company's Territory.
RH Beelik. March 8. Tho Iludgnt Cotnmittoo of
iKHh the ltelehstag has appro ed the t reaty with the
yjjmLwmW Kew Guinea Company for tho taking over of
ijBH the administration of the company's territory
iHH and the obtablUlimont of a protectorato by tho
'9RH German Empire.
t'lll'Hl Shock Felt oil Tuesday In I lie District
4flliflr Visited in 1801.
ritaUr Hi Sptcial CaUc DtwatcK to The Shx.
Sal (Hi Yokohama. March 8. Shocks of earthquake
'IflHlBr, wero felt yesterday morning In the satuedls-
, H'R' tricts that wero visited by earthquakes In 1801.
'RBh' No pArUcilara are ret at baud,
German Woman found Strnntled In Iler
Iloom In London.
Sp'ticl Catlt DttcakK (o Tur Suit.
London, March 8. Sir weoks ago n Gorman
masseuse and fortttno tellor took up her resi
dence In n liouso In Tottenham Court road. In
IiOtidon, 8 ho was over 40 years of ago, and
with her llvodn young man of about 20. who.
she said, was her husband, but It Is bolleved
that sho otopod with hlra from Uarlln and wns
not marrlod to him. Tho woman advertised In
n German weokly publication, nnd many per
sons called upon her for treatment or con
sultation. Last Thursday night tho rooms of tho cotiplo
wero found to bo locked, nnd n lottor received
by thn landlord, signed " llrlosoneck und f rau."
said that thoy had gono out of town on busi
ness, Thoro was no suspicion of anything
wrong until Monday night, whon tho doors
woru forcod opon nnd tho woman was found
dend, halng been strangled. The woman was
known to hnvo had conslderablo money nnd n
quantity of jewelry, all of which had been
taken. Thoro Is no traco of tho young man.
Assaulted n Wjcllffo l'rencber nt n Itecent
Anti-Ultunllst Meeting.
Special Cable DeipatcK to Tur. 80S.
Lonpox. Mnrch 8. Tho vicar of Gorleston
was arraigned' before tho magistrates at Yar
mouth to-day charged with assaulting Charles
Edmund WIncott, a Wycllffo preacher, nt n re
cent Konslt nntl-mtualist meeting, which wns
broken up amid uproarious scenes, tho Chair
man being knocked down. Tiio Itov. Cecil
Qunlntaln, one of the witnesses, testified that
tho vicar, previous to tho mooting, had said:
"Everything Is prepared for Kenslt's visit.
His mothor won't know him when ho returns."
Other wltnessos testified that tho vicar's
conduct was disgraceful, ono of them declar
ing that "holookod llkoa hungry tiger await
ing his dinner."
Tho bench decided that the vicar was guilty
of tho offenco chargod. and seutencod him to
pay a flno of 40 shillings or undorgo a month's
Imprisonment, whereupon tho vicar ex
claimed: "I'll take n month's imprisonment.
This Is a gross mlscnrrlago of justlcol"
Suspicion Thnt tho Explosion Near Toulon
lVu Not Accidental.
Special Ctble Deepatck In TnE Smt.
PAnie, March 8 Tho rumor Is confirmed that
n sentry was fired upon and twelve dynnmlto
cartridges wero found near another magazine
nt Toulon, not fnr from tho ono In which tho
explosion ocourrod on Sunday morning. Tho
sontry cavo tho alarm and the guard was
turned out. but no prowlers wero discovered,
though tho sentry says ho saw six men running
Tho attempt to blow up tho second magazine
nt Toulon has been announced by an anony
mous letter, which says that It was Intonded
that the oxploslon should tako placo when M.
Lockroy. Minister of Marine, was present.
Great excltoment prevails In Toulon, where
last Sunday's catastropho Is rogardod as tha
act of a criminal and not as an accident.
M. Gnat Bnys Thnt Broken Glnss Was Found
in an Omelet Served to lllm ln Prison.
fii'Cidl Casle Deipatek to The Svn.
Paiiis. March 8. Tho JVmpj gives promi
nence to an interview with M. Oast, a relative
of Col. Picquart, whonsserts that shortly after
tho lattor was Interned In tho Chercho-Mldi
military prison ho found plecos of brokon glass
in an omelet that was soned to him. M. Oast
suggests that tho glass was placed in tho
omelet with the object of doing away with
Col. Ticquart.
It will be recalled that Col. Picquart publicly
announced justbeforo ho was taken to prison
that If ho was found dead ln his cell It would
not bo n case of suicide, thoreby vory plainly
intimating that his cncmlos might attempt to
kill him.
Six Ilaga from the Wrecked Steamer Re
covered Shore Strewn with Wreckage.
.Ipeeial Cable Veipatch foTlIE Suk.
London. March 8. Six of tho mail bags from
thn Dominion lino steamer Labrador, which
was wrecked last Wednesday, havo been ro
coA.'red. Four of them woro washed ashore on
the Uland of Coll. whllo the other two wero
p'ckod up In tho passage between tho Islands
Tho shores nro strown with timber, cprn.
apples, pork, furnlturo and other articles
which comprised the cargo of the steamer. An
organ has been found on tho bench at Coll.
Announcement of Ills Kngngement Sur
prises the Cnlumet Club.
Special Cable Veipalch to TnE Suv,
London, March 8 A marrlago license was
Issued in London to-day to Spencer Murch
Mumby of tho Calumet Club, Fifth nvonue.
New York, and 11 M. Scarf, widow, of Hlghcntc.
North London.
Spencer Murch Mumby left for Europe two
weeks ago. At the Cnlumet Club ho left word
that he would not return for two years. Tho
announcement of his engagement came as a
surpriso to tho mombers of the club.
French Kxplnuntlou of tho Apparent Con
Ulct in Gntcriinieiit Stntemeuts.
Special Cable Veipatch to Tur. Bust.
Paris. March 8. Tho 7'emps. which Is often
tho mouthpieco of tho Foreign Ofllee. contends
that there Is no real disagreement in M. Del
canso's nnd Mr. Ilrodrlck's versions of tho Mus
cat affair. It says that tho apparent divergence
Is tho outeomo of tho skilful distribution of
light and shado to which both had rocourso In
oxplalnlng tho nffalrto tho rospuctlvo Parlia
ments, Tho Tempt says. In conclusion, that thoro Is
practical accord botween tho two Governments.
.Judgment Agnlnst Actor Waller.
f pedal Cable DelcalcS to Tur. 8 UN.
London, March 8. Tho yueon's llcneh Di
vision of tho High Court of Justlco to-day
awarded to Proprietor Fredericks of tho Bor
ough Theatre, nt Stratford, a judgment of X275
against Lowls Waller, the nctor, because of
his refusal to keop Ills agroemont to All a
week's eiigngcinont In Hamilton's version of
"The Throo Miihko'eers." preferring, in view
of his success In tho play, to appear at a West
End Theatre Instead.
Lord Salisbury III with n Cold.
Special Cable DeipaUh to The Bdn.
London, March 8. Lord Salisbury Is In n
feverish condition from tho effects of a cold.
Becauso of his Indisposition, Lord Salisbury
did not hold his weekly diplomatic, reception
to-day. The Marchioness of Salisbury has
started for tho Hlviora.
Glnscotv Student Nominate Lord Cromer.
il ecial Cable Vexpalch to The fiux.
Gi.akoow, March 8. The students of tho
Glasgow Unlvorslty have nominated Lotd Cro
mer, the British diplomatic, agent in Egypt,
as the Conservative candldalo for tho I-ord
Uectorshlp, acalnet Lord lloscbery, who Is tho
Liberal candldute.
The Khalifa's Pet I.iou liuuahl Tor u Circus.
.Sirclal Calls Deipatch to Tut Sen.
Caii'.o, March 8. The Khalifa's pet lion, a do
cile half-grown male Nubian, which was cap
tured by the Sirdar's forces near Omdurman,
has been secured for llnrnum t Bailey, nnd
wilt shortly be shipped to Loudon.
Queen of Ilelgluin Much Itetter.
.Iltcctal Cable Despatch to Tux Sch.
BnussEiJi, March 8, The official bulletin Is
sued by tho physicians this morning says that
the Queen enjoyed more refreshing sleep last
night and that favorable symptoms nro becom
ing moro murked, JNo bulletin will be Issued ,
to-night. 1
tr . M
' fc : r
A I.nrge 'ltrynn Contingent Alto Who Do
Not Love Perry Belmont nnd Who Would
l.lko Nothing Better Than n Chnnro to
IlitTamninny-Sn It'i"Stnto" Dinner.
Tho Democrats who gathered In tho Demo
emtio Club last night talked among themselves
as to tho possibility of tho Hon. David 11. Hill
ncceptlns tho Invitation of the club to attend
the Jefforsou dinner. Tho Hop. Porry Belmont.
President of tho club, would not say it Mr. Hill
had boon Imlted. As a matter of fact, Mr.
Hill has been Invited. So has Mr. Cleve
land. So havo a. number of other Demo
crats. Mr. Cleveland will not nttond the
dinner. He doesn't like Perry Belmont. Mr.
Hill's friends say It Is vory doubtful If Mr. Hill
will attend the dinner, for the. reason that the
Sago of Albany doesn't llko Mr. Belmont Tho
Clovuland pcoplo ln tho Doraocratlo, party said
that no Clevoland man should attend tho din
ner, for tho roason that tho Hon. Porry Bel
mont nnd not beon steadfast in tho uievoinna
faith. President Cleveland modo him Minister
to Spain. Thon Mr. Boltnont returned to
Now York nhd attondod tho Chicago Na
tional Convention In 18J2 ns tho frlond
of Hill. Bctwocn 1892 and 1811(1 thoro wero n,
numborof other episodes, political nnd social
nnd personal, which Mr. Belmont's frlonds said
last night had put him Into ambiguous rela
tions with various Domocratlo loaders. Stnto
and national. But for Democracy's sako It was
mentioned that whon Mr. Aryan camo to
Now York after his nomination for Presi
dent In Chicago In 1800 Mr. Belmont,
who hnd roslgned from the Demoorntlo
Stato Committoo. presided at a meeting In
the Madison Square Garden, whero tho Hon.
W. Bourko Cockrnn was tho chief speaker,
called to denounce Bryan nnd tlm Domocratlo
national platform of IkIHJ.. President Belmont
of the Demoorntlo Club on that occasion mado
a speech introducing Mr. .Cockrnn, who spoko
It was learned last night that the dinner of
tho Domoeratle. Club proposed by Mr. Crokor
as likely to bun sad disaster, for tho reason
that all Democrats Democrats measured by
tho Chicago platform of lKjtJ remembctedMr.
Belmont's conduct In 1HIH1 nnd bad refuted ab
solutely to attend the club' dinner.
Another reason. It Ir slid, why Mr. Crokor
hnsdocldod tomnko tho dinner n Statu affair
Is that Mr. Belmont, tho President of tho club,
accented temporarily a military placo nt (ho
hands of President McKInloy,
The Hon. DniilelJ. Campau of Dotrolt. Chair
man of tho Executive Committee of tho Nn
tlonnl Democratic Committee, said tho othor
night at tho Hoffman House to a number of his
friends that tho Democrats in tho National Con
vention of next year wanted to get n whnck nt
Mr. Crokor. Mr. Perry Bolmont. Major James
V. Hlnkloy nnd other jutorestlnc Democrats,
who seemed to think that thoy wero a
rcalforcoln tho Democratto party of the na
tion. Fora groat many years. It was pointed
out, tho General Committee of Tammany Hall
has met thirty days beforo the assembling of
the Legislature nt Albany to denounce corpora
tions nnd trusts, but for tlje first time in a
great many years tho General Committoo of
Tammany Hall has not met this year for
thispurposo. .lust why tho'Genoral Commit
tee of Tntnmnny Hall, which is tho Hon.
Itiohard Crokor. has not taken any stop at this
time is ono of tho Interesting things In local
Anyway. It beeamo positively known last
night that tho Domocrats of tho Southwost and
West and Northwost who havo been Invited to
attend the dinner of tho Domocratlo Club on
Jefferson Day will not attend, and that It Is
even doubtful if Mr. Hill and other "warm"
personal friends of Mr. Crokor will And it con
venient to be present.
Thn Idea of an expansion dinner originated
with Perry Belmont and died when Mr. Croker
said that It wasn't what wns wanted. Mr. Bel
mont caused typewritten slips to bo distrib
uted to tho newspapers in which It was stated
that ho had suggested tho plan, nnd hat It was
his scheme to Invito representatives of the
Btates which woro mado out of tho Louisiana
purehnso to bo prosent as guests of honor at
the dinner.
Numerous Invitntlont for Them to Attend
Society Functions In London.
.facial Cable Despatch to T)ir. Son.
London, March 8. Ambassador and Mrs.
Choate aro receiving numorotra invitations to
attend society functions. All the Ambassadors
havo left tholr cards at Clorldgo's Hotel, whore
Mr. and Mrs. Choate aro stopping until they
Select a prlvato residence.
Ilussin'a Minister to Hervin Withdrawn.
.Vprciat Cable Despatch to The Sun.
Vienna. March 8. A despatch to tho Xeue
fYeie Presei' from Bo'urado says that Bussla
has withdrawn M. Jadowsky, her Minister to
Servla. on tho ground that ho was treated dis
courteously. M. Jadowsky was always unpop
ular In Servla. He Interfered In Servian inter
nal affairs.
Tn Prosecute Col. dti Paty tie Clam.
Special Cable tiespa'.ch to The Sen.
Paws, March 8. La J.iberlt says It has been
dccldod to prosecuto Col. du Paty do Clam as
soonns the roportof tho Court of Cassation In
tho Droyfus matter Is publlshod.
Something fnr Stilzer to I)n.
Tho adjournment of Congress does not leavo
Congressman Sulzer without employment.
His friend nnd political ally Justlco Schuch
man of tho City Court, whoso elevation to
the bench Is ascribed to Sulzer. has ap
ixjlntod BtibHr referee to ascertain tho value
of oortulii effects of Leslie II. Crouch, which
tho Court directs shall be turned over to
tho Halo Company. Tho effects consist of n
desk, easv chair, four or llvo ofllee chairs, a
rug and two or three pictures, which are speci
fied bv tho Judge, so that tho Congressman's
appraisal shall not lop over on othor things.
Zrgwcses Alone Indicted for Murder.
Tho Grund Jury yestorday found on India
ment for murder In tho llrst degree ngalnst
John Zogweses, tho Greok flower peddler who
Is under arrest for shooting Michael Fallno
Ferrandoln tho hasoment restaurant nt ll.'l
West I'lftoonth street on Feb. 18. Tho charge
agnlnst tho three other Greeks who wero held
as accessories on the'rdict of the Coroner's
jury wns dismissed by the Grand Jury. Thoy
were discharged In tho Court of General Ses
sions, but were Immediately rearrested and
sent to the House o! Detention as witnesses ln
the case.
Iletired Fire Chief Dies Suddenly.
John S. Flshorof 431 East 120th stroot.a re
tired Battalion Chief of the 1'lro Department,
died suddenly last night of heart trouble, no
had been 111 for some time, but, feeling better
Inst night, started downtown on a Third ave
nuo cable carto call on friends. Ho became 111
on tho ear and was carried Into n store at 2111)
Third avenue, where ho died before a physi
cian arrived. Ho was U7 years old. Mr. Fisher
became a llremnn ln 1804, and joined tho paid
department when It was formed. Ho was re
tired four years ago.
Isle Roynlo and Miners Copper to Consoli
date. The Islo Boyalo and Miners' Copper Com
panies of Michigan nro to bo. consolidated, an
agreement to combine them having "been
ronched ntn meeting held -in Boston on Tues
day night. Tho Islo itoyalo, which Is known as
a Blgelow-Lowisohn Company, Is capitalized
under Michigan laws at 2.fOt).O00. while tho
Miners' is organized undor New Jersey laws
with $2,000,000 capital,
Tntnmnny Axe to Fall in Queens.
Thero is soon to bo a number of changes In
the heads of departments In the borough ot
Queens. Among thoso Blated to go, It Is said,
aro Deputy Cqmmlsslonor of Sewers Matthew
J. Goldner, Deputy Bridge Commissioner John
E. Uuckus nnd Franols K. Clair, Auditor of the
borough of Queens. ,
A Swedish Vice-Consul t'o Wed an Ameri
can Heiress.
Ciiicaoo, III., March a-Count Carl Wacht
rueistcr, u Swedish Vice-consul in Chicago. Is
to wod Miss Iloulsh, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. 1". M. Hubbell of Des "Moines. la. The
Count eonrtrmod tho announcement made
from Des Moines last night. Miss Ilubbell's
father Is a multl-mlllioualru and own a the
Des Moines street railways, waterworks and
much othor property.
Ant l-Monster lllll to lie Heported Favorably.
Ai.iJi.NT, March 8. Sonator Donnelly's
"Antl-Mone'or" bill, as wollns Senator Grady's
measuro of similar Import, will be favorably
reported by the Judiciary Committee of the
Senate to-morrow.
To Cure a, .'pld in tins Day
Take laxative Ilrdmo QuinineTablet. ' All druggist '
rafuadihoiuoueylfit falls to. cure. 25c. The gta
Uatbu L. U. Q. oa each ullet.-at. . 1
Pnmns, Woollens, Smelters, Stoves, Soap.
Ilntsi'Glass, Cement) Rollins Milts.
Preliminaries havo bean arranged for the or
ganization undor Now Jersoy laws of the Inter
national Steam Pump Company. With a capital
stock of J27.5OO.0OO. Tho company proposos
to consolldato concerns which doOOporcont
of tho stoam pump business ot tho United
States (oxcept high-duty engines). Including
tho Worthlngton, Blake. Dcano nnd 8now con
cerns. Chnrlos C. Worthlngton Is to bo the
President and Max Nathan tho Treasurer ot
tho now company.
F. 8. Smlthors t Co. nnnounco that they have
rocolved subscriptions for moro than tho
amount offorod of tho stock ot thoAmorlcnn
Woollen Company, which hns n capital of $50.
000.000 and la a consolidation of thn Washing
ton, Itlversldo. National Providence Harnnno.
Blacketone. Fulton, llnoll. Fltehburg Wors
ted nnd Vallov Worsted mills. Tho Con
solidated Smelting nnd Banning Company
will bo Incorporated In New Jorsoy
with JOS.OOO.OOO capital. Tho following com-
Snnles. with nn nggregato capital of
25.000.000. will be consolidated: Omaha and
Grant Company. Consolidated Kansas City
Hmoiting' nnd lioanlng company. National
Smelting Company. United Smelting Company,
Pueblo Smelting Company and Gormanla
Smelting Company. An ngrocmant with re
gard to changes tins beon arranged with M.
Guggenheim's 8ons. who havo plants in
Mexico, Perth Amboy nnd Puoblo. The under
writing of tho stock, through Mooro A Sohlot
nnd Lewlsnhn Brothors. has been heavy, and It
la understood n largo block was underwritten
ln London,
Among tho othor combinations which Wall
street heard of yesterday were among makers
of stoves, soap, Jtata. flint, glass, cement nnd
Plumbers' supplies nnd ot tho ownors of rolling
Independent Concerns to He Controlled by
Anthrncltn Itallrond Interests.
It was announced yosterdny that nil the coal
companies controlled by Simpson ,V Watkins.
who have been tho largest Individual coal oper
ators at Scranton, havo been merged, and will
hereafter be operated by tho Tomplo Iron
Company, It la understood that the last
namod company Is controlled by Intorests
Identified with tho Jersey Contral, Delaware,
Icknwnnna and Western nnd othor largo
anthracite railroads. Tho chango is Important,
ns It romoves a disturbing cloment from tho
coal situation.
Tho companies merged nro thn Forty Fort
Coal Company, cnpltnl $200,000: Babylon Coal
Company, f 100.000: Edgorton Coal Company.
$200,000: Mount Lookout Coal Company,
S 120.000: Northwost Coal Company. $100,000:
Storrlck Creek Coal Company, 5100,000: Lnck
nwannn Coal Company. frfiO.OOO. These prop
erties mine about l,.r)00.000 tons of anthracite
K early, which has been shipped over tho Le
igh Valley. Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern. New York. Ontario and Western nnd the
Erie roads. Therexis to be no chango in this
method of shipment.
It wns reported In Wall street yesterday thnt
the purehnso of tho Scranton coal companies
In tho interest of thoanthrnclte railroads was
part of n comprehenslvo nlan for the control nf
tho anthracite output, which will end the cut
ting of rates. Simpson ,t Watkins wero con
cerned In the moeiuent to build an Independ
ent eoal-earrylng toad to this city, and tho
purchaso of their properties Is thought to doal
a final blow to that enterprise.
WiLKEsnAnnK, Pa., March 8. As to what
effect tho consolidation would havo unon tho
proposed new coal carrying road from Scranton
to New York, Mr. Watkins said:
"Wo naturally havo no further Interests In
the building of the New York, Wyoming and
Wostern rond. With tho disposition on tho
part of larger companies to hundlnthu anthra
cite business on n basis fair to all concerned,
there does not appear to bo n necessity for
putting any additional capital in now rail
roads." The coal properties consolidated mine nbout
l.WKl.OOOtonsof nnthineiteayear This has
boon shipped over tho Lehigh Valley, Lack
awanna. Ontario nnd Western nnd Erlo roads.
Ilouse Adopts Resolutions Against the Pro
posed Conl Combination.
Trknton.N.J., March 8. Loon Abbott intro
duced a prcnrablo nnd resolutions In tho As
sembly to-day calling attention to an nllegod
pomblnntion of all tho important coal mining
companies nnd coal carrying railroads ot this
country nbout to bo formod. and nfter declar
ing thnt such a combination would bo detri
mental to tho peoplo ot tho Stato and is or
should be mado Illegal, calls upon tho Attorney-General
to forward to tho House as soon
ns possible a statement of tho laws bonrlng on
tho subject and his opinion In regard to tho
possibility of enforcing such laws, and then
"Bo It furthor resolved, thnt if. in tho opinion
of tho Attorney-Gonoral. no ndoquato law oxlsts
to stop an d prov cnt such combination, heat onco
prepare and forward to this Houso n bill which
wlll.it tho samo becomes a law, prevent such
combination nnd severely punish any porson
attempting to form the same, nnd which will
provide for tho forfeit of tho charters and pro
vent any railroad property or corporation at
tempting tho samo from hereafter operating or
doing any business In this Stato "
Londr .MeKce. who thought tho resolutions
referred to another matter nnd did not wait to
hear them road, hail tlinm laid upon thn table,
but later In thodava 1'epubltcan caucus was
hold, and it wns dccldod to tnito thorn from tho
table nnd adopt thorn. Mr. Abbett moved a re
consideration of the voto by which the resolu
tions woro tabled. The motion prevailed, and
overyboilyvoted In thoafllrmative forthoadop
tlon of tho ronolutlons.
A joint meeting of tho two houses was hold
nt noon, nml, nftern largo number of Commis
sioners of Deeds wero olected, Charles Bradley
of Essex was olected btato Director of Hall
roads and Canals He is a son nf tho late Jus
tice Joseph Bradley of tho United States Su
preme Court. Tho place Is nn honorary one.
and tho Incumbent gets no pay for tho slight
service which ho renders, except a packotof
annual pnsses on all tho rnllrnnds of the State.
At tho attornoon session thero wns a lively
donate In the Houso over the bill to merge tho
Northern liallrond of Now Jorsoy nnd tho Erie.
Tho bill passed by a vote of 47 to 7.
Tho Senato passed a joint resolution provid
ing for the npjolntment of a commission to
sugcost some way tosavo tho Palisades from
further dofacument.
Proposed Knit Goods Trust.
Tnoy. Mnrch 8. A scheme Is on foot for the
organization of n knit goods trut In tho East.
A number of manufaeturers have been re
quested to moot at tho Waldorf-Astoria In New
York city on Mnrch 15 to discuss plans for tho
proposed combination. The Invitations wero
issued by John W. Baker of Philadelphia,
Among those prominent In the project are
Itoswcll P. Flower and William II. Ilowo. Jr.,
of Now York. Howe Is associated In several
knit goods plants hero with Joseph Mur
phy, a son of former Sonator Murphy,
Thomas Ilrcslln. a wealthy manufacturer
In Wuterford, has beon named ns the probnblo
President of the proposed combination, which
will Include plants In Wnterford. Cohoes, Still
water, Amsterdam. Little Falls, Utlea. Hudson,
Phalmunt, Troy, nnd Bennington. Vt. Charles
A. Brown of this city Bald to-day that he would
not be present ut tho moetlne as he believed
the proposed plan could not be successfully
consummated. The plan Is favored by about
sixty manufacturers.
Not a gnrraent so easily bought
ready-made as trousers at the
right place.
The trousers now at Prince
and Leonard St. stores, marked
to $8.50, give you a tip-top
chance for experimenting. Odda
and enda of broken suits.
Kooehp, Pket & Co.
8S0 llroadway, cot. Leonard.
MID llroadway, cor. Prince.
Tturty-tscoDd and llroadway, (
.Resources of Clrllltntlon Warn Inadequate,
ITowever, to Persundo tho Girl todlvo In,
nnd She WnaMnrrleil by n Hnniljr Atder-
mnn to the, llootblnck nf Her Choice.
The ticket mtont at tho Jorspy Citystntlon ot
thn Brooklyn 'Annex ferry rccolvod a telephone
message nbout 8 A. M. yesterday from the
ngentbn the Brooklyn side, asking him to got
n policeman to dotalnn young man and n girl
who had olppod, and were on their way ovor to
Jersey City to gut married. Tho agent said
that Plotro Forte, tho girl's fatlior, had just
inlssotl tho boat, but would ho over on tho next
0119 and explain mattors.
Tho communication was Imparted to Tollco
man Boyloand Dotoctlvo Morris, nnd thoy In
tereertod the youue couple n they stepped off
tha boat. Tho young man said he was James
Kos8l, 21 years old, and that he lived lu Brook
lyn. The girl said sho was Sarah Forte. 15
I 'ears old. Iloylo tolophoned to Capt. Archl
ihldnt tho Gregory street stntlnn forinstruo
Ions and wns directed todotaln tho counlo nt
tho forryhouse until tho girl's fathernrrlved.
Then If no nmlcnblo nrrangoment could bo
made ho was to bring thownole party to tho
Mr, Forte arrived on the next boat. Ho was
In n vory angry frama of mind, nnd greatly ex
cited. He upbraided Boss! in vigorous Inn
fiuuge. und accused him ot breaking up his
ion.e. Tho old man mndo several attempts to
get a. Rossi, but was restrnlnod by tho police
man. Mr. Forto begged his daughter to return
homo with him. but sho .refused and
clung to hor lover. Tho girl, who ovl
dohtly has a will of her own, told her
father In very posltlvo language that sho loved
Itossl, nnd proposed to marry him either with
or without her father's consent. Seeing no
prospect of nn nmlcnblo settlement being nr
rived nt. Policeman Boyle took tho party to tha
police station, and n conferenco wns held in
Capt, Archibald's prlmto ofllco. Mr. Forte
ploadcd with his daughter, hut In vain. Cant.
Archibald advised her that sho was too young
to cot married, and urged hor to go homo
with her fnther, but she stubbornly re
fused. Finally, Mr. Forte suggested that if
tho girl and nor lover would roturn with him
to Brooklyn he would consent to their mar
riage. The proposition was accoptori, and
father, daughter nnd lover startod back for tho
ferry, the girl walking in tho middle. Police
lunn' Boylo buw them go on board the ferry
boat. Later In the day Boss! and tho girl wero mar
ried In Brooklyn Borough Hall by Alderman
rrank Keunoy. Itossl Is n bootblack. Fortn Is
employed In a wlllowwnro factory nnd llvosln
n little cottage ln Schonectady avonuo. near
Union street.
5X0,000 Pledged to round a Chnlr nt Co
lumbia, to lie Nnmed After Him,
Six hundred and fifteen Germans and half
that number of their wives, sisters and sweet
hearts attended the dlnnor nt Llederkranz
Hall last night, given by tho Gorman Social
Scientific Society to Carl Schurz. The ladles
sab In tho gallery with the musicians
and tho Ltodorkrnnz Male Chorus. The
men sat nt six lone tables, extending
from tho spcukors' table nt tho wost end
of tho hall clear to tho east end. Each
tablo. except the speakers', was designated by
n largo letter In flowers, mountod upon n
floral stnndard two feet high. Tho letters
were so placed that they formed a lino
diagonal to the width ot the hall, and
togethor ther spoiled tho name of the
cuostot honor. In tho centre of tho balcony
front was a disk of whlto electric lights, tn tho
contro ot which wero tho figures "70." the ago
of Mr. Schurz. in red lights. On tho north wall
hung a largo oil painting of Mr. Schurz, draped
with tho American nnd Germnn flags.
Ludwlg F. Thoma, President ot tho German
Social Scientific Society, presided. Mr. Schurz
sat at Ills right and Baron Speck von Stern
burg, representing tho Germnn Ambassador
to tho United States, sat at his left. Others at
the head ot tho tablo were August Folgol.Baron
Herman. attach6 of the German Embassy nt
Washington ; Emil L. Boas. George von Blcal,
Charles A. Hchloren. Herbert Schurz. a son of
Carl Schurz: Ilichard Welnacht. Henry Vlllnrd.
Prof. Kuno Francko of Harvard University,
Dr. F. W. Holls. Dr. Hans Kutlllch. Dr. A.
JacobL Carl L. Schurz. another son ot Mr.
riehure" Dr. W. F. Mlttendorf, and Gustav
Mr. Thoma mado an address of welcome nnd
that wns followed by the presentation to tho
guest ot diplomas of honoiary membership,
bound, soma in sliver, some in gold nnd snmo
In leather, in tho following organization,: Ger
man facial Scientific Society, German Society of
Now YorkJDeutscho Vereln. HebrowiTeehnicnl
Institute and tho German Lioderkrnnz. After
the lust diploma was presented nn Immonso
silver punch bowl was presumed to Mr. Schurz
by Henry Vlllnrd in behalf of eoveral members
of tho Llederkranz. As Mr. Vlllard was pre
senting tho punch bowl a waltor boro to
fho speakers' table n full-size armchair,
dono in American Beauty loses and other
flowers, the gift of the wlvos of members of
tho Llederkranz. As one gift after another
was presented, the enthusiasm grew until
llnally they stopped cheering nnd just shouted
loud enough to bo hoard halt a dozen blocks
Then Mr. Viltard got tho attention of the
diners nnd told them thnt. ns an approprinto
recognition ot Mr.Schurz'Hsorvleesto thecoun
try. In recognition of his worth ns a citizen and
as a birthday gift which would proba
bly bo bold longer in rememornneo
than any other, some of his friends
had pledged themselves to contrlbuto 520,000
to bo used iq founding a chair ot German
literature and in starting. i Gorman library at
Columbia University. This announcement was
received with tremendous, applause. Mr.
Schurz Ihsd evidently mado up his mind to
stop wondering nbout what would come next,
and his fnce was a study.
The speeches wero: "Carl Schurz ns a Jour
nalist." Oeorgo von Sknl. "Carl Sohurz as a
Statesman," Dr. F. V Holls; "The Citizen ot
Two Hemispheres." Prof. Kuno Francko: "Ad
dress of pormnn-Amorlcans to Mr. Schurz."
presented by Henry Vlllard.
Itrronenus Report of nn Immediate Increase
ISnsed on nn Old Agreement.
Abram 8. Hewitt denied yestorday a pub
lished btory to tho effect that through addi
tional gifts of money nnd property to Cooper
Union by himself, his wifonnd Edward Cooper
tho instituto would be able to provido addi
tional educational facilities during the coming
term. At tho same time Mr. Hewitt recalled an
agreonlont which was readied lustyoarnmong
thd children nnd grandchildren of PctorCooper
by which tho property left to them by tho lat
ter is to revort to tho Institute at their deaths.
This ngreoment was mentioned In tho unnunl
re tort of Cooper Union for 1R08. Issued Inst
May. and wns publlshod ln The 8un. This
paragraph In tho report exjilalns it:
Thoy have decided to execute n trust deed,
by which tho trust lund provided by Mr.
Cooper during his lifetime tor tholr support
Hhall. as thoy shall die. he translorrod to the
Connor Union, so that In tho courso of tlmo tho
institution will cmno Into the possession ot
property which will yield an Incomo of from
J'jS.OOO to $30,000 nor annum, thus surely
freeing thn institution from its dependence
upon tho rentK.of any portion of tho building."
" Until the death ot those who have con
tributed their, legacies from Mr. Cooper to
Cooper Union, the Union gets nothing," said
Mr. Jlewltt yesterday, "so you can see that so
far ns the present Is eoncernod the Union is no
better oft than If such an agreement had nover
bean made."
The slight cough may
60on become deep-seated and
hard to cure. Do not let it
6ettlc on the lungs.
Think! Has there been
consumption in your family?
Scott's Emulsion is Cod
liver oil with hypophos
phitcs. These are the best
remedies for a cough.
Scott's Emulsion has saved
thousands who, neglecting
the cough, would have drift
ed on until past hope. It
warms, soothes, strengthens
and. invigorates.
; '. , . 'Mi-and ti.oo, all druirtitt.
,. I fcTT& HOWNt.thtnUu, N.wYark,
ll i '!!' . V.V -
Ul. U Sloan
The Nairn Inlaid Linoleum J
By its merit and splendid wearing qualities, is increasing each day
in popularity. We are sole agents for this Linoleum, which is
the most durable floor covering ever produced. Il is made in
a great variety of artistic Roman, Moorish and English tile
patterns, suitable for Bathrooms, Hatls, Vestibules, Kitchens,
Offices and Churches. We also have an extra quality plain and
figured Nairn Linoleum ttveibe feet wide.
Broadway $ i9tb Street
Slapped the Fnce of a Lad Whn Was Sub
ject tn Hemorrhages.
Benedict Mnnfrcdl, tho 14-yenr-old son of nn
Italian tailor at 128 Sovonth avenue, was ar
raigned boforo Maglstrnto Meado in the Jeffer
son Markot Tollco Court yestorday on a chargo
of homicide, preferred by Mrs. Ilobert Sloonoy
of 'J51 Wost Sixteenth street. Sho nccusos
Manfrcdl of having caused the death of her 15-year-old
son. Ilobert, who died last Friday.
Ill-feeling has existed botween tho Mooney
nnd Manfrcdl families for some time, and tho
Mooney boy Is said to have used ovory oppor
tunity to tease Mnnfrcdl. Tho teasing" grew
intolerable on Feb. 17, when Mooney nnd othnr
boys snowbnlled the young Italian, and ho
slapped tho Mooney hoy's fnco.
loung Mooney had been subject to serious
hemorrhages of tho nose. His noso began to
bleed Immediately after ho had received tha
blow, and as his mother wns unable to do any
thing to stop tho bleeding she took him to
tho Now York Hospital. There tho flow of blood
was stoppod with some dlfllculty. Mrs. Mooney
swore out n warrant for nssault ngalnst Mnn
frodl, but ho was discharged In court on Fob.
120. A few days later young Mooney died
The death certlllcato Issued by Dr. John
O'Connor ot 150 West Sixtoonth street was
produced In court yesterday. It simply says
that tho lioy's death was caused bv hemor
rhages of tho noso. Maglstrato Meado held
Manfrcdl without bull for examination on Fri
day, when the testimony of Dr. O'Connn; will
bo heard. In the meantime tho boy will bo ln
charge of the children's socloty.
Disappeared When the Firm Adopted a
Hew System of Houkkoeplng.
Herbert W. Smith, cashier for Edwin J. Gil
lies, a firm ot coffee importers at 240 Washing
ton stroct, disappeared about two weeks ago,
loaving a shortago tn his accounts. Tha firm
refused to say yesterday mst how much this
amounts to, but it In beliovod to bo in tho
neitthhorhood of $.'10,000. Smith had beon em
Ployed by the Arm six years and hnd a wifo and
child living in Mount Vernon. About two years
neo, according to Mr. Gillies, ho met a woman
nt Long Branch whom ho Installed later in a
Hat uptown. Later ho fell in with other women,
upon whom he Is supposed to havo spjnc
laigo sums of monoy. To his friends
ho mnde out thnt ho was enabled to do this by
mennsof an Inheritance ho had rocoUed. His
defalcations were not discovered until tho
death of a member ot tho Arm a short tlmo ago,
when a now system of bookkeeping wns put lu
force. Smith leftthe office ono morning saying
that his wifo was sick. Ho did not come back.
When tho books wero examined It wns dlseov
red that he had falsified his accounts and had
been taking large sums ot money for nearly
two years. No trace of Smith has been dis
covered. The loss caused by his defalcations
will probably bo covered by the surety com
pany that went on his bond.
Gen. Milton Smith Littleflold died on Tues
day at his home, 1184 Madison avenue. On
Tuesday evening he was strlcke.i with apo
plexy and died shortly aftor. Gen. Llttlcfleld
was born in Jefferson county, N. Y.. sixty-six
years ago. Ho studied law in the ofllces ot ,
Abraham Lincoln, in Springfield, III . and for
Borne years practiced In the same ofllee. At the '
outbreak of tha civil war Gen Llttlcfleld was
made Captain of Company F. Fourteenth Illi
nois Volunteers, under tho command of John
M. Palmer, then a Colonol. In tho campaign
of lBO'J ho served ns Gen. Sherman's Provost
Marshal and was stationed at Memphis, Tenn.
Ho nlsoHorved in tho siege of Charleston nnd
later in the war was mado Inspector-General
of colored troops.
The death of Norman Walsh Is announced
to-duy from Lincoln, Nob. He was born In
Niagara lalls. N. Y.. OS years ago. When thn
plan to bridge the Niagara Gorge was doveloped
he was n boy, and $f0 was offered him to con
nect tho cliffs with hia kite string. He crossed
to tho Canadian side, and while tho wind wns
blowing very hard suceouded in landing his
kite on tho American sldo. On the situ was
erected tho first railway suspension brldgo
oior tho chasm. The bridge was located close
to the whirlpool rapid and has recently given
way to a modern steel arch.
James Coschinn. ono of tho younger genera
tion of Now York advertising men. died sud
denly from peritonitis yohtordny morning at
his home. 17 Warren street. Brooklyn. Dur
ing the past, ton years ho had been connected
with the advertising nceney of Jules P. Storm.
He was 1!U venrs old. lie leuvos a widow. Tho
Itinera! will bo held on Thursday morning nt
the houso. and there will bo n solemn mass ot
roQitlcm in St. Paul's Church, at Court and
Congress streets. Tho lntennont will be ln
Greenwood Cemetery.
James McIIugh, for several years n membor
of (ho Bayouno Board ot Education, died at his
home on Orient street, Bergen Point, yester
day, nfter n brlof illness. .Mr. Mcllugh wns
Identified with the Bayonne Volunteers iro De
partment and other local organizations. Ho
was n nath o of Ireland, and about 00 years old.
Honry W. Hall, who had boon a special ex
aminer In the Bureau of Pensions ut Albany
for twenty-live years and for thn pant two
years was ntntlonod In Brooklyn, died on Tues
day ut Ills home. 1117 Gaitleld place, In the
forty-eighth year of his ago. Ho leaves a
widow und four children.
John Maokmlllnn Kennedy, who wns Chief of
Police of Chicago from lH5rl to lBUO. died In
thatclly yosterdayof tho grip. Ho was bom
In Scotland In 1815, and camo to this country
In 1830.
Andrew J. Hnws. a well-known millionaire
ot Johnstown. Pa., dlod yesterday. Ho was an
iron manufacturer and rolled the first rails
rolled west of tho Allegheny Mountains.
035,000 Dnmnso 1y a Factory Fire.
Flro was discovered In tho Now York Plating
Company's plant In the rear of tho third floor
of a sevon-story factory building at 227 and
221) Wost Twenty-ninth street, early last night.
Three horses belonging to thn Bowes Iron
Works, occupying the llrst two floors, wore led
out by a polluumnu. A sash and blind factory
occupied tho top ot the building. Threo alarms
were turned in nnd tho flames were undercon
trol In less than-an hour. Chief Bonnor esti
mated tho damage nt $30,000.
Populist' Plan to Stop Lynching,
Jefferson City, Mo March 8. The most
original plan over presented to a Legislature
to discourage lynching hns bocn proposed In
tho Houso of Representatives by Mr. Nicholas,
the Populist member from Nodaway county.
Ills measure would havo the Sheriff arm pris
oners who nro threatened with lynching and
lino any HhorlfT or deputy falling to protect
such prisoners not less than $000 or moro
than $1,000.
Simple Little Swindle In Wall Street.
A hatloss boy in shirt slooves lias been rush
ing Into brokors' offices on Wall street to bor
row $.1 or S10 worth of revenuo stamps In tho
name of somo well-known llrm that, he says,
bus suddenly found itself short. Sometimes
he has got them, und that was the last that was
heard ot them.
Inn MncLaren's New Lecture.
The Bev. Dr. Watson (" Ian MaoLaren ") is to
deliver his now lecture on "The Facoof the
Master" In Chlckerlng Hall on Saturday after
noon next. Tho lecture is Illustrated with
sixty pictures.
Talbot Salts with Lord Herschell'a Body.
Tho British cruiser Talbot, with tho body of
Loid Ilorscholl aboard, nailed yesterday for i
England, Sho was saluted by tlm guns of tho
forts as she passed through tho Narrows.
jotiisgs auout lotrx,
TiieHun has recall edTrow'nCopartntrahlp and Cor
poratlou Directory of tbo boronnha of Manhattan
and the llrons fur I HUH. Tbo prrseut volume, th
fortyiatcntti of the series, contains the uauitsuf
1K.730 firms, corporations, 4r.. and tualr looaibera
or directors, an Inrraate orerlsat yearof ),3Hcod i
oarna. Tha dlreotory la published by the Trow
Directory, TruMlng and Uoekbtndina" Company. J
A Cook Book Free
with ovory packngo containing tested receipt
ot delicious now dishes that can bo made In
moment with
oIii Flaked
Tha Healthiest Food on Earth
aTuel'blockadll '
Tho blizrnrd brought no moro alarming dun.
gor tn its track than the threatot a fuol famine.
Whoro tho Bupplleshad run low.tho hucodrltt
In the streets mnde It almost Impossible for the
wagons todollvor tholr load. Some of thocourta
had to be closed because thero wns no means
of warming thorn: thero wns much suffering
among tho poor, nnd moro wns foarod This is
n peril always lurking In n bulky fuel, but
which tho new and popular luel- gas entirely
escapes. You cannot blockade a casplpe.
Drifts and slush hnvo no terror for the fuel
which constantly ronews Itself nnd Is alwnrs
ready for use. nnd which Is introduced Into
houso nr factory through nn underground con
duit. This Is certainly an ndvantago worth
considering. Yet It Is of course only ono of the
minor arguments ln favor of tho use of gas for
fuel. Enso of handling, no need of storage
room, no residuum to remove, the highest po
tential energy of heat, perfect control and per
fect satisfaction theso nro tho great attrac
tions of gas as a fuol. And no bllrzard can
blockade it. .4rfr.
i J we say they're S
? "The Finest Yet"
? try them and '
) you'll say the same S
s at grocers.
C Curtice BaoTBrns Co., J
c rtocnTZB. IT. T. ?
GaNun & Parsons' Eye Glasses
Strengthen nnd preserve tho sight.
Our onse-glvlnB "J " Clip, 25c.
l:t West 43d Street.
310 Columbus Ave. 48 V. 125th Sta
Miss Tweedy. Whom He Ilna Never Seeni
Thinks He Wants to Mnrry Her.
A well-dressed young woman, who said that
she was Margaret Twoedy. daughter of Jamea
1". Tweedy. n brokorot 712 West End,avenue.
went to tho West Fifty-fourth Street Tollca
Court yestcrdnv nttornoon and nsked for a
summons for Walter Dumrosoh. tho musician.
Sho told Maglstrnto Simms that Mr. Dararosoh
had annoyed .her by repeated offers of mar
riage. Tho Magistrate advUod hor to tell her
mother nbout it and declined to issue the sum
mons. Tlmglrl's mothor. whon seen at her home,
said lator that her daughter was nt times men
tally unbalanced, und had strange notions
about Wnltor Damrosch.
" My daughter has never seen Mr. Dam
rosch." said Mrs. Tweedy, "except possibly at
n public musical nffnlr. lie certainly has never
soon her. but she has this delusion onco In a
while. We do our best to restrain her. Iter
brothorcaupht hor onco just In tlmo to prevent
her from calling on Mr. Damroschat his home.''
A Certain Cure
for Constipation.
Regulations as to Diet, Exercise.
Etc, as Prescribed by Ono
of tho Most Eminent
Constipation affects mostly those who ra
dyspeptic or who sit too much or too long.
It cannot be cured by medicines alone. The
following is the prescription of a leading
1st. Take on rising a teaspoonful of Carls
bad Sprudel Salt in a glass of water as hot
as you can sip it. Then take a brisk walk out
of doors, if you can ; If not, keep on your feet
and move about Indoors. If the trouble li
chronic and serious, take another dose in from
thirty to sixty minutes. Wait at least half an
hour before eatlne your breakfast.
2d. Never sit down to read or work after
breakfast until Nature has found relief. " But
I haven't time." You will have time if you
rise an hour earlier than before, and a cure is
worth that.
3d. Use laxative food use a gruel of rolled
oats and water, no milk and use homey with
wheat griddle cakes or with bread. Never touch
toast, or milk except in coffee. Don't eat
blackberries or cheese, and never drink tea for
breakfast. Use coffee at breakfast, if you can ;
if not, hot water. Chew all food thorouihly
and never use a liquid to help masticate it.
Never use acids or sour fruits, and fruit when
cooked is much easier digested than if un
cooked. 4th. Why use Carlsbad Sprudel Salt ? Be
cause, first, there is no reaction to follow it,
You know what that means, if you have taken
physics and found yourself worse off than be
lore, the second thy afterward) second, be
cause the Genuine Carlsbad Sprudel Salt aids
the stomach as well as the bowels in tliiir
You can take the Carlsbad Sprudel Salt less
and less steadily as you improve; but neer
be without a buttle handy, lie sure to use
only the Genuine Carlsbad Salt, which is oh
jalned from the celebrated Carlsbad Sprudel ,
Water, and has the signature of UIsmr & Mtv
delson Co., Sole Agents, New York, on very
bottle. Adv.
i. j. .'J

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