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iO The JPrlsniter l'ell Vnlntlns Into the Arms
LBf! of Ilnr C'oilniiel on Hearing the Ynrdlrt,
BH& lint Wns floon Ilovlvcil The .Irry llrrniii-
R muniU MnMj To Itn Sentenced To-Day.
Wff Liuny. March (. Mrs. Margaret E. Cody of
IlK Do.ivor was found guilty to-night of blnck-
1k mall. Tho jury consldotlnc lior caso retired
IB, to-day nt 1 .10 V U Shortly boforo !i o'clock
IMh tho jury come In uid nskod for Instructions.
IrKa Tlio foreman asked Iho Judge to rend tho lottor
E$' which Mrs. Cody vvroto to Goorge J. Gould.
PKjjtf iiion which tlio indictment for blackmail was
jU bnscd, Tlit provisions of the 1'onitt Codedo-
K3gf jvU flnlwjblockmnll wore also reod nt tho request
jp'l$ of the jury, roroman Blosslnc then nBkod tho
jfcilfll "Do rou consldor that thoro la u threat In
WfrVl thatletter?" ,
K I. "That Is for you lo-dntermln4j,"eald Judco
'm-'H Gregory
H; 1 Thd jury then retired. At 8:20 P.M. tho jury
Ht 1 again ctmo Into court
R) ' "Gentlemen, hnvo you agreed upon aver-
Ktt diet?" nuked tho cleik
H& "Wo '"" e-" ",n foreman ropllod
H'f v " How do you find tho defendant, guilty or
not ctillty ?"
fKv' " Guilty as charged In tho indictment." re-
B. t piled the forcmati
fl At thin declaration Mrs. Cody fainted into tho
1 arms of her counsnl Court Ofllcor Dayton
B-f '' quickly rovlvod her with wntor Dining tho
Hf enactment of this sec no the fotoman of tlio
K'; jnry t.vld "Your Donor, no tccomtnond
1 morcy."
Kj Tho usual motion. If ant. foi a stny will ho
Bj mado to-morrow morning Mrs Cody will
H bo sentenced then Tim maximum penalty for
'-' tho crime of blackmail Is llvo yeirs'lmpilson.
f ment. Th. minimum scntcneo Is In the dls-
Bv erotlonof tho Judge.
BV1 Miss Helen M Gould, who ius hocn In coti-
BB stnntnttoiidaneo upon tho second trial of Mrs.
J Cody lis well ns tho Unit, which took placo in
BB December last .ind rcHiiltcd in a dlsngreomonl
BKt- of (ho jury, was not present In court to-night
Bjf, whon tho jury retiiiueilthuordict.
BJ, Whilu Miss Gould was much pleased w ith tho
BE Ncrdlct of tho jury.sho was not Inclined todls
BV4 cmslt. Nelthorwero hor nttornes As soon
Bjf ngsliolenrmd of tho verdict. Miss 0 oil Id Im
, mediately telegraphed hor hrothar. Mr (roorgo
Bi J. Gould, of the result It In not behaved that
BfJ Mrs. ('oily will reecho n ery hewy Bcntonce.
ft Miss Gould's deslrf bolnc more to lndlento
B hor tnther'8 nimo thun to punish tho old ludy
Bii After Juduo Brown's foraior testlmonv Imd
K; been nut In oldeuc Mr Uusan boican his
V ninmlnir up for the defenco Ho said that ho
MM, stood before tho lurv In behnlt of a poor wo
' man. awalnst whom was arrayed th Influence
I of millions Ho had proceeded but a few mln
m, utoi when Jtrs Cody leaned forward, and.
rest Ins hor irrav head on her right hand, wept
i copiously and audibly Hhe ramoed htr col
li,, ored spectncles. nnd sat wlplnc her ejee with
IB, her cotton baudkeruhlef Miss Could Bat im
II! rao nolo, hor eyes fastoned upon Mr Ducnu
IB "Tho uues'lon for ou to detf rmlne.' said
3 IB- t- Uukud. "Is not whether Mrs Austll was
HIK : over-rnarrloJ to Jay Gould ou are todetiir
(M inino whether this womun Is cullty of black
la mail aacharued In tho Indictment, ouareto
II - detormlno whether in the letter of I'eb 11.
181HI. -which she wrote to Ueorno J. Gould.
tm there Is n demand for money There must be
iwi threat to extort money or thero is no black
): mall. I subuilt whether sbo Is entity of black
II mail when she carried out the Instructions of
1B her attorneys ando'hers Interested Inth-cnso.
jaffl This old woman has neon In jnll slmo May.
M 18la-wllh this power (turnlnu to Miss Gould
JH keeplna her thero. hero nro the unscrupu
lt lous lawyers who ursed Mrs Cody on? Not
y one of themlhas dared come liorc". and. olfur
m her nuy assistance Not only that, but they
9- have turned oer to the prosecution nil tho na- I
X vera nnd letters In the ciso They betruied
D, this old woman into the hands of the (iouMs.
IB' l'axkor, hueor. Stoarns. thesu throo lawyers:
Mi horp Is this poor old woman belnc offered up
Ml asasacrlllco toKwe their skins They should
jjfi bo- hero In place of her I appeal to you ns
( men of heart to respond to your duty us men
H nnd sao this old woman from such nn ending
Do not let her end hor life in a felon's cell,
while theso ounc.lh ely and smart lawyers co
: Mr. iDueun spoke for ono hour and forty
.t minutes.
- In summlneup for the prosecution. District
f Attorney Dir said:
"1-bellovo that this woman Is guilty because
fho has bcon a blackmailer for tho fast llf-
1 teen years 8ho was not colnir around med-
, dllnir in other people's business as a 'cood old
i soul.' No. Indeed, sho was In this business for
V what she could vet out of It hhe sot all tho
evidence sho could to establish her claim that
Mrs. Anuell wns married to Jn Gould for tho
express tmrpof c of oxtortinB money from the
' Gould heirs bho begins her ease with forc
ing a baptismal record nnd later sho forces a
mnrrltiee certificate tho Hauna cortillcate."
t Mr Dyer said, in Breaking of Parker's con
nection with the cne: "My learned friend
ays that 1'arker should be Dunlshod. Gentle
men, Parker Is cullty of no crime. If I be-
lleed he wore I would prosecute hlra as soon
as I would uny ons else. Mr Parker made a
V mlstakw. Ho wasjouue and Inexperienced.
IIo Iiad not learned enough of the ways of the
i world to be able to look Into this woman's oyos
and see that she is a liar. If criminals can ox
s cuse themselves 1 savlnc that they acted up
t on tho uiUIco of an attorney, win. every one
t coujdpntln nu excuse of that kind and ct ofT"
In conclusion Mr. Dyer said: "If jou find
from all the circumstances In tho case that slm
J wrotothelettertoGeorReOnuld forthopnriiose
- of telllnchlm thntshe hail Information which.
if disclose J bv her. would scandulize the Gould
j family and that's what sho does say-thon you
i must find hor millty. It sou do no find lir
f cullty, ou are not lit to sit on nn American
) jury. We have produced all the evidence that
i tho prosecution can. With such proof as this
1 I say to you honestly, ns ono falrlv decent mnn
i should say to twelve honest men. jou cannot
decide lntolllcentlv or honestly In nny other
i, way than that this woman Is cullty. I nppoil
to you therefore to brine in such a vcrlict."
In his chnreo to the jury Juilico Grecory
called attention to the Importance of the case
? from tho people's stand noint nnd trom Mre.
V Cody's standnolut. Ho charced the uual nro
f sumption of lunocenco up to tho point whoro
Itlsovorcomn by evidence Reasonable doubt
J was deflnod explicitly.
J Tho enso was clvon to the jury at 1:U0.
J Selljjmnns nt tlin IIcuil of the KnterprWc
V Hunl. nt Ititnnlulu Alun,
1 J." A W. fiellcman .V Co of this city, fiscal
I ncenU for tho Government, nro at the head of
L op enterprleo to organize a hank at Manila.
It was eald yesterday that tho new bank would
(' probably be ready for business in n short
t Tho plan has not yet received tho formal
I approval of the Administration, but that is ox-
pected Tho plans contemplate an Improve-
ment of banking facilities throughout the on-
Jr tire riilllpplnn croup, but the details hive not
been arranged It Is likely that the tltlo of
i. the projected Manila corooratlou will be tho
fr Anglo-American Ijank At the present time
f- the Govercinont bublness is done through the
i Chartered Dank of India. Xustrnlia and China
' The Hong hong and hhangh it Hanking Corpo
ration also has a Manila agency, nnd these two
now prnotlcallv contiol banking nt tho Phil
ipplne ports The business of the Govern
ment banks of Spain. established at Manila nnd
Hollo, has fallen to Insleiilllcant proportions
, The Anglo California lianklug Company.
If acents for the Sellgmans in Han l'rnnofsco
3$ together with bankers of this city. San Fran-
if clsoo. and Ixndon. were reported jcBiorday as
l having arranged to start a bank at Honolulu.
W which would probablv be organlred under
it tho Hawaiian laws The Hawaiian law do3s
, not permit the Issuo of bank notes.
J"H. Trolley 1'rnnohUelGrnnted In Eatt Cltetier.
i Mount Vernon, N. Y., March l An lm-
portant victory was won to-day In the trolloy
y flBht in Westeheitor county by the Tnriytonn,
i. Whlto Plains and Mamaronock Itallroad whon
f Itstcurodn franchise from Highway Commls-
S aloner John T. Crenvy to construet Its lines
p throuch tho town of East Chetnr aa a pnrt of
It - Its proposod extension from Whlto Plains to
5 Mount Vornon The franchise Is for ninety-
nine years and tho cnmpanv must havo c.irs
m running In nix months, 'lhn other upplli.int
if for tho frnnchiso was the New ork, WeBt-
j?" choster und Connecticut Traction Comiiany.
C A,,e.i,r??Uo". com pa n bus purchased iho
18X North Mount Vornon Itallroad, which, (t as-
PL terts. hasn franchlsn from Mount Vernon to
!f White Plains, und President Jlolhnd s.ild to-day
' that if tho Commissioner bud decided ogulnst
Ith his company tho llsht would bo carried Into tho
'Ijfc courts
''ft' I'lretiug In (.rrenvvlrli Ml ret.
m Tho fourth ntteinpt In two months to flroths
.. teuomentnt -1-1 flroenwlch street was made
ut, last night bv somebody who poured ktiroseno
S on the unpei landing of tho llrst lllght of stiii
fr and set tiro to it A pollcemnu ut tho Ilroout
1 Why Does The Mini
! . lllleve that it is rupeiltlly ulapted to doroiirsj.
'. vertlllntiJ
i Utcuutelnsll htn lork thero is in in in of piop.
I erty. no min of real luUtsnre, io iltlien or etm.J-
Inuaiiuof nonomble auibltluii vtbo Uocs nut id
tO'Oi'snATirts r.Anotxr.
Scliriirr Ilro.'s Kuiplnjvrs l)nderold the
Wliolo Fnncy lenthcr Gonds Trnde.
Hpreiidout on the floor! of Itccordor OofTs
courtroom yesterday wcru soveral thousand
dollars' worth of fancy leather iroods. belts,
pocketbooks, Ac. Porno of tho belts had
hiicklos m.idoof silver and some of cold.
Women In the courtroom admired the goods
withlnnalng ojos. Thoy wore Identified by
tho firm of Scheucr .V. Drothor. whose New
York offlco Is :it U'A) Canal street, and who om
ploy several thousand men In their factories In
Jlrooklrn mid In Newark.
i'or tho past yonr the firm had been sys
tematically robbed bysomolof tho moil eni
plovod In (ho factories, who hndorcanled a
larceny association for tho fxpros purpose.
Twentj-two men had united for tho purposo of
pooling tho rosulls of tholr stealing. Tholr
arrntigemontHwero perfected so that ono man's
nrslgnmant wn to supply the larceny associa
tion with silver buckles and another wns to
furnish fnncv ornaments of metal. A third
was to steal tho newly tanned leather. Knsh
day that thcio men left the Ilrm'tt factory they
carried nwuy skits nud ornaments nnd took
thorn ton tenement hnuso nt ml Kldrtdge
street, this city, where Joseph Josepn estab
lished quarters for manufacturing goods ready
for Rnle Of course. JosepaVv factory in the
Kldrldgo street tonoment house could afford to
soil tho manufactured goods much chontor
than nnv other firm In tho United States. As
tho laiccnv association nns nco-oporntlvn of
fair, leu men worked overs night In Josepn's
Place In I.ldrldgn street turning out goods
similar to those manufactured bv Hchnuer .V
llrothor. for whom they worked In tho day
This was the s'ory told yesterday In the Gen
eral Sessions while .losepi was on trial for
grand larceny. When thottlnl ended In Jo
sepa's conviction tlio man told Dotcctlve Ser
geant 1'ove. who hud succeeded In working tin
the cose, that ho would return at IcnstSl.OvH)
worth of goods which ho haJ sent to a stornge
warehouse. Intending to bring tho same out In
time for the Kaum trade.
Detective Sergeants 1 ove nnd Strnnsky havo
mndo ten other nrrests In tho case, gottlng tho
following persons- Iminnuol Goldman. 1-10
J-orsvth atrcot: John hllrermnn. LIS Kssox
street: Henry Orccnborc, Henry WiUther nnd
Harry Mossbnck. nil emplosces uf tho firm.
They nro now In the Tombs under Indictment
nnd will ho brought to tilal In n few davs Jo
seph Mior of 44 Suffolk street Is under Indict
ment us the ngent who disposed of tho goods
which tho co-orerntlo larceny association
the si:kh fi:u, ok .sro.vr anovsit.
Letter I nun Mnml llnllliiEtiiu Ilnoth on n
Convlrt Itrarrslcd Inst Mulit.
Mnrtln Davis wns arrested last night In
Dovors strtot. whore lie was In company with a
sailor Ho had the sailor's watch and money
In his pockets. He had nlo this letter w rltton
to him by Maud Dallington Booth of tho "Vol
unteers "whon ho was a convict in theMissa
ehusetts State prison, from which ho wns ic
lensed on a tickot-of-leav e on Jnn ID-
' .'(4 I nion HsjUAnK. March 10. 181H
MyDeah Cojiiiad?: I am sorry you have
been kept waiting so long for answers to your
letters Now that I am back again wo nro
working hnrd to got tho prison mall up to date,
sowocin eomo tovlslt ou nil You know I
would not ilaro to (.otno to Chnrlestown until
the letters were nil answered
" I know, dear eomrnln. that you oro all try
ing hard to d right und bo good. There Is ono
thing that vou must remember, nnd that Is If
jou ilo fall nnd inako n iniatako that does not
mean that ion hnvo backslidden Yen must
seek God's forgiveness get on your foet again
nnd go stu.idlly on Do not feel when you mnko
ono slip that It Is no uso trying nny moro that
you mustglvo up ThlH is absurd. There is a
verse In the Illblo thit i n great comfort to
inn "Ho knowcth our frame Ho reniombor
cth that we aro dust, 'and sothodear Lord doen
not expect of us moro than wo can do, and IIo
knows how weak we are. nnd as a loving father
tonderlv holps us again by taking us by tho
hnnd when we slip
"Tho beautiful spring wenther Is coming,
nnd I hope with it my strength will como biek.
so that before long I can como and look Into
jour fneosagn In
"Good bless jou! Think of mo nlvv.iys.
Yourtruo friend, Maud B Booth'
FJittznua ix i ncirsfw: texeiiext.
Lives of Seventren Families In Peril for tho
Second Time in Two Slontlu.
Tho tenomont atfU7 West Forty-third street
wasteton flro yosterd ly for the second tlmo
In two months Josoph Smith, ono of the ten
ants on the top floor, nwoko just lieforo 1
o'clock in tho morning nnd smellod smoke. Ho
raised an outcry, and the women nnd children
of the seventeen families which tho houso
sholtored took to tho htreet or the roof, whllo
the men joined tho jnnitot in fighting the fire.
Ono of thoin, James McCarthy, tried to put It
out with his feet. In the excitement, and
burned them bndlv. A few palls ol water did
tho business after that.
The stairs and hall of tho houe wero found to
be soaked with kcroconooil. and n handful of
lampwicks were scattered nbout. The gas
bracket in the lower hall was broken oil nnd
tho gns poured out. Apparently the firebug
had onls just left. Thoro wus not the least
Less than two months ago tho house was
set on firn In exactly tho sumo manner at
night, evidently bv tho same rersom Since
then the gas brackets in rellnr and hall hnvo
bt en twisted off more than once. Tho pollco
nnd the Fire Marshal are pursuing an investi
gation, but with littlo to work on.
The Rnpublltan General Committee Falls
to Indnrie tho l'lnn for n Single Ilend,
In response to notices hastily sent out yes
terday afternoon, tlio Lxecutlve Committee of
the Republican General Committee of Kings
count) gathered last ulcht in the committeo
rooms nt Court nnd Jornlomon streets Thoro
was an exceptionally largo attoudanco.
Lemuel Ely Qulgg was tho iirluclp.vl speaker,
and ho doroted moro than two hours to telling
why tho slngle-hoaded police hill should re
ceive tho stamp of approval from the commit
tee. He wns frequently Intel runted by ques
tions which showed hostility to tho bill.
After Mi. (Julgg's departure, nn animated
discussion followed tli it lasted until midnight.
lix-Shnriff William J Buttling nnd John G.
Ileubert opposed tho hill A resolution was
intiodiicnil indorsing the measure, but ns It
wns evident that it would fall to pass, its maker
withdrew It jiiBt ns the voto was nbout to bo
taken Tho committeo then adjourned with
out taking any nctlon
nrnnr.Atis at uohk jx uarleh.
Four Homes In Cnpt. Brown's Precinct
Itolilied Appnrriitly by the hamn Thlnyei.
Cnpt Brown of tho Cast 104th stroot pollco
station Is having his tioubles theso das. A
sorlos of burglaries Ins occurind In the Cap
tain's preelnet recently, In each caso tho
method of obtaining nn ontrnneo wns so llko
tho others Hint Cnpt Brown believes nil the
burglaries ore the work ol tho sutne gang
On Fob '.0 tho house of Mjer Goldstein, u
diamond broker. nt 1 5 Uast Ninety-ninth street,
was entered and f&00 worth of jevvolrs wis
taken fiom n small safe in tlio parlor. Dr.
Marcus Iv Goldsmith of 17(14 Lexington ave
nue wus thw iol victim. U his houso tlio
thieves got jewelry worth if.luO. Charles
lrledenherg of fill Last I04th street lost $200
worth of jowolrv thren nights ago. nnd Max
Oiluimnvernf 'J I Fast Nlntty-ninth street was
visited the next night and 40U north of jew
elry was taken
Capt. Drown said Inst night that he believed
ho would soon have tho burgluis in uslody.
Talk of h Syndicate to Contiol 3Ilm.
Noi.way. Mo. March 11 A dual which will
piobably puttho niic.i hiipply of the world Into
the control of a syndleato Is under vvnyhore,
through an offer to buy nil themlneial lauds
in this region. Tho right to iiiino In about Jf,
000 acres of this country has been granted,
which right covers nil tho places known vvburo
mica enn bo produced profitably. In other
parti, of the country. In Sow HampHhlrnnnd
North Carolina, where mica mining has been
carried on, the supply is believed to bo about
( uiiiIiIiips In Shoes, Mini, Ire jnil 1111k,
Wall street had news yesterday of prop.ira
tlons to form combinations to contiol tho boot
and shoo making industiy, dm iioductlun of
mlcdand tho trudo In Ice Prngiess wis also
said to be mnkliig in the schemo to securo con
trol of the milk supplied to this city The live
States Milk I'nului ors' Association wus said to
havo already obtained control of a largo pro
portion of tho milk produied In New ork.
l'eniisylvhiil.i. New Jersoy, Connecticut nnd
Massachusetts, which milk would be bought
by a syndleato in this city nt anavurago price
of J1, cents a quart
-Stnr ItrpulilK nn .National ( oiiiinlttrmiimi.
Boston. March ii-Georgo on L Meyer of
Hamilton was elected a moinbei of the Itepub
henu Natlonul Committeo to-day in placo of
GeorgpH Lyman, vyho resigned u few dnya
ago Mr Jloyui has been prominent In Stato
Itcpubllcun work He was Speaker of the
House uuder Oov. Greenhalge.
i r
A J on.
It Is Impeded Thnt lie Will Get Another, but
lie llnsn't Hnil Any Gnu Meters to Inspect
Mm o. Inn. 18 W'nsnOrentCnaliC'olturfor
CommlsslonorKcnrneyof theDopartincntof
Public Buildings. Lighting and Suppllon an
nounced In tho Oitu llccorii of ycstenlny the
removal of Daniel M. Doncgan. who for years
was tho Tammany Wlsklnklo, from the ofllco
of Assistant Inspector of Gas Motors. Tho re
moval vvns mado on Jan IR Doncgan was ap
pointed to tho olTlco In tho spring of ISIS
beforo tho Civil Horvlco Commissioners had
prepared nn ollglblo list, and his appointment
wns therefore temporary. Tho eligible list
was ptepared In January, nnd as the civil
sorvlco rules require that applicants bo ex
amined as to their knowledge of plumbing nnd
gnsllttlng, Donegal! did not take It. It Is ex
pected that another job will bo found for him.
Dan Doncgan succocded John D. Newman
as WIsklnKte Newmuii was known us "Old
Ten Per Cent" because he received a commis
sion of 10 cents on every dollar h cohoeted.
Tho profits of tho Job wore large und It ie sild
that Newman bought a number of houses out
of his earnings. Whon ltlchnrd Croker be
enmo tho head of tho organization ho made up
his mind that the 10 percent, system cost the
organization too much nnd ho decided to
"hango It. IIo selected Doncgan to succeed
Nowninn und had him put In nn office where
thero wna not so much to do ttiat he was un
ablo to get around nmong tho officeholders
nnd collect their nsiosments nud to get out
nud roeolvo contributions to tho Tnmmtny
money chest from unofficial donors. Donegan
wns nn Instant nnd continuing success ns a
collector, and although bo has never told how
muoh money he recolvod nnd turned over to
the Tammany Flnnnco Committeo. the total
was lnren
Ho made his collections without raising tho
Ire of those on whom ho called for money and
his methods wore orlglnnl Ho would nptear
In tho ofllco of a dolliiquciit appointee with his
coat collar turned up. hands plunged in his
pockets nnd lint drawn low on his head. With
an excellent Imitation of a "blver he would ex
claim. "B-r-r-rl Ifsncolddaj " Itlhlsdld not bear
fruit. Donngan would shiver again nnd nay:
"Llkoly to get colder, too " I'sunlly this
vvaselTcctlvo. When tlio nsscssmont wes pld
Donogun would Ihnw oat. nnd maintain that
it was ns line n day ns he had over wen. Be
sides acting ns collector. Donegan always it
tended to the nrrnngonients for trnvol and ac
commodations for the Tnuimnny delegations
to conventions and celebrations. In this way
ho mot most of the politicians In the country.
Donegan also acted as confidential messoneor
for Mr. Crckcr. nnd It wns said yesterday that
he novor betrayed n oonlldence
The work of the WIsktnMe wns widely ad
fortNed during tho I oxow Investigation of
tho Tanininnv Pollco Department, and when
tho Strong administration went Into office the
Commissioners of Accounts called Donegan
ns a witness, expecting to lenrn from him
many of tho secrets of tho Tnuimnny organi
zation After ho had parried their questions
for nn hour thoy envo up tho ntteinpt.'cvn
vinced thnt It would bo usolass to try to lenrn
an v thing from htm
During the Hrynn campaign Doncgan found
his work much harder than it had ever boen
boforo Tammany wns out of power, collec
tions fiom private sources wero reduced to al
most nothing, nnd his best efforts wore almost
fruitless In tho next year Sheehon and his
frionds wero turned down by Crokort who .sus
pected them of disloyalty. Bob Kelly, who
for years was tho janitor of Tammany Hull,
was turned out Wlsklnklo Donegan fol
lowed him.
xoiuiya slow about .fake.
tins Married Ills :lrl Despite Her Mother
She's Angn, but Up tins No Kick Comlnc.
Mrs M Webb of .137 West Forty -first strcot
went to the Went Thlrty-sovcnth street pollco
station early last evening and told thoSorgcnnt
that sho wanted to roako a charge of larceny
against n Mrs Florenco Simmons, who lives in
the samo house
"It's n long story," Mrs Webb told tho Ser
geant. "My daughter left n nolo nt my houso
whllo I was away to-day, saying that she had
left mo and was going to get married to a man
i.amqd Jacob Stout I had forbidden her to
many him, and of eourso I felt bad
wnen l read tno note liut tno part ot the
business that mado mo angry was when I
learned thnt this Mrs Simmons had aided my
daughter by going up Into my houso and get
ting some of my daughter's clothes for her. If
thnt Isn't larceny I want to know what Is?''
Whllo tho woman was talking n man enmo
Into tho station houso nnd said ho wns Jacob
Stout's brothei.
"Thore's tho woman." he said, pointing to
Mrs. Webb "Sho enmo up to my houso and
ransacked nil my clothes to find her daughter's
effects I'd like to mnko trouble for her."
The Sergeant said that tho two had better go
homo and cool off nnd then go to court and
argue tho matter there. As Stout went out tho
door he remarked:
"I don't know us thoro's any kick coming
from ui My brother has married tho girl nil
right. There's nothing slow about Jako'
.VBir home von the volvxteejis.
Gen. and Mrs. Ilnotli Lease n llulldtng In
the Shadow of Cooper Union.
1 lie Volunteers of America, under the lead
ership of Oon nnd Mrs Dallington Booth, lme
leased n four-story building almcst opposlto
Coopor Union which they will oocupy as their
headquarters and for meeting purposes,
"Wo have had a number of buildings offered
to us uptown." said Gen. Booth, "but I cannot
help regarding the crowing tendency to re
move the Clulstlan churches to tho highornnd
wealthier sections of our city with feelings ot
regret and alarm Hence I have a groat deslro
to keep among tho great mass of tho common
pcoplo. who cannot afford to live In tho brown
stone houses of the silk-stocking classes "
I.OSO ISLAXIt iiaileoad.
Wall Street Circulates n Story of Control
by llroohlyn llnpld Transit.
A rumor w as circulated In W all street yoster
day that tho Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company
had secured control ot tho Long Island Itall
road. Hoswoll P. Flowor. when seen regarding
tho report, would make no dellnlte atutoment.
merely saying that ho did not think the report
wns true He would say nothing ns to whethor
negotiations wore going on. Asked whether
any statement could bo expected soon, he io
plled: " Thoro may bo somothlng on the 20th or
U.ith. Thero Is nothing now."
Unlem the Democrat Got Together 111
Election ns Senator Is Probable.
Salt Lake, Utah, Mnrch 0. In threo ballots
taken to-night for Senator McCune lost flvo
votes, making his total 24, and George Q,
Cannon gained six, bringing his ivote up to 20
McCuue'a supporters offered to withdraw his
nnmo and logo Into caucus for tho purpose of
securing the election of a Democrat. Tho
question Isnnwundurdlsousslon. If the caucus
proposition falls. Gcorgo Q.Cannon will likely
ho clcited.
Itimiii Itars Mr. Stend'e "War Agalnit
.Vja Cabtr Jhtpatch to The 8c.
BKi'Mh. March 0. The J.okal Anzrlerr'n St.
Pntorshuig cnriespondentlHays thnt the consor
has prohibited tho entrance Into Russia of Mr.
Stead'H " War Against Wur" and the peaco
writings of Baroness von Suttner.
A Dinner to I)i, r.eorco Ityerson Towlrr.
Gen, James Mol.eei ot tho Second Brigade, N
G S N, Y , and his stuff gavo n dinner last
night In honor of Dr Goorgo Ilyorson I'cwlor
ut the MontaukClub In Biooklyn. Dr. Fowler
serv ed as chief of the medical staff of the Bov
eiith Army Corps under Gen 1 Itzhugh Leo
during tho wur with Spain. IIo has now ro
numod his place on tho Second Brlcade staff,
nreiubn 1'leuds Guilty,
Dr Mariano Xaremba, who married a daugh
ter of Broker Frank W Bavin In Augunt Inst
nftor cutting a dnsh nt Saratoga, ns "nn nt
tiiclnSof the lliuslau Legation ut Washington,"
pleaded guilty yesterday In Pnrt III. of the
Genernl Sessions of misappropriating $40 be
longing to St Joseph's Homo for Immigrants
In this city How III bo sentenced on Mnrch'-'H
Mine. V litimnmi-Ilellik Uetter.
Mine Hehiiinanii-Hoink, who hns been Hint
I ho Hotel Belvedere with erysipelas, was some
what jiupiovi d l.iht lilcht. nud her physicians
said that hor attack vvo.ild probably turn out
to be loss serious than they expected on Wednesday
.Mlln I itleiu Protest Acnlnit tfin Allen I.uw.
Vavouveu. B C, Maich ll w Wallace
Grime has arrived from tho north with a peti
tion to tho British Columbia Government
against tho Allen act Mr. Grime says tho law
has playod havoo with tho prospects of Atlln.
ho far us mining nud commercial development
Is concerned.
hrvex ituratm ix A pouce cet,u
lie's field to lie Louis (!. Wlilton'e Doc,
Stolen 1y Persons Unknown.
John A. Green, a colored mnn living nf 414
West Thirty-ninth strcot. sont out n colored
boy by tlio nnino of Walter Itobliinou Inst even
ing to exorcise nn Kngllsh brlndle greyhound,
which Oiccit says hu bought from nnothor
colored mnn. In Tenth avonuo, nonr Fortieth
street, n woman camo up tolilm nnd said that
tho dog belonged to her brothr, bho look
tho chain from the boy's hand nnd started
down tho nvcnuo Tho boy tried to got tho
dog back, and whllo thoy wero nrgulng a
inllccmnn suggestod that they co to the West
Thirty-seventh street station and settle tho
At tho station homo tho woman said sho
wnsMrs Elizabeth O'Brien of 200 West Thirty
ninth street.
"Thnt dog." she oxclatmed to Sorgt. Kelly,
"has been stolen from Its real owner, Louie
C. Whlton. n lawvor of 114 West Seventy
sixth street. My brother, Jny II Devoe, who
lives with mo. was hired to tako care of tho
dog, but about four months ngo tho doc dis
appeared Wo thought he was stolon. Now.
Soigennt. thnt dog's namo Is Boven Ilhymoe.
nnd ho's n prizo dog. 1 want to mako a com
plaint of larceny against this boy now. If he
tlldn t stent It. some "no did "
Sorgt. Kelly scrntuhod his head for n tlmo.
nud then snld he thought thnt Iho only way to
avoid roplovln proceedings or noma troublo
sumo lawsuit was for tho colored boy to mako
n ohnrgo of larceny ngalnst Mrs. O'Brien. Tho
ficrgennt said, ho would lock tho dog up
n a cell whllo Mrs O'Brien went for hor
brothor nnd Mr. Whlton to Idontlly tho dog.
If thoy were able to do so Mrs O'Brien ac
quiesced, nnd In on hour or two Green. Mr.
Whlton nnd Mr Devon came to tho station
house with Mrs O'Brien nnd the colored boy.
Green said he had paid a man $75 for tho dog.
Mr Whlton nnd Dovoo said that thero was no
mistake, Hint the case was ns Mrs. O'Brien had
represented It Tho dogseemed to recognize Mr.
Whlton. who wnnted to take It home, but tho
Sorgeant said the animal would have to stay In
tho cell until morning. Thou Walter Robinson,
the colored boy. miulo n formal complaint
of hryony ngiliifct Mts O'Brien, who was re
leased on ball furnished by Mr. Whlton. Tho
cnsnvylllcomo up In tho W'ost Side Court this
A Detnll of Twenty from W'lllcts Point to
Go to Culm with the 83,000,000.
Whitfstove Lanuino. N. Y. Mnrch 0. Capt.
Mlllls of Compnny D of tho Engineers nnd
Llout. Gcoreo Howell, tho Post Adiutunt at
W'lllots Point, with ndotull of twenty enlisted
men trom tho Engineers there, have boon se
lected ns an escort to accompany tho Tny-mnstor-Gcnernl
nnd tho $1,000,000 in cold
which he Is to take to Cubn to nay to tho Cuban
Army. Tho men are to Icavo Wlllots Point
nt 0 A. M. on Saturday on the Gov
ernment steamer Gouornl Meigs, which
will transfer thorn to tho steamer Meado
In Manhattan. Onco on board they nro
to report to the PaymaBtor-Goneral nnd
stay with him until his tnsk is accomplished
and thon report back to their respective com
panies at Wlllots Point Tho Army Reorgani
zation bill has placed the tCngincorUnttnllon In
tho ilno sorvlco under tho direct command of
the General commanding the Department of
tho hast. Trom w horn the nbovo ordor comes
lp to the. passago of tho bill it was u staff
organization and took its orders direct from
Washington. Thero is some talk of Company
B being sont to relievo Compiny A at Manila.
jiepoiit ox mnxET's nonr.
Denth by Poisoning Said Not to Have lleen
Shown So Far.
Pror. Henry P. Loomls handed to District
Attornoy Gardiner yesterday a preliminary re
port of the pathological examination of parts
of certain organs taken from tho body of
Henry C. Bnrnct. The final report will not bo
ready for some tlmo Neither Prof. Loomls
nor tho District Attornoy would glvo even an
Intimation of what tno llndlngs of tho patholo
gist were. Major Gardiner said that to say
uuythlng nbout tho contents of the report at
tills time would bo prejudicial to tho caso of
tho people agnlnst Mollneux. An nttaiho of
tho District Attorney's office Is the authority
for the statement thut Prof. I.oom!n linn nm
yot boen nhlo to dotermlno that any lesions
found In tho organs wero produced by un
natural causes Tor that reason tho Dis
trict Attorney. It was said, refuses to say any
thing until ho rocolves the llnal report Bar
net h doctor has always maintained that
although cyanide of mercury was sent to him
nud ho took n little of It. he diod of diphtheria.
McMnrtln Falls to the Street, but Kscapes
with Slight Injuries.
William A. McMartin. 18 years old.o:i7.ri Ninth
strcot.Brooklyn. Bllppod from the platform of a
crowded Brooklyn elov.ited carjustas It was
moving from the station In Fifth avenue and
Union street, yesterday morning, nnd fell to
the street. Ills fall wns broken by his coming
In contnet with n lot of tolecrnph wires and he
escaped with a sprained nuklo nnd a slight
sculp wound.
I.nhor Organizations After Croker.
The Central Federated Union has appointed
a committeo. consisting of Delegates Samuel
Prince, Goorgo W. Jones and Max Sontholmor.
to wait upon Mr Croker, Mr. Belmont nnd
other members of the iJemocrntlc Club and
request thnt none but union wnltors bo em
ployed at tho big foast to be glv en by the club
In tho Metropolitan Oporu Houso in honor of
Jefferson's birthday. Tho committeo will alio
request thnt none but union label clears bo
smoked, and thnt tho broad and everything:
olsoused be union made Dolegnto Prince, tho
Chairman of tho committee, is u prominent
member of ono of tho Tammany Hall labor
Engineer and Flremnn Killed,
Altoosa, Pa., Mnrch f. Way passenger
trnln No. 31 on tho Pennsylvania Ralltoad col
lided with the roar of a wost-boiind freight
tralu nt Allogrlpus. a fow miles west of thin
city, this aftornoon Engineer John AV, Tarr
and Fireman Georgo W. Kern of tho pissoii
gortruln wero instantly killed Tho passenger
train was ascending the mountain grade under
low speed. After it had rounded tho famous
horseshoe curvon signal Is said to hnvo been
sent tr go ahead w bile a freight train was pulling
out just nbovo on the same track and running
for a siding. A curvo prevented theonglncer
of the passenger train trom seeing the freight.
Ten Ter Cent. Advance In the Price nf Stoves
CniCAOo, March 0. Stovo manufacturers
from all parts of the United States, represent
ing oventy-Ilvo of tho largest conoorns In tho
country, mot nt tho Auditorium to-day and de
cided to advance Immediately tho nrico of
stoves 10 por cent. Tno meeting was held be
hind closed doors. Tho renson given for tho
advance Is tho Increaaod costof materials. Tho
firm sropresented nt tho mooting hnve n com
bined output of $40,000,000 a year and control
00 por cent, of tho Btovo trade.
Interfered When a Wmunn Wns Arrested.
Policeman riytin of tho Tonderloln itation
an cstod n woman In front ot the Horald Square
Thoatru last night on a charge of soliciting. A
well-dressed man Interforod, nnd Flynn nr
rcsted him also At llrst the prisoner refuaod
to glvo his name, but the pollco found In hid
pocket a card caso on which was stamped In
gold thonamcof ArthiirTrovelyan.
" Yes. that's my name, and I'm an author and
song writer," said tho prisoner. He was put in
a cell
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rollick TAltn imt axd tell hih
' 'iWpiivaT shut vi
"' .
The thijc Irio Dire Closed nt 1 o'clock This
Mornlnrt "nil the Orders from the Pollen
,7ut- nl Present Are to Keep It Cloned-
Vnt Minurk Itelenird on SOO Unit.
The police dcoldod yostordny that thoy would
have to-nrrcsf a McGurk.nnd as John Isslck
thoy'took TaU Tho blggost of tho throe Mc-
GurK dives, tfio'ono at 'fr Dowory, wns crowd-
od nbO IIO o'clock by sailors, crooks nnd dlsso-
Iluto-womor. Patrick McGurk was behind tho
bar. acting on eashlor Tho drinking, singing
nnd dancing wore going on ns usual whon Do
teethes Jackson. O'Connor nnd Dlshop walkod
Into tho Place They wont up In front of tho
bar until opposJto"Moaurk
J,'vo a warrant for you," said Jackson.
" You" must como with mo to the houso."
.McGurk hosftated n mlnuto nnd thon reached
for his hat and coat Donning thorn, ho enmo
out In front of llio bar nnd joined tho dotectlv os.
"It'snous8kiekliic."ho said. "What's tho
Tho crowd In tho place authored around.
Jackjon oxplnlncd that ho had secured ovl
dencp during tho past threo days that McGurk
was maintaining p disorderly houso Invloln-
Uoui?f.2?.of'tn,a 'l'if ".' r""1 Cod"- and that
Magistrate) I'ool In orkvlllo Court had lasuod
a warrant for tlio nrrest of Patrick McGurk on
thin evidence.
"Jiorf JoXrt''" ald McGurk to one of tho
bartenders, " you tnko charge of tho place till
1 get back " ,
..rei',0'""."')'0" "ne thing," snld Jaokion,
Tnis joint hits got to oloso up If you don't
closo by 1 o'clock to-night. I'll raid you and
lookup every person In tho place "
.."?. B,n.s,lL0r wns. ouchsafed to this threat.
McGurk s has rt hotol license McGurk loft tho
Plnoowlth the dcteotlves. only waiting long
oiiouahto send amessongorto Charles Hoff
man of US St. Mark's placo Hoffman was at
the Mgtlon when tho detectives nnd McGurk
nrrlvod Bergf. Todd fixed ball at S500. and ns
Hortman qualified ns bondsman for that
S""?"1)!1! McGurk was roleusod. to appear In
Yorkvlllo Court this morning.
Doth MoOurk'$'Dowcry places woro closed at
l o clock.
.MoGnrk'g enterprise Is no less ndmlredthan
his pull on the ISowerv. No sooner doos n
jailor larjtl In Now ork than ho makes straight
for tho Hownrv and Areritirb'a Thnm .,
to be syBtem In this. It wns snld yesterday
that tho dlvokecper has cards scattered
throughout Cuba and In Manila, setting forth
In a luring terms to Jack what a good tlmo Is
waiting for him at McGurk's whon bo comes to
Aowlork. It wtissuggestedlevonthnttheymny
havo reached the Insurgents, nnd this ncoounts
for tho nrdor with which Agulnnldo's men nro
striving to roach tlm water. They want to
jolzp Admiral Dewoy'H ships and sail for Mc
Gurk'S This may, not bo so. It is a mere
Buegcstlon. offered by Mulberry street for
what It Is worth.
aorxnxoRs or riRaixiA.
Dlttlnsmlshed Men Who Hnvo Held the
Office In the Old Dominion.
uno moet distinguished of tho surviving
Governors of Virginia Is Gen Fltzhugh Loe.
who was elected to that rost In 1885 and whoso
Immediate successor. Philip W. McKlnnoy.
died recently At Fnrmv Hie. Va MoKlnnoy was
tho man who defeated Gen. William Mahone
forGovornor In 18S0 nfteronoof tho hottest
fights In tho political history of Virginia
During tho elvi) war ho served In tho Virginia
cavalry under the command of Fltzhugh Lee.
his predecessor In ofllco nt Itlchmond
Vlrjrlnln Is n largo State and tho only ono
of the States of the country which adheres to
the practice of maintaining sepnrato political
divisions for Its cities and counties Thoro
are 117 of these cities nnd counties and a very
small proportion of tho voto of Virginia Is enst
in tho city districts In tho Presidential elec
tion of 1800. ot 400.000 votes cast In tho State
Itlchmond contributed to the total 12.000 only.
Norfolk 5.000, Ly nchbure Il.'tOO. Ro.inoke.'t.OOO.
Alexandria :i.L00 and Petersburg 2,500 It Is
fouud generally In political history In tho United
States that thoso States In which tho country
.;.uD in., iiju-vj ouuc-3 hi wnicn tno country
districts havo tho prodomlnntlnE inllucnce.
prominent men prominent leaders, however
rndlcnl In their views orvlgorous In their ox
tremo partisanship nro more often honored
by promotion to the hlghost oxocutivo offlco
than In those StateB In which the city districts
are Hi control or In which tho Influonco of the
city districts Is very Imiiortant.as is tho case
In New York. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois,
Massachusetts, Michigan and Now Jersey
ery few personBttroawnio of tho long list of
dlstlngulsned men who have served the Stuto
of lrginln ns Governor Tho llrst of those
vvos Pntrlck Henry mid tho second wnsThomas
JofferHon Tho third Governor oftVlrclnla was
Thomns Nelson, who wan ono of tho signers of
tho Deelnrtitiqn of Independence nnd nt the
time of the ndpptlon or tho Constitution one
of the most influential of the Virginia loaders.
1 he fourth Goveriiorot Virginia was Henjnmln
Harrison, vvho was also n member of tho first
?,,,1.,,'nc".,.1 Congress, and was tho father of
William Uenrr Harrison, nltorward President
of tho United Mutes, nnd gre.it-grandfathor
it .""i'uainln Harrison. President of tho
Unitpd Statos In the early government
of tho now Statos following the success
of Amorkan arms In the Revolutionary war
there woro many distinguished men In ofllco
ns Governors in the various Mates-Georgo
Clinton in New York, John Hnneock in Massa
chusetts. Jonathan Trumbull in Connecticut,
nnd othois but it Is much to be doubted
whethornny State In tho Union entered upon
spparato political oxlsteneo as such with four
Governors In offlco successively so prominent.
Influential and honored ns Patrick Henry.
Thomas JefTorbon. Thomas Nelson, nud Benja
min Harrison
Tho enrly; Governors of Vlrglnli wero. with
fw exceptions, prominent men. prominent In
tholr day and dlst nguishod since. Edmund
Randolph, nftcrwnrd Attorney- GeneralandScc-
r?Vi.r,0., !,.?t0,,wos one of.!,K' onrv Governor.)
of tho Old Dominion, and Henry Lee. tho Oon
i.ai f .tharllovolutlonnry war. otherwise called
Ught Hors.0 Harry" Iajo. was another
He was tho father of Gen Robert li
lee. commander of the Southern Army
during tho civil war Another early Gov
ernor of Virginia wns James Monroe, arter
wurd President of tho United Statos John
Tyler was nnotjicr.and tho list further lnclud-s
J,,enSy. "? "I,1?0- Jo!m 1aK0' nd Thomns M
Ranijo ph. Slnoo the close of tho civil war
Mrclnla Governors, with few exceptions, of
whioh the case or I itzhugh Loe Is the chief ono.
have beenof local rather (ban national promi
nence. Tho withdrawal of tho West Virginia
counties, forty In numbor.from the Old Domin
ion to establish tho present State of st Vir
ginia, dlmlnishod considerably tho influence of
Virginia. w
Circumstances In Which the Mowing It Ho.
gun nt the Itrar Instead of the Front.
In loading n truck tho common practice Is to
placo tho first things up at tho front nnd build
toward tho rear; but sometimes this practice Is
reversed, and tho first things placed are
Blocked across the tall of tho truck, nnd the" load
Is nddod to nnd built up toward tho front. This
was done In the enso of n truck loaded the
other day In a downtown street. This truck
wan backed up to tho tldowalk In tho usual
rammer, nnd the horio stood slewed around at
right angles with tho truck In tho customary
way, so us to take up us little room as possible
In tho street) but whllo tho truok was thus
backed up ltn bad wns not conjlng to It out of
tho etorn In tho usual manner, but down from
tho third story of tho building throuch a chuto
leading to tho front end of tho ti uck,
Tho load Uwnstaklngwas oomnosed of some
sort of empty sacks, new.thls being a nlaeo
where flour, groin uiul wool a ioks wore made.
A. iiumbor of sacks, apparently eleven, wero
folded nnd placed Insldo of another sack, mak
ing a dozen In n bunch. Tho chuto down which
theso bunches of bags kept comlnc Inimiok
succession ys u burlap tube a foot and a half
or o in diameter, with an Iron ring at
the upper , end for a spreader to koen
It open thero nnd to makn it fast by:
this ring lust nbout illlud tho open
space of the lower saah of a window, nnd it
was thoro scoured, Attnehed to the uppor side
of tho lower end of this burlap tube woro two
corils that Wero spread nnd mado fast nt iho
top of tho corner posts at. the forward end of
thntruck Those ropos thus hold the lower
end of tho tube well abnvo tho Iloor of tho
tt uck and also kept It open
So Instead of being rollod aboard In hnnd
tiuokri. or rolled upon skids, this truck's load
wna canting down to It fronmlwve by Its own
weight As tho buiidlesnt bags ono nftor nn
othor came down tholr vvoight would of course
cauui Iho tubt) to sag moro or less nt whatevor
point thoy woro. nmt ho the curve of tho
tube was constantly changing as tho bags slid
nlpfir down It-lOBlioot out of tlio lower end of
it a second or two Inter nnd fall upon tho floor
of the tnlok. whoro thoy worn received by the
tmekmim; nndns the load wa coming aboard
at thu forward ond.hu of eourso began tho
stow In nt tlyj other, building toward tho front.
HI, 004,000 Worth of Iron Pipe to He Sent
t Afrlrn.
rjrrt4Btrao,Pn , March H Tho National Tubo
Work CiroPany received an onler to-day
Jrom London for I.00J.0O0 worth of 2H-neh
pipe, It it to be sunt to Johannesborg. In the
Transpinl '
' ' "
' I' ' ' "',
tittttt-i.f-?'.i, - -i
On desks, chairs, and office
furniture generally, we can
save you money.
HALE CO., r .
I Desks il export prices, jefe. cn
IS Stone Street, , 2 bB f
next Produce Exchange. I t? Jf)
ICndoned on Condition That Dr. Van Dyke
Itn the I'lrnt Incumbent.
PnmcETOs, March 0 The trustoet of Prlnoo
ton University held their seml-nnnual meeting
to-dny, It was nnnounood thut n subscription
of $100,000 has boon made to the university
for tho endowment ot n Chair In English litera
ture on condition that the Itov. Henry Van
Dyko, pastor of the Brick Presbyterian Church
in Now York, bo the first Inoumbent D. II.
MoAlpIn o' New York gavo $50,000 of tho sum.
and tho remalndor was secured through Iho
offorts of 0. C. Cuyler. M. Taylor Pyno and other
prominent New York alumni. Dr. Van Dyko was
unanimously elected to tho chair to-dny, and
It Is the general Impression that he will
accept the place. He was graduated from tho
university with tho olast ot '73. and Is also nn
nlumnus of the Princeton Thoologlcal Semi
nary. In appreciation ot the services of tho
Rev. Dr. James Q. Murray tho trusteos dccldod
that tho now chair be oallod tho Jnmos O.
Murray Chair In English. Dr. Murray, the
Doanof tho university, has been 111 since Jan
uary. Ills resignation from that plaoe was
presented, but the board docllnod to accept It,
and the duties of hit offlco will fall upon Presi
dent Patton until tho noxt meotlnc of the'
President Patton reported othor gifts to the
rreHiucub i tiuuil reixiru'U uuiut kijut lu inn
university aggregating 05,000. tho incomo of
which will be used In the general expenses of
the academic department. A scheme for the
establishment ot a summer school In connec
tion with the university was presented and re
ferred to tho Curriculum Committee with full
power. It was also announced that tho trus
tees have decldod to begin work nt once on tho
erection of a wurd for contagious diseases In
tho Infirmary, tho money for this purpose to be
raised by subscription.
Murray Hall, tho homo ot tho 1. M. 0. A. nt
Princeton, will, through tho generosity of a
friend or the university, bo enlarged to ft capac
ity to meet the Increased needs of tho Bocloty.
Homo slight nltoratlons woro mado In the
academic curriculum, and Assistant Professor
H. 8 S Smith was made full Profossor of Ap
plied Mechanics andAstlstant Professor Harris
was made Professor of Geodosy.
Ills Calendars Mutt Ho Mndo Up nnd
Handled In Utulneisllko Fashion.
Attor a meeting of tho Judges of the General
Sessions yesterday one of the Judges an
nounced that they had adopted a Inow rule
which thty would put Into effect on Monday
noxt, and which would compel the District At
torney to prepare the court calendars as the
calendars ot the Supreme Court aro prepared.
The calendars In the General BeBtlons in the
future, consequently, will bo made up with tho
cases numbered, and each morning the Judge
sitting in each court will road off his calendar.
The District Attornoy 's representative In court
will then be compelled to announce just ex
actly what cases aro ready for trial, so that the
lawyers and witnesses In nil other coses that
aro on the calendar may not be compelled to
remain In court all day. but will be enabled to
know just when their appenranoe In oourt will
be neoessary This means a big saving in the
witness fee account.
At present It often happens that n calendar
of twonty cases Is mado up for ono of the ports
of the Gener il SosslonB and that only ono of
the cases Is disposed of Tho witnessos nnd
lawrers interested in tho other nineteen capes
havo been compelled to remain in court from
half past 10 In tho moraine until 5 o'clock In
the afternoon and then be ordered to appear
ugaln on tho following day. and probably for
every day for a week or two weeks, although
thov aro really not needed. Subpoenas ore re
newed dally to the witnesses at a cost of 50
cunte each day to the court. Under the now
rulo the county will sovo several hundred dol
lars a day.
Verdict for Ilookseller Kills In the Suit
Over a IIIsh-1'rlced Hook.
The jury brought In a verdict In favor of Gil
bert H. Ellis, the London booksellor. before
Justice Leventrltt of tho Supreme Court yes
terday In the action brought against Ellis by
Brayton Ivos to recover tho 000 ho paid to
Ellis for tho four-leaved book In Spanish con
talnlngacopy of the letter of Columbus regard
ing his llrst voyage Mr. Ives contended that
Ellis had represented that tho book was print
ad about 140.') from movablo type, whereas it
was in fact produced at a rcceut date by the
Photographlo process.
It was thought that tho verdlet might decldo
ns a matter of law whether tho book It worth
p large sum or the $2 50 which Mr. Ives con
tends Is its vnlue Tho case became moulded
during the elcht-dav trial so Uiat It went to
the jury this way: Did Mr Ellis warrant tho
hook as of movable type, and, if so. Is the book
tho production of such type? The evidence of
Mr, Ellis to tho efftct thnt Mr. Ives sold that
ho would trust his own eyes as to tho charac
ter of tho book and that thero was no warranty
mnv havo bteu the uround nn which the jury
found Ub verdict or may not there Is nothing
In tho verdict to show. The book Is etlll In
Mr. Ives's possession.
George Young of Hoiton Stricken with
Boston, March 0. Georgo Younc. tho founder
nnd for innny yonrs tho proprietor of Young's
Hotel, llos nt tho point ot death as tho result ot
a stroke of paralysis to-day. Mr. Young Is 84.
Ho retired from actlvo business llfo in 1870,
whon ho sold tho hotol to Hall t Whipple.
tlm Intfnr hfllnor thft nrAsnnt. miner. Mr. Yniinir
iiiu lauur ueiug 1110 present uvvner. ir. xuuug
begnn business in n small way. increasing his
homings by economy. Whllo ho wns proprietor
of tho hotol bearing Ida namo, nt the time
when small change was scarce, ho issuod scrip
which Is still redeemable.
Dr;zZj SnaKrs Up Police Sergeants.
CMef Devon- jostorday ordered the transfer
ot Be rats. Hughes from Bergen street to
Poventh avenue, Gnllaghor from Sovcnth ave
nue to Bergen street, and Morris from 100th
street to tho Detective OlTlco. which ho but re
cently left. Thoro woro rumors that many
Eoundamen would soon bo transferred foi not
ifllnc sufficiently netlve. but nothing devolopod
In that lino during tho day .
Itnoievelt nud lllnck lloth to Speak.
Tho West Sldo Republican Club, of which
John Proctor Clarko Is the President, will glvo
Its annual dinner thin evening Gov. Roose
velt will spiak on "Our Party" nnd ex-Gov.
Black will respond to tho toast "Triumphant
Republicanism "
Woman Wtturoi In a Murder Caie Murdered.
lUu.iH, Tox .MorchO Mr MnrgarotDavls.
wlfo of a farmer living near Azlo, was found
dead on tho highway near hor home this morn
ing. Bhohndbeon stabbed In a dozen places
Mrs. Davis was aii important witness In tho
case of Frank Folkos. In jail at Fort Worth
awaiting trial on a charge of murder.
------------------- i
jVie Toe In
In the child becomes the -toofri
habit In" the adult.
The time to correct-it-is-when.
begnningr'to walk.
everything: Children need, has
brought many calls for a shoe for
this purpose.
And we have,hadone madothat
does the work easily, naturally1,
$2to $3.-50.
All good kinds of Chlldren's.Shoeii
in miioh greater variety of sizes thaii
elseioheraat moderate prices,
60-62 West 23d St.
Officers of the Yard Not to do to Washing,
ton for Examination!.
The announcement was mndo nt tho navy
yard in Brooklyn yestordny that the depart
ment at Washington had decldod that tho
olllcers statlonod nt tho yard would not hnvo
to go to Washington to pass tho examination
for promotion mado necessary undorthe Nnv.il
Personnel bill Tho examination will taku
placo in tho lnvnl Hospital on Flushing nve
nruci. a'i? oiamlnlng board will consist of
Medical Director Bobbin. Burgeon Street and
Passed Assistant Surgeon Stokes. Among tho
oracoru who have been promotod under tho
Personnel bill nro Commodore John W Phlllii
nnd Cant. Georgo W.Buranor. who nro to ho
Rear Admirals Liouteunnt-Commnnder J. D.
L Kclley. nld to Commodore Philip, nnd Lieu.
Coramandors In nil, thero ore nbout sUty
offloere who will bo ml sod In rank.
The cruiser Now Orleans Ib having hor ord
nance stores taken out In ordor that important
alterations mnybo mado to hor mngnzlno.
The supply ship Buffalo, now nt Manila, It Is
said, has been ordered to return to tho navy
yard In Brooklyn.
HU Daughter Had lleen Conviotert of Steal,
log n bmnll Sum of Money.
Raphael Selther. a tailor, whoso 14-year-old
daughter was arrested on Wednesday for steal
Ing a small amount of money from her om.
ployer. took carbolic acid nnd wns found dead
in bod yestqrday moraine nt the homo of the
Hoither family in iourteenth street. Newark.
lie was 4a yeurs old and hu leaves a widow one!
live children, the oldest bolngn boy of 18.
hen tho girl was arrested, Mrs Selthsr
persuaded Judge behalk to Impose a flno He
mode tho penalty $15 or thirty days In jail,
Tho woman tried in valntoralso tho money,
Her husband hud not done nny work lately and,
could not help her.
Discarded Son Got In Over a It nek Pence
and Turned On the Gas.
Benjamin Peebles, 34 years old. committed
suicide yesterday in the ofllco ot his father,
Benjamin K. Peebles, at 78 Second street, by in
hnllnc Illuminating gas. Tho father keeps a
fish-smoking establishment nt that address.
loung Peebles, It Is said, was sent away front
homo some tlmo ago on account of his Intern
pernio habits. His wlfo and two children
lived with his father. Peebles got Into the
office by way of a b-ck fenco early yesiordny
morning and turned on tho gas. Hu vv-ii
found dead whon tho omployees opened dis
place. Ho left no message.
Widow Hangs Herself In Her Itooin.
Bridget Brophy. n widow, who lived at 205
West Sixty-sixth street, was found dead on tlm
floor of hor toom last night. She had hun
liereplf by a ropo attached to a nail In tho wall,
nnd hnd loosened tho nnll In hor struggles,
l no woman had become melancholy on nccoiinO
of hor Inability to maintain herself.
Pneumonia Patient Kills Himself.
Yonkebs, N. Y March O.-Crnzed hy pnem
monla, Solomon Rlchmnnn. an Inmnto of the
Jiomo ror tho Aged and Infirm in Rlverdals,
avenue, committed suicldo this morning by
jumping from a four-story window of the
homo to the ground Ho hod relatives Uvln
in Albany. He was 75 years old.
Stolen Jewelry llecovered.
Anegross known as Mamlo Gold was nrj
rostodnt 40(1 West I'orty-sovonth strcot Insl
night and throe trunks which sho had brought
to the house that day were seized A man
who was with hor escaped. In tho trunks were
found jewelry worth about S-'.OOO. n number
pf pawn tickets, twolvo razors and $.'04 In
bills. Among tlm articles found were a,
woman's go dwntch bonrlng tho Initials " K.
,',.; ..'"id u silver match case with lh.
Inltinls 'T. M." The woman said sho had bom
u Ben ant in a private houso.
Coiupsny II, Beventh Itfulment Vetersn Corn,
vrlUillne at the Arena. Wett Ihirty.flrst itru od
Tuesiloy ev ruing, Msrch 14,
Three inspectors from the Ilfilth DepsrirarrJ
went toCulnstown estrritty ftrnoon nd triifi
lialf tou nf veueUbles aat other srtloles ef V A
Mposert for le, which were considered unlit I ei J.
(ten, f)
Tiir Sun nrlutsd a story yntorday shout a Chsrles
II VVcatherby. who. when ho waa chanted lu lb
Jflfernoii Market Pollco Court vrltli having stolen
rteir aliltliat he ui .tore manasur miilorad by
ilejrgo O. Jlfiilarain. tho Jlreartway rlothier Tha
store manacor for that Arm la Oeorgo II Wealherbr,
and he wishes Tub Hcn to atste that Charts II.
VVeatherny. althoimh fernurlj employed at the
store, now haa no cniiueitlon with it
For Constipation a j
4$9ff AND B11 I
3 Sure ' I
Tgm& t YOU GET THE 1
' i
tsstMtjtjtjtjtjiiijiiMi iM.-iiaftiK.ial , , J'M

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