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I ' l$'' -1 n AM Mis BmmWSmmW- iJ Jk Ml Generally fair and colder 'to-diy; .1
I " J mtMPrS Ly " winds northwesterly.
pit. er.txs says aivncn officf.iis
n.tri: smneti.y doxe a witoxa.
l,ll It the I'lmrrli fs In llo Jtylod liy the
Spirit 1 the Wmld r of Christ lfnnker
r,rkln Asked President Starker to Sau
ce! t" Dr. Usans Ttmt II Ilotlre
TroiiMc verm to Hn Over Flnnnccs.
I W the conclusion ot his aormon yestertjay
nornlnc the ,!ov Ur- Anthony H. Evans nn
tomiccJ ll resignation as pastor ot tho West
lTfsttcrlnn Cliuroli. famlllatly known ns
rmton' Church." It Is understood that Dr.
tWt took ,ll, 8(C1' w"hOUt consulting Any
oftor or membor of hts congregation. Those
ereseal Iiliew ,,m there was smouldering
(rouble within Iho governing bodies, but nono
irectt"! the resignation. Dr. Evans bad
rreachol from tlio text "If any man sorvc mo,
let him follow me." That conception was false,
bi 6jM. which regardod Christianity as cither
Ii pero Institution, the visible Churoh, or a set
ol beliefs over which men quarrelled. Truo
Cttrfetlanlty was worship of Christ ,tn thought,
character and service.
Instead of making the oustomarr prayer
prior to tho singing -of the final hymn. Dr.
Kran announced that he had a communtcn
tljn'.to make to tho concrecatlon.
'Mi dear pooplo," said he. "It Is evident to
tnanr of you that the church Is disturbed uml
that Its effectiveness nsnu instrument of Christ
Is unfavorably influenced thereby. After
much wilting unon God to know my duty as
bis tenant and yours, nnd after a prayortul
tooiWeratfon of tho facts and consequences. I
haedetormlned to sneak to you freely such
things as are right nnd necessary.
1 came to this house conscious of n deop
loft for you nnd for the truth as It Is In Christ.
eopfldently rolylng upon God for direction nnd
ready to do his will. It was wltn Increased
devotion that I entered unon mr work nt tho
beginning ot this year. I was not awnro of
mr unusual antagonism to my ministrations
la Christ. Ono morning In the" latter part of
Xpvember.lin the midst' ot my labors for you,
there came to me a lettor from my dear friend
1'resident Stryker. Inclosing a letter which I
ihall now read:
'fitr V. IT. Strvlrr, llamUlonCoUtor, Clinton, X. Y.
" 'Mi Dear Doctoe: Saturday evening last
it'th West Frosbyterlan Church n joint meet
ing of tho trustees and session was held nnd
i considered with createet caro and kindness the
relation of th pastor to the church. After
1 lone discussion the writer jwns unanimously
requested to ask this favor of you. namely: In
Tour own way to quietly nld us In Inducing the
raitor to sever.hls relations with Iho eburch.
This is believed to be necessary by the trus
tees and session for the following reasons:
" The revenues ot tho church are not great
enough to pay the expenses, and notwithstand
ing efforts we have made to economize, this
condition Is drifting the wrong way. Tho
church owes S45.O0O. which we have been
ollleed to ralso by mortgaging the church
property, and we nre short of the necessary
lunds to'pay the current oxpenses of the church,
tay S.J.0UO to $0,000 per annum. Further, wo
are notified by a large number of pewholders
that thev will not pay after May next. We
have already had pews given up to the church
and the people are driftlne away. This con
dition of things could not last lone. Iteally
It should be! corrected nt once. Can you help
us? W e trust you can nnd will. ,
" 'There- Is only the feeling of kindness nnd
affection existing in the Board ofiTrustees
tod session (and tho oonsregatlon, so far as Is
known) toward the pastor, and they will be
slad to do anything they can properly do and
are able to-do lit all this matter, but tho con
viction Is In these two boards that they must
not', hesitate to act, since It seems clear to bo
their duty (o do so. They think this can be
accomplished better through you than through
any of us
" 'We do not know or holleve the doctor has
been spoken to In this matter, certainly not
oalcially. Yt o ask your kind help and wo wish
to oo our full duty to the pastor. We cannot
clntlnue as we are now going without our use
fulness being seriously Impaired, and we fear
destroyed. ory truly yours.
.. . ". PlPkbkisb. Jr..
, , President Hoard of TniBt.'
It is unnecessary," continued Dr. Evans,
for me to speak ot the suffering which this
letter brought. In due time I consulted with
the session. Three meetings were held nnd I
found that the expressed Intention of the let
ter was not their desire, for when I presented
mr resignation It wasthelrunanlmous will that
I should withhold It. Later on I come to know
that notlall the trustees were ot the same mind.
The conviction took possession of me that a,
Brest wrong had been committed, and this I
feel to the depths of my soul to-day.
It Is a wrong committed secretly and de
liberately, a wrong not against your rait or
only, but "gainst the churoh. against the good
name nf Fresbyterlanlsm. and. more serious
tnajall. against the sacred cause of Christ.
The financial problem which confronts the
ehnrch Is not formidable. A considerate nnd
Bsnerous policy animated br devotion to
spiritual things would solve It. The deficit
forrinstyonr was only about 53.200 nnd for
this year It will be about $4,200. The mort
gage referred to is not on tho church proper
Rit on a piece of property In the rear on
Jortr-thlrd street, the rental of which is suf
ficient to pay Interest oharges. Br ti possible
reduction or expenses nnd a pocslble Increase
or Income, the annual deficit would gradually
'The llnanolnl problom demands caroful at
tention, but is Incidental to the main question.
T. iP '.shaU tn6 "hurch be ruled by Hie
llrlt of Christ or by tho spirit of trie world?"
l believe with nil my heart that spiritual in
lerests are supremo.
.Notwithstanding the Influences that havo
been exerted to disturb the pence and huppl
5'" ' ?hB church. God has granted his con
tinuous blessing. During tho time that r have
teen permitted to minister unto you. 107 have
ien added to the membership of the church
h. m.i H F?' worH under the direction of
the Holy Spirit hn been carried on with In
creasing zeal nnd 'consecration.
.,. iHa my confident assurnnce when I
"me to bo your minister that Ood had called
me to preach the Gospel In this holy place.
AS! eV6nt of this hour havo confirmed mo In
...ki"uran(:e' I determined not to know
52.1 if?'; nraong you save Jesus .Christ jmd
inn lr e.Wclped, I loved Him when I oame
SSr.V00 '''"more to-day, and I bllevo that
InvJ 2s V- "'f'eto llvo lllsltfeand declare His
!k. ?.nd.do Ills work can we hope to rodeem
th.V'ty and to help all struggling aoule.
lnVW f,8 out one thing more for me to do
Ksdlif. iS it'"' my resI,inatlon lnj'our
"T'n'ttn'"hu?cn,i tow"0" S Me Weil 1'rttbv
Ch"rTi?ll.!?.B.,imli,5bor8, "s.vourmlnlstor In
elnl mealllr h'ndored by tho presont llnan
fraim.Ri1iL'eme."to,,,nn,.,m'"ch nnd by the In
IhiSiSow ".' wo.rk ,0 ,osse" l usefulness,
ro. ,?. JV' T"S!S aJts "astorate. I'rnylng that
t i?nnmbci,tl"llel1 t0.a? Go1'H wl11 and nt "
Uei.1?,,.1! ',1UV8 ministered may be riohly
ffteiiny,li ' tavMl " nrt fmtli. I nm.
?nSlel1'' V0Ur ,,;iSt0r- .A- KVAN8."
BnSi,i'i .inen tno boned c ion had boon pro
?v?S Da; l.,i,e,S?Br,eFStl0,,,f1,v.,df ll .""If into
Inst 7.ii' th'" wl,le, talked slow y out and
Kvnn.T,'i"h tf'nnlned for a word with Dr.
chu?eh i,ihP,Y,ou,;c,M',n''1Asspelatlon of the
'Wl,.,.!1 J u.!'eate.I meeting In a rear room.
salrtVi,." l',r .''-vans first oatne to tha churoh,"
Ull 5 ,Jho M''"rs. William J. Camp-
not na Win .... "" '" """, who coum
borne jPa llne vyere not made to feel at
etti, ,,,-'. In 8I,tlt all the wealth In the
the in ,'e tru"tes have left n llttlo dellclt for
!S.ri ll 1 '.,1B fhurph three yonrs ago Jils
IenLwa8t0 bo 810.000 n year. His second
f,eftj ricelved only tWZI. I Mk you I that
has lLeFiTTny' ,. conduct nny business It
mole,5,,t B.,no? ,a,t foil that there was
for i?.?1!0,1 'ot to'inmoer lilm In his work.
Pimm, "'r, ler'r.lt wa not the net of a gen
iffi nPnnJt8, ,aco " wa,9 a ThS sm.
iM?ii?,,.l5l0in..haa nel'r been expressed at,
the ih .,h8 lei'f r- If baJ been known that
live b.eernWwrl?t en "' PUb"C U W0"1'1 "'""
atia'c'hJi'VA ltiRrri? ly Adrlacco. a iiiinlstor
that thoui?. m.", Ualvertjlty: Hettfeinent. .'said
Wubl p'kl,?ihL'i mo?5bef. ' ,lle church, he
most ffi,a.f blrt0 ,0.1''' .EvauB a one of (he
A moMnnlI-chBry,f " ho ."ad eYer known,
the in?;,1 ? vn t-arrteU unan huous y pledging
to Dr nn,.0' "' iounB Men' AsioeluttSn
t'atr;i.:lilHfi ,Iendf .8aX tliat tl8 opposition
" tionS hn.'f0, ,,H laarin ot cluss dls
Ihe ' rlehto t,h,.,iJil.,ai "ot. ".OUB,'t at,ract
fts nS,.efc.l,u,9.n ' he .oor. nnd tlmt
Ur of ,i,Put ! wodern novels. Bald a mem
I ''At 1 1 Pslon to a Hvn Tcp irter:
truste.t.'!.,)i),0meftlm' ot the session nnd
u ur!'.Wd to Mr. Terklns's iitter It
unanimously ecreod that, Mr, terklni
fculil WW" 1'r.1B.rvkor to Intlmnto to l)r.
fci"'1; 'lie dolrabIllty of Ids leslHiintlon.
i."i2? ,,rS"nA nt W1C lol"1 looting wero of tho
i' Lnli.n.th!?t,,.hP financial affairs of the church
.should be laid before tho pastor, but not with
5?iIiV'?n ' M tcsinnlng: moroly that he
might know whnt conditions confronted us."
.-I? FPv!y ,t0 n luctlon the Hun's informant
fold thnt since tho beginning of the prcsont
.MSi'T' Ur-irrvanhp,'J .received a numbor of
"".U? trn,m c ties other tlinn New York.
... f ,l'Wl.0'.Tru,oe" t ,l10 church Is com
rosed of fell, Perkins. Jr.. President! llussell
Baae. Sotfi T lotnns, II. M. 'lngler. ltobort JntT
rnr. Jr., B. Jjovytrtn tjinilh. A. II. Smith. W. II.
heeler nnd H. l) T. Dodd. Hnlert Jnffrfty.
fr.. Batnuol Dorlckson, Bldnoy Wilcox, K. C.
V.onglahn. V.o. Brnpdloy. W. 11, Wheqler. B.
eyrtn Hmlth. Wlllfnin 'I'attcn, A. N. llrown
and C. II. llrown constitute the session.
At tho residonce of Itussoll Sage a reporter
was told yotterday that Mr. Bago did not see
reporters on .Bunday. Mr. Baye. It Is sold,
holds tho 845,000, mortgnge on tho church
porertr, it Is a 4!i per cent, mortgage. 1.
If. rcrklns. Jr., sent down word at his house
tlmt ho had nothing to say for tho present.
Jlobort JarTray. Jr.. the senior elder or tho
pruirch nndn mombor of tho llonrd of Trns
tees, sntd t4int ho disapproved very much of Dr.
Monro notion In spoaklngottlie troubles from
tho i pulpit before consulting with tho trustoes
aqd oldora.
I novo always had tho highest porsonnl ro
gnrd for Dr. Evans." snld Mr. JafTrnr. "but I
think Hint hlBcoursn this morning wns vcryln
judicious. 1 bollovoitrnn linnlly fnll in doing
tho church a great Iniury. Other fncUv remain
to bo stated at the propnrtimp, nnd whon they
aroltw 111 put the notion of tho ofllcorn ot tho
church In n very different light. I do not foel
thnt I emi say any more nt this tlmo, as the
ovonts this morning woro very unexpected, and
tho mnttorshould bo murecnrefullycnntidorutl
before nny further stntomont should bo made,"
Dr. Bldnny Wilcox, another elder of tho
churoh. had this to say:
Dr. I.vniisnslntemont from tho pulpitthls
morning I think wns a mirprlso to every ouo
who was at all familiar vvitli the matter, ns it
was hardly behoved ho would speak ot tho
matter to tho wholo congregation boforo bring
ing It up boforo the trustoes and oldnrs. It
would nppcnr from his remarks that he tins
the Idea that tlioro exists a considerable per
sonal dislike for him. I do not believe this la
tho case, for ho far ns I have ben ndjc to learn
hois very woll liked porsonnlly. Tho t roil bin
lsovorbusliiessinnttors.whleh.of courso, havo
to lie looked out for In nny congregation. The
church has been iliinnomlly running behind
for somo tlmo. It bogan boforo Dr. Krans
was called to tho church and probably wos tho
result of the long intorvol during which the
church was without n pastor. Dr. Evans has
Increased the membership ot tho church to
somo oxtont. but thoro has been no consequent
Increase In revenues. Mr. Perkins, who Is a
vory abio business mnn, has made a careful
Investigation of tho matter, nnd tho figures ho
elves nre undoubtedly moro oorrect than those
of Dr. Evans. These aro hard times for many
congregations, but It would seem as though
our llnancos should bo in a much hotter statu
than they are at present. At the Joint meet.
Ing which was held recently tho matter was
thoroughly discussed nnd It was decided that
somo action should bo taken. I en n not sny
now just how tho members stood on the
questions thnt camo up. but it was not belloved
that tho action taken would result In bringing
matters to such publicity ns was tho enso this
morning. It wns llko a thunderbolt to all of us.
I think nt the meeting to-morrow some con
certed notion will be decided upon nnd n state
ment oxplatnlng matters Nvlll undoubtedly bo
made public. Until thon nono of the members
of tho church government, I believe, enro to
makn nny detailed Individual statement con
cerning them."
There will bo a joint meeting to-night of the
llonrd of Trustees nud the session behind
closed doors.
Senator La Itnclio Culled from a ISnnquct
nt tlio Montnuk Club,
Senator William J. La Roche had nn exciting
exneriencowith a burglar In his house at Hi
riarn street. Drooklyn, on Saturday night, Tho
houso faces tho main entrance to Prospect
Pnrk. Mr. J,n Itocha and Mr. Brazlor. his
guost. attended tho dinner given on Saturday
night at tho Montauk Club in honor otJ,'rp3i.
dont Charles A. Moore. Shortly nf tor XI o'clock
Mr. La Ilocho was callod from the dining room
ot tho club and. one of his own sorvants, who
had como to tho club, excitedly Informed him
thnt thoro was a burglar In his houso.
Mr. Lalloche quietly informed Mr. Brazier
nnd the two loft tho clubhouso without letting
the other diners know why thoy went. Arriv
ing at tho Plaza street house, tho Senator and
his guest with a number of servants began an
Inspection of the premises. Every room was
entered and all tho closets were Inspected, but
tho burglar could not lie found. Just ns tho
search wns about to bo given up Mr. La ltoche
romnrkod that tho follow might hnvo Invndcd
his lounging room on the top floor. The
searchers, with tho Konntor In the lead,
mounted the stairs and wore soon on the top
floor. Thoy found a man hiding under a quan
tity ot old clothes in ono of the closets. In a
manner that was not by nny means gontlo the
Senator grabbed the Intruder andhndhlmln
tho hallway in a socond. Whon the man. who
was nbout 40 yearn old. managed to arise he
stood boforo tho party shaking llko a man with
the palsy.
Mr. Ja ltocho nnd Mr. Drazior then madn a
football of him. nnd he wont down tho stairs
much faster than he had mounted them. The
Senator and his friend kept right behind him,
and. when they found ho was not going fast
enough, accelerated his movements. When
tho front door wns reached the stranger was
out of breath. The door was opened by ono of
tlio servants, and tho Sonntor aavo tho In
truder a parting kick as ho passed through the
When Mr. La Ttoclie wan askod last night why
ho had not turned tho man over to the police
he said: , ,
" Oh, I guess bo received punishment enough
as It wns,"
"Did ho steal anything?" tho Senator was
"I do not know," responded the Senator.
"In fact. I have not looked as yet. Bat I guess
he left without taking much with him. Ho
mny havo, carried something with him that ho
didn't want, but thnt wns something that was
given him choorfullr."
xnic cuvitcfr will kiskv a suor.
Sell Dry Goods tin the Installment Plan n
I.ittlo Above Cost.
Calvary Episcopal Church, at Fourth avonuo
and East Twonty-flrst street. Is about to un
dertake a novol experiment by the establish
ment ot a shop for tho salo of dry goods in
common uo, like ginghams, chcoks, flannols,
Ao, Tho purnoso of tho proposed parUh storo
Is to havo on hand and sell such goods as aro
In constant demand at reasonable rntos.
It has 'been the custom of Calvary parish, in
the scopo ot Its operations nmong the poor
under Its enro. to permit Its parishioners to
purchaso at cost price cortaln articles from Its
stock Of cloth provided for tho regular work of
the various organizations. Tho demand for
those articles incroased to such nn oxtent that
tha Idea of keoplng a larger supply on hand wob
suggested and naturally led to the scheme of
establishing a permanent storo. Bales will bo
madn on the Installment plan, and to no worthy
person will credit bo rofused. A reasonable
price will bo charged In order tlmt tho work
may bo self.supporting, but such prices will bo
far below those asked In ordinary storos which
do business on the Installment plan.
In tho opinion of the ltev. Dr. J. Lewis Forks,
tho rector ottlie parish, tho new storo will be
a successful experiment. Such a shop was
oponod In his form or parish. St. Peter s, Phila
delphia, scvoral roars ago, which transacts nn
annual avorngn buslnes of $000. Dr. Parks
says that tho original capital, which was fur
nishod from tho rector's funds, was returned,
and that tho shop yielded every year a small
Interest upon tho Invostmont.
It Is proposed. If the occasion shall warrant,
that tho scopo ot the new Institution shall bo
eiilurgod to such an extent that tho storo shall
shop for Uh customers, In this way goods not
kept In stock In tho parish storo will.be pur
chased for those who ileslro them nnd void on
tho Installment plan. Already the reliof depart
ment of tho pnriHli has given 575 to buy tho
iieoessurystook of g,odsnnd for beginning tho
busiiiusH, which will be conducted under tho
direct supervision of Miss Anthony, an ex
perienced workorln Calvary parish.
An Honor Mnn Missing from Prlnretnn.
I'nixcKTON, N. J , March 12, Considerable
anxiety Is folt by the authorities of Princeton
University ovor tho wherenbouts ot Itlchard
Webster, u member of the senior class. Early
Inst weok he left Princeton to take a short
vacation at hit home in Isllp, L. I. Ho was at
home ouly n fow days, when he told his parents
thnt ho must return to Princeton ngalu, Ho
left homo, but did not como to Princeton.
Yesterday his parents learned that he had not
vet put In nn appearance hero nnd telegraphed
to the ItegUtrar concerning him. He is one of
the first honor meu in the class of 'l ojid tho.
holder of the Stoiireke scholarship, which puys
$500 annually and Is awarded In Bopliomore
year for three years to the student taking first
rank la freihinun courses.
nn. jhi.v i I'nrKns'H nv.umos o.v
Worn Out by Work, Iln Wns Unable to Ap
prnr In Ills Pulpit, nnd He Preached by
Proxy Dr. Ilnlnifiinl nnd Other Clergy
men Hpenk Agnlnst l'onr-Trnik Scheme,
Tho hard work which tho IIov. Dr. John V.
raters ot 3t. Mlchnol'a Church has dono In
opposition to the laying ot another sot ot elec
tric car tracks In Amsterdam avenue has worn
him out and ho wan not able to occupy his pul
pit yestorday. In his ntuonco his assistant,
tho Bov. Qoorge 8. Pratt, read tho sermou
which Dr. Peters had prepared (or the morn
ing sorvlce. The text was from St. M'attliow.
vti.,21 ; "Not every one that salth unto mo. Lord.
Lord, shall entor Into tho kingdom othoaven;
but ho that dooth tho will pf ray l'athor which
Is In heaven."
Dr. Pt?rs's argument was thnt po man
eould by '(ho uto of money buy his pcaco with
God, and that monoy obtained iu nn Improper
way, although oxponded In furthering tho
vvotk ot tho Church, would be n curse to Its
possessor. The man who derived a fortune
fiom Improper sources might by expending a
portion ot It In church nnd philanthropic work
buy tho, friendship ot the nuthorltics of tlio
Church on earth. His oharltablo works might
blind the eyes of his follows, but when a man
nupoarcd before tho gatos of heaven, no mat
ter what esteem he might havo been hold in
on enrth, no milter what ha had dono for
oharlty, If the money with which ho endowed
hospitals, asylums and unlvoraltles was ob
tained Immorally he would be cast Into the
common punishment with robbers, forgers,
pickpockets and confidence men. llnllroad
wreckers would stand acoused of vulgar theft
In a eourt whore no high-paid counsel could
save them from disgrace, whore there were no
jurors to be bribed, aim would be punished
where there was no Sheriff to be bought to
allow them to cscntie. Bo fcir as God was con
cerned the savaso. the smuggler, tho stock
jobber and th railroad wrecker stood ou tho
same level. They were dovll worshippers.
The sermon reviewed the history of tho Am
sterdam avenue four-track bill Introduced
last yoar. which wuh kept In committee until
the elotlng hours of tlio session and was passed
by the Senate whan It was too late for tha As
sembly to concur In It. This process wnsdo
serlbed as "see-sawing." a eommon method of
killing a bill, while furnishing each represen
tative of tho people with nn opportunity to say
that he had done his best. Thnt bill was de
feated by bribery. It was not necessarily di
rect pavment of money. Tho Third Avenue
llallrnad Company had contributed largo sums
to thn camnalgu funds of one or both parties.
In some oases it had helped to pay the elec
tion expenses of candidates, who, in return,
were bound to aid tho company. Thus the
dominant party in the Legislature had been
pntd for guarding the lntorosts of the corpora-"
tlon, Tho same tactics were employed against
the .bill this year, but the publia was aroused,
tho press was vehement and the leaders of tho
parties bow that the people demarRled the
passage or the bill. Then In tho Sennte It was
amended so at to kill It between the two
houses, without any member covering himself
with Its blood.
Dr. Potors's sermon referred to tlio head nf
the .Bennte.'cemmltteo (hsnator C'ogueshalll
without naming him. as n man who, either
rightly or wrongly, had the reputation of being
a very corrupt politician, who. howover, con
tluued to represent his constituents. Why
was this man made Chairman of such an Im
portant committee? Because he was the
facile tool ot the corporations? Or because he
was earnest In his endeavors to safeguard the
Interests of the people? Another member of
the committee was described as a contractor
(Senntor Featherson). He Introduued the
-amendment. He might have been swayedTjy
lnfluebaes approaching to bribery. Thus tho
committee was before the oublio under tho sus
picion of corruption.
It seemed from the nctlou of the legislators
that their loaders were notable to control them
against the allurements ot briborv In one form
or another. Were the corporations In control'.'
Had tho corporations absorbed the parties?
The fight against the bill was not in open'.do
bnte on the floor, but In the committee rooms.
No person attacked the bill In open argument,
but It was fought by the tricks and devices of
dishonest men. The meu against It in the
Senate were not opposed to it for honost rea
sons. Several Senators had reaped handsome
profits on the fluctuation :of Third Avenuo
and Metropolitan stocks during the last week.
The companies In somo cases agreed to carry
stocks for certain persons, allowing to them
the profit on their changes In value.
Who bribed the legislators? They were far
worse than tha pitiable men who contented to
sell themselves. The guiding spirit of one cf
the companies posed as a public-spirited citi
zen and had been prominent In the councils
of, his party. Tho head of tho other eomnanv
had hold high and honorable office. Those
wore the great offenders. Thev Rhould no
called thieves and driven from tho churches,
the clubs and tho society of decent men.
Dr. John Bnlcom Shaw, pastor of the West
End Presbyterian Churoh, at Amsterdam ave
nue and 105th street, during the morning ser
vices yesterday, spoke briefly of the Amster
dam avenue "grab." Dr. Shaw said that It was
time the people realized that the contest bo
tweeu them and the railroad company mid
gone beyond tho more niiostlonot the right of
the corporation to lay Its tracks on tho avenue,
and that it was now a struggle for ultimate
supremaoy between the peoplo and all corpora
tions. "You know the treatment our fellow citizens
received at tho hands of the Legislature when
thoy wont to Albany to plead for our bill." snld
the clergyman. 'Thoy wtrb put to shame by
the Senate, and It Is the open boast of the cor
porations that the desires of tho people no
linger secure the pnhsago of needed laws, but
that tho only controlling factor In legislation Is
Dr. Shaw asked for a large representation
from his congregation nt the massmsotlng to
be hold nt Durland's Biding Academy to-night
and urgod that the agitation be kept up until
victory woe secured.
Tho ltev. Dr. Bnlnsford of St. George's
Church read from the puinit yestorday morn
ing a lettor signed by the ltev. James N. Galla
gher and the IIov. Mlchaol Peters, nsklng the
co-operation of the congregation In tho fight
ngatnst the Amsterdnm avenue "grab." The
letter Invited Dr. Italnsford and the members
of his congregation who uro Interested In the
preservation ot Amsterdam avenue to attend
a massmeettng to-night.
After reading tho letter Dr. Italnsford snld
bo was very glad of the opportunity to extend
the Invitation to his congregation. Ho said
that tho trustees of the Protestant Lplscopnl
Cathedral had already, subscribed from their
funds a sum to be used In the Amsterdam avo
nue fight, and that he was thornforo clad to
read thenotlceof a mnssmcetlng In his church.
The ltev. Percy B. Grant, before the sermon
at tho Churoh of tho Ascension, Fifth avenuo
and Tenth street, yesterday morning, an
nounced that he had received n communica
tion from the Bev. John P, Peters of St. Michael's
Church requesting him to lay thn moral and
other considerations ngnlnst tho operation of
four eleotrlooar tracks on Amsterdam avenue
befJro his congregation. The object of ths on-
fieal, he said, was to enlist persons In the fight
hat wos being rondo who mleht write letters
to Albany or aid tho oauso in this city by com
mending II ot- taking nn active part In It. Ho
said the situation wns one In which politics
took a part, nnd tlmt It scmiied that a change ot
the attitude of some politicians toward pro
posed legislation In tho matter seemed advis
able. "1 believe." said Mr. Grant, "thnt Dr. Peters'
approhenstonsarejiot at all groundless, and I
ask. In his name, your sympathy and active
co-operation In the movement now under way
amuuK ma cui'-i!ui inn nuriiiweiu aiuo.
In Grace Methodist Church. In West 104th
street, yesterday morning, the Bev. Dr. Philip
M. Wnttors t-alu: "For rensons, the nature of
which we can ensllv conjecture, the Senate of
the great State of Now ork does not seem to
see fit to act for the beet Interests of the peo
ple. Now let tho people sneak to the law
makers In such a vvav that tho men nt Albany
will be made to fully understand that the
rights ot tha public must be respected. Our
legislators should bo taught the le-son that
.hey are the servants of the people nnd that the
wolfare of the cttlrenn nt large Is paramount to
tho schemes of corporations. My frlencU. we
mutt keen up tho good llirht against the cor
poration which seeks to dottroy Amsterdam
The Amstordnm Avenue Itnllrood bill, pond Ing
nt Albany, VTasrtenouncod yesterday by the Bev.
I'ather James M, Galllgnnot tho Honian Cnth
nllfr Churoh of the Holy Name, Nlpety-slxth
rtroot and Amsterdam avenue. Father Gnl
lean fipoko nt all the mass? except one. Ho
advised his parishioners to fight tho matter to
tho end.
"Lot us arise," ha sold, ''nnd show (he poo
plo who are trying to Inflict this outrago upon
thepubllothatwearn not to bo Imposed upon,"
He aid the people should not " overruled
by a corporation, which carod nothing for thn
wlshoe of the public at large. If the railroad
"impany In .this Instance succeeded there wns
lio tellluB where the granting of such privi
lege would U4. Ho advised all who could to
uttead (be majsmwtlng to-night,
.--. J.L.T. ....- ,.,.-, ,s
- I i. - -T
Snys He's On tha l'nnple's Side mill llnin't
Hern Lniiterhncli nml '(leiio Wood.
Btehnrd Crokor Jonlcd Inst evening n pub
llshcd story thnt he had been In consultation
wllh Edward Lauterlmoh, ootilisl to tha Third
Avenuo llnllroad Company, nnd Eugene V.
Wood on Hntunlay afternoon at tho Hoffman
Houso. Tho Btory In regard to tho conforoneo
was olrculatnd on Saturday evening, and It was
said thnt Senator Grady and Assomblymau
Sullivan wero present nt the consultation, nud
that tlio Third Avenuo Ballroad Company's
fight with the residents ot Amsterdam avtuiua
was tho subject discussed. Mr, Croker snld
that tho story was nbsurd, and that ho had not
soon Mr. Lnntorbach or Mr. Wood nt nnv time.
He snld that he had tnlkod tho Amsterdam ave
nuo mnttor ovor with Sonotor Grady, nnd lie
repented his nssortlon thnt Tammany .Hall
stood with tho pooplo against tho railroad cor
jm ration.
"My position In the matter Is jilst whnt It
was when I wrote thnt lettor to thoni," snld
Mr. Croker. "Mr. Grady offered tho amend
ment In porfect good fnlth, thinking thnt tho
advocates of tlio bill would not object to It.
Tammany will do everything that it can to help
In this matter."
Mr. Crokor was asked whether ho thought
thnt tho Fallows bill, which was adopted
unanimously on I-rldny liy tho Assembly,
would pass thn Hennto. llo snld that he
didn't know anything nbout the mnttor, but
that ho had heard that tho Amsterdam avenuo
residents had somr amendment thnt.tliey
wanted to havo adopted. Mr, Crokor said thnt
ho had no porsonnl knowlpdgo of this.
Mr. Croker salt! that ho had read what David
II. Hill snld nt tho Lotos Club on Haturday
night about the Democratic Club dinner ns It
was reportod.
"I don't think Mr. Hill intended to cast nny
slur on tho Democratic Club or its dinner,"
snld Mr. Orokor smiling. "Mnny times re
marks mndo In a jocular vain at a dinner look
different In print. I don't think ho meant what
he snld to ben slur."
Louis Lohmnlor said last night that the
mnssmeotiug to-night nt Durland's. Biding
Academy to protest ngalnst tlio Sennto's notion
in amending tho Ford Amsterdam Avenuo hill
wns going to bo a tremendous success. He ex
pects 10.000 peoplo to bo present. Tho names
of Mrs. Marlon Stanton Match, who will sponk
for the mothers, tho Bev. Father Dolaney of
the Church of the Holy Name, and Prof. Nicho
las Murray Butler of Columbia Collogo hnvo
been addou to the list of speakers.
The Governor Thinks the Amsterdnm Ave
nue Jllll Will I'nn Unamended.
Alpany. March 12. Gov. Boosovelt returned
from New York city this nftornoon. As n re
sult ot his conforenco tlioro yestorday with
thoio In ehnrgo of tlio interests of tho Amster
dam Avenuo bill In tho Legislature. It Is under
stood the Governor behoves the Fallows bill
will pass the Scunto unamend ad.
Kii.ir.n ix sArixa ms hat.
Old Mnu'a I.lfn Crushed Out by Fire Trurk
ns He Mopped to Pick Up Ills Iini!geiir.
A lamp explodod In tho apartments ot
Thomas Starr, nt 402 East 125th Btrcet.last
night, and a (lie nlnrm wus turned In. Hook
nnd Ladder Truck 14, on its way to tho fire,
reached Third avenue just ns an old man, who
wasa-passongoron nn approaching uablo car.
slgnnllod to tho conductor to stop. The old
man got off tho car. becamo confused when
ho saw thn truck coming, but finally made a
jump to save himself.
Ho hod ample tlmo to rench the sidewalk in
safety, but his lint fell off and he stopped to
pick it up In splto of the warning cries of Bar
tholomew Sheridan, tho driver of the truck.
Tho horses knocked tho man down and the
wheels passed over his body. enuMng Internal
Injuries and fracturing loth his legs. Tho
flremon carried the man to tho sidowalk and
he died thoro before an ambulanco from tho
Harlom Honpitnl reached him.
Tho dead man was over b) years old. He
woro a high hat. u frock coat and striped
trousers nnd carried a cano. In hlspockotu
were two purses, a letter addressed to Ooorgo
Nowbergerof 220 East Sixty-eighth street. nnd
n sliver mntchbox bearing the Initials "0. N "
on ono side, and on the other the Inscription:
" Uncle George from Abo."
Mrs. Hannnli Rothschild or 220 East Slxly
clchth streot callod nt thn East 120th street
station soon after tho accident and identified
the body ns that of her father, George Novv
liergcr, who. she said, wns tho uncle of A. II.
Hummel nf tho luwllrmof Howe k Hummol.
His son. who Is the local manager for tho Arm
of Armour A Co., Is now in Ihicago on his
woddlng trip, Mrs. Bothschlld told the police.
At hor request tho body was removed to her
Tho damage caused by tho flro was trifling.
Driver Sheridan of tho truck was nrrosted on a
charge of homicide nnd was looked up iu the
East 120th streot station.
A Man It 111 oil nnd a Itiilldlng Crushed
Kscnpe of firemen.
Chicago, March 12. Shortly before midnight
last night tha east wall of tho burned building
nt Wabash avenue and Madison street, for
merly occupied by A. C. McClurs & Co., book
sollers, was blown down by a salo. Frank
Howltt- of Cedar Falls. In., was crushod to
death in the tmiHsof brick, stono and mortar,
Mr. Hewitt had attonded tho theatre with a
brother living In Chicago, whom ho wns vis
iting, and they woro walking together whon
tho wall, llvo stories high, collapsed. The
brother noticed tho wall topple, and shoutod
to Frank to hurry. It was too lato, however.
There woro no other fntalltlos. A train on
tho elevated loop nnrrowly escaped disaster,
nnd tho road structure was considerably dnm
agod. Tho city administration fulled to order
the tearing down of tlio unsafe wall.
Flro Into last night destroyed tho three upper
floors of tho olght-story building nt 207-211
Jackson Boulevard. At .1 o'clock this morning
the upper purt of tlio onst wnll ot tho building
wns blown over. It foil upon tho six-story
building nt 20:i-203. controllod by Warner
Bros.' Corset I Company of Now York, com
pletely wrecking tho smnllor structure.
No lives wero lost, but a score ot flremon
who woro at work on tho flro In the collnpsod
building nnrrowly escaped being crushed to
death. The lots by flio amounts to about
ftiOO.OOO. and tho Warner Bros.' building and
contonts sustained damago to the amount of
WoiUmoii Hnd Left a I.enk Unstopped nnd
Hung n I.uiiturn to Mark the l'lncn,
Workmon digging a ditch between 240 and
251 West Twenty-fourth stroot cracked a gas
main on Saturday. They didn't know It, and
went nvvny until Monday, after covering tho
trench with.bonrds.
Early lost ovenlnc there was a dull explosion.
The board covering of tho ditch flew nil ovor
the street nnd n roaring flamo five or six
foot high Issued from thn ditch. Pooplo in the
two houses, one of which wns n ooardlng
house and tha other tho Jniir d'Aro Homo tor
Young Women, wero groat!)- frightened until
flremon nndnollcomen nrrlvnd and reassured
them. Men from tho Consolidated Gas Com
pany spent thn night trying to stop the Irak
without shutting off the gas,
It Is thought that tho escaping gas was ig
nited by a lantern hung over the trench as a
danger signal.
waithess rour.nx'T rixn iroiiK.
Too btylish" to Milt Iho I.nsl Mistress Mho
Applied To-Tried flnlelcln liy (Ins.
Sofia Levinger. 2: 1 years old, attempted sui
cide yesterday by inhaling gns In thn room she
occupied at 114 Seventh stroet. The janitor,
who studied gns coming from her room, dis
covered her nnd sent her to Bollevue Hospital
In uti nmbulunen. It was said there last night
tlmt she would recover.
, The young woman was u vvaltrets, hut hm)
been for a long tlmo out of employment. Ort
Saturday she nniwered an ndvortiscment for it
waitress, but tho woman who Inserted the ml
vertlboment told her that, whllo liar references
wero unite satisfactory, hor itppearanou was
too "stylish" to suit.
Tills wos evidently tho lust straw, for tho girl
returned to her lodgings In a vory despondent
frame of mind, Hho told somo of the people in
tho houe that n good girl could pot earn a 1 1 v.
Ing In Now York.
Another Car ou "Nineteen."
Account pf increasing traveton New York Centril'j
i'LakeHhoreLtmlted'ru additional Bleeping Oar
Is attached to that train between How York and Chi
ciro ev;cnr other day. Ait.
cuoivns, Axniir at hih dismissal,
CHY "llVATII TO Till! ASSEttltLTt"
Stiinra Thrown at President Andrnde-Ofii.
Gomes Issuos n Mnnlfnsto Accepting Ills
Dismissal nild Buying lie Will Itotliru
to Mnn Domingo A Bin Demonstra
tion In Ills Honor tin Advises Calmness.
.tptrlal Vablt DniatcK it Tint 8PM,
IlAVAKAi March 12, Tlio oxcltomont paused
by tho action ut tho Cuban Assembly In remov
ing Gen. Gomnr, from his position of Com-mandor.ln-Chlcf
of tho Cuban Army continues.
Gen. Gomoz has Issued the following mani
festo to tho country and tho army:
" Uspir ts extraordinary powors, tho Assem
bly of ropiflfentatlvos, which roprosonts tho
army, not tho pooplo, has deposed mo from my
rank of Commiindei-ln-Chlef ot tho Cuban
Army, a ploeo (o which I was appointed by tho
revolution and In which I always did my duty.
Tho Assombly considers it a breach of dis
cipline nnd ns showing lack ot respect that
I should rofuso to support lis offorts to
ralso loans npd.enlarco tho dobt of tho coun
try. I lliluk that the groat financial and
political lntorosts ot Cuba would bo compro
mised by suoh loans. Tho country ought to
begin to exercise its sovereignty tn tho now re
public Inspired by tho concord proclaimed In
tho manifesto Issnod ot Monte Crlsto froo from
ult Unnuclal burdops, and with Its national
honor snto. Because I think so tho Assembly
has deposed inc.
"I thank tha Assembly, bocauso It frees mo
of great duties. Now I nan withdraw quietly
to my home, which I abandoned, this being
inyonlvnmbltlun after a thirty years' strugglo
for the good of this country I love so much.
"Foiclgnor I am, but I did not como hired
or with morconary purposes to defend Cuba,
After Bpuln withdrew I sheathed my sword bo
cause ray mission was ended. You owe mo
nothing. I withdraw satisfied that I did all I
oould for my brothers, nnd wherovor It Is my
fate to plant my tent Cubans will havo a friend.
It lias boon raining heavily hero to-day, but
dcsplto this feet moro than eight thousand per
sons wont out to tho Quinta do los Mollnos,
whero Gen. Gomoz is living, and mndo a dem
onstration In his honor,
Tho peoplo taking part In the demonstration
mnrohed through tha principal streots ot tho
city, carrying Cuban flags and shouting" Long
llvo Qomcxl" nnd "Death to the Assemblyl"
Francisco Gonzalez, a triend of tho lato Presi
dent Marti, was ono ot the spokesmen. Ho
toUl Gen. Gomez that tho people of Cuba and
tho army desired him to remain tn Cuba, and
that ft was tholr wish that tho Assembly bo
Sixty Cuban clubs alio callod on Gun. Gomez,
Iu thanking tliom for tho sympathy they ox
pressed for him ho said that ho respected the
orders of tho Assembly, nnd advised that tho
peoplo remain calm.
Several of tho Cuban Gouerals aro drafting a
manifesto ngalnst tho Assombly. Xt tho Irljoa
Theatre, whero a meeting of tho Junta Patrl
otica wns In session this afternoon, a crowd in
vaded tho place, shouting "Death to theAs
somblyl" Sevoral of tho Assomblymen who
wero prcsont had narrow escapes from the
nngor of tho crowd, who wished to throw them
out of-the windows. Among tho members ot
the Assembly who attendod tho meeting were
ox-Vioo-Prosldent Mendez Capote. Froyro An
dradc. President of tho Assombly; Gualberto
Gomoz and Soflor Portuondo.
Later In tho day Sefiur Andrado was stoned
by a group of peoplo In Neptuno street. The
Juntn Patriotica joined tho people In their
demonstration ngalnat the Assombly.
A monster demonstration in honor of Gen.
Gomoz Is proposed for to-morrow. The par
tisans of the Assombly are tew In number, but
thoy will also make a demonstration. The
Assombly will probably degrade all tho Cuban
Gonerals who tako part In any demonstration
in favor ot Gen. Gomez. A largo mooting wns
hold to-day at Guannbneoa. at which tho courso
of Gen. Gomez was approved.
Major Kennon. acting as tho representative
of Gov.-Gen. Brooke, oallod on Gen. Gomez to
day nnd conferred with him regarding tho
Arbor Day Inaugurated There Yesterday In
thn Presence of 15,000 Persons.
Ajifcfal Cable Dctpatch to Tub Bus.
Santiaoo de Cupa, Maroh 12. Arbor Day
in Cuba wns Inaugurated lioro to-day by tho
planting of a "Llborty Tree," n royal palm, in
tho Plnza Dolores by Mayor Bacardi. Thero
wero 15,000 persons present, tho largest crowd
that has assembled hero since the Cuban
refugees camo in from El Canoy. Among tho
numbor wore many Americans. Threo thou
sand sohool children flllod the plaza, whore
mufclo was rendorod by American bands.
Senor Bacardi and other speakers roviowed
tho history of Cuba and tho Cubans, and dwelt
at length upon the llborty that has finally como
to tho island. They all declared that It would
not bo long boforo tho Island would bo com
pletely Independent, the time depending en
tirely upon tho Cubans themselves.
nettnr T.nst Night AftrrHlrep.of WlilchPnlu
Itobhod Him the Night Ilefore,
On Saturday afternoon and in tho night Bud
yard Kipling, who la convalescing from pneu
monia at tho Hotel Grenoble, suffered greatly
from pleuritic pains, and. In consoquence, got
nosleop, Yestorday morning, howevor, at ,10
o'clock, ho folt much easier, nnd fell asleep.
Throughout tho day ho took several short
nans, nml ho wns much Improved last night.
His chlldron. Elslo nnd John, woro taken to
tlio sickroom yosterday. Their father greatly
enjoyed the short visit, Mr, Doubledny said
last night that Mr. Kipling was being informed,
!. llttlo nt a time, of nit that had happened dur
ng his Illness, but that ho sees no ono but his
nmllyand attendants.
"Mr. Kipling's brain Is all right." said Mr.
Doubledny. "He Is tho same old Kipling that
ho was boforo ha wns taken 111."
The 'General and Son, Hurrying from tin
viinn, Fnll to Itonoli Home In Time,
8riiikuyiEi.li, 0 March 12, -Mrs. Eliza
Kolfer. thowlfo of Major-Gen. J, Warron Kel
fer, died nt 2:45 o'clock this morning of pneu
monia after an Illness of nlno days. It was
hoped tlmt sho would llvo until Gen, Kelfor
and Cnpt, II, 0 Kelfor arrived from Cuba, but
about the tlmo thoy reached Miami, Fla , she
Mrs. Keller was Porn in this city ou July 11,
1H:I4 Hho wus a schoolteacher until sho mar
ried Gon. Kelfer ou March 22. 1WW. Four
children worn born tot hem ' J. Warron of Host
wlek. Neb. : Will W Horoee C, and Margaret of
Hilarity, tho latter being now dead, While
Gen. helfor was Sneaker during the Forty
povonth Congress Mrs, Ktifer was prominent
at nil thosoelnl functions In the Wlilto Houso
under President Arthur.
He nml Mm. MeKlnlry Will Leave Wash.
IiiEton Tn-Nlcht for Tliomnivllle, On.
Wabjihjoton. March 12, Tho President mid
Mrs. MaKlnloy will Icavo Washington to-mor-low
night ut II o'clock for Thomasvillo, Ga
whero they will spend a vacation of two or
three weeks. Thoy will be accompanied by the
Vice-President and Mrs, Ifobart nnd Senator
and Mrs. Honna. Hooti utter tho President's
return from the South he will probably make a
trip to tho Pacillo coast. Tho details of tho lat
ter (rip have not yet been arranged, but jn de
ciding to visit the coast the President has acted
In accordance with ajilntoutlon formed soma
time aeo.
He Furhris the Olfer of Money to Agitl-
unldo for the Itrlcnsp of Rpnnlsli Prisoners.
Spteial Cable Vtwaleh In The Bus.
Manila, March 12,-Gan. Otis has forbidden
tho continuance of tho negotiations between
the Spanish Commissioners and tho Filipinos
for tho rolooso of tho Spanish prisoners hoi d by
tho natives.
His object In doing this is presumably to pre
vent the Filipinos from obtaining tho Immense
Indemnity which thoy demand for froolng tins
prisoners, as tho monoy would undoubtedly
boused In aiding the natlvo causa.
Mass of Hook In Now Hnmbiirg Tunnel,
Loosened hy Prnst, Hnd to Itn Itemoved.
PouartKKKpsiE, March 12. Tho dlscovory
wns mado at about 5 o'clock this attornoon that
a large mass of rock in one of thonlrshattsot tho
Now Hamburg tunnol had boon loosened by
tho frost nnd wns In dancer ot falling. Tlio
Poughkecpslo local had passed through tho
tunnel losi than an hour before tho dlscovory.
Two wrecking trains woro sent to tho spot as
soon ns possible and a force of men was set at
work to dislodgo tho rock. Drnnmlto was
used nnd at nbout 8:30 to-night thu rock
fell into tho tunnel. All trnfllo on tho
road wus suspended at this point until
tho snfoty of tho tunnol wns determined
absolutely Trains woro allowed to proceed as
far an either end of tho tunnol. so that ns soon
ns tho tunnol Is declared safe they enn con
tinue on their way. Tlio look was removed as
fast as possible, but ou uecount of tho con
traetod quarters of tho workmon unci tho diffi
culty of attacking tho threatening mass
with snfoty, progress wus necessarily
slow. It Is not anticipated that traffic will bo
seriously Interrupted. The rook through
which tho New Hamburg tunnol penetrates Is
mostly limestone, and It tn watched closely, es
pecially In tho spring, to prevent any possible
risk of accident from falling fragments.
itrssiAX Ain ron ciiixa.
Moral Support at Leant Promised on the
Itcfiisnl to Give Italy Hun Mini liny.
Special Cable Dttpalcketto The Suy.
Pekix. March 12. Thoro Is ample evidence
that tho Busslau Minister hero has assured tho
Tsuner-ll-Y'amen that it can bo certain of Bus
sin's moral support iu resisting tho domain! ot
Italy for a lease of San Mun Bay. Tho as
suranco. howevor. Is extremely cautious, no
promise being given of material aid.
It is stated that the note sent on Friday to
the Tsung-H-Yumen by Signor Mnrtino. tlio
Italian Minister, contained no menace of any
sort. v
It is thought that a quid pro quo has boon
agreed upon by Grant Britain and Itussla re
garding tho settlement of tho loan contract
protest, and that Grant Britain has consented
that tho railway will not be oxtondod beyond
Vienna. March 12.- The .Vie Frtie Preme
says It learns from Milan that an order from
the Italian Minister of Mnrlno reached Spezzia
on -Friday last to commission tho wnrshtp
Carlos Alberto with all possible speed for sor
vlce In Chinese waters.
London, March i:t. A despatch to tho Daily
Jmfrom St. Potorsburc says it is stated on
good authority that Tallonwan. China, will bo
opened nsn freo port nftor the completion of
tho Manchurlan railway tn 1002.
London. March IU. Tho Pokin correspond
ent of tho Times says that tho present dispo
sition ot the Chineso Government shows thnt
there in no intention to yield to Italy's demand
and stronger measures will bo necessary to en
force compllancewlthlt. ThoTsung-ll-Ynmen
is entirely Ignorant of Italy's place among the
Tho Belgian Ministor Is still pressing for a
concession at Hankau. It Is the fooling of Eng
lishmen in China that tho British Govern
ment should opposo tho granting of this
concession on the ground ot tho unfriondly
part played by Belgium, who acted with Franco
and Itussla throughout tho recent negotia
tions respecting tho Luhan Hallway.
Rescued by Her Father with the Aid of Two
I'innUt nnd u ltope.
late on Saturday atternoon.IIattle Woinloin
was sont by her mother to hunt up somo gooso
which had strayed nwny from her homo ntO
Johnson avenuo in tho Parkview district, on
the oxtromo southern boundary ot Newark.
Tho llttlo girl found tho geoso In a soft Piece ot
old salt marsh near the Lolilgh Valley Ballroad
tracks and close to tho Meyer Sculo Works,
where hor father Is onglncor.
It was growing dark, but she had no hesita
tion In vonturlng out upon tho meadow attor
tho geese, and had got all but one, of them In
lino whon sho found horsolf held fast and sink
ing In the mire. She screamod In fright.
Luckily hor father was late In leaving his
work. Ho saw her. and. understanding thn
situation, procured two planks nnd n rope nnd
made his way to her. Sho was burled almost
to tho waist when ho threw hor tho rope,
which sho fastened under her arras. Then ho
pulled her out of tho mlro and carried her Into
the shop. The gooso had gonohome without a
Lived In I'otejrty, but Uml n S3.000 Hank
Account nnd 8100 In Gold.
PouaiiKKErsiE. March 12. Johanna Conway,
an eccentric woman, who has lived in compara
tive poverty for seventeen yours, was found
doad In bed at her homo on Mansion street on
Friday, nnd to-day tho disoovety was mado
thnt sho had $.1,000 In tho Poughkecpslo
Savings Bank. In hor rooms, hidden away,
was SlOOmore In $20 cold ploeos. Tho woman
lived entirely alone, nnd If sho had relatives
thoy ncgleotcd her, In nttlro and habits sho
always gavo tho Impression of povorty. Bho
wosvory reticent nbout hor porsonal affairs,
and never spoke of money. Hor neighbors did
not bollovo that sho wns llleised tn nny con
siderable extent with this world's goods, and
whenever nny of them had anything to spare
It was customary to tuke It to Johanna.
A Young Physician of hetvlrkley, I'n Com
mits Murder While Iiitoxlrntrd.
riTTsnuito, Pn., March 12. Dr. Charles J.
Murray, a young physician, living with his
fathor at Sevvickley, twelve miles from here,
shot and killed his father's butlor, John Jen
nings, to-night. Murray had been drinking
for several days.
At 7 o'clock to-night ho went to the stable
nnd Inquired of the coachman for Jennings,
Just then he saw Jennings crossing the lawn
to the kitchen. He fnllowod the negro, cursing
htm, nnd wlienhe latter turnod Murray shot
him through tho honrt. Ho then jumped on n
pony nnd rodo away. At midnight ho had not
been caught.
Hnnus Murder Cnsa Solved?
The police nre said to have reached a solu
tion of the Knaus murder case. It was ru
mored lato last night In Iho neighborhood of
tho West 125th Ktront station that nn arrest
would be mado within a fow ''ours.
To Anulyre Army Href t Yule,
New Haven, Conn., March 12.Prof, Bussell
n. Chittenden, director ol tho Shofllold Solon
tlfto School ot Yale, has just received an In
voice of army beef from the Government offi
cials for analysis at the sclentlllo school labo
ratory. Prof. Chlttonden will begin work at
onoe on the beef, and aaya that sewsj Yale
abemiaU will assist Urn.
Passengers Snfelj Landed nt Yarmouth '
Nleniuer Mny Ho Saved If tha Sen Ite. i
mains Cnlm-Hrr first Lmtvrnid Trip
Coniprvises Sntd to HnvpIlcenOitl of Order ' 1
IlAuruE. X. 8 Mnrch 12,-Tlio new Allan , I
lino steamer Cnstlllnn. In command of Cnpt. , .
Barrett, Commodore ot the Allen lino, went '
nshoru on Gannett Book ledge. In n denso fog. , t I
this morning. Tho compossos ato reported to i '
have boon deranged, . j.
Tho Cnstlllon loft Portland at noon on Satur-
dayT6rLlvori)ool via this port, It was hor first I
eastward voyage Sho carried forty-six pas- '
setiBcrs, 800 head of c.ittlo and a largo cargo ' :
of general morchandlso. At 4:110 o'clock this
morning sho struok Gonnolt Boe dry lodge. ' I
Thtslsolcdgo two miles from tho rock and ' j
twolvo miles south ot Yarmouth. Cnpt. Barrett
was fully twenty mllos out of his courso 1
when the shin struok. A stlfT southwost j
Wind wns blowing, nnd tho tldo current run-
nlngupthuBay of Fundy was accelerated by j
It perhaps as much as n ratio nn hour. AYhon
tho steamer struck tho lodgo It had boon flood : j
tldofor about two hours. Dosplto tho fog and if
tho fact that tho compassos are said to havo ; i
been deranged, shipping men nro at a loss to i
know how Cnpt. Bartctt could havo got so for j '
off his course and, It he used the lead, how he 3 i i
struck tho lodgo boforo ho know that the water ' ! l
was shallow. I ;j
Tliotiursorof tho Cnstlllnn and nlno of tho ; j I
crow loft tho stcamor Hi u small boat half an !
hour after sho struck. Thoy rowed for the $ ! j
mainland, nnd reached a point somo miles from, 1
Yarmouth. Taking a toom. the purser drovo ! ! tj
lntotho town for asslstanco. Four tugs at 01109 ll
started out. ! if i
U was dark when thoy renchod tho helpless! jlj
liner. Compartments land 2 wero full.and In tho Igj
onglno room thoro was six foot of water. The j !j
steamer wns lying ou tho lodgo about at tho j
engine room, but abaft that sho was floating; if
In six foot of water. Sho was badly bulged from j
tho saloon to the foremast. Tho passongersj !j
had a dreary tlmo of It waiting for relief from 'if
Yarmouth, but tho best of discipline prevailed. h
Every passenger got his life preserver, and 'a
with those around tboir bodies they passed the ' (1
anxious hours. It
Theweathor had becomo Una and the sea . !S
smooth, so thnt thoy began to realize thoro j
was no immodlato danger. By lantern light H
tho fifty passongorn and several of tho oievy ,rl
loft tho stranded stoamor for tho tugs. Tholr ill
baggngn was also transferred. Yarmouth was II
reached nt t) o'clock. j
Capt, Barrett, throo mates, othor officers nnd H
somo of the crew stuck to tho stcamor. They
pro In no danger, for threo tugs nro standing: ' ' !
by to take thorn off In caso tho stcamor shows ,
signs of breaking up. m
Tho prospects ot salvage for the cargo aro 't lis
excellent, but shipping jnon bellovo there Is Hi
little hopoot saving tlio stoamor. It tho wind 'ft
comes round nnd tho soa rises sho will pound 'j
to pieces on tho rocks. Tho nionts aro send- -fa
Ing out rescue steamera Irom thin port with nn if
outfit of wrecking apparatus. Tho Dominion lit
Government has granted permission to send !
the stenmor Aberdeen, and she will sail for tho it
scene ot tho wreck tn tho morning. Tho ploco : H
Is exposed to tho full swell of tho ocean, and is til
In among a numbor ot dangorous roofs.
Tho passongors will lonvo Yarmouth to-mor- isl
row morning by rail for Halifax. During the f
forenoon to-day Lord Archibald Douglas, a re- - ttji
turned Jesuit missionary, conducted an Im- 'M
proeslvo service on the deck. A large number jBI
of shoep In the forward hold were drowned. ' IBS
The swelling ot grain In tho hold throw up the i fy
saloon dock. tg
, Gnrnott Bock has a fixed and flash white a
light, giving u llaflb every four nnd a half soe- . it
onds. Tho light is vlslblo for twelve mllos. A. H
gun Is fired to answer signals during fogs and H
snowstorms. Dangorous rooks extond four j If
miles to tho eastward of tho lighthouse 5 ji
PonTi,ANU.Me..Marchl2. TheCastlllan sailed 4 W
from Portland yesterday nt noon with forty-six 1 jl
passengers and a cargo worth $450,000. Of 1 HI
tho passongors twenty-two wore first cabin, six j II
Intermediate, nnd eighteen steorago. No list 4 M
of tlio intermediate orsteoraBopnssongurH wns ; 11
mndo up horo. Tho saloon passengers were J 11
Capt. L. 0. Arbuthnot, the Bev. Lord Archibald 4 U
Douglas, London: Georgo A. Baynos. Mr. ' 5 H
Boresford. Frank Duckntt. Fred Fowlor, Mies 1 If !
M.J. Frith. Miss Hattlo Gardner, Samuel Hird. 1 f
Mrs. Hlrd, Col. J. 11. MneLoan, H. Phillips. Cnpt. i if
.1. J. Biloy. J. J. ltlloy. Jr.. William Wyllo. J
Montreal: Arthur J. Forwnid.MeLeod Stewart, j If
Mrs. McLood Stewart. Miss Mlna McLeod i II
Stowart. Ottawa. Ont. ; ltobort Ness, Howlak. h
8uo.:thoBov. D.V.Morrison, srrs. Morrison. J I
rmstown.Quo. : William Hendrlo, Jr.. Miss 0. ; J
M. Hendrie, Miss Maud Hendrlo, Hamilton. ,'. j?
Ont. j (
The steamship was launched last month from if
rno yards ni uiark', vvommun ,t uo., iieliast. - if
Ireland, and arrived hero last Hnntlny on her ; If
mnldon trip from Livorpool, mnklngnn nverago j If
run of 1100 miles a dny. Sho was thoroughly 7 if
modern lu build and equipment nnd repre- ) SI
sonted a total cost ot $700,000. Capt. It. Barret. I ft!
her commander, has been In the sorvlco of the i Ift
Allans about thirty yonrs. Ho Is Commodore ', jfj
of tholr fleet and holds 11 Lieutenant's com mis- If!
Blon In tho resorve of tho Boynl Navy, Thoro j ti
was no InBurnneo on the steamship, but her J IE
cargo wan insured. jgj
1 s
Went Ashore nt Mlzen Head, on the Irish f it.
Const Crew nml Passengers Safe, I (
Sprcial Cable Dtipatch to The Bck. t
Crookhaven. Ireland, March 12. The BrlN k
Ish stoamer Oswestry, Cnpt. Wilson, from Nor .1 I:
folk. Fob. 22. via Novvport News for Munches- i t
tor, with a tzoneral cargo, ran ashore to-day j R
during a denso fog at Mlzen Head, a short dls- j Ji
tanco from this plnco. The vessel will bo a 1
totulloss. Her officers nnd crow woro envoi. 1 si
United States Denier Ilnportait to lie Pre fit
paring for Competition There. I jl
Spteial Cable lltipatth to Iiit.Uvx. ', ill
London, March 12. It was announced at g
tho Commercial Exchango In Wost Hartle- j jut
pool yestorday that as a direct out 1 yj
come ot late despatches rotating to fjf
stoppagos In tho coal Industry doalors , S
In tho United States were reaching out ( Hi
with a view to developing tholr hold on the S
trade and displacing British dealers at Euro- m,
pean ports whore heretofore tho trado has been 3
exclusively In tho hands of English dealers. ' &
Iu furtherance of theso plans American a,
agents havo just applied to a Hartloiiool steam 4)
ship firm to secure charters of vessels tor coal w
carriers. '
Antwerp I'nper Snys He Will Itetlre After ' ff"
11 Vote on the Congo Free Stutn Onestlon. "r
Spteial Cable IHwateK to Tur. Hex. SJ
Antwerp, March 12. Tho Orehmlre an- , Ha
pounces thnt KiugLeoiKild will abdicate altora j
parliamentary vote is taken on tho question of ' H j
tho annexation of tho Congo Freo State as a ,V
Belgian colony. j?)a
The paper odds that elaborate preparations j. J
nro bolng mado ut Beaulleu, probably with th t , 1
view to King Leopold's retlremeut to tho Med- 1 '
itcrranenn. ,fs
' ft A
The Stniiduril Oil ('nmpnuy Said to llnr ( i
Purchased All of Them. "i
fti'c'af CaUt Dttpateh to Tur. Brx. ' j
London, March 111. A despatch to tho Finan- '"',
clal AVirs from Warsaw says that all tho salt '! ,
wells In tho Warsaw field hnvo been bough ?!
up by the Standard Oil Company. I"
The Hilt companies hnvo tho option ot taking ji
oil cash or part cash and part stock of the oil J. 1
company lu payment for tholr properties. j : :
03,000 for n Hirrford Hull. j I
Dallas, Tex. Match 12 -Col C. 0. " j
Slaughter, tho ilchest cattleman In Texas, i
yesterday purchased at Kansas City the high ' ' I
grade Hereford bull Sir Bredwell, paying :
55,000 cash for him. This Is tho highest price 'i
evorpaldfora bull in tills ornuynthercouutrv, ' '
Col. Slaughter estimates the Texas eattla ' '
losses durum, h blizzard-; tha past winter , ",
at from b to 25 per vor.t ,'TTU own loaif-s la 1 fl 1
, - m

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