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- ' - .. fc THE SUN, THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1809. 5 H
.rrr tfr'K stKKTiya ufmb
"t 'J """'' ro-.oHo-.
. .nt r st. Louis fniM" "nil Other
"!.? ' , II.. ..nsltlrrr.t-l.nw llrrhcr
Jill I Proceed I" l.nn.l lln.ils.iii's Trnm-
",ir ! l"l)' '""" " "" allsiuaanl.
i.teclnl meeting ot tb Notional Lemma
i. htMi.1 (ho 1 Iftli Uenue Hotel to-inor-
' ! . - t,,wk ,'mMm'1 oun
i out 1 "I' '"'" 1'","l"y nlu,,t '" re9",n"
rfiuctt (mm I'crliilti club owners who
T It.pnfnL'InccrliiL'.tliflSt LoiilM-Cleielnml
. The msotlnc Is n h'ctssltj because o(
l! '.mm -'f '" -,u, oa8 ' ,lwa"1 r-
t tar wo" I' ,l" ,,l,,,'t "toekholder la tlio
. Irtmin l"rl "'"' f lul' aml ,mfl nl, ",lr
I th" "lull h awl otltricht (or t.'irt.OOO.
e" make '1"nl1 n.'l Illation to the Lenene
' ... (nolile nr in other w.mK the richt
Vlar tall In 1 1' Nuni1 f " ,,cc'ker wl"
rerresent th inerlenn Ilnssball nml
Well Fxhil (tlon romi anr. the new corno-
.'iion which win oi erino the came. A reiweit
I ' Deitt hr the right to transfer tho frnn-
km from th spnitainan Park, nml Club to
j ' ' organlatlon mined will nl i lis mndo
sthat the rat"' " l'e resumed In Kt. Louis
!. from anT 'Pi:il complications t,int mn
,1. Whether Docker has n eoret under-
tardiM " "' ' 1-,on or not Aors "ol secm
in cut mvi' h of figure in the estimation o(
' hose who haie Inoko 1 at the situation (rom a
Itiil standi nlnt 'Ilio tatemont la freely
n-ide that the I oagiis .U l' comi'slled to 100
piclze Bwli", as 'oou a he lias exn'nlned hist
,, .Sobodv diubts howeer. that lleeker
, no'bl.-n hao some irlato aureemtnt.
In (act some (.thn-e wlio are .In n position
Jo uo'w omdIv admit fill. They :also say
, ,en the I eisue has anetioiied the deal.
Pobnoa will te eleLted l'resldent o( the Araer
,' nMji,ball and Athletlo Kxhibltlon Com
nni otherwi known as the St. I.ouls flub.
!t'wa Itnpoi-lbie for lloblson to land In Ht.
Uula with his Btronc Cleveland team, tills
Inietlne wo"!'1 nnt ,m ' ,18n "l'leJ' " '8 sM
Bat the (act tint l'resldetit ouniteot his cue
Irem one of llohlsjn s flose (rlemW Is thoucht
O beconelusiNtf fro it that the deal lias been
tirtualli ilojed
There are 'till rumors of a reductlcn o( tho
irmlt" Nobody In tho I.eicuo aptiears to
uow wh.lher unv chiiire etn be made or not
rlr all it the elub owners deeltre that It In
iw i ate now toeut Jown tlia membershlt). but
iome of thm 1 ave made the assertion thnt at
iMit two clubs mnv lie unable to play the
.(Miul mit llotlilleieland and llaltlmorn
!re regarded as weak Bf .N It la t louitht
that I!oWon mil tire o( niakinc up n big di
"n in Cleveland with some o( the pro Its
titenlnat ht I om. and that the llrooklm
riubmayils tiro f irrrinu a white olculisut I
ia Ba'tlmore 1 he del.il In eonipletlnc the M.
loulJ Cleielnnd d il i clien as the I rlnelpil
ain win the eiu'iilt reduction plan, out
lined last Deiemlei, has I uen elTeetiially
b'ocked Theiels nodnul t. lunieier. that u
tewclrjult will I ' irnnited in the neir (uttirc.
(nr all of the magnates niriee that the eontlnu
ncecf ths irennt twelie-elub circuit dtirlni:
the cet three eir would be MiH'Idal
The Ieaeue men will be confronted with an
Important mitter In the shape of ths Now ork
Hub? p:llci as illustrated In tht letter of
risiwation of frrmei 1)1 rector I . Spaldinj:
Ireedmin attitude towml the welfaic of the
national name N known by .ill of the elub own
er! who will lp tiably discuss the case fiom
every tioint o! ilew
President ounir bis completed his umpire
ml. It is Slid, and '1 Hi. Si n Is informei that
h will sill mlt the names to the l.eacue tor
rUclal sanction lincb. I'mslle. Connolh.
Mtartwii. '-njder. liaiTiiei. ndrew9, O'D.n.
Mclionald Tnlth. Warner and Hums I'roml
rent on the waltlnc lis' niellunt, 1 atlntu.
11 lllda) fianel. ' doiils ' Terrv. rfeiTer. l)oo
andJerrv Iiiiini '1 he abei.ce ofTIni Hurst's
rame wl'l Le a snun e i( disappointment to
those who have seen lilu conduct chaniPion
ihln rames. l)n the "waltlni: list" are beiernl
msii wh i are thouiMit to be more competent
than ounus tin il selections Terrv and
ifeffer, It would seem, desene regular berths.
t theast meotini: of the I encue n mea
nt was ns-ed almost unnoticed which Is of
tittl import ince to Uht minor leacuen It ap
jUs tothe'drmliiK 'eiil Hitherto Nntional
Ieaeue "lu's bale teen in the habltrof taking
imlnorleacueplaiers nnd.holdinc tiiem Ionic
enoucli'to return them to their oriuinal own
ers lor Instance, the hicairo lub could
"rurcha-e a plaier from n Western I.eacue
elub (or f 1 fnmaid then olTsr him to any other
teasue club for a Mmlhr amount That would
rreient the mm (rom belim dra(ted (or S'iOI)
and vioulil result in his return to the Westorn
lnue club nftei the draftliiL-JiKirlod liad ex
rirei If the ( McaKo Club hud a "farm" it
could protect Itself acaint the inroails of
tther e iihs The new measure adopted pro
tides thit no matter how much a club may
tar for a plusr. the latter can be socured by
Mother Niiioml I eauue eluh at the druftlnu
rncs rrevillini! In the minor leauuo (rom
which the plaier Ins been taken In a word.
anoiher Ieaeue lub iiould take the Western
Lsaeue ilaier oir tho ( lileaito Club's hands
f rfiiH) even tlnuirh It wasstited that double
that amount h id been paid (oi him
CruRirsToN M irch'J. -Warner sVannleans
t'atM a came thl-. afternoon with Capt
Wis s regulirs and were wiped out by a
fforeof 17 to 4 The llailni: was cood diirlni;
tneearlr stages of the name, though Ilrniiui
tonwasput In the box forth" "Vans" toward
the close, and he was slugged for a dozen runs.
The boy is weak and tho plaiero say he may
eount hlmseK lucky l( he sticks with Manager
Bit during the team's stay In Charleston lie
(an tone chance In a hundred of pitching for
mw iork this season Cokolough. the new
man, did well this afternoon, and his nrm Is
frowlnt; into shape The luck of pitchers Is
eausina: muh troublo here, and the team Is
tadlr handlcinped on this account Without
rnore men on the string the team will bo crlp
Wedwhen the season begins Tleman Is still
tn the sick list He Is weak and unable to
wv -J?'1,"1 Probiblr leturn to New Yoik
A'idof theteam
Itnseball otes
Th.Dunjrntx C noull like to hear from trams
ynilngifiifan Mil for 'stunlats anil huliiUta
Koi" r"Da' T ,3r"Pl. !" Miller aiuiue,
,,7L CliiToi-rt IC wnula like to hear from all flint
iJL "ailern el Ifains gltlne siutahle gnarsiiice.
t;T." (.ltT,rit" yt Kckerniann, manaicr, 130 l'a
"cured Newirk. S J
,J,hl,or,.' lh" Svreil Heart Arademy wnulil
lYi.... ,'aVr.m tm avcrairtue 17 tn tiMeur
""',' MniiriBJii. io.na.-er. Saircd Heart
Mrar, lle Chenter, N.
ihl1,rri',0,,nne,,l" Club has reorginlrod for
Irii . ? ""un ,nrt WI "1 1 "k0 " hi nr from all
U?r i n'r1"?-. W'res" Ineph o. hehoe. Seue
". r O boi S, North "arr town.
lihr'nT.'"' F",'1 c w""1'! bko to bonk came fnr
aEii.Vu " ' R"n Uj ",u "f tow ' I"1', onvriiur
Jiih t.J.s'1r.'.'"r..1 r'ftrr''a A hires. It haia
H. maasger 11J llt I03rt strut
i liifMl1'"rof"" NaalCartettfamliasarrsnneil
poiial. .i 1 B,n""! ,0 bo '''"' c'1 "" scnilemi
ESSt m i"",l"'oll April 2. mimi. Mai il.
'"Mr n,we.,,n 20, (oiumbla, 27, Cornell
i;4iiirSL'" A ' '' nrtranlreo: fnr the .. in.
Mil . win, "' ,Ii1 ) M c A team, i.riferre.1
itJJ, "Hhani MecLeKser. 4il I licit lorty .lull
"mMliL!;,,;,, a J1")''" hamuli Uitll, which Is
lllMn.-, ""' nf 'a" 5fa'' lucelHlnrs wmill
laireS .".""l"' ""till out nrtnntiamfra.t.
Wl TlS l! ' ' Ail Ire. Ul.erth.hun
" .no Monroe street, flrnc.klj n
saaL.rJ1 vwV'rkHrl.Uliiliha rcnrfaiiiert,
'mi r,",,":nir,"l Iheeenice, if mm. nf tlm
'" bik li .. 1 i!1 ""'"" '"' Tre in. nt I. re.ly
Mm!i ?i I Wi!!'.flri,rU"" "Hl.nftown clubs
" 'n i'Ji'f"' l. r ' lenrganied fnr the rnmlng
'fiffisll ... "r' "K ,,ln. and wnulil like tohesr
i'Je3o.,i,i,;,',"''l,1'-'lH ". all gam., nb..
'Mir! Yair "'l',r,t'. Brniinilann Kundays an.l
rwii,r Ad,le" J- Isncei. r.1 Orattan ktrcct,
iIMml;."i,,'n ' " " c ' ansloii.tn hear from
hHiiiiwf "t1"' Prnfes.lonal team within ir.o
t'l'lor w:.. ,. """"Ptf a reanonable giiarautii .
&ll.d ,."","' Mnntelalr Arhnztmi an.l
"tei uVl','".'1 Art.lre,. W i,in Keating.
k'i nsrf I'nion aTeniie
I'llVflk,";1 I,f''lniii.-lit II n r nf Mntt Haven
halewwii ."".J1"" ""wi with Hie I'lalntlelrl.,
Wr, , ", '''it Ternnn, Cranfnrde, M.int
r ih.r ' ' II eiuuN of M rrnlown an.l
'o.i i" ' ""Habit Binranlee lililr.es
Uiii " "'anamr.m.'rM.t I nth street
H, Jv I ilnjuiiibnf Harlem wnulil like
rsvn c, , ' .HI tlrt rl.ss aeiiil lrofelollaI
f Mi. . , 4 "'ai'le gu,ramei s for Hat irdi ami
ii,it' ., b rough A. ( , Niv.il li H c,
"lire.i i " r "Kh II II c an.l A. it. prefene.1.
Ht ' u'hteruoo, 707 Anuterrtam ave
DlMini'irMi rkI"H Chili ha. been inrorpe
i"! I V. r.i '"" u(. "" ''ais of Se J. r.e) with
'inarer it, t "'r ,,'r' '"" William I Iiavl..
riBnace ,.t .""'"," k" "V- Meretielmir
!"inl r"im "" April 2 the West New
" flhe ' I,','-" lll Plaj the opinliw
.'iw.i w,, iwknifiroiiiids
taii ., ,. , M,r " fl Mctein I eauue
J"'U h "' ' ' '" ' "'"'I Iherueeline
l'1 ai.i . ,' ''' . "' "'.f arriiigliiglho
riluiil . "r. ; " lepiirr Is .in
!lta u . , V'"1 '" leagues ttnrlor-
S""ue , ,' ' '"" 'I'lesliounf Ihe Went.
tie , , ' ' ' "i 'elt,,l. It I. ripoit.it
nfi" but r -' i, " ""' ' liimlius 111 lh
l,pl"n..li , t " '" " I eigne almidnn.
'"'at tie t ' ' ' ' liimlnn wdl be trans
Jr'alfi fJrTsh.V T!,J' continuous pool match.
C "k and i0ral."1' between J. L Malon. of
oc ire Mabuo, coo, Harass, 4s,
Tyng Outspoken Against Senillng the Ama
teur 'tin.nipinn.hlp West.
No ono doubts tho nblllty of tho Onwentslft
Club to conduct tho nmiiteur championship,
but within tho past fow days a growing (oellng
that tho I'.xccutlie Commltteoof tlio I" H. 0 A.
has not shown good judgment In going (ortlie
second tlino to Chicago lias been apparent
among thu Now York players. James A. Tyng,
whoplsyedat tho Chlcugo meeting o( 181)7
and at Morrlstonn last J cur. in an Intcnlow
yesterday oleed tho opinions o( theee rnstorn
players In a decided nay. Ho snld:
"It is Impossible to reconcllo the action o(
tho V 8 (1 A Committee In solectlng a West
ern course with nnv deslio to promote the
greatest Interests o( the greatest number or.
copt in nniinorso ratio manner. Tho choice will
baldly commend Itself as fair and reasonnblo
to tlio large number of goll plaers affscted by
the decision, and, an this Is tho only tlmo tho
Kxoeiitlie Commltteo lias had tho right to
select tho links without consulting the wishes
o( tho delegates to the U. 8. 0. A annual meet
ing, it Is likely that Its unwise action will lead
to n curtailment of the arbitrary powor vested
on that occasion In tho committee. If I rightly
judge tlio opinions of tho Eastern golfers.
"That the Interest and convcnlenco of tit
large mnjorlty o( probable contestants should
be oierlooked Is hard to understand, especially
II tho commltteo hnd In Its iMjssesslon tho In -(oriniitlon
afforded hv the following Ifat
which contains all the contestants who took
Part at Chlcugo or Morrlstown and whose
score In tho tIilrti-six.-hoh qutillfjlnc round
was under 2(H) The names marked with a
stnraro thosowho In either or both tnurnn
mentsiiualllled to compete In the subsequent
mnteli play rounds:
"M. t -VWilKham, McDonald, Forgan, Wllllta.
V 11 Smith, Driver, l.liipol. and Mailer.
" K.jt -Cboatv, Crew. fl Travis. M right. Doug
l,SK,Coat, lyng. A Il.Smlih. rinna" heene.
Cutting, linlibard. Oiirila BKir. llilllngs, Iloh
ltu Ilajalil Meurles" Thorpe. Rtllluiau. II.
K Tnltr. Cocbraiie, t'ha Iwira. hlneawe.Ter,
1 ynch. Smiil., H p. Tolei. Fowic. Kualimure.
llee.1. Morten, Vandon'Ovil. hnunet. Uitla.
Stewart, l'yiic, Shaw, Clark, Vt. 1" hmlth, Mat
eon, 1 laker, Vlln-nr. lilt hael, I te.U, Armetrniig, T.b
hot i hAiiticii, Dlti.mnr.', llronks lleach. Maunliig,
btout. Itl.c, Holbro.ik, Hotkmojer, Kane Tburetuu,
lluntlngton Tapiiln, Allen, Carnegie, Ptrkint, Hen
liar.1. Uobtrtaou, ltipli, Urant and Graham.
"It will bo seen tbnt nf tho forty who thus
quuliilod the West furnished live and the hast
thlrti-lho Making the list n little broader,
bow ever, and including In it not only those
who qualllb'il. but also those whoso scoro tn
tho qualKHrig round was under 200. It will be
seen that tlio West furnished eight and the
Last slxt-seen It Is bate to assume that the
llgures iepreseiit the present proportion o(
l-nsterii and W estern players who are qii.illllod
lu point of skill to cherish championship as
pirations, of course there may be u number of
new contestants this eur. but, In the ubsenco
of nnv moie rapid development of players
In tho West than In the Kast. it seems
icasonnhle tonciept tho a boe llgures as indl
i atlng th.' true proiKirtlon o( the present da
In the light of these flguies it Is clear that the
convenience of the l-ustern plaiers is entlroly
neglected In 'H7 the V S U A went to Chl
rigo to do "inissiouiry work' If this con
sideration is to determine the choice i( links,
whi not spread the light nt cities which hawt
not as let held a championship meeting t
What Is the special ut'racllon lit Chicago?
Again, to choose tho weok ot July .'( for
the championship meeting Is an unnecessary
Interferciue with the nnminl Independence
Hay events lit the leading Kastnni clubs, which
villi lose inteiest through the clash with the
national event Why this should have been
done Is as much of a pu77le ns the decision to
make tlinno 1-astemers who desire to try (or
amateur championship honors journey 1.000
miles to pla as they had to do in H7,"
A new departuro made by the Hillside Ten
nisunddoK Club will be watched with close
nttentl. n bj greens committees elsewhere.
The plan ndopted has been to nrrnugo nt a
lump Mini (or the entire care, maintenance and
repair of tho links with a local contractor
ii imed Inn lleusekom The club furnishes the
necessary teams, harnc-s, lawn mowers, rollers
mid all t ols, the eonti actor (ceding and caring
for the horsw nml paling the laborers' wages,
T lie experiment, It It succeeds, will takea good
ileal ot trouble from thoOreensComnilttee and
1 osalblr saio the club some monoy,
A number of changes bare been mnde In the
nine-hole course In use at Van Cortlandt Park
pending the completion of the extended links
New windmill disks and sand boxes are to he
put nt ench green and tee, and, as an additional
guide to the player, a post holding a Inrge
painted tarcot villi be erected nt thu back of
each putting green
Is evv 1 ork A. ('. Members Compete for the
Anuuiil Club Championship..
Some sharp competitions marked the annual
wrestling championships of the Now York A. 0
last night. Only two classes, the light and
middleweight, were represented, and in each
class there wero four competitors. Latch-as-catch-can
rules governed
C A. Oerster and J.J Kelly wero the first
piir to get on tho mat. Thoi were In the mid
dleweight class and evenly matched. Kelli
evidently llgured that the man who did the
most work would gut the bout, for he was tho
aggressor from tho start. Ctcrstor took things
easily for a time T hen bn got n neck hold on
Kellj and threw lilm In 4 minutes 111 seconds.
Twoia.'i-pound men, J. K Hnsbrock and C W.
Coleman, wero the principals in the second
bout It was a sharp struggle. Coleman being
tho winner in .'t minutes l.l seconds. Oeorgo
Nonnenbaclier ami J W" houthack camo to
gether In tho second bout In tho l.X-pound
class. Noiiiionbat.hui won the Uoclslon on a
lb lug full.
The contestants in the second bout. Im
pound class, wero Hurry S Lyons nnd William
Lenox The wrestled for six minutes with
out result, and alter u re-t of two minuteswent
atitngilu Lyons won the fall and bout, after
4 minutes 50 seconds Thesummnri .
111-1'ound CUa First limit C, W. Coleman
threw Jain, e . llsst.rork In a minutes !'!.. curt.,
hetond Bint Harrj S. I.vons thn w William Lenox
in 4 minutes r.o ae. i.n.1. of the Re. ouil round,
11m Pound Lla.ii l irst hunt O A. Oerater threw
.T. J, helly iu 4 minutes 11 second. Hcinndltotlt
George honneiihacher threw J, IN. H.mlLack lu r
lulnute a ,p recniiil.
'1 be finals will be decided to-morrow night.
New Cutter I in lit fur C. I). Roae.
,loa' Calile Vetval'h to Tlir Sex.
GniFNOcK. March -- A now first-class cut
tor yacht has boen ordered by C D. Hose, for
mer proprietor of tho Satinltn, Tho boat will
be larger than the Drltannla hhn will bo de
signed b O. L Watson nnd built b the Hon
dersons at Meadowslde. Cilasgow It Is In
tended that tho vncht shall be ready for the
next Mediterranean racing Biason. Capt Kd
vvard Hyeamore, who commanded tho Duke of
AbrurzPs acht Hona. will be skipper of tho
now boat.
The Annual llullilog SIiovt.
To day and to morrow the eei olid annual show nf
the bulldog Club of Ami ma will bo held in tho
IOgcroUiar.Uim. 2 Meat 1 iglitientli street, Thero
is along hiring i.f prize bulldog, entered from the
moat noted kennels, and, a niw Innovation in the
scopenf the abntv, then will also bt a elrnng repre
enutinn of trcni li l.ulldog., the rilgmiigeoi uty
fuiorlte T A. Wio.lwai.l will Judge tlio regular
an.l Jnvball P he. ue the I-rem h bulldog tla.M h
Vnion the fan. ler. Hie great, .t Inten.l loutr. a in
theinietlng of It M I amoeban". Ivel Ilu.iic, who
.nipt thn hoard t tnela.t Me.tiuln.ter Ktnntl (Tub
boneh ehow, and Dlavido, a fainnu. I-uglleh winner
Imj.orte.l bj fl, rt MiCreerj. whlrh arrived too latu
to lie benched against Ivel Ituntli.
.Irffrles Offeis to Slop Shnrkey In Ten
Turn Sharkey's challenge tn fight Dob Fitralmmnna
liasapiustd Urn leflrlea, who nnw .tatea that If Fitr
simiiinnti doe. nnt object he I. ready tn meet the
bulor lu atwtlvi fnnt ring and fnrfelt the entire
iiurse If be ill. not be,t Bliarkf) lii.lde of ten
li .Hilda Jetrne. adds that .hoill.l till, not suit he
wlllberra.lv tlnrti da after hi. chfilul.l tight
with I'lt.lininoiis t.iiiiret Slurkty biforotho I.tnoa
Meeplri luiae .loikejs Licensed.
At a meeting of the l'.ecutlvo Commltteo of
the Nntional Steeplechase and Hunt Associa
tion heldat 17.1 KKth avenue.yesterday, licenses
were granted to the follow Ing jockeys in ride in
steeplechases and hurdle races foi IHllt).
M. Lyiith. J. Owtn. deorgii Chandlor. O II.
Anders tn 1 rank llii.Mii, 1-inunuel Uelder, Julius
II slack Pal Callahan, Henry Johnson, J ihn Hogau,
(eorgv- Ci.i hrau. Corn, bus Hpraguo, I'atihk JJiegan,
VI A Or. en and M". t'aianan
News from the florae IV'nilil,
.nop I'erklna the noted Western Jocke, mar
ried li hriiikleSsndeis at l.eilimtou laat week
and remvod nunv pteaeuls from will kniwn ruUug
M mil rrow , N I Manh2.'. Kara if. Id Hue a
w li kn. n laeer i.f II ut.iig ato.k am ownir ur
hittie l.tltiu. -' in, died tlu morning mi hi. rarm
n.sr heie
(Mom. the promising lightweight Jmke who has
been riding with siuce.s at the New Orleans meet
lug an.l who signed with ri Corporation Coun.el
( lark lut fall for the season of I Him. I'faW.to hava
a morn prufltablc deal In vlow. Mr. Clark a sUen-
' linn haa beau called to ths matter and be will refuas
to release (Mom.
hz,ve ninnoxs at dviilaxd's.
Lively Competition for Prices at ths Spring
Horse Show.
Rainy woathcr last night hail no terrors for
patrons of the spring Horse Show, and Dur
land's Hiding Ademy again hold a big crowd.
Tho programme for tho second ovenlng had so
many attractlio Items that It was nearly mid
night when tho last prbo was awarded. A
snuad of twenty-flvo mounted municipal polico
furnished tho spectacular feature of thn even
ing Berets William C Kagau and James
McOlynn ot tho Twonly-soventh product wero
In command, nnd tho Intrlcato svolu
tlons of their bluocoats on horsebaik
kept the spectators applauding for tho best
part of nn' hour Thoy woro rovlewod by
Inspector Donnld Grant I'ark Commissioner
Oeorgo C. CTauson awarded tlio bluo ribbon to
ratrolmnn 1'iuiik T llaldwln's bay horso
Harry, and a " growler" of cut glass and sill er
went to tho rider of the winner. Patrolman
Oeorgo Hchaffner's I'unch wns second, and
Adolpli II. Holtjt' Oen. Merrltt was third
Charles I" Hates showed tho 10-j ear-old trot
ting stallion Warlock us loader to High Tldo In
the tandem class, und tho old fellow's per
formance was so brilliant and well-mnnnored
that In spite of blsnge bo pulled down tho nrlo.
Warlock Is widely known among horse
men as tho slro of Annine. 'Ml. Acker
luud. 2:i:i'., King Warlock, 2. 14V, and
(i lot of other crack trotters, Including tho
noted pole hoise Wert, 2:10s. that was recent
ly sold with his mate. 11 C. for Jit.&OO Hates
sa)s that Warlock is going to cut u figure at
the big horse shows this jear. He will prob
ably do shown at Doston. Philadelphia.
Long Ilrnnch. Newport and Madison Square
Garden L F James's unnamed chestnut
horecH wero placed second lu this class llntcs
scored another win In the class for runabout
horses with his National Horse Show cham
pion The Whirl of the Town, but the compe
tition wns uncomfortably close. Arthur SI.
Hunter showed n romnrkably promising
stepper In th bay gelding Anion, winning
socotid prize. Third honors fell to HhorltT
Thomas J. Dunn's Kontuckj maro Ilosa
Dore. winner of llrst prbe In ono of
the saddlo olusses on the opening night of tho
show. Another blue ribbon went to ths hero
of West Lnd nvenuo In the class for park
four-ln-hands. HI nml High Tldo were shown
In tho wheel with Coxey and Hrown Dounn In
the lend KobertiL Oerry won second prlzo
with lour bnys.
One of the star ovents of tho night was the
exhibition nt ladles' combination harness and
saddle horses, the competing iiulmals being
shown by their fair owners, llrstltn harness l.e
foio appropriate park traps and then under
saddle. Momentnry excitement waa caused by
Miss C Adelaide Doremus and lier noted show
horse Chester just as this class was called In
entering tho ring her runabout struck one of
the big gateposts, breaking the shaft and al
most upsetting the vehicle Miss Doremus
jumped for safety, and her well-bred, perfect
mannered high stepper stoovl us still us a
statue until the broken vehicle was removed
nnd anew one substituted. Chestor performed
cleierlv both In harness and under saddle,
and Miss Doremus got the coveted ribbon in
spito of her lnlshan Miss Mary Deering s
Canadian Delle. ridden and driven by Miss
Imlly Ueaeh, won second honors Third prbo
went to Miss Whltconib's Ills Nibs, cleverly
handled by Mrs. Goode Miss Klslo Ludew's
bay mare Rosebud was fourth
A fine lot of long-tntled saddle horses paraded
bforo Commissioner lluusun in tho llrst class
of the evening nnd the prle went to A. Wolff's
good gru gelding Geuoral John .1 I'reed
iiiun's roan gelding Magnet was second,
Charles L ItaTlov a Amador was third, and It
h Amend s I'et was fourth In the otliei sad
dlo class on last night's card. Sidney Ilolloway
pulled down the bluo ribbon with the chestnut
gelding I'laifair, J G Hammer's 1'rsus was
seconiL Miss Doremus's Nuxon third, and
Charles I, Hailoi 'a buxum fourth.
Sloan Again Hides the Uecond Horse.
Vjwto CahU D'lpat.h la Tlir Sck.
lovwiv, March 22 The race for the Rrock
Icsby Htakes of !00 sovereigns, added to a
sweeptfnkes nf 10 sovereigns each, for two-jear-olds,
the nominator of the winner and
the owner of the second each to receive 50 sov
ereigns; live furlongs, straight, was run at
the Lincoln spring meeting to-day nnd won
by I eopold de Rothschild's Hulcot Kir It W
Griffith's Htyrla was second and HrlVvner's
Crow Tenter third.
Stv rla was ridden by Sloan Fourteen horses
rnn. Ths bottlng was 2 to 1 against Hulcot, il
to 4 against btyrln and 7 to 1 agnlnstCiow
Hanover Hay He Destroyed.
Lexington. March 22. Hanover, one of
America's greatest thoroughbred stallions, is
probably doomed to death within a short tint,
as a consultation will be held between tho
leading veterinarians to-morrow at which his
fate will be decided Beiernl months ago the
horse became sick with Indigestion. but he was
llnully cured after he had been fed with a force
pump for weeks Just as he was able to oat of
Ills own accord his later trouble developed Ho
was ravenously hungry and a 111117I0 had to be
kept on him between meals. This restraint
made him restles.. and he pawed nt his
trough v lelously His near forefoot, whli li was
nervi'd by his formerowner, M F Dwyer when
be was triing to keep him on thn turf after he
hnd broken down, was badly Injured by this
pawing, nnd as the nerves were de id it would
not heal Ml known remedies have been ap
plied, but gangrene has set in. and there Is
nothing to do but destroy tho horse or allow
lilm to suffer for weeks with dcatli as n cer
tainty. Hanover's owner. Milton l'oung. I- a
humane man. and he is In favor of putting the
stallion out of his misery
Hanover was ono of the most noted race
horses of bis tlmo. and won a grent deal of
money for the Dwyers Ho has stood ut the
bead of the winning sites of America for yearb,
and his get havo commanded big prices
Itarlng at New Orlenna.
Nfw Obi fans. March 22 The races this
afternoon were run off without any Incident
worthy of notice, fix favorites wero bowled
over in rnpld succession Tho mlle-and-threo-quarter
eiont looked to bo a gift for Jon
Shelby, but jelng Inndlcapped by a bud ride
b Tabor, he finished next to Inst. Forbush
won tho handicap from start to finish, although
he was sent to thn hardest kind of n drive on
the end by Fgbart. Summaries:
Flrsx Race Belling one mile nnd twentr ard
Disturbance, 101 () Cnnnnr. In 1, wnn laureate,
KI4 (Odom), second, Frlvkal, 10 1 (Unpen), third
Time, 144.
Second Hare belling, one mile and twenty j arils
Dr Mart. 107 (Odom , in tn 1, won. Ml Hobs, mi
(liupee , tetouil, I. ttle Billv, 10. .Mitchell , third.
Time. 1 !4r.
Third Itace-Selllng, one mile an I three miarters
llnsMiui, lo7 lOdmnon I to I, wnn. s.ili,. Ievr,
I. Mlt. hell . se und. The Planter, H4 illt.plngi,
third. Time, a ml
(mirth Ilaee Handicap nne mile nml nne .l
trenlli (orbnsli, loo llol.len), t tn 1. won Fbsrt,
10. Ill1 mn.ir.. aeiond. I ad (allahau, ID.! Imjeei,
third Time, 1 4
Hfth its e Selling, six and one half furlongs
Banrii n, 10 I iliuiee, in to 1, won, Sim VV ins
iFreenian , aecond, Mr Ulisiir, 101 Mltctitlli, third
Time 1 J2
b'ath Kace- Selling onemlle Sail arse, 01 .Slack),
ami. won, nlo 111 illolden .. ond, Hidden,
llu (llrlttan). third. Time, 1:421..
Training at the Metropolitan ltnretrnck..
The trainers nt thornughbreds at the metrnpnlitan
racernurses ban dderrained nnw to push their i an
il dates alnng regardless of enow, frost or rain. At
Brighton 11. a. h i. .terdav Peep o' Ha), George llnjd,
Don de Ore an.l Jeflerson the bnndi. ap candidate.,
wt re worked steadll). At the (Iravcseiid racecourse
the handicap candidates si re warmed up well llox,
I anki llnb snd Handball wer. al.o conspicuous
among the bus ones At Hheepshead Hay Mward
Hughes put In a brisk sittdnn with the Keiisicn
string, vlar. us llalj, Lew rilmore, Tom Green
an.l J M Knerle were actliel) r. prca. nle.l
At Giaveiend 1 red lliirlew arrived from Gut
tenburg with Vbirarliie il lleaaii. Taj lor, a.
a I a) till, , 2, by Tristan-Hello Dalj , nnd a chee tnut
till , 2, by 1 rlstaiir Scntla Mr. Itallev s string got lu
from Lciington, and included Gortaunl, 4, bv Han
ovtr lllpln. Malt Not, 1, bv Fons.. MaltaMhlle,
Fthan Coiij , 2, b Tea Tra) -I.lelte Carlin J, In
Imp. Candlemas, The idnre, 2 br (lalmi d i)r In
hanna, und Hwiftwater, 2, br imp Caiullunni, -ItiJ
The following hnrses owned b J PI IVadswnrttl tf
Oni.ee v allej New Vork, havearriied at Morris
Park In charge of v D Prjr
Aiiilnlt. a b) Darilun Gondola, l'nrlllnlil. 2, by
fttrathinore Gleam (IrstWI.ip .' h.v Dukeofvinu
trose rheora, Ghett , 2, h strithtunrc LaJulvi,
Will hcarlet, -', bj Fmiso C illeen Hhui , The llandl
capj.tr, 2, bj strathuinrt -uhlan, lion Cniwu,.',
br Onondaga -Fmpri ss, l,a7a, 2 bv llrambln- Vlar
( onruj , Altlitiettc, 2 by l.aiiipligfitt r I Ida Still
hope, Her I.a lyslilp, -', li Duku of Montro.e
Shamrock to He Toned Over Here.
Jpra.il Cnhlt DavalcK to Tur Sls.
Lospon. March 22 It is stated that Sir
Thomas Upton has decided that tho cunchil
longer Shamrock shall not bo sailed across tho
Atlantic. Showlllbotowod by his steam yacht
Oosslp of the King.
Oa. ar Gardner has de. i.led to miet Palav Halev
despite the lain r a defeat bj lirry VI. Gov. rn. Ths
"g.. ' I. aland to take plat. In ( In. Itiuailuii April lo
The proposed en ouuter 1 1 tween doling Pluto
ef Australia and Iridic Halitrj of ( hlragn lis. I.e. n
tslie.lott mi .'. ountof au injury lonna of haulry's
Matchmaker Charlie Hang, je.terdaj clinched a
twenty round bout letwrin Danu; Dougherty of
Philadelphia and Casjer Lion The meeting la to
take plaoe before the Greenwood A. C on April 1
and will be at 106 pounds.
1 li Of .S7.-.S L03IUKT.
Local I.engue Ollli lul. I'm e the Slliintlon
vrlth Conllilomi -lllnla ol Some Surpils
Ing leveloimenls Spring Cyile Show to
Open nt Oriiinl C'entrnl I'nlili e 1 o-.NIght.
Tho reinstatement bv theL A W of the prin
cipal tracks of the l'ist was the topic of coin
meftt yesterday nuioiig cjcllsts who are watch
ing the light for tho contiol of lacing Tho tracks,
excepting Ilcikcley Oval, hnd not besought re
instatement, but now that thoy are nt liberty
to hold races itiidci L A. W sanction if thoy
chooso to do so the speculation Is whether
thoy will or not tine peculiar plmso of tho
situation Is that the five tracks reinstated aro
members of tho National Cjelo Track Asso
ciation, which lias struck out oicry ref
erence to League of American Wheelmen
In its constitution and bi-lniis nnd substi
tuted "Nntlonnl C) cling Association ' Of
course, tho tiacks aro privileged to withdraw
from tlio syndicate at any time, although not
ono has done sons jot, It is s ild In thoN. C A.
camp that when the L A W representative
requcstod nn Intorview with tho representa
tive of Manhattan Bench It was curtly refused.
The L A W, Racine Hoard officials now In
this city nro brimful of confidence, bowover.
They Imply that thoy havo both sleeves full of
jokers, nnd tbnt within a month something
will drop hnrd and tliero will be a
great surprise The fn"ts concerning the
tracks restored to good standing b the
League uie that the) formed a combination
with the Charh a lliier I'ark Hack last veni to
run seveial pacing crews and pace followers.
The pink truck, which Is controlled by the
Massachusetts A A . went Into thescliniuo lor
f.'.OOO, because It looked so promising, whllo
theothers engaged for $1,000 each At the end
of the season the tiacks bad paid I art of the
subscribed umouiit, but not all. but the) did
not repudiate the debt. 1 hero was money duu
to pacemakers, and the manager of tho
Charles lilier I'ark track, who hid been
acting as Treasurer, demanded settlement.
The other tratks said that the) would make
good for their Sl.tHXJ If the llostoii track
would make go .d for Its J2.UOG and give a
guarnnteo that the money would be used only
to pay the racing men Tlio Huston men
took the case to the L A W Racing Ho ml nml
thellie tracks ut Mauh ittim Reach, llrldge
rort, Ilerkeley Oval, .Newark and Spring
field, vveie sust ended Manhattan lieai'li nml
Ilerkeley Oval recently Paid thu inonc) due.
although both are members of the N C A. and
buve dei laie.l their Intention to hold mies In
dependent of I, A W sanction They did not
want the stiginu of being under suspension for
iioii-puymint of debts, and thu fucts weiu
pliiinl) repiesenti'd to the L A Racing
Hoard before It removed the susponslon
The New York State Div Won of the L A W.
has "turned down" the bill drafted by Dixie
lllnes of tho L A W Nation d Committee on
Highway Improvement Regarding It. Chief
Consul lleldlng issued icsterda) a bulletin to
all consuls, the concluding luitnf which le
fers to the Hon Timothy L Wo.uirulT, who has
alii id s been a frit nd to wheelmen
A State law re itilring uulfi rm local ordinances
regulating the use of buv.le. und ither v. hi. l.s i
niuili lo be dr.lred, but hill Nn J.,l(m. i iim, Intro
dun d In Ihe AsseluLl) b the Hon (. (' (olllus and
whl. h has been referied to the Ve.embl) Comniltno
on General Laws with its reient amendments is
detrimental to the lutore-ts of wheelmen and should
be killed Writ, to jour stnator and v.-emblMuan
an.l to ta.li uitmber of the Aieuibl) Committee on
General l,tw- Toll will hint the nam. an.l address
of vnur Seuator and Asteinhlyman in thu little
white book ' mailli.l to oil thla week through tho
courtes) or our fellow m.Illlcr No 17 S17. thn
Lieutenant (loitrnor of the state of New V. ork. If
the biok doe- not tench m promptlj, ou art n
lilistetl I . lintlfv heud inarters a. It ii deslrtd that
every Couaul should set lire aiopj
1 be "Spring Cjeln show," or " First Annual
fyiln Dealers' 1 xhlbltlon," will open at 7
o'clock, to-night lit the inniid (Vntiul l'ldace
Lending bloilts. as well as meritorious ac
i es-orles, will b displayed and may be pur
chased b) ilsltois Ilundreilsof cups. nieJals.
banners und other piis tint hive been won
bv leading clubs and Individual riders will be
exblbiteilin n tiopbyliall A trial track for
tho use of pn.specllve wheel buyers and a
cji ling iioinleni) for those who desire to learn
riding will be among the featuies of thn show
'I be i yd., museum will contain bleule pro
ductions of 1S10. INtH. imiy. lss.l and some so
old tholi exact age Is unknown A novelty will
be 1 Chines., bicycle dealers' booth. In i hirga
of two Cflestlnls, whe-e wheels and suiidit.-s
ma) be purchased Op.'iilng addresses will In
made this evening b) I It I'vittor, ex-1'resl-di-utofthel
A. M . and llenr) I fludd. St.ite
Roul Comml-slonur of New lersoy booth
will be o. etipled b) the Lcugue of Ameraaii
At the innnal mteling nf tin sunel Vllieelnien nf
South Hrooklv n tht following i 111. er. were ele. te.l,
l'reslldit. latol. Db'llles I rst 1. . 1'rtelei.nt
(barbs F lntnr H. nl Mie l'resl Imt, I 1
Al rah nil.. Ir s. . r. Ian. Joseph (iberlie.. Inai
iirtr liavil J 1 Ion, til.vuiu. Sergeant ,t Vrius,
Gtorge H Jnrriuil ( aptnln, lacob liberties. First
lltutensut Ite rgo Hh7. 1. line. Ht. ond I lent, liant
Mich i laule. 1 irst irgtaut, William II C Ut,
Secou 1 s. rgeaut ihhkh Tairai.t. C dor II arsr .1
(Ilerbvs First Hugh r William II. s, bw, rs s od
Bugler Intui II hi.l.h Sirg.on N G WUhui.M D,
Board or Trust, t . ( hnrles I Hall ( halrinau lir
G Wilbur, W. II. Celtl, VI I Paul.j aud 11 II
Ihe Vai dervier Park Wli.elnt.ll of Hrooklv n have
been . ri.auir .1 with th. foil iwlng otll. eis 1'im -.lent,
Henry V Hit. rbeig llarr) I seiiml lit. M. e
Presld.lit. S. cr. tin, Geore. I Hotbinann liusu. 1.1
Ss, retnr. , 1 isi ph V N.if lrinsurir, Han;
S limldtr
Chairman K (t Vlnrris of Ihe It Mhtclln. n of
Liu?. C Ulllr live Issued the foil .wing s. hi dule ol
club runs vpnl 2, afti rn on run t . Iil.Uer s Park.
Jamai.a. leaving tlie i lul. house at 1 to .. . 1... k v,
College Point lo ,. VI l.l Cone Island In A VI
2 1 Oakwoo.l Statin Island, '.. M , 30, Mineola,
L 1 10 A M.
Hi. savnee'i filrls' Teitui Wins the Ifetin
polltHu Clinmplonslilp.
The girls' basketball teim of Hi Savage's
l'h)s.-al Development Instltutn won the cham
pionship of the Metropolitan district bv de
li atlng the F.cbo Club, the champions of West
ell. 'Stercount). by default, nt tho g) mtinsium.
West I'lftv-nlnth street, lust night. The score
at the end of the two flfteen-mlnutobalves was
n tlo, each side having scored six points, but as
tho Keho Club refused to p'ay tho tie off, Rcf
ereo Jardltie awardod the game to the homo
ti am by the scorn of 2 to 1 1
The game was the second of tho series of
three for the championship, and in spite of
the disagreeable weather one of the largest
crowds of the se tson was present Ijioh
of tho winning team wore u neat-fitting
blouse of rod, trimmed with black lirnl.l.
with thu Idler S In white on tho bn nst.
T hi. Folio ( lub gills bad on bluo blouses with
white trimmings Tim game was a fust and
spirited one from the eili of tlmo to the end
In Savage s gills showed up lu much bsttir
foi in than their opponents, thn latter's play
being veri poor nt critical stages
The ball was put in play at H 1.1 o'clock, and
Miss M Green batted It right Into Fchos' terri
tory, wheru It sta)oil for some time Tho
scrlmmngeswere very spirited, and such trifles
as hnrd kiioekson the lloorand side walls bid
no terrors for the girls In one of those scrim
mages Miss N Armstrong got the bill, and.
dribbling It to tho shin line, picked it upend
shot the llrst goal for Dr Savage 'I ho ball was
thin rushed up and down the lloor, nnd Miss
J V-rnistrong triid u dlftlciilt goal from thn
eentte Tho bull just mlssml the basket, nut
she followed it up in clever stvle, and scored
on tho next attempt amid gie.it cli ring
Tho homo girls showed wMiPTerrul teim
work, and their dodging and pissing would
havo put to blush some of our loading male
cracks 1 he lho ( lub girls braced up a little
at this stage nml miuiugcd to scorn a few mo.
inents before tlmo on n pretty goal by Miss J.
The second Inlf wns keenly contested A
few moments after piny Miss irrnstmng
scored for Dr bnvago on a prelt) puss bj Mlsa
J vrmstrong. Thn visitors then started in to
play real basketbill, und their tenin work and
passing were much better On two fouls com
mitted tu Dr Savage's team Miss M Creado
soured twice, and just before time was called
Miss J Spreor scoredlaguiu Tim teams lined
up as follows
Dr Vu.i0f W.fioiii I rot
Mlm I Armstrong .Bight forward, MIssM Klits h
MIssN Aiiiistrung 1 . ftfnrvtnrd His 1 bpre. r
Miss VI (iron ( entn MI-sM I read i
Miss VI II) laud Light guard Mies I 11. tts
Miss F Manor Itttguail Missh hpreor
H. feree -I I irdlue Ju Silages Institute I'm
pin 1 A Kxr lihn Goals from II. Id Mls N.
Aimstroug, Mis. I Armstrong, Miss I Hpr. er 2.
Ilmls Iroili foul Vllss Jl main . Tilni 1 wo l.V
minute hnlits
llllskethull ote".
At Piughkiepsle nn 1 urs tar night the Fifteenth
bepiratu toitipaiiy .fiumerl) the lir.th. la.kitball
tiam defdite 1 tin hit ikerbuckt r A C of tlustity by
the e on ot 14 t r.
Tin first teim of the 1 wi mi slith Ward Branch,
V, VI L A . f ll.s t.kl li, wen to hail plajed the
lirsulv. of tin F, ist Side llriuii li in lint! ' g) in' in
this .it) last night. Ion for lh third lime the
tailed to show up. Afltr waiting a It as .liable t llle
tor tht rf ist Vow iork plavtrs to nut in itu npp. ar
aueethi rer. r. e award. .1 the gvilli it tin ( ut suit.
team b) a s. ote of . to il lu the mi aut mi a p m. .1
ti'iiu wia n.a.lo ui an 1 a gam. wus sart.dwiih h
fir. t five ot the I . nil. ram h Tin latter hnd an i nsc
tlnm with tlie strut., an 1 won 1. as. re i.r J.i 1 1
II The As. ens tn I. uiii ll.iii lllltd uj. against tin
se ond I a, I M.ie Hie Tht lain r start' il oil In great
.t)le,aiid, aldtd 1. t ousuterible. rumbling li) lh..
Asct nsion plaier., a. ortd time g ala and a foul lu
quirk succession, The Ascension, srnred nne point
In thin half The second ti am continued their good
work lu the laat period Thn tinal .core waal Last
slide aeiond t.ain, 23, Aaccnaloii, a.
llonora K, en lletween the West Rhores nnd
Corlntlijnns In the Arrnde Tourney.
In the Area le tournament series, rolled at Frerrs's
slit'), last night, the Meat Shores an.l Corinthians
divided the honors, each team winning two games
Tho stores
llnsT OVME.
MratShorc-Mcjer, lis, Halbert, left, Tiedemann,
1H-. Total, iss
Corinthian- Baker. 1X2, Niles, 214, MacLcllan,
127 Total, r.2l
Wist Hhore-Mejer. 1.1J, Halbert, lf,3, Tlede
lllanu, 2IW, Total, 4U4.
Corlnll.iau-llaker, 141, Nile.. I'll, MacLellan,
KM. Total, 470
Tiilnl. OAMr.
Wist Hhnre-Meje-, 107; Halbert, 20t; Tledc
maim 221. Total, r,w
Corinthian llakcr, 178, Nile., IRS, MacLellan,
201. Total, r.17,
WistShnre-Meyir, 181, H.lbert, 178iTiedomann,
iss Total r.27.
lorinllilan Baker, 211; Nile., 18R, MacLellan,
211. lolal, r.iu,
The Morning Newspaper League Individual tour
nament games, at the Germania Asatnihl) Koom.
alio, lesierda) afternoon, reaultidas follows:
(Ir.t Herles-(irat game-Bile), US, Boyle, 1.18.
heriind game Itlley, las, Bo) In, K14,
Kecond Siries-Flrst game llilir, 117: Knecht,
IIP s.coudgame-iiilo), 14H, Knecht, 1U6. Third
gaiui-lllliv, 122: Knecht, 144.
Third Series First gnme-Knecht, 141: Bnle,
3f4. Snotid game Kneiht, ir.H, B6yle, 187 Third
game Knecht, 144. Bo)le, mi.
(ourth Series First game Unlman, 17B, Perkins,
121. Bet ond game Ilolman, 144. Perkins. W
1 If tli Herlis (Irst game I'erklna, 12H, MarLauch
Ian, 111, Keinnd game Perkins, K4; Maol.auch
Ian, 1 17,
Math Soric-Flrat game Macfjiuelilan, 124: Hoi
nan, ten Bicond game Vlai Lauchlan, iHUfllnl
man, 12. Ihlr.l kaini llacl auchlan, 17r, Hob
man, Id I.
Myniau tallied 247 and 204 in tho New Vork Royal
Arcanum League tournament series laat night. The
1'nlte.l States Cnumll-Lynd, 218; Conk, 121;
Miller, 174, Weiss, 17U, Wilson, 122 Total, si 1.
I uipire city Cornell hnubsl, lnl. Bralsted. UK);
Koechllug, I in. Partridge, Ihe. Furbater, lis To
t'nited Stalet Conn. Il-Lnd, 177; Cook, 142,
Matier, lei. Weiss, ITU. Wilson, 184. Total, 707.
Harlem Coum li I Inden. 17H. Manl.eim, 1(12;
While, 151, Cotvles, 17C, Myman, 247. Total. BI4.
tllini) niuy
Fmpire Citv Council Knabel, 188, Brslated, 1(13,
Ki.erhllng, inn, Partridge, 121, Furbater, 142.
Total, 774
Harlem Council Mnden, 221, Manhclm, 14E;
White, 147, Oowles, 14W. VVymau, 204. Total, 8im.
The Washington, twice passed the tioo mark In ths
Harlem League series laat night. Tht stora:
Washington I Zenn, lHs S.hltf, 177. Cihn, 161;
Boehtn, iw), I) Hhlman, 1S8. Total, li.'ll
Ileltidere-Braun, 1.13. Newkirk, 1.11, Illll, 1(10,
Lockwood, ITU, Ileilea, 201. Total, H41.
Belvldere-Braiin lei, Newkirk, lu.1; Hill, 141,
Lockwnod. 170, Uiilea, 1HO TuUl. Kill
Pb.enli Pearse, 17M, McLean, '.01, Voting, 171,
Miller. 101, Bubrath, 10(i Total, HOT.
Mn.hlngtnn-I. enn 17R, SchlrT. 2in. Cohn, 14H;
Boehm. 1X3 D Hhlman, 21J. Intal nlrt.
l'h.rnii-1'earse. Is.'. McLean, ir,n, Voiing, 1SU,
Orosa, 1J, Bolrath, IW) lutal, 8U7.
rhelVlioanl Pin Knight Kama defeated the M 1
ford and Hn.okl) u iirs lu the hrst two series uf the
Brooklyn IVomeu s League veaterday aft.ruoou In
the third series hlamct and Monogram divided tho
honors. The acores:
URsr (Ulir.
(ho-Mra. Burns, lo, Mr. O Brien, 121. Total,
2 ho
Milfor.l-Ura. Heal), 107, Mrs. Blake, 112. Total,
(cha-Mrs Burna, 103, Mrs. O Brien, 127. Total.
Mllford-Mra. Uealy, 108, Mrs Blake, lid. Total,
2J4. .
Titian o IMC.
l'lu KnUht-Mrs Jarkaou, 137. Mrs Frlea. 118.
T tal, 276
Hrookljn-Mrs fichroeder, 110: lira. Whitlock. 83.
Total, 204.
routn oaMr.
I in Knlght-Mra Jackson, 114, Mrs Fries, 112.
Total, .'.'il
Brooklyn-Mrs Schroeder, 1 12, Mrs. Mblllock.ni
Total, 2U1
rirrit oiMr.
Klsmet-Mlas Whitlock, HS, Mrs Mrlght 121). To
tal, .'17
hlouogram Mrs Jacques, .110, Mrs. Robertaon,
ID.'. Total, 1 1.'.
Klsmet-Mlas Mhltloik. 101, Mrs. Wright. 102.
Total, .01
Monogram Mra Jacques, ltd, Mr. Robertson,
flh Total, 214,
The An. hor Club bowlers wound up their schedule
In the orth side League tournament laat night with
two victor! s Thescores:
uraT OAMr
stiitior-ittfa. I sit, 1 Frank. 1R7: Btrlttraatter.
170 r. land. r. 1 in, Molwr, ino Total, slJ.
Allll 1 tootle kapp, 1.17, Mclsker, 17.1 Fngll
king, ISJ, i Wood, l.', F. Mood, If,.', Total, TfU.
Alibi Clootie Knpp, I7n, Welsker, 178, Engelklng,
1-lJ ( Hood I2 K Wood, lit Total, so.'
i hiiipewa-I oehr, .'oa, Oonierford. 1CH, I.enharth,
ir.it Siinkenbiig, lul, s.hmldt, lei. Total, no.i.
Vnchnr Gels nil J. Frank, 181' Stnttmatter,
14 Milan ler, len IVelier, 1U7 Total, S44
t hinp. wa- I oi br 147.Cmni rford, lus.lsenbarth,
11 siiukenb. rg, 17 I, A Schmidt, 17U Total, soj
lh Manhattan in 1 south Paw trios playel an In'
ti le-tiug si rue of g.uies la-t night lu the Carruth
eistouriian.nl nf Hrooklyn. Tho totals were nil
above th. To 1 mark and eaih club won and lost two
garni s Tin s.oris
Manhattan-P Haller, 141, O. Hallsr. 1B7; Allen.
ls4 Total IJil
snulli law Jenkins, 1S8, Medlcus, IBS; Lodge,
lis Total, 611.
Manhattan P Haller, 1UI, (1. Haller, 170, Allen,
2ii.' Total rui
South l'aw Jenkins, 108, Modtcus, 185, Lodge,
15.' lutal, r.o.
Tiimn n tur.
Manhattnii-P Haller. 1P.H, G. Haller, 168, Allen,
I hi Total, t.ii.1
south l'aw -lenkins, 14H, Medlcus 302, Lodge,
2.14 Total, 614
101 RTn DVUP.
Manhattan-!'. Haller, I8ia, G. Ualler, 184, Allen,
If, Total. .114
south l'aw Jenkins, 201, Medlcus, 167, Lodge,
iss. Total. .1SS.
C unmnnwealth Council won two games in the
Bro..M)n Itoval Ar. anum tiuiruament last night at
T minor's alleys The scores
rinsT OAMr.
Coinmonwealth Council Hloner, 17.1, Brnwn, l&fl,
(Ischcr. LIS, Beard, lHH, F.bbets. 126. Total. 7HI.
1 1 Herts Couu.ll-seller", 167 Van Itlper, 149,
Kaiiiiuorer, 1.14.C. amith, l6, Taylor, 186. Total.
Iifferts Council St Hers, ir.il. Van Blper, 188;
hninuieier, t4, Sm.th, Iil.i, Taylor, 201 Total,
si o
Washington Irv ug Counill Olendenning, 140;
Cnvwood, I2S, Tli.iirlngrr, lis), Campbell, 141,
Lordeau, 141 Total, 74U
Mashingtnn Irving C mncll Glendennlng, 187,
taywoo.i, 142, Theiirlngsr. 117, Campbell, lei,
( ordeail, 147 Total 7-'H
(omnionwealth i nun. il-fltoner, 12Ci, Brown, 164,
Fisiher, UJ, Beard, Mi, F.libt.ts, 1K7. Toul, 76H.
The Taranount Wheelmen were In fores in the
Class II tournament of the Ling Island Association
i.r d cling Cltiha list night, ami bealdea topping
their best i n itous total, beat the Pioneer VVheelinsu
two games out of three ThOBinris
Paramount Wheelnien-Behnrllng. 1B1: MrDon
niigh, UG, Kenned), Ho, Hoist. In, ltu. Days, 107.
Totnl, H70.
Pioneer Wheelmen- Beadle, 120, Hcock, 1B7;
Fisher, 148, Ovley. Int. Walling, M5. Total, 021.
Pvramnint Mheelmen-Bchorllng. 134. MrDon
nugb 117 Fleman, 104, Holateln, lot, Days, 14J.
Total 7IO
Pioneer Mhcelinen Beadl, 138, Flenek, 1(I2
(Ishtr. I6li Hi .) 142, Walling, 164, Tout, 765.
Farainniiut Wheelmen Schorllng. 104 MoDon
nugh, Iso Flaman, U7, Holstetn, 203, Day., 1.12.
Total, Hin
Pioneer Wheelmen Beadle, 118, Flcook, 177;
Fisher, IPO, Oil.y, 160, Walling, 170. Total, 801,
I ast night's Harlem Republican Club game, re
sulted as follows
New lork-Stuart, iso. It. Harriott, 178: Gardner,
Ml, Mlae ins llvlugstou, 1NH, T Harriott, 2(H),
Toil.salnl, 161 . Ssart, 15M Total, 1. I7M.
Hamilton- lleiiiolds, M2. Brown. 14J: Hebhard,
I7H, Hunt l.l, (iglisou 134, Gramley, 182, Las
eill.141 king 14H Intnl. 11112. i
Ncwork-siiiart.ini It Harriott, Ml: Gardner,
17.li Wis', Ml, l.iviiigHtin, 147. T Harriott, Ins;
Toiissauit, Imn Hwnit IHS Total, l.JHO
Hnmillin Ho noils 24 1 Hrown, Ml, Hebbard,
l's Hunt I6H, I'agl. ...n, 145, Gramley, M4, Can
ell, 1.1,1, King. I" I l.'lal, 1, I5W,
St Mari'sL)ceum was represented by only four
pi tiers In tho rchdioc. san I'nion Ieagusgamra
liisuiklil The a. oris
HiieT uivir
Ht, Vlar) s Liceum (jelsler, 148, Btuinpf, 161,
Miirpln.lll Malat her, ir.it. Total, UI2
Columbus C.ithohi Club Brnwn, 161, Boyle, 161;
Dahv.l'J lajlor, llu, l.arve), 160 lutal, 743
si. .nn .imr,
Ht, Man's Li. i um-Gi laler 144, Btumpf, 160,
Murpln 17.' Maliai lul I.J Irtal.ims
St Vlniiiia I v. eiim N i I ll'ia.h. MO l'Unnlgan.
l.M, II Conn.. II), l.l i It nnnolly I6H, (tounnn.l,
174 1 Dial. 7s
( nltiiub is ( athollrt lub-Brown, 164, Hojle l.fli
Haies ill Ta)lor I lo, Carve) Mil, Total, 718
bt Moi.ua Ly.toim o 1 lloach. 147. (lannlgan,
15J, II. I. na.i.l), Ml, VV, Connolly, lut, Gounond,
137. Total, I.U7
To decide thu Ilea for the aecond, third, fourth
aad .lith prizes st staks In ths Comuercial League
tournament six games wore rolled at Relil'a alleys
Isst night, Ths scores,
Vletor It Achells-Hanley, 187i Oehrlng. 128, 11.
Buek, 1341 Iteniaen, IR2, x.hmleil, Ms Total. 74W,
lVHion Electric Iflumiiiating Company J. L, Men
rel. Mo. l'lhl. llli A Wcnal, 116. Both, 144;
Holms, IHIi. Total, 77li.
Austin. Nichols k Co.-Mahlrn. 1.11: Kplller 12d,
Hcbllllng, 131, Helauey, 142, hell), 178. Intal, 7.IJ
Vletor Achella-llaiiley, 1411, Gehrlng, 101, lb lu
sen, 14H, II Buek, Ms, Schmled, ir.7. Total, 724,
F.JIson Flectric Illuminating Company,! L,
Melirel, 124, l'lhl, lis, A, lllll.id, 134, Both, LIU,
Holme, lis Total, ilio
Ausiln. Nichols K Co -Hahlm. IU4: Bplller, 1.12;
H.-hlllltig, HI.', Delaney, 11H, Kell), Ml. Total,
Grand Total Vletor A: Achelis. 1,47.1, fAiiatin,
Mtholsa. Co , l,687i I dlson Eliitrto llliimlnatltig
Company, 1.4JU.
rut rtii iiAur.
D, 8. Walton A. Cu Ilej nolds, 146; Hammond,
12li, Haw)cr, Mil. Thurber. Ml, Sours, 151 Total,
i Amotl an 1 (Olographic Cnnipaii) Team Nn. 2
Kltch.lt, 16, Bhinow, 141, Ilossbach, 154, Jaegur,
131, Bcheldlg, 141, loial, 74.1,
riiTii .1151 c
American Lithographic Coinpan) Teim Nn. 2
Kltchelt, 118, lthlnow, uo, llo.sbach, 145, Jaeger,
1 III, Bhildlg, 16J Total, 70S,
C, G. BurgnyneTeain No 1 Browning, 151, (la)
nor, M4, Matthie, 141, Lc'Toiuil, 101, Brown.,
16 I. Total, 7in.
D. H M'alton A Co Beynold.. Mil, Hammond,
104. Havrjer, MD, Thurber, 167, Hours, 1.IU Total,
C. G. llurgoyneTeamNn 1 Browning, 148, Ga)
nor, inn, Matthlc, 111, Lo Toiuel, l.m, Browne,
Mo. Total, ill.;.
Grand Totals-I). B Walton L Co , 1631, American
1-ittiograpblc Cimpau) liarn No. 2, 1454, C G
Uurgo)iio Tram No. 1, I4li.
Howling Cininus To-Nlght,
North Bldo League Tournament Gerard Talla
poosa and Uwlas American, at the North Hide Palace,
Harlem I eague Tournament ltlierdale Old Home
stead aud Most Harlem, at Thum Kahlsdorf n
VnrkMlle League Tnurnaninnt Rccentrii, Mercury
and Harlem, at the V lllagu Cluh alle) a
Bank Clerks League Touruaiueut- Vie. hanlcs and
Trndurs' National Hauk, Bank of Manhattan Com
pan) and Ladmburg, Thaliuanu . Co , at Held s
HriiollMi Bn)nl Arcanum league Tournament
Pro l'atna Coum II, De Forest Council and Gilbert
Council, at Iralnor a alle) s.
Carrutbers Three Meiiltam Tournament Vlbiou
vs Bushwlck at 1 lephant club sll..)s
Arlington Hall Women s T mruament Monarch
No 1, Beuateand Iudtpindeul No. 2, at tho Arliug
ton Hall alleys
Twenty Slith Ward Tnurnamint Parkway, Good
enough and Anues, at Utlgaii a altera
Howling Notes.
Thft Interatate League games scheduled to be
played last night and to night at the GermauU As
sembly Huomi alleys between tho New Vork aud
Olean teams haie been postponed 1 1 (he a'tirnuuu
of April in and 20,
The Executive Committee) of tho Metropolitan
District Cricket League mot Inst night nt the
Knickerbocker A. C. lteprcsentntiioH of tho
New Jersey A. C . Staten Island C C , Man
hattan C. C , Now York C. C and Newark C ('
wereln attendance Tho chief business of the
evonlng was the drawing up of tho champion
ship schedule Some troublo arose over this
owing to an objection being raised to the New
ark grounds and tho fuel that tho Now ork
club has not et decided upon their location.
It was at length agreed to schedule the games
of the Newark C. C with Staton Island. New
Jersey and Manhattan on the grounds of the
latter clubs, and to consider the New York
grounds, subject to the approval of tlio Kxecu
tlie Commltteo The following schedule was
then drawn up:
May 13 New Jerat) Team A is Sewvik at Hergen
Point, New lork vs. Niw Jerso Team II at H. ig. u
May 27 N'ew ork vs. New It rsev liam V at Her
gen Point, New Jeiney Team Bis N. wurk.at lleigi 11
June 3 Htvten Island vs Newark, at llvlugstou
Manhattan vs. N. w Vrk, at I'rnspi.t Park
Jane 10 Stat.n Island is New Vork, ut Living
st. n. New Jirse) Team is Manhattan, at Berg, u
lune 17 Manhattan vs N'ew Jersey team, at Pros
pect Paik
June 24 Staten Island v a Manhattan, st livings
ton, Newark is New York, at Newark, New lerst)
Team ts New terser Team 11, at Bergen Point
lllly 1 Manhattan vs. Newark, at I'rospett Park,
Blateo Island is New Jeraey li am II, at I lvlngslou
July 8 New leraey Team vs Staten Island, at
Bergen Pnint.
July 16 Mauhnttan vs New Jerse.) Team A, at
fmni.l P.rfc
Prospect Park.
Jul) J2 New v.nrk vi Manhattan, at rroaput
Park, New Jersey Team A vs. New Jersey Ttam il, at
Bergen Point.
lul) JU Manhattan vs. New Jer.ev Team B. at
Prospect Park.
Mlg I. New York vs Ntwark, at Newark. New
Jersei Team B vs Btaten Island, at llergt n Point
Aug U New lurk vs Htatni Island, at Living
ston, Manhattan vs Newark, at Prospe. t Park
Aug lw Manhattan vs Btaten Island atPrnsp.ct
I'ark, New Vork vs N. w Jersey T. am II, at 11. rgen
Point New Jerse) Team A vs Ntwark, at Birgui
Aug 2il staten Island is. New Jtrsey Team A. nt
Sept. 2 New .Terse)- Team V vs New V,ork, st Ber
gen Point. Newark ve New Jerse) Team B, at Ber
gen Point
Btpt. 11 Newark v.. Btaten Island, at LivingBton.
Ojmnnstle Contests nt VVr.lejnn.
M111111 itovvs March 2J. Wesieran's fifth annual
gimnaslumt xhibit 011 was hibl a-t e veuiug (nyer
weather g)mna-iiiiu was tillod by the enthusiastic
friends of the contesting students. Besides the regu
lar class dill Is tin oinpeiitionfor theOliuCup, twi ho
(audl.late. contested for the Wallace Cup, off. red
for the first time thi. .vr to th. man .coring the
highest number of poluta In eight et enta Tho 1 lass
of MOO won thn Olln Cup for the second time. I r
Scnflel I, 1102. nf Boulb Norwalk, Conn . won the
Wallace Cup with VV. II Terr), loot, of Patrlingue,
1 . I., aecon 1. Summary:
Horuontal Bar W. It Tern llrst, I. F Scofield
se. ond. C II Dndi". third, A I s. oneld fouitli.
(enclng Drill, lunlor Class-A VV Davis leiler.
Feme Vault -S V Do.lds an.l C II. Do.lds tied fnr
first pla-e, F A Iugraliani third W 11 Teirv fourth.
Cliin Swinging C II Terrv first. M II. l.rry sec
ond, ft II Jones third. I. V (01s aden fnurth.
Side Horse-B I Dodds flrn It F piarco second,
A J (J ofiell third I F -e itlil I t. urth
Maud Drill Senior Class II llurdltk. leader
Itunnlng High lump-S A Do.l.la firs , T h Cllno
se. nnd C It D .d.la third
Fetiriiur Won by V VV Dniis. consolation won I y
II D Byrne-.
Tumbling I F seufield first A I Scnftt 1.1 second,
C. it Do.lda third. W It Teirj fourth.
Club Drill. Fr simian Class W Bruce, lea. It r
rijlng lliugs-I 1". scntlchl rtr.t A l.Biotlrld sec
ond. M. It dm third. ( It Did.la fourth
(ihlbitlon Snglesiick 1 initials W. M Vnderaon
and H (' I ane. F M. Fldndge an.l P ( Garrison.
Tumbling Uroiher v.cts-1 F. Scoflold and V.J.
Singlestick Drill. Sophomore tlass-Il I,. Hlrah
field, leader.
larallel Bara-I. F. Srofleld and A.J Scofleld lied
for flrat place, W R Terr) third, C It Do Ida fourth.
Pyramids J M Towuscnd, lead, r.
New lmk L'nlveralty fiyniunsts.
Athletics at tho New V. ork I'niierslty were much in
eiidnuco yistorday aftiruniu In the emit, st for
the Dankacupn for all around at hit tics on I) one man,
Samuel Jones, I H02, qualified for the shot put with
.12 feet. The mile wa. run bv Blrhmond Ilee.e,
luoi, In 4 minutes 58 seconds 'He haa Jumped from
eighth to second place AsJoni. was so far ahiadof
the second man In the total score he .11.1 n t run the
mile He ha. nnw soil points, as against Hot se 701
andVV lounges!)
Another record fell In the strength contest for the
Bankscups Henry B (email li.ol, stored 1 M4
Solnts breaking the cnllcrn record of 1 117 made
)C F Foater, ll(in, last year 1 ewls Blunt, led.',
took the sec in.l troph)
The frtehnifn con. hided the afternoons work
with a class gymn.stu contest for the Hire. Bank,
cups, the winners bilng Iiwls Blunt lilt points,
F, Cleverdou, 141, GiiirgH Iladle) 14114.
Syrnru.e University to Hnve n Navy.
BtiucI'se, March "'J -S) racusn Fniierslty
will soon take a place in aquatics among the
leading colleges of the country Thn students
went wild with enthusiasm to-day when Chan
cellor James 11 Dnj announced at chapel that
Trustee Lillian C Smith had ordered for the
university crew the beat eight-oared shell that
could be made and proposed to back the 'var
sity navy until it should be on a footing with
other universities In announcing thn gift of
TrURtee Smith the Cham ollor said
"A navy Is needed b Sjraiu-rt to round out
our athletic departments. We emphasize
sound learning above all things, hut we also
omphasl7H athletic sports, for sound minds to
bo of the greatest uso must dwell in sound
bodies "
Oymnnslum Director S. ott said to-day that
he would announce In all four lolleges of tho
unlierslty to-morrow morning u meeting of
tho university men for 4 o'clock Frldit) niter
noon for the purpose irf organising the navy
The crew will have the free use of thn boit
housnofthn Lakeside ,.clit und Iloit ( lub,
which Is being built 011 Onordaga Lake ti
elght-onrcd rowing machine will be procured
at once, nnd the men will begin work on the
water this spring
In the last match fnr tin I'abor tn 1 h) pla)e. nt
Ihn Knlckerborkir rooms on Tiueda), Ihe Mom. 11 s
M'hlat I lub of Bruokl)li difealt.l the NVw I .rk
ladles' Club b) thn sinrn nf II truks to 4 Tin.
t ams were
Hniokln-Mra Mali. Mis Midnnrll Mr. I).
Mitt and Mrs llannum
Niw 1. rk VIrs lohnson. Mist (ami lull. Vlrs
LlttellaD.1 Miss Hay
Al tie kin. kin. eki r Mhlst Clul. .11 1 ues.lai
night, visitors game, thn tip aiort. N nnd s was
n ad. b) G.nrgo Newhallof Pnivldnm and H (
Foster, s plus Marquand an.l Wainwr.gbt .1 the
New lork Clubwere second I)r Li ug fN.wHruns
wbk and Mill am Thomaonof Paaiah thud ( dll.r
and Wrstrrfield were high E and M with u 1 lu.
Craft, and llu.aell aecond with 1 1 Thla putstoa
Ur lu Aral place to date for matches won.
is due not only to tho originality and .'B
simplicity of tho combinntion, but also ' !B
to tho cure nnd skill with which it la ' H
manufactured by bcientiflc processes H
know n to tho Califoiinia Fio Srrtup ilH
Co. only, nnd wo wish to impress upon' -'IH
all tho linportanco of purchasing ths JH
true nnd original remedy. As tho '.B
genuine Syrup of Pigs Is manufactured' ftH
by tho Califoiinia Fio Kvnur Co. f'H
only, a knowledge of that fact will" jH
assist ono in avoiding tho worthless, H
imitations manufactured by other par- 1H
tics. The high bUtnding of the Cali
FOHNIA Kiu Svuup Co. with tho modlw 'H
cal profession, and tlio satisfaction1 LH
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has 'IH
given to millions of fumilics, makes ! H
tlie name of the Company a guaranty ( H
of the excellence of its remedy. It is B
far in advance of all other laxatives, il
ns it nets on the kidneys, liver and ,K
bowels without irrituting or weaken ' H
ing tliem, mid it docs not gripe nor H
nausentc. In order to got its beneficial ',.U
eiTects, please remember the name of H
the Company ' H
povt9mnn'is (Sootlij. 'B
r STORESs Jtssl
Ot,sn I rr hnUiir I nrnri Nt pTftilari HJ
Mil OrJTii Filld in Hoar LaUlopi Fr 'HH
Kj U '-Ltll combines simplicltr of .IB
B$ TrHfaEf 1 1 1 unstnicllon, strength snA JH
lltWiieH diiral.illt). detachable '!
fgKJWlf?T. lamp bracket for head OT IH
jjjjSf istiyjj" fork will burn carblds In HJ
cjjja bulk nriartrldge form, and H
hjjtr "I" not Jar or blow out. J9
"& I'riinit.ao. 11
1.0OO LAMP'S, niclelh.l or japanned, costlns jfl
from Luc t .' 00, nuw 'i)v, H
M( KI.I.-1'I, Ti:i) IINI)LI- HAIIS, jjfl
sll sins and shapes up to 1 inches wide; reguhUP IH
v llu. 1 Ml sp. lal !IHi . H
.'11 INCH IIIHK, the latistupor down turn, with IB
grlpa, l.t-'O. -H
None better made for the price, built for SPRED, 'HJ
hH r nn. I SI 11VICK sjltl.no, as. 00 aud 30.00. ,
flOINCIl M1ILEIS . 40.00
Name or aiHaft. 'H
Trade-Mark sjjyffiBBL M
Represents the iVvraMsSnmVP H
One Standard tHBiTlTTsriMi m
Athletic Goods v5Py5ffi '
For twenty-two years the Spald- ',
inir Bill lias been the oflicial ball '-M
adopted by the National League, 'M
and, in order to have your game M
officially recorded, the Spalding '
oflicial ball must be used. Accept
no substitutes Insist that Spald- .-.l
ing's Trade-Mark be on what you M
! purchase. M
I If a dealei does not cam Bpaldtng'a ''9
Hthlitic gi.uls In Ht'i. k scud vour nams Kfl
1 and address to us (and his, too. for a copy , n
nf nui lnudsoinily Illustrated rataloguo. (
.C. .Spalliiiscsllrnv., .SpalJing-Bidii-ell C. -1
i:rt no Nassau St 2H n W.42d8t. M
Host In tlio World. 1
C'liuiii Wlii'i'lh $."(); Cliiiinless, $75.
riifiiinU1 at thi iri Vi, m
MoM ilealnrH en rm tn tin I it hitr. to tell tn f
hitiit ht torj itmut their tiiMclen Our sVdrer f
tlsiiiuut'4 linw- the riiik' of truth about them f
Ik aline thrv aro tl)p tnttli. l
irp wnrth thn monv ailiod ftinl mre rhouffh I
iiih.1. in ttH, tlio re rll up lo dat W
nonl tli rnnm tlifT of cup. , that's wnr we ?
maU tlu i rire ho hkiuII "i
HI NASSVl' si ,n.ar Maldi n Lane.
5,000 TIRES S1.50 PAIR.
Milh slight in p. rfi. t on s. me ar. r. ugh. somfi 2
ills. 1 rid but ii thing that p llsn. arlng quaUtlss. '
NewtniiH,$rfir llruiiik 1 It") al J 1 f.0. 11 HT., I
'.71 Harlf rl imphIHT Miu.fl ."base f 4. noda !
man, l.i.i". Ilartf.irit .'ds, 1 7r, 1 ariie. $4.1,0.
largistllni High r.iade ( ).les In Cltr.
Maiara 1 7 r 1 1 r dedn l" sbui. soil d Flmorss, t
Sill In, Crescent s ra. use Sin, Krle.llS, Elmors, j
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Rend for mi CaUlogue.
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WILLIAM WOOD, 27 W. 125th St.. N. V. i
l'liri: TH'Kl.Ts HI ( .I'l.K SHOW to all
pur. has. rs if sui.drl. s or lliorles llandaomesi
r)ile store 111 New York J.i standar 1 makes, 20O
wliiels nu tlie floor op. t tunings (ash or caaf
installments iMn. i; at 14th at.
l.nli'st lllil for riirsliiiiiiiiiis-.lrftrlcs Flsht.
nntlior niootiric mil I"' In'M this afternoon
liptin'cu Mnrtln lullnn anil Hilly llrndr forth
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( lilOHt,'.! simrt. iilin ulTorei! i.'.'iiKX) Dennett ,! i
his iilroafli.lt Is iitlil.apnt n forfultof $500 to V I
tho Wire haiftlr ntul oiu'i'ts tn linven repre- j
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