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'8 . " --.-v-,. - THE SUN THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1809. 1
WrDsxsnAT. March 22.
Owing to a somowliat onnlcr money market
the market for securities made a hotter show
ing than restordnr. The olumo of trans
actions was about tho snmo. but tho dealings
wire muoh better diHtrlbutud and pi Ices as a
rule wore blither. The reennt excitement in
Bug ar Heflainic and In Brooklyn llapiil Transit
hat begun todlonut: still, botli of thoso stocks
ware dealt In much more exteiiBitoly than tiny
' others. The fluctuations in them. howocr,
were narrower InHugnr Rellnliiirthooxtreme
range was 11 points, and the net result of the
day's trading v. an un udvancu of OJ. points.
The Street Is still of the opinion Unit progress
la being modo tovtrnrJ a diminution of compe
tition in tho bugnr rellnliic Industry. It bus,
however.no otidonu) til on this folnt rsccrt
that which It furnishes Itself nml which is re
corded upon the stock tape Tho maximum fluc
tuation in ItrooKlyn Ilapld Transit tvob nearly 4
points, but It closed only an eighth higher
than last night. The most Interesting feature
of the market was the revival of speculation In
the anthracite coal stocks, which resulted from
prospects that tho Now Jersey lglBlnturo will
adjourn without taking any action against a
rumored combination of the anthracite coal
r interests. The market for nearly all of tho In
dustrial stools was favorably lnlluencod by the
opinion of the Attorney-General of tho L'nlttd
States as to the forco of tho Anti-Trust law.
In the railway list Manhattan was tho leader,
both in respect to activity and strength It closed
2K point higher than yesterday. The rights
tosubserlbe to the new stock wero In active de
mand and closed 1 V cent, higher than estor
day at the highest figure recorded for thorn. Of
the Qrangor stocks C , 11. and Quiney and St.
Taul were exceptionally strong, and each en
joyed a net advance of nearly a point Of the
Industrlalstocks American Htoel and Wire com
mon advanced 2 V cent , but Continental To
baoro. American Tobacco and Consolidated (las
wsre conspicuously weak. The last named waa
old on prospects that the mensuro permitting
th Astoria Oas Company to tunnel under the
Bast River will be defeated at Albany. Thera
was moderate selling of (Jenernl Klectrlo on
the announcement that the Westinghouse
Company has brought a suit to restrain the
flrst named from using certain of Its patents,
as related In detail In another column. A
logical infereno from this litigation Is that tho
alliance formed a rear or two ago between the
two companies has becomo irksome to one of
them. The closing was In tho main strong.
New Tor k Stock Exchange Snles March 2.
vjiitkd states and state bonds (in Sl.OOOs).
10 OBUi.r 108H C C S4. c 1907.1 13H
SODS Ss.o GTal'db2 3i
107HS10S oflum 83W
Dd, Alkrd 111 I. Alktd.
rnitzs.r. CnSt4s, r,
atplofO 094 im 128' 129H
LB8s,lB08- l'BSt4,e,
I18.r...l08 108H 1.'5 . 12&M12DM
tB8s,1908- I'll f-tr,,r,
1S18.C...107H 108H H'04 112U 11291
lnBt4s,r. ,rnStOi),c,
l07....ll 1 112 . 1H04 113. U2M
CnBtas.c, CuStJ.tlos.r,
1807 113 113'll JU24.UC.117H
mn.noAD and oTnan ponds (in Sl.OOOs).
41Atchadj4s . 82S 10 Norf A. W en 4a
66 82H s20 02'
16 82 10 024
O 82H 1 N J C gnl r.a . Ill)
24Atchgen4s . 102H SNiCLScol
142 102H ls . .. . Q9?i
18 1024 140 90U
10 AUMidlat ...1004 4 .100
6 100K 2 . . 0911
1 AmSMni .. 89 ' 1 N A C. J brBs. 1 15
OAmTobserip 100 12NWex4s ..107X
10BtO4i.wi . 08 18 Ni.O A Wr4al04
CBrookllTfts 1 1 2Hi 1 1 () II A N 4a. ..lOITi
6 1124 UOreSI.IncA 8n
J SChAOgoUHs. 02' 3 .. 85H
' 64 03 I 3PAF.astlst. 80
60s 20 92! 30 F, C, O A HtL
i 3 C.BAQ,Neil08' 44e,serB 116
6 C. C.OiStL ,38 Read gnl 4s 894
gnl 4e .. 03 13 894
i 2Can8outhJd 109 0 89
XO Chtclennl4s 904J14 89H
SCenP.SJbr .1074 7 HOH
1 107 152 .. . 804
S 107W GRfoOWIet. . 00
lOCentPacexSs, 7HVANK4S . 07
lll3li.tr. 1 1 0j 1 , .. 07 n
860ntP34. wi 884 1 ho p 1st. vv i, 80'
laCtnl' lt, wl 10030 ... 804
I 6ColBo,wl 87 1 . 87
8 0olMtil2 4 04 47 H04
6CotOcn5i 95 28tI,A HF g.1234
B 054 lStLAarRSn 1084
4 954 1 108i
3 06-4 3 lOS
1 COaIlT8,linc. 74 oSH.ASF4s . 88
7 Bent Ittlcn.,1004 5... . 87i
4 lOOTi' 5 St P fold . 108
8 Den A ItO IC.104! 2 6HtPi.-nl 4s, nAll 1
8 106 5HtI'lBt,SMd 1214
I 6TEAngnl5s.l004 1 . 1214
1 BOErpriorbdi 93H 8S A II II Hit, t r 106
10 934 lOSlLBWlm OIK
8Ercllena4s 73 6 02
4Klgin.JfeElM.100 lOStl.SWjd . 634
3JtWlR01rt 20 . 53"
6 4i . ... 064 10 644
10 G.H'c A 08 64
MI6 . ..1044 14HnUAPlst4s B2
2H.Kt-WTJit.1044 lbCAUalat 1064
6aironIItSii .1 1 14 21 K ltwi r . .1054
37 1114 HMlllln . 80
28 1114 2 804
19 10 4i. 1P13 104M'3UStsiiilIlll!no 304
6 Ran A Tens. 03 30 31
8K0,PAOlt. (l() 10. .. . 314
6 064 18 . 304
17 05 1 TAP ist.Kil f100
SO 064 OTxlaolnt5 1124
lKnwbatM4. 08 00 Tl'ac 2d in . . 63
lLBW2d. 107 126 534
10L4Ntpi!0 00 240 634
10 LAN gnl, 120H04 34 63H
lLANcm. 100H 50 634
C6L.EA6tI,enl49 0 10TiANOcnC105Ji;
48 94 10 T C, I A H '..
83 10 Trim (I . 100H
10 I,,K8U, 6i.tr h5 3 110
10 (10 1 Tol, St I. i K 0
10 (17 lt . 1024
1 08 OTOI A It, I)
6 084 llCt I tin. 1044
4 O&'i 10 ,. 104H
3Mtfitnwy5 120M 16 ..104T
6MexIntcn. . 80 12 I ninnPac 4 104
' 0.. 87 1 I nlonl llst.tr 105
j 1MHFJ2.1 1024 10 Ln I', D AO
j IMobAUgnl. 834 Ht.tr . 034
8 . 84 10 034
IMobAOblo. M 20 K3H
dts. 107 15Wali!t 116
6711oPaccn. . liiO 3abaaU2l 0t
6 1204 5 . . 90
8 Mo Pao col 1st 86 Unb ileb, U . 36
t 064 10 . . 364
3 NPacprior4 1034 16 . 364
6 1034 3Westl'ae .1034
80 103 I 81Ul.nt 1054
10 Nor Pa cnl Ma 074 20 VN Y A Pa gnl 02
68 074 10 014
70 (18 14 . 0L4
12 N JCgSa, r 1104 1 0 ViIUm A 1: 1st.l06(
j Total lain of railway bonds (par Talu, 13,012 000.
J rAimoAr' m oTiirn smnrs.
1 Op'it llia loic , Clonnp ,
j galu. lilj tt ist n I AiUd.
j 42r. ABtAW 024 044 024 044 04H
j azi&AmstA
Wo 1024 1034 102'UOT 1034
8l75Am8K,101 109 158 1074 108
f 48f, AcnSItpllS 110 118 1184 1194
IPfjAmTlu. 41H 41 414 41'h 42
JJOAmTp 064 964 064 9 14 954
200Am8M. 14 14 13' 131. 14
SOOAmDT 48 48 48 46 48
HoHOAmlob210 210 207H 207 208
80Aral-ipl43 143 143 140 141
SOOAruCO. 36" 354 36a 364 304
2J20 A TAB
Fe 214 814 204 204 CO's
IMJe&A.T A 8
Fep 594 (104 SO" 00 004
800 A Malt 204 894 US J 204 20uj
400AMaltp 83H 834 824 82' 83
IDOAArhp 304 304 304 30 38
S4ir. Am Qlu 724 73 714 73 734
da U 424 424 124 424 43
Opn- H1i- w rCttrtxft
Mb. n. ut. tit Bid. Jit.
(lOODnmsw 11 11 104 104 114
lOOUAO.wl 6U4 604 604 60 604
7(1450 l!k UT 107W 10941064 108 1084
soiillkl'nuieo 160 160 166 167
.ITOCanHo. 67H 68 67H 674 68
HOIK an Pao 864 864 864 864 864
SDOConlce 47M 47 474 47 47W
ir.ouCli(lW 164 16 16H 164 16N
42dtli O W
P. A 004 004 09 084 00
UiO Lb (I W
P, U 36H 36 36"i 364 36
loo Oh O W
deb 01 01 01 00 904
7H10CYnlM.o 61K 614 604 60X 604
H4UiiCIibiijO 204 274 204 27 274
BOO C A III. 084 OBM 084 084 084
87140ContIT 644 644 604 60 604
utuoL'onTp 90 00 804 80 92
l oo O.C.U A
ML. 684 68M 68 67s4 684
1270 C.C.O A
mi, p 90 07 004 OOM 074
2r,0CtiANV1474 147s 1474 1474 147K
J34tloCllAU140 1414 140 14011141
14770 C.MAHt
1' 127M 1284 1274 1284 128M
et2 am st
I'P 1734 1734 1734 173 174
23700.11 IAP1 174 117"i 110 1174 1174
KOOLolFuel 30 30 364 364 364
COCnlFp. OOH 90' 90" OS 101
400 Col Ro 1st
pf.. . eo 604 60' 604 674
1310 Col So 2d
If . SW 26 24 24 241
28t)00hler 21M 224 21'a 22M 22
OSZtCbTsrp 62 64 62 634 64
800 C II V A
T. tp 0 04 0 84 04
810C II V A
Ip.aip 184 10 184 184 10
roCAHO 13 13 13 124 12
8005Coii(,ai212K 2124 200 209 210
e427DrlAIU16 110M116 1164110
177&D.LAW107 1084 107 100 1084
2t0DAlt(l 21K 214 21M 21 21J
20Ui:rlo . 144 14 144 144 144
IMdl.rle 1 p 384 39H 384 38M 30
2o0Fri2p 21 21 21 804 214
tiooKATII 374 374 37 3fia 374
1J7EATUP 70'4 79X 79' 77 BO
184301-ndSt.. 62 634 62 624 62H
SBJOFedStp 874 88 874 87H B7'
200FAPM 204 204 204 204 2C4
80OFWAIW1 284 2BM 27's 27 284
hjoOtNorplOl 191 1904 100 191
t06(luFlecll7 11741134116 1164
170UUC1U024 1024 1024 102'
BOO I Paper. 64M 64M 63 63 63
170olPapp 834 834 82 82 83
40oIllCent,114Ti 114H 1144 11441144
100 la Cent. 11 11 11 11 UK
2170KC.PAO 10 10 0 0 94
HPOKanAM 15 15 14k 144 16
100 1. F AW 184 184 184 18 10
20oLKAp 00 004 00 06 07
4i0LoiigIal 774 774 77 77 70
308", I aU 0 . 63 64 63 63 63 4
tttOLouAN 034 034 034 03M 034
8b8S-,Man Cnl074 1104 1074 1104 HOW
rluhu. 4 64 4 64 54
20o.MNotfa 24 1 24 24 2 24
2ioMCtn. 0 (I O 64 OKi
SGi).-. 31 St lt263 2644 263 253 2534
lllOMuPu 404 404 454 40 404
looM.hATp 38H 384 384 38 384
aooMob&o 40 404 40 404 41
25 MlLOil.
t r 57a 6i 54
tl6()NJCentll6 1174115 1104 1174
lu7r,MCentl354 136"m 1364 1354 135H
13C,ti Mil fail 334 344 334 d44 344
7(ONorAm 94 04 0 84 94
1453 N Mr
Uralo 183 185 170 179 180
MOM,!! c
MI, 144 144 144 13 15
10-OMlllls 604 61 604 60i 61
lOOONAWp ()4t 044 044 044 ()4?
323oNorl'ai3 604 604 60 604 60H
.IISNorPp 78 784 78 78 78'a
10H20AW 274 284 274 274 27J
140Pacr:p 024 024 024 02 05
7fiOPai.Matl 474 484 47? 484 484
100P.DAK in it, m 1 a
.101) Pen A B 5 5 6
HonPhllaColOO 1004 100 100 1004
mnPPCar 1694 1594 1694 160 100
too p, c.C A
htr.uf B2K 824 824 824
(13-0 I a II K. 133 133 132 131W132
4onlv,(iVC118" 1104 1164 1184 1184
4000Itcadlnn 234 244 233 23" 24
42iM)Ura(llp 05 074 054 084 064
11210 ltiad.'p 30 384 36'1 304 37
ZCOltioOW 35 36 35 35 37
140K.p 774 774 774 774 78
lWtOSLSW. 10 104 10 10 104
iiH.iOSI.Stt,, 89 29H 28K 204 29"
700StPA() 02 93 02 024 03
loo Maud U
AU 234 234 234 234 23H
ion Stand I)
A1P. 75 75 75 74 70
7400SoPi. 3QH 304 304 30 304
12i)0Soltwy 184 124 124 18 124
2770 So ley p 494 494 484 49 494
.10 stl.v (II 54 54 54 3 5
loo St I A(i
I-Mp 10H 10M 10 104 11
rooSH.AsF lOJs 11 10H 104 11
loo-tI, v s
llstp 704 704 704 704 72
loo Ml, vs
F.'dp. 38 38 38 384 30
tpo SUnd'd
HAT 104 104 10 10H 104
74n-,ncAI. 62,4 63 62 62 524
22r,Twln 0
lfl . 08W 084 08 084 68
187f.3dKH206 210 204 205 210
lo'.OTeiFao 234 24 234 234 23
7446 V Pao 404 464 404 404 464
eiupUPscp. 804 81 80-H SO 804
200 Ln P. D
A O . 13 13 13 jaw 13H
IOCS Ex 66 66 65 64 60
100TA0 0. 20 20 20 20 25
loo Tol A O
Cp .. 42 42 42 42 60
ei2l'SKub 604 504 604 604 514
130Sltp.no no 110 110 U(,Uj
loo U 8 1, 04 64 04 04 OH
msoUHI.p. 71M 72 714 714 71H
400 nab p. 214 21M 214 21H 21'a
H55t!1el 0S4 93M 934 034 93'
187WAI.K 114 H4 H4 un U1(
100 N Ctr. 2 2 2 1I 2
Total sales, 031.809 shares.
1M. Alktd.l lt,d. JLilcfd.
AlrPower.. 84 86 HarComO
AC&Fcom 274 28 I com .. 314 32
ACAFpf. 08 084!IavComCo
Amster'mO 304 39H pfd.. .. 7i- 734
AmsOaspf 084 00 lOtlsFlec. 30 37
AraaObda 1044 106 lOtlsElopf. 89 91
lleetBoom. 30 33 'PSteilCe. 684 69
BeetSpf. 80 82 PStielCp. 87 88
IHNYF 48 40 Hubberdo 31 38
IIANYlbds 08 004 Ititbberdp. 75 70
US Oas 24 2HIto)alIIPp 8 9 894
CUOMi 107 1074 Wand O r. 475 470
ConSmelt.o 43 444 I'll B A Pc. 34X 364
ConBmelt IrnBAPp B34 834
P'. 80 87 MVT .184 10
EleeVnhe 136 1374 El Boat . 384 304
FltoNehp 125 130
fliil Alkltl 1 (, AtUt,
PnaAAlh 245 Ilns k Mon.350 300
IloaAMf 171 CalAHeo 720 730
Chi Jtinrp. 147 148 !()-iola 87 88
( lit Iiincp 1204 130 iQiiinoyM 165 100
FltchbKpl20 lain Mln 816 226
Mercantballal 182 (lid Doiit. 43 43
lloatonll 804 00 llntte , H64 80
OMColonj201 Ilt'Oikts 89 00
ttludltc. 034 04 IlUOJds 70
Pom Coal, 46 40 Airadlon.. 60 01
AmIIrllT .302 304 Ialo ltojal 044 0.)
West g e E 47 I Fi rights.
Bid A&ri.i II, I. Ath'i.
PiltConH. 39 40 'ESIiat pf 103 167
Cambria I 404 404 E. FT 4s, 084 09
CainSterl 24H 244 EIUO ', 1004 1094
C.OAOo 344 344 Hen F. nt 164 104
f.O A (I p. 4Ci 47 IehRH. 28 84
r OAGfi 107 Mnridi-n 214 214
Cltstltl , 414 1'MIAP 28H 284
est it I -. 103 Phil rn ioj 1034
CIofNJ 694 00 PlillaTric Bfl 07
ClofM 1 1 IV, tlilonliao 34H 344
crofPdi.i 334 34 'lOICo 1624 1634
CTnfPuhp 04 044 N YAP 04 04
EI.CoofA 204 804 j Ma I, Co 30 304
F.WhCo 137 flelsCcom 10
KSDatc .104 106 helsCpt 68 00
Bid. Atlat Bid. Ailed.
Am Btrwb. 314 32 I,St"L"ctt 10 104
Canal D. 70 NChBtn.y.223 226
DdMatoh, 1374 13B4 80 8-L". 774
L8t"L".. 11 13 WCIiBtlty 07 074
Atrhtiou. , ., 214 Northern Paclflc , 614
Atotilsonpf . 014 Northern raclncpf 804
Canadian Paciflc 884 Ontario A West 284
Cbiaapealto A Ohio 87 irenusj-Wanla , 08
Central Pa-i8o . 614Headlng . .124
DenrerAIlO . 214 Heading 1st pf. . 334
DeuTer It It O pf , 744 lteadinu 2d pf ... lBs
hrlecon . 144 St Paul ...1314
I'rlelatpf 404 South Railway .. 124
Illinois Central 1174 rtnuth Hallway pf . 604
Kansas A Texas 1 34 tlulon Paclno ,, 474
Louisville A ash 06H Union Pacltlc pf . 83
New iork Central 140 ,Wuih pf. , .. 224
horf.illt A Wpf . 004l
Final sales compare with those of yesterday
as follows
.VarcA tl. JarrA tt. Man tj. .Vorr 1 1.
A.1ABF 214 204NorthAtu. 04 0
A.'lA8Fp 00 j OOHNAWp . 044 044
Am Cot Oil 30 364 N'westroral474 1474
Am 811 101 1074NorPaoo. 604 604
Am 8 lip 118 110 Nor Pao p. 78 784
Am loli .210 2074NYCen .1369(1354
Am 8 Ufa 134 134NJCen .116 1 1 04
Ilrook ItT 1074 108 Omanac 024 03
Can So 67' 68 O A West . 274 274
(an Par 864 864 1'eoOAC 11841184
CCCAstt, 684 68 PaeMall 48 474
OBlg 140 1404 Hock lal 1164 1174
CouOas 2134 210 Heading; . 234 24
CInsAO 20M 27 Itradlstp 064 064
ChlcOtW 16H 16MBtPaiilc 127H1284
D, I. A W 1054 1084 SoIlAllwaj. 124 124
HelAIIud 1144 110 So B'l P . 494 49
DA 110 804 2 14 St I 3 V . 94 104
Erie 1st p 384 "30 btLSWp. 294 294
(IrnElcc. 116 1154BtanrtAT. 104 104
OtNorp 1004 1004 TeaPac .. 23 234
111 Cen 1144 1 144 TennCAt 53 624
KanATp 384 3 8H Onion Pao. 404 404
I.ouANash 03H 034UPacp . 804 804
I-EAW . 10 184 US Hub.. 504 604
l.FAWp 064 004USL. ..OH 04
lacQaa.. 624 64 USLp . 714 714
VanCon 1 074 1 1 04 Wabash i 214 214
MoPae. 464 404WCTel.. 03 934
MetStlty 265 253 HillS . 114 114
Natl.ead 334 344
Go'.ernmont bonds strong. The 3s closed '
cent higher bid, the -ts c. of 1007 '4 and the
4s of llfJ") . V cent hlghor bid. Hallway and
other bonds (Inn. Tho features were Chesa
peake and Ohio general 4-jS, Iron Mountain
Cs. Kansas C'ltj, Pittsburg nnd Gulf lsts. N, Y.
Central L 8. col 3'.s, Itoadlng general 4h,
Union Paciflc. Dener and Gulf lsts, t. r . Atch
ison. Xorthnrn Pacific HI 1-ouls houthwest
ern, Texas l'dclflc and Wabash Issues
In bank Btocks 35 shares of Phouix sold at
Commercial prleo of bar slher In New York,
r!i'te. liar silver In London closed nt 2717-l(ld
Moxloau silver dollars were atioted nt 47'iC.
Monej on call WHS V cent. closing nt 3 V
cent. Time money Is quoted at 4 4 cent, for
slxt and ninety days nnd.'m'a)4 forslx months
on good mixed securities Commercial paper
is quoted ut .'lffl) "f cent, for bills receivable:
nccoptances and prime single names, 3Sfo4 V
cent. : other names. 4 V?5 V cent
Sterling exchange was nry dull and closed
with, -in easier tone Contlnent.il was dull nnd
praetienlU urn hanged Posted rates are- Long
drafts. $4 84; sight drafts. $4 80l. Aetuil
r.it.'S lire Long bills. $4 814 ; sight drafts.
J4 KitoU 85 S, nnd cablo transfers. $4 Kird)
J4 8tl; francs are quoted at .lajiffn 21's for
long nnd ri'JiiWMli'i for short: relehsmarks.
94 i-litii4 I-1H for long and ICifSOSS for
short guilders. .HI Will 15-10 for long and 41) d
40 1-lOfor short
Domestic exchange on New York: Boston
10H cents discount Charleston Iluvlng,
par: selling, ' premium 8nnnnah Duylng,
1 -10 discount : soiling, 7." cents premium Nhw
Orleans Dunk, ,r0cents premium ; commercial,
21 cents premium Han Francisco .Sight. 124
conts premium: telegraph. 15 cents premium "
Kt Louis 21 cents discount Chicago 30
cents discount, t Inclnnatl letween banks,
par nnd 40 cents discount: oxer countor, 50
cents premium
The Vtostinghouse Fleetrle Manufacturing
Compatn bus declnrol a quarterly illUdend of
1 r tent on its preferred stock, payable
April 1.
Tho Title Guarantee and Trutt Company has
dei lared aquarterlydivldend of 2 f cent , pay
able April 1.
The thlcngo nnd Northwestern Tliilroid
( ompnny rciiorts gross earnings for February
of $Jit!il.421.nn fiicrease of S104.549 ns com
pared with the same month last jear
The Cincinnati. New Orleans and Texas Rail
road reports gross earnings for February of
$'l.'2.:iH7.Hn Increnseoff 1,'. til as compared with
the same month of last jeir. and net $105,410.
a decrease of $4.5(1 For the eight months
ending Teb 28 the gross earnings were $ I.
I40.mt4. an lncrean of .11.r001 ns compared
with the corresponding period of last ear, and
net $1,077,111(1, nn Increase ol $21'l,0t!()
The North Shore Traction Hallroad reports
gross earnings for February of $80,444. an In
ri'.iseof $'J.."i8m as comparpd with tho same
month of last year, nnd nt $9,007. nn Increase
o($t)il lot tholho months ending Feb 28
the grosB earnings were $,1'(2.i:tt. an increase
of H-' 875 as ompnred with the corresponding
period of last year, and net $180,302, an in
crease ot ?i),7ilil
Tho New Orleans Tinetlon Itillroad reports
cross earnings for Februarj of $1H7.208, ade-crea-e
of $.1,137 ns compared with the simo
month or lat year, nml net $47. 101. a decrease
of $2 2H1 For the two months ending F'eb 28
tho gross earnings were $217,238, a decrease of
$2. IJM us compared with the correxpondlng
period of last e,ir. and net $lJ.55i. a decrease
of 1.31 it
The Syrncuse Itnpld Transit Hallway Com
pau reports for qunrter ending Dec 31 :
!" I'd'. CAatiBM.
On ss earnings 122 711 lir. n-,1 Inc. S4,7C!
Ojier eipeniea tih,jH7 rit 10J Iuc D.iai
Net earnlnus '.4,42(1 ',n hbi Dei- $2 n
Ottier lllioiue l.OHrt 1,11(1 Dec 42
Total -,' r.14 f.7,(IST Trc 2,4en
yixedcharits , 4", 47H 44,301 Inc 1 171
Surplus $10,037 $13,7H Dec. 41
ThoOoxerning Committoo of the Stock Fix
change listed to-day nn additional Issue of
j2.mn.0OO Atchison. Topoka nnd Sintn Fd
Hallway Company's general mortgage 4 V cont.
bonds, making total amount Hated $120,
823,000. These bonds are Issued for lmproe
monts under tho pro islons of the mortgage.
These securities, among others, were sold by
auction to-dn at the Kinl L.tato Kxchnngo:
10 shares National Hank of Kepublir 1x04
40 sharps Ainerii an I xchntiiri Nat Hank 1 7H
21 shrrs National Broadway Hank 2414
2d shares IlAnk of New ork, N. 11 A. . J44
ISsharnH National Hank of Commerce. .. . 217
10 shares Natioual Ptra Hank ,, , r,jn
To ehart s hano(.r National Hnk Gilo
112 shares Nlanara I ire Insiiranrt To ihi
20 shares Continental National Hank 1 tii
27 shares Importt ra V traders' Nat Hank. r.TV
l.'r, shartaCliathatn Vatinnal Bank . 'ti2
ano shares Phenli Natl mal Hank 1 1 jl.
1 2 shares Nat City Hank of Brooklyn 27fl
Bo shares Hrnnklyn 1 rust Co 400
ft" shares State Trust Co
40 shirts N . Life Insurance A Trust ( o 14r,0
4 (shares Nat llnti hers A Drovers Bank M14
r,w shares Ilsrvei RtelCn 145
1 1 shares United butes Trust Co. ibji
e shires Title (liiarautiMi 1, Trust ( n 311
a shares Home Insurance Co of N Y -'14
l shares t'uited N.J It war A Canal Cos , 2tie,4
lOshaies Anierhali Union life Ins. Co iij
Hi' 1 shares Ptnnsrlsnia Coal (') RKi
100 shares Ht raense (Us Cumpan) far
2 shares Clinton Hall Assoc atlon 7r,
The lecclptsofthe Ooeruinent to-day weto
CiistoniH, $l"8,14(: Internal roonne. $031,
657, nnd mlscollnneous, $15,772, n totnl of
$1.(110,878: the disbursements were $11'10,.
lM. nn excess of receipts oer expenditures
of$l(X)H7H The receipts ot tho tlse.il year to
date hnt been $301 '.000.213. the expenditures
$4.18,078,7.1.!. nn oxces of expenditures oer
receipts of $S8.478HH0
The official count of ensh In the Trensurv
to-day, compared with that ot yesterdai .shows.
Marrh tl VorrA tt
Oold coin and bullion (24t,224,fli1 $24J,142,4ii
Hihrr dollars A bullion. 0 717,liHn 5,mh t 43
Unltiit htates notes n,HH4,820 l.l,ii)7,SM
Other assets less demand
liabilities 20R17.240 10,KS1,3HB
Arallahle cashlal'ce '
Imludlng gold res 28 ),44,742 2Sl,in4,H0ll
Mnnej in London. 21s cent Hnte of dis.
count in open market for short nnd three
months bllis.JH-lil eieont mountor bullion
withdrawn from theltinkof F.ngland on luil
anco to-day 40,imio Paris ad ices quotn :i
tents at 102 f nines ,'10 centimes Lxchangs
on London, 2. francs 23 centimes
The subserlrtlon lists to the Wahssh Hall
road Compnni . lies Moines dl Islon. first mort
gage 4 t CHtit gold bonds were opened this
morning nt 10 o'clock and closed shortly there
after, the Issue having been oversubscribed.
Tho sales of mining stro-ks at tho Now 'iork
Consolidated Htnek and Petroleum Exchange
to-day etc ns fellows
Opm- ljA. 1110. ai-
Salt' Vim- ma til til nq
r,(0 naeonda ,50 ,50 ,60 ,69
400BetA Helcher ,60 ,00 ,00 ,00
2iHonCalA Va. 2,05 2.05 2,06 2.06
toochrjsoilte .15 .15 .15 .16
2i)0(.ri.n Point 2 7 ,27 ,27 ,27
r.c Dcadwood .86 ,85 ,86 !86
MH)Hndlcate , ,00 00 .00 00
100 Standard. . 2.76 2.76 2.76 2.76
iiOOUtllosa .20 .28 ,26 ,28
lotal salea, 2,760 share.
WrDsssDAT, Starch 22 Gr.AiN Wheat-Spot
was strong. Bales 80.000 bush for exort
here and at tho outports. No 1 northern I)u
huh, 7'c. oer Mnj f, o. b afloat: No 1 hard
IMiluth, 12c. oor May, No 1 northern Now
York, 7Hc ocr May. Tho Northwestern re
ceipts woro 442 cars, ngalnst 321 last week
and 324 Inst o.ir Chicago received 50 cars,
against 30 Inst week nnd 187 last year: esti
mate for to-iiiorion 50 I'lituren t losed 'c to
If. higher, with sales of 1.101,000 bush.
Prlcos as follows.
Oimno. Uittlint. LnvtU Cii'it'd. Aioflf.
Marrli si HI4 w(it si), H04
May 74't 744 7 Its 744 7 14
Jul! 7.14 71's 7 1 7 14 24
Sept 7llj 714 714 71fci lilt
Oats were tlrm 011 the siiot, sales 72,000 bush. No 1
In eleator, ,'1J4 a tll'.i do.ilelhcred, .1141 No. I
white, ,r,4 , traik and liners 1U1I white, Jo' tnt ,
track lulled, 0."T44c , No, 2 white cllpptil. Hli .
Chiiago rei eireil "titers and t spoils us tomorrow.
Corn uas tlrui on tin spot Males 711,000 hush No.
2old..i4o nurMir, do new, 1 He oer Ctiiiau
rei eit ed ni t are and uipet ta hh to in rron . 1- utttn s
adtamed4i wlthsalesot Po.oo ) bush, Frhesas
Oi'sitiy lltstett Louett. Ctotma ,i;lit
SIa 40 404 4ii 404 ti
July 404 -111)1, 4U4 40s H
In wheat the features en' ouralnc to the bulls wero
continued bad weather In the Wtst and in Europe,
reports of daiusi 111 our Southwestern siatts,
higher rabies, smaller estimated ricelpts for to
motr n, strotiL. 1 ash markets at the Northwiat some
foreign demand an 1 ronsldciablei ox rimtof shorts,
true, there wen further tains in ( alifornla hut
the) no lonKcr hat an effet t. Nobidt questions
the fait that the California crop has bei 11 saved.
Moreoter, there were somt faiotahlo it ports from
Sllllio inllhtl. Mo. A laris cable despstih, too,
said "OiUring of home wheat ate ry
abundant and the mnrkit Is lial. ILe weather
fir ttu growing t rojis Is faoiabli and
the piospcts are ifood.' Paris priies too, thouitli
the were at one time into in rentlims hftther, to
dayilosed utu hatiueil fur wheat ami llitutlme
lowor for lUiir Then acaln, th rlearancis were
onb 2Hl,oooaudthirt was heuw selling in eliicsKo,
attributed to Mr ( udato and Mr Barrett. Never
theless this not being a 0111 iiihii market nor In
deed a market that an two uuu ean handle, prli 1 h
advanced an I Ihej 1 losed, too at alnilt the best
prices of the dai Had wettiit r at the West is s itne
thing which cannot I e denied Molint extrtlma
aruatlllwry noticeable The liarometer Is hlk.h at
the Notth and u cold wave Is on the hei Is of the
present rains and thaws are predated forto morrow
ln Illinois, Indiana and Mlsourl. tti M nnemita
and the Dakotas this morning It was lip tie.
low to .4 bel iw in Minnesota and tho Dakotas
J4 below to 10 above. In Nebraska and
Iowa tle belt w to IR above, In Kansas, Missoml
Illlnol' Indiana and Ohio 2n5 ti 4H above There
ueru snow Hurries In the Dakotas Minnesota and
Ntbraeka there were lains In llllimls, in liana
Ohio heutilckv andiastwsnl, I tvrrpool advanced
4 to 4d hlllope was blivllli; more or less Msrell
here Thelu was some Coutlli ntal demand E litv
thousand banels oftlourwtre sold at Minneapolis
vesterdal Strom- 1 ash markets ptev ailed there to
itsv wlthNi 1 wheat of varlolln kinds 'vt toinver
Mav Corn svmpathled with wb-at but had merits
ofltaowu Onb lei 1 arsarlivid at( hlisgoaud onlv
HS aro expected tomorrow 1 lit anivals st the
scalKiard were 7ro,noo lies! le I Ivt tt emladvani ed
HU, Oats sjnii athl?ed with the rest or the list.
Onl 7tl cars arrived at Chicazo
llUlt Mrnitr but mil t sales llOOObbls He
lelptH were 11,411", bbls and I4,r,itu est ks, expoita,
Cuiibble and 111 to", bull Winter in bids Super
line, J 20 42 V, No. J extra. J J .1iJ no, clears
Vt3 -T stralKhts, !.)', l',n patint-, $ I Ti'4
IIH) Spring In bbls Clears, t. 11 ,'t.l.JU.
sttalKhts.f I 10 at I r,0, patonts $J o'.t.l h;
ConiiNSpot cotton line fldvaund .i , with
aales of f 2', tales for export, 1 7uo wete delivtiel
oil (outraits Middling uplands 1, lilc, against
til ltd- lastyiar New Orleans and Onlf, tt IM11 ,
against ! r, 1 tic Mobile det lined I lili .New Ol
leans eolil 2 roil bain Mi mphls 6J0 and Augusti
Sltl Itverpodwas uiuhangid oil the spot with
sales of 10 O110 bales, futures opened 1 point
higher, but reicted and eloed tinchange 1 to 4
lower Manclica er was stead). The movement to
day was aa follows
To lot. !! II t. tail Yrar
1'ort receipts 11,24d j.' ,b 14.8H
New Orleans, 1 sti
mated, to morrow 4, '.no ,'l.liHH 4,1 l'l
Augusta , 24-4 ins tl4
Memphis . 2 siu .11111 l.nun
st I onls M5U A'.l 2i
Clnilunati 4110 j mi 1 Mil
II uistou . n 71 I 4 inn 1.H7J
to morrow 2,700 ",ko2 1121
Augusta shipped to dav urn bales, Memphis 2 24J,
St I mils 2, l.il( Iminnatl i.ihi and Hoiisti n M,4rl
The signal Service predkts fair and i older weathei
for Texas Oklahoma eastern Floridannil llullati r r
rltorj, and rain for the balam e ot the 1 otton belt
Port exports 7.MIJ bales New Orleans del lined r, to
7 points, but recovered the loss andadvamed I Ihe
river at Chattanooga Is 7 fcetabive the danger hue
Futures here closed unlet and stia 1) at a net ml
am a of - to r, points Estimated sales So(,ot
bales. Prices aa follows
Jhlli'tt Joitut, (' 01)117
March r. s r, k-, r inr-ni
April . r, 113 ' H4 r,ii2Jri n
May .. . oils r s7 r. imr. 117
June 1 Mu r. hi r. ii,uuo
July . fl o" r. h 1 n 0.111114
August il 05 r 1-, (,mii nt
September 0 01 o ii I nnoeoi
Oitober (104 r. n2 finnan ot
Novunber . ... 11 no Mn 1 oni!iii
December sou r. ur, fl ojau ot
January ... u 07 r. us e, (14 49. o"i
Though cotton prices receded at one time, owing to
aomo recession lu I.irerpo 1. helling b) Liverpool of
next crop months generallv clear and mild weattn r
at the South some liquidation unit moreorless short
etlllnc.thev soon swung round and advanctd on dl
mtulshed ricelpts predictions of rain, cove-ing nf
shorts and bnving for long an ount ruroiiei overe 1
sates of near months Outs iters bought distant
months II vuaton received to da) e.Too I ales but
shipped H, 40, and tomorrow it expats le-s tliHii
half as much as on the same dav liet week th mgli
It Is true that the estimate Is much larger than ft ru
v ar ago Hut a Houston Tex , despat h staled th it
It Is expected there that the receii ts uextvvok will
fall below those cif last ) ear Houston ddviirs alt-o
state that the Houston and Tixas Central Itailn a 1
movement Is about ovir, ami add ' Ihls week
should about wind up the bnlsn of tho
State ' Still another It uistou ilepatch said ' 1
have Just retnriu d from v two weeks tilp Pr, pari
tions for planting are two to foui weeks late. Ain
agi said to Indicate liir1 ctnt reilm turn, though It
la too eirlv to state facts Ifiln ts badlv nenlel
There wis no rain in T xas to dav nor has theie
bemanv to speak of reicntlv What Is min, tho
SlknalServho pre Hi ts none for tie m xt thirt) -ox
tours. (Inlvestoti ndvlces state "lanu work is
verv roueh behind ill overtlieSati rhuslexas,
a 1 otton empire bv Itself, Is In un) thing lint a
promising londition Ihe port reniits to dav
wrri 11 r,00 less than last week and less than 4ni)
more than a) ear ago Augusta arrivals were smaller
than a week ago or than last )eni, Iti isi at
Memphis dmpinl below the-e of a week ago
In Oklahoma the temp-raturi was .'(4 In para
tit ns are so fur behind evervwhere that i e iiuestlon
Is beginning to he askel here bv eonservative pco
plewh) eh old auybod),in view of the fau that
nothing Is known of (he next crop, sell m w nop
months I elow m Mr. Nelll 11 Iterated In Ilver
pool to da) his estimati of H7roisiii biles, but It
Is not ti o much to say that it rell Mat. The course
of Liverpool of lata has been disappointing to tho
believers in lower priies ln sjilte of a big dei line
here that markit has hardly budged It pays
praituallv- no attention to the reient tall in
prices the Inert ased receij ts, or the reitera
tion of Mr Neill estimate. I his fait, tho
predictions of smaller reeelpta very so in, tho
piospei ts of renewed rains within the in xt thirt)
six hours iutheOulf and Atlantic States, where thev
are not wanted and falrweathtr where rains am
badly needed, the latent ss of the season thedism
cllnation to make advances to plantersafler the re-
ent at vere decline lu prices, the unusual smallnt a
of the salea of rutilis anil fertilize! the llkellhooi
of a dei.rtabe In the acreagt east of the Mississippi
ltlver, Including (taorgls, which raised 1 Ron out)
baits last )ear and the great Memi hlsdlstrlet whith
tias piodaced higt rops in the past the smrcit) and
demoralization of labor In not a few sections of the
South owing to .14 to 4 tent lOtton call) iutho sea
son and consequent low wages, tho i ht apneas of the
price at the prcsmt time , and llnall) the
laigo consumption all Oils lindoiibteuly en.
courages the bulls to hope tint ultimately
eottoti may mount ton considerably higher level
It haa cirtalnl) display I greater reeupcratlva
I owt r than rninv had expecle I Cotton goods aro
in excellent Jobbing demand, and Dwlght bletchiil
and half bleached auehor 4 4 were advauted tu da)
to tUte The outlook fi r the tall trade In cotton
Loods is considered promising. Memphis, lenn
Mart h 1m " Puking In the Mississippi Valley is
near completion and there is very little cotton in
the fields in fact, the vallev crop ma) be sal I to
be gathered with but few exieptlons. We think
thero is more unpicked cotton lu Arkansas
than anywher else, I ut even there the
amount In the fleida must now be ver) small
lutt nor receipts throughout the Mississippi ally
tiave In en heav) for ten Ujs and will mn
tlnue so a couple of weeks longer, as most pioiilo
aienow bus) ginning and shipping. Qualit) of n
relpts mostly low grades, with poor demand for the
same and holders pre-.iug sabs Dry wsather is
wanto 1. as tarlu work Is un loubtetllv backwatd
I Ittle ploughing has been done ' Columbus, Miss .
Man h Is - Had weatlu r continuta almost without
te. -atlon. Farm work scarcel) begun. Ihlnkhte
ness of season would throw com land into cot
ton Don t believe ln any deenaae In cot
ton at reage." Mr. Thomau lu a special te
lort Issued this morning saje, " Ou an aver
age the seaaou is full) threo weeks late, but
correspondents sa) that with favorable weather from
now on a full acreage 1 ould bo put In without on Ju
dicing results, hentlment is unnilstakablj In favor
of areduttlnnin this year s aereagt, but to what ex.
tent this w 111 I e currlo I into practu al operation It la
nowtooearly to sat Of lexaa it nay be said that
all present Indications point to a full acreage Msnv
reports state that wheat was badl) winter killed In
plat es and that these fields w 111 in all probability bo
planted to 1 otton ln pre fen 11m to corn and oatN.''
CorjrK Hloniithespotwassteadyattt 1 lili forNo,
7 Sales ol rtts) bags 1 osta Hit an and rl)l Mexli an
Futures were 5 points lilglierlrarli hut the close was
steady at unchanged priies Sales I 1 001) hags
Havre and Hamburg adv anted i ejuiriran ware
liouie deliveries, .o,ri&7 bags Ittuvas qiintatino
reis det line, receii ts ti.oon, stock. 2HO oon ex
change, 7 I H2d an advance of I Hid Santos was
tt adv and urn hanged receipts, ll.oou stoek
4u,ooo. Prices ai follows:
.S(ii llMilfti. Lou it rioiint,
Tanuarv ,1 70 r, 7-,
Pebruar) 2"o r so r, ko r, 7r,'ar ho
M"-." ,. . . "fs 00
April ijr.n -un nun 4 11V4.MK)
Ma) J,2tn r 10 n 111 eovm
June ... 1,000 a i.-i r, -, fi ioi'i ic
July -Nso r, .-. r, 2-. r, :o"-, i"
August r. anr. is
September '-".0 r, 40 0411 r.4n', e-,
October i.-T.o -An r, ru r, 4-, sr, -.11
Nuvember l,7'.o ". f, r. -, ', ton 'r,
Deceuilci 2',0 '1 7l) ITll r il'.ij-, 7n
Aslight advanee look pure In cotlo larlv in the
la), owing ti nrnitr hmiptan tables and small
receipts t II o Hut tlu improvement waaloatlatir
in, as tin re was little disposition to tui) Thep,m
dial business waa exchanging near for ili-lam
mouths 1 hayc Is no pr ispect at preent 1 f a settle
mentof the warfare In the (oitec masting Ira le be.
tween tho WojIbiu Cumpan) and Messrs, rbuekle
Naval Sinnrs -Spirits, 47liS4)c, Common to good
atralned rosin, (1 ar,
PauvisioM-Lard was steady, trims Western,
' 18.10: city, III 10: Confine ntal refined, $8.70, Pork
was steady at "$" CO for mess. Meats were steady;
pickled html, 77Wc. Tallow. 4K 6c Dressed
nogs, GVar.Hc. Hutter Creamery, Western, extras,
2ic. do. firsts. Sl92l!ti'.i State, extra, 21H23c.i
do. Ilrsts,20)-4'421c. Cheese-State, full cream, large,
colored or white, fancy, 12c t do, eholee, llKH
I HHc, do small, fane), 1J4912'. kafga
1 State, Pennsylvania and Western, 144c. Chi-
1 1 ago, Man.li 22, "Provisions were helped by
I strength In the grain markets and ruled slightly
1 higher, closing steadv at a small Improvement The
Ma) llquldatl 111 continues to lie an linportantfcaturs
or this market, and this, together with the liberal
ling movement, Is against tbi markit at this tinie.
The lash trade wasellghtlv belter."
1 st mn Haw waa firm at 4'sc for Ho test anil
ntc fnrsuMcst Sales of Is 4nn hags Oil' tostat
I 2 II Die tost and might, noo hints. SM test at
2'kC, cost unit freight and 11 Hon bags molasses
' sugar H test, at 2 a I tic , cost an 1 fro'ght lltllued
was unlet ami unihangf d
I CnteAtio, March J2. Thi so were to day'a prices'
I ; nit
I IIAsilf (;i'rltrif7. lltghtlt. Lnu'tl Cfonro. Aigit.
Mav 1111 mii twi mi'4 es'i;
July ttiV tIK', tistj (,s B7H
I ( urn
I May .11 a-,i a-, 0154 34
nib r,"t joe .n .pi .irH
I Hept .tu'l atli Jll't Uil'si BM
I Mav Lttld 2t H 21.54 2H 2IIV4
1 Jul) J4H 24' 24H , 24ts 24H
May. r. an r. in r, 21 r. 2714 r. 27K
Jul) r. 42! r. jr. t. in r,4 2H r,.4n
tM pi otir 0 -V4 t, r..,l4 trr, Ba.'ia
May 4 70 4 70 4 7 4 70 4 7
.llllv 4 S.'lj 4 KJl-J 4 HO 4 H24 4 HO
Sept 4 It.'ld 4 W 4 U.'h) 4 HI 4 HO
Mav JO 00 'i on is -, $fl 00 $ n"
July u 15 i Wi It 12' li in I' to
I Ivn Slink Market.
Nvw iihk, Weduesilav, March 22 Heceipts of
bet ves wi re 2,11m head, liielu Hug h 1 are for export
alive, 7u tor slaughterers and m for the market
Demand was fair mid 1 rlc, s Just about stiad), and
bulls llrm nnd wanted Several tars that arrivod
late wi ro held ovi 1 Mt dium to good steers sold at
fl'r.xt J" i too tt.. topant r. Hi, poor to fair
oituiand stagsat tl r,inf4, bulls at ftoii4l4 1o,
cowaat 2.ir.'4, 1 fattow at 4 f.n Dressed beef
alow at 7HS4i' r ft for native aides Labbs
sttailv at last quotations Kxporta to da). sa
beeves. ISO she up and 2,071 quartets of beef, to
morrow, 141 leeves,
Hcvelptsofralvin were l.n"J liad, Including Hi
tllrei I ju 1 tlu.e were 1,h7s on sale Demand fair,
and pticts wi rt sua!) 'o 2pc higher, good veala
si Ulna" strong on ratio r light supplies The pens
wen oaeilt clt-artd Poor t) prime veals sold at
4 r,(l7 -.n r1 lno l: ihoiieili. at7 U2l4'7 7',,
topsat SS, "Hills' at 4. ltd calves at .)50 44.
Cltv dresed veala elow at tt 4 1 1 bi . ft ft
ttecelpls of sheipatid lambs were f li-'O head, In
tlu ling 12 cars tor nn buti hers and 17 cars for tho
markit Hit re was a good ilemaud for thestoikat
I full pllces, and top grades of lambs wore Inc.
higher. Oneiarwas htldovei ( omnion to t holco
shtep sold at 1 KO'ttt 2ft el 100 III, "Clllla' at
- 7r.tif I, good illpu I sheep at $4 10, interim
to prime unshorn lambs at t' "lO'utt! 7a, prime
t lipped do atts onilj,', 7.p,,rllpped ' culls HtH.falr
to prime siirlng lambs at $r, 7 head. Dnseed
mutton 7Hiti. f ff , dressed lambs, l lo4J,
lletelpts of lugs wile m Hits Iliad, and there were
ab nit 1 1 arson sale The market was slow but firm,
and falrtocholeo hogs who estimated to bring $4 15
Ull.'u'tt loo Ei.
.1.VA MM.s.
Scotch capitalists, who have been Invasllng
largelv ln cold and copper properties in Brit
ish Columbia nnd Washington, are turning
their attention to California. An 1 tllubtirgh
syndicate has paid S'-MO.OOO for the Crystalllns
group of four mines near Jamestown, and sev
eral other deals in the state are pending
1'he Horn Hllver of l'rlco. I'tnh. has de
clared a quartcrlv dividend ot 0 cents per
1'rospcetors nt Greenhorn Camp, Colorado,
report the discovers of a streik of tale traee
ablo for l.'.'iHJ feet that assavs $20 gold to tho
ton. The entuto, on Illack Mountain. Park
eount). his .100 tens of rich or In tho bint
nwalting the romplction nf a wairmi road to
rreshwater. asia lme ruu from $70 to $1)00.
A letter fiom (ilobe, Arl7 states that James
Fleming has refused SJ.000 00O for the
Hlaok W arrlor This mine was offered In New
ork taro yeais ago, but tho export sent to ox
nmine It reported unfavorabl), Aielnseven-t)-three
feet wide and cnrrvlng IK por cent
crpner is now exposed, and Mr Homing snys
there is a great deal more than $'.',000 01X) in
Tho Hrltish Columbia Copper Company is
snaring 10 ettort to enhance the vilue of Its
holdings in Iloundnrv Cteek, II C Its latest
m fiulbltion Is the lew Ilrueck, a fractional
claim adjoining the Mother 1 oils, which is
opening up In llrst-elass hhnpe.
After several cobtly experiments dredging In
theiCarlboodlftrlct, Il.C, Isnowonatemunera
tlvo basis. 1li KUctlon machine has been
discarded as unsuitable for the work, and five
or sl companies are accumulating handsome
prollts with the dipper and bucket ladder
tlredges It Is claimed that 'J.000 cubic yauls'
capacity can net between S iOO nnd $400 per
I dnv on fnvoiable bars.
Mall aill-os from Clifton, Arly . state that
nearly all the valuable copper nrnpert) in the
district has been tiken up by Lastern jnpital.
I buperlntendent lln'bnch of the Murkeen ( op-
1 per t'otnpaii) of thi- cltv has been irnclally
ictlve In se'curlng claims and dtvolonetl mines
The company has now twenti-two full claims
anil a mill site on the Han Francisco River.
1 Thi vein in Its Si-ctator-Iron mine Is sixty
feet wide ami shows r'i, percent, copper. l'J 1
1 ounces silior and $-'0 gold In tho Cooper
( HIT croup, where n tnnnal Is being run, there
is s lid to be $.100 (us 1 ore in sight
so llroadwar New .nrk, manufacturers of min
ing nrd Fmelting niachint r) Intimates on mining,
nulling Htid smelting sutiplies promptly furnishe 1.
, 'I'HFFM'I ORATION Sv.NDICKTF Mills Illllldlngi
1 Wall an 1 Hro 1 1 streets. New ork, offer Mining
hhari s in standard, suctissful proi ertlrs nperattd
ulid mannged bv theni'-elves
H. B. Hollins & Co.,
COR. Ol' WAI.I. A 15KOAIJ STs., N. T.
on Cuba, Porto Rico, the West
Indies, South and Central America,
Mexico, and Hawaii.
1 Nassau Street, Cor. Wall St.
New York Stock Hxellengc,
.New lorlt (.'otton Hxchimge,
Chlcugo Ilonrd ofTr.idc.
Orders executed on above Echanges Jn
rtiivltlrnasi nml Jnteres;.
Newark, N. J., Branch.
tlmce uf the lreasurer
. ., . . . Chicago Mareh 17th, lsan.
A dividend nf SI SII'JB HliAHK will be paid May
1st next to tho shareholder of this Companj a
stock, leglstered on the closing or the transfer
boiks The transfer books will be dosed at a
0 clock p M. ou the until tla of March, and
oinneit at Id 01 look A.M. on tho loth day of
April n mainlng open until a o clock P M on tha
.'1 of Mai nut, when ihej shall be again closed
lor the purpi ae of the annual meetlug and to be
opened again for transfers In the discretion of
the President or Heiretarj.
i. K HAISn, Treasurer
No 4fl Mall Bt . New lurk. Man h lath, lsrm
At a meeting ot the Hoard of Directors held this
dav, a ipiarterlj divideiul of ONK AND IIIKKK
oOMlTI Its I'EU CENT upon the Preferred block
of this Companj , payable April lath 18DH. was de
clared, payable to the slot kilobit rs of record at the
elose or business upen March -7lh. IHitu
Nirtliepnrpoaeof pailug the said dividend, the
tranafi r books of the Preferred Htock nf the Com
panj will be closed up in Mareh J7th, IMUti. and re
opened ou April 17th IKtiH
y. E PATTEKSON, Assistant Secretary.
I.Vl.rN,,,,U'.frt SMh' ",l"'
1 '"pKn't''? n 'V prlreicT .
Companv has been detlired, pujahle April ir.th
IHitu, toBtockholdrraof record at thi close of bo 1'.
lies-. April Sd. IHHIi The transfer books will elose
April ,d lsitii at lo'clotk P M , and reoi en April
17th, 1D, at lOocloca A M ' ' '
1. It CIIAPMAV. Treasurer.
- IHlAhl HHIS OFFH E, "u,Ai,
rr t, , . , .M- . Marvh 1,180(1.
The Board of Directors of this Crnnpam havede.
1 lared a illvitlend uf IWOPhH CENl on tho Pre
term! and loiuiuon htock pasableat this otfleoon
thi 1st da or Ajinl nt t, 1 1 tnrkhoMt rs of record
at three in clot kP M on tlial'tlitlav of March. 1KUW
at vv hlrh time the transfi r books will be t losed to be
reopinetlat tenoelrjik A M on the Id da) of April
J"". K.5 3.R0n!Nljeaurr
1 M hi 1- UN 1U1LW AY e.l)MPANi h.e "el,""
a iitsnerlv dividend of ONK AND ONf roi HTII
VI H I I.N1 upon the Preferred Htoi k of the Com
pan), psjalle Ma) I, mini, to stockholders of
record at the closing of tho booka at a p. SI on
Mareh '., Ihuii '
Checks will be mailed to stockholders accord,
lngly. CHAHLE3 W. UUAKE. TrtMurer.
Tho Union Pacifio, Denver and
Gulf Railway Company.
UF.ll 31', 18B8
TiriCATES. And to the
Holdeta of certificates will receive the necuritiea
deliverable in respect thereof under raid plan and
agreement of reorganization ou tha presentation
and surrender of their certificates which must t e
aatlafactoril) lndoraod uuleas to bearer, at the omca
of the Central Trust Company of New York, No r,t
MTall Street, or at ita agency, the American Loan
and Trust Company, No, G.i State Btreet, Boston,
Dated March 33, 18HD.
NOTICE IS IU'.KFIIY OIVEN that tha new se
deliver), and that each certiflcata for a 11,000
Union Paciflc 41 per cent, bond upon Ita surrender
to the undersigned will receive the following Col
orado and Southern securities
For fractional amounts of bonds and stock trust
certificates, acrip will tie issued as stated In the
plan and agteement for the reorganiratlon of Ihe
Lulon Pacific, Denver a-id Oulf Itallwa) Compan),
Dated March 23, I8UU
To tlis flolelera of Interim Certificates
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Company
(of Chicago).
Holders of Interim Certificates of the Central
Trust Company of New lork, representing the
SK.7.'0.000 of increased capital atock of the Peoples
(las Light A: Coke Company fof Chicago), are
herein notified that thev mav exchange their hold
ings for engravetl stock certltleates of this Com
pany, on and after Mar h 1.1th, 18hi, by deiioslllnit
with the Central Trust Company of New York, fit
Wall street. Now lork City, their certificates,
duly endorsed in blank and witnessed.
The Regular February divldsnd of Hi per cent
on that portion of the recently. Increased capital
stock entitltd to the aime. will be paid on dellveiv
of Ihe new certificates
(of Chtcngo).
, . LA WILEY, Secretary.
New York. March 13th, I8IU).
Government and
Municipal Bonds
Ala FIRST MORTGAGE knnda of vatah.
tlsbad Ataam Mini Btreet Itatlwara.
81BASSAD HT. (8snAjs70araTOBtdii).
,. II. Ul- IB nml U llroail St.
Orders exeeuted for Investment or on margin. In
terest allowed on deposits, subject to chet k at sight
Railroads reorganized A trade combinations effected.
Act as financial Agents for Corporations fc Investors.
U. S. Ilontls. nil Ibsiuvk, liDuglit nnd soltl.a
f20 FIFTH V ,oor. L'lth si.
, , - BltOADWAY, Silk Fich'geBldg
Branch Ofnces .'Do BROADWAY , cor. Ileade st
H7 HI DON ST . Mercantile Li'ee.
L'liiii1 UT ST; "rooklyn.
J. L. McLlSAN & CO.,
Inn tiers nnd Brokers,
Members of N. Y. Consolidated Stock Exchange,
(ollroadwaj. 3S Congress St.
Stocks and Oraln dealt In on commission, for cash or
on margin of I tor, per tent.
Send for our Dall) Advisor) Letter. It will Interest
CATION. eitctons ana Prttlngu.
No. 4 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cat ,
..,.. . . ,. March Htli. 18UD.
'I'lIF. Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the
J Southern Pacific Compan) , for the election of
Directors for the ensuing year and for the transac
tion of such other business as may be brought be
fore the met ting, will be held at the offiee uf the
(oiupanj, In the Cit) of xan Franciseo, Cal , mi
netlnetila). the Oth day of April, 180,1, at 13 o'clock
The stock transfer books of the Company will he
closed from 12 o cluck noon Saturday, March 2Mb.
to It) o'clock A. M. Thursday, April flta, ihuu,
K. C. WHIQlir, Secretary.
IVamefl tmalt.
It Your Sertanf
needs instruction in tha
Art ut 1 ooanjr,
Call her attention to this opportunity
" ALTMAN ACO. IPth st.inth st.and nih av..
-a'; retjulre ithoroughly experienced watit. sleeva
and skirt hands, also first-class operators and tuck
ers lu their dressmaking department, only those ac
customed to fine order work need apply before u.so
A. M , at the 18th st. (employees) entrance.
A RTIFIOIAL ILOWERS-Fxperienced rose mak."
t "': LA VAKK a CO.. 747 Broadway.
BOOKBINDF.R-Smythe machine sewers wanted.
LUOKNE C. LLVtlB. 218 WlllUm at,
OPERATORS on men's neckwear "
HART LKV Y, 8S0 Broadway.
"I)Arnt BOXFS -Fxpertenced girls on glue and
J piste work, also small girls to learn, paid vrhlla
learning """
UMBRELLAS. Experienced operators
wanted, also on parasols i steady work.
S. J. CAWLEY & CO.. 387-89 Broadway.
U,!IiKI'1' xlrw"n.,ert' Ptnr on WlUcox 4
Ulbbs machlnea at onoe, steady work
ARNOLD, SCUIFFt 00', 25S Church st.
AV ANTED- J Irst class operators on nne"shrts. to
' lakaworkotit no others need apply.
JOHN FORSYrilE. 201 ftoadway.
AV A'TFI)-f aney feather makers and wing mount-.
eV cv;,,?rAND:Io,,,"Ml;r,,.r,o" """a
'RllTnLr,0 J
gotntgHc jtyvantg 'antut, !
00 West 211th st 5
Bert snts are lu waiting from ti A M lu .' I1 , ;
Its ft rentes luvcspgattd
COOKS, S20 to 150 Prott slant t haml erninul. lsun".
dresses, 10 waltrt sets, kitcheninnl Is h usi w L
ers, 25 eooks who wash and Ir in, Uuti Irts.m a
do ctiamberwnrk, waitresses who do 1 tiatnbi ra rl
French and (li rmau lnd) s luiiils, nitrsi. iiur-rr
governeas. butlers sttontl atul thud mtti u.sfni
men Mrs L.SI'1 LY, tin W.st J.M t ertauia !
trance. 1I6J nth av.; tclei hum 1 all Ikii lhi,
rOMPF.TKNT waitress wagtsSIH alsi launlresa I
v willing tu as-lst with tbatnbt rvt rk vvagi. stsT HI
for a family In Moiristimu N I lust lit nn .. Hi
required. Mrs I siki Y, tr.j tttiBv. 11
C'OMPETEN T cook and lautuln as. vvsg, . $. ' W
' to South Oiange. must havt rttirtiiom K
Mrs L sn I V 1 jttl, av
CiOOK and launitres. to go to (iovirmrs I.Umj,
'small famll), wages .( rt ft n me ir pun 1 '
Mrs. I. SFI-1 .irA 0, av
(tOOK to tin coarst washing wages ti tnusria
willing to go to Dobbsl errv rtftttii 1st, mt. 1
Mrs I. SUM ,1 .' nil V
C'OOK to go half hour from New Virk vvagrpts),
' must to competent and have bt ni,t.i ra
Mrs I, SEI- IA I J 1 tti a
COOK to go to Morrlstown wage, fin vtrv l.i
referunces miuiietl Mrs I. SH I , hm nti,nl"
LMRST CLASS waitress, laundress uamt n n ,1
-a. competent chatubtrmald wages $.0 l,it, ...
maid, wages $U, Protestant, willing to g 1 one h u
from New ork, reft renci s re iu rt !
Mrs L SUM, ti.s ith at
CJF.RMvN" or Swedish cook, wages 2il t f 5"
1 willing ti go tu Morrlstown, ri ten tie . srt iinrsr
Mrs L rtFl-Ll. t..'utliav
55lVnntrd 2lcs aRlfrluuurs. Sr.
"ARBFR TltADP taught ill eikht weeks neasn.
-I tern, luslomirs work elone fn e, giving .t 1 1 ma
constant practlt e, ex ert Instrurtois, fail m m,.
losslble i)sitiotis guarantied w'ii u ttito igh if i.
sired, stioclalltiiturrmi ntsnow Mtll HI 4 MMtlll B
SCHUOL, 33 1 Bower). Call or write fot frttt t.
RAS1 rot'NDRY flier ami chipper must In n.
U perlencoi. Apple after 11 A V , 4.'4 Jji.t y ,ti
"I hV KLI EPS and hard s lilerers wanti ilniihu kls.
.r. FlsllFL, NUvSLHt A CO ,ni tnsbv st '
1" APF.n IIOXES -f i) em in ul buts r girls on seT
ting up mat lift es also nalh rs on ri t N
OHiHKKrL'V 1 I ANN CO I liti,nrril
)APEIt Itl'I y IIS
MOIlSi: A OLIVf It, 1 11 lolin t , N Y (
'I'lNROOFEHS wanted. .101IN .SI.TON 7m and 80
a Washlnglpuav ,Hiookl)n
VANTFD two first class stive mounters fi ra
' ehoit distance from New mk cit) A lilreis
with referent 1 s and wages expt ctt tl '
STOE MOLN1HI, box unsun olfce
WANTFD A picture mat m iktl onn u.e 1 t lob
' work preferred. NM. J. Mt LAI (1111 IS, 24
East 4 th st , near Pro id w a) .
Wmuffl 4aTf5 inisrcllnnrous.
7 ANTl D I-ipert salesman In nil states ,east f
" Denver, Col. tu represent a b adlng 01 ivtrsul4
glove factor) atrnngi st line ln Ameru t Ad lre.
autlngage. , xpenenri ami condition,. M M t , 1 ox
102 Bun uptown othte Utttj Brt tulnav
TANTED-Travellings 1I1 snian fniiilllar with phi.
'. sii ians supplies, tlvo txp'ititiii rt lereu s
and salary expected Address M M 1 t'n RHl,
417 Westminster st , Provide lice, Jl I
g,orutjs Wanted u.Uco.
1)R0HTA11I E WORK oflcrcd agents in t viry town
to ent ure subscriptions to the I aille. Home Jour
nal and Ihe Maturdav l-venlug Pnit ttoul i,av t r
good work, We want agents to wi rk thumugiilv an I
with business sv stem to cover t iirh .u tlon with ur
illustrated little booklttsaud othi r advt rtlsing mat
ter How wt 11 some of tiuragi nts have sueiet le 1 is
told in a little bo ikb t we wiml I like tosuilj 11 -portraits
of some of 0111 best agint. with the story
of how thev made It list
THE CL'RTI.-v PCllLlslllSf. CO . 1 hllndMi hla Ta.
-firist-ffln HMp:rmalrji"-yro-fr$0ionni.
' accurate, smith Pn mier or llemitigton wlhe
engagement, two ) ears' huslutss exptrltnie downt
town AddrtsaMiss K , .'II Monroe t , Brooklyn.
efiwt-ClasB Strip jPfmaUj.
St. Bartholomew's Employment Bureau i
211 East 42tt st, Telephone J'114 1-vtn at. I
Ilrst elass tlomcstlt 1 mplovet sof all kinds M
COMPElKNr Prott statit tiling wouiau as inir.eTi I
grown children, excelltnt referent ts willing to B
travel. 14s Westnth st .iitarHtbav .taroof Morris
f 'IIAMBFllMAID.willlngtoiisslst with some ther
V work, wages ', best tltv referent es A I) , H
box 801 Bun uptown o(Hi e, una Ilioatlwav II
CXIOK ami lauiiilress, waes $ jo, willing and ol II g". Il
' lng best retrrences M. F, box 1H1J Sun up T?
town ofncclil". Ilniadwav f
COMPETENT nurse fiirutowiieh.il lieu, wag s ii f
best references L. ,bux noo Sun uptown of- J
flee. 12r Hroadvva). v
'HAMBFItMAlI) and willress wages (U, city
Preferences M.S. I101 liti Sun uptown dice. j
128', Hmatwav 5
IIRSTlLAHSwaltriss ilnderstanilsservltig wines,
carving, maklngsal.nl tin ssing, Ac , best refer- j
entes A M box Mm Sun llptunu otllrc. W 4
JMRST CLAS'( Swedish ,01 1,. vva.-es -o un ter
atauds cool lng In all its bran hes, 1 tti refer- J
enres. A W, box dint huu uptown otl.ie i.'il. f
Ilroatlway. :
piRfflASS iiifant'slinrs. vvnges, - un. J
-a. tleralands the entirt cart evt client referen es.
D E , box S7 Sun uptown ofhee, l.tl", Ilrvadivav,
FRENCH nurse, tompetent for giown children;
wsg-s 2n, good at mistress, best rt fereni es J.
B . box r,n7 Sun uptown oilier 12U.', Ilronlwa)
I JOOD famil) cook wags $2', understand roast.
-- lng autt brriillng go ul pastry At bet refer
ences R (' , box iHH sun uptown office, l.'iS
TAVNDRERS Thoroughlv conipitml willing to
J as. 1st nlthihambcrwork best refneni es N (? ,
boxr,s- Sun uptown office, 1 2.1'. llruadwa)
IAONDIII-ss and thamliermald, wages ;o tlnr
J oughb tompetent, lust rt ft rences K D , hux
fiflH Bun uptown otllie, 12ir. llioadna)
T AUNDRK-SS -Wages 2o. undertandsshirt..
-J collars and culTs, best refert 111 es M M , hi x
r,84 Hnu uptown othte, l.'tl' Ilroadwav.
'I'HOROIOHLY competent w iltress wages t2ii
J best city refermt es. C. I) , box rH2 Sun uptown
oltlce. 1 JIl'Breiadw a) .
'OCN(i girl as chambermaid and wiiltrci- nest,
willing and obliging, best rt f n ores K S ,
box r,83 Sun uptown office, l.'tll Ilroadwaj
efitst-irinojs trlj) SUatrs I'rofts
Stonal. AN ETPFRIFNCFD IlKIllI-MirR mairi'd msn)
wishes eteadv positiou, is iutelligt nt and esi a
ble, can furnish first clas icferem t s Ad In
P MiM'In, lM)7thav ,Ilrnikl)n
AYOUN'O MAN 1 American) of abllltv wintaposl.
tlon as salesman, collector, or othce woik, can
furnlah excellent referetiees Address (1. II , box
170 Sun office
KC'LER A feint Una ruler deslr's a stoady po
sition; referent e furnished
,jAME8 QU1NN, un Iliiflalu av , Brooklyn, N. Y.
BAnBKR wants situation, first class workman.
M44 Melroao St., lirookljii.
IJOOKKEFPFR -Position as bookkeeper or cashier
-A wanted bv young man thoroughlv conversant
with all modern mttlioilstif hookktt jilng, rellal Is,
not afraid of hard work, highest n fen nces J M
box 210 Sun office
LMRBT CLASS TAiLOIlTof Ion.' experience de.lrei
-- permanent position Address
K. REFHAN, HBBroaiway
VOl'Nrt MAN t.'O) deslnis position as clerk, cai
-a. operito Kemlngton typewriter.
FRANK H-ItniE. 140 I.utiir st , Brooklyn
jlMt-CiaiG Htlp Jrttatts.
A YOIINO man, 18, desires position at anythlrn
f- willing, reliable, eapable and itidnstrtous e.a
furnish A No. 1 referenee. Address M A LANF.
Poplar st , Brookl) n,
A OOOD and able man 'Danish! wishes a sltuatloa
'' s a stableman to tend horses, references
C, PARI SEN, 12H Willow av , Hoboken
COACHMAN and" groom, IrishTaged 2 marris t
no family, religion Roman Catholic wages mod
eratei good referenco oounto preferred disengsgai
April 1. Address M.J M, box 4 Hempstaa, i.
I.. New York J
"IOULTRY, cows, horses, gartlen c Twenty
,. rsars' experienced alugli man wants situation ta
take care pf stock of any kin 1, work In garden roi
rarm, milk cows, Ac, strictly tomperte trustwjr.
thy. Address bin 14U West llraueh Mill
- -
sPublic 2oUtt$.
, , WASHINOION I ( ..Mareh .0 .
Sealed proposals aro Intltnl and will bo rt I1
S:.!?,".1J'l)rlm,"t until li M ou fhurslay the
20th of April, iNitp for furnishing sui b Itegi-t" I
Package, Tag Official, and Dead I elter 1 nveiii es ta
uiar be ordered for the uao of the Uepaiiii.M,
Postmasters, and the postal serv it h duriiig a 1 en 1
of one year beginning ou tin 1st da) of Ji It i- h
Proposals must be made ou the blank f run r
vided b the Dtpartmmt sicurt Ir urn 1 P lanl
staled, indorsed Piotio.als for furnishing Kegs
tered Package, lag Official, and D. a 1 I it r I n -!
opes," and addressed to the Third Assistant I 'i
master (leneral. Wasnlngion, D I II da del vc- I
In person must lw hande t in at or lief ire the 1 ur
atxive Slietloed for the receipt then f ith.rwitj
they w ill not be consl lere I,
Blank forms of proposals with full sperlflratl ns
and aamples of the envelopes will be furnishe 1 up n
application to the Third Assistant Pmiuaster-
OeneraL pf RIIV H KKATII ,
Acting Postuiailer Otuital,
a . L

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