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llii 1
'.'fill 4 THE SUN, SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 18 DP.
,i i p
', m svr.ii;o.nr.M:n.ir, aiiKv.r,KAr tes-
ll ttt It tivikh nr.i our. im: vovni.
I i) aft Ho Snjrs CiiiiiiimI Itnsal llcpf Win IHsngrcr-
I K nil nliln In the I'liMi-, hut Not Detrimental
' M S' '" "'""I'- I'''' Nurgenn I'opi- S-Js It
'II fK' ' Wan Not iiOiiihI nuit Wliolrioiiin Hut Ion.
iVlK W Wasjunotos. Mnrcli ."II -Col. Charles i(.
iff fj v Groonlcaf, Assistant SurBSOii-Ooncrnl, IT. H.
! J IjijV A., and Chief burgeon of llio nrmlos in tlio
l I r 'SlC!' ' flelJ ,lurinK l,1 ar 11" Hpaln. was tho llrst
$' iS slfep I witness bofoio the Court of Inquiry this morn-
8 ; W hw '""' " rom'ea M'i movement with don.
1 3 T' Sllles's cTt'cdltlon. the btoti In Cuba nn J the
u lit! landing tit lYmee, anil later IiIh return with
; j ft BW Oen Mllos. In Cuba ho observed very little
i j Jo Sjj I tlio fooil supply of tlio troops, as his time was
1 I a W! occupied In connce'lon with tlia jcllowfovar
' w If' ' oasos. In l'orto Ulco he observed generally
'm iff i ' "10 l' ''su0'1 '" "", Itoorn HU objervn-
jj jSjJj .Ion of tlio cinned loast boo' was that It was
l m fit nnvvklsh to Iho tisto and not pleasant to tho
l 'fy ii sight. Ho thought that such food eaten to
i I li iilr "r c"ttont would l'all on tho taste. While he
P I 9t' 'tlF ' '"'' not confil,ur It palatal lo. he did not think
jj f ijjj It detrimental to health.
' S $ ilii Majot Iao nked the witness to explain
ii h S 111' what oporlence;ho had with the cannod roast
iBB iwP ''eof- nml '"' Cueonlo.if eald that his objerva-
' fl Vw "" w,ls ''0""nod '" on or wo occasions
j lfll when II was supplied him for his luncheon
I" ' j when lie wn away from his reeular mess.
i jSf "Please state If, In votn opinion, the canned
j ,Hj I roast beof under tlio conditions existing la
,! (i J i t l'orto ltlco would toi)d to produce nausea."
jJ , j j "L'uder tlio condltWn that It was spoiled, or
I , L whom It was eaten many dars oonsccutlolj,
S f i1 ltmieht jiroduco sickness. It would become
i J ' fco obieetlonnblo that it would not be accept
j ) nblo and would bo rejected," said Col. Green-
v fe The cans of loast beef openod by him spoiled
iBj S Si In neiy few hours aftor thev were openod.
$ i k; He could not toll how loin: It would bo In the
J) j Aj tioplcal cllmnto beforo poisfmous conditions
S, jj would appear in an opened can of roast beef,
JuNS Col. II. T I'opc. Chief Hurceon of tho Tifth
M jS Army Coum In the Cuban ovpcditlon under
ili l ft Gen Hbofter, was the ne.vCwItiiess. lie tcstl
& J lied that ho s iv a Rood deal of the food supply
$ X la of the troops with tho Cuban expedition. "Tlio
a' fi canned rrnbtbcefoi canned boiled bsef," he
2 S said, "had a decidedly unsatisfactory appear
? if nnce, was unsavory to the taste, liaxlnc no salt
2 it In It. nnd was strinuy. It secned to be con
s' j; 5 ored with a suet The uroat trouble was In
J: j 8 the lack of fncillllcs foi cooklnt; It. It looked
f: (J y llko bcof left oer aftor m iklnt' beef tea. As
jj j eaten ilcht from the can ft was a verv unsatis
Hft I factory form of dint. It had a washd-out
E i I' I w! uppcarance. I mlclit Buy It looked exsancul
B ' J It I nated. Jly own opinion was that It was of a
n&fH K ' lowordei of nutrition "
H lii' ( Si As to tho rcfrlirerated beef. Col. Pope said that
Hii'f f (II a"el tho outside was trimmod off the l)eet was
I 'g l! t'l I Teryuood. In reenrd tolthcjcllect of tlio ration
E ii' 'i uponlthe health of thoeomniand, ho sildthat.ho
H ! q E was uiiahlo totiaco any particular dlkcaso to
K f, it g nnypnrt of tho ration, tho canned roast Lector
Bel' T "' lefriKCiated bcuf. Intestinal tiuulilijs.
Bf V II 1 which usually follow ttio uso of docompo-eil
Erf! I i meat, did not appear until koine tlmo in July.
ElpJ r l "l0 t'ms "lu eo11""'""' ,u,s brokou down
El I- I H tha!trael lation bocuue almost unondurabln.
Bl' ' I "u alt' '10 '''"' "" re'lton t0 Huepect that re
Efl f r frlcorated bcefih.id been treated cliamically.
Efi? I v Major I.oo asked If, under the i.onlitIonHf'x
Kl JI'J jit Ifitinir on tho fli Ini; line, canned roast beef was
El if V proper food. Col. I'opo lepllcd- "It wis ery
Hi r trj luif food. mau nilKht cat It with his eses
EtlH a f,',u " ',0 1TI,S orv hunmv. I would not re-
HiH fa Kurd it as a uoml and wholesome ration for
Hi )'i 'i troops lu a tropical ullniato under the condi-
Sjil,' tlous existing at hunti.mo."
'i Gen. Wado-Uo'toi. do ion think tho health
fsl A g of tho mon would bavo been bolter had thera
tj I j f been no cnuued meat, ami thoy luul had tno
Bn I ' old reeular lation of bacon' A. lhlnlc it
gi. I -I would.
91.: f Col. fllllesple -Then you think canned roast
fl 'j beef moroo'jjoctionable In a tropical country
Si 3 J than bauon' A. -1 think so under the coudi-
flf Hi ( tlons oYistlnc lu our command.
if !V Major I.oiiIh A. l.a iiarde. bureeon, U. H. A .
K I l followed Col. 1'npe He was In command of
KvjS J 1 the ronene dhii-ion luiMilt.il at hlboncy, and
Ss It J w hilo on duty.obervel the use of canned roast
9 1 i j beof. lie hawlit!at tho table nearb every meal.
g ,f 3 i It was sometimes In tho form nfthish
ill j i , "I don't know that we wore Hpeclall fond of
f if .' it, but wo felt thatlit wiih h substitute for fresh
j! ft ;1 beef. Wlion no hid tomatoes nnd onioiih to
f f & ,' put with It we found it moro palatable It was
jl i 5 ' used at the hospital bv the patients who wore
III jj able to eat the ration. There was certalnh no
jl H i epeolal complaint abouttit."
Ilf K (-'1' Davis It what form was It ued In the
jtf j 1 . hospitals A. In err much the same way as
it I j, prepaied for the oflkers' mess Iilontknow
I f that anytattempt was mado to furnish it cold.
It I ' ' It was mado into abash.
!i i As to the latiou furnished the troops, he
j r l J i thounht the meat component preponderated
If 1 to some extent over tho vcactnblcs. It would
it; I have beon better to havo had moro vegetables
I . f t i and less meat.
ft ii f y. To what client do ion attribute the dis.
M , cases to tho food supply' A. We attributed
g .1! ' ' some of the lntestlnnl disorders to the con-
, I jj f I sumption of meat In that climate. Iho same
f A j ' ration Would have done well for tho northwest
t I , part or the country 'Iho ration was not suit-
t , t able for that climate.
K f is , , He could not deslcnnto an particular meat
L'Ktfil; as havinc caused more sickness than any
E fi'II 1 , other, 'loo much of any mnnt would have the
BSIjj, same elTnct " t ) refrltcratod beef, he saw
BfjjK , Homo once or twice tint had a Kresnish mould
Bfi'ij V on It. 'I his was a'trlbuted to the moisturoof
1H ? refrluerntlon ltefpii.'erated ino.it was usod in
f;lj t t the diet of the sick ami wounded. It was no-
Bl ;f! j ticed that illarrhoeafollaw'cillthecatlueof beef-
Et i j i steak At no time hid he reason or did lie
l:j( 1 piimi'io that the meat had been (hemically
Hi '8 . 1. 1 , trlia j
HtiH a Clin M W. Ireland, who was executive oill-
Eljgf 1 , cer of the reserve division hospital at Hiboney,
filstS s tostlllcd tba' canned roast beof wasused as a
SI lEi1 diet for tho sick and vvoundeil in thrhosnltnl
Hi i 1 i i It was a i-onisu urado of beef, he said, not ao-
K IfH I ceptable to thosiulit or taste. It was not
El)li1 j II liked by the men.
JlalV ' j I y Vhat elicit had It upon tho men who
jUi 5 j , used it' A.- It bociune repulsive to thsm In a
jmf h Mry short tlmo and nome of them complained
f fl :j that It cave thatn lntestlnnl trouble.
tiij Aft C'apt ircluiil L'liin nn unfavorable dsscrln
Ellll i "" ' "10 rofrlceraleil beef, but volunteered
KSi'I A tbe explinntion that this beet was unloaded
fill L, from tho ship at about 4 A. M. sent to the train
Hfi S V "n'l loaded lit ii'iout H A. M. and reached the
Bill m ' i hospital about noon, belni: in the sun forsev
Hfii IB I- sral hours. 1I that time it was spoiled to
B i IE somo extent and the pieces had to to trimmed,
Jrm II He never thought of tho beef betncchomlcally
Jf;!k m ireatod for Its preserxatlon.
It fj Si i Majoi Henry Kllbournc, surseon, L S A.,
JR ii is . teptltlcd that on the vowieo to ( uba the men
IS Ji Si t threw away much of their travel ration He
jfiji. fit called tin officer's attention to tlio hard bread
Haifa ll t n,Hl beef can" lloatlnt; in the watei. He said
flg ,lf ; that In his opinion none of tho disease in Culia
iii )j wasat rlbutabl totlieuseof lOfrlKerated boef
HI c II! i Ho had not attilbuted the sickness to any par
HfiTh It I f tlcular article of food, except that the food ten
HtftJ !.? ernllv was not Miltalile for men under the con
Hpi'j? I f i Jitlons oxistiiiK nmouc the trcoi.s of the L'abau
Frnf ''I cnmpnlitu
M U I ' Cant. A. lfllevl. an sslstant Surceon with
jf 'ft ,j , t the Cuban exjirditlon, said lio ate some of the
jtjjlj; it canned roast beef at different times, mnkinc
Bl& ! ' particular oliseivntlon? a-, to ItselTect uron
ll y , himself and ihe troops around him I null
il ft time he atn it lie was niiide .i k After -"atiiie
Hill ill" beef the tlniil time he nave it upas an nr
HI)u it "' 'p ' '00t' ' '"' men, nltei eitins it, corn
Hi ! k Plaliud of a soicnefs in the pit of the stomach
Cr , I; In his oplnl jii tho cinned mast heof was dc-
if 1 3, void of the ueeiv-saiv iinnunt of nutiltion H
g K icenrded It as nn unlit article of tlio ration
1 1 3, j, hpeaklnir of rsfrlucrated beef coinlmr to his
HI I 1' . i attention at I nkcl,inil,"l la , he said he never
Tift I?, I aad on alou to leject any of it and what he in-
L- lit si ectcd ho leuarded as very fair beef
RT 5 y Geoiuo II (illlincs o(V-an Antonio, Tex., a
If, 4 V witnc'fs ottered l Major I ec. counsel for (ion.
Kf I Miles, next took the ttaud and testllled to bld-
M(i-A J iliim tofiiuiixh I euf In Cuba on the block Ho
jT"U ' was asked to detail anv couversitiou he had
J W i with icon 1 ,ic in .il ut the proposition tofur
uH J til all til" army In Cub.i with (re.-.b beef He
Si replied that he discussed with Gen, t.man the
Kin advertisement for projosals. He ndmitted
llf that Gen. Kau'in bad tolit him his preference
fir Ii was for rcfrlirorati d beef, but had rumarked
ijii.- , that he did not think It could be made alalia
hje' ll, ' ble for uso in Cuba.
jtjii "One d i he told me that the Secretary of
III ,; Wnr bailment for blm the nluht before and told
Bit!" i !''m "'i' there was f. much clllTerenie be-
Ftfl ' tvvcen the prlco of the refrigerated beef and
( . the I cut on tho hoof th u Im thoucht It bettor
fli ; to L'Ue them a ehinee
Ivl j (illlliiKs said lie Informed Gen Fncan thst
(i J he did not think the Chb imo llrms could fui
KG i 'di-h sitlt-faet nily rolricerated beef Gen.
jfttt i I amin said tbev liad a l lepirntlon known only
HiK J to themselves Hut would keep It seventy. two
Ml I - hours lu anr climate He said if thore was
k. any diss itisfni'tlop with Ifamonc tho soldier
V boys In Cuba he would ill ct the -ontract Im-
uiediitelr and uive It to the 'I exas cattlemen.
KM Mr GIllinKH declaicd that Conuressmao
jSjVKaHBjSjl' Ilnnley of 'lexaswas present at several of
HBHHBBfi thehe tntervlevvh. II repeated his declaration
KiZHHI ,hat (,.". '-'"-' ' !ad told blm that the Secro
BJL'mHHk !"" '.,f nr ,n'l el,t f ,r blm and', Informed
jV him tint tliere was so much difference in the
HBSBflBWr cost tn.it the icfrlucrnted beet men had letter
jWjVJBjBKBF le a "haii e
jflM "I asked him, said tlio witness. "If the Sec-
jBflHHK.'. 'etnry had ordered liliti to do so He said. '.No,
li'J out it amounts to the samo thine, and I am
HHHfln- 7L bound to tilve them nchaneo."
BHBmii!t 'i'lie witness denied that Gen Easanhad over
HHJFhVi 8( forbidden blm to come ln(o his office. "I
always treated him like a Bontloman,' ho said,
"and he always treated mo that way. I would
not lot him treat mo nny other way. What ho
Hnld about me is not ho." Tho witness de
clared that Go n. Eufmn had said that Mr. Hwlft
told him ho luul a secrot procoss.
.1 Halo Hyphor. a lawyer, testified that Inn
conversation with (ten Katun tho lattnrcpn
xojod to him tho Impression that ho doRlrid to
furnish the Cuban army with bcof on tho hoof,
or, as he expressed It, hoof on tho block After
the openlnir of tho bills the witness snld ho
thought he detected n ehanco of opinion on tho
part ol tho Commlssnry-Goiiornl He said
that tho refriueratod beof peopjo had offered
hlma bondtoKUarniiteotbekccplucof tho beet
soventy-two hours ntterdellvery. Later Gen.
I'jiKan mid thit, owluir to the irientilllTcrenen
bitweou tlie price of tho b"ef on the hoot and
refriueratod beef, he thought he would have to
give the refrigerated beef people a trial Gen.
J!ngau said Nomethlngnbout thocrcat pressure
being brought to bear upon him In favor of tho
icfrlgeratcd beef people Witness could not
remember dlstliictly just what the remarks
were, but his Impression was that tho lnllu
encii reforred to was political
Major I'hlllp T Harvey. .Surgeon, testillod
that hn had honrd of no complaint against the
canned roast beef
Mnjoi A II AiM'ct, Surgeon, said bo did not
consider thai food had caused tho Illness,
niuongsoldieivs In Cub i. Ills opinion was tint
the men would havo been nearly ns bad off. no
mutter what food had been Issued to them. Ho
had heard about tlio canned roast beef from
iillleers who had been In Cuba Thoy spoko of
the beet in being repulslvo In appearance,
stringy nnd fatty.
Col. Gillespie nsked If any men came under
the observation of tho wltijess who wero ema
ciated without having nny woll-deflnod disease.
Wltnesf. answered " es "
O Wereanyof the cases attributable to a
lack of eulllclont food ' A I should say not
Q. Were any cases of emaciation duo to
starvation? A. I should say no. but thero
were men lu various stages of starvation who
got food but were unable to assimilate It be
cause of tho iuDaniod condition of the aliment
ary canal
Tho court then adjourned.
The Scheme Offering n Koilnk to the Per
son starting a Chain.
Washington. March .'11 Acting Assistant
Attorney-General liarrett of tho Post Olllco
Department has decided that a schemo offer
ing an $8 kodak to tho person starting n chain,
which runs to completion. Is a violation of tho
lottery law when operated In the following
manner1 Tho startor of tho chain sends ten
cards to ten persons, for which ho p.iv s tho
oporator ten cents. Each recipient of n card is
requested to lu turn send tho operator ten
cents, for which ho receives ten cards Thcso
cards nro to bo sent to ton other jiersons. who
aro In turn to send thorn in with ton cents for
ten other cards. If the ten cards sent out by
each of tho ton porsons addressed by the
staiiarof the scheme nro sent In to tlio pro
moter, nn $8 kodak Is to lo sent to tho starter.
The award of this kodak is held to bo de
pendent upon chance, and. besides, theschomo
is of a fraudulont character. This is a recon
sideration of a former opinion of the depart
ment. Numerous chuln lettor schemos of similar
character have boon held to come within the
prohibition of the Lottery law, whllo others,
differing in detail, havo been held to to admis
sible so far as tho Lottery statute Is concerned,
although oven some of theso may terminate
in schemes to defraud,
Secretary liny llerclves Them ns Prlvnto
Cittelti Only.
Washington, March HI. Secretary of State
Hay this aftornoon lecolxed unofficially tho
delegates sent to Washington by the Cuban
Assembly to obtain authority for the raising of
a largor sum of money for tho payment of tho
Cubnn soldiers tlnn tho ?3,0OO,H00 offered by
tho United Statos and agreed to by Gen.
Oomo. Kecretury Hay and the delegates had
a long conversation, at the close of which tho
Secretary plainly and emphatically told them
that the t'nlted States Government would not
consider any proposition looking to the In
crease of tlio amount of money agreed upon,
nor would nny action of tho Cuban xssembii'
toward issuing bonds be Indorsed. Tho dclo
gateswero received liy.Secretary Hayasprivato
eitUens. and no oltlclnl recognition will bo
given them After tho interview the Secretary
informed tho President of what had taken
place, and Mr, McKlnlcy gave his approval.
,V,0 DEAD bOLUIElia.
President McKluley tn Attend Their Hurlal
til Arlington Cemeter).
Wisill!s0T0V.3Inrch31 Thero is no present
Intention of tho War Department to provide a
great military demonstration for tlio funeral
of tho3l0 soldiers who were killed or died in
Cuba and l'orto ltlco nnd whose remains will
bo Interred in Arlington National Cemetery.
Suggestions havo been made that tho District
of Columbia National Guard and tho regular
troops stationed hero bo ordered out to escort
the oodles from the railroad station to tho
cemetery, but tho military authorities aro op
posed to this plan. Adu.-Gcn. Corbiu said to
day that it was practically impossible to carry
tho great number of caskets through Wash
ington to Arlington. Tho present Idea is to
have tho funeral train proceed to Arlington
station, where It will be mot by a detachment
of regulars from Fort Myer and the colllns es
corted to the cemetery. President McKinley
w 111 attend the Interment.
Washington Kotos.
Wasiiinotov, March Ml. Gen Russell Hast
ings, President McKinley's old army com
mander and slated for the post of Director of
the Bureau of American Republics, with his
wife and two daughters, has just arrived from
tho Bermudas, and thoy aro guests at tho A hlto
Houso for tho Taster season. Gen Hastings
told a Sun reiorter that he had not decided to
accept the office to which he has ben chosen.
The monument to Daniel Webster, to bo
placed lu ono or the city parks, is now ready lo
be put In position. Slgnor O. Trentanove.
the sculptor, had a conference to-day with
President McKinley as to tho date for the un
veiling, which tho President has promised to
attend. The date will bo announced in a tow
Gen. Miles, in addition to ordering tho ap
pointment of a board of officers to examine
and report xvhat publlo land nnd property In
Hawaii should bo reserved for military pur
poses, has also directed that a tioard be named
to determine and recommond hatbor lines tn
the harbor of Honolulu This board. Gen.
Shatter has reported, will consist of Major
William C. Lnnglltt.Capt. I'.J. II llickon. aud
Cant II. A Siiringett. Second Unltod Stat-s
Volunteer Fnglncors
The cruiser Columbia was placed out of com
mission at tlio League Island Navy Yard to-day.
Sampson's Squadron SnlU fur Venezuela
Wasiumitov. March .'11. Admiral Sampson's
scjuadron of ovolution. consisting of soven ves.
sels, sailed to-day from Kingston. Jumaloa, for
I a Guayra, Venezuela, tho southernmost point
of the cruise. Tlio provision ship Supply loft
thosnuadion at Kingston and Is proceeding to
New ork. Admiral Sampson informed tho
Jiavv Department that J C Dnrcey, an oilerof
the Detroit, died on Marcli :t0 of wounds re
ceived in a fight at Kingston, presumably the
atfray between sailors of Samnson's suuadron
over the claims of men of the New York for a
share lu tho credit of destroying Cervera's
Col. Amlciann Appointed a Ilrlenilier In
the Army.
Wasiunoton. March III. Tho appointment
of Col. Thomas M Anderson of tho Fourteenth
Infantry to bo a Ilrlgadier-General of tho
United States Army was announced to-day.
Col Anderson, who Is a Mnjor-General of Vol
unteers, succeeds llrlg-Gen. lWwIn V Sum
ner, who was promoted from the Colonelcy of
the Seventh Cavalry a fovv days ago and retired
immediately on his own application The
original vacancy was created by theretirement
of Hrlg.-Gev. Marcus P. Miller on Maroh 7.
Gen. Anderson's natural retirement will occur
Jan, 'Jl. llxit). his sUty-fourth birthday.
Yesterday's Cabinet Meetlg.
W'AsniNOTON. March HI. The Cabinet dis
cussed routine mattors of administration for
nearly two hours this morning, but no busi
ness of great Importance was transacted.
There was a desultory discussion of tho cam
paign In the Philippines, and general satisfac
tion was expressed with tho progres" of tha
campaign. Tho Samoan iiuestlon was only
briefly touched upon at tho meeting.
Mr. Sherman Convalescing.
Wariusoton. March Ill.-Dr. W. W. John
ston, former Socretaiy Sherman's phvolelan,
said to a Sun reporter to-day that his patient
was convalescing, that he Is gaining strength,
though slowly, and that his eompluto recovery
from the attack of pneumonia is assured.
Heath n( a Cavalryman In Porto ltlco,
Wasiumitov, March HI. Gen. Henry cables
from San Juan, l'orto ltlco, to the War Depart
ment announcing the death of Farrier Philip
Erhardt. Troop M, Fifth Cavalry, at Cayeyon
the illlth.
Drnr The Sun In Mlml
when you again hve something nrst clan in
" Horses anil Carriages " for sale nrnirhange. you
reach bus readers by advertising lu Ihi Buw. A4t,
Grnhs n Cittern Who Wanted to Turn It In
Comments of the Firemen.
When Mrs. Iludklr. who keeps a boarding
houso ntl'8 West Thltty-flrst streot. discov
ered that her house was on flro early yester
day morning all her boarders were yet asleep
UDstnlrs. She ran out on .the stops and ap
pealed for help to tho passorsby as tho only
thing she could think of. An elderly gentle
mnn hoard her aud ran ns fast ns ho could to
the alarm .box on the HroadwSy corner and
turned the knob. That jet the bell within
rigging, and before he csuld pull the hook a
ixltceman jumped from a llroadwny car bound
south nnd grubbed him.
"What In ara you doing?" ha said, and
held him ba-'k.
"Sending out an alarm, you fool," gasped
the man, sttuggling to cetjattho box. "Let
go: there's a houso on fire. Lot go, I tell you."
Hut the policeman did not let co. He gave)
blm a Push that sent him staggering Into tha
"No. you don't." said he. "You g'wan about
your business. G'wan now."
'Iho .cltlzau stared a moment, stuoofled.
Then ho lamembered and set bis teeth
"I'll send out that ulnrni now. or" he said.
and with a jump renshed tho alarm box and
pulled down the hook. The job wns dona and
tha llremcn were coming.
"Now. ' said he. "jou can arrest me If you
like," and mado lor tho houso that wns burn
ing. The t'olhemnu fjlloned. but did not arrest
him Ho found that the houso wan roally on
lire. So did the tlremen, coming nn a run.
They put the flro out and then heard the story
of tho policeman. They were very indignant.
"The blamed fool!" said one "That Is just
the Windsor Hotel story over again Will thsy
nov er learn? W by. If It wasn't for the citizens
half the fires wouldn't bo reported till It was
too late. This donkcv might haie caused the
boarders to be burnod In their beds."
Happily for him. no ono knew the policeman
or had noticed his number. He had prudently
taken himself oh in time.
The Fee for itealsterliig Vessels Under the
C'ubiiii Flag Is Abolished.
WAsniNOTOv. March .11. Presldor.t McKin
ley, by an order made public to-day through
Assistant Secretary of War Melklejohn. has
taken the first important step toward laying
the foundation for a purely Cubnn merchant
marine As nn Initial step tn that dlreotlon ha
nas ordered that all roglstry fees Imposed for
documenting foreign vestelsin Cuba be abol
ished. The old Spanish fee for vessels was
$." per ton. a shown by the vessels' registered
tonnage. President McKinley now proposes to
abolish all fees This will not only allow tho
Cubans to purchase ships In tho cheapest mar
kotsof the world, but will enable them to build
up tho earning trade which they so much
need, and which, bv an onerous tax! under
Spanish rule, was almost Impossible. With
no stringent restrictions upon the coasting
trade. Cuba Is expected In time to establish
shipyards of her own. Hut In tha Interval
shipbuilding nations, such as the United States
and England, will profit moro or less by the order.
He Iteturas from Ills Southern Trip In
Splendid Health.
Washington. March .11, Speaker Rood re
turned to Washington from his Southern trip
to day, nnd will spend a fowdajs In tho city
bo lore lonvlng for the North Mr. Reed is look
ing in splendid health, and says he feels as
well as he looks He said to-night that his stop
in Washington wns without significance. Mrs.
Reed remained at tho Shoreham whllo tho
Speaker and Miss Heed wore making their trip
to .Ink) I Island, and Mr Reed naturally re
turned here ThoHpoaker has mado no plans
for the summer beyond the fact that ho will
spend mostof It In the North Hosalditwas
his usual custom to remain in Washington for
some tlmo aftor tho closeof a session of Con
gress, ns he always had some matters toattond
to beforo taking his iciition Ho was inclined
to disregard entiiely the, rumors as to the
Speakership of tho next House
A Syndicate of Capitalists Whose Srheme
Is Approved by the Cubnn Assembly.
Washington. March HI -C. M. Coon of New
York, icpresenting a syndlcato of canitallsts
who havo organized for the purpose of lending
monoy to Cuba on a bondod dobt. has just re
turned from atrip to that Island. Ho was In
company with a numborof othor Investors. and
Is now stopping In this city for the purpose of
Interesting the Administration in his plans.
Mr Coen says that capital to the amount of
S'JO.IHH) (100 is lvlng In readlnoss. mostly in
Western banks, and that tho syndicate desires
to lend this sum ton provisional Cuban Gov
ernment, provided pavment will he assured
through tho United States, whoso officials aro
now collecting the Cuban rovenues. Mr.
Coen's schemo is approved by tho Cuban As
sembly, and ho Is satisfied that Gen llrookn
should treat with that body as repiosentlug
Cubnn sentiment and drop Gen Gome.
The Cromwelllnn Vnion League Nominates
(len. Miles for President.
Washington. March 111 Tho District of Co
lumbia Council of tho National Constitutional
Cromwalllan Union League boa ratiiled the
nomination bv the General Council of that body
in Now York some time ago of Mnior-Gen. Nel
son A. Miles to be Piesidcnt of the United
Stntes, Tho fact lias been formally announced
by Col. Gustnv Augcnstcln. who lllls tho olllco
of General Hold Agent All the councils In the
league.savethatofCallfornia.lt is said, have
now ratiiled tho action of tho General Council,
and tho notification will bo mado to Gen. Miles
in a short time. The longue Is of English ori
gin, and a membership of several thousand In
tlie United State" Is claimed for it.
Gen and Mrs Miles returned to Washington
last night from their trip to New England.
Spanish CigarmaVers' Pickets Arrested.
Tho Spanish nnd Cuban clgarmnkers who
are on strike at Stachclberg A Co.'s cigar fac
tory, .18.1 West Broadway, followed tho ox
amplo of English-speaking strikers yesterday
and had pickets to guard tho factory. Fearing
trouble, the firm asked for police protection,
and ono or two policemen weie around. Three
of tho Spanish pickets, who wero considered
aggressively demonstrative, wero arrested on
charges of disorderly conduct Two of them
wero afterward discharged, and one was held
for examination Tho Germans. Hohemlans,
Americans, Ilobrews and Chinese who struck
In sympathy with tho Spaniards and Cubans In
tho factory nro at work again.
The Weather.
There was an area of low pressure covering nil tha
Atlantic and Oulf coast States cterdaj-, with three
centres of depression, ono over northern New Eng
land and Neva Scotia, the second over tho middle
Atlantic i uast and the third on tlio et Oulf coast.
Tho latter is iloveloping into a storm, and was caus
ing heavi rains and hlali winds In the lower Mis
sissippi Valliy and Texis Heavy rain also fell In
(lenrjia and 1 loriila Tho rain area extended Into
the Ohio X alley and up the Atlautto coast almost to
New orl,
Fair weatlnu prevailed In thn lain regions and
west of the Mississippi north of Texas. A cold wave
was moving down over ill the Western states from
tho extreme Northwest, the tciuperaturu In Montana
being from i to 14 below rcro. The line of freez
ing extended from the coast of Maine dlreotly south
west to tho ccetre of Teias.
In this eitj tho day was fair, be eoming threaten
ing toward night, wind variable, hut mostly north
east, average veloelty eight miles an hour, average
humidity, 7S per rent,, barometer, corrected to
read to sa level, at 6 X, M , :u.7il, 3 1' M., J'.i.flj.
The temperature as recorded by the official ther
mometer and also by The ScVs thermometer at the
street level is shown in tlio annexed table
Official. liun'l i-OMtal -, Sun'l,
19). J9?. J13J.I 113. 1,98. Uti,
BA. M.4.V .ID0 H' P. M 4S' 43' f,t
12 It. 4H' 42 M MP. M 48' NO' 4tt
3 1. M 05' 44' B7 12 Mid. 44' .IS" 47'
For N'ew Fngland, fair hatnrdaj and probably
Sundaj , brisk west winds.
For New Jersej, fitr and colder, except on the
south coast, winds becoming brisk northwest, Sun
day fair.
For the District of Columbia, Delaware, Msry
land Migiuia, and eastern I'ennsjlvsnla, fair and
colder, fnsh west winds, fair Suiidaj,
tor tatUrn Xew Yotk,air Anturday and probably
.Sioufji, coUrr ?ilurlau in eztremr louth portion,
uoidl blaming bntkuelt.
For Ohio and western Tennsjlvaiiia and western
New York, falrHaturday and probably Sunday, brisk
west winds.
Court Calendars This Hay.
Supreme Court Speelsl Term. Part II. Ex.
parte matters
Barregste's Court-Chambers. -No day calendar.
For prohate-VMila of tlabrlel W. Raphael. Bella
Ilonistieu. John II Drown, at 10 80 A M.
Cltv Court-Special Term.-Court opens at 10 A.
M. Motions.
SErr.xTT-rmsT to nr.cmrE its
The Whole Madison Street Pollen Sinnnl to
Form a 1'iineral Ks'cort foi ltougli
Itider Harry Ilnywnrd Aliangenirnts
fur thn Seventy-first's 1'unirnl March,
The removal of the 082 bodies of American
soldiers from tho transport Crook will Prob
ably bo completed this aftornoon. A train
load of bodies to bo burled in Arlington Cem
etr, near Washington, will loavtUeraev City
this morning, and tho romalnder of the UOU
bodies to be burled there will be sent on a sec
ond train When tho Quartermaster's men
began to take nut of the ship the bodies of tba
men who dlsd in Porto Rlco'lt was found that
thero wero no Porto Rlean death certificates.
A Quartermaster's cleik jumped on n tug nnd
hunted up the transport Iluford In tho harbor,
Tho Iluford brought the Santiago death cer
tificates, but she did not have the Porto Rlcan
certificates. Tol. Kimball of the Quartermas
ter's Department issued nn otdor allowing tho
bodies to bo sent away without tho certificates.
Tho body of Sorgt. Henry If. Havward of
tho rough rldeis, formerly of tho New York
polleo, was tukon off the ship yesterday. A
eommlttco of patrolmen from tho Madison
street police station, consisting of James Gil
Tiartln, Frank Johnston, John Haves nnd Dan
iel btine, wnsonZtlie docklto receive the bod v.
All of the men attached to tho Madison streot
station will attend Hnyward's funeral to-day
Chisf Devery will have the station covered by
men from other stations. 'Iho funeral will
bertieldlrom St. Teresas Church, at Henrv and
Rutgers streets, nnd interment will bo mado
at Cypress Hills
All bat two of the fourteon bodlos of tho
Seventy-first Rerlment men brought on the
ship are on the dook. The other two, it Is ex
pected, will be taken out of tho hold this morn
ing The bodies of the Sev only-first's dead will ba
taken from the chin to the Wall street ferry,
llrooklyn, this morning nt 11 o'clock in un
dertakers' wagons. On this side of tho river
they will be met by artillery caissons. Tho
bodies nre extcteil to arrive thero at 12. lfi
P. M. They will be mot bv a sound of polico
under Inspector Adam A. Cross.
The Seventy-first Regiment, under Col. A. T.
Francis, will arrive at about the samo time nnd
will nut the coffins on the caissons. 1 ho
parado will then be formed in thls'ordar- The
polico. tho Seventy-first Regiment band, the
fourteon caissons, hairing the dead, the Seventy-first
Regiment, the Seventy-first Regiment
Veterans' Association and a rear guard of
mountod police
Tha start for tha armory will bo made at
l::ni P. M.
'I he procosslon will march through Wall
street to llroadway. to West Fourth street, to
Washington Squro. under the Memorial Arch,
up 1'itth avenue to Thirty-fourth street and to
tho armory.
Tho funeral services will bo held in the
nrmorv and conducted by tho Rev. Arthur
Uradshaw. Chaplain of the) regiment. All tho
funeral arrangements are under the euro of
Lieut J. Wesley Lyon of Company 1J.
Curious Situation in XV hlch Ai tor Stevenson
Kntiml Young ltoheit Wnrtier,
JohnStevenson.au actor, who lives ntll'J-t
Hancock street, llrooklyn, had occasion on
Thursday night to go to tho collar, whero ho
recently placed n large chest containing cos
tumes he wore during his connection with tho
"Secret Service" company. Thero was a
flicker of light from ono of tho choets. and It
led Stevenson to bellevo thero was a fire. Ho
went after n pailful of water, and on his return
to tho cellar ho discovered that the light was
from a pnndlo. He throw back tho partly ele
vated lid of tho chest and confronted Robert
Warner. HI soars old. of mil HaneoeK street.
W arner was badly frightened nnd some time
elnpsnd bof jre he was able to speak. He then
stammeied that Stevenson's ion. Clarence, had
given him permission to sleep in tho cheit. Ho
snld he had had some trouble at home w Ith his
mother early in tlio evening and hid left the
house Tho boy added that ho had given to
Steveuson's son live cents forthe prlvilegoof
occupying tho chest
Stevenson had the boy arrested, and ho was
taken to tho Ralph avenue police station,
where ho told tho police his Intention was to
stay In tho chest only until the tlmo ho be
lieved his parents were a-deep. when ho would
havo returuod to his home Tho boy also said
that voung Stevenson furnished him with thu
'1 he polico hnld the boy on tho charge of
vagrancy, and yestorday, when ho was ar
ralgnod In the Gates Avenue Polico Court, ho
repeated his story, nnd in consoquenoe of tho
non-appearanco of his parents Magistrate
Hrlstow adjournod tho hearing until Monday.
There was no denlnl of Clarenco Stevenson s
alleged part In the affair.
Thn Corn Cxilmnge Ilnnk May Takn Con
tnl uf Two llrooklyn Hanks.
Negotiations, it Is said, are under way forthe
consolidation of tho Nassau National and Ful
ton banks In Itrookljn If they nro successful
the Corn Exchange Rank of Manhattan. It Is
likely, will tnko control. President Hnrzard of
tho Fulton Ilnnk said yesterday that the plans
aie simply under discussion nnd that no de
finite steps In the deal have been taken as vet.
Tho Corn Fxchango Rank recently absorbed
the Astor Place and Hudnon River banks of
Manhattan and Is now conducting them ns
branch hanks under tho law passed by the
Legislature last year, which permits Stato
banks in cities of more than l.ooo.OOO in
habitants to have branches.
The Government to I.av Out a Trail from
Copper Itlver to Eagle City.
Seattle. Wash.. March .'31 -Capt, Abercrora
blo is In Soattlo arranging for tho Alaskan ox
pedition which Is to sail next wcekonnstenmer
chartered by tho Government. Tho first duty
of tho-oxplorers will bo to care for tho scurvy
stricken minors in the Copper River country.
The expedition will consist of about olghty
mon. Including scientific men from the Interior
and Post Olllco departments. Tho principal
business of the expedition is tho construction
of a trnil from Copper River to Euglo City, a
distance of 1180 milos. which It Is expected to
complete this season, thus establishing nn nll
Americnn routo from tidewater to tho interior
of Alaska.
Tammany Society to Meet on Monday.
The Tammany Society, or Columbian Order,
will meet on Monday ovenlng for the election
of ofllcors and to Inltlato sevoral nawmembers.
We have a new watch
cased in gun metal, with
gold crown, gold bow ring
and gold hands; a very
attractive, durable and
satisfactory watch,
at MO.00
Theodore A. Kohn & Son
56 West 23d St
IxaP J Standard remedy (or Olett,
tasf Oonorrhcra and Runnings (MlTrl
H Cures Kidney and Bladder Troubles.
181 WEST 43th ST., N. Y. '
lie Sets I'ortli Ills Assets and Liabilities In
a I'etltlon for ltellef.
John V Baudoulno, who rostdes nt 1 West
Blxty-clgbth streot. has fllod a potition in bank
ruptcy Individual nnd ns a imrtnorin tho lata
firm of John 1' RnudoulnoACo, Importers of
woollens, formerly nt fllKi llroadway. That firm
wns composed of himself, Andrew B. Worl and
1'rodorlck W Schelbolcr. It was dlssolvod by
mutual agreement In lSHO. but thonftalrsof
the copartnership havo never been sottled up.
Tho firm liabilities are KI2.0ff.
Mr. Baudoulno has Individual debts ot
$10,101. of which S5,.'M0 is secured or chattel
mortgages on horses nnd carriages. lis Is a
beneficiary under tho will of Charlos A. Bau
doulno and Is entitled to ono-fourth of the In
comoof the trust estate und a contingent In
terest in other shares of the income now vested
In other beneficiaries, but ho says in his peti
tion that bo Is udviscd by counsel that thoss
nro Inalienable and cannot bo affoctod by this
proceeding Iho amount of his Income Is not
given, but It has been currently roported that
it IsSKMKKinycar.
Somont Mr llaudouliio's unsecured portion!
debts aro for clothing. $1)4'.!: shoes, $1LM;
flowors, $417: cab service, $14f. nnd medical
services, St71. Tho club directory says that
Mr llaurtouino Is a momberof the New York
ncht. the Iirchnmut acht. the New York
Athletic und Military clubs.
The Massachusetts Dry Docked nntl Painted
Capt. Wlliles lleiomes lnrd Captain.
Tlio battleship Massachusetts was again
placed lu dry dock in tho navy yard In Brooklyn
jesterday. Horhull was painted and sho wilt
bo floated to-day and tied up at tho dook at the
foot of Main street. Rear Admiral John W.'
Philip, tho commandant of tho yard, has re
ceived instructions from Washington ordering
the Massachusetts to sail as soon ns possible
and join Rear Admiral Sampson's lleetlnthe
West Indies. It Is expected she will leave tho
yard next week.
The torpedo boats Wlnslow nnd Torter,
which havo been in winter quarters, wero
Moated j esterday, and next week they will aall
for tho torpedo station at Newport.
Capt. Prank Wildes, who was in command of
theciulser Boston during tho Manila naval
light, will to-day assurao charge oh Captain ot
the yard, rolloving Cant. George W.Sumner,
who has been made a Rear Admiral, and is on
waiting orders.
The board of Inquiry appointed to Investi
gate tho controversy between Naval Con
structor Bowles and Capt. Philip Cooper con
tenting tho steering gear of the cruiser Chi
cago held Its first session yesterday on the
Chicago nt Tompklnsvillo. The Chicago left the
navy yard on Cob. 0. und Naval Constructor
Bowles sajs she was In flrst-cliss condition.
Capt. Coooeravers that tho stooring gear was
out of ordor from tho time tho vessel sailed.
irniTE uixas ix brooklyx.
The New Street-Cleaning System Roes Into
Operation There To-Day,
Tho city authorities take chargoof the Street
Cleaning Department in tho borough of Brook
lin to-day, and tho work will be done on tho
samo lines as in this borough. Deputy Com
missioner (julnn lias appointed five district
superintendents at salatles of J1.R0O a year,
eighteen section (oromen at $1,000 and about
flOO sweepers at $' a day. There will also bo a
largo staff of i lerks. Tho district superin
tendents nre George Corcornn, Michael Loo
ney, Lawrence . Carroll, fl llllatn B.French
and Trod Rummel
Tho superintendents and foremen aro only
temporarily employed pending tho preparation
of eligible lists by tho Civil Service Bureau.
All the appointments have been made In ao
oordanco with tho recommendation of the
Democratic Committeo on Patronage. The
work of street cleaning will begin to-day under
thn new regime Tho force will not be fully
uniformed until May 1 Deputy Commissioner
Quinn Ins made arrangements wUh nine con
tractors for the removal of ashes.
Sent to I'iniik Itrown, hut Snld to Havo
llenrhed Walter llonne I'ollt n Called In.
Tod Sloan, tho jockey, who Is now in Eng
land, sent lat-t November by a messenger boy a
pair of lleldglascs and.i jockey's colors and
cap to Prank Brown, a sporting man. who was
then living In the Park6r Hotel, in Thirty
ninth street Tho messenger delivered tho
package at the Audubon apartment house, the
sldo entrance of which adjoins tho Parkor.
getting a receipt from n negro.
Tho packago nevor reached Brown, and he
didn't learn th it Sloan had sent It until a short
time before tho jockoy went abroad. Brown
then tried to find somo trace ot the missing
property, but ho nan unsuccessful. He finally
reported his loss to tho police
i esterday Iho 1 enderloln detectives arrested
Plummcr Klug.the negro to whom the mes
senger boi delivered the package King said
be bad given it to a man named alter Bowne.
who lived In the Audubon at tho time. Bowne
has moved awaj und thn police were looking
for him Inst night The lleldglasses and
colors weie valued at $lu(i.
Accused of llnvlng Washed Internal Rev
enue Stamps.
I'nltfd States Commissioner Shields held
Jacob Miller and Manuel Alexander In $3,000
ball each jestordav for further examination on
a charge of hiving in tholr possession washed
or lestorod documentary rovonue stamps.
Rovonuo Agent Thompson, who mado tho
complaint, said that ho bolleved $20,000 worth
of such fraudulent stamps havo been circu
lated In bucket shops and among unscrupu
lous brokers. The stamps touud on the pris
oners had a face value ot $01H. Some appeared
to bo perfect, whllo others showed a Dlur as
though tho cancelling mark had been erased
Tlio revenue authorities havo beon awaro for
somo tlmo that office boys and clerks In the
Mall street district have beon dealing In these
fraudulent stamps and that lieddlers wore)
selling them. 1 he defondant Miller Is said to
have u legitimate business In Nassau street
Three Man Hanged Together.
Birmimhiam, Ala . March 31. At Troy to
day Thomas Johnson and Richard Hale, white
mon, and Sam Rlvors, colored, wero' hanged
from tho samo scaffold. On tho night of Dec.
18 ljst three men entored the home of Mrs. Ira
Mvors.n wonlthtl widow, near Josle. and rilled
her and her daughter-in-law. Mrs. E. Myers
with an ao and robbed tlie place of $3,000.
Sam Cook, a farm overseer, who slept In a back
room. was aroused by the cries of the women
and ran tonhelr roscue. Ho was knockod down
and left for dead and tho house tired. Cook re
covered In tlmo to take out the bodleB ot the
two woman, but the house was destroyed.
Remodelled Store.
To introduce our enlarged and new
departments we have prepared a series
of special introductory values in high
grade Spring Overcoats,
Suits, Trousers,
Fancy Vests,
Hats, Shoes and
that positively will never be equalled
These specials Svill be on sale from 8
A. A., to 9 P. M.
Uric Acid or Gout Poison
Registered by && T VAWssVV W
U. 8. Patent Office W? l Z& M " W JS,
s ST f-wr-c rV m m HV m aI
jBm Water
w)mN nJWl I A Sovereign Remedy
"M .r if anc Prevenive-
W&MwKsl Vt 1 " goes by Special Ordor of
sEliml P Em,nent Physicians to Paris,
w!m$!mI Lr Franco, for
Dr. Thomas H. Buckler, of Paris (formerly of Baltimore), suggester of
Llthla as a Solvent (or Uric Acid, says :
aucnht?yvcud Buffalo Hthia Water-urihc S32 BfflK.it
Rheumatism and Clout, and with, this object I have ordered it to Europe from
Baltimore. Llthla is in no form so valuable as where it exists in the form
In which It Is found In BUffjQ llTHIA WATER
James L. Cabell, M.D., A.M., LL.D., formerly Professor of Physiology
and Surgery in the Medical Department of the University of Virginia, and
President of the National Board of Health, says :
should be recognized by the profession as an article of Materia Medica."
Excess of Uric Acid in the blood makci Uric Acid Poison. Uric Acid
Poison makes Gout, Rheumatism, Stone in the Kidney or Bladder, Brlght's
Disease of the Kidney, Neuralgic affections, Mental Depression, Nervous
Irritability, Nervous Exhaustion, Nervous Headache, Nervous Asthma,
Eczema, Dyspepsia nnd undeflnablc ills without end and especially in Brlght's
Disease of the Kidneys and in Women under certain conditions causes
Uremic Poison, Coma, Convulsions and death.
veloushpeowe"r BUFFALO LSTiflA WATER ELIMffioRNofUrn,c
Acid and its salts from the system and as both a Remedy for and Preventive
of these and all other conditions caused by or associated with Uric Acid
Poison Is emphatically attested by an army of physicians, and among them
some of national and others of world-wide renown.
BUFFALO LITHIA WATER for " br Orocera nnd DruirgUH generally.
Testimonials which defy all imputation or questions sent to any address.
PARK & TILFORD. Agents, New York, N. Y.
Company It nf the Si-vonth llrKlment Kriws
tho AImm-1 Tiiii1i).
Not on of tlio Piht teams that competed for
the Abcel trophy nt tho Sovunth Iloclment last
night succeeded Incoming up to thn seoro ot
tJ30 points mado hy Company 11 on Tuesday
nieht.and tho latter retains o-ession of tlio
trophy. This la tins twenty-filth tlmo that
Company 11 has won tho prlzn. anil, as no moro
competitions will bo held until notse.ison, tho
trophy remains in Company H's custody. Tlio
individual stores of thn two Inadlni: teams last
nicht follow.
mi wo
l tl ci. l"iir It.Totah.
rrivote 1. lux, lr u IT i-
PrivatdH h l'otier .11 3 tl".
Corvornl W. . o ('ouuor .u :u n
Lieut. 11 (Mual . mo ti 11.1
Corporal W It Oowperthvrait . . ! (1 I
KKt. U. a MrAlpin . ju .u iu
l"rivatnT D O Connor , j 'j-' til
Bt-lUt. 0. 11 Kun. Jr. . II -JH nil
Capt. F. O. Landou US 'Jit r7
L,. Corporal . Coppdl ... ... J7 J ril
Totals iD8 017 6ir,
rrfvater, H MrMpin. . .11 1.
Corporal A r Drat.. u Ml ill
Beriit. K . IJUiiaMi'i Mi) tl ill
lrivateS VV.tonl to .11 ill
Private V. '. Itelrea t' ii ill
Prlvato F. C. Huston .mo ii 111
Sanrt. A. M iToiujfr .Ml j'i no
Lieut. J. VVotlierspoon .11 'ji no
Curporal S M lllchurilnou Vti .tl 10
Lieut, I.. J. Jusielj-u L'S ,12 1. 11
Totals not .114 nil
The total scores of the other toams vv oro:
SM .Sit
Yanlt. YnriXt. Tolall
Company 1), Sr ms loo nos
Company II, Jr . . :m". Jul r.7rt
Comi.au A .... 'JDJ js 1 r,7.r.
Company I, Jr . J7J JHH .",70
Company I), Jr .. 270 2m r.'.-i
Company H.lliird 277 27J ftiu
Asumtmryof Tueadny nlcht's scores, mat
ins a complete record of tlio competition, fol
lows: .
W) .)
ittidt. arll lolaU,
Company II, Sr . 2117 :t 1 1 1.111
Company H,.lr HU .Uit JH
Couipanyn.br Mot ,uj nj'.
CompanyF tot -.117 n.'n
Company K, Sr .... Jii. .114 1 osi
Compauv 1', Sr JIM .ill 07
Company O.Jr jiu nil mm
Company K. Br 2110 .till r.til
Company K, Third js7 2s r.7j
Company K, lr jm Ji) r.7l
Company ll, Ii 2sj 2sl r, )
Company C, Jr . JU4 Jjl r,r.r.
The annual tournament for tho junior ton in
championship of the Amntour Foneors' I.eairao
of America becan last nicht .it tlio renters'
Club. in WostTwenty-soeonii stteet. hWtcarns
havo entered the competition, fit tlus( threo
nre from eolletes. Cnlitmlilii, C01 noil ami ll.ir
Tard, whllo Iho Now lork C.llostonA A
and rancors' Club aro also represented 'I horo
nre threo men on each f 'am. .is follows llai
vard. J. tl. llreod. A I) I ap-lny and Molvlu
Oreon: Columbia. S I. Ware. II Mosher nnd
1) 8. Calms; Cornoll. A. K Wleland, C, 11
Viles and C. II. Hrustlem: llolon A A. (I.
llhelms. A lirownell and M do Diiz: New
York A. C 8 Arnold, Cecil I.yon nnd A Klrbj ;
Fencers' Club. M It Kornoelian.il h Mnckaro
and O. A Lawrence.
Instead of juditlnirby the usual svstem of
Points, It was decided to have the rules of the
IntercolleclntnFeneliKi Association covern tho
contest I'nder these rules tho team with
the croatcr number of winners Is .iwarded
first prize Tlio judges last nicht wero
Dr. (I Hammond, (leoices Ivavannth
and W. I). I.yon of tho Now iork
A C ; W Scott O'Connor, C (' N.nlnl. nnd
Charles Tatham of tho Fencers' Club lr will
tnko 135 bouts to deililo tho contest Of tho
forty bouts Inst nlclit Ilnrvnrd Ii til 11 points
Now York . C JO, lloston M, Columbia ."
Fencers' Club -4. and Cornell 1 The lonipoti
tlon A III continue to-nfcht Thu bouts 10
s lilted ns follows.
First bout, O, .Lawr(ncr, lemeisTliili, biat
Klrby, New ort . V anoint bout lliowiull.
Boston A A. licit U S. Cairn. Ilaivunl llitnl bout
H. L. Ware, Columbia, Imat . It l.aps.j llumrd
fourth bout, (1 lllipiuii, Boston A. beat M It h r
nochan, S V, a (' fifth bout. J III llnnl liar
rani, beat A. K. VVielaud, (.urm.ll sutli bout, (nil
Lyon, uw York K ( . biat (, 11 ii, d.rn.ll
seventh bout 51 ile Dm, H.i.-Imii a , l.cat (' II
Ilrustleiii. Cornell, eighth bout. . VI (irrni IUrvar.1
beat v. UroVnell llostmi A. A ninth limit. JI, s
Markaye. I aiurra riuli, bat II Mnshi r. Columbia
tenth J)ut. 8 ArnobI, New lork A (' luatC II
Ilrustlelu. Cornill, rloventh bout . 11 Ijunln
Harvard I bit A E. Weliatul, Cornill. tviilfth
bout, hlrbj Iwat Klielins, thlrKfnth bout.
Do Diaz Ix-at Lawrence, fourteenth bunt, Lr m
beat Ware: fifteenth Unit, limit U at lies slip ruth
bout, Moshei beat Kernocban seventeenth bout
Green beat Arnold,, enutieuth bmit. Dh DUi beat
Lapsle). nlnetinnth bout, Klrby be.it Markajt
twentleth tmut Wars lat Wetland, twintj fir-t
bout. lirownell beat Ilrustleiii. twenti se. ond Unit
Kernochsu beat halrus twenti tlilr 1 bout, Mrianir
beat '-a-wrence tentj fourth Unit, lined be.it
Ilrustlein, twenty fifth bout Cirri n brut Ithdnis
twenty sisth bout, lirownell heat Mai kavi- twenti
seventh bout, hirby teat hiriimlian twenti
Blithtb lout, Lapidey b.atJL)i.u twml) ninth
bout. Warn beat Jlriitlrin tnirtleth bout Ai
nold biat iles tblrt nrst b nt (men 1 1 it
Lawrence, tblrtl semud Unit, breed U at Klrbi
thirty-third lout. Lap.lev beat JtueWii thlrti
fourth bout, Ithi tms beat Mle thirtj nftli Unit D
Dtkt brat heruoolun, thirtj ruth bout j.um b(ut
lirownell, thirty seventh Unit Ariml I bint Wuland
thirty eighth bout, Vlles beat hairns thirtj ninth
bout, Klrby bout Mosher, forth til bout, I..iwreui o
beat Ware.
Ttnskrtbiill Notes.
At PmiiEhWpHiei nn Tliurailav night tin Fifteenth
8parat Company defeated the c mm thin htat.
champion Ne Ilritaltis hj t tin s. op. of 14 to 11
FiisHtsn, Jtanli 31 -Ihe basketball team of the
heventeenth separate (.nmpam hss entiled m thn
championship contest tutu held under the suspimr
of the Knickerbocker Club The soldier Una Vave
defeated ssveral strong teams this season ami expect
to make a good showing In the coming contest.
mo poifect soups sEr rtk
lciuly for ti8t, san gcggafl
for heating ISSMI
( mm BterllliMl bof 010 MbRiI
filling irrocois lISaMsWI
1 nn btipply you WSOUJl
"From Tree to Table," a UsHBflH
booklet descriptive of nnr (SHSbsS
other products, mailed free. s5-
Tlio manufacture of nppllaoees for lientinaT
nnd cooking by gnu lias now reached such a
point that It miy fearlessly bo said to meet
every possible need. Not only havo tho essen
tials of cool material nnd good workmanship
nnd safoty been studied until all tho problems
connec ted therewith havo been mastered, but
.ill kinds of individual taato and oven whim
Have been consulted Has radiators are mado
in every hIo nnd slnpe Kvcn In cas urates
the v.irletyls -.ometliltif astonishing. As for
gas ranges, tbocholco lb absolutely unlimited.
Jf.you want oneth.it looks tinyonougn for
children to pin with as atov. sou enn get It,
""!'." piivv ant ono costing S100. such asonn
of the Nevvork hospitals lately put In. you can
get that If (nil wish to heat .1 palace or a
hovel, cook for a peasuit or 11 prince, for one
person ot a regiment, gus will doonons well as
the othor home Idea of tlio Immense extent,
or gas iippllatiu-, at tho present day may bo
had by Inspoctlngtlie stock nt 1.1.11 llroadway.
nearUMh st.wboro specimens of the latest
unel bnst manufacture aro on exhibition Ho
must be a very exacting person who would not
no able to suit hiiusolf in all tlio variety shown.
IfliH could nninnnny real problem of heating
or lighting or cooking by bus which was not
solved In. might be sum that the host Invon
tivetiletit would nt onco be sot to work to
solve it 1 be aim Is to mnko tlio use of gas for
fuel absolutely eompreheustve. niul tho manu
facturers of the various appliances bcllovotli.it
thoi havo already done ho. .lib
An Ciistnn Vnclit tn Try for the Cnundn'i
An Ihstern boat that will bo a prominent
(ompetitor in tlio tiial races fur tlio bonorof
regilnlng tlm International cup tint was won
lu tlieCnnndn tbreo years ago Is being built
lis Uanleyof Capo Coil. SI10 will bo ready dur
ing tlio latter part of Mm:, and will bo towed
through tho I.rm Canal to ImlTalo. from which
Plneo Sim will bo silled to ( hie-ago where tho
trials will tako plaeo. Tho will b-gln on July
1 Iho Hanley boat Is already lu frame. and
linrlliie-i tin-1111 Improvement 011 those of tho
etishla that so closely contested tlio cham
pionship of tho thlrty.foui-foot special olass
vyltli the Dragoon. 'I bo natno of tlio owner of
the craft has been withheld, but it known that
she w II bo enrolled In one of the Long Island
Sound clubs, and will race against the most
spendi boat th.it can lie produced north of the
Kt Lawrence liiver tn-orgo Ilerrlck Duggan,
wlio lm bi'i-omii noted as n doslgner of small
boats, will be tnpie-outed In tho trial races by
110 less than four boats
nd preventing the Mist sj mptoms of distress
ing rashes, nothing so pun-, so sweet, so whole,
some so-rccililyefTi-ctiHi ai (unum Roai.
greatest of skin purifjlng and beautifying
soaps, us well n pmest and svvoetest fortoilet.
Ii.ith and nursery lor pimples, blotches, red.
rough, oils, inotliyskln, dry. thin and falling
hair. red. lough Imnil-.iind for simple rashes,
and blem sh-h of childhood. It Is a mply In
comparable. - a -i
S a . .-fj

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