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. . - al
. , h f r whale " She pnuehtaa
wc0 . n , ihi'i in the itlrrmtlon
E1" . , - ,c . M w. i-ad "fart. Stuart
'""V. . , . .nr. iPinins Iii'It against
r',M, , , n i,.. iirn"l within ir.
ll f. . , ' .l.l.l.HT nf ths wall, h
a f'n-ir 'h .Lim-intr ffft. all un
"" P" 1 1 lintf t tli.it h.i.l b-n near.
rn51'" , , - . ...riumof treMnniulrii'il
ntn' ,, w. my b allowed to Pm
ftl " " ,, , (grat thaatfultifSJ That
ant"' t hui, w,rnrac, childishly
'h" h .' 1 1 thai thoy -hotiia have r--"
,'" , ,' -p mpl-r- t'hysl.-al state in which
"M"11 -,.,l u anoOior m.ittur. due to
"", ''' . ' ' h" m"n-T which it li to b
Uf ' h ' 1 f 'is It in 'till fermitteil
h0tih F rt I-'""1'ion t0 tu,,y th"
'..i. , .' ui'niliUi. iml in t in tholr
',,... ', -.,1- painfully and horribly
0,-1 r'fA. r r I'1") f"e tho fort
" ",,. 11: I the tfiirrlson Vept
",IIU,, i,.m- flu hcrolna wa,
1 'P . . -I' ' beheld " v"r5: eheer-
"'ttiV ' " "' r,) "''l1'" '1"1 they at"
prn,e " '-lnor" ln U" "clform-
r ,' i-ncarb jf buc!vkin shirt
1 1 ' ,-1 ' n '"a""n' wnl,'h had won
.'', in' 'vi 1. ind tm appro
.,.,. - tint 1' W3 almost recoil-
"11 ,.." -' nni'Tin Thn i'in win
r Tvn ' "" " ' r"',li,,r nnk of ar-
'"' '',,. -u, , .-1 a hiiih'T itrade of color
, h,., '!.. ahlte blt-and the bur-
,rhl " 1 ' r'"r "' tll,! BUn barr(',,"
1K' '- w the phne. "The dress
" ,,, , . I" r ill we know, it N in
L ',. ' ,',r.' 1 - ' it I..-meluded 111 the Kintr
.in".., ' '" n perhar elaeal ami
J,.,-t.ir i .''' "An ' In thi ace of
!rv.'h ' "'''' leMv.Tifr nrtudUwunte-
4,n! . . pr 'i-n that rvviirs Pome-!,',.-
- ' 'hi' r nnf iuife richt to
My'"i- - -i'-'hit it "on ' Ratrl
,m " c. '- " 'I ''r' lr "on." walkinn
mitch" ' ' h' to determine, who can
rd 'ur'l" - ' heei are "on. ' affording
t, nur mi" ' ' en' m.iry Thn. as we say.
m.ir J- -" ' "r lu'' '1"lt'anf,,'1 T'R s'ori"
t4lia how ' ' ' h- nkees. , Imply stayinic
iwnnJ. w ' '"'' " ''rtPt'it" Fort Loudon.
Th red i" ' '""' ""' tl", PlPe-el.l?el b-'lt3
T.P, i.'i-t i a- noMilns acaint ths savace
Pttfen--- 1 i-trir.-.'v still thre are no red
mn aev 11 r r iesee The heavy column.
th rnj 1 in !" 1. prevailed aaalnst them.
I, ri'e f 1 hv has ben said acainst it.
it t.l -e -n s t rrev id everywhere, if not at
niatim" '"' " It II Hher
I' s is-T "' 'e t,i rtml not a -ingle prob
VB'p.f ' '! hfiw batnh d novels before
14 Ti "J ' 1 1 'n'ur-. evnn when recounted
tnslr'fu: rt"inr IP out of haeknered ma
vni. imnw " rst.im the reader's lntre-t
'uriwhi'e i" 'St. and every one who can
Tfrif" it i" .'em ietfrmineil to show that he.
too. ir mm .'aet ir i romance of adventure.
Jlr E r l'enon. the lale Archbishop of
i mterbnrv , - n. tiirtimii his baclc on the
"Me frnohvs if Lomlon in "ThtCapsina.
n HutT'oai N ei ' Hirpers. pntertain. his
rtailerj wth the pleasing amenities of (Ireeks
and Tarl: .n the pietnreiue day? of the
P7nc rmiutton.
?r '. B. I'rvlcsr in "The Black Doueias"
Doubleiiay ,t 1eClur Co . tells the erewsome
t-vy -f Marshal "l Ies lie Rerr. with liberal
iuhns if -iMttish dialect anil the convorsa
t onal Knj!iih peeuliar to historical romance.
I" 11 ,nter-tirij tn note tlio identity of th
s.vtt.Kh ?piken in the flfteenth century with
that Jmr v-d n 'ales of modern life. The
rrr s i 'isfraf.'d wi'h picture? that were
strilt.n ia 'hey appeared onirinally in the
't:t pai:J 'jf weekly publications, but which
hit" '.v-t 3 ieh In 'he pro-ess of reJuctinnfo
fcnni( iljte
la " The i.vr Tr is ' Poild. Maad i Co S.
K Seiehtley ri'he in where Dumas had tread
b'fer1. and we ive a uory of intrisruo around
Canlin i. Ma.'ana and Mme de Chevreuse.
The author refrains from brincinc in D'Artac
saa or his 'rends, but with not unnecessary
cirer'ints -lit what bits of eonversntion in
h story ire intended to be humorous.
la "Hush tSw.erh. a Roundhea I CayaHer '
Mai-ir.ilians Benlah Jlarie CU ha- soieoted a
ttujr setting f..r a pleasing love tory and
Usi1 the lanmi ies set a-ide by the conventions
of Sctlon n lppropnato fo Cr m well's time.
In Oriental romance, unrestrained by
thought.-of practical fi'ts. is placed in mod-f-a
Ergland bv Jlr Lewis Hind in "The En
rnantil Mone" Dodd. Mead .t Co Wild
though hi- imagination raa7 seem, however,
h merely embroiders upon curious incidents
tha: have ccurrei in the history of eccentric
religious bodies 1a Orat Britain Even his
ll'i.Mii),' m Temple f the -un in Cornwall is
but an "lagzeration of remirkable buildinus
that have been erected The trackmu of vari
"'ismvitenes if'vo interest to the -tory. but
th author - 'acetioune-s i- often out of place.
The l"nite.l States is the -eene of two ro
mances. Thi"h. from the peculiar American
'iu'ect amrl veil, we are incllneit to uuess are
v-i'ten by Enzhshmen. "Ijme Pine: the
'ton- if a Li st Mine. ' by R. 13. Townshend Cr
P T'ltnam's nn- . deals -vith red Indians and
Kn-dsers and nh"r frontier character?, while
" Th" P-ieession of Life. ' by Horace Annesley
Vvheil Vpclctons . is a novel of life in Cau-fi-aia.
reilinathe aJveatures of some Britl-h
repruMf am m: others.
'apt Uiaries Kine. f S . who is now
Brc-ireu h.ntf. L" V . and tluhtins in the
Th. ,.pine-. in ' .v Trooper GalahAd ' J B
Iarmcat i ..uirany relates a stury of army
1' m barraess lie manv other that he h.us
airsiiic t JZicitement is provided by an
atta'k b out.aws on a nay train and their pur
Mtt When lieu. Kinu comes back, we trust
li-T'! -r nil -i,me H.ipinn r!1tJ with him
' nme an.i derpcrives are not the only reiui
'M ' - Jet ...r .t. rie-,, there mu-t be tome
ruivr.a. - I of a pint. The tales in "The
Rur -tn'tici-H. t y i iiaries E. Carryl Har
fy in ji 'irm.y dull and clumsy
VwpcsJir ries are opened for th dialect
tuhtmar- n By Ilerwen Banks." by Allen
Ha." pu.tnns. a live tale laid in Wales,
Mth onvr-.un n- in Wel-h Ensll-h. A speci
i jn v -c y ir hat thy may expec' to persons
ur.fiir ,i v -,i Vvehh ceoirraphlcal nomeni-la-tir
hat yn i 's.-libherinc about, man '' said
f;,icr' in 1 .'-antlv " Keep to the EnKllsh If that
71-u- ,,.. lue, cosm is sBoke Knlih as
m a- .. -i
s"H'ichr ins may erve i a suldo to this
The t I'iri- aer. a I)eterive Story, ' by
r.itar M 'iv r--eVrick . stokes Company'.
" " h v let'.nus'y interwoven -cries of
"ravs Xl, ip.uht to hcht by the siiper
'ir.sn si i a.-.'v ,f a aewsparer reporter.
Tv it r i the Times is constracteil cleverly,
u"h" -v i' ol Irawini; inferences atlonir
r'n" . . e ! m v,(. tti reporter, would bo
""' " ' "i iirine ro ijct his employers
""ii -e fou'.le than to ehiciiiiteany
ra,t-v " nas r..,t of In,, ,wn creation His
, a-otfi. i ' "sttf ttion. toi should they l,..
-. , .. , ft,s profusion, will increase
.ra r" f 'he ".lllini. thouishdonbt-
le- re v jlj r ,rs picture-ijileness. H-
van , . ,. . ..,.,, on ,.nme, a hank In
a., v- e- n 'he preset..-, of the bank I'reai-
''"' u - "'w-Wwith i larue mannifyinir
' " n i powerful microscope, by
f,l1r 1 'h n" '"'ermines on th spot that
, ''' " ,r' n'ado by human blood
r - - r .fo hink Sturit r'an"tcil hn
'iT'i1' ' " " "m"'" oa l particular eh r
f ' - 41. i-- f He ihiu besmn -niii al ex
1'' ' " 'i.ism Inch hy in. h he criiti-
't iJi-4Uil evvn the i-ellln i'rc I
" " ' " I - ' iiiroourues thrmuh the i
- ,j. lie iii cnmUDtlr bpniubt into
i 1'r ', '' L '""" 'i'1 -vril tunes bn iMllnl
r" z ' J H-.SI.UU.H, when tho itnunrpn to
.'" I---, njerthn hN reach
, " ' " ' - "Pi"jit. r'tricsil his fo.itie,s
,.' "' ' 1' "it. ami then beiiin Uia fan h
rasV.I ibotiton Ui4 hauiN an.t
,,",' liiabml upon the furnitun. tli
p, "' " f." "' "! IP"' nin the wall. In the
' j k(r' ' ' ' stopped to FVk up CT'it nam
11 h., ' " f ei t which lay .a and troiin.l
II uhlTi'..' ""n'T'a' "" at ami hia carl., hi-
av,. i I' ltri 'oto ", ertn' chimn.y ami
fully anil then thnw awar. H rspeatf d tha opera
tion airaln and again, nntil at bat, with evident aat
lafactlon. ha piekad out a amall object which h de
posited in an enrelope.
After two hours of this the bank President
arow Impatient. He was punished, however,
and stupefied by belnK made to llstan to the
rsporter's deductions from his observations.
A quaintly British sort of a book U "Tho
Oamblinir World " by " Roma et Nolr" (Dodd.
M!ead A Co i. Though he conceals his name, the
author favors his readers with his photograph
anda specimen of his handwriting. The former
rev eaU a respectable old gentleman In a rather
pronounced waistcoat, wearing a look of deter
mination on his face that shows he Is the man
to stake a twenty-frane piece at Monte Carlo on
occasion, heedles of what ho knows Mrs.
Grundy will say. Books like his were not un
common a generation back. They were
usually compiled by elderly clubmen who
fancied th'ey resembled Mr. Thackeray's bad
old men and who wlthont conscience and with
no sense of shame repeated as original with
themselves our common Inheritance of club
anecdotes. Much Information of a historical
and k'os.Jlpv kind about gambling and gam
blers. Including the forms current on the Stock
Exchange, is Imparted by "Rouge et N'oir" la
the mildly entertaining tono of British maga
zine articles. Apart from the wickedness of his
topic, of which th author seems rebelllously
conscious, there is nothing shocking and much
that Ls amusing In his book Neither have we
been able to defect a single new story among
those ho tells. This, however, does not apply
to one or two articles by other hands added to
the book, where modern examples of trickery
are employed as Illustrations.
"The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shan
dy. " by Laurence Sterne, is published. com
plete and unexpurgated. ln two delightful
little volumes of the Temple classics series, by
J M. Dent A Co. i Macmillans . Though f hu
publishers' name is a guarantee of tasteful
typographical dress, the drsire to produce a
compre-sed pocket edition has led to the use
of paper that Is o thin as to be transparent.
The thickness of the volumes might be doubled
without making them less convenient
An account of the South American republics
that should give a readable and intelligible his
tory of their beginnings and development, with
accurate statements about tholr forms of gov
ernment and present condition, would form a
bok that would be serviceable as well as en
tertaining, and which, -o far as we know, does
not yet exist, In English. That book Is cer
tainly not " The History of South America from
Us Discovery to the Present Time, compiled
from the Works of the best Authors and from
authentic Documents, manv hitherto unpub
lished, in various archives and public and pri
vate Libraries in America and Spain." by an
unnamed American, translated from the
Spanish by Adnah D Jones iMacmlllans'.
The title might warn away persons who have
some experience with historical work, es
pecially when on inspection It Is found that the
unknown author counts on his readers' trust
to the point of giving not a slnrle reference to
books or documents The hl-tory U told In a
hopelessly confused manner, even tha account
of Bolivar being incomprehensible. The au
thor s accuracy may be gauged by the fact that
PresiJent Monroe' name Joes not occur in his
narrative. He has a happy faculty, besides, of
confusing his pronouns, in which his trans
lator follows him faithfully, that makes non
sense of many sentences, and makes others
state facts exactly opposite to hLs intention.
The latest date in the volume Is lSTrt thero Is
no hint of a war between I lu'i and Pent or of
the establishment of a republic in Brazil A
poor translation of a book worfhle-s twenty
five years airo should not be imposed need
lessly on the public by a reputable firm
Mr Edward Marshall, the newspaper crr-rc-pondent
who was among the first to be shot
down at Las (iuaslmas. has written book
that should Interest every one in "The Story
of the P.oiigh Riders" Kj W. Dillingham Com
pany Though his opportunities for personal
observation were cut hort. Mr. Marshall has
collected great deal of Interesting matter
concerning that picturesque regiment, and
tells his story In a lively manner
The second volume of Edward Everett Hale's
collected " Works ' Little. Brown A Co is
taken up with his Waldensian romance. "In
Hi-? Name." and a few Chrtma.s stories. Dr
Hale tells In the preface how each story came
Into being and has lome cotertatoing reminis
cences In "Hands Off" he advanced some
theological notions which he wished to have
judged without reference to his own clerical
position " I therefore urged the editor of
Ilarprr'n to print the story without my name.
I was sadlv disappointed, however The
critics in the religious journals did not
know whether the doctrine was right or wrong,
because they did not know who wrote the
story And. therefore, although it was theonly
story In the number which came nar them or
theirs, I never could learn that one of them
raid it the honor of mentioning It or its sub
ject or th questions involved." The remarka
ble gift of verisimilitude possessed by Dr Hale,
which makes r hard to believe that the story
of "The Man Without a Country" is not true.
has led the modern Waldenses to accept his
romance as history, a fact which pleases the
author He Is also pleased that a symbol he in
vented should have become the symbol of the
King's Dnughters. The edition Is handsomely
gotten up.
A memoir of Judge William A. Rlehsrdsoa
of the Court of Claims, who was President
urants Secretary of the Treasury at the time
of the IST3 panic, has been written by his friend
Frank Warren Hackett, under the title "A
Sketch of the Life and Public Services of Wil
liam Adams Richardson " (Privately printed i
Jiuige Richardson was a graduate of Harvard.
College of th. class of 1H-W. and served several
terras as an overseer of the college He ob
tained the title that clung to him through life
by being appointed Judge of Probate of Mid
dlesex county by Gov. Gardner With the
late Judge George P. Sanger he edited the Re
vised statutes of Massachusetts, and later
h-Ipeil George S Boutwell In editing the Be-i-ed
Statutes of the United States, and by
himself edited the supplement to the statutes.
He -at In the Court of Claims for twenty-two
That -o Useful a compilation as the "Ameri
can Art Annual. IhIw." edited by Florence N
Levy Macmlllansi. should not have been at
tempted befjre seems strange, considering
how many persons are in -eureh of the infor
mation it contains The principal art galleries
and art societies In the country are described,
with their officers, the datee of exhibitions and
prize offered, as are the schools of art, with
their teachers and courses of study. There Is
a directory of painters, sculptors and oth
er artists, with biographical notes, an ac
count of the important exhibitions and lists
of all the pictures exhibited in them and cata
logues of all the great art sales, with the
prices obtained There .in. moreover, silo".
articles on art subjects, documents of inter
est to artists, such as the International copy
right law and the art sections of the tariff law.
and lists of art book- and art magazines pub
lished during the year Many omissions are
inevitable In the first publication of a work de
manding great labor in the collection of Infor
mation and caro in tho arrangement. They
will doubtless be filled up in later Issues. The
expansion of the short historical Introduction
to something beyond , i list of names would be
a welcome improvement.
" How to Know Ferns, ' by Frances Theodora
Pirsous .Charles S-rtbner'sSiinsi. Is a "guide
o the names, haunts and habits of our com
i in,,n ferns.' The name of the volume Indi
I eates its charm, and 'he text and illustrations,
of which there are many, admirably executed,
make it a book which should bo In the posses
sion of every housohold that ever comee in
contact with the country
We have also received:
" Municipal Monopolies." Edited by Edward
W Bcnils. Ph U 'Thomas V Crowell A Co i
" The Ballad of Reading Gaol." by C. II. :t.
t isear Wilde Uenj R. Tueiter i
" ndiee at the North Pole. ' Leon Lewis iG.
W Dillingham Company '
" Mudern Interpretations of the Gospel Life. '
Jldolf Augustus Berle. (The Pilgrim Press I
" The Orlglu of Sin and It ElUon toJJod
aitur ubUcatiotye. JWic uMUatlonj.. 3Uu; gubUrationjt. !
The Shipof StarsrAynew I The Rough;Ridersibv
Serial Story,byA.T.Quiller 'Gov.TheodoreRoosevelt
Coucfi " Illustrated e
Lovetof MusicStory' AWinterJpurneyitothe
byHenryvanDykelllustrat Klondyke byTrederick
ed byWalterAppletonClark Palmerlllustrated
The Stevenson Letters SenatorHparsiRem
Illustrated' "iniscences
I Two illustratedtpoems for the Easter'Season
A Newspaper Story.-by, Jesse Lynch Williams
Illustrated And other'features
5 By ROBERT W CHAMBERS, author if A
5 - The Red Republic." " The Haunu ot 5
i Men," etc. j
i The Knghh nitpert are toiuiiiinois m
i their praixe of jlr Chnmttrr Uitert i'"-5
iniuwv. Loniion Pmu-h ' unquitlilUitly 9
JrerummnHiiiil.tml Clinton Tml miiim B
A U m a chiirimiiyty told s'orj (J'Iit com- 4
iimenM m-e A
K " Mr. Clumbers is sure- J
London lv bui,Jms up str'ins5
5 reputation . . Asastorv 9
Review 'Allies of Empire' is iui.P
d of dramatic force, it is a $
abooktobe reid breathlessly from ;ovri
4 to cover." tf
0 London ,, . . , , , . a
!i Lucid avil hrillmi'l 5
J Critic J
0 "A strikine piciure. 0
d The ability c.f the iu A
0 Scotsman thor is nrthv nt thii
4 appreciation if the 4
J We enrrliitlly re J
? SnorfntnF nvimmd hn rnjor-W
0 12lllo. cloth I.2.S. i
6 For sale by nil booksellers, or 4
45iic postpaid. (D
i Frederick A. Stokes Company.?
W 27 anil !K. H esl -i.t. t . New ..rU. V
i V sv VV
n'f All that is new U
y and notable in
English, French,
German, Spanish
and Italian Books. I
BreittanO'S.ji Union Square. I
Frrmanent reibirtion from Ptifjluheri' Prt'-rH j
Paper nocel , atalijne feet. '
and the CntTerse." Bey. E. W Cook. A. ir ,
Funic A Wacnalte Company I
"The SpanUh-AmerK'an Wir. br Eyewit- 1
nee." Illustrated. 'Herberts .-tone .t Co 1 I
" Brown. V. C ' Mr Alexander. ' P.. F.
Fenno i Co 1
"Jean Jacques Rousseau and the Cosmopoli
tan Snirit In Literature." Joseph Texte. Trans
lated by J. W. 3I.itthewi. Maemillans '
"I. Thou, and the Other One: a Love Story"
Amelia E. Barr ' Dodd. Head .t Co
"Jouberr. a Selection from His Thouchta "
Translated by Katharine Lyttleton. with a pref
ace by Mrs. Humphry Ward. 1 Dodd. Mead
"Letters and Lectures on Education '
Johann Friedrich Herbart C W. Bardeen )
"SirBevis; a Tale of the Fields " An adap
tation of " Wood Mauio" by fiiehard JeiTeries.
" A M.inual of the Art ot Questioninc. for
Training Classes." Joseph Landon. iC. W.
Bardeen 1
" Successful Houses." OliverColeman iHer
bert 8. Stone i Co )
irorcnvr tkj.l thk mude's age.
Itrldrsroora I.raes Court Kather Than
Vnswrr tliv I'aual (Juvstlona.
A bridal rarty of fnur-bndeirrc'om. bride
and two witnesses straved Into the Jefferson
Market Court buildinC about n,-on ye-terday
They hovered around tho hallway and the
anteroom fur a lon time, talkins to each other
In French, while bets were mail" in th court
room ns t.j whether they won'd vnturelnor
not Finally the bridegroom approaclied one
of the i-ourt oftlcers. and throush him con
veyed to MaBitrite Kuduch a reuuest that he
would perform the marriage ceremony
The Magistrate -milled itra'ciously and the
party was naked to -tep info his private room.
The ciarrlasn hcuk and tlm Br,.ird of Ilealrli 1
record were brought out. Court Interpreter I
Mnataki put on his most winnimr smile as lv
started In tonsktlie nec.w-.iry ,jue-.tlons and
the atmo-nhere of the court was saturated
with peice and ttooil will
Bat the whole scene changed sudden !y
when the Interpreter akeil for the name in. 1
tho age of the bride The bridegroom grw 1
red In his face and began to gesticulate with
hands and arma. , 1
" What's that to you ' he cried. I won't I
stand any foolery of that kind
" What does the man say !" Magistrate Kud
lich put in
" ou are all fooling with me." the groom re
peated "Then the best you can do. if you think so. is
to get our. and quickly. ' the Magistrate re
joined, angry In hl.s turn when the remark was
interpreted to him " Vo marriage In this
court for you. monsieur' '
"Zut"' the bridegroom ejaculated with a
scornful snap of His lingers as he left the
courtroom, the bride and the witnesi-e follow
ing him "Thats how much I care for this
court. There will be a wedding anvhow '
He gave the name of Vivter Mougin, res
taurant keeper, of inn Wst Twenty-fourth
street, but the bride s name is still a secret.
Illriun'i Ourstlfllialile I'se of Ihr MnlH.
Fredericks Dirionof onkeis was hebl in
$l,ixn) hail for examination lv I'mted Mates
Commlnsloner Shields yesterday on n charge nf
using the mails f.ir fraudulent purposes by
I mailing circulars advertising certain medi
cines compounded nt Mount Vernon Dlrion
asserts that a Yonkers physician shares in the
protltsot the comrany that se'.,a the medicines.
A E O L I A Nil
W. J. Henderson
COMIC OPERA . . Reginald de Koven
FACETIOUS MUSIC . . F. W. Riesbcrg
L JB -.i 11 I
fl FlTning A Cinrifk Pri. ew York
The Daughters of Baby
lon. A w Copyright Novel.
H WiNou Barrt'tt" and Iobrt
Hiclieii-. With fronlNpiecp. l'Juio.
I'loth. .1..'0. Uniform with " I'll
njn of the Lrn.ii," by Wil.1011 Barrett.
" The Paughcrs of Babylun. ' by WiNon
Barrett tnd Hubert Hiehen-. is based upon Sir
IUrrctt s rlay f the same name. The combi
nation of the author of "The hignof the In ss '
with the aiitlinr of 'The Green Carnation.'
"Vn Im.igin ive Man" and "Flames, has re
sulteil in a rnjwerful and imaginative story
Elizabeth, Empress of
AllStria. A Memoir. By A. I
D' Unroll. AVith oighty illnstru
tions. Octavo. Cloth. $-.."0. I
I "In A p. Burgh s memoir of "Elizabeth. I
Frapre.-of utna,' we have a took which is
1 -ure to attract attention and have many read
I its A very acceptable feature of the work is
the large number of illustrative pictures it eon
t urs pictures both of Bernon- and of rl.iee-
- I.mlrlo'i ij o' e
I A Trooper Galahad. By
' leiienil Cliarlos Ivinj;, L". S. A.
! l'Jtai). Cloth. With frontispiece.
"Cnptain t harles King Is always entertain
ing, and his 'A Trooper dal.ihad willbere.nl
with no ma!l degree of interest It is a story
of the i-outhwest. and there are excellent
character sketches and pictures of life at
frontier J""st ' l.outs tiIoheli?moi'rat.
The Taming of the Jun
gle. By Or. C. Y. Dojle. '2mo.
1 loth, oi'uiuiiental, 4I.OO.
M- Kipling Ins still left untouched many
pha-e of lire in India, and un ot the most in
I terenng'.f 'li"-eis the b.wlsof a r,iryof m'l 'li
I'uwjr. ' The Taming ,jf the Jungle. '
I The Wind-Jammers. u
I T. .Ii'iikins lluln, author of
1 "Captain (foro's Courtship," etc.
VJmo. Cloth, ornamental, ,tl. '2T.
! "T T,.n!ir.s Hains is to be -ongrat il.ited
I uon spinning a better, more natural, vigorous
I and thrilling yarn than any other modern
1 wnterof thiselass.if ilctnm excepting Ruisell
j -A' I r II . 1'
I l.iR s.LK BY KI.L EOOKsEf.LER.1.
J. B. Lippincott Company,
100,000 Tona Fall from the Cliff Duwu on
thi- tJorgr Kallrnad Track.
XnoiLi FaLW. JIarch 31. The gratet fall
of rock from the Niagara cliffs that has taken
I r'afe in years oeeurreii about " o'cloclc this
1 morning, when oerl0O.0O0 tons plunged from
the top of the hank at the Whirlpool Raolda
I d wn on to the Gorge rood tracks and the lower
building! and shaft or the famous Huttery ele
vator. The buildings at the foot of the bluff,
just rebuilt after the wreck of the old shaft by
wind a few weeks ago, were crushed and buried
beneath the mountain of debris. A portion of
the elevator shaft was wrecked and It was im-
I possible to descend by this means Vt this
I spot the Gorge road track-, are burled, one
linu dr alone weighing about Si"1) tons Be-
I tween this boulder and the "lift" there is big
ni'.untain of shale, which was the resting place
I l,( the limestone Imlge at the top onu. unk
Another great rock weighing many hunurca
I tons is gradually breaking away from the cJin"
md is eipecte.l to fail before n'"lt. ine
Gorge road has not been running this winter
The Mormon Prophet.
By Lily Don; ill. author uf "Tht Mer
maid "Thn il.nlnnnaof a Day, ' and
rh Zut-Giwt . ' 12mo. t loth, $130.
Thin rpmarkahl historical imvpI 1 putM tin trtual
huiuntny . r MornionliDi, tfc, 'hjirictor of xhf flrt
' rpxrlatlorn nd f fbow who .in Hpteti them nd
thn Pitrvmlinary ixprtm e antt pTcntionn of
tin1 irty mmlvr if thi ei'f Mr If ah x -t.irv 'f
-traukTH hAppniu toil iivfnture-t thU noYrtl would
i'aljnt the interest ot readrH, but tt bj iliiti mi ?p11j
its chief raafton for blnff th rnat interest attacbtnc
ti'iU portraiture of tb c&aractHrof Iopphmith. In
tni"t paaBH th pi uliar fjmpernmt,nt of th Pro
pbet the founder f thi weot. i- pUi'fd before rend
er in 1 miniir7huh wtllr pn to tht'm aniinkno'wii
rhapterln r hiitorv The utthor hu studied hH
cturu'Ter in th- Uzh ivn by random pHvhoIoiri-
al rpeirclj, jnd tU tMiilt wilt probably b. m
1 ptil a a tru. interprurion of in itra.nlmar7
character The story -thow-i what Mormoabm wm
it the outidt. and trsm tlie ehaccrt which tbowd
therafllve erriy at N uivno 'lty, where pilyirimy.
which wan no here pruif nt in tha orurtn.il .'reed of
the Tt. .a a Aid to hae bad in o rutin. t thn pr--ent
tim An intimite int'ipt will N felt In this vivid
picture of the. Moimon Prriihet orunn and earer,
the Htiadfantne- if hi- followers throughout m
norainT and peril, and the itran raodttt atlon4 .n
trodurpd m their belief m th days of propentr
and material temptittioti.
Pharos, the Egyptian.
By Oct Boothbv. author of "Div-tor Ni
kola,' lTieLiihtof Hate,' "A. Bid for
Fortune," etc. No. Jtjt, Appletons'Town
and Country Library. Umo. Cloth,
l im , paper. ro cents.
Mr BootUbv has prnvl hims-lt a muter of ths
irt , t stnrv tclhnir from the point if view nf the
r, ! r 1 h-j n'l tor a ucre.slnn of tirnnrf f ent. a
.u.piiicin ,.f an 4iirv an,l an intercut noe.mly main-tatni-il
hut iiilmlnatm. ItwimM he unfilr to ex
plain th extraorilmurv .-liaracrr of Pliaroa." or to
! ,1 1 iiinp, than lliiiii tu rlie 4rlea if trant atvn
tnrH "vherf In he pHrs a l-,ltm: parr, tt is enough
re a.aure Mr. Ikxitlihy'. film ,f ilelisbtful thn II.
i m, au intrre-it whe U this vivi,l i-oniaiii-or never per-
. ola to rlav.
Uy FnKDERirK A. Ouek. author of " Puerto
llico uml It Re-oiiri-.'. ' ("ruoi)'s
( I-liinil.-' etc History for Vnunir Rcad-
er Sorie-. ItSnn Cloth Hiiieuts.
1 Tli kaillni:ei.nt of Spain', history -with .puciil
1 nitirfn... to her ijieri.-an nloci.?. the ne n.l fall
' or rl'e Hiuplr. thn caiKcn .mil erTirr. of the loi rjf
1" ' In .il 1 .cTHr fmm thp earlie.t pemul to the
.1 - it tn- lute war an pn;ienteit ta 1 way ru in
leie.t the i ournj ft a.ler.ml five him a i-Ieur vievt of
in. r oiunt i .-arer mil Inclorio'i ,( ijn of 'ha
si in h mptr. .
r-r ' m, ar fnr talt by all bookv'Ur, ir hfj will
( :m vj nitl 'ii reipt'if price hy ,' jiuh'ithm.
l,X OF MAM -- S
? II Waluwitcb. ' (
1 new thinker win lin et the religion f
I mind to tee the K illnrlemif their thenlo-
1 j XJHnI point out th uath to a better io- J
cIaI order. It 1 n hook that eiery one V
i ) (or the treat truth tt I'onlnint, 1
7'M 'iU ilff' fh, HIM 4Vfi.
I It h rm.irLabl' f e ra boldneH4n'l trenirth. 3
v it sciteit one' admirati.iii ror it rearletwnaaa v
r 4i.it powir If ti nr bontc tlraler ha not icnt.it. t
? it will bo f irwardfd on receipt of 2ft eta . cluth c
J SOcU. Mrrtola MlrkeU J
ChMnihcrof omuieri e. Chleasn, HI, i
J3iH J?l'i5ii0B,(: 31ta' JPutlUatUna. H
important! I
BISMARCK, the Man and the Statesman: H
Being the Reflections and Reminiscences of Otto, jH
Prince von Bismarck, Written and Dictated by jH
Himself after his Retirement from Office. Trans- H
lated from the German under the Supervision of A. H
J. Butler, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. jH
Tu'o Vols. Svo, Ornamental Clotb, Uncut Edges and H
Gilt Tops, $7 50 -iB
(New Edition in Press) M
The Letters of Robert Browning and H
Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, 1845-1846. H
Illustrated with Two Contemporary Portraits of the ,H
Writers, and Two Facsimile Letters. With a Prefa. 'H
tory Note by ,R. Barrett Browning, and Notes, by .H
F. G. Kenyon, Explanatory of the Greek Words. H
Two Vols. Crown Svo, Clotb, Deckel Edges and M
Gilt Tops, $5 00 1
The Biographical Edition of W. M. IH
Thackeray's Complete Works. H
This New and Revised Edition Comprises Addi- H
tional Material and Hitherto Unpublished Letters, H
Sketches, and Drawings, Derived from the Author's H
Original Manuscripts and Note-books. Edited by H
Mrs. Anne Thackeray Ritchie. M
Crown Svo, Clotb, Ornamental, Uncut Edges and Gilt H
Tops, 1 75 per volume H
The Life of Charles Stewart Parnell. H
By R. Barry O'Brien. With One Photogravure M
Portrait, a Facsimile of Pamela's Handwriting, and M
a Picture of Avondale. Two volumes in one. M
Crown Svo, Clotb, $2 50 H
Publishers, New York and London I
The Whole Family I
will be interested in Homer
Greene's tragic story of the
coal-mines, "The Flood I
in Number Three," to I
appear in I
The I
Youth's I
Companion 1
of April 6th. Two attract- I
ive features of the issue I
for April 13 th will be Sir
Clements Markham's i
"Opportunities for Young
Explorers," and Charles
Adams's new serial, "A
Boys' Fox-Yard."
Sample Copies Free.
! PERRY MASON & CO., Boston, Mass.
All About Kipling.
A KEN OF KIPLING. By Will H. Omenj,
with 1 superb portrait in photogravure
ind other illustrations, tamo 7-c
1 1S6 lilh At., w 11rk Clij.
IQC ' Franltenai.in " 'Snarlfrriw 'CUarlft
iO O'Mall.r," Jamta' "R!chi'liu
tRATT. IBt txh at.
Bo.ilca at lh TRUTH SKEKFK STORE. 3 Lafajfita il
plarr. Sf w r.ia Palnn ami Voltair-"t Wott U
yon fan't rait attnit for fro ratalosQ. ami aamla Am
npr or tha f r-ita Xeektr I
B oOKa.-Alfaut-of rnnt Iwom upplirt, m roai ,1
l.ronwbat xibleci Writ, m 1 'an i " '
any book vr pabllnh.il cnowWit th- orM fi
o?i.ia thi mo.t i"iiiin bonk anit.r.itant Pl.4n (ri
luinrfbam FntfUnil jrM
V SELECTION of a.fda and anda from th Ultra- M
rr iunk Shop " of A.S.Clark. 174 folton at op-
1 untttt St Paal'a u to b fousd a bla Uml (-
Ufur, o. 47. , PJf
i. a i '-il

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