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I fc 1 ilfflfagBEPBIS" J Fair to-day; winds shifting to south wcsf. y
-.. cnnKKi: .vr to Ti:snrr kit
lout: Tin: committed
Went to Mr. M of Her Own Motion,
Vot nn suhpii'iiii Dnery mill I'rlen Arn
ponn to rcsllfj To-Dny, nnil Al. Ailnnm
to lti-Called on Snliirilny- Topic, Colipy.
m jl, ,t Investigating Committee -will
'. l0.n.- 'n the lion "f Hi" Ni'w Yoik
?: j f Traili' ! the second Hour of t ho .V.iil
a ymrm building, llroadway and Fulton
Treet 1 ho scsmuii will open at 10. .'10 o'clock
. AiFlnet" tliu .m.iIlnPM "f ttio room, only
tw-'o wlo Iiimi I .-n. vt tliiTO will bo, ml-
9nlmin oi. of Sir.. Richard Croker nt
5,turhmnmii..'spssiou of the committee
Mr jjaret said yesterday:
"Mr. Ctvker win not rmbprr-naed hy tho
uniraltter. and will ""' ,,e subixnnaed. Him
rj'fjupon Mr M. is nt his olffcoon Friday.
i-A I met herthTJ Nobody coiuiectoj with
the -omralttte.d. recti or In Jlreotly. know that
5ir" CroScr contemplated culling upon nny
traly having anything to do with tho conduct
(.(thliinvosticat, n. No ono could havo boun
more' surrn-e ' to """ borthar. wcro Sir. SIoss
saJ myfiilf. tdio talked with us lor a while and
then went away What sho said or the nature
of any Information -ho may havo clen us 1
nonet, of c i rse. Ull jou."
Mr. J.ws laid. "Mm Croker called upon rue
on Friday entirely of her own motion. In u
iplritof mnflilt-ncD nnd simpathy, and un
ijlidteil bran ' no connected with tho com
rslttee. she cavo ma information which may
teot servco li the committee. Mrs. Croker
his not b'en Hibpcnacd to clvo tostlmony
before th committee Wo have no Intention
ol tJDpanaln.: hor nor havo wo evor had nuoh
inlntentlon. Thcro aro limits which evon an
lavstle"t!i)C committee may not transgress.
Wfiilo Mrs Cr .ker was .it myofilco Hho told
ne the would like, to attend some ot theses
iocs of tho committee and asked me If it
would be risible for her to gain admission to
the room whero tlio sessions wore hold. I told
(urno would ro v"n clad to havo her attend
1 tho ee-sions .. often as "he liked and that I
would sod tha it-was admitted."
From anion. I i!i 'f tho Assembly The Run
porter Rjt the foil .wine statement: "Mrs.
Croker hasn't been subpa'tiaed and won't be.
Mrs. Croker ds r. it want her sons to cot
mliedup in po'itn's or city affairs. Sho ap
peared at Saturday's session of thecommlttoo
largely bi'oansn ihe wanted to Hnd out what
herson Frank was w anted for and what was
t)lcc to barren to him."
Frank Croker wns at the Democratic Club
lut nisht and cave out tho following state
ment: "I have not received a subrmnato nppcar
Moro th? Mazet committeo. I have boon at
my home every night nnd have been every day
itmyplaceot business. 121 Liberty street, so
luhojldhavo been easy to find me. On Sat
urday moraine, about 0 o'clock. I was told at
my home, that a man wanted to see me
on buMLCss. I sent back word that post
tl-elr I would not see a man at tho house
on tuslness. unless It was of oxtromo Im
portance, and I sent word to him to call at the
I cflce. Tho servant brought back word that
the nan'i name was Stuart and that ho must
lecmoon Important private business. I re
plied that I could not ,so him. I supposo
that must hae been a subpeena server.
I went to tho office and remained
then until noon, the regular hour for
Cosine on Saturdays. Then I went over
to New Jersey nnd played baseball all the
alternoon. I reached the house nt 7 o'eloeU
atnlcht and heard nothing about tisuhpamn
fener. I nin rraylne that I never will hear
tout a subpa mi srver, because I lntond nt
luo'clock to-morrow moraine to bo present nt
thetneetinc pUm of the committeo. rendy to
ower any Questions they may ask. without u
Mr. Mazet f aid yesterday afternoon that tho
epmmlttfe would co on to-dny with tim Invos
tleatlonlntothfl Police Department. Tho ex
imi-atlopf.f Chief lieery will bo concliuled,
mdCaptM'rlce. will rrobably follow his Chlof
on tho stand Mr Mazet also said that a num
Mrof subpu-nas for poisons of political proml
tecee haa teen lf.9ued. but lie declint'd to
per.tlon nam. . because he said ho didn't
mow whether the subpernns had benn served
jr not, and he didn't want to run tho risk of tho
witnesses dUnppearlue
Mr. Mos siid that while Con Paly had been
lut-anaed. he hardly thoucht that Kentleman
would bt asked to testify, since It was taken
(Drerantod thitb.) would himply deny tlio :il
le.atlon made nuainst him by Witnrs.s Toste
ln that hn demanded S-!.fH)0 to cot certain
Ki ii s ''la., t'i""d by the Uepiirtinant of
Bulldlnw. Mr Jloss added:
.. B,?c,,urhli-'1-aJ,c'1 with the develop
Bientiofthollrt(fay. I think the personnel
?i,,"BWItll"eswhotestllluilon hatunlay mid
itielrcharact-r wld cininco tho public that
wesnall nut ha to icly upon tho testimony of
ew.9 and study characters. I can safely
J.,.r.!'e 'M H'01"" Wl" ''" omB sensational
wrprlSM brorn the week Is out."
r,,i "AfcuP'rlnlendent of Klectlons John Me
wiiach was oeen yesterday nnd nuked If ha
fvi been -uhi-maed. He s tld that he had uot
K'A0,1 h ' ,1,H wouldn't bo. Ho suld lie
in75iK?owwlieni"rtll eommittco lutendud
.. lm ns.a wltri-'' "r not A Sun reporter
7Ji;ort-it je.terday that on nett Hatur-
wV.m iu'HV, Wl" '"! CHll,Ml t0 tcistlfy. It
Mr 5 ill"1'" ,,lc ''."mmltteo hopo to le.irn from
i irnir?. ."""ifMhlnc nbout tho business of
r..,pol"ir ',lo'", -- waf said that moro
In thi. i1,.J.n,.,?,'y '? mibe1 ,'rom iKJlley shops
n-iiH-1.7 ,,,,u from -loons, poolrooms.
2 V"? n O'V, ;r any other source, nnd tho
i??'"1 ?uld like to hear nil about It
th!.-7ii?vV!,,Ci'lly -fc.d"l last ovenlne that
o.X &".1)r ".n" fe-lon of the committeo
nnn,l ? m.s.t. al'n,lt '-";, o'clock this after
m!m?i, l',t.l,i',,memUr9 ' the committeo
wartt'.'0.?"30 raln for Albany. They all
"'i or tne Asse-nb y
ti.rnJrfv01,'11' '!'at t,ie Invostlcators will re
' hat ih. w '",rk n"xt .'Imrsdny ovenlne. ho
""Aicommll'r." J,uar to on with tho In
Allanr ' ,i 0,Vr lUA. Mr- MoIIwan of
, 1" an'1 Mr Costi'llo of Oswceo told
was no rlrlr'r")r, '-"onlay that thero
i m,., ' i"!1! w1'7 tho committee should
Sj-nr wl . 1rl'hyof ,,,a''h w,,ek. a well us on
InkteaTl ,,iai'1 Su FH. ln ,thrt, "e'slons a we-k
n Kfi.,n' h ls als0 I'fohablo that the
wiuU, l."" Fl'"i"ns of tho committeo
hour ah IP l'-":,r ?r ,w,n Parllflr tl""' I1'8
hiiirn.i "i!1 -''inliy nftornoon's sosslon
mit t. "rr,,r, '.s "P""'"'! 'hnt hnforo the coin-ofm-etihi1nit.'
N"r "rk a bermauunt placo
Th-,n E vl" ln.v" ,IW found
RiVd-i v '"""' tl'," i'1'ininlttei. spent a quiet
li'ch ?-... ,!? -'. '1'"."1 ;i'i'l'o-tello attondi-d
-aillrfthVLf,"'" ("li',"r"1 I" "' morning.
ni Vr ?' Vr, '"-tfH". Mr. Hoi?
'ameu r , ?'"! "ni1 U10 sri!i'ant-at.ArniH.
I'.rk -n, l-faw ?r'. ,'ooka ,rlv ttjumith the
Uride. w '"' sl"'i'dwtiv to W-ilintnn
't FlL-hu- "" i n'"'' 'I "' I'l" home, lot
tPoii,tnii.t ',. u'"f l"";''i "o keep several
htrr i i til X 'f,' '' ' I'" wanted to talk to
Poln... . ,''-'iL'atii ii
"''tThin!!l;!,"r'"""r ,m1 firmed nt tho
-Wit anil """'J' "",' "tntloi, about lOItoln.t
"lioki ' "'"' uieeied by rapt I'rlu'.
M'nu'. ,V '" ' ''' f I'" ale loom. T'ifte-.'U
.3iltt.M t i ' '""v-rywalkiMl In and was
-.iittl 1 ,''.', r,r"11' wl"'r" "' three ie
11 "" i-d f"r i.oiny umo.
'":r . in, Ar.i ;:;;.
' ''"iin I..w smuinhii Acnln llrniiglit
Illhi lirillll.llliiii.
eoVmll,:1''",: ('ITl'"'-' "' a" ''"-tictition
lio V1 W"Jo "I"''"'"'")" maeilywas
,Ji;;' U?w ''nd jesterdny. A tip was
Protrii o."' .V, '" ""' ,,,iy '" "" ,,, POI'"crt l'
''"tlierluJ ," ' ' f,rs"nH ll,l'oiil the island.
-"' l-er i ,.i ,'aw,' ', Mli'lwli'l. In orderto
"r'lM mm' ,'.."', ","' 'I?'"'"" hnlls wore
"reiini ', ..I . i "r1, '"'" " f,,w wore
t! "' n il ti . i' ";.f"r"-"r' iifJ-'firi'd in street
'i '!) I.irker. woie fiIi.m.
'"''inl l.jn.hlhf'lrl.il lleitlii.T.i-imj.
HAi.u ,,v Alrll., . -Tho tl.ltt,.,.,, , m-ens
linv ,,. ',, """i-'o on trial tu-morn.w for
ii.u. V ' '''""'"''"twr linker uruv.'d In
I ., ' ' '"-'" Thoy M,y th.-y .mi pn.
i EI i "' ' .' I' i" Sinl th it llini-imii
I rn , -,, ' i Hi in. i ,) r ii,
I If uu I. ii,, , '""feudi'in e. will l. i.j
I R'Jr ie! n , l, !"vi ' ""e!"' a"'1 ,'," ."iat ''-,
I '-i.ffjhrt. i"-i. .u '' ''''heri Wl bo tried.
Tir;.r: .r.s i.tsr is a n.oon.
The r.hln- Vellnwutoiie lllver Hups Iret
lliiiiiuer In Miintnnn.
ni.RMitMJ. Mon. April 11. The Yollowstono
lliver has caused cieutcr dntnaco to llfo nnd
property this vonr than eer before. Four per
sons, Mrs. S W. Snyder, her brother. Kimono
1'. O'Connor; hor niece. Mis, N'elllo Ilcac'in.
find a vl.sitor. MNs Hosu Wybreeht. lost thelt
lives Inst nluht in tryitiu' to reach tho N'orthorn
1'acillo llnllrond tracks, a block away from
their rtneh. which Is half a mile abovo (llen
dte. A fifth member of tho party. Joseph
Myers, was letieuud from n treo at 5 o'clock
this mot nine by several darinc men, who
risked their own lives to sao him.
Tho party of five left tho ranch whon the
water bocan to rise. Ilefoio they eowrod half
thodistunco to the track tho water wan waist
deep. They feared to co further nnd wero as
sisted Into n tree. Myeis cot up first nnd
O'Connor asltod from below. O'Connor was
the llrst to bo wnshod from the treo. Mrs. Bny
dor was iioxt and Miss Wybreeht third. Thou a
lurco plcuo of ico struck the treo and broke
It lu two. cnrrylns off Miss Iteacan. When
Myers saw that tho treo was fnlllni; ho jumped
to a piece of ice, and. thlnklnir ho would have
to swim, removed his shoes and outorclothlnir.
Flndinc no opportunity to reach lilch land by
swlmmliiu. tie erasped tho llrst treo lie came
to and climbed Into the branches. After soven
hours' exposure In his undorsrarments he was
taken fioni his perilous position and will re
cover Anothor nclchbor lomalned on tho roof of
his house until daylight this mornlnc. wli?n
he cot into a canoo nnd paddled ashore. It Is
thought thut James Sullivan, his wlfo nnd six
children wore swept away by the overflow, as
no trno of them can bu found.
Tho' ice began moing at 7:50 o'clock last
evening nnd continued Mowing until 0:.'10
o'clock, when It stuck. During this time tho
Ico demolished two of thu Ice breaks in front of
the piers of the steel vvngon bridge over the
river at Olendlvo. When tho gorge broke it
touk a combination epaii over Mm slouch on
the west bide of thu bridge, breaking It into
The low lands along tho river for miles nro
under water nnl ico. and the Northern l'aclllo
ltallroad track is Hooded for half a mile west of
the town. Hundreds of cnttlo woro swept
away by tho overflow.
Meagre reports from above and holow the
town are coming In. and thuro Is no knowing
what tho full damage will be. The property
loss is heavy, the damage to the bridgu alone
belli,' estimated nt Sk'.l.iJUO.
'I lie usual minors aie atloat as to heavy loss
of life, but the latest reports received here in
dicato that thu total number drowned will uot
exceed llllteeu. twelve known and three poa
Rlbly. The property loss will not exceed S'JOO,
000, largely of live stock and outbuildings.
Tho breaking of the bridge caused the gorge
to pass down the river with comparatively
small damage.
Billinoh, Mont.. April 0 Passengers reach
ing bore to-day over the Northern l'aclllo Uoad
bring particulars of tho Hoods nt (ilendlve. 'JDO
miles east of here. .Mr. II. U Miller, u conduc
tor, says tho water roso thirty foetln ono hour
and the Ice piled up against tho brido to ita
top boforo the spans gave way.
The Yellowstone has submerged portions of
this section with Its high wator from tho melt
ing bnow. which lies piled tion the moun
tains abovo at this time from flvo to ten feet
Tho river above broke up last week and Ico
has been passing down the river nt this place
since, but no damage has rosulted to either the
railroad or the wngun bridge here.
When tho tlow reached Uleiidive the tee had
not broiten up, and so It began piling up
against tho wagon bridgo theio on I'rlduy af
ternoon, and the mountain gradually grew
larger until 10 o'clock last night, whon tlio
structuro gave way with tho result already
Myers, who was the oniy ono saved of the
party of tho who took retuco In a tree
after a vain attempt to reach Glen
dive from their ranch, was engaged to bo
married to Miss Reagan, one of those drowned.
The wedding had been set for noxt Tuesday
Tho bridgo at Glendlva cost In tho neighbor
hood of tluO.OOO when built a few years ago.
and was one of the Quest wugon bridges in tho
Houses were moved from their moorings In
tho inundated district and carried down tho
stream, and It is reported munyof the occu
pants were lost.
It is the first tlmo a gorge had occurred at
Glondive lu the recollection of tho town, and It
Is said that the loss of proporty will bo very
Dennis McCnrthy. roslding just north of the
bridge in tho inundated district, with his wile
nnd two children, a boy and girl of Vl years, was
nwakoned by the Ice btrikiug ugaiust the
Ho bundled tils wlfo and children up In bed
clothing, floated them out on an old bedstead,
and with the help of a long plank hu finally
reached high grouud.
Thero wero about three hundred kodak
pictures taken of tho gorge ln tho space of an
hour, while tho ico was going, by means of an
nrc light, nnd it is said the bridge was photo
graphed as It floated away. Tho middle or
pivotal pier was not wrecked.
The weathor ls warm throuchoutthis section
nt tliis tlmo and the greatest apprehension Is
felt by the people living along the stream
which cross this and adjacent States.
Small Cockney on tlio Ktrurlu Ilminil to
C'nllforulu, with n Letter.
The Cunnrdcr Ltrurla. lu yestorday from
Liverpool nnd fjueeustown. was delayed a day
by heavy woather nnd dense fog off tho Hanks.
Whilo sho was rolling and pitching In the
tumbling sens, Dr. James Yates, a cabin pas
songer, went out on deck to take a look at the
turbulence. Ho wns thrown down and his
shoulder was dlslocatod. He landed yestorday
with his arm In a sling. Uo represents tho
school Interests of Oldham, England, and Is
going tostudy our educntlonal system.
James Edward Kstcy, a llttlo, pug-nosod.
sharp-eyed messongor boy from London, was
a (.ecoud-cnbln passenger on tho ttrurln. He
woro a brimless forage cap set on ono sldo of
his hend. He is 10 years old, but ho Isn't any
bigger than tho average American boy of i:t.
James Edward Is going to Mm Keystone ranch.
In Kings county. Cal . to deliver a incssngo
from Henry McOalinont to a ranehmun. James
Edward said 'o was a "kind of n snrgeant
lolke." and that while 'a was "wrltln" bo'indtho
desk n gentleman 'o comes In. nnd. says he. 'can
I get a boy to send toCnlllornla?' I says I'd
like to go, sav I. and the gentleman says,
You'll do hull right ' 1 just 'nd tlmo to get a
ticket to Vilvhend. There! takes n steamer to
Dublin, and then 1 goes to Qucenstown and
boards tlio Etrurla. I don't know the gentle
man us sent mo 'em. I 'live 'is message sowed
un in my f-hlit. nnd I don't know wlint It says.
Tho superintendent of the District Messenger
and Theatre Ticket Agency rompanv. Limited,
which employs me. sent a tel'gram to my par
euts. telling them I 'nd gono to California. Hy
Jove, but I wai'erthey won. n lilt surprised.'
,Tniis Edward was met at the pier hy tl. W.
Illggins. who represent-, the 1k)'h employers,
and taken iierosstho North lliver to the station
of the Delaware, I nckawnnna and Western
road. He leit on the.7'15 1' M train. He was
much liiit.iessed hy the towering buildings,
and said there wns nothing In " I.unnon " llko
t hem. Ho w 111 get to his ilo-tlnation on Thurs
day. Ho will thou go to Snn lranelsco. and
return hero on an epres tialn ln time to go
back to Liverpool on a steamship sailing next
si Mi is inn oiiio.
The Itlvei- Steamboat Jnlm K. feprad does
lliiwn-Atl lliiiid- Saved.
Lomsviux. Kj . Ainll H. The rlvor steam
bout John K. Spei d, owned by the Cincinnati.
Memphis uud New Orleans Company, wns
sunk find wrecked ill tho middle of tho
Ohio lliver In ro about 4 o'clock this af
ternoon. When the bout went down liana
weio tweiity-threo pas-eiigers on her besides
the crew, and these wero g"t off by means
of tugs urn! rowboals No one was lot, hut
tin-, was duo to the fact that tho Speed wns
nearly thiee minutes in blnklng. mid Mint nil
i,n boni.l w.'lil upon the uppcl ilei'k, which
did not go below tho water
The in lent to the Speed wns unused by tho
bn.it eomiiig In contact vvMi the point of Mm
mini il.iin, willed Is nlmost opposite the font
ol 1 ifliold i-tieel 'Ihe hull of the boat was
flushed In. and it la not Pelieved she van '"
"''ihe boat m villi-,! . .-. wo. and hud a
,.,n about .ion i..,. 1 1 f. 1','iit. wotth fmni
t-.ViiMXltii ATD,1"'" sip -unl. in Union lloiige.
l..i .'nboiif (i om a-- i. .rid vv i . i n-cd at heavy
I cost OIHivis of Mm eoinpai'V say Mint .ii'
effort will be inndo to-iuorro'v to cut the
boat up.
tiik rn.vKnAui.n ii'itisr ;:.r ?;;;
AT C:30 I, A. ST I I'KVi V.
lie Itetlrod from the Supreme Court neurit
on nee. 1, 1837, nnd llml Since llren In
Feeble Hrnltli-Tho I.n-t but One of the
1'iunoin l'our Urol hers or t lie I'leld 1'nmlly
WtMtiNOTov, April ft. Stephen J. I'lold. As
sneinto Justice of the Suprotue Court, retired.
dlodatO'UOr. M. to-day. Since his retirement
from tho bench, Dec. 1. 18!7. Justice Field had
boon ln poor health, uud when a heavy cotd
followed his oxposuro ln n carriago ilde on
Starch "0, Ills enfeebled constitution was tin
able to withstand Its ravages. A disorder of
the kidneys developed In a few da) sand com
plicated tils illness. Since then he gradually
crew wonkor, nnd yesterday mornlnc. at 10
o'clock, ho lapsed Into a state of unconscious,
noss. Last night, behoving Mint the end wns
at hand, players woro read nt tlio bedside hy
tho Kov. Dr. Mott, rector of tho Church of tho
Advent, and a warm personal friend of tho
dying jurist. Ho rallied, however, but early
this morning It was apparent that the patient
could not last many hours.
As tho day drew to it eloso Justlco Field's
breathing became moro labored, and tho fain
llyand tho friends who had been summoned
gathered around the bed. There wero present
Sirs, rield. tier bister. Mrs. J. Condlt-Smith:
Mrs. Frances Edgorton of California, who had
been the guest of Justlco and Mrs. Field dur
ing tho wintsr: Supremo Court Justlco David
J. lirowor. n nephew of Jititlco Field: Mr.
Lionel Linton. Justlco Field's private soere
taty; Dr. O. IV. Custls, tho family physlclun.
and tho sorvants who havo been In tho house
hold for many years. Death camo easily and
almost Imperceptibly.
The ltov. Henry M. Field, tho only remain
ing member of tho famous four brothers of
the Field family, has been lnfoimed of the
Justice's death, nnd Is expected hero to-morrow.
Funoral services will bo held on Thurs
day mornlnc at tho family rosldenco opposlto
tho Capitol grounds. They will bo conducted
by tho ltev. Randolph McKlm. D. D rector of
the Church of tho Epiphany, whero Justice
Field held a pow, and tho ltev. Edward Mott.
D, D. Tho remains will be placed tompornrtly
lu a vnult nt Oak Hill Cemetery until Mrs.
Field determines where they shall be finally
laid to rest.
Stephen J. Field was born in Haddam.Conn..
In 1810. and was one of four brothers who
aftorward formed what was probably the most
notable family quartet. In point of Intellectual
power nnd accomplishment, ln American his
tory. His brothers woro David Dudley Field,
the great jurist, and Cyrus W Field. Mm cap!-,
tullst and projector of the Atlantic cable, both'
dead now, and Henry M Flold, writer and now
editor of the Evangtlirt Ivrhnps no mnn
was evor moro comprehensively eilu"ated
than Justice Field His real education be
gau with travel, whon he went to Greoco
with his sister anil brother-in-law, nnd thero
snvv war and poM Hence. Returning, he
entered Williams College, where ho gradu
ated at tho head of tils class lu 1S.T7. After
Mint he studied law. and was unheard of
for more than ten years. When tho gold fever
swept over tho East h went out to California
as a Forty-niner, and there received Mm Iron
tier education that crysta'llrcd his character
into munlincss and strength Going there with
ulmost uomoney.hc hung out the slcn,".Sterihen
J. Field, iittorney-nt-law." h md pnlnted by him
self on a shingle His llrst foe was nn ounco of
gold dust. Puitiy beeausoof his knowledgoof
languages, acquired abroad, which wns of
great use hi such a Unbel of nationalities as
congregated at tho gold Melds: partly because
of tho inherent power and spirit of the mnn,
lm was elected tho first Alcalde, or Mayor,
of the town of Mnrysvllle. which hnd
not been n town when lie settled there
This was his first oOlee. He noxt was
a member of the Legislature, in which
he wus made Chairman of the Judici
al y Committee. It wus his assertion of
the principle "I'snge and customs which
necessity has established must bo law except
when fncontllctwitli tho Constitution of the
State." that became tlio cornerstone of a firm
legal system ln what had been a practically law
loss region. During this tlmo Mr. Field was
twice challenged to duels, but his entire readi
ness to accept was sufllcleut evidence of tils
metal, and his challengers both backed out.
On coming up for reelection Mr. Field was de
feated, but ln ltC7 ho was elected Judge of the
Supreme Court of California by '.'D.fXH) major
Uy. Hoprnotlcnlly built up n now legal ss stem
In tho crisis of lB'VJ. although a Democrat, he
entno out strongly for the In Ion and was one
of the men who saved California from seced
ing. Ai'hoiigh he never hail voted a Re
publican ticket. President Lincoln mado
Ii I tn a Justice of the Supremo Court in
1SU3. His record on the highest bench
in the nation has been a uotnDlo one.
Many celebrated principles wero estab
lished by him It was Ids Influence that de
cided tho famous "Test Oath" case, he hold
ing that proof of treason was as nece-tnry
ns proof of any other crime. In many cases
where tho feeling tignlnst tho South wns
mndo the basin for political persecution ho
was courageous and firm in standing for
right nnd justlco as he saw it. and Micro
were nt oue time rumois that he was to bu Im
peached. In a dissenting opinion, since be
come famous. Justice Field denied tlio right of
Congress to exorciso corcivc authority over
judicial oftlceis of the States In the discharge of
their duties under Stato laws.
He wus u member of the famous Electoral
Commission of lts"7 nnd one of the soven who
stood against the Infamy that set Haves ln tho
President's chair. In u dissenting opinion upon
tho Incomo Tnx law he hold that tlio law was
unconstitutional from beginning to end. A
year ago Justice Field published an nutoblog
raphy. Astoryou Mid Justice went the rounds
In Washington Inst winter. It is said that a
lawyer, rending from vaiinus authorities In
support of n point ho had made, was Inter
rupted In a citation by Justlco Field, who .suld:
That Is nonseuse. In a leirnl view."
"Nevertheless, if your Honor please," ro
piled tho lawyer, "It is an opinion of tho Su
preme Court of the L'nited States, rendered by
Mr. Justlco Field twonty-nve years ago ''
Justlco Field resigned his seat on the Su
premo Court lieneh In April, Wtf. to take
offect Dee. 1. President MoKlnley, m accept
ing the lcslgnatlon. wroto Justice Field u long
letter of congratulation upon tho exceptional
duration, fidelity nnd distinction of his service.
The complete period was thirty-four years and
soven months, n term longer Minn that of any
member of the court since Itscieation.
In nppenrani'o Justice Field wns patriarchal.
Ho was broad and stronclv built, with a tine
forehead nnd keen eves Ills hair nnd long
noard of grayish whii made liim a noticeable
man nnyw bore
An attempt was made on Justice I lehlM life
InlHHIl by Judge Terry, tho man who killed
llroderlek (who was Mr 1 leld's second In one
of his California nffnlrs) In a duel. It wns In
the suit of Sarah Althea Torry against Judge
Terry During the prngiess of tho case Terry
drew a revolver nnd pointed It nt Justice Field,
but before he could flie Mnrshal N'engle, who
was guarding the Justice, shot uud killed him.
dor. RnosF.rr.r.T is Chicago.
Hearty Welcome from the lluiiilltoii CI nil
, Ilelegnlloti anil Kight Hough Kldcr.
CuiLVdO, April It. Gov. Roosevelt, who Is to
be tho guest of honor at the banquet of the
Hamilton Club nt tho Auditorium to-morrow
night, was welcomed heartily on his arrival In
Chicago this evening. A delegation from the
Hamilton club met hi in nnd his stuff nt Engle
vvood and on the arrival of tho train nt tho
terminal station of the Lnku Shore road the
party was also met by all of Chicago's
representatives of Roosovelt's lough rideis.
There vvoio only eight of thorn, but they gave
their Colonel nu ciithiisiastio greeting, which
met with ns enthusiastic n i. sp use. They es
curt.'d the Governor ami his start to the Union
I imguu Club, which will bo Gov. llunsovelt's
hefiil'iuarlers while here
diuimr w is givcti .it the I nion League nt S
o'clock by St.-plicti liomnioii, n friend of Mi"
i Governor, wlin f.uliMl '" invi'" an uieinberof
' the llamilt "i Hull, ..ml who ii.i'itlel new.
pipoi rep' rter-ihocnll"d it Mm club Mint tho
i nlTitir N.I- silictly private Gov JIuu.-miIi,
Melville 1. Si hi... and otlieis inudo spi oehi's,
I ri ii I after Mm dlniiei there wus nn In-
i h ruuil leiepjon. 'lii-moriniv s programme
includes an address I y Guv lb. i-cvelt to the
sill lontHiif Mm I Diversity of I hP-ngn nt ll;:itl;
I ii 1. 1 'iption ,n the (juudrauglc I'lub. 1 1 -.'M to
1.-' Iliivaiil (lull luncheon t hingslcy's a
1 . n -t lit 1 in. in I cagu ' Iron, .itoli. Hutu lit. 'il
Club liiiiuiuet nl sudltoriiiin nt it t 1 1 .'Jtithe
Governor will take a trait' over Mm Michigan
"iitral fi r Ann rbor. MMi . where tho nnder-
craduutc body of Uichiguu will do hliu lu-uor.
uiuimas citiDi: irncsnvn.
Adnilinl Unutr's Arllon at Minion Kignrdcil
lis n " lllri'rt Insult."
Ar-flnl t'uM- Pttttttchri to Tut rv.
IlF.m.iN. April !. Apart from tho purely dip
lomatlo and liolitical questions concerninc
Samoa, which aio viewed by tho Government
ns being in u fair way to settlemenl. tho
national sentiment of Gormntiy has been
deeply wounded by Admiral Knutz's ticatiuent
of tho commander of the German warship
l'alko. whoso vessel was so small that It was
not nblo to offer any opposition to tho Ameri
can Admiral's orders.
It IsgcnoiaUylield that Germany Is entitled
to demand satisfaction for Admlrnl Knitt'H
uetion, which must In nny case be n mnttsr
of International negotiation. Moreover. Ad
mlrnl Knutz's proclamation, ns reported
here, staled that tho three Consuls nnd
tho threo naval commanders had unani
mously resolved to no longer recognize
Jlutaufa's provisional Oovornment, nnd it ls
contended that Herr Rose, the German Consul,
wastftnpelled to denv this . statement, which
wns not true, whether Admiral Hauls: made It
Intentionally or Inadvertently. The public ex
pects tho l'nited States ntulGicnt Ilrltnln to
disavow the conduct of their ofllclals. and In
terprets tho German Government's declaration
as an Intention to demand such a disavowal.
The chnuv inlst press go so far as to prophesv
that war is Immlnontns the rosult of Admiral
Kautx's "direct Insult to tho empire nnd the
honor of tho German flug." (
Wellimiion. New Zealand. April 0. Tho
British Government has accepted Now Zeu
lund's offer to send n despatch boat to Samoa,
but hns declined the offer of the colony to fur
nish troops for service ln tho islauds.
Terrible Suffering Among the Tnrtnn In III
l'roviuce of Kti-au.
.Vpenal Cable DtwaUh to Tun So-.
London. April 10. A despatch to tho 7V'e
urnjjftfrom SUPotersburg says that tho prov
ince of Kasan. which ls Inhabited chiefly by Tar
tars, ls in a condition of unrest, whlah Is likely
to result lu a bad outbreak against the Govern
ment SI. Gorcmykin.Mitiisterof tho Interior,
has started post haste to visit tho district.
Tho situation Is the outcomo of tho torriblo
famine. Everything has been oaten. Including
cattle which themselves had dlod of starvation.
Tho peoplo now havo only two meals weekly,
and are dwelling in half ruined huts, parts of
the roofs and the woodwork of which havo
been used for fuel.
Tho solo occupation of tho people Is burying
their follows, who are dying rapidly of tphu.s
fever. Private benovolcneo Is doing what It
can. but It can do but llttlo to relieve
tho distress. Government nid was delujed
owluc to the roads being blocked. In many
cases peasants have cone a dozen erts to
obtain bread, nud somo of them havo dlud on
tho way.
The peasants In sorao vlllagos nttnckod tho
local authorities, demanding bread, and Mmn
assailed the police The administration at St.
Petersburg theieupon decided Mi it energetic
measures were necessary to quell tho trouble.
Large quantities of corn wero transposed
by express trains nnd distributed among tho
sufferers. Sanitary detachments of tho
Red Cros3 Society were sent to com
bat the typhus and scurvy, but as
soon as the Rod Cross people arrived tho Tar
tars, who are Mohammedans, sprond minors
that they had como to take advantage of tho
misery to compel tho Sluhnmmedans to bo
baptized into the Orthodox faith. Tho Sin
homednn priests fostered Mils idea.
Tdeu the rngo of tho people roso and thoy
stoned tho relief parties and refused aid from
them. Tho ofllcinls are now trying to pacify
them and have summoned M. BoultanufT, the
Jluttl of Orouburg, who will so to Hasan to ox
plain the objects of the Government.
auAHDisa i hi: ccp CHATj.r.sc.Kit.
Two Men Aririted fm-Trlng to Get n Snnp
Shot of the Shamrock.
.Spfciif Cable Ditiiatch to Thk Scs,
London. April 10 Tho VAiifu Mail says
that two joung men with a kodak were ar
rested at Thornycroft's yard nt Chlswick
at daylight on Sunday morning. They
were obviously Intent on photographing
the cup challenger Shamrock, which Is
being built there. A close watch is kept to
prevent any of tlio details of the yacht's con
struction becoming known, and the two men,
whose notions aroused suspicion, had been
watched for several days. They wero con
stantly afloat, hav ing hired a skiff In the vicinity
of tho shipyard, ostensibly for the purpose of
They wero watched when they launched the
skiff before dawn on Sun day. Eventually they
lauded nt Thoinyoroft's. and ono of themstolo
closo to the bcreen hiding tho shamrock from
view, whereupon the watchors pounced on
them. They wero questioned and searched
and wore found to havo skeleton yacht plans.
which woro marked whoro the dimensions
wero to bo insortod.
The mon wero taken to tho local police sta
tion, where thoy were questioned again. They
gave their namos uud addresses and were re
leased. The camera and plans were retained
by tho police. The names of tho men could
not be learned,
Siijk the Knil Ii In Sight and sprnki lu De
fence of Mm Army.
.Vc'I Cable Vitcatch to The Sux.
Paisis, April 0. Speaking to-day at Lo Puy.
capital of tha Department of Hauto-Lolro.
Prime Minister Dupuy referred to l he Dreyfus
case, tho end of which, ho said, was now In
eight. The complications, he added, would be
unravcllod by tho Court of Cassation, whoso
judgment everybody would acknowledge.
The Government considered It Important to
rcns-eit its determination toropross all discus
sion which called the army Into tho question.
As soon as the court's decision was given the
Government would tako tho necossary meas
ures to determine responsibilities, hut tho pun
ishment of tho faults of Individuals would not
nff"ct the aimy. which was a vast (.null) in
cluding nil the sons of tho country It was,
nnd It would reinuin, France's present security
and hopo of the future, and was the indlspen
s'lblo guardian of the Constitution nnd laws
Kxpciluients hi Aerial Telegraphy,
.S'li-eiif Call O'iptttch lo Thk Sun.
OiiEsst, April ii The iievv-nupor l.ilnk
states that the Iliad: Scilicet s experimenting
w !th Prof. FopolT's si stem of aerial telegraphy.
ins Aim nnoKHv i a iioi.ii.rr.
IMiiiulicr llcslfcted Iltghvt iiynien niut I'nreil
Madly In the struggle.
Abraham Danim, a plumber, living nt 'J:i.
Chciry street, wns attm ked ul like and Slop
roo streoto just after 7 o'clock yesterday morn
ing by tn i men who !ittniptnd to Mo.il his
watch nnd cliiiin. Damm viguroi.sl) lesisted.
and in the tcuf.loho was knocked down and
' hipttutt.ru' u btoken arm. He suvedtho watch
nud chain, howevei, tho roLUors desisting nt
tho approach of several men who had wit.
ues-ed tlio attack from :i distance.
About an hour afterward Policeman Wich-
nur at tested Wlllinm JIurrny of 4t Rutgers
stioet and Michael Shinny of Jlo-'l Madison
i -trie!, and they wero Identified by Damm nud
evsinl otbsr- lis tho assailants When the
t .vo were nrrnlgned later In the Essux Market
I Police Court Mngihtinto Ilrunn lemarked
I "You aro the two toughest-looking men I
have everseen lu this couit."
He hold them lu $5,000 bail each for trial.
.H.ir UK iSTiioiwciH), iriTii sisiiu:.
man commissions.
Opinion Divided nt Vosl-nlnv'" ll-puhllrnn
('onferrure I'pon the Likelihood of Its
Getting Through the Srtmtr Tniuninny
Will Pull I'.voiy String to ninth It.
Senator Plait ami his Republican fi lends hnd
the final conforenco yesterday moriiingnt the
Fifth Avcntio Hotel ovor tho proposed Statu
Pollen Constabulary bill, Tho session began
at 11 o'clock and ended at I :.i) In the after
noon. Sloin Republicans worn prnsont nt this
conference than nt tho cotifoteneo on Sntur
day. llosldcs Sneaker Nixon nud Robort Sla
?et, Chnlrmnn of tho Assembly Cities Commit
tee, Micro wore a dozen Republican Assembly
men present, nnd the following Ropubllcan
Senators: Ellsworth. Hlgglns. Drown, Ford,
Haines nnd Elsberg, nnd also President Lemuel
Ely Qulgg of tlio Now York Republican County
On Saturday tho Republican conferees were
either doubtful or diffident as to tho advisa
bility ot Introducing the measure. Yesterday
tho sentiment crystallized, and tho vordlct wns
that tho bill should bo introduced In the
Senate if it could bo ascertained Mint twenty
six votes could bo obtained for Its support.
Of course, it was said, tho Republican con
fcreosof cslerday do not count upon Senator
nenry J. Coggeshall of Wotorville, but it
wns apparent that tho lending Repuldicnns
rely upon the suppoit of Senntors Ambler of
Chatham ami Feeler of Little I'nlls, especlnlly
If it can bo satisfactorily explained to Messrs.
Ambler nnd Feeter that the proposod bill Is a
wise nnd patriotic measure. It was nvoried
with muro or less vehemonco that Senators
Ambler and Footer cannot bo corralled or
cajoled as to Republican policies by nny per
sonnl authority.
A new depnrturo was taken ns to tho main
features of the State Constabulary bill at yes
tcrday's conference. The bill as now ready for
presentation at Albany provides for the ap
pointment of a Chief nt Albany with authority
to appoint singlc-houded pollco commissions
forthocltios of Rochester. Syracuse, Huffnlo,
Albany. Troy nnd New York. Under the first
proposition the Idea was to havo a State Chief
at Albany and bi-partisan police boards In the
cities mentioned.
Chairman Odellof the Republican Stato Com
mitteo is sick at his homo in N'owburg nnd
could not attend olthcr Saturday's or yester
day's conference. Naturally there vvasagreat
nmount of gossip us to tho fato of tho Stato
Police Constabulary bill (if it ls finally docidod
to press its passago', and opinion seemed to bo
equally divided. Some declared that things
aro so shaping themselves that tho bill
will have the support of twenty-six Re
publican Senntots (just enough to pass it In
tho upper chamber It would be safe in tho
Assembly), while others, fully acquainted with
Tammany methods and tho frailty of human
nature, were skeptical.
It was made very plain to all that Tammnny
will tako every substantial means to defeat
the bill should It bo deemed advisable to Intro
dues It. '
iot oct iir run rim: kscacks.
Stnlrcnscj lu a Third Avenue IliiUillnc Were
Ablaze nnd Tenants Were Cut Off.
The tenants of tho four-story building nt
OKI Third avenuowcro all obliged to get out
of tho building by means of the Are escapes
yesterday morning, a Hre. whioh started In the
basement, having out off tho usual exits. The
flro was discovered In tho basement, which is
occupied by Tony Rocco, a coal dealer, and
Conrad A, Schnulter. upholstorors. It spread
tapldlyand soon enveloped tho saloon on tho
ground floor, which is kept by Joseph Schmidt.
His family occupies tho llrst Moor abovo tho
When tho firemen arrived the flames woro
burning tho staircases on the llrst Moor, and
the people living in tho upper part of tho hou.-o
were unable to get down to the street. Somo
of tho women In tho house were Inclined to be
hysterical, but John Ducr. who lives on the top
floor, calmed them by telling them that tho
tiro escapes wero In good order, with no flames
near them, and that everybody could escape
Then Duer took his wlfo nnd bnby down totho
street by the flru escapo and tho others fol
lowed him.
Duei made four moro trip- into the burning
house, bringing down three children from the
second Moor nnd his cat from Mm top floor.
A Mis Schin. who lives on Mm third floor, went
down the Hie escape unaided nnd with hor
baby in her nrms. The only person nt nil
burned by the Urn wns a Sirs. Gnrman, who
lives on the top floor, and who ventured too
close to tho burning stairs Her injuries wero
When tho (lie was nt Its height somebody re
metnbcieil that there were Ave cuts locked up
in Schmidt's saloon. William SInrsli. who lives
in Mm house, broke open the baloon door nnd
saved the cuts.
The ilrenien extinguished tho flames after
about mi hour's work. Tho damage dono by
tho lire was estimated at $3,000.
iiusa cn.tsa ckssuued.
Kxtrnvngnnt ltecriitlon to Hliu tn ShniiTung
DlfpIviiNen the Dowager Kinprcis.
Tacoih, Wash.. April 0. A sensation has
boon caused nt Pekln by an edict issued by the
Downgor Empress accusing LI Hung Chang
and Cluing Jumoi, Governor of Shan Tung,
with gross extravagance, lloth aro sovorely
censuicd fortho extravagant manner in which
Chang Jumei entertained Li Hung Chang
whllo the latter was on tils way to the flooded
districts along tho Yellow Rlvor In his capacity
of Imperial High Commissioner of River Con
servnney. Expensive presents wero given to
Li Hung Chang and his staff, and not less than
$1,000 dally wns spent In providing them with
food, llosldes. money was given to all the lm
portnnl niombers of Li's staff. For weeks not
u day passed without feasting and gnety on
an I'xtiavucnnt scale
All this wus In such mm ked contrast in the
terrible desolation prevailing in tlio adjoining
submerged districts which Li wns sent to In
vestlgnte, that complaints were made direct to
the Downgor FiupresB She Immediately de
putehed l'u Liang. Vice-President of Mm
lloird 'd Revenue, to Shan Tung, ostensibly
to superintend the distribution of icllef, but
if ally P.) Investigate tho charges of extrava
gance Scvci.il of Gov Chang Jumel's sub
onllnutos have been cnshlored LI Hung
Chnng is nsked by the Dowager Empress why
tie did not stop this recklessness on the spot
ami denounce Ids host to her Instead of accept
ing these luxuries.
.w;ip sorTHKiix r.icrric m:ai..
George Crorkar to llnvn Control In Collli
'. Huntington'- Almence.
SiN FnNcihCO. April !' Rallioad men wcru
discussing to-day the practical retirement
of II V. Huntington from all authority
In the Southern Pacific Company, nnd tho
plnclng of George Crocker In vlrtunl control
of the big corpoiatlon on this coast, when
President Collls P. Huntington Is in the East.
This deal grew nut of the leoont conference in
NewYoik when Sirs. Stanford sold her Cen
ti.il Pacillo stock George and William II.
('rocker, who have always opposed Hunting
ton's control of the .oinpans, agreed to vote
bu hliu foi l'ri'-ldcnt nnd supioil him liievery
vvnv if lu l el ll i n he vv.oil.1 givu George Clock el.
now S. i on. 1 VI?e-Pios.ciit, nctniil control of
Mm coiiiiuiiv's affairs in hln nbs'iico and also
piomisc to advance him whenever u vac.un y
o.'i'urr''il Jicsidiint Huntington ngiccd and
tlm deal went tliioui.il.
U Mm election on Thin sduy. William II
('rocker astonished Mis. Stanford's rep-
re-ciitativi's by n .minuting Huntington
i. f. r licsldini Icsterday lluntiiigloii ie-
' d. "in. d In- prom sc an. I notice vv.is
j given iiuimiU thai lieicnti r flic olllco of
pi'isonul ii-s st, nt in tlm lii-siiii'iit. w Ii U-)i II
r liiiiiKiii'ion had tilled lm- live years, would
l. viciiii loung Huntington, who is u
neplii'W of Lollis, will still remuin Prcsidcut of
thu Market Sheet Railway Company,
Chicago mx.i:it c.ii.i.r.i) urr.
Ilnril-nn Woutiln't Cut ulth Allgrld Illy
nil's Invitation Itccnlluil.
Cliiruin. Apiil li. -At a meeting of Hie Ex.
ceutivo Committee of Mm Slotitlccllo Club this
afternoon it was decided uimnlmoiisly to
abandon the proposed dinner oii'Wcduenlay
evening In honor of Jefferson's birthday. Wil
liam J. llrjan had accepted nil Invitation to,
spenk on tlio subject of "Trusts," and lilt)
patriotic Democrats had bought tickets, but
Sluyor Harrison hud refused to sit nt a table
wlioio John P. Altgeld was present, mid It was
deomod advisablo in tho Interests of harmony
to call off tho dinner.
As soon ns this decision wns remimd Judgo
Edward F. Dunne, President of the club, ten.
derail his resignation, and for a tlmo It
looked as If tho club's fato would soon
be benled. Sovcral Influential members
persuadod Judgo Dunno to withdraw
Ills resignation, nnd a resolution of confidence
In him was passed by a rising voto A despatch
was sont to Sir. llrynn recalling the Invitntlou
to him and nssurlng him of the club's heartiest
confidence and inspect.
It Is the plan of tho Ilanlson Domocrals i'o
turndown Altgeld nt nil times at all Important
pollllenl gnthorings, and to try to shelve him
before tho next National Convention.
killed mt inroiicr.n win:.
Then Cnpt. Von Schmidt, Str.'iuge Sun
I'rnniiiico diameter, Killed Himself.
San Fkancisco. April H.-Capt. E A. Von
Schmidt, ono of the host-known Sail 1'iaiiclsco
Day pilots, stabbed and killed his di voiced vvlfn
nt noon to-day and then stabbed himself,
dying almost Instantly. About threo months
ngothu Captain's wito obtained a divorce be
eaubo or his cruelty, but after this ho persisted
In visiting her, so the Court was forced to rule
that on seeing his children once a month ho
should not enter tho promises, but tako tho
children away for two hours. To-day lie burst
through tho door and pursued his wife through
tho house, stabbed her. and then stubbed mm
solf flvo times lu tho breast.
Capt Von Schmidt was a picturesque charac
ter. In early youth ho was threatened with
consumption and went to sen. He sailed most
ly In tho tropics nnd woro llttlo clothing. He
noticed when making his llrst vovngn around
Cape Horn Hint the natives wore iioclrthcsnnil
vet they endured tho cold. When ho camo
here nnd entered the Government seivice us
thedredgor of Oakland harbors, ho adopted a
dross of cotton trunks, nnd seldom worn nnv
other gnrments ut nny season. He was tho
king of thewnter front, nnd no ono dared dls
puto him, ns he carried a rllle nnd wus n dend
shot While his first wife wns alive she adopted
a pretty young ballet dapper, nnd when she
died this girl became tho Captain's wife. She
wns very extravagant and they had many
Mrl. Mary Kverbiich Crushed by n Trolley
Car nt l'ateraon.
riTEitsoN. N". J . April ll SIis. Slary Evor
baoh, aged 35 years, of 103 Edmund street,
was struck and instantly killed by an electrio
car on Hamburg avenue, near Slatlock street,
about 7 o'clock this evening Sho had been out
visiting with her threo children, Mm joungest
of whom Is less than 5 ear.s old. Sho called ut
a drug store near the corner ot Slatlock sireot,
and whllo thero the youngest of the children, a
llttlo girl, strayed out Into the street. When
the mother missed the child sho rustled
Into the street to bring It back. The child wns
then borne distance up the street, standing
close to the tracks of tho olectrle railway. Sirs.
Everbach ran heedlessly out to get Mm llttlo
ono out of harm. Just then a car ot tho Totowa
lino camo down Hamburgh avenue on a steep
crado. lleforn the motorman could tiring his
car to a standstill Mrs. Everbach was struck by
the fender and knocked down and tho wheels
passed over her head John 1'. limns, tho
motoiman. was arrested,
.v.4iti.oir r.sc.ii'ES is a hotel fiiie.
The Tnrk Hotel nt lliiniilbnl. Mo., lturnril
During the Night.
Hannuhl. SIo.. April !. Fire last night de
stroyed the Park Hotel, a flvc-story structuro
and tlio principal hotel in the city. Tho flames
started in tho elevator shaft and were pioba
blyoaused by a defective electric light wire.
Seyeral guests on the third nnd fourth floors
had narrow escnres. J. E. Carr of Farming
ton attempted to let himself down fiom
a window, but tho tope burned and bo
fell, breaking both legs Sirs. Fav Gerald
was nroused from her sleep to llml retreat
cutoff. Sho opened a window nnd jumped to
the roof of n portico beneath with her clothing
In flames. Sho was rescued, but is thought to
be fatally Injured. Sirs Smith and sister wore
tnken from n window- ledge on tlm third floor
hy firemen. Thoy vvuru slightly burned. Tho
lots ls $10,000.
A IirilllEIt 1'AllHia COMlllXK
Fourteen linns Concerned In It with a
Working Capitol of Sl.liOII.OOO.
Boston. ApillO. Lee, Hlgginson A Co .bank
ers of this city, have optioiin on fourteen lub
ber fabric coucerns. vv hleh are to be combined.
The majority of the firms nro In New England.
They Include the Enst Hampton Elastic Winks
Company, Glondnlo Elastic Fabrics Company,
Nnshawannuck Manufacturing Company,
George S. Colton of East Hampton. Bridgeport.
Conn.. Fabric Coin pun. Russell Manufacturing
Company of Sltddlctowu. Conn.: Hub dole
Company of llrockton. Martin Brothers of
Chelsea. Slontgotneiy Web Company. Newport
Gore and Web Conn nnv, and Campbell Web
Company of 1'eniisV Ivatila
It is proposed to issue eight millions In stock,
two-thirds prcfeireii. Tho snuilcito will havo
a working caidtal of Sl.i'-Ofi.ouo.
Topuien Threaten to Unit Woi U. I'nlcssllicy
(let UK Cents a Day Advance.
St Lotus. April ! V strike Is Impending In
the coal mining districts of Illinois which will
affect 15,000 men. At a confoicnce held in this
city to-day by the lepresentatives or tho toll
men, cnglnocm. Ac. with the operators, a de
mand wtis made for nu advance of 'j.l cents a
day Tlm Sliidlsnn nnd the Consolidated Coil
companies, refused to concedo tin domain!.
An ultimatum was issued that unless the ad
v.iiuo wnsgnitited within foity.eight bouts, all
tollmen would dint work, shutting down every
mine in the Southern Illinois, Danville and
Springfl'id districts Ruth sides seem deter-mined.
The Government Dpeldes to foinply with
the Diplomatic Corps' ltcqiic.t.
Tacomv. Wash, April 0. The Koienn Gov
ernment is preparing to m ike open ports of
Hasan, Kiiisan, Soiigjin and liDcugynng, all
seaports of -omo importance Japan hns been
foremost in deiauudiug Mint these pons be
thrown open to foreign commerce The Japan
ese Minister. K.ito, ptcsideil over u conference
of the Dlpliiniutlo Coips in Sc.ul In M.iich. at
which all those present urged the oi lining of
tlm ports iinuicit ns soon ns possible Thu
Government was so Informed and announced
its Intention ot taking measuics tocomply
dollll 11. Slllllvilll of l'o.toll Kills llllll.elf.
llos-os, Apul li John II Sullivan, a mem.
berof Mm Executive Council dining Gov. Wol
cott's llrst term and icceiitly appointed to the
Boston ( Ity ll.. ii. I of Appoiliiiuiueni. com
mitted -uli-ido ut his homo in Ku-t Hi stun last
night lie shot him-clf In Mm liend
Wortv brought mi lu lb ice, nt elopement
of n member ol the family is said lo have be,. n
the cause of his suicide
Koblied or ST.(MK) li) lllghwujiiicii.
IUmmonP, llid , Apul !'. -sh.ittlv hefoie H
o'clock last light Wlllinm Diiottliciiiiiii of
Chicago was bet upon In a gingof seven tut
Hups who licit him into lu'cnsibill't and
lobtli .1 him of $7.0 K i in lul's, winch WUIe sewed
to the inner lining of Ins ihii...
Iioi ttbcniici bad teen i.iu for u diive with
George Tulllsoii, a b.irti'i.d'i'. and hud been
drinking hcivll) ialllsoii was atru-lcd un
suspicion of being ono of the robbers.
osi.r mail nits nrxwa to ma.
r.i.vi.s .iv .si w.i ci, nt i.
Milker Demand Hie Uiile of Wages I'.ildl '
lleforn the vtnr I Icl'p of Ihn l.tnrl J
Mill Cause n IIciivt l.o.s to I ho Com J
pan? nud Shippers Hliu kninll ( linrgcl. .
fcreinl table liiialr to Tun St , '!
IUvana. Apillii. -Thoblgstrlkn of the em-
ployees of Mm Havana lnllwnys began this
morning, nnd no trains nrc running bMwcen
Havana, Mulnnns and Santa ( lain with the ,
exception of mall trains The strikers sent a
committeo to Gnveriior-Gciioral llrookc lo In
form hliu that they had no desire to hiiupor
the military Government, and if it wns neces. v
h.uy Mm atrlkcrs would man tra.ns for the '
trnnsiiortntlon of Ameiiean ttoops i'hucom
niltteo also nllcieil to run ti. litis fm Ihocmi- ',
voymeo ot the mails, but wished It understood t
that no pus-mgors or height would be hauled.
This offer was ticccpted by the Diicelnr nf iho
Post Office, nnd consequently there has been l
little or no delay in tho handling of the mails.
Tho cause of thu strike was Mm demand of
thu employees Mint thoir wages be placed on
the same basis as before the wni. The coin
nany deflates that it Is linpos-oliln to concedo
this ns business is still vety bad, and no profits
nro being made. The I omloii banking house
of Henry SchioediT controls u largo Interest in
the company Tho malinger here, lion Alberto
Nliueuo, lia cabled to London sa) Ing that it
the company does not grant the strikers' de
mands it will bo ruined. Man v merchants who
havo transportation contracts arc already
suingtliocoinpaiiyforilatn.'igcs Thecoiuplote ;
stoppage of all truffle will cause gieut damage t
to commerce. Fruit dealers will bo thavvoist
sufferers, ns then products can stand no delay
in shipment
A comtuitteo of Mm stjikcis who vlsite.l
Suilor Mniunu told him Mint if tho company ,;
did not grunt their demands ceitnlti docu
ments, which thoy sny Ihoy havo in their pos
session, would bo published, showing that cer
tain lallroad officials, acting In conjunction
Willi tho Spanish authorities, dehauded the
company of nearly SI 00,000 on tho contracts
for the transportation of Spanish troops. Soflor
Niinonodoehiros that such documents. If thoy
nro in existence, are forgeries, and that the
strikers are trying lo blackmail him into com
plying with their demands. The Board of
Directors held a moetlng to consider the
situation to-day. and to-morrow thoy will give
a reply to the strikers.
Seflor Alouso, tho bt.it lonmastor at Slatan
zas, has been arrested by order of Gen. Wilson,
tho military commander there, for refusing to
provide trniiVportutlon for the family of a
Spanish officer who must leavo Havana to
morrow for Spain.
Tho Cuban Generals in actual command of
troops to-day ofllclally notified Gen. Gomez of
his reelection to tho post of Commander-in-Clilof
of tho Cuban army to direct its disband
in en t.
Secretary of Justlco Lanuza Is preparing a
report to Gen. Brooke to prove that Gen. Lud
low violated tho laws whon he ordered the
Judgo of tho Guadalupe district not to arrest
Americans on secret oharges or to hold prison
ers iicuiiiumradoortoilcny them counsel.
Two CltlciiR nnd One Pollceuinn Wounded 1
In a ltow ut New pott Newi.
N'KwroiiTN'EWb.V.i.Aprlll). Citizens, soldlors
nnd rollco woromixud up In n rumpus hern
early this mornlnc. Two citizens woro
wounded, ono mortally, and ono policeman
was woundod. Sixty shots wero tired hy tho
participants. The affair took placo near thu
yardmnstcr's offlco on tho Chesapeake and
Ohio Railroad. Charles Wilkerson, a yard con
ductor, was wounded twice, ono of tho balls
enteiing his abdomen, nnd ho will probably
die lie was taken to-night to tho hospltnl at
Clifton Forgo for treatment. Policeman Fisher
of tlio city force was struck twice, ono ball on
tering his hlpand the other hitting his badge,
which was over his heait. Tho badge was
badly shattered and undoubtedly saved the
officer's lite. Thoinis Bow on was wounded In
thohoad. No wounded soldiers hnvo been re
ported. Bugler Benjamin Hates ot Battery II. Sixth
Artillery, stationed nl Fort Stonroe. nnd Con
ductor Wilkerson bail u quartet lit u dnuce
several days ngo, nnd the soldier warnoil the
conductor that he would kill dim on sight.
Last night ho brought live Battery 11 soldiers
with him. all aim. -.I. and shmlly after mid
night ihi'v linet Wilkerson In company with a
party of eight fiieuds, all well-known young1
men. The two men iciinwed their quarrel, and
Wilkerson was shot Tint stalled tlm shoot
ing, nnd In an fn-tnnt Mm railroad ard was
the scene of n fusillade. Tho tiling continued
for ii quarter of an hour befoio Mm police ap
peared, uud then the solilicis retreated, though
continuing to discharge their we ipons.
Tlm pollco uud Mie citlcns returned the fire i
nnd soon upward of n hundred armed men
were on the scene The soldiers made their
escape through an alley Policemen wero do
sp'itchod about Mm city and tn Hampton. Old
Point and Fort Montoe. Sergt Reynolds of t
the iKiltcii fotce. mounted on a dorse, overtook
Rates llnvn tlm lailioad nnd got the drop on
him iiefoie the othercoulil dlsi'hnrgc his gun,
which wus loaded uud cocked lie brought
the pilsoner back to Mm city mounted behind
him on the horse
.sr.oor rtciir thistle xor lost.
The I'oiil and Tlillllles I'liiullieii Itnporteil
siifc in Camp Near Alert liny.
Vicriin.lt, B.C. Apiil !). There is rejoicing
In Mm scttlenn nt ot Qu.illcum, and gtoat prep
nratlons are being mado for Mm welcome home ,
of the Ford and Th.iiii"s families, who, after
being nccounted lost with the sloop yncht
Thibtlc, havo turned up alive and well in camp
nar Alert Bay
Almost two months ago William Ford, a
wealthy ranchman, with his mother, two
daughters nnd two jming suns, started out
horn (Juallcuiu, accompanied by Jlr. Thames
and Imr three daughters, to visit fiiends on '
Hornby Island. Vi ly rough vvtuthci prevailed
fur weiks and eventually wreckage of a sloop
iltifti'd nshoii' at various points which tnllteil
with the gear of the missing Thistle ,
iiic death of all ub mid was n pted ns es
tablished nnil their ft lends took possession of
tlio farm. Two days ngon letter wus received
hero fiom West Huston. Constable at Alert '
Rat. si win: that Foul ha I nevei got away from
that I in i nt. but bud been camped for throe weeks
waiting for bi tier weiitliei
Hrtiiiiiof the I'rlni ipnl W it nest in the I nynfl ;
stnihan .Monro llmlger Cne.
Slut tin Mule .ii. senior I aitnei in tlm firm that
runs the New iiistcrd.ini 11 'tel. h.i-cnmo back '
to town Sb mills ngo at tliu Hotel Grenoble
Million was bnd.'creii out of cash and some
jewelivbj Wlllinm 1 Moore, assisted by his '
wife, 1 ,i)iic Stind.in Sl.ioio. M.ne is now In ,
.'ii g Sing prison, iliswil" was set fi. e a few ,
ilnv-siigo ... '
xiadoii wtistlin pilucipnl wiiiicss nl Slooies
mill, bin when the woman's ut.il hog m lie dw- ' .
Ill Illed Ho Weill to Vtl.lllll I I'V ut llrst
bin Inti r 't wns -ail ih'ii be li.i I sailed for
. Europe lulling h s at s.-i.ce then wu sinm '
talk of pr ding against him b"' miii'mpt of ,
c ant beeiiiise .f Ins l.illine . aid ir against
Mrs Mn in It is iioi uuliki Iv tint ucd pro
cocilii'g mtiv now tie tuki u iigmnsi linn
.sinrriui stun nr it i ih .trori.i'.w '
On Mm III id gc of Ihe s en in. hip nnil III ought
III I in on. i Intl..
i apt hcli"i"i ..f the ul timk lit g.-iiiii mtnr
Ivter-en. whii d in i iv d -' i I iv linn slot.
Ill . WUs sti , I,, n , ti ,i op e , w In." Ml tl.e
budge 111 n In ivi i;al . or ipili .'( He was
Liken to hi- I lib in. I I. .id ! ol ie . iv.ri'd Poll-
sciolism s- when tlio 1 et"i-uu anvliorvil In the
bay ye-teiJa).

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