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'lll i C;"V' vt:M'lEtt'H lTOHV Of Ills .rfO
:3d j Would Not llrlne the Identity nr Thine
I j)T l( Who first lllrrrteil .Sniplrinn Tovvnnl
I'm III , Hrrjrfin-Tlie Aliened 'oiifiidnli -Mrr-
ijvjjS ' r,rr Hefnseil In itmnrr Heveral I'nrtl-
tffljSIl i ( Hint Jiirtliins-ien. Hlllol'a f.tlilrnre.
'tXilH ."('rial t'ufci' lnia In Thf Srv
I WlH I finis. Aml ! Tlm Fvjarii publishes thin
, Ifi jjj F mbrnlnc thn testimony itlveii by Gen Mercier,
m ill I Minister r,f Wnr nt tho time of thn Dreyfus
i H m ji) conrt-martlril, ul-n before Hip Court nl'i.
jiJS li (C1 satlon on Nov. H. Mis. ii.'ii. Mprcli-i relates
lljtili thnt the ilocuinuil rcferrini: If) "llmt c.innlllii
'I jjl f l)"inmi In tlm Nnt Office HiiouuIi u secret
!l 9" I'f 1 medium. Suspicion was moused nnd senreh
Wll P wo made to disown thetrnlloi who vvuseon-
IjHwjl j( .cylnc Intnlllcnnee to fnrclijuon Liter tho
jilfjfja jj authorities vvero warned to seek, for lilm In tho
jjj H hecoml Human. Thpn follow cd thn hurdntau,
jjmljj which wai luoiiirfit by a most poiifldontl.il
SJBijlj f intent nnd handed In Col llcntv. who Knvo It
'fSrliili totol S.tndhcu. It was Inter .ised to (lens.
'ym jy jv (ionso and lloisdoffio nnd llntilli to Mercier
ifu 13 L "llonry." (leu Mercier says, "did not then
HJ jj; know Dioyfus. lien IloidolTrn Inouuht mn
IJS 1 1 i iileros for comparison wlc-n ho struck a resent-
j S jj) blanee to Dreyfus writ Ini: I told r-ir-ddeut
Bill I I'uslmlr l'i rli iind riomlot I)iiuv. who
jjjlj J fitcrcoil thnt nn lii'julry vvns necosHitty, and M.
ajjj'i Oobcit was Instructed to make It. (lobcrt
' fijjj ' I thousht nt first that them vv.m n resemblance
H'll and asked no tlm wrlt'M h nat'iii I did not toll
j jjljf ! him I'lnnl'v he m.i le a H'liort. which was
I! JfHjj neutral, and I liud rp'jiu'i to lleitllloii. who
, (Mjjj i declared the writer's Identity
'j J;Jj L "I oideted the nricst o Dri'fus on Oi-t 14,
' !l! F ''""' lloidiffm simultaneously orderluc l)u
filjj' j' fatv do Clam to Institute n preliminary In-
5S! . Uli loi the iletPCtli.n of tho culprit A tpt
r fflijj J followpil. pnnvliipliii; l)u I'.ity dp Clam and
'.;3i!'j (oehi'fortof Dipylii.s cullt. Dn-ylus was
; jjiji J ImprHonpil in liK Initio and his wl(n '.:uncd
j! j tolwHllent '
f H jj t tleii. MitpIpi rpfiupd ioiIIwIorc llianamnnl
;,' S 11 ' thoaKont I'lliieinu the "panalllp Imnlnean.
, jj j' on thn pica Hint It would Ye Piularcrrlns the
Jl fl jj i Internets of the State Up nl-o lefusid to
i S jj j name tlin pomon who Riitreostril the Bparrh of
I jj! j! j' thn Second liurpau (Inn Jlniciei dpals with
,' y t u tlio document uicntlonpil 111 tin' fcnri'ff ran fnr
i IB j! h tho imtimsu of llins Hip date M lVllctliM
j jg II i produepd nnecathu leport ami MM fhainoy
i jj f and 'J'piponnleiesan afllrmatlMi report I)re-
!: mh j fustold Hit r.'ity iln Chun that soinn one had
' i ji j Molcn his handivrlthic. theieh admitting tho
I i i ipspmblanip
i lij 18 j. "After ihncmiit-marlia! had been decided,"
l' V IS J ,i9n "or,?ler '"''' "' B0"t ,)u ''atr rl Clam to
j 3 j J J '!' Droyfus th.it lilt, poiidemnation was ccr-
1 MllM tain, but thn pcnaltv would lepetid ontliPim-
3J!j platlons the nrl-oiipr inado I'iptIii, did not
I fllllli' Mieak tlirouchout the trl.il 1'oreltn attachps
j iSfJSi "rre nuI "lc",l'ine'l. "t Drn)fus KKld to Du
' ail ' I'.ityde Clam that no 'would llkn to nut the
i ' thioatsof those two attaelips'
'u,t "Du I'aty do Clam asked Whlehtwo''
I' lilltf' "Drcylus lepllcd 'Those two belonging to
1 iillv- tlmtrlnlleo'
i jj! " Du I'aty de Clam asked 'Hut nr tliete
58 ; three''
I "H jjj I " DreyfiiB iplipil ' Auslila doesn't pount.'
aillfj "Du I'aty do t'hin Immediately reported to
, hh l me this coni rsation "
Jjp,.( 0en Mcrcler continued, oaylnr that Dre-
'S fS f 'UB'S confession to Capt Lebrun-llenaud fcl-
i SBp,, lowe1
' flUfJ! '"10 rrcslJclnt When It was leported why
' ySfJ ' did you not diiifta repoit on it'
t law en 'erx''er 'ien ",n matter was settled
IuuP S " wns "nt '"rl,eon tnat tno wlioli) Jewish raco
' 4 would arise solidly around Dreyfus; besides,
i ItStY I ,ns 'eB' '" 1'ebrun-Henaud'n iiocketbook. ie-
.Sot!; i malnas eldenpe
ItrS'f T'11' ,'rcs,',''n' called attpntlon to tlm fact
t S j that Mercler's account dUTered fiom that glen
ipj g j In (ten donee's letter
jj i(K Mercier airily replid: "I.phrun-ltenaudcan
'? K) deposo exactly the same Words that Dreyfus
1 ! I m used "
K I jilj icn Mercier protestPd nnarKPtically against
! ( j f I tho theory that Dreyfus was nmplojPd to con-
!3EJ 111 vey worthless documents to foroleiiers as n
j V I'alt to obtain othois lie enunierated other
g'j Inillcntlons of Dinyfiis's unlit. Gen Vunson
fl , jj reported to a nnnference in tho War (Mile a
fi:ifi rlan for eoncentration. ieiiioMliic that no
I!? j i notes ! taken Dreyfus was seen lnakluc
jif' ! nnnotatloiio. which lin immpdiately detroyed.
W i ' Tho mo-t Important Indication, howepi, eon-
a! ( tdsts of thn diplomatic ifosjiier In which (hero
Alt. , lsn doeuinont contalninc nn Ineidental men-
Ml j tlon of Dioyftis's full name. Tills document
r , originates from thn surest suinee, posterior to
Ml i J Henry's forgery
ji' The President- Were these indications sub-
i i mlttml tothe I'uurt-uiartlar'
'JJ' ' en Mercier I don t know.
i, I I The President- Were not documents submit-
ijlji tod unknown to the defmipo '
la! (Ien. Mercier -I am not called upon toan-
'ftj! ,w'',
Mw j (Ien. Mercier peisisind In tils refusal tonn-
SKm ! awerandtlie l'losldenf a.ild" "M Caaignac.
ji ' tlieaklng la tho Chamber of Deputies, men-
ffij J Honed two documents containing tlin initial
Sgj "D Did these aprear In the process'"
1H', j Oen Mercier -.No
i The President Were they submitted to tho
alSi i f ourt-martlal '
' msl 0f,n ''ro'cr ffitiK'rt to replr.
' 'aw ' (Juestioned respecting Ksterhaj, Oen Mer-
5H i oleralleged that It was Iniiosslhln that Kster-
II s! . hary knew the contents of tho hnnlerran, even
, JjSr -. though It was written b him He llnally re-
, Sjii ' peated hii-coinlctlon that Drorfus was gullti
:Jl I Oen Illllo''snTidence followed. He admitted
TJj ; ' I thKt he had tun oei tho ifnitiei-. hut when
jjj I Minister of Wat ho was unable to dmoto all of
IBj ' hla time to the subject Asked to civn an
,8 ' j , , nna'ysls of Hip documents In the tan ,v
3 ( i replied "Tlm reiiuest exceeds my meniorv
S jl Slorcoei, it would bo nn psspntlal dnparturn
! si from mi dutv and stppplne upon ground cov-
' jfjj: ercd wltli diploniatm delic.teips "
i'! The 1'iesider.t -Wero the doPiiniPtits sub-
' Ijjj mlttciltothc ioiirt-iitniti.il'
i'I (ien. lllllot -1 do no' s-now I mad" o ln-
rfm Quit v thereon
: 3 The President-M (lnlgnae iiuoteil two
' j Did tb'.j convince sou'
fc - Cien lllllot Ves. iiut mv convi'H.on was
'f'M .vhlelly based upon the rntrviQH The Henri
!(9 forgery corroboiated onlv mi conviction I
i 'S was deeply shocked when the foieei wsdis
i '. B soverod, but it did not shake my belief that
ijii Ilievfns was guiltv
S 5 (JJ Cien lllllrt was pr)iifiv vague respecting the
i iJjU vellod womin and the i.rneeilure against Is
I M terharv
i J IS' Tlm President Do you think condemnation
2 jjj; jiiUlllable wlmn the secret documents were
'( jjjjjl not shown to the defen
j!jj ('en. Billot I tako mv stand upoi. the imam
! J8SJ mous verdlpt of the court-martial, eontlrmed
i'lil fiy the council .d rev l-ion. .inrl the statements
jjjil if those conducting the prosecution anil wlt-
9 fij ' nnsses whom I discreetly questioned Drv-
J jf. 1 Tus was giiiltv.ind was legallj convicted
jj Tviiis. prll 10 The F117110 this m riing
, i 1! j publishes th 1 evidenci gen hy (i.vi Zurlln-
1 ) ll j ien In the Drpjfus -ae bef.iin tlipfourr of
, : Bflji Cassation Ho said thnt when lie was first ap-
j j Jjt pointed Minister of War ho was not thoi-
j " fij oughly conversant with tlm case, and theie.
j ' Sjj fore, when Col Honrv s foigeiy was i!j-mv.
; Bit ercd. Im flist believed that revlsn in wn nces.
i ! b3 ary Nevertheless, (-. iciiiettpil leave from
1 : ft'' his collPngues ti study the judielal ilnsiin,
, 1!$. tfter which be tj'came convinced that Drev fus
I " Ea' ind been liistlv condemn I. and that Col Hcn-
I ' B3.) ry's suicide dlil not affei t tlm dcci-ion of tlin
1 ill 3 1 Murt.martl.il
I J!''! Steps had bepu taken todlscovci tlie raitor
! ,'iii when pvldencp bail 1 pen received that one
j " flj xlste.l In tlm Wai Office. These -tops vrero
1' f' Impersonal and were not directed against
(Ll Drcvfus If((1 boville limi returned a few
t if lays later f 1 0111 his fuilugh It is mobable that
8i hufnirrfereiiii nmild h.ue been chssitlcd and
3 iiK'ki led away. The I. win 111 was I'heiefi.re :
' It. 'he luuiit of ilep.iinire ..f tlii accus itlou dl-
: Mi, ficlod against lirejfus
fS; ien urliudeii iniuieiuted the dc eiimouU
Hill nentioued in tho Wleinu mid proceeded to
K,:.. levelop the usual tbeoi of the War Olllee,
.4, ivhleli (Hunts Mill Hin guilt of liievfiu linle.
i 4 iieiidprt of his b.indwr.iiiig When that was
I 11 lilentltleil by Col Miuul'o thu result was
I 'j irtibliing I
. it
Hwwb wwwk
ijCwwwwwr 'MBMBBMWMMMj8SwlywiT"Swgf
(Jot. ItonneTcIt Won't Surrender Illm with
Hie Mullneiix Trlnl IVnitlnc.
Nicholas A Hcckman, who swoie before tho
Coroners lurv In thu Adams ilsotilnir ca,n
that lloland II Mollneux wns the man who had
rented from him a private letter box under the
name of II l llaruet, la wanted In Tennessee
as an escaped convict, njid requisition paper
have arrived Iteckinan seems to have had a
tip from somewhere about what was going on.
Me lives at '-'.'17 l'lushlng avenue, Astoria, but
he was not thero yesterday, an I his wife said
lie had not boen home all night Mrs. Ileckman
was apparently very much worried, and said
she hadn t the slightest Idea whoie her hus
band was. He lt.nl never ttaved away over
nlgl.t before, shit said
I nt l'rlday morning S Colljer, 11 laivver,
and Detective Casteen, both of Nashville, pre
sented todov lloosevelt at Albany leijulsltlon
papers from the (lovernorof Tennessee, ask
ing for the surrender to that State ot P V. Hay
jtioud alias Ileckinaii, alias Williams, who Is
wanted thciofoi Incasing out of thoNashvllle
penitentiary while he was seivlug 11 sentencn
tor larceny The necessary warrantfortheiip
prehension of Ileckman. as ho Is known In
New ork city. If Im Is the same man. was Is
sued by Gov lioosevelt and the two emissaries
from Nashvlllulnlt lorN'ew Voik GnHHtiirday
morning Gov lloosevelt received 11 letter from
District Attorney Gardlnei saying that Heck
iii.iii was one of tho principal witnesses In the
.Mollneux ease, ami that the requisition pro
ceedings had been undertaken by the defence
with thnvinwof getting Ileckman out of the
Mate Tlm District Attorney expressed the
opinion that it llcckiuim had not been con
nected n ll li thu .Moiliinm case tlm requisition
piocenillngs would never have been had In fact,
h" declared his belief thai Heck 111.111 wns not the
man wanted In Tennessee When this state
of facts was pic-ented to the Governor
his pinion clerk, .ludgc .loyce, coiumiin
Icated with District Attorney Gardlnei and
iiistiueted lilm to notify CliU f of IVillee )e.
ty not to allow tho execution of the waitant
Nsued by the (loveinoi for Ileckman s uppre
hciihlon until lurth"! oi.ters Tin 10 tlm mat
let rests, nltlinucli Gov lloosevelt, even If
Heikman Is thn man wanted, will not allow
lilm to lie taken out of tln Mate until District
Attorney Gauliliei Is through with him
' T he Tiinni ssceauthoilliessav that tleckmiin,
under tlm iinnie Percy I' lleymnnd, was con
victed of laiceni In Nashvlllo In .lanu.iiy, 1H:i:i,
and scnteiieed to prison for two v ears Thov
allege that he 1 mmpiiI after sei viug two weeks
of that time, and that the) have lust learned
of his whereabouts.
young woman named lllanchi M Ornhatn
Is said to liaveglvei, the Tennessee authorities
the Information on which the) me noting This
young woman has made a long nflldnvlt In
which she declares that Ileckman. who was
then known as .losepb C Kvuus. ruined tier In
Ism and that altei thnt she travelled around
the country with lilm as his wife Hhe had
know ledge of auumbci or robheilus committed
by him, she says Aftei his arrest In Nnshv lllo
she si entail hennone hiring a lawver lor him.
she says, and after his conviction she pawned
her jewelry and bribed a guard to let him escape
Aftc escaping he deserted hei and came to
New York from wheie he has written to hei
a nnmboi of times Mm swears that the man
who was sentenced to two yenrs'imprlsoiiment
in Nnshvillu as Percy V.. lievmoud ami the
man known In this eltr as Nicholas A Ileck
man are one and tin same ersoii
The Tennessee imtliortties have othei nfll
davlts as to HeckiniiuV nleuUt, with Ilcv
mond Proof of Identity must lie mnib In the
Supreme Court, unless waived, beforn the
prisoner in sueb a case cin I e extradited.
Ileckman could havo been iletalueil In Hie
State without the Govcim r's warrant, hail the
Dlstilot Vttornev thought necossaiv ; but II is
supposed that Majoi Gaidlner knows whcie
he Is
VAIT. II.HK l ' Of iiosiii:.
In Visit the Trenton I'otlerlrs with n I'lilty
of I'hllHilelplilaiis.
Thesios. N .1 . April t-Cnpt. Charles V.
Clark, who brought the Tnlted States battl
ship Oregon 011 I101 famous trip from the Pa
clllc Ocean to Cuban waters and fought her so
effectively at Santiago, will Im the guest of
honor of a party of Phlladelphiatis who will
come to Trenton on Tuesday. The init will
include lifts or sixty poisons, who will be en
tertained by Mavor sickel nnd his business
p.iltners Messrs l.inburg and llroiightoii, .mil
Col Oliphaut ol tlm I nlted ltubber Company.
The part) will come to Trenton In a special
ear. leaving Philadelphia at noon I pon their
arrival Hie) will go to tlm State House where
they will bo Introduced to Gov Voorhees Then
they will go to the Trenton House Grill, wheio
thev will have luncheon
Alter this a visit will be made to several or
the potteries A desire to see the practical
workings of this Ti anion Industry Isoimofthe
chief reason.-for Hie trip to this city Ilesides
Capt Clark the party will include Hoar Ad
miral Silas Case). Hear Admiral Charles
O.Nelll. Capt John H Sinus and seveial other
Culled states naval officers. Provost Harrison
of tho I'nlversltv of Pennsylvania ( hailes K
Pugh, Second Vice-President, and II W. Smith,
Treasurer of the Pennsv Ivania llallroad Com
pany: John II. Conveise of the llaldwip l.o
comotlve Works, Directoi W P Wilson of
tho Philadelphia .Museum. Capt John J lto.nl.
Gen I. M Wagner. John I, huii7ln and Major
Moses Vealo
hit orr a i'o.w.'wi.nm nrivn.
A Saloon Itovril) I'snl Ills Teeth When
Drnggeil Down In a Mrert t'lght.
lohn rit7patrick..idrlvcror'j:iii l'..ist Thlrt)
sevntli street, diul Patrick Thornton, a clerk
of 'J.'jtl West Sixty-eighth stieet. went Into a
hotel kept by Ktigeim ISilev, at 74H Second
avenue, eaily yosteph) morning and began to
make trouble The baitendei. Michael Weirof
.riH4 Third avenue, remonstrated vvitli them
and llnally got them out Into the street Soon
11 f tern in d tho pair returned with an axle
w ronefi and a pitchfork nnd started Into clean
out the place
Weir inn and called In Pollcpiinn Gleason.
and tho men vvero again put out Tlmv fought
so hard In tho street th.it (ileasop had to call
Policeman O'Neill to help him The crowd
thiitgatherodtook snips with tlm fighters nnd
0110 of tho spectators tlnallv tripped up O'Neill.
He fell with Thornton on top of him ami the
lattei got tho policeman's thumb In his mouth
Jtefore Gleason could come to the lescuo In
had chewed the tlninili coiupletelv off.
The two men werellnallv subdued and taken
to the station house O'Neill had his hind
dressed by an ambiilancnhurgeou lie was too
weak )e-teiday iinuiiing to appeal in court
against Ihorntoi liotli prisoners weie heltl
fm examination
ifr.-ftf.w4 ru.w 7'.iKr; to 101 itr.
Father Complain 'Hint slip-, liirm ricililp
She s,Bjk lie Ileal. Hei.
1rgini.1 i'aiist. Hi. Ili-vear old daughter of
tho Ilev llorinan P Faust of oil KastllSth
stteet. wlio surreptitiouslv left hei home on
Maieh "".i and was found in Ilrooklvn a vvtek
later, was arraigned In the Harlem Police Court
rileriiat bv li"r father who barged Imr with
being disorderlv Mi laiii-t wanted a private
hpurlng. but he didn't get it lie complained
that his daughter was disobedient and ineoi
rigible nnd would not mind her parents
" I cannot live with mv father," said tlm gli 1
to thn Magistrate "He treats me verv un
kindly, and often beats me He does not give
me clothes to wear ami I am not dressed a a
git! of my age should be "
.Magistrate Crane gave her a little good ad
vice, ami she left the courtroom .th her
ManiPH in 11 church.
W'hilo W I! Banford. the sexton of the Paik
Congregational Church, at Sixth awnue and
Seventh stieet. Ilrooklyu, was engaged in
lighting the chinch bii,! ling, at 7 45 o'clock
last night, Im dropped 1 p pee of liunung paper
on some buntlne that was in tlm stor-room in
thn basement. In an Instant Hie bunting was
in a blare An alarm was sept in, but bv the
time the flienien nrrlved Hie lire hnd been ex
tinguished hv the sexton, win .se hands were
diglitl) burned Tim fire .1 d not interfme
with the holding of thn regul ir services, and
on'yaverv tew knew that auvthing out of the
ordinary hid happened Tlm damage Is esti
mated at about fill
Ulsliop Cotcninil Denounces the 1'hltlppilie
Wii.mim-.ton, Del , April f Ilishnp Coleman
lo-da) In the course of a erinou said it was
not consistent with Christianity t.i "justify 1
warwhich practically nownppenistohen wai of
extermination ' He also spoko of Hi Philip
pine lonllld as' unwarrantable, tneicllcss and
uniustiflable slaughter '
The Yoieiuite Leaves llnniplon Ito.-iiU.
Nor.iot.K. Va , AprilO --The auxiliary ciui.ei
Yosomite anchoreil in Hampton Iloads last
night and this 11101 nlng at ti 'Jo o clock Pas.ed
out C.ipe Henry, bound for New York. Manila
and Guam
The Italrlgli at llpriiiiul.i.
WshlllM.Tns. April I' -Tlieermsni llnlnigh
on In-r way home fiom Manila, arnv.'d at Iter
muda this morning
Willi ( entiiry 'I rains,
lli Cel inln siie, ul. mn nU-lit ti Unvr
"111. I)V lUllit I..lllllnl, (ullf ,it u t,,,. ,),
1 II e SarltiMfslorn l.unlti.l. plu-i, light, ) pi
si Paul sud MniiiriiiH'li. tin. Imliill iiifiinr
I iiiiIiimI. t,i jjululli suinrlnr and M Paul leive
liirairn ibnlj u (lit' (In. a.o ami N irlhi .li rn
Iliadnar, I" further luf riua urn ililio. .Serth
wtirn Li'ic, ottl i lill llroinlnaj ,.i
Glillted the laid to Meet Illm nt Mulit anil
Help Cnmnilt Petty llurslarlet, nnd
(anr film fire Cents III Stolen I'nit
age .Stnmps ns I'ny for Knrh Night.
Kugene McC'nbe, 42 years old. u negro bar
ber, who sas he boltings in HridgeiKirt, Conn.,
was arraigned beforo Magistrate Worth In tho
dates Avenun Police Court. In llrooklyn. yes
terday, charged wltli having forced an entrance
I Into the drug store of l.ouls Wendell, nt lH'IO
J 1'iilton street, on Wednesday night, nnd steal
' IngJ'l worth of K)stngp stamps and J'llnsll
vor from the money drnwer
Fur the past fortnight a number of stotes in
Hie Atlantic avenuo prcclrct have been robbed
On l'rlday last several boys told the police that
Henry N'ewnieyer, 11 years old. of 171M llergen
street, had tried to purchase 11 ticket to one of
tho theatres by laying for it with postage
stamps Detectives I'rlco and MeCurdy of tlin
Atlnntle avenuo station found Newniejernt his
home, itid after questioning him for a few
minutes he told his slot), which 0Milalli9nll
the robberies of tho past fortnight.
Twowecksngo,hc said, he was mot nn the
street by Mci'abc, whom ho had iioverscen be
fore, who told him to meet him that midnight
and help lilm rob a grocery store Ho said
that lie would not do such n thing, but the
negro showed him a revolver and said: "If
you don't meet inn I'll goto youi house and
kill you "
In fear of his life, the bo) says, he sneaked
out of his home ami kept the appointment.
Tin nogro took lilm to a grocery store at Dean
street and I'tic.i avenue and unlet ed lilm to
break the window In the rear, ciawl through
the bioken paun and rob tho money drawer.
The boy refused, and ho Hays that McCane
then broke thu glass and entered the store
and returned In n few minutes and gnve him
live cents in postage stamps The bo) then
returned to his homo and went to bed. with
out his mother knowing thai he had been
The next d.iy.on his return from school, the
negro again met lilm, and tnado another en
gagement for that night. The bov sa)s he
kept tho nppolntment, and at tho point of a
rovolvei broke tho window In tin- drugstore
at Herkimer street and ltoehcstoi' avenue and
robbed tho money druwei of stumps and cash
This continued every nigh'. The otliei places
t hat were robbed wore the saloons at Hluyvosnnt
avenuo and Fulton stieet Ctlci avenuo and
Dean stieet, the cigar store nt Kulton street
and Stuyvosant avenue, tin drug stores at
Kulton street and I.evvls avenue. Paik place
and IlufTulo avenue. Dean street and I'tlca
avenue, llalph avenue and Fulton street, St
Maik's avenue and lluffiilo avenue, and Pulton
street and Sarntogu avenue After each 10b
bery the bor received flvo cents In postngo
stamps Young Newmeyer said theie wcio
other places that had boen robbed, but he was
not able to lomembnrthem all
Young Nnwinover was told not to let it he
known that tho police had seen lilm He again
met MeCabc on Friday afternoon and an en
gagement was made to break Into another
store On this occasion McCnbn told New
men'" that if he was evercaught not to Impli
cate him In any way "If vou are caught."
said MeCabc, "tell tlm police tliat some colored
bo)s put you up to do the job If yougivo 1110
awn) and I am arrested and convicted I'll kill
von when I come out of prison "
As It mined vol) hard on Friday night McCabe
failed to keep the engagement and the iiollee and
the boy went home Young Newmo)crgoes to
school during the week and works fora groeei
on Snturdajs The detectives had the boy
sent out on a wagon on Saturday and they fol
lowed behind W hen thev reached Dean street
ami I'tlca avenuo the bov gave them the tip
Hint a negro standing on the corner was the
man they vvero after, ami the detectives started
foi lilm 'I Im negro became alarmed and ran
awav MeCurdy tliri.itetieil to shoot him If fm
did not surrender, and at Inst, after a chase of
two blocks, the negro gave up and was taken to
tlm station house
'1 Im police have verilled .ill tho statements
iniide bv the boy ns to the places robliml They
found th.it in emli place not more than $10
was stolen, iuelinllng the stamps Magistrate
Worth held McCabe for examination, and the
bo) was sent to Hie care ol tho Children's
Mrs Newmever Is a widow When she heard
the stoiv. she said she could not believe it.
Shn said thn boy slept In the same room with
her and she wns positive that he was asleep
each night hefoteshc ictired Thn boy, bow
ever, sinl that ho was In such fear that lie pre
lendel to be sleeping, and ns soon as his
mother was sound asleep he crawled out of
bed. diessed himself, secured the key and then
went out to meet McCabe, and after the rob
beries returned homo and crawled Into bed
without his mother knowing that Im had been
I.nst of the Buy Mate Soldiers to Return
from prvlie.
llosros. April H. Thn transpoit Meade, with
tlm F.iglith Massachusetts Ilegitnent on IxmhI
arrived nt her dock this afternoon, and nt .1
o'clock the men inarched from the dock to the
South Aunor through tho principal stree's
Thousand of peoplo stool in tlm streets
awaiting dm Parade from li in tlm moining
until It passnq. The leglment. l.lfiO men and
411 officers, was reviewed by Gov Woleott at
the state House. The men secured forty-eight
hours leave of absence, nnd left for their
homes late in thn afternoon
T Ills Is the las' of tho four Massachusetts
legiments to return In command of Col Wil
liam Pew. It went (Irs to n Southern camp
and later to the southern coast or Cuba, re
turning to Boston from Matnnzns, It did not
see an) active service.
Tho Hon A M. Oapp. foimerly Congres.
slon.il Printnr.who was stricken with paralysis
on Tiiesdni lust, died in Washington vestetd.iv
afternoon MrClnppwas ,oln Killiugley,
Mass sept II, 1H11, the descendant of linger
( lapp, w ho landed at Niintaskct In thn schooner
Mar) nnd John. Juno 17. HI'lii. When Im was
7 his parents moved to Livingston coiintv N
and when 14 lm nnteifil a minting office
nt Genesee to learn thn trad", which hn
finished in lluffalo In lKII." he established
the 11101.1 sininlnril nnd three )ears later
became elitoi ami part pioprletoi of tlm
lliifT.ilo rniiiiiinpinf liiet riser In IS41I
be established tlm Vrj)irs in that elty
Mi Clapp was a delegate lo the Pltfsbutg
ponvention In lRMI, where Hie Hopubhenii
part) was organised I'ndnr Lincoln s admin
istration Im was Postmaster of Tliiff.ilo. but
wns removed bv Johnson In 1KH0 In March,
lsilli. Mr Cl.ipii was elected Congressional
1'iiiilei. and selling the h'tprrni. he removed
tn Washington lie continued In thnt ofllen
until 1H77 Then be purchased thn Xaliuunl
llrpublirati. publishing and editing it until
IHHil, wlmn he sola out nnd retlied from active
lile His f.imllv consists of an unmarried
daughter and two sons Funeral sorvlces are
to be held at Calvarv llaptlst Church on Tues
day nt noon The Interment Is to be In Huffalo
lllchmond liobert Dontmll), President of the
li it Donnelly A Sons Company, publishes
of the Chicago Dliectory and proprietors of the
I..ike-lde Piess, died on Saturday night nt
his home In ( lucago of apoplexy Iln ,
whs -1 11 ted at a Utile leading when Im sud- I
dciily fell furward unconscious I'oi tlilrtv
five )ears Mr Donnelly was prominent among 1
thn publishers of ( hlcago, and his business '
Increased from small proportions tintl1 It bo
camooimof tlm largest in tlm West In 1K74
be founded the lakeside Library Publishing
company He published Chlcagr's first Citj
Inicctorv Iln ,vns lorn In Hamilton. Can
ada, in IS'liI
Menard lv Ilowen. I'iehlnt of the Chicago
( ily Hallway Company, died last night at the
I Incag . Ho-pitil, from tho effects of an
operation lot npp. ndleltis performed ycstei
d.ij; He was horn nt Jefferson Uariacks. .Mo .in
lHo. He was a son of Gen Johns Ito'ven.
when quite a voung man ho canmd
a reput'ition as a street railway manager
111 Ivans.is Cit) From there ho went
to New )ork. and .1 ear later went to
Chicago as Superintendent of Hie C'ltv Hallway
I I imp.inv In Inniiair, 1HT. lie was elected
Geii' nil Mnnagpt. and in January, 18IIS, was
made President of the road
The ll.v Kieli tr I Osborne, 74 yea is of age, a
rctircii Presbvter'an cerg)inan and graduate
or I limn I mversit) and Auburn Theological
scmlnii). died in saratogi on Sunday lie
wsa coiiipoMTof i hurch miisioand sotno of
Ins limit's ire m the .standard collections.
Gnirgp T. liirpiidon llend.
1'llMiiFTll. N J . pillU-OcorgoT Claien
don. a binket.who lived witli his brothel at
'JM Washington avenue, this city, fell dean
this moining while walking near his homo
lie was. til ve.irs old and unmarried He had
been HI. and ll is upnjsod that his death in
suited from heart failure
No Heller Vilvcrtl.lnir Medium
iiitstliiii THr M , Mhotlipr jnn he In aesrPli nf
r i emst. pi. j. it e ui halo tin jnir t itli..m.
of, i I '
v. r. v. asu it avi n r it a suit.
ClinrUs Sprngue Hiultll Knlltts Its Hjmpnthy
Agnlnil n I'erpetunl I'miirhlte.
The Central Federated fnlon dovotod a great
part of Its time yostenlny to tho question of
rapid ttanslt and thn opposition which has
arisen to the Metropolitan btteot Hallway Com
pany or any corporation acquit lug a franchise
In perietully for tho subway toad Churlos
Hprague Smith. President of tlm People's In
stitute, attended tho meeting, nnd tho rules
wero suspended In order that ho might have
the privilege of speaking on the subject. Mr.
"The tlmo Is coming whori every one In
touch with progressive movements vvbl com
bine on both sides of tho tent 0, including tho
worklngmen, to see thnt tho purposes for
which our Government was first established
are realized. The giving nway of franchises in
New York city from this tlmo forwurd must
ceasn. Tho first question will then be settled,
nnd the second question will be how to get
back the franchises that have been already
given nway "
There was applause at this, and when ho said
that the day of puic demoeracv was coming
and that ever) man had n right to find em
ployment there wns moro applause He asked
that Hie C 1' I' cortpnrtitP with tlm People s
Institute in preparing resolutions for 11 mass
meeting to bo held In Cooper l'nlou to-morrow
night to protest against granting franchises in
perpetuity to any corporation.
The request was ginnted anil a number of
the delegates will appear us Vl'.e-l'resldints of
the meeting
Iteplles weio road from Senatois and Assom
bl)inen to letters asking them to voto against
tho bill allowing a corporation to have control
of the subwnv franchise In perpetuity Gov
lloosevelt's private secretary w rote to ay that
the Governor would be glad to Iipiii from the
C F I' when the hill eame before lilm.
A discussion arose over a proposition to send
a committee to this weeks inciting of the
Hapld Transit I ommlttcc of the Municipal
Council to oppose the awnidlng of the fran
chise to uny corporntlon Delegnto Ittown ob
jected Hint thev could gain nothing bv running
after politicians, but II was tlnnll) decided
that the Committee on Municipal Legislation
should attend tho meeting.
Acpu.pil ot I'prformtng nn Operation from
the Kffeit of Whltli a Woman Is Hying.
Michael J. 8 woetic) , a druggist, of 111 I Sev out li
avenuo. was nnostod yesterday aftornoon
charged with having opoiated criminally upon
Mrs.JosephltiefioidonofJOl West Tw cut -sev-onthlstreet
Mrs Gordon wns soill. last night
that Coroner Hauseh took her ante-moitem
statement. Shn denied that Sweeney was re
spouslblo for her illness, taking nil tho blame
upon herself
Tho case enmo to tho attention of tho pollen
through Mrs. Taylor of Hill West Fourteenth
street, who is Mrs Gonlnu's mothei. bhesent
her maid to the West Thirty-seventh streot po
lice station yesterday aftei noon with the state
ment that Mrs. Gordon was dying and that two
Physicians hnd refused to attend Imr because
of the nature of her Illness vctliigCupiiiin
Coonoy immediately Investigated From Mrs,
Tn)lnr he learned that Sweenev had been at
tending Mrs Gordon He was ai rested, but
denied over having linen to tho home of the
Gordons or oven knowing them
Mrs G011I011 was lemoved to Hoosevolt Hos
pital last night She Is notoxpeetcil to live Sho
Is 111 tears old Hcrhiisbai.d Is a silk cuttor
John Knimett Gordon, the woman's husband,
was nrrosted at his home. "Jul West Twcntv
soveiith street, at midnight nnd locked up in
tho West Thirty-seventh "treot station on sus
picion of complicity In the case. He s a clerk,
and works in a iliy goods store in Wortli stieet.
A third unest Is expected
MllS. SHEI'A Hit's ItiroilVE SVIT.
She Charges Her llindianil. Spencer Unwell
shepnril, with Cruelly.
Pot'uiiKKhrsiE, April!' -The action brought
by Mary K Shepnril against Spencer Howell
bhepard. toobtain 11 decree of separation, came
before Justin- Ilarn.ird at the Special Term
yesterday, on a motion for.illmon) and counsel
fee Mr. Shcpaid's fnthci w as a broker, who
amassed a fortune In New York, ito died sev
eral v oars ago, and the sbate of his son, Spcti
cor Howell Shep.ird. in thn estate was said to
be vvoith marl) $.V)0,(Miil K few years ago
Im bought a farm in Greenhaven, Dutihess
minify, and for atime sought to gam a liveli
hood by practical farming The trouble be
tween Shepard and his wife arose ill ISl'7 Sho
charges that he treated her with great cruelty,
assaulting her with a whip, using prnlane lan
guage toward bor, and compelling her to go
after the cows and clean out horse stables.
She charges that he kept a servant in the
bouse against her will, whom lie kissed and
showed improper attention to
Justice Harnard, after hearing 11 II. Vnu
ileefnndC Morschauspr for the plaintiff and
F.dw.in! Hassett for tho defendant, allowed
.Mrs. slmpanl $,"t) counsel fees and $'l per
week alimony, pending the action
Tlin fnnnilinn Trnite ( nniiuissiiiiipr says
llpelproilty Is thnt 1. Wanted.
Ilutnv N. S. xpnll'-G i:iitaco Ilurkc,
Canadian Tiade Commissionei at Jamaica, at -rived
hero to-night He s.i)s tho stones of
anxiety on the part of Hie peoplo for annexa
tion to the I nltcd States nie exaggerated
Most of the pcopln, he thinks, are perfectly
ovnltoF.nglatid Thore is indignation, though,
against the Colonial Government on account
ol the enactment of a new taillT which makes
tlm customs dutie, much highet This act,
Mr. Hurke -avs. was passed ostensibly 10 incc'
11 deficit ot &.-i).iiih. hut n better plan would
have bcpn to cut down salaries and reduce ex
What the people want above all else. Mr.
Hurke sats, is bettor trade relations with thn
I'nited States lteciproeity would be thnli sal
vation 111 the piescnt depressed state of trade.
jorTisrt.s Aittn r Tons.
Mil AulKS Annllls'ei'.a.'V v nan nlil, slin was lnirnail
at a tin in hoi lieini I4oVVs llcu-teu i-tlei't. on
SMiirtJ' lllchl dad jctorrli) in M Mmnt a Hea
I tt.il of In 1 lulurii-
I1tol1 11 ilio, 37 war old, of IS'IN xvrnii.. A. a II"
tipnilull driver nut ot werk.illeit vii.tii.lai 111 the
Pn -livtrrlnu Hciqittal from diiiiklDgiarlinhe acid.
He tiad niuifl tietno drunk in the mnriiuu; atnt had
aeiit Ills uitc out to leu tiior. Iniuor. While alie
wax gem' he ilrnk thca.til appirilllh li) uil-takp
Ili sum nt f. Tlis .'7 has I'Pen aililed to tlnn nntn
hiitinna made fei tl'p pimliflM if a fiec heme tor
iiiniraMr lauiil. Ill wlilili Atrn ltea Hanllinrue
I.ntllli'11 Is llltPIPstfil. 1 nnlriliilllelli. 111IV tip arnt to
1 ils v iter an nt, whore thry will rm h Mra Lsttircp
ihlcrlli In Tin '"lorn II Blarr at .'Oe I utli avenue,
or to J VVarrfli OriPiiP at .1 Brnid -imt,
llpi.aie KA'ls nf Krnltirk) ll.lh beKUn ailit In Ihn
I nltril Mali Circuit rum In r. j-'Hin-t Hip Mi In.
pohlill strut Itjllvrav I'inilall) t. nroiri S2n.ooo
for inlurip-in'plveit on Feti ys in Astor plan, nnir
Hrnl.lwii I he pWlnltlT says hhe atnnitileil over 11
cotl of repp P.lnnifltig to the rntupanv ami hlnc tie
t'Tesn ill trarka slip ipccived liip mal InitirieH, and
Iwr Irft arm may lip, nine uprlp.t.
Water Colors
Dutch Artists
.Arthur Tootli SI Sons,
299 Fifth Avenue,
Corner 31st Street.
music box.
It's sweetness, harmony anil volume of
tono has made it a universal favorite
It has smooth metallic tmicshiets. Over
fiOO titucH to select from. Tome and hear it
JACOT & SON, 39 Union Sq., H.Y.
manor votteii n meet huyas,
I'lSOtlEli ASH At.THEI.n.
Thai's nt Hie Workltunien's Non-Cnrtlnnli
lllnlier on thn llltli-Georgo l'red Wil
liams In Aatlat Itrjnn nt the .Silver tlol
lur llllnnrr It lilcli Will Coat to Outs.
The two committees which are nrrnuglng
fqr dollar dinners In honor of Thomas Jeffer
son met iaat evening In th Teutoula Assem
bly tlooms. nt Hlxteenth street and Third ave
nue. Kaeh hnd a floor of the building to Itself
Thero was no clash ox"6pt when 0110 of the
f hlcago I'latform lotnmlttee attempted to at
tend tho Worltlngmen's meeting. The Ser-gsant-at-Arms
attonded to lilm.
Chairman Iloulton of the W'orklngmon's
committee, which is to dlunou April lit. an
nounced that besides William .1. Ilryan. lllsh
op Henry ('. I'otter. Mayor Jones of Toledo,
Gov. I'lngree of Michigan. cx-Gov. Altgeld of
Illinois, Mrs. Charlotte l'erklns Stetson and
several othors had conseutad to addrcts tho
Timothy Daly .aid that If the committee
oxpected to find It an ensy matter to got LVXKi
worklngmen to buy tlokets for the dinner they
were wrong. Tlia dinner must bo advertised
and interest In It worked up. It was voted to
print and distribute. Iii.wjo circulars, descrin
lug the feast, nnd to have all members of the
committee aid In the ante of tickets. Tho
tickets ftro on sale at U'Jl! IJroadway. and
every effort is to b made to keep them out of
the hands of srnculators
The silver dollar diners learned for Ilia first
ilme hist night .'hattliey nrotonave to eat on
the l.ith. 'the bill of far Is as follows.
' plry. ltoaat Herf l'otatoea
'iurkpy c anberry aattre.
Cotftfl. Ire 1 leani Take,
The feast will bo served bv a I'onory res
taurunt rucnrlclorfor Ho cents a bead. He.
has given H.bond in Sl.tXHi tor talthtul per
formance, of the contract, nnd he Is not to be
paid until April 17.
secretary llibbatd. who has protested
against the action of the committee of fifteen
In refusing to Invite John C slieahan to the
dinner, attempted to make a speech on tho
subject at last night's meeting, but he was
not allowed to do so and left the hall In dis
gust. Another Sheehan supporter also at
tempted to speak, hut ho was not allowed to
do so. Tho dinner will begin at D'.'U) o'clock,
and ihe eating will last until u o'clock. Then
Georgo l'red Williams will speak on'Trusis
nnd .Monopolies," Jerome O'Nell on "Our In
dustries." 0. II. Jones mi "The I'latform of
1IHKI." and John H. Crosby, ovCongressman
Towne and Judgo J. 1'. Garvin will address
tho Jlners. All of these speakois will get
through by Ht.'IO o'clock, and than Ilryan will
begin It is expected Hint he will speak for an
hour and maybe for an hour and a halt.
Snarl Over tlin Wine fur the .leffpraonlnn
llnuiiunt on Thtiraitn).
Mil wAPKF.r. Wis., April t) -It will be a sur
prise if thu JctTorson Clubbnnquet next Thuts
dny cvcnlUBComos off without a low Thutols
a dispute amongtlii) wlno merchants as to who
shall furnish tho champagne for thu Demounts
to drink
There havo boen something llko a doren
eommitteos on arrangements, and pionilsos
have bcou made to everybody who wanted to
furnish anything A Chicago merchant who
made acontuic' to furnish wine for the dinner
has retulned a lawyer to si e that he is not
beaten out of his contract and threatens an In
junction against agents ot a Milwaukee brow
arv. who have declared that hoshall not carry
ot his contract,
T.eot old Hanirael. President of the Jefferson
Club, was asked to-day what arrangements
had boon made to invito certulii Altgeld Dem
ocrats to tho biinquot President llammcl's
li'Plv was:
"To hell with tho Altgeld Democrats!"
we cas .sn.vi Mt'cu, sus nit. hall.
I'n.alng of the Dpinoirntlc I'nrty nnd the
flight ot Its Skeleton.
The Rov.Dr. Charles Cuthbeit Hull, l'rcsl
dent of the I nlon Theological Seminary, was
to be tlm le"turnrnt the fortnight!) meeting of
Catholic and Protestant workiugmeu's clubs
held in Amity Hall yesterday, but was unable
to attend and sent his lecture Instond. The
leetuie, which was read for Dr Hall b) a young
woman, deal with tho responsibilities, of
American citizenship
Tho vastnessof thn territory of tho fnlted
States, Dr Hall thinks, tends to the develop
ment of sectionalism This In 11 great country
he considers to a coitaln nten necessary, or
at least not to bo condemned without qualifi
cation, and only bad when used to work out the
ambitious aims of Individuals 01 thiust Into
" We witnessed not long ago." the lecturer
said, "tho picture nf tho capture of a national
p'irty that looked like the lassoing of a steer
by.icowbo) Wo saw tho escape of the las
soed party, which loft hide, horns and hoofs
behind it. and is now tr) ing to et up Its skele
ton again."
Tho newspapers nnd tho public platform
governed tlm country just as much us the
Btatutc books and the Legislature's. Dr Hall
said, and tho country which could stand that
could stand anything He talked about tho
furious political tlvalrles which wore created
here and said that a rufoim in methods was
needed, with a return to the old roverenco foi
ffrfrH vi.Avam.iy ntmr
The Veteran llrniocrntir f.pniler Hark from
1 lorlilii, Itroiired nnd Writ.
Former Ileglster Hugh McLaughlin, tho
sterau leader of the Democracy of Kings
count), returned to his homo in Hiooklynlnst
night aftora three months' vacation nt Indian
Illver. Fin. He had ever) appearance of being
In tho best of health, and his face was hron7ed
nnd his voice stiong Ho had been the guest
of fornmr I'lrc Chlof Thomas F Nevlns at In
dian Illver. and during his stay thoro enjoyed
himself gunning, fishing, nnd in othei ways of
a pleasing nature to him With him during his
stay weie his wile, his daughter Laura, who is
shortly to be married: Ins niece. Miss Conse.
and t ol Thnmis Kerrigan, who owns the fa
mous auctioneer shop on Willoughby street,
wimp Mr Mnt.augh.lln does all his political
business Those lettirned with Mr. McLaugh
lin last night, as did also Mrs Thoinns r l'enr
sall, Mrs. P II. McNultynnd format Congress
man John J Cliincv The rartv were met in
.Impel City by James fshevlln. who his been in
barge of the Democracy of Kings county
dining Mr McLaughlin's absence; Senatoi
John McCarth). William C Couitney. the son-in-law
of thoveteran leader, and others When
the party arrived at the rtemson street house
Mr McLaughlin was congratulated upon his
fine physical appearance, and then he, and Mr
Hhevlin had a short talk
Yours to Command
Wc display in our Custom De
partments, this season's hand
somest fabrics for
Garments to order.
right weaves -right shades and
designs skillfully made to your
measure with reasonable
at lA less
than exclusive tailors' prices.
Hatkett,Carhart & Co.,
,-, , I Cm: nth St .
Broadway, ; roi. tvaimi.st .
No.'ir C'liumbtT?.
.326 7th Ave.
fFPANINfi Established 1863
VlA-All JlllU Tel. 1132 30th St,
Troy .Ipweller Did Ills l'nrt Well, but the
Police Clot tlin Wrong Men.
Albany. April l.- Threo anonU thieve op
erated In Albnny and Troy yostorday. and hy
distracting tho attention of employees who
waited on them ono of thn sneaka secured $tk"i
from tho safe in tho store of James Vint, an Al
bany art dealer, and '.() from the safe in tlm
saddlery and harness storo of Manning ACo
in Troy. W'hilo In Troy the thrco thieves, who
waroiounBaiidvvelldrcSBod.vlsltod the jewelry
nnd art goods storo of Mooro A Winder Sir.
liulor. who was in tho store nlone. became
cotnlnced that tho men wore cracks from the
mnnnor In which thor examined nnd priced ar
ticles They soon realized that Winder know
it and left hl storo.
.Mr. Winder followod tho men to tho inilroad
station whuro they took a train for Albany
Mr. Winder boarded tho e.itno train. Ho
passed thn man in one of the enrsond ono of
them saw him and mentioned tho fact to his
comrades, immediately thn three loft thocnr
and wont ahead to tho smokor. Mr. Winder
followed, determined not to loso sight of tho
men. At tho Iron Works stntion in Troy tho
crooks waited until thn train was about to
start and then got ofT Mr. Winder got off also.
The crooks walked to the end of tho station
Platform and as the last car of tho train was
passing all thtoo jumped aboard, and Mr.
Winder, outwitted but not dismayed, wns loft
lie came to Albany on tho next train half an
hour altei ward and learned that tho men hnd
boarded the ,J:."l.r train tor New York.
Mr Winder Informed Chief of Police Willard
imio of his experience, nnd tho Chief tele
graphed Capt. JlcClusky toapprohond thonieu
when the train nrrlved in New York. He heard
Liter tliat James Devlne and James Scott had
been iinestod.and this afternoon Mr. Vint nnd
Mr Manning, nccomi anted by Detective Nolan
of this city left for New York to identify tho
prisoners and bring them back
Detective Sergeant Vallely of tho Contrnl
Office at rested two men on Saturday tilghtnt tho
(Irani! Central Station on the description sont
to Capt MeCltisky by Chtol Willard of Albany
of two men wanted there for grand lar
ceny The prisoners gave the names .lames
Devine nnd James Scott In court they wore
remanded to 1'olico Heailiiuartors. When De
tective Nolnu and tlin complulnnnts arrived
yesterday aftei noon they dcularod that the
prisoners wero not tho mon wanted, and they
will bo discharged to-day.
Drunken Customer In a Saloon Mnkes Love
to u Wnr Cry" Ceddler.
William Murphy wns In a. saloon at Third
avenue and Thirty-ninth street on Saturday
night when two Salvation Aim) lassies entered
tho place, each with a bundle of papers under
her ntm.
"Buy a War Crv, sir?" the better looking of
the two asked Murphy
"8ure flive me half a dorsn," he respond
ed, ns he handed her a dollar bill. He told
hei to kep the change nnd complimented htr
on her good looks. The man had beeu drink
ing. "What's the news In the War O y?" he naked
the Salvation Army ulrl.
"All about the battle against sin and the
campaign of the soldiers of Christ," she an
swered. Murphy wanted to know If ho could not
join the Army and go campaigning with such
good' looking soldleis. The girl told him ho
could, if he proved himself worthy. Ho said
he thought ho was worthy and expressed ad
mlratloti for the young woman He made a
declaration of lovo and asked the voung wo
man If she would marry lilm.
"Not on such short amiualn lance." she re
plied. "Forsake the sin of intoxication and
proie by an upright life that you are.slncere,
and I will listen to you "
Murphy declared that ho was sincere and
said he could not refrain from manifesting his
love. He threw his arms about the neck of
he )ounp woman nnd kissed herssverul times.
Sho screamed and her companion threw her
bundlo ot papers nt the man's head
The proprietor of the saloon camo from be
hind the liar, scled Murphy by the collar and
pushed him out of Hie place Policeman Hums,
who was outside, ordered the man to go home.
He wou.d not go and again attempted to em
brace tho Salvation Army lass ns she came out
of tho saloon The tmllcoman nrrosted him
In tho York) lllo Police Court yesterday the
prisoner said he was sorry for what ho had
done and would not have acted that way had
ho not been Intoxicated Ho was fined $2.
Followed by n Man Who Seems to Have
lleen Captivated by Her Voire In the Choir.
New Hociiei.i E.April f The police of this
city are looking foi a man who has been an
noying Miss Helen Somers of ."1 Washington
avenue for soveral weoks. Miss Somers is the
soloist of the choir of St OabrloPs Homnn
Catholic Church She frequently noticed that
one person in tho church soemed to delight In
her singing About font woeks ago. whon she
loft tho church on Sunday night, she was fol
lowed to her homo by this ndmlror. As he
made no attempt to address her she did not
speak of the matter to her family
On tho week dny nights, when tho choir re
hearsed, sho noticed that tho samo man was
always about twenty feet distant from bor all
thn way home Last Wednesday night he ran
up to her and selrcd bor by tho arm. .Miss
Somers screamed and attracted tho attontlon
of Mrs Julia Herald nnd her son Joseph, who
were a block away Tho fellow saw- them ap
tonchlng and fled
This afternoon Miss Somers and her two
young sisters wore alono In their home, when
the same man came up to tho house and rang
the door bell repeatedly They saw him and
did not answer tho bell Ho left after about
twenty minutes' ringing whon hn found there
was no 1 esiinne 'i 1,0 threo young women
were badly frlghtonod and to-night Iho mat
ter was rc.orted to tho police
No one seems to know who the man is He is
about .10 years old and Herman in appearance
It is supposed of course, thnt hn has becomo
liilntuatcd with Miss Somors on account of her
CVRll. A. fOOSET MlfiSlSfl,
IManpprnreil Aftei Iln Was PunliliPil for
Refusing to ( 10 -Thont.
Cyril A. Cooney. thelfi-yenr-oldsonof C.eorgo
W Cooney of IniMteid avenue. Williamsburg,
thn clerk of the Coney island Police Couit, is
missing from his home. At midnight Satiir
da) night a misalign wns sent from Pollen
Hendiiuartoistoall thn stations. It read some
what as follows
"Look for Cyi II A Cooney. missing from his
home, lir.i Held avenue. Hiooklvn; iryo.r.
small for his age, UK) pounds, light complexion!
brown hair, blue -yes, several back teeth filled
with gold, light coit and vest, two pairs of
p-ints. biovvn check polo cap. Inen shoes May
havehoen kidnapped if bov is found. Personal
ly notify ('apt. Oeorgn JlcClusky immediately "
1 he police rcrused to discuss tlin case whon
asked about II t tho Cooney home, howover.
Mis ( oone) snid
"Tho bov was punished for refusing to go to
school, and he left his home on Friday on that
R'"iu,i 1 irl"'"' l,,nI.l"'",ef ln "ur minds that
hn was kidnapped Hovvlll stay nway until he
gets hungry. and then he will return home
Mr fooncyls a very Ititlmnte friend of Police
Inspector McLaughlin of llrnok'lvn.and asked
Mr .McLaughlin 10 notify the police V don't
know where thn bov is now. but hope to Imar
Itrpnit llml ThPre Wns to Up n Contest
Itetwppn lllvnls In Line.
Tlm Nival thletie Association of thn Second
Battalion. Naval Reserves, held a smoker In
Jefferson Hall. Court square. Brooklyn. Satur
day night Thero were corneob plpps. good to
bneeoand a vaudeville show on the programme,
hut tlm greatest oventof the night, so it win
reported, was to havo been a fight toa fin
ish between two members who havo been at
loggerheads for some timo. A girl, the story
was. was the cause of the trouble between
them and they had frequently threatened to
whip each other Their Irlends Induced thorn
tongreetoflght it out at tlm smoker
This story was learned hy tlm police, nnd
three detectives managed to get liito the
smoker without being recognized
Theprogri'.iniowaseatrieil out beautifully
until it was time for the bong match Both
young man vvero stripped and teady to appear,
wlmn the detectives interfered nnd aiinounceii
tint everybody would Im nrrestod unless tho
bout was prevented
The performance thereupon canin to an
atirupt stop. Thn bolllgcrents donnud their
clothes with many a threat ns lo tho futiitn
I lie sinokereamo to an end throe hours In-fore
the tnno anticipated.
New Oilier ra for I he Central IVdrrntrd I nlon
William J O'Brien of tlm (iranltn Cutters'
I'nlon and Snmuc! Pritmo of tho Clg-ir Parkers'
I nlon wnro elected President and Vice-President,
respcitlvel), of thn Central Federated
I nlon yesterday This la tlm first time the
central body has had such oflliers. tho cus.
torn beingtoclectaChalriuauatoerymeetinc.
!(U43. Sloanq
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trials for wall and window;'
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hqmpmt,v Clips, winch will make a com
fortable fit out of an eyeglass which has
been prone to pinch or slip off the nne.
Repair shop on the premises.
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Broadway and 47th St.
Csrpat layers furuMixt at ahort nntiea.
Mrs. Joseph II. Itellnj Ueleased from ,111.
Terre lUt'Tr. Ind. April n.-Mrs Kelley.
who attempted to shoot her husband. Joseph
D Kolley. and who seriously wounded him. was
released from jail and to-day accompanied her
sister to the home of her inrents in Keynort.
N J. The sister, who eave the name of Adams
here, but who is the wife of a New York dia
mond broker named Ostruni. savs Jtr Kellny's
$"'" ITS? re1- fhTflo? .ft
All Food,
animal and vegetable, contains a
peculiar form of Iron tcallod Pr
ratln In madlcal science) which tho
healthy system absorbs and util
izes In the blood to vitalize and
build up thej body. Sickly and de
bilitated people, old and young,
can aid their system toward w
rapid reoovary by f&
1 aJjpLilw"'" 1 1 III THE BlOOCf
whloh put the necessary Iron Into
tho blood, increasing Its nutritive
power at onoo. and thereby re
storing normal body functions In
a natural and quickly efficient
SO tablrli (n fcix. Sold ty aU v.,lw,
. f , I

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