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ill I 4 THE SUN, MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1800. ,
tf ; . j! men strike mam: v inn n..
a i '( J TitAi. r.tmiii, t ti.iromi i.
n H m - -
iji ! jfl Good I.fiIcp I'lioivvriil In tlio Itrillirr Minn
)'J i ' -5 J t'liiiiphiK Ilrsn;inl In IIih ( nnmtiirk
"il I'll'" Mlnea-Nrw I'lniri lllatrlit In MimIcii
''fijltj'pli 'i npiililplrainiira I'lijillrnl nf lllv lilenit.
flltF'f I.nnAwtKi.Cnl. vpill I - ill li Mrlkolm
ill it'lS' r. ken main In tlio Ontinl 1 iircki mine ncir
''ialfl ButUr Creek, inmlor count) 1 lie mine lies
1 (!'' between thoSoutli I'uruka anil tlie.oldll tirckti
v IS ' Bevernl vp irs nun ennsiilrnili'e cm vvnf tnl.ni
, Jjj'3 from It, but It wn MjihhI iiicil at tho il.Mith r
1 i ;ljfc , 700 (eet 'J lie rietnl tnl.e win in ule In tlm
fjl o avliftft below tlic l,liHl-tit kel llipnltllii-
,' I 3lv-1 ii reka In credited with h ivIiik I iodm pel J.Miim
' .' f Ji J O00 before It vva til.niilniiMil nt '. 4.VI fee t on
', Jj ( J account of n ciie-ln 'I lie llriint mine, nenr
;, pi 5 Ancels. hnn uniiiere 1 n enoil IciIko uli'lit fnet
' iil'l v?lU After nu lilletie''of olitlit vnrs tlio
I llSi"' Aneeli mine Is to be reopened H'vlll lierun
' ' ai'i'ii br electric powei
E&rf I Tho Butte, mine, nt liiniNlmre. Kem ooun-
ijjflj j i! tr. has been bouulit In II Milrinones
Jjf J I j Aneelet The Unite- his pn dm e.t l u t
Will jj i SlflO.OOf), althoilBh but llttt.' ele'Voioi incut inik
Lll If 2 ''" ilona unon It. I lio i rice teieheil
WmhV M 'i 'of It Is said to li up been S'u.nno 'I ho new
Btsf-'.'i i owner Is preparing It dc-volon tlio inoiertv In
BflSj li j a thoroucld) print I nl wiv n prem nt illu
I'Jp'jigJ i of the Rtanejnnl (Ml ( otnintir li in I ei'ti ei itniii-
jvi I?' r Idk copier propitl.lii tlm lciilt of Ilnnls-
l"llvl bur,J The "1(,m Monntiln mini's In tlio l'l
PfilS V il ut Mntitn- hne Ul le 1 ,i J.'-tn .ol I brick
KjjjjijSjj trora an elcld-ton run of ore 1 hit l tnnsi I-
BI$ 3i J reJ n ,rr PioiiutliiK rroirrti ntid 1- I oimr
Bat, i- ilowlv doMlutipd I i tho i w mi" with tho in-
$& 4 1 S ttntlon of makliic in lucntup prm rt!ut of n
wfi nt A A llc-foot ledctof rusii uimitr nkntlui;
wii ' r '! from $)ltoSIK) por ton nntl ixTaklnc over 510
E $ ) i 5 ill Pr ton tins been ilUcouied In ( ihupnci I'nn,
Wi I !l 'til nearLo Angeles 1 he leilpo cont ilia ttreiks
' ' 'i it! nd pockets that run filch rlenn-upnt tlio
,J1f till' Hd Boir mine, belonelne In lart totx-Sena-
M ,' lJl)f, tor8. M. 'White. cno 1.'I00 from 115 tons of
m$ fit $ ora
Kj 't 4 (iji There Is an oxtensivo placer field that hvi
K J 8 1, been worked but very little extendlnc throush
sir' 1 western and northern l-o Ancelei countr. In
W 9 a J the reclon nf Holedad Cafion and reachlne ns
Hr a n far as theRantaClnrn (liver Ihe cold is
Hi J 5 fj J found In tlio bedn of the streams and In hluh
B J; f OS baraalonc the course of tlio streams 1 he rn-
WH 'IJj' tire country, consisting of rolllnir, hrush-co-
Kj ered hills, is covered .with crnvsl contalnlne
Kl I'M sold'
H 4jl A ood l'l nt c,f,fl r Prosrectlnc Is colne
Hi i' I 3a on In riumas county In the lolnltrof laylor-
ffi ; j !' jjf tIIU, and several croups of ioprer claims are
Bfi ' 1 belne developed. The Ajax uroup has n Tpin
if' "(( rl tlxtr feet wide nnd In the I'lttlncer croup n flf-
uj jj! 'J teen-foot vein of carbonate ore lias been un-
Wq&i i -ij flf tOTered
B7, if i The Youne cold mines, near Manvpl. Sin
iltlf ill4 Bernardino county, which hnvebeen underco-
Bwf I x Ids aevelopment for the last.thrse )fars, have
HkI ' i ;i been bonded for $'00,000 1 arcs ciuantltlti
It! I j i of ore have been blocked out and a reduction
Kjj j I fit plant will be erected before lone, whether or
j t cot the sale coes throuuh
1 j S a,? From Bhasta county a nmnbcroKilch strikes
! O47 are reported ilnthens propertj. a now ralno
Hj near Cooper City, a rein Ins Leen uncovered
LB I h yteldlne $80 i ton in cold, besides coppr and
Hj; ; 1KJ illver. There has been a strike in the Mom-
H i?yi moth mine, near Kennett which promises to
awlf sfvl a larger nnd richer llnd tlnn anv yet miile
ItAdili In that district. Ihe Ipduo vvhiih inado Mio
JJA.53 Uncle Sam mine has acnln been found and oro
ItjjW belnc taken out. A lirce force of men Is to
ItsS be put on at once
$Y In Trlnttv coun'j i nlv cr claim near Allners
'HS 111 owned bv Herein X O'.Nell reu ntl pro
VsK duccd over J-VluO In a slt hours' run
osy vpvinv
lfc Viroima Citt. prll 1 -Tumplne In 1 pen
VSi' resumed at tho Comsto k mines niter wo'k
fax waa stopped for about a week tn order to re ir
Hdi ranee the pumplnc ni paratti It Is now u lm;
felirt? on attain wlih success 1 ho mov eniont of
Uj water In tho ('hollar combination shaft H siah
c&mF a to prove that a larce area of the i nnistoek
IKS?) will bo drained when the water In tho I . and C.
3?Sb ahaft Is lowered 500 feet
ijffij It Is said that In t ip Sand II Ilk. five or six
5fii il tnllsa south of Silver Teak, are millions of tons
3 jr of sand and rock contalnlne cold to the amount
Sj jjf of 50 cents to.J.' per ton.
j it GiHTMAR. April 1 -Irom the Rlern "Iidrsj
Bk" v 'i country tho discovery is retorted of a rU li
Btl K J Blacer district on a trlputarv of t io ro Iho
f' e J Aros River tlaus into tho miul 'J he i liter
Bf r;l dlcBincs are in the bclof mi eld riurand two
Bf" fit f miles from tho stream, to whldi the dirt was
Bf Si j! packed by tho two dlt-ioerers on the bv k nf
t Jit I I burros They vvashed out. j'i .r0 tro u Ion
Bf ! t pounds of dirt The place Is In tlio Statu of
Bt B IS Boners, sixty miles southwest ot Nucorl
f I !! In the Hacienda Jlcoricu a mine of cold avl
Bf. S, ' i illrer has been discovered It Is snld.thaCiu
Bi f, j exlstenco has been known to a few for jear.
Bf' 1.4 hutthat it has been kept hidden until now
Bfl a li B " has been nnnouncod th it the .1ainnp-o
I' '' Oovemment haimadntontriut with the own-
Bi Si 1 i r of the San lsidro iron iiiitips in I nwer Tall-
Bf j fornla for niHKWO tout or Iron ore. :i ho Jann-
Bf Slii J ese Oovernmut s ropresentatlves have bren
Bi t i j making nn examination of the oro tint has
Bf' tin' j luted through souio mouths A smelter w II
Bf; ,!(? $ probably be built near the mines' or at San
Bf' 'j5f' Dleco. Cal
B FHI " A rlih lead has bet n struck In the Moxlcani
Bfl If Hi ! mine, owned "by Anthouj Uoilbo The potira
Bf i v! ' ?' j ld. which Is fren milling, runs over f 10(1 per
Bf' 'tis1 ' ?n aid It contains yonderfull rich lockets.
J ri(' theorefrom vyhlchjlelds.it the ratoof l,"txx)
J I I ', per ton.
fcf vvAsniMiros
m i,Sl ! Riattie, ApHI 8 -The llepubllo mine.
&' Which pAssed its January nnd lehruary dlvi-
BBtt ? : (lends, has announced n dividend for March
BB St'1' 1 or$30.00U. which will mako a total of Jl.'OtHK).
BBt- iiliil This is 1 per cont, on a c-ipltalbatlon off l.iKt -
BBS 3'f t)00 The passing of the winter dividends it In
BBt Jfll II stated, was ocLisloned by the freezing of the
BBv (! water supply and Inabilltv to run the mill In an
5 ' atmosphere 3uJ below zero
I , , In tho lloston and Butlo claim in llepublio
' Camp they have htruek n three-foot bnlj of
BBj 5 ' clean ore that elves valuas In gohl of JJ" mr
BBt 1111 i ton. This Is In the face of tho drift, which Is
IaaT , ; now In 110 feet north, and another crew will
if b Placed this week to run south
i I Four miles oast of tho ltei tibllo ledge Is a
ftil new discovery known ns tho told ledge.
I l ff owned by Spokane men who havo I pen nuletly
1 8 J prosecuting development In an open cut
ifli a twenty feet deD they have struck a to Is of
' J X ore that Is twenty ret in wlltlinaa which it.
BfH ill a ys 'JTm,Sto. l'i" and In onnie: Instances
BV 'S 1 oyer $1.00(1 cold to the ton 1 hit ft on vvh it
BfB (HI 1 U termed In tho Mlstrlct tlipwist 1 elt. ami
BB l 3 is the most Import int dltcovery made In tint
Bw , V ia aactlon.
rl! is AI "Kl
. jj; a Bzattlf. April -' - t'SiiPttPr-h mi. about
ft in i thirty miles Irom Junpau. i lint n tvndicat
W ,S, it has bei ome interested in a prominent group ot
BB- i i' properties that have bit u under drvplopn put
Bfl J I oy John Tlsclale. unit hivntpr isldo a largo
Bfl 3 I? um for more thorough work
Bfl : '? J Th Gilbert croup of euviu ehlms fn !hpr
Bfl ' A I Bow Basin, which hive been under 1 mid for
Bfl jl 1 the ptst six month- to I ondon c u li il tt for
Bfl ' ,S I e. Quarter of i mllli m. will le e m.ltiPd bv
fBf ,3 a nellsh exicrtsabout tlio mid lleot Mas, when
Bm 8 a lithe American rei rttar cnnllin id In every
Bfl i ffl H particular the proierts wl'l to truisfpired
Bfl If AtSkacwa) ilurlnc the nl vvcek tvv i In-
is A dlans from rorcupine elul lted tnentv
Bfl J 13 pounds of minrttlnt nksavi 1 tj-, ikvi t, the
Bf) S 1 ton In cold, mt thev refupd todiviilte the p-
BK ' iSiS aet locality from vvhkhit I'lrac J In re It a
Bh ' !r?3 S eood deat of guei-slngat sk igw is Ihenicit
Bff ' alif freshly fracture 1, nt th ugh taken dlrecth
BK S8t from a ledge nna nil the mf rm itlon that ran
Bar ' iii'i be obtained is tint there is limits more in tho
BB ISSJ country, from which luame
BB fiJv? . TraTe' over the trails to Diwsnn N Increns-
Bfl IS I ' but the majorltv or tin sp g ilng In are
BB ' al ' miners who have spent the winter among their
BB Jfjtlfll SateJl;n friends and are returning to the
BB 19.1 i Klondike amnukon.in time to partlcliate In
BB:;-H2S'I the spring clean. uti
BB ?! 1 There Is a diversion this season to the Sal-
if'Si? mon River countrs. rhl'h Is all in merloan
I " M territory, and the mines aie reportod very
fBj i 31 S Tlott It offers, hoivever. greater Indupemnts
' T'j to hydraulic plants and the incrn nxpnivn
BB 'J i methods of plaier mining A ere it deal of
fl lilit machinery Is being i-pnt in for this uuriose.
Bf Y.l nniTiu COLl'MUIA
1 C 1 SiATTtE, prll 2 One of the largest pnn
f j, traet ever male In the province wis entered i
Bi . 5V) Into lat wp-k between the Trill smelter,
Bfl !H owned by the Canadian Tai llle 1 allm I i out
Bf SI Hit 1 pany, and tbe War I igle and t entre Star osn
f C1' J rn The latter ngrppt to dellvei IK) Kiotoit
Bf P3( v of or' "' the 'Iriil smelter, uheio u i to I e
f ij A , I worked for $tl ler top vr " 'et.ih n thptirre
Bf fi'41 J works formor'y ihargul iho 1 . i for tho
Bf OT j f reduction of om ft ni tint mine It h said
Bf iilt", by the War laglfl and ( (it .o t ir owners tint
Bf i, i he7 will ffn nltie In i coition to fiirnltli from
fff j J bOO.to nootoim per day unilertliisi ntn t
Bfl Til In Hlocan dlttru-t there i great deiii mo for
Bf &(' ztno from mtter lam. Ilelgiutn nnd M in hcs
Bfl "Jo ter reduction vvoi kt. mil ores thnt have usual.
B '' 1 'v '"tn east aside Ipaiisntlies c ntnju t o
fl jilJc much of this metal for successful i-meltln i are
fl jflijS at present in active demand lest shipments
B It (If are elng made and if t.itis'actorv a lirge
Bfll flljf amount of ore will at on e beoomp available
Bt )9jg New and succesf ul iron 94P8 foi ihp vt irking
!Jf3 8 i'l 80 Dna VVr n kitufurt inr 1 1 nun
jiti !nlnd ttdUutf n U;Iiit'. li.t mstmnn t ilnirz
)j5 t mllllDcand srieltiiusnprlirs pni i tl fiimlihul
Ms nDKETPLORUlOS KMUi ATI M il lln I1in,
ijjfi i- Wallsnd Umd mrrm rw iorl irtfr Mlntiu
Nutt 8hre In sundsnl, Minriorul l rejertm epeutcj
'KfliS and roanaecd bj thtuikelvct.
of ores carrvlne n larce percentage of rlno nro
eredltPd with tho Increasing demand.
Tlio mines nt mlr nre prodin Inc heavllv
ntid are marketing their ons on tho American
side, the In lloi smelter at Northport taking
thplr entire outpu 'Iho l'orlo Hleo Is snip-.
I lug all Its coiitntitrntes to that mint while
the Jlhcoek It sending nil Its llrst-t I ins smelt
In c ore
In the eighth level of the Noble I Ive group,
ftlocin dlstilet n new Mrtkn his been made,
matcrlills Increasing tho resources of the
)iroi erj 'I In re Is tow enough ore In sight
to put the mine on ii'splondld (In inclal footing
with n reserve Slocau Is gem rails pristerouc
through tlio native iletnaud for Its rich silver'
lead ores, and thu iiroductlohjtbls sear will
greatl) exceed that or Inst . .
svti I VKt. pril .1 1' T laniswr,rth has
)ii"t teturne 1 from I ilsen nml tei ortt Hip ills
r iverv or i I Ig b ds nf hlgh-iriide shit ping oro
In the Washington mlnp, cloe lo the Horn
silver 'IliPote, Mi 1 nrnnTorth sass tusavt
tpl to i ill a ton and the bods Ini reams In sle
us dentil Is att lined In the shatt
During the woek the Horn Silver paid Its
'Piirteils dividend of J0iK)0.;whllo the Sai -tamento
distrlbutpil I.'Hittii and the Swinsei
lotted its regular monthly dividend of similar
Ihe Alpreur Comianv's refinery stnrtpd uo
this morning niul coll bullion It now Icing
hblPi v I tut ht I than c siuil li i In n b fi r
Ihe I'onn r (ilnnie mine atllllnghiimhan
nieiitil up an ore bodv attasing 4t) coll ntnl
llterient i opt cr to the ton,
During tlio venr the 'acrami nlo mine nt
Men in milled anil milled 4'iMmI tons ol oie.
flu wing nipinen v iluet or l icr ton 'Iho
lonil my laid Jii"tnni In dlvllendt nnd had n
bilane on hand nt tlio en J ol the sear of
M'i.H'I i "il
montvs V
lit TTt , pril 1 Anis wfleome nows eomes
from tho llor mine nt llvdn ThplMKltfoif
pvlvvtis leached In the hhaft about two
weeks ago mid i iott , uttlng hat Wen In
I rogrp-t over sir p luit g the last week
tin trail wi piiPounteiil and flftein feel of
Mdld Hunt hat leen travired with in wall
In eight 1 he oro iatilet n huge ieripntni,e
ot col I er ,iu I some hold and i-llver It It the
1 et ore vet uncovered In the mine Sinking
will be resumed and continued to tho l.otHi.
foot level ami ii7t0 ton lomentrntor will 1
M n depth of 100 fee' a fine vein of free
milling ore has been struck In the lted Cloud
uilno near licet Straight.
Aork on the Stras Horse mine near Wins
ton has leen suspender".
The Bosanra Chief mine, situated eight
nllescnst ot Helena was first opened up twenty-five
rears aeo A mill was erected and suc
cessfully operated on Iree milling surface ores
Iho ore bocamo low grade nnd the mine whs
abandoned I.aigo bodies of low-grade ore
have lately been opened up. aid It Is found that
they pan teeconotnlcalls treated bs milling pro
cess. Involving &mnlcumatlon nnd cnuientin
Ion (leorgH 1 Wlckcs. tlio preseut maanger.
has been to Xew lork to confer with the prln
clnl owners In reference to tho erection of a
mill of larga euaciti.and It is reported tint
his trip has been meeeesful. In f'0 vicinity
of the Ilonatii ( hlef nre'slmllnr liree todies
of low grade ores, and the suciekfu! treat
ment of the llonniirn ores will result In the de
velopment of theso other mines
Considerable work Is lelug done In Ihe Dog
Town district, loca'cd ea-t of Il-dersbu'g. In
Broadwater oounty lleeent developments In
one of the mines ran Into n cave In wliLli were
found hlgli-gride carbonates
An enormous ledge of very rich copper ore
Is reported to have been discovered on the
lllackfoot strip. Particulars have not been
1 ho output of cooper for the principal Butts
copper companies during Fobrunry Is re
ported to have been ADacondu 5.400.000
pounds: Boston .V Montana. r0OJ.OOll Mon
tana Oro Purchasing Company. 1 ntXlOOO;
I'arrot. itcXUKKJ Colorado Compnns. 730.000
Ttrsos. Mareli .'II Vt tlio Occidental Ho
tel, this cltv theitt nro some (1 le specimens of
copier ore that havejut leen received from
theUuigoton mining district, elan's -rive'm lies
from 'lucson, 'Hip group consists of nlno
plnlras. owned by Alex. McKay and associates
1 hero Is also n cold-bearing ledge running
through the property t allfornla men with
capital have made nn examination of the mine,
and within a rcw weeks a sale w improbably be
' 1 Josselvn lint been In Tucson this week
irom his mine loc lted In Ihe t opper Mountain
district of ,iimn counts Il: Is developing
the Otildlnc Stir, n told proierty He sass
that, there Ins been n t-trike which lias stirred
up tho miners and proiectort In that dis
trict It was nude bv I uderhlll A Milbuh
upon their propertv. which Is located about a
mile from tho dulding S'nr and fourteen miles
from liiena a stitlin on the Surinam l'i
citle 11 illroad. The ore runs from 4U to fcsO
In gold nnd carries good values In copper V
shaft twenty feet deep has 1 een sunk and the
average wldlh of tho oro bods In tint depth is
throe feet
There Is a report that the I-nelish company
which bonded the liny mines on Mineral I reek
hnsclOkPd the deal and coti'emplntes a narrow
er uige railroad to connect w'th the Southern
l'acillo at I'll i;ho thlrtv miles nwnv
1- Ogdcn brought In a shipment of Dosle s
rich cold ore rrom the Aul ervdltrlct this wek.
Mr Ogdcn thinks that Mr liosle has a second
addition to the Coneiess in the claim he it nosy
working. It Is down to suli buret and has in-creT-ed
from low-grvlo stringer on top to d
good lead of rich; mnrt
It Is reported.th.it a strike has leen made
on the i roperts onco known as the Snti Xllguel
gold mine The mine Is Incited about twelve
miles west of Wlckenl erg and hat t iksn the
nnme of the Oro mine It was originally
worked bv Mexicans who nulled the oie with
an nrnstra. After working it for some time
they came to tho conclusion that the nippls
li m been exhaustod and abandoned th claim
It was relocated list fall and bonded to some
Indianapolis capitalists, who hold a lease. 1 he
strike has I een made on the lo'l.foot It vel and
the three-root ledte carries f (0 goldlper ton
Ipuio Cits. April'.' -1 lie dredge pla-ed on
More ( reek, a mile lelow this ilnce. list sear
bs the New England Companv, will commence
work to-morrow, and will run das 'and night,
last venr It ran three month", ele trine i.'4U
I er dAv
The twin Springs Compans now has water
through the dltih leadlngito Its placer claims
on Kist Hill and will commence i II Ing during
the week. This Is the earllc st that water has
ever been put Dn thev claims
, , 'I hero i great excitement at Buffalo Hump.
Although the snow Is set very deep peoploaro
rushing In and some work In tho was of de
jel pment li going on Over a million and a
half has been put into the properties there hy
strong companies during the winter. The
ledges movers largentid Iho ore of good grade,
much of It leing vers rich. Ihe belt extend-.
n far ns nt pretent known, for several miles
Movements ure now on foot torn much more
mtlvn seison than loimerls on the great
Owshee belt. Some or tbe eompanie" aro se
curing more dlvidend-pnslng mines and I Ig
works for some nr them nre being consldi red.
Inst year the 'Irnde Dollar Compans alone
divided over JoOO.OOti
Joins, prll 0 -Inc ore advanced $2 dur
ing the week i holcu oro selling at $4"i i er.'ton
In the bin The week s output ot the mines
vvisiigaiii.lnrgolnnd the int four weekt' out
put ot the in- mlnlnc: di-trn t aggregated
nnie than $1 mm, iiki --everil large talet of
mining leafh woie miule Ins week and a sjn
ill ite ef Sew .ork and New lersps railtalUts
arranged to purchase four big producing ino
mines and snvernl 1 iree tracts of mineral land
1 titt week- 7liie, ore output exceeded that
of u sear aco bv nenrlr $l,"i(lOOO If the pies
cut prices of In ore are maintained the min
eral output of tho Mi-souri-lvansas dlatrl t
will reach nearlv jI.'.iXkkhiO tint sear 'I he
c utput of Inc oie fc r the llrst ouartsr or lNf i
vvnsnii increise r ."H'tl cnrloadsover lhat of
the llit uiiarter ot lw. renresentlnc an In
ere i. em value of fl l'.iss.'j
On li ouii' of the high Pri ft of 7lnc oro
there I- lost attenti m i il I t i len.l mining In
tin- dlstilct all miners prefer'Ing to sink
deeper and get In ore. which It round in
i-reater abundime than le id 1 here is low
til ut ten timet is miiIi dne oro mined in
this district ns there It lead ore
mi' hi to i in: in i. int. cowrii.
Action to He Taken by the l'resbytrry To
ln -C'oliimlttro to snll To-Mnrrovi.
Tho New ork rreshstery. nt Its meeting
this iittern ion, will tiko action on the tall It
sued by tho Hftli Assnuo l'rssbyterlan Chuich
to the Kev Dr. Alexandor Connell of London
to he Dr. John Hall s succossor as pastor of
the I iftU "ivenue I'rosbyterlan Church It
whs said seeterdav that the Presbsters would
doubtlsss at trove the choice made at tho
meeting of the congregation last week.,
Vtlillnm Brooktlell mill John Slnclnlr. who
wre selects 1 as a commlttoo to go to England
and present, the call to the lies Dr Connell.
did not sail last week as they Intended doing.
w ne to the il tu-s of Xlr- llr iktlsld 1 hey
wil Mill to m.ii iv on the hulser Wilhelmder
tn i--e t r snu'b in i tin
s0 inr as was known in this cits sesterdiv
Dr C nnellhi-n tsefreicli. I I nil n in his
retuin lrm l hum He isextectel toueach
n Ids 'hur li In lleci nt smue next sUnd ly
li ,mi vcr. and will therefore I o in I ngl m I I y
the time the committee nrrlves thcr
i Srrvle e nt Mount (lllvi I llnptiit hurcli.
There wero no services at the Mount Olivet
BaptUt Chunh. in West Pitts -third street yes
terdas n notlco belnc posted on the door by
order of the Hoard id Trustees announcing
that the churihwas ilo-nl largo number
of the nu mlert Went nwa) ellmpiiolntod nnd
ingrs at the rn t nit 'lutiiin tint in vented
tin in Ir in, hiving n i iv r worship On
1 itter suiidiv ihe last r ot the chuich the
lie v II inli I M-lur, trio I io eirduct ser
vices but wvx sung int of tin pulrtt by iho
ami Wisherltis The services if ten poltv
lueii were I eeded to ttiell the disturoau
lb m ijirits nt the inemters r tin Miutcli in
with vlr -h r. nnd a eomnut'ei In- be-n
appointed t i bring nb ut n het'loment or tlm
trouble Iho chunh owes tho pastor SuO
lam srnrF.T nti:sntTt:niAs may
Arm.lL to tiii: cotus.
rropotltlon lo lull" with Hie 1'olirtli Ave
nue Cliiirrh In it New I.ellllre nnel tn Ills
pnsn nf 'lhat Property Ilefeiuleil by
the rteir Dr. lluchaiian's Argunicnl.
Opposition to tho proposed union of tho
Thirteenth Street Presbsteriin Church with
the rourth'. Avenue Presbyterian Church has
arisen in the congregation of the former, and
threats have been rando. on tha part of those
who dislike tho proposition, to brine the nflnlr
before tho points before consolidation can bo
icrfectod '1 his ontosltion lsdue, It Is said,
to what Is called tho obiectlon to the abandon
ment of the downtown field, on the one hand,
anil ton'purely sentimental v It w of the case on
Iho other.
In answer to the objections advanced by tho
opponents of the seheino for union the llcv.
Dr. Walter Duncan Bucliun.iu, pastoi of th
thirteenth Street Presbvttrian Church, has
Issued nn address to his teople, embracing
the points set forth bs lilm in his sermon of
1 ntter StmJas Aciordlnc to the plan Pro
posed, tho thirteenth Street Presbsterinn
Chunh will give up its ilnco jf worshipnnd
(aka thocongregition to tlio lourth "iventit
Presbytorian Church for the timotplng, the
IIpv Dr Buchanan to preside over tho united
eongiogatlons It Is then intended to sell tho
lourth venuu i roperty. which Is worth nbout
$,"(Kj,O0i,nnd to build n now chuehonnltetob
S'dected sDmowliere I etween tho two chuchps.
ns thev now stand, for nbout $J"iMH)0, thus
leaving the h.uidtoniP sum of .',10.000 lit nu
enelowment for the inrlh
I or tho purpose of ascertaining boyond
eloubt the eini t composition or tho iurrounel
ing population to thut ouie reasons might bs
iidduced to exrlaln tho 1 irge falling off In
i hurch nttenilamo In recent j ears. Miss rtil
Ham. tho pariah visitor, woa instructeel to
canvass thoroughly Sixteenth. Seventeenth,
hlgliteenth. .Nineteenth nnd Twentieth streets,
between.Slxth and Ninth nvenues Mho report
ed that she found nbout W) percent, of tbe
population lloman Catholic and something like
o per cent Polish and Husslnn, Not a single
family could be referred to the pastor for visi
tation Hcr.next visitation was made In 1 lilt -teanth.
Twelfth. Kleventh and Tenth streets,
from Sixth avsnue to Hudson street. Her sh
found In a visitation of H.011 families onlv five
who wero noti-i hurchgners of that number
thtce were lealls Itoman Catholic, one (ler
min I uthernn and one riecthlnker Only
live children w ere found not attending any Sun
dnv school
llm exilanatlon ot the startling report of
our visitor." Dr Buchnnnn suss In his nd
elres. 'Is in i nit to b found In tho exception
ally Inrce number of Protestant churches
within the territory boumled bs Sixth avenue
and the North Itiver nnd Twents -third street
nnd Hudson street. Mvnof the churches re
ferred lo are sillier endowed or financially so
well off that thos cnn. us they nre. send out
large numbers Tot visitors cinvasslnc our en
tire district: that they are In aposltioti also,
because or these facin to offor the Inducement
of npeclal features which are attractive to the
mass or the people, and that it Isimpcsslh'o tor
us to enter Into or expect any emcees In tho
competition because cf our financial inabil
ity" With reforenee to the sentimental view of
the question of removal and consolidation. Dr
Buchanan says "I take a second place to none
when ws talk of sentimental attachments mid
when ",e are reluctant to break the ties which
bind us to thlsde-irold -hurcli But mutt we
nn rl-e to higher levels and grander concep
tions of blessedness than those which lire con
fined within tho walls of any church or tht liv
ing God' Our old home is not needed where
it Is and is undergolne a depletion which all
mitt admit is ratal to Its permanency."
nn. strAHF: An srmiTVAT.isM.
Jle Objects tn Having Ills Views on That
Subject Mltreprrseuted.
Btfore beginning his sormon 'yesterday
mornlne the Ilsv. Dr. Mlnot'J. Savage made a
statement to the congregation regnrdlne the
newsparer reports of his last Sundos's ser
mon defining his nttltudo on spiritualism.
Some of these reports, ho said, had erroneously
described him ns having euddsnls chanced his
belief nnd tecome n full-fledged Spiritualist,
nnel to this he obiectcd strongly. It had re
sulted in his receiving during tho week a
largo number of Utters on the subject, seme
remonstrant In ton, othors hailing him as n
convert to tho ranks of the medium followers.
"I hnvo said before." raid he. "that tho com
munications received by me nnd purporting to
bo from tho other 6ido are about of the aver
age lntelllkenifl of ins correspondence After
this wck's mall, I with to say that the com
luunie.itioi s nro far ubove the average of my
correspondence If thes wore not. I should
fear to enter upon a tate of existence charac
terized bs such a 1 ii k of sens I would sas.
however, that somo of tho letters received on
the subject of my suppo-ed chance ot mind
nre both honest and Intelligent What I ob
ject to l being misrepresented. It Is not that
I fear to hnv my belief made uibllc W hat
over may be the attltudo of other imli lt.thro
are at leist two ministers In this cits" here
Dr Savnte turned townrel the Ilov. Ilobcrt
Collyer, I nstor emeritus of tho church vho
sat behind him 'who do not fear to express
their private halief publlcls from the i iilpit "
this statement was greetPd with applause
Dr. Sa age took as tho subject of hit sermon
the modern attitude toward Immortality and
the need of proof of Its truth there Is no
llrst-hnnd evidence of Immortality, he salel
It nil coes bncK to the time of Christ, and slim
effort Is made to trace it eueh statement re-ts
on something behind which, in turn, rests on
something behind that, like the Hindu con
ceit ion nf the earth resting on an elephant,
which was supported bv a turtle, which in turn
was suppoited bv something else, until at tho
end one camo to nothingness. People nre
taught to bellevothtit they lolleve but often
when the test comes they find themselves
groping in the dark
"As an Instance ol how this lack of belief
has I ermeated even the pull it," Bald Dr Sav
oze, "1 want to tell sou ot ms exierlenie with
a minister who not mam sears ago. was on
of the vers bc-t known "lercsmonin this
eouiitrs. n man who was regarded as being
moderatcls orthodox, as orthodox, lor in
stance, as Dr lsmaniibntt He was once In
n eonereg uion before which I preached on
lmmort.illts, and ho afterward said to me I
ngree wlih all that sou said, but how I wish I
eotilel be ns sure as vou tire of it ' K woman
whoso hukbnnil was drowned and who before
tint sorrow camo uion her thought she be
lieved, because her belief hnd never teen tost
ed, wrote to me recently begging mo to tell
her the truth. She a-ked me.lf. l.rcallylbe
Moved in liod. What that woman wanted was
home losltlve proof rf a Divluii Being ami of
immorialits. that Is our t rsing.nee 1 evl
denca of the existence of the s ml I most
eini Intlcalls do not believe th it 1 have n siul;
I 1 1 lleve that I am a soul which has a l 1 '
Dr Saitigp declared that the industrial
problems of the nee would le aided by the
sun ad of an ntsolate belief In Immortality,
th it tho poorer classes were coming to ellsb
lleve In n future state nnd thM for that reason
thes were not content any longer to do good
work In their own hPhero.'trustltig totheSlnal
rewird In another wornl for their service.
Among other ihauges of the age th steaker
- ild was the c h inge In the nttituio of lloman
. at ho let toward the Pore
Nolods cares much about the Tai e now,
excel t tln-e near to him I have heard rie
vout l itholles sav, 'It t all verv weil for the
Poio t be the spiritual head of the Church
but when lie undertakes to tell me where 1
shall spud ms children to school I diaw the
. r.oivF.s invitrir AxxirEitstnr.
First United Presbyterian Church of Wll
llnniitiurs Celbratlo.
A four days' celebration comramoratlv of
the fiftieth anniversary of the First I'nlted
Presbsterinn Church of WllllameburB was
bun yusterdav in the ohurch edlflc at Rod
ney and South First streets The pulpit was
decor lted with pi ints. and at the morning ser
vice the tastor the llev II Herves. preached
n hi-torieal sermon At a Sundas school rally
In the nfternrou conducted bs James Cox, the
siil erinteniii ut there I were addresses by
1 1 corce II Valentine and S 11 XUedowell the
1 re-i len' mil te.i Preside-! respectively of
the 1 ,ntetn Ditti t suiielas st,ool s.sopv
Hon nnd James A 1 dml-ton. n former super
intendent Plio oung Peonies Christian
I iilon ssembls conducted the evenlngtser
tlce There were addresses by Bobert Moor
V' J ,.'.'. r'udley and others tho celebrn
tim will be continued to night
t ne church w&sntarted in the spring of imo
as n result of occasional services in Ytllllami.
burg, held Is the llev H H Hhlr. then lastor
or the soolnta Presbsterlan ;t hurcli ot
( harlcs street Sow ork On Match tl. 18ll,
n ictitlon Kir nn orkniilition was prepaied
anil presented at n meeting or the Associate
I rosl sterlin ( hur h Presbsters and grunted
The llev lexamter Cltments was rippoinHd
on March .1 to perftt t the organization, and It
wns nciomolished jii Anri'O. lfitl'
Hear Hie sun In Mind
when yon sziln hve- something flrit rim In
lIoriiaiHl CarrUk'is for lr c r rtrfctngr, Vou
reach Hfs resdtrt bj sdveriltlnctn Tbb 8i.-je(p,
Services In Xewburg tliurehes Conference
Jbornfeast In Trinity.
Nrwnuno. April 0 -Trinity M i: Church was
crow ded to ovorflowlnu threo times lo-dnr, tho
fifth dar of tho centennial session of tho Xw
lork Methodist Fplscopal Conforcnco Tho
day was cold, raw nnd blustering, still a lirgo
number of peoplo camo In wagons and by
trains from surrounding towns to hear tho
leading lights of tho Conference preach nnd
witness tho othor cxerclsos Itwtisnn 'off
day"forthe pastors of tho twenty Newburir
churches, as their Methodist breUirsu worn
distributed around so that tholr pulpits were
occupied by tho visitors, both morning nnd
evening, There wero also several servlcosof n
reunion character throughout tho das'. lor
Instance, nt Oraco M E Church. West New
burg, thoro was a Joyous reunion ol all former
living pastors of tbnt churoh with sermons by
Tho services of the das nt Trinity Church
opened nt il o clock. It was the Conforcnco love
feast, with the Itov Androw I.ongnero of .New
York, formerl) n pastor of trlnlts Chuich. as
leader t hero wero fervent greetings timone
members of tho Conference nt this ntul nn en
jovablo hour was spent At 10 it) n'elockthn
public service consisted of ordluiitlon id
ele neons ami n sermon by BIbIiop I W lovce
'I hose ordnlned deacons we're Hobert D ( line o
ol Delhi. Delaware cou ills '.William I, Doughty
ol Usher l.ehly and John P 'las for of l'h iit
nnt nllis Bishop J0510 heM the ltnmente
congregation for an hour and a half with 11
forcible nnd nble sermon
At '2. 30 o clock the seatlnc capacity of tho big
eelltlpp was ngnln Iniideiiunte und mnns stood
upnt the doors for over an hour, while tin' llev
.1 O Wilson oi St Andrew sChureh, New Virk.
preached tho annual missionary sermon, tind
nine deacons were ordalneel to the plelorshlp in
Conference Tho llcv Mr Wilson took for his
text part of tho twenty-eighth verse of the
fifth ohnpter ofjudgps "Why is his chariot
so long In coming ' Why tarry the wheels of
lils chariots 1 ' Throughout tlm sormon there
wero fervent" Aniens" punctuating the forcible
periods, and at 0110 lime applause by the
clapping of hands, which tho prencher re
quested should be stopped . feature ot tho
sermon was the radical position taken bs Mr
Wilson on tho question of intcmrorance. and
Bishop Potter was referred to In theso words
' The saloon may bo the poor man's club. It
Is said, but nt tho snmo tlmo it Is fnr more
truthfully said that It Is the poor man shell To
speak one word or on syllable favorably of the
saloon Is, In my humble Judgment, an unpardon
able crime against ou fieri ng womanhood and
oppressed childhood and a despoiled manhood,
n crime that can be atoned for neither by epis
copal robes nor by a long life or total abstinence
I would rather have my tongue ilenve to tho
roof of my mouth thin offer an apology for this
place of death and hell '
t ho preachor referred to the recent war, and
said that It was not mnlca's but Oo It war
England not only espoused our cause, hei said,
but espoused us. and he belles eel that tlm
outcome of tho wur would not only bo the ln
ripflulte leostponlngol tho threatened conflicts
of England with Germany. France ami ltussln.
but the settling forever of any difficult) bo
tween America and hnelnnd
The following nine deacons were ordained
to tho eldership
Foster A Coons of Bagnal, Charles L Wals
worth of Cornwall. Bobert L Boss of New
Paltr, Sanford C Hoarnof Perry Street Church,
New lork: Hough Houston of Plpasntitvllle.
Osmond I Hon of Hurrael. Fdmund H Carr
of W arwiok, Charles H Grubb of Btnekport
nnd Oeorne E. Archer of Oreenvlllp. Two of
tho ubov a are sons or Methodist elivines and
beloro the ceremony was completed Bishop
Joyce, who conductoel It. called tho fathers
vv ithln the chancel railing
The sermon to-night was preached by the
llev W A. Spencer, who led the singing this
nftornoon Tho Conference will probably last
two days more
ritKAdiEit r.v coirnor nunss.
A Convert nf the llowery Mission Comes
Ilnck Fast tn Itnlse Money.
I'roderlck I Baylls. a Methodist minister
from Imperial, N'eb . preached Inst nlcht nt tho
Bowers Mision. 01 Bowery. He wore the cos
tume of n cowboy Mr Bnyllslsan Fngllsh
man by birth When ho left school nt Stratford-on-avon
ho enlisted in n troop of cavalry,
with which he sorved for threo years, then
ho went to South Africa andlserved In cam
paigns in uluknd and the trnnsvanl, being
nt one time a Lieutenant in tho Dragoon
Ouarils Ho reeclvod several decorations for
Drink. however ruined his military career
and he camo to this country ten sears agoa
penniless wanderer About threo years Hgo
Has lis went Into the old Bowery Mission and
was converted Then ho went out West to
preach Ho is hero now to raise money to build
a church
" I inn here." he told the usual Sunday night
mission audience last evening " to nrouso you
from vout stupor I wish I could send a thun
derbolt of Oixl s wisdom crashing through
your souls ou come hero night after night,
and intte-ad of getting better sou get u-e d to
things just ns sou do to nn alarm clock I
knew one p ol n man who resisted In the same
was until ho was knocked torts' leet In 11 rail
road wreck He got religion then, and said:
Ms ' but Ooil knocks hnrel ' N'ovr. brethren.
It betterto wake up with a bioken Kg than
not at all '
Ileddlng M. I.'. Church Anniversary.
Tho Heddlne M V. Chuich in Montgomery
street, Jersey City, celebrated its forty-fourth
anniversary yesterday. Anniversary services
wero held in tho morning, afternoon nnd even
ing, and were all largely attended. Chancell r
James II. Day of tho 8yraouso I niversity
preached at the morning service Sabbath
school sen Iocs wero held In tho afternoon, nnd
several of tho former pastors of the church
participated In them Tho Bov James Ii
Bryan, who was pastor In 1801. delivered nn
address t h services In tho evening wero
conducted hy the llev W C Snodcrats who
was pastor in 1HJ-I7 The llev. Qeoreo L Wild
Ing has teen pastor of the church lor the last
four years und In that time has paid off StltKX)
of a $10,000 mortgage which has been resting
on the church for many years The present
membership is .too, and there are UM children
nnd teachers In the Sunday school
Trinity Chimes In Newport Rung.
N'fwtort, B I . April 0 To-day was Impor
tant In the history ot Trinity Church, Newport
Tho Bev. Henry Morgan Stone assumed tho
duties ol lector, nnd tho memorial chimes
were rung for tho first time Several of tho
summer residents were present. Including the
donors or the chimes, Mrs Ocorgo t, Biv es and
MNs Jane Whiting ot New Wk, tho bells
being In memory or their sister, Mrs John H.
Davis Mr Davis, who Is tho rattier or I.ady
terranco Blackwood, was .ileo present Ho
has already had placed In thei church a window
In memorj ol his vvirp
Tiffany & Co.
Diamond and Gem Merchants,
Cutters of and Dealers in
Diamonds and Precious Stones.
Pearls Diamonds Emeralds
Rubies Sapphires Opals and
choice examples of other gems.
The hotter the fire the better
we like it absolutely fireproof.
Contents always intact prices
risht. Send for catalogue.
Will xcfasnm yonr old vf for
uiodirninil lUpslrlngsiiamnviLg.
Tei 30; rrsnkitn. SI03 IlromlTvny.
i rtnit PLAcr..
(irrntlv Impressed by the I.llirs nnd Unions,
hut Inutile, in I iiilerstnml tMiy Wo
llleln'l Tnkr the Inlands tram the Spnn-Inrils-
Dinner Illneeirdi Itrfcrrrel In Him.
Silver Dollai Smith, laden with trophies
and souvenirs, arrived homo unexpectedly
from Dormudi lnt on Sntunlay night Ills
return lo the east side wasunhernlded. nnd the
plnnB of tho soclallv ostrnc'tel set of the Mar
tin 1 ngel Association t 1 give hint a grand
welcome wero 111 set Hit 1 reoneo onoo
ngnlu nmong his hen htnen Is expected to
clear anus tho ekud of uncert iluts hanging
over tho rank nnd lllo or the organization In
"do Ate' icgardlng thelt attitude toward the
Crokcr l'i .1 n.ite dinner and tho two one
dollar dinners
Ivei Mmo Senator "Diy Dollar' Sullivan
tnvo the Jlo 11 nlatp dlnnei to n 1 hocn few
of tho organization tliero has been n deen
phasm between thoso who were Invited and
those who weio not
Tho fortunate diner Inslead of trslnuto
heal tho wounded self esteem or those loft out.
to uso tho vvouls of Long lle-uih llpaenn. have
' tried lo rub It in U .1 meotliig of tbe asso
Platluu held seveinl days ago, I.one lleach Ilea
gan. I Iddlcs 1 inkelstcln. llottlit Bottlestono
nnd lilm k Sheep I euf .istouniled the upper set
bs putting hi applications fo- tickets to tho
len-iloll 11 dinni 1 I hev niPiilloiiPd that they
had kot the ib nth. an 1 pro luei il the mimes.
It would iinierelo to let tho'e uuvs go up
there, temtirkrd Mux Hoi I1MI111, the leader
if the 111 1 !! Mt, when he reioveied his bre itli.
vvhered Hips git I" Wouldn t that be a nko
thing foi somel oily to ask In front of ( rokor at
the ibnticr Sum lilngsome of those Central
illtlci euvs should sling th it question' Bnhl
hei'iitbem down In I ssex street "
It was ileclded tint onls those who attended
tho Sulllvnn ellnner In Albnnv should be al
lowed to iitirchuse tickets for th t rokcr din
ner nnd the rejected applicants letlred
"vat Is elot, dot I hear uboiiil Mr Jeffer
son s slmbllelts '" asked riddles I lukelstein
Charlie Smltt tole mo dot Jefferson netter
relieved In dress suit. yt has gomo over als
e arechentlcmons on olegshlon day." re
marked Bottles Bottlestone. but on der ud
eler days vo are lobsters "
The dlgruntlpd onestwere engaged In dls
cutslngtho various 1 bases of the trouble In
the 'association on Saturdas lilchtlln Silver
Dollai Smiths hotel In 1 t-,ev street when nn
elee-trlc cahappe nod In front of the door hov
ernl hundred men. women nnd children fol
lowed it, nnel Aden Smith allihtod, followed
by Ms wife, th crowd set una cheer The
dejected 01105 In the saloon became almost
delirious with jos
When Smith got through shaking hanels
with his constituents ho managi'd to pas "I
dldn Mntend to get back ret. buM happened to
recollect aoout tho Crokcr dinner I couldn t
miss that Crokcr would noverforelvo me "
Thit declaration nit n sudden damper 'on
the enthusiasm, and as diplomatically as pos
sible tho grievances or the ostracized set were
retailed to Smith
' lhat would nofer hive hnppe-cd II I had
been home," s ilet Smith when the recital was
ended 'I never went iijplace that was not
good enough tor you boss "
"Bight you are Charlie. ' shouted tht crowd.
1'olltlcs Is polities." continued Smith "ss
my friend rim Campbell once remarked.
"What 1. the Constitution between friends'' "
Smith held a reception all das vcstenlay In
his hotel and distributed souvenlrscnrfplns to
hi" etnilosees 'Its n cren' country down
there, ho said to a St's reportoi who nskeel
him nbout his eras in llermuda. 'louennput
me down ns an extnnslonlst. I was talking
with the main euv ot the town. 1 told him
that tho only mist ike we made was not to take
tha Bermudas awnv from the Sranlard" It's
particularly good fo-onions and lilies ou
can ent th onions raw like an apple, and both
onions and lilies novo a dplluious perfume I
brought back n trunkful of onions nnd a wagon
load of lilies
Smith distributed lilies to the crowd and put
Bermuda onlont rn his free lunch counter
Thero will I e n spccial'meetlne if thp Mnnln
I ngel vstoclatlon eaih this vveefc, nt which
Smith will re id 1 piper on his trip Ho was
ill when he ivpnt nwas. but jas he his re
turned grcatls lpnpfltd
Tvvrlie Miners Killed.
MosriovA. Mexico. April 0-Word was
brought horn to-das of n lire in the ola Blca
silver mine In IheS'crrii Mojiela district. State
of Cooliulln, resulting in twelve mlno-s losing
their lives The tiro was cau-eel by a gas explosion
The I lit nf Referees.
The following li a list of th reffrrfi appoinud In
sum In tbe tiiprrmc Court lant week
1 1 Justift h 0 11 rr
Cnm K'ftrfi
Vftlrntihi' v. the- Mayor, fce John A Mralor
1 t Trust l u 1 n Inn), II HI hmon 1.
Mandrr vt II 1 omle Ulwtrtll Ijttetra
lliwerc Sacs 111- m Tnllnun t VV P J Tins t-iii
Milt life In Co vi. Hut hard Ang VanVVviS.
Cnlpiiaivn Hun" , Ulwarl I llualalie
Holn 1 u llvirs vim II n leri nel.
I'l rrepintv Cmlduell 1 luar 11 H -f ntucL.
Oakbv v limill Mi hae-1 Klrtlan I.
Wttterprvs Weinberg . Iln. II OM1
Klliculand vh Itprtuk . Meppt ti, in
I ovenf'lvs Oirntci , vitbur Truax.
HoniaviKvi U )eovclt A h N lrloil
Ilrr 1 v, I, -ittliciuie r Ia 1. Il tr .
lattenv Kivlen VI ill 1 r Me I rnls
Ijiwre-ue-B vs conlon ... 11 VV II Hr m
leiersva (in"iln sir I I I M (all.
HrunettM Mnrriion 1 hn v.anl
Iaurcrvs I l Y rank II hnilley
lIurtmiMi Millie 1 I hn I Met m!ey,
Koiiwenboven vi Peinly Ja bt tiralil.
P i-lcervs o 1 milieu M 1 Vlilnor
vvd nvi Tni le r T 1' Itniwning
t-on llieim v ii'lbrrt T u a n Ha.bruuck
Matter ef V 1 IHlsh11ellV.Cn Nvth -mlth
Matter 1 fTheobal 1 lrmlvM Holahan,
hit Jultict truax
Hilten v Lnwriudi 11 iillbert M. Splor
Wet itj v" Kiriltatriclt IliarleaA lackann.
Matter nf liiiiiiiii) liamlslt Pelehantr.
InliiiK ni 1 tinier 1 eojnl 1 Wet idle
avMi Hut bar! linnieir Initrabam.
Matter of Vhre in lohn Hone, Ir
I liillips v Diiiiii s 1 11, Warl
II ih va. lllarlliurn Iranllln Illen
damsvs Ailvinie e.eo M Van lloeaen.
Snitih v ( enn lie tjniuel V. speyer.
Mallnum in Wallvulu Jn.h K rh
vlrCartli) v. MvCerthv 1 harc- Iimohue
ltoillue v Ilntler (lfiri.e F Morgsu.
Itj Juitf Gfgtrtc
rromwell va F,i-ter I bn F TiufTr
PaeuiSer v lllih.v Floanlll I a Fetra,
II kin in v a Ijvile Martin O Hrien
1 alhoun v Kenan. -' raa a VV J, a V Klni
Vlatternf Derape) Iranclall Delehanty.
Matter cf luc n Flnard Ilrowna
Py Jutlut broil
Arneroannra Moelein I lwarlDrowna
Hj Juittrf H.ifh
Coleavs White oro M Van Hoeien.
l'eelile Kc , KeJverVil Hoard
of Filtration Si Iney J Cowan.
Hv J utiet IIk 111a
lawrenee v T11 tl t,11)11f jf Onlway,
Iey se Lej Mnir-' Isaact)
Binklnvt Weiss r Whltoliead
Hy Juittr. hu V )tf
Iat IlankofPep m lardr J, lin A Stralejr.
hy Jutttcf i.s
Peckerva Hurl WilhnruJ lardner.
Prudent Men
J arc careful buyers.
We Invite the critical man.
Goods All New.
iCuIoiinf", owl rnttonw
K-YI inEndlea-i Vuncty.
V To Order,
iv Business 'ClC
M-j J Suits, I PlO.
W L For Dress ) (ton
ip Vear,fI,U'
Workmanship niul style the
VJ Best; Fit. Faultless
772 Broadway,
145-147 Bowery.
. ir.MTrBTHE aur
Fisher Thought Ills Wife Wns Aalrep When
He Set l'l re In Her Iloiims,
Thoodoro Usher, n blacksmith. -I- scars old.
who set flro on Saturday night to a lounge be
longing to his blind wlfo Ollv la In a rear house
In which sho lived .it (Wi Slngg street. W llllams.
burc. wns arraigned sosterday IntheKwen
street l'ollce Court on f lie thargo of nrson.
He wns In that court a month ago on tho com
plaint of his wife. Sho chnrged him then with
assault and ho vainly pleaded with hei to bo
lenient Ho was sentenced to linymond Stroot
Jail for ten days On parting from his wife
ho expressed his Intention of being revcngptl
Mrs Ilihei hnd enuspcl his arrest mans times
for bentitig hot nnd l'lsher has served terms In
the Kings County l'cnltontlnrs. -When he la
celvd tils 1 1st scnteuco of ton cl iys Mrs l'lsh
er wns firm in her belief that he meant to hniin
her She moved to tho rear housn In Stage
street with tho hip- lint ho wouleln t llnd her.
D11 Iisher a reloiso fioni jail ho bp-an a search
nnd located hot Ho met here no d iv nnd
tlne.itened her with death
When he went to her house on Sattmlay
night It is I clioved that he vv is under the Int
prpttlnn tint hU wife was thpre iitlpep M10
h.ul left a few minutes pm Her to go to a neigh
bor I lher removed PMelsbu nnd thiitings
from the kid lieu lounte, sntiir.itod them with
oil mid M't lire to the t lie Mrs hiito W hitman
nw I Ishe r lenv thehoitto nnd n few mln
utrs;intr slip elNcovere d the Hie. It was put
out titter slight dnmage was done 1 IthPr
wns nt large until lust before-midnight When
he was irrested lie prptended to I o'drunk
He iv it t ikeu to tho "-Ingg 'treet tollco sta
tion nnd loekol up When In wns arraigned
In court ho tolel Magistrate Ivriuner he had in
re-collection of Ills o lolt In defniilt of fl.(MK)
I all he was committed to Jill tending 11 har-Ini'
23 I''S A It I CTOll.
Special tervlces Held In the Itev. Dr. line-
hiia'a Cliuirli In Ilrooklyn.
The Bpv Dr .1 (i Bacchus polobrated the
twents-flfth nnnlvprsnrs of his reptornto of tho
( hurch of tlm Inc irnntloii In dates, near
Franklin avenue. Biookls 11. sesterdis 'Jhoro
wero special services. nnd In themornlngn let
ter from Bishop I.lttlejohn was roael congratu
lating Dr Bacchus on tho fact that ho had
done such excellent sorvlco during tho ciuar
tcrpr n eetitnrs.niid also congratulating tho
palish on having mm.Ii nn nctlvo vvorierii
their rector Dr Bacchus delivered a short
anniversary termoti In tho evening ho wns
assisted by thp llev Dr A B hlnsolvlng ot
( hrlst jrniscnpil Church and Bishop Klnsolv
ing of Brazil 1 his evening there will bo a
I tiblic meeting In tho ehtiii h,.at which formei
Jiielge Augustus mi Wse k will pieslde. nnd
addrosset will lo mndp bs the llev 1 11 Jle-Lt-od
nf tho Clinton Avenuo Congregational
Church, Col A A Bretnner. nnd othors
Pastor F.vnna'a Dee lalon to lie Announced
The Bey Dr Anthony II 1'vnns, pastor of
the West rrcsbytcrlnn Church, nnuouneed
from his pulpit yesterdav that he would bo
ready nexCSunday to mnko known his deci
sion upon withdrawing or leaving his resignation.
A Ilnrgliir Ought nt Ills Work.
Boundsman Clark of tho Parkvllle station,
while walking nlong Coney Island avenuo nt
2 30 o'clock jesterday morning, heard a noise
In Wllllom Beardahls saloon Ho looked
through tho front window nnd saw a man ri
fling the money drawer Iho roundsman
waited for the man to leave the store and then
placed him under arrest. At tho station houta
tho prisoner said lie was Anthons MoCnrty, HJ
years old, of iH Wlllott stroot Manhattan, Ho
had In his possession four boxesof cigars and
S1V,,,., iI,s", ,,1,'n.00., he oolns wero marked,
and Mr Beirdnhl i Jentllloel the- sosterday ns
his properts Mi (arts had obt lined 1111 en
tiBtieo Into the store bs means of n rear wln
!'?" .J"."10 c'.rn,!.t mTlt Boiler. Court ho was
dentllleil ns nthons Brink, whoso picture Is
n vi.-,,,"B"?' (illery nnd who wns arrested
11 1MX for burglary. Ho was held lor examination
rtnnnnn Company Ilnrred Out of Texas.
Duns. 'J ex, April 0-ttornes -General
Smith or Texas recently refused to allow the
Eure ka Banana and Development Company to
do business In Texas because it came under
the 01 oration of tho Texas nti-Trust law.
The company is chnrteicd under tho laws of
how Jertcj,
Mexlciiii-r.iintcninlnn ISniinelnry settled.
Citv of MFV.1C0. April P -The engineers of
tho Joint Boundars Commission of Mexico and
Ciiinte mala have signed tho pi ms which deter
mine the boundary between the two countries
Ibis boundais lino has long been in dispute
Tlio Weather.
fair weather vvaa epiite ceneral jesterlvs thronc-h
out tba countr). A few acattere J lo,al rvlna weie
reported 1 hi entire wtather outln I waa for more
eeatonable con tition. Ihepreaure ua hmh over
all the Interior rlainj In tLe Atlantic states an 1
wlih only a allkht fill in the eitreme west, without
torm cleveloi ment Iho terui erature aa atill
below normal in the vtlaiitic and Pjt nulf States
and below freezing in the northern lako regions
northern New Inrk ui d 11 rthcru New lui.'and!
butgeneralls ei of tha MUMxIpji Iticliidiugthe
Northweiet it aa warmer and above normal The
high irefnirc centre waa welling u tea) m the
Siuthrrii Matu, wldeh tiieous warmer and mure,
vi ricgllke condlilona for thit section
In this city the day nas fair, hut aa windy and
bluiteroui, wind south to weal, aviraue vel-icit) Is
miles aa hour, average humility, 70 per re it ,
I arometer, corrected to real to tea level at 8 . Jl'
.'(1 bo j I' VI ;ii hS
The temj erature as reported by the 0(B lal ther
mometer and alio b) Tin Set's thermometer at tha
itreet level ! khown In the anneiod Libit
-Official-, vu- 'ftcnr. Vi,n
IA1III' fto' 4 r p M 4- 44-. i;,
ISM V '' 47 ul'llui 7. '.-,
3 1.M47' ' CO l.'Mil .44" !, 44.
WASHisaios inntCAsr ion movhat.
For ew Fnglanl, fair an 1 warmer, freih went
winds, ahiftlng t) aomhneat Tue.day iuereaaing
rloudlneaa and warmer
ere,urii Vic Fort air, u eirmer in nrl4 par
fiwi mlwil irtoi!ltn leu htl'll ttinell, rilflllily
oirrcaroic? reu fin',, un I varm'r
lor the R'etriU of Itnliiiiitm, aantern Pennsyl
vania Delaware, Msrylitii1 fmr and warmer hish
tofreah touthwea um le lues laj fair and narmer.
For New JerfC). fjlr fre.h et shifting to aouth
weatlnd, Tueadi) tvlr an 1 vtanner
For vieatern I'etiiisjliann et rn NewV,orkand
Ohio, fair and warmer, freh s uttliviprt wind" Tuei
da Increaamg cloiulinctb and 1 onhlhle show cr'.
Court nlrndiira This Day.
Appellate D vision-Supreme C. art -AJio irned
antll Tuei-dar Ai nl 1 1 at I I' ' ,TU'a
Mipreme 1 ourt S e lal lerm-rart 1 M n on
calf 11 tar called at 10 lo AM I att II t x 1 iris
imttars Part III 1 lear vim n liriauriera
Ns I ki... n 11 loi', 10; li.ferul au. "
faet-hes 17 I SSeiii I l , , .,,, n - ,'
l-t7. J4IH1 17-0 ao.'O Jlirt, trt4 ,'1146'
I art V I ute lliilln ln I tl.iHii 111 I an IV ) rt
W -Care unllmrhi 1 f ne fr ni Urt IV I art II
Case unfinished Hevated It II ca.c ITHllerm
-I art II riear 1 referred cniae Neis H77- shi i
f."',7, I'll" HIH2, nT. n7ee) 7 0" e i '
71HI, HiaV, 7'."l, 1101 -t ri-hel, R-,e e r, I ,'
.'--' S 1H4, re, M. 747.' (.'1 h .,-4111 ni.u'
Fart HI tare iintlnlalin 1 N . 4'nc, .e elt hi ,1
1721 JI04 llertit, R40e 4Cjot 4."'l. 411 I.I 1 11 .
IJ01 l'4H Jl.'lt Hli 2,'HI Oh4S. . 7 .rrtV
4lS"i 44KO, I'O- 4Mlel 4(114 4f.J 4eVe(l Jfrt.'
4T.HH Sell.lt Part IV -Clear Tares from Part III'
ran , taieiinnnlalied 1 an tr in Part III 1 arl
VI -Cae lllinlllol lar.- fr m Part III Part
VII -Clear In iiat-No 4431 Hay calendar Hat.
4a:s. unit 2i.h. :r,(.i 4107.41111,41104111
4145, 4tM, 2II04, 4117, 12M." ..-07 2-et MsJ'
4411. 44J4, 4T-4, 4r7et, 4rie II 4I.M. 4"il ' Aoi?"
0 M24, 2411, 4701. 2oh 2P2H part VlII -Care
unflnuhed Caaea from Part VII part IV -Hear
I aire fr m Part II 1 art X Clear i area
from I art II Part I raa, iiiitlni.Iinl Oi-ea
fr ni Pirt VII I art II Caiio iintinlhe I, laata
Purr irate a C urt -Chamber S it eaiatn rt
Ph elf 1 Itonni fom, at In ml. M ,r - ,,,,'
of Marv A Hiiyk ar 1 1 V VI Sn sai erlale ,f
la nl seh.artr at V M Mrirtatr Willaef
lIlltl 11 J It tll.e hit 1 Anerlnia I Vitre 4i,,,
Jlir f.ifl. (Near T Ma .hall I 1 al, i l a,V "
li ao M JihuVV VUtthew. Mar un "i "
Harriet J I lenau, llar.ii e e, Vlartm- it I v
Tral Term -.o I4".7, vvillof l.al el.i h.ll"...- at
. lit Tiurl-Fiei-ialT rm ( nrt r r 'ii at le vr
Motirna. Trial Tern Part I e no uurlnialied
oi 22-n r,na jk,i 1-41 a.m .-" V""J ?J
t.82 aaau 8 no, ,m.i .n-.u 7 4 47." -..,!1
2122, 2le-u, .fif,, I'OI .0 o .."!.' el.ll' ,,,
ll'.TH, H1B II sl ami. tien 3t.,i.cJ' "i i '
11.114 11.IJ Illii21, ll.ll Mil, p4rr 11 (i.J.
V . 11 717, tnjj. 2t e 1 ,ii, ,h -". ',-,"
2-'3, IllM J. II !,,. ni 4,,- -, .-
..-11. 1014, 122 11"1 ,tu ,M 11 , ,,,
ll.'l 0rl 1nt7 11 ,w , n-iic," li 1".
jr.'i kimv, n-4 i tn iv -,'.:
rart III -riear. oa J" le .fco i2Me Jts 1 iu .7
2M41. 243 2WI4 22S4 Jlir, J 2 1 .1,71 . .'
S71.H, a7(m iiKrf., ion, coin u-,v nr,? ini'
ai ai7(. -.171 ii -.-117 in in'aS'
fll-d. 27111., 2770 .l.e.no 3.SJ 11.3 Part IV '
(lear Rhnrtraurea m i ill 1 a 11 , eMo ei,7 I
ecot, 7or.i, rte-, 7071 -u, , ,' ntio. et'eiej 1
-CI43 ljr.42 rtllS 70e, U84, B44.I &iU' "
HOI JiWatfai I
3rd Floor.
For Country Cottages and
Summer Hotels.
Ruffled Muslin Curtains, I
from S5C. up. I
Ruffled Lace Net Curtains, I
from $1.50 up. j
Irish Point Curtains,
from Si. 75 up.
Snow Flake and Cross Stripe;
Curtains, from $1.40 up.
Oriental Net Fabric (;o
inches wide), our own ik biim
and colorings, suitable t r
window curtains and portu us
for Summer Cottages, ec.
Odd lots of Curtains, all
styles, at yi their former pi 1 t s.
A full line of Brass ,1,1 1
White Enameled HcdbttaiK,
at medium prices. I
Slip Covers, Window Shaih s k
and Mattresses made toouler
on premises, at low figures.
awnings made and put up
at short notice.
Lord & Taylor,
Broadway & 20th St.
A flat tin box
doss not take up much
room in the pocket, is
not heavy to carry and
is a real convenience
to all who smoke
Little Cigars
as it keeps them from
breaking or drying and
preserves their flavor.
It does not add to the
cost 10 for ioc. (at all
stores) or we will send
you 50, anywhere, for
50c. prepaid. This is
one way to save money
without loss of com
fort or satisfaction.
American Tobacco Co.,
507-529 W. 2jd St., Nc.YorL City.
On a Buffet
In a Twilight Room
The glow of a ff
Low hire Rev ills 4L
Hunter m
Baltimore 11
Rye Jam,
TUB HffftTKw
W,,,5KLV Hui
The (Bottle Gleams W JH
Hunter is Ijltf "'ivlHtfB
Comfortins B7TrfffftffryfvSI
you need a stimuhnt iHHHNH
I comfort IHBh
LAitr,E8T in rm uouin rv i is i rvi'
THK TIIOS. .1. SIU1 mr ..
'f'rl'-'i'.wi"?;'.1'' 1"MH '""f"ril ,v . ll'Ulmi
Mn? A w' '"." -'"T"-y 't J f 1 ilie.ne.
bloniKr Vviireliiiii.ea nnel Mnvlwc nna.
"" I 'or Interemiiiurin ular
I'ruf. Mnccnt May lie a Colleen l-rralelriit.'
CmrAoo, HI . pril(i -f.porso 1 IcirVine-Ant,
noblbtunt lirofessorof &oci j, K) at th fil ieo
InlverRlt, Is conRlilorlnc un tl i fi m tin
I nivoriity o( f Inolnnntl to le mc, lrei.
,3t?t.r',r Vntit (rriicluaii I IJ. r-f
I. 1'? ' "IVl'ISIH It, IKS" M. ru,
! ,. A ' V." ' 'nut.lll.llli y,., ,i Js-e ,i
iitr.. I'resiei.it of tho lmvii.it) mi
ill.'' IIS n f. How ii, Mioii.i, j. i el I vv ,ie i ,
""''ntltilMMnnelluteiensirii 'or II i
J'lvM lioeleur... e.f )., r rf n, will it
tliel nlverait) -.tin ncouUm
Bad Complexions
llo'l. roucli oily skin, ml r ,k. I i
Jhi LL'1';"1.1"? MovBiiteil I v ( i ii i u , . ,
nc 7on ft,,:,k" I'urifilni: i. ..I .'o .
ine fomi in the worn l)e- uto i lire. .
''' moiilitoil. cvnuisit.lv iViiiiiiei I I,. I

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