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II J? r ', ?flE SUN, THURSDAY, APRIL' 13, 1800. , I
8 ' xiir nnooKLYtt team AitnirEimovr:
! i t
jf I It Kellry, In the) Absence, nf Mnnntrr Half
ft f I lonTnlki of Hid ('rark totiibliintliin-
( J ! t J Will I'rncllre Twice) To.ny-Nrw 1ork
J i (i 'J Not In II Illnmexl for Freedman's lnlli y.
I ( I I r The Itroolcljn nrrlved horns from tliolr
I I If I t Southern trip cnrlv ycMcrdny morning, Man
88 user Hunlon atopped oer In Ilaltimor to at-
'ill1 tend to tomi private business, but will M
' 1 1 ; ' hero to-day. Oivlnu to wet ground the play-
', i ! , J an did not Indtilsolln practice at Wnnhlniclon
i ; jlj , rark yesterday afternoon, thereby disappoint-
W; . i Ins nulte a ciovvil of crank", who turneiKotit tn
j iJ! tlze up the team. The men will cet down to
I jj ! "biulnens both thl murnliiir and this afternoon.
) j J weather pcrmittiuc, as they do not raro for a
fig! layoff. The llrooklyim are most enthusiastic
If i . oertlie outlook and nro in Fplondid condition,
j ' Jones, who vn plichtly Injured In a collision
I I j with Anderson Murine the trains at Illchmond
j t r i n Tuesday, will bo all rlcht, he says, for the
J t ; opening same on Haturday. Pitcher Huchea
$ ; will ronort to Hanlon this afternoon and Pitch-
It 'J erMaul ltjpxpaeted to show up tn a day or tiro.
. i nlthouuh iVatIII not bo asked to enter the box
K, ij' f until warm flfcaMior Mt In. C'apt. .TooKelley,
J In talklne of tha team, said to a Hi'N reiorter
$ f lastnlKhf
I , i "Wo li moli ail a moil beneficial training trip
A - jf and aro ready to bcaln the race for (he chain-
J plonshln. We nie not hlttlnir yet as we will
Jf i ' '! later on, but that Is a nntur.il fault. Most of
Mi ' i the tlmo don n Houth Ins been devoted to con-
S " dltlotilnc the vkiyers and Instituting tho nee-
fl. ' ' l eesary team work. It will not take lone to
Ij i t ij imoolh oertho rouuh edgci. and I cvpccMho
M , f i 'l team to Bet Into tho proporsfrlnsr in a very
Tj j i i abort time. Our pltchors are nil rlcbt. al-
jj I ' I thoueh. of course. Maul and HukIioa nro not
j 'it 'J ready to bor In liard work yet. Jiut we can
j i. rely on Kennedy. Mc.Iames. eacei, Dunn.
j a j ij McFarlnnd und l'aston to help us out a ureat
jj, J i l deal. Orlm and hmlth are cntclilne better ball
ft it!!' than ever before, and will sunirlso the cranks
K ft? The InflelderH are worklne well touether..I)ah-
. ,1 ' if len, In my estimation, will put up a star Kama
ill nt third base He Is a better hitter than Me-
B , j J Graw and will capably fill his shoes For this
'111 time of th ve.ir Jennlncs and Daly show re-
I j I markably etronu arms and are playing to-
I' L j cether nicely. When Hnnlon cots the machln-
I it i ry well oiled I think the Urooklrn will prove
J' I cno of the Greatest ba'l teimt on record "
i j "Wlmt do toil think of th llaltlmores'"
t; ! "Thei aie a fait Int. but tho cames we
I j ' plaved witn thorn al ucusla didn't count for
j tnucli Thov had several vounc pitchers who
I workcil ns hard aeulnt us n If It had been in
! juh As tvo were not hlttliiK up to our proper
staudard. wo were beaten. Tho Baltimore!.
, however, will make It rathor warm for tho ."sow
, 1'orks In the eluht hlrnlclit cames'hey are
, nchcduled to play at tho start unless the Har
lem men have llusle. Mekln and Sovmour in
line. I wouldn t be at all surprised If Mc
: ((raw's team hinds ureltv vvoll up In the rai e
i There is the bust of feellnc nmonc the llrook-
i hn plaveri and a universal desire trsatlsfy
J the demands of the tmbllo for wlnnini; ball "
II I Nearlv.nll of the plavers vUlted Washington
i ' I'ark etorday afternoon and critically In
! n-octcd the new diamond and bleaehorie
I'ltclier Kennedy snld that the Improvement
i In the plavinu surfauu would make It the Lent
uround In tho I.eauue. He Incidentally do-
! pounced the new balk rule and said that If It
I were Dot niodllled Immediately the same would
tie torlouslv injured Cati her Smith, familiarly
known as tho liroadway Fashion Plate," was
I laud in his praise or llnnlon'x methodr
I 1 ? "He is thelhest mnnaeerXin the business,"
i said Hmlth "h. 1 ve learned more about
I baseball In tho last two weeke than I 6ver
' knew before I did not believe it was possible
I to set m many scieutlllo pointers out of the
I same Hanlou knows tils business, nnd the
plavers all nnnrerlite this fact without iiues-
I tionliiB hl vlons "
i Hilly Koeler was formally notified of the
i banquet to bo tendered to him by rootirs nt
; Ulmer Park on ''.iturdny nliilit The dub's
managers have consented to heeler and all of
the plovers attending the altalr Jennings and
Ilalilen are well Aitislledover tho deals that
have brought thtm to Greater New lork and
I lay i hey will vyork harder than ev or to turn out
i n winner Tom Dalv has taken ,olT oomo
; weight and never looked better He believes
i f the lirooklvns have an excellent chain e for
I ,v ttie pennant. All o' tho platers sav that it
j :; was a wise move to retain Cassldr Instead of
JIncoon. as'.tho former Is a hc.ivler sticker and
. plays with more ginger than Jlngoon Tlrst
Daseman Midann, according to his comrades,
will rival Tonnoy of the llusionx tblsccason
' both In hitting and Melding He has the
nhyslciue and Is remarkablj fast for his weight
President l'.bbets ovorrun with applications
for season tickets nnd reserved heats for Sat
urday's game Many of tho romiests come
from well-known enthusiasts who formerly
patronirod thn Polo Grounds
No effort has vet been made bv F.cedinan
; .to brlrg PItchorb ltuslo. Mcekln. heymnui and
i CJettlg Into tho New York Clubs fold. Con-
i- trary to leport. Mockln lias not signed a con
tract, as.he Is still unxlous to icceive last years
llarv As a result ot thn hIishsc of these
men tho balance of tho New ork ulajerslack
i confidence and uro In annhlnc but a, hanpy
1 !rmo of mind. Thej are not to Ida tie. huw-
ever, nnd thn public will uiidoiilitedlv treat
them with lenlttut HandUMpmd is thes aro
j In the nio-t vital department I team plnv. tho
; New Yorkers will begin the championship nee,
f detennlneil to do the best ibev know how It
i ts common talk that Freeilman Ins deeiaied
j within a few days that he would rather havo
1 1 (laroni. Heaehrlst. Ilramptnii. rolcolotigh.
l Horton and f'nrrick than the four ctpoileni ed
I pitchers uientlomd above. When Manager
j Ij Day took hold of the New York team Micro wts
fl rejoicing in some on irtur. beeiiui-e It was he
B 1 lli.ved.that ho would have absolute, con'ril
:i Put fiom reports th.it emanate, fiom the Polo
. Ground Dav Is pun ni less tn nurclnse new
B , bats without tho (.onsent ot the club's I'resl-
H t The tain wascomlng down o heavily nt
H ' 2. )o "lock vesteid.ii nfteinoon thai Manager
r j Day nolllled the malinger of the Manluttnti
p i College team uot to bring hi men to tho Polo
T1 Grounds live minutes I itei thn sun broke
H t through thn cloud, lu.t It was than too Into to
H ,( i Play thn game f)iv stld that fourteen or 1U-
i ' leen : laers will I o taken along to P.altlmoro
K ; for the opening on Satuidat. Tho men will
j j probably leave this eltv to-morrow afternoon
B 1 - George Davis will plav in the opening game.
V liut either Wilson or Warner mnv eoier first
j base In place of Doylo Tim deal between tho
j ' vuvv York and M. I.uuls clubs for the xchitDso
K of Jo co nnd Dowd Is still In doubt.
B Aluant. piiI 12 Scvmour. nun nt thn
I pitchers of tho Now York Club, refuses to bo
interviewed regarding his not signing for this
H I season. Hn has not rejoined the New mk
) I , Dub this hC.ison because Presidiint Freedman.
' it Is sail), ha failed to glvo $.IIH) to him which
J was promised forstipeiior plajing last jear.
B He also wants $'',400 forthn sedson Itlsun
H derstood ho will not play unless the nuiiiaue-
i ment of the New York Club agrees to his
H j I.ottisviLir. Apiil 12 President Dreyfus.
1 Vlco-Presldcnt Dohler and Secretary Pulllani
havo leturned from Chicago highly pleased nt
H , the result of tho eonforiiice with Hart and
V 1 llrush The Louisville men niiuouiKO that
I they have secured a material change In thn
ehedulo As n result, the Louisville Club In
the future mm bo eipected to bo found voting
nt League meetings wit lit liollrush-Hart-Itom-on
faction, and Presldont Dreyluss will en
deavor to cuib his enthusiastic admiration for
l'roedmau of New York In spite of tho con
cession gained, however, thero will be no en mo
this coming Huniluv.
ltntrbnll Games Yesterdnr.
M f li im nov, 21, con M11U, t.
H i Pbiscftos. April ts.rim Tigers lud their baitirc
I clothes with tliem tlili Ettnnoon. und m.hed VVe.
l k(i j Pali's curves nil mtr lb lut, wluiuug Ihu rtrst iranm
m f" of the nerle with Coliinihl In itu mlk Illllii
kB brsmt showed up In tin form, and letirrd thn vl
ilor six Innings without tho BnubUme ifa hit.
n thn soventh Cpt. hsfir ent his pony rrsman
H batten, Miiirsml clreen into the uameltor thn Hist
I i tune this t& in. Thi'y worked tomther nlcoly and
I , Columbia's liltters rouIU do notbliigazalnkt thuni,
H The acore
H ' i inisccTov inLrusK,
. B. II i" 11 h io, i. r.
H f ,7 Buter, If alio o Coinlns.lC o o o o o
1 irtchlu's.sbs 1 I - t Ivll s. I o 1 a .
, . Kafer. i ...' J H I 1 hladii.c O o 7 I 1
1 Hllleb'nd.p 2 I o 1 i) Tilt 2u n o t l 0
i. llarrinon, rf 2 1 1 1 n rnllfer, ef o t s n I
Chapman. 1 13 n ! 1 n KoUler, lb (1 nil o l
, i Btelnw'r. 112 2 n Koneis.Rb o n n a 3
' Watklns.rf 2 a 1 o o Marcus, rf. o o o o I
Hertford, 2b J 1 1 1 0 Wlwl, i II II O a O
i JJfler v 2 1 o 1 i. - - - -
j tiicrn, c 0 il l n ol Totvli 1 124 14 H
! ToUls 21 IS 27 10 21
Ifinrcton a n ntl o u a ;t
Columbia u o o 1 o o o 0 o I
. Hume iiiii llillebiand. Ihree-bun hits Hutch
tUL, Jlllli-braiid, bvdtord 'iMuhaae hits Buter,
, Hater. Chapiimn. hairlrlca blti filter, llarriioii(
m , ' Mtineml r, 'till Koiihlc ply-IIarilioiiandlldl
H ii brasil l.tdt nil baaes- Princeton, M I nlunilita. J,
H . l-'utbaenncriora Print i ton.u, ' lunibia .' stri)(ic
Mri nut-Hr llillebiand, m, bj Mfior, 2, bj cel. 7
B 1 (ret baH on halls Uit llillebiaiKl, 1 nrl fKl,
H y 1 Hit b) pitLher -Miter, hebler Mulen hates
M H itrriti, Wullli s 'I , lllHrbraml '2, llarrliuu 2i,
H i Melen.' hafi r. Iliitililugs, hehli 1, Passed balls
B Hudl', 2, I'uiplre llarklns, U line- J houra nnd
Hft 1 "' uilnutos.
Bjf if lunvARP, 20, doston t sivinmrv, 3,
B CAMPMixit, April 12. HarTsnl's aeeond game of
m .1 the season was played aaalnitUojton University this
K 1 iieruoon tu rain wntcu Tailed from a downpour
tnadriule. Thn Boston men were outclassed it
very point. Tbe acorai
r. 11. ro. . r., r, 11. ro. a. r
IVrnahlln, If. 1 0 1 n o Goodwill, e o 0 ft 3 O
Fin ke, as .2 1 1 .1 1 parllett, IbO I 11 1 U
Held, e .1 1 11 1 0 Hmlth, 2b 1 O 2 A 1
Haiight'n,2bt a a 2 iiIlohinsnn.pl 11 11 u 1
I Ooodrlcb.lb.t 2 7 11 a Knnwles, o i) o I 1
Iiibblen.er a 4 O I) Olsllm.ss 112 10
Putnam, if 2 2 o o o Ituddock, rf O o o o 1
Clarke, .lb 2 3 o J o baker, If 11 u O 0 2
Morse, p oooll O Ccnnell.cfo loon
HImj looo o llaiues, 8b 01003
Jlcbonald.p OOOlo -
- Totala ,t A 18 It
Totals 20 IS 21 to A
Harvard .. n 4 2 a 0 ft 20
Jioton t'nlverrlty o 1 o 1 o I o 3
To basa hits O Coune.ll, Putnam. Three ban
hit naughtnn Rtnlen hasa I nughltn. Held (2),
HaiiKlitiin, Flnrke, I'litiiam. tubhlee. First bass 011
hall- (IITAInrse, 1, off i.ib(nson, a, off Knowles. t.
Hrst hasnem errors Harvard, 11. boston t'nlTersitr,
2. Mrui kmit-lly Miiree.n. bj Htz, 2. b) McDonald,
2, b) Itollnson, A Passed ball-Onodwin Wild
pitches Morse, 1: Hlz, li Knonles, 1. lilt In
Pllcheil ball (loodrieli, Held Tliue-1 hour and 4B
minutes, t mplre Murray.
Tali, P. w FSI KTA'S, 3
Nrw lUvrK, April 12 The score of the Yl Was
leysn garan to day n as fnllona
R. 11 ro.A r n. 11. ro. a x
DeSal's, lbt 8 o I Anders'n.aa 1 1 .1 4 1
uulmbr. 2b 1 o 2 1 nMcN'gn,2b.l 2 13 1
waddell. If. 11 o 2 1 o Ray'ond, lb n 11 12 n n
Wallsie. rt 2 2 11 0 1 Towns nd.po 1020
'amp, si 1 1 11 11 2 Terrell. .Hi 11 1 a 3 11
Clark, cf . 1 11 1 (i 11 Inglls, r .0 11 4 o 1
llronauii.ab I 2 I I 1 Tlrrell, If o o 3 o 1
Hlr-oli, c o 1 It o n Hondo. 1 f 0 11 11 o 1
IluliertKoii.p I i) 0 11 o Tlio'paon rf 1 1 1 n 11
(larvln.p , 11 11 11 1 o -
- Tnlala. 3 a 27 12 A
'lotals ,11 rt 27 in r,
Yal 11 o o t a o o 3 3 m
VVeejan 11 o 1 11 n o 11 1 1 t
Two bae hits Thompson, Wallace Camp. Rtolen
bases lie Saullei. Camp. lark, Anderson fltruck
out Dy Itobertsnn, r, by Oarvln, 4, bj Townaend,
8 Flrsthasnon balls OITIIarvlii. 3, otTTownsend,
2 I'mplre Ornber.
AT rniLADXLrillA,
Philadelphia. ,.01004220 -11 10 1
Montreal .01202000 0-rt 11 1
Batteries Frailer and PoiikUs Ponohue and Mo-
Farland, ielll and Jocklltz, and Anes and Moran. j
at roRmiAM.
n r. m.
Fordham 4 0H3 H 0 1 0 o 1BJ14 8
Yale Law School lonoinooi 33 11
llatteriea Cuddy and tlolan; Hill and Cunha.
at cndiLOTltsvil.Lr.
R. H. E.
BoatoB . .. O1S01216 1ft 14 2
Virginia . 000 000001- in ft
natteries-Nlchols. Willis, Mobedanz and Clarke,
Carter, Nalll, rinkerton ami Martin.
at evston.
R X.
lafayettn ... R0023001 1111 J
Uralntia ... 020010000 t74
llatteriea Orovea and Catterall, w 1111a and Gaueh.
a. h. r.
Byracme. 10 10 2 110 00 ft 0
Pennsjlianla. 21008100 .,7 a H
Batterles-Costello and Pillon, Ijiyton and Shsrrill.
a. n 1.
Georgetown 003000000 o a 0 1
Washington 000101 100 0 a 0 11
Ititterles Bach and Cranston, Punkle, Mercer and
R. n. r.
Newarki . 00801808 0-10 18 1
Baltimore O'ntsO 0O0031OO 3 Hft
Batteries Johnstone, Cogswell and Rothfun;
Dm all and Green,
Hasebnlt Gnraea To-Day,
New Tork vs. Fordham College, at tha Polo
Philadelphia vs. Villa Nora College, at Philadel
phia Dickinson College vs Srracnso University, at Car
lisle l'aterson vs Star Athletic, atPateraon,
Ilnsebnll Notes.
Worcester. April 12 The Holy Cron-Trlnity
game was postponed to ilay on account of rain.
TnoviDEscE, April 12. The Brown Tufts game
this afternoon was called at tha end ot the third
inning on account of rain. Tha acore Brown, 2,
Tufts. 0.
1 Boston, April 1 2. At the meeting of the New Eng
land Baeeball League to day It was voted to admit
litihhurg to thn elghtclub circuit In place of
Thp well known Montauks, owing to cancellation,
have April la open and would like to fill aame, on
MnnUuk grounds or with out of town teams offering
reasonable guarantee. Address A. Thompson, cars
Murphy A Mel. Mr, 15 Wall street.
I Haitimore, April 12 Tho Baltlmorea returned
yesterday from the training grounds In the Houth
1 and to day played their first game at home with tho
1 University of Maryland. The won an easy victory.
The seme was IN to o. Xopsand Kltaon and Bobin
aon and II) an constituted the Baltimore batteries.
Promising Performances nt nrvrd'a
Class Gnmes.
CvMnaiDoy. April 12 The annual eprlns
track games between the Harvard clases were
run off on Holmes's I leld this afternoon. The
sophomore class won, with IltJ'i points, the
juniors were second, with 21 ', while the fresh
men and seniors brought up the rear with ID
and 13i respectively. Haln fell during the
entire afternoon, making the track soft and
alow. A 51 llutler and J. II Convorse. both
Iieshmi n. did exceedingly well. Summary:
120 Yard Hurdles First heat won bj J.W, Hallo
well ll'Ol A W Itlstine, 1U01. second. Time, 1H4 1
secon I-. 8'COIld heat won bj 8 P Goddard, 1U00.
I' VV. Shirk. 1UU2, second. Time, 17 sec mda liual
heat sun by Uallowcll, Goddard second, Blatlne
third lime, in 4 r, saeonds.
Quarter Mile Bun-Won by T. K. Burke, 1801, W.
1) Clark 1X01. Miond, A. I,. Dean, 1U00, third,
'lime, rj 1-Dseionds
luo-Yanl Dash K r heat won by A M. Butler.
Itmj D. 1) lUrris, moo. second Timu. 10 3 ft
si muds. Seioud hi at ou by I. T Ruche, J H.
' Holme luoo st.i mid Time. 10 4-ft seconds. Third
I In it wi n by h 1 Sanderson. XHOO K. T Baker.
Iimj.se mid Time, 1 1 seionds Fourth heat won
K 11 llrath, lBOi I C llvylej , mot, second. Time,
104 ' eiconds. U ut forsecond men won b liar
its lime. 11 fii mills 1-inal heat won by Butler,
llrnlh si ii.nd. San b rson third. Time lOVssiconds
rHjYard ituu-Wnu b) S II Bush. II1O1, CD.
Draper, ipim. seeund. A H Buhl, 'BM, third. Ilmt,
2 intnutcs 11 3 . sii on li
Olio Mih Him-Win bj II. B. Clark, 1H0I. II 11.
Hniitli, liHio aeriiiul, li. W Richardson, 'uti, third.
TiUH . ft mil utes 1 3 r e"onda
.'20anl lluidle tint heat won by W. G. Morse,
' tu 1 Warnn llino second rime. 29 seconds.
Sviond heat wiui li) S P. Goddard, luoo, J, II Con
vtrsi, 11102, sicond Time, 37 3-5 aeconds. 1 inal
heat won bj More, Convarss aecond, Warren third.
Time, Jit'l-ft seconds
220-Yaril Bun First heat won by W.G.Clark.
ll'Ol: J, A. L. Blake, ll'O.'. aecond Time, 24 2
seionds s, ootid heat won by A M Butler, 1U02 J. C
Bavlej , ItiOl, sh'oikI. 1 line, 24 3 ft acronda Final
hea-won b 1 ntlnr, Clark second, Baley third.
Time. 2t 3 ftseiniids
Putting in Pound Shot-Won by P. O Fills 1001,
with .111 feit 2 Inches W. A Boal, 1000. second,
with tu fict ft Inches, R C. Heath, 11)00, third, with
3d feet am inches
Running High Jump Tie for drat place at 5 feet
7 imhes lictweiii A. N. Rice, 1DO0 H G. Fills, 11)01.
C N Until, 11(01. and W.U. Morse, 'ii. Polnta di
vided. Dunning Bros Uuinp Won oy A. W. Rlatlue, 1P02.
with .'1 feet 7' Inches C. 8 Fxtgell. Iu. seiond,
with 20 feet 10 inches. W. C. Morse, 'n, third, with
20 feit 'l'i inches,
Thn Yi Itinera nt Xnwpnrt,
Cincissti, April IJ, The weather was fine, trark
fast and attrndauca good to day at Newpor. The
card was verv fair and three faiorltes two hot see
1 ml fuvorites and a medium iholto won. A happen
ing in the second race mav be taken as further evi
dence of the unbounded away of rare tracks of
1 hanre or luck. In atarting. Assistant Jake Holt
man s hlaikanako became entaugbd In the tall of
Honejuood, the even inonay favorite The whip
dragged from the two j ear old filly'a tall until the
brad of tha strtti h, frettlug her aud causing her to
bisi the raio unibiiihtidh.ns she recovered ground
ialli 011 getting rid 01 tho whip and would havo
unn In two more Jumps Summar
First Rvce Hve and one half furlongs Dolbn
Wiethnir Ii4iliupce, lim ft won Our Gertie. Kid
iLimlic , 7 to ft, eicond Bertha Nell, lull iMasun),3
to 1. third Time 1 Os't
Si cond Rare Four and one half furlongs Ml-
llede 107 Monne) 4 tn 1. won, J. Lucile, 107
(Brltloii), il to 1, second Honeywood, 112 iMasoni,
ivin, third Timo, ooillt.
Ihiid ltaie-Oue inlle and a sixteenth Moeo, P
Dupeei, J to l.won; Prince eno, BW (Roland), 4 Io
1 second. llauiio II, 100 (Frost), II to 1, third,
'lime. I S1H4
tnurtb Bare One mile The Dragoon, 112 (Shep
herd), 4 toft, won, Flntsn, loiHDupee), 4 to 1, sec
ond olandiee, UJ it. Itons). il to ft, third. Time,
1 444
Fifth Baca Sl furlongs- Violet Parsons, 107
iMasoni, l'l to ft, won Yours Truly, 110 (it. WHsou),
io tn 1 seconl I.ela Murray, lit (Bleping), ft to 1,
third rime, I HH
Mxth llAco-Slx furlnnga Shuttlecock. 107 ijf.
IIIII), ft to 2, won, Mamanlta, 101 iCaitro), 7 to 1,
second, Nellie Prince, V3 (Blspin(, 3 to 1, third.
Time, 1 lft,
Ti allien Iluay nt Inrrla rark.
The Morris Park rccecourss was fairly alive with
thoroughbreds jciterday morning. The amall
amount of lain Just served to lay the dust and waa
welcomed by tho trainers. Jack Joj ner'a string,
headid bj the three v ear olds Autumn, Ktbelbert,
and Ijirkland did en client work. .Matt Allen la push
ing W, H ( lark's horses along at a good clip. Ban
naider, Candleblack and Teannot are in prime con.
IIII011 I tin two 1 car olds are a nice looking lot.
Tin re Is not nun h probability of anv of them atart
ing at Aiiueduct but when tho opening day cornea
at Morns Park Mr. Clirk's big string will be in evi
dence Tom licslc) and Blll Karrlik are getting
ready for migrating to Auuedurt Young McCue, la
the former's stable, will play a strong hand at tha
met ting.
Turf Notes.
I.rxisnrnx, April 12 -George W I eavllt. Boston,
to day bought of P P Parish Mldwai , hy tha
four ear-old black gilding Will Lu) burn, by W 11
ton, dam Criterion by Crittenden, for a long prlct.
He gotareiord of 2 12 aaatwo jear-old, and haa
not raced slme He will tie left In Kentucky, The
two year-old bay toltbyO, W.Johnson, dam Sophia
Hani), worked), half mile over the old Kentucky
Association track to da-, with 110 pnunda up In 50
seconds, the fastest work done here this laisun. He
li well entered.
1 1
Douglas, Tyng and nariiman Lead thn
Qualifying Itound-Conalitant riay by
Travis, Ilolllni, Jr., mid It. Tlrooka
Taller nnd llobblrts In Poor Luck,
Two homebred golfers tied with Douglas, tha
young Scotchman who hold tho amateur
championship of America. In the iiunllfylng
round of the Metropolitan Oolt Association
yesterday ut Garden City. They were Harrl
rnnn and Tyng. tho trio hoadlng the list with
17.1. This was a good beginning for the play
erf, developed hero, and it holds out possibili
ties of aomo brilliant match play as the tour
nament progresses. The Importance of tlclne
with Douglas, v, hlle a feather In the cap of our
home talent, should not be overestimated, for he
was led In tho similar round of theamatour
championship by six ot our players, vet Doug
las outlasted them all at the match game. Ho
unquestionably played tho most consistent
golf yesterday. Tho players had all degrees
of April weather to faco. Thunderclap and
a snow flurry followed Secretary Du Fals's
signal to tho first pair to start, then camo a
southeast gale and a drenching rain. succeeded
lato In the day by sunshine. The course was
In Ideal Bhapo for a spring links, the last
chances In the tecs giving a llayng length of
0.700 yard. A following wind' helped the
atarting drives, and nearly all thn players car
ried the 130-yard bunker easily from the new
tee, the conspicuous failures being Roynal and
O.W. O'Connor, the first trailing down toward
the road and rebounding; Into rough grass by
hitting a troo on his second. This led oft an
unfortunato round, for Heynal took 103, a total
he cut ton strokes In tho afternoon.
Holllns. Jr. ramie a fi on the TOG-yard hole,
getting on tho green In 3, while Havemoyer
did the same, but by holing In from off the
green. Douglas had this holo each round in 0
Tho socond hole, an Iron pitch of 105 yards,
with thn sand pit as the hazard, was made In
U by Tappin. Jennings and Tratt. while Tyng
made tho homo hole, 143 yards. In "J on
each round. The two holes Were made
In 3 by twenty or more. Holes In 3
hat reauired full shots from the tee
were tho first, by Douglas, after a 210-yard
drive: tho twolfth. of 284 lards, by Colby,
Unow nnd Douglas; the third. 282 yards, by
Colby and Brooks: tho sixth nnd seventh, 270
and 2iU yards, by Brooks and tho latter by
Douglas, and tho fifth. 244 yards, by Gunther,
Murdock. Jr . and Harrlman, while Holllns had
tho sixth each round in that figure, a stroke
better than par. Cochrane made the home
holo In 2 in tho afternoon and missed a two
foot put for the same result jn tho morning
Tyng led the field with an 8.1 In tho morning.
by nearly faultless golf. In the afternoon, after
driving a practtco ball well over the bunkor.
his (second try that counted was topped Into the
hazard and the hole cost him a 7 Playing tho
long hole ho needed three to pass the road,
fretting bad lies on two brassey shots The
10I0 cost him 8 but otherwise Ting's game
was very steady, and he ended the round
with 88 Harrlman had Douglas for a partner,
tho two tlelng with 8J In the morning and
84 in the afternoon. Harrlman led Douglas
In the morning by four strokes until the
eighteenth tee. This home hole is an invari
able 3 or 4 for him. but ho topped into the sand
pit, and, taking 7 to hole out, could only finish
all square with tho amateur champion. "How
did it happen?" satd Harrlman afterward,
re-echoing the question. "Why. that littlo
black caddie ran up to me on tho tee to show
mo all the money he had earned. The boy's
quaint talk. In rejoicing over hia luck, made
me laugh, nnd I came down on the ball as
though I was trying to chop It Into halves " It
was an object lesson on the Importance ot keep
ing mind and eye on the ball.
beginning the second round Harriman over
played his second shot into the road back of
thogreeu. The hole, cost him 7. and marred
an otherwise fine card. Douglas overplayed
the second green Into the bunker in the morn
ing, but got the hole In 4. In tho afternoon
he just missed clearing the sand pit on this hole
The second shot, hit hard with the objoet of
gottingout regardless ol anything else, carried
over the bunker back of the green, bulDouglas
recovered by a brilliant mashle approach and
again secured tho holo In 4. Holllns made a
4 against even worse odds on the home hole
In the afternoon He went Into the sand pit on
the tee shot, taking two mom to get out. and
thenenvluga bad hole by running down a
thirty-foot put Taller found the sixteenth
and seventeenth holes his hoodoo, wild driving
in the morning, followed by poor success In re
gaining the fair green w Ith the mashlo. costing
him his chance of a leading acore Ilrooks was )
unsteady in the morning, but In tho afternoon I
he made a magnificently played 8J. his worst
holo being a U. Holllns s Yon tho second In
the afternoon was due to n failure, to carry tho
sand pit. and on the eighth he tost a stroke by
getting Into the road on his socond
Travis waa oven steadier than Douglas, for
he mude no bad mistakes which necessitated
a surpassingly good recovery. Tho hand that
waa struck by n golf hall on Sunday at Oak
laud was a little stiff on the starting holo
of each round, affecting tho mashle shots
so that the hole cost him a 0 euuh time.
Hut. once warmed up. the hand was not
a hindrance, and Travis played up to his
gamo thoroughly. Ho had mit three 7s. each
caused by losing a Btroko on a par 5 hole bv
Setting a cutpy lie for tho brassey after a good
rlvo liobblns was decidedly off his game
and hhould do better to-day. Colby nnd Win
ston plav odn good avorage game Murdock,
Jr , bungled his afternoon round, but tho 88 in
the morning saved hit chanco to qualify. The
Flndlay 8. Douglas, FalrAeld
Out .. 344744 ft rt 441
in . .5 a 4 n it it 11 s 4-48 as
llllt . ( I l t I r, 4 I B-41
In . ft ft ft 0 4 a 4 ft 8 48 84 ITS
Jamea A. Tj ug, Morris County
Out 444ft ft 44R 440
In n ft 4 7 4 ft n (I 2 4ft S6
out .7 a 4 ft r. ft 4 n 443
In 6 ft 4 ft 15 5 2 4ft 88178
H M. Harrlman. Meadowbrook
Out 4 8 I. ft 4 6 4 (1 B-41
In . 6 ft 4 7 ft 4 a O 748 89
Out . .1) 4 4 ft a s a ft 4-30
In ftC47oS&ft 846 84-173
Walter J. Travis, Oakland
Out , . ft 4 4 ft 4 ft ft ft 4-41
In ft ft 4 7 4 rt ft 7 3-46 87
out ft a 4 r, 4 4 s a n-4t
III . . ft 5 6 4 ft 0 7 447 88-175
Reginald Brooks, Meadowbrook
Out . 4 4 II 7 ft 4 ft 44
III . n it il II 4 II 7 C 8-4B 08
Out .. ft () II 4 .1 fl ft 41
In. . . ft l! 4 0 4 ft t fl 344 85-178
Harry Holllns, Jr., Westbrook
Out 4b4ilft(14H ft-42
In. .. 5 4 4 fl 4 II 7 ft 8-44- 88
(lilt. ... 4 7 ft ft 6 A ft 7 6 4H
In .. . II 4 ft ft 6 il 6 4-48 83178
Howard A. Colby, Essex County
Out 4 4 u ft 4 ft 4 rt ft 40
In , ft ft 47ft8U7 461 SI
Out 4 4 4 rt ft f. U 4 ft 1 1
III rt rt 8 7 4 0 il II 448 01183
A. De Witt Cochrane. 8t. Andrew's
Out . . ft 4 4 7 l rt ft ft ft 47
In. ft rt ft 7 4 ft 7 11 3-48 85
Out ft 3 ft il ft 4 ft 1) 448
In . .11 0 4 7 ft 8 6 0 248 89184
O. Owan Winston. Westchester Oolf
Out .. 11 4 ft rt ft ft (l 7 4-47
In ..II ft 4 7 4 6 7 U 8 4tJ 88-184
Out. ft .1 ft rt 4 4 rt ft 6-44
In .. (I 5 4 7 ft ft 6 fl 4-47 Wl 184
A. M. liobblns, Bt Andrew'a
Ollt . ..4 ft ft II ft ft 6 ft n 4A
In ..ft rt 4 II II ft ft 7 4 4S 1)4
Out . . 4 1 ft rt fl 5 ft II ft-46
In ft 5 4 7 6 A t) 0 0-4U 01185
Marc Michael, Nutley
Out . 4 n ft 7 4 rt ft 0 U-48
In . 7 II II 7 4 rt 6 ft 848 85
Out . ' ft ft (1 ft 4 4 0 444
In 4 II 4 U 4 7 7 ft 4-47 81-188
T. A. Havemeyer, Meadowbrook
Out . ft 7 7 ft ft 6 ft 647
In rt ft II S it ft 4 A 448 86
Out .611) ft ft ft ft 6 U-45
In ,t 7 4 ft ft ft II II 4-4(1 81188
Daniel Cbauncey, Dykar Meadow
Out . . S64rt4UftH B-49
In .& ft ft 7 4 ft rt II 447 88
Out 4 3 ft II 4 ft 4 rt -4J
In 5l&47&) n-47 80188
I'. A. Murdock. Jr , Khinnocock Hills
Out . ft 4 4 ft H .4 ft 9 641
In ft 4 6 H fl ft 7 fl 8 47 88
Out 4447ftft4H 6411
In 5 0 (I II 6 7 6 11 8-64100188
II L Pratt, liaseau County
Out 4 .1 rt rt 4 II 4 6 648
In, , ft rt ft 7 6 ft 7 6 ft 60 PS
Out 426H464rt 641
In . 6 4 8 7 H fl fl 86 87180
VV. L Hicks, Saniau County
Out 48776647 fl-4fl
In ft rt 4 10 4 ft rt 7 660- 88
Out .... ft44Aft(168 648
In .. ft ft 4 11 & fl rt 447 85181
James B. Taller, Anlalei
Out a II ft 4 4 4 8 6-41
In . .ft ft 6 11 fl fl 10 u 468 87
Out K4ft7444fl 448
In .6 & ft fl fl fl 8 8 4-ftl 84-181
W. L. Gunther, Weitbrook
Out ft4ft7.1rtrt7 648
111 . 7 ft ft 7 ft 7 II 4-62-100
Out 48586 ft 66 6-43
In . 0647 6 857 4-48 82-103
Charlea II. Heely, Wee Burn
Out .. 414 11 0448 441
In. 11 7 ft 7 fl 6 rt u 0 6fl 07
out &44 11 nna 041
In. il ft II 7 8 f, ft 7 4-61 07-184
J. A. UcCord, Richmond Hill
Oat 5ftft7ftrtftS 6-61
In. ... pft4874A 4-61103
Out .56664646 643
In 7 0 4 7 6 8 6 7 8-60 01-106
( '
-- .l . I ...I U jl. , :.
K. Lesvltt, ralrfleld-
Out 7 6 6 7 4 fl fl 6 8-63
In . K4676A.A7 448101
Out H4A664 6 6 444
In 1 1 S I US II 8-l 06109
B II. Robertson, Hhlnnecock Hllli
Out , it 4 ft 11 11 ft 4 11 4-48
In 6 fl ft rt ft ft fl fl 4-48 04
Out 4 3 n ft It n ft fl 648
In 8868 6 877 4-68-104-108
N. C. Reynal, Knollwood
Out H47R4(1ft(l fl-62
In ., ft fl rt H 6 ft fl 7 6-54108
Out ft 4464469 4-43
In 47476&&H 0-51- 88-100
A, G, Jennings, Djker Meadow
Out 4 2 rt 7 ft ft fl fl 6-48
In it 7 4 7 ft ft 7 fl 4-61 07
Out II 4 A fl ft 7 6 fl 660
In ,. II 7 ft 7 4 II ft I) 463-108200
Charles L. Tappln, Weatbrook
Out. 4 8 6 It ft ft 7 fl 6-48
In 5 II 4 7 (I ft 7 fl 840 07
Out ... fl 6 M 7 U ft 4 ft 0-63
In. . 5 7 4 H ft 7 4 A 6-62 104-301
0. W. O'Conner, Richmond Hill
Out 84 11747117 451
In . rt 6 ft 7 II 7 7 8 4 65 108
Out 4 ft 4 H ft ft R 8 647
In. , . 5 6 4 II ft ft fl 8 448 06-301
F. O. Beach, Meadowbrook
Out ft ft 6 II ft ft 4 R 648
In . rt ft 4 rt rt 11 7 n 840 07
Out. 3 4 II 7 6 4 rt 7 8 48
In ..7D4H7R7H 8-68108208
Aleiander Mortent W estcheiter Country
Out 4 fl 4 II 6 ft 7 II 4-47
In 7 A ft H ft 7 7 6 4-64101
Out 648746 ft 7 8-48
In .. 77ftrtrtflH7 fl-ftO-104 305
Barauel Frothlngham, Rockaway Hunting
Out . ,7 a ft rt rt 6 rt 7 fl ftl
In rt ft 4 7 ft 1) r. 448 80
Out II 4 ft li 4 8 ft ft B 52
In rt H fl K ft II 7 6 4-60-111-210
George Palen Snow, Tuxedo
Out 5 ft ft fl 6 rt 7 8 754
In HK7H7H87 801118
Out 444U4A4R 648
In 77S10 777rt 5-5H-107 323
James Brown, 8t. Andrew's
Out .. ft ft 4 8 fl ft 8 8 fl 60
In . rt fl 8 fl 7 8 7 B-flO 110
H. Mortimer Brooks, Meadowbrook
Out ..44705668 740
In ...66 ft 86788 862101
The draw for the first match play round,
which starts at 10 o clock to-day. follows:
Winner of tie and Douglas, Cbauncey and Mur
dock, Jr. Colby and Winston, Uavemayer and
Brooks, Tyng and Michael. Holllns and Cochrane,
Pratt and Travis, Harrlman and Bobbins.
Atlantic Cut, April 12. John Held, pro
fessional at the Atlantic City Country Club,
mndo a new record of 70 for eighteen and of
143 for thirty-six holes to-day.
The scores for the first competition for the
W. J. Ilerg Cup at the Nutley Golf Club, whleh
closed yesterday, follow:
Groir. imp. Kit,
Harry Goddard inn 15 88
W. il. Boardman 107 1ft 02
H.O Pulvci no 18 ni
M. M. Mlehael HI) 3 tm
Walton Didd HI 1ft UT
T. w. Pattertwate 114 15 Ol)
H.lI.Dorr 112 10 102
Francis Boardman 118 1ft lot
J. W.Halicy 127 16 112
The playor with the greatest aggregate of
winning points In the competitions prior to
May 1 will win the prize.
Itoysterer Captures the Federal Stakes In
Drlvn nt llennlngs.
Washington. April 12. Although scratches
reduced the fields considerably, thero were
enough horses left to furnish an excel
lent day's racing at Uennlnes this afternoon.
The Federal Stakes, for threc-ionr-olds. only
had three starters, yet It was a well-contested
race and Itoysterer had to be driven out to win
by half a length from tho favorite. Althea.
Favorites fared badly, aa only Prestidigitator
and Deceptive wore winners. Eugene Leigh
Is expected here to-morrow from Kentucky
with the two-year-old Nutshell, owned by Clay
A Woodford, who will utort In tho second
Washington Nursery Stakes on Saturday. A.
H. & D. H Morris to-day sold to O W Grey
don the three-year-olds Duke of Mfddleburg
and 1,ertlgo. It Is not exactly known what
was paid for them, but it is said that $5,000
comes near the figure. Duke of Mlddloburg Is
one of the most promising candidates for the
Washington Hnndleap. to be run hero on Sat
urday, and showed up well In his race a few
days ago. Vertigo is said to be the better of
the two. Summary:
First RaceFive furlonga: Avoca, 07 (Mitchell!. 7
to 1 and 8 toft. won. Tyrlan, 114 (Odom), out for
place, second. Bed Oldd. 10D (S aton). third Time,
1.02 2 5. Fstertlde. anetto. Tyran, and F.stuary
alao ran.
Second Race filx furlonga. Deceptive. 101
(O'Leary), 18 tn 10 and 2 to 6, won, Kuxton. 100
(Mitchell), 8 to & for place, second, Proaalc, 100 (J.
Black), third. Time, 1UK2 5. Sir Tenny. Chars
bella, Genaro, Broadway Belle, Plato, James Tod,
and Khodemla also ran.
Thlid Bare Federal Makes: selllnr; for three
vearolds. six and a half furlonga Royaterer. Ill
(Scherrer). 2 to 1 and 2 to ft won. Mthea. Ort (Mitch
ell), out for place, aecond, Boney Boy, 108 (beaton),
third. Time, I 22.
lourth Rai e Maiden two year-olds; half a mile
Prestidigitator. 107 lOdom), 2 to ft and nut, won,
Monometallic 107 (J, Hlai-k) 3 to 1 fur place, sec
ond. Nabockllsh. 107 'Mitchell), third Time. 0 fto 2 ft.
Dorcaa Lathropalso ran.
1 1Mb Race One mi o and a sixteenth Imp, 12rt
(McOlane), 8 to ft and .'I to 5. won. Alice) Farley, llfl
(fleherrer). 4 to ft for pla"e, second. Douhle Dummy,
101) M.tchell) third. Time, 1 50. Jndge Mages
and Decanter alao ran.
Tho programme for to-morrow follows:
First Race Handicap, five, furlongs:
Sanders . . . .120 Preittdlgitatriea 112
osey .. . 121 Takanassee. . .. 10m
Vertigo 117 Indue, Wardell .... 10
Dr larker .. .. llftllnkler 10D
Hen Viking . 113 Red (lidd 104
Tabouret ... 113 Billall 102
Boney Boj . lla
Billall and Tinkler coupled Daly entry; Vertigo
and Preitldtgltatrtco coupled, Morrla entry, Ben
lklng and Sanders coupled, Alexandra entry.
Second Race Two year olds, four and a half fur
longs, selling;
Vrelingbuyian .. 104 Paeler SO
HiM-ciao 102EHeen Daly 83
Merrily 0l
Peeler and Eileen Daly, apprentice allowance;
Merrily and Specific coupled, Walden entry.
Thirl Race One mile and three quarter, hurdle
Trayant IftltJulius Capsar. 142
The Ixist Chord . , . I4,iixnard 140
Horse Play. 14ft List Fellow . . . 140
Fourth Race Maidens; six and a naif furlongs.
Rhodjmenia Kin Marylander ion
Hoi 1011 Caprlcrloso 101
Fifth Race One mile and forty yards; aolllngi
I-ady Dladain UllNearest on
Premier 110 Ella Daly OA
VVeller . lOftCllmacu 114
lilament 10lLeando B7
Plantain UHi
Filament, Ilantaln, Ntareit, Xlla Daly, apprentice
Sloan Lands Two More xritiners,
fpcnaZ Cabli DeipatcK to Tue Buy.
London, April 12. Sloan rode two winners at
tho Newmarket Craven meeting to-day. The
first event waa the Wood Dltton Stakes of ton
sovereigns each, with 200 nnverelgns added,
for throe year olds, tho second to rocelva fifty
sovereigns out of tho stakes; one mile. Tho
rnce waa won by Lord William Beresford'a
Slbola, with liOrd Farquhar'a Hadrian aecond,
nnd J. A. Mlllor'a Bridge third. Eleven horsea
ran. Tho betting was 11 to 10 against Slbola,
10 to 1 against Hadrian and 100 tol against
Bridge ,
Thn second race was tho two-year-old plate
of 200 sovereigns, five fur'ongs. which was
won by Sir R. W. Griffith's Styrla. Mr. Falrle'a
Chlllagoe was second and Douglas Balrd'a
Mambrino third. Eight horses ran. The bet
ting was 0 to 4 on Styrla, 8 to 1 against Chll
lagoe and 20 to 1 against Mambrino.
Ttrsulta at Memphis.
Mfmmhs. April 12. On account of several bad
atarts Matthew Byrnes resigned as starter and waa
auiceeded by William Bruen, who abandoned the
recall flag to day. lla got off his Uelds In splendid
shape. Hobartwon the event of the day, the 1 in
nessee Club purse, with the greatest eaae. defeating
the Tennessee Derby candidates Fauaturo. The Ken
tucklan and Kentuuky Colonel. Hotartls himself a
Derby candidate, and, as ho won Ida race by aeveral
lengths, the Wauwekus Miss lates colt la regarded
as one of tho contenders In tbe big event Tbe best
odds of the da) on a wlnuer were on McCafferty'a
Sailor King, which was backed from 10 to 7 to 1 and
won handily tha mile and seventy-) arda evant.
Track fast. Summary
llrst Race-Four furlongs Kentuck). 118 (Ever
ett). 3 to l.won. Armor, 105 (Crowhurst), 4 to 1,
aecond, Bonnlvard, 108 IN. Turner), a to 1, third.
Time, O 604.
Second Race Six furlonga. selling The Direr,
102 (1. Burna), 2 to 1, won, Free Hand, 87 (Kltley),
ft to 1, second; Borden, 118 (Holden), 7 to 1, third,
Time. 1 um.
Third Race One mile and seventy yards Bailor
King, 111 (Conlay), 7 to 1. won. Crocket, pa (T.
Burns), 4 to ft, second, Midstream, lot (Evarett),
BJ,to 1. third. Time, 1 48.
Fourth Baco Six furlongs, Tennease Club Purse -nobsrt,
102 (Holden), fl to 6. won, Tbe Kentucklan,
107 (F.verett), av to l.seoond, Be True, 103 (Akari,
1ft to I, third. Time, 1 16.
Fifth Race One mil, hurdle; aelllng Udab, 181
(Rlgby), 8 to 6, won, Florida Hose, 186 (Stewart), d
to , aecond, Bellamy, 148 (Doane), 8 tu 1, third.
Time. 1.614.
Sixth Race Six furlonga, selling Meddler. 118
(Van Dusen), A to 1, worn MrAlbert, 107 (Ralph), 30
to 1, second, Cxarowltr, HKlWooiteri, 00 to 1, third.
Time, 1 1AM.
Uobart broke the traek record for six furlongs,
1 15)4. made in 1KA by Traveller hla time to day
bring 1 16, and he had aperd left, even at that.
On Sundays, Tuesdays, nnd Fridays
Tax 8 cn aa a valuable real estate medium la empha
lied by the oreience In Ita columns of tha New York
City Ileal Estate Board of Broker' advertising.
These art their official days, Aiv,
'.-''- " ' .- -a c-jn 1 1 1 . .... ...
Tllg runes Ottered for Coming Events nt
Ambrose I'nrk nnd Mnnhattnn lleneh
Tett Case of Interest Drought t'p by
XV. It. I'ltman-Tlio Cycle Trust- Notel.
The first race maot ot tho season will bo at
Ambrose l'ark on May 20. This will be under
N C. A. rules, and It Is announced that Man
ager Nate Halsbury will offer cosh prizes ag
gregating $1,000 toattractZthe speed mer
chants to the "outlaw ' meet In addition n
star event, to bo known as the Wild West Han
dicap, torn purao of ST75 Is being arranged,
the winner to tnko $200. the second man $100.
tho third $."() and the fourth $25. Theie will
aU-o be a half-mllo dash and a two-mile handi
cap for multicycles. Tor thonmateura there
will be n qunrter-mllo novlee, n half-tulle han
dicap nnd a one-mile open. Entry blanks oan
be obtained from Alfred Hooves, Secretary,
lf0 Nassau street. Nov York. At Mnnhattnn
Boach on June 17 thero will bo races by the
Atlantic Athletic Association nt which $.r00
will be offered as first prbe for a two-mllo han
dicap. A spUndld example ot robust health at mid
dle age which ho been cultivated and con
served chiefly by hlevclo riding was offered
yosterday whon tho vetorau Will II, I'ltmin,
best known ns "Happy Dn)s," rodo down to
Conoy Island on hU wheel nnd took n plunge
In tno surf on his fiftieth blrthdnj. Tltmon Is
an ardent swimmer nnd it has been his rule
for yours to take his first dip on his birthday,
"just to see if I am getting old." as he puts It.
Almost every day In summer tlmo it is the
Jiablt o.' "Happy Days" to ride to the ocean and
take a'swlm, and he continues his natatorial
port until lata In the fall, eometlmos until
Thanksgiving Day.
I The veteran yesterday entered! upon tho
oroseoution of a test case the result of which
will determine whether or not a cyclist has tha
right to leave his wheel standing against the
railing on the bridge roadwayjat a'tlme when
he Is obliged to dismount and-pick up some
thing ho has dropped On Monday Pitman
was riding overlthe bridgo when theens of
his lamp waa jolted off. falling between the cor
tracks. Ha got off to pick It uo. standing his
wheel meantime ngnlnst the outer roll. Kev
etal trucks and wagons passed it without strik
ing It. tho drivers considerately pulling out a
little In order to do so Then came along a
man who Instead of looking ahead to see
where he was going twisted hi neck to see
what the wheelman waa doing The result
was a blcyclo badly smashed and a lawsuit
Theowner:M:the wagon declined to Day for
tho damage nnd the case hss.been put In the
hands of:Potter 4 Miner, the I, A. W. counsel
In connection with the accident the victim ot
It gives a piece of good advlco forth benoflt
of riders who may suffer iniury fiom a wagon.
It is for the wheelman If noun! hla tn enll a m.
llccmnu and get tho name and addiess of the
driver and also the license numbtrof the
truck or cart. The driver who did the damago
on thebrldge gaie a fictitious namo nnd ad
dress, but Pitman had fortunately taken bin
Custom Houso license number.
For several days thoro have bn7rumors
running ovor the surface of the cycle trade I o
the eflect that all negotiations for forming a
bicycle trust had boon called off and that there
would be no Z combination of manufactur
ers. Yesterday A. O Hpaldlng. who has
been engineering the formation of the
trust, was questioned concerning the ru
mors. He declined to mako any statement
concerning the exact status of the plans at
present, but said ho could bo quoted em
phatically to the offoct that there was no truth
In the rumors that negotiations had ceased
E. C. Bald is now In New York, attending to
a few business matters before beginning ac
tive training It was his Intention to go to
Louisville and train on the lountaln terry
track, which has been opened again to tne
outlaws" since Kimball was excluded, but
Bald says lie may change his mind and train
nt the Berkeley Oval track. In this city ltul
ways takes Bald some time to becomo "lit."
and ho doos not expect to do any raolng beforo
the second week In June Match races will
o;cupv his time largely, but he will follow the
Orand Circuit of tho N. C A . whleh will start
In July and terminate In heptember It has
been Bald'a ambition for some time to go
abroad, but he d silked the Idea of giving up
being the champion hero. HoMiought. he
would go this spring, however, but ban decided
to wait until fall. Regarding his European
trip and the affairs of the Racing Cyclists'
Union, of which he is President. Bald said .
"It was my Intention to have rn;J.In Eu
rope thls.season.ibut owing to the Incomplete
arrangements for international recognition of
tne N.C. A.. I will defer my visit rather than
pay a flno to the L. A. . Bv next fall, vv hen I
will cross, the N (' A. will have demonstrated
to the I. C. A Its thorough control of the sport
in this eountr). Even il tho L. A. W should
remit alllthc fines lmposcdigjnatuiilon riders,
that would not have the least clToct In Induc
ing them to dosert the X. C. A . for we bellevo
that our Interests and the welfare oHthn sport
will bo most satisfactorily looked after by the
new body Of course, every movement will
disclose a few traitors, but the percentugo of
backsliders in the union has been extremely
Owing to the reduced prices of bleules a
great manv persons now.btiy whels for cash
who would not do so when tho price was $100
or more There is, however, ajlarge amount
ot Installment business ht III being done, and
it ha Its troubles tho same as over, Isuillv
the trouble In connection with Installment
sales Is visited upon the dealer, but It 1h not al
ways so. as id shown by the sad story of a man
who has been riding for several years lie
says tint he nover bought a wheel except for
iash before this yene and never tvlll again, but
thlssnrlnc helwns "haidlup" and bought n good
wheel on the partial payment plan He had It
only two wecl when It was stolen fiom in
front of a store, the thief being unseon nnd
the hope of recovery not worth entertaining. I
His loss did not affect his contract with tho
dealer, though, and he has to pay every month
for tho wheal some one else Is enjovlng. Ho
sass It Is tho worst case of "paying for a dead
horse" that he over experienced.
In tho contracts made with buyers of wheels
on the Installment Plan It is stipulated that in
default ot pa ment the dealer mav seize the
wheel whetever It Is and may. in faot. walk Into
a house and take it provided force as not used, ,
Under one such agreement n Hrooklin rider
recently received a nice opportunity to walk
home from a hotel about twenty miles out on
the Merrick road. Two men. both riding
wheels, took his wheel from the rac'c In front
of tho hotel, which had no cheeking system,
nnd In spite of expostulations rodo away, with
one man leading the lecovered whoef. One
man waa the dealer who had sold the wheel,
and the other was n deputy iherlff, or, at least,
he auod the part of one They had In some
way learned of his intentions for tho rldo nnd
had followed him, waiting for a time whon they
i ould seize the wheel without using force.
The rider admitted that ho had not paid for
tho cycle, but he thought It was a very sharp
practice to take It from blm on tho road when
he did not have enough In his pocket to nny
ruilroad fare, and he had sympathizers nmong
those who witnessed the incident. This Is a
new wrinkle on the part of installment dealers,
and ns It appears to be perfectly legitimate,
riders of installment wheels should take no
tice nnd cither keep paid up or olsenotleav
their wheels alone, even for a minute.
The Manhattan lllcj cle Club has decided to
hold Its double centurv run on Saturday and
Sunday. June 24 nnd 2.", over tho same course
as last sear Tha start will be in ado at the
Dedford nvenuo fountain, BrooUyu. at 7 HO
o'clock Saturdav evening and tho finish will
bo at th same place twenty-four hours later.
There will be no entry feo charged, but the
club reserves the right to reject any entry.
Blank applications can be obtained from Cant
M. A. King. 203 West 1 Ifty-seventh street, New
lork. Tho following runs have also been ar
ranged by the Manhattan ,
April 111, Bergen Point. S3. City Island; 80, Tot
Unvllle, Mar 7, Valley Stream; 14, Garfield, N, J,.
21, Plalnfltld.
A letter from a Hibernian eyolist which ap
peared recently In the t'oifc tin aid Is a fol
lows ""-bile cycling: on tha road near
Healy's llridae. on Monday last, a foxev ter
rier dog stole on me unpercetved and bit me
on the calf of tho leg, from which I am now suf
fering 'J be dog, I understand, belongs to a
magistrate, who resides In tho neighborhood,
nnd Is allowed to wander on the road un
muzzled and yet sits on the bench Injudc
ment of others."
In England the leading professional riders
are maktng testa with motor pacing. Several
trials were recently held on the Crxdal Palace
track which were deemed highly satisfactory
A petroleum tandem was used, behind which
K W Chlnn went two miles In 4 minutes 1 1
seconds 11 Palmer rode flvo nllcs in li min
utes 24 seconds Tho ilders experienced no
difficulty in holding the motor'team. and It Is
expected that this st) lpof pacing will icsult in
the creation ot new records at all distances
this season.
Tho Associated Cjellnc Clubs ot New York
steered sntel) between tho rocks of jealousy
nnd the whirlpool of dissension last night by
voting not to hold any race meet this year.
Thlawas done at a special meeting that was
tense nnd full ot nervous energy from the time
the delegates began to arrlto at the hall,
corner of Fifty-eighth streut and eighth
avenue There was a stir of pro-rnco
meet men and antls who vvero lobby
ing before the meeting, and It was
plain that the Importance of the matter
was appreciated by all. Had the Influential as
sociation of clubs decided to hold a meet It
would have had to do so under either L. A. W.
or N. C. A. rules, nnd thereby glvo Its support
to ono or tho other of the conflicting organiza
tions. Tho local hondlcapper of tho l A. ..
accompanied by James Towen. was early on
tho scene, and It was soon an open secret that a
telegram from President Keenan of tho Ij. A. W ,
had been received offering to back the clubs if
thoy held an I,.A W moet The llaco Com
nil'teo. which had strongly favored an U A. W.
race meet, held a long consultation with thp I
A W official nnd entered the meeting Into
primed with assurances which they wore up.
nble to offer Tho clubs voted down the Idea of a
race meet, not because thoy favored or feared
either the 1 A or N C, A . hut becauso tho
chilis vvero Individually divided In tliolr opin
ions on the racing situation It was a matter of
expediency to keep out of tho broil and prevent
dlesenalon In the association. Although the
llaco Committee and somo of tho other clubs
represented wero In lavorof oneortho other
body seeking raco control, thoy all fell In lino
with the idea of not favoring either one. nnd
the sixteen clubs present voted unanimously
that no race meet should tako placo. Tho dis
cussion which resulted la this voto was
trenchant nnd spirited, with passages showing
Plainly that any other kind ot a voto would
havo made trouble.
The road officers of th Riverside Wheelmen pro
pose to devot special attention to the promoUon of
club racea and mileage competitions this seaann.
At the annual meeting of the Brooklyn Bicycle
Club, held on Tueaday evening, the f dlowlng offi
cers were elected President, William Snedeker,
Mce-Presldeut George H, Gardiner, Secretary, V,
V. Edgerly, Treasurer, Fred Allart; Governors,
James Thomson, Axel Hodman and VV J, McCahlll.
The club will move Into Ha new house In a fair
J. P From the bridge, go up Centre street to Park
street, which ahoota off to tbe right almost opposite
Duanu streets go down I'ark street to the Flvn Polnta
and awing into Mulberry street; follow Mulberry
street tu Houston and then turn left to Broadwa) ,
ride up Broadway fourbloika to West Fourth street
aud down It to the Park and straight serosa under
tha Washington Arch Into Fifth avenue. Thtaroute
is the most direct and It Is all asphalt riding except
the first tbreo blocks on Centre street, a block on
Houston street and tbe four blocka on Broadway,
The I.anlglro Wheelmen have arranged runs aa
follows April 18, Coney Island 21, Bergen Point;
85 lOerman rum. Brewery; May 7, New Dorp (base
ball , 14, century run, Vigilant course, 21, Freeport
(base! alii, 28, Shespshead Ba) ; HO, random run.
The third annual handicap road racea of tbe
Orient Cjcle Club of Newark will take place at
Avoudvle, on the Waih.nglonavt.nuecouree, May 13,
The evente will bA at one. two and five tulles.
Entries close May 0 with C.M.Daley, 71 Warren
street, Newark.
The National Cyclists' Union of England proposes
to aendsovcral amateur aud professional riders to
the International meet to be held In Canada next
The Governing Cycling Assoolatlon In Germany
has adopted new regulations tn govern Its riders
this season. The amateur definition has been al
tered to read: "Au amateur la anybo y who does
not raco for business, but only for pleasure, who en
gages to rd only tor honorary prirea and Is not
bound by any contract or other document to a
manufacturer or bicycle dealer " All amateurs are
to b forced to take out licenses before entering an)
compeUtlon events. It was alao deemed wise to
abolish the practke of offering appearance money
to profeaslonal riders
The Intercollegiate Cycle Association will hold a
rai meet In June, open to all tho college riders.
The annual election of officers of the Hemnstead
Cjcle Club wilt be held next Monday. The follow
ing ticket has been nominated For President. F. B.
Hawkins, Mcc President F P. Hamlet, Correspond
ing Serretarj. Louis F, Ilulrn, llnanclal Secretary,
A. H. Starr. Trniaurer P. R llromPieM. Governors,
B. R. Carman, F 8. Harlow and h. O. I'lke.
As the local season nears Its end tbe struggle for
first honors in the various club tournaments becomes
keener every day. At the Brooklyn Whist Club there
are live pla)irs who are too close toon another to
be pleasant, because every time one of them drops a
trick It givca the others heart disease. Howe and
Walt tied Gastn and Cutler for the top score N aud
S this week with a plus, Baker and Van W) ck being
second, hltng and llhlneiler were high E and W
with il, Uinchman and Hn afford tlelng Barker and
Thurber for second place with 4 This leaves tho
standing of the leaders to dale R. P. Howe and J. II.
Tolar. H2 per cent.: . O. r Witt, 81; F. 8 Parker.
77. John Ditmars. 7. De Witt lends in both tricks
and matches won. but Rowe baa alx top scorea, the
others having three lach.
Thi y had another large attendance at the Knicker
bocker Whist Club on Tuesday night. K T. Baker
and R. F F.wtirtledB C. Fuller and O. Walnwright
for the top score N aud 8, 7 plus Bachman and
Patten, Far and Norrls tied for second place with 3 .
ach. Abernalb) and Davenport wore high E and VV I
with 10 plus, three pairs being lied for second plac .
with 7 tach-J. Bojdaud O It, Kelao. B 0 lloyd
end Hawkins. Hejjur and Fi'chcr This puts B C '
Fuller In Hrst place for matches with 17 wins, Fos
ter. Bounds and Carpenter has 1AV( each. Cramer
1 il. II J 1 a-hmin st.ll leads for tricks with 76 plus!
Foster 81, (.ramer 51), Colo 61 o s Adams leads
for top scores with 7, losterand Man have ft each
is due not only to the originality and H
simplicity of tho combination, but also I
to tho euro and skill with which it is I
manufactured by scientific processes I
known to tho California. Fio Sirup 1
Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon I
all tho importance of purchasing tha 1
true and original remedy. As tha i
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured 11
by tho California Fio jsvrup Co H
only, a knowledge of that fact will I
assist ono in avoiding tho worthless I
imitations manufactured by other par- H
tics. The high standing of the Cali
fobnia Fio Syrup Co. with the medi- I
cal profession, and the satisfaction I
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has I
given to millions of families, makes 1
the namo of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of it3 remedy. It is
far in advanco of nil other laxatives, 3
as it acta on tho kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken- j
iag them, nnd it does not gripo nor ,
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial J
effects, please remember tho name ot .
the Company 1
AN FH.ANCIS.00, Cat.
J? The Waldorf,
Waldorf flHIaLa '
Dress Shoes; J"" Moras
Patent Calf, En- Waldorf Kasy Walking,
amel. Black htjlo for Ihhii,
nd Russia Calf. Black and Russet,
Style for 1Hn. nil kinds Leather.
Fit better aud wear longer than any other.
( 1327 Broadway, nerald Square
STORES J .1 Park Row. opposite Post Offlca.
NEW YORK ) HO Nassau Street
I 2182 Third voniie. N Y
BROOKLYN- 3S7 Fulton St.. opposite City HalL
PHILADELPHIA- 17 South Eighth Street.
SYRACUSE: jouS Sallna St, tor. Washington Streil
TROY 344 River Street.
BPRINOFIELn. MtKS 201 Main Street,
Delivered nnyuliprr In the United Stntes,
prepnlil, for ItS.'S.
liorloman'sJ Qso&t. -Sportsman; (fotto.
fit Stands to Reason
that the average manufacturer would rather put
a leather saddle, costing 50 cents, on his bicycle,
than the Christy Anatomical Saddle, which costs
him S2.00. The Christy Anatomical Saddle
has the endorsement of over 5,000 prominent
physicians who use it themselves and recom
mend it, and, ifjyou insist, no dealer will lose a
sale on account of your preference.
Tbe Christy Saddle bus received
tbe endorsement of 5,000 physicians.
Uptown Stor open Wednesday and Satnrday evenlugs until
A.G.SpaIding&Bros. Spalding-Bidwell Co.
128. 128, 130 Nassau Street. I 19. 81, 03 W. 42d Street
Some makers of wheels seem to excel in certain particular lines. i
tl The STEARNS' TANDEM is so far and away the best in the world 5
that it deserves the special attention of every tandem rider. Every point in
? it seems to be a year ahead of its rivals. There are so many attractive fea- i
hires that space does not permit of even naming them. You must come in 2
and examine or get a catalogue. Popular price, too 875.00. A full
g line of all other Steams' wheels on exhibition.
t HENRY C. SQUIRES & SON, 20 Cortlandt St. J
Eagle Bicycles $27.S0
Last j ear $50 bought these
wheels and no less this year we
captured nearly l.ooo and will
'turn them Into quick cash for
J27.50 for Men's and Jl extra for
Ladles' with brakes. Our reputa
tion for low prices is well estab
lished. This bargain will make us
friends among people who want
'ihty first then price.
4 W. Oas Lamp . tl.BS
tomatir Oas Lamp l us
li Century lla Lamp . 2 In
h Century Oil Limp f 1.69 U l.nti
iter Cyclumeters. .no
el Handle Uars, beat .d5
asau Street, near Maiden Lane.
Conceded to bo the finest wheel In the world, and
would be pleased to hav e you rail and examine, aa
we bare a hill line of parts showing the construc
tion of the wheel from beginning to end.
Models, 4041 S40 Track llacer, IS lbs. 175
Models 43i44 r.n Tandems .. . "oo
Itead lta-er so Triplets tBO
Chain Modi 1 1S, Chalnless, n Jnyeniles. I3S
Iload Models. f.J, K $ir,. Racer. 0 Juvenile 50
v . . 2d hand wheela from 10 np.
2d hand 18HII Chalnless, $40, inns Chalnless, 80.
Call or send for Lataloirue
Ait . m; ic k. tou.hi;m,
llli John St.. X V. 114R Bedford aT,J)roolyn.
1 a hcttfu nicYci.r. cav- i
Send for 'Ml Catalogue. '
313-315 llrnnilu-ay, N. y. '
j t'PTOWN AUK.NCV. 800 West 88th HU
Newark, N. J., Branch.
official yfm
Itanldne of riajers. Championships s3
and open Tournaments throughout aMs2"rJB
the United Rtutes and Canada l'ho TaV23aaf
tographs ot the Champions, Rules of 'WLEMv
the Oama and Lotters of Interest. C
Price, tiy Mall, IO Cent.
344 Witshliigtoii St., BOSTON, M4.S1.
Best in tho Woi M.
Chain Wheels, $no; Chnliiless, $75.
15,000 Cycles, SI4r $I7T$20, $25?
Each north double, but we are lurgii dealers and
manufacturers. Tires our prlees talkof ew loral
i.. '. .lAMMiur x o,,
3SI llronilwny, 5 V r.t 14th at.
Huston, mil to ItiK Cnliiiiilnis i
Loweht prices, Ilighi t tirades Sinn es ana
WILLIAM WOOD, 27 W. 1251b SI., N. Y.
! -I
Iiuhh, &c, for nlr.
S'lOOPOSPRpy-io ft lnnu- II fl beam 24 ft.
' draught, mainsail nnd i li Ur.'e alnn x fl wi I
at bow, r, ft at st in and II ft I ni: I nt built fur
rmlslng, has a bold fore of isbln lit 11 in by r, fl ;
Just been oTerhauleil.iiewli panned and thoroughly
renovated, clear title For furtlierpartirulara apply
to owner, O W MATTIIKVVs j(w llerkelry plar.
Brooklyn! reason for selling is that uwucr baa ust
time to use, price! ICO cash,

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