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I 1; ' ; ' , ;i we ,sun, Saturday, ap,mi 22,1isj)o. , - x I
H B.r 1 I . mill I I I i II I I' I I hi ' I I I I i .Si 1
Philadelphia take into cant
Baltimore's Ontplnr the New Torki nt
Every Point Boston! Knjnjr More Wuh
lnston rio-fil. Louis, Louisville and Cbi
cnjzo Capture) the Otlier Ieaane (lmeii
Thr Brooklyn! won a clean-cut victory over
(he strong Philadelphia tram yesterday, even
though they did not hit tho ball an they will
probably do later. Tho Now York, on the
other hand, were easily disponed of by the BaU
tlmorcs. Doyle's men putting up a slow, don't
care no rt of gamo that was tlrosomo to a mere
handful of devoted cranks. The Bostons, with
young Htreit in the box, hnd another picnic at
theoxpenso of tho Wailiinctons. and are now
In fourth placo. on i-ton terms with McOraw's
players. Chicago's success in again defeating
the Cincinnati! moved tho Windy City team
into second place St. Louis got away with
Pittsburg once more and hung on to tho lead
with a clean string. Tho luckless Cleveland
tailenders were marks for tho Loulsvllles, who
re tied with Brooklyn. The results:
Brooklyn, a: Philadelphia, 4,
Baltimore, K, New York, 1.
llosion, 7, Wellington, ,t,
Ht I,oul, A, ntuburg, K.
Loii!aillo, 11; Cleveland. 4,
Chicago, a, Cincinnati, 8
3 Vtr rtr
M i Club). Won. Lntt r'nt. Clubt Won. f.ott. etnt.
t i Rt. Lonti 4 0 1 ooo Louisville a 3 .Wo
. V Cnlcauo... . A 1 .Mr, New York. 2 4 .8.13
' -t Philadelphia ft a .714 Cincinnati 2 4 .3,13
K notion . . 4 v! ,en7ritubum. i 4 .aoo
H V.J fialtlniors) . 4 3 .HWWashinuton 1 A .143
H TH Xlrooklrn,.. 3 8 .600 Cleveland 0 4 .000
Fnii.AnEi.rniA. April 23. Tho second con
troersv between 1'hlladelphln and Ilrooklyn
lacked the spectacular Interest which charac
terized that of estrday. Ulicro was not the
ullghtest doubt about the outcomo after tho
third Inning, when the Superbus located Orth's
delivery saloly Iho times, including three
doubles, the not result of which was Iho runs,
one more than tho (Junkers mndn in their en
tire nlno lnnlngH. iistunlny the Superbas
played like a lot of Ynnulgana, tu-itay they
played like champions But one fielding error
marred their work, and that was partly ox
rusable. Dahlen, after starting to muko si
double play alone, sudilonlv changed his mind
end threw tho hall to Tom Daly when within a
1vr feet of him Daly was not prepared for
iho throw nnil dropped the ball. Kothlngcame
of it. however, the sldo being retired without
The Phlladolphlas hit Dunn hard and often
enough, but they worn unable to make their
hitting count, as their tocord of thirteen men
lelt on bates against tho Brooklynites' six in
dicates Their floUttnir was not strictly gilt
edged, but at that their en ors cut no llgure in
the run-ieottlng Joe Kelloy easily carried off
the fielding honors, caiiturlmr sW tiles, in
ducing doubles to slnglos, and otherwlso de
porting himself In a way that bad n dampening
effect upon the locals' run-getting aspliatlons.
The Phlladolphlas opened their run account
in the second Inning Flick bunted safely and
. went to second on Lander's out. scoring ou a
ssaaV iu single by Douglass Cross also made a single.
Lsaa Si but lie died on baso with Douglass, neither
ssV Wm Orth nor Cooloy being. 'ihlc to do anything for
B the cause. Tho Rrooklynltes nettled the io-
m I n suit of the game bevond reasonable doubt In
B. f their half of tho third, when thoy developed
H ft a batting streak that took all the llfo
B I out of the (Junkers Kolloy bogan with
t j a a solid drle to centie for two bases
B and scored on a slnu-le by Keeler. who went
K 111 down to second on Coolev's poor throw-In to
I head off Kelley. Cassidy reached llrst on balls.
I '6 McGann followed up that pleeo of luck with a
f .. rattling double, bcorlng Keeler and putting
fc Casstdyon third. Dahlen, not to be outdone.
n SjL' sent a double whirling out of harm's way
it! jjnwu the right-field line, scoring Cassldy and
h an McGann. Andorson kept up the good work
with a single and Dahlen counted Daly filed
to Cooloj Thon Anderson essnyed to steal
econd and ns headed off by Douglass's good
throw to Lajole
I .Manager Hanlon hwltched Cassldy from
short to third, putting Dahlen nt short. Tho
change worked nil right Jennings, who has
been compelled to lay off on account of n sore
nrm.had tho Injured mumberexumlned to-day
by a member of the UniUTsttynf Pennsylvania
faculty. It Is not likely that tho crack short
stop will resume his place before warm
weather sets in for good. Tho attendance to
day was only 4,(iU'J. Tho score:
imooiLTs. PiiiLAiiFLenn.
a. ii. ru. a. i . a. it ro a
Keller, If. ..1 a n 1 Cooler, cf I a 1 ii o
Keeler. rf. I 2 10 n 'rhoniae. lb t in no
CaMldr.Sb.,1 ii o 2 (iPelehant),Ifl .1 i o n
McGann, lb 1 1 B 1 0 Lajule -Jb o - a V
Dahlen. . 1 3 2 no Flick, rt 12010
Andere'n.cf.o 100 nlamlpr.Ub o o 4 1
Hair. 2b. . 0 0 4 2 1 Douglass, c. 0 1 r, 3 11
m i , Bdlth.c. 114 2 oCro... m. o 1 1 V
m Dunn, p u 1 1 s 11 Orlh, j 00020
Hi i i loUla A 1127 14 1 Totals "4 12 27 13 "a
M R I Philadelphia . ... 0 1 2 1 11 11 o o 0-4
B f) BrooVljn .0 o r, o 0 1 o o 0-M
B 8' if.1in!.tha"K'Sb-,;Sri'2r,',I!rook,J'"-s- leftonbaaea-
B II Phlladelpbta. 18. Brookhn. A Urst bai-eiiii bulla-
H Rife! lift Dunn, 3. off Orth. 1. Mrmkoiit-lly DuniiVi br
S l??ltl':A- Three-baae hit-Smith. Tw...ha""',ita
Hal I Delehanty. Kelley, MrOann, Dunn Hicrlflte hit
Hal 1 T,b01nV- Stoirn baaea-lijole, Keeler Double
Hat S ' plaj-Kelley. Daly and Mcltaiin lilt by pitcher- Dr
H ia Dnnn.libyOrth.l. Umpires-Hunt and Conuclft.
m fi j Time 2 hours and IS minutes.
H I 1 nALTIMOKE, 5; NEW T0RK. 1.
wM I , Not more than 5(X) nersous turned out to see
aaK lil U"! "altlmores defeat tho New Yorks at tha
f. 8 , Tolo Grounds yesterday afteinoon. The
LHf B iE weather was cold and rav The locals played
E I 1 11 1 aaleepygame and were helpless In their at-
aaaal'S' tSmP,B J. hit tho left-handed twisters of
aaHlftW PitcherNops Tho Baltlmores hit Cnrrlck. on
aaaM ill III the other hand, rather freely and put plenty of
aaK if! li ginger Into their fielding, but they oontlnued
aaaaafttl i $ their kicking against declslonsand delaod the
aaaHlliisM plnr on se oral occasions.
JH 1) . Holmes scored In the first inning on a two-
K I 1 bagger to left and two errors hy Hnrtman on
H?N f oneplav a muff and a wild throw to tho plate,
fi , J In the second Lachnnce hit for two bases, Ma-
H I 1 goon singled and Itoblnson doubled, all of
n 1 B which netted two more runs Hafe hits by
BS 18 Brodle. Rheckard and Lachance lelded an-
f 1 1 other run in the fifth, while In the ninth Brodle
aaaaWI I n scored tho fifth run on his hit and steal and
1 :lj Hhivkard's single. New York's solitary run was
aaaaaCH!tf made In the fourth inning on Van Haltren's
iaaaaifBK nlngle T)ws's out and Grady's safe drie to
aaaWnDJs left. The score:
aaaaaWlni !"'w ut- HI.TIMOBI.
BBslfwi . H POa Ai E- a. n. io. a. s.
ll'W VBaltren.cf.l 1 o 11 Mcfiraw, 3b o 11 2 4 0
HIk DaMa, ss o 11 1 .1 o llolroee. It 1 1 3 0 o
jlfji Urady, c .0 1 u 1 1 Kelster, 2b .0 0221
W'B' oleason, 2b 1) .' o 4 n lirodle. cf 2 a 1 o o
aaaaaaaHW Wilson, lb 0 112 1 0 Hheckard, rf.o 2 10 0
aaaaaaaaHffi T.O'Urlen.lf O 0 2 0 11 lAchauce.tbl 2 14 1 o
w hartman.ab.o 1122 Maitonn, ss .1 1 a a 1
IK Foster, rf 0000 o Iioblnson.c.o 2220
BiC!' Carrtck, p. .0 O o 2 11 Nops, 0 0 1 1 o
Laaaaain'K Totals . ...1 A 27 13 3 Totnl- nil27 1A2
LBaKaH H Baltimore 1 2 O o t o o o 1 s
Rkf ik "rw Vork'" .00 n 10000 0-1
HiS Eg TvO'base bits Holmes. Lat hance, Itubinson, Wil.
! "M 'on stolen baes ilnhnes, Kelster, llnnite, blieck.
tM ard, Lahauoe. airst base on errors Jew York. 2,
ijl i'lwt base on balls OflXops, 1, oOCarrick. 4. Struck
'IS out-By Nops, 2: iiy Carrlck. 3. lilt bv pitcher By
?F Carrlck, 1. Lefton baaea Baltimore, 10. New York,
.1 r. Double play tarhance and Nops. l'assed ball
fef Orsdy. Time 2 hours. Umpires Qaffney and
fS Andrews. Atteudauce 600.
'1 WAanisoTot. April 21. The Henatora were beaten
'H to-day by the rhampion'a new lett-hander, Htreit.
11 Thouah btreit had nothing but the uld-faabloned
Laaaavi i' vf round-bouse curve and was generous in issuing free
jK Hi nalka to first, the locals only secured three runs and
R W eight acatterlui hits off his tame uell err. Tbeacore.
H gr s. h. ro. A. I.' R H.rO. A. K.
iaaaaalM s? Hulen. m 1 1 o 2 n nsmllton.rf.2 .18 10
'j M O'Brien, 1( .12 10 o Tenner, lb .o 1 7 1 n
m j tfj McOnlri u o 0 u 0 1.ong.ss o 0 B 2 o
LaaaaK I Mi Oettniau, If . 0 0 o ollurn.lf. .1 2 a n n
aBBaBiJaili Davis, lb ,0 o 8 u O Collins. 3b 1 1 2 1 o
ammmmi M'N? Klagle, cf O l 1 o o Btahl, rf 2 3 2 10
LaamB 1.1'iC1 L'asey. Sb 1 1 0 a I Lowe. 2b. O 1 3 2 O
LaaaB ll&' Freeman, rf o 1 " o OBiigen.c, 1 1 2 o o
f J ;'1R rsrrell. r 0 12 2 0 Htreit, p 0 0 0 3 0
B ! Hi Dlneen. p. .0 o 2 a o
(3 Ithamt niooo, ToUls 7122711 0
B , W Paditen. 2b .0 o r, 2 o!
M ' i Totals... 8 H2II2 1
j 'H 'Batted In tha seventh Inning. (Batted for Pineen
1 '' H In ninth luutng.
iaaaH j t' Warhlngton .loooonno 03
j ' ff Boston 0 0 12 0 12 1 -7
W 1, ill First base on error Koston. Left on basea
l,! 1,1 Washington, A. BoMon, 0 tint base on balls-Off
B Dlneen. r, iifi Streit. A. Struck out By Dlneen. a.
ssaV )l -W Three-base hit Kreeraan Two baae hits Caset,
LsaaV A ft Dnfly. Bseriflee hits Slahl. Lowe, Davis, fclolen
aBBBBaHZi! bases lismilton, Tennej, Dufly. Htahl, Huleu
BBBaKlM'il Double plays Caej lalden aid DsIk, Collma
Klls and Tenney. Ixinu and Tennej , Lowe, I,ong and
Ham tChl Teune-.fllahl Ami Iinu. Wild pitch Dlneen. Urn-
LsaV rT I pirea Hmslle and Belts Time-2 hours.
I'll i.Loiis,H niTsBiitn, 5.
Hn hi tie 6- Lot'is. April 21 Tebean'a team defeated the
amH itvu riitsburics tn day In a clone;- contested game, the
B tj. ,S de.cl-Ue run beine scored in the ninth inning. At
H jl J ttndSjUce, 2,oio, Ibe score.
HbH st. iins. I riTTsntiRa,
K fif I , n ii i'o a r. k, ii. ro. a. t.
H Jl ! Burkett. If. o 1 rt n 1 McCreen ,cf.u 1 4 o o
v-i chllds. 2h o l ft r, o Beaura'nt.lbi 1 s l l
H Q' ' 3 McKesn, i. 1 1 1 1 0 Donovan, rtn 1 n o o
S'i Wallace. ab,2 3 0 2 ivMrCarthy.lf.l 12 0 0
aaaHS' . t Heldrick. rf 2 ; 1 o 0 Eij. ss n 1 4 0 O
B i ' i Trbeau, lb 1 1 w o i lteitz 2b o o i a o
ssammH Crlser, o . o 1 4 2 o Mlllanis.sb.l 1 1 1 o
!BS t Blake, cf o 2 t o o Bowermsn.cl 2 4 2 0
gJg Powell, p 0 I n 1 o Ithlnes, p. l l u o o
y J, Spsrks, p nooji
Bll T Totsls. 61327 11 2
Sj j' Totals ft p0 12 2
I' Jfo ona out when winning run w ss scored
T I ht Louis O II 0 2 0 0 3 0 1-rt
t, l rittsburg I ii I 1 o o . o o s
J. f TWo-raae hlte-Blake, Wallsce Paeiiitce hits
j' j Ely, Reltr Double plsys-Mchean, Cbllds and Te-
LsaaaalUst K besu, Wallace, Chllda and Tebeau, Chllds and re-
Lsammwjlvi lt-au Passed nail Bowermsn htolnn basea Held
iaVHuitiS: r,c" Beaumont. Tbree-bas hits C'riger. Bower-
SBaBBmlllix ttaD' iUllsel- ult b'' Pitcher Ulaka, Donovan.
BamwjwaM If)
F' 'MajajasaasttSiMisMM ,
LsaHsaVjaK" rH9H9HLsHl
First baa on balls OH Tow II, it off Ithlnee. Ii off
Bparka. 3. Rtnick out By Powell, 4: by Ithlnes, 2:
by Bpsrks, j. Time 2 hours and a minutes. Umpire
O'Dsy and Vrennan
LOnllVlLLr, 11; CLtVZLAXO, 4.
Locisviixc, April 21. The Clerelanda threatened
to break their habit and win a game to-day, owing to
Magee'a wlldness, hut he was taken out after the
third Inning and Phlllppl made his debut In Mg
League company, and the visitor could do nothing
with him. The Colonels fattened their batting
averages off Maupln. -The score:
LomsVIlt. I CLlVELAMp.
a. it. ro. A. x. R. n. ro. a. x.
Clarke, If .2030 oDowd. cf o o fl o o
noy. cf . .2400 OHrlatow.lf. 00200
Dexter, rf 1 2 n o o Hilvetts, If .0 o o o o
Wacner, sb 2 2 3 3 1 Ouinn, 2b., .1 1 o a o
Decker, lb 1 1 11 O II Cross, 8b .1 0 A 8 O
llitcbey. 2b 1 3 7 1 0 Lockhead.ss.t 10 12
Cltngman.ssl 3 18 1 Hugden, e .0 2 o 8 n
Klttridge, r.,0 12 4 o Tucker, lb ,1 O10 O 0
Hartiel, o 1 o o o Sullivan, rf..0 2 O o 1
Magee, p II u o 2 I' Maupln, p O O 0 2 O
rhlllppl.p i a u n n,
-I Totala, . 4 8 24 13 8
Totals 11 1R27 1H 2
Uartzel batted for Magee in the third Inning.
Louisville, 410 1O104 11
Cleveland o 3 1 o o o o o 0 4
Flret base on errors Cleveland, 2. Left on baaea
Cleveland, 4: Louisville. 12. First base on balls Off
Maupln, 4: off Magee, 4 Struck ont By Pblllppi. 1.
Two-base nlta-Hulllvan. liny (2), Deiter, Ititehey,
Decker, Phlllppl l-aert&ce bits Deiter, Deoker,
Clarke, Kittrldge. Stolen bases Ititehey, Clarke.
Doubles play nitchey and Dex'er: Phlllppl. Rltchey
and Decker, lilt by pitcher Clarke, Umpired
Burns aud Smith. Attendanco 1,000. Time 1
hour and 50 minutes.
uicaijo, A; cixcniMATI, 8.
CtsctssATt. April 21 The Reds could not find
OrlRUli at the rlsht time to-dav, and the Chicagos
were rather easll victorious. Taylor allowed the
visitors to bunch their hits. The Windy City men
fielded lather loosely. However. Dement made sev
eral sensational atops. The attendance was light in
spite of excellent weather conditions The score:
chicaoo. I ctscnsNATl
n. h. ro. a. t. a. b. ro. a, r.
Ryan, If., o o o O 1 McBrlde, If,.l 3 3 o n
Oreen, rf. .8 8 3 O I Helhacb.of 114 0 0
Wlv'rt'n,8bl 2 0 10 McPhe. 2b O 1 1 8 1
Lange.cf 1 3 6 1 o Ils-kler. lb.,0 1 11 1 0
Everltt, lb. 1 0 P o O Millar, rf.. 1 O 3 o II
Deraont.ss o 2 8 S 2 HtInfel't,8bO O 1 B o
M C'rm'k,2b0 0 2 10 Corcoran, ss o 1 4 A o
Donahnec. o o 6 u 1 1'elU. c .001 80
Orlffltb. p 0 10 10 Taylor, p. .0 n 1 1 o
aughn O 0 O n O
Totals . rt 11 27 12 r.
I To'als .3 8 27 10 1
Batted for Taylor In the ninth Inning.
Chicago .. 3 0001030 O A
Cincinnati o o 2 o o 1 o O 03
Two-base hits Oreen, Corcoran. Stolen baaea
Lanse. Corcoran. Peltz. Miller 12), Stelnfelt. Oreen,
WoUerlon. Dmbleplay Langa and Kveritt. First
bsseon balls-Off Tavlor. 2. off Orifflth, 3. Struck
out-By Taylor. 1: by Orifflth, ft. Passed ball-Pelt.
Left on bases Cincinnati. 4; Chlcaio, ft. First base
on errors Cincinnati. 2. Time 1 hour and 55 min
utes. Umpires Swartwood and Warner.
Other flames.
8. it. r.
Reading 0 0 0 0 0 1 no 0-1 4 2
Moutreal oooatiuoo 3 0 1
Batterios Murphy, Fertsch and Miller, Fell! and
R. II. T.
Fordham. .B11008S1 -1H 10 ft
Trinity .. .0 O 1 o o o o o u- 1 2 12
Batteries MoKenna, Cuddy and Slattery; Olaze
brook and Sullivan.
R. H. r.
Fordham Reserves. 4 1 ft 2 o 0 0 0 012 14 3
Col'mblal-reshm'nl 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0-3 A 7
Batteries Slnnott and Jo) oe; Farle and Cohn.
rniiersltyof Yt.O 2 14 112 2 8-1A 13 7
Ilobart College O 0 O 1 O 1 O 0 o- 2 27 14
Batteries-Oatley and Valdlnger; Rogera and C.
Rt. Paul School. 0 8 0 0 0 0 4 2 -8 13 4
Mercerab'g Ao'y 31020000 3-8 12 4
Uatterlea-Booth, Patten and Schoofleld; Brady,
Jackelaud Thomas.
At I'tica ' tics, 3; Roohster, 3.
At South Orange Seton Hail, 17, Boston Col
lege, io.
Uaaeball Notes.
II. F. K.-Ooorgo Davis.
Set ond Bsaeman O'Brien of the Balttmorea laid off
x sterday because of a bruised band.
(corse Davis played yesterday with a lame knee.
Hi wanted to take a rist, but vvaa Induced at the last
moment to take his place.
Capt. Dorle of the 'ew Yorks Is not able to run
around the bises. He has a lump on his ankle that
is bothering him immeasurably.
( olumbia plai s Princeton to-day at Washington
Park Brooklyn, the secoud of a series of two games
of ball between these universities.
The New Yorks arc weaker In batting than eser be
fore The jlaj ers saj that they cannot be expected
to win games with the present pitching staft.
The baseball season will be opened to-morrow on
the St (teore cricket ground. Hoboken. with a
game between the Cuban X Otants and the Hobo
ens. It W. A. 1. Oiveasteal to the base runner and
an error to tho atcher 2. Yes. 8, Not unless, in
the estimstlon of the soorer, he could have beaten
out the hit. 4 No.
Manager Mt Oraw and the Orlolea have accepted an
invitation to witness the game at Weehawken to
morrow between the Vieat IXew York Held Club and
the Acme Colored Glantx.
I.ixivitov, Va . April 21. The game this after
hoc u between Washington and I.ee University and
Allegheny College of Roanoke. Va , was a complete
vv ilk over for the former bj a score of 21 to 7.
Welcome Hall K C. bai May 30. July 4 and all Sat
urdays In ugust open, and would like to hear from
uniformed nines averaging 1H to 20 years old, out
of town ginies preferred, ddresa A. Dunbar, man
ager, 181 Herkimer ktreet, Brooklyn.
To nir rniToitot Tur Srs- Vir: 1 am desirous
of obtaining the names and addresses of the man
azer of the baseball teainH at Scotch Plains and
Boonton, V. J Yours v erj truly,
Wm. F. tuRVFR, for Dreadnatight A. C.
74ft East 13UTn Streft.
The Lenox Baseball Club of Astoria would like to
arranne games with uniformed teams. College Point,
Vt Infield A. C. Hudson A. (' , OU-nwoods and St.
Monica Lsceum preferred Address Arthur Mercer,
manager, 777 Mntta avenue, Astoria, N. Y,
The Oakwood A C. would like to arrange games
with teaniK averaging 111 years for Sundaya
and holldai in New York and Itrooklvn A suitable
guarantee re inired. Address John T. McManus, man
ager and captain, 123 South street. Orange, N. J.
The Borouzh Park Field Club would like to hear
from Al uniformed teams for Saturday games at
Borough Talk. Books open from May 20, guarantee
offered. Address t'. Herbert iti bardson. manager.
Forts -ninth street and Thirteenth avenue, Brooklyn,
The following games were played on Thursday:
At Syracuse Syra. use Unlveratty. ft: University of
Vermont, 4. At Richmond Unlveraltynf Maryland.
14; Richmond College, 4. At Syracuse Syracuse,
B, Buffalo, R. AtAUentown Allentown. 11, Lehigh,
A. At Melius Grove, Pa. Susquehanna, II, Oattys
burg, II.
New Yorkera will have an opportunity of witness
ing a fast game of college baseball this afternoon,
when Harsatd will cross bats with Manhattan at
Jasper Held. Thin will be Harvard's laat ginie on
her Southern trip, in which the team met with only
one defeat, that being at the hands of Georgetown.
McBrlde haa rnundea into shape again aud will oe
cup the box for Manhattan, while UcCormlck will
start In to pitch for Harvard
rRirrTos. April 21. Prlnceton'a baseball players
were put through a liv ely practice this afternoon by
Capt. Kafertoget them In shape for the second game
of the Colnmbia-Prlncaton series to be placed to
morrow in Hronklv n. The team will be weakened by
the absence of Stelnwender. the freshmsn shortstop,
who Is in the iutlrmary threatened with a rase of
water on the knee as a result of an inlury received
In the game with Wesleyan laat week. Both Mc
(titibon and Duncan were tried In his place thia
afternoon aud It was deeided to plav MUllbbou to
morrow Hlllebrand will not be able to pitch on
at count of a sore arm. and Harrison, the speedy sub
stltute twlrler. will be In the box for the Tigers.
Princeton will bat as follows Suter. left field: Hnt-h-Ingi,
third base. Ks'er. reutre field, Hlllebrand,
right field; Harris n pitcher. Chapman, first base;
Watklns, cstcher. Mclllbbon. shortstop, Bedford,
second base.
XlasehnU Games To-Day.
Baltimore at New York, Brooklyn at Philadelphia;
Boston at Washington, Chicago at Cincinnati. Cleve
land at Loulsv llle It wo uainesi; Pittsburg at St. Louis,
orityn OAMrs.
Columbia vs Trinceton, at Washington Park,
Msnhattan Colhge vs Harvard, at Jasper Field.
Amherst vs. isle, at Amherst.
University of North Carolina ts University of
Mars land, at Chanel Hill.
New York Univer-iti vs Trinity, at Ohio Field.
Lafayetto vs, I'rsinlus College, at Kixton,
Welayan vs UolyCrisa, at Woroeeter
Pennsylvania State College vs. Gettysburg, at
State C illege.
Franklin and Marshall vs, Villsnova College, at
Fordham vs. Boston College, at Fordham.
Brookljn Boys' High School vs, Adelphi Academy,
at adelphi Field '
United Slates Naval Cadeta vs. Gallaudet, at Ann
apolis Moutclalr High School vs Princeton Preparatory
School, at Montclalr.
Newark High School vs. Montclalr Military Acad
emy at Si wark
hast Orange ntsh School va. Plngry School, at
Nntte Dame vs. University of Michigan, at South
Lnlvereityof Pennsylvania vs. University of Ver
mont, at Philadelphia.
Western Maryland College vs. Rock mil College,
at FJllcott City.
Star A. C. vs O.N T, at Newark.
Brown Freshmen vs. Bristol High School, at Provi
dence. Hartford vs. Waterbury, at Hartford.
M illlama v s Blacklnton, at Williams ton
Rutgers vs Murrsv Hills, at New Brunswick
Carlisle Indian School vs. Bucknell, at Carlisle.
Georgetown vs University of Virginia, at George
town Fjist Orange Field Club vs. Irvington A. C , at
Phillips Andover College vs Tufts, at Andovar.
Pratt's Institute vs Centenary Institute, at Hack
eltstown. Lehigh vs Dickinson, at Bethlehem.
Krssmus High School vs. De La Salle, at Brooklyn.
Newark va Toronto, at Newark.
Providence vs Brown at Providence.
Union vs. Colgate, at Schenectady.
Doier A, A vs. All Collegiate, at Dover,
Baseball, Washington Park, 3 IM. To. Day.
Columbia vs. Princeton, Ad. ROc. and 7Be. Adv,
Haaaball. Harvard vs. Manhattan, to-day, 8:80.
iuvi tlttd. 1871b. st. ana AmatanUmav.-a't'.
Dlltien's Sturdy Son Outfoots Stuart Field
In the Ilandlcap-Osixe Show Ilemark
able Spaed-Hig Ottnl Beoret an Impres
sive Win Concord Take a Purse at Lost.
Flvo winning fvorltB. four of which wer
at odds on. shook up tho ring at Aqueduct y
tsrday and tent the regulars home rejoicing.
The odd event went to a horse tht should
ha8 commanded respeot on the strength ot
his victory of Wednesday. This was Mrs.
Bradley's three-year-old goldlne Boner Boy.
by Bliten-8uo B. Ho was allowed to run
loose at 7 to 1. while the talont plunged on
Larva and Floronzo. tho latter going to the
post a strong first chblue. The race was the
most important on the oard, a handicap fer
three-year-olds and upward. Doner Boy came
through from the middle of the bnnsh in the
stretch and won In a mild drive by a length.
There was such a scramble for tho other posi
tions that the numbers were ohansed three
times before the red block went up. Even
then the Impression remained that Larva
should have sot Tvrfaa' place on the board.
T. MeDermott. whe, rode W. C. Daly's Dan
forth, was fined $25 at the cost.
Sweet Caporal carried a lot of sure money to
the front In the opening race, which she won
by a length from Lady Bneerwell. with the
others beaten off. Dig Oun showed remark
able speed in the second. He made up fully
ten lengths In the long run home and won br
three-quarters ot a length, dales, Mont Eagle
and Florlael were only necks apart. Bliarno
kin broke away twice In this race and ran
nearly the full course each time. Jockey P.
MeDermott told the stewards he could do noth
ing with him. and the wild eolt was led off.
Gazo ran away with the third race, winning
under wraps by four length In fast tlm.
Klrkwood best Oknard for the place, and U. T.
Griffin, owner of the latter, took Barrett's colt.
In the fifth race Badducee repeated her win
of Monday after leading all the way. The clos
ing event was just as easy for Conoord. the
heaviest-backed winner of tho day. Taral.
who rode him, and Coylie. on Queen ot Beau
ty, were fined $25 each at the post. Bum
mary: nrtsT hack.
Selling; for three-year-old fllllsa that hare not
won more than one race: $00 added, of which 970
to second and f 30 to third; allowances; about seven
James It. Eeene'a ch. f. Sweet Caporal, by Hydera-
lal Frugal, Ion (Spencer) 1
Sjrtney Paget'a b f. Lady Bneerwell. 100 (Mokie) 2
C Zimmerman's b. f. Diva, U7 (Moody) . 3
Heart of Midlothian also ran.
Time. 1,27.
Betting Five to 3 on Sweet Caporal, 2 to 1 against
Lady sneerwell, 20 to 1 Diva, so to 1 Heart ot Mid
lothian. SECOND BACK.
t-elllng: for maiden two ear-olda; (400 added, nf
which 70 to second and ISO to third: fourandabalf
A. i . Joyner'a br. g. Big Oun, by Artillery Llnda-
Vista. 105 (H. Martin) . . . .1
EJward Kelly's br. r. Clalei, 108 iMcCuei . 2
Marcus Daly's b. g. Mont Kagle, 105 (Morgan) a
1- luiinel, Roxburgh, Olv e and Take aud Her Lady
ship also rau. Bharaoklu was withdrawn,
lime, o Sri 2-6.
Betting Thirteen to 10 against Big Oun, a to 1
Ctales, r to 2 Mont Eagle, to to 1 Florlnel, SO to 1
Roxburgh, no to 1 Olvo and Take, BO to 1 Her Lady
ship, 00 to 1 bhamokln.
Selling, for three year-olde and upward: 00
added, of which $70 to second and f30 to third;
allowances: six furlongs:
M. L. Uayman's ch. f. Oaxe, 8, by Falaetto
Glimpse. 101 (McCue) 1
T. F. Barrett k Co.'a ch. c. Klrkwood, 3, 07 (Moody) 3
II T.Oiiffin'sb. r.Oxnard, 4, 111 (Bonger) ... . 3
bpurs and Nay Nar also ran.
Time, 1:14 2-5.
Betting-Ten to 7 on Uae, 7 to 6 against Kirk
w ocl, loo to 1 Oxnard, HO to 1 Spurs, 100 to 1 Nar
Handicap: for tbree-year-olda and upward: $500
aibleil, of which $70 to second and $30 to third; five
and a half furlongs
Mrs. Robert Bradley'a ch. g. Boney Boy, 8, by
Blltien Sue B . 10B iScherrer) 1
A. II. A D. H. Morris's b. or br. c. Vertigo, 3, 110
(O'Connor) ... 2
F V. Alexandre's b.c.Tvrlan. 4. 10S (Songer) . . 3
Floronxo, Danforth, San Mateo, Larva and Taka
nassee also ran.
Time, 1:07 .".
Left at post.
Betting Seven to 1 against Boney Boy, 8 to 1
Vertigo. 20 to 1 T)rian, 8 to 6 Floronzo, 40 to 1
Danforth. H to 1 San Mateo, 3 to 1 Laira, 20 to 1
Selling; for two-year-olds, $400 added, nf which
$70 to second and $30 to third; allowances, four and
a half furlongs
hensiio Stable's cb.g Sadducee, by Bathampton
Sadie, low iMcCuei 1
T. A Magee s ch. c. Frelingbursen, 102 (Odom) . a
F. Regsn s br. c. Alex. 104 (O Connor). . 3
Moiiomstalllst, Merrily, Beautiful, and Back Talk
alao ran.
Tlme,0:1G 3 6.
Betting Ten to 7 on Sadducee. 0 to 1 against Fre
llURbuv sen. 4 to 1 Alex, an to 1 Monometallism 30 to
I Merrily, 100 to 1 Beautiful, 10 to 1 Back Talk.
Selling, for three-year olds and upward that have
not won In INUHor 18HH, $400 added, of which $70
to second and $30 to third; allowances, about seven
II W Bchman'a b. h. Concord, r, by Longfellow
Leaoia Morris, 120 ilaral) . . 1
V . c Daly's br. f. F.lla Daly, 4, 107 (P. MeDermott) 2
U Miller'a b. f. Queen of Beauty. 4. 108 iCoylle). 3
Broadway Belle, Rhodymenla and Sbultz also ran.
Time. 1-.2H t.&.
Betting Three to 1 on Concord, 40 to 1 against
Flla I)U, 2o to 1 Queen of Beaut). 40 to 1 Broad
way Belle, 5 to 1 Rbodymenia. into 1 Shultz.
Tho entries for to-day's races are as follows:
First Race For three year-olds and over: $400
added; selling allowances; about seven furlongs:
Premier i:o,Kjbart loo
Doggett 114 Ordtal 104
Macarlne 1 14 Klne's Frld . ...PS
abob ... . 112 Tyrshena oa
Tanls Ill Meddlesome .. . . ps.
MatdofEtin . .. .UOlNlnety Cents 87
Soraps . . . ion I
Second Race A handicap for two year-olds, $400
added: four and a half furlonga:
Peaceful . . . 12(liBlgOun 117
MILeStrau UH.Pupll llfi
Specific . . 118'Clales 113
Third Race For three-year-olds and over: $400
added, selling allowancea; one mile and seventy
Knight of the Oarter..llB.9enf'lonal 103
BIshopReed 112'Lady Disdain H8
Blueaway lll.Judge Magee 8u
Maximo Oomei .... lOsf'Holu Up 8 it
Fourth Race The Auvergne stakes, for three-year-olds:
S7C0 added: weights 8 pounds below the scale;
about seven furlonga.
Vertigo lialForsooth P8
Bone Boy lloiRoysterer OS
Diminutive 108 Ordeal f&
Kt. Clair 1 oil I Village Pride 83
Tamor U8l
Fifth Race For two-year-old fllllea; $400 added;
selling allowances, four and a half furlonga:
The Amazon 113 Aibontta 101
Laureatea. Ill Ortrud lot
Coinage 110 Queen Anne 101
T.'Meta ina 7aza . ... 101
Lady btockton. . loll
Sixth Race For three year olds and over that have
never won $400; selling allowances; five and a half
Prince Auckland., .. lot) Meehanua 04
Kklllman . . ion Islington 01
Red Spider .104 Minor D 01
Belleof Frln . . lOllHop Sootob hi
Lady Dora i& Prosaic ho
Impartial 114 Tyrba 89
Results at Newport.
CisciNNatt. April 21. The catd waa fairly at
tractive, the weather delightful and the attendance
very large at Newport to day. Thres favorites, two
seoond i holce and a long shot won, In the third
raie Guess Me made the fastest mile nf the meeting,
l:40Vi. W. It. Atterman's string. Monk Vtayman and
four others, and Jobu Walters a string, Meddaln
and three others, arrived at the track to-day from
Nashville. Summary
Ftrt Race Seven furlongs Kensington, 100
illothcrvoll), 4 to 1, won, Lend Ho. 10.' (Mason). 3
to 1. second, Stanel, 100 IN. Hill), 4 to 1, third
Time, 1 1S4
Second Race Four and a bait furlongs, for two
jearolds-Satlra, 103 iNutt). 13 to 10 won. Badi
nage, 102 . Frost;, 12 to 1, second. Fairy Dell, 102
(Oormleji, even, third. Time. 0.631.
Third ltice One mile, for tbree-year-olda and up
wsrd Ouess Me, ui iJ Carter), 2 to 1, won, Indra
lir, (Uotbersolli, 3 so 1, second, Old Law, 112 (Nutti,
3 to 1. third. Time, 1 40 '4
Fourth Race One mile and seventy yards Sattle,
87 iTallyi, 20 to 1, won: 7olo, 108 (N.Turner), 8 to R,
second. Domestic, 102 iC. Thompson), r, to 2, third.
Time. 1 4S.I
Fifth Race Four and a half furlong Maple, 107
(Oormlerj, 2 to 1, won, Teraps, 107 (Frost), H to 6,
second, I'm Next, 107 (McKeand), 10 to 1, third.
Time. 0 5iH.
Sixth Race-One mile and fifty yards Ollle Dixon.
IDA iN Turner', 11 to '.. won, Julia Hazel, 103
iFrosti, 20 to 1, second, Official, 1G7 (Mason), 8 to B,
third. Time, 1.4K',.
Itnclng nt Memphis,
MsAtrin. April 21. Timemaker took the Memphis
Oun Club Uandlcap at seven fuiltuga to-daj, beat
ing Alleviate, Cherry Leaf, Verify and Deblalee.
Three favorites won. Track heavy. Summary
First Race Four furlongs; selling Elbe, 101 icon
ic i, r, to 1, won: Muiy Cnlca, 10 1 Southard), 13 to
s, second. The Laurel, 101 (Everett). 8 to 1, third.
Time, 0 sol,.
Second Race Six furlongs, selling Borden, 10
(T, Burns), even, won, Treopla. 101) iKnappi, H to
1, second, Brlgbtls B lot (Cooler), n to 1, third.
Time. 1 17.
Third Race Four furlong Prince of Melbourne.
108 lEverett). 8 to 1. won: Little Boy Blue, Its
(Southard). 3 to 1, second, Flaunt, 1U8 (Aker), 4 to
1, third. Time, o.&0
Fourth Race Seven furlonga; Memphis Onn Club
Handicap, $6(11 added Timemaker. 114, (T, Burns),
7 to n, won, Alleviate, 1)7 IRoaei, 18 to A, seoond;
Cherry Leaf, uaiTaben, 4to I, third. Time, 1 30U.
Fifth Race-One mile and one-eighth; selling.
Miss Patron. 88 (Dugan), 17 tor,, won. Kitty Regent,
saiParm), 1ft to 1, second: Francla Booker, 00 (A,
Morrison). 3 to 1, third. Time, l-KUts.
Sixth Race-hix furlongs: selling-High Jinks,
inu (Aker), a to 6, won; Simon D , 101 lUoldenl, SO to
1, second; Borrow, 101 (T. Burnit.evsn, third. Tims,
1.10 m.
Eleh went to piece In two of Tax Bon Individual
championship tournament game played against
Joe Arnold at the Oerroanla Assembly Boom alley
last night. The scores:
riasT sisiis rutsT oaur.
1. S. B. Scare. 3. 8. B. Son.
Arnold 1 (1 8 lMElch S 1 fl 1ST
Missed spare Arnold, 2; FJche, 8.
srcoKD QaME.
Arnold 8 7 O 108 Elche 6 1 201
THUD oixix.
Arnold a A 1 182 1 Elch 1 8 8 128
Missed spares Eiche.S.
rouTrt oiUE.
Arnold 4 6 1 185 1 Elch 6 8 O 221
rirm oii.
Arnold 1 0 a IBS Elch 4 8 8 178
Missed spares Arnold, 2. Average par gams
Arnold, 174 4 0; Eiche, 171. Umpire A. Paulson.
Scorer T, W, Emmer.
second srairs rissT oiui.
Holden O 8 3 1(15 Arnold 6 8 1 343
Missed apart Arnold.
sxoosn oaMC
Holden ... 4 5 1 311 J Arnold 1 6 4 147
Missed spare Holden, 3; Arnold, 1,
Holden ....4 4 3 174 1 Arnold 3 6 8 150
Missed spares Holden, 1; Arnold, 1.
Holden 8 6 1 185 I Arnold 3 S 1 188
Missed spare Arnold. Average per game
Holden, ISsV. Arnold. 182M. tJmpire-L. Edel-
man. Scorer Charles Kllngelnoffar.
thud axaics nesT dAllZ.
Blche 8 3 4 1M I Holden 3 8 3 170
Missed spares Eiche, 1; Holden, 3,
ECOKD oaxtr.
Biche 3 5 8 158 I Holden 8 8 1 184
Missed apare Holden.
Eiche 4 8 178 I Holden 8 1 188
Missed spare Eiche. 1; Holden. 1. Average per
gam Eiche. laiH; Holden, 183H. Umpire L.
Edelmen. 8corr Charles Klingalhoffer.
The Oriental Club five tallied 1,028 In the third
game played at Thuiu t KahlsdorT alleys last
night. lacking alx points of the leading score In the
Harlem Leagn tournament. Th acorss:
Premier A. Hitman, 188: Davison, 188: Morlti,
202: Ullmsn, IDS; L Moses, 180. Total. 800,
Empire L Due, 321: Linden. 1(17; VtUllanMon,
182; Sohl, 170; Brill, 1U5. Total, 835,
Premier A. Shlman, 1B; Davison, 178: Morltz,
181; rilman, 189; L. Moses. 17. Total, 8S6.
Oriental-Mitchell, 1U2: Coulon, 187: Vogel, 174;
Clinch, 180; Olllhaue, 212. Total, 046.
imnD OAME.
Empire La Due, IPO: Linden, 218; Williamson,
1SU; Sohl. IHO; Brill, 205. Total. 030.
Oriental Mitchell, 213: Coulon, 170: Vogel, 191;
Clinch, 200; Olllbaus, 284. Total, 1,023.
The Drat prize in the Arlington national tourna
ment waa won by the Oradell team laat night. Tha
riitsT ruMC.
Oradell-Reichard, 1112: Schmidt. IDS: Belmler,
157: Dlppel, 128: Beetle. 176. Total. 814.
Straggler Oaynor, 1117. Browne, 153; Ureif, 114;
Scbellen, 167; Uoslnger, 107. Total, 7W8.
Straggler Oaynor, 142, Browne, 184: Ore If, 200;
Bchellen. 121; Uoslnger, 180. Total, 7U1.
Cannon Blessing. 187, II. Klumpp, 146: Koch,
136, O. Klumpp, 123; McKay, 122. Total, 704.
Oradell-Reichard, 189: Schmidt. 318; Belmler,
162: Dippel, 188: Resile, 185. Total, 027.
Cannon Blessing. 148, H. Klumpp. 152: Koch.
146, O. Klumpp, 135; McKay, 184. Total, 710.
An additional frame waa rollad to decide tha first
arcade tournament gamo last night, the Bpartan
winning by twenty-four pins. Th scores:
Orchard-Bullwlnkel, 181; Schroeder, 181: Buch
holz, 166. Total, 518.
hpartan Matzen, 180; Bchulte, 131; Maler, 148.
Total. "Bin.
"Eleventh Frame Orchard, 37; Spartan, 6L
Orchard-Bullwlnkel, HI, Schroeder, 1S4; Bach.
hoU. 141. Total. 48H.
Spartan Matxen, 154, Schulze, 143; Maler, 316.
Total, 512.
Orchard-Bullwlnkel, 148; Schroeder, 1T4: Buch
holz, 176. Total, 4t)7.
Spartan Matzen, 171: Schulze, 182, Maler, 181.
Total, 024.
Orchard-Bullwlnkel, 105; Schroeder, 257: Bach
holz, 154. Total, uoa.
Spartan-Matzen, 148; Schulze, 16(1; Maler, 181.
Total, 485.
Three games were necesssry In only ono of the
morning newspaper individual tournament aerie,
rolled at the Oermania Assembly Rooms alleys yes
terday afternoon. The scores:
First Series First game-HoIman. 187; Knecht,
178. Second game Holman, 180; Knecht, 183.
Second Series First game Dewea, 148; Knecht,
157. hecond game Dewes, 140: Knecht, 163.
Third Series First game Dewes, 164; Holman.
Kill. Second game Dewes, 178: Holman, 178.
Fourth Series First game Riley. 168; McCarter,
101. Second game Riley, 187: McCarter, 122.
Fifth Series First game Slddall. 187: McCarter,
117. Second game HIddall, 182: McCarter. BJ.
Sixth Series First game-8 ddall, 177; Riley, 186.
Scond game Slddall, 15H; Riley, 174, Third gam
-Blddail, 176; Riley. 148.
At the Village Club alleya laat night the Columbus
Catholic Club team won two gamea In the Archdl
oceaan Union League tournament. The saorea:
riitsr (1AME.
Columbus Catholic Club Boyle, 185; Daly, 130;
Haies. 188: Taylor, 162, Oarvey, 21. Total. 779.
St. Monica Lyceum No. 2 McLaughlin. 155;
Brown, 112; Daly, 14H, O Connor, 118; Maher, 144.
Total, 677.
St. Monica Lyceum No. 2 McLaughlin, 158;
Brown, ton, Daly, 167, O Connor, 132; Maher, 155.
Total. 711.
St. Agnea's Union Feeley. 141; Schllnkert, 148;
Ooyle, 163; Duffy, 14t. Maboney, 158. Total. 743.
Clumbua Catholic Club-Boyle. 157: Daly. 145;
Hayes, 138: Taylor. 158; Oarvey. 191. Total. 789.
St. Agnea's Union Feeley. 156: Schllnkert, 144;
Coyle, 109, Duffy, 162: Mahoney, 180. Total, 741,
Bawling Notes.
F. A. C Cllnch'a average In th American national
tournament waa 105 7-18.
Iu one game of a match aeries rolled at the Arcade
alleys late on Thursday night, between Rcbaeffer
and A. Hlevers, the latter player scored son points,
tho maximum acore in an American game. SchaetTer
won the match.
Henry Mht of the Orient Wheelmen won the first
average prize In the class A tournament of the Long
Island Association of Cycling Clubs with a record of
107. Cornish of the Kings County Wheelmen won
second prize. In tbe class B tournament. Toft of
the Williamsburg Wheelmen tarried off first prlr
and Ous Elcock of tbe Pioneer Wheelmen second
Uiica, April 31,-Ooach Courtney of th Cornell
crewt making special efforts this year to get the
crew In condition earlier than usual on account of
the preliminary rac a to be held on Lake Oyuga on
Memorial Day, May SO. At first it was supposed
that this waa to be a race between the candidates
that could not make the 'v arslty crew at Corn ell and
the University of Pennsylvania but. aa is well
known, the Cornell crews are not picked until tbe
dar of the race, ao that the race on Memorial Day
will really be a race between the best crewmen at
Pennsylvania and Cornell.
groortlutt Mvrdifi'rrrttUt8.
tho making of correct clothing, and
not ono ot' mere industry and ma
chinery. It is the taste that enters
into the selection of materials and
patterns in thp first place, and then
into the cutting, making and trim
ming in the next place that distin
guishes our sort of apparel from the
common, cheap kind.
Yet the conditions under which
we make our clothing for our four
teen retail stores enable us to manu
facture at so much less cost than the
smaller dealer must pay for his stock
that our clothing is not expensive.
Our Men's Suits cost from 7.00 to
$25.00 and Boys' Suits 2.00 to
$15.00, according to quality and size.
FbIim. 9L tm. BeSjatt &
CALEB V. SMITH, Manager.
A Reward of S2A for tho Arrest and Con
viction of a Fersnn Committing Rucli nn
Act A Captain' Hint on Arrnugtng
Club ltuns-IlnvvtoTtlde to rhllnileilphln.
Although steps hate boen taken by tho L. A.
W. Consulate tho nature of tvhlch it la not
permissible to divulge, to put an ofToctlve stop
to the strowlng of clws and tacks on enst side
streets, complaints are still being made. On
rider who went through Broome street from
the Broad A-ay terry a tow nights ago says that
he arrived at home with three taclca In his rear
tire. This Is a matter which wheelmen should
not leave to the Loague nor to the police, but
should oxertthtmsehes Individually to oheck.
There l a standing reward of $25 offered to
any on who causes the arrest and conviction
of a person who commits such an act. This
offer is from the American Society for the Fre
rentlon of Cruelty to Animals. The law which
Is violated reads as follows:
A person who wilfully throws, drop or places, or
cause to be thrown, dropped or placed upon any
road, highway, street or public place auy glass,
nails, pieces of metal or other substance which
might wound, disable or Injure any animal. Is guilty
of a misdemeanor.
In cos of a conviction the penalty may be a
fine of $500 or one year's Imprisonment In the
penitentiary, or both. Information concern
ing any infraction of this section of tho Fenal
Code is solicited by the society. It should 1 e
addressed to John P. Halnos. Froiident, Madi
son avenue and Twenty-sixth street. Suoh
Information will. If requested, be treated con
fidentially. The roads everywhere within riding distance
of the city, as reported to tha New York State
DlvUien of the L. A. W, yesterday, are In tlrst
rate shape and should bo fair on Sunday If
clear, even though there should be rain to-day.
Touring delists desiring detailed Information
regarding any particular routo within fifty
miles around this city, and tho conditions ot
the same, can obtain it by writing to W. 8.
Bull. Secrotary-Treasursr. Kew York Htate
Division, L. A. W.. 132 Nassau street, inclos
ing a self-addressed envelope for reply. As in
many Instances It will require some oono
spondence to secure up-to-date information,
oyclists are requested to allow several days
and to apply by mail.
A pleasant twntv-Ilo-inile run from Cen
tral Bridge to Bronxvllle and back can bo
tnken by going straight up Jerome avenuo
thlrteenlmllos and a half to the Tuckahoo road.
There Is only one severe hill, and It occurs
just after leavlnc the city line. The road is
either macadam or excellent dirt all tho way.
exconting the last three-quarteis of a mile. At
the Tucknhoe road turn to the right to reach
Bronxvllle, nnd alter going over the hill at that
Place the rider can continue straight down
through Mount Veinonnnd WilllamsbrlcUo
to tho Ptlliam Parkway. All the way back tho
rood I macodam.
Would-be scorchers who arc fond of engag
ing in a short brush with Strang riders will
do well to be wsry If thoy go on the Coney Isl
and cyole path to-morrow. They should not
be too hasty about picking un a smooth-faced.
Innocent-looking young man. or they may
turn the laugh on thetnsehes, for Fiddle Bald
1 In town and has begun his riding. He said
esterday that he .vould take a tarn or two on
the Coney Island path to-morrow.
Complaint has reaclmd The Sun from riders
who are wont to attend tho runs of different
clubs during the season that they get oonfused
In making their selections when there occurs
a rainy Sunday, because the clubs are not fuf
clently explicit in stating whether In etont of
rnin the scheduled run Is scratched entirely
or postponed. Home do one thine and some
the other, it Is said This would seem to be a
just criticism. Many riders are members of
several organizations nnd like to select tha
crowd with which to ride according to destina
tion, but a rainy bunday leaves thorn in uouM
whether i.cen days later the destination Is
the one set for the date or that manned for ttio
previous week. The unattnehed lidors. whom
all clubs'are glad to welcome, because of their
being possible recruits, are put In the same
quandary.; This should be noldeJ. The
captain of one club, who Is a man of experi
ence, points out that if runs are postponed It
changes iheTenllre jiclicrtulo of the club, not
only for the month, but for the ason. bv
shoUngonch run along ono week As thero
are'nnt .to be several rainy Sundays during a
season the shitting along will be contusing,
oven to the regulars of the organization. lie
argues, therefore, that the only proper meth
od Is to hold runs according to card, scratch
ing out thoso preented by rnin. whloh. If thoy
haprcn to bo particularly desirable trips, can
bo substituted in the onsulntr month for some
other run not so much favored. These nre
points woith being noted by cnptalns. and In
order that cnrrectllnformatlon concerning run
may be published clubs sending schedules to
The IHun should specify whether Id case of
rain the run will be abandoned or simply post
poned and the entire list moved along ono
wek. Itldos scheduled for to-morrow nre:
Club. Start. Dftmatwn.
Ampbion Vt" Broolljn .rioclvllle Centiv.
Arlon H C Tlrooilyn. Ilockav. av Deacb.
IluahwlcLW. .Ilrooklyn .I'roippct Para.
Castle Print Cyclers. Hobjken. West Orange.
Century W. ... ew Vork Hemi stead.
Crescent V Now Vork Peterson.
Evergreen W n..Rrookljn .Collate Point.
Foresters W Now ork I.lttlo Coney Isle.
(Isrnet W Hrooklvn .Valley stream.
OreaterN.V.W llrooklsn OiUwood. S. L
Harlem V Isew York liyker Meadows.
Keystono W New Vork Corny Island.
Kings County TV Ilrooklyn .Coney Island,
LanlglroW New York Henren Pitnt.
Imau V Ilrooklyn .Plalnfleld.
Manhattan B. C. .. New York City Island,
Piene Y , . New York Kast isllp.
ltoyal Arcanum W. Ilrooklyn .Oakwood, 9. L
ltoyal Arcanum W ...New iork Albany,
hporta V. . Ilrooklyn. Vallev Stream.
Sprocket Cyclists Brooklyn. Path Bacb.
Squash W ... . Sew York Coney Island.
Bt, George W . . New York nergen Point.
fit.Pat'k's Lvceum W New York,. Valley Rtresm,
Vigilant B. C New York Random rnn.
B. Levy asks Tnts Run for the best route
from New York to Philadelphia. This is a
popular trip and one along which the road
conditions change frequently. Therefore tho
following Information, which has been ob
tained from Secretary-Treasurer Bull of the
L. A. W. from tho latest reports, will be of gen
eral Interest, because It Is new:
The (hortestwav to Philadelphia ts through Rtsten
Island. The distance from St. George to Metucben.
N. J., la 23fi miles. The most convenient way for
ciclists from New lork ts via the Pennsylvania
ferry at Jersey cits . The distance to Metui-ben that
way Is 31 miles. Fiir those who do not wish to cross
Twenty-third street ferrv to reach Jersey City tbe
Fort Lee ferry can be used The dtstanoo from that
ferry to Metuchen Is ltd 2-3 miles. There Is only
one route from Metucben to Bristol, Pa. Beyond
Bristol there Is a choice of routes The usual one is
straight ahead to Frankford, but the bill between
these two points ian be avoided by taking tbe
straight road which lies esst of the Pennsylvania
railroad from Frankford into Philadelphia. The
road la all macadam or asphalt, going over a nice
town lane to Port street. Many crcllata take the
train from Jersey City to Newark, but tbe road haa
only a few bad places, ihere is one at Communl
paw avenue, going down to the plank road, and an
other in Itiver street for a mile before reaching Ferry
street. Ferry street Is paved with a fair stone pave
ment and at the end of a mile turns to the north,
but If the cyclist will continue straight ahead for one
short block be will reach Lafavette street, which is
asphalt all tha way to the l'ennsj lranla Railroad.
There Is a piece of poor stone pavement for a couple
of blocks along the railroad to Walnut street, and by
following the aspbalt pavement and bearing off to
the south to Frellnghuyseu avenue th cyclist will
reach FJliabeth. At F.llzabeth turn to the west to
WestAeld avenue, which la the nist street before
reaching tbe railroad crossing, and continue up this
street to tho first btidgo over the railroad Cross tbe
railroad hy tbis bridge and keep straight ahead
through Rahway to the crossing of the lenns) lv anla
Railroad. Here cyclists have been in tbn habit of
going off to Plainfleld. but this is a mistake, aathn
road from Platnfleld to Metuchen or Now Brunswick
la not good, while the one now auggested ts
macadam all the way from Elizabeth to New Prune
wick and on a more direct line.
When crossing the railroad beyond New Bruns
wick the road atraight ahead goes to Perth Ambov.
From Penh Ambny to Meturnen there Is a good
macadam road, but the shorter way is to turn to trie '
right toward a signbosrd Indicating the road to
Iselln M Iselln j on cross ibe railroad an 1 then
go west thruugb Mjnlo Park to New Brunswick, fol
lowing the imacaitara pavement. At New Drnns
wlck continue straight up the street from the bridge
until just before reaching tbe rallruad crossing, then
take tne left hand fork of tho road and continue on
throuuh Franklin Park ten miles to a dirt road with
a sit-aboard reading "To Kinuaton. ' Tho road con
tlnues straight ahead through Kingston, Princeton
snd Lawrenceville to Trenton. There Is an easy
way to get through Trenton by diverging across lots
soon after leaving the end of the macadam pavement
to the first bridge over the canal. Cross the bridge
and continue for a short distance to a street of brick
pav.ment and follow down alongside the troliey
tracks and turn off at the High BOiool, still going
straight ahead on tho brick pavement to State street,
where the trolley care run. to the west. 1'uutlnu
along Bute street over tbe Canal to tbe first street,
Stockton street. Turn down this street, aud just
after crossing the bridge over the creek keen to the
rlgbtoterto Viarren street, wbtch Is paved with
brick, Follow this down to the railroad crossing,
whereyou turn alongside tho railroad biidge, 'the
toll Is two cents. This the quickest way to get
through Trenton. The road from there leada direct
to Frankford aud Philadelphia,
Beginning to-day, the Manhattan Beach track will
be open for practice work on Saturdays and Rundays.
Racing men registered with the N C. A. will be al
lowed to use the track without charge.
The postponed century run of the Pierre Wheel
men will take place to-morrow If the weather prove
favorable. The slow division will leave Bedford
Fountain at rt 80 o'clock In the morning and the
"fast pack," paced by Mr. Nellie Benson, will leave
at 8,80 o'clock. A gold survivor' medal I offend
; .WeiVs Athletic
j. Outfitting Department.
, Devoted exclusively to Men's Outing and
.v Athletic wear. So arranged as to nuke
A quick buying easy. Stocks new and well
kept. Prices lower than anywhere else in
New York, and, no matter how low the
price, "Spalding Quality" only, which
is a guarantee as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar. We pay special attention to
Cycling and Golf Breeches.
Cycling-Golf Breeches, over 300 styles . I . SI. 25 to S5.00
Cycling Suits, Kersey Cuffs .... $2.50 to $10.00
Cycling Shoes, Tan, Calf, Black or Brown . $1.50 to S3.50
Strong, Tan Leather Belts 25c. to $1.00
Cycling Suits, the very latest idea ; Plain Coat, Check Breeches, $9.50
Sweaters, Black, Maroon or Navy ; Spring weight, " Special" 75c.
Caps, over 1,000 patterns .... 25c, 50c, 75c
Fine, Light Weight, Silk Finish Jerseys ; Striped . . $1.75
The Above Goods at Down Town Store only. Store Open Until 6 o'clock.
A. G. Spalding & Bros., Spalding-Bid well Co.,
126, 128, 130 Nassau Street. 29, 31, 33 W. 42d Street
Uptown Store Open Evenings Until 9 o'clock.
Everything in Wheels
Bicycles, Tricycles, Invalid Chairs,
Chair Cycles, Carriers, Carriages '
If you contemplate purchasing; o Bicycle, Tricycle, or any special Multl-
Cycle, come and examine our stock. AVc have every tiling In Wheels, from
Invalid Chuirs to Koad Wagons, at prices that will suit all purchasers.
ffiSffi) UOfl, 308, 310 West 50th St., N. Y. City. (5yP
GEO. W. SHANNON, 1311 Bedford Av.. Brooklyn.
(ft ffH B tni fl 0" Bl'PsasV If wo Bboul1 "elect a wheel for the T
fl 0 iL 1 BaUI sk Presldent we should select from our 4
"I llvi R B I IImN H 8took one of our regular bevel-gear, 2
0 O I ttu & ILJ Li 1 I IbH cna'n,e8S models, X
niiwru ro M -PRICE so.
j fillG I CLIlaiaSfP We could not build a better ono by i
fe Kkr making a special Job of It. t
( aaHJiss Cataloirue containing "Care of the Wheal." Fre.
1 Adc35Ts35. WKTERN JKE1 W0RKSi
;i Juvenile Models, (iheeii!) $25. 30 warren st new tokk.
Crescent Agency and HENRY C. SQUIRES & SON, Small Payments
Installment Dep't. go Cortlandt ht., jr. Y. nid No Red Tape.
44SSS SSS.tt
S Don't you think It Is good com- J
mon sense to buy u wheel that J
, cither you or your friend has
J J TKIKD and found TIUTE ? J .
' , Ask your friend who rides a '
j: PIERCE i;
, what he thinks about it. J
3; we claim ;
3; $8.00 down ;t
' ', $1.50 PER WEEK. j :
V 105 Chamber St. 1080 and 10X2 Bed- 3
1414 Bmajwar, cor- ford Av.. Brooklyn. '
bit 40th tt. 041 Broad St., near
0 East 43d Ht.. bet. Hill bt , Newark,
r,th and Maillson Avs. N.J. ',
lot West 12&1UM. ,
All stores open evenings except Chambers .
Best in tho World.
Chain Wheels, $50; Ohainloss, $75.
Unequal. ui at thA price, $3,
91.50 PER WEEK. $2
181 KK1HTH AV., Near inth st.
84 tinr.KNTVIcn AV.. Near Uthst.
BICYCLE for sale, Victor, In first class rondttlon.
Apply 241 Palmetto al. Brooklyn.
IIIE celebrated Ooodvear A. Straus tires, single-
tube, hard to puncture, easy rldtnt' Sold every
where. 'FIRES. $l,4r, each, new iroods. no seconds, war
J ranted perfect, J. V. IIUCKLEY, tt Warren st. .
by the club. Upward of aevcuty-nve wheelmon ar
Amateur - The 1.. A. W discountenances road rac
li)K, but It takes cognizance of any breach of the
amateur rules commuted on the road. The Cuntury
Itoad Club of America recognizes road raring and
sranta records mala when dill) certified. Tho best
way to keep informed concerning road racea and
other forthcoming es, cuts is to read The Sun.
A committee has been appointed by tho Associated
fvtllnit Clubs of Lorn: I.land to arrange for a partr
of club numbers to visit the national meet at Boston
in .u2uet,
Tbe Sprocket Wheel Club of Flushing has elected
the following officers President, William Fair
brother, Vlce-Piesldent, II. C Carpenter. Treasurer,
Frederick nutke, Secretary, J II, Laundrle, Captain,
Denjamin L. Fowler. Lieutenants. C. F Dj-rd and
lrUu Tjler. Oosernors, H T. Bloodgood, . E.
CheesmanandJ H. Iiwerre.
TRFiroN, Apnlai The National Cycling Associa
tion as incorporated here to day. The charter sped
nes thst the association's object is the direction and
government nf cycle racing. Including the preven
tion, dete tlon and punishment of frauds therein.
it is also to maintain uniformity In thegovemment
nf that sport and others In th method nf conduct
lug race meets of all kinds and the promotion of tha
best interests of ejele racing and other atbletio
sporta. Tha capital stock Is f 2 ooo and the incor
porators are Charles B. Bloemecke of Newark, Nam
tuulahiirj and lieilertck B House of Jersey City,
John D Laslev of Washington, D. C, and A. (1.
ilatcheldernf New Vork,
i - . .
HATS ra perfection.
Bilk Hat (l and IK; Derby Hats t and u.
Headquarter for Fine Soft and Tourists' Hats, 4c.
Don't Experiment
with untried gears whose worth is
doubtful and unproven. If you do, you
are, to the extent of your "investment,
furnishing the capital for those who
should do their own experimenting, and
It's Expensive.
Clipper S
chainless birycles were in use for
months before being placed on the
market. That's two years ago. To
day thousands of riders are proclaiming
its merits and it is daily gaining favoi'.
If you are in doubt, call and we will
gladly loan you a wheel to try.
The price is seventy-five dollars.
1)44 F.lflllTH AVE.
with a oooo reputationHH
Our New Double Rear Frame
Construction is the result of scien
tific study.
Wo build tho lightest road whenl whloh
is enfe to rldo. Do not fall to examine It
before buying.
Great Dedham, Mass.,
Road Race,
Run April 19th,
Won by Jos. Curry
on a 21 lb.
Fitted with
Quad Stays.
88 Chambers Kt and .13." IlitoAntViT.
611 Agencies in Greater New York.
Factory lornimtoii, ronu,
, ,, ,,, J
Hilt ITurf.
AQl'F.Dl'CT. I.. I. '
Admission to grand stand and inclosure, $ 1 RO
Race train leave K. 34th st ID rn A. M I. 1 10,
liior.ll, Also, from FUtbtisb av 11 03 A M . 1, I
1;37, l.oor.ll. Btagea connact with Kings Co. U1' J
KaaaaaaVB " JM ajajaMBBSHSUSjsjBSasjaaaaVatssassaasamssjssasaBfl

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