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IS 2 ' THE SUN, MONDAY, APRIL 24, 1809. ' s
suxshixe i:rifu.s a mvltitude
dowx the vin.i: path.
The Olnrjr of the Inlniitl Una Not Drpnrtrd
-The Olit I rlrs llenrd nllh New Ir
lUIlt One Ainu Tiikes n riiiiif-a Ililn Iho
Siirf NmnliiT nf Isltnrs About IIS.OOO.
A n rule Oanpy Island Ii.m two openings a
year. Tlio first Is (ho formal ortenlnc. I n
fertiinatoly, tlio rasort hns no eontrnct with tlio
rroather authorities, and ns It always rushes
tho ncnon tli result Is that on tlio appointed
opeiittiu dnv it mall crowd noes down In tlio
aoashco nnd shivers dismally In n scml-wln-ter
temperature nml cnmtM hack with H cclil
In ltw hoad. The real 01 cnlnK duy coaio" with
ii the tlrnt warm Sunday, for surlnit Is the trim
.i arhitor of iieanlde rasorts. ami; until breaking
KaHj bud nnd tlio lurlni scent uf Millies itrowliiir
iU -B clvo tlie'sunimons tlio "little strcct-bred pco-
S.X plea." as Mr. Klpliui; Impolitely calls the mot-
KB rovolltan ponul.i'es, will, tccnornlly ulieakliic,
Mj stick to their Htrects.
IK finrlni:i,n the signal Yesterday, nnd. as n
IB result, tlio crowds turned out mid Coney Isl-
Kffi ,m('' favorite of all the nearby lonort.i. Iina I's
Bajj uanulno oiicuini day. It was as different ns
I ft unrthlue could bo from the aliened and np-
1 fl j jointed opening on Knstcr Sunday, when
fj jr j nbout U.000 unfortunates went down there
t ! tt only to encounter a snowstorm, sjoilllv turn-
ilSj Ine Into r.iln and' sleet, Inspiring them with
I IW tho feeling of the cantleman In tlio outworn
'? tS i-ong who "ncor cared to wander from his
,jHv nrn fliastde. ' As nearly as am body cared to
MjjS estimate there wore :i.".(HM) nenplo at the Island
uml sesteiduv To tie sine, they wcie not of the
aUI htoy-all-day kind who tiring jor to the souls
Hwt nnd cash to the pO"ketn of the lestaur.mt and
jmi saloon keepers later ia tho sen-on. but they
'Mmi wero botiu-lliln visitors, and whilo tb staved
1 tbey bought. That 1 the iriui'iial point In
3iftjJ the minds of tho Coney Island Inhabitants.
AjreJ Jly the nilddlo of tlio afternoon tho Place
(fjo looked veiy mm Ii like tho Coney Island of old.
Mjjgi There nro misEiildeil evnlcs who tell us every
jE y,nl "'''' "ie gl'les of rnuev nre In tho past
wflj and that It -will nevei again lie what It onco
IfvH was. It may be so. but when Tun Ht'N re-
SKU porter struck tho loenlltv vesterdny afternoon
IWMj he seemed to hear echoes of olcos from somo
'MUl uvveot. familiar n.it, iTitni
ijJaK "Hot frankfurterh' -pound-o'-ment-an'-n-
KE lont-o -bread' Dn'i five cents. '
MMR "Check tit wheels, ladles mi' gents. This
H "Knoek-eni-downt Knoek-em-down! Three
B Shots for a nickel '
1 "VVelgli the baliy. C rect weight, one cent."
ikH "Have ycr picteis took. No money unless
IB yor suitcil
'hATW, "Sodi-watrr1 S-odi-wntor! Nody-waterl
lBw Cood for that thirst IT cents "
IHSR "I'eo-veu-veenuts! Any inico a liag."
ifflHK "I'op-eorn' I resh lop-corn ! Illght ofT the
'jKi ropucr' I'op-coni'"
JTKs "This way to the roller-coaster! The er-
B cllnnient or a lifetime' Ladles can holler all
(tm Xhev like an' nnvxtry cliarce."
lafS ".Show j or skill, gents, hhow yor skill at
tK tho ttirgcts. licst rllles on the IsKnd, lilt
laB the billlhcje and she lings.
IB "Sacrd eoniert tii-d.r Stop In an' take a
seat. A lallned. interesting show free ot
9H it tt wasn t theV'oiioy Island of old it would
w at least bao looked vcrv much like It on n
IJH nhoucgraph record. To tne ojo there was one
jH suacetion or former years when everything
HWK went at Coney Island but tuninctlous. It
UW was this sIl'ii posted la n conspicuous Plnce-
M Fcr I,ct- anil Sp.lreH tn LfAo
lyll ; on 1 hi Prcp-rt iply tti
;jKX : John v. MrKxNn. ut ciuii iii)ui. :
Ml It was said, howoxer. that the former ruler
iji, I ot tlielislniui would not be there thlsNuiiinier.
ifM lis 1)1 health ii not good Hut the sign re
Jij called nianv mcniuile-. and nil day tho crowds
iviM (.topped In front of If to state and exchange,
"Infl 'eminiscenccs of former tlnii-'s (in tho other
iV;' bund one of the very oldlnndmaiks Is gone
'Mfc this year: ninlerecr's Hotel, which Is n.
fStli legod by thm'dest inhabitiuts, who IIm on
Jlfi; iivery comer, to lmo been theto whon the M-
MVi Ind wis flrni discovered bv awnudeter fimii
&ml the Itowerv who named It not Coney, but
mm 'ioonoii wheiefore tb (ial Ilovwry Tlsltorsof
'S Ihese latter clays call tt Cooney Island vet. To
'MB lomo back to Vandcrveei's.. however, tlio old
.S3 hotel is torn down and (hero is nothing In its
Fgd Place hut oonie unalghtb hcai ot plastei To
H the old-timers It Is a melaneholv ruin and all
,m the glories ot the glass palace, iv-hleh. It islie-
P! ported, is to go up on it. site, wlllnot eom-
LlHt I'ensalo them for the lossluf one of the land-
'tBlJ marks of tlio localltv
!Cl! ot nil tho ancient feature" are gone, hoir-
afiBlJ evor. There are fin good old indestructible
(Bf-l llalnes'lavv Miiidwiclies. for tnstiiiiee. Tliev
ihIJ nro still to be found on nverv plate in most of
IK the saloons, of much the same consiHtencv a
MtJa of old. but Mimrvvhat shrunken with age They
Vlti wore not Insisted main as a point of etiquette
iSil jastordaj ami in some pla.'es ttiey were not on
,Vjf levv or perhaps thev n id shrunk! to such in
'It extent as to hive Peeome invtsllilo to the
'Bl! naked eve. In one of iheso places to which it
''Ml? r,UN reporter wnt there vvnn I even a Plate
"Wis on the table, n. 1 earing in mind .Pertain coi-
.mj loctlons vvliicn lie bad undergone m oast
jKI; years when tlm Island had lieen sulijeeted to
im' represslvo tne.isuros. he asked'for vvciss beer.
Sgti. "Wot?" said the waiter, who was a Urge gan-
fl(! tleman wltli a mot Hiding jaw and an evpres.
IfciS lon of Permanent ilitgut. "D'jer want beer
111 'rdon t ler vvai.t beer'
mm From which it would appear that matters
'jjjlB are on a rotreshinglv free nnd ensy basis this
SmKa teuson. Ily wni of ania-slng Information, the
iW reporter asked it sandwieliei were i-ervcd
IM "Ker n dime.' responded tho waiter suc-
VA etnetiv
ID In another and larger lestaurant the re-
'fa porter found a great prevalence of the h.-ind-
wleh or Imitations thereof Some of theso
eonslsted of a single slab of bread, iinbutterod,
nnd of a dusty exterior calculated to repulse
nay but tho most rabid apt elite. Where thero
xvere sanilvvlchesthey wera equilateral tri
nogW. one inch on each side Whether tho
material between tlio slices or bienit was meat
is something the reporter didn't llnd out. It
didn't seem best to experiment en that point.
either from the standpoint of digestion or of
Immediate personal safety Their feelings
nre easily hurt at Conev Island, in matters of
i etluuette. nnd it Isn't considered good form to
; eat what l set before lull to keep n drink
from looking too lonelv. uune reckless rer
eons hau tacklea the subject, however, for un
! a plate under the sandwich was nlsheet of pa
per on which was written In lead pencil:
"Uon't bite the sandwich. It is dolns Its
I' best."
Under this was Inscribed In nnotherhand:
i "I'lease don't tako this away with vou It
won't do jou any good "
And n third line stood under this one,
(crawled In n boiith hand
"The dints Is my teetli I have hit It "
If the proprietor cliose tolea.e the paper
thero long enough he might have collected
: finite a number of unsigned testimonials. lint
lie noticed the reporter reading It and came
1 iyver to see what tt was.
f "What's the mnttei with that saadwleh?" he
oald Indlcnnntlv. "It's just as good as nny
I other Raines sandwich on the island." and
;j xrlth n look of disgust he bore away the of-
J (ending paper.
! Of thoso who came to the Island In tho
I morning and before the middle of the nfter-
i noon the majority wero on wheels. During
1 the wholo forenoon after ll o'clock the evele
J path was one whirring mass of nhsel riders
j ell speeding in one ill recti 'ii except, hero and
:j there, one who wasn't speeding at all bv rea-
,1 eon of having encountered the shy and retlr-
J Ing bit of glass which lurks unhidden In tho
; most linex'n'i-ted spots n ml knocks all the
a essential yephvr nut of a tiro in the brief
si eoaco of three seconds or less. Then, too,
there were soma few who limped along slowly
ft on their wheels because thev hadn't been out
f before this season, and either then machines
4 or themselves were slightly out of repaii Hut
8 most of the cyclists hustled and paused n t
Jf until thev reiched the Ul'ind. A mile this
K Bide of "that! haven they ci. countered a umi
U breeze In their faces Hint j'ut ureniiuni .i
3 cood wind nnd stiouc im-lilug muscle-, mid
jl the rider who didn't come to M destination
ir iBj warm and panting must have tiavelled that
tt i II last bit xervsliwly Hut there w.i' plentvof
m j M breeyo to -on on the lic-m-d miics as soon as
"i ii they enme to!the beach an i a line outlook over
3 whltocnpped wave- which pre-scd In almost
13 ' to the nsplinlt houlnvurd that leed'j Irom tin
Hi ; I ' end of tho cycle pntn to tho built-up part of the
ill 'A, Island,
in ft i '-.Karly In the afternoon the trolley crowds
Us i began to come, in cars lammed to tlie steis
JS 3 ! Been from u ilHtan-e each car looked like a
atj - bunch of tlvpapec stuck full of tlios. s soon
yji! f ns theeais stopped the people-warmed olTand
F.1S ; tnlrly raced tor the main siieet or th ibland
'iEJ es If they su-pected it n a di.sign to get nwav
SSH; . from them it they j,ave it a chance. Tlicy
sjijf i were a eater as hovs -it a clieusntid the vav
i they siircad around tlio streets showeil that
grat the placo liasn't lost any ot Its jiopularltv 1
i- this despite tl.u lip tthat manv f the places
'J; . weren't open tor mc sei son Hi'io and there
Sss would be seeu n luoprletnr of tome I .to h or
f'if I pavilion tinkering nwav at his pripeitv ntm
M3a keeping an eve on tho crowd to'eee If It would
.f' g bo wor'h ills while to open next Mm lay, while
'Kit f his more eueigctie competitors i.ikfd In the
Si i shekels As one went toward tlm hoach the
fis 4 pioiortlon ot open iilnces liecaine swiltly
M' ' emnllor On the Peach lt-olf the only sa-n of
ifc commercial actlvltv was a few people tlshlng
i-ifi; ' Iropi the plei with tm-kln lured fi m n coin-
iji: ' puny vvhieli lets out sites on tlio plei f,.r an-
tiJSi Kleis. 'Hie bathing pavilions me not jrt open
Jl' S Veveitheless It was said vestrday th.a the
& I bathing wu'im liad lieen formally opened
"PI j timing the Dunning I'ersons who had no
,,S, 3 vaitieulnr Inteiest In telling a lle-or tho truth
!,-' i either, fo that inntter told Tub Sis man
M : that about In u clock n man anpaared on the
jiH bench In a bathing ult and nftoi contemplat
),S Ing the wild waves lor a brief period took a
Vm- 1. long breath and plunged lu; that he Inline-
ll''1 '
dlnteljr exuded n series of ioyless whoops and
plunged out ngnln. and that the sum of the
Information extructed from him :wna;that it
was cold.ZTAs nobody elso who had beon In
tho water could bo found to deny this state
ment regarding I s temtsjraturo It wan gen
erally considered by those In tho vicinity to be
to.v:r tsi.Ayn Tinr.rus caught.
A (inns of l'our ltnjs nnd n Mnn Who
Donned Thrill Arretted.
Tour small bovS wero arrested at Coney
Island yesterday for picking pockets. A young
man who was with them was also taken Into
custody, and the pollco say thnt It was ho who
taught tho boys how to steal and hnd charge of
them whllo at work, receiving from them all
their plunder, The prisoners wero Harry
Messier. 'J.'t v ears old, of 141 Allen street: Mor
ris flold. III. of 'J4711owery: Ilornnrd lloson
swolng. 1". of 10.1 Allen street: Jesse Hellluor.
14, of 4D ltovvory. nnd Nathan "landman, II), of
44 Monroe street.
Detectives Connolly and llcberof tho Brook
lyn Central Ofllco saw Gold, Ilosenswolng and
Kelllncr operating In the ctowd. (inspecting
thnt they woio in charge of some older porson,
they did not nrrest the boys nt once, but fol
lowed them, rinnlly. tho boys met Messier at
Sehweikerl's walk and Selliner hnndod some
thing to Messier, which ho put In his trousers
pocket. .Messier gave tho lads further In
structions nnd they weio nbout to separate
xv hen tlm detectives in rested all of them.
In Messler's trousers iweket wns a cold
watch. Pinned under his waistcoat wns a dia
mond pin. In his enat pocket was $,1 in small
change. Itosouswi lug had In his possession
thioii diamond rings, six pocket knlvcs.onedln
monil pin nnd il.1 In small change. Hold had a
ilinniond pin. a gold vvntch. anil two rings.
Selliner had nothing hut titty cents In change,
but the police think that the watch Messier had
In his pocket was what they had scon Selliner
give to lilm. All of tho tiovs refused to talk
and were locked ut An hour later Detective
Connolly saw Hamlmau attempt to pick tho
pocket of ,loscih Mone7 oftHO llergen Btreet.
lleooklyn. The polico say that llnndmanlsn
member of the same gang.
ritrso.Eit TUiixs v detective.
Orntrelrher, of Illniimincdnle's, Is Hound
ing Illm. He Snjs
Cioorge Oestrelcher. tho prlvnte dntnetlvo of
Illoomlngdnlc. llrothers' store at Third nvenuo
and Fifty-ninth stieet. hnd a row on Saturday
ovening, In front of the store, with a dis
charged employeo of the storo and caused his
nrrest. Oestrelcher nppenred ns complainant
ngainst tho mnn In the Yorkvlllo Police Court
jesterday nnd snld that ho had threntened to
shoot him. Oostrolchorwnntcd him put under
bonds to keep tho pence.
James I,. Tohor of 75f Loxlngton nvenue,
the prisoner, said that Oestroleher had beon
hounding him for somo time and on Saturday
hail him discharged ns doorman In Hloomlng
dnle's. "This Is a bad man, Judgo," the prisoner
said. "Just lead this nnd you will see
what kind of a detoetivo he Is. This Is the
Oestroleher that Simon lluttnor told about
before the Mazet Investigating committee last
Monday. Ho wns mixed up In the nffnlr or
Noonan of Jeisey City nnd nrrested lluttner.
Here, rend tills."
lie handed to Magistrate Crane n newspaper
report of the proceedings before tho Mazet In
vestigating Committee Inst Monday.
"This report refers to tieorgo Oestrelcher,
ntherwlse known ns Sheeney Cteorge. Aro you
he'" Mngl'trate Crane asked tho detective.
" I am. was the answer
"This detective has lieen putting jobs up on
mo to get mo Into trouble." wont on tho pris
oner. "Ho had one ol his friends take a dog
and then ho accused me of stealing it. Ho has
been doing otherenpokod work in tho store so
as to get me into trouble. You can't believe a
wonl he says "
The prisoner added that ho had no pistol
ami did not threaten to shoot.
"He hnd a knife In his pocket," Interrupted
the detective
The prisoner pulled out a smnll pocket knife
nnd said it was n present from his wife on Ills
last birthday anniversary
" My life is in danger, and I want him locked
up." said the detective
The Magistrate committed Toher to the
workhouse for three months In default of f UOO
r.4trs nnoKEV at rimisrs 7RiAt
Review of the Procedure by Justice Hntrh
of the Snpieme Cnnrt.
Justice A. V. Hatch of the Appellate Divi
sion of the Supremo Court delivered a lecture
on "Tho Trial of Christ from n Legal Stand
point" nt the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion Hall on Twenty-third stieet yeslerday ,
afternoon. In the couiso of his remarks ho
said that In this enlightened nineteenth cen
tury od6 would search in vain for tho fairness
and the humanity of pioce.lure which was
accorded offenders under the old Jewish laws.
He gave a number of Instances of the oppoi
tunllies to escape punishment afforded toxin
lators of the law. one of the most In'ereitlnc
being an Inllaxib'o rulelthnt a magistrate hav
ing onco declared for acquittal In a c.iso cou.d
never change his "pinion, although it wns
peraiissiblo tor one who had condemned to
turn nround afterwnid and declnre for acquit- i
tal. He dwelt at some length on the rules of i
evidence which allowed only direct testimony
to le taken against a prisoner and provided
for tho entire throwing out of ovldance.no
matter bow Important it might be. it It was
Justice Hatch then proceeded to show how
nil of these time-honored lnvvs were Ignored
when Christ was biougtit to trial. Not only
was he obliged to testify ngnlnst himself, but
In three other Instnnees wero the Jewish Inws
violated 'I he llrst violation was putting him
on trill nt night, tho second condemning him
on the same day on which he was arrested, an
unprecedenteil thing, although It was permis
sible toncquit a man on the same davon which
he wns nrrested. nnd thothitd putting him on
trial on the nicht before a festlvul. a direct vio
lation of tho Jewish statutes.
Frlrnd rosing ns n Detectlv Arrested for
WnrnliiK Their A icttiu to Keep (Jtilet.
The storo of August Cnssazza. a straw hnt
maker of ll!4 West Houston street, wns robbed
by burglnrs on April 14. Two Italian hovs
were arrested a few days later charged with
tho offence nnd held In 5.1(H) each for trial.
I.ate on Saturday night a man. dressed In
something that looked liko a roundsman's
uniform coat nnd wearing n shield on his
breast, ontered the place, saying thnt he wns n
detective, and. after compelling Cassnzza to
conduct him through the house. Inslnunted
thnt it would bo better to abstain from prose
cuting the boys. If be did not prosecute, the
man snld. tho bo js would pay him $o each to
cover his loss.
Cassazzn sent his son George to the Mncdou-
f:al street police stntiou ni.il a few minutes
ater Detectives Ilrndley and Walker apt eared
on the scene. Tho strnnger bad Konebyth.it
time, but he was traced to tho homo of one of
thenllegcd burglars in West Houston street,
wlieie ln vvasarre-teil. Ho described himself
as Loin-. Itach. "Jl jearsold.of 1 .leiomo street.
Williamsburg The shield he worn was round
to In- n badfo Issued to participants in tlio
thlitleth national (i. A. It. cncuiipmcnt nt St.
1'aiil, Minn.
liach said, when nnalgned In the Jefferson
Maikct Court yesterdav, that he bad been
diuuk and dhl not know what he was doing
Magistrate Deuel onbued a contplalut n( ,11--j
onlei'iv conduct nu-aln-t him and then put him
I under $.11)0 bonds tn keen the. peace forthreo
svsi'ictnvs veksu iririf .1 v.s. noxt
Alieitrd XVhlle lliixlui; Dlnuioiids on tli
Itiovsi) nnd lleiiiuiided.
A mnn who gavo tho nanio Ooorgo llrown
was arraigned before Maglstiato Mmms, In
tho Ceutio Stieet pollco Court yesterday, by
Detective Sergeant Wado of the lential Oitleu,
xv ho had arrested him on Saturday night whilo
he wns bu)ing diamonds from a pawnbroker
mi the Itowerv In his poses un tho detec
tive found a fluted states Ooveiiiiiient bond
fur $.1l)ii. numbered H'.T'.U. which Wade said
was not the prl-onei's property. Tho detcc
, tho woul I snv nothing further iihnut the man
I at present, bu had li,m remanded to Police
i Headquarters until to-d.iy as a suspicious
Courtesy tn th t'nlvrrslty t lull.
The old building of the University Club will
be closed on Wednesday, April 'J I Tho new
one, at l'lfty-fourth street nnd Piftli avenue,
will not bo ready for occupancy until May I,
and some tlmo ago tho l!om nt Oovi mors of
tlio I'nton I.eiguo Club extended to the mem
hers of the University flub the Piivilcgt3 ot
the I nloii League Club rooms uliei April '.'H.
Last night tic date Was changed to April '.".'.
mid consequently tlio L'nloii League Club
looms are now open to tlio I'nivur-ilty Club
The Loton f mil also has extended all the
privileges of the club house to I'nlveislty Club
mciiiborh until such time ns they aro comfort
able In their pew houso.
It MJ Decide to (in On with Its Sessloms
Hern Uninterruptedly After the Legisla
ture Ailjnnrn Witness Who Are In
Contempt to Ho Denlt With Vigorously.
Tho Mazet Committee will meet thlsmornlng
In tho room of tho Now York board of Trade
nnd Transportation nt 10 o'clock. Tho session
willcontluuc. with no Intermission for lunchoon.
until!! o'clock, whon thoconimttteo expects to
adjourn In order to tako the :i:.'10 train for Al
bany. Tho plan now Is to hold no tnoro sos
bions hero until MnvO, but this maybonltercd
nftortholnvcstlgntors confor In Albany. Mr.
Croker bus been subprrnned for this morning,
nnd It was understood yostordny thnt Commis
sioner llradyof the Ilulldlne Department would
bo recalled.
Amemberof tho Pnrkhurst society had this
to say yesterday of the attltudo of tho society
toward tho Investigation.
" It Is practically certain that the society will
tako no notion at present In reforonco to giving
assistance to tho committee If. however. Mr.
Moss finds that ho has need of books, docu
ments, papers or other assistance from us, nnd
ho makes known that nood In a formnl com
munication, that communication will bo acted
upon and tho xote upon It will show that ho
will get what ho needs from us. whether Dr.
rarkhurst approves or disapproves."
"Klther before tho beginning of business
to-morrow or nftor adjournment," said a
Mazet eommlttoomnn yesterday, "there will
ho n meeting of tho committee, nnd a
stntementmay ho given out. Ilisqulto pos
sible, though, that no statement of our future
plans will bo made until wo get to Albany. It
may bo decided to return hero Immediately
after the adjournment of the Legislature and
continue the Investigation uninterruptedly."
"What about the alleged legal obstacles In
tho way of carrying on the Investigation lifter
tho Legislature adjourns ?" asked tho reporter.
"The members of tho committee do not
think that legal obstacles exist." was the an
swer. " but If tlioy do exist thev will bo cleared
away. Some kind of a report will he made to
the Assembly to-morrow night nnd that mat
ter will be brought up. If tho resolution
under which the committee la conducting the
Investigation !s not comprehensive enough to
pormlt us to go on with our work after tho
legislature adjourns, it will be amended by nn
omnibus clause, so to speak, iindor which wo
may continue until our work isdono. If It is
proposed, ns reported, to empower this com
mittee to continue Its work under a j'olnt reso
lution of tho Sanate nnd Assembly, tho mem
bers of the committee hnvo no official knowl
edge of such a plan I do not think any such
action will be attempted."
"What is the committee going to do nbout
tho witness Mlers?" asked tho reporter.
"Oh. we're going right for him. nnd for nil
others like him. If we can't compel such fel
lows to answer questions we might ns well nd
journ and go home. Perhaps wo can't compel
them to answer, but we can punish them, and
that's ono of the first things we'll nttend to
when we get to Albany. Wo'xo got Miers ex
actly w bore we want him."
Has a, Newsboy Arretted for Selling the
Pnper, hut Enters No Complaint.
John Reynolds, nnowsboy, who gave his ad
dress as 14H 1'ast Korty-thlrd street, was ar
raigned before Magistrate Cornell in the West
Fifty-fourth Street Tollce Court yesterday
morning. There wns no formal oomplalnt
ngainst the boy, but Roundsman Daly ot tho
West Forty-seventh street station, who had
nrrested him. explained to the Magistrate that
ho had been tnken In bocauso Police Commis
sioner Hess ordered It.
Mr. Hess, tho roundsman said, saw tho
prisoner and another boy on Bnturdajr night
selling copies of tho Tenderlnln. u publication
which was the subject of some Inquiries by Mr.
Moss before the Mazet committee. When ho
approached. Daly said, the boys scampered
off, but Commissioner Hess told him to
chase one of them, nnd if he had a
copy of the Tendrrlmn in his possession to nr
rest him. Daly cnught Reynolds and took him
to the West Forty-seventh street police station.
Commissioner Iless did not appear to make a
cumpluint. hut tho boy was locked up for tho
Commissioner Hess was not In court yester
day morning when Reynolds was arraigned.
The Magistrate, on discharging the hoy.satd:
"I have no doubt this paper ought to no sup
pressed, hut Commissioner Hess has not gono
about it in th right way. Any lawyer would
have told him that.
Handle ITnder Prisoner's Uelt Was ' Pri
xnte ItustiieM," II Snld.
A man who walked unsteadily down the
bridgo steps into Park row nbout 2:.10o'clock
jesterday morning, clasping both handstlghtly
over his stomach, attracted tlio attention of
Policeman Butler.
" Are you sick ?" asked the policeman.
" No!" answered the early pedestrian. " I'm
drunk. Don' zhu know zh dlffrensb betwoen
shlek nn' drunk''"
"Then whnt makes youhugyourself?"asked
tho policeman.
" 1 refush t' nnshwer. Thatsh prlvato
bi7hness." wns the emphatic response.
Tho man was ariestod and taken to the Oak
street station for snfo keeping. He said ho
was Theodore Reckert of 'JlO Hoerum street.
Brooklyn. When searched, under n wide cloth
b"lt which lie wore mound bis waist tho nol ice
man found n spring chicken, already plucked
and ready to lie cooked.
" Tha'sh in) Shundiiv grub." said Reckert,
" nnd I wash afraid I'd lose It."
He wns taken to the Centre Street Tollce
Court yesterday and fined $:i. Ho paid tho lino.
llrnke III Wife's Skull Ilecause Dinner
Wns Not Heady.
When Thomas Moran of 2.38 Fifth street.
Jersoy Cltv, went home nt noon yesterday, he
wns drunk nnd quarrelled with his wife.Hrldget.
hecauso dinner wns not ready. Ills wlfo told
him lie had better go nnd got his dinner where
, begot his whiskey. He pickod up a chair nnd
struck his wlfoon tho head with It, fracturing
her skull. She is In a critical condition and by
advice of City Physician Hoffmap was removed
i to the City Hospital and Moran vfas lockod up
to await the result of her injury.
Illcycllsts Hurt on Riverside Drive.
Thomas K. Judge. 40 years old. of 27 West
l.'Cd street, while tiding his bicycle yqstorday
' on Riverside Drive lost control of his wheel In
descending the hill nt 120th street nnd was
i thrown over tho handlo bnr. sustaining bad
bruises nbout the head nnd body. He wns
' removed to the J. Hood Wright Hospital.
, While bleveling on Riverside Drive nt lflOth
street yesterday. Noah D Josephs. 21 years
' old. of 11 West Ullst street, collided with a
I cnli nnd wns bndly cut nbout tho head Ho
went to the same hospital. Tho cabman escaped.
Itoyland's Skull Ilrnlcen on n Trip tn Coney
Peter . Royland. Hit vcars old, or 4.17 Donn
stieet, Diooklin, while ildlngontho sidestep
of n Nassau trolley car yesterday afternoon on
his wa to Cnncy Island, was thrown from the
cm ny a sudden start nt Ray Nineteenth street
nnd l'eiison avenue, Rntb lleneh. In Ids fall
his head lilt nil iron trolley pole and his skull
was fiac'iirod. He was attende I by ,m ambu
lance surgeon from the Norwegian Hospital,
but insisted on being taken home. His condi
tion is serious.
Slight Call llnatencd n liny' Dentil.
Cut oner's Physician O'Hnnlou vestetdny In
xetlgated the case of 4-year-old Charles Kohl
off ot IHO Sixth stieet, who died suddenlynt
his home on Satuid.iy night, It was supposed
from eating impure candy. Dr. O'llan'on
found tint the boy died of convulsions follow
ing catarrhal gastro-enterltls. A fall from i
stoop last Thursday probably hastoiiod his
Deserter finin Nuevltnn Arrested Here.
Thirty-eight furloiighed and discharged offl
eors nnd privates fiom our army In Cubaur
rived here yesterdayonthoMunson Hue steam
ship I'll. i, (mm liaiacoa, lilbaia nnd Nuevitns.
Thore was also nhoird a desetter from the
l hospital corps nt Nucvllns, who was arrested
. at tho pier and taken to Governors Island.
Mint Through the Leg in u Siilnnn Fight.
I Atilonlo Itose of '".) Oliver street wns sent to
the Tombs from tho Centre Street Pollco Court
yesterday to nvvalt the result of the Injuries of
Andrew Anderson of lie! Rovvory. whom he
shot In a quarrel In a saloon at lw) Park row
on Saturday night Tho bullet passed through
Anderson's thigh and burled itself lu tho chair
iu which ho was sitting.
Pollcemnn O'l.nunblln Unices n Dash Up
Morning Mtntrs to Houso Tennnts.
Follcomnn Mlehael J. O'Lnughlln ot Iho
Amity street station. In Brooklyn, did good
service nt II o'clock yostordny morning, rous
ing the tenants In tho three-story brick tene
ment at :t8'.i Hicks street, which was on tire,
haven families occupied the building, Thomas
Colby, n consumptive, nnd his wife, Mary, oc
ejiplod the rear basement. Mrs. Colby was sit
ting up with hor husbnnd. who wns expected to
dio at nny moment. Hho heard a noise on tho
floor above, and found that tho houso was on
tiro. Klie screamed and O'Lnughlln, who was
passing, inn Into tho house and began to
awaken tho Inmates. Ingoing up tho stairs
he placed his coat oi'cr Ills head to avoid tho
smoke. Then . he grasped the banister to
culda himself, nnd as this was on lire his right
hand was severely burned. He awakened tho
tenants, most of whom made tholr escape by
means ot tho (lie escape In tho rear.
Mrs. Howards, who live) on the top floor,
was found lu bed by O'Laughlln, Ho carried
her to u TfiT window As ho was raising the
window she ran uvvnyand returned to her room
In tho front of the homo. Here she put on
soma clothing and then attached it coll ot rope,
which she had rendy foi emeigeticy.tto her
bedstend Ah sho wns putting the rope out of
tho window she saw the llrcuien coming un a
ladder to her room !!Stie thon awaltedltho lire
men and was rescued, but her faco was blis
tered by the flames.
Patrolman O'Lnughlln found hlseseapoby
the stairs cut off. As thcMro escape did not
reach to tho top lloor, ho got outside the win
dow and called for n ladder. Ono was raised
and ho was aslstcd!to tho street.
Thomas Colby was carried out of the tmrn
Ing building by Patrolman Thomas Wall and
taken to SI. Peter's Hospital, wherelhe died a
few hours later o' consumption. Otto I.lnd
berg. I u whose room on the llrst floor the lira
started, was burned nbotitth feet and hntids
and was taken to the Long Island Collcgo
Patrolmnn OTjVighlln was appointed on tho
force In January, IKK), and the following
Christmas he lo-onod Henry Hchraeder. his
wlfo and two children froni;tho'top lloor of the
house nt 117 Atlantic nvenuo. which was on
flro. In IKK!) lie received a gold medal for
rescuing Jnmos O'Brien from drowning nt tho
Krle Basin.
lis Sees in Gov. ItuocveIt Its Highest Type
In Wnr nnd Peace.
The Rev. l'nther William J. R. Daly. Chap
lain of the Sixty-ninth Regiment, lectured on
"American Patriotism" in Carnegie Hall last
night In aid of the Catholic Boys' Association.
Archbishop Corrlgan introduced tho speaker,
who said In part:
"Amoilcan patriotism Is something of which
we may well bo proud. It has caused every
great nation of the em Hi to turn un Inquiring
eye on us. When wo know that Old Glory calls
to us for help we are one people and put usldo
all sectional differences. This tlmo a year ago
the American caglo was screeching its loudest
nnd telling us of war. Wo are not a pugna
cious peoplo and considered the matter calmly
nnd debited It coolly. But. mark you, our
calmness Is much more to bo dreaded than an
older nation's florv outburst.
"Patriotism U the highest nnd broadest kind
of lovo: it represents In nil Its beautv and
power tho love of family nnd self nnd friends
nnd home: it is founded In justice and right
A Patriot is one who cuts home tios for the
sake of countiy nnd takes the wionged nnd
downtrodden ns his children The highest
ti po of patriot Is such ns that mnn who fought
at Santiago and after.the wnrdevoted himself
just as btronglr to the arts of peo"e. 1 tcter to
Gov. Roosevelt. He not omy aids the country
mateiliillr, but ho bequeaths to posterity a
noble heritage in the form or;,i beautiful
character for American youth to emulate.
"Our country, though young. Is hilbntlle a
giant. Wo now tnko our place in 'h- fiont
rank of thelnatlonsof the earth, in consequence
of the potrlotlo uprising of the pe 'Pie to en
force tho principle or justice In ( uba When
our regiment left for the war It was forced on
my mind thnt patriotism Is Inspiring and
ennobling. Thoie Is but one feeling that goes
beyond the love of self, home ami family, and
that is duty Hatv cads the soldier to war.
In cam. nmld all the sufferings from fever
nnd other ill. I never lieaid a man sny "I am
sorry I eaerillced so much and came to fight
for my country.'
"There is another kind of patriotism that
has no army or nnvy-the patriotism of paeo.
Somo M us went Into battle that wo might
have peace. It Is n pleasure to feel thnt wo
live In this great Innd, 'tho homo of the brave
and the free.'!
Tn SpJI Its Martlson .Avenue Property.
The land now occupied by fit. Joseph's Home
for Infant Girls, undor the charge of Sisters of
Jloicy. at Madison avenue, between l'.lgbtv.
first and Kighty-second streets, east side, eon
talnlngabout twenty city lots, has been offered
for sale. Tho prlco nsked Is $7.10.000. or
nbout $:t.1,(M)0 n lot The grent demand for
land In this location for private residences has
influenced tho trustees to put the pinpeitv In
the market and build a homo lor the Utile gn Is
In tlie upper part of the city where the laud is
less costly.
Plans have already been filed for a convent
for the sisters' use on the north sldo of l.V.'d
street, .loo feet east of Broadway Ot posit, i
ht Joseph's Home, on the southwest corner of
Madison avenue and Paglityecond street. Me.
Catlerty .V Buckley hnvo comniencod the erec
tion of six prlvato residences, to cost more
than $2.10,000.
Foundling In a Park Avenue Vestibule,
Whilo John McKlbben of 11.17 Mndlson avenue
was passing tho houso at 444 Park nvenue last
night ho henrd nn Infant's cry and fonrd a two
weeks' old boy, wrapped up in some pieces of
linen, lying on the vestibule floor behind the
outslno dooi. He took the foundling to the
police, win sent him to B 'llev no Hospital.
Pale, Thin
Sufferers frcm
Want ef
There is a good reason
why so many people are
thin and pale because the
food they eat does not digest
Thin, pale people are not
healthy. How to become
healthy and gain in veight:
By changing your diet.
Eat more starchy food Take
with your meals, uohann
Hoff's Malt Extract is a food
In itself and aids the diges
tion of starchy foods. It
will increase your appetite
and build you up in a short
time. Johann Kofi's Malt
Extract makes flesh and
Johann Heff: NewYork, Berlin, Paris.
He Is One or King Osenr'a Chamberlains
He Hnys It Is the Younger nml Wilder
Politicians In Norway Who Clmuor for
ChniixC) Abetted by Poets nnd Novelists.
Thoisten Nordonfelt. tho gunmaker. has
turned his attontlon from the arts of war to
those of pence. Aftsr more than thirty years'
residence In London nnd Paris, Mr. Nordonfelt
returned to Sweden Inst winter as nchnmbar
lain at the court of King Oscar, Ho has since
then become interested in the development of
a recent hwedlsh Invention fortho production
ot Pasteurized butler and cream automatically
and directly from tho milk. He Is lu this coun
try now for tho purpose of Introducing this In
vention, which Is said to mark n revolution In
the dairy Industry. Mr. Xordeutolts connec
tion with the royal household and his Intlmato
friendship with the King hnvo cnnbled him to
get a clear Insight Into tho Hwedlsh Govern
ment's views on the present dlfllcultles be
tween Sweden and Narwny, which has boon
complemented by observations made during
extensive travels In the two countrlo".
"1'rom my knowledge of the clrcumttaueos."
he said yesterday to a Sun reporter, speaking
of the strained relations between Sweden and
Tv'orway. "I can state that there Is no serious
fundamental difficulty between tho two coun
tries. In Norway thore might bo said to be
thrco parties. Tlio first of these comprises
those who hold to the union with Sweden ns
stiougly in the Swedes themsolvos, on tho
ground that the two countries, which hnvo
now been untied for more than eighty years,
aro f.ir more Imnoitnnt conjoined than either
ot them Would be separately. Tho second
party consists of thoso who would like to see n
division and tho formation of two separate
kingdoms. Tho thlnl jiarty Is carried away
by tho desire to form nn Independent Not we
ulan republic, although nil Rwedes mid Nui
wegiaus recognise mid nptuoclato the giant
leallibert) which exists In constitutional coun
tries with such very Iroc Institutions as tho
bcandlnavian br itlier nations enjoy.
"This subdivision Into three parties in Nor
way Is. perhaps, not; fully apparent to out
siders, becuuso King Oscar Is equally popular
in tlie twiicountiles nnd as greatly admired
by individual Norwegians us b the Swedes.
Tlie Norwegians who do not wish for set am
tlon desire, however, to hnvo n separate con
sular service and even separate I'oreignOlllcos,
But they overlook tho extreme dlfllcullv. If no:
Impossibility, of the same King sneaking
through one Norwegian and another Swedish
l'orcign Minister on subjects which may In
volve a clash of Interests between the two
"The separation of commercial and consular
Interests would be 'lulto feasiblo with duo pre
cautions, hut the Bwedos fear that this might
proio only a step.towurd complete separation
and might drlvo the two nations ultimately
into the position which In tho United Mates
thlity-ftvo years ago couldZbe cleared up
nn'y at tho cost of a fratricidal war. heiious
thinking people In Hweden as well ns In Nor
way feel perfectly convinced, however, that in
their case such a calamity should in reality
nover become neeessary. It iBonly the oung.
er and wilder politicians who clnmor loudly for
continuous changes, forgsttlng that the larger
common Interests might thereby be fatally In
jured "The situation has also been complicated by
poets, novel writers and other itresnonslble
persons who Imagine themselves politicians
nnd who nre not guided ns. they should he. by
ilia sense of responsibility without which nn
mnn can be called a statesman By tut- tlio
greater number of responsible educated men
In both countries nrodcepl impressed by the
importance of the union, under which the
material and Intellectual Interests of the coun
tries have developed In a most remarkable
manner They put tholr faith In the areat
healing qualities of time nnd see tho future of
tlio union in the bright light of wider Influ
ences We havo In our eflorts to bring nbout
an improvement the unfailing support of our
sovereign, than wnom notiody knows better
the requirements nnd real Interests of Swedon
nnd Norwnv King Oscar lseflleipntlynsslsted
by the frown Prince, whose strong character
ami 11 rm will make themselves felt nt times
when, ns lately, the King now and then takes
u well. deserved rost.
"1 be armaments which have lately been
pushed In Norwnv ns well ns In Sweden were
really admitted to be necessary long before the
present political difficulties aiose. but the
countries could not until now afford tho great
exienso connected with a reorganisation of
th defence. With the great recent impiove
ment In the financial .position theso expendi
ture have become !06slh!o and would have
been made whatever the political situation
The great bulk of Swedes nnd Norweglnns
look upon these armaments ns a godsend for
tho future defence of the united kingdoms
naainst foreign nggn sslon "
I'amnus Ilesoit Near Mnnterrv. Cnl.. Snted
hj flood Work nt Its Own Tile rtchter.
JIoVTF.tiF.v. fa I . Apill l!.'!.- Fire, which broke
out at the dinner hour last evening in tho nv.f
of tin- west annex of the Hotel Del Monfe,
caused a damage of $'J0.(KK), nnd for a few
minutes threatened to destroy the famous sen
side re.ort Tho flro was discovered bv a b dl
boy. who turned In nn alarm The bouse was
soon in an upro.ir.aiidgiiestnthrowtliPir valu
ables out ot windows
Tlie flro department of the hotel worked
heroically, nnd i xtlngulstied the dimes before
they made nnv grent headway The hotel is
nmile from Monterey and is forced to depend
upon its own lire nppatntus. In lK-j" it wns
burned to tho ground hecauso the appiratus
did not work. It was rebuilt in InHrt ,uid cost
over JstiM.OiK).
West 14 SL
""' KrJi" '807.
-$V ra-etiumi 4
Curtnitib nnd drnp?n'ps down, lloor
coverhifja up eonio to bo uspd nsain--some
to lie replaced. So wo offer spo
cinl burjruins to iniiko your rpinodplfed
rooms richer than your droams of Ori
ental luxury.
All Wool Ingrain Art Squares.
8x2 yds. . . S3.SO
8x2 1-2 yds. . . 4.50
8x8 yds. . . . 5.50
8x8 1-2 yds. . . 6.25
' yds. . . . 7.25
Value $5.50 to $10.75).
l-'sppcinlly appropriate for this sea
sou vvlit'ii tho slrei'i persists in iiivml
K tho house, as they am nuiUo to Htiiiul
the fi'iiuicnt t-liitkiiit,-
Sprint; carpets that cup tlio climax of
beauty and ("otioiny Tapesfry, 47 ets.
a yd. (value lotts. i. AMtunstei's, flo ets.
a yd. (value $ l.:t."i).
Sinuiiior lurnituro --latest piawn nov
elties at lnvvi'st prices and " l.(ili
Credit" allows you to pay when con
venient. CASH on CREDIT
104-. 106 and 108 West 14- St.
' Broolflvn Stores: FIalbushAv.ft!tonSt
Wf Dream Bairn -dSEX
I)ruetlt, .-,0 tin, sJarJoC4,, H
Applv 11 tin In' r h mutrll & tvitSiS'.
F.l.i lilti'S. sWurr.nM., N . T- V" ir,x
Carpet layers f uruiahed at thort uuUco.
4Y f
I Fifth Ave. Auction Rooms,
tV. U. NOUMAN, Anctlonear.
I The Second National Bank I
5 of XEir toric crr 5
comprising: 107 bales of x
Oriental Rugs d Carpets!
t of the finest texture and most desirable color, including
I Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, f
j APRIL 26TH, aoTH, 37TH, SBTH. S8TH. T
Mornings, 10:30 to 12:30. Afternoons, 2:30. I
X NOTICE. Plesso note the hours of sales, as on account of its magnitude we ara obllgsd to hola X
V two sessions, Mornlnc and Afttrnoon, X
0O0 4t
Ther Sny Thnt tho Promotion of Fireman
Is rusliiiiK Ohlnr Hands to the 'Wall.
Tlio first of n series of conferences called by
tho llrotherhood of Locomotive Knulneors to
consider the host tvuy of Inducing railroad
comnnnles to employ n creater proportion of
cuclncers nnd rromoto fovrer firemen was
held yestcrdny In Tammany Hall. It Is al
iened that tho railroad companies when they
want more enulnccrs elninly promote firemen,
clojlnc the doors to unemployed enclneers
who apply for work. The firemen who nre
promoted are tnken into the Brothorhood and
receive the wages ot union engineers, hut the
enalnecrs sny that unless unemployed engi
neers rccolve more consideration their num
ber will be greatly Increased. They do not
want to bar tho (Iromen from promotion, but
to brine nbout an arrangement by which a
nropoitiou of the unemployed engineers will
hnvo an aijual ehance with tho firemen of ob
taining work as engineers.
The conference wns attended by about 1.000
engineers Irom nil parts of the country, all the
roads entering New York as well as the elevated
systems being represented. Among those pres
ent were Grand Chief Arthur of the Brothor
hood of Locomotive llnclneors, Hallroad Com
missioner Frank Jl. liuker nnd Commissioner
Wobtor of the Htnte Hoard of Arbitration.
The conference wns a secret one.
Chief Arthur ndvlsed the engineers In the
meantime to nttend faithfully to their duties
pending a settlement of the dlfilouly In hand.
Faithfulness to tholr employers, he said, was
ono of the strongest obligations of the Broth
erhood men.
Finally it was decided tn refer the matter to
the local divisions throughout the country,
with instructions to make lecommendatlons
to be presented to the next general conven
tion of tho Brotherhood In Milwaukee. In May,
1IHK. when definite action on the subject will
be taken.
Ilesolutlon.' were passed bv n btatidlng vote
tendering to William llucliannn. the votoian
superintendent nf motive rower on the Now
York Central, who has retlrod. the apprecia
tion of tho Brotherhood for his considerate
treatment of Its members.
The question of the effect a chanie in mo.
the jiovver Irom neam to electricity would
have on the engineer illd not come up at the
conference. Chlet Arthur, when spoken to
about It nftor the conference, snld: "The com
panies will still want responsible men. and no
more faithful or efficient men could fce found
than those nt present In their employment."
irO.irK.V ATtUSE A charity.
flerentter the Iliiapitnlity nf the Open Door
Will He Illspenseil Mure Sparingly.
Tho mission of tho Church Army at 70 Allen
street, which wns started about four months
ngo under tlie name of tlio " Door of Hope " as
n home for fallen men and women, has lately
changed its name, and Is now known ns tho
" Open Door " l'ntil n few weeks ago tho mis
sion took In fallen women nnd gavo them
board aid lodging It was discovered, how
ever, that tii" women wero unable to reform
whilo so near tlm old tenipfntions. and Col.
Henry II Hadlev, who conducts tho mission,
decided to keep applicant over night and thon
vend them to si.nie other ml-slon whero they
would lie nb'iuod tovvoik for their food and
lodging. In nnler to keep tho men converts
nwav from the ll'ivvery lodging houses, beds
will bo furnished to them in the rooms on tho
upper floors torl n week
I he Weather.
The atorm which was over T,oulfAna moved slight
ly nertliwarilycRtcrdsy tn Oklahoma and Missouri,
'the law pris-nira eevcrrd the country quite gen
eralb we-t nt th MlnMselpiU Itivrr. The storm en
ergy was flight. There nere showery and threaten
tan ronitit iei In the . . ntiil States and the Ohio and
I TennetRp vallcjH, It nan ceohr in tho Northwest
i and SeiitlivvpRtrnd warmer in the Ohio Valley and
t'u nee eaet to the Atlantic Htitew.
In this rih tlie day wa-i fair and warmer; average
lri'iili'v, nn neri'iit. wind rnutherl), vern
h1.cIv m miles nn hour, barometer, corrected to
r, ad to e 1 vel, at s . M. an 22, :i 1". M 30.10.
The temperatuie a recorded by the mflcial ther
mometer nnd abo 1 y Tur SrVn thermometer at the
street level i shovwi in the annexed table:
r- ORri! Sim. . Official , ,S"un.
IS3.J. JSlv. WI'.i lean I-9. W.
DA. M.S.!' 570 f.il' HP.M.ilM' i.il' 71'
12M...IM tit '! HP. M.na Cu '!
3 P. M.HV n-f 72 13MM..-M' M ttl'
WAsnisoros roiiECAsr rou Monday.
For Now England, partly rloudy to day and Tues
day, variable winds
For eaittrn ."Veto J'erJt, partly (lowly; thoveri to.
mo'itot Twtdiy, vdiiabU utn.
For tho Dintrict ef Columbia, Maryland, Dels
ware and eastern Veun-lvania, iticreainj cloudl
ncc, probably show era to night and Tuesday; win Is
iiio-aly fresh soutlierl) .
For New Jersey, partly cloudy, with warmer in
south portion, probably showers Tuesday; variable
For western Pennsylvania, showers, with cooler In
south portion, variable winds, fair Tuesday,
ror western New York, probably showers; fresh
northeast winds, T.icidsy partly cloudy and prob
ably showers
Court Cnlcnilnrs This Day,
Appellate TilviKion Supreme Court. Reeens.
Supreme Court Appelluie Turin Motions. Ap-
pials flnni Urdus ol City Ceiut Nos. 1,2,3,4, r.
I. 7, H. 1. Appeals from . I ndginents ef t'ny Court
No. 1.2 a, 4, r, k, 7, n, ii MipealsfioinMiiukijial
loiirt Ves 2 teM incliislic.
viipn u . C inn -pti Ul Term -Pirt 1 -Motion
calendar, iiII-mIm In no . M. l'.iit II Court opens
HtloaoA M. Kt parti nutters. Pirt HI -U ar.
i Mnttonx ii iimncrs No, una. lulu, iihii, Pri
I fititd .aims-No. 278.1, 1k;h, ji',7.-,, 2i7o, Patt
IV l bar. Law .mil l.li t Nos ls.'M, l.Mn, 1H7U,
! 27VI, 2slH, 2'.,il.'l. 2."J2, 'jr.i.o, 2.",7ti, 2.'h
2..M., 21.12. i'l 12. 2Ui7, U'hi, 2171, 2111,
1 2147. 24 .'.. 'Jll'il, 2H3.'I, n'-,7 ..llir,, ,11112.
.Un", 2;s7 Pint -Clear. I .lie- frun part
I IV. Pail VI Clcai Casi irom Part IV. '
Part Ml. Clear hi vatcd 1. It. con Tnsl Term ,
Pirt II - use untl'iislud P.efillnl i mis, s New.
I P2I1.I, H.i'.'s. j' n i,:: ., iuii.-, n.iir,, nam, nan,
ii.ii4.iiau list ., ii,.,'. line, him ii;iii.'.i4r,t.in.,,
I n imii, 7','i.', i.'l; Pan III l Ii ir. . s. 32.'.,
471.1. 1124 1 4 127, IH17, I Ills, 410. 841, e.42,
K43. HU sit, Mil, HIT, MK, 47P7, 4s'12,
l .ii".". 20.1". .lain, nun. 4n.",i. n.u.i, ;.27i .
Pan IV -Char. Casen turn Pan III. pans V. and
, VI vdlniriieil fnrlhi turn Pan MI -Clear. Nus
I 4r.-. 4i;.'i'i, 2M-17, 2'.'ii7, ar in, 4r.2i, 21017, 4i,
' 2-''. 21' .7, 1IH.I, ill,',, .nil'!, ,'.1124 .M lit, Midi
I 421. 4.f.l. 2211, le.'tl, I I.1H, Hlliil, 7il" i. .,'.17
I Ml.' .1.'.', HH4, f.'l.i, ll'll't, IK.'.t. 4172. 2 Ml
I Pari VIII. -.Inlui t, , hr,c Ca- s from Part VII
I'n 1 i- n'lnupdi d. C-e fniin p it VII.
. Pa.iN i!ur ( as. irein part VII laitXI. W
I jiii nulinr Ilic t, rm. Part ll. - l'a-, s ini'iniKUc.l.
i 's. .i un Pi t II.
MiMsa'i'.i uirt i hunters Ferprohatc Wills
of vni llmi'ii, Vnt ii s, ii st I i.awr.mc vie
Mile II, Nc.lit 11 Hesse. (.'alelmu U Wilson eaui'iit
vvcTili. lie iletitiTi, soiiuaii Ann Miiith at loan
I A V Mm M l'l kill-ei, l.iai ll llalle, .Iralinn
1. In la, at 2 1' M I rial l un -.No ll.l uillnf
iMii hi 1 I t llliety.ut In.ao M No 14. If,, will of
la.lil. LmhlKr, St In ll M ; Nn 4V, will of
llcitha II mil. in loan M . Nn i:jb will of
Aanli hiltlieilalid. at In'luA M
City com t Spu'UI nrro Cmrt opens in A si.
AI.il.u is iniiiril J rm Vppiala from Orders -N
is 1,. 3.1. ppials from ludnment.. -Nns I to
I ' lliiblsi i. JI..iiii.s-Nes. I.J .1 Piirtl Clear
N is II-., 'Kil'i, .II7I'. '.'IH4, .IV, I, 37711. 372,
a,i7., .ia;2'v .iijnsj, .'i.-.siii,, a-.i ,i, ,i.-, ,h. :im,...
.'I4.(... .Ml", .li'illi, IMII, 7M.''l. 711-3. 37HV MTHli.
tiTiiii .7 ..I, 'ini. .17 1..' 371111, :;iit, :i;ii7.
87li7't. J7lO', .isihi .i.. as ''ir, :.i. 3hii'11,
Pails 11 , III. mid IV.- Adjiiurmd fur the term.
Itenl Kstiite I'or Sale Cllj or Countiy
advcrtieiiliu 1m. M'N iiupllus tin ah rlrst luiile 1 1
a satlsiactori dlsp tal or it. Nu better imlorsnuuit
of Tur ti' ss a n al i state medium need bn reipilri d
than the ttesl Ktate llnrd vt llrokers, who make
use of it as a, news ss well as sn adverttsini: me.
dium. Adi,
Mo7iday & Tuesday
Bargains in
High Class
Dress Goods,
Short Ends.
From our wholesale, this
season's accumulation of short
ends, remnants, and dres3
at & usual price.
50-inch English Checked
all Wool Cheviot,
50 cts.,
ralue u.to.
46-inch French Etamine
and Canvas Suitings,
50 cts.,
formerly si.ki A 11.7.
Lord& Taylor,
Broadway & 20th St
lnnnS!svvnik Bvo
l ra isa
t ii Natural Mineral Water,!
' iHs known for centuries and J
ApTfc imported v
' ' KMHaV 0r D'sordcre(- Stomach
'ItiMBB and Indigestion.
3 5sszi Its value has been testified to i
' VICHY -"i7 thousands.
o WaI- So-called Vichy in Syphons i
; g (ret the Genuine, r
T EniMHSi Yuirplivslclsn
A aataiiaW nil! recommend it.
4 aassssnsss" General Vi;ency.220Ii'vTsy.N T.
llr WkJW' nl At m Send for
fm ridu"M r lilustrateci
MollRZ S catalogue
r aV New Vnrlf 1 lfl'U'estaSd St.
W Brooklyn: cot Fulton St.
music box.
It's svvectnoss, linrniony anil volume of
tone lias made it n universal favorite.
It lias smooth metallia tuno fihects. Oref
fiOO tunes to select from, ','nme sud hesr it.
JACOT & SON, 39 Union Sq., N.Y.
Fell Diiwn Stnlrs on I,t'nlnjE Frlnnils, n
Siijs-PhIh'u Cnn't 1'linl the friends.
Itlclmiil Merrollof ClilcnBo, atr.ivolllne mnn
wlm lias Ijtfett llvlni.' nt tlio HotTinnn Ilniisa
siir'o April l,r. wns iiifkod up uticotiM'ioiis In '
thn li.lll of '.''10 rst Thlttr-oiclilli Mroet
enrly yotorday innrnliij HhkiIiI vvliiMi li' an
tntluit hh lm was lea vim; tlm npiirtment of .
frieuils in tlie IjiiIIiIIiib Iik linil fnlli-ii iloun
Mnlrn. outtliiK Ills lipiulon tlmslniiv llnur II'
reluseil to Kivii tin, nnnii'siif Ills friends, nnd
tlio polico were ininlile to loeutx iliein.
Senntnr .lones IinpruviiiE In llenltti.
Atlantic City. N. . t ,AprU'j:i I'tiltcil Pti'es
Senator Jones, I'lialimnn of tlm Nntiunal
Dnmncrntlu I'nmmittpf, wiio tins lu'en li-n1 1'r
several weeks lor his health, is Imprvm
ArraiiReinentsaro belnc in I" tM leave t'i
tl- City nn TliiirMlny lor N. w Yoil; and '
lk)iblo that the rti'liiitnr with Ills mn w I
leavn on Kiturlny for l'uropf, wlicr lie ir
tends to tiy thn uhVney ul tlm far ' u
Mdlngs. Germnnv lie may stay anruiid 'I
cre.iter part of the Min.mi'i
Soft. White Hands,
i Luxuriant Hair
Are found in the perfect a "ion oT llif ihs
proilili'i'd by I i in i i; hoAi". a mini pri'vi-nii
ii' iiii.'d-, lilai'klicuili. re 1, rouuh, Hnd " i
skin, reil, roiisth hatnls with Kliapeloss n, .
I dry, thin, ami fallltii: liaii, and simple haliv j
blemishes, because a sure preventive of l-
I tlaminatlon and eloeiiinu o the 1'obaa.

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