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I -- THE SUN, MONDAY, APRIL 24, 1809.; ' ,3 '.H
I crntfTyo had been planned run
I Spanish Anthnrltles Learned nf the Aflnlr
I In Tlme-Mnsleaderii Arretted and Arms
KDd Ammunition Selieil-Ton Cnrlot Not
In the Conspiracy, Which Was Stnrtnd
I In the Hope of Forcing II I m to Art.
futltl Cntle Diivilthn to Tn Unit.
Mil""0 April 23. Tho Oovernraent. despite
, assertions that It fear nothing from the.
tarllft". Is keeplncn close watch on Ml the
CirlK organizations It vigilance wag re
warded to-day. when ft small utore of arms and
nmmunltJrin and a, list of names of men Trilling
Irt he enrolled In nCnrllst nrmr woro selred at
Turobna A local Uglstrnte. who la n titular
dfneralo' the 'nilltp. was arrested, the ev I
d.nre found showing that ho was connected
with the treasonable conspiracy.
Th" Tarllst representatives In Madrid dis
claim any knowledge of the Barcelona plot.
ani 1 1 ff,lieT',(1 t,iat ,n( conspiracy was
hashed hy tho extreme section of the party,
rtilch alms to forcn Don Carlos to act
Lovpon. April 2-1. The Madrid correspond
ent nt the -t(ituinf says that well-Informed
Mr"n In Madrid treat the Barcelona affair as
a somewhat sorlous conspiracy.
The poll "e linve discovered that active cor
r.pemlence his boon going on amonc the
farll'tsfor some time past, and that promi
nent members of the party have been movipg
bftreen Midrld. Baicelonn, Valencia and Sar-
The Cnrll't den. Gniese. who took part In
the list civil war, went some days ngo from
Madrid to Barcelona, whore he invited some
Catalan Ovrllstn to meet him
The toilet) learned of the contemplated
m'ttlnc and watched the railway station
en rrlda) When tho train from Sarda
rola arrived tho nrrestod the Munlcipil
Jmise if that placo and three others, who
were coins to meet flen. Qruoso. Tho
mm arretted were takon before the Civil Gov
ernor, to whom they confessed that a rising had
I ctri i annd to take placo at Sardnnoln on
fun lay. and that tho Carllsts had hopod
to tin I assistance In Catalonia. Valencia and
Arnenn The added that arms, ammunition
and fifty men were secreted in the Judge's
Another of the prisoners named Mareenat
told of another supply of arms and led the po
ll first to a cave, where forty-three new Rem
ington rifles were found. He thon took the
officers to his home, where moro rifles and
twelvo cases of gunpowder, cartridges and
accoutrements were seized. The captured
rroperty was taken to Barcelona.
Meanwhll. tho Barcolona authorities ar
rested Oen Gruese and four others. They
found photographs of tho Pretonder and
documents revealing tho ramiOcations of
the conspiracy, but showing that tho
Catalan Carllsts wore acting spontaneously,
they having no authority from Don Carlos to
do anything Although the Government knows
the names of nil the persons implicated, it has
decided to arrest only tho ringleaders.
h prosecution of dreyfus.
Gin. Mercler's Associate Testify That They
Believe 1I Iilundered.
Spiral Cablt Ittpatc to Tu flen.
Piltis. April IT? The Figaro this morning
publishes the depositions of MM. Monod and
Htnotaux and Count Turenne d'Aynac, taken
before the Court of Cassation in the Dreyfus re
vision proceedings M. Monod asked Hano
taux In December. 1WH. if it was really cer
tain that Brerfus was guilty. M. Hanotaux
replied. "It was not I that judxed him. I
nil any nothing."
Upon leaving the chamber Beeretary Win
box followed Monod into the street, saying:
"Wa believe that Gen. Mercler committed an
awful blunder "
In 180" M Hanotaux told Monod that no had
tried In every war to dissuade Gen. Mercler.
but without avail At. Hanotaux added that
the Brerfus affair was the only event of the
Mtclstrr that he regretted
M Hanotaux deposed that his personal ef
forts had been directed ineffectually, to re
strain Mercier from rushing the proceedings
acainat Dreyfus. He declares that he did not
see the judlu'al dossier. He never saw the
("Monarch" lettors, nor was he even consulted
upon th question of the!existence or -value of
such documents, the history of which he be
lieved to bo a' fable.
: Count Turenne d'Aynao' deposed that Count
von Munster, the German Ambassador, denied
the existence of any letters from the Kaiser to
The Hlng and Queen Mnrgherita Vtalt the
Island of Caprern.
fwtrial Cable Prttatch to The Son.
Rom. April 23 King Humbert and Queen
Margherlta, accompanied by their suites and
the Ministers of State, arrived nt Ca
rerra to-div The Island of Caperra
"is ths home of Garibaldi, and their
M&Jiestles were received by Menottl Gar
ibaldi, the patriot's son, and other members of
thadarlbaldl family, whom the King and Queen
i"COmpanled to the tomb where the Italian
hero Is burled.
The conversation was very cordial. It Is
stated that Hignora Canrlo, Garibaldi's daugh
ter, when at the side of the tomb, appealed to
the King, In her father's name, to extend
element) to political prisoners. His Majesty
represented as replying:
"My heart Is not opposed to an act of clem
Mr. I will not fall to take the first favorable
opportunity of acceding to your request."
Miss Ltonorn Jackson Plays at a Concert tn
Paris To Come Here In January,
fiwfa! Co.hU Dttvotck to Tbi tow.
Pis. April 21 -Miss Leonora Jackson, the
Jlollnlst, formerly of Chicago, who won the
Mendelssohn Stlpondlum In Berlin in 1807.
Mpeared to-day as a soloist at the last Colonne
I concert of the season. She played Brahma's
concerto and achieved great success. Many
Americans were present. Including Mr. and
Mrs Vanderhilt and Mr. and Mrs. A. Howard
"Inkle of Cincinnati.
Miss Jackson played at an entertainment at
the Fioaro office last Monday afternoon.
Among her hearers on that occasion was King
r of Sweden and Norway. Next Thursday
'h will play before Infanta Eulalla of Bpaln.
Mi will go to America In January, opening her
tour at a concert of the New York Philharmonio
r.H'A". Jfk",n w nt to Berlin by Mrs.
vKVvV (-'land and other women then In
"Mhington to study music under Joachim.
IJ InntarUn Mnynr nnd Cnuncllmen Arrested
H While Forcing Currency Notes.
fr"al CaHt D'toateh to TBI Sen.
I i April 2'i Rome of tho newspapers
"'' Publish a story that the Mayor and the
Ktnl. Munlcinl Council of eight members of
j e town nf Biseec, Hungary, have been allied
I "'K0 'ars in forging currency notes
TheT worked in the collar of tho Town Hall,
'"fR'nrd against Intrusion they stationed
toiiceinen at the doors to refuse admission
"nv n"e who desired to enter while they
,T're ncaged in their unlawful occupation.
0 JJ'n rrested the accuswi men fought furl-
p'an to IWnrm the Itusslan Cnlendnr.
II SrfnalCaltt Pirate to Tn Hov.
Iffl -uVn ',r''B0' A,,r11 23-In reply to In-
Ifli r r.'!in,a'!' hy lllft c'"nmltteo tint was np-
Is r,, " cr""lder a reform In the calendar.
m t toreig,, finir- nnd the Dep.irtments of the
I ,. r'rnnd Finance linvo sent communlca
(I ., , " ,llc 'ommittee. expressing themselves
II v-huhY"'" '" n cnnf Irom the old style.
1 Ji,, n,,tw"hdas behind the calendar used
1 r'u" civilized nations.
xne iiBr. dr. tax jorwira faitu,
ni Makes a Derlnratlnn of It Daring nil
Nermon In the rirlok Church.
.iTI!, X? Vr Honry Vnn 1,',ko t'roaehed nt
tho Brick Church yesterday on tho progress of
tho Church. Thnt the world was bottor to-day
than It had bon. ho said, was because tho
( liurch had advanced by holding fast to that
which was good, nt tho same tlmo fearing not
to take up new thought whon the new was un
'lllestlonnlply bettor than tho old. Dr Vnn
I))ko presented two caricatures, as ho called
them, of the man who, llko Kphralm of old.
could not b pcrsuadod thnt over)thlng thnt
had been was not In Itsolf bcttci thnnnny
thlng that could comn liter. Kplirnlin. ho
said, living in tho dn) of Cnlvln, would have
sighed for tho day of Ht Augustine : In tho day
of J.uthcr would hnvo slghod for tho day of
Calvin, nnd In tho day of ths Wcstmlnstoi As
sembly would have mourned thodn) of Luther.
Ephralm, he said. Is with us to-dny.
Ho told a story of an old man on n Now Kng
lnnd farm who Insisted on drinking from the
well near tho houso, although the town that
had grown up around tho place In his lifetime
hnd polluted tho wnter "My grandfather
dinnk from It for lift). sir. )eais, ' said
Kphralm. "nnd I guos It Is good enough for
mc." It wns such n man who objected to the
tlaelngof nn organ In thn new Brick Church
because, n chost of whistles h.is a iksccratlon
to the houso of Qod."
ii 3 ho other iiirlc.iture was that of tho on-rolled
liberal vv ho wns always serklng out somo new
tplnn like the men nf Athens, tho man who
hfew asldo nil old things because thoy wore
old, and solzed upon every now thing because
it was new Ho compared them tntheirahs
that shod tholi hIioIU onco n month nnd are
lelt In mlscrablo helplessness until n new
bholl forms
"Tho union of conservatism and llbernlltvls
tlionnly safneourso for tho Church to follow."
Dr an Dvke snld ".Timt as Ht Augustine,
lalvln. Luther, nnd tho Westminster Assembly
spoko, each ono from n now revelation ot tho
truth, there was no roasnn whv n shorter, mom
complete, simpler nnd innn1 'iitlsfm tnrv stnto
ment of belief might not ! ih.mm "i tn.dnv.
U here are men. good men.ortli"ilci i n. wh
nro nsfarln ndvnnieofthls tlni" .i-v en th
leaders of the Church nt an) peiiod in in
A recent gathering of such men hnd sug
gested such nstiitemont of rnith ns he had In
dicated Tho points to boeniphaHl7ed.hesnl(l.
woro: Urst, tho fulness of tli fatherhood of
God: second, tho sonshlp nf ( hrlst: third, the
nll-sufllelenc) of Christ's atonement: fourth,
tho living presence of the Hoi) (Dins': lift li,
tho sovereignty nf Ond: sixth, tho liberty of
ever) soul to ho with God or ngnlnst God: sev
enth, tho joining of the soul tn God: eighth,
the supreme authority nf tho Bible: ninth, tho
nbsoluto necessity of lovo and good works:
tenth, the Immortal llfo, or heaven.
The Rev. Mr. Funsten's Action Causing a
Stir lu (he House of lllahops.
Bishops and clorcv in the Protestant Epis
copal Church throughout the country are puz
zling their heads over somo now points In ca
nonical law which have been nresented by the
notice Issued by Presiding Bishop Clark of
Bhode Island, announcing the immediate con
secration of the Ilev J. B. Funsten. elected
Missionary Bishop of tho Sllsslonary District
of Bolso. Idaho. Mr. Funsten's elootlon took
place at the General Convention of tho Epis
copal Church in Washington last October Mr.
Funsten. who is rector of Trinity Church.
Portsmouth. Vn , when notified of his election
declined to serve, preferring to remain In care
of his parish rather than attempt an untried
field of labor.
His decision was made known to tho Pre
siding Bishouland the latter called for a, spe
cial meeting of the House of Bishops In June
fortlio pui nose of electing xome one else to tho
ofllce of Bishop ot Hois.- In tho meantime. It
appears, the ltev. Mi. 1 tinsten hai chiuiEoil
his mind, withdrawn his declination and Is
now willing to accent the ofllco to which he
was elected, as In het forth In a letter from
Bishop Clark to his luethren in the episcopate,
in which the Presiding Bishop also announces
thnt the proposed meetlae of the House of
Bishops In Jun: has been abandoned, primar
ily because of the Impossibility ot getting a
mnjorlt) of the House together at that season
of the )ear
The questions which are troubling the Bish
ops in connection with the case are onuonl
cal nnd constitutional and altogether imper
sonal. One of them Is as to whether n declina
tion of an election to a missionary blsboorlc,
mado tu and filed with the Preaiding Bishop,
Is etTectual and flnnl or whether It Is of no ef
fect In fact. Another Important question s ns
tn whether the Presiding Bishop, having ac
cepted adejllnntlon and having summoned the
House of Bishops to elect n successor, can.
within the laws nf the Church, practically re
elect the man whoso declination of tho office
has already been accepted, thus leaving it open
for a new cnndldnte It Is maintained by many
prominent canonists that Mr I'miston's con
secration under existing conditions will be
wholly unconstitutional.
Interesting Celebration at thn McAuley
Mission I.nst Kvenlng.
The McAuley mission In Water street was
filled last evening with pcoido of nil classes,
who had co lie there in response to S. H. Hnd
lev's invitation to help him celebrate thChev
enteenth nnniversao of the day whon, as he
put It himself. Jesmn found li I in. a heirless,
dying drunkard, and saved him b) His grn-e
and lovo The meeting began at 7 'M o'clock,
and two hours later the men who had I ecn
converted by tho mission were still follow
ing each other as rapidly as they could get the
opportunity with tcstlraon) to what had been
done for them. Sometimes two or three were
on their feet nt the same time waiting each
his turn to speak. The dates of the reforma
tions werelalUthelway from fourteen years ago
to three weeks ago. ....
"Its six months and seven nights since I
came Into this mls'lon. dirt) and in rags, onlv
three da)s out of prison." said ono man I
had started down with the devil right awav.
and I tell )OU he goes quick. I was a wile
beater, a liar nnd a hioocrltc. I had been a
thlel for twent)-nve years ami spent seven
teen years In prison, when the power of Jesus
Christ In this plate changed my nature and I
set out to live right, and I'm on m) second
six months of It now."
"I had served twenty-five vears In prison
and was going on on the snmo road," said an
other man. "when I came here, and I thank
God that He filled me slth a desire to work for
nllvlng.whleli I am doing, and I have a home."
Haid another. "I was sitting In a Male-beer
dive In Mulberry stieet ono Saturday night
when one of Mr. Hndley's workers came In
nnd nsked me to come to the McAulov mission
tho next even.lng. I nsked him for IS cent.
I wanted moreMrink. rluatlr I promised him I
would go to the mission on 8und.lv evening If
he would give ire the 15 centn lis i g ive It to
me. and I drnnk ns long ns I could get any
thing to drink I came here the next niuht.
drunk, a worthltss Scotch bum I tell jou
I'm something different to-night I've a home
and famllv and all that n worklugmnn need.
I think I've as much reaon to thank God for
converting Mr. Hadle) as he has himself.
Archbishop Corrlgnn Attended the Church's
Celebration esterdny Morning.
The parishioners of fit Joseph's Roman
Catholic Church, on Fight) -s. venth ctrcet, be
tween Avenue A and First avenue, colobrated
the twent). fifth ritinlversary of tho founding
of the paiish ycBterdi) Tho housed In the vi
cinity nf the church wero dec orated with
American fl-iBhiiiid the I'nin colois.)cllovnnd
white, and the same decor itlpn 1'rovnlled in
side the church Tho jubilo.. began JlitliB
morning with a pn.ulo of sixty bovs nnd sixty
Sri" from the parochial sclinoi. adjoining thn
church, to Avenue A, to h Hi y-sUlh Mreet.tn
I "rat avenue, back to Eight) -evemth sticot
nnd to the chmch T ho bo)s worn diesseil In
black nnd cnrrl.d pink n-scs th- u rls In white
and carried whlto roses ami wreiths of silver
leaves col)tes. altni bo)s uud luluts fol
lowed the school rhildicn
At the church tho pnraders met Archblshnp
Corrigan and escorted him to the nltiii
chorus of n hundred voice; nnd nn orchestra
nf tvvent-tlin o p eccs went through a nn sh al
nrosranmo. tho Inst niimbor being llbelu
berger s inas.. Then lllshop hnrlo). assisted
by father Nlebenhuirt nrd Diillenbneher, as
deacons, celebrated mas- 1 ntlicr Will am
Blumons-iat. S .1 . preiche 1 n sermon In Gor
man and rcl!lilihnii yorrlgiu nno In 1 nglis h
Mgr J oonov and BKIiop igiinelo Monti do
oca or Van I ills Pntosi. Mexico were present
At tho conclusion ot tho services there vwisn
dinner in tho sclioolhuise. at which rch-
shop Corrigan nnd rathj-r ntoii Joseph
Lammel. rector ot St Joseph's, made speeches
Memorial Window rntelled.
A window In memory of John Gardiner Bu
channn was unveiled In thn I.nfa)ette s.venue
Presbytorlan Church In Brookln )esterday
morning and nn appropriate senium wns deliv
ered by the Hev IT D.iv Id Gregg, the pastor.
Tho sbject of the window Is "( hrlst tho Conn
sTellor" 'Tho window bears this Inscription:
"lnfovlngmemor) of johii Gardiner lluclnn
an Comoimtomo nil ie that nro heavy la
d?n and I will elvu) on rest."
The Owner nnd Her Niece Tteicued hy Iter
Son JVenr the Keen or the Andrews and
Adams Fires, nnd tho Flumes Spread ns
Quickly Cnusedhy Hervnnt's Cm elessnesa
Another houso In the fashionable dlsttlct
around Fifth avenue, where several disastrous
fires have occurred reeentb, caught (lre)ee
terday afternoon and In n short time nil but
the top Moor was burned out. The flro whs
in the residence of Mrs. Hosa II, Hochsladtor
utrl Last Rovent)-flIth street nnd wasln many
respects similar to the other fire which h ivo
ocurred In tine dwellings la the neighborhood,
Mrs. Hochstadter's home Is a five-story
biownstone-front residence. The flro started
lu the basement nnd Is supposed to have result
ell from carelessness In handling matches in
the storeroom. About 4 o'clock Kate Baffcrty,
n servant, wont to get some matches which
were kept there nnd tn doing so dropped sev
eral on the stonn floor nar a box filled with
waste paper. In going out she must have
stopped or. one o' the fallen matches, leaving
It to Ignite the paner. She shut the door after
her nnd thoueht nothing more about the mat
ter until, about fifteen minutes later, she no
ticed that the kitchen was beginning to fill
with emoke 'J linn she remembered tho
matches she had dropped nnd ran downstairs
to the storeroom
A hen the girl threw open the door she found
the storeroom a mnss of flame The flro
burst out through the door and her skirt
caught Ore Tho girl beat out tho flames with
her hands and lushed upstairs to vvnrn tho
family. Mrs Hochstadter. her son Edwin,
who Is a cloakdetler.it )M3 Droidwa), nnd a
nlcco were In the front room on the second
floor when they bend the girl screaming
"fire ' In the hall below. Mrs. Hochstadtur
win not very well at the time Her son ran out
I into tho utipeV hnll and saw the flames begin
ning to shoot ut the kitchen stairs. The hall
was tilled with smoke
Tllln his mother to put a wet hindkor
cbief oi her mouth nnd her niece to do the
s inie. be led them uitlntnthe hall Ihusmoke
tJ this time mis.ilmost blinding 'lo keen tho
two women together Mr. lloidistiidter told
them tn 'mm nchiln behind him mid In this
wn led them down the stnirs and out throuiih
tho front door just as a policeman rushed in
ovrcctltig that they bad been imprisoned on
tho floor nbove
A cltlen passing hid turned In nn alnrm.
but the llrst llremen who arrived saw that
moro engines would be needed nnd rang n see
ond. Tho flic biirne I with the snme Incredi
ble swiftness that has been n characteristic of
the other dwelling-house flies recently and
vvltl.ln ten minutes had burned out all the
floors but the top Nearl) all tho valuables be
longing to tho family weie inn cafe In Mrs
Hochstadtor s bedroom on tho second floor,
and thef o nere b ivod.
'Ihefnmll) lould not estimate their loss last
night '1 lie firemen placed the Inss on the
building alone nt:f."iO(K) l)cput):Chlef Welsh,
who commanded, succeeded In coullnlng the
llamos to the building In which they started
and neltho- of the adjoining houses suffered nt
all As a prcMtitinn. however, the police made
their occupants gt out while the tire was
burning. There nas a grat turning nut of tho
Peoulo living on I Iftb and Madison avenues to
watch tho tire, which was a flerce and speu
tacular ono nhllo It lasted
Mrs Hochstadter wns ovorcome'.bv the ex
citomeut attending her rescue nnd was takon
to the house of Mrs Isabolle Blnaldo, two doors
away. I atcr sho recovered sufficiently to be
removed in a cirrlage hy her son to a rela
tive's honso In I nst Seventy-sixth street.
rour serious tires hive now occurred In tho
neighborhood nithln a month Only a week
ngo veetordnr n blaze, which at the tlmo the
occupants thoughtsuspHous. was discovered In
thn servants' quarters of the resldenceof Abra
ham htrouse. at li Fastlsixtv-seventh street,
almost opposite the Scene Tot Ithe disastrous
Androvvsflre Poll-e Cnpt Donohue vesterday
hurried two of hi detectives tn the Are In
bevcnty-tlfth street to make a prompt investi
gation should there be .inv reason for suppos
ing that thoie was anvthlng suspicious about
this flro. but nf'er talking with the servant
girl the detectives becamo convinced tha- her
story about the nntchestwas a strnight one.
nnd that no further investigation was necessary.
To Decide Next XVrek It lie Will Come to
the Fifth Avenue Churrh.
One ot the Pulpit Supply Committee of tho
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church said yes
terday that the call of the church to the Bev.
Alexander Connoll ot the Begont Square Pros
bterlan Church. London, to be Dr. John Hall's
successor, had been presented to that clergy
man and that he Is now considering the prop
osition. William Brookfleld was sent by the congre
gntlon ns a committee to present the Invita
tion to tho Bev. Mr. Connell Mr Brookflold
arrived In London last Monday and found that
thn clergrmun, who hnd just nnlved froii
Clilun. had guieto Scotland tonttend tho fu
neral of hlsfitlier Ho returned on Wednesdnv.
when Mi. Brookfleld had an Interview with
him and presented the formal call nf the fifth
Avenue Church
eeordlng to a enblegrnm sent tonne of tho
Pulpit bupplv Committee. Mr Connell nsked
fortwo neeks'tlmu in which to consider the
matter before giving a reid) Mr Brookfleld
then went to Paris nnd will return to London
to get thn clcrg) man's declslc n. From tho
wording ol tho cablegram tho committeeman
Inferred tint It was Mr Brookflold Impres
sion that Mr Connell wns Inclined to tieoept
tl.o call Tho congregation of the ltegent
Square Presbyterian ( hurch Is exerting every
possible influence to keep him in London.
Gen. liroolte Thinks the Disease Wns
Hrnught hy the eighth Cnvnlry.
vTAsnisoTov, April 2'l In reply to nn In
quiry from Secretary Alger as to the prevalence
of typhoid fnver among the soldiors In Puoito
Principe, Gen Brooke has telogiaphed:
"Haaana, April 22 Beferring to sickness
at Puerto Trlnclpe. reports this morning:
Typhoid mnterlallv Improved: occasionally n
caso In Eighth Cnvalry, despite the best policed
cnnip I have ever known Majority of cases on
luincl are convalescent Hospital ship Missouri
wlli tako all conwlescents ns soon ns sho ar
rives Inquir) fnlls to locate cause at camp
1 hlnk it was brought with Llghth Cavalry. Ob
serve that typhoid has been provnlentln many
cities In the htntos Bkookf."
New Contrncts Are Ileins Taken at Some
what Lower Trice.
A ohange in telephono rates in this city was
made last week, but no public announcement
of the fact wis made. Tho details or the
chauge aro not yet announced. President
Charles V "utler of the New York Telephone
(ompnnv said )esterda) 'lint the change was
not nn i.tinor'nnt nno nnd that not all of the
subscribers nro Affected tu It He said that
It was In the nature r a inodlfleitlon or read
justment of uites and tint new contracts
were being taken at somewhat lower intes
Dentlis of Holdlcrs nt Mnniln.
WAsnivr.TON, prll 2 I -Gen. Otis to-day re
ported tho following deiths slnco tho last
weekly bulletin
"Fiom wounds In action April 15,,Tosoph
Grabowsk). private. Company ( , Fourth Cav
nlty; April 1. Aichlo V Atdrleh. private, Com
pany . IiiBt Colorado; pri! 20. Bruce I
Macoy. private. Company (', llrst Nebraska:
drowned, accidental. 21st. John Montgomery.
Sergeant. Compaii) K, 'J bird Artillery; 2Jd,
Jacob Bod. Sergeant, l ompaii) K, Fourth In
fnnti). variola, nth, Samuel J I obruary. pri
vate. Company I. Eighteenth Iufnntr) :
J 1st, Thoin is Cnuble, private, ( iinipiiny
I). Third infantry, diiirrhnn. lfith, Josuph
(lompman. private, Conipiny O, rightecnth
liitaiitry, innlarinl fover: .1th, II C Chandler,
private ninpaii) ('.Second Oregon er)Hipeas;
LMith. Charles Puison". pilvnte. Company A,
llrst Washington. tnbn ulosis, 20th. Jay L
'Inylor. pilvnte. (nuuanv II. Second Oiegon,
peritonitis . 21st. M bael I.v nn, Sergeant, Com
pany A, fourteenth Infnntr) "
Proposed etv Munliinal Iliilldlng.
Mbort E. Heuschel has sent to the Legisla
ture a bill foi n new municipal building foi
tills tlty Ho would take tho block on ( ham
beis stieet, north of the Count) Court House,
removn tho Court Houso and nil other build
ings but tho (My Hall nmvliiCIt) Hall Park,
nnd hnvo the new hulIditig.areinlodovorChnni
hers stieet. occupy the whole northern block
tn lleado street und (is mil' h space lu the Park
nn was n i upled by the buildings reninved
Proposed dimensions mxi I) -Jirt) lent with
wings 140 bv KM) feet, helht, III stories HUd
basement, with central dome Ofllco space
more than l.nun.iioi) smuiiio feet
Horrible, distressing Indlg. stlnn iaiise lid tern
per tiireb th with Johnson Dlgeillte Tahts
Adv. t
Ilryan Mny Turn I'erry's I.nst Letter Over
to O. II. I. tn lie Answered.
Ex-Congrossmnn Torry Belmont's reply to
tho lettor wrltton to him two woofcg ngo by
William J. Br) nn was mado public yestorday.
Mr Belmont's lettor wns sent to Mr. Bonn's
home In Lincoln, Neb , last weok. Now
that tho letter has beon mndo public It has
brought to light n conversotlon which Mr.
Bryan had with Ollvor II. P. Belmont In
BulTnlo last week. Mr. Bryan was oxpoctlng
to receive Mr Perry Bolmont's reply, nnd he
told Mr. O. II. P Bolmont that ho had been
thinking ot turning It over to him to benn
sworcd. Mr Bnan spokelnaboutthesowords:
"I havn almost decided to turn over to you
vour brother's letter tome, and to ask you to
nnswei It, I think that I vv ill wrlto to him nnd
say that you nro a good Democrat nnd net like
one. nnd that hocan receive instructions In the
principles of the party from )OU "
Oliver II. P Belmont called on Itlchard
Croker Inst night nt the Democratic Club about
10 .'10 o'clock and b id a long talk with the
Tnmmany loader In his room.
In his Inst letter to Bryan, Parry Belmont
You were Invited to dine with the Demo
cratic Club oa theannlversarylot Jefferson's
birthday, which the club has heretofore cele
brnted. Instead of accepting or declining the
Invitation, vou naked my present npiulon of
he Chicago platform of three years ago I re
plied for the club that IndlvidualoplnlonB had
nothing to do with the Invitation. 1 hereupon
you sent to me a norsonnl letter describing me
as n Itepubllenu masquerading as a Democrat,
as unlit to celebrato tho nnnlversiry of Jef
ferson's birthday because 1 condemned the
Ihicago platform and tour candidacy, nnd al
.ngether dlspliDlngnn undisguised Intention
to bo offensive while answering a dlnuei Invl
atlon. Had more consideration been given to
your accusation )u would have seen that thoso
who endeavor to persuade tho Detnoernc) Jto
use the more or loss discarded Inventions of
Itepubllcane nre tho mnsqueraders. and not
thoso who stand In tbu old paths bnllowed by
tho footsteps of JefTerson. Madison anil Jack
son." Mr. Belmont ountes from Mr. Bryan's book.
"The First Battle." to show that Mr Bnan In
1KM entered Into nn agreement with Popu
lists. Sliver Itopubllcans snd Silver Democrats
to build n froe-silver platform In i nctraillctlon
to the Democratic platform of IK.'. Mr Bel
mont snvs
"ou condomn me because now I udvocite a
mcdlflcntlon In Khki of the Chicago platform.
et four venrs ago this month you were con
spiring with Populists, and ltepuhllcans like
Senator '1 viler, nnd with silver mine owreis
to overthrow nt Chicago the Democratic policy
or 1812 Is It not grotesquo''
Mr Belmont closes his latter thus:
'The platform of ISiHl came from the hard
times which disappeared when the peril of
Populism nnd silver monometallism had
passed That powder cannot by )ou be
burned again In a Democratic. National Con
vention "
I J. Hussell, who offered n farm of IHO acres
to Mr Brynn If ho would answer certain ques
tions, has not received n roply, and has sold
tho farm
Passengers ,ny the Island Offers Good Op
portunity for Amerlrnn Kntrrprlse.
Ran Fhancisco. April 23 Tho barkentlne
Huth arrived In port late las't night from Guam
with n cargo of cocoanuts, copper nnd old
Iron. The Huth also brought the officers nnd
part of the crew of tho whaling bark Horatio,
which was wrecked on Jan 27 while entering
tho south harbor of Kuale. All but two of
the Horatio's sailors droppod off at different
Islands In thn Caroline group to await the ar
rival of some othor whaler or to live a liur life
among the natives
Among thelpassengers was J. Extromx. who
has been engaged In trading in the South Bens
for many years Extromx's headquartors wero
formerly on the Island of Buk, but he moved
to Guam on aci ount of thequarrelsomo procliv
ities of the natives. Lverv dlaputo is set
tled by a rescrt to arms When tno natives of
one island settle dlflerences thov unite ami
hunt trouble on some othor Island J hev nl
wnys And It. and In u short time the visits are
repaid with Interest
Among the Buk missionaries tho rivnln is
seareelv les bitter than that nmong the na
tives Chief among the ralssionar) squabbles
U that started b) tho ltev. Alfred Suelling. who
was sent to thn Carolines about ten sears ago
from Boston by tho Congregational Board of
illsslons. His work proved unsatisfactory ami
n few years ago Dr. Price was sent to relieve
him. Snelllng Immediately set up an opposi
tion fold Wherever l'rlee set up a school
Suelling did likewise. Each warns the natives
nga'nst the other b doctrines, nnd between
them tho religious affairs In Buk are kept nt
boiling point Price wns not long ugo suc
ceeded by the Bev. Luther Stlmscn, who Is
earning on tho war ngnlnst Snelllng Ibe
latter Is most popular at present He re
ceived by tho P.uUi a large consignment of
cloth nnd trinkets, nnd by a judicious use of
these article! tins won nver most of tho na
tive rulers.
(limn, nccordlng to passengers on the Itutli.
Is n land of great promise. 1 lie climate re
femblcs that of tho Hawaiian group The
dermnns are making strenuous efforts to gain
n foothold
1 he Spanish capital In the Carolines Is at
Poniwi. where tho Dons maintain a garrison
mid two gunboats 'I ho Spaniards have been
cooped mi In tho fort by the native" ever slnco
tho news of tho taking of dunm ny tho merl
cans was brought tn the Island b) Gorman
traders When the Spaniards learned of the
presence of the cruiser Charleston In thoso
waters tho) took their gunboats as far up tho
i horns possible and hid tnem in Hie mangrove
The island of Guam nlTors a fine field for
American enterprise The soil Is verv pro
ductive and thn natives are very friendly to
ward the United States '1 hn Island Isdlrect
I) In the line of travel that will surely bo es
tablished between this country nnd tho Philip
pines nnd promises tn be far from the least
valuable of the LnlteJ States' possessions.
Two nundreit People Driven from Their
Homes in thn Lowlands.
OMtrtA. April 21. To-night the Missouri
Bivorina raging torrent nt Omaha, the flood
conditions being more nlarmlng at this point
than at an) tlmo for eighteen ) ears Over 200
people have beendriven from their homes near
the river, little ot their household goods
being saved.
To-dny tho river passed tho danger line,
which Is eighteen feet, hut the United fltatos
Signal Service observer thinks It will begin to
recede to-morrow Much property Is menaced,
but tho actual damage thus far is not so largo
as might have been expected
All day tho flooded districts, which Include
the low land known as Last Omaha. In tho
locality of Horonce Lnko nnd 'ut-nff Lake,
were crowded with thousands of people wlt
iii sslng tho struggles of those nbindoning
tholr homes to save their property.
Isn't it about time to "shoot your winter hat t"
No, indeed, we're not Derby
fashion-makers. That would cost
money, and we would have to
charge you what it cost us, and
be giving no better Derbys than
we now give.
Let others be fashion-leaders ;
we're content to give as good a
J)erby as can bo made and
charge but $3.
Our label inside is the proof
of our confidence, the guarantee
that every wrong is made right.
Spring overcoats Prrlng suits Spring Haberdashery
Roc.Kits, Pkkt it Co.
aro Broadway, ror, Leonard,
ran Itroanwa; , t or. Prince.
Thirty second and UroaJwsr,
Spanish Grocer Hilled In Tront nf Ills Store
During thn I I ring Two nf thn Negroes
and One Policeman Wounded New Cti
ban Governor of Mntnnma Welcomed.
Sptnal Cable Vnpateh to Tni But.
Havana, April 2.T A group of negroos in
Chrlstlnn street (o-day attacked a number of
policemen. There was not the slightest provo
cation for the assault. The rollco drow their
revolvors and fired nt their assailants, whore
upon tho latter also draw pistols and a fight
Two of thn negroes and a policeman wero
wounded. A Spanish grocer. Jose Fernandez,
who was standing in tho doorway ot his storo,
was shot through the lungs by a negro and
dlevj two hours later. Bolnforcements wero
called to disperse tho negroos, soveral of whom
wero arrested.
Thn attitude of tho negroes in the low wards
of the city Is causing great concorn to the
police. The negroes hate the policemen In
tensely since tho disorders last month, when
somo of the most desperate characters In the
city wero killed In fights with the police. Most
of the low negroes belong to the seoret society
of criminals called the Nafllgos.
Cant. Greoblo proslded at the police court
to-day, but to-inorrow Major Charles G. Trent,
who tins been appointed a Police Justloo by
Gen. Ludlow, will assume tho duties ot the
Thoro was a great demonstration at Matan
r.M last night In honor of Gen. Pedro Botan
court, tho nowly appointed Civil Governor of
tho province Over 4.000 persons araded tho
streets with hands, torches nnd flags, shouting
"Viva Cuba Libro'"" Viva Wilson !""Vlvanlos
Americanos I" After honoring Gen. Botan
couit the people mnrchod to the headquarters
ol Gen. Wilson, tho mllitnr) commarderof the
provluc, nnd checrod him heartil). Ihoy
would not leave until Oen. Wilson nddrossod
them His remarks excited grant enthusiasm.
Oen. Wilson Is popular with tho Cubans
A band of biigauds Is committing outrages
at Coloma nnd other places In tho vicinity of
the city of Plnnrdcl Bio. This morning, nfter
robbing several porsons nt Colomn, they llred
n volley at tho Cuban guard stationed there
Cuban troopsaio now In pursuit of them.
Alfonso I.OP07, Chief ot the Detective Bureau,
hns discovered that tho Sanitary Deportment
undor Major Davles has been swindled for
omo tlmo by foremen of the sanitary gangs,
whocvory week mndo out fraudulent payrolls
nnd collected tho wages of twenty-five myth
ical workmen.
'J ho street cleaners here threaten to striko
to-morrow If they nro not paid moro thnn 80
cents for night work.
Mayor H)att of Guanabacoa says that he In
tends shortly to resign, owing to tho unjust
opposition of his ndmlnlstralon shown by the
Cubans, whose orlycnuse of complalntngainst
him Is that ho Is an American and consults Dr.
Gulriil, the former Autonomist .Minor of the
town Dr Gulral Is a highly Intelligent nnd
honest man, nnd is an expert in municipal
Kniplnyees Put Out Uoth of Them nnd There
Is ow 'n Suspicion of Incendtnrlsni.
Fire Marshal Soery mado no further Investi
gation )estorday Into tho causes of the two
fires which wero dlscoteiod on thn sixth floor
of the Imperial Hotel on Saturday evening. Mr.
Soery Is convinced that neither of the fires wns
of Incendiary origin and that the second one.
which startod in room 181, was caused by
sparks blown from tlio window of tho adjoin
ing room, 175, where the first blaze was discov
ered. Mannger Leo of tho hotel said tint ho had
been Incorrectly quoted as saying that tho tires
wero Incendiary and thit somo ono was tr) lug
to "do" the house "Tho first fire. in 17.1, was
the result of carelessness on tho part of some
one." snid .Mr Lee "It wns promptly extin
guished by one of our watchmen Half nn
hour later It was reported to tho ofllce
thnt thoro wa u flro In the adjoining room.
I nm now convlncod thnt It was caused
by sparks blown from tho window of
1i5 Mr and Mrs J. C. Knufmoer. who
occupied 181, loft tho windnws open hufniu
tho) went out to dinner Tho second blare
was ulso put out b ouremplovces with our
own apparatus, nnd tho sending in of nu alarm
was done by somo nut-dder and was entirely
iinneeessar). Tho Imperial Is abundantly
siippliid with flro extliigulshors. and tho sor
vants know how touso them, ns was shown by
the result. It wns absolute!) Impossible for u
curtnln In either room to blow Into a lighted
gnsjet The jet near the window In 17.1 is
plugged nnd could not be used, while In 181
tho two gas jets nro full) ten feet from the
Sim Snt Upright ns Though Asleep In n Ten
ement ard While Hoys Pelted Her.
A woman about 4.1 years old, wearing black
clothing of poor quality but scrupulously neat,
wns seen staggering about Chnstio street )es
terda) morning, evidently cnnsldc rnbly tho
worse for llquni .sho tin illy wont into tho
hill of the doublo tenement at 218 Chnstio
strict, and going into tho )ard btwcen thn
two tenements, sut down on a cellar door nnd
went to -deep
.Mrs lulia Miller tho janitrcss, at 1 o'clock In
the u'tetiiooii. tried to iwaken thn woman, but
wns unable to do so She decided to let bur
sleep In peace '1 hen tho small bo)sinthu
house went on tho rooT, nnd for over nn hour
threw stones at tho woman They did not lilt
hoi. however. At f o'clock Mrs Miller ngiln
went to tho woman, nnd found thatshevvas
dead A doctor said th it sho had been doad all
th" tlmo the boys woro throwing stones ut her.
Tho bodv was taken to tho Hdrldge street
station '1 heio was nothing about her b) which
the woman could bo Identitled. Her hands
were calloused by hard work.
To Stiffen the Governor's Hack by Mali.
Delegate Eagan of tho Lettor Carriers Intro
duced n resolution at the meeting of the Central
Federated Union vostnrdayprotestlngagainsta
bill al'ow I ng an vcori oration to securo a fran
chise In peipetultv forthe subway road MIlesM.
Dawson, lepreseutlng the Social lleform Club,
nsked the union to send n committee to Albany
to "stiffen Gov itoooovelt's bnck" and urge
him to veto any such bill Onedelegato ob
jected to thn expense, snylng- "ou can stif
fen his back just as well by sending him a let
ter." It was decided to wrlto to tho Governorabout
thn matter
II are found In every hoot.
Very often the cause Is Im
I poverljhed, thin
Wj I feed the blood with Iron, In-
ORjT I crease the red corpuscles,
--, I and restore the plnkof health
II to the cheeks
u.,4J 50 tablets In a box.
"" Sold by all druggists.
i has bn for o r 30 ytrlhi ttind- jfiJ
jNql ird Scnffe ypfjpr(i(frmthn V A
1 'f rit bf , it itrncthnth itrong Jr!
w "d ,n cortt invil die ftr
f .:rn.d UrCuc
Till! TIKIS. .1. STP.Vl WIT ( ().,
lfiMII'nny, N.I.I 131H Itedfnrd At ll'klyni
l.rln anil Ath sta.. Jersey city, 'telephones.
eUornge WHrehnuses nnd Moving nns.
oend for Interesting Circular.
(On Fourth Floor, 18th Street Elevators.) ;H
Will offer for sale this day and to-morrow (Tuesday). H
ORIGINAL VALUE $12.00, AT 0,3 lH
Eigimtnti) Street, nineteenth Street and Sixth Avenue. Hil
Time 'Wnsted After It Wns Known Thnt
Horn Kuglnnd Hnd Taken 1'nrla Green.
Dora Kngland. the 2'J-yenr-old (laughter ot
Stephen J Fngland of IDS Central avenue.
Newark, died In tho City Hospital In that city
at 11 o'clock vestordav mowing of Paris
green poisoning. Bho had been suffering
from melancholia for several woeka nnd on
Saturday morning her mother prevented her
fiom throwinglherself from n third lloor.bnl
cony nther homo. Later she found somo
Paris green in the house nnd took a large doo
of it. Her mother kne w nothing about It until
over two hours later, and then sent for Mrs
Van Ilouten of Belleville nvonuo, one of the
leaders of the Christian Scientists In Newark.
At 1! o clock Dr. James T. Wrlghtson wus sent
for and he promptly administered antidotes
nnd sent the girl to the hospltnl. All Mis.
.in Ilouten did was to uruv over the poisoned
girl. Much precious time nas thus lost U
the hospital the case absorbed the nttcntinn ol
tho whole statT nnd for a time It Wis believed
th it tho jouug womuu could be caved, but she
relapsed after du break and It became certain
that she must dlo
.Miss Lnglntid became melnncholv. It is snld.
bocause of a quarrel with her lover, who Is
said n he Frank Htcgorof Harrison. She
llrst met him nt a dancing class and was frlcnd
l with him for a year and then they had a dif
ference for which she took the blame 'lhey
became friends again in rehrunrj. but the
voung woman continued to brood about tho
matter and It was evident that her mind na
nlTected Stephen rngland and his wife are
llrm believers In Christian hcienec. Mrs
au Ilouten prayed with Miss pngland, whon
tho melancholia began to develop, day after
dav without effecting anv improvement In her
condition. Then Dr. Wrlghtson vvascnllcdln
und under his treatment her nerves were
strengthened and her condition vislblj Im
proved, but she became lllghty on Siturdav
morning Mrs rngland tried to soothe her.
but failed, nnd contented herself with watch- .
Ing her closelv. Shejust managed to catch
her as she tried to throw herself over the I, il
cony The girl became quiet later and the
wateh was relaxed bi hor mother Then she
found the poison nnd took it secretly. Sho
old not tell her mother what she had done
until she became deathly tick.
More of the Stork with Counterfeit Stamps
Captured hy Onicers.
Tehrk Haute. Ind . April 'Si At the close of
business esterday tho deputy rovonue col
lectors who had spunt the day looking for cigars
sealed with counterfeit revenue stumps report
ed to Collector Henry that the had solcd i!3.
000. which thoy found In forty dlffereift stores
They were from tho factorlos of Jacobs and
Kcndlg In Lancaster, l'a . and wero cheap
brands In most instances tho dealors were
Instructed not to dlse of thorn It Is bo
lloved that from 2r).000 to 50,000 moro w ill bo
found In this revenue district
Vticv. N. . April '2d Deputy Internal Ilov
enuo Collector Charles II. liallou jestordiy
alternoon secured In cigar stores in this city
7,000 cigars bearing the Jacobs counterfeit
labels He expects to find man) moro
IHli ah. Tex . April 'J I 1. U Hunt. Collector
of Internal Revenue for tho rnurth distrli t nf
'lexas, with lieaduuurtora lu Dallas, made tills
statement to-day :
"Tho Internnl revenue ofllce. through Deputy
Collector Hltchcox, discovered somo clgnrs
bearing counterfeit stamps A search resulted
lu tho discovery of over .ru,0tiO In thn cits,
which woro seized and forfeited to the L'nltcd
'I he cigars worn tho pioduet of factories Nos.
U7-11 nnd-t.'iilof tho N'lnth dWrlct of lVuns)l
vania Sales of these goods have ht on unite
1 irgein 1n.ii Deput) Colloc tor McCimploll
at 1 ort Worth selzi d M.ooo of the same munu
factuied cigars at that placo
Women Leap from It YV Idle It Is In Motion
nnd Several Are Hurt.
Trolley car 770 of the Nassau Llectrle Rail
way Corapan). Marcy avenue division, had 100
passengers on board whon It reached Ocean
nvenuo and King's Hlghvva), bheeoshcad Day,
last night, nn its way to the olt) from Conoy
Island. At that point the fuso in Its motor
burned out. and tho accompanying pyrotech
nic display caused a panic among tho women
passengers. Several of them jumped from tho
car before tho speed was abated and wero
badly bruised
On tho front seat, directly back, of tho motor,
wero Miss Mario Thlorery of t)l Llheity
avenue, Brooklyn, and her escort, John Treed
man of HH Liberty avenue Sho tumbled
off the car backward nnd Kreedmun jumped
to assist her. Miss Thlerer) received a
deep gash over tho e)o and a cut on
the wrlt nnd her loft knee wns f-ac-tured
Her dress was torn nnd her bod) was
bndly brulaed l'recdmim escaped with bruises
on the face and bod) l'lioy wero eariied Into
tho homo of Justice oorhees and were at
tended by Dr l'ierce. Thor were then lemoved
to their homes.
Pr Robert R)land, agod HI, died InTexIng
ton. hy . )ostordo He was principal of the
Manual Training School forcolorcd pennlo at
Richmond, n . for many years and was pastor
of tho First Colored Baptist Church there until
the civ II war came Ho joined the( onfodeiato
arm) ns chaplain Ho seriod through tho war
und htci went tn Lt xlngton nnd established
the Baptist rein ilo college He wrote many
Piiinphlets nn thn upbuilding or thu in gio men
nnd was one nf the host friend tho raicevori
had Last )cnr he celebrated the golden v,d
ding with his second wife
I ueien hutheon, who tilt d in Now Orleans on ,
Satnrila), was nnonf th" oldist siig ti planters
in Louibiaiui Ho wus 7M vears old. a li itlvonf I
Lnnilon, hnglantl lull a resident or I oiilsliin.i
for slvty venrs Hti taught sclin il llrst. h mug i
amiing his pupils somo of the most distin
guished men in Loulslaiin lift) ) tars ago ha I
embarked In sugar planting, owning limita
tions In M Itindr), ssuuiptloiiaud I ilmmhn '
I'arlshes due son Is a law partii"! of (n !
roster stint another wns a audit! tin for t- .
tnrnc) -(it neral n the Hi I iiblieaii ticket at the
last nit t lion Ills daughter is an Lpistopal
ml-sloiuir) In Japan i
Mrs Mnrln mul died In Ivons, , nu
SaturdiD She whs born In Basking lllrigo, S
J .Juno .'!. ISO.' was nihughteiof John Hnck
oven, anil tlrst cou-lii nt thu lito Commotlnro
nnderbilt she was the mother nf four daugh
ters and live sons, nnd her minor descendants
nggregato , stio lift twin daughters 7K
vears old, untl her )oiuigo.,t child isuiou.Yi
) ears old.
Itnrunid's Oenn tn Wed,
Canamuph v. N V, April '.' I -( aids hive
been Issued for tho marriage of Miss l-mllv
James Smith, dean of Ilnrnard College, nnd
daughter ol tho Hon Jumes C Smith of (an
anunlgun, to fleor.'e Havens I'tunam nf the
New ork publishing firm 1 he t eiem. py will
take place tn St John's Church, this cm, on
Apr.l -7
Country l'rnpert) 1 I el nr I or snle.
Surprising results srt often revlueil m de a-ting
from wfll hioten jiallis ll.ai this In mind wlmi
ilsclngoiirndiertilriK thin teann Ifvnurpmp
rrtlee are realli ib lral e, among 1 lie Hi s s res Ws
lnsv tH fnutirt a jitiii Iiaser to Mur malting kniwti
thrnneh tbn a Ivertislngceluinus Ibe localities suit
the advantages Adt, ii
- .. .1 H
r : 1 ' '
The Favorite !
Because of its IH
I ' Purity, Arc and Flavor. 'lH
Hunter JQJ Hunter 'jH
1 Baltimore ' Baltimoro jM
Rye. Ry' ''leH
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a H Wllllvin St , ew York. N. Y. H
Fifth clvenue H
Prices H
Q. Are r prices higher because you H
are on I- if ill Avenue tH
A Not at ill M
The Price of a cond pair nf Eye Glasses H
is pretty well established, and many poor H
ones are sold for the price you pay for a H
Rood pair here. H
PaalA.Meyrowttz mt
287 ffifth Avenue, ZAA!Bu Hi
Model Bath Rooms. H
'Just why our PLUMBING FIX- H
TURES luve been selected for the H
most notable residences built in re- Hj
cent years is demonstrated by critical M
examination. jn
Common sense should be the funda- B
mental principle ot a man's character, m
Vou display common sense in sc jH
lecting a Km
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iiimlerii Hall Reiiairing and moving. jH
Tel. 307 FrsnUin. IW.l Ets'OnUlTaj Hj
rrioTr.TiiBAMi. 'BB!
u imnn iiiiiim K
Brown's BronchialTroches H
1 give most salutary relief In M
I Bronchitis. yl
B The Oennlne baa the .'Bbi
R Far simile 4 ? ,S S" erery 'Hi
Hlgnaiureof fi?Wui ''. & U,x' 1
Its Unit TmiElit I lit? Allinmhria Ilallet la HftV
I fimlmi- Miffercd from lleiftrt Disease. HHJ
FrnncKco Wncnor. n ballot master, died end- HHHJ
tlenly at his home, 170 Knst Thlrty-sscond aBVJJ
street. ytstrdnv of henrt dlsrasn Hn was born, '-HSJJ
fort thn )enrx into at 'I rieste. IlunKarj. of '
ltnlliii ihiiimiIh, mitt Ifirnntlto instruct tho
h.illut in ihnt nty lfeaftonviird went to Pari
mul lati'i to London, whern ho becsms tha BH
liiillct iiListxr ot the Mhnnibra.
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fabrics tbat are H
handsome, perfect and in desir H
able patterns and qualities are H
what a host or buyers are con H
stamly looking for and are find H
ing "here," in their perfection H
and tnarhed at ordinary prices. H
8 r.rniwiu Phillips
Custom tailoring Only. fl
Cemple Court Jlnncx, 119 nassau tu 9

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