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FhI ' ":jvjvj1
'I "aVjYJI
i., At. KsrATi: xi:wa.
i i-hrtiKli M'-ndavli tho cutcinrr dull dnr I
, .'. realty MiulJt. veMonlay was an oxcep- I
ifn ry fnlrninountof buslupp wttidono
,l0" ui, - iMira2t,ami ono Important parrel ,
'ji,p(,s.iil c( In tlm nuotloii room. Amon
J" r'l,'nti .r. a wero Mioso ot mi InMrio lot on
.,,), nv mil-. l)tivpon Sotonty-nlntli and
r! lilclii striVa: thteo bulldlnss on Wash
f.j'',a Mitvt. Nn. 7.W.740 nnd 74y.nndtwo
rtrtmcn' lio me n Wet Ninetieth streot.
rcl,.nM lor nbout SI 00.000.
, llic auctl"ii room tho most Intprestlne
.rerun: n'ls ""' 1oU'1 ar'a!l,a n ton-siory
' ,UM. nr No -W Wont Twentr-soventli
,t nln li wr.sFccuroil by tho plaintiffs In
1 1 L.io,ur I' ceeillnK lor $400,000. Tho
tilr.t'lTi WPin tho trustees of tho re n tody
juration 1 mid
Xh,i Mi"rilf 'ciled on thrco nttacliments
iciln1-' tli paitinent Hotol Corcpnny. whloli
itf'n i-T.ri vine on tho Gcrlnch. They nro In
litor "1 '"' l'"011"' '"redltorB: Theodoro
Il'hirilliol' A Snn- SI t-'Kl 'or moat and poultry:
r.trK MrCittlir. $441 for plastering, and
Ijr-onF Smford A Co. $'J5 1 for mills. Tho
Shrill 'fi'ed some "f tho (urnltiiro In tho
ctl Tim aitni'hments were proclpltated by
iha 0r0eloiirc ale. Tho Apartment Hotel
Coal'inytooKlioMnf tho property In Uecein
fcf'a't, when if win sold under forecloittro of
I iicoail iiiortKagi'. and It was said that tho
ie-oii'1 lnor'KnKO bondholders organized the
i (oyratn.w'ii 'li was itvnrt orated under Now
,tr li''- wllh a caP'tal stoclt of "'. KX.
ilj,.i r.ils ivcnmo President and John Larkin
Treasurer Tho attachments "9r9 obtained
oa tb ground that Itlsafoiolgn corporation.
! ID" Victoria Hotel, a thirteen-story unfln-
lititJ rtrueture on Thirty-fourth street near
terentli avenue, was translerrod yestorday
It Merer drayliead to Charles P. Wilder for a
eoalderatlon of $H8T.000. Mr. Wilder, who
1 l,.j,e rroprletor ot tho Cosmopolitan Hotel, at
CfcimUers street and West Uroadway, gave a
i Boriunse on tho property to the seller amount-
' Iht resolutions relativo to the Franchise
In till adopted by tho Heal Ketnte Board of
Brokers and .evoral similar organ(7atlons
rforwaidw to Gov. Hoosovelt yesterday.
icda number of the members of th various
. bodiM will go to Albany to attend the hearing
on th' bill
lrlnr( SlllC.
ns sold fir Mrs. Kate B.
id, on tho east aide of
-t south of Eightieth
Imon H, Btern, of the
;ushinoro, will erect a
oiuo on tho Bite. The
o . in eonjunetlon with
i two live-story apart
IK). Nos. 102 and 104
or about $100,000.
'old lor a client the lot.
nest corner of Central
treet. and the plot. 7fix
reet. to Patrick Mcllor
cMorrow gives In part
stone and brick front
.'.MxlOO. No. 474 Cen
or the Bnvnor estate to
le plot. 7AX100. on the
nox avenue and lltHh
r Strauss & llothschlld
ts. on lots 25x100, In
toil, respectively, at tho
ehtli avenue and 140th
l corner of Eighth nve
ad for theliernheimer
it. on lot 25xl00.H. on
Lexington nvenue and
is sold, in conjunction
t Co , No. 73H. 740 and
on plottMxSlx Irregu
:o be an Investor,
'or tho estate of Corno
ilock front on the east
mue, 201x05. betweon
and the adjoining plot
st street, 200x100.
nstono dwelling, on lot
st 120th street. Is re
o. have sold for Maher
tory stores. 27x70x100,
iuo. to Valentine Holch
have sold to Isidore
ients, on plot 38.3x100.
ion street, and to 8am
building, on plot 25x
old for E. A. Ihlenborg
iveuty-slxth street, for
1 Estate Salesroom yes-
A Co. sold. In fore
tory brick flats, 75x8Tit
Cl'J St. Nicholas avenue,
J. Foster, for $117,758.
ss sold. In foreclosure,
uildlng, known as the
U. Nos. 41) to 55 West
. to the plaintiffs, tho
und. for $400,000.
Id. in foreclosure, the
ng. on lot 20x100. No.
, to the plaintiff, Henry
let To-Dny.
street. No. 227. north
iocondaNenue. 25x0 I):
tent: foreclosure sale;
hi etal.: Maurice ltnpp.
gan. referee; due on
and Interest: costs and
I intorost: taxes and as
rior mortgage. $18,000
renty-thlrd Ward, the
csale: as follows:
lorttieast corner of St.
'4x27.75x100: and
enty-three lots, adjoln
1UO: and
adjoining. 575 feet east
iclUO; anil
. adjoining. 10.50x100;
ith side. 577.0 feet east
o lots, each 21x100; and
nth side, eighteen lots,
2."xlOO; nnu
side. 75 O'J feet southof
.70x2."ixl01.:w; and
side, ndjoiningon north
.02 7; and
theat cornor of 13(tth
.1102.70: and
rth side. 100 feet east of
JO; and
th side. 175 feet east of
its. each 25x100; and
th side. 450 feet oast of
ts. each 25x100; and
th side. 300 feet east of
!en lots, each 25x05 : and
th side, 200.73 feet east
hteen lots, each 25x05.
ts Tolnt. borough of
ilng United States Gov
out 500 feet water fronO
" sale,
mthwest corner of Bev
iHxlOO. seven-story and
tono apartment house;
No. 532. south side.
Miuo A. 25x103 3! five
nt. with stores: and
nest side. 43 OS feet
vet.20x70.4i.x20x70 0i
Jl. west side. 30.0 feet
street. 10 0x70; four
id store; public sale.
044. and No. 500 West
ouilnast corner. 25.1 x
iliiiingand threo-story
i bllesale
So .11.1. north side.
?nue. 17.0x!)li.ll.thiei
hrlck and stone fr.mt
:o. J7K south side. 100
rime. 25lu0 11. (lvo
rownstone flat; publlo
et. Xo 244. south side,
awiiiio. 20 100.5; live.
Id: and stono front flat:
"13. wen side. 08.0 feet
i street. lli.Hx7H. four
eiii'inent;nnd tlmast corner ol Tlobout
18 14101 03: ami
Mi sijle. adjoining foro
aoo.7li; public sale.
eet.No 10! I. north side.
aenuo.J8 0x118 O.four
IIIjib; foreclosure sale:
.al.,tniMres.s Charles
T C lleadleston.attor
i. relereo; duo on Jlldg
uteret; costs and nl
Interest ; tuxes, nssess
,S2liH7r.niiillntPrfst. o 710. south side. 115
nue. 2oxl(Ml; flro-stnrv
Mlo: NVrn.I.. Itnymond
tliowCooganotnl : in.
.fieo, K l.nnbeln.roI
it.SHI.513!l5and lutor--s.
$347 77nnd Interest:
..82t 00 and Intorost,
flushing, borough of
and basement mansard
it. wltlitwo-Bicry extcn-
l,if,ShHH"J1,J!,J,,on outheast corner Now.
oini?S?. .hout'1 nvonuus: eolonlnl duelling.
!J?tMt ,fe;.,i'p".",vn R-'roB land; trustee's sale;
estate of Charles Dm ies.
ny iiEnnRRT a. hjirhmvn.
2S?5V.T,54i',4iif.00t! '"ryclosuro sale: two
s tnf.Tn Iii i ia 'iR'11 nT. with onq-story frame
ffili?i iLilhi Thomson v" "ettle Knox etal:
ilerrill ,V llogers. attorneys: John Proctor
Vi, ir i . r"'.roei 1,1 on luugment. $5,187.50
and intorost: costs and nllownnees. J251.30
anil Interest ; taxes, assessments. Ac., $1 ,304.110
and lntcret.
nv n. rnouiix iN(iinnM a. co.
flT,,,t l.lf)'l otrcct. No. 108, south side. 101
L?lT'i,,.0f Ifrinxnenue. 18x100.11 ; throe
Si2K I'.'.V dwelling! foreciosuro saloi all
Wii ' .tl0 ."",'! I"tern: .Tohn Premier s
ui'i-i i!to5i,i I'oninmln A Locsor. attorneys!
?ml.:.h,'?.n.'VrJ0,pr?0.!.Uun ,on Judgment.
5100: eojts. $2.1.50 nnd Interest: pr or mort
gages. $15,500 nnd $1,200 and Interest.
nv Jous x. (loi.DtNo.
..West 151st street, south side, 400 feet east of
JUnth avenue. 22x.1iixl80x Irregular, except
ing the east plot, uixfto. 500 feet oast of Ninth
nvonuo: vacant: partition sale: all right, title
nnd Interest: also right, title nnd interest to
and underwater: Anna MarlaTuttlo vs Adrian
luttlo el : nl: XV II. Harlson. attorney; Edwnrd
Jft r.'rVJ!!1, fpiPrco: taxes and asaossmonts.
$0.&;5.B2 nnd Intorest.
nv ADlltAN It, MULLKB t HON.
list Thirty-third stroot, Nos. 207 nnd 200.
nor-,h "'de. '3i'l1j feot east of Third avenuo.
40,,xlO7...1,x40 51ixlO7.4. two tlve-story
brick Hats! fnroelusnre site: Holeno Brlgnntl
vs. Joel llinahlo: 11. A. Men. attorney; . V.
lieekwlth. referee: mechanics' lion for which
premises nro hold, J81 and Interest: costs and
allowances. $147.45 and Interest : taxes. assess
ments, Ac . $1.4i4 15 and Intorest: subject to
ptlr mortgage. $35,000. and Blanket mort
gage, $20,102.40.
Ofllrlul Trnnifers.
Arthur st. s n, lots 1050 mid loat. map La
renla Part, aoilo: to rirticKS av i'.2.ki
118.10; Stripben 11 Williams to John M
Leahy . ,. l
Av C, e . 144.li a 1 Ith at. 2rx.V.x Imp; Hth
at. a a. :iim e Av C, ir.i'JT; lalclor nut7tl to
Maver lluticl . i
niceokerat, li,us,2r.xl00j Charlea Banka
to Adolph M lleuillialm ... 38,750
Boulearil, n ecor wllh at, 100.1 lmn.M to
old Illoominarfaln road xlOl.UiWO.t; Ohaa
NOunn tiCnaa I Oraaaa .. . 10,000
Crotcnita,o a. H7.10 n 170th at, 4HH0O;
V m Crockett to Anton Dav 1
Danaon at, 111!', n w a, 21x100, Oe,i F
Johnaon to LotilaO Markal S,2a0
Dawion at, lion, n w a. 2rxloo, deo F
fohnaou to Ja oh Munck .. . a,2r0
LegKatt t, n e ror Hewitt place, 2ftxlOO,
Samuel Coven to Joieph (Sallo. 100
Lfu(-tt av, n w cor Hawttt pi. 2S.xSfl,2t
OH Hiim.H: Rlinn Daiwlc nnd nno to
Bamuel Cowau . 1
Lflcett a. n ecor Hewitt vl, '.Bxlno. bam
unl Cnwrn to Joaeph Uallo 100
Lot benln-i at n e cor lot Nn. l, man of Park,
Rlteraide, t landanf N' YOntraland II
It R Co and land of m I. Morrla. wltti
land nnder water, kc, and )iart laud
which 11 j- F Hi'atildine died aelird: John
8 Bnilth. ref. to Cornelia It Simil.llim 10
Lot a8, bleak K. amemled map Maixa es
tates .lamra M OaMa to lludaos P Roae 1
Lot 125, block C, amended map Mapea -a
tate: Cha M Curtla and uno to ltoaa Gor
man 1
Lot M)0. map Cornellua Ray, John A King,
exr. to L Napoleon Lay 2,000
Momoe at, r7, n a,2.r.ilxl00i3rxlO0, Annie
Kngel to Roaalie Lraizer 1
Parka, tlutl-lllit. aw cor 04th at, Gilbert
E Crogan to Chas L Itegeuhard 1
Tend place, e a, part or lot tin, maD part
Farm of John Cmmwell, Fordham, 50x
74.Hir,ur,4, Kmanuel Ulumenattel, rot,
to John U DeLoy.. . . . 1,400
Proapectav, a ecor IBrtth at, 2.riDo: Marr
T Crawford eitrx, Ac, to Coleman Jllurke 91
Proapect av, H37, w a, 2fixl00; Cbaa Van
Riper to Agnca Wolf. . . 100
RlTlngtonat, 111, a a, 21.1 Ixlllx23.2x00.10;
John O Bueai to ManU Neuat&edter .. 10.S00
WaablnKtoo av, lot ,10. map village Morrla
anla. 2HX2O0, Minna Loehr to Nelson D
Btllwell ... 100
West road, lota 2n and 27 and part lot 2H,
map aubdlv property, Country flub Land
Assoc; The country Clnb Land Aasoo to
EmtlyAStott .... 1
lOtb av, w a, 4,0.4 n 22d at, 12.4x74; Ilenry
WSauertoKmellaAHauer 1
IDth at. a a, 22l w 1st v, 3Rxlti3.3, Iaabel
R Ulnaldo, txtrx, to hamutl Levin 811,100
18th at, 2N W, 18.4oa; Daniel 1' Ingra
ham. ref, to Martha McLellan . .. 7.2&0
21st st. na. 2 Jo e7th at. 20xt8 u; nenry F
C Schrail t and ano to Herman F. Kudllch. 1
Slat at, n a, UU.Sw let a, 1H.HXH8.0, Fran
cle Bchopp to II Tonlea S: Co . .4r.O
34th at,aa,f20 e 7tli a, 80it'8.9; Merer
Grayhetd to Chaa F Wlldey . . 886,000
a&th at, 3D W, 18.UIU8 U; Samuel L Laderer
to Win T Bull . 100
87tb at, 104 E. 26xu8.; William Salomon
to Temple Bowdoln 78,760
46th at, 141 , 17 2x100.4: Frank A Tozer
to Enoch E Kmmons . 100
66th at. ssa K, 17.10x11 0.R; AnguiteEid
ner to George Blnram 8,000
67th st, 108 w, 20X1OO..1; Frank D Brewer
to Henry Brewer .. .. 1
74th St. a a. 160 w Lexington av, 18. Ul
102.2: Chaa Bernatein to Dawd Roeenberg. 18,000
7thet, 31R W, 26x102.2; Almira Orear to
RutusH Park etal 1
77th at. a a. 80.3 Rlveralde av, 24x59.2,
Raatua H Ranaom to Carol B llanaom 1
7uth at, 62 East. '.'6x102.2; Mary Grace to
Adelaide T Willeta. . fl'S.OCO
84th at, n a, 4H6 w West Knd at, 1HX102.2:
Harriet U Thompson to Elijah W Sella . 24,600
05th st, 222 E, 26x100 8, CliarleaScheuer
to F.mlly Van Colt and ano 17,000
67th at. h a, JM3.4 e Amsterdam av, ltl.Hx
11)0.11. Wm Mone to Caroline Rtone 1
118th at. a a. 100 e 7th at, 20.3x100.11,
Adam Dauwalder to Wm P uatin, Jr 1
116th st, n a. 126 w Broadway. 60x100.11:
Jamea McClenahen et al, exra, to Edward
Oppenhelmeraudano . .... 32,300
12ilth at, n a. 185 w 2d av.lil.HxDH ll;Selah
B Strong to Charles Wall and ano 8,600
12tht, a a. 170e6th av. 20x09.11; Jacob
Gregonua to Mary Cahlll 1
14. id at, a a, 181. 6 Alexander av, 21). 6x
Kai: lfiSth st. nwior Tinton av. ifln.iox
102.2x87.6x102 ; Geo S Bell to Ellubeth
T Bell , , 100
143d at. a a, old line, 210.11 e Alexandfrav,
rune a 85.7x n36.7 to 143d st. x e 0.3; Eltz
abeth T Ball to Maria tl Bold)- . 1
143d at, e,210.H n Alexander av, runa a
35. 7x604. 6x e 20.Hl n 100 to stxw20.H;
Mafia II Boldy to W II Baudino 8,500
147th at. n . 76 e Ilradhunt at, 25x81;
Julius Roaenfield to Yaldro Pendas, Jr 1
l&latat, 175 w msterdam av, 2O0xuu.ll;
Martha A Lynch to Ralph O It ea .... 1
168th at. a a, 400 w Amsterdam av. 60x08.1 1
Geo F Pnrrlnuton to Thoa F Devlne 1
lflOth at, 514 W, 25lOU.ll: Leopoldo Fl
duels to Geo K Roman 100
Recorded Leases,
Columbni t. 954, w cor 107th at; Thoa T
Martin to Chaa Bauer. 6 yra....... . 1,200
Mott at, 138, John Palmiert to Italia D'An-
gelo. 3 yra ... . ,. 2,400
Mottst, lit); VltoCunlnoto Ercola Cantel-
mo.Syw 2.R00.
Mulbem st. 18i same to aame, 6 yra . . 2.700
Spring st, 24ii, ErueatEMllullowatoJamea
McUitiley, 3 ra .,.. T . 24
3d av, n e cor Bid at: F W Mertena, Jr, to
Robert MlnratU, 6 jre ... ;, l.HOO
4th av, 323, tredk UalUsleder to Max
Lnob. 6 yra -v, . ;, 8-''00
9th at, iliw E, Henry Kracke to Nathan Cane,
2 j ra 8
Oth at. 232 F,; Louisa Btnbenvoll to George
Heln and ano. 6 yra.. r . . . . . , S.""
12th av. n e cor 130th at. 24.11x74; Theo r
Tone to Wm B Bohart. 6 ra 1.6O0 l,fl0
87th at, 232 E; Auguat wolf and ano to
Julius Setschke, 5 yra . 1,080
122d at. 2il E; Ilyman Kalman ana ano
to Hugo Kuntz. 3 yra 480
Recorded Mortgngea.
Allen st. ea, 180 a Grand at: Mary and Mln
nle Brothera to Abram Brothers, lyr . .. M.OOO
Becker av. a w a, lot 71, mapof waahlngtou
tllle: Jamea A Ilenry to Tw.nty-thlrd
Ward Coopeiatlte 11 and L Aaaotn, in
stalls 1.60O
Bleecker at. 1B7-. Adolph M Uendhelm to
Char.tw Hauka. 1 yr 28.000
Bfniletard. n e cor uflth at. Chaa J La
Graasa to Citlena1 Pavings Pank. I yr 150,000
Bnuken at. e a. 100 a Jetlerson av, fcden.
wald. Margaret O Connor to Henry Welt
el 3 yra 2,ouo
Chrt'etle at, 48. Samuel and Mary Lang er to
Hannah Bllveratona. I yr ,,,.,. ,,f,0
Conrtlaudt av, e a. as n 164th atj H"Pbla
Moebus. Indlv and eitrx. to John H Mc
Guffog 1 yr i,uoo
Columbuaat.necorOlatat. Patrick Ken
neuytoSaiiiueinColllns arrs . .... 30.000
Dawson st, 1 1 1 0: Louie u Markert to Oeo F j
Ex at, till. Kalmen Reas to the German
IyftttTVrSS Hewmpiice. Samuel '"
Coweu t ) Simon Danilg and ano. it yr. . 4,050
Leggott av. li e cor Hewitt pi, Joiepli Gallo
lo Samuel Cowen, demand.. .. 1.000
Lexington av. n w cor ti'lth at. Umlsa and
PhillPP Men to the lr lag Sat lugs In.tl-
Lr!t,14r.,ina,prOormllua T WIUUi.ii .. Kredk
WUIocl.injnii.exi, Ac, to Anna H Fiuck. jm
Lits 10 t" i'2. maj. land formerlv 'of' Seine
tlau 1'M.e.a. Weatchiater, John U h,ilf
to Itachcl I'liuly, ,1 vrk . rno
Mjn,s'rT..A:isr: w-iZMM -t . oo
Mutual Life ina Co. r.yrs. 3 mtg- . SO. 0)0
Eaex st. 10, same to aanic. 6 i r . i.."oi
'."pert at, c .. 02 .la ISHtli at. Mary T
Crawford, extrx and truetoc, to Jf aie A
Proapeit'av. e a, 81.3 a 16.ltaat; aama to
RiVcrdilc at, e a. at Intersection! i land of
Thornii Gannon aud land of Margaret
Cogan. Jamea Killeeu to Hat I.I Mayer
nRmgSn,int,'1llBrMrt Ncust.edter to
"V.! uSorwi;oVu'iG1o1gnne.,.,.ln..all. 8.500
Sullltanst. 134, AnuurutaKarlnatoAiuer-
Itan hiiiety 10. K) part secures Iwnd 6,000
I' nl" a" w ". 1 -I..'-I Hid at leunie v..u
Rleist to Cathailn.. nurnberg; r. 3 j rs -no
WashliiLMou at. I J5 John h " lh o P Hal
rXiTlA -.: lleurycornt, "
Viri KlloWfll. leasehood, lyr . 18.000
8tb "."o4. IJennl. F Coatcllo to George
Eh'-t. lcaaahold. deruand l.0"
lotli at n w cor 32d at: Jacob Appell to the
Dankf"rtUtln.a..lt. of N.f.jra 86,000
10th , It. Lol W. and 701 O.eenwlcb at;
Chas r HolncrVr to Mary M Hendarion,
3yean, rerecorded 10,000
12th at. 1152 W LouhOtt to Emigrant In
dustrlal Savlnga Bank, lyr 10,000
lath at, 838 K; Samuel Levin to Oeo T
Smith, 6yra 24,000
lntlist, as. nsowittli nv Samuel U Long
atreol to Mary F Belts. 5 j ra , 6.000
17th st, n a, 101 u 3d nv; aametoaamo,
1 yr 10,000
loth st, 2.18 W Martha McL. ll.ui to Ameri
can Mortgage Co, :i yis 6.600
Came prop, same to same, 1 yr 1,000
Same prop, same to Maria S Hlmpaon, 1 yr 500
21st at, n s, 220 ii "tl. avi Herman F Kud
llch to ('has .1 CHchrader.r. yra .... 18,000
81st st. 334 E: II Tmijea Ci to Dora Von
Spreckelsen, r t ra ... 4,000
84th t, a a. 62ti o 7th av, tharlea F Wlldey
tn EdniuiHl ilulllii, n j ra 38B.OO0
S'.lh st, a a, 2no.s e oth av: Mary K M orrow
to David LDurra. I jr . 1.000
3-th at, nil V, ; V. in T Hull to Samuel L A
dercr, 2 ra 0.000
6Mli st, 31", K, Oeorgn Hlnram to Mary
Ntlller, 6 yra .. 4,0.0
e.ltli st. n a, 375 w 10th at: Hcnrv and So
phia Vial? to DminiiT flessweln. 6 yra 7,000
I'.itth at, us, 117. w loih at i aame to Wm
Dixon and ano, trustees Ac, 6 jra 8,000
74th st, as, 16o w Lcilneton av: Datld
Ilosenbergto Nathan llcrustiln, 5 yra . 10,000
Same prop, astimtn Jennie lleriistelii, r yrp. 4,000
77th st, a n .or Mttdtsriont, Uoselia and
Henrv Corn to in T Sabino, luatalls 64,000
70thst, C.T.t Adelaldu T Willeta to Mary
Grace, r.yrs ., . 40,000
83d st, n a, 2.12 w Columbus at . Potera Vre
dcnbargli to nlnn Krnsh, demand. . 350
entli st, 322 I' Flullv VanCott aud ano to
Charlca Sch ur, 1 5 r S.COO
ORth at, a a, 2(10 e 3d av, I'nnnlo and llenrv
Blank to Ida Blank, .', ra 3,000
08th at, n a, 360 w Central Park West: Al
I crt v Doncllnn to .lames H Aldrlch and
uno, trustees, Ac, , j rs . 26,000
ltMth at, a a. 10 i e Columbus av; F.dgar
Coles to 1,'llltcd Statci Lite Ins Co, .1 yra 35,000
104th st, a a, l.'ll.t e Columbuaav; aame to
..ame, 3 3 rn 35,000
104thst,as, lf.'J.H 0 Colum lilts at, aame to
samp, ;t yra 35,000
104th st, a a, loo e Columbus av: aunie to
Geo Mackenzie, dematid 2.2".0
104th st. a s, 131.4 0 Cohimbua avt aame to
aame, demand 2,250
ll.lth at, u a. lin.4 v 2d nv: Charles Schnei
der to ilrnrv A C Taylor. .". 1 1 a S.fOl
128th st, J3o K. hn.lcs end Ctrollnn Wall
to Cnnie M and Chaa F Porter, exra. Ac,
a j rs . 4,000
lSHthat.7lsii.17.tr.. I.milv C and Char
lotte A N.eckannd alio to Brnad.tayH.it.
inga Intn, 1 tr , 60,000
133.1 st, 11 a. 4'.'6 w 7th av: Stanlev M Hold
rn to Mnnl Stelnliardt, v yr 20.000
143d st, s s, 2IU He M"x.iuiUr it. Washing
ton II UeaudinotoMarlill Bodly, Installs 4,300
14th st n a, 226 w JInirls nt , Mlcha-I
Kennedy to the Metropolttatt hititiga
Bank. I jr 2,600
tenth st as prolonged, n o cor Hudson
Rlic It It, extends to Hud st. Fmmn Fiah
and O itharlnn Pllkington to Robert O
Fiilinii. I yr . 80,000
182.1 st, a o cor tudubou at; F.IUa cth
Dunn to Helen Weed, 2 j ra . 2,500
Aasifinnionta of Alnrtsngea.
American Mortgage Co to Robert H Cole
man . 180,00-1
Same to Mathilda I, Moller, exrx 11.00',
Bowcra, John M, triis. to Gertrude B C Burnt 4 oho
Cooper, Tacob nnd Clara aa committee, Ac,
to WIUlalM McClcnahiti t.0',0
Goldstein. Mat, to Marka Kirshbaum 4.160
Harlem f-a.lngs B.nk to Marin II Bodly 2.5oo
naeu, I'Laa K to Alex E Cohen 5.000
Kneeland, dele, lo Adele Kueeland, exrx,
Ac , 4,000
O'Gormau, Marianne, to Richard Lathers,
trns, c 8,000
Moran, Chaa A, true, to FmllvLutyena 10,101
Townley, Mary F, and ano to Kllrn J
aughan . . 110m
Tnwiiaeii.l, J Allen, to Frodk M Cromwell lH.uoo
Title i.uaiantce ami Irnst Co to Daniel
Hihna-k. uherg aa trns, Ac . , 8,000
Mechanics' Llena.
Andrewa at, e s, 250 a Hampden st, 60x100.
Chas F, Keid vs J Beterl Robinson nnd A
Campbell 1180 00
Maple st. 3, Westchester, Vicenio Orllll ta
Maria LI hantl and ano . 87 19
Woody Ci est av. tt s, 75 n ltwth at, 25x100;
ChaaF, Held ta Chaa tliaden 60 00
8th av, h wcor.l.Uh st,l7'ix75, Louie Kramer
va Theodore lnnkelberg . . 75 00
Barae prop. George Meter .n same. 100 00
117th et, 4d to 62 V: Geo A lTalt A- Co va
Edmund Satrba.h and ano . 3.860 00
Same prop: Vermont .Marble Co va same 106 40
180th at, 1 no W, Jacob Winter ta Gertrude
M llavmond 77 00
171at at. n e cor 3d av. 25x100; Wm T
Hookey nnd auo t a Louie Lutjena ... 648 80
Lis Prndena.
Water at, 171. nnd other property out of town:
Chas D Letorkh et al va Matilda R L Bradford,
admx, Ac ito obtain accounting, Ac); atty, D Sej
mour. West End av, 816: E Caroline Kopperta Margaret
0 Kopper, Jr tto determine rlghta, Aci, atty, M P
4J.1 st, 207 W; William Hammeratein ta Anna T
Dttidsnn et al tapeclric performance); att, M
1 12th st, n s, 32". e 7th av. 13R.2 to St Nicholas av
x 1 18. "x Irreg; Armstrong A Bolton Co ta Anna J
1 enimn et al (to art aalde deed); attya, Seymour,
as H.
Fnreclneure Sutta.
North Moore at, 88 and 40: Mutual Life Ina Co va
Carrie V linnk et al, atty, O E Miller.
litlat st. n a, 301.7 e Boulevard, 18x00.11: lfllat
at. n a, 248 1. o Boulevard, 18xiio.ll: Mary A Mc
Laughlin t a Wm Broadbelt, et al, atty, E KMcCall.
I'lnns Filed for New Buildings.
Broome st, 802-305; six story stores and
flata, Harris Fine, owner, Horenhurgor A
Mraob, archltecta; cost . 925,000
Henrv at, 210-221, twoflte-atory and base,
ment tenements, Iirael Block, owner, N
Langley, architect, cost. .. 28,000
27th st. 35-37 E. six story bachelor apart
ment house, R U Spaulding, owner; U B
Milllinken. archlte. t; cost . . . 83,000
67tb st. 17 E, improtement to dwelling; C
T Park, r, owner, GTSnelUug, architect,
cost . 8,000
108th st, n a, 150 eColumbua at , five story
flat, Gltcktnan Bros, owners, W C Dicker
son, architect, cost 18,000
125th st. a a. 76 e Bouletard, four Ate.
atory flats, Anthont Clincby, owner: W 0
Dlckeison, architect cost . 80,000
128th at, a a, 70 e Park av, six atory flat.
Philip Enter, owner. Lawrence k Ring
roae, archlticta; cost . ,. . 25,000
I'ulilic Jloti.f.
York will sell at publio auction to the highest bid.
dere of yearly entals, at hla office In the Stewart
building, No. 280 Broadway, on
TIIL'ltSDAV, APRIL 27, 1890.
att 12 o'clock M., leaaea for the term of flva years,
from May 1, lsov, of the following paroela of prop
arty belonging to the Corporation of the City of Mew
I.nnd Ilorough of Ilrooklyn,
1. The property on Barren Island belonging to
the City or New York, consisting of about 1 1 2 lores
of land.
Il.illillncl Ilornnnh of Mnnliattnn.
2. The premises on the easterly aide of the Old
Croton Aqueduct, aoutli of West One Hundred and
Fifty second Street, to wit: Beginning at a point
12P.0A feet east of the easterly lino of Amsterdam
avenue and 2.85 feet south of the southerly Una of
West One Hundred and Flfty-aecoud atreet; run
ning thence southerly parallel with Amsterdam
atenue 07.07 feet to the centre line of the block;
thence westerly along the centre line of the block
70.28 feet to the easterly line of the Old Croton
Aqueduct property, thence northeaaterly along the
easterly line of the old Croton Aqueduct property to
the point or place of beginning, together with tha
buildlnga thereon
8 The pretniaea on the aoutheaaterly corner of
Amsterdam avenue and West One Hundred ana
Fifty eecond street, being 68 feot and H of an Inch
on West One Hundred and lift) -second atreet:
08 fret and H of an Inch along the weaterly Una
of the old Croton Aqueduct, and 78 feet 10 Inches
on Amsterdam avenue, together with the hnlldlnga
4. The preniieea on the north aide of West One
Hundred and Hftj.flrat atreet, 225 feet east of Am.
iterdam atenue, bolng 60 feet In front and rear and
y:i feet 11 Inches iu dipthon each a. do, together
with the billldlugs tbeieon
A. The preuilsi a on the north aide of Weat One
Hundred and Fifty Drst street. 150 feet caat of Am
aterdam avenue, being 25 feet in front aud rearand
to fret 11 Inches In depth on each aide, together
wltn the bnildlnga thereon.
8 1 he premises on tho north side of Weat One
Hundred and Flfly-rlrst atreet, 125 feat eaat of Am
sterdam atenue. b Ing 26 feet in front and rear and
OU faet 11 Inches in depth on each side, together
with the buildings thereon.
Market Ollnra-Horimgh of Meinhattatm.
7. Cellar No. 1. Centre Market Building.
8. " 2.
0. " 8,
10. " 4,
11. " 6. "
12. " 8. "
' 13. " 7.
14. " 8.
16. " II,
1H. " ID, "
17. " 11.
Market Iliill.llnga rtorotigh of Mnnhnttan.
18. The upper 1 art of the northerly portion of
tha Ceniie Market building, now leased to Brian
G. Hughes,
10. The ofllcea fronting on the Sixth avenue
aide nf the eerond and third flnnra of the Jeffer.
aon Market building, and the room In the easterly
tower or the aame.
For tcrma and conditions of sale and further par
tlculara, see City Record, No. 2 City Hall.
The Comptroller shall hate the right to reject
any bid It deemed to be for the beat Interest of
tha city
By order of the Commissioners of the Sinking
F"n'1' BIRD 8. COLER.
Cltr of New York Department of Finance, I
Comptroller a Office, April 10, 1800. t
SKAI.H) proposals. Indorsed "Proposala for Rfel
Roof will b.- receitcd at the llureauof Yards
and D01 ks, Navv D.paitnieiit Washington, until 1
o'. lock. May 8, IH.io, and then and there publicly
opened for remoilug an old roof and building a new
steel roof for copper rolling mill. Navy Yard, Waeh
tngton, D. C, Plans, pai-ncationa, and blank forma
of proposal can be obtained from the Commandant
nf the Nav Yard, W'aahlngton. MORDKCAl T.
END1COTT, Chltt of Bureau. April 30, 189V.
Ural Gbtitfr.
I 16 West 42d Street.
John II, Hillock Oeorgfl G. Hallock, Jr.
If.natnl K7 lroi,twa. 401 (Irand Slrent.
Telpphone, 73 oi'dt, t47 Bprine.
Make a niKunlij of rrnthiK and collectlnK and
taking fliittrA . ha rue ut qIaU n.
(Sily ilrnl tfotiitf.
Borough of Miinliiittnu- For Snip.
Abot o 11th St.-.ltlTAt . to North lllicr.
AVKNI'K Innn:ilTY tii-iiay.
$28,000, Aiostcrilnm nt.ntest.m store, nil rent
ed, below 104 th st. Call in will c tor pat titulars.
CHAS. S. KolH.r.lt.', ltUU.,o.iilColumbiieav. tlii4lh)
"Tnat Milf-llrlott lltliSt.
DE811IAHL1: imeatnirnt jiroioitles. 4 per cent,
inortgia-s. Yltll.l.F.CARlirAr.
ST. Griin.l st , mar Bowciy,
11LOTS of l1 3 nnd '1 lota, . ornors. for aalc,
CYltlLl.r, CVHlll.M", ' r. Oriind at.,nrar llni rv,
Sent tfotatr lOut of the (Citij.
Mlst'cllitncoiis Siilo or Kent.
31 Nassni St. anil SOS rifth Ave.
All the ilcslrabl'i nsldeucc nlotm the Sound and
Illlilsoli litter, nla N'nrfi Ik nnd l.iti litleld. Conn.
Cottngca fo snlo and rent 'Irlt phone 1071 Cort
lral tf-jstatr tVantrtl.
1JH Host 42l St.
jRrul tf-iitatr to (txthiinnr.
"I "1 CTH i-T., near Lexington at. Five atory fine
Alt) i'at, fullv rented, foi lower priced ptopcrty.
C1R1LI.K CAHltEAU, 236 Grand st.. near Bowory
Co Crt fov itsinr?? tirooe..
IOFTS TO Ll'T-Xii. 101 I'rnrl at., adjoining
J Wall at., good light, Immediate possession, low
ioiin f. ixm.i: A SONS,
in vtllllnm at.
0FFICES 10 LET." No. 70 Wnll at. I au"exceT
lent location tor almost au buslneaa, reaaon
able rente.
45 Wlllnm at.
ing, 10.1 Wall at., corner Front at., auttahle
for oodew broker, all modern impn.tementa; steam
heat, electric lights, elevator and Janitor'a aerticea
Included In rent.
JOHN F. DOVI.K A SONS. 4fi Wlllinni at.
LOFTS TO Lirr No. MO 4th av,, opposite
Cooper Union.
4S Wllllnm at.
IOFT3. No. 60 lirnml at.; recently renovated;
4 very reaaonable rent; immediate possession.
45 Wllllnm t.
STORE, basement. and aub basement. No. 37 Dcy
at., near Church nt., to rent, excellent location,
reaaonable rent.
john r. doylp: & soNh.
45 Vtllllnm at.
STORE, baaemen. and sub baaemeut, also flrat and
second lofts. Nob. AKllll.l 54 Lnfnjetto plnce.
near Astor tdace, first claa fireproof building, ateam
heat and elevatora, sire 62x72. reasonable rent.
4T. Vtllllnm at.
at.t eepeclally adapted to law; era, moderate
43 Vtllllnm at
UROADWAY. No. 47.-0fflc4 to let. singly or
en suite, modern building; gas, ateam. eletator,
Janitor'a aerticea included in rent.
45 Ullllnm Bt;
OFFICES TO LET in tho Jewelers' Exchange
building, ril nnd A3 Maiden Iriipi suitable
for diamond aettera, alao rnomaforfactoriea in same
building, reaBonable rent.
45 Vtllllnm Bt.
at., near Church st., size 2rx00, immediate poa
43 Wllllnm at.
OFFICES 10 LET. Liverpool and London and
(llobe Insurance Company's building Nob. 45
to 40 Wllllnm at. and 41 unit 4.1 Pine at.;
alnglv or en suite; suitable for lawvers, Insurance
brokers, corporations, Ac. reasouble rents.
45 Vtllllnm at.
let, building recentlt overhauled steam beat,
electric eletator. Immediate possession.
43 Wllllnm at.
Ill FRONT ST.. adjoining Wall at.-Large
ground floor office and baieim-nt to let, rent mod
erate. JOHN F. DOYl.K A SON.S.
45 VHIllnm at.
520 AND 52anROADWAY'.-F.ntlre lofts tTi
let; bnildlnga now tommunicating; will rent aepa
rately; moderate rent.
45 Wllllnm at.
Slx-atory building, extra heavy beams, and ateam
heat, elevator, Ac; extra light, on corner 12th at. and
Third at.t rent$3,000.
J. EDGAR LEAYC'RAFT, 1617 IJrondwnjr.
CORNER 1ST AV. AND 21ST ST -Fine corner atore.
now occupied by groc. r
J. EDGAR LKAYORAFT, 1517 Hronrlwny.
CORNER nOI'LEVARD AND 071 II ST -Fine store,
V with splendid double show windows
J. EDOAK LEAYC'RAFT, 1517 llinmlwnjr.
3DAV.. NEAR 12TH ST, Store and basement In
this buay locality, S75 per month.
J. EDGAR LEAYC'RAFT, 1617 Ilron.lwny.
MTn ST . NEAR 3D AV.-Store, with living rooms
above, at koo per annum.
J. EDGAR LEAYC'RAFT, 1817 Brondwny.
4TH AV NEAR 12TII ST -Good atore; now occu
pied by cigar dealer, low rent, Sun per month.
J, EDGAR LEW'CRAI'T, 1517 llrondtvny.
A.-A.-A.- A.-A.-A.-
South west corner (iraiul and Kldrldgc, nstoij.Store.
Northeast corner , 'Id at. and Kiitli at.. Store.
Corner Worth and Mott its. and Chatli-iu. "-n,.. Store,
20M West at., souther) half Store and Moor abo.c.
7H Bowery half sum. ami ltaaement.
300 Canal at , curnei 1 hoiupaou st.. store.
1H2 Eaat 1 10th at . Smro anil Rooma.
S5rt let av,, Start) and Rooma, near 48th at.
218 Contra Bt., one Loft, power and heat
80 Bower) , ono Loft. 25(100. Imht.
17 Ann at., near Uroadwa) , four Lnfta. lent $110.
Corner Worth and Mott sts . first Loft, light.
Northeast coiner lat at. ami 107th at., 100x113.
130th at., near Lenox nt., 50x100.
Northeast . orner 3d av and l.lld at., 60xlfo.
HB6 Eaat I67ih st. noxion.
CYRILLF, CARHl'AU, Agent, Grand at , near Bowery,
Unilu Oriental lla.ik.
l ARRF 'Fulton nml Mllllnni ht.,'
UHHUC. 45100
CORNER nroo,'l" HrltlRc nml Kom- Nt.,
34TH ST., No. 102 WEST,
Just west of B way
2d, Bd, and Cth floors to rent. Apply to
31 Liberty St.
A BI'II.DINGH. stores, loftf an 1 omcea oxcep.
tloually fine list this and other desirable loca
tions. FOLHOM IlllOTHEliS, H35 Broadway
ff latjoi anil 3tpartmrnt$ Ho .'rt Hlnfur
nijliril. Above 14th St., Enat Side.
4 and bath, all Improtementi,
H rooma, all Improtemeuts,
hot water furnished,
rents til to f 15
Apply on premlaeB, 48 East 1.13d at.
A PARTMENTSln tba "Improved DwefiingB," (l!l
Jx. East 7 2d at.. 2. 3 and 4 rooms, all light; bath,
laundry; hot and cold water, rent So to $10.60; halla
heated. 1'OLsOU BUOTUKIia, 85 Broadway.
gtral (S?itatr.
Monoy to Loan on lajv
N. Y. City Real Estate. m
140 ll'WAY, aF
HORACE B. FLT. trFD T. MtltLlN.I. ""
04 C'cdnr St. 27 Wrat HOIIi St.
Bryan L Kennclly & Co., 6G Liberty St.
litts and iiaitmrnt.s to 'rt -
f iiniijihcil.
Above lltli St., West Sine.
Been mom, hath, ntnam Umi, liot water.
Convfiilmit to nit linrn nf tr.ncl,
North, Hoiitli, IVitt inti Went.
XorthwMt cornel lno a f.n.l 1 2nih nt
A Mfn-rnom flat: ntflHin. hot iatcr; choice pri
atc housp block, "jr. Arl H4th t
47.".u, $-.0 00-R on larirr litfht rootrir: ntcam
hf it. ojm n plumbiiu. .'.D nint .vj o-t :u (t
S.13 00, Still 00- n liatiilpniiip M roiitn, otcara
lie.i. lint KATrr. npon pill ml inir. 1.1 ot 0M nt
fHOOO. S'.ott -Kit Kant 2Vnot hIiirIb Hat, nln
rooini. litttli, rtiMn litt, tint watm, hull attuiutancu,
lirhntflhoiiRfbloc'i. h-kmi ttlnt t
A nrAantflrrnt Ipw nf th Hiirtvm Ilnwr ami tho
I'nI.hAilcfi from th1 lifw apart mi nt Iioum',
307 WEST 93D ST.
Eitfht th larc mnmr liAiilnnod tim thrnunhont.
Beivlcc until 1 A. M;elpitri( Itcht fmm street rrr
Icoif illrod, hoiifte stainN nlonp, and has open
fMe airl iTnr. tlnnf k-hlnirhoocl one of tho nmt
deslrAble on the tc.v stdc.
Rents $1,200 to $1,350.
Stabler, Randolph &Co.
Telephone, TO UIbisi1o. (174 COM'MM'S A
r.ueM anartniftiu on Minhattan Ifliud for the
mono), i tdRf to Park, piUati' Iiouhi liioek; 'iitit
lariio ronniH and Imth. MUperh i.e-rnritioii, all latent
lmprnenicnt jjas or elcitnt liwht, prhate tele
I' hone,
Serilee until 1 A. M. Itents, tl.ooo to 1,200,
5 and 7 West 91st St.
Telephone, 79 IUrerMrtf. 074 Columbnt av,
242 West 4.1il at., near Ilroadwaj
Apartment of elttht llsht rooms, steam heated,
$50 also first floor and bisement, elKht rooma, oc
cupied manr yeara bv a physician. "r..
.1. i:i(.AK Lr.AVCKAFT, 1S17 llromlwny.
tfilO TO $2tl. fix rooma and bathroom, steam
Oil & heat, hot water supply, c. See Janitor, 122
We.t Ufjtli at., or
J. Klir.AH L.KAYCRAFT, 1S17 Ilrunilwoy.
BOt'LEVAKD.noarHCth St. Fine llnht apartments.
7 ruouia and bathroom. S r. linjutre at 415
l!ouleard. or
.1. HIIOAK LKAVCHAFT. 1S17 Itromlwnr.
CSQS AND Ho. Light apartmenta; aix lama
OOcJ rooms, all itnproenienta. Sec Janitor, 243
Weat 5Kth at , corner Hroadwa , or
.1. KUUAll LKA1CKA1T, 1B17 Ilrondvrny,
A TEW CntllCE APifrMENTS, """
Items 750 to $1,200
38 to 50 West 9th St.
New opn plumbing, olejjvith decorated, all nlht
clpator service, ateam heit
E. A. CRUIksiIANKJIc ri , 141 Itroadwar.
AFIV&ROOM ri.AT. Bteam heat, hot water, tiled
bath, all outFiilo rooms, hallboy, eleator, $.12,
mt. 8U1 Went 27th Bt.
107TTI ST.. 243 ND245 WET.
Hupetlor new 4 and f ioouia and bath, aome-
thine cholee, $ JO to $27.
superior f rnoiu apartmenta. all improve-
mints, f 17 to J20.
AMSTKRIHM k. Nn.aia AND 815
Newly renoated rtrooni apartraenti, $20.
Liberal Indur ments
11HT1I ST., lit. AND UK WEM
t'lmlce 4 and . room apartment1, bath, $18 to
$21. cry desirable.
117TII ST.. No. H5 EhT.
lat and 2d tints, 0 looms, bath, $20 to $22. Ap-
pl to Janitor or izentH
10&TH hT.. oa. 241 AND 2.r.1 WEST.
New flatn, ti rninnn. bath, all Improvements,
aillnimnir Ronlmard, $2'f to $2it.
100THST.. 1.14, 13H M KiM WEST.
I'liiiiimlU dosiraMo 0 room, and bath apart
menu, at $21 to $3o.
100TII HI , No. 10 WEST.
2d tint, ft roniiiK, bath, $20.
4 and r, roomn, bath, $18.
103DH1., No inWEST.
21 Hat, 7 roomt, bath, all improveinenti!, fur
niched, $r,fi, unturnlslud, $1..
10&TIIH1'.. 71 WEaSf.
choico licht alticle apartment. 7 rooms and
bath, all impro omenta, $3.1 to $40.
lOuTH HT . 20O to 20H WKST
Eleuant Mingle aiartmenta, 7 and 8 rooms,
Imth, all Irmirnri meats, $2M to $4.i.
104TII ST.. lO'i WES1.
if rooms, bath, all improvements, $24 to $27;
rrut niciit to nt.itinn.
I04T1I sT, No. X, hSr.
Elfuant liuhtn mont apartment, $24.
10181 ST., Ihk WFHT.
Newh rotioatPd, G uo m -j and bath, $20, $24.
THIRD V No. 2ir.(
Destrabli 4-ioom apartmemn, $( to $1.1.
LENUS AV. No. 32.V
4 iitid r rouiiiH, bath. $20 to $24.
WEST END A ,.ns.M4i A.0H4r.. NER 10ISTST.
iInp1finiiHi lame lnJi tlat, x rooms nnd bath,
all linpiociiieiits. lint I attendant ', f5to$7n.
Newly renovated 4 and r room araittnenti, all
improvements, $17 to $2i.
I'tifl roliinihtia Av near 10411) St.
All licht apartment-), nuulern pluintnnir, liberal
toraKO room,
Apartment of H iionm ami bath, all modern con
I 12, 14, 16, 18 EAST 88TH ST.
I Modem apartments of 7 nml 8 rooms renf ftom
$00tc $000.
I Appl ou promi-esot to
Rl l.II!i:ilTY ST.
A.-A.-A.- ""' " A. A. A.
itotl ni4Ix!ilnittonav Rroinisanilbatli ti'itnJ.T ")t
12iilat lir.tli at., ! rooma, bath, heat, M' 2.1 iki
14.'.ii:i Madison av.. ' rooms, bjth.heat $15 $m
r.ioitil at., tlrst tlnor, T uiMins.. $ioiti
457 nth av , Hour, 5 rooms j'i.Oii
H4U Oth a., Gioonn-. nil imptnvetuiMits J5.U0
I'lltllJ.K I riKl Audit.
Grandst,, ntar Itovrti), undct tiricntal Ilank.
fiu'rUiiifi Hoitjic.s fo a;ct.
I llfllllllalioil
Threo-atorj, hluh-atoop brick dtrellme,
127 XiAST 122d ST.
Aiiidr ou premi-'pfr, ot to
S. F. JAYNE &. CO.,
Telephone, I'I2 IStll, 2r4 Weat2.".l si.
QO"C PER MONTH for thrre slorj-ilwelllns, r,ru
jOtJ lst 117lh at., near Pleasant a. So ' .att"
taker, or
.1. i:i;.It I.HAVClt.WT, ISlTllrondwuT.
ftKnn-HKSnrn"tW PUCK tl-Uat Wilth at.i. near
t.uxjyj hjut Kinl , a tuw sti p ftom rst ltiai
Tark. three story tmen Anne (Wellinir. now aiunt.
J.l'IIG.Ul I.KAVCUAI'r, 1.117 ilniiuhruj.
inn ST. SFa.ll IKVI.VO Vl. r. -r.nir story
I tJ dwelllnir, Utile rooini. Ion i nt, $1,200
,1, I'IKiAU l,i;AYC'lt IT, IA1T llMimlwil).
two Aiuoi.MNo rornsTimv hoisfs
on Madison a , lielow Aiith at , amtahle for
ptli.te famllr. rant reasonable, possesalou now,
il. A. OKUlKhllAXK AC'U., 141 ltroaitirajr
A UOl'SlTfl. unfiirnlshed and fii.-nlabari, lu da
. alrablt locations rent $l,iK0to $1,000,
lOLtuju unonimis, eeo Dtoadwu.
Oitu aBtnt Cutntc.
DorotiRh of Ilronx Siilo or Kent.
TTRArTtVKeottagea, eight rooma, all Improve
ments, Woodlawti lleluhia, New Vork elty. rent
$18. IHVINtl, :ila Madlaiiu av.
IloroiiRli of Ilrooklyn- Salo or Rent.
wrick and atones eierj linprntement and limiry;
ilellirhtrul, rrstneted nclshlmrhoodi near I'rospcit
Parks tin mlniitea fioiu 1'ark low liy l'latlitish ns
ear. $7,000 to tn.MHi, send for circular I1KMIV
W, SIlhltlllLl., manager tstate of John Loflarta, I.I
Willotiuhliy at., ntur l'lilton
A residential aertlon superior to all olheit. An nn
panlleled opportniiltt 10 pun lia.c superli liome
sltia, also, 11 room iiittatces of tho latest dislitiiand
all modern linpn oninits sold on r inontlili
pajmiuia lakn smith it'oney lslindieai from Park
row.N V., irrtnitat 1'. fall orrlt"t"or pal
AND 8VVIMIS ASSDCIAIION, 4 and :i Wall at.,
Nc lnrk city.
llorotigli of KltOimoiTirricor itciitT"
Saturday and Sunday,
Al'ltll, UIITII AM) 30TII,
rommandliiB splendid a lews of Ilatbor and llav, at
VNPARAl.l.Kl.i:i f'HANCK T Ill'.COMK
TIIDOWM'.ltuI 11 SIM.I'.MIIll SITi: for
iiirn.niM. iu inm:stmi:t tor
$60 "P- $1 per Week.
rnr.i: i.it'i: ixsrn it k.
ill.VIl AI.I.V V.W lllll OI It I. AM)
llnusea altindj liullt. otlieta hullillni; ror sale,
eiay IcrliM. ltsa than mittoraiu. Liberal luuld.
1111: loans to those puicliaslni: lots, also frto plana
aud Bpn locations. Hi ami. and lit this propi rt).
A rew dullnra lui sted in it at the present lowprlns
v.i double and Irebb In foic lotur fill or 11 rite
foi fne il kits nml full particulars. Tu keia foi II
A M. train both nbo ilniHwill be filllllsbi d In
01, r iipifsi ntatlM' at stitiii Island Itaiud Iranslt
Hl'kM llftirr, lontfir Whitehall St. Vppll to llilu If
.toil hae not tun.j to iritu 01 r.ill on
fiUiun, -a. 60 & 62 Liberty St.,
U&i1 Janhattan.
linroiiRh of ?urctiH Suit' or Kent.
Nine ro mi buna.", Mixifto jprt. ien tniproe
ment. Charle plncn. inai I'nion av., two iiilntites
ratlioui tHtioii, trolly -, Manhattan, nrooklwi,
worth $i,niKi, s... ritlee M.JOO ipen todaj. VKL
KINltKlK. ownct, oi'porlto Murray Hill station,
Flush in;.
H.2UH, fl, r,i, $.-,,400 four lots), Just tluiBhcd,
enr luipinrnnMit ntar lailtoad station and trol
Ipjh m. ritltn to jnlek liurehaspr bet hnaws for
tho niouev in (irnater Ni-w York, othcis I'.'.nt up,
rasr terms FIKINHt'liG, builder, opposite Mur
ray Hill station, rlunhiuu.
?8fnl tf state cut of the City.
YVcBtPhcstor County Salt- or ICent.
IF Yflll arethlnkini: of buylnc or rentlnua mod-
iuu ern house In the suburbs Ut ua anow 011
thirty mlnutos from (traDd Central Depot: low com
mutation rat en. trains at all hours. All the advan
taw aof the tountrj with all the conveniences of the
The Only Residential Park
near Kew York worthy of the name
Lawn tennis, boattnar, excellent roads. Purest
spring water, healthiest location, picturesque beauty.
Let us take you up.
The Realty Corporation of North America,
22 Knst 4-M st.
A Sacrifice if Bought at
AtPleaantville, a pretty cottaee of eljjht morns
on a lot inoxiou ft., hiith crounds; fine neiRhbor
hood, neardepot, one hour's ride from Grand Cen
tial, a healthy and beautiful town; selling on ac
count of irnlntc Weit Address 11., box 171 Bun office.
New Jersey Snlo or Rent.
AN T'NUBUAL JUUOAIN in a Iwautiful house,
nearlj now, with sewn Hpcpinr rooms aboe
parlor floor, in perfect condition, beautifully locat
ed, 4i". minuteH from City Hall. New ork, on Jersey
Central, will lie sold foronlj $,hoo. S."00cah, lul
ance oyer mortgage on monthU uiHtallments of $5."
per month, jnu Vtill own your own houseln three
3 ears while pajiinr rent, will make appointment to
see house, a pleasant cx.uri.lon. Address J. V, 1
1 O. box 143, New ork.
Desitft'de furnished cottages for sale and rent.
l.ISIn furninhrd on application
JOlt SALK- Farm, cottages, countr seats, storn
property and milN; etetral hundred properties
deer i ibid in tho New J era cyclical bstate Gazette,
send stamp
nV)R RALK One of the handsomest country homes
1 aud taruir. in Albti uarle 1 iunt . the ureat fruit.
Krain and stoi k sot tiou of Va.. beautiful mountain
ueenen . bftt climitf and wttr in V. 8. Address
BIMUKLB WOODS, Atty., Charloltesille, Va.
ITo ict for guoincja.6 guqiooicja.
all with ample power, ateam heat and abator
sent e. and with elegant llcht for tine manufactur
Init, tiriutliii:, fcc. Low rent.
Apply S. OTTENBERG & BROS., 382 2d Av.
AN KI.ECHNT STORK and Ave lofts. 110-118
Druht mil rt I 'lit
111 LAND .v WIIITINO, ,'. llreUnan at.
V" T $M)0 UKNT. -fitnre and basement, ""
llll Del st
lU'I.AND i. niriXO. A lleekman at.
Offliea, aliires. Apiilj lo Engineer.
EUOKIIWAV. 2T..-Ono line front office, also ono
gooil rear otllre, rent moderate Bee Janitor,
liito anil pnvlmcntis to I'rt Hlnfur
niialicil. 19TII ST., 42'1 EST.-Iria rooma. bedrooms,
front house, ,7, also extra large. In rear, $0
and tr, r.0
AIm.Vo lltli .St., lfast Sld.
103T 1113s '.TU VKXl'E.fOII, HSTH RT.
Flegiuit ai'arttm tits, 7 ano ! rnoinM and liath,
7 7111 ST.. '121 EX1-! -l'.eapei table Hats. e. all
I I rnum and bath Improvements, $tl to $211.
.Atnit i' 14th St.. Woat Nldr.
W ajVsjVsi)$s )!$
$75 I
J Ten r'toms. i theis, fnirtetn rooms, at T
T pinportinnap' tuit erj ileiiablu, hand- T
J M.iui l ajipointtd and dctoi itod, ood san x
Itaij arranueu cuts J
T Now open for Ins'iectmn, X
138th and 139th Sts. $
7th and rttli v i
2r,2 Weil 13Mll St Irli'ld.oie il7 llar'.em. T
J Klealnl station liuth HI, X
'To I.KT s,i nnd tlo'ir flat itlisolute prlaey, "six
I ri oms, lint nut mid vater, tentrally located.
Hill hth a . '..id st 11 f. tetioi a,
I rTH ST 2VIWIHT Klvgant flat, newlT.c'.
ltJoiattil, six rooms and bath $Jft
clrrt Jpoarrt. mZ.
OI'R ofbre itfoiila l'aillea exi hanging referenras
npportuultii s nf nuilttu apartments ihousekeep.
lug, liaclielnr. hi'ti I1 furnished, unfurnished, board,
moms, without answeriiigiiidi nolle adi rttstmeiita.
En u thing intie t.d liavi nnipUte ilrsi ntittons.
iri.l llloadwaj, 2ilth.
" t-.u.l slile.
Al IH'idN AV , H7 -Ijirg' and small rooma. hand.
'1 Kimelj furnished siipeu.ii table bnard, tran
sieuta desired.
I cfnfsr.. "141 EAST. Large Inuit and small
J t' room, ntrelr furnished, all cunenleucei; ae
Ject hnusej rt ferencea
TcffiThT , 122 EAST overlooking Qramercr Park.
1 " I.rrg i ormr room, private bath, parlor -tlnlnj;
other rooma.
' ' ' ,: 'T7."i:. :."-'., - - M m
detect $onnl. yM
Slilo. -tH
OIBT ST.lftl KAftTrTorameny rrk iplendtd KH
1 sunny moms, ntnlj and ebiMiith funtishedi jH
iiinnliii' wattr. txi client table; convenient loca- IH
tiontablo board. LH
1 ST ST.. 145 Ksr -I,nre,well furnished room, H
I hiiltatilo ror two ueutlemen or couple; also H
small mums . iIjH
ODHT. 2l rSF -Fioin Mav 1, bandsomlarK M
itid small riioms nowl) rurnishod and deco iJH
ratod, (cutml lot atlou - H
.trill ST. MM KAST (near Madison Hnuam). H
- Ilandsome Inmn and Miiall rooms; dollghtful H
table hoardi unsuitable H
iwi ami :m uiTufKitrv r. ni 4H
Htilt" s'tmb i-itoms, cxiclbMit table, pleasant iH
spring lo1 tttom usoof prhatn paiU H
uii, slimlrt ioom. bntlis, dlninu room, table and iH
atttnil.iliir uutxcclUd. Ii2 West TPth st. M
IV 1.00KlN(r for neb tt b iid in priivtn house, su- -liiH
prrioi neighbor iomJ, , all at fiO Wi st 2.th st. H
111 II S J .'.". i:sr. Larue, desirable rooma,' M
t t-iiitablo fot two, all kiii nionccs, table board H
ers accommodated. PH
rilll ST.rail WK81. Liro"iuiil smaTFrooms. jH
J t with boaid, for gentlemen, gentlemen and H
w Ife, i eft rem v H
1 7TH Ml, Ml WKhT Nlicly turnished lareosoc- -,H
X 4 ontl st ry fmnt room; with eicellcut board ijH
ltfer 1 cts icijuiud "IH
j HT BtTms tJit wnnx'-litauttfully "furnished H
I looms, Kiod tablo nml atleudauco, transients! H
t iblc hoarders a lOiumoditcd H
)lJUSl., 2.V. WKHT lune -front" parlot, liar win" 'jH
-wO dow, well fiiiuiNhrd.Hiioimnnilatfiu? two, fir( M
tlure SIH lint:.' iloubk room 114, Including board ( ',1
hoiitso ui wly furnlidu'il M
-JP. aT4 WYST Divir.iblo newly furnislicdlariie. tjH
O him.ll roiMUH; bathH, ocry convenience; iu M
perioi tablo and attendance. '
,;ti sr., 4iH) vi:st. H
Desirable rooms excellent table, transients ao M
comiiHHlatnd, moderate. M
QIT. 4".t rsi -llariclsonielynrurnishedaeo jH
mO nnd Hour front room, hall rooms; excellent M
board, summer pii rs. JM
97TH STr "KSTsleit liouse. newly fur- H
J . uished and d coratrd, larce and small rooms, M
rnsult ni utiiulj , ptiatf bath, table and attend M
Mice exceptional M
":Orii HT ..Kii l sT -1'esirable room, with ex- iH
t;o ctlb nt board t monthly; eleator sonicej M
liKpiiic ha11bo M
70I"M.. M'tWrSl -l).arral)i and handsomelr H
w furnislird romi with loard, from May 1, term! H
tno'teratc, refertiiif, iPH
-f uvniohctl oom& & SVprtmcntci U tt -H
l.nst Side. M
T lft I,lVIN(ST()NrLCK (Btuyvent Prk, B
-V nearest ltithst.. oppositw fit, flnorgo a Church, M
"1 (VIH hT., l.tit KAT hfurniehed larae front H
J ' room, also medium sized room; all com en 1
tenien. summtt ratts. M
OnTII ST., 101 FAST ibetwecn Oramercy Park and H
V 4th a. . HauitHomely furnished rooms, ret H
pre nee s 1
Larcn and other looms, gentlemen, summer rates. 1
J1)ST . 4 F.ST -Handsome rooms ei nnd. third iH
Maw itorj, hinlj. en suite, neul) renovated home; iH
hall loninri. rLftreiK ts. M
iJl)ST I-'h FAT -Snoud aniTthlriTstory front H
u rooms, also bai k parlor, rt ferences M
"T11 ST i2Ti IT.-l)il!ablfiunlshVd"foomi M
- priate house, tentb mt nonty, moderate trms H
to permanent parti , icfeicmis H
9QTn ST 12 i:ST-'icclj fnrniheVlarce and M
' small rooms, bath all tomeniencea, breakfast H
optional, refeiences reiiilied M
UVMMilfi. H
ZTU W . Ifl4.-Fnrni"hed rooms, also floor for H
t business, av Went 57th, libt furnished rooms, H
with kitchen. jH
"I OTH ST.. 40 LST -s'unnr. larae room, piiratsj B
i w bath Kfntlemou only, good service; breakfast H
sered, refer n es. H
IOTH ST., 142 U I.ST -Larjzo, handsomely Tuf
O nished room with ample closets, rutin Ina H
water, private tamuy H
1 QTH ST. 1 lit TksT DesirableT lare and small H
l-iJ rooms, every convenience, also, newly decorat H
ed parlor floor. iH
OOl), 2.12 KST.-Larce, newly"ftirnihed seond jH
- storj front loom, mutable two utntlemen or H
couple. jH
XATII ST., 11 WKST.-nandsomcly furnished M
rooms, all conveniences, moderate rates. jH
7QTn ST., 2tl W EST. -Dtlluhtful. well furnished M
'f rooms; en suite or single, bath, even con H
vtnieme, comenient to all cars, alno turnishnd H
apartment of A rooms, KKITII. H
unuhcrt gloom' to Crt roohlgn. fl
'lULLAUY BT. 7d, lmoOKLYN.-Funilsbed room H
-1 to let, also very mat back parlor, southern ex- M
posure. !
aaMaMa-aam.aiaaMaM.iMajaaaia.iaaawaMaMaiaMaaaaaaaaaMaawaiaaaaaaa-a.MajaMaMaa U
Post (Office )ottt.
(Should bo read DAILY brail Interested, as change, "H
may iiccur at au time.) 9H
Foreign malls fiirthn week enditiir April 20, Itfftn, H
will rlosed'ItOMIMI Vluall ra.fsi at tlm Oeneial H
Toat onir.. as fnllnss- l'UKKI.S !() r MAILS H
close utie hour carlUr than rlusini; time ehowu H
below. PS
TUF.SDAY.-At il Jl for EI'IUIPK. per steamship fi
Kaisi r Frledruh, la cherlKiurfr, Houthainptoa ffl
and llremen. PJ
WED.NEsDAY. At 7 A. M. (supulcmontary li A. M.I "
for F.l'ROPE. per steamship New York, ila IH
Biuthamptou: at 10. .10 A. M. for llF.UlIUSC
dlroet, per ateamshi) Kenslnirton, Wa Antwerp PJ
(letters must be dirt cted " per Kenalnstnn"!; at 9fl
12 M. (suptdenientarj 1 .In 1'. Mi for KUROPK,
per steamship Vs mrie, ia Qui enstowu yfl
SATl'RDA'J -At (I A M. tor H'Ri )1 E, pir steamship H
Umbria." v.a yuiinatown dettors for 1 ranee, Vfl
Switzerland, Italj, Spuiu, rortuiral, Turkes. ffl
FKjpt and llritlsh India must b itirertnd ' per Vfl
I'uilirla" at 7 A M. for FIIANI E, S I rLIt-
KliU'l'aml HltUIhll INDIA, )er steamship Iji '
(tascoKiu Ala llarH (letteia for other parts of vfl
Euroe must bn dtreeted "per .u flascoKiie '); Ijh
at8.M for NKTHFHUNIIS direct, per steam-
ahip spa-irmlaiu la lt"tti rdaiu (letters must bo vfl
directed "jier sp larndam , at 1 1 A. M. for ffl
NORWAY direct, per steamship liekla (letter H
must bt diriLted ' per IJekla' ), PS
f PRINTED MATTER, i German atcamera aaillnc S
1 oulueadaya take Pruned Matter, Jwc, forlier- Vfl
mau , and Spi cially Addressed Printed Matter. Vfl
Ac , for other parta of hurope. American and 9fl
Into Star atcamera on Wednesday, Oerman Vfl
atcamera on Thursdays, aud Ctiuard, French and H
Herman steamers ou Hattirdais taku Printed H
Matter, Ac., for all countriea for which they ar. H
adertlsod to carry mall. VJ
Attir tho closiiu; of the Rupplrmentary Trana- H
atlantic Malls named alun a, additional aupplement-
ary inatla arc opened on the piera nf the American, B
EiiLtllsh, Frem u and Gi rmau steamers, and remain Vfl
open until within ten mluutea of the hour of .ailing
of steamer. H
M1' INIiHX Ac fj
TLT.sDY-.t 12 SI for NKWFOUN'III.AN'D, per )
steamship SIMn, at I P. M for MEXICO, ver H
Hte.uilhip Ithaka, via Pruureao and Tamplco
(letters mtiat bo directed ''per Itbaka"). at 1 H
P M (kupidinuntiiry I 30 P. II I for BT. DO-
MIMio and TIRLS IHI.AM. per steamship
New York, at 2 P M. foi HARUADOS direct and
NORTH I1RAZIL, via Para and IManaoa. per
steamship Oliui n. at W V M for ( (WTA HlOA, jjffj
per steamer frum New Orleans; at 10 P. M. for
JAMAICA, piratetmer from Philadelphia. jBJ
WEDNESDAY At J2 tin A.M. for NASSAU, N. P.,
per steamer from Miami, Fla ; at in A. M. for
PORK) RICO direct, per I'nited States transport!
at 1 P. M for Ct HA. via Havana, alao CAM-
per steamahij Yucatan dettera for other parta of S
Slexlio must be directed "per Yucatan". H
THURSDAY At nl M fur nERMI'DA. per steam-
shin Irinldad at 1P.M. (stiiipb'mentarr l'HO
P. M i fur NAKsaC, N P. (ITAN 1'ANAMO and
SANTIWiOD! ( I 1H i.r steamship saratona, at
ul' M tnrlAMAICV per steamer frnin Hoston, H
FRIDW -At 12 M for PORTo RICO direct, per fj
sit amshlpSau Mircos
BATDIDAY. -At In A M 'supplementary 10 30 VJ
atiamilllp Alene letters for Costa Rica mil. I VJ
be directed "pel Alene i" at 11 M for CUI1A.
per siiamshtp Ilnana, via Haana 'lettera
must be directed " per Havana at 1 P M for
sta.uushii Ella. S
Malls fin Newfoundland, by rati to North flvdnev, il
anitttliliic b stiaintr, close at 1 1na ulhie dally )
at rt .to P M , cnnn-eiirur i losu hern eerj Mon- VJ
day, Wi dliesda aiid'mitorila MailaforMliiia'
bui, b tail tn Host' n ami tllllno by ateamer, ifl
i lose at this nftlcedalli at x ml' M Mails for ,
I uba, b) tall to Port limpa, 1 la . and heu e by '
stiimtr. i lose at this oitlic dath (emept Mon-
da) at 117 A, M., i onliei line cloea line every
sundaj, We.lnesdnv mid Friday Mails Tor Cuba, 4JVJ
li rail In lilaini, Fla aud them i. by steamer. fj
close at thla ottlif mrj Mmnlaj, liuntav nut
solurdav at 12 an A M, unnii tiimi lusea hern :M
eve ry T uesday and rtcurdiv Mails for ilextco
City, overland, unbn speclallv a Mussed for
d -I atch bj steamer clos. at tliisothcedallr al
S in M aud 2 :n P M slli .ii-ii red mail J
il sea at A P. M ptevl'ni- iUv lb i;iitin.d mall j
, iosi- at n p M i oiid diy before, ?
Mails forthesociitv isUn l,i i shitii it) f Tipeitl ,
ifeom San Fian. Is. o . I. no bernilail ti. to April
'.j at o to I' M MnN for China ami laiiaa
trom Scsttlei jif i atntui.-hipS.ikUi i Martt, clo. f
hole dull up to April J'. at li t'l P M Malls i
tor Hawaii, prr alt an ilnp Auitrslu fiom Kan i
j ram 1st ii. lose here llllv tli ti April a27 at ?
I tup M Mulafir ulialia li ai-opt ntat Vila
tialia Hawaii Hlid 1 jl I-lamls, jier at amsliip
Aorauul from V.iuc.iivi r , c1om In re datl after t
April HloalidllPt pnl Jsat i' mP. M Matla t
foi i hiua lapnn and Hawaii, p. r steamship 1
America M.4ru from sail Fiain iseo . close hern A
dall) upto iirllt.tilat i. inp M MailsforChina
and laiian, in r -ti.mii.hii. r.uiimss nf ( him
ffioiii an. ouvi r i l.iso heiodatlv uvtoMv ii
at it lop M M nl-. f"- l lull i and Jjan, p.T .
Mi aluslui. Oiviiii..-v f i "in Ihi iina bias hni4 l
ilulv up to M iv - at n in P M Mills for
Atl-tralu na.ipt tin se f r Meat ll-tlalM, t
vvhli h are foi vvanle I via I ni ipi N . aland, j
Hawaii Fill ami -an. nil 1-lllnU pe-steamslilu '
M iaua fnm ssn Irani im il.se hetn daily
aftir Vpnl '.'Hand iii I Mjv (. al u .n P. M f
on dav ot arrival of stiamshtp t ampiuia, which
will probahl arrive Ma -J.'
Transpacific mails are fnrwaided to port of aail
log dall and the schedule of cli alne is arranged on
the presumption of their iiuinternirted overland i
transit, IReirlatered mail rlnaeaat K P M previotM
joat Offlc, New York. M. Y., AjprU at, lltfsv, ,C , j

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