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ii .
I Ideal and Attainment
!But I A margin full wide enough exists between our store as it is and
the store we wish to have. Introspection is a principle of this organization
that is thoroughly applied.
c Nevertheless there is no sham humility in our management and we
I know what claims of our business can be fully sustained. Therefore as we
K review the conditions of our store and our stocks at this writing we are
K ! confident that modern retailing has never shown to the citizens of New York
J and vicinity a collection of merchandise combined with a store service
M i I equal to that presented here for the business of the current season.
Hi j More Account of
I, Recent Wanamaker Features
! Of Special Interest To-Day.
flj Little French Store, second floor.
Ij j Tea Gowns, Matinees, Silk Petticoats,
K Silk Waists. Entirely new.
I Broadway, second floor. Imported
Summer Costumes of Organdy, Pique,
Batiste. Entirely new.
Upholstery Store, third floor. Hand
painted Tapestries, upon which prices
are greatly reduced,
f Main Floor, centre aisle. House-
; hold Linens a great variety, un-
i matched in cheapness.
j Rotunda Gallery, second floor. A
1 great exhibition of bargains in Fancy
J Dress Silks. Were 65c. to $2. Are
SOc. to $1.
Main Floor, Tenth Street aisle,
Dressmakers' Findings and Notions
generally. No trash. Each item
actually cheap.
Main Floor, Fourth Avenue. Ex
hibition of Cotton Dress Goods.
Qualities will surprise, styles will fas
cinate, and prices will please you.
Basement. Demonstration of Wanamaker-Wellington
Grape Juice Inn. The pure, ster
ilized grape juice is freely dispensed
to all callers at the little Inn. Sold in
bottles and cases.
, Biic-a-Brac Art Room is bright
with many beautirul new things.
"The Cottage, ' ' a model of an inexpensive Sum-
Imer home, inexpensively furnished, attracts
much attention on the fifth floor. It is a
companion piece to the model apartment on
the fourth floor.
P j This statement is im-
Puno portant and, being ex
rurniture actiy truCi must be in.
teresting. It concerns excellent Parlor
Furniture that is to be sold at half
prices or nearly so.
Eighty Suits; all entirely new.
Seven Styles, any of which will be
finished according to your order from
a selection of fifteen styles of cover
ings. Frames are mahogany and
imitation mahogany, inlaid with con
trasting woods.
Prices were $60 to $85
Prices are $30 to $45
Brief details of some of them fol
i low:
At S.TO. formerly ino 14 Tartar Bull" of 8 piece
each, aofii, urin and Bide chair.
At fan. foruiorly f J l'arlor hull of S pieces
At $.1(1, formerly fflo 8 Tarlor Suit of h piece
i eacb.
At I3S. formerly f fB-B Tarlor Suit of .1 pieces
t eacb, rolid maboicany framt-e, inlaid.
At 3. formerly & S l'arlor Sim of 3 piece
each, loltrl mahogany franup, inlaid.
. At (46, formerly Se!i lu l'arlor Bull of 5 piece
1 each, aofa, armchair, Ute a tete, 2 reception
At far,, formerly $S5 28 l'arlor Suit of R piece
each, tolul raahoeanr frame, inlaid.
Lively and wo large shoe
Continuous TZFS
t. o lit at present. Une,
Shoe-Selling the regular store
on the first floor, is a place of regular
J bargains. The other, the provisional
shoe store on the fifth floor, contains
exceptional bargains. Here sizes in
all lots are not complete, but most of
our visitors find what they want.
There are good qualities of shoes
I here at prices like these:
I Men's Shoes, $1.50, $1.90, (2.50
J. Womea's Shoes, $1.25, $1.40, $1.50
j Children's Shoes, 45c. to SI.
r Some Facts YZ
Concerning Bicycles w e a n.
inounced two hundred Road Flyers at
$15 and $16. When the stock on
hand was ready there were two hun
dred and twenty-seven.
The store opens for business at
eight o'clock.
At eight o'clock and fifty-five min
utes they were all sold.
It is a source of regret to us that
we have not enough for all desiring
L to purchase, but our promise to the
Public was more than kept, and we
sold every wheel that we owned.
' There will be more soon, but when
' we cannot now state.
I D..lar 0ur stock of splendid
1 Keguiar whcels is amply com
j. Bicycles plete Orients, Hum-
I bers, Continentals. The trademarks
r r make description superfluous. Prices
' follow:
1 Orient I leht Roadter, r.o Itumher Itnadsler, $40
Orient "1.30," 20 lb , $tlo Continental!, f 28.
! , Membership in the
i Wanamaker Bicycle Club
i , secures either of the foregoing upon
ij acceptance in the club. Terms are :
Entrance Fee, S3, and monthly
payments thus: Continentals, $5;
j Humbers and Orient Roadsters, $10;
' Orient " 1.30 " and Chainless, $12;
Tandems, $20. Club membership
is limited. The extreme limit of
time is June 17th, and the club will
close whenever the full number is
' reached.
Carpet Facts,
General and Specific.
The general statement may be con
densed to this, our Carpet Store is
one of the few in America that are
complete in all details. It follows that
it is one of the largest. It is in a
class that is occupied by not more
than four others. It is untrammelled
by precedent or engagement. It has
formed no "entangling alliances"
with manufacturers. It is free, inde
pendent, powerful.
Specific bargains in man; lines reflect the
above conditions. Among these may be men
tioned Brussels Carpets at SI a Yard.
This is a regular $1.35 grade with every store
that we know except this. It is a grade that we
have generally sold at $1.35 ourselves. We are
glad of the opportunity that allows you to receive,
and we to present, such an obvious carpet bar
gain. New goods, of a prominently good make,
and in a good supply of styles.
Further Evidence of Power Lies
in Our Unequalled Collection of Straw
All these goods are direct importations and are
sent us straight from the makers as soon as made.
Hence fresh, new, clean. Most of them were
made to our special order, hence novel and (es
pecially in the Japanese makes) exclusive in pat
tern. Other purchases we choose carefully, re
jecting at least twenty-five per cent, of even the
best offered.
The stock for this season is now at its very best.
Chinese Mattings,
$6 to S18 a roil of 40 yards.
Japanese Mattings,
$9 to $25 a roll of 40 yards.
c ta. c a We make
Explicit Facts strong and
About Pure Linen very positive
claims for our linen goods claims
consumers may verify if they choose,
every day, with no little satisfaction.
They will learn on inspection that our
linens are always pure flax no cot
ton admixtures, no matter how skil
fully disguised, can enter these stocks.
No accumulation of old goods will be
found here the lines are kept fresh
at all times. The prices are low,
lower generally than those prevailing
elsewhere. These items, taken at
random, will be found just what we
claim for the entire stock purity of
linens, freshness of goods, lowness of
At hop. vj. -Snow-white blrached Scotch Table
Iltmuk, 7ln. wide.
At 1 3d Full bleached Table Dimuk In hand
some dealicDR; 70 In.
At 40c. each Ucmitltched linen Pillow Caaes; 21
At1.7rech-Hemtltched Linen Sheet for full
alzed bed. AAXU4 In.
At 12Hc each Hemmed nuckaback Towels, extra
weiabt. rtady forure; ifliri'tln.
At 2.V-. each HemMlUhfd Huckaback Towl
DamaaW burden, all white, 21i3ii In.
Silk-Striped Only 3,000 yards
Challis 20c. trdiast
a Yard long As for
price, the 20c. we ask for a yard is
less than the wholesalers are asking
for the same goods to-day; not a
month ago, but to-day.
Nineteen patterns to choose among.
All of a summery, floral sort, printed
on a cream-colored ground, with
broad silk stripes. The goods are of
silk, cotton and wool in combination.
Made on this side of the Atlantic, and
competing on even terms of desira
bility with the foreign makes that re
tail at 75c.
Fine Tapestry Portieres
At Hall and Two-Thirds Prices
This is a collection of single curtain,
and one, two and three pair lots of
handsome portieres, all of which are
ordered to march out quickly to the
tune of half and two-thirds prices.
There are some in beautiful Oriental
designs and stripes, a few handsome
floral and foliage effects and a small
lot of plain velvet and heavy rep cur
tains. All these at $3.25 to $8.35,
instead of $4.85 to $12.50.
Another group, all single portieres,
are about half price. $1.15 to $4;
were $2.25 to $8.
Very Good First What we cal1
nrfiarc In tne Wanamaker Flor
al ers, in entine cabinet one
Stationery o the offcrs so em.
phatically good that we are glad to
tack our name to it. Fifty-five Cents
for a box of really high-grade paper,
125 sheets and 100 envelopes.
Cream paper, in your choice of satin,
suede, linen or bond finish.
Second Cream vellum paper in
I the three right sizes, Premier, Ox-
j ford and Octavo. Ten Cents a pound
for the paper, 15c. a hundred for the
! envelopes.
Third Twenty Cents a pound for
! paper generally sold by the quire.
j In a pretty light blue tint in three
sizes. The finish is called "satin
I ripple."
1 Formerly A. T. Stewart fc Co. , Broadway, 44 ave. , 9th and 10th sts. , N. Y.
Second Floor.
23-incIi Blnck All Silk
Grcnndino figured with
snilu stripes
55 cents per yard.
44-ii.ch Blnck Pin Stripe
Sl.OO per yard.
Broad wny and 1 ltli St.
Twenty-third Street.
Ladies' Silk Waists.
Evening: or afternoon Bod
ices, made of Tnfletns
Silk, embroidered, hem
stitched or tucked,
gO.uOand 88. 50
James McCreery& Co.,
Twenty-third Street.
For travelling, cycling;
or golf, made of Milan
braid or the light
weight Cuban straw,
trimmed with the fnsh
ionable Bumchuudn
silk handkerchiefs or
crepe de chine scarfs,
long eagle quills and
wired ribbon.
Two-toned chip hats,
trimmed with gauze
and wings, Japanese
straw snilors.
In bunches or sprays.
Foliage, and edel
weiss, rose, suowbnll,
pansy and all the new
est blossoms.
Itlnline quills and ro
settes "ehoux" pop
ples, and a variety of
paradise plumes.
James McCreery& Co.,
Twenty-third Street.
ginnofortw, (Orpnjs, &t.
Cor. Fifth Ate. nml Slitrvntli St.
PI AWflQ Torml. and rent anilletUf purchased
JrHUmo wlthtn a reaaoiiablc time.
DT A TJfiQ Rconnd-liaiKl Upright In good eon
rxixavo dltlonfrom HHtn:0().
PIANOS Sliehtly lined, ai Bond a new, at a
iiiiiii; dlnroiint of from 10Q to 2iO from
. regular canh price.
PIANOS Jfr-W WKIIEM TIANOS which arc not
;, liated in our present CataloKiio mid
i at prlre that will bn appreciated l .
mmmmmmmm tlnfl6 naming tho hlubest grade of
PT A WftC! 1'urchai.er of nur New HTl'YVEfHNT
"-" " J HANtH at$lf.r, may oichange thtui
SS at anr tlnin within lit ft jeitta rnrauew
- 'WKllEni'IASOnr alien WHEEI.Ol'K
1'IANO, when a fair allowancii IU !
made, orlf eichanged wlthlnou jear
the full price paid will be allowed.
Cor. Filth Aie, and Mitecnth St.
tills week In ttmnit now ant! eood second. ftnrl
Pianos of our own and other renowned maker.
Brand", uprights and square. A fow discontinued
at lea at very gwit reduction from Regular 1'rkei.
Caah or caiy monthly pamentn.
Petween HUh and 17th eta , N. Y
NO. 101) K. 14T1I NlIU.KT,
Hap ftlwavH on hand a larKt. stock of
nf almotrery make, thfir 011 included, taken In
echanu' for new Htolnwaj pianos Tlitue lnrtni
inent are In good order, lia.imr Leon thoroughly re
palrtHl by us, and they arc ofUred at lowest puaMblo
4fjrllrirnre of Bogus Stednwny Pianos
inn UVttt -t2d st , Just went of flth ar.
The, acme of perfection; direct from maiiufacturer,
competition price, cany terms. Hamulus in ud
pianos, taken in exchange, $KX, tinu. Call or write
for catalogue.
A IJirue Assortment of the Clebratori
Alo a number nf ether, eerond hand, Including a
Stelnay and Chlikcrlng I'prlkZht, t heap
High grade I'MMIS T ICKNT aapeclaltr,
LOUISJ. JOSCELYN, luK,t 10tht.
EAnOAINS.-ncduced price In upright planoi;
Chlckerlug graud, ttr.o, eaay liaimmt
I'liniSTMA.V, in East Uth t.
1lKrT'l'L new upriirht planna, f I2fi Stdnwav
A upright, bargain MN rilHUUTU, luSEaht 14th
t., brnch, 114 r.thay.
tlooupoard .. ltent. H ihi upward
Heild fol catalogue (10III O.VM, 1.111 1'iftll at,
IARIIP. anaortmcnt, (lightly n-'-n, n 1 1 J 12.',:
' rent I. aniall luttallmtnt. Ol VH1KU 1IUOS ,
lBEaat I4tht,
EEUAIILK Connor Nano. " F.tab. 1HT7. U
grade. Medium price. Eay terms, luntlng,
exchanging, 4 Ea.t 42d at.
ef or nlc.
IOltSAI E A well lirodn ad mare; perfectly ounil
and gentle; tr driver, Addrc.a ri. 0., 1". o. box
1.34(1, hew York.
1)ATEh'T8 for In ventlonn procured promptly; low
Wl,A0,KB HWSJS.N, bS Muaau t., H.
Jf. Eatabllihed 1894.
81. 05;
The uiurtl 81.60 erndp.
Another large nssortnient of our Hie;.. Grade perreot
fitting Colored Dress Shirts, In Woven Madras, same as
sold Inst week. Good designs in the popular shades,
also Percales In llluck and White cuflTs attached or sepa
rate, sizes lit to IS inches,
0I.O5 Each SlxforgO.OO.
Till 1. the lnt of tliete kooiI wo enn set.
3 pair for Sl.OO.
Men's Fine French Lisle
Thread Half Hose, double
heels nnd toes.
IN) pnl a r stripes and plaids
until now 50 and 75 cents
per pair.
Ready to-day.
Si pair for 8I.OO.
Our larfio Imslnoss nml inctlirx of ff
: Belllnc at 0110 prolit tlironrjli nofl
j stores is tlio reaion why no ran kj
H sell a shoo for S.I .10 that costs ff
H clson here from S" 00 to Z.QO.ff
U NT. Btorea: HI llroadway.eor. H
H llouard M , IJW HriM ly, cnr.
K Will SI . 41 lortlaiull m ,v;t,M
h txi id Are ,rjo w mu st , a
ft 115 Mb ATe , 114 Fulton si ff
W Brooklyn: 70i. Tin, 1:
U llrcadway 121 h niton St ff
Vi 44 Mh Ate. Jereey
Clty: 10 Newark i-&
. NoTrark . 7fr5 Gr
"By the happy dawn of May "
the spirit of spring pliould fill every
room. Cool, iiiry draperies -will bo
used moro lavishly this spnson than
ever before, unii our stock is prepared
with novelties to meet every tleiiinnd.
Frilled Muslin Curtains,
Whits with fancy stripes, 75c. a pr.
Exquisitely Colored Dresden and
Floral Effects,
$1.40 a pr.
Wo originate special designs for most
effect ivn styles of hanging, thus suiting
eiicli material to its environment.
Kiioinelli'd reed furniture novelties in
Oriental colorings that make the wholo
suminer homo a quaint and delightful
Geo. C.Flint Co.
43.45a.no 47 WEST 23ST.
FACTORY! (54 and 156 wist IS'STRCET.,
U3ittr.fl4' tflUUKfJI.
Ql rnnn-J'l",,r MASiiAniniNo in-st.
0 I ",' IViyJ, NK.SS, wr nulit iriiti work, raialj
lUheil l'i jmrii loeatetl dnwnt iii u w in oiu'ra
tl"ll. tuik oil Imtld. f.'. OKI. little ('(iiupelltlou 111
t Ilia line of matin Tut I lirllltf litHinihN nkel elilpeil
1 Idiit, tlui reanoii or eellini;, rrtir.iic from ImihIiuhm,
ll) i atictii tliU eplcmlld opjx.i tlmlt iirtl nlar
aily Mi'l)ONAI.D WllilllNS. U(l.Nuall.
C7nf-(.nO('Kl( STOIU'.. loi.itid on M av.j
pi;t, i. i,i in nil i.thl) rueiiiti C'Mimckl),
oM (ataUliHlud ii inn Hi Uinu' t: iinu uwav.
Mi IK'Nll.D.V. Mi.i,ins, Hu.Vaiiail
Q 1 'f i( I OUiM 1 HV, loi led on I,emctnn av.j
OljOUU. ril I 4" liKUllh. tecellim fVKIvstk
1). Kood naonof mllllu full and nlnl- ai)ii
5MJO.l.l I(I(HNS, Uiih'iHiii,
4rr$onal dlotirrj.
a'O WHOM IT JIAV CONCKKN. nr per"n know
Iuk of thtf vrhereabouta of Januti Frvdfiitk
Iloeupner ideal Inform the undertlitned. KVAM
JOhiirJ, AdJolnlttralur, 237 Coat t., Eaaton, r.
25 cents cncli.
300 dozen Men's 8cnrfs, In
light nml dark colorings
nud White correct shapes
Imperials. Ascots, PnflTs
Techs nml Tics.
Sold in the Ilnsenient this
-5 cents each ;
Our regular CO & 75 cent line.
Slave you seen the
"Sorosis" Shoe
Do you Know that it Is a
comfortable, durable ele
gant shoe i
All the ( styles, whether
in Vici Biid, Kox Calf, or
Patent Leather, whether
Roots or Oxfords, one price
$:t. AO per pair.
Sizes 1 In 8-Wldthi AAA to K.
In New York City, to be
had atthis store only.
Broadway ami 11th St.
West M.hSt.
has encamped in our furniture depart
ment, but bargain prices will soon
muster it out.
(Green or golden oak finish with foot
(Value $7.00)
"Long Credit" turns furnishing
dreams into immediato realities.
Ktt. 106 and 108 West 14 SL
Brooklyn Stores: FIalbusriAv.DQrftIloata
lirinn JlfjJortiS.
Callfor IrevvlllKtratcd Booklets.
and all Information.
i.aki:iooi, n. ,i.
Will remain 0tu iinlll -Iiine 1
IiAVII) It. 1'I.fMEII, Manaeer.
The rprinir innnthi nro ilidiuhtrul in Lakewood.
with erenladhitv In alt outdnuraport.
Rummer k.oovtc.
Midler lalnnil llolghl. II.. I.i. N. Y.
Ttinbraut) of thi nimiutaliia and drllhlhta of thfi
fteihlinru utmltliiid 1 ln irulf link, hoallnir, hath
Inir, tlahlnv and all ainuii im nt. HniihA acrimuno.
ilati . i. lla i lfntnr ileitrlc Helm. ultf with
liatll, "" '"'I'd f' rilllllralll lioiiVlel.
M 51 1IAIIII1T, mi etsetht.. X. Y.
lnlil him lli'lsht.
riiii.Aiii.i.riiiA, rv.,
Will he reojn ncd nn Juno irlt ikuh, under thn man
ai:em',nt nf Mr. William larni' li
Apt lliatlona r. r r i' in may Im inado to HAROLD
Slll'lr, Hotel llaiulltoii, 13 14 Walnut st.. l'hlla.
(Tountri) Xloiutl.
STXMIOIII), CONS -uni l.ourfroni New ora. la
bUuiforda iint.t ditrl t. i:ond buanl. laree.
alrj rtt""ni- hnmtliki uentlemen ri.hle hero tux th
Fiiniiiifritud u touiifl rroni New Vorkdalt) , torio
rc.-aoubl. lr. U1ICXNK, 'JOClluwu a v.
"71IUIJ liourof rllr. h) family ronllln of
IT man and wife, nur.o and 3 babies, hoard on
term; do other boarder. or iuall fumlihrd rotlxe,
Vnnt not exceeding lid month. W. U., box lot) Boa
West Fourteenth Street
Apropos of STOCK REVIEW now Jn progress
To-tAy A Sale of
Hats, Caps and Bowets
for Babies and Little Children
among which are manufacturer's stock of samples
TChlta Silk and Lown-EmbU and Tuckod-all
sizes to 4 yrn.
Leghorn and Straw lace edaa ploatlnu all
eolora-nowcst styles.
Bor Babies' Boll Brim Leghorns full bow
and pleattoBS-also Children's Washable Bun
Hat white, tan and colors finished but
tonholes. 79 CENT BONNETS 49 CENTS
Fine White Lawn-All over Emb'd or fine
tucks with HerrlnK bone ; full pleatlns all round
of oponwork erob'y lace Inside ruche
0 months to 4 years' sizes.
Hats and Bonnets
That last week sold Now
At 7.08 to 15.08 4.98 to 9.98
Because each week we mako reductions that
Stook may always bo fresh and new Two
weeks wo think riulto lone enough for nny Hat
or Bonnet to bo here It matters not how
elegant or beautiful It may be. if not sold within
a fortnight, down goos the price result-goods
are sold, customers have bargains, and our
stock Is clear for the new ever constantly ar
riving. Picture Hats for Children.
Drooplngorflarlngbrlms-beautlfully trimmed
with chiffons and other soft materials.
2.98 . . 3.98 . . 4.98 . . 6.98
Little ones look like pictures in them!
In Our Famous
Boys' Hat Department
The Greatest in New tjork
This Week:
Golf Caps-fancy Worsteds and Navy
Cheviots Regular price 20 cents 1 9
Fine Cloth "Admiral" Caps-patent
leathor peak gold cord and emblem
also a large variety of fine cloth
Golfs. Cadets. Yachts and Tams
none of which can be equalled In
Quality for price 49
Spring Derbys. Alpines and "Dowey"
Telescopes Best colors Latest
shapes 8
Fancy Tams and other Hats for little
boys-Leather. Cloth and Btraw
Everythtng new-largest variety
shown in New York. 9 to 2.98
Throughout Our Stores
Here are samples:
Night Gowns-Emrlre. V and high
neck twoor four Insertions 49
Fine Gowns-Cambric. Muslin
and Nalnsook-full lace or emb'y 98
Pmbrella Skirts-two or three laee Insert-
Ings or deep embroidered Bounoe 98
Good Muslin Drawers
tuoks and emb'y 29
Finer qualltles-laco and emb'y trim.. .49
Cambric House Dresses corded yoke .98
Cambric Wrappers white lace trim. 1-98
Farmer Satin Skirts umbrella ruffle
tuckod and corded edge full slue.... 1.29
Moreen Skirts velvet bound ruffle.... 1.97
Empire Dressing Sacques
fine lawn-Emb'y trlm'd .98
Fancy Crinkled Organdies lace trim.. 1.69
Fine Fancy Sateen Corsotn
extra Ions waist lace trim 68
Bibbed Cotton Vests crochet neck.... 9
Richelieu Rib Llslo Vests silk bound. ,24
Fast Black Cotton Hose
ribbed and plain W
Rembrandt RibLlsle Hose 23
2-ClaspGloves-omb'dback 59
4-Button Fine kid all shades 79
Balbrlggan Shirts and Drawers 39
Merino Shirts and Drawers
Spring weight extra quality 49
Fast Black Cotton Half Hose 9
Cambric Negligee Shirts laundered. .39
Madras Outing Shirts separate cuffs .49
Flno Cambric Dress Shirts 69
"Dewey" Fauntloroy Blouses-3 to 8
years real value 40 cents jg
Bailor Suits Navy Blue Cheviot
Rod combinations 3 to 10 years.... 1,99
Sailor Suits Navy Serge, Cheviot
and Tan Covert red and cadet
combination trim 3 to lOyrs 2 98
Sailor Suits extra fine fabrics
hamlsomo combinations 3.98
Three-piece Suits fancy Cheviots In
gray and tau mixtures-lOtolOyrs. 3.93
" Mother's rrlend" Bhtrt Waists
laundered Porcale 4 to 14 years 49
Laundered Shirts white or
colored strlpt-0 to 16 yean ,49
Crlmpod Organdy, with and without straw
crowns white and colors ribbon and flowei
trim 0 months to O years.
Exqulslto Bilk Caps nnd Bonnets for Olrl, Mis
Leghorn flats completely trlm'd with plMtlnij,
bows and flowers sires to O years; also Bilk
Tarn o' Shanters. with full ruches and feather,
alsofancy trlm'd Leghorns for Boys.
Novelties In silk, straw. Leghorn Point d'Edt
and Organdy.
Trimmed In daintiest styles,
with laces, pleatlngs. ribbons. Insertlnga or
1.40 1.P8 208 3.08
Less than cost ot making.
Stock "Review
Dally inspections will result in
Each day will have Special Attractions of its own
Travelling Trunks. strong.
Top, sides and bottom strongly slatted all
slats wrapped with steel Rlvetod steel cornel
clamps Boat stitched Anchor handles-solid
brass excelsior lock deep top tray and extra
dross tray.
30 to 34 inch I 31) to 40 Inch
5.89 to 6.49 I 6.98 to 7.98
Abovo trunks will stand hardost kind of ar
....At prices named are about halt what trunk
or specialty stores would ask.
French Pattern Trunks.
Light, but strong extra Inside compartments,
leather bound and hoavy leather straps
all sizes 6 49 to 1649
"Our Special" Dress Trunk
Canascov'd hardwood slats steel elampt
two Iron centre bands Victor lock
28 Inch 1 69,34 Inch 2 69
30 Inch 1 9833 inch 2 93
32 Inch 2.29
Tn say that this year's stock excels
any yet shown Is taring si good desl la
view ot great assortments always
found here nevertheless It It but fact.
Kverythlng that's new nnd pretty
white, colored and fancy Gingham.
Zephyr, 1'lqnr, Sateen, Lawn, Dimity,
Swlit, Percale plain nnd tucked with
and without Intertlngs of Embroidery
a wonderful variety.
Fancy Percales boat styles
detachable collars all sizes 49
Fancy Stripe rercales bias and baya
dere effects plain or tucked fronts. .79
Fancy Corded Gingham Shirt Waists,
and choice styles In extra Fine rer
cales plain and tucked 93
Fine Cordod Gingham front ot 32
bias tucks-also Polka Dot Dimity
In fancy colors and Navy Blue 1.49
Fanoy Corded Crepe Cloth fine
tucked yoke and front, also Fancy
Madras tuoked all over 2.25
Fink and Blue India Lawn cluster
tuck front-separate whlto collar. . 1.79
Novelties In Finer Col'd Waists to 4.93
Hemstitch Lawn, Bayadere or tucked
yoke pointed back laundered col
lar and cuffs r 85
White Pique four emb'y Insertlngt:
also Fine Whlto Lawn, with entire
front tucked In squares 1.69
Fine White Lawn Insertlngs and
tucks alternating across front also
fine I'lque-tnoks and Inserting of
emb'y 2.39
Sheerest White French Lawn-front
and back of handsome open work
Insertlngs fine Vol. lace edge. 4 25
Novelties In finer Whlto Waists to 6 98
Not all REDUCED.
Right goods at Right prices and losl
Violet Toilet Wator-4 or 25
Violet Toilet Ammonla-plnta 10
Oakley's Bay Rum-half pint 35
Double Distilled Wltoh Hazel-it .... 29
Oakley's Florida Water-8 ot 39
Delettre's one ounce Extracts assort
ed odors-Kid tops slightly sollod
usual!y.37 49
Bradley's Vlolotta Talcum Powder 9
FJne Black Rubber Dressing Combs
elaht styles 25
Complexion Brushes 3
La Blache Faco Powder-all tints ... 34
Llsterated Tooth Powder 25
" X Nowle " Syringe Bag
Best rubber-3 quart siz 1 93
Best Rubber Hot Water Bettles
Cloth lined 1 to 3 quarts
regular prices 00 to 04 cents 34
ItauUotreooat large puichMe. 1
I, sSMSSSMSllltltMii i. 1 i.aOT aTTSSSll

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