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II ' . - ' ' J
II' i" '
II -A- - - - - ' THE SUN, 'FRIDAY, APRIL -2 8 1890. " ?
t Kr.Mun ir.u.s or Ttit: ATTtiurr to
5 Story nf Ilia llrnlinE tollh Wewllt nml Inc-
Ej hum- nlil the Littler AbiiccmI c llnv H
in tlirhrcirt Service Agent '.McMninia Wna
iB Kiiiiun n ". I"nml NrwMI oh "Xn.ll,"
33 I'iiu.api 1 1 lit, April 27 -I'.llrrv J'. Indium
'ijj nml llHrvev K. New lit, ct-Asslstaiil I idled
jM Mates Distild Atlnrncyc, were arraigned be-
!Jj '010 I nlled Hind"- (Yininilssloiicr lilmunils
this mnrtiliiL'. chuiced with eonsplrncy tnbrlbn
'ft f.ecict hr.iii"i Acont William .1. M'Jlnmi
I'JK Newitt wnt also charged with hnvlim iwiiil n
'Iff bribe In lip- officer In Clvo bllu Infniniatlon ns
' 0 , tliii movements nf ! i?t Hit leu ini'ii as.
j'Sj lennil io tlm makers nml passers of Hid fa-
S luohs "'Monton bi-ad" 51IMI silvci cert I Heat o.
ijfe Inulinni nipl Newitt vvein ropiesonlcd by A S.
X' J. .ShlMilw fhltcil tStntcs lilstriet Attorney
it .Inmes M Hook icpresehlod tho (loveinilicnl.
1 A (treat crowd was pieeiit
I Thn first witness w.n William M Ivciiilfc.niin
J nf thnfllieccd cnunteifoileis. lb) slid Im lived
if in fjincnsteriind was III joars old. Ilncalli'il
P nn lnchain mi Inn. 'Jl, ami told lilin tlint li
it Rii'lW l..lneobs weieencaKcd In counterfeit-
m lr,c intcriinl revenue -tniiipi t tlin llfty clear
I varlMy, worth JI.ho m-li. 11" bail heeti en-
f caged In tbh woik fur two yenis Tlin $100
J pnttnti'tfi'it bill was Issued two veins aco and
j was discovered In inenmh"i. IVH7.
j The plates nnm then taken to Lancaster nnd
J hidden Kemllu said lm wont to lucham a
nfllco In tlin franklin buildini; Plates were
bnlnc piennied for othci eountoi felt notes at
tlictlum. Ho snld.
"When I called 1 met .Mr Newltl ami asked
fi If Mr ItiKlinm was in. Ho was In. anil I wns
H iiheind into Col. llalston nflli'ti. Mr. 1 nulla in
In! closed the tlnni 1 asked hlm If bevvus persou-
y .illv iiciiitiiintcil wilb Mi. .MeManus nml Mr.
B Hums lb' snld bn was I nskml blm It bn
!g knew ihopcisoiinlityof Mi'Maiuis.aiiil whether
1 ho WHseorniptlbln. Mr Inclinm snld: 'Kxcuso
S inc I am imt ii'lalnod as jot. I have received
I . rvnjotninnr. If you excuse inn llftoen minutes
I "will talk to you '
S ' "I went out and "aw Mr Jacobs, nml when I
SJ roturiipd I askod lilin what lotniner linwanted.
IB llo.told.me that If I paid blm n retainer, wlmt I
jfl fnld would bqas ton father loiifosor. I t:ao
IS him $."0, and told biui that I bad n friend who
la yat Ju (llfUoult) tbat tbo friend wiu uslne
1 rounti.Tfcitt lifeline htanuw in tbu intoriorof
i tboStato, Hololdiuetli.it 1 would liovo to un-
'a b.irjijtuuysvlf fully. I then told him that the
iS innn wh Jacobs, and nUo tlint tbo men who
ja JiijiiV) tlio plates for tbo stamp mndo tbo'Mon-
At loolicnd' plate, but that wo bad nothliiK to do
8' rj.l,b tlint transact Ion.
ii "llotQld mc Hint be would bavo to eonsidor
ij tlic matter, nml I told blm tlin object of my
UtJt was to uvtnwayof payiuK MeManus a
9 montbly salary to ward olT the Secret berico
(1 ppople. sotbat wo would Beta car or olirlitoen
1 iftMiflW to woik the stamps. Wo wanted to
1 twrrvthliimi niidthen net out nf tbo countiv.
1 At the end of Ibattlmo wo would have. leciued
1 sufllelcnt prollth t.) tult. Tb.it was all Hint
1 ItupPonwl Hint day.
I ""Itirns nriiiuund Hint I ohould return on
I rtMny. Fob. :i, but tbo date was cbani;el. Jl i .
I InBbam bad riald Hint bo would look into tbu
I a rnnltor; (hat ho had a boy In thoofllco who
;S wn8"n tintnrnl both sneak, but bn pould trust
jl KIM tu look into tbo oPIIcb of the hseiet Snrvien
i'jl rttld flndout. I raid Sl.r Tor tbo boy He told
jo mo Iib Would post tho .(l In his fen book and
;l inform hii partner t bat he bad been eimaceil
jil In a case that would come up in tho I'nlted
5J btntos Court." ... ...
sj Tho next tlmo hendii; s.,w Initlinin, be said.
iS was in answer to n toleisram to uotlieinou
. Jj Feb. 20. Un Hint dar, be sain. Iiiuham said be
Jill ilid not hao nnythim: important to tell, but
IlH that what ho bad learned fioin tbo sneak was
H 'Imt tho heerot Henlee wero aflei tliniu It
IS rs8 noised about tbo Seeiot Ser ice that tbem
lift vould bonnoxposuro that would atonlsb t lie
llitl country.
IS -"He told jnewbo (.nine of JfeManus's men
III 8 ircre."sald Kendit; Oncof tbnm w,ts 1! It
I i J.ennon. ox-1'olico MitL'istratn. McMauus, lm
Bill said, wns a member of a club on l'lfteeutli
111 or Seventeenth street. Unown as tbu Horv
Il8 Club. 1 nsked him if he thouicbt I
ill : cttoUI rench Mr. MeMnnus through Mi.
Is! It 3nnon. nnd bo snld that beforu bn could
ll'jj do anything In tho matter ho would hau
fit tl roeclvo a i.riOU retalnlni; fee. 1 kiivo
1)31 htm KM on nceount and 'J0 or &lo to
i juiyfof Information ns to MeMnnus. I offered
I! J mycheck for the bnlanee.wbieb bo was wIIIIul-
I) II to accept, but I said that I would call with tlin
I fill ""'h 'n n 'evr days. At that meetlni; I went
I In into the matter of counterfeiting and said that
ml y J was ono of the principals and did tho pinto
IlH printliic: that In connection with Jacobs I ills-
lifg posed of the stnniPH.
"Inehnm asked mo If I had any of tbo conn-
; terfelt etauipx with me, and I told hlm 1 would
i brlnca samploto lilin. On l'nb 7 I cafn him a
lil genuine, stamp and a couutoifcit and nsKeil
If! 9 hlm if heeouldlell tun wbioli wnsKHiiulne. Hm
IjIS identified tbocoiintcrfeil fiom my descilptlon.
Ill I tore thorn up and was about to tluow tbnm In
II If Ills' wn.-tu basket when ho said ' Don't do
nl that. I don't want it there. I will ttirow it in
III IB tliCHfiwur.' Ho did so
IK 1 "I noxt saw him on 1 (b 1.', and he said hu
e I i wouliltako tho enso personally. Hn said h
111 3 rould tukn him to dinner, and that wben bn
1) had put n bottle or two under MnManuss licit
I'lill lleManus would become couiiuunli'ntic Ho
IJIl snld be would say to blm that he had an c.ccl-
IJiV lent opportunity on tlin outside. If lm salil
H j ' 'Ves.' ho would then su that a friend had a
WiS client who would pay well for proteetion in a
jig matter in Wbicb tbe Seei ct Hen leu was Intel -
'n ested.
M "Tho next Intervlow was on I'dIi. IM. Iut-
ham then said to mo that tbu matter was so
I i larco that It astounded blm ami that ho bad
n not tbo nerve. Imt bo bad a friend, a man of
1 stnndinc in tbo community and a man on
U whose judKineut he could relv
M ''I told him that wo could not uso a slob:
that tho innttci was loo delicate. Ho replied
IB that the man was all right lln wanted $.ri.ri(l
IC down and JsTiOO mora wlien tbo matter was
C ' done. Ml. lngbaiii liad asked mo what lie
' could afford to pay. and. after explaining what
1 ; th profits were. 1 told hlm JIUHtil a month.
V ' '"I)id ho say anything about a vacane)--on
I tho VerJninl lteneli ?" was asked
m "M-s."' replied tlie witness. " Hn s.iid tliom
JR were two candidates a Air. lMiiiumls, an old
B - man who did not bno inuehof a show, and
n Mr. Nowltf, bis law partner. I said: Well. If
;B we get Mr. Newitt on the lleneh. bo being mi
counsel. I would be In pietty good sliape '
' ' "Ho replied that Newitt could i ertainly delay
Jj the enso if bo was on tho bench, ltwasai-
.1 rnnged that the momeiit niiMbiug wasdonn
' Jacobsshnuld bnnotillcd. Oil Monday, I'eb.'Jii,
,M wo called up Ingbaui amlN'owitt on tbetele-
! phone. 1 think wo telephoned every day fur
X ' il'week, but I can't leeall whether we got thorn
X t or not, but on tbu '.Titb I got it iifssngo
ffi to meet Ingham at bis home, -t I ; I (liiaid
M u venue, on Sunday, tbo 'Jtltb I went
IS there nnd Saw Ingham lio told me he sum-
iffi r motied mo to let mo know how the matter
m tod. Me wanted to explain why bis man.
'Jl whom lieti'il 'No.ll. bad failed to icacb Me-
;g Menus. Ho described MeMnnus as 'No. I '
H Ka detailed sooral meetings between 'Nn :i
jj nml 'No. Ho also stated that ovorWbing
j possiblo would bn done nml That be realized
tfiaf my position was a precarious one "
,n After many meetings nml calls Ingham mi
jj March 7 telephoned to blm "The neeount has
i been collected." that nicauing that MoManus
n IihiI accepted tbo bnbe.
i On thnt day Kemllg went to.Iaeobs's ofllee.
9 and Ingham explained that "No. II" bad gone
S to the house of MeManus and askod hlm if ho
'a would like to make a stnkn out of a ease thnt
H rtecret Hnrxicn gent llurnswas InteieMed In
it UeMnnnsf,,ild that bn would ll ho could do It
!jj SfeJ. Tbewitueps iioor knew tliat Nenltt
J? was tb man until tlu arrest, liecausn Ingham
' ' had frequently sai Ho hlm Ibat bo should not
' Iwve anthlni to (In with Newitt. Kendlgtes.
,3 Ufledi
!. 'Ingham said thnt tbo airangements worn
thnt each monthly payment should bo forim
rminlty fioin arrn-t for tbu nou thirty dnvs
, Insbnm iionpi kne- about thn nnu pl.it
. Taylor'wns mnking. Ingham said tbo cost
I would be 'fl.iMHifoi- McMauus and jI.immi tor
Hums, and a like amount to lm divided be
tweeil.liiEliam and 'No II.' Kemllg nald pnit
ofthemone) down and later $'4i)ii In thn
JrtfwWh ltiii'Monioe head ' bill, cheek letter
A, a uiiod note, nut it had a ru-t mark on it."
m,a ' llero Chief Wilkin pioduceit tho bill, iinn'h to
Wh the surprise of th defendants as well nsthu
Jj,' witness, ntnl Keudig Identilled it ns tlin note,
IB saying that ho bad not seen it union hn gne It
r: i to Ingham Ingham had told blm that Me-
B ' tLanos nml lturiis bad cndi iceehod fl.lMKI
l I and that Kemllg ami Jacobs could set up tbolr
tS Brcsw and go nhcad. It was arranged that
f ?:t,tKsl should be paid on tho lnthday of coiy
i oipntbf
1' covsirnrr.ir chiaii .srt.wri.
! Innnrrnt t'uii hnx-is iif ,linoli's Mixk to
ij i - Jerirltr Lenient Trent ment.
j Xv,'h,"N"fi1"'i April '.'7 -Innocent purclus
! r( cigars beating couutirfelt stamps nml
( reoVh'U selrd bv order of the Treasury
I Department will be treated fnlily. The fob
; lowing clteular has been Issued by Internal
ileenuo Commissioner Wilson to eollectois.
M "llefcrring (osiuresoreic,us from Jacobs
Ij AiOj, factory No :i.7II, nnd hendlg's fuclorv.
J Nir. sTiti, N'lntli dlstrlet of Pennsvlinnln. you
at Informed Hint n (Idles are the oiih d
jl i acmlnstlODS known li ha titeu counter
IB I felted, mil may release the clgnis covered by
1 I Mann of other ileiinminntlous. which are
J I, Kiiiiii, mill in the Iminls of Innneent holders
tjt 'ill ciuii cau bo lell iu tlie custnd) ol the
.... !,, . ...V i -
parlies from whoyn selred.lt ther are responsi
ble, pendlnglfarrJietCnctloti. Hclzurcs should
be reported on foym 1 17.
"Innocent hohhern who have purchased
cigars nnd paid fop same will be treated fnirly
nnd tcnsonable oriel's In compromise nceented.
Much offer should .include payment of costs.
Hie tax on the cigm-s nml n nominal sum as
a spoeine penalty-to be made through you to
this nlllce .... ...
" hen stamps nroMindouhtndly genuine the
cigatsinav be released without delay. Thn
distinction bets-eon asniiine nnd uounterfolt
stnmps Is till: The trnveer In the counterfeit Is
much lighter than '.line In tlie genuine nnd the
lace of Clay In the counterfeit Is very much
ill awn; the lock of Inlr nu the right side of Ills
head Is ery dnrk in r.'ie counterfeit: In the
genulin. much lighten Among the most
prominent dlstinetiotiH .ire thn diamond and
stats In the word 'elgws.' In tho genuine
they are very distinct, wl lie In the pounlorfslt
they are niently blurred, and in some letters
thn diamonds do not t ppear at all 'I hn
shading nt tho left of tlie stamps Is much
heavier In the counterfeit, than In the genuine
stamp, due. probably, to the lighter color of
thn paper
"In case of doubt, hold 111 clear until limy
can be examined bv an exiKjrl. Vmcanoom
taro the stamps vrltn any genuine fifties on
boxes of cigars
"Parties owing Jacobs A Co. nnd W. I.. Ken
dig forelgnrs nuiehnsed should bo advised not
l pay such bills or nceounts. imt you will tnke
prompt steps to attach and held moneys thus
due on account of Indebtedness to the (Intern
ment for taxes evaded. Consult the District
Attorney. Hold the fratidulou oiuurs In such
cases until the inntter Is doeidtd."
riir.r m.vr.irv.n an wet ties.
Why Collector llldnrll Suspended Twenty
two Ciutnins liisicrtirs, t
Tho twenty-two Inspectors of customs sus
pendod by Collector Illdnoll on "Wodhnsdny. It
was learned yosterday. am neciiM'd nf accept
ing gratuities. They Icne been nskej to nn
Mur tho charges ngalnst thoni in wilting.
Throe other Inspectors hnsnlx'on suspended
for thirty days, and no futthcr action Is to bo
Inken in their eases,
Ono man, who refused n gratuity offered by
a passenger who wished his baggage passed
without iiuestlon. has been commended, with
a roeommondutloii for Increased pav or an
advance In position If It Is iwsslblo to thus
lew.iid hlm. Ho Is Charles II. Cole. Tho
watchers assigned to the pleis by Collector
llldwell nnd Surveyor Cj-oft reported the Inci
dent. ( olo found In tbo trunk of n passenger
from an Incoming steamship dutiable, goods.
Tho passenger handed a twenty-dollar gold
piece to Cole, who returned It with tho it
mark: " I can't take It, You bao dutiable
good and I will have to call the Apprulscr "
Tbo investigation instituted bv the Collector
nnd Survoyor was curled on by means of
special employes, who wntcbod the Inspectois
nt their work Tho Merchants nnd Manufae
turors' Hoard of Trade, which last sum
mer secured permission fiom tho Ticas
ury authorities to wntcb the inspection
of baggage, bad nothing to do with tbo inves
tigation. Tho lesult of thnt boaid's work was
negative. Its ostensible purposo wnstoseolf
theHOO freo personal baggago clause of the
Dlngley law was strictly enforced Tho repre
sentatives of thn Merchants and Manufac
turers Uoard of Trade have not been ulluvvcd
nu the piors since last July
it wasfoundtli.it pnssongois who gave gra
tuities n'colved bettor treatment than those
who did not Thorn were instances where
gratuities were offered and no examination of
baggago was mado and no duties weic collected
The Collector is of the opinion thnt the In
spectors of customs mo not paid enough for
their work. Tbev get S4 a day. nnd their
bom i are supposed to be from sunrise to sun
down Tbeurrlvnl or vessels late In thedav
Prolongs their woik Into the night. The Col
lector snld:
"I am going to try to get more pay for tho
Inspectors, anil, if the Secretary of the Treas.
in y approves. 1 am going to Congress at Its
next session and ni range for tlin Introduction
ofa bill to give, tho inspectors cxtiapnyfor
I'Vtlll woik '
f.K.lVIAt; IT Cfl.VKI' ll..tl.
tleallli Korce ltniils the I'Ihcc nnd Mnkes
Many llWcovciies.
I'ar the flut time In Its hlston t oney Island
w.19 visited yesterday by nn army of health
inspectois and sanitary; policemen. Deputy
Health Commissioner Ilobert A. Black was the
comoinndlng officer. Dr. Albert Metcnlfe hail
charge of twenty-one? inspectors and there
was a company of thirty sanitary policemen,
l'rom .'! o'clock in the afternoon until 7 o'clock
at night they made a houfo-to-house canvass.
The results showed Hint their call wns needed
and they will continue the work to-day.
In the majority of ths houses examined
there wcro no sowor connections. The board
walk on tlit llowery was torn up in a number
of places, nnd In each ease there was found be
neath either n pile of deenving garbage or a
pool of stagnant water. Cbloiide of lime and
gallons of disinfectant Huld were used, and
the people living along tho walk weie notllleil
that they would be nnestcd nml benvllv fined
If they should offend again by piling garbage
under the trulk
The concert halls and the dancing pavilions
wcro also found to l.o In bad condition In
tlie liiclosuie of Merrill's toboggan slide the
Inspectors found a big pool of stagnant water.
Ten days ago the proprietor wns otdered to nil
up tho pool witli dirt and l.e seemingly hnd
done o. but the inspectois found that he had
merely hoarded lt'over and then put a thin
layer of sand over the boards. I'.ighty gallons
of dlsiufectunt wore poured Into the pool nnd
Men 111 was ordered to 111! it up with dirt forth
with under penalty of arrest
There was but one airest made, l.ouls
r.lfonheln. a poultry dotilei at Suit avenue and
West fifteenth street, was caught In tho act
of killing chickens mill gecsu without a poi
mlt. He was nrretcl He said that he had
been killing fowl without a 'ermlt for two
j ears, not snowing that a permit was neces
saiv. "Conev Island l a tllsgtac tothe cominun
Ity.'Vsald Commissioner Ulnek last night. ."The
laws of health aio violated on all slJes and the
people seem to be Ignorant. of what they
should do. We must act quickly, as our work
must be dono before tho warm season com
mences. Tho greatest iiuestlon Is regarding
garbage. 1 am gciug to suggest that covered
wagons, diawn by men. go through all tbo
wnlks daily, collecting the garbage."
bnrllon SI. I.pwU t-.lcrteil l'rofeiior of
KliglUll nt Ynle.
N'kw Hvvfv. Conn. Apill 27-It was an
nounced to-night, on the authority of tbo Sec
letun of tho nlo L'nivcisitv corporation. Prof,
l-'ianklin II. Dexter, that the I'.mlly Kan ford
professorship of Kngllsh liteinture In Yale was
tilled lit the eorpoiatlon at the meeting of that
hnd) nu Tuc-da) last bv tbu election of Chail
tou M Lewis. Ph 1) , assistant professor of
I'.ugliHli iu the college This professorship
was founded by tbu bciuest of the late Judge
I) Hillings
Charlton M Lewis is a giaduale of the class
ol IKKtj nt lale. As an iindcigiaduatu lm
gained high hnuoia ns iccognlllon of tho
literary llnlih of his work In the cuiiiculuni
and iu the college publications. After gradu
ation bn studied law In New York, was ad
mitted to the liar nnd practiced with some
success until IS:i."i. when ho returned to Yale to
devote himself to tho stud) of Knglish lltera
I un." Ho wns mado an assistant iu tho r.ngllsh
ilepaiinieiit His woik was distinguished by
sneli synipath) nnd discernment that lm was at
on. 'o advanced to lie an instiuctor I'rnf. Lewis
Is the sou of Charlton T Lewis, a well-known
New Yoik lawyer and vv liter. Thn I'.mlly San
foul chair was founded llvn or sv venrs ngn.
II was ti'fn-.i'il by Ldmuuil Clarence Stedmiin.
HonalilT Mitchell and Charles Dudley War
uci within a )car after its establishment.
Senator .loues to Sail Next Ttieulny,
WvsittM.ioN, April 27. -Senator James K.
Jones of Aiknnsus accompanied by his wife
nnd son, will snll on next Tuesday from New
York to Kuiope by thoNoith Onrnian l.lovd
line It is proposed to land nt Southampton,
nnd m.ikoii tour fiom them It is probable tbo
party will icmain abroad until the fall, Senn
loi Jones is jet iindci thn care or a ph),sleinii,
and hoi e to recovor entirely before returning
from bis Kuropenu tilp.
Auotlirr Teini fur William II, Ilnv enpiul.
Kunogato Abbott and County Ticasurcr
Kimball tcappolnted William 11. Davenport
Public Administrator in Jlrooklm yesterday
for a term of five scars. Thomas II, I'earsall
was a candidate for tbo place, but the Demo
cratic managers could not bn induced to In
dorse blm in view of Mr. Davenport' linn rec
onl in tho office, ond his excellent stnndlng In
Dr. William II. Meets Iteiimtuteil.
Supreme Com t Just ico Dickey of HrorAIyn
bus gi.iutcd a writ of mandamus directing tlin
Department of Health loieiustatn Dr. William
II Steers ns n sanitary inpcctor Several
months ago Dr Steers was made a food in
spector at a much lower salary
The Ilest Tmili .
'Ilir I'lbsna Wine Co. Hold h ( liMiipacui Is
IiIkIiI) rr nmmi mlMl tv phjmrtsnii s tnnlc for
innvlprit It i nnUliiN lest nhntint hiiU leiiacid
ttisu ui.j of the mipurlrd bMUita. .1 i.
uv.ti.Tii no.tnn has sionn tihwhlk
is xTinti: rou thi: F.w.rATnn.
Ninth Avenue Itnad Is In n llrcmlfnl Slnle,
tlin C'nloiii't's Kspcrts Tell lllm-llr I'm
duces thn Kepnrts to Prove It nnd Hints
Thnt llr May Try to Stop tho Trnlns.
President Mlehaolt' Mtirphr of tho Hoard ot
Health summoned reporters to his olllci" yes
terday nnd announced Hint he had toccived a
number of additional reports concern Ir thn
alleged unsafe londltlon of thn Manhntlnn
l.lovntcd Ilnllway structuie.
" lleforn showing you the tepoit of our en
gineers,'1 snld Col Murphy,"! wish to rend to
you Chief Hnnltaiy Inspector 1'ceney's report,
llore Is what it says:
I hnvn the honor to submit beiewltha re
poll of the result of tho Investlgatlonsof thn
elevated railroad structures on (liecnwleh
street, from thollutlciv to fourteenth stieet.
mndo bv Inspeclois A .1 llreiinan. W. D, third
tier nml D. W (' Wheeler of lids division,
fiom the statements therein contained II is
evident that defects of u serious nature exist
In both tho material and In thn construction
of the structure, ami that I iiuso of theso
conditions nu element of Insecurity Is lutio
duceil and tho saTety of this portion of tbo
struetiitn mciinepd Cracked basu castings:
the evident insecurity of column No. ;i:t:i;
thn Improper alignment ot the tails; thn
defective condition nf thn old sections
of the superstructure ami the excnsslvn
slinln. ns shown bv lateral swav exceed
ing a vibration: all theso are Indications tor
the necessity of a tliotoiigh leeonstruetlon In
order to socihuii structure thnt shall lm snfu
nml meet the rcitulicmcnts demauded by its
pieseut use. I would iccommcml that all
"racked base castings of columns boteplaced
bv proper new bases; also that the base and
Inundation of column No. :i:t;i bo uiicoveied
nnd such rcpalis mndo ns shnll rem'cr
tho said column secure nnd provide a stable
superstructure: also that tho old sections
of tho suporstiuctiiro bo removed nnd ic
placcd willi a structure of quality nnd de
sign ciiualling tbo newer nml grcaterportlons;
thnt nil decayed ties and guard rails consti
tuting tbu wood portion of the road hn securely
replaced; that the track be aligned to gauge;
that tho two structures, tho easterly midwest
csly. bneonnocted with cross girders or con
nections otherwise designed, to teslst tbo
existing strains; that the entire structure bo
painted a color comblningdurabillty nnd light,
and that, pending such reconstruction and re
pair, thn uso of this section of the load bn
discontinued. If nn further inspection It should
bo found neeossarv
"Now," said Col. Mm ph v. "what do you
think of that? If people ically knew tho con
dition of that road they would not rldoovor it "
Col. Muipby was asked It ho Intended to
Issuo an order stopping the railroad company
from operating the Ninth nveuue lluo. Hoio
plied cautiously that he was not prepared to
make an' statement in reference to that mat
tor, but allowed It to bo infened that bocoi
taluly would makeanulToit to stop tho opera
tion ot tbo Hue.
The engineers' lcnort said that the ties In
many places along the roadbed vveio decayed
so badlv that it would bo Impossible to secuiti
them tothe girder Manges, nml that their con
dition caused them to rise nml tall with tbu
pnssnge of trains. Such a condition of ties, the
leport said, made (he gauge "alvnilablu quan
tity" nnd Incieascd tho Hwailngot thestriic.
ture. Tbu accident on tho New Yoik Central
nearOarrlsons was roforied to to'show that
although heavily laden trains passed over a
weak sk)I dailv.ii disaster oeciirrod at last so
quickly thnt the engineer bad onlv tlmu to
close the throttle before lie was killed.
Ai.'ir oi-rici: iwi'Vrimkxts.
Still' Koines in .south C'lirnlhiu to lip Abol
ished flue I'lce Dellvt'llien.
Wvsiiisino.N, Apiil 27. On May I the Postal
Seivicu ot almost tho entire State of South
Caiolimi will be altered, nearly all the star
routes in tlie State being leplnccd by mini
free deliveries. Twenty-three, iiiral frco de
llveiy mutes will be established, and all tho
star loutes", except tho lunger and mom im
poitaut ones, abolished. This move is in tho
mituie of an expeilmeiit, as the Post onicn
Derailment desires toiisecitaln It It is possi
ble to servo rural districts in sparsely popu
lated legions by means ot carriers, who. iu ad
dition to delivering tlie mall, will peifoim the
ordinary duties of the star route cm Hers
In some placos In South Catollna tbo countiy
Post Ofllees have been served only twice a
VTeok by moans of tho star route. They will
now receive their innll at least two nnd possi
bly four times a week. I!y doubling up. thn
department expects to obtain n much hotter
service, ntnxory slight inerenso In cost lu
one case tho carrier will srvn four routes,
making a delivery over each totito oneu in
four days
Many implication arc being sent to the de
paituient for fieeilulivorv seivlce by meansof
a wagon, such as has been started near West
minster. Mil Thus f.ir the department has
been unable to com pi) with any of theso ic
quests. Iu some places, uotlccnblv lu Tippe
canoe county, Ilid., tbo euirieis voluntarily
provide themselves with light wagons, some
thing similar to thn Westminster wagon,
which is a iniulatiiio tiavelhug post oniec.
and havotheni lel'ercd like other mall wagons
lu nianv places tlie roads aio too bad to permit
nf the Use of u heavy wagon. This Istiuoof
Illinois among other States, although in one
Instance, whom a loute was established over
roads whom the mint came almost tothnaxln
of thocariier's vehicle, tho leiiresentatlvn of
the distilet applied for two additional routes.
The department was nimble to comply with
Ins request on account of the bad loads
srnricR iv M.if riir.ritos.s.
(eiieial Order Hrgaiillng '1 hose Mho Ale
Entitled to Wcitr Them.
WvftiiisiiTON, Apiil 27. Tim Wur Depait
inent has Issued a gcueinl older concerning
the uniform ot moll in (lie army. A paragraph
under the head of "Service Chevrons to Indi
cate Service in War" eas:
"All soldiers who have served dining llio
w.u of tho rebellion, and who wero honorably
dls"hnrgod;all wboseivcd iu tho Indian cam
paigns enumcinted lu general aiders from the
headquarters of the mm v. and nil who hnvn
seivcd or may Horve lu thn iiiuiy or thn Culted
States iu war. or in such Indian campaigns ap
proaching the mngnltudn of war, ns may from
time to time bn so designated by thn Secretary
of War. me ontltled to vvenr tho 'service In
"All enlisted men who between April "Jl,
1iS. and April 11. IKUi. were assembled lu
camps or leuduzvoiis iu the L'ultcd Stntes or
into separate bodies, such as regiments,
brigades, divisions ot corps, foi the pmposc of
cinylngou military operations nml bringing
to a conclusion tho war with Spain, and all
who embarked on tiansporls for campaigns
ngniust the onomy iu Cuba. Porto lilcoaml the
islands of the Paelllc ot on the high seas or
elsewhoio me entitled to wear the '.seivlce lu
war 'chevron.
"The toiegolng will not apply to enlisted
men who were perfoimlug seivlce iirgaiiisonH
on the Western frontier which Is lcqiilslto iu
time of pence and in no vvlsn considered a pan
of the army assembled to entry on tbowai
with Spain
Nnvnl Orders.
Wvsiiim.ton, April 27. The following naval
oideis wcro issued to-day:
Opt V V. 0nk tmhitja nifmlicrof Kuril ns
siiiinuis Ho.iril. nml Kilihtuiii.il diitrns iiicuihct'ef
..vvul IP tiling lleanl.
Jti nr Ailiinrnl -?. V. ItnTcli, icheveil Irnm duty ns
f-t Hlm nit'iiilii.r or Naval Hotirum llivsril.
Hi-sr ltlllirl VV. H. "-ildey.fi mu illll) vritli Nvl
)x.iiiimmg 11'i.int 1 1 dill) hs feiuor no nihei of the
llptulng lliwrl.
l'a ln-l'i'ilnrl' llrlh.nl In W',lliilii;t ill tail utv.llt
oi ill rs,
I li tit .1. v, Slif rntan, finia tlio UnrrHii nl l'.iiti
nn HI pillie i rinniit.
'1 In folluvthii: AMHiiitAid I iiciurcrA Imvr l.rrn re
licti it from duty mi ttie llnlt.iln unit nnUrrd homo
w I. Hull" li II. Mspseraml I, H Kilior.
.Movenipiils of Nuvnl VphspIs.
Wtsiiisi. ion. Apiil 'J7 The JIarhlelicad ar
lived at llarbndos )csterday on her wnv to
tho I'neillc station. '1 he llngshlpt hicago, Ito.'ii
Admir.tl Iluwison, arrived at l'unta Helgado,
Azores, to.dav from New York. She will sail
thence for (lilunllar and ptoeeed bythojledl
terinnean and lied Sea loutn to the fiiean
coast. Tbetrainlngshlps Aniinpollsnnd Yicks
liurg. which arn returning fiom a winter's
eriiiso in tlie West Indies, trill go, respectively,
to Norfolk and Boston for lenalrs
No Tax nu Amateur llnsetiiill tinmen,
Wasiiimiton, pril27 - TheConimissionerof
Internnl llevenuo has decided that baseball
games plnyed by college nnd ninntcur or local
clubs nrn not such exhibitions as rcquirn pay
incut of special tax under the war revenue law
They are distinct, he says, fiom baseball exhi
bitions given li) piofessloii'il clubs as it regu
lar business foi nioiicy.evi.n though the games
am pl.ied "In parks inclosed by u high bonid
fence, w hero an admission foo la charged foi
Honker In Snll for Jlnnlln nn MnmlnT. B
Wahhimtiov. prll 27 (leu. Orcoly of tho
Signal Scrvlceof thn rmysa)slhat thncnblu
ship Honker, now being lltled out iu New Yoi k
lor signal service wml. In the Philippines, will
sail for Manila un Monday.
mw .se "
feared She Wns Oiling Crnry, nnd Asked
Week Ago to He Locked L'p.
Mrs. flla II. Shannon, a widow with seven
children, committed sulcldn )cstcidny fine
noon nt her home, 2d fjist Twcnty-fourlh
street, llayoune. by iliinklng two ounces of
carbolic ncld. Slncn her husband wns mortally
burned by an explosion of molten metal In the
Oiford Copper Company's works nt Constnblo
Hook almost two jcars ngo she had bocn
iiflllctcd with melancholia and had glinted
nvei her straitened circumstances. Shn wns
41 vcais old. her eldest child being a girl of III
ami her oungest 2 )ears old Oun day last
week Mrs. Shannon visited llnyonnn Pollen
Hendqiiarters and loquesteil Acting Hecoidor
Hymen l,n.nrns,to commit her to the-Hudson
County Jail for oxamlnatlon as to her sanity.
She said shn feared shn was ernr.y nnd would
do wmietbiugib'spcriiln if allowed to remain
at large Thn Mnglstrnto managed to nllnv her
hvstorla. and shn icliirned to her children.
Allor hereldcst boy left for his work a' Con
stable Hook vosieiday she sent Hi" eldest
daughter to do the mnikntlug for dinner.
When the daughter returned her mother was
lying unconscious on thn lounge, vvhlln thn
bottle which had contained tlm acid was neat
liy upon the Mom Dr. Pliny Slovens, house
physician of St. Luke's Hospital, responded to
a hasty summons, but bis oliorts to lesiiscitatn
tbu woman wcro futile. She died nn injur later.
The Hon. .Slieild.ui Shook, widely known In
political nml tbcatilcal circles as "Shod
Shook," died vestordny nt his country place
lulled Hook, Dutelicss county, wboio bn had
been sick for several mouths. Mr. Shook was
born In lied Hook In 1B22, and cnnin to this
clly when ho was It )cats old. Ho obtained
employment In a butter and egg market owned
by John lloyco and from the beginning was
.successful In ton )cats ho owned tho busi
ness, and bad made himself felt In the politics
of tbo citv. being ono of tlin foremost of thn
old lino Whigs In the Third ward, whoso
headquarters wero ill Patten's Hotel ill (triion
vvlch stieet. near Wnrrcn. Ho wns ono of
tbu delcgntes to the first llepilbllcnu
Convention, when John C. l'roinont wns
nominated for the Presidency Ho became
ono of the most enthusiastic supporters of
Lincoln, and was able to do much to advance
his lutciests in New Yoik previous to bis nom
ination Mr. Shook was elected President of
the Itcpiiblleaii County Committee in lnr.it. and
on Lincoln's first visit to this city welcomed
blm and pledged his support Lincoln ap
pointed Mr. Shook Collector of Internal llet
I'liun for tho Thlity-seeond district, which In
eluded the banking distilet. Wall street and
tho Stock Lxehangti. Mr Shook held the (.'ol
leetorshln eight ycnis, being dismissed by
Hrnnt Ho was n delegate to all tho llepubll
can National Conventions up to and Including
that of IKHH He was not able to attend that of
IHS4, when lllnlnovvas nominated. but forvoan
buhadurgi d the select lou ol the man from Maine
nscnnilidate. lulH7l Mr. Shook built tlicl'iilou
Square Tbeatie. which ho lan with A. M.
Palmer, who had been previously a clerk in the
Collector's olllco. Thn firm conducted tho
theatre for ten years, when 51 r Shook tctlrod.
tbu bicaklng ui of tbo pailiicrsblp beingoiio
of tlie sensations of tho day The ptcsent
Mrs Palmer was Mi Shook s wife. Mr.
Palmi'i's Hi sit wife Is living in P.uls Mr.
Shook was also in the blowing firm of Shook
A Lvcinrd.and was a paitner with John It
Nugent, piopilelor of I ho Moitou House,
where be lived when iu this city llnvvasono
of the icpiesentativesof tho fifteenth Assembly
distilet In thcCoiiutv Committee, and kept up
nn nctlvu Interest In political nlTnlrs nt nil
tunes. Among his associates were Mngistinto
Claienee Meade. ox-Colleetor Muiphy.
Pollen Commissioner Jacob Hess and Mr.
Thn Ilev Mcxnmler Huntington Clnpp,
1. D . dlod vestetdav In his apartment lu tho
Chelsea, He was bom in Woithlngton. Muss .
iu 181N. nnd was giailuated fiom Yale iu
184'.'. and from tin1 Vndnvur Theological Semi
nary tlnen venis later He married Mbs Lmlly
Pavson Copel.mil ot llostou, vv ho am vivos him.
lu IS4H ho a. ted as temporary professor of
rheloilc in Middlebuty College, cimont lu
Is"!., he beeaine Secretary of tho Congrega
tional Home Missionary Soeietv. nml fiom
that time until Ills death ho icmnlued with the
soeietv as Seetetary, Ticasurcr. Hnnururv
Treasure! and as I'.tlllnilal Societal y. He was
tbo author if a number of books and histories,
Mine M.iiiol'aur wlfoof fnill l'aur, leader
of the Philliaiiuonli' Society nml of tbo S)in
Plionv Orchestra, died jestotdav at her home,
HJ Last Seventieth stmet Sbo was born iu
lladen In 1NKI She eamo from a muslenl fnm
ilv. mid as a child was u prodigy on tbu piano.
She studied under Schumann am! Inter under
Pndeiotvski. whoso favorite pupil sho was.
Sbo played in concerts iu ftiropo and nn ono
occasion divided the honors with Hubltisteiii
at llerllu. She was married in IKS'.! iu Man
helm ami enme to this country with her hus
band seven )cars ago. Sbo frequently per
formed In conceits In Itoston and tills city.
Her body will be cremated at fresh Pond.
Tho llev Charles W. Morrill, pnstor of St.
John's Itonian Catholic Church at Mcntvllle.
Conn, dlod tlinio Wednesday ovcnlngot con
sumption father Mori III was 42 years of age
nml was a iintivn of llnngnr. Mo. Ho studied
theology at Cam I nidge, and nt thn completion
of bis eouisu accepted a call to St. James's
fpiscop.il ( hutch at Woousockct. I!. I lu
IsKt hu became a conveit to tho ltoniun Catho
lic Church lie was a curate for several ycais
nt St Maiv's Church, New London, where a
pontlllcal high mass will be cclebinted for hlm
to-d.iy bv Bishop i'iorney
Thomas l.oid. who dlod of licut disease on
vNediiesda) in apailim uts in had ticeu oci u
I vingtenipoi.il I ly at HI 7 Madison avenue, was
formoilv a resident of this city, but had for
yenis lived in Washington. I). V Ho was the
sou of Thomas anil V. Ilrabeth P I.md. and was
in hlssixtv-llfth year Dining ihe civil w.u
he sorted in tlie Luglncer Corps of tho Seventh
Now Yoik Yolunteeis. later serving as dju-laut-doucinl
with tbu i.mk of Majoi on ilic
staff of (ten Dlx. He was a uieuiber of l.af.u
t'tte Post. (i. A it. and "f Hie cloiaus id tho
Seventh lleglnicnt.
('apt. dcoigeC (ilbbs died at Oiienl Point
House. I I., on Wednesd.iv. aged 7S veils. Ho
was iu command of tho litter giiceu nl tho
time Piesldent Lincoln ami the Confednatn
Comiiiisr.ioucrsbeld .1 coufeielico on bo.'ild of
boron tho Jaiiins lliver Ho was formally
vents u trustee of tho Sag llai I, or Savings
Hank and wns it dlicclor iu tbu Peconle Hank
Ho leaves a widow
Henry P Montgomei y, fur morn (ban a quar
tcrof u ccnturr coiiueelcd with tho Washing
ton (I). C.i public schools, lately ns supervising
lulncipal. died yestcidny after it long Illness
Ml Montgomei v Iuaugiirated tho holding of
summer Institutes In Virginia and Noitb Caro
lina, nml was one of tlm founders of the Indus
trial school nt .Manassas, Va.
Henry Clay Stewart, u leading lcsidont nnd
leal estate dealer of Washington, is dead, from
neuralgia ot the bean, aged tat, lln was a
natitnof the citv, having been bom iu Willaid's
Hotel, then known as poniard's Hotel. Henry
Clay was Ids godfatbci nnd gave blm his name.
Mr Stewart loft a son, il C, Jr. and two
Miss Muiv I'., llevnolds, a daughter of Pollco
Captaiii.lames HotuoliU of liiooklvn, died on
Wednesday at her homo, 171 (larlleld place, lu
her twenty-llrst yeai. Iter health broke down
about six months ago while she was stud) Ing
lu her llti.il )car In the dills' High School
Dr William f Ivlssano of (ircenpoint died
on Wednesday night at bis home, 7l'2 Leonard
stieet He was born in (iieeupoint 4U )eais
ago and giadiiatod from the Now ork Me. Ileal
College for seveial Veins hn was on the staff
of the Now Yoik I 'so nnd L.ir Inllimaiy.
Thief .stole I'ullieniiin's Shield.
Philip Cohen, who was appointed a special
policeman a few weeks ngo. petitioned tbo
I'olico lloanl estcrday for a now shield His
own was stolen, he s:i)s. A thief ellmbed
through a window of bis house, at "Jti" Wat
kins street, lln ink hn. nml stole his Irouseis, to
which the shield was llxcd. lln has scinched
for tin thief, he s.t vs. but can't find him, ami
be can t bn a policeman without a snleld,
I - !
From the favorite ;' rey cheviots
and worsteds large and small
plaid patterns 'touched with a dash of
bright color i
$15 SUITS,
all ready to wear, fashionably
cut and tailored.
Spring; Hats Derfays and Alpines bliek
new shades ot brown, $2 & $3,
Sanitary Underwear spring weights
safe to put on now, $J a garment.
Hosiery "Holeproof Sox" fast black
colors double wearing 50c. a pair.
Hackett, Carhart&Co.,
, , 1 C'-.r i:nh St..
Broadway, f or. Omul st ,
I Xt-ur Chambers.
- i : -a
nee? r SgfcJarS ""sgsS. ' S55$"7'y
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I Uneeda i
X Biscuit i
WV This great food product is put up in five cent packages for convenience. VW
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Tit Arts irtss the xorKuiiKit cirv
Ihe Oakland I'layri-AUo l.rniU in tlie 1'ie
lliulnnrr ltound Dccldrd ctciiluy
llnilClat unit Tyiic Ale Next In Ortlei
lliltrlinnn Stnrti Off nltli 1'iiin- I.urk.
tin links as erccn and smooth to tho oyo as a
crlckot cieasa llfty-tvvo men finished. In tbo
preliminary lound at thlity-sli holes, medal
play. In tho Golf Club of I.nkewoodopen tottr
nnineut jesterdny. Hut tho turf was not us
velvetv as It looked, for the votini: vordute has
not bad timo to spiead and is still hiimmockv.
Thn lln of tlie ball was consciiuontly a matter
of luck, for when not peiched up by a tuft of
mass it was hard to cot a fair chance for a
shot. Thn ilMloiilty was enhanced by tho
hardness of tho Riound.
Thciewas a laico turnout of tho cottaucis
and hotel sojourners to tbu links, tlio attend
ance of an enthusiastic and critical "callory"
belnc always a fcatuioof tho I.akovvood open
uolf tournaments. Douirlas and Travis had
been paired by agreement In order that they
uilcbt settle on tho match-play results ot tho
niornlntr round the ownership 01 tbeilrstcup
lu the club's November tournament, which
a heavy snowfall bad left iiullnlshcd.
Travis, attor bclne 4 up nt tho sixth
bole, won thoeupbyS up and 1 to play. Ho
played a nearly faultless lound, tho ono 7 be
lnc duo ton low drive that failed to carry tho
bunker. Ho led tho field with 8.", nnd. by an
Htl in thn afternoon, won tho cold medal with a
tntalof 171. Travis wason tlm llrstBieeuin
the afternoon round lu 'J. although bunkered
on tlio drive, but took :t to hole out. He was
nirnlu inbiinkcis off tlin llnooti tlio ton shots
foi the! fouith and suveuth holes, taklni: 1!
for each.
HoiiElas missed thrco short puts In the
liinrnlnifi each costini: him u I10I0 iu tho Ttavis
match In thn nfternoou hn did hettci, and,
with an h'.iand Hii. took second place to Tint is
on the day. Hn the thirty-six holes Travis was
1 up lleuinnlnc the uttornoon lound. Doul'
las was in tbu trap bunker to the left on his
diive. inaklnirneai the ereon 011 his next, but
wastlnu two shots in puttlnif. so that thn holu
was 11 ti Hunkered ncaln on his second ten
shot, DoiiL'las was in thn load on tho second,
nml on thn fursldoot tlie ciceu in .'I, licltlni;
on the wooden putter? lie was short on tho
liiurth. taklni: ! for tbu bole Then-alter
Douclas onlv used tlio inctnl putter. He was
acnin trappeil on tbo seventh teo shot. Imt tlio
leiuitliidci of tbo holes wero mado in tood
ThedllTeiencc Iu tho turf fiom IhoyieldluK
soil ut (laiilen City, whcica pluyorcxiiects to
cut well uuilcf.tho ball, niarieil thoetToits of
H.irriiuiin, liiooks. Tnppln and othcis used to
a sandy couiso to cot tho ball away cleanly.
Hm rimnii. the Jl. tl A. cliampion. after a chap
ter of accidents fiom tills cause, saddened thn
hoaitsof Ills friends with aim for tho mornlnc
lound. He hadiiobrnssevlnlilsbac.and. while
cettinc distance with tbu diiver ihtouch tho
Kiccn. tint balls would not cet up hlcli cnouch
to curry the bunkers. Hut In tbo afternoon
Hnrriinau mastered the probleni of how to pick
tlin ball up neatly, nnd ho mado an 8 1
Madiloek. who led tho consolation set. tnadn
tho elchth holn In'.. (Jultuti cotoiloof sciatcb
mount their home clubs wnro fmced into this
division. Ono was Noodwatd. who bearsthal
honor in Denver Ho lias a self-taiiKht stvlc,
short and stitT in tho swine and plnvini: tlm
lion clubs close to the body, yet Ins consider
able distance mid accuracy
llruco I'rlce. who hadimlya shoit put for the
lone hole In 4. which he wabbled limn sheer
nei vousiiess at tlio thouulit of so much honor.
hiiB imt upacup to bo plavod for to-day at tbo
stroke canin without handicap by the twenty
who fiil'cil to qualify for either sixteen. Ha
tcinislt the "Inconsolables' Cup."
Tho distances us played ycstenlny cavn a
toial of n.ii'.Ci yards Tlm holes, with a pai
wnni tlmiied out by Willie Notion, the club s
piolcssional, follow:
mil 2f.11 aio 3.".., aao rjr, 400 400 170 .",s-,-2,s;-.
'r 4444 ( r. a 4 :ij
111 HI-j47"i 4IOl'70 4'J." tnr. is.". '.'40 .'10 -L'.s.'l)
par & fc 5 4 r. .1 .1 4 4 - as
The ideal scotn woulu be 7."i.bythcse lleures
The amateur reeoid Is mi. mndo by Uouclns in
practice, nnd the competitive record Kt, mndo
to tho same player last fall.
Thn medal rlay uiumnry of yesterday
W. J. Ti.tvi, OakUnd
Out 4 :i r, r. r. 4 7 4 r.-42
in . .. 11 ,. 11 1 11 4 a r 4 -a s".
0 it . r 1 11 n r, 4 11 4 4-41
111. t. .". II (1 II 4 a 4 4-4'.'- HC-ITl
1'. H, DntiKlis. l'sirficM-
(int .4 i n r, 11 11 r. a .-.-.".
in, , r, r, 11 7 4 t 4 r 4-44 so
1 nu .... it 11 r. r. 4 4 11 .1 n 44
III. .-. II II 4 :, 4 4 4 4-42- SS-17S
.1 4. Tin.:, Moms I'.itint.t -
urn .1 r. 11 r, 11 .-, 7 a 4-41
In . ', n 11 4 11 4 r, a 4-411 D.l
nut . a 4 r, r, 4 11 .". .1 4--42
lu, fi 11 7 4 11 1 a 11 4-4:.- S7-177
I . Jl. Hellion. I'lillaileliilila-
out a 11 7 4 r, 7 11 n .". - 41
in r. r. r. 4 u 4 4 r. 4-43- ss
nut r, 11 u 7 r, ., f. a 4 411
in. 7 u ' ." r. 4 4 4 r,-45- nt-17.1
IslMir l.)nr. l.skcwenil
nut .-. n 4 r. r. m r. a 4-4.",
In 1 r 4 r, 4 4 4 442 87
1 nit .1 7 .1 r. 11 r, 11 a 4 -411
in , t r. it r. 4 11 r. 4 . 411 p-j itu
It. C. Watnoii, .li , Wmtbrnol
out r. .'. 11 11 r. r. .-, 4 r.-4'i
lu 11 7 r, 11 4 r, 4 4-7 111
nut . 4 r, 11 r. 4 4 r, 4 r,-42
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II. V. blncuin. htalen lalauil In'. 1117 2I2
Utv. II. I,. Si liwart. I-iki'ttneil 107 liw 2lfi
I'. It Walker. Ona'l I tilllitt 114 lot 218
K. I). Mltillill, poweltol. 112 Ins 'n
I'. H HulL'lit. Ocean ( iiiiiity lou IU 22 1
I i' l.nnevcr. SPuit Inlr ton 1iu 22.",
t. M Ijtiiitlilin, Alleulieii) foiintr III III 227
s. II. 1 erifa. 1 Hl.i.tM,ii,l llfi 114 2jii
H. N. Kin lir, Ililtnsml h 112 2.10
ti, W. Morkll., I.skettii.iil 121 11". 2.IU
Tho draw for thn Hist match p'av tnund to
dav. at elchteon holes, follows:
First Tup Wright ami lininila. lie Ital-inea ami
Havls, O'Cmiiiiir anil 'Itiiu. Wat-en, .lr . ami Ileli
Iiiiih. I'nrost iii.I1 iavi. I jii..rniie .mil Hrni.lK, l.iiuli
ami ll.ililen, Cnlhy anil Ilarriinaii.
Cnumilatlnn I i, Wi.nlnanl ami Malllirw. M11I
ili.rk .tiiilVVertlilnu'tiui, Inlrraml llctnal. Muirav
anil lirelau.l, Tjiian ami cutis. Itiiuli.ill ami
Mnrtiii, Daldureii nnd 'lapiiln, Ouivr re nml I'loth
To complete Its dates for the nalional ebam
Pionshlps, the r. H. (1 A nniiounced vestei
tiny that tho women's championship at the
If you are open to con
viction, let us send you
one box of fifty
Little Cigars
to smoke when you
want a short smoke and
haven't time for a long
one. They are real
cigars, but small ones.
They cost so little
only ioc. for 10
that you can try them
as well as not. They
are for sale anywhere,
or we will deliver 50
at your office, club or
home for 50 cents.
American Tobacco Co.,
507-529 W. ajci St.. New-York. City.
riillndnlpbl'i Country Club will bo held on Oct
Into 14. The team match between tbo Cana
dians nnd American plnvors, at thn request nf
the vlsltois. will bn held on tho tlrst Hnturday
in October, iftboilato is acrojable to tho Jlor
lis Count v (iolf Club.
Jiihiiaoii llefcnla Slorfey nt the Trnpi.
lMtvard Johnson of Atlantic City defeated
Thomas V. Morfcyof f.yndliurst In n live bird
match yesteiday afternoon on tlio Grounds nf
the .vinlhtirst Shootinc Association, 'lbs
match was witnessed by nearly L'DOvvell-lnown
devotee-, of tho sport, nnd tho scorn nt tho fin
ish stood H7to81 The rosult of tho contest
was a treat surprise to Morfoy's friends, for
diniUK Ills caiccr us u whit; slint. which extend a
ovefheveiitl vcais, vestorday's exhibition wna
tlie second tlmn that he bus failed to kill more
than lm percent of his birds.
The conditions culled for KM) live birds each,
the contestants to stand ut HO yards' rise, with
a ll.l-yaid boundary, and thn staLns wore f'J.'iO
it side. A Koodly amount of sldii waiters ner
made on tho result of the contest, with Jlotfey
a favorltn ut odds of KM) to Kt).
Sovcrnl inlss-and-out sweepstakes followd
the principal ovont, in which t'apt A. W.
Money and bis son Harold .Mony worn th
laru'cst winners.
llviins nnd Monroe Ilrnw.
Ynskrtis, April 27 -Tln liming alio at (ha
Wateilj A. t". in-im-lit, with "pinVy" llfana. Tom
llmili lira's pupil, and ncmiin Mnnrne, tlio ff
vi. fiathFinpistlit.as the prim ipsla in the main
1 n nl ntliartM B-tnilt iiiiinlier of ailmirera. If il .
.Malilinuas tlie irferec After itn and one half
nunutea wurV in tin. lirat pn lliiiunr , l.etic.en I ar
ivii innli-and II a. Hi niler-iin Malibn ampjiect ih.
li ml anil il 1 lar.il Hi urlermn ihn winner I hone
did 'irn ' na b'titfcn " Wuini: ' ( uniiliicliani f I '
Vimkela .mil .Hm Cairriiveiif Pinviih nee. tlna
tued for eislil ituinds at II". pnuiuls. tnasmva
kiioi kid lil man ..lit in the fifth round
V .110 i,i wa- tMi,ntiuds nvei tveluht atclmln t,
II" ttflitlllliu In linn . and I vaua ileiuallileil lorfi '
Mi'limi" nili-il latimte at IO, .7, Ihe treliihl tat ' '
1 HI pound., tin 111,11 tn en twrulj r.um.K It wa. a
w ell 1 onti-ieil ilsht. and the il. i i..,n .1 draw. n a
piiplllal mie
Hnnyadi Janos
For Disordered Stomach I
For Constipation and Biliousness I
Prescribed by the Medical Profession for 25 years. I
BrOniyadi Janos mm necessity. 1
L1HLHHaHaiiMHBBMaHavjaVaaiaa..i... '

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