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BgT 'vft!5 --' RT75i5owr77rv?i5v'H " ""- --""""" ""- MBsssssssiBBSisssmemsmiaaaBj
R' " i-r T '!' r t nr " yx! TUT H
K ' THE SUN, SA'l'UkbAV, MAY 27, 1800. , 2?& ;
jjl rnn aorr.nNOH niasa At.i jhlls
l, Off nnltAvri th Tnx Mill Wilt Do All Tlint
SM ) It Via Iiilrnilr.l to IloA Hntch uf
H Oil Tlilrtyl)ny lllttt Signet. Ilnrrrn Itlniul
Wgf NuUannft Jtlll Will lie Allotrvil to Die.
ny f Albany, May 2-l-Gov. Itoosovclt this after
li ; noon Aisnod all thnhlUn passed at thoextraor
Irf dinary ntBtlori of tin Legislature, boclnnlni?
ffi with the Ford rranchUo Tax bill and Including
V ihu bill appropriating 10.000 to carry the I'm it
H bill Into piTni-t, thu $7C.0O0 apDroprlntlon for
K tho National Guard dlHplny at tho rvcoptlon to
ftj Aittnlral Dfwoy, the annMi'J.ncnt to tho l'l
Al I nai.cn law to exempt tho Htnto prison front
H tho provision requlrlm: hcada ot Htato depntt
W( niontfl to turn Into the Htato Treasury at btuted
'V periods all moneys earn1, or rvcrlvod from
fl I any source, and tho bill carrying tho $12,000
H J: appropriation for tho expenses of tho extra
I ItKhlntlve session.
B, I Tho rranulilao Tax bill becomes chapter 71
JnLiA of thn laws of IW. Gov. Hoo-ovelt affixed his
lJT nicnaturo to tho bill at 12:02 to-day, using tho
Ifc jj pen of tho (vocrctary of tho Governor. Col. WI1-
Ui U Warn J Youngs, with which to sign tho raoaa
'SQtf" ui. Ueforo Klgnlng tho bill Gov. ltuosevclt
I, n said to thn newspaper rorrespondontH that no-
jH . . body need bo alarmed at wild rumor living
jH( .1 ( about it h to flaws In tho bill or of alleged unox-
Hj It f pected provisions n hlch somebody had consM
jag li ered to ho llkolyto tax ovrythlng in Hlght.
MA1 II There was no nt'u tho Goornor Raid, of peo-
HI I pto bringing thi sort of thing to hlft attention.
j) Jj He was familiar with tho bill and had faith
H I that It would do just what it was Intended to.
H f The Goornor ileclared that ho hopod to con
M milt with the Statu CummiHfoners sl.oitl and
H ''l wanted them to get tho views of tho Staio
H l ( omptrollor's department, of the speulal legia-
Ht lattH eomrnittee to Investigate the suhjeet ot
HIS taxation, of tax experts and other olll .'UN, o
B; V that hv noxt January thero would hne been
L 9 evolved a workabln mht'iuu of mutlrnds for
Hvi lev ling tlm af)esmnents pi Wh:l for This
I zg pfheuiit would prohahlv hae to ho varied from
f I f time to time to meet unexpected exigencies as
( o th" miiT nrinc.
HB "f This afttrnoni Gov. Hoosovelt signed an-
H6. 1 other batch of thirty-day bills uh follows:
HnM Senator I)iunrll'it autl'iiionter bill, whldi re-
BUW eiiHtH tttf) Lt low mitt iiionntf r Uw, aiiiruleil to
tl VI lnprt thf ilirtfitti in thdt law pjintPil nut by thn
Hi A (Otirt In the prineiliiii iaint tlm alleged co.il
Hl moiiHter twit ) ran nan
l iMTtUor Ortidj ' niitliorlini: tlif Nem Yurk rity
U 1 Mtituctlnl Astiuhh to iiuiatt the iispi if eerv
H1 I . ttiilhlln how iiM il, or litraftei to lio lui-d, m a
H) L hotel, in ni far as thmirtti theitnr itiav itnolve thu
HJ -3 att of tlit luiuatrti In caHf f Hit'. h uch onii
lK yi nanrtD or ri'NOlnt.oii mil) n nuj t-e lufjinrfil and
H'in t ret oiiiiupiuloil to tho Municipal nimbly liy the
HhIaJ In" ad i f Ihu 1) pftrtuii'iit of lltiil IIuum
yWlt bx Asmbl)inaii Mycr'-, tpalliitc a UiRfott of
H i jf cntihcuiiuti in the New ork i lt Comptroller'!
m. Kr omce
H ) Setiatni rilpy'af jinvhll!iif that thr New Vnrk t Itr
H i Clirk thill .irt an rlrrk of tlm Municipal Aaiiruibly
atul allowing him i ortaln frft.
H v Senator t'oKehall n, pnixidinc that a ilomeflto
V I ladnuul rorporntlon mux inert Ht or redncf ltn
Hj caj Itat cttik aa providot In ri'tion 44 of the Stork
H rori'orutton law, notMithtatuHim an) jroviiou
H inntaliit d tlieiein, or in .tin ceitcral or aperlal law
Bw nxti k or linutimc the amount of capital etork whu h
JB ina) he ltt"U'd 13 it.
V hettator r.lMbnj's, authorizing tho Temjle PMh'RI.
H a religion orp 'ration to Imrcao the uumlMrnf
B it tuiHteea from nine to tin) number not exceeding
i fifteen.
m ArrnblTtian Lltchard, proxiding for the pro-
i' P ctlnn and education of farmer and manufacturers
l In the purchttnf and pale of fertilizer).
l. h!,emblj man Llr'nlt noil's, authorizine the New
fH V York rity lloard of Kminute and Apportionment to
IH provide for tho pa) iueut of the irrlces trndriMl to
B l tho citj after annfiatiou by thu volunteer firemen of
H that portion of WeHtcheater county annexed to the
PMk cltj of Nttw York in Ihii;,.
Akfetublyiiian ilenrv't, empowering the New York
t ritvlloardof Hatimate and Apiortionment to audit
m and ulluw, and also authoriziuu the city Onnptroller
B to pa i' to J Elliot Hmlth thn amount incurred hy
H him for leual seniefs .md tUNburemeiiU In defend-
f ins the title to his ufncaa superintendent of the dm
K( alarm teleL'raph,
Hj Serator Ford's, providing that building and loan
asHoctationa iuu isMinaud sell lnnUUmeutshaiea an
Mi ha sip for making limn or advances, on which the
B maximum number uf payments may be definitely
JBi I Afctiembl) man Galea's, relegating to John Herman-
Hkl son all the riht, title and lutereat of theptopleof
VHi the bUte of New York lu and to certain leal estate lu
t Queens borouuh.
Bj v Senator Wacner's. authorizing the New York city
j Board of Public Improvements to dlst'ontimie pro-
1) reeding for the ImproTemenU of certain streets in
iHFJ l tti T entx slxth ward of the late city of Brooklyn
Jk f BenaUir Ahearn's, proTldlng tLat auy Htatc, city or
H i county official against whom chances hae been
V made, and which charges hn has successtully met,
JH i. shall be reimbursed fur hts legal and other expenses
fHflO incurred therebj.
flHfl, Henstor Mitchell's, authorizing the Now York rltr
VV posrdof Rttvision of A.i segments to determine and
TH award damages for the changing of the original
lH , i grade of streets and aenncs adecttng certain prop-
'' erty located in the borough of the lironi.
JHc A Senator Ellsworth's, proldlnv that Niagara State
'H;' Ileservatlou Commissioners may construct street
.r ratlrrad tracks on the riverway between the falls
i and Niagara streets in Niagara Kalis, and authorizing
1 the commission to license stieet railroads to use
;lt. such tracks.
:Kf, AMemblymaa Mahcr's, amandlng the Greater New
r York charter by providing for police matrons In
Mb each station house in tho city Including the pollco
jB:' matrourt In th uniformed lolice force of the city.
:H' and gMni: them the same standing in the force as
HB' patrolmen.
T. Assemblyman BoUnd's, providing that the lands
JBmv Included in the Main and Hamburg street canal in
WmtA Iiuffalo shill not tie taken by right of eminent
VTHj domain
alHj Aixtemblrmau Finn's, authorlzine the New York
taHn ctt Hoard of Kjttima'e and ApiHirtloiauent to audit
fBj ' and allow the present Hheritf of the count v of New
I? ork Much leiral exiusea as he may be put to, not
li exceed i nf t&,ooo yer annum, for three tars alter
VI the cipiratiou of his term of otfice
Asaeintdyn an 1 rumor s, authorizing the New York
B citv DouM f Kxtiuitate ami Apportionment to ex
amine, audit and allow thn claim of William F. tt.
flt llait, k aiJ-itfiMc or George H. t'hapnian. for ex
1 peiisec and dWbnri-cmt nts incurred by Chapman as
a Police (tptaiu in tho t ity tif Nw ork in succsrs
l fullr defendlnic himself against charges growing
m, outnt the rvhy diun r nid.
h Senator 1'ord m, protidiutf that an insurance corpo-
H ration whl.'h irur.ratiti hi the ridelitv(f p rsons hold
BI ln places of public or prl ate truntl may alo trans
X , sit the bunmesHof uuarantielug and indemnifying
JH t nierchnntf, tnderH, anil those eniraued in bustucs-i
.H x and cnlnircredit from loss and iUiiuo by te.-wou
,fflt of clvtnu and extending credit to their customer
JTlHl i and thoe dealing ith them.
Ml Acsemhlymdn Dillon's. protding forthe payment
( of thn claim of im Drothers, a conartnorshlp
' nrni. for coal supplied to the Commissioner of
H , Chantii h of the itr of New York forthe outdoor
JH . I pnor under hts Jurisdiction.
JLmV. Th b.ll oi tho Hpccial Assembly committeft
fAWTriifo amending the tax Iawrelatte to the appointment
f (K ,9 of spfcjal bUardlnns in transfer tax proceedings.
I ! vtV St nator Mitchell's thiee Mils extending the time
BL ' V within whit h must ! sulnittud appltcatloua for
I H dsmauf s and tli submihsiou of evidence by prop
m B f ett) owners whosn proptrt wan datuaged by reason
I I rf rhauees of grade of streets in Hronx borough
M f ociafiionctt by tho deprettsioit of rallroul tiacka
W under the law of is7.
K Ahscmhlwnan Hill's, amending the law relatitotn
(Bl aut tiou salen by authorizing honorablv discharged
' soldteri, ssllnrs and maiin of the United Ktates
H service to secure, without the payment of license
IB fen, licenses to end. ieddle or sell by auction
K goods or waren ftithiu this State.
ANSfliublymani'-t honeneck's, amending the Code of
B Civil Procdute telatiug to actions for dnorce.allow-
tng rn reMpnntlentnto appear in an action tordnorca
jm iu defend suili action, so far as the Issue may attect
H such rnrefpondent.
jl A bill to plate theOrdrr of Klkson the same basis
tHl with similar tocictiea so far a its ability to take ad-
ULflT vanUife of thollenoolent Societies' Insurauct) law
jHri' HetMtor CfTe's. removing Fourth avenne, in
(J Jlrool.lv n bnrougb, from the i nntrol of the Park He
lPi partmeut and plains it under the Jurisdiction of
I IHf, the Department of Streets of tho borough
Hi Senator i'lunkitt'a, making provision for voting in
fHt 1 tli na.tlantl mllitar) ceniruof tlm Tnlted States.
fHl I B nat"rM Carren'a, providing that all licences to
H fi b which may hae- been granted by tl e Superin-
! 1 tfiui-nt uf iMblio Kducatlon of Brookln prior tt
JflU I I ((. inns, or rocognieilssin force on that date.
WW shall, unless revoked by the State Supenuteuilout of
B I'nbhe Instruction, be recognized bi the Bupeiln-
B t"iidfnt of Hchools and the Board of F.iamineraof
V New otV city
S- Hei.ator Htjanahan's. amending the ronsolidated
building lawa of Now York citv by providing that
X Mherever the wall of anv building extonda moro
l than ten inchfe upon any street or public highway
M of th city it shall not be removable unless an action
fl shall be instituted by the clt forsuch removal.
4H V tieuator I.alocbts, extending the time in which
jM Tw anv rallrond which his acquired at least one-third of
H iV Its rUht of war or begun tho construction of any
iH 2 iiortlon of its railioadi nmv complete sn'h road to
-l 9 five jean from Dee. ill. I hup,
m i .sbX Senator White m, HTnendlng the Klection law rels
MVhW ti e to the prmt.ng of n -:Utry H-ta.
ffMfrmFT henatni j oid'a, or iidmg that the Board of Kstl-
f !( if mat and Apportfonnnnt of New York rity tdiall
1 ! 1 V make provision tor jiavment for cattle destroyed
VI It b idtt . f the i.iiy Ibalth Department.
v f Benatorii idv s autlmniii g the uw F-ast River
r Hr, i .c i .muiiv-li it to aciiuirn lauds iiecesary to
iH. pto.ti'lthe abutmeiiLa and approaches to the pro
.IBL-1 poted new bi dge now endauitered by buildings
il! whn h i in roai h upon such abutments.
4 I -iKsemblviusii llnlamiV, authorising tbe rltr of
I H Bufldo t4pa allemi'lovf is of the city who voluu
I teeted forherMieln the late war with Spain
( Ase.nl l.iunii hi n, deeUring guilty of a mlsde-
B meannrauy pera n who psrateH tr maintains auy
B n !. in ttie slut ma hine, and authorirlng the an-
fm A tin ntltHoi su pburit in which they may be oper-
JB K t d to dent u Hi' IU.
JLW y Aswiiiblyinan M I'wan'a, authorising the Board
7. liP ot I Miminteai d M'porrionnient of New York city to
nf f pay Mi hael Mu)l.tl) lor fi rvices performed under
fl the .irei t.opoi f iinii r l ommlssloucrof City Works
H of Brooklyn .lohn I Adams,
H Hiiat i lomu-!' 11 '" ilowthn Biughamton,
B l'tihirft and I moil laiW Comt anv to supply
H l'ght, heat and power to the inhabitant and uiuuic
Ipul litHMloiig its route.
tm ii nin r Ami lera, t allow the owner of any farm
in the State, when er H'uated.cr iheorcuptntnf
H tht ..fiii to hunt rk Jliubbitaor hares during auy
Bi pir'i n of the vear
Stiistor Marshall s, priivldiug that two-thirds of
i the coft of 'peniu I'roMpict avt nue, In the lormer
JB . town ' t ri.itbuh, tii w u art of Ni w " oik ity, nlnll
I" a r)m,.. np'tn the citv at Urouud the other thlnl
up. n t te proj rtv buiellted
B V mmii lvmiu Dougho's, authorizing the Super-
u in of Na aii county to audit nionthly the mnn
Juiy empendt ' b tlieHberln of the county Jutboci-
Hf e i ion of u procefs, civil or criminal.
I ThoGoernnr announeod thathoclocfl not In-
E tond to sign, the Uarrou Island nuisance bill,
l;1L i
beonunn no method Is protlded for the dltppial
ot tho narbngo and (lend animals of Nowlorlc
city, nor Is tlmp aflordoii to provlJo such
I nifthoil. It the bill hnd boon mado to take
' effector Nov. 1, the Governor snld he would
I hiivn bIkiioJ It. He waiof the ojilnlon that the
trouble nhout tho illHiiosal of Now York's
n'fiinn lay In tho fact that the city jifrHlnted In
the endeavor to make xuch dlsOHiil a ourco ot
rHimio. If tho uurl'iice was destroyed out-
rlKht no nulsnncn would result. The Governor
wan very emiihatlu In deelnrlne thnt if the
nliums cnniplnltieii of were uontlmiod this
nuinmer, he hIiouM on tho asftemlilini; ot the
next Ix'tflsliiture mmiiI In nn emergency bill to
abate the ntilhances and to L'lve the city only
until May 1 follonlnit to provide new mothods
ot cnrlmitn iIIipokbI.
The fnteof the New Vork l)ni Clerks' hill
lias not yet been ilueldeil liy Gov. Itooievolt,
who said to-day that he did not know what to
ilo about It The Governor ilesliciuitet! Jacob
IIIIh to look Into the situation ns to the hours
of the ilniKelerki and how they felt about this
bill and to report to him. Mr. Win haH xent the
Govurniir u stntenient to the effect that the
measure was not In Rood shape, but that ho
thonicht It would be better for him to slen It
than to have no legislation ou tho subject. Mr.
Itlls Milil he had found a minority nf the drui;
clerks In fnnrnf tlm bill, but n very respect
able nilnorliy opposed to It.
(it iv has ntriiw.xi).
The C'oimnllilatril CmnpnllT Mukea a Kit
ihutlim Bernuiin if the tlua War.
A quarterly dividend of 1. per cent, on the
slock of the Consolidated Gas Company was
declared by tho directors of tho company at a
meetlnu held In tho President's office of the
Fanners' Loan and Trust Company yesterday,
This ropiesoutsa reduction of ono-half of 1 per
cent In tho quaiterly dlUdcnd rate, and puts
the stock on n 0 Instead of an 8 per cent, divi
dend basis. 1'ho dividend is payable to tho
stockholders on Juno lfi. The reduction in the
rate was u reflection of tho radical reduction ot
gus prices because of the gas war
Aceoidlmr to fain Kloau.ono of the directors,
who was soen after the uieetlnc. the directors
also took into consideration the Ford Franchise
bill ns n factor In tho future The operation of
the new law, Mr Sloan said, would reduce Its
earnings too seriously to bo overlooked. An
other director said, however, that thn I'ord bill
did not cut any material lleure In the calcula
tions of the director.
"Tho dividend was eut." said this director,
"because tho company is maklm: no profits
while the cas war Is koIiicoii Tbodlideud
thnt was declined was earned In thellrsttwo
months of the uuarter Hiuoe tho war beititD
wo have been makhiK no mouov "
Tbe action of the directors of the Consoli
dated Company was rellocted on the Now York
Htnck lltchiuiRe inn very sharp break In the
price of Consolidated stock Its openlnit sale
wasut lMO't, which was also Thu r-day's closing
price. This proved to be the highest of the
day Information In advance ns to what would
bo the action ot the directors appeared to have
reached certain tradets. who soM heavily, and
the stock declined sharply, although tho low
est price, I70', was not touched until after the
formal announcement of the reduction In Its
dividend bad been mnde. Tbe closlm: price
wis 170".. showing a trilling rally. The trans
actions in tho stock were verv heavy, aggre
gating more thnn .HI.OOD shares.
Tho stock of the New mstcrdam Gas Com
pinv was weak on the curb market, declinlnc
to ii:i for tho common mid till for the preferred.
ALi.tzut.o i.o.i v mi : w.i:ns held.
More Thnn Flft Vletlnn of the Twin Con
cerim Anxious to Proieeilte.
G I'erclval Stewart. Vlcu-I'residcnt of the
American Investors' Company and President
of the Financial Agency Company, the two
" loan " associations which have tho same office
In the building at :tH Park row. was taken, with
C C. llurr, Daluel J Picice and Itobert Cam
eron, tho three men who wero arrested with
him In Hobokcn on Wednesday afternoon, be
fore Mucistiate Cornell in the Centre Street
l'ollco Court yesterday. All four were held In
S'.'.tlOtl ball each for examination on Monday
on a cnaige of swindling the patrons of tho
two companies.
TIih specific complaint on which the men are
held Is preferred by F.lum (1. Ilennott of 157U
First avenue, who declares that ho paid Ilarr
SliOon ii promise that he would receive a lon
of $1,000 Sloro thnn fifty persons were lu
court ready to make complaints against the
live prisoners In default of bull they were all
locked up In tho Tombs
Jersey City detectives learned yesterday that
tlm American Investors' Company had a branch
office In tho Weldon building, nt Montgomery
and Washington streets, and the place wns
raided. Tho door of the office, which Is on the
fourth floor of the building, was forced open,
and enough books and papers to till a patrol
wagon were removed to Police Headquarters.
It is hoped that evidence ncalnst the alleged
wlndlors will bo found among the papers.
Tit.iP rm.i. o.v run xsatxBKtt.
lie lVni Knocked Senseless In llli Vault,
nnd Lay Alone There All Night.
Joseph Barry, the engineer In tho business
house at UK West Fourth street, had been up
to the street level from his quarters In the sub
cellar, to draw a breath ot fresh nlr. on Thurs
day night. As he turned to go down, the bar
that held the trap In the vault cover slipped
and the cover fell, striking him on the head
nnd knocking him off the Iron ladder down Into
the depths thirty-five feet below. In the fall he
was so badly hurt that when ho enmo to ho
wasunnble to arise.
He lay all night groining nt the foot of the
stairs, with no one to hear In the morning
his neighbor engineer across the street missed
hlra nt his lookout and. wondering why It
was closed, went ovr to see If nuythinitwas
tlm matter. That was thn first any one knew
of his plight. liarrv was taken to tho hospital
then Five of his ribs were broken and h was
cut and bruised, but he has a chance of pulling
nr.TUCTirt: ir.t.s.vr hi.vffku.
Ilnreil to Arrest the Manager of n Collec
tion Agency, lie Promptly Did It.
Brlce W. McDowell, managor of the Metro
politan Collecting Agency of 2-'It Broadway,
was a prisoner In tho Centre Street Police
Court yesterday, charged with tho larceny of
$80. Thocomplalnantsagalnst McDowell wero
1'.. Oroonfleld's Sons X Co. of 44 Barclay street.
Thoy allege that McDowell collected for them
a bill of $s0 from Semper & Co., commission
merchants nt 130 Pearl street, and fallod to
give them the money. F.Qorts were vainly
mndo to get the money from McDowell, and
the matter was at last placed in tho hands of
the police.
Detective Moonoyof tho Church street sta
tion found McDowell In nn office nt 183 Broad
way on Thursday nftornoon, and told h!m that
he had come to arrest him
" Indeed I I daro you to arrest me," said
McDowell. ,
" I with that was the hardest thing I would
ever hnve to do." said Mooney, and Imme
diately took McDowell IntociiHtody. In court
he wus held in $1,000 ball for examination.
the nr.r. sin. atACvr.Kr.r.AXO.
The Iter, Dr. I'noto Makes T.lght of the
Charges Agnlnst lllm.
A meeting of tho Immnnuel Presbyterian
Chinch, In the Vnndcrveer Park district. In.
Brooklyn, took place on Thursday night to
pass upon tho resignation of tho ltev. Goorge
I. MncClcllund. tho pnstor. but owing to un
informality in the calling of the meeting no
action wns tuken on tho resignation. Tho ltov.
Dr. I.. It. I'ooto, Chnlrmnn of tho committee
appointed by tho Brooklyn Presbytery to In
vestigate tho troubles In thn church, was
present. lie madn this statement in vindica
tion of thn pastor, ugalnst whom. It was nl
leged, certain damaging accusations had been
"Thn ltev. Mr. MacClelland has resigned of
his own accord There was not suflleleiit
wrongdoing alleged lu the statements made to
prevent me from Inviting him Into my own
pulpit "
Many of the liov. Mr. MaeClelland's sup
porters have expressed a purpose to rctlro
fiom tho church.
The Proposed Knit Good Truftt
Amsterdam, N. Y., May 2i). A local knit
goods manufacturer, lu discunslng the pro
posed knltgoodscoinblnatlon to-day,sald that,
in his opinion, the thluz had about petered out,
although the representatives of Promoter Baker
of Philadelphia aro expected to visit tho vari
ous mills that have been favorably considering
tho proposition within a few days. The mills
In the vicinity of Troy, which have been talking
of a local tiust, number thirty or moro, and
those, interested in the Baker movement uio
of nbout tho same number. It wns hoped that
tho two lorees could be combined, nnd then a
trust would have been formed with sixty or
more mills to start with, but this seems highly
l'ourtli Smallpox Victim from One limine.
Charles Duval, 'Jl years old, of 311 Last
Forty-eighth street, was lemoved to the Wll-
laid Patkcr Hospital vesterday suffering from
1 smallpox. On Tuesday three other persons
were taken from thu sumo boubu uulTering
Irom the samu disease.
mc os in is fiimt cuAiiau.
The Kxpulnlon nf Concreismnn Itoberta of
I'tnli Called l"or-i:mnlojer Urged to
tVork for Uetter Hnbbnth Obierynnce-
The Genernl Aiaemblr to Adjourn To-Dny
Minneapolis. May 2tl. Tho Presbyterian
General Astomb.lv completed t3-day nil tho
work of Importation coming bofore It for con
sideration and will ndjourn to-morrow. The
commission In the Wnrsawlak case, of which
Judge Wilson of Philadelphia was Chairman,
I submitted Its report this morning nnd It was
adopted. It decided that the action of tho
Kynod of New York should be roversed only so
far as It remanded the ca90 back tothePret
bvttry to send It to the session for a new trial
on amended charge?. Including the charge of
misusing money contributed for mlsslonnry
purposes. This action leaves the ease tn be
tried on the original charge, namoly, that of
gambling: but tlfe trial cannot go on till the
records of the Synod huve baen amended, and
even It no other obstacle Intervenes the cans
cannot, therefore, bo taken up by tho Fifth Ave
nue Church session until after the meeting ot
tho Synod next autumn. The memorial nnd
pttltlou of the Fifth Avenue Church, which. If
granted would l.nvo permitted a trial at 'once,
were rejected by the commission on constitu
tional grounds. Mr. Warszawlak and his
counsel. Dr. Patterson, profess to be fairly
well satisfied with the result.
The Committee on Bills nnd Overtures put
tho Assembly on record as to the moral status
ot Brlghnm II. Itoberta, Cougiossman from
I'tah. this morning. The action was In ro
sponoo to a great number of overtures on tho
subject, and it so accorded with tli santlmont
of the Assembly that the dolegatas unanimous
ly rose to their teat In approbation. The reso
lutions, which were preceded by a long pre
amble, wcie lu part as follows:
"This General Assombly. representing ''2H
Presbitcrloe. over 7.000 niinlstora and 8.000
churches, with one million communicants and
about live million adherents, does hereby most
respectfully nnd earnestly call upon every
Bepresentntlve lu thu Fifty-sixth Congress to
use his utmost endeavor and to exlinust all
honorable means to secure the prompt oxnul
slou ot the snid Ilrlzhain II Boberts of I'tah
from the House of llepresentatlves. In accord
ance with the provlalon of the National Con
stitution In Article I section 5. paragraph '-.
which rends a follows: 'Each house (of Con
gressi mnv determine the rules of Its proceed
ings, punish its members for disorderly be
havior and with the concurrence oi two-thirds
expel a member.' Tide Assembly does ulso
hereby most respectfully and most earnestly
call upon every member of the Senate and tho
House oKltepresentntlveeto use hls.utmost'.cn
deavorund toexhaust all honorable means to
seiure action by the Fifty-sixth Congress
proposing an amendment to the National Con
stitution mid submitting the same to the Leg
islatures ot the several States, dellubig legul
innrrlngo to bo mouognmic. and making no
lvgamv "and isjljgamous cohabitation under
whatsoever gulsa or pretonco a crime agalust
tho I lilted States, punishable by severe pen
alties, InolUdlng dlsfrunchisment auddlsuuitl
Iflcatlon tovoto or to hold any office of honor
or emolument under the Inlted btutes or iu
anv Sluts or Territory thereof."
The Paorln overture, which threatened to
ak uo much time and be the subject of much i
debate, wus cot outot tho way this morning
by referring It to a special committee of eoveu
with instructions to report at the next As
sembly. Jumes Yearance of New York. Chairman of
the Standing Committee on Sabbath Observ
ance, submitted the following additional reso
lutions, which were adopted:
"The General Assembly urgos nil our office
bearers and memhora who are employers of
labor, either ns Individuals or as ofllcers or
stockholders of corporations, to use every I
legitimate means to reduce the Sabbnth labor
demanded of emplovees, and deprecates and
condemns nnv system that leaves to the la
borer iho alternative hctuoeu uvoidablo Sab
bnth labor or dismissal "
The Committee on Polity finally decided
I against tho uroissal to merge the Frcedmen's
Board In the Board of Home Missions. But
the committee went no further than to say
that such ceusollditlon would not be wise at
this time. It Is generally regarded as being
certain to come lu time, A special committee
on bencllcence again ronorted In favor of a
division of church collections among the vari
ous boards, but it improbable that, ae here
tofore, each board will continue to work for
The reading of tho names of l.TJ ministers
who died during the year, by Dr. Roberts.
Btated :Clork. wus followed by au impressive
Srayer and'.slngine of the hymn. I'm But a
trangor Here: Heaven Is My Homo." The
Flaanca Committee presented thn name of
George Stevenson of Philadelphia as a trustee
for the Assembly.
Greetings were exchanged to-day between
the General Assembly and the Geuornl Synod
or the Heformed Church, now In session nt
Tiffin. O. The young people of Westminster
Church gave the commissioners a reception
from 7 to 8 o'clock this evening. Following
this n thanksgiving meeting was held, presid
ed over by Moderator Sample and addressed
by Prominent commlssloneis.
The adjournment of the General Assombly.
coming at the end of the week, has discom
moded inuny of tii commissioners. Moat of
them are conscientiously opposed to Sunday
tiaval, and manv of those who cannot reach
their homes before Sunday will remain In
Minneapolis until Monday. Most of the East
ern commissioners have railway tlckots which
allow them a day's stop over In Chicago and
many of them will take advantage of the op
portunities to spend Sunday In Chicago, re
suming the journey Monday.
Over 8fi,000 Children nnd Teachers March
in the Sunday School Parade.
The Brooklyn Sunday School Union cele
brated yesterday Its seventieth anniversary,
tho most striking feature being tho time-honored
parade of the children. Only the schools
In the Western District participated In the pa
rade, but there wero mora than 85,000 children
nnd teachers In line. There were eighteen di
visions In the juvenile army, representing 200
BChools. Before thn pnrado there wore the
usual anniversary exercises In the principal
churches. Almost every child carried an Amur
lean Hug.
Twelve Greenpolnt Sunday schools, with a
oomblned membership of more than 3,r)00chll
dren ami teachers, paraded yesterday In that
part ot Brooklyn.
Tho olghth anniversary and Mny walk of the
Sunday School Association of tho Bronx was
held yesterday. Eight thousand children,
representing twonty-llvo Sunday schools,
marched through some ot the principal streets
of the borough Previous to tho parade they
held appropriate exorcises In tholr respective
churches, and refreshments were served. Tho
parade was In throo divisions, formod under
the supervision of Charles G. Steuer. Each
division was headed by n band, and as tho
children marched by their respective review
ing stands they sang "My Country "Us of
xo Finn paxio ix this scnoor
St. I'rancU Xavler Ttoys Didn't Itun, but Put
Out the l'laines.
There was a little- blare In the St. Francis
Xavler parish school nt 15ft Wost Nineteenth
street yesterday. A curtain caught fire In a
classroom on the second floor, just before tho
noon recess, and blnred up. But there wns no
panic. The pupils were boys, nnd all were so
eager to have a baud In putting out tho lire
that there was no time to think ot lllght. Thn
llamns were smothered in no time, and no one
was tho worbe.
aiiF.EK coxriCTEn of uvnoER,
Will He Sentenced to Death Next Thursday
for the Killing at l'rrrnndo.
John Zegweses. the Greek flower peddler
who shot and killed Michaol Fnllno Ferrnndo
ntll3 Wost Fifteenth streot on Fob. 18. was
convicted of murder In tho first degree roster
day by a jury In the General bosslons. Ho had
testllled thnt ho had to shoot Furrundo In self
defence Z.cgwoses listened to the verdict
calmly. He will bn sentenced to death next
Child Visitors llurri-d nt These Exercises.
No chlldron from other schools wore allowed
to attend tho Memorial Day exorcises of tbe
children In Grammar School tl!. In West
FlfU-foiirth stieet. jesterdny. On the nro
ki .tinmen was printed the announcement :"Po--Itlvel)
no children admitted."
lined S-iS for Using Soft Coal.
Judge McMahon Imposed a flno of $25 on the
New York Commercial Steum Laundry of 554
West Twenty-Ilfth street In General Sessions
vi-sterdav for violating the city ordinance for
bidding thu Use of suit coal. The line wus paid.
Heal i:ttutr Knr Mile I'lly or Country
diTlil 111 Tiirhis Implle thu ahnrtcjt route te
fcatfa-'-ryillitMil of it. No Uf tti r ludorbemetit
if 1 nr Hus a a ml estate medium in oil tie re-imrmi
tbtiu the lteul Ksute lloui.luf Hrolu'ia who nulii
u.t-iT it a ucksiuihU at au sdvertliilug uio
dium. Adv.
And Its Owner. Mr. Iluppert, to Start R
Pleasure ltraort on South Ilrother Island.
The Central Opera House, at Slxty-soventh
street nnd Third avenuo. which has beon kept
open ns an assembly hull for the last six years
by Jacob Iluppert, ths'.brewer, will be closed
permanently on Juno 1. Mr, Iluppert says
that tho building Is too largo and that he has
given up all hope ot Its ever becoming a pay
ing Investment as an assembly hall. Tho Cen
tral Opera House was built In 1803 by the
Central Branch of the Turn Vereln, Mr.
Iluppert was ou tho Building Committee and
superintended tho operations. The sum sot
asldo for the building by tho Turn Vereln was
$250,000. but Mr. lluppert's Ideas wero so ex
pansive that ho had spent $850,000 before Its
Completion, When tho Turn Voreln found
that the building wus too largo for Its use it
passed Into the hands of Mr. Iluppert, who had
mortgages on It Ho spent nn-ther $250,000
In tlttlug It up as a mooting hall,
Tho opera house contains thieo large ball
rooms, six clabrooms, iiiimeious banquet
rooms oud a large lodgo room, which wus
added during the past e. Inter. George Knnus,
who has had charge of the opera house since
last November, says th.it he is conlldcnt that
the opera house would have paid If it had re
mained in his bauds for another season,
Tliore wus a rumor to the effect that tho build
ing would be occupied by tho Police Depart
ment, but that Is unfounded, and Mr. Iluppert
is at prcsont undecided what tn do with it.
Ho has thoughts ot turning it Into a storage
Mr. Iluppert Is closing the opera liouso In or
der to glvu his time to a new resort which he
intends to establish noxt year on South Broth
er Island. He Intends to spend more than
$2.100.000 on Improvements ou tho Island,
which Is his property. He will have a trolley
line running nil over the Island, and a ferry of
his own to Ninety-second street. There will
ho a large building containing bnllrooma and
a German restaurant, erhlcli will be open win
tor und summer. The Island, which Is about
tho nl70 of Central Park, will nlso contain a
rneetruck. o bicycle track, athletic grounds
mid pasturage for cows and sheep, which Mr.
Iluppert intends to keop there.
A browery will bo built on the Island to sup
ply the lestnurant nnd beer gardens there.
The island will bo kejit open as a recreation
ground both "Inter and' summer. Mr. Ilup
pert thinks that It Is tin Ideal spot for a sum
mer resort, and as he will construct and oper
ate his own trolley lines aud ferry he expects
to make the enterprise pay well. Mr. Buppert
says that the establishment of a spacious re
sort for the bettor class of Gormnn-Amerlenna
in thli city has been a hobby of his for mnny
yenrs. He adds that even thing on the island
will be of u thoroughly German character.
Comptroller Coler Wants the llrooklyn
Heights Company to Pay the City.
Comptroller Coler mnde a demand several
months ugo on the Brooklyn Heights Rail
road for u statement of the gross earnings and
the payment of the percentages due the oltr
thereon of the following trolloy lines:
The Brooklyn Heights Ballroad Company,
from the commencement of operations of said
road to and Including the year ending Sept.
30. 1808.
The Brooklyn City Ballroad Company, on
extensloue. from Sept. 30. 1802, to nud Includ
ing Sept. 30. 18118
The Busimlck Avenue Ballroad Company,
on extensions, from Sept. 3. 1802. to nud In
cluding Sept. 30. 1W18
The Gresnpolnt nnd I.orlmer Street Hall
way Company, from Sept. 30. 1802. to and In
cluding Sept. 30. ISO. , . ,
Thu Calvary Cemetery. Greenpolnt and
Brooklyn Ballroad Company, from Hubt. 30.
1802. to and Including Sept. 30. 1808
The BrookIn. Uueens County and Subur
ban Ballroad Company, on extensions granted
to Broadway Ballroad Company, fiom the
1 commencement of operations on said oxleu
bions to and Including Sept. 30. 18!i8.
The olllcials of tho Brooklyn Heights Coni
nanyllgnored the demand and tho Comptroller
has turned the matter over to the Corporation
Counsel, who will brine suit to recover the
money The exact amount due to tho citv is
not known, forthe reason that tho Brooklyn
Heights Company hasliefueed to allow tne i
Comptroller or anv of hlJ representatives to
examine the books. It Is estimated, however,
that the comnuny owes the city several hun
dred thousnnd dollars.
The trolley roads of Brooklyn pay a com
paratively small amount Into the city treas
ury for car license fees ami percentages on
gross receipts. Last year thev paid 32,031.
whtlo the aurfaco roads of Manhattan paid
$314,047. .
sues iir.n sirvDisir suitok.
Mill Bnstvvlck Wants 830,000 for Mnlte
' J.tewan Stlerngranat's Fnllura to Wed Her.
Malto Llnweu Stlerngranat was arrested on
Thursday and held in default ot $500 bail on
an order ot Justice Beaoh of the Supreme
Court In an action brought against him by
Lesbla M. BoBtwIck of 3(H) West Fifty-sixth
street to rocover $50,000 damages for alleged
broach of promise ot marriage. Tho defend
ant could not furnish bail and was sent to
Ludlow Street Jail.
Miss Bostwlck says that Stlerngranat repre
sented that he wus a son of tho Chamberlain
to King Oscar of Sweden when he began to
woo bor early lu the year. His father bad a
salary of $15,000 a voar. bo said. She referred
him to her mother, Alice G. Bostwlck, whon bo
asked her to marry blm. nnd bo told tho
mother that hn proposed to take her aaughtor
to Sweden to taken social position that would
correspond to that of I.udy Cur?on In India.
Thoy became engaged to be married on leb 5,
the date of the wedding belngset for March 31.
Ho subsequently notified Miss Bostwlck, aha
says, that he had determined not to mnrry.
An affidavit of Dana A. Patten averred that
the defendant told him of his engagement nnd
all ho intended to do lor Miss Bostwlck when
he married bor. Tho defendant hnd recently
told him that his father was 111 and he intended
to shortly return to Sweden.
Stlerngranat mudo complaint In the York
vllle Police Court on May It) that Arthur h.
George, with several messengers, hnd been
following him on bicycles and shadowing him
for three days. Goorge was lined .. It is un
derstood that the shadowing wns done In con
nection with tbe Ilostwick ease. . ,
Count Wachtmelstor is hlng Oscar's Cham
berlain, and the only person connected with
his court whose namo resembles the prisoner's
Is that of tho Baroness Stierncrona, who Is tho
chief lady lu waiting.
3HXISWH DiEt sunnr.xi.T.
Sir. tlsbthourne Wns Making n Pnstornl
Call When He Was Stricken.
The Bov. James II. Llghtbourno. pnstor of the
Bheepshead Bay M. 1". Church, died suddenly
on Thursday afternoon while on a visit to Mrs.
S. E. Lawson.ono of the members of his con
gregation, at her home. 208 Seventy-fourth
street. Brooklyn. Ho hail been talking to Mrs.
Lawson only a few mlnutos when ho suddenly
fell to the floor In an npoplectlo fit and died
almost Instantly. . , , ,,
He wns born in tho West Indies 70 years ago.
and had been a licensed preacher in tho Meth
odist denomination for twenty-live years he.
fnro settling In this country, twenty years ago.
He hnd been In charge of tho Shcepshead Bay
church for three years.
Unhappy Creditors uf n Sjrlnn Hank.
Members of tho Syrian colony who had de
posited money In the bank of Goorge I'orzly &
Co. at 103 Washington streot sw.iin.e 1 jestor
day Into tho offices of Waldo A Stone, tho law
yers who have been retained by most of tho
creditors of tho bank, and told their stories of
hard luck. One woman, who had conio from
Canada, said she deposited $400 with lorzly it
Ca several months ago, nnd had tried In vain
since April 0 to get any ot it buck. It wus said
at the office ot Waldo A-Htono that the bunk
had accepted deposits up to three or four hours
before tho doors were closed. Judge Brown of
tlm United States District Court appolntod
Peter B. Olney reforeo In the ease esterday.
Wnhle .V Stouo obtained yesterday from
Magistrate Cornell a warrant for tho urrost of
George l'orzly on a ehurgo of uccoptlne do
posits whon he knew the bank was insolvent.
Changes 111 the North American Trust Cora,
At a meeting yesterday of tho trustees of tho
North American Trust Company, W. L. Tren
holm. Provident, Samuel M. Jurvls und ltoland
It. Conklin. Vice-Presidents, roblgned. Alvnh
Trowbridge wns elected President and Charl
ton T. Lewis wus elected atiuotco. It Is un
derstood thnt further additions to tbe board
will iii-company tho election ot successors to
the retiring Vice-Presidents. Mr. Tiowbridge.
It Is staled, represents largo Interests that will
boconie connected with tho trust company.
Transport .lit Clellim Arrive.
The transport McClollan, which nrnved yes
terdny trom Havana nnd Santiago, brought
fifty discharged soldleis and Bin men of tho
Fifth lufautrv whose time has expired and who
will bo discharged heie. Among the cabin
I passengers was Dr. M. .1. Ilosemnn of tho
Marino Hospital, who has been truuslcriod to
ueadquaitoraat Washington.
I """I I
A Circflt is a I
iaj guarantee. I
iMame f. i
superior.. ., I
la baking powder, in these WUFLll ( 0f -j b
days of unscrupulous adul- , : (
teration, a great name gives the best security. l
I There are many brands of baking powders, but f ?
"Royal Baking Powder'' is recognized at once t j
as the brand of great name, the powder of highest J s
favor and reputation. Everyone has absolute con- tr
fidence in the food where Royal is used.
I Pure and healthful food is a matter of vital im-
portance to every individual.
Royal Baking Powder
assures the finest and
most wholesome food.
Avoid alum baking powders.
They make tho food unwholesomo.
cut noirx to a battaliox.
A Slate Offlcer Says Keasonable Time Will
He Olven Befure Iludlcal 3Iaastires Are
Taken lileut.rillear Itrslsns I. lent.
Heiinsy Going, Too The Scanlon C'nse.
Humors were rife yesterdny that the filitr
nluth lteulmont wag to be reduced to a bat
talion of Ave companies, halt of tho companies
belne disbanded and consolidated with the
othor hnlf. It was further said that Col.
Denis Charles McCarthy, who recruited' the
109th lleeiment whllo tho Sixty-ninth was In
tho United btates eorviee. would probably be
selected to command and reorcanlze the Sixty-ninth.
Maior-Gen. lloe waa out of town yesterday,
but Inquiry In other hlch ofilcial uuarters
failed to confirm the rumors of disbandment.
Assistant Adjt.-Geu. T. J. O'Donohue of the
Fifth lirieada said he did not believe any suoh
scheme was on foot. A prominent Htato o Ul
cer, when asked aa to the probability of herolo
measures belne taken wltn the regiment, aald:
"The reslenattona have been sprung; so
suddenly that we have had no time to oonsider
them, and therefore no plan for the reduction
of the reslment lias yet been discussed, but I
am free to say that the regiment must not de
teriorate. Thar Is a certain standard whlcn
we cannot permit any orsanlzatlon to fall bo
low. Uf course, the Ulxty-nlnth has not been
long mustered out or the United Htates ser
vice and therefore needs a little mora time to
get into condition, but after the lapse of a rea
sonable time It would be natural that soms
radical measures should be taken with It."
Another resignation was aent in yesterday,
which, added to those already in the bauds of
Col. Dully, makes tlx. Theolllcer who re
signed yesterday is I. lout. Edward I'. Ollgar ot
Company K. who -was also In the volunteer
regiment. Ul'ear Is known throughout the
regiment na the "Irish Giant." on account of
his groat size. Ills height is 0 feet 4 laches
and his weight Is 2r0 pounds. He Is one of
the most popular ofllcers In the regiment.
I.iout. I". J. Keauey. also of Company K. it was
announced, will resign In a fow hours. With
Lieut. Keaney out Company K will have uo
commissioned oilleer. As Companies Eand I
are In tho same condition. It was anld that the
Albany authorities would be compelled to tako
summary action to keep tho regiment from
going entirely to nieces.
A prominent oilleer who sympathizes with
Duffy said last night: "If ofllcers resign and
men refuse to enlist and to do duty there can
be no escape from reduction to a battalion, or.
perhaps, uttor disbandment. That Is tho only
way the authorities have for getting rid sum
marily of the disturbing element. It has al
ways been the favorite method of checking
dissension In regiments."
Col. Duffy's friends In the regiment were
conlldent yesterday that hu would not suffer
from the Ktate otllclnls. Thoy believe ho has
the support of Adjt.-Uon. Andrews and point
to the action taken in the case of Lieut. John
P. Scanlon a fow days ago. Lieut. Scanlon had
been a member of tli regiment since August,
IHmm. nnd hail served as Corporal. 8ergeant.
First S-ergcaiit. Ordnenco Sergeant and her.
geant-Slnjor. Last spring ho was chosn Sec
ond Lieutenant of Company E. and he passed
the llrigade Examining lloard. A few ilars
later ho wus mustered into the United States
service as a Lieutenant. He served with tho
regiment tn the South and was nppolnted Act
ing Asslstnnt Adjutant-Oeneral. Second llri
gade. Third Division, Fourth Army Corps, by
llrlg.-Clen. Itlchard Comba. Wherr tho regi
ment was ordered tc be mustered out Gen.
Comba lu general orders, dated Iluutsvllle,
Ala.. Jan. 111. 1KU1). eald: "The Hrlgadler-Gon-eral
commanding desires to place on record
his appreciation of the zeal and ability exhib
ited by Lieut. Scanlon In the performance of all
duties while connected .with Ids stall." After
the regiment was mustered out of the United
States seivlee. Limit. Scanlon implied to Adj'.
(len. Andrews tor a commission as a Lieuten
ant In '.ho National Guard, lie received a
I communication from Gen. Andrews a fe.v
days ago. stating that his application for the
' cuminixslon had been rejected. No reasons
Our special Blue and Black Serge
Suits this season are made from the
highest grade American and Australian
mixed wool, combed and twisted to
gether into worsted and woven by the
best worsted mill in this country. They
are absolutely fast color, cut in latest
vogue, as near perfect in fit as clothing
can be made, sewed with pure silk and
made by experienced tailors. They
are exceptional value and we guarantee
them in every way.
Single-breasted Coat Suits. $11.00.
Douhlo-bronsted Coat Suits, Jl'J. 00.
Double-hrcnsted Vests with either. 50 cents
Have you seen our now Idea In Skeleton
Tuxedos, silk-faced to edge. $.1.1X1"
Everything for Men's Wear.
T Raymonds (ql
V'jMEKs3aUTriTTErS( .
wero given. Lieut. Scanlon la well knowa'ns
an anti-Duffy man. When soen yesterday hu
"Yes, It Is true that I was turned down bv
Adit. -den. Andrews, and I attribute It to the
pull of Col. Dully at Albany. My treatment
has shown the ofllcors of the rglment that
there Is no show for them against the pull of
the Colonel, no matter how just their com
plaints mny be. Tho general order from Gen.
Comba. whoso long armv experience makes
Mm a good judge, certainly shows that I nm
competent to be a Second Lieutenant In time
of peace if I was competent for Assistant d-jutant-Genornl
of a brigado In time of war.
My commission Is mine by right. ai"T passed
the board, and It baa been unjustly withhold."
Col. Duffy yesterday scouted the Idea of any
dlshnndmont of the regiment. "The Sixty
ninth," said he, "In a short time will be strong
er and better thnn over It was and I hnve uo
fear for the future." He said that Lieut.
Bcnnlon's commission hnd been withheld for
good and sufltclent reasons.
The resignations of Major Lynch and Limits.
Bulger, Gilgar nnd Molohan wero forwarded
from regimental hendnuartors last night. Col.
Duffy said he would do HkewUe with the res
ignations of Capts. Healyand McCarthy as soon
as the usual accounting of the State property
for which they were responsible waa made.
T. Kstrada Palma Denies That It Ever
IUeelved 87,000,000.
In response to a communication from the
Cuban-American League. T. Estrada Talma of
the Cuban Junta made apartlal financial state
ment yesterday. Presldont McDowell of the
League estimated the amount received by the
Junta from subscriptions and other sources as
nearly $7,000,000, and. on the basis of Mr.
Palma's assertion that loss than $1,000,000
had been spent, asked for a statement as to
the remainder of the sum. Instead of giving
this, Mr. Palma mnde out forthe newspapers
the following accounting of rocelpta:
BECEirTS FROM JAN. 1. 1805. TO JAV. 30, 1800.
Contributions nf cluhs nnd aconcles and
(lunations nf Cubans and other persons
residing In tho I'nltedBtatts f 893,000
Contributions of clubs, sgemles snd per
sons In Mexico. West Indies. Central
and Botith America, Including remit
tance made by ttie agent of tho delega
tion, Dr. Anstldcs Aguerro, from soma
nf these countries 187,000
Contrlbutlonsiefelredfrom Paris, France,
through the agency and otherwise, in
rludlni: donations of Mrs. Marts Abreu
do Estevez, the Terry Ilrotbers and
other aiB.000
TAxe paid by plsnters and others direct
to thu delegation or remitted by tho
Provisional Government 47A.0O0
Net realized on the sals of bonds ae.ooo
Total $1,513,000
In regard to tho expenditures, the state
ment does not deal In llgures hut saysmerely:
"Tho whole amount collected was ex
ponded In assisting tho cause ot Cuban Inde
pendence, leaving a small balance, which Is
being applied to repatriation of indigent
Cubans, und In executing otuur Instructions ot
the Assembly."
Mr. Palma says that all rocords and archives
of tho Junta are stored inn fireproof storage
building, nnd that ho is ready to make a full
accounting to hlsGovernmeiitns soon as there
shall bo any Government to make it to.
Strikes Ordered nt Coney Island.
The Brooklyn Hoard of Walking Delegates
went In a body to Coney Island yestorday nnd
ordered 6trlkes on all the contracts of Andrew
Johnson, who Is superintendent for ex-Stnto
Senator Iloynolda at Borough Park. Tho
strikes aro to enforce the union scale of wnges
for carpentorB and recognition of the Brother
hood of Carpenters. Thero aro soveral griev
ances againstContrnctorJohnson.ono of which
Is that he has advertised for oarpentors.
"Scandinavians preferred. " at $1.01) a dny.
The union scnlo for llrooklyn enrpantors Is
$.'1.25 a day. The strikes involve mechanics
In about a dozen dlfToreut trades.
The Weather.
Fair weather continued In all (he Atlsntlo and
Southern States and lu the States vest nf Missouri
and Iowa. Showers fell In Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
Mlesourl, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, north
ern Hew York and northern Pennsylvania, duo to a
storm of increasing energy central over the llakotas
and moving eastward, Tha vUnd was from brisk to
high lu the Missouri and upper Mississippi valleys
and in the 'orthweet.
Tho storm was drawing warmer weather north
wsrd over tha Htatcs wost of the Mississippi, where
the maximum temperatures rsnged between U44 and
P2r. It waa also warmer In the middle Atlsntlo and
New Kngland States, as the result of an area of high
pressure central over tha south Atlantlo Ststes
throwing off southerly winds.
The rsinfall for April aud May has been less In
this section than for tho same period In tbe past
twenty-seven years.
In this city the day waa fair: average humidity,
Ml per cent.; wind southerly, averao velocity 12
miles an hour; barometer, corrected to read to sea
level, at H A. M. 30.21, 3 P.M. .10. 1 H.
The temperature as recorded by the official ther
mometer and also by The Sun's thermometer at
the street level is shown In the annexed tablet
r Official .Sun, I , afficuil. fun.
ISI'J. II'JH. 18-J). Wj. JM. I8SJ.
oa. M.'i-J r.it sir. op, Mnn m 7a-"
13 M 72 r.S" 70' 111. M it ' !
3 P. M 72 O.I 7' 13 Mid. 6t' &J !
For Xtvt England and taittrn -Ysto York, tKowtri
(o-ihil and Sunday ; brtlk foufau'rjl vnniii.
For New Jersey, warmer, with Increasing cloudi
ness to day; showers Sunday, brisk nouthwest winds.
For tho District ot Coluiubls, eastern Pennsyl
vania, Delaware and Maryland, warmer, with proba
bly showers by ulght, showers Hundsy; brisk south
to southwesterly winds.
for western Pennsylvania, western New York aud
Ohio, showers and probably thunderstorms; Uundsy
high southwest winds and squalls.
Safe Within a bnfe Plundered During Tltt
Absonce In Kiirope Tnuipered With a
Serond Time home of the Stolen Ar
ticles Itcstorert Two bervants Arrested.
Shortly alter their return from I'urope. about
threo weeks ago. Mr. Thomas K. Stlllman.
member of the law Qrm of Stlllman -t Hub
bard, and his wlfo discovered that jewels. '
valued at between $8,000 and $10,000. had l
been stolen from a small steel safe locked
within nUnrco safe In the library at tholr home. t
It.") Joralemon streot, Brooklyn. Some of the ,
jewels belonged to their daughter, MIsa Mary
Stlllman. who was left behind In Kngland by
her parents and who was one of the iyoung
women recently presented at Court by Am
bassador Choate.
While Mr. and Mrs. Stlllman were abroad; '
tho younger members of the family remained
in the Joralemon street bouse with eight tor- " "
vante. Including Robert Wright, 20 yearn old.
a Scotchman, and George Hlrd. 31! years old.
an L'nzllshmun, who hail been employed at
butlers in the family a few months ago. When
the jewels were missed Mr. Stlllman placed the '
case .in the hands ot former Police Superin
tendent William J. MuKelvey. who recently
opened a private detective agency, and the
latter has since been co-operating with Dep
uty Chief Mackellar .in the investigation.
Suspicion was soon directed to Wright, one ot
the butlers, who had the .combination of the
outer safe.an which most of the silverware was
stored, but who was supposed to bo Iguoraiu
of the combination for tho safe In which tbe
jewels were kept. On Thursday afternoon
Wright handed Mrs. Stlllman a clover leaf
diamond-studded pin valued at $2,500. which
wns among the missing articles, and which he
said he had Picked up on tho floor of the II- .
brary. A few hours later he gave Mrs. Stlll
man a pearl and diamond brooch and a $5
gold pleco, which had nlso disappeared from
tho safe. These, he explained, Hlrd had
found on thu library Moor.
Tho police discredited this story, as on
Wednesday Cnpt. Heynolda had had the floor
of tho library thoroughly swept and waa cer
tain that the articles which tho butters sur
rendered could not have been lying there and
have escaped his observation. Among the arti
cles still unrecovered aro a'dlamond pendant
valued at 4.000 and u portion of a diamond
Yesterdny afternoon Wright ana Hlrd were
placed under arrest on suspicion of hnvlng
stolen the jewels and committed to llaymond
Street Jail by .Magistrate Kramer pending
further investigation. Each 'disclaims all
knowledge of tho robborv. Both camo to Mr.
Btlllmnn with good references. Wright waa
formerly a steward on n, Cunnrd Una steamer.
Tho two butlers did not sleep In the Stlllman
house, but In a furnished room at 3(J Hicks
street. Cnpt. Reynolds find two of his detec
tives went theruvestordayufternoon and found
property belonging to Mr, btlllmnn. some of
which was supposed to bo In tho big outor safe.
It Included n HilvercukobnsketnndHomo other ,
articles of silverware, which had boon in tha
family for thirty yenrs j Japanese cups snuoora '
and glassware, nnd four silk nightshirts be
longing to Mr Stillnian. This wns nil taken to
l'ollco Headquarters, nnd l.ist night Mrs. Still
inan called there and Identified It. There waa
also a silk nightshirt with tlio initials "S. B.
1'." which is tupposod to belong to n mnn la
this city lu whoso houso Hlrd wasoncoom-
Tho discovery of these articles In the rooms
of tho prisoners will enable tlm pollco authori
ties to have tho prisoners held pending thn
further uui'ht for the $5,000 worth of jewels
Mill missing. The thief who stole the juwels
must have been In possession of tha ;
combination lu tho Innor j-afe. but hovr t
he miinnged to obtnln It H a mystery. t
Mrs. Stlllman soys that about ten daya
after Hlrd was employod she gave him
thu combination of the outer safe, and at tha
same time tore olT from the plecnof paper on, '
which the numbers were Inscribed tho combi
nation for the Inner safe, but bhe cannoj
recall what she did with tho piece of ,
paper bearing the inttor combination. Ill
was her Impression, however, thnt alio pu
It in berpoeketbook. Mrs. Stlllman says that
even ultur the discovery of tho robbery the in
nor wifo had been tampered with and two
penrl removed from a gold bracelet. It was
ono of these pearls thnt Hlrd returned to her.
with the explanation that ho had picked It up
on the Hour. . , , , ,
Hlrd. It has beon learned, had bcon employed
as butler In snvernl well-known fnmllles In
Manlinttiui.und Capt. Reynolds will huve hia
record looked up.
waxts io sek anAXn junrsTixurns,
Imllotail Clerk's Counsel finys lis Hail X
Chance to Ileituts a. Larceny Charge.
Lawyer James McLaughlin mado a motion
yestorday before Judge McMahon In General
Sessions to Inspect tho minutes of tho Orand
Jury In tho case of Frank Bonnett, who was In
dicted recently on tho charge of grand laroeny.
Bennett Is chargod with taking from tho Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western Ballroad la
this city, where he wns umployed. slxteea
round-trip tickets to Chicago und twenty-ona
tickets to IlulTalo. Mr. McLaughlin said thai
his client hud been Indicted without getting a,
chance tn rufutu tin- charges before a t Ity
Magistrate J udge McMahon resorved duclslon.
And provontlng tho flrnt symptoms of die
tresslng rushes, nothing so pure, so sweet, so
wholesome, so speedily effective u-tCi'Tlct'na.
Soap, greutest of skip purllylng and beautify
lug soaps, us wull us purest and sweetest
for toiler, bath, and nursery 1'or pimples,
blotches, red. rough, oily, mothy skin, dry.
thin, ami falling hair, red, tough hands, and
fur simple rushes and hleiulbliee ol culluhoou.
it Is simply incomparable.

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