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-- V JS y38!BPMQ-gate W air toc'a' ''S1'1 west (o northwest winds. j
Emily ninnkctt the Old Hont Aftrr Tnk
Ing All the Wont of thn Stilrt-Poilits
Higher unit Fonts l'nater Thnn theTrlnl
Ilont-C. Oliver Iaellit Highly l'lenaed,
NKWPonT. June 25. Tho Columbia received
her first trial under sail to-day, nnd not only
did credit to herself nnd her designer by lit r
performance, but also beat tho Defender In a
hot finish to windward, nnd bent horsodecl
l , Rlvolyas to make It certniuthat HorresholT has
If eclipsed himself In his latest dosign.
IT The little rnco between the boats enme just
r 1 beforo noon off this port In n (rood sailing
IS breeze from thg southwest, Doth wero under
tholr lower snlls. Columbln bad come down
from Bristol and Defender nut from Newport.
I Designer Herreshoff had tho wheel on Co
il lumbln nnd Cnpt. Hhoades wont on Defend-
II or. Both jaehts wero going cloeo hauled
II on tha wind nbnut nn eighth of n
18 mllo w hen Columbia's people evldontly thought
' the time hnd eonio to eo what their boat
1 would do nlongsldo another ono of slzo. Hhe
h liad been behaving splendidly all tho way
g down from llrlstol, carrying her sail well,
I stoorlng easily, backing anlck, nnd looking
I ery handsome, but a comparison of speed wns
I With an 'oaay sweep from a windward posl-
I tlon Columbia was placed on Defender's
J xveather quarter, and yot so far astern, nearly
200 feet, as to give to Defender n clear wind
B and all tho chanco she could possibly ask. In
H a regular race Defender's skipper would hae
fl considered his chanco of buckwlndlng the
other boat nn excellent one, and If ho hail tho
fi faster boat could havo crawled nwny from his
Y opponent and finally crossed her bow. Hut In
I this caso it was Columbia and not Defender
I that was tho faster.
;L As Columbia swung Into plaeo for tho finish
M nnd settled down to hor work it was nn oxelt-
w' ing moment for overy one concerned On ono
sldo wna a boat of well-tried speed, on tho
1. 1' other was an unknown quantity, be mtlful and
I speedy looking. Itlstrue, but now for tho first
I time In a place where her actual sailing qual
la Itles could be gauged. Doth boats were under
vn tho same sail, mnlnsnll jib and staysail, nnd
m there was breozo enough to drive thein nearly
III ten miles nn hour ocu when close hauled.
I On board were tho men to whom tho defence.
W of tho America's Cup has been Intrusted, whllo
am astern wero steam nnd sailing yachts with
7jb many close obsorvers on board.
! Each skipper felt the Importance of tho mo
ment, nnd it Is not to be supposed that C'npt.
lthodes let any of his skill go by or that Her
roshoft did not got every bit of speed out of
Columbia. And so as the yachts forged ahead
on tho starboard tack from under the shore
at Dutch Island and headed for Fort
Adams every ono was on the alert to
note their behavior. At first tho lssuo of the
little race, seimxl to be In doubt, Columbia
J was indeed looking n little hleher, but was she
1 going any faster than Defender? Could she bo
I pulled out of tho bad position In which she had
I purposely beon placed. These woro tho uues-
tions to be answered.
J Beforo two minutes of sailing the answers
were at hand. Slowly but surely from a
steamer following to leeward could Colum
bia's bowsprit bo seen creeping up toward
Defender's stem. Then it passod and crept by,
- bit by bit, by mast nnd headstnys. until It
I finally showed clear ahead, and that tho boat
I which carried it had nn undisputed lead.
jf At the same time. Columbia had worked out
Y to windward ns well as drawn ahead, and had
A not only pointed hlghor, but had footed faster
'I than Defendor nnd had finally tnken her wind
and given such n blanketing to her as .-ho
I had never beforo received In nil her
racing experience. In less than ten minutes
I Columbln hail demonstrated her steed, bad
made Kind the hearts of everyone Interested
inner, nnd hnd shown that hi designer hud
ml minutes of opecd In reserve for Improvement
I j over his world-beater of four year ago.
I ' Then those on board of her were satisfied
I for the time, and, as Columbia boru away fot
II the harbor. Delendor followed suit, amt tho
fun for the dny whs over, but it hnd paid with
itH excitement and its fair test of the new
boat's speed for tho time and trouble to which
It had put nt least sonio of tho ob-
1 servers In addition to this little trim to
windward, enough wn seen to-day ot tho
i two boats under similar sailing conditions to
I warrant the belief that Columbia will bent
Defender on nil points of snlllng nnd In nil
sorts ot water, and certainly she can do It In
a good sailing breozo nnd In a light air De
fender ought to ahownt her best ns compared
J with l olumbln when it breezes on to all they
I can lug. yet even here the new boat's reserve
of power may mako itself folt nnd show that
Columbia Is undoubtedly thn faster, blow high
I or blow Isw
Columbln left Bristol at 0:1." In the morning,
working out of the harbor In a very light south
westerly wind and having a bo.it down Nurrn
gansett Uav n ilh n gradually freshening. bree.-.o.
C Oliver Isolln nnd his wife and isnwburv
Thome, Woodbury Kane anil llerbort (.
i Leeds were on hoard. Designer Nit Heres-
r. hntf was In charge and had the wheel tho mot
" of the way down, although both Mr. Iselln nnd
i'' Capt Ilnrr took nn oecaslonnl trick nt It Tho
I working topsail was thi' only snll set over
il the thiee lower k.iIIs All tho tails set very
Ti well for the lit st time out. tho mnlniall bulng a
I specially good one It Is tho largest over set
I on an Americnn rneing yncht. having fully
I 7,.r00 square feet of ennvass AlUheColumliln's
I halls aroof the "eross-cu' " pattern, in which
I tho clotlis run at right nnglecto the leech, and
A are of IInrrHSholT make. 1'ho topsail is Kng-
V llsh In mako, like that of Valkyrlo III lie.
I; yond the chanco tondmlro thn beauty ot tho
boat and to note tho ease with whleh kIio en-
tered nnd loft tho wntor, there wns not inuoli
of Interest In the trip until Defender enme
out Then neurly every minute brought home
thing now nnd caveehances for comparison
Thoro is no don nt that the ( olumbla heels a bit
1 more rendlly thnn Defender, but hhe does not
I teem nt nil "tender" or unable to carry her
I sail.
fter tho brush to wlndwnr.1. Columbia nnd
ljV' Defendor wero put about nnd taken Into an
.. anchorage just outside Uoat IrIiiuiI and near
5r the uhlps of the North Atlantic soundron. Tho
sailors on the Texas ehoored Columbia as she
passpd them. Another sail In tho afternoon
had been looked for by Columbia's people, hut
the rain and fog that had beon threatening for
un hourorltvvo shut down nnd made hailing
About U o'clock the nowBpapertngH C Hnrt.
whleh had followed tho boats, took n turn out
Into tho baylfor n look at the weather. Sir.
Isnlin vvnsnfjonrdtho St Michaels, nua stepped
, to the rail aft us the tug drow alongside
S " hat is the sailing programme now for the
J I Columbia'" wns the query from tho newspaper
m men
"Wo shall tow to Bristol this afternoon nnd
' , finish up a llttlo work that needs to bo douo on
f I tho boat." replied Mr Iaelln
yl I "When do you expect to got nwny from
J 1 Bristol V
1JI "Wohopo to get away to-morrow afternoon
jri and have a sail with Defender."
II I "How do you likol Columbia so far as you
'M A I'ave been nbln to judge of her to-dtiy V"
P l. "We are very much pleased with her," wns
, aj Mr. Ieolln's emphatio reply , . . ,
1 . There Is nothing wrong with Columhla, nnd
1 she will he turned over to Mr Isolln when sho
lenves Bristol Halls with Defendor will then
I be in order off this port, nnd on Monday, July
I It, thnboatfl will he In Nework to race for
I that M50 cup. Later they will be seen on the
fl Now York Club's crulso to thn eastward. Tho
II squadron will probablv go around tho cape to
l Marblehead, nnd the cup defenders will go
C Ilreeie Cams Ui Just In Time to Hove the
VI Schoimiir Iletrlered.
I Honolulu, June 1H, v In Ban Trnnclsco, Junn
I 2." The ninety-ton schooner Retrieved, which
I arrived here two dajs ago after a vo ago of
I 100 days from Hong Kong, had a narrow os-
I capo from capturo by the Insurgents on thn
I north roast of tho Island of Luron. Tho rebels
put out In bonis when tho schooner was be-
1 cnlnieil. but tho wind siirang upjustlullmo
lf nud she escaped Hhe ran Into a typhoon and
; was driven ashoro on I ormosa, when) she was
1 ri'rbeevcssel was orlginnlly owned by Prof,
I Hllller and Dr l'urness of rennsylvanlaiUnl-
I erslty, who used her In sclentllle work along
I the Borneo roast, and sho was bought from
I them by the prebeut owner.
1 '
The Propo.nl for Its Exeuiptlnn Which Wo
Dcuinnd .Shall lie Dlirtnneil at The Hague,
.Viftial Cablt DupaltK lo Till Sen.
Tun Haouk. Juno 'J." Tho toxt of tho pro
posal mado by tho American dolcgates to the
Pence Conforonco regarding tho exemption ot
private property nt sen In tlmo of war. which
tho Americans yesterday demanded should bo
discussed by tho conference, Is ns follows'
"Thoprlvnte property of nil citizens or sub
jects ot tho signatory powers, with the excep
tion of contraband of war, shall bo exempt from
capture or seizure on tho high seas or else
where by the armed vessels or military forcea
otnny of said signatory powers, but nothing
htroln contained shall extend the exemption
from solruro to vessels and their cagoea which
may attempt to enter n port blockaded by tho
naval forcos of nny of snld powers."
Borne of the leading delegates nro of the
opinion that thomnttorls outsldothonuthor
Ity of tho conference, but whllo reenlllng tho
fact that It was stated at tho opening of the
oonforenco that matters not contained In
Count Murnvleft's circular would be excluded
from discussion, Iho American delegates.
In tho statement they submitted to Baron de
Stnal, the President of tho Conference, said.
"Tho fact that we received tho Instructions
herein roterrcd to from tho President of tho
Vnlted Htatos shows that tho scope of the con
foronco was bolleved by our Government to bo
wldo enough to Includo this question."
President I.onliet of l'rnnce (lave lllln n
Farewell Reception on Hnturilay.
Sprcinl CaIU Duvmlth lo Thx St'.
Pams, Juno 2." Archbishop Ireland has
started on his return to tho United Btntes.
President Loubet gave himnfnrewoll recep
tion yesterday. Tho subject of their conversa
tion was private Lach subsequently expressed
tho highest opinion ot tho other.
Archbishop Ireland has won golden opinion's
during his sojourn in Trance.
He Mnde nn Kxlinrtntton Yesterday nt the
Tent (Sospel Meeting,
Hear Admiral John W. Philip, commandant
of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, was one of the
speakers nt Iho Ooipcl meeting In tho tent at
Broadway and Fifty-sixth s'reet vesteiday af
ternoon. He occupied n sat on the platform
with his wife aa i son during tho scrv ices. The
ltov. Dr. Wilton Merle Bmlth spoke of the
spirit of patriotism and rollciou that unltod
the poonle o' this country, and snld that It was
doubtless this religious spirit thnt'made tho
Americnn soldier and tailor ao formidable In
the war with Spain.
"I rejoice to see tho blending of piety and
patriotism," he continued, "ns It Is shown nt
this meeting, where we have wttluis tho com
mander ot the battleship Texas, a man that
can fight when necessary nnd who will pray nt
nil times.
" word ns to tho critics of tho Bible Hnd
it been related In the Bible that such n bnttl
ns that of Manila, where not n man was los on
our side, or such n contest as the naval battle
off Santiago, without the loss ot a ship on our
side, had occurred in tho time of Abrnhnm or
some otthe other prophets. Bob Ingersoll or
tome ot the critics of the Bible would say, 'Im
tossltIe,' and they would proceed to demon
strate by lules of logic and science that audi
a thine could not have occurred "
Dr. Bmlth Introduced Bear Admiral Philip,
who spoke briefly. "I am afraid Dr. Bmlth
has misled some of you. or, rather, all of you,"
he aild "l am not a spanker: I wish I ire re.
There ire men on this platform who are good
talkers, so 1 will not detain you long We read
In the papers of what Is going on In Manila
and In the Philippines. Kvery man therelmust
stand up nnd do his duty for Old ((lory Look
Inu around us to-dai we should also feel that
the soldier of Christ must stand up and do his
duty for religion
"I wns sent for. nnd I stand lure and say,
'Here, sir'' The soldiers of Chrlit must enlist
other recruits for Ooq to down the cohorts of
tho devil I don't know what denomination
are represented hore In this meeting. I don t
care whether they aro Jew or ('untile. Catho
lic or Protestant. 1 believe denominations
are nbsolutely necessary. Tne sects are like
military divisions. sect is a regiment nnd
the minister Is the Colonel. All the regiments
are lighting under ono Commnnder-ln-Chief,
Jesus 'hrlst.
"I cannot command words to fittingly ex
plalnltoiou why and how jou should anllst and
get other recruits to enlist In the nrmy of Ood
but thero are clerjtvmen on the platform who
nro ready to explain it. I will net detain you
anv longer."
TheBev Dr B.H MncArthurnnnouneed, dur
ing his address, that he Intended to deliver n
sermon In Havana. Culm, next Sunday.
1)171 attEiT tXPtlRT TRADE.
Wr Are Sending Mnniifnrtnres Ahrnnfl nt
(tie Unte of l, 000,000 n liny.
WAHnir,TON. Juno 'J.' Tho Iroasury Bu
reau of Statistics has prepared a series of tables
showlngthat ourexportsof manufacture' have
moretlnn doubled In tho laht six Jenrs. moro
than trebled alnco 1"S'l. more than quadrupled
since 1H70. are more than eight times ns largo
ns they wero In 1X00. nnd In 1WW and lKU. for
the first time in our history, exeeedel thn Im
portation ot manufactures Thnexportatlonof
mnniitactureH In tho flsen! jear about to end
will average more than SI, OuO.000 for each busi
ness day of tho year In tho ten jears IKKH HH
the total Tallin of our manufactures exported
Increased 110 per cent . whllo the export of
manufii"tures bj other countries do not show
nny considerable percentage of increase In nny
of them during the same period
It Is in the production, mnnufneture, nnd ex
portation ot metals thnt wo seem to excel.
In 1K8H tn a mi fac til res of metals formed less
than 20 percent of our total exports of manu
factures, while In lHflH they formed over 41
percent The exports of bioss and manufac
tures thereof In IHftO were onl) $TJ1, 1.17. nnd
In 1H08. ?1, 320,001: Instruments for scientific
nurposes Increased from $l,0'11,:t.tM to
$2.770,H0'1, nnd In the vear about to end
will reach nenrlv $4,000,0(10, ecles, ot which
there were no exportntlnns In lux I, nmoiinteil
to $H.M4!l.!i2l In the expectations of 18)H:
clocks and watches increnseil from $l,.'l.".VHU
In lcWttn1.727.4HIMii lKl', 7lne nnd manu
factures thereof from S2SHM4 to St.M'l i.MW.
copper and Us manufactures from S'J.'M'l 0"4
toS12 1HO.S72. nnd Iron and steel from Ml,.
lfiU,(i77ln lKSlito?70.4(HI.HSln IH'ih. while In
the fiscal year IKOO the totnl will exceed $00,
000,000 Another Interostlng fnet developed Is tint
the r.uropean countries In whleh mnnufae
lures have long been established furnish ns
satisfactory a mnrket for our niniiiifnctured
goods as do the countries where manufactur
ing hns not yet beon Inrgely developed In
renpersand mowers, clocks anil watches, how
Ing machines, bicycles nnd thn various manu
factures of Iron anil steel, and ninny other ar
ticles ot the higher grades of manufacture, the
r.uropean countries In which manufacturing
plants nnd inachlnerj and skilled workmen
abound furnish n mnrket for a large share of
our exports, thus failing to Justify thn ex
pressed fear that a development of innniifno
tures In countries wheto we are now seeking n
foothold for our commerce whld destroy their
aluo as a permanent market
Itnllnii Informer l.lkely to Die from the
Wounds He Ilerelveil In the Fight.
Carmlnn Mastrogna.01 jenrs old, an Italian
laborer living nt Villa avenue nnd Potter placo
lr the Bronx, and Halvatorltennlo, fi'J earsold
of'tho samo address.fought a duel on Saturday
night with stilettos which may result fatally
for ISnnnio ...
Both men wero employed on the Jeromn
Park lteservoli , Mnstrogna told ( ontrnetor
McDonald a few das ago that Itennlo wns thn
riiiirlendei nnd principal agitator In the recent
strike there, so when I'.ennlo received his
wages Haturdny he was told ho neeiln t go
baidc to work on Monday lie learned the
cause later and challenged Mnstrogna to fight
u duel. The old mnn nccepted
The pair fought on Saturday night nml Hen
nlo was stabbed In tho side. Mastrognn was
arrested nml jeslerday In tho Morrlsanla Po
lice Court was hold for trial.
Tons n An nxows mx as fatix
nonrt Dlienie Carried Illm Off-Ills Dnugh
ter, Illnnche, Is In Munltobn, I'lnylng
1'nnny Dnvriipnrt'B Holes hlldren, ns
Well ns III Older Chums, Wilt Mils Him.
Thomas Power Walsh, better known to tho
world nt large ns Fatty Wnlsh, died suddenly
Inst night ot heart disease nt his homo, 4H
Madison street. Mr. Walsh, who was 0." years
old, was, up to yesterday morning, strong and
apparently healthy and ablo to attend to nil of
his duties ns n dockmaster His death at 7
o'clock Inst night was n great shock to tho east
side, where he had been well known nil his
Mr Wnlsh returncdfromhlsolTlcoiitilo'clock
Saturday night As ho got to the corner of
Madison and Oliver streets there wns tho
usual scramble among the children in tho
neighborhood to rench him first nnd etiow him
that their hands were clean, Kach evcnlagnt
Uo'clock for tho past flveycnrs 1'ntty Walsh
hns stood nt that comer nnd put one cent In
each clean childish hnnd extended to him
The right as well as the lelt hand has nlwas
been thus rewnnled, and Mr Walsh rarely got
away with a smaller outla than ftO cent
Mr. Walsh was in excollent spirits nt tho din
nor tnblo nnd nfter tho meal went out as usual
to spend the evening with his frionds. Shortly
nfter midnight he was In n snloon on the Bow
er) with a numbor of political frionds when ho
complained of foellng ill One ot his friends
accompanied him homo Ho went to bod with
out rousing any of tho four sisters with whom
ho lived, but at II o'clock they heard him moan
ing and summoned Dr Wilson ot 72 Madison
street The physician succeeded in making
Mr Walsh comfortable, but warned tho family
not to let him sit up.
All dny jesterdny Mr. Walsh kept to his bed
The ncvvB that he was 111 spread around tho
neighborhood nnd yesterday afternoon more
than n hundred children went to the houso to
Inquire about him Towardcventng Sir. Wnlsh
felt so well that he Insisted on sitting up. Be
fore nn body could stop him he raised himself
on his arm, but sank bnck almost Immediate!)
It wnB less thnn lltteen minutes Inter that ho
Mr Walsh was n power in local politics
twentj jearsngo. lie left Tammany Hull with
his brother William, who wns then President
of the Hoard of Aldermen, to light Tvv cod. He
went back into Tammany Hall when John
Kelly became the leader, but later fell out with
the organisation again, nnd allied himself
with tho lountv Democracy. On which
ever sldo he happened to be Walsh
had a happy faculty of coming out
on top Ho was a shrewd, clover politician with
an abundant stock of good humor and was pcr
sonall as popular among his political oppo
uents ns among those allied with him lleheld
many political nfllces. but was perhaps best
known as Warden ot tho Tombs prison from
rutty Walsh was born In Llmoriok, Ireland.
Ilow:t years old when his parents brought
him to this country His father, James nlsh,
settled on the west side In what Is bow tho
Klghth wnrd Tom and bis brother Wlllliim
went to the common schools nnd Tom learned
the goldbeater's trade nnd worked nt It until
he wns 2o William hnd In thn meantime gone
Into politics nud in 1KU4 Tom gave up his
trade and went In with a rush Through
his brother he secured an appointment ns
Superintendent ot .Mnrket Wllllnm Wnlsh,
who hnd been t ounty Clerk and afterward a
member of the Board of Assessors, died In
1H7H Tho Walshes wero then living in tho
Second Assembly district nnd controlled tho
district, which was then, as now, one of the
strongholds of lanimniiy Hull. Tom Walsh
took up the leadership when his brother died,
and In 1HH1 was elected to the Assembly. The
date of tils second falling out with Tammany
Hall vvaa HH2 In IK'S.! lie ran for Alderman
as the County Democracy candidate agaln-t
William P Kirk, afterward President of
tho boodle board of 1HH1. The campilgn
was one of tho hottest ever known in
the l'ourth and Sixth wards Both men
claimed the ehction nnd the llrst count Indi
cated tb it Walsh had been siiecesstul by 2
vote The oflleinl llgures. however, showed
Kirk's election by 1(1 votes Wal-h a followers
snld thnt he had bean counted out. Walsh's
showing was the best ever made In the district
by an nnti-Taminnn man The following
oar YValsh ran again, against Pntrlek Divver,
and wns elected In 1mm.") tho two men were
ngnln opposed toench other nnd Divvor won
b 1UO votes
Walsh built una strong County Democracy
organization In the district and poll! a big
ote for Abrnni S Hewitt tor Mayor The Sec
ond was a strong Irish district, and things
were looking very rosy for the Walshes nnd
their County Dotnoerncy organization, when
Mayor Hewitt refused to allow the hoisting of
the Irish Hag over the tlty Hall on st Pat
rick's day 1 he irishmen in tho Second who
had followed tho Walshes out of Tammany
Hall went bnck to Tammany Hall in a linrrr
A determined tight wns imde after that on
Walsh, who had In the meantime been ni
poll.ted Wnrden of the Tombs by Mayor Hew
itt In 1HHM. when It became evident that
Tnmmanv would be successful nt the polls
again. W nlsh resigned his place ns Warden
ftera year or so of retirement Walsh again
became a momber ot Tiiminany Hall All of
bis nephews and their children were In the
organization, nnd Walsh concluded that It wis
a good enough place for him lie was ap
pointed a dnckmnster bv Mayor (lllroy. nnd
iind held that nllleo ever since
Wnlsh weighed 220 pounds a few days be
fore his death Ilarly In his polltlenl career ho
was dubbed "Patty" Wnlsh. and the nnnio nl
vvnys clung to him He was a regular attend
ant at all the p-iitr convention generally as a
delegate As one of Walsh's friends put It last
night. Fatty owed Ills success in politics to
"his lortilty to his friends nnd his pugnacity In
fights" Hewasamin of wit and had made
the east sldo liuch moro thin once nt his
W'nlsh lived for n long time nt 2 Mott street,
where his only child. Illnnche, the well-known
nitress, wns hTrn He nftnrwanl lived st.'ll
Mott street, then In City Hnll pine. from where
he moved out of the 'lxth wrd to Madison
stteet four y irsign Mrs Walslnlled In Mav,
IWiH Mr Walsh lived with his M-ters the
Misses hate and nnle Wnlsh. Mis James D iv
nnd Mrs. Marvlleirell Pinyms forMr Walsh
recovery were said In St Jnnies's Church on
Jnnies street, yesterday morning, nnd then tho
lonuroRitinii llrst learned ot his Illness
Blanche W'nlsh. who was her father's prl In
nml joy, developed tnlent ns nn nctroRs when
still u young girl Her llrst Prnfisslnnnl en
gagement was ivlth a ennu nny" play nig "Sibe
ria." Louis James and his wife. Marie Wnln
vr right, became Inteiested In her, nnd gave her
n sninil Part In n production of "Twolth
Night " Shu remained with the James-Wnln-Wright
eomimuy three years, and developed
ranullv under Miss Wnlnn right's instruc
tion Her llrst prinoiinced success was
as Qmrn FUtahitli lu "Amy Ilohsart "
Since thnt time she Ins plaved with Nat
(iondwln and other slurs, nlwnys with
great success After Fanny Davenport's death
the managers ot Ihnl actress, seeking tnrsomn
one to take her place, offered It t Illnnche
Wnlsh She has put yet learned of her father s
death She s plnvlng In I'nna In the West
Willi Mellnnrnn MeDiwnil The commny
iilayed at Butte, Mini, nml Winnipeg. Mnnl
obn. Inst week, and Is working enstward 1 he
amity couldn't llndout where Miss Walsh was
last night.
;; rj.'sii.'NT's vacatios.
He I.l.lens to ii Senium on the ftiiliject
" Wnr for Itlgliteiiiisnen nud Peace."
rHM". Mnss , June 2." President McKlnley
nnd party passed a ery quiet Sunday In
Adams Unlit all the forenoon prevented any
outdoor exercise The President nnd pnrty,
with tho exception of Mrs McKinlny, attendod
tho morning services at Iho Congregational
church. The ltov A II Pennlmaii. pastor of
the chiirfh. proichcd n sermon on tho
theme, "War for rghteousiiess and peace"
His contention was that struggle Is neces
sary to development At the close of tho
church service tho President nnd party at
tended the Sunday school son Ices pro
gramme had been arranged on the tuple " J'ho
ltlghtenus Nation ' It contained u number of
patriotic songs, In the singing ot which tho
President joined heartily
Alter luncheon the Presldont wns driven out
by Mr Plunwett. 'Iho ovonlug was spent In
the house Mrs McKlnley has not yet recov
ered from u cold contractu! on tho journey
from Washington Tim President will visit
North Adnms to-morrow nnd will review a
parade there
Mure People nnd Iletter People
Jtead Tiir hi n than any othc r paper puhll.hril. For
this ritanii you will rraluu n qnkker reiponHu
thiouuli ailrnrtlslng In Its leluiniis than tluniiuh
any ntlirr mriliiiin. If jmi tumluct a "..Irabu
uiuuier teaurt rtumialxr tnu, Aiti,
Fianr with cur ass at ciexfveoos.
Ten Americans In the How Ono Cnbnn To
Herman Mnrtnlly Wounded.
Streial Ctllt ntivolch lo Tna Sen.
Havana, June2.r) Clovornor-Oonoralllrooke
has won tho favor of the peoplo of I'lnardel
lllo city by restoring to office Alcalde Handier,
who was recently deposed by Civil Oovornor
Dolz There wns n big demonstration In honor
of Hoflor Sanchez Inst night, nt which den.
Brooke was loudly cheorod. The Cubnn Ocn
orals Jinn Llorento nnd Pedro Dlnr. telo
graphed congratulations to Bnflor Hnncher.
Oov. Dolz Is much offended by (Ion. Brooko's
action In reinstating Honor Sanchez, nnd It Is
said thnt he will probably leslgn.
Press tolegmms from Clenfucgos state that
n light occurred there Inst night between ten
Americans and n number of ixdlcemen. One
of the latlor was mortnlly wounded Tho peo
plo demnnd thnt the Americana, who nro said
to havo been the aggressors, ho punished
Tho American authorities nro Investigating
the matter
(len Ludlow, flovernor of Hnvana city, sent
n letter to the Bishop last night asking thnt tho
ringing of tho church bells bo stopped, as tho
nolso annoyed the public No nttontlon wns
paid to tho letter, nnd tho bells wero rung to
day as usual.
( r.i.KnRATi.sa is sASTitao.
The Tenst of inn ,funu Did Nut Itrlug the
Threatened Antl-Ainericnii Outbreak.
.trenol Callt DuvaM to Tnr flex
Santiaoo pe Cuiia, Juno 2.". Yesterday was
tho feast of Snn Junn, the dato nnnounccd on
placards which had been posted nbout tho city
fornn outbreak ngnlnst tho Americans. Tho
day passed, however, without nny alarming In
cident, tho only disorder being cnused by a
crowd of ovcr-cnthiishstlc Cubans, who stoned
a Spaniard nnd badly wounded him.
The celebration is still In progress The
streets nro crowded with mnsquoradcrs, who
are singing nnd shouting for "Cuba Libre"
There hns beon a largo numberof processions,
all of w hlch display od tho Cuban flag.
The Croker Men Declare Thnt They Will
Itent Htm nt the I'rliunrlei.
The Ooodwln Democrats In tho Ninth Assem
bly district announced yesterday that ten more
members of the Poquod Club, from which John
C Sbeehan Is directing his fight against tho
Crokor forces In the district, had resigned, nnd
that their exnmplo would be followed by
others Tho resignations wero sent to tho
Pequod Club In this form:
" In f', Bo irtf of ltrfctor of tht 1't juntl Clnb.
Oesti nstrv Loyalty to the Democratic or
ganization of this county, tho dcslro that Its
unity shall remain unimpaired, and In order to
further emphasize our condemnation of the
anti-Tammany movement Inaugurated nt tho
Tequod ( lub. for tho evident purpose of wreck
ing the organization, prompts us to forwnrd
vou our rcslgnntlons as members of the club,
lleapectfully. yours,
' Jamfs A Ly(ii WttmjtlV r.wio.
"('HAniFsH SirviFn M.fx J Stun us
"WrniAMF Stost. Thomas K lUnvm.
"TiiomvsW NrisoN. Jims V CoriFV.
"JamfsW BiATEn Jonv Mi Cor.MtiK."
Mr Goodwin's friends snld that on account
ot the resignations from the club the Initiation
fee of 510 had been suspended, nnd that every
effort was being mnde by Mr Shechan nnd bis
adherents to recruit the membership
Mr Ooodwln nnd his friends nre confident
thnt they will overthrow Mr Shenhnn nt tho
primaries They sav that since they opened
headquarters the number of men presenting
themselves for enrollment his grown larger
dally Over 700 nor names have been enrolled
from the henilqunrters nlrendy. and they say
thnt they have captur'd mnny of tho voters
who eniolled nt the time of registration Mi
Goodwin's hope of sneeess is based on the ex
pectation of results from the electioneering
which will be done during the Mimmei Ills
friends sav that If the primaries had been held
a week ago Mr Sheehan would hnve won bv n
ot of four tn ono If the primaries were held
to-day they think that Mr Sheehnn's in ijorltv
would be cut In half By the end of August
they expect to have a majority ot tho Demo
crats In the district on tholi side.
.s; 7.s .oir .Mm. rorsH.
Mlsa Norah l'enree Weds the Soldier Who
Nursed Her Sick llrnthrr.
Norah IVnren. 18 years old, of A',i Bergen
street, nnd Wllllnm Coveh. 2'l yenrs old, of 470
Dean street. Brooklyn, eloped la-t W'ednosilny
night and wero married bynn Fplscopal clergy
man. William C'oy8h nnd Joseph Pearee. n
brother of the young woman, wero member
of Company A. I onrleenth Iteglment. and wero
together nt the ( lilokamnugn camp Penrce
beenme III, nnd ho was cared for byCoysh.who
wrote to Mrs Pearee nnd her two dnughtors
each night, informing them of young Pearee s
When tho regiment returned to Brooklyn
Coy-fh became aaqunlntod with tho Pcnrcn
fninllr. nnd Immediately fell In love with
Norah Mrs Pearco did not look with favor on
tho ongngement of the young couple. Norah
w is employ ed as n typew rltcr In n hw offlco In
On Wk liichday night a partv wns given nt
Mr Pearce's house In honor of Norah's eigh
teenth birthday Coysb wns present, as wns
iilsnC Inra Heniy. a friend of the family Coysh
then propoNod th it he nnd Nomh elope, nnd
Miss Henry was taken Into the secret 'I ho
three viiung people left the house and went to
ii clergyman's hmiso. where Notiih and (,'oysh
were mairled, ( larn Heniy being n witness
Later In tho night Mrs Penrce iccolved this
" 1 shall not bo home to-night
"Mis Norah Pkaucf. Cotsii "
Norah called to sen her mother on Thursday
morning, but Mrs Penco would not sco her
Mrs. Itoiilnn Itrluos It from llrlnwnre tn
New York nnd (lives It to ttie Police.
Sirs. F.dwln S Boiiton of 401 West Forty
eigktli street took to the West Forty-seventh
hlreet pollen station yesterdny n slx-dny-old
baby, which hnd been thrust Into her nrms by
n woman on n railroad train at Wilmington,
Mr nnd Mrs Boutnn had been mi n visit to
Washington They left thorn on Saturday nf
ternoon nnd ni rived nt Wilmington about 7 30
o'clock The train mndo u slop of only live
minute at that place Just before It started n
woiiinn caine up the nisle from thn narot thn
enr In wlihli the llnutnns were sitting s she
came opposite their sent she put tho bnhy In
Mrs Boiitnn's lap
"Hold It i minute I've forgotten something
in the station," snld the woman, at the same
time homing townrd the front ot the car Mr.
and Mrs lloutim were so surprised by the oc
currence th'it they simply salami looked first
at the baby and then at onch other They saw
no more of the woman All they can tell about
hei is that she Is middle. nged.
The train pulled nut of W llnilngtnn nnd Mrs
II. niton still In Id the haliy Hhe held it nil the
way to Jersey City, where they arrived at
11 .'10 iielnek W hen they bail crossed over
tu Nw York Mrs Boutnn took the child to the
home of a relative, wlioro It was cared forovor
Tho liabv Is a boy It was dressed In white,
with a white cloak nnd whlto Inco enp It Is
now In Hellevue, and It will be sent to Itau
dall's Island
srou: sv.t.oiM or ship's treastre.
Ilnwnilun Police llrllnve Thev Know tho
.Men x lio Itnbhril the Alnuieiln.
Honolulu, June 18, ln Hnn Pram Iscn, June
2.1 The Hawaiian detectives and Mnrsluil
Brown nro confident Hint they have loentod the
thief who stole J25.00O In British sovereigns
from tho steamer Alamo la on hei last trip
from Hydney to San Francisco Thoy aro con
fident thnt thn thief was Wilson, nn Australian
conlldeiict man nud adventurer, who travelled
with four others nnd has been engaged lu sev
eral bii; robberies
'I heir theory Is that tho treasure was carried
to Wilson's stateroom nud was removed nt
Honolulu Wilson got off here nnd sailed for
Japan, One of his accomplices Is believed tn
bo a mnn who brought ashore here n vnllso full
of sovereigns, and who pulled out these big
gold coins buvcial times to pay hnckiuun and
Hears the Words "San Junn' " I.na Guns
Inina" nnd "Hnntlngo" Presented He
fore thn Rough Itldera on the Parade
Oround-Terrllorj Pledges Its Support.
Ls Veuar, N M.,Juno 23 Oov. ltoosevolt,
accompanied by Lieut Oreenwny, Sergt. Knnu
bier. Lieut. Ferguson, dipt Dny nnd Lieut,
Dame, spent tho night nt the Las Vegns Hot
Springs In his pilvnto enr Alter brenktast
they came to town lo attend n business meet
ing of tho Hough Hitlers' regiment, nhlchwns
adjourned, however, until to-moriow.
Tho Bough lllders marched to the parade
ground this afternoon, nnd a regimental in
spection was conducted by Col Boosovelt nnd
Lieut Brodle, thoy occupying n box nt tho
tournament ground. As tho Hough lllders
passed and repassed tho revlowiiigstund In tho
porforniance of their evolutions Col. lloosevelt
stood with bared head Kach troop was com
manded by Its own Cnptnln when piecnt
1 he evidence of approaching ruin caused the
evolutions to bo soniowhnt curtailed As tho
whole regiment came to attention befoio tho
grand stand tho Hon Frank Springer stepped
forward, und, after referring to Now Mexico's
pride lu tho record of the Hough lllders. she
having furnished one-third of Its members, ho
"It I In recognition of the honor we enjoy
from being thus associated with your nnmo
that I am commissioned by the people ot New
Mexico to offer you n testlmotilnl. which shall
bear wltnoss. In n perminont form, to tho
est"cm In which they hold you: their apprecia
tion of your character ns an American citizen:
and their admiration of your conspicu
ous gallantry lu battlo They also wish
to Indlcato theli devotion to your for
tunes, In whntover civic honors the
future has In store for ynu whether
thoy come from tho Imperial State which
claims you now, or from n mil to yet higher
duties nnd responsibilities by the nation It
self. This token, of which I nm nbnut to beg
your acceptance, is the product nf humble
contributions from every part of this Terri
tory. It comes from no man nr set nf men,
but It Is the united offering nf your old enm
nidea In arms, and their brntheis, fathers nnd
fellow citizens, who sent them foith t battle
under your leadership
"Permit me, therefore, In the nnmo ot
the people of New Mexico, to present you
this medal ot honor Its Intrinsic nun I
but a trifle, but we venture tn hope that, ns a
memorial ot the affection, ndinlratinn nnd es
teem which It represents. It inny have for ynu
n valuo not measured by such a standard, nnd
that you may cherish It ns an ngieenblo
souvenlrnf your visit among us "
The presentation was a genuine surprise to
Col Iloo-evnlt Mr Springer lianrii d the medal
to his daughter Kva, who pinned It on tholnpel
of the Colonel's ltoiigh lllder blouse He said
in renl)
"Judge Springer, nnd to you. Miss Springer,
nnd to you, my fellow Anierlcnns of New Mexi
co, I want tn say 1 ennnot express in words
how deeply 1 am touched by what you huve
done I prize this gift mote than anything
e'so thnt could have been given to me. coming
as It does and In the wav It does. and from
those from whom It comes For It comes on
the anniversary nf a dny fntuful In tho
annals of the West Twenty -three enrs ago
Custer mile to his dentn with his gallant men
nt the Rosebud, adding his share in tho ' win
ning of the Wost.'ln the upbuilding ot tho
West, whleh you hnve upbuilt, bringing up
your section level In patriotism, level in high
ness ot purtso, with all that there is In this
"I cannot say how glad I have I een to come
bore I never was In New Mc xlco before, but
1 nver felt like a stranger for one moment
among you i Applause I claim the same
light that each of your sons claims of glory
nnd t ike pride In the n line and fame of New
Mei'o I nm an inorIean i vou are Ameri
cnn. nnd yon nnd I alike have the right to
claim as our ""ii ')erv ncre and md of
country from Mnlne to Oregon, from IloiMnto
Calif irnln Applause. 1 lie heavens havo
been more thnnlprnplMous so far. and we must
not enmplnlnof this shower Ml I shall say is
that if New Mexico nnnt to bo a Statu ynu can
count1 me In and I will gn to Washington to
spenk for you or do anything y on vv ish." , Long
and continuous applause j
The medal Is nt solid gold It Is pendant
from n bar by gold chains, V shaped, with the
ends attached to tin) bar and joined to the
medal nt the centre On the bir Is tho In
scilptlon. "Col Theodore lloosevelt" Be
tween the bai nnd the medal the cnut-of-nrms
nf New Mexico Is engraved On the
inedal proper nre crossed satires, nud above
them Is the monogram "it It It" Below the
sabres Is the following 'Presented by tho
citizens of New Mexico; Las egns, , M,
June 24, lHls.i" On the circular edge of tho
medal aro the words "San Juan." "Las Ounsl
mas.' "Hnntlngo ' In the centre, just below
the crossed snbies, Is n illnmnnd
Tho opern house was crowded with nenrly
one thousand people nt 11 o'clock, nil anxious
tn hear the noted Parson I'zzell ot Denver
The gist ot his sermon was that the man doing
garrison ilutvnr even stnylng nt home tn pin
vide sustenani for the nrmy was ns deserving
ot reward ns ho who was In the firing line
Ho would not detract from the latter, but
would add to the former At the close
of the sermon Lafe Young of lies Moines,
la , proprietor of the l(nra ( aintal. who was n
press correspondent with the Hough lllders,
mnde an amusing speech lie said that tho
Spanish wnr had taken L'nele Hani out of thn
retnll and set him u pin the wholesale business,
had made him a guest at the table nt Inter
national council, had elotlied tho Goddess of
Liberty in long clothes, nnd had given
her a coming-out party It had nlso unified
tbecnuntry. When he saw the sonant I'nlon
veterans. Confederate Icadcis. ex-slaves and
even full-blooded Indians mniehing under tho
old flag to " Dixie "and "Ynnkee Doodle 'anil
the new battle hy mil nf the lepuhlle. "There'll
Be n Hot Time In the Old Town Tq-Mglit. ' bo
mnde a vow to henven never again tn ben
partlsnti, hut that hereafter nil American
should look alike tn him,
Attet the presentation tn Col. ltoosevolt thoro
came a rain which lasted an hour and sus
pended nil proceedings 'Iniviuil evening
the troops assembled at th Cnstaneda
Hotel, and Tiulgo John It Mcl'ie made
n presentation speech tn 1 lent -Col
Brodle, giving him n very hnndsninn
sword, the gift nf the Hough lllders nnd thn
citizens of New Mexico Judge Mcl'ie said In
part that the people ot New Mexico, for whom
ho sisike, were proud of t ol llrndle, ns a splen
did type of the vlgornus American soldier
Col Brodle, In n luief reply, sud that he
wool I never draw the sword hut In n jiistcnuso
and to serve bis country t'nl lloosevelt was
called nn .anil paid n warm tribute to Col llrndle
t night there wns a suered concert given by
the local Oratorio Society
Gov ltoosovelt nnd pnrty left nt midnight for
New oik.
Never Fully Itegnlneil His Senses, Though
Ills XUfe says He I'reaied Her Ilniid.
Thn ltov Dr Daniel Morelle, who attempted
suicide nn 'Ihilisihy at his hump. 22S West
Fnd avenue, by inhiling illu initiating gn, died
yesterday afternoon nt 12 ,'0 o'clock In Boose,
veil Hospital Ills wife and an old friend, ill.
Austin H Goclet, nf 1 HI West Seventy-fourth
street, were with him when ho died,
t lloosevelt Hospital last night it wns said
Dr Morello died without fully regaining con
sciousness, Ills wife, however, declared thnt
sho believed that hi r husband regained bis
souses just beforo his death hiifllclently to rec
ognize her nnd tn press her hand Mrs Mo
relle Is at present at a boarding houso at ,'120
West Fifty-eighth street hh- ssld thnt she
bad not yot made nny plans fin thn future
Hicham Carpenter, a grniidliephow nf tho
di nil mnn. who formerly lived In the old fam
ily homestead at Mamnrnneck. but now lives nt
New Ilnchelle, has nsHiiiued charge of the fu
neral arrangements It is intended tn have
the burial at Mnmamneck tn-dny If the ( nr.
oner gives tho penult to r. inovo tho body lu
Dr (Violet snld Inst nlgbl Hint hn bad known
Dr Morello for mnny years He said that
about a month ago Dr Morelle came tn him tn
be treated for some trilling ailment nnd that
the doctor reinniked to him nt tho tlmo that ho
wns In llnanclnl distipss
"He told mo," snld Dr. Go'det, "thnt bU
wife s brother, I. lent Jenkins nf the navy, had
considerable back pay coming to him, nnd thnt
he was tn get pnrt of It 'or money ndvanced to
the Lieutenant He asked me It I could not du
something to huiry up the payment nf thn
money 1 gave him n letter tn thn itev Mnd.
Isou Peters, but Di Murello wnsunnbloto
find him "
Cool I L'timfnrtiihle! Charming!
Albany Day Ling a caoieta fur l'eu.-kkcepile, ic
Albury Pnrk I'natnr'a Friends Told Him
He'd Iletter Go.
Asnuit 1'oik, Juno 2.". The Itev Howard
T Wlildomer resigned tho pnstor.ito of tho
First Congregational Church this morning on
nccouut of tho troubles that have exlstod for
several months between him nnd nbout half
the members ot tho congregation The an
nouncement of the resignation camo ns n sur
prise to many ot Mr Wlddomor's parishioners.
Oct Ml of this year wa sot ns tho dato for the
resignation to go In effect.
Mr. Wlddemcr hnd been ndvlscd by his
frionds to take tills course. It wns alnted out
to him thnt In the event ot his ictnnlnlng the
opposing fnctlon of the church would not be
reeonillod nnd It would bo better for pastor
nnd peoplo If ho departed. There will be a
congregational meeting on Wcdncsdny night
to vote on tho rcslgnntlon
Tho culmination of thn trouble In this
church enmo a short tlmo ago, when n com
mittee nllcged thnt Mr. Wlddemer's usefulness
hnd boon destroyed by nn Infatuation for n girl
in thn congregation nnd nsked hlin to resign.
A congregatlonnl meeting wns held last Tues
day night, and Mr. W'lddemerwas austnlnod by
a majority vole ot tho members present.
I.nudenalnger Helps to l'ull Wcnthrr Chief
Mimte Out of the Surf,
CArF. May. N J.. Juno 2." Willis L Moore,
Chlof of tho Weather Bureau of the Depart
ment of Agriculture, nnd Philander Johnson ot
Washington wero rescued from drowning
nbout noon to-dny by Congressman Henry C
Loudcnslager, Chairman of the Pension Com
mittee, and W. H. Klrkpatrick nf Philadelphia
They got beyond their depth whllo they wero
in the surf.
He Kspouscs Ilxpmiftion nnd Some Think
He Dralres to Kiln for President.
CliicAtio, 111., Juno 2." -F.x-Ciov William J.
Stono of Missouri, acting Chairman ot the
Democratic Natlonnl Committee, took lssuo
with William J Bryan nnd other supposed
le idnrs of bis party yesterday. While not
committing himself ns to whether this
country should own nnd govein the
Philippine lslnnds. he declnrnd strongly
against the nntl-expnuslon plen which Mr,
llryuii and his friends wish to mnkenpart of
the next Democratic nntlonal blitfnrm, He
asserted that after Dewey hauled down tho
Spanish colors nt Manila there wns nothing left
for patriotic Americana tn tin but sustain thn
Government in Its attempt to settle the ques
tion theie arising without unduly criticising
Its course, and concluded w itli an nrgument In
fnvor of dning everything possible toward In
creasing the Americnn merchant nnrlne. oven
tn the extent of subsidies by the Government
wlieic necessary
Altogether Sir Stone's views nre so widely
nt dlveigence with those of Mr Bryan that the
position ho took revived the rumors that he is
a candidate for the Democratic nomination for
the Presidency next yenrnnd Is lnylng down
the platform on which he expects to mako tho
Two Women nnd Two Men M Im Went Over
with Her KcRcurd hy u si hnoiter' row.
Two young women nnd two men hired n
sallboit nt Communlpnw yesterday nnd started
down tho bay In the thunderstorm In tho
afternoon the boat was struck by a squall off
Liberty Islund nnd cnpsiz.ed. Men on the four
masted schooner O. II Brown, anchored off tho
Island, lowered n yawl nnd rescued the pleasure
seekors, who were clinging to tho overturned
Michael nine and John Connors, who saw
the mishap, put out from tho Island In n row
boat too lute to help in thn rescue Thev took
the drenched party ashore Ono of tho women
said he wa Mr, llushev ot Wayne street,
Jersey City, and that the other woman wns her
sister. The men snld ther were brothers,
tiamod Russell, nnd lived in Jersey City.
Scandinavian Picnic Ilml tn Wnlt Until the
Tide ltose.
Tho Iron steamboat Slrlus took a party of
l.fiOO Scandinavians, consisting of membora of
the Scandinavian Worklngmen's Society nnd
their wives and families, to Hoton Point, Conn,,
It had boon the Intention of Cnpt Plerco to
start on the return trip at 5 o'clock In the nf
ternoon. but when that hour arrived the tide
had fBllen unusually low and tho Hlrlus was
stuck In the mud
The peoplo went on shore nnd resumed their
sports, nnd the Cnptnln wnlted until nfter H
o clock when tho rising tide floated the osol.
The Hlrlus arrlvod nt the foot ot Fast Thlrty
flrht street nt 11 Ho o'clock nnd at Pier 1 at the
Battery at midnight
The Sheriff nf Clay County, Ky Dliturbed
Over Gov, Hllldlry's Intentions.
MASrursTKii, Ky , June 25. SherllT B. V.
White, Jr, Is much disturbed over tho turnot
affairs In tho llaker-Howard feud, because of
the killing ot Tom linker while a prisoner In
charge of the Btatn troops and tho determina
tion of Gov Bradley to call an extra session of
the Legislature which will probably nbollsh
thecountyof Clay Whitehall retained twenty
six men as deputr sherllTs. who usually did
the lighting. Those deputies havo now been
dlspeised.lt being the aim of the ofllclnls to
quiet the town ns much as possible until tho
danger Is past
tun Down by n Hlcyrle Score her In Chi
cago and Injured Seriously.
Cult ton. 111, Juno '-.I Congressman U.S.
llnulcll is suffering from injuries caused by
being run down by a bicycle " scorcher" nt
Grand Boulevard and Torty -third street Ho
wns rendered unconscious hy the shock He
wns carried to hi residence in hvanston
nud placed In bod. He will be out enrly this
week, It Is expected. The accident, which
occurred several nights ago. wns kept
secret until yesterdny So serious wero
Mr Boiitell'e Injuries that he wns unconscious
for two hours after tlm accident nnd was not
rational tnr two day , but he Is now recovering,
though still confined to bis bed,
She Una ot Iteeu Seen hy Her Mother
Mine Tuesday nvenlng.
The Brooklyn police sent out a general nlarm
yesterday for Lillian Kerr, 18 years old.ot HO
Park avenue, who has been missing from her
homo since Tuesday evening last The girl Is
f teet f Inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, and
has light complexion, blue eyes, and brown
hair nhe wore a black skirt, vollnw waist, nud
white straw hat with dnik trimmings
Mrs Korr says sho cannot explain the girl's
absence At llrst she behoved sho hud gone off
with n young Cuban clgnrmaker. but since
Tuesday Mrs Kerr has seen tho young man,
who said he did not know where tho girl wns
iioxor.ri.u to observe jui.y v.
Iliithualnstle I'repnrntlnlia for the Celelirn
tlon There Thla Venr.
HiiNOLUt u, June IS, vln Snn Francisco, Juno
25.-The first Fourth of July hero under tho
American Hag is to hn mnde memorable by n
grent cebtiratlon throughout the lslnnds In
Honolulu there will be salutes morning and
evi uing, a groat parade, Held sports and a tall
In Iho evening Nn limit will he plncedonthu
expense, nnd the uffnlr will be ns heartily
Hipported by the Hnwnllnns ns by thn whites
Those w ho opposed nnnexntlnn in tho old dais
nro now all enthusiastic Americana,
Itrnkru Axle Illarka the Mew Ilnvrn Itoad,
The breaking of nn nlo In tho foromrtof
n freight train composed ot slxty-flvo cars
caused ft delay ot two hours nn the Hnrlem
division of tho Now York, New Haven nnd
Hnrtlnid llnllroad nt Buttuw Station, opposite
City island, yesterday afternoon 'lhocurwus
thrown ncross both trucks, completely block
ing nil trafllc The Now Ilnchelle trains espe
cially aullurcd, No ono was Ir'urod In tho
wreck. k
The Contest for the Semite, He Snys, Is
Long Un) Off, nnd He la ot Going to
Itnthrr About It nt 1 his Knrly Itny-Nol
n Holder or Dlnminid Mutrli stock. '
Wasiiimitiiv, June 2." Secretary Algor rs- '
turned to Washington from his Western trip
thlseveiilng 'lo Tut Srs rcnresciitntlve who '
asked him If he would resign from the Cabinet
In view nt his niinounccil candidacy for the
t'lilted Stntes Senate tn silcced Senator Mo
Mlllnn, the Hcoretnry said that he did not In
tend tn resign
"Why should I'" he nsked. "I cannot nn- t
derstnnd why It should be supposed that I
to leave the Cnblnet All men have their In- !
dlvldiinl views, and a Cabinet officer I not dlf
feient In that respect from the rest ot man j
kind I do not understand why It should be
snld that bcenuse I hnve certain views In my
candidacy for the Sennte thnt ns long ns I re
main in the Cablnnl those views are the view
of tho Administration I am not worrying '
myself nbout this contest In Michigan It Is a I
long wny nil, and I am not going to bother H
nbnut It nt this enrlv day Along nbout 1800
mv eldest snn, ltussell, came tb mc one M
day and asked mo tn attend the games ot N
the Detroit Athletic Association. Ho snld
that one of the members ot Hint club 11
was expected to win tho running broad U
jump, and ho wanted tne tn seo him I
dolt. So I went down to see thn gnmes. Th
Detroit man made what appeared tn mo to bo a
very good jump, but a mini from St Louis who
followed him went fully two feot further Then
ltussell turned In me and said, not very drn- !
mntleally 'Father, Bob ran ton far,' referring
to tho Detroit man 'Tell him tocomoovor
here,' I snld, nnd whf n Bob camo over ltussell
told Illm thnt bu had tnken such a long run
that when he came to make the jump ho didn't '
have the wind to do himself justice. 'Now,
Hob,' said ltussell, "whon you try again don't i
run mote than two-third ns fnr.' So Bob fol
lowed llussell'g advice and with plenty of wind
maden magnificent leap which won him tho
contest Do you see tho nppllcntlon to the
contest for Senator '"
Secretory Alger said thnt he knewof nothing
new concerning the situntlon In the Philip
pines He had not seen nny despatches from
Geu Otis slnco his return tn Wnshlngton. "Aa
for the reports ubout sending mote troops to
Gen Otis," snld the Secretary, "all 1 know
about It Is that before 1 went nvvavn telegram
wa sent to Gen Otis telling him that bo must
alwaia hnve n sufficient number of troop.
Hint nil he needed would bo sent tn him, and
asking him how in my were required. In
answer to that message Gen Oil said that he
was still of the opinion that .10.000 men wero
sufllclent for all purpose Gen Otis knows
how many men ho needs, and wo are depend
ing on his judgment "
In regard toe published statement thnt de
spite the nntl-triist platform on which he wilt
make his light for the Hniinte. Secretary Alger
was connected with the Diamond Mntcli Com
pany, tho so-cnlled Match Trust, the Heeretnry
said thnt tho statement was untrue Mo said
Ihnt the only connection bo ever hnd with any
match concern wns with the Illchardson Match
Compiny of Detroit. Ihls company hnd
failed, and nt tho solicitation of Mr,
C II Buhl, who, with General Algor.
was n director of the Dotmlt National Bank, a
credit tn the company nt tho hank was given
on the indorsement nf Air Buhl and himself.
Through this thn Illchardson factory was)
enabled lo start again, and several hundred
peoplo who had been thrown out of employ
ment were nut to work, Lntni nn Mr Hloti.
ardaon's credit wns extended, making n total
of the obligations assumed for him by Messrs.
Buhl nnd Alger JHfiOOO. The investment
yielded vory little, the prollts of Mr. Buhl
and Gen Alger being only J7.000 in two
yenrs. A number of match mnnufneturers.
nmong them O S. Itnrher of Akron. ()., who
afterward became Prcsblentof the Diamond
Match Company, formed n combination that
had been discontinued, by whleh tho several
companies were restricted In their sale to
certain prescribed territory The Illchardson
Company entered the combination, which
proved profitable, nml the obligations to Mr.
Hull) and Gen Alger were liquidated.
"I suppoethat the story thnt I nm connected
with the Diamond Match Company originated
from my lntoret In the niehardson Company,"
said tho Secretary "I never owned a dollar of
stock In the Diamond Match Company or had
anything to do with It "
Tho IlurzariPs How Stove by n Collision In '
the Strnlts nf nolle late.
Ht. John's, N F . Juno 25 Tho British gun
boat! Buzzard, which left here on Tuesday to
patrol the Trench shore In tho work ot fish
ery protection, struck an Iceberg on Friday at
inlifnjcht In the Straits of Hello Isle She was
going nbout ten knots The night was dark
nnd foggy nnd she ornahed intn a low lying
berg, loculiv termed a growler Tho oolllalon
stove hor stom. leaving a gnplng hole In tho
bows Thn fore compartment wn flooded,
nnd thn shock of the collision brought tho
whole crew of ISO men on deck
There was no contusion. Tho boat woro
manned and made ready for launching, tha
collision bullheads and door were closed and
f tangs were set nt thn pumps The ship was
leaded for the land whllo the ofllcers examined
the extent of tho damage It was found that
she could be kept iillfi.it bv temporary expe
dients Mntawero placed over the bow, the
hole was closed with hammocks hacked by
timbers, the gun were moved to tho stern, tha
broak elovated above water, and In this condi
tion shn mad her wav tn port Commodore ,
(llffanl otthe llngshlp Comus ordered the Buz
7.ardtogo Into dock hete to-morrow lor ro
pnlrs, which will occupy a fortnight It Is un
derstood that her Captain will undergo a court
mnrtlnl on tho arrival here ot Admiral Bedford
next month
Custom House Wna Looking for it 900,000
Nocklncr Talk nf nn Arrest.
Deputy Surveyor Dnnlol F. Dowllng said last
night that no time would bo lost in Inquiring
Intn tho history of the valunblo jewels and
Inces seized from Mrs Phyllis I Dodgo when ,
bIip arrived nn thn Ht Pnul on Saturday.
" To-morrow." said Mr. Howling, "the prop
erty will bo given to tho Collector, nnd will be ,
tnken by him to the l.nw Department. Tha ,
ovldencn In the ense will bo enrefully gone
over If thn Law Department decides thnt the t
case is a strong one and tho evidence is good,
the matter will be laid before the Grand Jury
direct If the evidence is not considered so
strong, the ense wl'l lie laid before Coiumls
slouei Shields He will then probably sum
mon Mrs, Dodge before hlin and rev lew tha
ense If, nfternn Investigation lie should de
cide that the selzuie was n proper one, Mrs.
Dodgo will be nrrested nnd iheenso will ha
put on tlie regular calendar '
A customs official said last night thnt tho 1
authorities Iind beon informed that Mr
Dodge, ill addition to tho jewelry seized,
would bring over with hei a single piece nf
jewelrv, snid tn lie a necklace, v lined at J ",
000 'I hey hud expetted to llud thia III her
possession, he snld
The llostou Itnuk Ittnilery Cmiipniiy lltirnrd
Out I our Flours Gutted.
Huston, June 2." Fire which started nt 10
o'clock tn-nlght gutted the four upper floors of
the Rlx-tory brick building nt the conur of
Pearl and Purch isn streets, and nlso damaged
to snmn extent three smaller blocks adjoining
on Purchase street The llro apparently
started In tho rear ot the ofllceof the lincri
can Illinium! ( nmjn fenm In; on tho second
lloor It did not spre id much until It had
eaten Its way to tho fourth floor, when
It spread tho whole length and breadth
of the building In n twinkling Four
alarms were sent In The fourth floor
and the floors nhnvo were occupied by tha
lloatnii Hook Bindery Company, nnd stored
with books und pamphlets in process of folding
nud binding This Inflammable material
burned so rapidl) thai the Humes had gnna
through the roof before the llromen made
much impression on th llro
Soon after midnight tho lire wns practically
under control The loss tn the building alone
will orohahlv reach tlno.oooandtho occupant
probably wlllloslf0,OoO,lnoludiug the valua
otthe books In process of binding Three hun- j
dred hands wcw employed by tho bludiuc
oinpauv. i i

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