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; THE SUN, TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 1890. 5
Altlinuih tlir Rap Was a Oftntln Onr, l
I'lnte on tlitt fori Hide Ahntt tlir fltrm
WnaDriitrd A Distinguished Tarty l'res
nt at the I.nnnrlilng -The Christening
t'rremiiiijr Wna 'rrormi'il bj I.ndr Itus
ell (ienernj Looks of tlir New Vncht.
ISp'ctat Culilt Di'paU to Tlie 8tm.
London, June i!fl. Blr Thomas Ltpton's
raoliiK cutler Hliamroolc, which win bitllt
tii anil nc.'iinst thu Columbia for tlio
America'. Cuii next full, was launched
tin- pfiniuu.in nt Samudn's yard, Mill
wall Th event vim conducted with tho
utmost prlvai-j. only a few of Blr Thomas
Lliton' friends being invited to be pres
ent Tho rurty assembled nt tho Hotel
Savoy, where lunolieon wa onten. after
wh r'h Hear Admiral Lord Charlrg Berei
, f"rd drnw thorn to tha wharf in hie conoli.
r Th gtioats Included the Mantuls of DulTtirln,
Cotnn.o.lote f tho lloynl I'Utor Vaoht Club,
tli mull winch thn challenge (or the con-(i-kt
mi" -n' to tho Vniv Yolk Yacht
Chi i. Hi.- ' ,irl .mil I ountws of I'lnn
wliiiam, Lord Charles Hereford, Lady
l:tixll of K'l iiwun, wife of thu Iord Chief Jur-
t i' !tu:Winl:th.. Hon. Lillian Huhtnll, Hon.
Hrliornliera McDonnell, SlrO K. I'hllllp. Her
bert I Ha Istone. V. . McArthur. M. 1' : W If.
Hliartiiun-Crawfoitl. II M. MeOlldonney. tlie
Ilnn.W. Walsh, Sir Thomas Ulbson-Cnrmlohael.
II 1', and lr. Armstrong
Thn rarty was welcomed at th wharf by Sir
Thomas I.lpton, Will Fife, the deidcner of
tho Minminek tlia lion Charles Itumsll and
Sir, Thnriivoioft. and shown over the new
boat, niter -vhloh l.ady ltiifisell monntod
a platMrm which ttoo 1 level with
th" vessel' bow, and with a bottle of chnm
paaneshe chriiteiipil the yacht as it becan to
mnn tm.nrd thn water, nt the same time
"Hod bless ou, nnd good luck to you. May
you In lite luck the cup."
Cheers w eru given as the boat glided Into tho
we'er. After tho launching the party as
remblcd In the tent in the mrd, where
ten was served Mr. Olndstone toar-ted
the yacht nnd wished her luck Sir
Thomas I.lpton, he said, hnd earnod tho
gt itlttide of "every man and woman In the
United Kingdom by his spirited action in chal
let.ging for tlie cup.
Sir Thomns responded He complimented
Messrs l'lfe nnd Thornyeroft and the work
men who hnd been employed in the con
ftiiii'tlnn of thn Shamrock. He said that
V ever) body realized I lie Krent Intent nnd
skill of their cousins across the wnter,
nnd if fortune decided against the Sham
rock tlie Hrltlsh would bo the first to
congratulate them upon possesses the
belter bont, nnd therefoie entitled to
Y all credit for thoir victory, Kevertholeas,
he hoped that the cup would return to
'" "J England this time. In which case he knew
tlv vei vbody horo would Klve ns good and as
h er' i icceptlon to the Americans coming to
ti . iceovur It as he anticipated from them
The work of Inuuchlng the yacht was begun
by knocking the blocks awny at 3:20 o'clock.
When this wns done thore was some delay In
t arlng clown the sides of the house which cov
ered her. so thatshe could pass freely At3:40
o'clock the Shamrock slid Into the water In her
cradle, which she cleared about thirty yards
from the shore.
The tug Kxcelslor In going up to take the
Bh.tmrock's tnwllne ran Into the yacht, making
a deep dent In her port side.
The now boat flew Sir Thomas Llpton's
Mac green, with a gold square bearing a green
shamrock in the centre at her low, nnd
' ' the royal ensign floated aft. The Shamrock
was towed across the river to the South Dock,
where sle will ship her steel mast. There was
gi eat cheering as tho boatalld Into the water.
ge&a Sir Thomas I.lpton came to the yard on
"fcV board a tug whloh was gay with bunting and
streamers. The boats whloh were In the vi
cinity wore mostly occupied by reporters and
e i photographer, with a low public spectators.
As tho boat was launched a small pleasure
bont In the river capsized, but Its occupants
were all picked up and landod safely.
Some years ago Thomas Clnphamof Roslyn,
Long Island, showed, or rather handed, a
model of one of his yacht to John Herreshoff,
, the blind boatbullder of Bristol, Rhode Island.
, It Is well known to most yachtsmen
I thnt Clnnham has produced very fast boats,
J and that his theory of design has been based
J on the skimming of a boat over the top of the
MLu water rather than ploughing through It by
H brute force. When John Herreshoff had han-
' died Clnpham's model he handed It back with
till remark:
"If you will just hang a lump of lead well
down from your model, Tom. you will be on
the right track "
This little Incident shows clearly how Herre
hofT hnd mnde up his mind concerning the
canoe body with n lump of lead hanging
down underneath mnny years before Edward
I Burgess of Boston came Into prominence. It
also shows that If yachtsmen had ordered thoir
racing boats from Bristol Instead of Boston
they would have got the Columbia type of yacht
Instcndof the Puritan, Mnvflowerand Volunteer
tpee The first time the Horreshofls had a
real opening they produced the Oloriana and
the Urusilla. which beat -10 and even 50-footera
as far bnek ns 1H01 orlWi'-'.
Another point worth mentioning In connec-
' tlon with th launch of the Shamrock to-day
Is tho coming Into the field of ex
pert hulldors of torpedo boats as yaaht
builders. The nerroshoCf theory of
(design is nccepted, and chief among
those who accept it Is the designer of
the Shnmrock. Will Fife, who has boldly
taken his type from the Oloriana, and It
is snfe to say that he has shown no origi
nality that will mark a new departure
in design. Whatever extraordinary fea
tures the Shamrock mny possess In the way of
eonstructlon are not yet Known, but If nny
such features exist, which Is doubtful, they
nro mntters thnt will clvo to American yachts
men no uneasiness. To those who appreciate
5 the battle In eonstructlon between the Thorny-
crofts nnd the Ilerreslioffs, however, this
phase of the coming struggle for the
America's Cup Is Interesting. As a Pas
teur will reveal startling truths to
physicians nnd completely reform medical
trcnlmontof disease so will a Thornyeroft or
a Herreshoff apply sclentlllc manipulation of
the metals to increase the speed of a racing
The maximum length of a single sticker to
oompete for the America's Cup Is fixed nt
ninety feet by the deed of gift. This is tlie
starting iolnt. The next thing to settle Is the
amount of canvas to be used. It is possible
, In a ninety-footer to go to suoh an extreme in
"fj oanvas that the yacht would be practically use-
' less owing to physical Inability to handle the
enormous sails, together with the difficulty of
, 1 getting spars to stand the strain and at the
same time hold their rigidity It being de
olded how fnr It is snfe to go with the canvas,
the designer models his hull to fit his sail
sp- sad. Hnd then comes the scientific and ma
thematical problem of cuttlug off weight In
construction, at which same both the Herres
hoffs and Thornyeroft are masters.
In considering the Shamrock, It must be
" temomherod that neither her construction
not her under-WHter body Is as yet
known to the public. Many statements
hnvo been cabled to tho United Slates on
both these subjects, but they have been
wild guesses Some of them mny be right and
attain they mnv tie wrong The correspondent
of Tub Sf does not pro!, ml to offer positive
laMs In relation n i-ltlier. The yacht
was launched with canvns covering her
lines except her piollles, nnd nobod
bus made nn) stuteinont about the
. , features thnt her owner wishes cone -'ed that
Is worth anything. That her topsldea are
I made of soft metal would seem to be
shown by the dent In tho bow given to her
by tha tus that towed her across ths
dock Just after tho launching. Tho tug but
her a very gentle rap. yet It dented In the port
bow about two feet abaft the stem Inaolean
dent about six Inches long. It seemed as
though shn was made of tin, so easily did the
bow yield to the jar of the tug.
Below the waterllne the yacht Is bright col
ored nnd her platen look like bronze. Whatever
It Is, It Is surely n beautiful lob of plating, the
work being ns smooth as glass. Her topsldos
are palntod n light green, with a narrow gilt
stripe n foot below tho dock. Below tha water
llne she shines like a new penny. As n matter
of fnct, thn material that forms tho plating
Is not ns Important as the construc
tion and shape of tho keel. There
must be somn special reason for
all thn secrecy thnt has been onforoed concern
ing tho keel. Them can scarcely be a 'loubt
that hero Fife has Introduced somo featuro
which, while not necessarily original, ha Is
especially anxious to conceal as long as
A person In no way connected with Blr
Thomas I.lpton or Messrs, 11 fo and Thorny
eroft hnppenoil to get a position to the side
and very near to tho Bhnmrockasshonlld down
thn railway Into the water. He describes tho
yacht ns cut away more than any boat of
hor slro heretofore. Her stern post surely
inkes more than the Columbia's, and shn must
have considerably less lateral plnno above the
water As sho now rests above her linos sho
looks to be nil beam. Shu positively looks fat,
Thu design is certainly that of the Ulorlann,
without (llorlnna's refinement.
The Shamrock's beam Is not less than twenty-five
feet, and may go six or eight Inches
over thnt, F.ven twonty-slx feet would
not be surprising after the deck was
looked at from above. Her greatest beam
Is just abaft of amidships, and goes
nft to n wide stem and forward to a full bow.
When she settles down to her designed lines
her freeboard will bo four feet. Her
sides am straight nud do not tumble
home, ns has been reported. The sheor
is nearly straight ns well, and when
ono is far enough away to take her in and the
beam cannot be seen the shear Is pleasing.
Tho stern starts downward with a sharp In
curve and then slightly reverses and curves
outward ns It goos toward thn keel.
Tho bows aie ugly and will spank nnd
splash the water like nn exaggerated Oloriana.
Thov are full, and, as she now rests above her
lines, they need only a big mouth to make
them resemble a huge shark.
The nfter body Is also full. It looks like
the after end of a duck, and If a duck had
long tall feathers cut off a trifle rounding
at the ends the comparison would not be
altogether out of the way. The after
body sems to sn.uat In the water, but
notwithstanding this tho run Is olean and tho
counter pleasing to thn eye, although not so
finely moulded ns the Columbia's, as would
appear from photographs of the latter when
she was launched.
The Shamrock will come just under 00 feet
on the wnter line. Sho Is 130 feet over all. with
'Jl feet overhang aft and about 10 feet for
ward. Her bowsprit Is In plnce and Is
33 feet outboard nnd nbout 8 feet on deck.
The mast will be stepped about 30 feet from
ths forward end of the water lino. The hollow
steel, or, as It Is reported, aluminum, mast lies
alongside on the wharf, and Is 75 feet from
deck to hounds, with 10 feot of masthead. It
Is three-sixteenths of nn Inch thick.
It in safe to say that tho Shamrock's'kee! will
be shorter than thn Columbia's and will not
weigh as much. Fife seoms to have preferred
beam and a fairly hard bilge for stability In
stead of lead or other metal In the keel.
. The draught of the Columbia and Shamroek
nppenrs to be about the some. Fife has fol
lowed the same channel as Herreshoff In giv
ing to the Shamrock a flat floor, and hasprob
ably gone one better with more hollow In the
turn from the floor toward the keel.
In a general way the difference between the
Shamrock and Columbia seems to be that
while Fife has hung his lead from a
dingy, Herreshoff has hung his from n
canoe. In this, of course. Herreshoff Is
only cnrrylng nearer to perfection his
theory of a fin-keel type, while Fife Is trying
to do the same thing with more boat abovo
the water than the fln-keel type actually sug
gests. In rig it looks as though Herreshoff would
have a larger mainsail and less headsall
than Fife, and there Is scarcely any douht
that the Columbia will have to glvo
the Shamrock a comfortable allowance
of time, according to the rules of the
New York Yacht Club. In saving his time
allowance Fife has always been cleverln Amer
ican waters, but It has been with smaller boats.
Yachtsmen will remember that noted
declaration of Gen. Paine, that it was
contrary to the laws of nature for the
Minerva to win In thn 40-foot class, yet
the laws went on going to the contra
ry nnd remained contrary until Herreshoff
hung his little lump of lead from his canoe.
If experience this year shows that the
practical limit of sail spread on a ninety
footer has about been reached, the
races for the America's Cup will become
mors and more a question of actual
sailing nnd handling the boats. No mat
ter what special material may have been
used In the construction of tho Sham
rock It can safely be said that the cutting of
weights has about reached Its limit. Possibly
ovents mny demonstrate that they have been
cut too much already. In whloh case there will
be a reaetion In fnvor of the safe side.
Now thnt the Shamrock has como out Into
view, however, It certainly seoms. In view of
her probably smaller sail nrea than tha
Columbia, that her excessive beam Is
against her being as truly a repre
sentative of what have proved the fastest
types of racing yacht as the Columbia One
looks 1m van nt the Shnmrock to see his Ideal of
a 00-foot fin keel. The sleek, refined, graceful
lines are wanting. As you view the boat from
the end of her bowsprit along the deck she looks
reasonably well, but when you bo alongside and
examine her carefully she appears to
be too fat. No other word describes It.
Of course, her fulness and beam would have
no special significance to American yachtsmen
if it was not believed that Nat Herreshoff Is on
the right trnck In speed and has set up definite
standards by which to judge.
After Burgess had been trying for years to
drive bulky hulls through the water by brute
force, Nat Herreshoff came tothe front to show
how to apply the same amount of canvas to
a hull thnt Is to a Burgess yacht like
a greyhound to a setter. Ho no one can be
blamed for emresslng disappointment In the
Shamrock when he has seen tho creations of
Herreshoff. It was believed until now
that Flfo would be in form to come
nearer the goal to whloh Herreshoff
is making However, there will be more
lleht on the Shamrock when shn tries her
legs, although ev en then her performances will
meaa little until she runs up against her real
antagonist. When sho meets tho Columbia It
will bo seen whether a Clapham bouncer type
of a pumpklnsead, with her mysterious ballast,
will get away from a true type of tho fin keel,
rttimnre About Shamrock.
Somn of the best Informed members of the
New York Yacht Club were discussing the
Shamrock yeHterday In the clubhouse, nnd
they thought from tumors that had
been heard of the boat's construction
thnt thn ehnllenuer for the cup wis
possibly a eentrebonrdfr. It seemed to bo
very genernlly believed that the hull wns
very shoal draught and the keel of the fin type,
but It was also thought that the new boat
would hae a centrnbonrd, which would make
her very much like the Jubilee, It Is known
that William Flfo has been opposed to suoh
deep keels as have been built in thn last few
years and that he has probably compromised
on the deep drought by putting in n board
One jachtsman who Is a great admirer of the
cciitrelHisrd said "I shall not be at all sur
prised If thu Shnmrock hns n board, but I am
iry much in doubt about thu ability of
the I'nclish to hang one right and to
use it pioperly If they have one. If the
Shamrock has uot a board I can't understand
why there should be so much secrecy about
her model. If she has a board and they use it
properly we shall have a close call for the cup."
a or.irtsn ihet.in notsxa nm rES-
She Anchors Among thn YFarsliIpe at New
port nnd Will ltnen the Defender Over
an Outside Course To-Iny llemly to
Hall for thn Speclnl Cup on Monday.
NKwronT. H, I Juno 20. Columbia Is booked
for a morn extonded trial to-morrow with Do
fender than thn little brush of Sundny, nnd a
lively raco Is expected over an outMda course
off this port. Columbia was formally turned
oertoC Oliver Iselln by tho Horreshoffs lata
this afternoon nt Bristol, nnd was then towed
to this port by the St. Mlchnule. She In In com
mission, fully rigged and equipped, and looks
fit for nny racing thnt mny como her way.
On Wodnesday morning she will leave for
New London, whore Mr. Iselln will soo tho
Harvard-Yale rnces, nnd then tnko the yacht
to Now York for thn first formal racethero.
To-night she In nnchorcd with tho warships
outside of Goat Island, nnd Is ready to sail ns
early ns need bn to-morrow.
Tho morning nnd early afternoon In Bristol
harbor, whero Columbia swuni: at nnchor,
wns spent by hor crew In sottlnc sails
under tho direction of N. O. HeriosholT.
Tho mainsail was htretched out more
nnd was Improved n llltlo In looks over
Its really flno fit during Sunday's nail.
Hnllmaker Hathaway aUo watched It cntefully
Ho says with truth thnt It Uthe finest snil bo
ever turned oat. A little cuil In tho leech that
was arpnrent Sunday hns disappeared, nnd
Mr. Hathaway bolleves that the sail will
set well onouch without the need of
battens, although thorn are pooknts for
five of them In the leech. Tho sail shows three
rows of reef points, although the pennants
hnvo not been tied In. The first reef will be n
smnll one llko those In thn mainsails of tho two
Valkyries, showing that tho lesson of 'Ofi. whan
Vnlkyrle'a small reef sorved her better than
Vlgllant'a larsor one, hns not been forgotten.
Speclnl nttentlon was paid to the set
ting of the two club topsails and to
stretching them Into shape so far as
could be done nt nnchor The Inrger one I
scorned to set very well, but the
smaller lookod decidedly baggy In tlie leech
In the meantlmo a few Herreshoff workmon
were putting finishing touches to deck and In
terior fittings. Mr. Iselln was a close observer
of all that wns going on, nnd wns aboard tho
Columbia much of the time.
The scene In Bristol harbor whon Columbia
for the first time flow hor owners' pennant
wns worth putting on canvns. The last bright
sunlight of a porfect Juno afternoon was
shining full on Columbia, brlnglag "out
every detail of her perfect hull, taut i
rigging nnd nent sails, while as a
background was the lovely Bristol shore, with
its grand old trees and half-hidden houses.
Flnlkhlna bits of color were gleu hv the sig
nals, that began with the lowering of the Hei
reshoff blue whip nnd thu llnal sending up of
the New York hurree and the blue abonco
tine ns Mr. Iselln and his party left the yacht
Just before 0 o'clock thn Inst Herreshoff
workman had climbed down Columbia's side
and irono ahore. The yacht was then boarded
by Mr Iselln and his trio of racing friends,
lie was also accompanied by N U Herre
shoff, representing the builders of the
boat Tho formal transfer was n simple mat
ter. "The bont Is yours." said Mr. Herreshoff,
and hardly were tho words out of his mouth
before the little blue raclog whip that had been
fluttering at Columbia's topmast bend wns
hauled down and was replaced by Mr. Iseiin's
private signal of rod and black. At the same
time n brnnd new ynclit ensign woe unfurled
from the stnff at the stern, and the yaoht wns
fully In commission.
Knrly In tho afternoon Mr. Iselln was called
upon by tho nowsnaper men, and announced
Ills programme ns follows:
" Wo snail race with tho Defender to-morrow
outside, off Newport, and expect to leave for
Now London Wednesdny morning and see the
Harvard-Tale races
"The Columbia will then sail for New Bo
chello and will be ready to race for that $2.10
cup whenever the New York Yacht Club's He
gatta Committee says the word I am ready
to race Monday. July 3, if the committee fix
upon that date " ....
In response to an expression of satisfaction
at the speed shown by Columbia yesterday, Mr.
Iselln said: " Yos. shn wus Bolnc fast yestor
day. It Is true, but we shall get her going
fnster before we are through."
Mr. Iselln seemed thoroughly satlsfled with
the way things aro now'golng on the Colum
bia, and looks as though all tho trouble
and disappointment nt delays had been
forgotten In satisfaction at getting his
boat nnd finding her so speedy.
Later in thn afternoon Mr Iselln received the
papers containing the story if the accident to
the Shamrock at her launching, and expressed
his regret nt the unfortunate event
Tho trip down the bay wan uneventful, The
Colnmblnwas tnken safely out of Bristol hat- ,
bor under tho pilotage of Mr Ilerreshoff, and
brought alone at fair speed toher anchorage, '
which wns reached just before H o'clock Mr. I
Herreshoff will be on board her In the race to
morrow. i
Defender was out for a sail this afternoon
w4th club topsail up She went outside nt
llrst. but later went up tho bay ns If looking
for Columbia, and then returned to her anchor
age. Naxnhoedld not go nut to-day, ns a new
suit of sails wns being bent on hor. Sho may
be seen In the " scrnp to-morrow.
(Or.ViiniA'.l FIRST RACK
Will Prohnbly Ue Soiled On" Sandy nook
July O.
S, Nicholson Kane, Chairman of the Itegattn
Committee of tho New York Yncht Club, wns
at Newport yostcrdny trying to nrrango for the
first race between Columbia and Defender
Tills taeewasto have been sailed off Handy
Hook next Saturday, but the many delays that
have occurred havo made It almost Impossible
for the two boats to meet on thn day set
C Oliver Iselln on Sunday said that the two
yachts would come here to race for the speclnl
$250 cup next Monday Tills plan does not
suit the members of the club, who saythat rac
lng on Monday will Interfere with their holi
day nlans. Monday is a holldaT on tho
Stock Kxchanue and.manv of the clubmen
will go out of town next Friday or Saturday
and remain awny over the Fourth The clubs
will probr.hlv hnve a steamer for the use of
members who wish to witness the race, anil
it is thought that their convenience should
be considered. It was said last night thnt the
first race would probablv- be set for Thursday.
July il. Secretary J S Oddle wns nt tho
elubhouse until a late hour last night waiting
for a despatch from Mr Kane, but it did not
onme. and tho official announcement will not
be made until to-day,
A cunrnnATios with a soul.
Uot a Judge to Free a Illthonest Employee
and Onvn Him Work Acnln.
Richard Mitchell, who for eighteen years was
In the employ of the Brooklyn Heights Rail
road Company, plended guilty In the County
Court. In Brooklyn, yestorday to an Indictment
charging him with stealing $24.1 from the com
pany, "It has often been snld thnt corporntlons
hnve no souls," said Judge Asplnnll, "nnd nro
hardened to Instincts of mercy In your case,
Mitchell, It has proved different, fnr the Brook
lyn Heights Railroad Company, which you
robbed, taking into consideration your long
and faithful services, has been most strenuous
In seeking a suspension of sentence nnd has
Sromlsod to take you bnek into its employ,
entencn is suspended, and you cun go."
lintel Thief nets Four Vnnrs.
George Brune, who the police say Is one of
the worst hotel thieves In thn country, wns ar
raigned in Pnrt I. of tho Onnernl Sessions yes
terday to plead to five separate Indictments
charging him with grand larceny, Under
promise that Judge Newburger would suspend
sentence on four of the Indictments Bruno
plesdnd gulltv to one charging him with steal
ing $200 worth of jewelry on May 11 from
Daniel WoodhoiiHo. a guest at the Hotel I'.ndl
cott. For this ho was Hentenced to four ycais
in State prison mong those who suffered
by Uruno st hefts wns Olssloliftus, the actress.
I)r I.rx Snlle Institute Commencement,
Th commencement cn "rcises of De I.a Kalln
Instltuto were held yosterday afternoon In the
Star Theatre. Thern wore eight graduates
from tho academic department and nine from
the commercial department. Tho Rev. Michael
J, Lavelle presided and delivered an address
tothe graduating elnssen F.ss ivs were read
by Fram Is J Barry. John A McKenna nnd
Joseph M Dowllng The Institute dramatic
club presented ' Hamnn and Pythian."
A War Trophy for Newark.
Tho Spanish gun Marques de Ustnrls. one of
euveral which guarded thn entrance to San
tiago's hnrlior. nud whloh has been loaned to
the city of Newark by the War Department,
arrived there yesterday Tho gun will be
placed In Military Park on July 4.
sruEhviut ii'v.s ;.s i unit:
Ziegler So Wnli In Seventh Ilnund Thnt
Hie Hpniign Is Thrown t'p.
The twenty-round bout betweun Owon Zlcg
ler nnd Charley McKoevor, two well-known
Philadelphia pugilists, came to an nbrupt end
In tho seventh round at the Coney Island '
Sporting Club last night. Zleglor was In bad
straits, and rather than seo him get knocked ,
out, one of his seoonda threw up the spongo. I
Tho llrst appenrnnce of ex-Champion Bob
l'itzsliumons since lie was dethroned by Jim j
Jeffries proved quite a tnncni t. Fltz got a
lousing reception. Dnn Illckeynctedns referee
"Crocker" Boylo of Philadelphia faced
Tommv Moran of Brooklyn In tho first pre- '
llmlnary bout of ten l minds nt 12H pounds.
The decision was n drnw.
Jerry Marshall, tho colored Australian, took
thu place of Obllu Lenny of Philadelphia In thu
next tilt of ten rounds. He faced Frank
Patterson of Brookln, and the pnlr clashed
nt catch weights The decision, which wns a
drnw, wns hissed.
After n lull of ten minutes ex-Champion Bob
Fltzslminons and Dnn Hlckey entered the
ring. "Lankv Bob" was a trifle fnt, but this
did not nppnrently handicap him, for h.
inoM.d about with considerable speed. Of I
course ho could not show his reni form 1
nBaiiit llickey. who wns slow and cumbersome
McKeev er and Zli'gler were In the ring at ex
actly 11 o'clock McKeover's seconds wure Jim
Filgerald. Joe Duncan nnd Steve I'lnnngnn
Zlngler's handlers were Andy Walsh, John
I.awson and Jake Stem. Thoy fought at i
catch weights. Zleuler was said to bo
IMl iiounds and McKeever 1 13 pounds. They ,
agreed to break clean witli no bitting In the '
clinches. No tune, was lost In Idle sparring.
MoKeever forced matters, driving Zleg- '
lur to the ropes, Owen escaped a lot I
of poworful swings
Ziegler's speed eldently left him In the
fourth. He wns tired nnd hnd nil lie could do
fo hold bl hands up. McKeever wns strong ami
shot out the left. Ininlltig with material effect
Zlegler directed his nttiek to Mne's stomach In
tlm fifth. McKeever tried tlie nmi thing and
was mom successful 7lcgler did not relish
the smashes, fur hn clinched vtilllnglv
They played for each other's wind In the sixth
McKeever used a left uppercut. nud it
struck Owon Invnriably near the solnr
plexus Although tired. Zlecler came
back with ponderous swings, which near
ly put .MoK.-ever down. Mcheever swung the
left on Ziegler's eve In the seventh Ziceler
returned nnd made an effort to mix It up His
steam was all spent and a few good wallops In
the stomach weakened him At the next effort
McKeever sailed In. He caught Ziecler with
nil his might in the pit of the stomach, and
botli went to tho floor with McKeever on top
At this stnge of the light Andy Wnlsh, one
oT Zlegler'H seconds, threw n towel In thu
ring. Zlegler did not notlco this, and nroso
In a dazed way
As McKeever was about to walk ncross the
ring to his chair Zlegler suddenly stood
up nnd smashed Mac on thu jaw, stag
gering his rlvnl. F.verybodv grew ex
cited then, nnd when it seemed as If a
free-for-nll fight would ensue Police
Cnpt Kennv nnd two policemen ordered
thu men from thu ring
ratnnr fired the nr.viwfre
Preninture I'mirth of July Gives Spuyten
lluvvll a Shnke-t'ii.
Freddy Menke. 10 years old, who lhei nl
Sidney nnd Trov streets, Spuvten Duvvil, wns
shooting firecrackers with his 7-yexr-old sister,
Hilda, yestorday Contractor Clmrles W Col
lins ba heen doing a good deal of blasting up
there In the last three enrs. euttlnc Knppock
avenuo through from Spujten'Duyvil Tarkway
. to Johnson avenue. The new avenue Is high
up on the hl'l between KlnBslitidco nnd Spuy
i ten Duyvil. Last of the Parkway Collins liad'a
storeof dynamitein nllttlekennel-llko liut.four
fset high It was about eventy-flve feet from
the home'of .T.'Frederlck Menke. father of
Freddy Mr. Menke Is in Chicago nnd Mrs.
Menke was downtown yesterday afternoon.
Freddv nnd Hilda had the' dynamite nnd flre
orackers and plenty of punk and matches all
to themsehe.
O M Roden. station pgent nt Spuvlen Duy
vil. wns knocked off hs chair to the tloor when
these elements Bot together nt 4-4." o'clock.
He jumpod into a Imibbv nnd got up the bill In
about three minute-. There wasn't nnv dyna
mite stornce but. and the houses nnd Imiih
round nhrut looked as though they had been
In the wars. Meuku's fence wns down, Freddv
was Inside the gale lvinir on his lace, stunned
He enme nround ill rlBht Hilda wns In the
house under a bed. The children said they Irtd
set the grass a II re. V. ben Fredy enw the lire he
thnuulu'of the dynamite nnd'tnok the little clrl
bv the hind! to run nnd get under that bed
. Shn seems to have got aheid of him. Tho
Mviike'burn'wns all but wrecked and the cell
i Inge nnd chandeliers In Ihc house were dam
aged The former home of Henry Steers was dn maged
There arc four Johnson inniilles In the neigh
borhood, (illbert A. James V Arthur i. and
i Isaac It., all interested In a foundry nt Kings
bridge. In their cottages windows were
In iken and ceilings loosened. Others whose
prupertv suffered nre (1. M. Roden, John Tiet
ien, W. H (lenerlch. Walter Cox. A V. Schlaet,
11. ale. Mitonln Cnracclll, a policeman In
Brooklyn: Wllllnni Wallace. Charles Wolfro.n,
Orleans l.ooBnere. Robert Stevenson and Alex
I nndcr Leslie The extent of the damage
I rungs from a few pnues of broken gluss to
. il.mxi In loosened maeonry and shattered
Police Captain Sehmlttbereer conclndod to
srreit Freddy for violating the corporation or-
j dlnance prohibiting the exploding of Are-
I crackers within tho cltv limits. John Tletjen
I ballod him out and took clmrizo of him until
, his mother came home. At the stutlou house
'he Serirenut did nut know whether nr not Col.
Hum had a permit to store dynnmlto wherever
i he pleased between Spuy'en Duyvil and Klacs-
Tim MEX HELD FOR 4 H'O.tf .4 .V'.S 7)17.4 TII
Sin. Lnyton Was Found Iend nn the Floor
by Her i lilldren.
Fukf.iioi p. N. J.. Juno 2(1, -Mrs. Mary Ann
Lnyton, who lived In the Pine region, near
Bmlthburg, wns found dead at her homo on
fiaturdny morning. It hns been shown that
her death was duo to violeneo, and William
Hendrlckson nnd Oeorge Taylor, both of the
same district, who were with her Hie day nnd
oveulng tiefore, were arrested nud locked up In
thn county jail for eomplielH In the crime
Mrs La) ton was a widow with three lit t lo
On Fiiday she wsnt huckloberrylng. Ac-
. cording in the testimony of her oldest boy she
i brought Hendrlckson and Taylor home with
I her 'I he boy sins that when he went to bed
only one of thn men was them, and that
, his motliei sat with lilui on the f tout
I porch. In the morning the children f- nnd
, their nii.ilier dead upon ihc lloor of
1 the sitting room Her bodv was almost
nude They rtn In tell tho neighbors
ami a plusli'un was summoned Horn this
' place, llfs examination hhowed thai an as-
siull bad cnu-cil t h. u.niiaii - death Hcu-
di leksnn rind Ta lor both acknowledged being
I nt .Mrs l.nvton'B house on I'rld-iy nlglit
j I'olsoneil lluihnnd nets Well.
j Notwithstanding the predictions that he
would novnr recove., mnde by numerous phy-
; siclnns who examined him ilur.ng II. long
i sickness, Anton Probltskv, the Pole who wis
I'likoneil almost tun vear ago bj his wife,
1 Milium 1'rebltsky, nnd liei i.irnmniirK, Inhn
and ilniu llojnnckl, lids become cunvalescent.
, laterda) lorenoon lis left the Hudson County
I Almshouso at Snake Hill to return lo his
home In the foreign colony at Constable Hook,
Jiuyonne Tlie llojnnckl brothers nnd thn
woman nre now serving terms iu the Statu
prison at Trenton,
' y'
Harvard Coach Thinks Time Too Short
Work of the Itlvals on Tlinmes.
Oai.k'h F'Ennr, June 20. All the crows at
Rtondview nnd Red Top were out on the rivor
nt an early hour this morning. T ho water
was very cnlm and scarcely any wind pre
vailed. Yale's 'varsity crew started up the rivor
nt II o'clock, Coachers Oallaudot, Cowles and
Bolton following In the launch. Short stretches
wero taken and somo advice was given by
Coach Uallaudet on blade work. The row
ing wns very satlsfnctory, tho eight stalwnrt
onrsmen leaning forward and catching tho
water with rhythmic precision. The cedar wash
boards were put on nil the Ynlo shells by John
Kennedy this morning, so that the men would
be nccustomed to them by Tbursdny. Ynle's
freshman crow nnd the 'varsity four spent some
tlmo off the boat house, tho latter receiving
instruotions from Dr. Bolton. Cross and
Greenway. who wore replaced by Patterson
and Cameron, gave up training this morning
nnd left by train for New Haven.
The Yile four nro rowing fairly well, but It
Is doubtful If any ono oon be found nbout
tho quarters to back them iu tho two-mile
contest with the crack Crimson four. The lat
ter were on tho river at 10 o'clock and rowed
two miles on time, covering tho distance In 12
minutes 40 seconds, according to their own
statement. Coxswain Howe, in speaking of
this crew, said thnt It was not rowing in the
lino form It showed last week, nnd that it would
hnvo to brace up If It expected to win the sec
ond evont on Thursday.
Coach Jim Rodgnrs. who trained the Yale
freshmen crew which bent Harvard nnd Cornell
Inst year on the Thames, wan asked by a Sun
reporter to-night what chances his present
crew had of winning. "Well," he replied, "tho
freshmen this vear are rowing remnrknbly
well, nnd I consider tliera ns Hue a crew ns nnv
ever sent from Yalo. Although last yenr's
freshman crew won by a close mnrgln this
eight Is far superior In Its watermanship The
erew last year did not get tngutber until the
i last day, In fact thu last minute In the race, and
j surprised uvory one.
Payne Whitney, who wnsenptain of Inst year's
1 'varsity eight and who Is nsslstingt'oach Dodg
ers In getting tho fresh men In shape, also stated
I ton Si's reporter to-niclit that he had great con-
" ucu in the youngsters. Thoy pull evenly
and clean and gnt considerable tpoed out of
thnlrbout The shell to be used by tho fresh
nion Is tliu Clasper crnft built for the 'varsity
erew Inst j ear, but never Used in the contest
with Harvard and Cornell on account of the
crew Pelng too heavy lor her.
During the morning practice of tlie Harvard
'varsity crew Coach (lallaudet and Cnpt Allen
of Yale weio Interested spectators on tho
launch Frank Tboiupsou, having gouu
down to seo the crew on ("apt. Hlegln-
sun's Invitation The Crimson crew gave an
inhibition of f'ist row Inu, anil tho New Haven
I experts said nflerthev camo ashore that Hai-
vaid has certainly got together a lino sot of
oarsmen and that Thur-d.iy's race ought to be
I n very close contest
i Harvard's 'varsitv crew gave another trial
i tothe uck Davis skiff this morning, Broker
I Smith and the Davis brothers having spent
i nearly all the time since tho trial lain jester
i day ulternomi In putting tho craft in
condition After n few stretches had been
1 pulled upand down the river, the men found
. tti.it thev were not resting comfortnbly In tho
i shell A note wns made of their respective
l complaints, and thn builders tackled the rig
ging again The Crimson freshmen weie sent
nbove ale's qnnrters for their morning prac-
tiee, but did not appear to have their usual snap.
. 1 Ids afternoon Coach J J Storrow arrived
I from Boston and nt tl o'clock he enteied tho
I launch with L. (' storrow, (I. S. Muinford and
"Pat" Donovan It was the Intention to have
I the two eights row a friendly brush over a
half mile and the freshmen weru tho
llrst to puddle over to the sterling stake,
i the 'varsity appearing a few minutes later.
While the freshmen wern walling Coach
Slnrrovv had them practice starts, and the
buys were 111 good trim w hen tlm 'varsity crew
ranged alongsido. Mr. Slot row asked. "Are
)ou ready'' 'nud an instant later gave tho
word "Go"'
i Both eights caught the water sharply and
I hung together until the hnlf-mlln ling drew
1 neat, when the 'varsity spurted nnd led tho
. freshmen by half n boat's Hengtli at the stake.
The seniors wero rowing In their new Cam
bridge shell.
After the hnlf-mllo brush tho Dav Is shell was
ordered out for another trial, and the oarsmen
said the alterations made wero a great Im
provement nnd that they could work with
more Ireedom
" How do you find the craft, ('apt Hlggins?"
asked Coach Storrow through tlie megaphone.
" It runs very hiuoothly," replied thueaptuin.
" Well, line up off the hoathouse and have
another go at the freshmen down stream ror
half a mile "
The boats were stxrted evenly and both
is due not only to the originality nnd
simplicity of tlio combination, but also
to tlie care nnd skill with which it is
manufactured by hcientillu processes
known to the Cai.ifohnia Fio Syiiup
Co. only, nnd we wish to impress upon
all tlie Importance of purehiibiufr the
true and original remedy. As tlie
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by tlio Califounia Fio Srnui Co.
only, n knowledge of that fact will
nssist one in avoiding tho worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The hih standing of the Cam
FortMA Fio Syiiup Co. with tho medi
cal profession, and the i.atisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other luxutlres,
as it acts on tho kidneys, liver and
bowels without irrltutin;? or weaken
ing them, nnd it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company
crews pulled for nil they wero worth. The
'vnrsltv men splashed considerably and the
boat rocked at tho start, but it soon set
tled down and the orovv npparently rowed as
smootlih as they did in thu Davy shell.
This tlmo tlio froshmen held the 'vnrslty until
the half mile was covered and also kept on a
line with the new shell on a brush baek
to thn bouthouie The coaches detected
nervousness In tho movements of the
'varsity eluht and thought this had a great
deal to do with their foiluroto forgo ahead of
the fresiimnn boat Had tha inun been no
eu.stonud to tho new craft they belloveil the
murgln between the crews In the half mile
would hnve been lncrened considerably more
than it was when tlie Davy shell was used
The conchers stnted to-night, nfter the crewe
hnd llnlshed thelrprnetlco, that in nil probabil
ity tlie now Davis shell would not be used In the
'varsity raco Thursday nfternoon. The boat Is
believed to bo n very fast one, but the time Is
too short for the crew to tnke the chances
of rowing n race In It. Tho crnft stood up well
to-night, running along evenly.nnrl only a slight
drop could be noticed when the crew was rowing
at full speed. Thu failure to usu thu boat will
undoubtedly bo n great disappointment to Mr.
Hlnklu and ths syndicate who contributed
toward building It and also to Broker Smith
and tho builders who hnve lost many hours'
sleep in attempting to have the shell ready for
the ciew. The Iwal will probably receive a
thorough test next rem"
Harvard's 'varsity crew went to Yale's quar
ters tills afternoon for tho annual visit. To
morrow afternoon the Yaln oarsmen will be at
Bed Top, having been invited to listen to the
reiioits by wire of tho alo-Harvard basoball
gnme at New Haven
The races pn Thursday nre to be rowed as
announced a week ago, with thu exception of
the freshmen event, which will not start
until nbout 10:10 o'clock, to lot the
passengers arriving from Boston nnd
New ,ork at 10 o'clock have a chance
to witness the contest. Tho courso of
thn freshmen race has also been changed, the
Hags having been moved flftyynrds toward thu
eastern shore to allow both crews the benefit
of tlie current In the ohannol.
srAi.nisn for PRuaiDBST.
This Is the Onioin! Announcement of the
Cycle Trust.
The subjoined statement concerning the
affairs of tho "Cycle Trust" wns made public
yesterday at A O. Spalding's offices in tho
Vnnderbllt building. II Is tho first offlclnl an
nouncement of the proceedings of the com
bine, nnd It eonllrms in detnll the facts glenned
from various sources that wero published in
The Srv of list Saturday. Tho prognostica
tion of Spalding's election to tho Presidency Is
shown to have been correct by tho selection of
his name, given to tlio underwriters. The
names published iu Tlir. Sun were cor
rect iu eveiy particular Tho offlol.il
list appended shows only nn nddition of twelve
new names, which are mostlv those of bicycle
concerns, but include also a tiro plant und
some hnddlemnkers. The accounts that the
I trust would take in only a few at the start nnd
1 would not mnkechingesof revolutionary cliar-
ncter also nre cormborntod by this official
. presentation The stntement In full Is:
"A meeting of tlm cycle trnde which Is to
i form the nucleus of the American Bicycle Com
I pany was held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel,
New York city. Juno 'Jl. 'J'.', nnd lill. The fol
1 lowing concerns were represented:
" Amos rrcit Co .Cldcazo, American Riddle Co.,
Cbvelin.l Af-nip Mfir Co Heading, l'a Harass
Cycle On . Mlaiuao Mack Mftr. Co., Krle, Pa., Buf
falo C'r. In Mfif Co., lnitlalo. II A. Clultty A: t'.i ,
New V rk ciij Crawford Mfg Co., HairrrHtown.iMil .
Oillun Cyrle Co , Cnliiiuliua Ulcjcle Co., Cleveland
Mai hlti Screw Co. Kanle Illrycle Mfg Co., 'I erring
tun Culin , Panning Cycle Co . Cliltatfo; A. Feather-
Hono A C Chlcduu, Ia Mfe Cu.Flvria 0..llor
miillv Jerfrrv i u . L'ldiauo. Urand ltaplda Cycle
, Co., (Irnnrt Hupidi. Ot neva Cjcle Co., oeneva, ).,
llarlferd Cj.ln Co. Hartfnrd. Hartford Hub-
i tier v.nra, Hartford Hart Cooler Mfr. Co.:
Indiana Utol c. . Indianapolis. Indianapolis
Itulditr Ce Imlianapclip, Indiana Novcltr Mfg.
I Cu Inillaiiajiclii Chain and 6tainplng Co., Indian-
' np. lis. II A I.nlir A Co., Cleveland, I.anib 11 fK'.
Co , Clilriipee Fall. Mass. A. I) Meiailbach. Cbl-
. airo. Monarch l y. lo Mfg. Co., Chicago, Milwaukee
Kmririeerii g C.i Milwaukic Milwaukee, Mfg. Co.
Milwaukee, Suttall Mfg. Co.; North llulfaln wheel
Co , l'llffalii. l'npc Mlir Co.. Hartford, Teoria Rule
i l.er and Mfg. C.i , lvorla. Stalling Cycle Works.
, Kenosha. Wis Hhrlliy Cycle Mfg. Co., Sbelliv, O :
I Stover Hti-i e-l MrV Ci Fn-eport. Ill , C. J Smith
I Siiiih C., Milwaukee, I' t Stearns a Co , syra-
ciirt. Syracuic Cvcle Co .Syracuse. O L. Thonitmon
Mfi: C.i. Chicago, Viking SIfir Co , Toledo. Wqat-
era Wluel W.irks, Chtiago, Will to Sosiug Machine
C.i , Clov eland
"A tomporaryorgnnlratlon wnseffectod with
A. tl. Spnldlng ns chairman and C. W. Dicker
sou ns Secretary Mr. Spalding made a very
complete report of his work in connection with
I tills matter from Its Inception up to the present
time, explaining in detail the various steps
that had been taken and the obstacles that had
been mot nnd overcome, which was enthusi
astically received nnd indorsed by thn meeting,
ns Indicated by the following resolution, which
was unanimously passed and duly signed by
' the representatives present:
' " H'tulvfd. Tbatallwhoaiepieaent at this meeting,
for themselves and the corporations or nrma which
thev ri j.resent, desire to eiprcss to Mr. Albert O.
1 Hpalilliur their apjireclatlon of the ability and fair
I nee exhibited by him ill formlne this combination
I of blocle manufacturers And. farther, appreciat
ing the tmim one amount nf labor lnvelv lng ptralst.
i nt and unremitting . Aorta for many continuous
m. mil", in i congratulate Mm that his initial labors
trc kuoceiafiilly completed,
I "Ml Spalding expressed himself as highly
plensad witli this indorsement of his efforts,
nud wns especially gratified to feel that his
I part of thn work had beon completed and that
! he would now be relieved of his Individual and
person n I responsibility In this matter, and
could turn It over to the manufacturers, who
Irom n. iw on he would represent to tho best of
hlhnbllltv nnd act as their Chairman.
"Mr Spalding reported thnt It had been
nec.nsni y to proceed w ith the concerns nlready
closed with, ns indicated nbove, ns It was an
Impossibility to consider tlie other options now
Iu his hands until the orgnnlratlon of the now
company was completed
I "tommittees on organbntlon, manufnetur
Iiik. domestlo sains and foreign trade wero ap
' minted at tills meeting to prepare plans for
the future work of the com puny Kach com
mittee inu. In reports betnro adjournment cov
' erlng the vnrioiiH subjects, nnd these reports
will be auiplillud by further consideration and
will be presented to the officials ot tlio new
I company vvIihii elected, and will probably form
the basis fnr future nctlon for the newcompnny.
"The Committee on Domestic Sales recom
1 mended to thu meeting tlie concentration of
I branch stores in different cities and tli.ilrabnn
I ilonment ns fast as practicable from thn retail
I Meld, leaving llils business, of thn company to
be conducted by the regular retail agents and
dealers. This committee also stmnciy recom
mended that all agents thnmgnout the coun
I try who have been Identified with tho trade
I and some particular wheel be letained,
j and In lact everything possible bo done
that will be to the advantage of the agents
1 mid make their handling of the goods man
, ufatturi'it heretofore by the different con
cerns Hint will form part of this organlra
tion as satlsfnctory nud prolltnble as possl
1 bio, the general Idea of the report being that
forth.' turning yeai ns little change as possible
i lie made in the pros, nt method of distributing
1 tho goods This will doubtless bo i. assuring
news l.i tlio trade at large, as there had been
I Hume nppielicnsiou that the new combination
would 'iiidertiike to -M Its wheels direct lothe
rider, thus tlir. wing out of business a large
i niimoei ..f agents vvhn hnvo pushed the sale of
thu brands niaiiu'aciuiu.l and rained forthem
selves a livelihood
"The bankets who have undertaken to
llnaice tins company, and who will have the
selection of the .illlcem lrirtliellrstvear.de
sited nn express- hi from Hie maiiiitacturers
as whom the) would recommend for the
iilli. n of President and ten directors, and at
tli.i ieiiieat a scii'ed vote was taken, w hli'h
tended in practically the unanimous choice of
A (i spal ling for President 1 hu vote for
il.r.'ct. rs had not been canvassed nnd wns not
" The meeting adjourned In the best of spir
its subjoct tu the call of the Chair
"t. DujtxHsoK, Secretary."
XA Price Sale
2,400 Silk Waists,
our flneit productions and latest novelties, '
This It the most Important sale of the season
and affords ladles an opportunity to complete
their summer outfits at half the usual cost.
Fancy Silk Waists, ali styles and colon
sites 32 to 42, never before sold less than
$25.00, Reduced to . . 812.50 :
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515.00 Waists Reduced to S7.50 ",
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$6.00 Waists Reduced to 84.00 J
$15.00 reduced to $7.50
Theso are decidedly the jirontest bargains)
wo have ever offered. Do not miss thorn.
Iletwren 17th and lHth ls.
r "Gained is povtKft of good,
f firm, healthy lUth" la tho story Y
I of tbe result of one slrl'a use of
B Bomatose Biscuit. This was done In
two months wltb Somatoee Biscuit.
1 li i dallcacy and medicine combined. It a
tsmpts the appetite. Dainty and palatabls.
I Uore atrenctbfiilng than tonics. Un
equalled u a flesh producer end tissue JO
V builder. M
v For Sale by f
. All Doalor.
Kodaks For
Steamer Day
And every other day. Ours is an
Eastman Agency Cameras and Photo
goods. No trouble to snap pictures of
what you see almost no expense. Barrels
of fun in It. And much serious interest.
What would you give to-day for such
realistic reminders of the trip you took
ten years ago perhaps with friends and
loved ones now widely scattered ?
J'w'4 Mhn 0pUeluu,
-- j
I Dyspeptic Si
W EASY when yotrtiy js
Allon's Foot-Knso, n powder. It cures pain
ful, Hnimtlnjr, norvotm feot nnd injrrovf
IriK nnlls, nnd iiiMuntly takes tho stinp out
of corns nnd bunion1.. It's tlio greatest
t'Oinfort discovery of the ne, Allen's Foot
KnHo iiinkos tljilit or now hIiocs feci easy.
It is a ccrlnlii run1 for hWciitinjr. callous
mill hot, tiled, nchlnjr feet Try it to-day.
Sold by all ilrujrirlMs und phno stores. By
in ti il for I'fie. in stumps. Trial nncknga
Fltr.i:. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy.
X. Y.
326 7th Ave:
Taterson's Turn llnll lliiriirtl,
I'ATKitHoy, N. .1 . June iM - Turn Hall, the
central building of the local turn-verulns. wmj
burnedoutat en early hour thin morning The
top floor was oocuiduii by t liamH Mnliler and
his fatnllr. who nr rof.'tii.l !y flifiiien.
Womrtn f II'-' Killed liy n Train.
St. Jons, X II, .funo '.'il -Vrs. Tliomae
Murrd nf this city, H'J nar. old, w.ih run over
and initantl) Willed It tlm ln-1 mind I'roderlc
ton eiiirrssof tn ('Mnadian l'.icnie road thus
hmmn pills!
9 Ouro Sour Stomach, 9
t Constipation, etcm U
lO rente nnd 93 rents, sit druir etoree. y

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