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tkW W I J" agHftHWifcihg JW V v & Fair tday i ''Sut southwest winds. ' 'H
, the army to be increased
, nr.ciitios it each ed nr the vresi.
' Knllttruents Are to lie Continued at the
f Itegulnr Army lterrultlng Stntlons, nntl
the Men So Enlisted Mill n Credited to
Ml I he Provisional Volunteer Army Otis to
l lime Vfhnt IXrlnfon niicntn IleMny Need
1U p Wariunotov, Juno 27 What amounts prno-
,' tlcally to a decision to send reinforcements to
W Major-Gen. Otis, bovond the limit offlO.OOO
injl " men fixed bi that ofllcor as necessary to uuell
1 1 the rebellion in the Philippines, was reached
ft at a ronfertDC held at the Wlilto House to-dar
-J. by Prelrient McKlnlev and Becictary Alger.
"TJ 1 hey did not decide definitely to ralao volun-
M teerp, but the netlou determined on will be
B lulvalent to that. The plan adontel 1 to oon-
M J tluue the nnllstraent of recruits nt the regulnr
Str army recruiting stations besond the limit of
H tir.U() regulars authorised by the Army Heer-
m ganlzatlon act. The men thus secured will be
W charged on the rolls to (he provisional volun-
I teer force of flO.UOO men. No limit has been
placed on the number of enlistments to be
H made In excess of l)5,()(. but the Adminls-
I trntlon will decide in the ntnr futuro just how
I ninny men if ill be needed b Gen. Otis.
I The noccsary ordets for continuing enllt-
M meats weto Issued br the War Department
My this evening. The oflleers In ehnrgo of re-
jTj orultlng men for the regulnr service say that
M the limit of (h',,000 has been reached. This
'tt number Is exclusive of the -VKK) men of the
B Hospital Corps and COO general recruits, who.
M according to a recent decision of the Comp-
B tioller of the Treasu, aro not to be charced
JB against tho nuthorll strength of the regular
pm aim j Lnder that decision, the regular es-
fl tabllshment now consists ot tW.100 men. und
fl all these have been secured If enlistments
Hro made nt the lata that continued up to the
1 M tlmo tho limit was reached about 1,000 addl-
fl tlonal troops will bo enllBted every week. It
j' Is expected, however. th.it nn official nn
ftaj noiiiieenicnt that the army 'wants recruit for
service In the Philippines will result in a great
Inerra.'o in enlistments over the rate of re
dlining for the rogulnr service. These addi
ng I tloiml men will, under the present arrange-
A ment, oceups an anomalous Position In tho
1 HIM s service 'I lies will be enlisted prae-
fn ' tirWil v as rejioars. and jet be borne on the
)v ioll of the rrnvMon.il volunteer army. I'ndoi
M the law they cannot be enlisted for a longer
II rerl id thanth.it ending July 1. HHH. Tne
i r thins of the Admlnlsti.itlon In regard to their
0 oigiuilntion hn.'e not been matured, how
ever, and something will be done soon to de
termine their actual status.
Uv what suthorilj the War Department will
V enlist these, nddltloiril men through the regu-
V'1r army lecrultlng channels Is not elenr. The
Aimy lteorgani.ition law save that the olun
' teers may be raised, ami does not require tho
l'resldeut to issue n call for them, so that the
manner '" which the) nie to be secured Is not
lnconblstont vvl h the law Tliev are designated
by the lleorgnnlntlon law, however, as volun
teers and aie classified as separate from the
regular troops, Tho plan which was ar
ranged to-day pun ides foi their enlistment In
tho same maimer as regulars are recruited,
and by at my oiTlceis at army stations. While
thov will bo charged on tho tolls against the
force of :t.",000 volunteers, thev will not be ills
H1 tlnct from regular recruits Mens have been
taken by tho AdmiuistraMon to ascertain
V whether tho course of the War Department is
' x.' consistent witli tho law. There Is little llkell
sSjX2 hood that th law oftlcers of tho Government
'"ME "I" declare tho method Illegal, as by tho time
a FuiHclent number of recruits aro obtained
volunteer regiments will probably be organ
Ji i led with nfllcers appointed from civil life
It is evident that the instruction to continue
tccruitiiig bevond the legal limit of 05.000 are
merely n.'C.lmiD'iii to the mutor In of volun
teer icglmeiKs. 11) the time tho President so
li ct tho Colonels snd other olllcers of theso
regiments, there will 1 e. it Is expected, n largo
jp , mimlei of men already enlisted by th regu
V l.ir army reci ultlng ofl'.cers TI12 new ofTlcois
I em then establish iecrultng stations In the
I 1" .ilitjcs In which thev rnsido and augment
I th' mil. if the regular stations It li gen
st 1 1 ci.il'.y believed In military iiu irtors tliat there
tl riii m nine volunteer roglmoiitu of Infantiy
U C'g.ml'fd These t. ill ibsorb about 14,000 men.
f ,ii h rrglmi-nt being of tho full war ftrength.
I-" men to a company, which, with non
c imm s'oned staff. Ac, will make tho total
s'uMiK'ICor eich regiment l.riTOmen. Th
Wai Jiepartment is heartily in favor of organ
i lug 1 1110 icgli.ientH
'i In- plan, 1 nown as tho thre brlc.nlo
si lii'me. hecmiso tho nine regiments will be
iciiiil?'ii;iiito that many brlgaile. was undar
r iiKhleratimi before l'r'-blent McKlnlev left
Wshillgtl)ll on his New England trip, .mil it
vr is pnictlcally ileilded then that should the
A ivi'i'-sitv ntlse fur bending more troops to
gg tn'ii i.l the three brUnilo scheme tlmuld be
Ikafl ("ilnned. Miethei one of tht-o brigades will
Wtm cinslst of the three reglineuts which den.
MWm, oin has been authorized to form mm the reg-
QMWJ uIim and volunteers In the 1'hlli I'tiines whoso
qMVv7 trnu of Mcrvlio have mtu-ed could not be nB-
iXmS (iriincd, lien litis li,u Informed the War
I5r' , li-naitment tlmt lie has made arrangements
' ' for oigauljng two skeleton tegimeiits of ol-
uii'eers ho has boon reiiues'ed by tslegraidi
J to send an estimate or tho number of men now
in tho 1'hilippinoH who will iu-enllt In thebe
'I ho decision of the 1'resldont iiul Secre
tary Alger to increase tho mllitnrv force of the
1 nlteil Mates Is nol surpiising VhlleOeu.
("is lins coiiflstently adhered to his original
I statement, that .ln.OiO men would be enough
to itiWI the insurtectlon, the Administration
has beau urged bi prcmineiit mid Inlluential
supporters nil over lh country to send (Jen.
Otis enough troops to mnke fhoit work of the
campaign. To (ion, Otls's despatch of vester
dn. saving that his soldiers had worked to the
limit of endurance, mav h attributed In great
d measure tho decision leached to-dni. Tlies.il-
At ministration is determined to use overs means
'i in lis power to bring the Insurrection to an end
f and If nine additional regiments nie not suf
I Ilcient for that purpose, moie will he organ-
I led Tho new troops rlll hardlv be toady for
I servlco beforo tlm end of the 1'hlllPtlnes rainy
; J feasor Uwn were thry in condition for ac
J s 6 campaign beforo that tlmo tho War lie
1 S partment has not the moan" of transporting
I them to JInnlla. 'J he transport servico Is very
I meagre, but will boon bs Increased I y several
I ssels which are being titled for use as troop-
shiis on the Atlantic const.
i nr.i yir.Eiss ion tiii: vim wrisr.s.
Crimes' I'.nttuij, of rortniouth. 11..
Urnily to Amvri-r the l'lrst ('nil.
Nomni a, Vn Juno''7 (irimes's Iiattery. of
(J rortsmuiitli, has decided unanimously to
j answer the Presidents llrst call foi vol
jum f unieers lur bcrvlee In the Philippines.
JB 'Ibis action wns taken 111 older that
"'f A'irglnla might go on record as desiring to
lioul up the Piesldent's hands tirlmes's
Ilattfr) was organieil long bebue tlm war be
( tween the States, and 111 the ( onfeder.ile xer-
' invmin) membois liwt their lives Tlm of
ficers in tho butters ul" apt t'arey II, War
ren, I'irst I tout I.rnest T Holt, Second I.lout.
t A Ciitberell
(II It i.lltl.s II I IHIITII.
Vrillinl HUlory Said tn llnvn llreu Made
lis 11 Ki-lcnr Old tlnlliei.
I.ArnnTt., Did . Juno 'l'i -Mrs JameH l'l.itt of
I'nioii Mills gavo birth to a iiuartet of gills last
night, l'aeli iiieasuied twelve Indies In length
and weighed twenty-foiirounees Tho mother
( h li)eatso!d.wliilothe fntherisupwardoflKi.
Three of tho nuaitet died soon after blith.
'J ho lourth Is well developed und bids fair tu
live. Tho attending phssMaiH lielleve that
the ease Is without pu cedent In niedlinl Ills
tors. Illrths havii wn lernulinl of iin.irtets
with 11 division of m. in h mid feiu.iles, but no
fnn lias been reioided, tbes s.i), wliero the
b.lljLh IlllVe been of otie se
1 rbr evv "MirnloEH l.lmltril."
- i tho '.ei v.. t' linlrsl. evrrj-ilJ) but Miiilir
tj bi ulin 4 l.,oi,M. Othil it ilijul JuO
1 it -.Ic'l.
tl ! 11
linOKEltS ROUVEIp is THE lIUlfEtir.
lly Their Cnbnian First, Then by n OnnK
One Arretted One llndly Hurt.
Two Wall stroet brokers camo to nrlof on
Friday evening last In this cltr. Thoynrelt.
W. K. Swlnton, mombor of the New York Stock
Exchange firm of Dlmock A Co.. and C. C. Miller,
a broker In outsldo securities. Mr. Miller tolls
tho btory. The two went to tho theatro to
(tether that evening and at tho close of the en
tertainment contracted with a cabman to drive
them to the Brooklyn Bridge, whero Mr. Hwln
ton cropotod to take a car for his homo In
Urooklyn. and then to drlvo Miller to tho
Btaten Island Terry
On their journey down tho Dowery tho two
brokers wero attracted by tho blight lights of
a saloon at the corner ot Houston street. They
ordered tho cab to stop there for a momout.
while both mon went into tho saloon and took
a drink. In a fow moments they returned to
tha street Their cafc was gone Thor hsd
paid the cabman in advance.
Tho brokers approached a policeman and
askod wliero they could find another cab. He
told them that doubtless a cab would como
along soon. Then ho proceeded on his beat.
As soon at tho policeman had got out ot sight,
so Miller says, a gang ot thieves made a rush for
the two brokers Onoof the thieves struck Miller
a blow on tho back of his head and at the snino
time wrenched his watch and part of the chain
out of his pocket. Miller, who Is a powerful
man phsslcall), slabbed the thief and cried for
help Tho policeman who had just passed
camo running back and put both Miller and
the thief under arrest Meanwhile tho thief
had dashed tho watch and chain on tho side
walk A man and woman passing by picked
up the ruined tlmepioco and gave It to the
policeman Miller then urged tho policeman
to go to Hn In ton's assistance The policeman
declined, and said that Hwlnton had run down
thostreot. and was too far away to bo over
taken In tho morning Miller wns discharged nt
I'ssct Market Court and tho thief was held
Swlnton was found at his llrooklsn home, lie
had been robbed, It is stated, of three diamond
linger rings, a diamond collar button, a gold
watch and chain, and all the money ho had
with hlin-a total loss of about $!H.iO. Physi
cally, Ml Swlnton Is said to bo a temporary
wreck, with big gashes in the back of
his head, and a broken jaw. He has no recol
lection of am thing that occurred nftor ho came
out of the saloon, Mr. Miller said to a reporter
of The Hun yestordav that knockout drops had
been given to them. After ho had been put in
n cell for tho night a drowsiness came over him
that ho could not resist, and It was with great
dinieults. he sajs. that the oflleers at the
station succeeded in arousing him tho next
The records of the Kldildga street station
show that John Sullivan of 'J30 llowery was
nriestod about V- o'clock on l'rldny night
charged with stealing a gold watch from tho
vest pocket of Mlllerat tho lloweiy and Hous
ton street. Miller was also locked up, charged
w ith being intoxicated. Miller was discharged
at the Fssox Market Court Saturday morning
nnd Sullivan was held for examination.
Secretary Long Says the Nnij Department
Contemplate! o Further A lion.
Washington, June 'J7 1 ho Kirnmt Star
to-day publishes tho following
"Secretary Long was asked by a Vm- re
porter as to tho nowspanoi stories that tho
Navs Department Is taking part In thoScliles
Sampson controversy and Intends to take
action reflecting on Admiral Hchley.
'"There is no truth in such charges,' the
Secretary said. 'We took cognizance of tho
cases ot I.leuts. Hodgson and Hellner because
tho voracity of an officer was Involved Wo do
this often, just the samo as we takocognizaneo
of charges that an officer has failed to P'iv
his honest debts. Tho matter was referred
to Capt t'hadwick to take testlmnnv because
ho Is in command of tho station on which
theso oflleers nro serving. Had tho oiTlceis
named been summoned to Washington there
would undoubtedly have been misrepiesenta
tionsand faUo charges. Tor that reason ('apt.
Chadwlck was instructed to tnko testlmonr.
the case taking Identically the samo course as
many othets beforo It.'
"Secretary Long said that the department
contemplated no further action, but If a court
of Inuulry should be asked for by an ofllcei It
would probably be granted "
riremeii Fought It Four Stories Above
(.round nnd Kept the OH rank Safe.
The Tatham Brothers' shot tower, tho yellow
many-sided shaft which rises at H'l Iteekmnn
street, a couple blocks below tno bridge abut
ments, caught Urn last night and did some
sputtering nnd smoking In which it suffered
3,00 damage to tho machlnors and internal
nppaiutus Tho dnmngo would havu been
greatoi had not a fi.OUO-gallon tank of petio
leuin nt the ton of the, towei. 1"." feet abovo the
ground, been prevented from catching fire
Policeman Bishop, patroling Perry strict,
saw wreaths of smoke arising from around
the tower whore It joins the roof of the
Ihe-story brick building ot wli.eh It Is n
part, early In the evening He watched the
smoke n mlnuto and some spin ks snapped out
Then ho sent In n fire alarm. By the time the
engines nrrlved Haines were shooting out of tho
bottom window of the tower A line of ho-n
wns run up insido H'J.lleekman street; tv.o
others were sent up tliu tire escapes from an
alley directly in the rear of the towor, and the
llremen hunted thn (lames into tho tower nnd
up tlm hollow, as If thes were lifter (oons
It was not easy to get at the fire, becnuso
about the foot of the tower thn furnaces iisrd 111
melting the tin and lead used In shot making
had beou left botaccordlngto tliecu-toni ol the
smelteis. The foot of the tower Is lour stories
above tho ground From there to the top the in
terior nnrrovvit from 'I't to 15 bet The lire
around the foot was fed b t he oil which dripped
Horn thn big tank up at the top. I 011rye.1rs.1go
last Mil rch this tank burned out, and the Hondo!
blaring oil poured down the shaft undnvoi
took one ot the workmen and burned him to
death Before tho flames reached It last night,
however, the firemen, working like beavers,
had diowned them under a flood of water.
Acting Chief C'roker. who arrived nt tho fire
soon after tho engines, said thnt them hud
been little dllllciilty in forcing tlio water 111ns
high as was needed, but tho woik In the tower
was very hot for the fliemen. Tho lire burned
foi half nn hour
Hut Only m Fnr nn He In in Accord with
the Administration.
S AsitiM.Tos Juno 'J7 Scrotaiy Vlgtrbald
to Thk br.s representative to-day t I1.1t he
could not enter into a discussion of the state
ments attributed to (iov Plngreo In inter
views published In iiewsp.ipeis this morn
ing, for tho reason that ho did not know
whether (lov Plngieo had been correctly
quoted From the Inconsistency ol the state
ments attributed tu the (loveinor in the two
intcivlevvs published, the Secretin s wns In
clined to believe, bo said, tlmt (lov Plngieo
f iii" 1 not been properly reported.
" I want to sn$-,' said the Secrotary, " that
I am lienitily In nccoul with the policies of
tho Federal Administration I have nlwnsH
been In accord with Its policies and my candi
dacy for the Michigan Senatorshlp lias not
changed my loynltv in nny way I am In nceord
vvllhdov I Ingrei onlj so far as he Is In accord
wllh the Administration (lov Pingreo has his
views in regard to publlu questions nnd I havo
mine, but my views aro thoso of tho Adminis
tration If It should ever coinii to tho point of
choosing, i hIiiiII choose to romnln bore."
Immigrant 'linuffer llont IIImiMiiI.
The side-whcoler J (, Ilmmons, which
transfers Immigrants to nnd from tho Barge
Ofllcc.vvas hit ofT tlio Battery jesterdny after
noun by a New Haven car float, bound to liar
lem Her port paddlebox was stove and the
I wheel wasdisabled. bhe was towed to Hobokon
I lur repair.
A Party of Armed Negroes Fired Upon
from Aiiibiinb Three Killed and Another
Mortnlly Wounded Whites nml Illntkt
Armlng-Tlie Sheriff Cnlll Out n roue.
DlHMlsniiAM, Ala. June 27 Tho race
troublos which have bcon brewing around
Illossburg and Brookslda for tho past two days
resulted In a riot near tho former place this
afternoon at about 4 o'clock. Three negroes
were killed nnd a fourth Is thing, Tho dead
aro Kd Kills. James Dill and John Adams.
SherllT O'Brien Is on the sceno with a big force
of deputies and tho situation is extremely
Kvor since yesterday morning, when four
negroes wero corralled by whltos in a tunnel,
one being suspected of being John Shepherd,
tlio negro who assaulted Mrs. Monroo Jones
near Corona, tho negroes havo been In a
btuto of Intense excitement, bclioving It
was tho purpo"o of the whites to Ijnch
Shepherd if caught. Nono of tlio suspects
has Proved to bo bhephord, but this did not en
tirely allay the excitement among tho negroes,
whocotitluuod to go 111 mod and act threaten
ingly. There was shooting around llrookslde
all Inst night nnd ono negro was shot In tho
leg. Tho whites as well as tlio blacks nro being
armed. Deputies leiualned on the scene, but
to-day tho situation appealed m IH.I1111010 quiet
Tho negroes havo a secret organization, and
to-day It met and decieed that nono of the nu
groos should work, but they should be pre
pared to have fair nlas. as they teimed It. Tho
presence of a number of whites Mill scnrdilnir
tho neighborhood for Shepherd, served to irri
tate the negroes, and big parties of blacks
could bo seen patrolling tho neighborhood car
rying guns.
Tills afternoon a number of negroes held up
a wlilto man near the Illossburg coil tipple,
and It Is said tiiod to tako a gun fmin
him. 1 his was the signal for action and
several shots wero fired from tin) bushos near
by One bullet struck I'.d F-llls. leader of the
negroes, killing him instantly. Tho negroes
ret lined the lire, when another volley came
fiom the bushes and threo moio negroes fell,
two of them, Jim Dill and John Adams, being
killed. The negroes then lied to Glasgow Hol
low, wliero they were soon joined In several
hundred exjlted comrades
The shooting caused intense eeitniont,
and armed wlilto men began to gather from
every direction. A message wns ent to SherllT
'O'Brien, who summoned a large pose and
went to the scone on a special train He postod
a heavy guard about the mining camp, but at
last accounts the armed negroes had not
dispersed, nnd. It Is said, have threatened to
lire on the deputies If tho latter attempt todis
perso them Tlio Sheriff Is trying to restore
order without further bloodshed, but the situ
ation is very threatening 1 lie dead negroes
lio In tho woods w lieu- they wero shot, await
ing tlio arrival of the Coroner
KAi.sRii ritiEtiUicii irovr nor
ew firemen Meniushlp Silltl to Have lleen
lteturued to Her llilllderl.
It has been announced in Bremen that the
North (lormiin Lloyd steamship KaierFrled
rich, which arrived at Southampton from
this poit sestordis. will bo returned
to her bulldei. 1'. Schicliau of Dantlg.
.because she lias failed to develop the speed
guaranteed for her. Tlio Noith German I.losd
Conn any oxpoeted tlio Kaiser I'rledrlcli to
excel the best nverage hourly speed of
their swiftest ship, the Kaiser Wllhelrn
dQr Grosse. wliich has covered the distance be
tween tho Needlesnnd Sandy Hook Lightship,
.'l.l-H! knots, nt tho rate of 2J.."il knots .111 hour
Schlchnu contracted to beat this average with
the halser Friedrleli br atjeast half akno'
'lliehalsei lrledrieh cniinoT do bettei than
about twenty knots ll is said that liei
failure Is due In part to the location
of her engines amidships, which neces
sltatns an unusual length of shafting, and.
consequently, main more bearings t hull are
used In the ordinary swift Unci One of
tho objects of the innovation whs to re
duce vibration Hue of tliu throe bollei
groups aboard the Knls. r JFrlndrieb Is
abaft the engine room, as In u torpedo boat
This arrangement Is not used on nnr other
passenger steamship. The Kaiser Wllhelrn
der drosse nnd nil the big bpaio annihllntois
have their boilers and coal bunkcis amidships
and engines astern
The Kaiser rrlodrieli IsOOO foet long. ofH4
feet beam, nnd of 41 feet depth of hold She
has two sets of quadruple expansion engines
of '.TMKMi hore power, driving two three
blaiied propclleis 'Jn 1 leet III diameter, hhe
mndo her maiden trip to this port one sear
rmssiAii. 0111n.n1 ! ss iieiie?
I be IlrllMi hiiibiisy Iuv esllgnting n Ite
liort to Tlmt l.iici I.
W vsiiimiuiv, June ''7 Tlio British I'm
bassy in Wiiihiligton his been instructed to
Investigato the leport that tho Transvaal lias
placed .111 older with an ordnance firm in tlio
1'nlted states lor ten field batteries of six
guns each ( ol Loo, the mllitair attache at
the British I'mbissy, called at the War De
partment this morning nnd was In consulta
tion with oftkMals of the Unrein of Ordnance
nt I lie ..inis on I ho subject, but, It Is slid was
iniiib'e toionllrm the tenoil
Theio are on v two Dims in tlio I'liited
States tli.it .lie able to turn out any Held guns
within a short time Tho' are the Drlggs
Seiburv dun .ind Vinmiiiiltlon ( oitipany and
the merlunii dnlti.iiice ( ompanv Both linns
have offices in New toil, I he factory of the
fnrmei Is nt Derbv, Conn , and the factory of
tlio hitler Is at Bridget ort Tlm Washington
representative of the Driggs company denied
to-day th it thev have received any ordoi for
guns foi the Transvail Government. At thn
ofllce of the stiiorieau Ordnance Company it
wns snd that the) had received no such ouhr
I b innnngci declared that no oidnancn firm
in llie I'nitel States could get out such an
oidei ii le-s than a vi ar ll thought them
was 110 foundation vvlmtevei for tho report
nnd sii inhumed tho British military attache'.
One Killed nt (.nlveston, One Mounded nnd
Two HsitauderB Hint.
Guvi-ston. Tox , June 27 -Willie Boyd,
Jnmes A Johnson and Jack Nave, gamblerc.
hnd a light this evening on Market stteet. near
Treniont. In front ot the Two Brothers saloon.
A dozen shots wore fired and whon the smoko
cleared 11w.11 it was found that Bovd was shot
tliroui.li tne right mm nnd left thigh. John
son was fh'U tvrae 111 the left side, and he died
an hnui nlterwuid 1 11 the hjspltal. Navo es
cape I injiiiv and Is In jail II. Goodman,
1111 engiueei on tliu I'ulted States jettv tail
wa), and George Lovlck, machinist',! Helper ut
Pott San In, Into, wore wounded b stras btil
lats Lovlck will die
lloid'swouiids while serious are not mor
tal Johnson s pareutstroslde in Austin, bis
fathei being Cits ( lark of that city. A sear
ago liu -lint and killed Dick Sprinzfluld, an
other gambler. In tills city, for which crime
he wns tried and acquitted. Johnson, Bord
and Nave hnd a dinicultv ton dass Fgo In
which Johnson iras worsted Ho then threat
ened to get even und the shooting tills even
ing Is tht rtiuit.
Ilecord Time from lint mm.
The new Waul Unci Mexico, which com
pitted bet maiden trip from Haviiiia to tills
! poit sesteidas'. creited a lecord between
Mono Castle and Scotland Lightship llcrlliuc
I wits 'J dass If, hours and. TJ inlnutc-, deducting
If, mill nt t h she stopped to tnko on n pilot.
Shccovured l.lh.1 knots at 1111 hourly nveingo
0! 11 fraction mniotli.iu 1M knots. On lliomiu-
I tic il iiiis ending at noon sesteuiny she made
' 4..0 knots, or In knots an hnur
Nph I'nst Trniu lo llitroll,
1 lie Nrw York t'entrsl'i, 'Iitrelt Hpirml ' iravm
New v.nrk evfrj da) at 4 1', Al i-iuo mvli.!, uu
nccia Un. Air.
The Whole C'nue Ileourneil In the Vnlted
States Courts.
Vnder n decision handed down by Judge La
combo In tho United States Clroult Court the
wliolornsorwoathor will matter Is to bo re
opened nnd the easo Is practically to be tried
nil over again In the United States courts. Tho
opinion is given upon n motion by Itogor M.
Sherman, solicitor for KmmuFayerweathor and
Mary W. Achter of Iowa, nieces of tho testa
tor, for lenvo to amend tho hill of complaint
filed Sept 17, 18H7. The amended com
plaint will allege that tho will which
was In litigation in tho Now York courts, and
under tho terms of which the estate, amount
ing to SO.'JOO.OOO, was distributed, was ob
tained bs fraud: and will nsk that restitution
bo mndo by the beneficiaries. Including twenty
colleges nnd Institutions of learning, according
to tho tonus of n previous will. Tho opinion
reads ns follows:
"The motion to amend Is granted. This
practically reopens tho wholo case, and all
parties defendant will have twenty days' time
afier service of the amended bill to plead, an
swer, or demur thereto. Tho cae being thus
reopened, n plea or a demurret If Interposed
will bo considered as a first dilatory pleading,
and In tlio event ot Its being overruled tho
1 nity Interposing It will be allowed to answer.
The defendant tiustees of Hnmllton Collcgo
may have twenty das to elect whether thoy
will plead, answer, or demur to tho amended
bill, or whether It will stand on the evldcnco
nlionilv taken on the Issues raised by Its pies
ent plea and replication thcrito and tlio sub
mission thereof heiotofoio mndo to this court "
Daniel 11 Fayerweatlicr died 011 Nov IT,,
18H0 Litigation over his estate was begun
soon nftcr by Lucy Fnycrweathor. Ills widow,
und other holis Indora decree ot tho Court
of pponls a distribution of tho estate was be
gun In .lull. 18H7. Appeal wns taken to tho
Fedoral cotuts, and an Injunction was granted
hv Judge I.acombe, which decision wiib re
versed by the ( iicult Court of Appeals All but
about S700.C00 ot the estate has been distrib
uted undor tlio forms of the will
ritiiEitr ihsi'I'te mtoni sehiov.i.
Itritlih Warship Clianlng .1 lidiih Vetsrl
Whli h Molntrd the Itulc".
St John's, N, 1' , Juno 27. Serious develop
ments havo taken place in tlio French INhery
dispute with Newfoundland during the
past few dass A French lobster packer
named Bourgette, operating a caniiers
nt tho Bay id Island-, took out of
the watei. with a boat crew from the 1'reni h
warship 1 sly, the salmon notsofa f.imllv named
Park, who hid occupied the place for seventy
scars Bourgette set his own nets Instead.
This tlio colonial Cabinet denounced as nn as
sertion of sovereign lights, and Conimandci
Snville of the British warship Alert replaced
Park's nets with Ills crew ThoFiendistrotigly
The second clash nioso from the ntlompt
last wed; of n French fishing vessel to haul
herring bait 111 Fortune llav where tho French
have no llshlng rights, nnd whore they cannot
enter, without paslng a li onso foe. Tha
French vessel refusing to do this, was
warned aw.iy h) a colonial revenue
ciuisei, wliich was unnblo to botrd her,
owing to stormy weather Sesterday sho
reached Capo Bioyle. further east, and
tried to get bait, but was selod by
the customs colli ctor and her ofllclal papers
taken Her crew overpowered the customs
ofllcei put on board, ran lior to sea, put the
man into a boat and-teft-lrfm to shift
for himself Tho British ship Columbine has
been sont In pursuit of her. slio being subject
toarrest on tlio high seas by any warship, as
she is without registry Commodore Giffnrd
lia-wired a demand to the French flagship for
her dellveiy again within Newfoundland juris
db Hon.
Commodore Heiiqiiu starts for St John's
to-morrow to lonfer vv ith Commodore. Glffard.
and .1 storms conference is expected.
STEiMSIIll' I'.tV.M or THE (,OI';,H.
A Line Needed by Their Itnihond IiiteienU
In the VHitliwcut, sa)S .Mr. 'lborn.
Dvtits, Tex, Juno 'il L S Thorn, Third
iee-1'resi lent and geneinl manager of the
Texas Pnelllc ltallrond. has returned to Dallas
nftor a trip to New Orleans oneernlug the
icported intention of tho Goulds lo establish a
steamship line from the Atlantic seaboard to
the Gulf, he said'
"It should ho understood that this question
has been rending for -ome time and is by no
means n new idea Th" establishment of such
a lino of steamers Is among the contemplated
projects of the Goulds, but It must bo remem
bered that a great deal is involved in such an
" 1 norinous eaplt.il. united with exlrnordi
tiars facilities, stems capable, ofiourse. of
coiisuiiniiaiiiig any enterpiise with magieil
lapullty But It take- much to build
lallronds and steamship lines, and In
the pie-ent Instance two sears at least
wool I be neeis-iirs for the building of the
hue The Interests of the Goulds In tills 1 ait
of the (ountiy me assuming such magnitude
as to lender this step Imperative Develop
ments ma) take moie tangible shape within
tlie next seal
" s 10 the poit of entry In the Gulf, there Is
nothing authentic as between Galveston and
New in leans, hut the puttlngon of such a line
Is .1 vital question vvitli the Goulds, who are
giving It careful studs. '
at si. 1 in ;.s Ai.nERvr.y aiikhstkik
( hnrgrd with Abuse of Aiilhmlty In Un
denting n Member of tlio Iloiue.
St Loi'is. Mo , June 'J7 - When the House of
Delegates nbsenibled nt i o'clock this evening
a deptitv shorllT entered tho chnmbor and
stated that ho had warrants for tho arrest o'
fifteen of the members, nnd proposed to servo
them '1 hn Speaker called the house to order
and stated that tlio warrants could not bo
Kiived during the session The roll wns called
and tho minutes of the pievlous meeting ap
proved. Then the House adjourned
Tlio deputy sheriff lend his warrants and
placed under ancst thirteen of the delegates,
MessrH Borsehnnd Gutke belngnbsent Form
ing his prisoners in line, tlio deputy sheriff
man lied them lo 1 ourt. where they gave bond
in f'JOlieach to appeal to answer to the charge
'I hn warrants were Issued on Information
svviiinto bs William ogel, who was unseated
bv the House of Delegates, and the charge is
wilful paitlalitv, miscoiidiii t and the abuse of
authority Vogel and William 1" Kid' 1 Sheri
dan vveio nval candidates in tho Fourth ward
'I hn former go' the eortltlcnte, having leeched
n few more votes than tlio opposition eindl
dute Sheridan claimed tliu seat and wassus.
tallied bv the House, ogel being forelblv re
moved when ho attempted to ictiiiti possession
The llfteeii members against whom warrants
woio sworn out voted lo seat Slioudan
(till II lltU.ll UM II IO HEATH.
I ell ill Front of 11 neon's Wheels nod
Died 11 I evv Mlniild l.uter in it I it.
A moving van stood In front of .'110 Clinton
sheet last night nn 1 liiinlshed lots ot sport for
tlio soungsters of the neighborhood, who
limbed ovci the wheels and pulled the horse's
mil After a while the driver took his seat
and 1 he horse, thinking nil was reads, took
two steps forward befoie It could be stopped
Half a doen of the chlldrou were thrown to
the ground, but none of them was hurt np
inrentls except All' o dimple, il sears old. She
lay as If stunned Sum.icl Po"ternnk the
hoiisekeepei, 1.111 down from the sloop and
carried the child Into the home At the ton
of the steps she broke nn.w from tho man uud
ran up the llrst flight of stairs. the laud
ing she nutldowu and her brother cairled her
I I the toti float The Bin's cheeks grow livid
and the family cionded around her and be
unu tnscicain Hi. Wolf of 1 t." llenrs strest.
, wns .-eat fur. but be turn lis arrived the girl
' was dead
There was not a maik on the gltls body
I Mie seemed to havo been frlghtened.to dentil.
I Bv the time she expired the driver of tho van
1 had disappeared.
cvniTY rou ,tr,,ooo,ooo
And O l'er Cent. Interest Germnnj nnd
France Until Hnlil tn llniihnr for Thli
Chnnce nt the Inlnmt Gerninn nnd
French Jtnnkers Come Here with the
Agents Sent by the Illnrk Itepulille.
Stephen Lnfontant. Financial Minister of the
Republic of Haytl, and Gsn Salmon La Motho.
formerly Its Mitilstor of Finance and Senator
ot the Republic, and now 11 special agent of the
Hny'lan Government, are in this city, und will.
Ifthsprefsrenceof President Tlrcslas Atigmtln
Simon Sam of tho Haytlnu Itouubllo is followed,
effect a loan here for the reform of the Haytlan
currency, pledging as security part of Hie Cus
tom House revenues of tho Island. The two
Haytlan flnancleis. who, llko the other officers
ot the republic, nro negroes, reached this city
on Monday on tho steamship Prlns Willem
IV Lafontnnt is nt the 1'nlon Suuaro Hotel
and La Mothe nt the Hotel OrllTo. IB West
Ninth street
On the same steamship that brought them
wete representatives of Geiman and French
bankers, w'10 followed tho Minister of Flnnnco
from Port an Prince, and who expect him to
all for I'.uropn with them on Saturday Thev
nili: suffer serious disappointment when they
learn that there is every likelihood that bank
ing intereits in this illy will hike Un loan,
the result of which will be lo make American
Interest! practlcallr paramount In the negro
Maurice I Miibleman. Deputy Assistant
Treasurer of the Fnl'ed Stalos.Ilias worked out
a complete plan for the reform of the Havtian
cuirenc)-. and this plan has been approved by
President Sam. The two Hny'lan Govern
ment oflleers are to piy tholr respects to Mr.
Muhlemnn nt tho 1'nlted States Sub-Troasurv
nt 11 o'clock thlslraornlng. when ho will Intro
duce Iherr to Assistant Treasuier Conrad N
Jordan nrd snow the n.theSub-Trensun vaults,
andlhey will nlso has can otrort unltv to see the
other sights of Wall street Thev aie alto ex
pected to visit two or three trust companies
which have been discussing the form 1 f the
proposed loan
Tho scheme for the teform of the Hnvtlan
cmrency contemplates Hie retirement 01 all
the present "titstnudiiig gold, silver, bronze
and depreciated paper curiencyof the Iflanil.
the standard of which is the "gourde," and
the substitution tberofoi of gold and silvei
coinage in dollars nnd cents to coincide witli
tho currency of the I nt'ed States
'iho loan sought Is fi.OOO.OOr for ten vears
nt 0 per cent, a jsar and a II) percent annual
pavment toward extinguishing the debt.
It will be Issued In Hondo ol 1 1.000 exeh. an 1
'J.', per cut. of the import duties of Haytl. to
gether with a mrl.ix on coffee exports of (10
cob's t ht ICO pounds will be pledged for the
pavment of the Intorest and principal. Gen
Sam has been Pieiident three years now and
his tsrm Is four years more.
French nnd German Intsrests have both
been trying to get control ot Heytl foi along
time President Ram would rathet linve an
alllnnce with the Fulled State' .
sheriff Mldle Ha Not lleeu Killed, but ltn
Dispersed Ills Foil eft.
London, Ks . Juno '.'7 Sheriff Beverlv P
White, acting on tho advice of his brother,
John O White ot Winchester, has dispersed
his twenty-six deputies in order to quiet the
town nnd prevent nn Investigation by thn
Stato oltlcl.ils of tho assassination of Tom
Bnkei He lias appealed to the Governor
not In attempt tu hivoeouit held at Manches
ter deelari g tint all lepoitsof double are
fal-e 'I he counts of Cl.iv Is lie publican, am!
It Is believed that the Depioeintic members of
tho I.cgislniiue wniild be only too glad to
abolish it Byn earelul division of th county
Into four pints, two llopuhlicnn counties might
be tinned Into Democratic counties, shoving
the Itepnblleans Into two othci hopelessly Ho
publican counties
The report that Sberlfl W lilte was killed last
night bv It Hampton at Manchester Is un
true, according to the statement of a man just
from the scene Ycstordas Beverlv Baker, a
i ousin of 'I oiii Baker, was shot .it while sitting
on the porch at his homo on Crime Creek sur
rounded bv bis family One bullet from a
W Inchest. u tiflestruck tbodoor jnmband shat
tered it and another went tluough tho dooi.
MtlDUJItOini'S .sl'iCIOE.
Jliuies W. Dalle) Kilts Himself In pnrl
uifiits lie Hnd rrepnrcd for Ills Itride.
Blsi.itAxiioN Juno 'J7 With n laugh on his
lips, James Dal'es ended his life In his
apartments Ho li.iu furnished them to oc
cupy with his bride to-niorrow. Dalloy wns a
pioinltient bociely mini who was to wed Mrs
Josle('ii) 'I liecereinoni was to take place
nl St Maty's (hutch and extensive prepaia.
turns had been nunle
'1 his afternoon. In company vvitli his best
iiiun, Dnlley visited the apiutnients that had
been prepared and asked the grooir smun to
untie a picknge In the dining loom While
thus occupied a pistol shot l.ing out. .Hid
Dnley was found Iving on n couch,
where lie Ind fallen Ho was dead bo
foio medical aid could lo humiiinneil
The lause of tho suicide is a mystery. Ho
had biiighed and chitted about IiIk wedding
only a few moments previous nnd seemed In
the best of spirits Mrs Ciuv. when Informed
of llie traced), was completely prostiated
Mrs. (nry s former husband was killed about
two seats ago by falling from the Linosboro
110s01tr.11 L.MVitinY ash s. nrnsTEii
Aldermen, on Donley's Motion, Appoint
litem CoiniulkiiouerB of Deeds.
The Board of Aldermen at yesteulns's meet
ing did what it could to right the wrongs wliich
its members have inflicted on the memories
of the late Llndlay Murray and Noah Webiter,
Knowing that the board had no real ill feeling
toward Mr. Mutray and Mr Webter one of
the Aldeimeu proposed a resolution npuoint
ing thrin Commisss&ineisof.DeedsZHo took It
to Alderman Bridges, the Brooklyn. oiator.
and in order tiiall.tr nny suspicions tna Mr.
Bridges might huve. told him that the gentle
men professed 'o be friends ot .Mr. Bridges.
Mr. Bridges nxnmlned the. resolution critically
and h Hided It back to its author
"I don't know the sons of guns, said lie
The resolution was then given to Alderman
Dooley iDtm, Brooklyn) He Introduced It,
uud It was adopted without a'dlssntlng vote
Idoimnn Okie tl'li.l was much gintlflednt
thisttvldenceof th boaul's friendliness tow.ud
Mr. Murray and Mr Webster He has tmen
ti.iinad at the dlsteuard Tor tlio works of these
eminent meiudisplnsed by some of the oilier
Aldeimen in tho past, but he thinks th it their
feelings will be composed when thev become
nwiiro of the honor which hat been done them.
x rsi:r-i. 1 11 a'.x vckia .
Wllkln, Who llns lleen Long in (.erninu),
Comes Home .lust ns Long.
The biggest Vniericnu ginnt, Herr Lewis
Wllkinsof hciitiieks.oninooverfrom (lennniiy
yesterday on tlio biggest steamship in erv iee,
tlio K user Wllhelrn del Oiiisse of the North
German Lloyd line
Herr Wllkins has been tiavclling on his
shape uud height In Germany for several
months He miasures about 11 quaitcr of a
ton, gross, Is 7'. feet long, .'I teet beam,
iimldsliii s, uud ot about 4 feet depth ot
hold He wan accompanied by his wifo and
two children, u boy mid n girl, who ate ot
normal dimensions Herr Wllkins crossed the
Nortli Iliver from lloboken in u Ilarulny sheet
ferryboat, giving hei a h-iivs list to port Ho
was surioundednll the was across bs passen
geis, who hnd something to do with die list,
und when ho landed he accumulated a I mil 01
small boss Hen Wllkins will show himsell
luter In a museum
( hnutauqua I.xrursion
$10 round trip by Kris lUllrrfcl, July 7. Tickets
good until Aug. e fur return. AUi.
And Sent llnrk Stolen Goods by lltpress tn
Mis. 3Ieiides.
Mrs, Delia Mondes. ndrossninkorat4Hl Sixth
avenue, was robbed last Wednesday night of
goods worth about $1,000.
It was the ninth burglary of which she had
been tho victim In two scars nnd a half.
cstcrdny morning Mrs Mendes received tlio
following anonymous letter.
" Dr.Ali MvtiAM oil will leeelvetwo bundles
by city express this afternoon containing sto
len goods We read in tlio papers, and it hurt
our feelings so much, thnt you had been lobbed
to ninny times, that fa ssmpnthlo with you,
nnd lo show you that wo menu vvlint wo say. wo
return the goods '
Tho bundles wero received two bonis latei
They contained evotstlilng that had been
stolon except three cheap d lessen.
Everything was carofully folded nnd each
artlclo was wiappcd in a separato coloring of
tissue paper. Tlio bundles were dellveicd bv
thn Manhattan Delivery Company and hid
been received 011 tho lovvoi east side.
(olnindo's F.xhlbit nt the l'nris Imposition
Will I'uibnbly Cost SI ,1100,000.
Cot oiulio SptiiMis, Col, Juno 'Si life-sli-n
flgtite of the tsplcul American girl will bo
cat In virgin Colorn''o gold to represent the
State's sellow metal nt Paris The Colorado
Commlsslonois and lulled Stales Commis
sioner F W. Pei k nre ngieed on the statue, nnd
the contract for the easting has been let Tho
llguro will be neither nude nor semi-nude, but
ch'tiacleiistle'illy diesscd
Jii"t how much gold will be leqiilied is un
certain, but enough to innko tho llguro of a
null-developed girl is on hand, even if Tl.Oill).
000 is necessary The Commlbsionets llrst de
cided 011 a $1,000,000 mlnlntuio Pike's Peak
Mr. Peck did not llko tho design, preferring nn
obelisk This substitute wns not approved and
tho Btatuo was selected The csstlng will be
done immediately The llguro will surmount
a bnse of silver, copper, Iron, Jdno and lead
i lie Sheepshetid liny Stewards Kepoit Hint
Thev Could rind .No Intent ol Fiiiud.
The. Maber-Biinastar case, whlcli has focus-ed
so much nttentlon nmong racegoers since Sub
urban Day, reached n tangible stage jesterdav
when the Stewards of the Shecpshead Bay
meeting foiwardod tho following report on tho
subject to the Jockey Cub
hi th- .Vuvirif, ufthf ll -j ( lull
(iFMiFMrst Iii tlio nalnr of .Imkoi TUnlel
Maher s iiiiulilrt wlillo riding the boree Itanastar ill
the Suburban Handicap on Jim" 17 Ihuh, wc, the
stpwatrifi uf the C'uno Iidand .Incite Club meeting,
would repoit tint we lined Maker I2f O fnr abusing
the licisc antl siispcudpil him for ten raring days
foi vilflllly spnllltD! starts.
In the matter of Intent of fraud nn the part of
Malicr, after Invcittigstlau, we would repoit that wo
wi re unable tn discover any such Intent
All evidence and ptatements relative to tlio case aro
tiirevr.tli submitted, ltespei tfully,
XM'IIFW Mil 1 1 H. J
'ImiMAs HiriiuiHK. Jr J Stewards.
II h Ksu-i )
Nfw Tonic, June "JT
Failure of Miinli Ipnl Ownership of Detroit
street fnr Lines.
DiTr.olT, Mich. June "'7 The scheme for
the municipal ownership of tho street lallway
lines in Detroit, Gov Plngree's pet idea, was
quietly hida.vayfoi vvlint looks to be all tlmo in
tlieiCommoti Council to-night. The matter came
up on a report of tho special committee to which
had boen referred the grantlngof thofionelilbe
necessarry to accomplish the purposo of the
commission. The report was against granting
nny franchlsos without a special election, nnd
tha committee said tint thero was now no wav
in wliich such an election could be legally bald
The report was laid on the table
While under parliamentary law the Coui'ell
can call It up nt tins time tlioro is Ilttlo hope
of itn coming tipugatst
lirit.SH) THE II 411V TO HE ITH.
Confession of n Coloied Nurse XA ho x ns
Tired of Her Charge.
Wiimisotov, Del, Juno 'J7 Mary Barrett,
colored, aged 10 seais, was placed in Dover
Jail this afternoon, charged with having
cnus-d die deatli of Jackson, tho IS. months
old son of James W Lnffeity. living near
The gill had charge cd the baby on May
.". when he was fntallv burned Mary Mild
that the little one had fallen against
n stove and set Ilio to Ids ilothcs To
das she confessed that she had sot
lire to tho child's clothes with matches
beca'jse sho did not want to be bothered with
him anv lougei. She also admitted that she.
had tiled to set the house of hoi einployei on
flic since tlio child died
A It! Ill It 1 E. V FA OV II E I ).
He (irently Iteselllbled ill Appeainilf e Ills
Famous llruther.
fvitial CnU' Unvatth tn Tut SUM.
I ov tins, Juno '-'7 xrthurTcnnsson.youngei
brother of the late Lord Tennsson, the poet
1 iiireate, whom ho stiiklngly lesembled iiinp-
pearauee. died to-day
Mf.nov nrr.vr.li rklvvti.
Xlt( 01 mil U,to Let the Mnrtcnse (liurcli
llillld on the dlber Kud or Ills Lot.
'1 ho members of the Mnrtense Congrega
tional Church, who weie oidered to teiuove
tlioil edifice fiom the ground puichased by
William MeCormlek, at Thirty-ninth street
and Fort Hnmllton avenue, llrooklsn, weio
jubilant sesterday over the fact that tho latter
had agreed to let them havo tho iiso of die
laud at the other cud of the lot fice ol rent
The Madeline people wero opposed to hav
ing Mit'ormlek uinning a saloon within a
stone's tlnow of the elm rch, and thev fought "o
hard that dies succeeded In having his licenso
revoked MeCormlek, to get even with them,
purchased the I ind on wliich the church
stood and gave them twenty-four hours to re
move their structure iesterdnvhe announced
tint If the congiegation would take tbeeliiircb
outside the 'J0(l-foot limit from his saloon they
could have the land .is long ns thev desired
Thec'Liigregiitlon vv III accept tho offer
All Frupdnn !00 Feet High from 11 Cratei
Hitherto Without 11 Nnilie.
Cup Alio. June "J" x despatch from the Yel
lowstone Park says ' At H 'JO sesterdav moiu
liig nnd continuing until 10 Ufi without Inter
mission there was an eruption from n crater
atiout llftvleet,noith of tho I oiint.iln Gisser.
which we have nlwass considered to be noth
ing more than a pool ami having 110 name. '1 he
sire of tho opening Is about the same ns that of
tho Fountain, and I ilo not exnggejnte when I
say the height It plnsedwas from "mi to'J."ii)
feet, and was the grandest I have ever wit
nessed In tho park "
Belgian ( onsul nt (inlvestnu llenteu,
Guvf.sTov. Tex, Juno 'J7 -Francis Lam -mors,
Belgian Consul horo and senior member
of tlie cotton factorage firm of I.ammnrs A
Hint, was bnills beaten early this morning bv
Julius Wnrieu, nn insane negro who had es
caped from a hospital and brssken Into Ills
house, Mr Lammers's Injuries uiu the 111010
serious as ho Is well oil 111 years
tleffrles .loins the llolleruiiikers' t 11I011,
Jim Jeffries, tho champion Ihmv vwelght
pugilist ol the world, Is a member of t he bollei
makers' union now He paid un In Ilia don fee of
flu vesterilny nml is a niemlici ol Itodci
m.ikers' I mon No 171 id Biooklsn, ol which
John Gitciihalgh is l'n sident
Flrel I nexrelled FlrewoiHs!"
Duj Liforc tbo rush at depot, u Tark plsce. A a v.
Wins the University Race, with I
Wisconsin a Close Second. I
Tb3 Performance of tlie Western Crew 1
a Sensational Enriirto, .1
1 1
Although str led Out of t.l-.c 1 o'V nrd Ilia MM
l.nd. the ttuilj, is I'res Cue X ll lots to (lie ,
I list Mni., spteudt I sit tmslr- for n Xtilo
I', twien All lb, (i,v, hut CollllilMis A m
I til's to Hold die I'ji, e cslcril jl
Men I i ml Mot of the Vlny Wit '
Ite'tented l.tilslic- With t o 'Hell- I'll! ll- '
ill lphl nil tnt.e t ji die Clinse in ,. H
l.nrnesl nt llnlf !li'.'iie '1 be Illitnn is H
Iti'gfn to AVlllUell but K'-finc to Give III H
-Oillkets llldrtl'lte llie l.eildeis milt i H
.tip I'm r en to Spoil n Full Mile Finish H
ho I lose Thnt the Issue Is hi doubt ' H
I lltll the Itllelee Slgnnls Tlllrlv 'I holl fl
suud isltors look (in in Wonder , H
I'oi'diii.FrpsiK, N V, Juno 'J7 What wis
probably the moit seusatioiinl boit nee v r . H
seen In uierlc i was lowed over the Uu is ui I H
lllver foi.r-i'iile eO'iise this aft. moon w li la ' JH
.'IU.OUO persons linked on In -.mipln vvoiid r- .(
ment Thn I'tiiveisity of Peiilisvlv.iiiln vimli. IB
composed mostly of veteinim who triumphed pM
ovei Cornell ut S.uatoga I .ike last ). ir.piovel IB
victorious, hut onl) li) ali.iiolnlf length ovei tho 'IB
I'nlversityof Iscoiisln'seiglil, vvhleli provld d. !MJ
n big surprise from the veiv stnrt. Tho IB
Badgers, who li id been rathe-generally over- , Mj
looked by the talent s. nee their arrival hero, tM
lowed in tnngliilleent foim for three miles and BJ
n half, loading thepiocisslou ih wn tho rivei in -BJ
mnsterls st)li and making n few adherent of BJ
the Wisconsin eolleuofrniitio vrith j iy Hut to- tlfl
ward the i b- the I'ennsi Ivnnlns, with thoe- BJ
porleneo nnd nlo the sitpoi lor phvsli ai training, -BJ
increased tlie power In their shell nnd slowly BJ
ovcrhaule i tho Wcstcim is BJ
Itnnsn h ilf mile fiom the llnnl stikn boat 'BJ
that the coxswain of the isconsin crow lost BJ
his bearings and stecn diiwns out of tlie proper BJ
coins.- Incidentally numbers 'I nnd 4 In the
Wisconsin boat caught fat ii crabs or jumped, ,
slides, recidonts which wee dlroetlv respon
sible for their defe-it Still, ns It was, th J
Western men rowed such a superb race
that thes nro receiving die congratulations ,
and the praiso of thou mi ds who never thought '
they had n chain e When tho two leaders
crossed the finish linotheio was so Ilttlo differ-
once betwec u them from the spectatoi a' stand
point that nobody lould tell which hid won It
was not until the referee ordered threo guns to
boflrod from the yacht Alteon tint the great
crowd realled that die populai (Jnakerahad
carried tbed is', for threo guns were advertised
as thn slgnnl In easu of a Phil ldoluhla triumph.
Cornell wns iisnie dlsappoiiitnu id tonn army
of supporters who linked fm mint hot win for
Courtney 'I'heltlnei crew did well for halt i
the distance, but the klll'ng pace set by Hit, '
lenders took ill the bin un mit ot them and '
tliey weio In atoll off vvoi-o than ever beforo.
'1 hev weie threo nnd a h ilf lengths behind thn J
W isconsin boit ut the , ml. all plugged out. but
dies did their best nnd few found fault with ' .
them s
t'olumbii'h crew wns even moro or ndisnp- J
polnlment than Coinell s Tho men wnrn
never In the hunt, rowed poorly nnd dropped
back so swiftls aft. r two miles had been
rowed tint Hum shell seemed io bo loaded
with I Ig lion. Tin v weie easily ciglit lengtha j
In the wake of (oniell. andvveto Indira dis
tress at th. it
Tlie taco was lowed iinderporfect conditions, ,
Tlio water was as "-month as could bo desired,
theie was no wind nml a good ebb lido helped t
when the start was made 'Ihoiewasn pro- ,
voking delay 1 eforo tlie shells weie sent
nwnv. however, v Inch i tu .oil no end of
grumbling '111" joeki'Sing nml scheming of
tho coaches for suppo-od advantages wusj
the boIc iMiise of tin, double. Tlio race cou'd i
hive boen stalled at li o'clock sharp under tho, ,
best of enndltims, hut the nights worn not i
ready until neirls an hour after that 'Jb u
the) moved slowly to i. u liters and thor" wen j
two false biciks buloie they got away for '
keeps '
Thee poor 'tilts were due to protests. Ilr-t
bv Wisconsin and then bv I oluiiibla, after all
thecrewshad left the in uks In response to ths
lefeieo's iilstol Ueording to the rule-, if pi i- j
tests aro mndo befme Un strokes have been
pulled the crews must lie called bicknud stmt- '
edoverugnlii In each Instance the tide was '
taken advantage of and nil of the oiuhl-. li 1 1 io
begin again, ivlillo a ti.ilnlo.ul of Ii OUO speei.i
tois fietted and fumed ovi r the unneccssaiy l
Wisconsin forthree miles at least showed tins , (
best wateim.iiishlpon the liver Thewotkof
the Badgers knocked out nil eilc'ii-'lions No- i j
body had llgured on them as red factors. ,
though It had been nolsod about lliat tin y wi re ,
possibly dark horses Thote vvlmsivv ihecinw i
row at Saratoga last year were Inclined to be- i
liovo that Wisconsin had a chnnce hero to-day, i
but they did not dream that the Westerner ;
would put up such .i reniHikable argument. t (
1 he crew was made upof big, biawny men who j
posses-ed i.ndoubted strength That fact wa I
conceded long iig" by the expetts who lookod '
tlietu ovei , but when they begun rowing with
a suicrb sweeping stioke, cleanly pulled
through, with a grrit leg drive and a sharp .
though not jeiks recovers, it was appreciated
tliat Conch McConvlllo had worked wisely and
well with Ills irotigils
Tho pace set by Wisconsin was n Mllor.
Tlioro was no doubt about it, but It didn't kill
the Badgers at all When they had completed
tholr journey not one ol thorn collapsed, al- j
though the eiltles on all sides cxpectod to ges
half ot them keel over Had the Wisconsin
coxswain sleeted properly, the race would have
been de dded by a few feet Instead of n half
leiigdi, and nt that it would havo been In donijt
ns to tlm winner Wlsionslns perdu mnuee
was all the moie praiseworthy because .
the etow has been maintained under j
adverse oiieunistiiue I ick ot funds and i
a long tnii Past, noecsitatiiig ehniige j
ot climate, weie himllcaps enough ill i
themselves, whi'e the almost total absence j
of supportois In lb" vast ibioiu' was another j
dis"ouriiging diaw hack Hi it iiiii-i hive been i
fell, But 111 spltei f till tin e tlnnstlie Ilidg- j
erse.une so iie.il vv Inning the ebiiiii!'on-bii of j
the lniercollei i'o l'owing sk i iiion and u - I
clili nt.'ills the Iso uiiiiii I up Ih it the) lie. j
titled t i n.nio-' .h min h 'e bi is that h "' !
ercd upon die l'i in-vlvan1 in- ,
'1 lie vh lots id the i.'u ik. i-w i- line. . n
though it wis puta'ly riu to IIish.iii
mistakes The crew turned mil by I " i h
Watd was, a bJp db c i.lecti u cf tiieii, pert' 9.17 ,

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