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1 T'- HI
HHH t Ml "'LWSRBPU j9r JH-Jl La Rain (o-day ; fair to-morrow. -" I
II ix a race to xbw i.oxnox.
iV Gnlna nn Advnntnice of About Eight Mln-
J. utea in the Ihlrty-llve-Mllo Teat from
(l h Newport Until Make Splendid Wentrier
If The New Jlnnt C'nrrlea Her 6nll 'Well.
Wgf New London. Juno 28. In a beat to wind-
S xvard of nearly thlrty-llvo mllea from Uron-
H ton's Itect Lightship to ltnce Hock Unlit, soma
Hf flvo miles nway from this port. Columbia to-
H day bent Dotondorn eond eight minuted, nnd
illil It fairly, stilcndlilly and to tho satisfaction
M of every ono aboard of hor. to say nothing of
m nini) of hor admirers vv ho wore lucky enough
f to be able to follow her.
lh wind was blowing from the southwest
sometimes fully twonty-fivo miles an hour, and
there wns a sen on which tnndo tho boats bow
to It In srlto of themselves, and sent tho spray
flying hitch o or thorn. Thoy wero under lower
ealls only, a comfortable sailing rig. and made
(.pleudld weather of It. Defondor has nlwoys
been noticeably good in this sort of w ?i k. and
to-day she kept hor record, but Columbia
wont her just a little, bit bettor. It was tho
name story as In their other meetings, enough
W of an ndantaco on Columbia's part to show
that sho can beat Dofender In all sorts of
chances and on about all points ot sallluc.
espceinlly to windward.
iesterday tho prediction was made by Tiir
I Si's correspondent tint Columbia would cutry
her sail j ust as woll as Defender when It breezed
II up To-dny it "hieem! up ' in good stylo and
m Columbia not only justified tho expectations
W about hor, but did it so handsomely as to mnko
V It certain that Sh.iinrock must also bo a
I J wonder to beat her Tho trial to-day was tho
mn best that the yachts have had, and to-night
(( i Columbln could carry tho money of any bet-
. i tine man who know a yaclit from n coasting
y schooner. She Is a coin, nnd no mistake
The race was on soon after 12 o'clock. De
fender had cot under way a couplo of hours bo-
y fore nnd had loafed leisurely out to tho llght-
11 ship under jib and mainsail Columbia had
j porno alone later In tow of her tender. St.
l Michaels, and cast off her tow when fnlrlv In
lull the open sea Sho was under threo lowersnlls.
WI Then Defender set her staysail and was ready
hAl for trouble. Ilotli boats looktd excellently lit.
Wa I Columbia's mainsail has been veiy close to n
Uf I perfect fit. to becln with. To-day It did not
I P have a flaw anywhere to which tho most erltl
J'' cal oyo could object. Her head sails wore also
II In good shape, and she was tho racer In every
M bit of her canvas as well as In her spars, hull
V and rigging. Sho fo-imed a iiieturo to delight
tho eyo ns she bowed gracefully to tho
tfl swell coming in from tho southwest,
vj throvvlns the spray In fountains from either
f side ot her cleanly cut bow. and yet never
I stopplne w ben tho seas hit her. Defender was
I doing much tho same thing, nnd if Columbia's
, extra foot of Learn was ever to count against
her In a seaway now was tho chance, tor
tho trouble to show Itself. Hut no trou
ble came, sho was fully ns easy In taking tho
f-en ns Defender, and thero was nothing to
chooso between thorn in this respoet. Every
body on the boats was in oilskins as a protcc
tlon from the occasional drlrle of rain and tho
, flying spray. F.ven Mrs. Iselln. as t-hn sat In
A Columbia's companlonway. was protected In
'. I this fashion, Sho had fully recovered from tho
xj, cold which threatened Monday to bo serious.
5 and to all appearances was enjoying tho trip as
much as her sailor husband.
As for tho weather It was no day for tho
j. yachtsman who prefers smooth water nnd a
" sunnysky. Heavy clouds burnt low all around
the horizon and wero but little lighter ovnr-
head. They gave forth occasional splashes of
rain and allowed not oven tho slightest chanco
for n lock at the sun. From tho southwest
ward, whero the lighthouse on l'olnt
Judith showed dimly In the ho7o on the
horizon, came a long nnd rolling swell that was
1 magnificent In its strtngth. while topping it
were vvhlto-cnppod and choppy waves th.it
danced anil tumbled ns if in glen over tho
chancu to throw thelrsprayagulnst tho beautl-
"' ' Jul hulls of tho racers It was a scene to mako
flail t lie heart of a sailor Landsmen would not
mvo enjoyed the life and motion of It for a
little bit Just to the southwnid of tho light
ship Defender brokti out lior staysail nnd bore
down on Columbia to cuiuu to close quarters
for a fair trial She w.v swung upto hercourso
when n couplo of hundred jardson Columbia'
weutlier Heain, nnd so. close hauled on the stnr-
bo.ird tack nini with everything tlntlened
' j (low n for keeps. th boat" started on their lung
thrnsli to w'lidnnnl The aihantageid poiltlou
I win wltn Defender If loliimbln h id beHiicom-
I in-led to tack and round a buoy In Defender's
po-itli-in. it would hnvo kept stop watches busy
marking close to two minutes
Veil sonii thu comparison was in Columbia's
If.ivur .lust as in previous trial, slm was
f.nwi but hUinly crawling ahead of Defender
nini .honing just Unit margin of superiority
tnat her admirers had hoped and predicted
Ii from her previous elTorts .lust a "liade better
ill j w.is-helu pointing and a bit more In footing.
if. i nr.d in it b) sard "lie was begiiiiilnc to get
sv lint lead that landed In r to-nlglit in Now
J oinlon harboi a winner
At U .tilt olumbia tin ked to iort and stood
iiitow.itd tho -N.ur.ig iuett slioie Defender
I crossed her hovv. uf nmise. and then tacked ,i
1 loupie of minute-, nftei tho now one. Tho
I In .its were a bit cl isei tlnn at llrst and it was
' dollars in doughnut i. tint Colutii bin would win.
The lio.ith now held their port tack well over
toward tlie shore Columbia, down tolenward.
J was pUiling aliead jut as on the preceding
tai k Mie war. looking to the northward of
I l'oint Judith, and another tack to clear It was
i (ertaintv
li 'I In n i.inie ono of tho-e things which mako
I vncht Hieing such n charmingly iiiictilaln
I i.port 'I he Hind went fuhy two points to the
I Miiithnnrd. letting both boats up until they
I were headed tu ! ;u l'ulnt Judltli, nl-
I though tot MHltn t.. clear the whittling
( i iiiij u mile nil liore C'ulumlilas gain was
) marl wiped out right here, but as if
if to trump up for the. trick tint wind had plnred
I her, she tackled kiuill) totho frcsheningof tho
breeze as she cleared the point nnd came Into
I tho open wo, and with a bit morn heel pro
ceeded to win back what she had lost and a bit
, ' more.
" It had been arranged to go outside the
whistling buoy, so both bonts took a short
Marhoaid tauk This was just 1 o'clock
1 Columbia's gain, in spitn of hor setback, was
so apparent that itwnsslinpl) aiiuestlonof tho
f t amount of time she would beat Defender
f'i j Into .New London hnrbor. She was doing
' ' splendid work and was a sight to
mako every one glad. At 1 l5 Columbia
' tacked to port She could clear the whistling
buoy easily Defender was fully an eighth of
H null) astern w lion she. too. tacked and headed
i for tho Imoj At l:ltl Columbia passed tnn
I mnrk and a llttlo later Dofonder came along
ThuditTeioncB In tlmo was linrd to get. but It
I, was a nil ii m ii surely, and Columbia had mndo
1 again ot throo from the llghtliouso
Now ennio the linrdeM work of tho race
ti Wind and sea were strongei and heavier than
earlier in the day, and now. If over. tlioColum-
bin must show her speed. And she did It III
the long Jioit tack, until 1 fshm's Islniul was
I atieam to leownrd. sho oponed out such a lead
fi on Defendor as not only to surpriso but to
rouso to enthusiasm her admirora Tha
i-sa won something that largo boats only
ould face hoveral tlnii's the newspaper
tug, 8. C Hart, look soliu water over tier
. bow In her head-on Plunges Glm was "hooked
, UP' to her best speed mid was uolug over
lrven miles .in hour, but the yachts wero
leaving bur by a couple nf miles an hour, and
that Is no small steed for work clo-eliau ledliui
tlie wind and in such a sea .i to-day rolled in
past old Montnuk , , , . ,
Atfl lit Lolumbli took n starboard tack oil
Fisher's Island nnd ill : -'I Defetnier did tin.
' same Hack again to port at .1 M came both
boats and at 4 tKt Columbia paused Hneornek
V Light nnd eased sheets fonlha run lulu New
' London harbor, IWcndcr was more than llvo
1 minutes later In tasslng the light nnd v;as
1 about n mlnutel furthor nstern as tho yachts
' came up past New I.ondon Light and dropped
, anchor olT the l'eiiU"t
I "Havo you tlgunid tho tlmo by which you
I beat her'' ' was the iiuery put tp Jlr Iselln ns
I the tug ranged up alongside Columbia a 'iiuu-
II terot an hour later
I "Wo havo not." he replied
( "We make It about minutes." was tho
newspaper man's comment
' "I should think that was about right." said
Mr Isoiln . , . . , , , , .
Somo ono on tho boat held up eight fingers
( . It is an even guess that some closer tunes
; were taken uboard tho Columbia than on tho
"" Wo am perfectly sntlsfled with tho boat."
continued Mr Iselln ' Sho behaved splen
I dldlv " nd his sntlsfnetioii was evident, nnd
with good reason alter beating such a boat as
Defender by more than a mile. . ,, , ,
I Alter tho boat races Columbia nnd Defender
I wlliKOtotUu went ward and be. tvaJ) Wi tUc ,
: .
race off Randy Hook on July (I stheycamo
to anchor hero this evening and from then un
til dark they wero salutod by everything afloat.
Colombia nnd Defender Expected to Meet
There Next Week.
It Is very probablo that boforo Columbia and
Defender return to Newport after tho race off
Sandy Hook on Thursday. July (I, tho two
yachts will race on tho Hound under tho
auspices of tho lllversldo Yacht Club. The
dato for tho raco has not yet been fixed, but it
will probably be July 8 A prominent membor
of tho club snld yestcrdny
"It was all nrranced that If Columbia and
Defendor racod off Sandy Hook on July 1 they
would rneo ngaln at Larelitnont on July 4 nnd
thon at tho ltlverslde Yacht Clubat tho regatta
scheduled for July B. Theehingo ot dato for
the Now York race has. of course, altered these
plans, but I don't think It will affect the ltlver
slde Yacht Club Mr Iselln had aereed to raco
with us. nnd I think ho Is still willing to do so.
There has been some correspondence about
tho raco, and wo expect to havo tne matter set
tled tn-tnorrow, whon details will bo an
nounced "
Thero has been somo objection to racing nt
this end of tho Sound with the big yachts be
cause there Is not room enough for the hosts
to wont without dnnger, Tho ltlverslde Yacht
Club races tho other sldo of Greenwich, whero
thero is amplo room for a fair and safe course.
coxniTioxs or jM.vor hook kack
Columhln nnd Defender Mny .Snlt Oier a
Itidwnrd or Triangular Course.
R. Nicholson Kane, Chester Orlswold nnd
Irving Orlnnell, the Regatta Committee of tho
New York Yacht Club, hnve completed nrrnngo
ments for the. raco between Columbia nnd Do
fender which Is to bo sailod outside Sandy
Hook on Thursday, July 0 The courso over
which these yachts aro to raco will be thirty
miles In length, starting from tho Sandy Hook
or Scotland Lightship. Thn prizo Is n $250
cup offered by the club. Tha conditions an
nounced are as follows:
Tho start will bo off Handy Hook or Scotland
Lightship, as will bo slgnnlled. The prepara
tory signal will bo made at 11-30 A.M. Tho
courses mny bo cither of the following:
No. 1 (Letter II) From tho starting line, to
and around a mark fifteen miles towlndwnrd,
or to leeward, and return, leaving the mark on
the starboard hand
No. 'J. (Letter T ) From tho starting line,
ten miles to and nround n mark: thence ten
miles to nnd nround nsecond mark, and thence
ten miles to finish line, turning tho marks nn
the outside of the triangle, to port or star
board, according ns the yachts nre sent nround.
Tho stnrtlng nnd finish lines, which will ho
between a jolnt on the flagship Corsair, Indi
cated bv a whlto flag, and tno malnmai ' of tho
lightship, will be nt right angles with tho out
wnrd and homo courses respectively
The compass courses will bo sot boforo tho
preparatory signal Is made, nnd will bo keDt
Hying until after the start The signals for
course No. 'i must bo read beginning forward.
The turning marks will bo floats displaying a
red flag with white stripe.
The stnrtlng signals will be-
l'roparatory A gun will bo fired and a red
ball hoisted
Signal for tho Start Ten minutes later n
second gun will bo fired and another red ball
Handicap Tlmo Two minutes later a third
gun will bo fired and both bills will drop
hhould a signal gun miss fire, a prolonged
blast of tho whistle will bo given.
Tho steamer Cephous has been chartered
for members and euets Sho will leave 1'ler
1. Hudson Itlver. at l HO punctually, and will
touch ot tho same pier, nnd nlo at tho foot of
West Twenty-second street on her return.
The Cepheus will be placed In chargo of tho
Secretary of tho club. J V. S. fiddle Members
can obtain their tickets from the superintend
ent nt tho cluhhouso in person or by writing.
A llmltod number of extra tickets will be Is
suer! for the Immediate friends of mombers.
according to priority of application Kaoh
ticket ($:t) will admit one person and will in
clude lunch, exclusive of wines.
The Wife of nn Informer In the Texas
I.yn blue Cne Mnkcs n Scene,
Daii.as, Tex., Juno 'JR. In Justice Averltt's
court at Athens to-day, where the hearings In
the cases of the ten Henderson county-lynchers
wero held, a furious woman, Mrs John Greon
shaw, wlfoof one of tho iiiformors, openly ac
cused one ot the attorneys for tho ilefenco of
misrepresentation, bad faith and fraud. Sho
declared sho had been Induced by tho attorney
to mako nn affidavit that her husband
was nut absent from homo on the night of
tho lynching of the three. Humphries after
the attorney know hor husband had turned
State's evidence, which fact sho did not know
at the time, nnd that the attorney had tnken
her husband's monoy on a promise towrukto
cUnrhlmand had then turned agnlust him
Mrs (treenshaw's denunelailon made a sensa
tion second only to that produced by her luis.
hand's story told on tho witness sum! nt the
opening of the easo of the lynching of tho
llumphrli s on the night of May 2.1.
After introducing corroborative testimony by
W Heuryand W.O Maddox to-day. the State
announced its casu closed, except that It re
served tho right to Introduce additional cor
roborative testimony iHt deemed It necessary
Attorneys for the defence announced that they
would submit tho case to Judgo Aveiltt with
out the Introduction of any testimony, pro
vided tho attorneys for the State would
agree to an Immediate uppeal to the Statu
Court of Criminal Vppeals for ball or
habeas corpus proceedings on the ncord ns
now made up Assistant Attorney-dctieral
Morrln refused to agree to this proposition,
and the defence then begnn tho introduction of
testimony to establish alibis for tho accused
I Ittie progress was made, most of the time till
court adjourned for the day being consumed
by opposition counsel and the ( nirt on polrts
rnlsed ns to what should be admissible tes
timony. Thedefeneo was anxious to make the
Coroner produce tho proceeding held nt the
Inquests, which the Court finally ruled out
The Indications nre that the proceedings will
consume soveral days
Late this evening tho defence pit the three
widows of tho lynched men and two children,
ahoy lltvears ot ago and a girl of l'J, on tin.
witness stand F.ach of the live, on direct ex
amination, doclarod that they could not Iden
tify any of the defendants ns members of
tho mob Their statements of the conduct of
the mob tnllled closely with those given by
wltncssos for tho Stnte. On cross-examination
the htnto elicited from each ot th live
witnesses that In tho midnight darkness they
hail not been ablo to see the faces membi rs
ot the mob, and that as they had nevm had
anv pcrsonnl acquaintance with any of theae.
cused Before or since tho lynching they could
not bo expected to Motility them
nna, jieouaueh y rjvu.r.
Nebnstlnn l.lnd Left All Ills 1'ropcrtv to nn
t'nhenrd-of Wife of Ilia Youth.
A ery unusual enso of deception has como
to light since tlie entering recently of a judg
ment In favor of Sirs F.lUa Kehr ngalnst tho
cstnto ot her supposed husband, Sebastian
l.ind, who died on May '.'. 1K.'.". The couple
had lived together since 1H7II. and had had live
children Tho woman, up to tho time of tho
man's death, had no suspicion that she wns
not his wife. They hnd met in Germany. She
cami) to this country with him, and went to
live with him In Williamsburg, whero they
openoil n shoe store l.lnd told her that no
ceremony wn in cessary to constitute n mnr
rhge '1 hey moved to this ilty three yunrs
latir. nnd in 1KS." settled at 'JL'ti'i Second
uveiiue. whero they opened nnothershoe store,
of which stores I.iud had four when he died
l.lnd told the woman lie had made n will, hut
she never saw a copy ot II Alter his death
tlin will was proved, and the woman lecelvod
notice from the executor's attorneys. Stialey,
llasbrouck A Schroeder. to vacate the prem
ises '1 he womnu was ntonlsli(d, ns l.ind had
told her thnl he had left everything to his wife
and children, hheconxiillid Lawyer John G
lloyd. who obtained u copy of the will, tho llrst
tho woman had seen It stated that l.lnd had
a wife living at llellre, llrlllsh Honduras,
whom he h id descried, and It le't hli property
to her
Mrs hehr presented n bill to the estate for
over Jfi.iKHl for services nnd disbursements,
which was rejected It wns referred to lewis
h (loebelas releree, who heard nil tlie testi
mony, nnd made n report in favor ot the bill.
His report was confirmed on July l'J.and judg
ment for f.r.rt!io 47 was given to Mrs Kehr for
services, Ac , for the Inst five yenrs, the claim
for services prior to lhUO being barred by tho
statute of limitation
Poland! I'olnndl 1'nlnnd! 1-iillind!
In tin- pureat natural tyring water la the world.
.4.vi .uoBB irr.y, urc sext to maxila
Enlistments to Ho Made nt Itegutnr Army
Recruiting Stntloni - It Is Hoped to
I.nnd the 10,000 Men In Mnnlln Ilefnre
tho End of the l'reirnt Rnlny Senium
WAsniNOTON, Juno VS. The army In tho
riilllpninoi Is to b Increased to 40.000 men
at least by the enlistment of volunteers under
the authority given the President In the army
Hcorganl7atlon net More men will, however,
be sent to Mnnlln If they ore neoded. It was
definitely decided that there should bo 10,000
additional men enlisted, including those ob
tained by Gen. Otis from nmong tho troops'of
his command whose torms of service have ex
pired. Thce'volunteers. who will bsln excess
of the (15.000 men authorised by lair as thn
maximum strength nf the regular army, will
probably bo divided Into sevon regiments. As
told In The Run this morning, tho volunteers
will lie enlisted In tho samo manner ns regu
lars aro enlisted nt the seventy regular army
recruiting stations by officers of the regular
service. Later on special recruiting stations
(or volunteers mav be established nnd ofllceis
ot the new regiments placed In charge The
enlistments are to be mndo as fast as possible,
and It Is hoped to get the additional 10.0(K)
men landed nt Manila before the end of, the
present rnlny season
These details wero determined on nt a con
fereme held at tha White House to-day be
tween President McKinley, Secretary Alger.
Adit -Gen Corbin and Col. Charts lllrd. the
(Juartnrmaster in charge of the water trans
portatlon service Col. Illrd told just how
mnny men could bo sent to the Philippines be
fore the end of tho ralnv season and Gsn Cor
bin explained overythlng In connection with
recruiting. Tho regular army, It is supposed,
has been recruited up to the nuthorbM
strength, but this cannot be ascertained defi
nitely until all the returns are In.
Inquiries were, sent to-day to ascertain from
recruiting officers how many men they have
enlisted up to date If the regular army Is ur
to the limit tho recruit ng of the voluntoers
will beeln Immediately, orders tj that effect
having nlioady been sent The military au
thorities believe that tho entire additional force
will be recruited In less than two month, at the
most without Incieaslng tho number of re
cruiting stations, but a much better record
than that is expected The men secured by
Gen Otis for the two skeleton regiments which
he la orgatiling'at Manila from among soldiers
whoso terms of enlistment have expired will
be Included in 'he 10.0(H) new troops, and the
two skeleton regiments will be filled bv rc
crultu secured In the Cnlted States. It Is
probablo that the authority of tho recruiting
officers will bo extended so as to Include
enough men foi seven Infantry regiments of
full war strength, or lO.fitK) men Tho llrst re
cruits, according to present expectations, will
be sent to Manila as soon as possible, and tho
additional men onllsted nsslgned to the five
regiments to be orgnuized In this country.
At tne White House conference the trans
portation problem was talked over, and It nas
decided to make overy elTort to secure addi
tional ships at otue. Tho (Quartermaster's
Department has n plan which It be'leves will
result In getting a sufficient number nt ves
sels, but what this plnn Is has not been dis
closed With th eo additional ehlpa the vol
unteers can be placed at Manila. It Is snld. be
fore the end of tho rainy season Tho Idea of
the Administration Is to placo enough men In
Manila during the period when sickness is
grentcsttoiiiKurcKten Otis an ollectlvo lighting
force of .'1(1,00(1 men at nil times. According to
his latest despatch. 12 percent of the troopsare
111. This Includes tho wounded. Ten thon.
sand additional men. Increasing tbs army 'o
40.000. would leave a margin ot 2." cor cent, to
over all those disabled. Thus, with as mnnv
nslone-fourih of hla men unabletto perform ser
vice, he would havo H0.00O foldlers alwavs
ready for active duty In nil his despatches on
thn subiect he ha said that .'iO.COO men would
be enough to quell the Insurrection
No decision was reached at the hltn Houe
conference as to the manner of selecting ofll
cers for the .olunteers, In fact, the innfcr
was not considered, but It will. It was said to
day, bo talked over at the regular Cabinet
meeting on Friday, Gen. litis wns Informed
at tho time that he was authorized to enlist
voluntaers In the Philippines that he would
have the 'election of the ifll"rs. Some of the
Wnr Depirtment officials ate In favor of au
thorising Gen Otis to belect tho officers of the
entire seven regiments from among toldlsrs
now In the Philippines. It Is held that this
would not only serve to reward soldiers who
have rendered meritorious set vice, but would
provide nflleers who have been under lire, who
are familiar with 'he territory where fighting
l going on and the tactics of the Filipinos,
and would encourneo many of the enlisted
men ot thleStnte troops now In the Philippines
to re-enlist in the hope of securing eimmls.
slous (in the other hand, somo of tho lileh
olllclalsare In fivor of appointing officers In
this eountrv. and there l reason to belleva
that this plan will be 'adopted. Thoe who
support It s-iy that there are many men who
ervcd in the volunteer service In the -p-inlh-American
war who would make excellent ofll
cers of the new-volunteor eommnn Is and that
leglments mustered In nt home should have
ofllcers to sui erlntcnd t heir or-'anintlon.
The Invitation Sent Hefore llin I'rrsltlrnt
Stnrted on Ills New Knglnml Tilp.
Wvshin-oton, June 28 den. HarilsonGray
Oils of Los Angeles, ('al , hns accepted nn Invl
titlon of Pieslileiit McKinley to visit him In
V i-lilngton. and he will bo hero shortly.
It Is suppos, d that (ion Otis has been
n-l;ed to como beeauso tho President
wants to lonsu't him about the situa
tion In tho Philippines Gen Otis wns
appointed a Hrlgndier-Gcneral of Volunteers
nt the outbreik of the war with Spain and sent
to Manila. He aw active service with Mac
Art bur's column in the aggressive movement
against Agulnnldo's nrmy nnd was recently In
valided home The Invitation was scut before
Pnsldcnt MeKiiih y left Washington on his
Ni v Filmland trip
repoit is in circulation that tho post of
Seeiet.n v of War to succeed flen lger w ill be
offered Gen Otis ill) the report Is coupled
the i-t.ilenietit t lint the President will ask
Secret i ry lger to rotlro on account of the.
criticisms of the Administration by Gov 1'in
greo in connection with the ( overnor's sup
P irtof Secietary Alger for tho Michigan Henn
torshlp As tho Invitation to Gen Otis was
extended before the Plngree Interviews wero
I iibllslied, this htntoment appears to be bnsml
on the mere supposition of persons who as
sume Hint tho Invitation hud been sent within
the last day or two
Sends to Mnnlln for ?sevvs About Gen. Otlv'a
.Vriiil Cah't Pitpxtt to Tux Sum.
Manii v. June 2S -Ono of the most promi
nent Filipinos in Manila received a verbal mes
sage this iiinrulug dliei t from Agulnnldo. who
Is at 'I -irl ic, Instructing him to make ns voiii
plete n report as possible icgnrdlng both thn
milium- and political sltuntluii in Manila
Aguiunldo wants to obtain (mm a Filipino
source knowledge of tho strength of the Amei
ean army, tho health of tho Hoops, nnd whnt
(ieu Otis's Intentions nre regaidlng tho car
rying on of operations during tho rainy season.
The 1 ilipluo to whom the message was sent
has been steadfastly friendly to the Americans.
He has been frequently requested to join Agul
tialdo, but has leliibcd to do so
The (ai t that the rebel leader has sent such a
request Is cnp-ibio of a double interpretation
possibly Agulnnldo desires to know whnt his
chain es would be In tho event of Ids sur
render, or It Is possible that ho wants to ob
tain information ns to the ports opened by
order of Gen Otis, through which he might
obtain provisions ami other supplies for his
nrmy nnd at the same t mo sh p the produce of
The request for Info muiloti, roAi ng as It
does direct from Aculntldo, sutt es,.r.oieports
that have been circulated to the ef.ct thut lie
had boon nssasslnntod by frlonds of (len. Luna
In rovenge for the Killing ot the latter by somo
of Agulnaldo's men, presumably by his order.
Under Gen Otis's Instructions the gunboats
engaged In blockading duty will now allow
vessels with rogular clonranco pnpori to puss
thn blockade, but tho Issuing of the order to
this effect was delayed, owing to the fact that
the opening of tho ports would ennblo thn In
surgents who aro In control of them to colloct
tho duties on the articles Imported. Thero
was great distress at several of tho closed
ports owing to tho luck of food, and business
woh at a complete standstill.
1 hese factB Influenced (len. Otis to Issuo tho
order, he considering that thn situation Is now
sufficiently favorable to prmlt a restricted
business being dono at thn ports, The order
simply permits tho landing of food, and a close
watch will be kept to prevent llllbustors from
landing arms, ammunition and other supplies
for tho rebels.
A severe typhoon Is blowing and this Is de
laying tho Balling of vessels which want to
take advantage of the opening ot tho ports.
The situation lcmnlns comparatively quiet
to I ho south and east ot Manila, where the re
cent fighting took plnce A rebel scouting
p.nty to-dny met a pntrol of tho Wyoming
regiment, and. In scklng to oscnpo, fiid into
tho arms of a battalion of the Fourth Iuf intry.
Two of the insurgents were captured with
their arms
There Is Increasing activity nmong the In
suigents nt San Fernando, and they nppnrently
nro nnxlous to resumo Inutilities It Is re
ported to.dav thnt Gen Plo del Pilar, with
2,000 men, has joined the main body of In
surgents there.
Mnrtl Upturns to London to Ohtnlu an In
terview vvttll Senator Ilonr.
.rremf ValU Ittipateft to Tiixos.
London, Juno 28. Marti, tho repiesenta
tlve of Agitlnaldo. who was recently In Furope
and later wen to Hong Ivong on his way to
Manila, has ictiiriied to London, where tho
menlersof the Filipino Junta" aro endeav
oring to obtain an Interview with Senator
Hear and other Americans with tho oDject of
securing concessions to Agulnaldo and pro
moting peace The departure from Madrid Is
also Imminent of a prominent Fillpiro, who Is
going to Washington with a similar object a9
the representative of the Man li Autonomist
Peaco Committee.
f o.7vs,sr a jsamc siri.Mir.K
Two Yiillug Men of I.oulnlllc Who Serurrd
tt.'i.OOO from n Itauk Fraudulently.
I.oitsvn t F, Ky . Juno 2 -Fred Frleden
hulmer, son of a city nfllcl.il, and John McN
Parker, son of W S Parker, cashier of tho
City National Hank, had their examining trial
on tho charge of forgerv to-day and woio held
to nnswer before the Grand Jury, bond being
fixed at $2.."(i0 ami $r.0MJ respectively '1 ho
crime with which the young men aro charged
Is tho swindling of the Gorman Insurance
Hank out of if! i00 by means of a forged check
signed with the name of the cashier of the
Citizens' National Hank.
Aecoidlnc to Frledenhclmer's confession
made to-day on the stand, he and I'arkerar
rnnced the scheme In Cincinnati l'ri-denhel-mer
came to this eltv nnil prepared the cheek.
Then he telephoned to Cashier Hupp of the
Germnn Insurance Hank and asked If he could
spare STi.lHiii in small bills Deceiving an af
llrmativo loply. he said thnt he would send n
messenger for tho money Friedonhetmer
then presented tho check, which, although
hunRlingly executed, pased w ithoutsusplclon,
and lett Immediately for Clnclnii itl The fraud
was dlscovorednfter clearing time.
husplclon wns dlreetid to 1 reledonhoimer
and Pnrkeron nccount of a previous transac
tion, and w it Mln two days both wero under ar
rest The police recovered f2,lK" in enh nnd
$2(H) worth of jewelry from Frledcnhelmer,
but I'nrkor. wliondmltted having received half
the money, lias steadily refused to give It up
His onlv statement lias been that he "throw It
in thn river '
The statement made by Fildenhelmer was
entirely voluntiry. his cntuincl having waived
exnmlmtlnn He give bond nnd was released,
hut Parker was rep nndud to jail, Ills father
declining to bnll him out.
mexage nr.rt ii s j si.in ti:iat
I.pft Minneapolis Six yrari Ago After the
(tiinrniity I.onu Compnn) t'r.iih.
Min-nevioi.is, Minn, Juno 2S.-Louis F
Mennge, the man who has mndo and lost two
fortunes aggregating millions of dollars, and
who hns been In exilo for six years, returned
to Mlnneipolis this morning fimn Mexico.
Menige wns tlio leading ninii In the Guaranty
Loan Company, which went totho wall in lHtm,
Invol ing many men from tho List and else
where, tlio totil losses running Into tho mil
lions Mr Menage was indicted for ombezzle
luent it tho time, but left the ei uiitry.
Immediately nfter arriving in tho city Mr
Mi nnge went to the oflli e of his attorney. C, .1
Haitlrsnn. and tho two culled on the County
Attorimv Mr Meiuigo stated tint he had
returned to answer tho Indictments County
Mtornev ltced accompanied tho two visitors to
Judge Klllott's courtroom, where the liullit
mentH were read Mr Menign plended not
guilty and his ball was fixed at flu.oiit), which
was furnished
In nn interview, Mr. Menage said: "Tho
Me i thnt I or any officer of thoGuai intvlonti
( ompnny embezzled n dollir is entirely erro
neous The large sums of money wero lost In
unfortunate business trnnssctinns. They wero
lost In no other wny We sudeied great do.
piei latlons In the value of our property nnd
securities "
i.iri: trim: Ttxr.i.En i a cm.
Motortnnn Kent the Tower On, hut fun.
diutnr Prevented a fntnstrtinhc.
A trolley- car containing about twenty pas
sengers was running along the Ilichmond roul
at Grant City. Stnten Island, yesterday after
noon, when tho overhead wlro snnpped and,
falling, becamo entangled In thV'c.ir. Tho
trolley was ahead of tho broken place, nnd so
the powor was not shut off. Tho motormnii
kept right on, nnd as each post wns passed
more wire wns torn from Its fnstenlngs and
wound about tho car Spaikn and llamo shot
out Women serenmed nnd men called to the
inotorman to stop, witnesses say thnt no
III. ally jumped Into tha roidwuy. leaving the
power on and the car going along nt a high
rate of speed
Conductor Louis Il.mr realized thnt sorlous
injury would undoubtedly occur to passengers
nnd car unless the powor should bo turned olT.
Thero wero shnip curves ahead. He started
from tho rear and went down the runboard,
picking his way In and out of tho live wlro
Hoachlng the fiont platform, he shut ofT the
current and brought the oai to a standstill
'I he motorman, who h n new man. was only
sllgbtlv Injured on the arm Hedenied thnt ho
jumped mid said ho was thrown out by an
electric shock.
I'nrilniiiMl Negro Cnnvlit Dies Suddenly
When Hi, Itrurhrs Ills (Mil Home.
MoNTiioMFHY, Ala . June 1!S George Jones,
a negro. convict, died of nn i ees of joy
yesteiday as n icmiIi of his liberation from
pilsoii He had I ei n convicted of murder
several venrs ngo and wns si ntenced to bo
hanged, hut secured n new trial, nnd wns scut
to jail foi life At the trlnl Jones protested
thnt In-dl 1 not know- the gun was loaded It
was sliovvii iluit he liiid hot known his victim
and had therefore no Ill-will toward htm Gov
Johnson recently hid his attention cnlled to
the case, and after Investigation grunted Jones
n par lop
It w is nn unexpected piece of good fortune
to the negro, nnd when he was released yes
terday from tin pilson walls he hurried to his
old home near Deiuopobs As ho approached
the old log hut under the trees where he had
been horn and was rnisnl, Ills mother, fnlher
nnd sisters tan out to meet him He was so
overcome by joy and emotion t lint be swooned
away nnd died in tho embraces nf Ids relatives
He had complained of no III health nnd his
death is attributable to nn excess of joy.
A Portrait of Admiral Dewey,
. In ten col r, t7r Hi'-'t ready fnrfranilng.frrevtth
out Hunday's HrrmUun tapir price 3 cent Adr
I'nlnndt l'olandl Poland! I'olnndl
UcccmiDieudcd by eminent jli.tclQi for purity,
Deputies Exchange Illnwe In the Clinmher
Trouble Caused by the Suffrage Mil
Smlnllits Attnck tile rreinlor I.ntior
Party to Order u General Strike.
Xvttial Caltf VrtvateS to Tiir Sen.
llrtussFi.H, Juno 28. There was nn unparal
leled scono In the Chamber of Deputies to-day.
The Socialists persisted In a courso of system
atic obstruction, whistling, singing and shout
ing constantly.
They finally becamo so demonstrative thnt
thoy attempted to assault tho members of the
Government, using their fists froolyand mnuy
ot them rolling on tho floor In rnugh-atid-tumblo
combnts The Premier was threat
ened, when lie was dcslgnatod by some of the
HoelalUt leaders as being responsible for tho
Suffrage bill, and he wns only protectod from
vlolenco by members standing In front of him
to ward off his nssnllant
The Chamber was finally cleared by tho
troops. It was altogether tho most violent
scene ever enactod In the Ilolglan Pnrllnmont.
The public Is wildly excited
Tho King has decided to return to llrusscls
anil romnln In tho Pnlnce during tho discussion
of tho Suffrage bill. Tho Government build
ings aro being guarded by- troops.
llcvolutlonnry sreechos were made at large
meetings held nt Liege nnd Ghent to-dny.
Several battnllons of Infantry hnvo boon
brought here in tho expectation that trouble,
will occur All tho Civic Guards aro contlncd
to their bartuoks
Several meetings wero held this evening to
protest against the RufTrngo bill, and
much violent language wns employed by
tho speakers. Aftniward thoro wero demon
strations outsldo tho houses of tho
Ministers Some of tho crowds becamo din
gerously threatening and refused to disperse
when ordered to do so. Tho gendarmes
charged them nnd finally fired a volley at
them. Several of tho rioters were woutp'od.
Numerous arrests wero made.
The Libor pirty has resolved to call n gen
eral strike as a protest against the Govern
ment's F.loctoral bill Tho strike will begin
on Julv Ti, tho day on which tho Chamber will
debate the measure It Is hoped by tho lend
ers of the movement thnt tho workliigmen in
the prov Inces will also strike.
The attacks on thn present Ministry nie n
result of their opposition to King LeoiKiId's
progressive desire for a one-mnn-one-vote
system Instead of the plural vote, which gives
n g rent ndvnut-ige to Inrgo property owners,
some of them getting three votes under tho
present system A Cabinet crisis has been ex
pected for some time, owing to the conflict be
tween the King nnd tho Minister!.
Seen on the fnx by the. Crew of the Gon-
fnlonlll Nenr Cnpc Xerde.
Fvmat CaHt ira"A to Tim Spy
Taiiis. Juno 28. V despatch to the .Vafm
from Hrest says that thcsteamshlp Goufalouin,
from Ilio do Janeiro, reports having sighted
tho French cruiser Rfax, with Dreyfus on
board, on June 10 twenty miles from Cape
Yerde. She was sic lining slowly and seemed
to bo waiting forordirs
It Is said that Dreyfus looks like a man 00
Government Did ot XVnlit Illni to I.nnit
I'nlll the Mlnl.lrr Wns Safely Scale, 1.
St "-ni! VatiU Ilripntrh to Tht Si's.
London, June 20 The Paris correspondent
ot the liaily .hi-i says'
"An official of the Navy Department tells mo
that the Max. which Is lulnglng Dreyfus back
from Devil's llaud, has been kept going to
nnd fro llko a phantom ship. It would never
have done to land Dreyfus until the Ministry
wns well in office."
nitE or miEYrri at rexves.
Al rived There Yenlerdnv In Awnlt thn Sec
ond Trial of Her Iliistmml.
.Vriuf Calif lpn(r to Tiir 9cs.
Pvhis. June'.'S Mini) Dreyfus, accompanied
by her mother, arrived to-day at lien ties, whero
the trial of hor husband by the new court-martial
will take place A small but respectful
crowd watched her when sho arrived. Sho
went to tho residence, of Mmo Godard, whero
she will stay until tho fate ot hor husband Is
The Govcrnoi (hceied liv (he People si He
Drove 111 the riornl 1'nrade.
Mtt.w'AUKFF, Wis , .Tune 2S. This was a busy
day for Gov. llnnsorelt. He loso lutound found
waiting him an Invitation from the Milwaukee
Press Club for u short session This was en
tirely to tho Goveinor's liking, and ho paid
the club a visit, whero ho was cheered.
Hefore coming away ho wrote his name on
the wall along with other celenrltles At tho
hotel mi his return was a committee from tho
( hnmber of Commerce, nnd he accepted an
Invitation to i ay a visit to thnt body Then lie
went to luncheon nt the Mllwauki e Club,
where ho met several p-ominent Mllwnukoonus
At the close of the lunch he went to tho
Hoard of Trade. The bulls und beirs swarmed
around him and cheered him until the rafters
rang Tho Governor made a short speech on
the lines ot his other speeches, and nt the
close of the Impromptu reception ho wns
driven to tho resldencu of ( npt Fred
Pntist on Grand avenue, where ho wnlted until
tho floral pumde was former Then he bended
the parndo In a carnage with Gov. Scolleld of
Wisconsin and President Hnckett of the Carni
val Association. He received an ovation nlong
the entire route, nnd the most of the time ho
was standing in the carriage hat in hand re
sponding to the cheers.
Gov ltoosevelt loft for Chicago on a special
train nt :t 1,1 o'clock, where he caught tho
Lake Shore train to New lork.
nut men out of rrrn.
Attorncy-Genernl nf the Slnte Mnkea n
serious Kuln Agnii.at Corporations.
Ai'stin, Tex .Juno 28 An opinion wns ren
dered to-day by Attorney-Gcnoral Smith which
Is another serious blow-to numerous foreign
corporntiins that linvu been doing business in
Texas He holds that when n foreign corpora
tion having a permit to do business in this
Stnlo becomes delinquent In the payment of
Its annual finnchlse tnx to the State ami
does not pay the nmount duo, togothur with
the proscribed penalty, within six months Iroiu
the date of the delinquency, Its right todo bus
iness In the Stnte cannot be icvlved by grant
ing a new penult, ns hns heretofore boon tho
practice or the Secretary of State
Mnny Inrgo foreign ciuporntlons lino peg.
Jcctt-d to pay their franchise tax. and under
this opinion they are forever debarred from
doing business in Texas
Congregntlon ltefimed to Arrcpt Ills Itrslg
iinttou Yote I'niinlinous.
snrnv Paitu, N J, June 28. The reslgnn
tlon ot tho Itov Howard T Wlddcmer, pastor
nt the First Congregational Church, was offered
to-night at a congregational meeting Tho
friends nf the pastor wero in the majority nnd
relused to accept his resignation, on tho ground
that ho had been persecuted and ought to re
main 'J hero was n spirited debate between
I the pastoi mid George W Cole, one of his
S lieu a motion wns mnde that the resigna
tion be accepted no one voter lor It The nega
tive side of tho question hnd 4i votes. Mr.
Iddemer wa congratulated by all his friends
He snld that lie would now remain with the
church, as he was snflslled a majority of the
members wanted him to remain
I'olnndl Poland! I'olnndl I'olnndl
Furc.epirallng.deh'cloua. TelevHone llBCorLUiDilt,
The Nippon Mnru'a l'reaenre In Port Hns
Alnrmtd tho Authorities.
Rvn FiUNtttiio, June 28 -This city Is much
excited over the danger from bubonic plague
brought by the Japanese steamer Nippon Mam.
It Is known that a Japanese girl died of plague
on tho steamer two days before the vessel
reached here nnd was hurled at sea
Tho Japanese crow lebellcd when notified
that tho vessel would be held two weeks In
quarantine Two of tho crow, who had acted
qucerly for several days, dropped overboard
Inst night and attempted to swim to this city.
They wero drowned, and to-day their dead
bodies, tied together by a rope, wero found on
tho beach. An examination by heilth ofllccrs
showod what wore thought to be signs of the
plague on the boJIcs, though It will require a
bacteriological nnnlysls todctermlno the pres
ence of the dlsonse.
The chief source of danger from the plague
hero is causod by tho Chinese who refuse to
obey the sanitary rules. If tho plague should
be carried Into f liliijtovvn It might easily be
come as deadly as It Is In tho Far Lust.
ririEEX .vkv vRoiTR.ni'.i).
A Holt of Lightning Injures n Gong of
Irmk I.nborers.
ItEAiiiNii. Pn . June 28 Just ns n furious
storm burst over this city nt noon to-dny n
vivid flash of lightning shot out from a low
black cloud nnd n sheet of flame descended In
the southern suburbs, accompanied by n ter
rific thunderclnp. It was like a cinnon.shot
from the cloud. Fifteen trackhands of the
Pennsylvania llnllroid were nt work on a high
embankment The thunderbolt seemed to ex
plode just above them F.vcry man fell as If
paralyzed. Haifa dozen vv ere hurled dow n the
bank William Simon. Adnm Miller. Simon
Seldol. nnrl John Thomas were badly burned,
anil thoir legs turned black ami blue So Mel
was struck In the back and completely piia
lyzed. When picked up blond flowed from his
mouth Ho Is likely to die Three men llftv
ynnls nway staggered nnd fell from the effects
of tho electric discharge.
rinon or Rtix I et loose
Thunder Squnll Enrty 1 his Moiiilng Mnhes
Things Xery Wet.
Tho fiercest thunder squall of tho season
came up with a strung southwest wind just be
fore 1 o'clock this morning The rain fell In
sheets tint wero swept almost horizontally
through tho air nnd snaked everything thnt
was out of doors. Water poured from tho
scuppers of open cars, flooded the gutters
level full and rati In rapids over the sidewalks
Tho air grew cooler ns tho moisture wns
squeezod out of It Strong southerly winds
nnd frequent thunder squnlls aro expected in
this region to-day.
niiEtEs irr riiRoran the floors.
Seveinl Sixth Avenue Shop Entered, All In
the Smile tiy.
Tho Tenderloin polico nro keeping a sharp
lookout these days forth" gang of burglars who
nre carrying away tho property 'of Sixth avenue,
shopkeepers Thu police nro satisfied that tho
burglars aro membors of one gang They
havo got Into overy store by cutting holes In
the floor nnd coming up through the cellar.
In this way tho dry goods store nt 447 Sixth
avenue was entered rcrently and $500 worth
of Boodscnrrled nway.
Mrs Delia Memles of 4IU Sixth nvenuo.
whose dressmaking store was entered In a
similar way a week ago and robbed of Sl.(HH)
worth of dresses, turned over to the police yes
terday the letter she received from the burg
lars who visited her With the lettei the
thieves sent back the stolen property, npolo
irlluir for carrying it off They sent It from
the lower cast side by n local uxpress
wood .Miirs that rilleii, mtii ii-s.
A llfllleiii Man, Exilted by n I.etlel fioiu
Ilia .Sou, Dh Alter Krndilig It.
Tho sudden news of his son's good fortune
caused tho death vesterd-iy nf William Lau
man, formerly n brewer, of (ilCi Fast 14.1th
street He received a letter from an elder son,
who went West a few yeirs ago and settled at
Yilln Paik. Col . telling him that tho son hud
succeeded In business, and had sent nionoy for
the fathei and the rest of thu family to come
West nnd live with him
I. num. in. who was (is years ol 1, carried the
lettei to Henry Koch's saloon, nt 714 Cour(
landt uveiiue. that lvoch might lead It He
handed the letter to Koch and sat down at a
table in tho real loom The huteiuter,
going to tnke him n glass of bcor. noticed soon
nllerwnrd that the old man's head diooped.iiid
on a closer examination saw he wnsdoid.
Gov. I.ovvtidcs of Maryland Writes Thnt fin
XV 111 Endeavor to Attend.
Avstiv, Tex., June 28 Gov Say ers to. day
received a letter from Gov Lowndes of Mary
laud Indoislng the proposed anti-trust con
ference to I e held In St Louis Hesays
"lam Impressed with tho Important u of the
proposed vonferetice of Governors aim At
torney -Generals of the several States .mil
Territories for the puiiose of taking Into mn
slderntiou the effect upon the business Inter
ests of the country from the formation of
trusts, and to devise, if possible, a line of smin
legislation to lemedy the evil", which, It Is
generally eoniedcd, have resulted from such
combinations 1 hope to be present at tho con
ference with Attorney -Gonernl (in (her "
American Klnped with Her from Mnnlln to
Hong Konr-Alno Killed lllin.elr.
VamolvkI!. Juno 28. Advicos from Hong
Kong say that Androw Marks of New ork
Ktate.onoof tho many Americans who went
to Mnnlln to stnrt In business, fell In love with
n benutlfiil native girl Her parents disap
proved, and tho young couplo run awnv to
Hong hong, whero tbev wero married on May
22 at St .John s Cathedral by tho l!ev It F.
Cobbalit They lived together five days
Then tho girl, suffering from a score of beat
ings, lied from her husband to the home of a
countryman Mnrks followed and shot her
dead Then ho killed himself.
nin m:irr.Y n itin: to diedericiist
Ilepnrl Thnt He Expressed Ilecret nt thn
I'nlsii Reports About Their lti liillon..
Vamjouvfh. 11. C . Juno28 Tho .Vm th China
.Yeirs says that when Admiral von Dledorlchs
reached Hong Hong, homeward bound, ho re
ceived n letter from Admiral Dnwey ox press
Ing tho latter's regret nt the unfounded state
ments made In the press ns t,( their relations
st Mnnlln The Gei man Admiral asked Admiral
Dewey to allow him to publish the substance
of tho letter und Admiral Deney gave his consent
Dual Worth A I, Von, (KM) Una llcached Seat
tle Thtii l'ur rials scnion,
Skvtti.f. Wnsh , Juno 28 Tho American
bark Mikado, John Drown, master, from loLo
harnn June 1. arrived this afternoon with a
cargo of silks for Sew ork anil Host n houses
'1 ho steamer llosalle, from skag way, brought
down twenty hlondlkers in-day and $.1(i.(HKI
worth of cold dust, making n total of Jl.'.'.'ili..
(,i()0 leceived here since navigation opuml on
the Alnskn lakes and tho uknn this season.
N.nc llltteii Off mid Put Ilurk.
Hoston-, Juno 28 Frank Wlllanl, a news
boy, ngod 12 years, was attacked by a dog this
morning and his nose was bitten off The boy
was taken to tho Massachusetts General Hns
pltal The nose wns afterward hunted up.
taken to the hospital half nn hour Inter and put
jo place on the hoy's face, where nils hoped
that It will knit successfully by- tho aid of u
grafting process, It is tho first case of tho kind
lu this city
rirel t'nrxrelled hire works !'
Duy before Hit ruin at depet, Pirk. place. Jife.
7Jov.s oit o' the r.tsr river. II
He's Seventeen nnd Went to the Wnr vv C H
the Tvietltii Iti-gllncill (miles ll full. IH
Ills lll.e.vrur One of I he Itov SniiiUIni Jl
n rignrette That Hadn't (lone Out M
York Hti'ler. 17 yr-ars old, who served In they
late vm tisa member if the twelfth Mogl- H
ment. nnrl who lives with Ids parents at 424 M
Pleasant avenue, saved tin ee I nvsftom drown- M
Ing vesterdnv afleitionn, an I last n ght the)
house wns besieged bv neighbors whocnllcil IH
to eoiigintul ilu young Hullei m Ills daring IH
rescues H
Villlni Thotiini, .1 yenrs old. .in I Gcnrso 11
Wliiilen, vearinld. fd 2'U Fist I.'Nt stie t. II
and Danny lteillv.it vents old. o' I'.'Jd street IH
and Pleasant avenue, wete p'niini with n log IH
which wns floating in the Fn' lover at t'm IH
fontnf 122d street when It dii t 'd nway fi n In
them They tiled to get II b i ' ly lev n; H
over the hi en I; w it"r and llh n; m1" it vv til IH
sticks, and nil thine tiniibli d li.ti 'hcilvr ml IH
were s'vept awnv Iv the tide iuit er was ! H
Hug mi the slim nut f ii iw v .mil luarlng 'Im IH
I nys' screams, i ashed -n In lp Ihein lly lean- IH
Ing over the bic.ikw itei In- v.i ible to iciedi IH
the Whiten and hell) lovs as they drl leit (H
past, but their c uupnulon h id Ik i ii swept soma IH
ili-t.iiue up t i river II
tin boy had g me d iv n o -e when llittter. II
throwing nfT his mat. illvr. I into tic wnternnd II
struck out nfti i him .In t ns he wns vvl'hlrt II
three fi et uf the l,. he sank for the mis ij
tlnn , but Duller diving nftei hi n i niched I . a II
by the en hir.'itid 'v, im with h m to the shoe. II
Ilv this t'nic several lirin-'rcil eop'e were en I
the batik Tliev I egiti to laugh win ti they nv- I
tleed tint the swh inier held a elu-arctti) In 'ill (I
mouth an 1 . y a trick at which he is nn id pt I
h ni ki pt It u'lglit when nn lor t ho vvutci Is I
s'v.im -- it li the boy to the llmi where 'ho
voungstei was care 1 f r by fiionds Ho vai
little the worse.
i ur i-rr ofT if sin: scor.ns. ,
She's Hern to the Hospital Seven Times Ifc
six Week, sp ei flll'SS.
Mrs Mary Pallt has been in the Harlem
Ilospitn1 seven times In thn Inst six weeks for j
trcitment for a dlslocatid j iw Hor husband, ,
Frederick. Isn cloil:, and they live in Hnrlen.
Six weeks ago he appeared nt H'irlom llospit ll
with lib. vv ife and told his story !
"li out last night," lie salu. while Mrs. i
ralltro. who was nieechVss, glared at bin.
"and when I came homo oirlythls mornb c
my wife began to seoid me Sho got to talkl -
so fast tint presently s itin.th'iig snapped in J
she found that she could not talk any more. I 9
don't know whnt Is the matter ' !
Dr Mcassoy examined the woman and four ,
thnt tho jaw had bom dislocated Ho conx
it back Into place Just one week later Pallt. .
nppenred at the hospital with his wife ngnln
Her jnw was ngnln out of working onler and
bo wns nskerl whnt was the matt r
" We had n quarrel about i show .vo saw nn i '
she got sneechk'hs again.' Tl.at'r-all," wasul'
thnt he had to say ' i
Dr Meassey readjusted the jaw ind Mrs i.
Falltz") went away with her husband, talkln. p
as well as ever. Four times mon Pnllt70call( ij
nt the hospital with his wife, and each time si
was In the samo fix Last night they appear o
again and then Dr Meassev lost patience
" You'll hnvo to iiult scolding your h.lsban !.
madam." Bald he, "or you will have to goto
someotherliospltal. I hiv-o used every rem
edy 1 know, but I can't fix your jaw "
Mrs Pallt70 looked as If she had something;
to say, but It ended there, for Dr Meassey had
not yet got In his work Tho jaw was adjusted
ag'ilti. nnd the doctor didn't want to hear any
noon r.ttiii: ati tries a .max.
A UnihesterT lwvcr litis n I igtit with til
Ilild on the Shore of I.iiUi Ontario.
Hoi iirs-ini. June 'Jst -Major Lu-.li spahn. a
llnchesier liwyer, had an exciting encounter
with a full grown eagle along tin shore of Laka
Ontario yestcid.iy afternoon. He was going to
n hotel near Manltnu ISeneh, where he had en
gaged a mom for the night, when ho snw
huge bird walking up nnd down the sand nii'l ,
acting as though It was getting re.ulv tollr.
'I lie bird caught sight, nf him and changed Its
liitentlrn and turniil on him Major Snahn
was armed with a "lout stick, with which node
fended hlm-elf Til" bud in nle a loud outer,
nnd vvi nt at rtpjhh vvltli claw- nnd bill, nnd be
fore the tight wns over his clothes were bndiy
torn. I'll" attorney, watching foi his nppn .
tunlty, made a lung sweep nf Ids stick atnl
I i might it don n mi the b id bn a king Its nee v,
Mr Mmlin took his prl" to the hotel, ind tiny
men there said it was a wood curie It men. -uied
seven feet from til to tit I' is tlinu.' 't
that the bird earn" nvei fioiu I an id.i, as ll w .4
of a vnrletv found tlieri
i.ooiKit ii y cmxrsr rintTrs.
The llrlll-h ship VV noil Meld I p on tl.t, "1
West Itlver 111 lew of the (.tllihoiltft.
iMoi'Vt it, 11 C .June 2M -The HrltMi ship
W'nun, Messis Danker A Co , wns held up by
Chines, pirates on M ly 22 nt Knmchiiek, on ',
the West Itiver, by twenty-live masked mil
armed robbers, wlio coolly emptied the euro
Into junks Iving alongside Then the in
sengers, many of whom were llntlsh md
Americans, had to give up 7.iski In ensli.
Three Chinese torpedo boats placed on thn
river to pr vent piracy, were anchored within
,100 yards of tne scene, but in-nle no attempt
tonssist tho merchantman fier tlin m'd err
the Captain of the Vioon iovcim-iI heilhig.it
tho masthead, hut the tnrped i hints steamid
by without paying any uttititlmi to the signal
of distress
Tim boat Captains of the West Itlver held a
meeting nflei the inbbcry and sent a resnlu.
Hon to pekln recording the robbery and stat
ing tint tho torpedo boats were not engaged In
suppressing piracy but In squeezing tnnneyout
ot ('hint so junks on tho pretence of cseoitliis
them down the river.
1.1 1 n Clgnr on n Nnphthn I. mini h nnd Was
Nr.w Oiu kvn-s. June 28 The steamer IIIi
pania. from Locis del 'lorn. ( olombla, brlDgn
the news of the death of C K Drowning ot
New Or. eat. s .'lr Drowning vvnsn member of
tho IouUlana Cotisliliitionnl Convention ot
Inst yenr lor sev tnl months ho had
In en acting ns ngi nt nt lloeas for
J 11 Cninnrs A ( of New Orleans He was to
have tn'ien the steamer Ilmpsnla for New Or
ieniisnnd putout tnlierinu naplithalnunch He
nttenibte 1 to 11,-hi n cigni during the trip Tho
launch leaked anl exploded. Instnntly killing
Drowning nnd injuring several other persons
oil the launch
Vegrocs I'lecliig tintii HtiHithurff, Ala.
llniMiv iiav. A In . June '-'8 Negroes nr
lenviig D'onsluig in lirge numbers, fearing
they will I " killi d by e-h.iei b-fore tho feeling
betwi en the inees has s ibsldml. Sheriff
(I'ilrli n lef 1 for " ' ten de Hies uti ler Dep
uty slieilfT Hoi WaM-m all well a tneil, nt
Illnssbiirg this morning, nnd it is leliever
they will be iil.'c to k, ei d iw i tt.eibie Very
few negr. "s w i I to wotk lo-dav . mid the op
crntors nf i lie mil es lenr that their output Is to
be n (fee to !
Dewry Soils li.r l'e-t snld.
WASittNi.mv, June 28 Ti Navy Depart
ment this morning inniul n i.ible despatch
from Admli.ll Devvev niniMin"ii ' his depar
ture on the iilvinjli liom i ioiiIio (or port
Ml 111
Aiiihnssndor Diaper Itilmns troni lloni).
Gen Wil nn F I i n I ni s-ntes vm
bnssador i I u is a i i g r on ii n
Nnrh German I vi -ternis n Vl.i.whiiU
arrived yesterday fi in li n a d Sip is
I'olnndt PolniuP I'oliiuil' Polnnd!
Try It roLud Viuter l'i u , a Ln 1 hut, M, Ye-Ail.

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