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fa 1&Jr mcr J 1 I 1 KSSSm! J Ll II Showers to-day; probably clearing l(
Smlt --- JP V m Jf mSSm S v ' and cooler Sunday.
HI wii.lis a to ao.
m R.r(:crd for a Tilde or l'nt Itnuey. mill He,
l nHI, tlm Good Nature of a Drunken
If 1 Jinn, Consented-Ho Touk Her from
H 1 Darby, l'a.. to Ilniiieshnrn, N. J. There
If I M,o Mm Quickly Taken from Him.
I Woonnt in.N .1.. July ".Delia Mny Is now
II ihcniiio Up to noon on Thursday Delia May
H i iras jut nn nnllnar) bad llttlo girl. HhuM
JH.i'' run n.iy and be cross to hor Brnnilmunml
HI jo nit sorts o( things Hut ordltiar) llttlo
yB a (rM do when they aio bad. In fact.
Vr ihe wnsuuitu a terror. She'd climb on wagons
tr Hid she el make friends with nil tlio strnngn
P-V, - jogs that camu around, and she'd chnsotho
j ' t sows that pastured In tho peaceful streets of
" ' j'liii u, iphln until their milk would get nil
"het un"nnd would make thoothcrllttloglrls
H md I tsthiit ilr.ink It lck.
VI lii limey Is n villain. There Is no doubt
11 iloiittlnt Put's In jntl. ami only Alllalhsgot
Bf Into jail, tint Is into Jerse) jails. Until noon
ll on 'ihutsli) i'.it was a respected eitii n of
11 Malaga If "" I150 never heard of Malaga
ll Xlt(, sis re potter can toll )ou its In
1(1 die mullein Part of Jerse) nnd it's not tho
JIL lunu tli i' gripe snronnniod nfter. Mnlagn has
Si 4iiitn!l ition and of the whole 400 tin re was
ml non, li' hi 1 the lospoet of his neighbors
M t a creator extent than l'nt Hnnoy had.
M iijiij uriti is guessing IIu hnsn't made up
his inuul yet whether ho is a hetoor a illaln
ill Neither hau tlie authorities, anil so lllll is
Vl eni in jill .Until 'Ihuisdn) no in Hilly
nl was a distilct messenfitr bo), with perhaps
iM b ipiio inoiu than the otdlliaiy knowledge
of tint maker of hlstoi). " Old Sleuth " Hilly
dulatrlek that "Old Sleuth" himself wouldn't
M have turned and after It ull ho is In J ill, so tho
piuler will riullo tho troubled condition of
I hi mu d ninl wonder just w horo ho is at.
The facts that led up to tho limit-formation
I of Pelli May i Delia Ma) Lewis Is her uniiio,
n but e nbody In tho block calls her DellnM.i) I
M from an ordinarily bad llttlo girl ton heiolno
II nd of l'at llano from n respected citizen
If 0 Milagi. N .1 . to a villain In jail and
f. ' 0( mil) nnta from a tnessencei hoy to u coti
'I und.'uin aio of more than passing Interest.
I ar.d after reahug them the reader may jutlgo
I for lilmM.lt whether tho tuinformations aro
I "' justified
. I ' Pat left his homo In Mnlasa on Thurs-
j l day iiioriiiim with a load of garden
iW truck, b tho t-nlo of wlili.Ii ho
.' hoped to earn the usual honest pcnio
He cot to liarhy at 10 o'clock, and at i. ion ho
' had sold out his truck and was roady to ko
bick to Maln'i l'at likes a bit of a hup now
mul tlitn It wii that fact that led to tho
transform itions that hau been told about,
for It w is while l'at was Kettinc his
nip ne ir tho lluttonwood Hotel that Delia May
lame alone in cearch of fun. Delia May's
Biai.ilma liad let her out for a while to pin).
l'at hid had i-oeral nips anil whon ho eamo
out and was icady to htart homo he found a
llttlo ulil with blue eyes nnd ) allow hail lianc-
inedow nht.r bick looklni; wistfull) up at tho
tent of the wau'on
I "Sid. mister," said tho llttlo one it was
I Mu),"Bite mea ride, won't chor? Ah, please
I & mlHer'n. 1 11 drho for you."
Ii'atwabbkd a bit and then it struck him that
It would not be a bad Idea to have somebody
.. drho for him. so ho bald:
I" hure.slss.' andhohelpodDollnMaytoelimb
up to the seat 'Jhoro wero a do?eu poopio
t who saw it. and nobody thought anything
K J about it lit the time. Delia May Is 8 yeais old.
I bhe knows horses beyond her aco, because no
maneerdroo throuch Darby but that Delhi
1 M.i) tackled him for a rldo and then to let her
I driie
Old dip there, said Delia May as rat
llV ellmbed in besluo her; "cid dap there,"
jMl and old Betsey, Pat's blind mure. Who
r eeeois to bo tho only lilnc thine eou-
il uected with the Thursday's history who
II dldu t caiu or lose a reputation, joseed
II alons toward the ferry to Gloucester.
III Hilly Zurita happened to bo near Second
I My and bouth stroets In riilladolphla when l'at
J and Delia May and lletsoy came alone. "Old
dap. there." said Delia May. as she slapped
t old Hi toy with the reins In a aln ondeaor to
If J make the old uae Increasu her speed and catch
I a waiting boat
H Now, I)( Ma Mny'R )ellow hair and bluo eyes
M and fair faeo did not lit ll'nt's hhock head, and
rl Billy .urlta noticed that fact. Ili.l) is
j ' naturally a suspicious youth, nnd so when Ilet-
wv missed the boat and l'at fell off his seat
and went Into tho nearest Klnmlll to get
another w, o nip. Hilly said to Delia May. "bay.
Is tlint ) i air pnpv"
"Naw," said Delia May.
'" ho Is he '" doniaiidod Hilly.
"Don't know," said Delia May.
"Gee," said Hilly. "Is ho a-kldnnpplng
"Guess so," said Dolla Miy.
"What's his name," asked Hilly.
"Don't know, don't enre," said Delia May.
"I'mdrhlnc "
Just then l'at eamo out with his nip aboard.
".Sluu, hldss, ' said l'nt, "you better run
home. our mam '1 bo looklnc foi )ou."
"Ain't got any mam," said Kella May. truth
fully eiiouuh, ,'or her tuotlier Is dead
"Oh, )ournorphant then," said l'at. "Well,
you'd hotter run home, an) way."
"I ain't koIiik to," said Delia May
I Hilly had backed off nnd dldu t hear this con
versation He vtansa)ltiK to himself.
"bhe's beluc kidnapped, by cum, 'n' hero's
. whero Bill cots into the eamo."
hcn l'at Kot into his wncon nnd Hilly
l pranced up to him and demanded:
"Pay, mister, cot a job for a fellow'"
i " Hure," said l'at. " w hat kin yo's ilo ?"
I "Anythlncln tho fnrmln' line," sild Hilly as
I bold!) as anything old sleuth himself oci did
I In the lino of blufllnc.
- j " Well, I'll take ) e." said Tat, " if yes '11 work
ii "Oh, I ain't In need of monoy," said Hilly
" Here, llttlo clrl, hero's a nickol to bu) tandy
t """ '" with when you cet home."
He ehoed his hand Into his pocket and
pokoa a nickel at Dolla May. Dolladidn't hao
an j oeket In her dress, and she said :
' ou keep It forme."
"Oh, I ain't broko" said Hilly ncalu, " but I
just want something to do."
l'nt didn't know just whit to make of
it all. but ho told Hilly that his farm was
in MaliiBit, N J , nnd that if lie d loinu there In
the morning he'd get a job working for noth
ing. Whereupon Dolla May said ;
"Old dap!" and Hetse), wakening out of a
sound sleep, shiilllud aboard ifenboat
All of HiM'rt detoetiNo iustiiiets weru nlert,
Ho Biieakod around tho passenger entrance
and got aboard tho Loat. taking eaio to hide
b hind wagons so that l'nt should tint si e him.
(iloueester reached, l'at took nnothei nip,
while liella .May held tho lines and stroked old
Betsey's tall
'111' lesultof Zurita's Inteifereneo was that
Delia Mn was taken from the wngon in
Hame,bnro. X ,1 . ami sent I ickto hermotln r
.lustli'H Sinister of Woulhury. J . in 1 1
Hani') to await leiiulsltiou paieis fiom I'onu-rh.inia
I oialin'i Mulen l'ork tlintik l'minil,
CiNcissMt, O, .luly 7 The nuro taken
,'4 'ri in Senator loraker's pneket ull Sntui lay
Inst during the iiish at l'urt'l liiiuniwn fmind
thisninrniiig l,y ( . 1 I 11 I . c ', ,t th.ir ,, ,,
It l ,u tliuomnr n ii ina Ptinti i ii ihe jn-i .
pftli. eoxer Itwi.i iimi in a tin kit ii iry
I tiiit.li b t, ar Mi I oek a ipsiilenoe Hi pn-e
. s at rn. siiipoi it. haw been de.uu b the
A f, ' 'hleMjaUghtttig for its contents.
UlirAX AT AS uniO DOLLill DISS Kit.
Telia n IteporterTlint Ilo Tnlks Ton .llneli
Afraid lie The folks Out.
Cot.t'Miii'H, O , July 7 -A dollar dinner was
hold In this city to-night under the nunplces of
tho Young Men's Democratlo Club, with W. J.
Hnan. tieorgo Fred Williams, Christopher T.
Callnhan of Massachusetts nnd Judge James
P. Tarvln of Kentucky ns tho gueats of
honor and tho principnl spenkers of the
ooning Tho dinner was hold In the Audi
torium, In which all largo political gatherings
nro held, and was attended by about 1,500 per
sons, Including lending Democrats fiom nil
parts of the 8tntc
.Mr. llr)an In his speech declared that tho
failure of tho Democratic National ConcntIon
In HHiOtoreafllrm tho Chicago platform In Us
entirety wouli Imperil tho chances of Demo
cratic success and proo tho party's moral tur
pitude He ilonled that tho free silver Issue
was dead Ho talked against trusts and ex
pansion Mi Brnn was put forward ns the Demo
cratic candidate for President in 1IHKI tiy tlio
other speakers. Kerv mention of his name
was greeted with hentty applnusn
('iMiiwvn, Jvilv 7 ("ol Bryan this morn
ing snld to it reportor hero
"I can't toll yon n thing; I talk ton much,
ion see. I nui on tho go nil tho tlran and I talk
t it'TPt) body linn afrnld people get tired of
hearing tlm sameoldthlngoieraiid oeragaln
1 inn on m w,i)-to lolumbiiK, whern a dolhr
dinner has been arranged. Tlioilny was set by
in" nnd 1 think from that It Is in my honor.
I nm to speak there to night, I shnll discuss
three topics 111 niv speech the renlllrmntlon of
the t'hleigi) platform. Imperialism. which I de
nounce as un-American, and nn cniplntlo ile
noiincemoiitlot tnists These willlielnoui pint
form, with tlio eIl of tiusts clearly pointed
out '
Further thin this Col Brynn nlsoMitoly ro
fused to discuss politics. Speaking of tho gen
eiiisin of a Southern friend who sent him nenr
load of watei melons with a n nn paid freight bill,
h'cplalncit that his Southern admirer ha I
sent them to him for Bile He telegraphed Mis
111 Mill ainl had them turned oer to a mer
ili'int for him to sell ( o Bonn, when ho
leaes (olumhiH, will go immediately to his
J hr.iBka home, wheio ho will take a noeded
.1 IV AM II Olf.i.V SHHOI AMCf OTlint.
A Unci in a linger Helmut a llr.nnwaj
Horse Until llxprcteil to Hie,
Ar.MMiTov. HI , July 7. Miss I'.mm.l Her
boldsheimei and Chnrlos Saltnuan. one timo
sweethearts, engaged In a duel )estonlay In a
buggy and behind a runaway liop-e. 'Hie glil
began the shooting beeauso Saltman refused
to keep his promise and marry her. oung
S'alUMiian.who istho son of a prominent farmer,
was attending a plcnlewhen Miss Herbolds
helmer droo to the grounds nnd nsked him
totakoa drlvo with her Haltzniaii necopted
tlio liDltnMon nnd took tho reins from her
hands. Ho bade his companions at the picnic
good-bv, cave a Hick with tho whip and they
weio oil down a lano leading towaid fceatou
Mlle, Tho buggy had not gone far when Miss Her
boldshcuiKr began chiding her loer for his
IndilTeienee nnd reminding him of his
Pionuso to wed Soon they were engiged
In a heated quarrel Miss Hcrboldshciiner
nsked Salt'mau it he was going to keep
his promise to mniry Iter To this tho
wiling ninn replied with nn emphntle in gathe
Mis llerbolilshcinier drew n revolver out of
the folds of her dress, placed the nni7lo
against Snltrrnnn s shin and pullod the trigger
'1 he bullet went home Dropping the iclns,
Silt?iinn grapod the girl with his left bund,
ut tho same time draw Ing his own revolver
K struggU now ensued, with the buggy sway
ing fiom side to side ns tho frlghti ned hoisc
d i-hed down the I me. snlt?mnn's blood djed
theclothlngot the girl Supnnrstrcngtli llnnl
ly prevailed, and Saltenii bent the glil back
ward over tho sen toft he buggy, holding her arm
in such a position that she could not shoot.
W hilo thus In Iplcss ho emptied every chamber
of his revolver Into tho body of the girl hen
tho hor was sp pped both wero exhausted
from loss of blood Beports from Seatonvillo
say tint It Is only a ouestlon of a few hours
w lien death will el 1 1 in them. JIIss Herbolds
heimcr is tho daughter of wealth) parents.
j.AnoitEiis .iojj a sicaito.
He Knocked Ilnnu a lVliltr Mini With a
Stone nnd W us Kouglily llniidled for It.
William James, a negio, nnd James Conway,
who wero at work In a trench in Broadway,
ne ir llKlcl street, )csteiday afternoon, quar
relled Tho negro threw a stono nt Conway
which struck him on tho head and laid him on
his back in tlio trun h
About a hundiod laborers, black and whlto,
wore nt work In the tiench at tlio timo. Whon
somo of tho whlto men saw Conway fall they
)0lled: " He's killed lilm! Kill tho nlggei '"
James got out of the trench and started to
run up Broadway, with tho men aftor him.
The) caught him three blocksabove and began
ti pummel him with thoir fists. One of thorn
struck him on tho head w Ith a stick Ho man
aged to light his way out of the mob nt list
and ran over to l'jijth street. Ilo was caught
agnln and tiatrn
'ihe mob increased, the negro work mnn got
together on the- corner and It looked ns though
tburo would ho a Hot, but a policeman en inn
along, broke through the moh and took hold of
James His whistlo brought five other police
men nnd tho negro was taken to tlio police.
stnt,on ...,.
Conway was found suffering fiom a seilp
wound. James was badly brtllsod. but had no
bones broken.
The Mnlc Hull Manngor Invades the Ted
ernl llulldliig lu Angry Mood.
Oscar Hammorstoln visited tlio Federal
building )esterday in search of tho court
eleik who had given uiit a story that his peti
tion in bankruptcy had been sent bac,k to
tho rofcnm beeauso I.iwyer Neiiborgor had
charged that tlio bankrupt had conoealed
somo of Ills assets. Noubeiger appears
for James F.verard, tho browor, in tho bank
ruptcy proceedings. It seems that tho clerk
told the btor) ton newspaper man who went to
sio Haniniersteln about it The man of many
inusle halls didn't llkotne ston and. armed
with no umbrella, ho started tu look up tho
court clerk . t , , ,
Hv mistake Mr Ilammoistein got into torn
mlssioiiei Shields s olllco and fnghtmed an
oIlHo boy ncath to death Ho was ver) nngry
nnd excited. Ho demanded to know who hail
started tho ston about him and wouldn I bo
convinced that he was In the wrong ofilcc
1 iniill) it was decided to ejeit him nnd Deputy
United States Maishal Dive Pointer, att lelied
to Commissioner bhhlds.s oflke. ordered him
" You don't know who I nm." shouted Hnm
meisteln. " Nobod) ever puts mo out lam
the malinger that puts people out
Ik put y Polnlei started for liammerstoin,
but tho litter didn't w lit and vanished down
the long Post Olllco corridor
vnovrtut vi' "J" nt c-vx.
Wi-nltli) .liilin tV. Iej round Appnirnlly
Mllildiug After Ills Miliide.
HniilihrowN. N.J.July 7 -John W. Dey. a
wealthy mini, committed suicide this morning
by shooting himself In tlm moulli with n shot
gun Ilo left n note sa)lng ho had m ido mis
takes which ho could not account for. Ho
llv.d aloiin with his out) child, iidnughtorof
hlxteen Ho went to the ofllce of his carriage
fait iry. closed all doors, and standing close In
a c.iinerol the room foi support he placed the
ini.7l id tho gun In his mouth and dUcliarg; d
it Ii) means uf a pok i ulnced against tho
rH.' v'vas found apparently standing In tho
coruei. hut it was ili-iovered tli it tho gun h.nl
eiught under Ills chin and was thus liolilmg
him up Hv a convulsive inovcmnit nfier tho
dl.ehaiBK the mi.'le must hive lieii trans
fiiieiiuom his mouth to under h in Inn
'I hoaljsi neo ol shut shun, d ihat tlm gnu had
be in chni gel mil) with powder 1 lie nolo was
eaioliiil) written but Its refen ner t..mistnk s
Uninwon t.mlltlie liiends'd tli. diceaid
mail, who wns i)c-iis nU He ha I I con in
III health somio time, and since the death of his
wife, a )ear ago, lie bail bleu niilanehol).
iilillis r Kl"log Hug'.
Two children In New Ilochellenr sulTering
fr ni kl-slug bug bites Molllo Iltiike of Pino
sunt. l)iars old, can't elosv her ej. s '1 ho
hit .. e of hit l.n i-paial)7ed I he fa. , of
Will mi Fallon of Uuou tiVJIiuo. Ii )eara old,
lsbitulbm up.
TIIK WlFi: or CAVT. DIVKIXS, V. s. x
She Was Cleaning n ltoom with Nnphtha
When n Tinner Set His Chnrconl Hlovn
Near It, Causing un Kxplotlnn Home
Net nn I'lre nnd Her Itody llndly Ilurnrd.
WAKltivriTov. July 7, Mrs. Marguerlto Hates
DIckins, tlio wife of Capt. Trancls W. Dlcklns.
U S N.nndn sister of Charles F. Hates, tho
woll-known New York horseman, met her
denth this morning fiom an explosion of naph
tha at her homo. HIDi Nineteenth street. Mrs.
Dleklns had found that n room on thb third
Hoorof hor tcsldence, occupied byseivantsof
tho family, needed cleaning, nnd In order that
the work might bo done thoroughly sho deter
mined to do It herself Sho was engaged In
sprinkling nnphtha u round the room shortly be
foio 11 o'clock this morning, when tho explo
sion occurred. Joseph Vaughn and Holllns I.
Cook, tinners, had been ntwork on tho roof
nnd descended to the hallway just outido tho
room in which Mrs, Dleklns was engaged. A
llttlo stream of naphtha had trickled out into
tho hnlhvny. and tlio tinners, who presumably
did not seo It, set their charcoal stove on tho
Moor cloo to tho strenm. The llanies of the
stove spread to the naphtha nnd there was an
Immediate explosion Vaughn nnd Cook wero
thrown against tho wnll with great force and
part of the wall of tho room was blown out
Although sulTering from shock and burns,
Vaughn, who had seen Mrs Dleklns In tho
room, mado an effort to recite her On nc
count of the fumes of the naphtha nud tho in
tense licat caused by tlio lire which followed
the explosion, he wns unable to reach her
without greit difficulty By that time hi r
clothing wason llroand her bod) badly burned
Ynughii picked up Mrs Dleklns In his arms and
carried her to tho hallway. Ho suffered burns
on his hands and body in performing his
heroic action nnd was In a very weak condi
tion when nssistnnco nrrlved An nlnrm
of flro was turned lu nud when the
firemen rencliuiT tho Dleklns hou-o the
upper stor) was burning fleieely Tho fire
men wero nble to leach tho third lloor soon
after they arrived and found tho body of Mrs
Dleklns In the hallway, l.lfo was extinct and
the remains hid been badly charred by tho
tiro Tho bo ly was liken to tho house of Sur
geon Dickson or tho nnvi.who leildosuext
door. The ilre wis nulekl) extinguished, but
the tipper Hour, wheio tho explosion occurred,
wns b.ull) damaged SmoUo nnd water ruined
the furniture and driperii'son tho lower Moors.
Capt Dleklns, who Is the Assistant l lilef of
the Bureau of Navigation, was at his desk In
the Navy Department when a brother officer
telephoned him that his h mso was on Hie
Capt Dleklns went home Immediately, nnd ns
ho arrived on the seeno of the tiagedy he nut
tho llrennn bearing tho bod) of Ids wife to
Stngeon Dlek-oti'sresideneo Phisleians were
summoned, and. after an examination of tho
body, tho) gave the opinion that Mrs llkkliis
had been killed mitiiglu oi nt lost rondel. -d
unconscious b) tho explosion, nnd that she
met a painless death '1 he naphtha was
In a largo quantity, ami Mis Dlek
ins, who wns standing beside it. le
eched the full force of the shuck Shortly
aft. r the explosion oecuircd it was repott
ed that Mis Iiainsat. tho wife of Be ir Ad
mi i at Francis M llnmsar and a sister of
dun Aim tin MeMnhon of New oik. vv.is
In tho 1 he's ins house nt the time ni.it hid
been killed. ipt. and Mrs DIckins re
sided in a neighborhood where, thero are
a great many nivy people, and soon after
the newsof the trnged) became known in the
xlclnit) a number of naval oflleers and their
wives callol nt tho residence of Suigeon Dick
son to tender their s)inpathy Among the
callers was seoietarv Long, who heard tlio
news while at the Cabinet meeting and went at
once to siurgeon Dickson's house
vn intimate friend of Capt Dleklns made
this statement of the accident to the corre
spondent of Tiif St v
"esterda) afternoon Mrs Dleklns discov
ered 'hit the servants' room tho fiunt room,
third story-needed cleaning She told Capt
Dleklns tli it she would si ml for some naphtha
and do the cleaning herself in order that it
should be pioperly and tlioioughb done l'ho
grueorynnn fatli d to send the naphtha ) ester
day afternoon ns ellieeted, else tho accident
would not hive happened, because tho tiuinnii,
who was nt work on the roof just ovei tho
room, had stopied his work owing to the rain.
'1 his m irnlug tho naphtha came, and tho tin
man came nlso to resume the work he hid
been obliged to stop)estenla afternoon Mis,
Dleklns was in tho room using the nnphtln
Some of it trickled out through the doorway
Into tho hall, and the tlnmin lu pissing
uii to resume his work, tuit down thee charcoal
fire, sin Ii ns is com nn nl v ued fir hutting
Irons, just over this strewn of naphtha, not
knowing tint it was naphtha or rlmpsnot
seeing it nt all It was nut a moment when
the explosion followed, knocking down tli" tin
man and bruising htm ba llv and setting 11 ro to
ever) thing The tinman tried his lust to get
to Mrs Dicklus thiniigli tlm sinoko uid llamo
and lluall) sueccedcil, but found her I) ing on
her face dead "
Mis DIckins was very prominent In the navy
social set Mm devoted much of her tune to
charitable) work, and during the war with
Spilnw.ls aclieo in providing nslst.ineo for
tho families ot soldiers and s illors who hail en
listed in the I lilted Slates service Sho was
prominent lu Ihe So. lot) of the Diuglitersof
tho Ameilcan licvoliitlon, and d 'voted much
of hor leisure to the stndyof colonial md lievo
liitiouar) history. Cipt and Mrs Diekins wero
irarned lu ISTs Keloid tlio days win ii naval
oflleers were fori Idden In take theli wives
with t hcni on c rulses Mrs Dleklns made a vo)
iigoou the Tallapoosa, of which (apt Dicklus
wns tlio conimamler Her i'X i uenees on
shipboard are told In u volume, entitled
"Along Shore on a Mati-nf-Wnr " shevviolo
also sovcial articles fji magaincs and news
pa 1 CIS.
(apt Diekins Is vvo'l known In Vow port,
wheio Ii" Ment thieo )enrsiiH stipi rliitcndent
of the naming station lor ll ival npprelitli es.
Whon the Duke of Yen igua and his t.niill) vis
ited Ihe I'nited stales during the period of tho
World's lair, on the Invitation ot the I nltcd
Stales (ioveriiliient, Capt Dicklus. who speaks
Spinish fluently, wis detailed to aci onipany
him Since, lu'y. lh'.nl, Capt Dicklus hns been
the Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Naviga
tion. Ills mine was fimlliar to newspaper
renders at the time of tho Maine explosion
tliiough tho fact that bo was V'tinc (hlefof
the Navlcitlon Bureau then, nnd as such trius
uilt'i'd ull tlio de sp itches from iho Nav y De
partment to l ipt Sigsbee
'I lie I ilynfMrs lliekins was much disfig
ured, union lie 'mint of that tho tuner ll ser
vices will bostuctly pi Ivate 'Ihe) will he helel
on simda) at the vrllngtoii National Cemetery,
whe lethe mti iinent will be made
NKWiinn, I! 1,. luly 7 Mrs Dicklns.wife of
Capt F W Diekins, who was fatal I v burned in
Washington this nioining. was well known In
N'ewpoit Sho wis i d (tighter of Mr and Mrs
C I Bates, and spent much of her childhood
heie nt their residence at odillugiou Point.
Sho was married in Tilnlty (lunch, and tho
ri cop! ion which took place at her father's icsi
deuce was a vny piomlui nt soeinl function, at
which thireweie man) guests Later, when
her husband w in lomiuand of tho Naval
Tunning St itlou.she was i xceclluglv popular,
not onl) among the oflleers men and appren
tices ailailiid to tho station, hut also In the
cit) Mrs Dii kins s sister is Ihe divorced wife
of Dr I) 11 St lohn Boost of N'o.v Vnrk, and
her brothel Is Ml C. F. Hates of Nuw oik.
i nouan in dick io in i: jtEscm.
One of Itotisevell's Men Helps to Save Two
Drowning llo)s.
Ntv,- Hvviv, Conn, July 7. -Ono of Col.
Boosevelt's Hough lllders, Jack O'Null, who Is
doing odd jnhb at Slouey Creek, u shore lesort
in in this eit), shares with Clarence errill. sin
of Prof eiilll of iilo Lniversitv, the honois
lu a piece of heroism (I Nell nud two
lads, ono tho sop of the Be v Mi
liiuelolph of Mcrldcti, nud the other
limned Pock, were in u holt that sunk
sunn dlst inco from tho shore Inst evening,
t) Neil dived undei the boat wheio ih two
b .)s wein pinned, extricated tin m, and cnine,1
In Ihe sitilaeo wlih tlm bo)s clinging to his
neck o'.Scil was swimming laboriously to
wind Ihe shoic, hut tlio load w is too much for
bun, and l.e would have gone to the bottom
w ith the bojM h id nm 1'iof erillls son, in ,i
'caiu I lunch, ic ichcil the scene oting et
iiljiliup'd oviil mid to UN. d's as-1' t.n ce.
ai d I etwee n tin two resile i h tho hus wero
Ii Id out of w Her long enough for other hi'lp to
U lelltlli sput
fin groatcst t n ler of tlio world is N'lii. u.i r.illi.
Mile 't Ii' irie trjui Ncev iuikuii the NcH Xeirk
No I'llrther l'rogreii ainde Townril n I'ro
vlilonal Agreement.
Warihnotox. July 7 It was admitted offi
cially to-day that the ncgotlntion9 between
Great llrltnln nnd tho Vnilcd States, looking
ton modus vlvendl on tho Alaska boundary
dispute, nro In an unsatisfactory state No
answer has been returned by tho British
Government to tho Inst noto of tho
United Htates, but thorp havo hoen un
official intimations that Oreat Britain
will not rocode from her contention that tlio
provisional boundnry lino should bnnrrangod
so ns to Include tho Indian v lllngo of Klukwaii
within British territory , Ivlukwan Is n tunted
on n stream nnvlcablo by canoes and other
light carriers, lending to tho Lynn Canal On
tho cinnl. at the north of tlio stream. Is Pyra
mid liaibor. where lliore Is sufllclont depth to
accommodate Inrgo vessels
At one timo tho two dovernments had ap
parently reached an agreement by which tho
piovlslonnl boundary would run to tho north of
Kliikwnn, thus plnclng It within American ter
ritory Certain suggestions wero made bv tho
United States, to luoro cloarl) dellno the line,
nnd In responding to the note containing tliese
the British Government, which had evidently
been coached by Canada, mado the clnlm that
tho lino should he so diaw n as to give Kliikwnn
to Great Biltaln Tills claim was rejected by
tho United Stntcs. nnd since then there has
been priictleallya deadlock in the negotiations.
lthiiRboen apparent to this Government for
sometime th it Great Britain would bo willing
to mike i satisfactory agreement were it not
for ( anaela The Dominion authorities have
shown an antagonistic spnlt nil thiough.and
Great Britain will do nothing without their
consent Whllo expressing the opinion thnt
the situation Is seilniis, tlio ofttelils here say
that there is no intention of sending troops to
the territory which Is claimed by thu United
Descended on the Roof finrdeiis, Swnrmod
lu Hotel llt'ilrooins nnd Drank Its I'll),
Thero was an unusual nmount of slapping
of hinds on tho unions roof gardens In
tho Tendeiloln last night It was not that
tho shows were exceptionally good, or
that the audiences wero In a particu
larly good humor, and wero clapping
their hands togethor to show It. Instead, the
audiences and performers were in a thoroughly
bad humor over an influx, of mosquitoes, nud
thos'applty: was indulged In on both sldcsof
the footlights, In a vain effort to kill the pests.
No one knows where) they eamo from, but
from their size, ferocity and pcrtlnacit) (t was
argued that they crossed over from the Jersey
swamps 'I hey first called nt tho Waldorf
Astoria root gaid"ii, nud tlio bluo blood
found theio w is so much to their liking
that within twenty minutes they had driven
ii lit of the' lai 4i iiudiiitice from the roof I veil
then the loinman ler-lu-cliief ol tho Invading
forces w is not satisfied, and he detailed a largo
detachment foVcw ry outsldo room of the
hotel, much to tlm anno) nnco of the occupants
'I he Invmleis next fe 11 upon tho niullenco at
Ko-tcr A Bial s nnd, ufter plav lug hnvoe there,
went to the ( islnn The chorus girls there
smiled u.i)!) like ti no Spartans, nnd slapped
their sllken-elnd legs as If they wero enjo)lng
The (iiielleneo did not escape. Oscar Ham
mersteln s ioof garden nnd those of the Ameri
can 'I lieatre. tin New ork Theatre ami Madi
son Square Garden were also attacked
Ml of tho hotels were Invaded in turn, and
then the ripicious army descended to the
streets The slaughter was groat, but the mos
quito army wns still having tho better of the
battle when Tut. Sun went to press.
Alio a Murilcr-Ilrenthlnc Letter Police
Don't llclleve Ho A as Drowned.
Another man dls.iipeired from a Coney
Island bathhouse yesterday. The police) be
lieve that he went to the bathhouse, changod
his clothing and departed. leaving the suit ho
wore w lien ho entered the place In tlio hope
that a report would get abroad that ho had
been drowned
William G. Thomas, an attondnnt nt Dolo's
bathing pavilion, reported tothoC'onoy Island
lolico lit night that ho had rented a suit ton
man about A o'clock in tlio afternoon nud Hint
the I urn had di-appeaied Ho slid the man
was about -T )cirs old, of smooth face, lair
complexion and about ." feel 7 inches tall Ho
had lull ass gm d to room 'Jt.'t Ills clothing
consisted of black cheviot trousers, an nlna",i
eo.it, a striped shirt. Inn shoes nnd a brown
dcrbyhat In tho clothing the police found
nothing but three cents and the following let-
tur' Jrnsrr Citv, July 3.
II llnrllO llrraJJ, Grnrnr It i'llch
L t it lu uncleistno 1 inw.oiicc and for all, tint I
wllln t wait nnoihir forte -I'lglit liinir" for nnil a t
llemeiit Di mnnd Ins 1 ei ii made, but no eatiiciAi
turn obtained N nt, till la flu ll. I nlmjoll unnif
itiatel) surre nilrr ill itci unit nts mentioned in the
lotti rot Jim J I, mala tall iieimntlnjof allmuic)
lie Id tiunl'l t ) ai, I clullliiako jo l, ami the elec
tric tlnir shall not detain me. r. I) n.
Thomas declared that ho noticed that the
man carried a big bundle to the dressing room
with him. 'Ihe life s ivers united in declaring
thnt, iming to the sin ill number of bathers
Vt'sterda). It would have been impossible for a
man to h iveiliownedwiiliout thelrseeinghlm.
Crnckcd In Ilnvoiuic, N. .1.. nnd Dumped
Here h) the Itulglnis.
rollccman Peter Pfuiffei of tho Fldrldgo
street station stubbed his toe against a bundlo
about two cubic feet ill size early )cs.
teida) morning in Tomi kins stri-et. near Fast
Houston stieet Ilo tried to lift the bundle
and found that ho couldn't on account of Its
weight, so ho repoited the disiovoi) nt tho
station. Two policemen were a-signeel to help
him lus his priro to F.'drulgo stieet. They
lugged for three-quaiti is of an hour, nnd
Dually got tho bundlo to tho station and ex
amined it ,
I'nder tlm I apei wiapplng was ono of burlnp.
This was removed, and then tho pollen saw
that tbev hid a small linn safe Tho door was
cr.uki I and inn of Ihe side walls was smashed
in (iver tboilooi In gilt letters was tho name,
" I Si bull B DOlllli "
Polk lleadqu irtcis was untitled and Detec
tive Iviaueli was. assigned to the case Ho
loiind that on Ut'dnesiln) night thieves had
broken Into the place of Is me Schult of
It-til V est 'Iwentletli stiee t, 11 Dunne, nnd hud
c an led aw a) the safe, which c out, lined if .'sin
iiioiii v nnd some jeweliv 'Iho poPco believe)
that til" burglars brought tlio safe to this eit)
and dumped it nut ol n wagon as the) vwio
going tliiough Tompkins stieet to get rid of It.
Ol.li ST All Til EAT HE TO OO.
l.nst Flnvlinusei in l.nwcr llrnailnnr to C.lvo
l'lnrc to nil (lltlee llulldliig.
William Wahloif vstor has leased to l'ogors,
Feet. a Co, torn I' nn nf fifteen ) cars, a now
six-story comiueiol.il I uildlng, which Mi stot
Wllleiei t at the northeast comer of llroadvny
and 'lhirtcenth stieet, tho site of tlio present
Star 'Iheatre 'Iho new building will hive a
frontage ofd'14 fed on Broad wa, 'J.I 1 0,"i on
Thirteenth stn et. 1 I" 4 feet on Fourth nvenuo
niida nmtheily lliienf 'JI'i'J leet It will con
seoiientl) envoi not only tlm site of the thealio
building, but the site of tho old bulldiiigs.it
tho iniithntst imnrnf louitli avenuo and
Uhirli enth street as well
W It II Jliulln of lb gers. Pce-t A Co slid
Wsterday that the new build ng will he com
pleted in two nnd oiii-lnlf wars The con
struction work will not In- begun under a war
nnd a half, when t lie pneut leases oapiii.
Tin iidore Moss Is the le-se. of tlio Star 1 liea
tre piopi it) I'm sonic tune tlietliealro has
I ee ii i .inducted b) now niiiiuigviM under n sub
lets ' fimii Mr Moss
With the pisHliigiiftlienlilStai there will be
no thealio on llionhvav below I'ourti e nth
stle'ft jtogers. i'e et A t o. will leliiovi' their
BpMilvviij and i'linec titled establishment to
tin in w I uilding George B. Head negotiated
tho lease.
'the IVlihnall Ka lie". Vv llges.
Toirno.O .July 7. I iidernrileis which wore
l-siied on July I, nn ndvanco of 10 per cent,
was made mi tlio wages of all enginemon and
trainmen nn tlio Will ash s) stem During tho
panic or Dsi.t the wa'i s we e cut for this c lass
of work from 1.1 tu'.'u per c ent unit no promise
wis undo Ihil theio would tie an lucre iso
wlu'ii tliin s got lietier 'iheiuisc is volunt iry
on the part of the eompaii) nud was not asked
N nport cv. utsi n-via I I It It. will be raevtoud
bUbuucta), Jul) v. Dt excursion culuuin, JUi,
iue south itirxit.
The Tarty nf Men and Women Ahonrd Her
Taken Off (safely No Itcport nf the
Slllhap Mndn to the Police, Although It
Occurred Heforn 0 o'clock In tlio livening
The stenm yacht Fra Dlavalo, a frail wooden
eraft which hadn't tho distinction ot belong
ing to any club, was rnmmed nnd sunk In tho
North Itlver about "J00 )nrdsoT Plurll nt TrAM
o'clock yesterday nftornoon by the big wreck
ing stoamor Hustler ot tho Chnpmaii-Mcrrltt
Tho yacht was owned byKdwnrd S, Rtokes
and had aboatd a party of pleasure seekers,
consisting of Howard McNatight of 7.11 St.
Nicholas avenuo, a brother-in-law of Mr.
Stokes; Mrs. McNnught and sovoral
women. As tho ucht passed tlio Bat
tery tu powerful blulT-bowoil wreck
ing boat started from tho Pctins)Ivanl.i
coal dock for hor Kast lllvor pier, There was
a strong Hood tide, which sent the I'm Diavolo
flying up Btrcam. It is said that tho jacht
attempted to cioss tho bow of tho wrecker.
At this juncture, according to one report, a
railroad float got In tho wny and tho yacht was
forced to sheer to port. The. strong tide prac
tically took ehaige of tho wtecicer, heading her
toward the Fra Diavolo.
All hands on tho yacht wero on deck enjo
Ing tho broeze. There was almost a piulc
among thorn when they saw tho stout and
loftv derrick of the Hustler bearing down on
them. Tho Hustler's engines wero stopped
nnd her propeller sent full speed astern,
but that was not enough to cluck her
way und overcome tlio power ot tho
tldo Mho struck tho yacht on the port quar
ter, shaving off her stern and causing tlio
women to run wildly forward, making tho
river echo with their screams.
Capt. George Karlo of tho Hustler, who was
below eating supper, ran up nnd took chargo
ot tho boat. Mnto 11. S. Vest had the
helm when tho collision occurred. Capt Farlo
ran tho Hustler alongsldo the sinking nc lit
and tlio mato and tlio deckhands helped
the women aboard of her, tho men
on tho ).aclit assistli g One of tho women
had n pnoJIn dog which she eillel
"leathers." She refused to be saved
without the poodle After sho had put It Into
the hinds of ono of the Hustler's c row u
marking excltedl). "Here1 heie'save Feath
ers'" sho consent! d to lie hell ed ab"aul
Other stenm cialt in- ir the scene of the acci
dent hondid toward tho )acht The tug B I
Barrett got n line to her and managed to tow
her shoreward for a few minutes she sctthd
so rnpldlv. how (vcr.that tho Biuret! was forced
to east oil tho Inwsoi
lmine II itoly afti'rv.nul, or within ten mint
litis of tho time of the collision, the I r 1 1)1 nolo
went down opposite Pler'l Her masts aro no
visible Mr McN'aiicht anil most of the mom! ers
of his party weio able te savo their valises
and satchels They were landcil nt Piei
II A fow minutes Intel All MoNaught
hailed a call and with severil of his pirty went
to the Stokes building at 17 Cedar stiei t. pii
sumubly to re I ort the mishap to a representa
tive of the jneht's nwni r
Tlio pollen hid no knowledge of the acci
dent until the) were told ibout It by the re
porters Mr and Mrs MeNnught and tin other
Pleasure seekers had been on a trip down tho
Thov originally Intended to makn a landing
nt tho I lhert) Islind plei. noithw st of the
Birgo Ofllic Nit being iieinnttid to laud
there, the) proce. iled up tho liver, intending
to disembark nt Piortl
The pilot of the vncht nnd the erewdl-ap-poaiedjust
after landing at Plot U. nnd their
version of the collision was not obtain thiol ist
night The Captain of the Hustler was unwll
linn tos.i) which vessel was to blame
The Frn Diavolo was built nt Totteuvllle, In
1SS0. She was originally only 74 feet long on
the water line She was lengthened 'JO feet
This mado her 107 feet over all. IK feet on tho
water line nnd 1,1 feet beam She drew 7 feet
and measured 04 ill tons gross
Mr. Stokes sold hoi to Hen maun, the inn
glclnn After llerininnti's death and thesettle.
me nt of his estate she was sold, and Mr.
St ikes, who had a mortgage on her. bought
her In
l'dwiird S Stokes, the owner of the vacht.
was not on In ml her when she was run down
Ho Is out of town.
1'acic Titns or uoi.it nr.sT.
Itcstilts of the Klondike ( lcnti-l't Hi ought
to HuwMiii by the Ton.
TAroxiv, Wash , July 7 Dr L O Wileoxson
of Chicago, who artlved to-day from Dnvson,
brings details about tho clean-up vvhnh tool;
plaeo In thoKlontllkoln June. Dining tho llrst
lialtof tho month pack trains arrive d at Daw
son dally from Bonani. 1 hloiado, Hunker and
Su'pliur creeks, each bringing in from half i
million to a million and a h lit dollars in dust
One big pack train made several trips from
Prof I.lppey's claim on l.ldoiado. which pro
duced moiethnn (wo tons ot gold dust
The largest nuggets vet found lu the Klon
dike region wiio ellsi overi'd dining tlio
iliin-up. One from el din 1, nn llonini,
weighed sixty and one-half ounces and was
valued at simM ()in utill larger, but Impreg
nated with quart?, was found on (mid Hill.
It weighed moro than HJd ounces und is valued
at ?l.SiK
Steamers were leiv ing Dnvson almost daily
foi St. Michael, be irlng rh Ii hlondikeis ami
their uust Iho steamer Hnhi.it Ivor which
IcTt Dawson on lune 'JO. came d ?.'l,lni.ou(i
Wllcovson repoils tint repro-estiitlvos of
svnrlicati s In vmenca, I iiglaud. G. rinany nnd
Franco are purchasing the best el dins on sul
phur. Dominion and lliiiikereri'i ks On coin
ing out ho learned "I two Impottant mw dis
coveries, one on Thirty Mile Biver and the
other on the Big SHinon Itlver. wheio tho win
ter's output averagod j-.jx.i day a man.
Mom: Titoi in e a r m txcm:s teu. k:
Gen. llrndlev Ordeis Out the Troops Agnlu
nnd Then Coiintei tunnels t lie Ut tier.
London, Ky.Jillv 7. James Stubblefleld, a
deputy sheriff In Manchester. Clnv county, tho
scene of the linker-Howard feud, w.is'sltot last
night vv bile t r) Ing to arrest Marl Smith, an al
leged Baker follower He was Hounded In the
leg and arm, tho bones being brokon so th it
amputation was neeessnr) Ktubblelleld will
die, his doctors s ly. Smith eseiped, but tho
How arils nnd Whites nro tr) Ing to capture him
I.ixtM.TON, K) , July 7-At s o'clock to
night Co! Wllllnms ordered out nil tlm fitato
gtiiuds hcio to go to .vianeiiesier within nn
hour on n special train He rang tho ilot alarm
nntithobois began scorning to tho nimorv
Ho was acting on Gov Braille) 's orders, which
hive since been recilled The Governor slid
hero on Siinda) that lie did not vnnl to send
less than .ton men in Clio count the next
tune troops had tn go He fminl tliev would
be fired on from niuhiili Iatcradvl is fiom
Manchester iceciteil here to-night - n nil it
temit wns mndo there vestcrdi) hv In pity
Sheriff Davidson to kill T.iugh Garrard, son of
Gen. T T Garranl Dell sln i onuht tlio
pistol hammer just lis Davidson nullid tho
trigger, nnd It cut his thumb, but lie si i uied
tlio weapon anil tho deputy shei Iff escaped
Gov Bradley coiinti rinaiiilod the order at
ft :i(l o'clock to-night foi sending troops to Ci.iy
countv. as ho has ioeclvo'1 autliorliiitlvo in
foimatlnu from theio that the dang r of iiii
outbii'ak has passed It was said tint Smith,
who shot Deputy SlieiilTstilbblclleld, Is nut a
party to the fouel
Tom linker's 1 itinlly Goi h to Oklahoma
Lot isvii.ik, K , July 7 Mrs Tom Baker,
wife of tho dead lender of tho It iker faction In
tho C ay countv feud, and lion lew nsi.iisoml
grntod to Oklahoma to-day D mgh While,
Felix Davidson and ( ul Miirlnm, Icideis of
the White slip' of the contest, start, d bu i ili
fornla '1 his is tho result nf tlm nen i no ut
made by tho feud li-nih is to leavn hi nl ieky
and end the war that his i ost sevent)-iv
lives The Whites did not take theii families,
but will scud fur them.
Army Order for Canned Itoiist He ef.
CiilCAf.o, July 7 -to! C A Woodruff, o in-luls-nD-Goneral
U. S. A , has glviii oideistn
tho New lork agents of tin' t lueagn p,u keis
foi l'J.I.OUO loini'ls of eaiineel mist I I f r
immediato shipni, lit to I lib i t ol Wn.iliuil,
whennskid If he had nut ohjei t onsto m iking
pilblln tills order, said he had lion i wh m ver,
ut would prefer tliav thu paekern make it
public themselves. Ubiut: lua name,
I.IUUIXIXO CUllElt 1113 AllM.
A Holt Bettered A Igor to a I. hub Useless
for Thirteen lrnrs.
Kast Hnoohl ipmi. Mass . July 7. A romark
ablo freak of lightning occurred hero yestor
day wlien a sudden sliock restored to Its old
timo vigor tho left arm of Kll Forbes, which
had boen useless for thirteen )ears on ni count
ot rheumatism. Whllo ho was sitting nt tho
window )ostontay a tluindetshower eamo
up and with it wore two sharp Hashes
of lightning. With one of tho tremen
dous crushes! Mr. Forbes folt a sharp prick
ing ot his flesh nnd tingling tn his bones nnd
with a jerk his left nrin shot v intently forwnrd
from Its cramped position. Tho shock was
over Ina flash and Mr lorbes felt his left arm
bristle with vltnllt) and tingle with vigor. To
his delight ho found ho could use the arm as
well us ever.
Chicago Platform llrmoeriits Hope to Get
Into the National Convention.
Tlio Chicago Plat form Democratic Ptato Com
mltteo mot last cloning at Teutotiia Assembly
Booms anil decided to send a delegation,
composed of James 11. Drown. F.ia Tuttlo
nnd (1. W 1 hoinpson, to tlio meeting of
tho Democratic National Cominlttoe In Chi
cago on July 'JO to plead for tho adoption
of a rule that will forco the Democratic State
Convention to Indorsn fun sllwr or olso loso
Its n gulnrlty The ( hlengo Platform Demo
crats believe that tlio adoption of such a rule
will fniiotho Democrats tu this State to eonio
out openly in favor of the reniiontinn nf tho
Chicago platform nr else will result In tho
seating of a solid silver contesting delegation
lu tho National Convention.
She Was a Nlero of President Tyler and a
Cousin of (iell. It. II. l.ee.
ATi.tsTi. Oa , July 7. Mrs L. A Wee of San
Antonio, Tex , dropped dead at noon to-day on
the corner of Biker nnd Ivy streots. Tho
cause of her death was heart failure, and sho
had boon subject to att icks ot tho heart for
some time.
Mrs. Bleo was tho niece of President Tyler
and a llrst cousin of Gen. Bobort F I.oe. She
was also a sister of Judge John A James, Chief
Just ice of the Supreme Court of Texns HerlniB
biinil, Mr Howell M Bice, a trivellinguinn, has
hi'i n ti logrnphcd for Mrs Bice wns visiting
her slsbr, Mrs. Tjlcr C. Williams, ut 'J4:t
Courtland street.
SEW smsitLisa a AVE.
A limner Signs it Mnirlngn Certlllcnto
Ailildi linns I p a l'romltsory Noto.
Bim.hamton. July 7-NaIson Simpson, a
farmer In W ayno county. Pa , Is regrottlng the
hospitality ho extended an eloping couple.
Several weeks agon well-dressed man of cleri
cal appearance drove to Ids farm In a buggy at
sunset mid nskod i emission to sta) nil night.
Ho made n favorable Impression, unci n room
was given him Befoie tlio fnmllv retired a
m in und woman stopped, inquiring tho wny to
the nearest minister, as tlmy wished to get
married The clergvinun volunteered his ser
vices and a marriage certificate was tilled out.
which Simpson slgnod ns a witness, l.nst
week a promissory noto signed b) the larmer
turned up for P")mcnt.
Itevenls a sti-nngo Slate of Affairs la an
lion Men limit's House.
Tlio telephone bell In tho Harlem Hospital
rang on Wednesday night and a man's xoico
nsked that nn ambulance bo sent to
071 Fast lUUHi btrcet. where a woman
was ill. Dr. Mullor lespondod to tlio call.
Ho sins ho found n woman sulTering from hys
teria caused by a long-continued oveilndul
genco in liquor She told Dr Muller that sho
was the wile of Ch irlcs Miissoth, an Iron luer
ch int. of 4'J" Fast Sevcnt) -sixth street
Di. Mullet told the woman that stio ought to
go to a hospital, but she absolute) declinod to
go She said her liu-hind was trving to get
rid of tier, and th i she hid drunk to c.xei ss on
account or h. r domestic troubles Dr. Muller
gave her some medicine nnd went away.
(Hi '1 iiursdav niglil u man's voice ngnln
oiderel an niiihiijunco to the samo address
Di Muller again tcpoiulcil and ho found a
similar st ito of tilings 'Ihe woman repeated
herstorveif the night before, refused to go to
tho bospli d nud reeeived somo mcdlelno
'I In n Di. Muller departed
The neighbors s.i) th it they are bothered by
scieams in the Alassoth houss at all hours of
the night Mis Mnssoih is :,8 veais old and
lather I repossessing In appeaiaiice 'lhelr
two ehildieii uro away lu tlio Aditondacka for
the summer.
the Miitixa liitiitr.nnoow.
Mr. l'raiiev, Mho Illsiiiipenrcd Just Ileforo
Ills eldlllg Hour, Believed to Ho Insillle.
Nt'MU, N Y , July 7 '1 hero Is a good deal
of iiDstery about tho actions of T J. Franey,
tho wealthy contractor for tho StRiidaul Wood
CompaiD of Brailfoid, Pa , who deseitcd Miss
Flora Btielilngor, his Intcndod bride, nn hour
be fore tlie timo of their nnrriigii on Wednos
d i) afleinoon. Ho was seveiel) Injured on
the head a week ago whllo ut work ill tlm
Standard Wood Cnmpnnv's factory ltisnow
lie lleved that lie was m ido Iiisano by bis In
Junes, foi until y stiango nets me recalled by
residents of this village who saw Franey whllo
in ii'. Nothing has been heard from htm slum
ho left tnwiiln tlio direction of Hunts, and It
Is feared li mar linvu met death at somo point
on the rallioad The standard Wood Cnm
imii) tills afternoon sent tliefnllowingtolegram
In answer to inquiries us to lianey's vvhero
abouts "Nothing known here ns tut ho whereabouts
of T I Ii.iii.) His family is gieitl) ills
tressod hviii'WHpipor accounts of disappear
ance, and is tmtii'toget p.ntlculars by tele
graph from Km bride's p irents I an giro no
re. is in f t illsippenianec i.xpectcd to bring
tlio biiclo home Saturday "
Ills Conti Ibiitlou Towurel Cniing for tho
Celilctciy AMicih Ills Parents Ale Hurled.
Svkvc t sf. Till) 7 Tlm residents of Diiihnin
ville. in ar Oneida, have lately Intoiested Iheiu
selv es lu cat ing for tho v lllago cemetei y. wheru
tho parents of Biissell Sago aro burled, 'Iho
place, ll Isliei ns nllv neglected, the fence broken
down nnd thu gravi s overrun with weeds Ite
illlestsfoi inon. v to uid In the. work were sent
tn. ill pi lsons n.te rested, unit anion g tlmr. p'h'S
rece ivod waseuie lloltl Itllssdl S.lge, llie losing
SI PuUlii it) give n to tins lad h is rosidti .1 Hi
iniiiiy inn ra! e intilbiitloiis fr mi ib sci nd tuts
ol tlio earl) scttleis w homo not niultl-iiilllioii-
Driver Out of Vtork Has I,lvd nn Scraps
He I'l kt d I p for 'llilrteeii llujs.
A voung man was found unconscious nt
Tlilitl-eighlli stieet nnd Si' olid nw nue last
night M lielleviie Hospital ho snld that ho
wisPitrhk ( awle'v, a dilver out nf work, nnd
tliat for tlniti .mi il.i)s he lind bad no foo I ex
ce pt law oniops and setups ho liad picked up
ontlmilvii float He Ins an unci", Inseph
( ar.igine lie s ild living In I.oitg Island ( ttv
'Iho doctors said th it ( aw It) was half starved
Drowned In sight of Ills Parents,
Aitliur Johnson, tho H-vearold son of Alerio
Johnson of 711 ourtli strict, Long Isl mil t it),
was knocked olTn sloop in Hum i) Ba )i ste'r
dav auddiowiii d Thclohiisonfainit) h ullieen
visit lug. lohn Blown a cirpenter, at Fort Wash
Ingtnu and went nbnaid bis sloi p at St niwny
ve-ti'idnv ufteinoon W Idle (he In it was ell tlt
ing atvav a gu-t of wind swung tlm boom
in .und and pilclied tlie I.) oveiboird His
fnlher jumped in'" the tender md imv. I
iiiouiid tho I" at, but he could Unci no traeo of
the bo)
One Killed und si ti nil Hint tu mi l.lcctrin
nr ( illusion.
Am.os, 0 , luly 7 -A head-on collision on
tlio Akron, Bedford and ("level md electrics
line Hem tlitseit), this afternoon resulted in
the de ith ' f one man and Km mortal Injun of
two nthei v. do7i.li ii'rsons vvi'ix Injured '
'I be co I -nm vv is Iho resiil' nt a eir d . beting
oi'li'isb) Ii av ng mu switch and alb hji i.
to lliaki ale III '
l.alist Marine Intelligcnca,
Arrived as Uuuiuu, fitm Litcrpoul.
The Visit Had Hern Arranged Ilefnrelinnil I
Tlm German Flag Displayed Over the I
French Ship Surmises as to the Purpose I
of the Incident I.outict to tho Kmpcror. I
Sptelil Cable Dttpatchrt Io The But. 1
rxms, July 7. Fmporor William of Germany, " I
after visiting tho French training ship Iphl- I
ccnio at Bergen, Nnrwny, yesterday, tole- I
graphod thn following message to President 1
Loubctt I
" I havo had tho pleasuro of seeing tho Iphl- 1
genlo nud tho )oiing French sailors, whoso 1
military and s)mpathutlc bearing was worthy 1
of their noblo country. Tho sight mndo a I
warm Impression upon my heart, whloh Is that I
of a sailor and n comrade. I am rojoteed at the I
gracious reception accorded to mo by tho Cap- I
tain, oflleers and crew, and congratulato myself I
upon the happy clrcuuistnnco whlcli enabled I
mo to moot tho IphJgeuIo nud your amlablo I
compatriots" I
Tho Prosidcnt In reply sont tho Emperor a I
telegram, siDltig; I
"lain greatly touched by your Majesty's do- 1
spatch, abovo all by tho terms in whloh you I
speak of tho 1 ronch fleet nnd the impression I
mado upon )ou. I tliatik your Slniosty." I
llEnt.tv. July 7, Tho Cologne Uazette says in I
an aittclo on tlio excihnng'o of visits by the I
commnndor of tlio Iphlgeulo nnd Fmperor I
William at Bergen that theso courteous atton- I
tlons are fresh proofs of how much more ami- I
ablo Franco has folt toward Gormnny lately. I
It adds thnt tlio meeting was not aooldontal,
but tliat Franco decided, aftor mature con- I
sldcratlon. that tho French oommander should I
visit tho Ftnpoior. This Is shown by tho fnct J
that it was announced on July 2 that the meet- '
lug was likely to take place.
Tho tolegrams oxchangod by Kmporor W'll-
llnm and Piesident Loubet, beyond belns I
genuine evidence ot their friendliness, wero j
timed to enable tho Fmpcror to destroy tho ' I
idea, whlcli Is still maintained in somo quar- jfl
tcrs, that a public trial of Dreyfus will moan
that It was to Gcimnny that tho alleged lu-
formation concerning tho French dofonces was fl
sold. The entire Berreu Incident has disposed
filially of this fiantle scare. , I
I.onuon, July 8. Tho Paris correspondent of
tho Vmhi Xeiri s.ds that Fmpcror William's I
visit to tho Iplilgenlo was moant to load up to
an invitation to lilm to visit tho Paris Fxpoal-
tlon next )c ir. ,
BuseiLN, Norway, July 7 Tho reception of I
r.mporor William on board tho French train-
ing ship Iplilgenlo, which ho visited yester- I
day to return a call mndo upon him
by tho connnnnder of thnt Aessol, was of tho I
most cordial charaetur. With Ids approval tho U
French commander hoisted the Gorman im-
periaUtandiird on the mainmast ot tho Iphl-
Exni.ixn vi:i:r tmxa to fioht. I
II r. Ilnlfour Adiiills Thnt 1 roups Are Heine H
Sent to .Smith Arrlc.t, H
Xptrial Cut It PctpaUh to The m-v, H
Losdov, July 7 In tlio House of Commons fl
to-day Sir Henry Campbell-Baniiermnn. tho fl
Opposition leader, asked tho Government H
whether or not tho statement made In tlio H
7'imes to-day that Great Britain was sending H
troops and nmmunltion to South Africa was H
ofllcinl. Mr. Arthur J Balfour, tho Govern- H
ment leader, in reply, said: H
"No, and no contingency has yet arisen H
whlcli necessitates any matorlal Increase of H
tho forces In Africa, but I think It necessary In H
tlio existing circumstances to take steps to H
bring tho force to a propor standard ot of- H
llciency nnd mobility." Cheers J H
Sir II. Catnpbell-llnnncrtuau again rose and H
read tho full toxt of tlio Twin's nrtlclo Then jfl
ho asked If this was a new declaration of the H
Government's policy. Mr. Balfour said lie did H
not think that tho paragraph just read con-
talned any new declaration of policy, but he H
thought that the Government would be want- H
ing in its obvious duties if it was not prepared t
for any emorgency, howovor unllkoly tho occa- M
sion might bo to nriso. t
Mr. Balfour's reply, which is really an admls- M
sion of tho ofllcinl character of tho Tunrs'i M
statement, created a sensation In the House. M
Tlio action ot tho Government theroln defined M
is regarded as tlio llrst nggrcsslvo stopslnco M
tho failure of the Bloomfonteln conference be- M
tween Sir Alfred Mllner nnd President KrUger. M
Mr. Labouchoro asked Mr. Balfour if tho oftl- M
cers mentioned as going to tho Capo Colony to H
organie tho resldonts, pollco nnd local forcos H
at various points on the frontier would go with jH
tlie consent of the governments of tho Capo H
Colony and Natal. Mr. Balfour replied that ho M
did not know. M
Tlio War Oflleo announces that two com- M
panics of engineers and two companlos of tlm M
Army Servleo Corps will start on July 8 anil H
July 1.1 for Capo Town and Natal respectively, H
The Servian I'.x-lvlng's I'urmlt of the Man H
Wlio Tried to Kill Hint. H
.Xv(cial CakU DtlpaUh to Tun bCN. H
Vifsna, July 7 A despatch from Belgrade! H
says that in tho nttomptod assassinatlonot ox- H
King Milan )esterdny two bullets perforated H
his cloak nud another grazed his epaulet. Adjt. M
I.ukle. wlio was struck by a fourth shot, was H
seriously wounded H
Milan jumped out of his carriage, drew his H
sibio and pursued tlio would-be assassin H
through Knleinegdcn Park. Tlio man. being H
hard pressed by Milan, junipedlnto tlm rivnr to H
savo himself The geudarmes put out In a H
lioit nud arrested him The prisoner wns a H
member of tlio llro brigade, who had recently H
been dismissed H
it is believed that the man had accomplices. H
Fourteen well-known Itidicals have been ar- H
rested in connection vv Ith thu affair. H
IHtl.l'rCS TlllAl. OX AUG. 10. M
Cnl. I'lrqunrt AMU Otter to Dreyfus tho H
hvtoid nf llnuor from Iluilniiest, M
.tj.cmt CMl' ImvaUhn to Tur Suv M
IIksmk. July 7 Dr. Ferrnnd of tho War H
Olllco has arrived here. Ho will atleud Dioi- H
fus dining Ids tnal, which, it Is now said, will
begin on Vug 10. H
Pai is, July 7 -Col. I'lc'iuart writes that he B
will olTet to Diofus the sword of honor wlin h H
h is been presented to lilm by citlzcnsof Hilda- B
Lightning Kills a AVoinan In a Trolley Car.
Ci.i vh.asp, (), July 7. Lightning killed a HJ
vvniuau passeiigor on a Broadway ear In thu HJ
lu art of this city at 'J P. M to-day, Tlm woman H
was Mrs Jano Graliam, and h'r Immo was at HJ
'J 17 Wasliln.'loii street During tho heavy HJ
rtiiustorm tills afternoon a crowded open H
car was going north on Oiango street HJ
when a leitt of llghtiilug struck the trollc) HJ
wire 'Ihe lightning llished ilong tho wn HJ
and n a 'lu . I the car Aeeotding io ( oudiieb BB
Huuntisck, Mis (irahiui beeuum hip mi.
trollabli' W In u the ligliliiiug sttuck her shg
fell oil tlie cat
'lim Hen Killed lu a Kentucky right. BH
I.oi isvu i k, Ky, July 7 A light, in which BS
tlm omen list th'li- lives, occurred to-dav nl 'H
Combs Post Gill 'Iho fight was betwi n I HH
Jtifiii s Willis. Bob Freeman and 'lorn (')! HJ
all il stil ers ono o inh and liiifu- and Scott ' Hj
l.ik r on the .lino I be ttv Hakers wii
kll 1 '1 lie ('III! IS Wi II hllll III' hLitlVII H
Hi" o itgrotvili f ii driinki u I intvl. tlm ptri "
hivltu' juit takeu u bauel ui wlnokey outul

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