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ll ' ' t r--THE SUJV SUNDAY, JULY 980 , $ j
srotr of rf rn t"i" ''
V . im.vi ritiEvr.s.
Tito .li-rn-T Hj Momrii Clmn Hie Clue nnil
1,1, milled Hie I'll si Kiilibrr-Twn Other
1, VJmiicn I iiwittliiglv Led the May to
Vthf"' t It- ileal "t It"' Gang Were.
( luff of Police Murphy of .for' v City Is con
Mteodthut ho has .11 custody lluoo inembora
f i g.it.tf of (lilep "ho Invo lii-en oporntlng
aiifceofully for several months In this city.
. ir okltn. Jersey Clt nnil Nennrk Tho prls-
, , ,. .no .I0I111 Muhanov. alias Inek Kheppnrd:
,l.,hn M.-lntvre. alius Oeorco l'dwards, ntid
f Imtlc Wilson ... ...
1111 pill -'I W. ! Doughs a shoe atorolat
,, Nfwnk avonuo was looted of Its entire
Mu'k. 'I h- ( hlcf .mil some of his detectives
, ,i,.i' mi investigation, nnil ascertained that
H,h stuck had l'i'n transferred to a vncant
M. if iidjnlnlnc-tlio windows of which weie
, ared with Miontrle.il posters. It was also
if irm-il that three, men hnd hired a room on
id- ton lli'r of .1 building neurit) n low dajs
li-fms. 'llmv told Mrs Sanderson, from
rhum 1 1i- hind the room, thut thoy were
, ci:". punters mid that they needed a 100m
iih .1 hkilluht hi the dnv bcfoie tho rob
bon. Mi-. Sanderson and tha wife of Police
n .m'l redeihk HortingTsnw the men cnrnlng
i, fMvni il liiri.ii 1 1 unkb uiit.ilri!. On the next
In thf-i- women saw the man carrying tho
. ,, Hunks o it again. Ono of the women
,,(., 1. no nt tho men. whom she has since
Mniiill'd an Miilwiiev, what they ncre coins
t .in mtli the trunks.
'We're ju-t taking our work nnj,"he re
liifd. u see we are all through."
Pete lives. lurklns und Prescott reported
ilica facts toVhlef Murphy iillhns good 11 de
rirlpti hi of tho men ns tho women could fur
nili Ihe hltf looked through the Rogues'
a V i an 1 picked out Mnhnnoy und Molntyro
, im .,f llio men who iveio In tho job. Ho
w 1- u iUc t 1 Hi unnu tho third man ,
Mmif a week later the Chief learned thnt a
.1, 0 -toic 11. Williamsburg had liaen looteit
:i 11 north of stock carried away. 11
'..minim itcd with Cain, llev nolds und sug
tikteil tint lie ascertain If any strangers had
lurcil a t'lun In tho immediate vicinity of tho
,t, f 111 1 Hei nolds acted on tho tin and it
tunifcil u' to be correct.
I . 11,, hiirln lJt I. II. Ilanlov. a furniture
J I ,iM. ru Ncn irk aenue, stnt n man around to
1 I lour lle.ni'iu.uters for an ofllcoi to nrreit a
I ' ,.,, nimsil hirle AMIscn. Tho hnd IioukIic
I , ,,,nie furnltiirejfromlhlin on tho Instnllment
I , lin .111.I in.ueil It out of the city, rthlle In
' ...liiritinu'.tlie Douulas affair 'lilef lurnhv
p trued tin' a man Clvlnc his iin,nif 114 IWon
j I111I lurel a truck to take some trunks away
trim the Meant More adiolnlna ImuElaH'i.
L.l tin. that ll-uiliu n WII11111 uilht be tho
ime i-i'iiu the Chief liad him broucht
n.iind ii lead luaiteis ami ent foi Mm rnn
dtr" " and Mii IlcrrliiL-. 'Ihoy nicked him
(.11 nt fifteen men .11 the man who had lilreil
If Hi, mum w'th flu fkllBht.
$ . n irujiued I iwjei C If P.enon. who
1 Ii t 'n nli c n the Weidon liulldipc Chief
' lurilr -" t ieteetie l.arklni unit l'rasrott
J3 j, ,t i, i. I.iwier "flleo, a he felt s'l'lsflod
I '1st .Mlmm's ivife would nil there, and ho
j ini.il ll ha' 11 tf her ehadowed to llnd Wll-
JH t, 11 i.couil 11 u. Two well-tlrescd women
iW ei f, it lb"- liwer's ofllee about 1(1 M.
IW ' j.-t rl.tj Mi'ii'het left the detecthts fol-
1 Uid thm to tin Pennsylvania Kallriad and
Ii ' went ti Newark 01 the tame train with them.
nv TI.e nmieu left 'he train at Market Btrcet
j and to', a t ii el -ar Thoy ovhiently rafil-
7 7 -.) tint thev wsre belne followed, for ther
j (liuiueil .us -ii .eral time and went Into
H' ie I ln deteetlvt" kept thorn In 9iht nil
the tm.e 1 irkiis manni:ed to cut on the
nam" or 1 u I'rei-enlt was obllced to run a '
1 Kriai tnrt .if th" n ir uutil ho secured n hack.
I l.irkmt. .mo I hi'ii In the hack and the driver
I n dun led t keep iluht of the cat 1 n which I
I the women were ii.tisencers On tho wny 1
I l)i t tlve Pmiel Murphv of Newark was I
rike lut 11 I h niliia I In the chase
M The women feelli . assured that thev had 1
elulrl their rursuern went Into 11 hou-e it
,"2 I r .nd sti-et The defectives followed nnd
foui I M .ham v and Mclntvro thare. Mcln
tjr liowil llu'lit but Detective l.arkln-co
ete I him with 1 revolver nnd h" surren lerc I.
Tli r' lonei- weie hroutnt to.Iersey Cltv and
lo. ked up mi" nf the women l lr Wilson
iiitd 'ho 'her i Mclntvro s wlfo. but she is
kn wii ris Mu hd wards bceauso of het hits
l.ui.i f iln- . , ,, , ,
MIiitvre ind his wife and Mnhauev ha'' 00
em ed the ni.niat l'-"J llroad i-trect for three
I w.cks llir mi wete seirchcd and several
I tr 11 s ' I I n h drv coods, new slioe and
g . 'in e N cm Icutly proceeds of robberies.
1 ic ' nil v . ..iiipleto kit of burclnn' tools
wi,i 1 no (ifilm tiunks. !!r 01111 at TK't Sum
1 r iveMif 1 iitiludbv IIon nnd hU wife.
twite j,-. 'i, ti hr.l ami a uunntlty of iroola
wa -1 ircl Tho t-tulT w.is taken to Jersey
1 tv in 1 p ti 1 w.tRon botrowe.l fiom tho
NevrarK I ill 1
It iv evi eeted that the theft In WIlllninsburK
1111 1 1 nunil.ei i.f rohheries In tills cly will bo
I i.tcne.l .111 the 1 risnners They nic believed
in li'tlieini 11 w li c.tr'let olT tho stoeklofta,
tin- in this 1 Itv pi-t 1'iiesd.tr whllo Cntu.
1 I.HPinan was lookliik: at them. In tho last
in 1 ith tin ira is. the police believe, havo
ee le 1 in Lettlui: awnv with about S lO.tiou
v iith of ivdn.
v'iis (oi nricii 11 a niton.
Tun TImhihiiikI I'rrmnft nt tlie Far North
ern l'nrt The seal i atf h
vn l-nM im i, Iul S The steamship Pol
N tte of the North merlcan( oinmcrclalCom-
lanv arrived to-dav. nlno das from Dutch
Iliiliir. Iitim;lnu tlin Ili-t nuws of the Inrjte
11 ei of si Mm ,ini snllliiL' vessels tint left hero
1 tin I I'iikci s.,1111 1 p uts for tlm Arctic earh 111
.In,' Mlve '-. b mi d north touch at Dutch
ygl II irhnr I ir coal, watei and Information about
f tic conditio , nt the Ice on the likin nnd
, hi. inn e ats l'ully 'J 0(10 nassent'cis wcrn
1.1 Initeh lltrborwlun D"l Norte sailed The
vfs,d ilao lirouuht the llrst news from tlm
1 i-'nn Is a-she c irrleil (loveinment special
liie ni 'iid siipi lies foi tlm eomllik- st'ason.
win mii '. ft lie n.it v s were a'l well, and tho
I 'i i, ' - nis wis In full 1 1 )ress Tho
u-ii il iiumli t h id lieen tal.nn
iiii 11 11 1 ri v 1 mir itf away.
Hi Imik I me of Hie dill He Klin Down,
mil Mii. Wouldn't Have Ilitn Arrcsteil.
Whi ,1 -iiiiilie liiiulevaidatfirifilthstieet.
,l.i u, vfstcida), l.enu lcstci, l!i ears
11 I ' ' in nil itii.i avenue, was run down by
.1 11 1 111 l.rksen of 4,r7 lSoiilcv.ird. who was
11 In 1 I icicle Instead nf sp. inline au.i) I hit
v. ' 11 hi dismounted and took cue nl tho
t. ri II lianliueil her held with his Ii 1111I
1 1 In, f t,.nk her home. 111 I onered in pi
ilniiv revpeiise there mlulit helm incd eal
1 ' l(i p ilicem in was icidi to .Hi' t
1 11 1 111 11 dtln 1 the clrl nor tier inothei would
1 i.ik 1 , , ompl.iiut ncaiiist him
Arnij OrdeiR.
Uvs'iiM kin, Julv S Tle'so nriiiv orders
I' iv 1 1 isstii (1
M 1 illlxlii I'lllil", Sixth Arltllerr drtnilci'. an
1 ' r , t tl 11 tin lim.f I" srd nt Kerl Mmiree,
v Via ,n I liintttd llli e, 'third Ii fnutrv riileveil,
"1 ' I r t la. 1 I .Ilium I V HUke, 1' unth Aitllleri ,
1 orl 1 vim l ipt. I'lnrle. I l'hilllp., lnurtli
A '1 .1. v.. 1
it vi , , .. .it, in Ir, mi.t,t Qiivrterniai.t(t
i' .1 iirii.-poit Immi p. the tiuti'pcri liiirniidt',
' 1 11 1 vn'i v.. Iltrniit' r, Mnth lnfuntn
I " I 1 "nil I in is a
I ill..,,, (...-ill 11 I, n. .It. Volunteer SIkiiaI
V ' ( 11 1 ili-.it 1 1 wa 1 I. Und, ( al
JL 1 si 1 I nor' I 1 11 r I1111I1 . r Siunal CrrM from
V's lis in I h tan. 11 ( .t iif Ptra to Manila in
Ml .a such simiii corps trnup asimj hu
, - 1 in-slJVti ,1
f -
I osl ill 11 sl cru Appointed,
Wi tnv, (,s, .inly h The followum np
I' n,iei,ts n postmasters of the Presidential
( "" In. 1 (uiit made
K Itn 1. Ili.l. . Iilii , Me., William I, Mrkrr-
1 'In'! on via Cabin V -inith W.llfs
1 ll 1 - Mi., 11 mi It 1 ate m I'ldliniswiuHl,
J v.'ani H alainiii 1 .neiien N I 1 is. ph l,
"',ii I ( iiiKip.ir, N. I. lie mill! Titus, Hemp
na S VV.I.'.r N. ItiilialiUm. Vim o, N. V .
' ' ii li 1 M llilllelt llyc NV Mnjslns McVi
" n.-i s,.M, a N V iirmiiille I lliiitmoii
' ' ll ik l'.t . Wdliam Kiaua Iti. hlandi cutre. I'a
M". On kins to lie llurleil T(i-lln) 111 Ar
lliiEton. W vsmin. ins, JniyM -I'tinoral sorvlcesover
th tetii ,ihs ,, Mrs I'rii'ii l. W. Dlckins. wife
ot 1 nt Iiiclsins. I' S. N .who was killed jes
t id iv l.y tlm exploKionof n can of naphtha,
vi III., he'd tn-moriow. to be lolloned by Inter
Jii'Tit in the At liiiutoii National emetery. Tho
lioiioraii tallbearers will bu Hear Kilmlrnls
t' niiiiislili Id mid O'Noil and Conimnnder
'I iw ev nf the navy. Prof L'hatars. Mnjiu llleh
iir sjlii-nt, r.iind Jlessis. ildlsou It Atkins,
1 Vi Pratt and V It llohlnson.
Uhlt Invllcil for the Mono Dij Dock In
W iiimitov, lulr H Advertli-emonts havo
lein i-sue 1 in the N'avy Department e.illliu;
f"i I ids t.ti Hie conatructloii of the stouodiy
'I k t" be lull! al lloston The bids will be
Minna hi ut. '.'(I 'i in, advertisement miih
t.lltlie d.iek will be7."il feet lonuiind Mil I. et
" 1 Willi n feet width on the fl'ini 'lhenp-
II II II I for the piojict la Tl.llKl.lMIII, .mil
tin s 1... essdii lnddui will liavu twoaud ahalf
, """loiomplututt.
DKttnr tiEcirnox zy irAsitiNarox.
Tho rriigrnninin Ineludei the Preservation
of the Hvforil Voted liy Coniresi.
Wwiiisotov, July 8,-Chalrmnn W II.
Jlosesof theConiinltteo of Ono Hundred np
IKilutod by tho Commissioners of tho District
of Columbia to rocelvo Admiral Dewey when
he arrives In Washington to-day sent u letter
to tho Admltnl telllns of tho oritnubntlon of
tlioCominlttnoof Ono Hundred and tho plans
relative to his proposed reception. Tha letter
of the cpmmltteo was accompanied by ono
from (secretary I.onir, In which lie said that tho
plan suutestod by tho eomtnlttoo has tho full
npprovul of both tho President nnd himself.
The letter read as followa
Admiral 17'nriir Unrtu, L'ml'il vtnvi ,Vir
Htii The eltlwns of the capital of tho
iiRtlon, ileslrliiK to receive von with iipprnprl-.
ntu honors when you como to Washlnu'ton.
havenrianceil a pronraniine, with tho consent
nnd ipprovalof the Prcihlent ami the Sucre
tiuvol the Nuvr In order thnt the reception
mat bu or a character duo the hluh office w hlch
von soelllelently fill, the Commissioners of tho
District of Columbia have appointed a com.
mltteeor ono hundred to hnve direction of the
exercises It Is proposed that the committee
receive you upon your arrival in Wnshltiuton
ami escort you to your hotel, nnd after vou
havo mndo jour formal call upon the President
nnd the Secretary or the N'avy. escort ou 10
the east front of the Capitol, where tho Secre
tary of tho Navy. In the presence of the Presi
dent, will present to you the swoid which Con
gress lias voted In reeoctiltloii of your dlstln
Kiilshed servlcis at .Manila Tho order of
vi relscs will bo as simple as posslblu
ll Is Imped. In view ot the nntlmil charac
ter of this event, that jou will, on your nrrlvul
In the I tilted States, como first to the national
capital, nnd we bog that jou will kindly advise
tho committee ns enrly as tuny bo convenient
when you will probably reach Wnshlncton.
onerntuintlnir jou upon the splendid vie
torles hlch, miner you, havo ndded so notably
to the clory of our navy, and have given it so
hlgli a Plnee among tho navies of the world,
vve rcuinln. for the committee, yours very re
spectfully, W H. Mohfi, Chalrmnn
V. P. Yan Wicki.k. Becrotnry.
i'.trv.tsTi:n im.cox's si:ti:.ci:
The Prealilcnt Snves Him fiom Dlsmlsanl,
lint ltediirea Illm til the Toot ot the Mat.
WtsiiiMiTfiN. July H Paymaster W. 1). Wil
cox of the navy, recentlytried bj court-martial
nt tho Mnro Island Navy Yard on a charge of
drunkenness, was found gulltj and sentenced
to dismissal. President MeKlnloy to-day
mitigated the sontence to reduction to the foot
of the list of paymasters, and stoppage of half
of Wilcox's pay foronovear Paymaster Wil
cox had just returnod to this country from
Manila, whore ho had served on tho monitor
Monterey, when his offence was committed.
He was ordered to report to tho commindant
of thelMnre Island ynrd. Heir Admiral John C.
Watson, now tho fleet commander In Asiatic
waters, but, according to the ovldenee. ho was
too drunk when ho reached tho ynrd to comply
with tho instructions
Pav master Wilcox nchlovod wime notoriety
when the Monterey was at Honolulu on her
wnv to Manila during tho war with Spain Tho
eoinmnndei of the Monteroj was Ciipt W U
Willi inn. who had mnrried Miss P.tta Along,
the daughter of a wealthy ( iilneso resident of
Honolulu, whoso home was nlwavs open lo
American nival ofllcers Mr Whiting's
mother Is nn American. nnd shennd her sisters
nre vory accomplished and popular voting
women Paymaster Wilcox, it was reported,
made some remarks derogatory to Mrs.
W lilting and her sisters, which 'came to tlm
earsofCapt Whiting This was nt Honolulu,
while tlm Monterey was coaling there, and It
vv is said that Qvpt W hitlng announced
that he would not permit Wilcox to
accompany his vessel to .Manila Wilcox,
however, did go to Manila on the Monterey
and the matter was never repor'ed officially to
tho N'avy Department until recently, when It
was niadn a part of Wilcox's record In tho
c lurt-martlal proceedings Six of tho seven
members of the court-martial signed a recom
mendation to clemency, hnslng the recommen
dation on the excellent reeoid of Wilcox as a
pnyoflleer The action of the President will
cause Wilcox to lose fourteen numbers in Ins
Miti. oti:hi's cr.nu svrrr r.n.
Honduras Agrees to I'a Her V-f, ."(( In
Monthly Installments of ;.-() i:m h.
WlsiiivnoN, Julv S dvlces w ti' ! eeived
nt the State Department to day that the el lim
of Mrs I. A Oterl of New Orleans against the
Government of Houdurnshns been adjusted by
tho agreement of Honduras to pay the claim
ant S'.'..1(H) In monthly installments of $J.".(i
eai h The claim had been lending for seven
v'ears, licking one dav Mrs Oturi la tiio
widow of Joseph Oterl. owner of the Vmerienu
steamer Joseph Oterl. Jr. of New Orleans,
which wasseled at tho port of CVib.i, Hondu
ras, in June, I!i- by revolutionist. The ves
sel was discharging hoi caruo there when fir
ing was heard In tho town, and fearing thnt an
iusuirui tlonarv outhieak had occurred, tho
Captain hoisted the Mais and Mrl
over his ship Soon nlterward 11 body
of arme I revolutionists hoarded tho
vessel. nnd despite tho protests of
the Captain, broke open cases containing rifles
and ammunition, consigned to den. J 11
Jlunor. the commander at Truvlilo Thev
also retained P isscsion of the vessel and used
It In the revolutionary movement Mrs Oieri
on July Ii. lSH'J filed a claim against tho dov
ernmentot Honduras for tho loss or the rifles
nnd ammunition and thj detention of the ".
eel. (King damages at S'JL'.ihki The claim
dragged along until a few voars ago. when
Honduras agreed to pav Mrs Otri J'- .'(
She would not nccept this amount, and no
progress was made In the ease until recently,
when Mrs. Oterl agreed to tnko the sum
Dr. Milium to Hnve Clinrco of the German
Legation During the summer.
Was!iim.tos. July8-I)r Alfons Mumm von
Schwar7onsteln has been' designated b tho
German Emperor to replace Ambassador von
Hollcbeu during tho Ambassador's summer
leave, as It Is e-xpected tliat llaron Speck von
Mernliurg will still bo In Samoa during that
periol I)r Milium loll Washington In tH '.
nfter a successful and popular serv ico with tho
German I.egitlon, and since that time lias
berved as Hrst Seeretarv of Legation in one ot
the llnlkan states as Secretary ot the Prussian
Legation at the atlean. as chief of a bureau
in the 1'oreign Ofllee in Berlin, and as Privy
Councillor ot Legation In the (lermun diplo
matic service lie was Minister von lSlllow s
" right-hand man" in the I'orelgn Ofllee until
made Herman Minister to the Grand Duchy of
Luxemburg less than a year ago Dr. Mumm
is well known In Washington and has a largo
personal ami political aen.ualntnnce In tlm
riiited Stnles His knowledge of American
business and lolltlenl methods Is extraordi
nary torn foreigner.
ct.suii.it F.r.si m.i'h .siioitr.iar.
It Is llrheved That He Has Taken B.O.OOO
of the Metropolitan Chili's Money.
W'AsniNr.TOS, July H An expert examina
tion of the accounts or the Metropolitan Club.
as kept by harles Kysemnn. Jr., tho cashier,
who it was discovered tvv weeks ago had cm
bcvlodfundsofthoolub.showsthat Lv soman's
operations were more extensive than at llrst
supposed, nnd it Is believe I that he has taken
about Wtl.tHM of the clubs mono. Notion;!
was reunited lioin !'.) man and the loss will
fall 011 tho club Ejstimnn disappeared from
Wiisliingtrn about two wi eks ago and nothing
linsblnco been In aid o( his whereabouts It
is now said bj persons who worn well ac
quainted with him that ho hud ror several
jean led an extrnvagant life. His fathor vjas
einnloved as clerk of, the Metropolitan Club
and ro'lcned suddenly sonio time ago It Is
understood that no effort will bo mado to ar
rest him.
The Arrangement Made In Wnshliigton Is
Untitled by the Portuguese Corlea.
Washisotov. July H.-Tho press despatch
from Lisbon that tho Portuguese Cortes has
ratllh d the commercial arrangement between
the I ullid States and Poitugnl lias been ufll
elallv coiillrmi d in 11 despatch In tho State De
partment from the I'nlted States Minister at
Lisbon 1 he tatlffnglt eiiicnt betv.een Portugal
and this eoiintiv was not 1 halted as a treat),
hut ns an "nrrnngemont.,' which does not 11
uiiiro the ratillcation of the I nii"d States Sen
ate. and will go Into efTet on ts approval by
tho Portuguese Government I inter the ar
rangement spciial tariff i.ites are conceded by
the I nlted states on hrnndlrs, vermuth, still
wlni s, sparkling wines, nignls, paintings and
stutuurv T lie arrangement was made bv the
Hon John Knsson. spoual reciprocity idenl
poirntiuy ol the I nlted stiffs. nuilMiiPiuis
Siiuto-Tlurso, the Portuguese Minister
Agreement Confirmed hr Pnrtiigni.
.ji'cml ( altf l)iipale lo Tnr Bcs
I.tsnos, July H -Tho Portuguese House of
Peers has passed a commercial convention
with the United States contemplating a tnu
tuul reduction of duties.
aaaaav. ... .w . s . njm.a '"' ,'nw.n
XOT I.AHlVh von VMOS TO roitt'E
In Thla Case line Trnde llulon Was lloj- l
foiling Another nnd Knfnrrlng Its lluy
colt Ii) Strikes-Justice Trunx Grants 1
n Permnuent tnjtim Hon to l'orhld II. 1
Tha Idea. basaJ on several recent decisions,
thnt members of trades unions can lawfully
prooure the discharge of other man bv threat
ening to iiult wotk bus received a setback In a
decision rendered bv Justice Truax of tha Su
premo Court jastutdav in granting a perma
nent ltijuuuion to the National Protective As
sociation ot Steam 1'ltters and Helpers and
Chntles McUueed lestralning the Lntcrprlso
Association of Steam Titters und the Piogres
slvo Assoclutlon of Steam Utters nnd Heifers
nnd tholr delegates, James M. Camming f,
James J. Nimiiitand William J. O'llrlfti, from
interfering with tho members ot the plaintiff In
their work or In obtaining or .retaining em
tilovtnont. The case was an Important ono
ami occupied sovcrnl dnvs in the trial.
It was shown that tha dotendnnts hnd or
dered strikes nnd refused to lat thalr members
work on jobs on which membtrsot the Plain
tiff wcro employed, except small jobr. Th-so
Btrlkes had resulted In tho dlschargo of mem
bers ot tha plaintiff from many large lobe In
the city. The plaintiffs declared that they
wrae victims of a eonsnliacy to prevont them
Irom getting work. The defendants denied
there was nnv cotitplrncy nnd urged thnt ther
hnd tha right to refuse to work with men not
members of their orgnnlrntioni It was also
set ut that no injunction would He, as the
plaintiffs had nu adequate, remedy nt law if
they had s tfferod any legal damage. It was
iPeclflcally set forth that tho contrnc ors of the
buildings fiii'niid ill West Tortv-flfth strtet,
Twelfth'street and Seventh avenue nnd nt Hur
ling slln and Trout streot. Induced by throats
of strikes mado by the defendants, had dis
charged members of the plnlntlff nssoclntlon.
rialntlffa alleged that unless the defendants
wore enjoined their organisation would be
ruined nnd their men could not get work lu
this elty. The decision of the Judao runs'
"The evidence shows that tho defendants
have entered into a somblnatlon which In ef
fect prevents and will prevent the plaintiff
McQueed nnd the other members of the plain
tiff association from worWas at his or their
trade In the cltv of New York In fact. It was
shown that the defendnnt Cummlngs (one of
t.ie walklnz delegates of the defendants) threat
ened a strike against the niombera of tho plain
tiff association and the plaintiff McOuoed
wherever he found them nt work, and that he
would not allow them to work at any job In
tho city except soma smnll jobs, where T.n
terprlsa men were not employed, and that ha
did troiiueiitlv 'strike,' so that members of the
plaintiff nssoclntlon were prevented from con
tinuing work that they were doing at the time
the strike wns ordered Such a combination
amounts to a consplrnev and Is unlawful
"Thocaac Is to bo distinguished from tha
onto ot Davis vs. the I'nltod Knglneers ('.'8 A.
Ti. 1. Inasmuch as the plaintiff was employed
onli temporarily and until a union man could
I be obtained to tako his place, and in which it
I was also held that there was no evidence that
1 a conspiracy to prevent the plaintiff from ob-
I tabling work existed. It is to bo noted that
1 in the Davl6 ense tho ciurt assumes for tho
I purpose of that else that anv Indlvlduil. or
association of Individual!, has no right wan-
tonlyfo to Into'fera with a man In the ever-
1 ciso of his craft, business or profession ns to
prevent him from earning his livelihood in
that profession, craft or business
"To prevent one from working at any job In
this cltv. except some small jobs where Tnter
Pilso men were not emplojed. Is to prevent
hi 111 from earning ills livelihood in ids profus
slon. craft 01 business, nnd such an act will be
enjoined The 0 idence In reference to dam
ages Is so imlellulte that 1 shall not award any
damages "
m.i.oir .tack imtk.vis doixo wklk
1. fleets of the hermit et to He l.enrned,
hut It Una Hone o llnrni.
Dr Alvnh II Doty said last night that tlm
two yellow fever patients 011 Swinburne Island.
Oscar T Laekov of li.iltimore and Miss L C
Clendenin. wcro doing vvoll Mr Lackey has
not jet shown mis unfavorable sjmptoms that
could poslbly be attributed to the yellow
fever serum with which he was inoculated on
Thursday night No morn of the serum will
bo Used on him. Dr Imtv said Nothing
was to bo gained, lie thought, by morn
than three injections Laekej's tempeia
tuie. which was lo'j.V on Triday. 1ml
gone down to ln'J '-'." J jesterday While
this was favorable. Dr. Dotv said that no cur
tain prediction regarding Mr. Lackey's rei ov
ery could bo made 1 1 foro Moudav morning.
The docloi would not say tha' the favorahlo
progrissof the case so f.ir was due to the uso
of his serum. It w.isenough tosav, he thought,
that the serum ll id done no harm
Miss Clendeiiln was getting along ory well
last night Dr Dot) said thnt If there wcro no
unforeseen complications she would almost
surely recover
The Cnptnln of the Yneht Ileports Ills
Veralon of the Cnlllalon.
Cnpt. Harrett ot the Hoard of Local Steam
boat Inspectors received tho following wrltton
statement jesterday from Capt. Thomas J
Smith of the Tra Dlavolo about tho collision on
Friday In which the yacht was sunk.
"I wns about to make a landing at Pier !.
having passed on port side of. I think, one of
tho Stoiilngtou Line steamers, when I saw tho
Hustler heading for New York, having Fra
Dinvoloon hei own stai hoard side I blewono
whistle nnd was answered with two As It was
iiiUKisslblo to get undei Hustlei's stern. I Im
inedlntulj blew ono whistle again nnd was
answered with two whistles The mate of tho
Hustler being at the wheel nut his helm to
starboHrd and sheering directly at us striking
T D about amidships on port side, damaging
HuiT D so badly ihatshe sank In about ten
minutes The Hustler came to our assistance,
taking off all on hoard, about seventeen per
sons, crew Included "
UOUE II Milt 111 E-CtrE A .WOI.
Negro Taken I'orty Miles In llnste hiTriaa
to Pi event n I.) mlilng.
Dvtt.vs. Tex. July K-Deputv Sheriff Wil
liam Henderson of Kaufman county and a
posse ni rived h ire to-day, having In custody a
negto named King Martin, whom lie placed in
Dallas eountj jail for safekeeping Sheriff
Henderson, his posso nnd his prisoner had
lidden forty miles oveilundnt high speed to
save the prisoner from the vengeance of a mob
or Kaufman eountj farmers, who were (liter
mined to ljm.lt him. The negro Is accused of
having committed nu assault on Miss Lizzie
Anderson, the daughtei or a planter at John
son's Point, in Kaufman county
'1 he ofllcers captured the negro late last night
before tho mob could llnd him. but did not dare
to put him In jnll at Kaufman The mob pur
sued nnd flrod on the Sheriffs posso. but no
ono wus hurt Tho forty miles distance was
llddcn In six hours.
John i:. Sherlock Dies of Srlf-Irapoted
Slnrviitloii In Mute Prlaun.
lUmToiip, Conn , July H - John T Sherlock,
well known throughout the State as a gor
maiidlror and pedestrian, died 111 tho iiisauo
ward at tho State' pilson nt Wetherslleld this
afternoon of starvation. lie leeched a five
jeais' ( ntence in September. IS'l", for feloni
ous assault and seemed to fiel his position
keenlj He grew despondent and for several
mouths past has refund 'o eat. nltliough tho
Phjslcians ket him allvo by forcing him to
take some nourishment Sherlock was veiy
tall and alwnjswore his hair to an extremo
length He claimed the pedestrian champion
ship of the state Howas a groat eater and
would eat foi hours on a wager, o'ten giving
eh bltlons In re-taurant windows U ono
sitting ho a'o en nigh for a family of twelve
He was horn In Nov i s, otiu about H. vears ago
and said lie was the son of a clergyman.
Coat 1 nihil a tn Strike.
The coat talloison llieenst side arc prepar
ing for a general strike lied letter eireulnrs
have lieen distributed nmnng them within the
past two ortliree davs notifying them to be In
lendluesstoslrike.anil a niassmcetlug is to bu
cnllml within a week or so tn declare tho strike
1 iniii T.ixhi to lo.ow tailura are Involved lu
thin ujovemeut.
iroit.vsEit skim: milk, scheme.
Court Ilefuies to Open n .lodgment Tnkcn
hr the Patenter.
A motion of Maurlco S. Wormsor to open a
judgment taken by default ugnlnst him Inst
Mny while he was lu Kuropo. dismissing nn
nctlon ho brought ngnlnst Frederick W Her-mann-Grnef
and others to cnncel nn ngrrement
mndewlth Graof and to onjnln tho transfer of
two notes for JTi.ttOO each nnd stock of a food
company to tho ninoutit of $40.(XX, hns been
doniod by Justlco IllschoiT of tho Supreme
Court Ornsf avers that In February. IKIH,
Worniser and other persons resolvi d to form a
triiBi of all tlio largo dairies supplying this
elty xx it Ii milk, und ho was invited ovei from
I llerlln. whero ho lives, with tlm Idea of pur
! chasing his patent to changn tin ehnrncier of
skim milk. He has n patent for the process,
nnd says concerning it
" Skim milk with the aid of cnibonlcncld gas
is converted Into a salable ami valuable (nod
preparation having high nutritive Qualities and
bclngnn excellent food for ilispeptles "
Graof set up a skim milk plant In tho bakery
ol John 1) Gllmornt 21.1 Greenwich street and
turned out a product which lie sajs wns exam
ined by Wormser. Gllmornnd others Interested
In the proposed trust. It was then arranged
thnt Grner should h ivo $100,000 for his Inven
tion. $10.00(1 to be paid to him In six months'
notes und JKo.OOO lu stock of the Farm and
Dairy Product Companj. Incorporated In Now
JorscjMis the promscd milk tiust
Hubsoiuentlv. as ho livers. Wormsei told him
that the tiust had 'alien through, and advl-ed
lilm to nccept In plneo of the contract tor his
patent S-4().(KK) In stock oi the Food Manufac
turing Company and two notes of $.",000cetdi
He ngreed to the proposition nnd took the stock
nnd notes. The notes were drawn bv llio
Food Manufacturing Company to tho order of
Wormser. who Indorsed oneover to Graof. and
llio othor. nt Graef's toquest. to George il
Weaver and Curt W Knnpe, who were nl"0
made defendants In the suit brought bv
Wormser. The I'ood Manufacturing Company
now owns the process (or tho Western Hemis
phere. Wormser asked that this second agreement
be cancelled because Graef did not furnish a
man who could work tho process, and hecnuso
he did not assist in getting intents In tho
South American countries ns well ns hero
mid In Cnnndn Oraet snjs that anvexsrl
onceil man could make Hie product from read
ing his patent, and that tho company mado It
for several months
five wives l.irixa.
Three of Them Confront St. lnlr In Court
In Which lie la Chnrged with Illgnmy.
riocilKSTEn. July H. Harry Frank St Clair of
Ilutte. Mon.." who was recently arrested for
larceny. Is now under $'!.00() bonds lu this clly
to nnwer ton chnrgri of bignmy. His nttornoy
declares that St Clnir hns flvo wives living
Twoof them are said to bo lu Canada Three
very prstty and striking Mrs, St Clnlrs con
fronted him In the police court this nininlng
They hnd been brought hero on subpaui is to
testify ngalnst him. '1 heir maiden names
were Lucy V.. Hjlott of IV. Franklin strict.
Ithnen: Mabel Kllen Conplns of Palinvra. and
Agnes Kntherlne Itnrryof 40 1'hlverslty nveiiuo
In this city.
According to tho statements of his nttnrnev,
St Clair hopes to get out of tho scrape on
technicalities He holds that since st Clilr
had boon married twice before he married nnv
one of the three'vvlves In court he could not bo
prosecuted forbigamv on thetestlm nn of any
of tho wives here, for he argneil that It wa at
Hie time of tho second mart I igo that the eilmn
of blgimv was committed. and tint all other
mnrringes contraeti d atter the second mar
riage were null Conseuuentlv lie held th it as
St Clair had two wives before he mnrried anv
of the three In court theli marriage counted
for nothing, nnd he could not be prosecuted for
bigamy In thlsi ountrv. The two other mar
riages mentioned bj the nttornej it Is under
stood, took place in Canada Miss foi inns
knew St Clalronlj one day before she married
him. and Miss 11 irrv knew linn onh thrced ijs.
Miss Hyjett was the only one to whom ho gavo
a wedding ring
.suicide is' A itour r is ic.
Itover'a ltodv XVmb in the Water Threo
Dots Hefoie It round.
The bndv of Cliiistian Hover wns found jes.
tenl'iy morning in the water lank on the roof
of theteneiuent at ll'.'Wesi Fifty-fourth strict
Lover was tint.ll la-t M ml iv emploied is i
watelim in In a who'cs lie el th hou-e in Wist
'I lilid street He came home on Momlav ml
told Mrs Miller, tlm jinltor of the teiuinenl.
with whom he boarded, tint ho had been dis
charged Ho hung about the place despond' lit
until Wednesday He bed not paid for his
board for several weeks On Weilnesdav Mis,
Miller told Hover that sm could not keep him
fir nothing. He went out without si) nut iiiit.
thing hour or two later he went to tho
rooms of a woman mi the top floor and bor
rowed a piece ot bo ird frori her He went up
to the roof with it. Nobody snw him after th it.
and Mrs Miller told everv body that Hover had
"lumped Ids board bill "
The tenants ma le so many complaints about
the condition of the wnter vesterdaj thnt Mrs
Miller went up tn clean the tank she win
horrllled to llnd Hover's body in the tank she
at onee ran out and called a policeman
The police c.iinu to Hie conclusion that Hover
had committed suldde The board lie had hoi
rovved had been use' to hold open the lid of
the tank It wns tound lloitlng In the water,
for ho h id nruarentlv closed the lid after him.
Hover weighed about lioo pounds
sriciiiE rx ..!..
Nrwlnnd, Who Stabbed Ilia Steeping Wife,
Throws Himself from a Corrldoi.
John N'ewlnnd. HI years old.of 70 Oakland
street. Oreenioint. who. while demented, as it
Is supposed, stabbed his wile. F.IlAiheth New -land,
several times whlln ehowas asleep, on
Thursday night, and was arrested on Friday
morning, committod suicide In Hajmond
Street Jail jesterday morning On leaving
his coll on tho setond corridor shortly
atter II o'clock, to bo marched to the lava
tory with othor prisoners, h threw him
self over the Iron railing and struck tho
lower floor oil his head falling a dlstai co
of over twentv-flve feet. He was unconscious
w hen picked up, and a doctor found him suffer
ing from concussion of the brain ami scvero
shock. He died within two hours. He was a
laborer and had been noting iiueorly for some
time, lie had been told on his nrraigpment lu
conit on Frldaj morning that he would prob
ably be sent to an asylum, nnd it Is supposed
that it wns dread n! this which drove him to
suicido. His wlto is still In a critlcnl condition
Former Lieutenant Pngue Commits Huh ble?
Cnn Alio. July H Sumuol F Paguo, a formnr
Lieutenant In Hie United Stntes Armj who
became Involved in serious trouble nt Foit
Sheridan several years ago, was found dead
this morning In a hotel nt 14H ( lark street It
Is thought that he committed suicide, as n bot
tle containing poison was found in one of his
coat pockets. Paguo was formally dismissed
from the army on Jan V. IS ill, for shooting at
Col. Crofton threo times Two bullets pierced
the Colonel's overcoat
Drowned Man Was Henry Meyer.
The man who was found drowned, with n
heavy Iron sasli weight fastened to his neck, in
tho sllpof tho Pennsjlvanla Iialltoad's freight
yard at the foot of North Fourth street, Wil
liamsburg, on Triduv morning, wns Identified
yesterday a Henry Mojor.n plnsteier.iM jenis
old. who lived at Vo7 Knickerbocker nveiiuo,
Williamsburg Ills wife identified the body.
Ho h id been partly disabled by rheumatism.
xew Tieoi.Li.v itni rnn k
Intended to llellrve Trntlle During Itnsli
Hour In Ilrooklvn.
The placing of n verj Inrgo now curve, with
numerous switching attachments, nt Thlnl
avenue nnd Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, b the
Iln pld Transit Company Is Intended to relievo
tho already overcrowded tracks on Fulton
strcot from Third avenue down to Hie bridge
duilng the shopping hours nnd the nnh hours
in the outline, .. .
Tho new switch will allow the Third avenue
cars Intake the old Nnssau tracks at Mlintle
nveiiuo ami roach the bridge bv wav of llneiuin
place nnd Vlnnis street. Instead ., going do mi
Fulton street, which is almost ilwavs crowded
Tin-Filth avenue, l'.crgen stieet. ami Seventh
avenue cats can also use the new switch In
casoof neeessltj It will n's i allow the Third
nvenue can to mako much bcitertlme going to
Coney Island
cavt. a tnnxEit siuivKEs:
New Haven Uatlrond Oniclnl Attncki d with
Apoplexy on n Train.
Htvmfoiip. Conn .July H -dipt S A Gard
ner, General Superintendent ot the Mirinn
District nf th" New York, New Haven and
Hartford Itallroad, was stricken with apoplexy
thlsevenlng vvlille on his waj from New V.ik
to New Loudon He was in apnrlor car on the ."i
o'clock train out of Now York When a slum
distance fiom New ork lie was taken sudden
ly ill The express was stopped nt stnnitor I
and Mr Gardner was removed to the stamfoid
Hospital In an ambulance. He Is suffering
from a severe attack of apoplexy At 10 o clock
to-night it wus said at the hospital that ho
might not survive the night.
i a k 3
! S
A i , I . K
' - T( qk
"Your Abbey's Kffervoicent " I havo found yonr Abbey's . ,,""0hplMA?ln,Bt" '
I a it i n n i t, t , ,., , Ing that I find your Abbey's Ef-
lo Salt is excellent. It has cor- Effervescent Salt exceedingly fervoscnt Salt a very refreshing ,,
( tainly not been overrated." palatoblo and refreshing." and agreeable-bo ve rage."
i '
! The Refrigerant Qualities of
"I Abbey s Effervescent Salt
::, Cool Water, Making a Delicious
and Healthful Summer Drink, -
'h T
't 1
lo I
in snys: NAL says: NEWS says: i
.,',. .. , "Abbey's Effervescent Salt, which ' T
,o nils preparation deserves wasgenerallv introduced into Canada "Oneof tho most Important "
if every good word which is Inst year, is now very largely pro- claims of Abbey's Effervescent
' being said of it. The carbonic scribed bv tho medical profession lioro
! add gas generated during its and throughout Canada. Tho ndvor- Salt is its absolute purity. Its (
'! administration is in itself a tlslnir methods of this company arc lasting effervescence makes it h
i . , . x. , , particularly commendable. Thoy are .,. .i.(.m..i-i, . .uh
'( sedative, and is particularly j , .. . . . ft most palatable, drink, while , ,
y Miinnvi, huh iKiiniuiaiijr clean and honest, and Inspire con- "
I ( soothing to a sensitive stom- fldence with tho profession a8 well as 'ts rotrigorant qualities make
' ach." the public." it invaluable," h
" Y
; . 1
t' Sold by Druggists at 25c, 50c. and $1 per bottle, i
C ss0stst'ss0 a s -s s 0scac)ia)
Minsh.i rnviiTii or Ji'i.r
Celelirnted on the New Vork Duty on l)r,
Ilnnker's S7 VVoitli of Souvenirs.
1 he passengers of the American liner New
York, which arrived at h"rpiirnt Wo'clock last
evening, celebrated July 4 by passing these
res ilutlonsnt a meeting at which Ml. Iliad
Hoiiodict presided
" ll herenn. One of tho most gratifying results
of the late wni with Spain was tne inaugura
tion of the era of goo I feeling which now exists
het ween the two great branches ot the English
sue tklng people:
' Whnra. Hue of the causes which contrih
uti l to this happy reunion, and also to the
victorious outcome of the wni. was the con
stm nous nnd meritorious service rendered by
the ships of the American line manned by men
o( Polli American and English birth: there
fore, be It
" lltniUeit. Th.il we. the passengers on the
st imshlp New ork.on this, tho 4th dav- of
.lull, do h-reliv tender our eongintulations
to I he gallant oflliersnnd crew who, bv their
br.iverj and miselfMi devotion to duty. In
scribed the name of the Harvard In the list of
ships the Ameihan nation cnerishes In Its
honored naval hi-torv, thereby strengthening
the bonds between the two nntioris which we
tiust will never be broken
(lulvoneof the New ork s pnssengers had
nnv tiouble witli the customs inspection. Ho
wnsDr A J. llnnkei. a delegate to the Inter
national Tuberculosis Tongress at Berlin Ho
dei l.ired $7 worth of cheap photographs and
souvenirs and was made to pny Sfi.'Odutr nn
them He said that ho hnd carried the things
into nearly every petty principality In I-uropo
without so much ns a question being asked re
girling them, only to pay duty on them the
mlnuto he got home
mong the passcngerson tho New lork were
Alvey A Adce. Second Assistant Secretary of
A rommon-I.avv Artlon Against Two Jeraey
( itv Women.
Judge Iilnlr. In the Coinmon Tleas Court in
Jersey Citj, heard testimony jesterday in pro
ceedings brought to compel Mrs Michael Mur
phj ot Arlington avenue and her sister. Mrs
Daly, to contribute to the support of their aged
nnd Indigent father. John Conlln The women
are in comfort.iblo circumstances, and the ac
tion is taken under the common law. which re
quires prosperous children to care for needy
parents Some time ago tho Court ordered
Mrs Murphy and Mrs Daly to contribute $r a
month each to their fnthar's support They
paid the monev for u time and then stopped
Mrs Murrav. another daughter, has done all
she could to support her father, but her means i
an limited. Coiilm testillcd that he slept In
Inrnsnnd In covered wagons and the only food
he got was what he ph ked up or wh.it wns
given to him bv Mrs Murray Mrs. Daly stated
thnt hei lathei had nlwais been a drag on her
mother, who supported him by taking In wash
ing until shn died. Mrs Daly endeavored to
speak prlwitelj to Judge Illair hut he refused
to listen to her Tho hearing will bo continued
next weeiv t
lilslinp Newman's funeral.
RvnvToov, JiilyS-Hishops p G Andrews of
New York and Daniel Goodsell of Chat
tanooga, Tenn . the Itev. Dr Henry A Huttz.
President of Drew Tlicologlc.il Seminary In
Madison. X I . the llev Dr Philip Ger
motid of Kingston, and the llev Dr C YV
JIHI.ird, Presiding Elder of the New York city
illHt-ict of the New Y irk Conference, were
nmong the speakers nt the funeral of Illshon
John P Now nun In Hie I'irst M E Church this
afternoon Mrs. I S Giant. Mrs r 1) Grant
and Miss Jull.i Grant were present nnd sent
iloril tributes President and Mrs Mchlnley
sent n message of svmpath) to Mrs Newman,
vinmig the pallbeaiers weio Gen Thomas I..
James. J P lluilei Ditiiel Dunham, L. E
Tnnvbrldge of New oi k and Hen Cyrus
Itus-ej and M G Etnorvof Washington.
Yellow I'evcr 111 Mexico.
i stin. Tex, .full H -dvlces received by
the State Health Dei iirtment from places In
southern Mexico In refciencn to tho jullow fe
vi r situation show that llio epidemic Is still
i aging nt several plnee. including the elty of
erui ru The municipal mid rcderal auihori
ties have done good work lu Improving Hie
simian conditions of Tampleo. und there lias
been no cases of the disease icported therefor
sevi rnl weeks The assistant surgeons of tho
1 nlted Stntes Mai me Hospital Service who am
stationed nt Yeia ( uii and other placos lu
Mexico nre keeping in eltiso touch with the sit
ujti in
A Yniing lliiibnnil tllsalng.
Mis Walter C. bci.a prettv woman appir
entlynliout 'JO jenrs old, called nt the Mont
gomery street police station In Jersov City
yesterday and nsked tho assistance of the
police In finding her husband, vv ho Is 21 years
old Shn said that In had been missing from
their home. II' Stujvcsant avenue, since tha
morolngof July 3.
Every smart dresser knows the kind of goods always kept by the late L. S.
Meyer, whose tailoring store was at Broadway and 28th Stree't. Such well
known importers as E. H. Van Ingen & Co., John B. Ellison & Co. and
Win. B. Leonard & Co. were his main source of supply. Those who have
traded with Mr. Meyer know that his average charges were not less than
550 for a suit or overcoat to order.
. We have purchased the entire stock from his estate, but we are going
to dispose of it in our own way.
TO-MORROW, and continuing until it is all cleaned out, we give up
our two stores to the Meyer stock and will give you a choice of any piece
in the lot for a suit or overcoat to order for
The good, juicy plums from the stock will go to the early comers.
SUN BUILDING, near Brooklyn Bridge.
1191 Broadway, near 28th St.
To Itefrlgernte Onra by Menna of Kleetrlrlly
Generated by the Axles.
Tpfston, N J . Julv H.-The Electric Axln
Light and Power Company wns Incorporated
hereto-day with a capital of J'JB.tmO.fKXl for
the purpose of lighting, heating, ventilating
and refrigerating railroad cars by meant of
electric currents generated from the revolu
tions of the cnraxle. It Is understood thnt this
company is the outgrowth ot the National
Electric Car Lighting Company of Now York,
vv hlch controls the Moskowltr axle light patents
and has Its system Introduced on the Atchbon.
Topeka and Santa Fd Hallway, tho Delaware.
Lackawanna nnd Western Ilnllroad, the New
York Central. Illinois Central and Southern
riclfle railroads. I'ullmnn. Wagner and private
cars, and also on foreign roads
It has recently obtained control of new pn
tents covering nn invontion by which cars can
bo refrlgeiated by tho same process from the
car axle which is now used for lighting tho
cars, thus doing away with the method of Icing
freight ears enrrylng perishable good a while
in transit The charter gives to the company
the right to manufacture and sell all the nec
essary machinery and also to construct nnd
operate theears
Tho Continental Compressed Air Ton or Com
panj. with an authorised capital ot $15,000
IHM). wns also Incorporated T lie company will
produce nnd furnish compressed air and other
power The coiporators nre lrnnk ll Shut
tuck, Edward Everett nndOeorgo Martin.
A Barber's Horrible Method of Trjrlna: to
Get Kid of Ilia Partner.
Cobmmi. N. Y.JulyH -At lllossburg. Tioga
county. Pa , at about 1 o'clock this afternoon,
Isnne Ilorrelll..n barber, about 00 years of age.
made an attempt to kill his wife In a mogt hor
rible waj According to Mrs Uorrelli's nnlo
mortem stniement, her husband sot tiro to her
clothing in severnl places and tlien held her
hands while the flames destrojed her clothing
and nte Into her flesh Her piercing screams
attracted the neighbors, who rushed In and
stopped the frightful torture She Is ao horri
bly burned Hist hor recovery seams Iniprobn
Me Horn!!! w.is captured and taken lo the
county jail nt Wellshoro Ills Infatuation lor
another woman and tho strenuous objections
nf his wife to his unfaithfulness la given aa the
cause of the crimo
Major Blmw Says Ha Will Not 'Accept tha
Nomination for flnvernor of Marjrlnnd.
rURATooA. July 8 Major Alexander Bhaw of
nnltlmore, who Is In Paratoga. has announced
that ho will not accept the Republican nomina
tion for Governor of Maryland In his ab
sence a boom has been started for him. and
friends are urging him to-night to reconsider
his declination Bin" his arrival at fiaratpga
Major Bbaw has received ninny eommunlca
tinna bearing on the possibility of his nomination.
A Cnke of Ire Jolta Out and Fractures at
Utile Girl's Skull.
IlAnTronu. Conn . July H. Florence May
Hatch, a 7-year-old girl' residing with her
parents on Retreat avenue, climbed on tho rear
step of nn Ice wagon to et a ridu this morning.
As the vehicle jolted along the road a largo
cake of lee was dislodged and fell out of tho
wagon, striking the child on the head and
felling her to the gtouud. She was quickly
carried to tho hospital, a short distance away,
where It waa found hnt her skull wns frac
tured The Ice had struck heron the lett tem
ple. Hhe died an hour tutor.
The Financial Conference nt Narrngnnaett.
.NaMUOANHKtt Tieh, II. I. July H Thcro
was not a quorum of tho Henato Hub-Committee
on l'fhnnce In conforenco at Narraga isett
to-ilaj-. owing to the departure cf Bejintor
Thomas C Piatt, who returned to New York,
and the absence of Senator O. II Piatt of Con
necticut Senators Allison, llurrows and
Aldrlch met. however, nt Cottage E. whero tho
financial situation wns discussed Informally
nii'l the various currency bills submitted for
consideration were taken up
Children fatten 2
it: like little 5
Z round white
C 5
g PIGS 2
When fed on Cream and 2
g Grape-Nats zg
Tnste Is Frequently a Valuable Gulda.
In Selecting Food.
A little child's tnsto la often a reliable)
Biildo to nalatablo nnd dealrablo food, and
It Ir wottti otio's whlln to observe how th' .
little folks tuko to Orapo-Nuts, tho famous ' 3r i
pew food.
Thoy oat It frnely- without addition of, J
HU(jar, for It has tho pecullnr, mild but .
satisfying sweet of Krapo-BURax. and tho I
natural taste either of child or adult recoa- Jj
iii7is at oneo a food that will agree with.. ft
nnd richly nourUh tho system. Found all fa
tlrst-class grocers. jf
Mnde by Post urn Cereal Co., Ltm., B&ttlt) V
Creek, MicU.-tif. I

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