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th-- I I Wr iP3QlAA3raP?HK'lr'tS .dflflfej ft. Ji II Fair to-day ad to-morrow ; light M
T mMSSTjSMTjlt fV " southwest winds. J
tKii'i'r.n or tiii: sritAXitEO vaiiis
Jlmle a llln iilrulntlim In Time Vug Over
the l.nnil Obsrnred the Light Ship Wnt
i.n (he ItMk Whin I. mill Ui Sighted
nml It, fine- Light H'm Scen-A FrnnU
Admission That llnli Up Wns to illniur.
rit I rederlek Wntklns of tho American
jl,,,. -t unship Paris, now soven works aground
oiTtl. i riiiili coast, near lln Manacles, has
t, ...' the blame for tho loss of tho ship on
in4. ' ,i I. ns a result, ho tins neon relieved
cl h - m i-i'T license for two ycnr. Copt.
Wat.i i- ""'I uloard tlio stranded liner, ro.
igl u, 1 1 . ij'lieient tlio request of tho underwrit
er,, ,' in e the offleeis of tho lino have known
fro H' Hr t Hint Cnpt. Wntkltis'H etror In a
,i,..,i , . ,h 'il.ttloii wus tho cause of tlio strand
li.e ' t!l" l''r1"- ""' ''"-'', wnr" flrst mado pub
. j,,. ,.'.' i lay when ('apt. Gooigo II. Staibuck.
men." ix inspector of steam vessels In tho
.,l l-tr-t. Ktvn out Cupt Wutklns'sie
, r. :. I i.ite I states local Inspectors, uml
th.'i. i i .t to I'.ipl Sturbtiok. Cnpt. Wat
in,. i, .rt was mad' on Juno 17 before
In i, l v ite- Consul Hi. ploy at Southampton.
A -r , avmg Cherbourg on tho evening be
for. tie -hip ian on tho locks, tho Paris made
)i r n'l" f"r tlio I.izird. Tho last point of
lai ' . 'h ast of Normandy Is Capo do la
II u; . I h" eip,i was abeam at (l:US o'clock.
At, 'i .r . t.-r. licking tlireo minutes, tho light
of t' i a 'iiiots was abeam. From tho enpo to
tl.H 1 1. ir.l, westward across tlio cliannpl.lt a
a t ti e "f l-ll miles, mid Cnpt. Watklm
fU.ne'. tint the ship would m.iko this In (I
b.nis "' m.nutes Hut wlion ho came to
re m the time of reaching tlio Lizard,
he . ..li I the li hours .11 minutes not
te tint ( W. tlio time of pastille Cupe do la
HaBi.e, but to the "Ho, tho tlmo of pass
ing the i amulets. This iniido Capt. Wntklns
ee ile el, 1 ell. -v Ing that ho would not bo near
thfi. i.uislioast until after '.' o'clock in tho
in innc, inste id of 1 o clock. Had tnero not
l en a thlek foe over tho land tho accident
might have been aerted. Capt. Watkins says
th.it t Anthony's light was not neon until a
duirte-ot in hour after tlio grounding, and
th..: i ei.iuse of tlio land fo2 tlio Paris was on
the rvs alinist slmu'taneotisly with theory.
" Laud ahead "
lli'ieisCipt Watklns's stoiy of tho disaster:
"1. l're.l.-re k Wtitklu. master of the Ameri
can line st,., unship l'.iris of Now York, of
' In.' i li t. ihs register, mako oath and say as fol
lows I was the master of tlio said steamship
Paris when sr. i(.(t Southampton ut noon of
thi 'Jntli of Ma) 1 1st with passengers, mails and
, M n ra. cargo, I, iimd for New York via Chcr
"tj Imiru. and at .1 'Jl P. M of the snino day sho
1 aint'd at I h rhouri; Hainc takoii on board
I fi.ty-the lurthor rassenserj and their Dac-
S i.e. we "ailed for New York at ." o'i P. JI. At
U illsp M i ape Li HiiKiie was abeam and at
7 "' I' Jl. tho C'as.iuets Lighthouse was
1 ale.im t 1 1 ' A JI. of tho 'Jlst of Jlay
.1 lai. I was -u !enl seen ahead ntid reiorte,f.
j The In-in was Immediately put hnrdtostar
J l.'-ini in, 1 the p Tt cuaine was put full speed
I astern, hut direetiy afterward tho vessel struck
II oi. 'he i o s. whieh proved to beaboutaeaiile's
f lenitth fiom the lieneh It was thendlsruvoreit
jl to I e ''nek over the land, tiltlioiiyli there was
fl b,i(i,m.i- .i s,t nthoiiy's liuhi. whleh had
9 ti"t iTevm .s'y been seen, appeired bright mid
23 eleir iitnut lliteeu minutes ufter tho vessel
1 ttru k We reverse I the etmines full siieed,
I but the .-s . nuiiained fast, and we then llred
J ilij.tro-s mru.iIs and swuim out the boats. As
3 tis'.uiee arrived and shortly utter dayllicht tho
H .i-snu-erh. mails and bautaco were sent
H B-h ire tw laiinuilth,
At ttivttuht we nseortalnod the ship's pos.
lion ly cross benrlnss-St Anthony's LikIiI
'.tritiKN I. by N., the buoy oil tho .Manacles
Hoik L by .N l, X, DurliiK the day the ves-el
betun to make water in various compart-lut-iits,
and s k-Ii water has Increased until It Is
In rvery cuiup irtni-nt. Prectn-ally the whole
; of tlm caiKo was discharged, a larce portion
ui.il.umn;. .1. .mil iffoits by tho uuderwi Iters
tnJ owners hive been mai'.eat meat e.peiisH
to wet the vessel oiT, but she Is still im tho
fncks and is full of nat, i fore ami aft No
hies were lost or j personal Injuiy caused
Dr,the ueeiilelit.
' I reiiret to say that th- casualty was ovvinc
tn.in unaiei iintablo enor on my part. It Is
8t.outl.ll miles fn.iu ( ape La Hnuue to tho
l.uanl and the inn tietwesn these points
Would, I eileulati il. occupy hIk hours and llftv
fom uiinutes I utoituii.itely I nokoned tlio
time i.n tins basis foreomini: up with the Liz
an ftuiii i '!,, p J . when abeam. ! thol'.is
fliiets. inst. ailor fioinHt.iHP. JI . when iiheini
Hi laie i.i ll.icue, and the vessel was thus
re.i.l) Hii-htpii nines ahead of tlio position I
Was nctinu upon In addition tlio thick
y e ulier over the land had obscured tho I.lrard
-. llfllls
1 'I attribulo the strandlnc to thn nbovo
A ' Jiil-eand takoilpin mvsell lull lesponsibillty
B lent I have l.illuvved tlie sen as my prolesslon
& . mice the ),..ir lts."l ami have held a Urltisli
r masters , itilleatH since the cai IN'iland an
I Amen, an Jla-ter s certlllcate since the vear
I js.'l, in wlm h year I beeame it 1 1 American
1 C'tien I entete.l the service of the Iuman
, A t"1 aiiiBh.pi, .tnpaii) In the jear lmilland alter
A " rviiin us.. m 'er in various trades I was pro-
III ite.l t , he master in IMi.Vanilli ive since 1H7U
a I on en itiuii,usy iiiaster in coinui'ind 111 tho
H Jtini.inanl Internati mal and American line
fl I .is-rtiifr 'viid iiiiul steamers and have in that
H 'aiiieity erossijil thu At untie nearly GOO times
5 J was, ilu-int; the war letween the I'nitud
If f' '"saint Spam, tlio navicatlnirollloarof tho
I l n.b , states TUlser n. holdltiK a com-
I Pu-K'ir. as I'oiiimaiider In the I'nlted Stntes
il ..iw. ,ii . on tho teiminntiuii of the war I ic-
cei,.,i i,,,,, ,ini,ie iiischnruu vvitli tho thanks of
the (iiivermiieiit
' I hivethi,iii!ht Itrlchtto place these par-
li'ul.irs beloie ou In tho hope that you will
iiiivi li t ie, iisiiration a lonu and lesionsiblo
I ffi vii Keareet.iluilni: which 1 believe I have
tli is-', .ut lielil tho perlect eoiillilneu of in)
nn, over- The accident was not dun to any
Ji 'I. tl, migI.i or anxiety about my vessel ,r
ln'r -ifei, I, ut niosp purelv Irom tho mistake
J made in making my ealeulatlon above ile-
ni.e ! 1 should adil that I can only speik in
'"is ,.f t. Inchest pinlse of tho discipline
will' li im ler trviui; elretinistances was ailuilr-
ti.iv husulne.i by my ofllceis niiil crew "
H I lie I i lied States loca, inspectors of steam
a ys. .. 1 eter ( petrio and Thomas II. Ilar-
'1 ff" ui ' sum en llni; Cnpt. Watkius's I.eoiiBe,
A B.akethi. report
' have the honor to report that we havo
I f'irtliiily re.i I over the teport made bylnpt.
tj viaikins, i,,te eoninihiider of the steamship
n Jails vjlien .he was striindodon the Lncilsh
M coast, l.etvnen the Llard and the .Manacles,
U on May Jl. sn, at about 1 111 A M.nooiiyof
a jiii'ii. ,.,. iittaclieU, In which ('apt Wat-
I ii t. takes i hp entire responsibility of the
I 1111,1st,, r uiinn himself inmakiin; a mlstiike in
J "" tune when he passed tho Cns'iuets and
11 '"."C;' "v rrunniiiK his distance.
. we tlnd that the report is very meacro In
PV-A 5f" i. inasmuch as he merely states that he
maae., mistake in tnkinir Ills departure from
I J- l" I a llimie at 7 .IS. when he was actually
I U, i lht "' "'" ' aiuets ai that time, a distance
I S, , ' '"' miles This, of course, would nut
. i "" ''' miles aluad of his reckonlni,. but
V J , ' li tac'junt tor his heme set In to the
i ii' r 'h'v.uil ,i his emiisii some seven miles,
I J" ' i K lis Intention to pass the Ll?-
i . "' a distance of tlireo miles. As
I ti ' 'kins uoes not make any men-
I "' " "f makliiK any allow men for tide.
I I rJ,",,'r" ll1 ' "Pinion he had not taken that
il ."" r mto eonsuleration, whereas when ho
jj rl-oie,ei Hip Kiiktlisli coast he must havo
ne iniere.l the llooil thlo on his port bow,
fr iij him it, toward the land. In addition to
iiii I,.. makes no mention of hnvlnt; used Ids
'?'"! ind ho only discovers It was thick over
"'.'iiii'l when the ship is ashore.
, ''ii ni: all duo conslileratlon to these mat
jrs. weiuenf the n pinion that Capt Watkins
'is ii it acted with the necessary pain and at
L . ,' ' rc' piislte in the navicatlon of hlsres
J? iiinehii innsrer should have used, and we
'i.' r-i, re M1j ftn i ,ls heense as master of
r.V '''"iners for a period of two enrs. ns
'Y i.'lioiity eonlerred upon us by section
?,"' f the llovlsed Statutes of tlio I'niled
P tltes
' r!J,':"i,M ,'y which has floated over hero Is that
l;W ll.nkliis mule the entry in the Ion, "0 IW
I .,.' '''V' ai"' do la llnKiie." iind that ono
1 X ' '" unilei om .ors made tlio entry. " 7 Ho P
1 Vn,'' '",'' '"i-l'iets llk'ht." ami that Capt.
1 t"r."ii i ,l,'rl",h" niKlit, slanclnKiit the lot;
wl. " ""ineiuory. when ho canto to ni.ikn
1 tii.,". ' '''""i.tonk tlio last entrv. tlniikn.t;
.., ' "'-Id-own. Hut the Anieilcan hneot
" do L, ."' ",' ' "ds story Isn't true, and that it
" '',;' '" "y difference, anyvv.ij
,. Vdl "atkins made mi error, that's all,"
"'iv ,..rsi,pnt rmht estorday "lio
' met ,iiiutstinii', vvle'ii he should havo
vh'" , "" ' '' " "" ' lliik'ue. No. 1 don't know
I,!!' '" w'l d with the rnptuln. He has
.-. o i .,' ' "' f,r best, and 1 think ho Is our
Li '', 'er I don't know whether his
jj ii 'in I r. lam ,, tho paj roll Thisdoes
in . ,1'" ' ",ir insurance, at wo are not respou-
0 ""-.(iio, jurempiovoet'errort."
, ;
i l
Unrrcounlioil Therp, Tlinucli Ills Hotiu,
Wcro Known In l'.very Street.
Charles Orahnm. who wrote "Tht Picture
That Is runted Toward the Wall," "Two Lit
tle Girls In Hhie" and many similar tonus, died
aniotiK strunKors. unreoounlzed. In Ilollevno
Hotpilal Inst Saturday. Ills home was tit,V.U
Elevotith .tvenue. He Ind been In ttraltened
clrcuniBtanccs'for nearly a year, though re
cently lie.had been employed by a mtulc pub
lisher In Harlem. Hie work there made It
necessary for him to remain away from homt
overuleht sometimes, and when he did not
roach home on July 'J hi wife thoucht uolhlnit
of It. On July 4. since he wni still mlsslnir.
she asked Ids brother. Pord Graham, to try to
find hltn. There was uo record of uny tnlshan
to any Charles Graham at Pollco Hendnuar
ters. and the soarch was continued until Sat
urday, when I'ord Graham found his brother's
body at Ilcllevuo. under the name of William
Graham had been found delirious In the
street by a policeman on JulvH. and had boen
tnken to tho West Tltty-fourth Street Court by
n rolicunnn who tho'iitht ho wag cra7y. Jlair
lstralo (.limited directed that ho bo sent to
Ileltavup. ttho hornita! It was seu that he
was tulTorltiK from acuta en iliie'at. Ho die 1
on July H without rccalnlnu control of his
eensos. In hit delirium lie had clven the name
of William Instead of Charles
Graham was born In lloston. Lnclnnd. In
18"i:i. He was eraduated from St. JIury's Col
lfite, Poekhnm live, pear Lon Ion. and came to
this country with his brother In 1H7H. His
first sonir ntmeartil In lsSl and wns called
"Don't Foraot Your Laiste." "If tho Waters
Could Sponk'as Tiler Tlow" followed In a"'ew
moiitlu. Ills mojt widely known sonc, "Tlie
Picture That Wns Turned Toward the Wall."
was written seveinl soars latei
He recelvd J.'itH) fiom It. and Ids brother
said last nlirlit It had brought 5'J".00l) toltht
publishers A few dnvs aflsr he sold it. an
other publlshar oiTered f'J.iHM) for It flrnhnm
had cleat dinieultv in disposing or "Two Little
Girls in Plus." Prnldtnc A Gniv at Inst paid
him fill for It. wltli nn ncreement toiny.Mt)
more If the soni; became pounlar. as it did. to
such an extent that they tuollted. Fied (ira
I ham said. J'lo.OOH. llli last sonc was ".My
Had Is the l'nclneer" I.tut vear. when Gra
ham was falrlv nrosperou. hetook.hls family
to I.urope to visit his mother.
Graham's body will be burled by the Actors'
lund of America, with tlie tfid of additional
subierlptloni In- music publisher. The
burial will be In Jlount Olivet Cemetery.
Sold to Ilnve Vlolnted tlio Civil Serilrn I.nvT
by 'ollelttiijr Cniiipntsu Ciindi.
CoNcont). N. II , July 10. United States Sena
tor Jacob II. GnlllnRer will bo charccd befuro
I'nlted States Civil Service Commissioner John
11 Harlow hcic to-morrow with having vio
lated tho Civil Service law. Last fall a circular
was sent out to tho l'cdeial officeholders of tlm
State by tho liopubllenn State Committee, of
which Sin ltor (ialllnuer was Chairman. After
calllnc attention to the Importance of tlie Issuo
and the Immense amount of work to bo dono
In the State and nation tho circular said:
"Absent voteis must bo broucht home, liter
ature must be sent to all sections of the coun
try, spenklnc must bo maintained throiichout
the campalcu. while the bills for travelling ex
penses of speakers, postage tclecraphinc.
printinc. Ac, will b necesiii!y larc No
help will be received from the National or
Coucrcssloual Committee. Wo must look to
those who are honored by tho party of this
S'ato to meet the expenses of this campaign.
Knowing the Interest that jou feel In tlio He
publican success. I take the liberty of asking
jou ti contribute! $ . which sum vou eau
send by check or money order In the Inclosed
stamped envelope to the Treasurer of the lte
unbliean State Committee nt Concord. N II
Please inclns. this circular with your remit
tance that there may bo uo mistake In tlio
The circular was signed by W. P. Thayer,
Treasurer of the State Coramltte Aooiiyof
It fell Into tho linndsof e.-(iov. lluslel of I.a
conln Now between Mr lluslel and Senator
Galllnger there Is political war Mr. lluslel
called the attention of John It Procter of Ver
mont, President or the Civil Service t'ommls
sfon. to the matter, and nsked If a Federal
officeholder had a right to solicit campaign
funds. Jlr. Procter's reiilv wasln the nega'lve.
nnd ns a result ov-Giv, lluslel prefeired formal
charges against Senator (iallhiiter. and a hear
ing was finally ordered to bo held at Concord
The hope of Senator Galllncer's accusers Is
that the Civil Service Coinml-sioners will eon
shier the charges seiious enough to demand
tho attention of tlio Department of Justlee
Jleantime It has become generally known that
tho ( ommisBloncis cannot compol witnesses
tonttend the healing to-morrow, and it Is ex
pected that thoy will bo conspicuous 1 v their
absence rather than tholr presence Among
those who received tlie circulars, nccordlng to
e-t,ov lluslel's charge", are Postmasteis
1 rank Oilman of I.aeonla, William ( Sides of
P rtsinnuth. John T. Welch of Dover. O I)
Knot of Manchester, John S. Spalding of
Nashua, and Henry Ilobinson of Concord;
John Wool, Collector of Internal Ilevenuo
lit Portsmouth: Itufus Llwell. Collector of ( us
totns at Pottsnioiith' James O Lyford, N'lv.il
Officer at lloston: I'.dwanl Carroll, national
bnnk examiner, and James H Walker, a clerk
In tlie Pension Office nt Washington. D C.
The leunlty which may be Imposed upon
Senator Galliiiger. if he Is found entity of this
offence. Is "ii linn not exceeding ?.r,,tKHi. or im
prisonment for a term not exceeding three
enrs, or such film and Imprisonment both, In
the discretion of tlie Coutt."
ltvii.r its no in ox svxuay.
Trolley Comnnny Novt Hns n I.iuo from
Itp to live Iteacli.
llYK. July 10.-The Port Chester I'.lectrical
Iiailrond Company, notwithstanding tlio pro
ceedings neninst It In the courts, has stolen a
march on the townspeople of Itye and practi
cally completed u trolley road to Hyo beach.
On Saturday afternoon, ufter waiting nearly
n year in vain for a decision in its favor,
the company took advantage of tho ab
seneo of many of thn leading citizens,
whowero at tho race between the Columbia
and tho Defender, and carted tlie riills and ties
nocessar) for constructing tlie road to a con
venient place. l'.nrly on Sunday morning lf0
Italians were put to work. All day Sunday the
sound of the hammors and shouts of the work
men and losses vTeie heard As the tnnks
were laid eleeti Iclans put up the wires, and ut
llo'clo"k Sunday night everything was com
pleted , ...
Tlie ra lroid men went down to tho nea"li
and celebrated the victory ovor the property
owners with a dinner. A car wns placed on
tlie tiack nnd run front the beach to
Oiaco Church street In Hyo Tins Is ns
far ns the tracks have been laid, owing
to Injunctions in Purchase street, the
principal business thoroughfare of live.
At tlie end of Purchase street the
road begins again und runs to Port Chester.
Tho company will now make a hard light to
dissolve tho injunction. In Purchase sticct
The residents are indignant nt the invasion ,f
the trolley ciimp.insinnd declare thnt its action
will b upsot bj tlio courts
Took from .Inll Suspei tnl Arrnnipliee of
h .tlm derer nnd Shut II tin.
I.iTiLr. IloiK. Ark, July lO.-The details of
a lynching nt Corning, in Clay county, somo
d.ts ago, wero made known here to-day
through a proclamation issued liv the Gov
ernor offering a reward for tho apprehension
of the members of the lynching rarty.
Two years ago a joiinc man named P.od
Davidson was murdered In the outskirts of
Corning by another young man named Georgo
Drake The murder was tlio result of a quarrel
between the town boys and tho bos from tho
surrounding country
Drake escaped and hns nevet been captured
Decently Dud Drake, a brother, was arrested
nnd placed in jail in Corning chirg.d with
complicity in the murder. A few nights
ago ii mob of young ni"ii und Inns
supposed to be friends of Davidson over
powered the jailerniid took Dud Pink- out ai.d
hot him to death The Oovernor oile.s a re
ward oi tlmi each for the members ol tlie n,.,b
and n like iimouiit fur tho nirent (icuign
ihri'ii Tooth U'itilile.
a Bend dentist, a good tooth t,run, sad lleuiolyiu u
Autlirptld Tooth i'uwiUr. At Ml iknggutt -lae.
Tiir.nK Attn OTiiKiis into sat this
At Any Kate He Doesn't XVnnt to lie Chair
man of the Nntlonnl Committee- Raising
Money Hero In Stnrt n " Deinncrntle"
JVnvvipnper In CTilengn litis (iutS'i'fi.OOl).
Tho situation In Domocrntle national politics
Is becoming rather mixed. Tlio Hon. William
Jennings Drum, "that peerless leader" of tlio
fight In 18IMJ, Is writing books and making
money Tho Hon William J. Htono, ex-Governor
of Jlissourl, Is hero In Now York,
and Incidentally went down to Jlan
hiittnn Deach last night. All his friends nt
tho HolTmuu lloitso said on Sunday t.lght
that Jlr Stone was to pay a personal visit yes
terday to ex-Supromo Court Justice Augustus
Van Wyck of Diooklyn. who, desnito .Mr.
Croker's utterances In the last Guberna
torial camping!', got a few more votes than
ordinary folks expected. Jlr. Stono didn't
go near .Mr Van Wyek. Dx-Gov. Hogg
of Texas, who spoke up for Dryan and
"clamshell money" nt tho Tammany Hall
celebration on July 4, went down to seo Jlr.
Van Wyck along with Joseph J. W lllett of Ala
bama, who on tho sumo memorable occasion
spoko up for Jlr. Van Wiek. So It appears to
bengamoof flipllnpall around. Jlr Hogg Is
for Dryan and Jlr. Wlllott is for Van Wyck. and
ox-Gov. Stono, In tho estimation of some. Is for
Dryan Incidentally and Stone as a principal.
Some of tho ftoshmon in politics havo at
tempted to say that Jlr. Stono Isncandldato to
succeed the Hon, James Katawnll Jones of
Arkansas as Chairman of the Democratic Na
tional Committee. Jlr Stone flamboyantly de
nied this statement csterday. Ho made his
utterances posltlvo by dictation. Ho said:
"I have just received a letter from Senator
Jones, nnd ho tolls mo that Ids health Is now
good. Ho Is in a London euburb. where, ho
will remain mostof the summer. Iexpeet toseo
him at home by sept Land 1 am In a position
to make the positive statement that he will re
main at the bend of tlio Democratic National
Committee, nnd will lose no time In getting to
work after his roturn The ( lucngo pl.itbirm
will be reaffirmed next year nnd Drum w Id bo
elected President of tho United States "
Senator Jones Is known to his friends as an
nllnblo and mildly spoken gentleman, but In
Democratic elides ho Is not regarded as a po
litical tactician The size of his pilltles may
be gathered from u remark that he made to the
correspond! nt of Tim Si-v In Chlcagi two ilns
before the election In lstim, when tin, curie
spondent asked him if ho was going to Arkan
sas to vote.
"No.no." replied Senator Jones, "I do not
think that tho bt.tlHOf Arkansas will need my
vote on this occasion ' At tlie same time
Chairman Jones was issuing hourly bulletins
denouncing the alleged corrupt practices in
Kasteru States on election day
lleturnlug to .Mr Stoue.it may lie said tint
his friends believe that the kssng-lmg deslni
for the Democratic Presidential nomination
next oar has fevered tho Intellectual brow of
Jllssourl's ex-Governor Ho sees oppor
tunities In everv situation If his uver
ago visitor had Ills 'political Imagina
tion he would be worth seventeen farms.
.Mr. Stone Is a candidate foi the
Presidential nomination himself He likes to
tell his friends that .Missouri Is the gieat Dum
ocrttic stale of the Union He knows little or
n , thing of New York State polities, except that
the countv of Schoharie has a'ways I n Dem
ocratic Ho Is not a candidate to sueieed xr
knnsas Jones as Chairman of the Dcinoeiatic
National Committee.
On of tlie pui poses of Jlr. Stone's
visit to New urk nt this time is
to raise fl.iii.OOo with which to start
a "Democratic" newsiaper in Chicago. .Mr
Stone "slilnned"iirouiiil town ostorday and
"laised " lialf the amount. He will not leave
town until he gets tlie other half.
Fx-Supiemo Coutt Justice Van Wy.-k had
nothing wlritever to say esteiday concerning
tlie visltot Jlr Hogg and .Mr. Will-tt. .Mr. Van
W j6k Is very punctilious In mntteis of this
kind From othersonrces It was le'iined thnt
Jlr Hogg of '1 exns will llipllap in niiydlrecti.iii.
just ns stone will, and that .Mr. Wlllott remains
sincerely politlwllv " for Mr. Van Wvek
Jleantime tlio Depublicans, National, state,
und local, are uulescout, and nnd the news
paper reports of tho antics of the In moeiats
nnd their elTorts to regiln the couthh'ucu of
the 14,000,000 voters oi tlio United States,
al.AV!Uli:il OF SEALS (KITS (IV.
Major Clnrlc Says the lelngic Sealing Keg
illations Ho Nut I'lotfit 'J hem.
rSiiT-ny, Wash.. July lO.-JInjorF. W. Clark,
the speolnl agent of tlie Government in charge
of heal Islands, in Dehriug Sea, hasnrilved In
tills city direct from his hfiuliiuarters on St
George Island. He brings the first informa
tion from those possession of Uncle Sam
sine tho cloe of navigation In Dehiing Sea
eight months ago. Major Clark laid:
"I oamo out on business, leaving the Ithindt
on June 11. Things wero iiuit tvlien I left.
As t tlie seal life 1 am cou.'ldeiit that It Is nut
ouu-tonth n.- great in extent as it iras In for
mer je.us. The destruction of tho herd Is
still progressing under pelagic scaling. Tlio
provision' of the Paris tribunal foi a bettor
preservation of seal lifr ar totallv Inaile'iuate,
'the one diavvn around Se'il Island is fur
within the natutnl enl grounds. It is well
known that tho seals roam far Itiond the
limits of this one. Tho only effective provi
sion a-ould be to prevent pelagic sealing alto
gether 'His vessels entering Dehriug Sea.
necessarily kill the breeding fem-ile seals
whesg imps are lelt stiuvlngon the rocks.
"No pelagic sliders weic around tun islimls
when I left, but I was told that III" lleet hid
been inaihlin!le4 and will bo following the seal
herd on Its ,'inivu! from South?!!! wnleit.
J'hioughjut the long voyage to Dehriug Sya
thy seals are followed and proved upon by
sealers. About three out of every live killed
are recovered Tho other .wo sink. 1 think
fully thrco female seals lira killud to two
males '
.wo iAusiioiti:wi:s simkk.
Work Interrupted nt the Mnrgnn Line Tiers
-Increased l'n Allied I'nr.
Three hundred longshoremen emplood nt
tho Jlorgau line piers, 37 and fW, Last Diver,
went on strlkoat noon yesterday hccniiso their
demands for increased pay had not boon met.
Tho lino has been pnjing LT, cents im hour
for day work nnd ,'10 cents for night work
The men demanded .10 cents foi day work und
sTi cents for night vvoik. They presented
their demands sevetal d.ijs ago and were told
that the hue would unswer them ycsierdti).
isti-rday niormng tl.ev were informed that
tlio line would in it give its answer until to-day
On tins the men mill woi k The lo'ieeof tho
JIucilougul sticet station were notitli il and a
Sergeant and eight policemen were sent to
keep order at th leis The policemen had
nothing to do, for the sttik, rs did not hang
around the piers
The ships Winifred and New Orleans are at
the pieis awaiting tlie dischnige of theirear
goes. The l milled lias been half unloaded.
Th" New (Menus has not h, en touclud jut.
The men sav that unle-s tholr dom.iiMs are
granted the will appeal to the union to order
n svmpathc'iostrik. They hopo to induce inn
men :' work on tlio slili s of the Savannah line
to sink, i to-day.
Ki:.TVCKr ltr.i'vni.ivAX cuxir.w.
Jvevv llffuit to Prevent Attnt ntj-Genernl
Taylor's Nomination foi (inventor.
Lrxivnov. Ky.Julj 10. The preparations
have all beou mado for tho llopublican htato
Convention, which meets hero on Wednesday
nttonioon An old-fashioned Kentucky barbe
cue will bo sptead for tho delegates and their
While Attorney-General W. s. Tailor of
Dutler county had moiu than enough votes
pl, dged to him to nominate him on tlie first '
ballot, influences are at work to-day to get him i
ell the traek It wus said seveial diDsngo
that he would bo allowed to go on ami take the
hoinin.it. "ii. but Hie coiitiuind clamor m ills
satisfied ! mocruts nnd colrued le-publlcans
bus ug 'in set the uiii"hiner at work .i.iuiist
him. It is lepiesenied that Democrats will
not vote for luvloi. t.o in'itler how much ,
thov may dislike Ooebel, and tint the have
called a meeting nt liowlmg liu-pu to iniui-
liiate an itidep, inleni lieuioci hip ticket if!
the llepubl cm t oiiveiilMii nominates 'I as lor
'I In-negroes, who p.,i ab iuto.uou ;,. uhiiem !
ote. declare through tlieir leiders that thet
will suppoit Oo'bei in preference t,i lai lor.
In cause lie latter favored tlie Sepatate i o ich
bill, while tioel e 1 1 led to keep It Horn passing
nnd pledged himself to suppor at bill upual
lug it. J
l'VLHEMiv nr.irr.x ix jutOAinrAr.
Four Xlnn Attack nn OMcer In front of
l'ligllllt Jim Corbett's Nntooii.
Daniel Hnvnce, 211 years old, of MM West
Forty-eighth street, tho bouncer ut the liny
market: Ambroso Limerick. 'J'J yeirs old.
who sajs ho lives nt tlio Imperial
Hotel, and two othor men enmo nut of
James J. Corbett's saloon nt Droad
way, near Thirty-fourth street. Inst night
Innjojous mood. Limerick, who was nioro
under the Inituonco of liquor than the others,
began making a disturbance, which attracted
Policeman Georgo Dasemlller of tho West
Thirtieth street station to tho scene.
" You'd bettor tako your fi lend home," Hnso
mlller said to Savage.
Hasemlller Is slightly built, nnd nil four of
the men are big follows. Limerick grow tmgry
nt llii-cmlllcr's suggestion and struck him In
tlio faco with his fist. Hasemlller reached for
him, and thou Limerick smashed him In tho
nose, drawing blood.
Hasemlller with his night stick struck Lim
erick n blow on the head, Inflicting a slight
scalp wound. Then Savage and tho other two
men fell upon Hnsomlllor. They knocked
him down lepeatedly. Haaemlllor pounded
on tlm pavement for assistance, but
tho four policemen who am supposed to bo
near tho corner failed to put In an appearance.
A big crowd blocked the sidewalks and ex
tended fur Into Greeley siiuaie, still no one
went to llasomlller's assistance.
The fight continued for over live mlnutps.
Finally Policeman Gilllgau, who was on dutv
In plain clothes, pushed his way through
tlie crowd and grabbed Savage, llusemlller
took a fresh hold on Limerick, but lie
broke away and ran up to Thirty-fourth
sticet and then turned west. Hnsoniillor pur
sued loin olosels.und when Limerick tan UP
tlio stoop or l)r Jncobl's house, Hiiseinlllor ar
rested him The two otliei men escaped.
It was n dilapidated looking crowd when
Hasemlller. Gilligan nnd tho two prisoners
arilved at the station llnsemlller's helmet
was smashed, his coat and trouseis wero torn
in many places and Ids face and head wero
covered with scratches, bruises and cuts. Ho
was all over blood.
Savage and Limerick wero dirty and bloody
also, and both of them bad scalp wounds.
S.ivago nnd Limerick were locked up ou n
charge of assaulting a pollco officer.
NuKchcr Itnbs lit Mow York nnd I'lnds Ills
('iiiiBi'teiiee Worrying In Maryland.
Du.timoiik, July 10. Albert Nascber. :H
enrs old, who sa he was an acrobat nnd
theatrical performer, has given hinisolf up to
I 'unstable Turner at Highland town und Is now
locked uu at tho Canton pollco station. Niischcr
says that lie is wanted for gland larceny In
Newark, and thattliero is n toward of $100
for ids apprehension. T ho offence, ho said, was
committed on JIarcli 'JM hist, and consisted of
the laicenyof two cases of ladles'sllk coatsntnl
children's reofeis from Jllcliael Nolmau of
lilli Last Seventv-eiglith street, New York. He
said that since then lie had wandered about,
feeling that he was nn outlaw, and that his
conscience had troubled him so that he hn.l
tlii.nly melded to give himself up and stand
punishment He admitted tli.it he had been
air, ih i one bef .ro on n similar charge, but
not i onvieted. His home, ho said, was in Last
Seventv -sixth street, wheio liU mother and
father bve In comfortable circumstances.
At Police Hc-iiliiuiirtors Inst night it wns said
th it Nasi In r was a professional pickpocket
nnd tli it his pii'tHro was IJ.VJ In tho Dogucs'
I)r lgn.itz Nnscher of 1 10 Fa-t Seventy-si.xth
street said last night that ho was u brother of
the pilsoner.
"lie was formerly with Dnrnum's cir
cus.' lie sail, "but got into bad habits,
and since then played In small circuses
lu the South Lust winter ho enmo
to Now York, and his brothei-in-law,
Jllcliael Nelnian of :U0 Jjist hevent) -seventh
street, gave him a job in his cloak factory.
Albert disappeared ono day. At the
same time tho goods disappeared. Wo
learned that Albert had pawned tin,
goods for JltiO. and we traced him to a coun
try town nearby. Then we wrote him thnt wo
would have him nt rested unless he sent us the
pawntickets. He sent lis th,. pawnticket., and
with the aid of my biotlier. I inlsed $1 Oil, got
the things out of pawn, and gave them hack to
Pleniure lln Has t Tow In Howard Cnr
ioIPs Passenger Trnuntilpiied.
Tho steamboat Plcasuro Day ol the Patten
line on tlie UP JI. return trip yesterdav from
Long Dianch met with two mishaps which
knockeil her schedule all to plecis and dclajed
hr al'out four hours She hud about 'J00 pas
si tigers. As she was coming out of the Shrews
bury liiver she ran on a sandbank. She
hacked ofT a fow minutes later When
sho was opposite Swinburne Island a v.ilvo
In tlie cncul.itlng pump gavu out and
the In at began to drift toward Hoffman
Island Capt. Dorden told tho passengers
there was no danger. A Government tug hove
in sight nnd Cnpt. Dorden was told by her
skipper that then, wns a tug about a mile and
a halt inshoie near llollu.nu island that would
heliihim t'apt llorden whisth d tor this tug
nnd she responded, she was tlie Golden ltule,
mid she towed tin, Pleasure Day to the Puttery
nn I then tohei pi, r at the loot of West Till i -(mill
street, which wis leached nbvut 7
o clock P M Dei ails were in.-ide over nlglit.
The circulating puni p oft he stnrin steamboat
Howard ( irioll got out of older just alter she
left i ortlandt stieet for Olen Island at noon
leslerday She was foi cod to shut down her
engine nnd whistle for help Her sister ship,
the sain Sloan, canioalongsliie The two boats
were mado fast, uud the Cai roll s passengers
were tranferred without accident to the Sloan
uud taken to Olen Island Then the Stai in tug
John Lenox towed the Carroll I, iek to her piei.
There tlie pump was put In order and she re
sumed her tups.
Needed Itrpnlri to Two of Tlirin Will Ilnlny
Her Departure from r,nt On haul.
Seuti.k. Wnsh.. July lo. Tho engineer
Corns of tho battleship Iowa discovered serious
injuries to her furnaces when making a final
overhauling nt Port Orchard on Saturday. Two
furnaces were nearly bullied out. and another
attempt to llio them wounl have caused n
breikdown and possibly serious Injury to
tho ship Orders have been placed with
n local foundry for tlie nieces necessary to
make ioi airs, winch will take fifteen days,
lb i long run from New ork to San I'tnncisco
Is mid to have caused ihe trouble The Iowa's
otll 'oi .me congrat u.i u in. themselves that the
trouble was discovered boloio tho ship started
to sea.
The water was lot Into tlie dry dock to-day
nnd to-nionow morning the big shlpvvill be
floated At high tide she will be towed out of
the dock nnd will anchor at a buoy until tlio
u, cesary repairs to herfuriiaces can bo made.
'I lie crow of tlie Iowa have been objecting
since her arrival on tli" Sound to thn iiunlitv of
the food furnished '1 he) sit) that some of the
firemen became exhausted at their work be.
foie she was twentv-four bonis out of San
liaitci.cn. (nt Tetr savs ho refused to
nl.ovv the ship s mess to secuio credit uud ns a
result tlie stulois did not put up nionev for ex
tra tations '! hey havo been ou l-iu iaro smco
leaving Sau Francisco.
XOT .SO, .S.ll'.S (IKX. AMiKItSOX.
Untruth Told About the Army In the Phil
Ippilic by Upturned Suldleis.
Cntrvno, July 10 -Oon. Anderson, com
manding tho Department of the Lukes, severe
ly criticises the lectuies deliveied by Filt7.
Andrea, a former Sergeant, and William
II. lleevos, a former ptivnto of tho arm) nt
Jlanlla, at All Souls' Church on Sunday
evening lie declares tnnt tho references
mado by tho speakcia to the army nie Incen
diary nnd untruo In nearly evety particular
mid likely to create n false Impression In tlio
put'lic id l in 1 ol the situation In the Philippines
"luon't know who these men uro, but they
de-crve to Ik. punished fm their talk. ' said
l, en Anderson. ' The) should be put In jail
until they me nl.lo to till the Until. The)
nie sunply lying when thoy say that.
out -o , In is light Hie Filipinos teluctaiit
I) Such t.nk is outrageous and should not
I'O el nutted I suppose these men lire seek
ing uotonet) , und vvid continue to make their
s.ily sKitementsiis long as they can find an-
bod) to listen to them. Tlio sooner this sort of
tiling Is stopped the bettei It will bo for tho
army and the country,"
The President's lllmntlvfnrtlnn with tin,
Scrretmy Cmiiiil by III Alliance with
filigree-Has I'm, tlinll) Ignoted Mini
.Shun Ills Upturn Iniui .Michigan.
Wahiiinoton, July 10. Secretary Alger's
days as u member of Ptesidetit JlcKlu
ley's Cabinet appear to be numbered. There
Is a report In circulation to-night thnt his
resignation nnd tho appointment of Ids succes
sor will bo announced lu a few d.is, and while
It Is Impossible to get direct confirmation of
this report, thero Is high authority for the
statement that tho present condition of alTahs
cannot Inst many dnvs longer. Tho combi
nation or alleged combination between Gov
Plngrco and Gen. Alger, by which tho latter
hopes to be elected United States Senator to
succeed James McMillan, whoso term will ex
pire March -i, 1U01. Is tho straw that lias broken
the camel's back.
It is understood thnt Secretary Alger has
been urged to C"imtor,ict the feeling against
111 in by a public announcement to th" effect
that ho has made no combination with
Gov Plnereo. that In view of what ho has
learned of tlie situation lu Michigan ho will not
bo ncnndldatelorthe Somite, nnd that he favors
the re-election of Senator JlcMlllati. It is not
known that tho Secretary has decided to mnko
such nn announcement as this, and, Indeed,
It would probably bo too lato for him to do so
now. President JIeKltile'sdsstitlsfnctlon with
him dates from the tlmo of his combination
with Plngree, nnd there is every reason to be
lieve that prlorlo thattline their relations wero
of tlie most friendly and sympathetic character.
Now, tlio least that can bo said Is, that thoo re
lations nro atruinedto the brenklng point, nnd
that tho Secretary, having only within tlio last
day or two become awaro of tho Piesident's
state of mind, has determined to resign. It Is
understood that the Piesidont has not vctttsked
Gen. Alger for his resignation, and that may
not bo necessary, in view of the Secretary's
appreciation of tlio fact that. In making a polit
ical combination with a man who Is not n lio
publlenn nnd hot friendly in nny sense to thn
JIcKinlcy administration, hn took a step that
rendere it unbecoming nnd oven Impossible
for him to remain n member of the Cabinet.
Since Gov. Doosevolt's vi"lt to tlie President
on Saturday, thoro lias been a great deal of
comment over tlio fact thnt tho Secretary of
War. although in tlio city at tho tlmo.
was not nsked to participate In tho
oonforenoo between tlio President nnd tho
Governor of New York Stnto over tho
policy of tlio Administration with regard to
continuing tlio war in thn Philippines. There
is every indicatioii.iuoreover.tli.it thebepio
tnry's tnesvvero opened by the failure of tho
President to Invite him into this conference,
and when it took place without him lie realized
for tlio first time the true state of alT.ilis. Tho
fact Is, however.as above stated, that the Pres
ident has practically ignored Secretary Alger
In tho conduct of the affairs of the War Depart
ment since tlio Secretary returned from his
visit to Jllchlgan.atidhas himself been the real
Secretary uf War.
The President nnd tho members of the Cabi
net, all of whom, it Is said, sympathize with tho
President's feeling, regret very much. Indeed,
tho turn uffiiira have taken. Tlie situation
is all the more unfortunate, they think, be
cause the dissatisfaction with Seeietary Alger
Is in no sonso duo to his conduct of tho affairs
of tho Wnr Dotnrtment. Tho President nnd
Secretary acted In entire haimony all dur
ing tlio xx ii r, nnd the Piesnlent has
loyally suppoited tho Seerotan's policy
then and sinco. and defended him from
tho ctitlcism of It. With ono or two
excel tions tlie members of the Cabinet credit
Gen Alger with having dono the best that any
man could do during the wnr, and they also de
fend him loyally against the attacks of his ene
mies. The present break lias come because tliey
nil feel that Gen Alger innuot be a memborof
JIcKinlcy s Cabinet and at the nine timo bo In
political alliance with an uvovv. d and open
enemy of tho Depublican part) and the liepub
llcan Administration
Personally President JIcKinlcy is still Secre
tat y Algei'.s friend, and It Is unite likely that
ho will hesitate before asking him outright
to retire from tlie Cabinet Moreover, it is tlio
opinion of those who know Gen. Alger well and
who are informed , f the present situation that
ho will relieve tho President of all embarrass,
ment in tlie matter by voluntarily handing in
his resignation.
niitxi.n i" tiii: x ttAY.
A (.Irl In Itoi heater Miflcriuc from nn At
tempt (u Locate n Needle ill llpr Kiipp.
Dm itusTi-.n. July 10 JIIss Helen Shannon,
l!U)cnrR of ago, whose homo is at 'Jl liavlne
nvcuue, is lit St. Jinn's Hospital sulTeiing
from severe burns on her kneo caused by. ray
apparatus. The first operation was performed
six months ago ut tlio I ity Hospital to locate n
needle lu the )oung woman's knee, nn old coil
m.iclilnu li. iv ing been used lor tlm purpose It
Is alleged that the first attempt with the ma
chine was mado by a )oung man who was
asked to act nnd who was not even a physician.
Tills attempt failed to locate tlm needle, und
sometime Inlet a successful attempt was made
by Dr L A Weigel. an expett with the ma
chine, and JIIss shannon was temoveii toiler
No olnnge was noted in the condition of tho
knee, w hleh lind the appearance of h.iv ing been
burned, until about ten dii)s after her home
coming, when the siiitac,, l cain sen-ltlvo to
the touch nnd vety much inflamed The skin
pri sented u leil.niigry.-ippoaraiic and began to
sloiiglioff It was not long before ulceration
set in, and an ugl), obstinate sure was there
suit Oiafting was tesorted to, and it is now
said at tho hospital that the oung woman will
It is nlieged thnt therp am two other patients
lu the ( it) Hospital siifieiing from similar
Iniuries received In the same manner Oi
put lent, n voting man. has ii do, p bum extend
ing from elbow to shouldur. and tln.othei.nn
elderly man, hiisnu ugly sore ou his foot
Thn llrv. Dr. Gordon' Sentiment Ap
plauded in n Church lu I.ihiIhvUIc.
Lot'tsviLLE. lvv.. July 10. The sermon of
tho liev. Dr Alvali F. Gordon, pastor of the
Parkland llaptlst Church venterday dealt en
tltcly with Kentucky's political condition Hn
took at his subject the recent Deiuociatlo
Stato Convention whleh tiomltinted Senator
William Goehel for Governor, nnd lit de
nounced Goebel, his intlhods and (lit work of
(he convention. Said lie:
"In all the knowledge that I havo gleaned
from reading and obseivntlon I havu been able
lo find DOtlung moie disgraceful than the po
litic il convention thn. has lecentlr hrtu held
ll, Music Hall in tin. i it. 'linnk of 'i hody of
men assembled to direct the polities uf a gi -at
siute becoming so uncivilized and nci!!cg!ous
as to slug ut tlie s.'uns tlmo Trule tlod. fiom
VUiom All Mossing Flow.' and 'There ll lie
a Hot Time in the old Town To-Mcht '
l Moreover. I shall not support the man whom
these people declared then nominee I nm a
iJnmicrut In Its highest sensu und tt Jlepuull-
I can lu Its nonlrr prun Inle- "
Mi. Gordon a congregation applauded his ut-
I teruncus lu tho church.
Thief summed by n SIO.OJU llrnft.
Ci.kvh.vmi, O. July in A pickioekot nt
the L'nioit station last night stole u !.ixiJ
I New York dralt It was its unmanagcablo to
him ns an elephant would have been, so ho
, thruw It into. i mud box. The diaft was y-
i coveted to-day li was drawn liv tlie I oul.uid
Iron .National Dank of i levcluhd mi the Na-
. tmnai Dunk of the liepuhlii of New orkiu
lavor of 1 1. 1 uller. cashier of tlie Loraim,
( oiinty Banking torn! any. nnd was si". en
from him as he vvus buaidiuu a tram for New
xors,. j
Hn Ileglns nn Actlvo Campaign Agnlnit
Yellow Fox or.
.Vtwial VMt llHpttch to Tnr. 8rs
SvntiaooiibCi'Iia, July 10. Gon. Wood nr
rived here nt '.'o'clock this morning on n Gov
eminent tug from Gunntniiamo, whom ho dis
embarked from the stunner Admiral Dewey,
on which ho had ttavelled Irom lloston Find
ing the leliovr fovet epidemic much worse than
h" expected, ho look prompt mcasuies for tho
suppiesslnn of the dlsense.
He first ordered thn remov.nl of honibiunrtors
tnSongo. a pleasant mouhfiln village twenty
miles mirth of Santiago. This will leave tlm
city with only ti small guatd of American
tionps nnd the Sntiltarv Department The gar
rison lias been encamped outside the town for
the past three weeks. The camp Is moved fre
'luently Gin Wood nlso ordeied the Paymas
ter to stop the payment of tlio troops dililtig
the epidemic. This step was taken to prevent
tho men from getting money vvitli whlih to
buy lhiuor.
The situation Is bettor In the camp, but thero
are many now cases lu tho city. Two clerks
from Gen, Wood's office are in tho yellow fever
London I.Ike Mini and " I'.l Csplttin," Har
riot; the Topical Songs.
.Trent CiiMi Diipulch to Tut Sen.
London, July 10 Do Wolf Hopper made his
first appearance. In London nt the Lyric Thea
tre to-night In "F.I Cnpitnn." His reception
reached a Mattering climax of enthusiasm nt
tho end of the second not. but wns dulled Io
ta 'tloss topical versos Inter.
Jlr. Hopper, however, reestablished himself
In favor by n good-nutuiod speech, which ho
made In rosponso to repented calls, and there
is no doubt of his success here.
Killing of the Aunt ro-llungnrlnn Subject In
the, Ilnzietun Itlot.
Sr'nal Calle Utivatch to The Sen.
Vienna. July 10 The Fi-nmlenbhtt asserts
that tho United States Government declines to
submit tho mnttor of compensation for tho
killing of Aiistro-Hungnrian subjects in tlio
strike riots nt Har.loton, Pa., to arblttatlou.
Minister of Wiir nnd Foreign Affnlr
Thronteii to Itelgn.
.'mat Cntlt Dtiiiafch to The Son.
MAlinit). July 10. A Cabinet crisis Is nlmost
Inevitable. Gen. Pulavleja, Minister of War.
ami Jlarquis Pidnl, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
will. It is said, resign In cnspiuenco of tholr
disapproval of tho reduction In expenditures,
especially in the Wur Office, which is Insisted
upon by Sofior Vlllavorde. Jllnistor of Finance.
When Ingiill Coituteil the Money Scv enteen
83 Hill Were Mining.
A man went Into the First National Dank at
St. George, S I. esterday morning with two
$100 bills Ho presented thorn at the window
to Paying Tellir Charles A Ingalls, asking him
to change them. The man asked fur So bills
and Ingnlls gavo him forty of them. Ho wont
to n sdo desk, presumr.li'y to count them, nnd
in a few- moments returned to tlie window ask
ing tho teller to give him the amount in $1
bills, us lie wanted to pay off his men. Ingnlls
gave hlni'Joofl bills nnd the man went out
when Ingalls counted tho returned J5 hills ho
found that seventeen of them were missing. Ho
repot ted tlio matter to the pollco. The man
was about ,'io )ears old, with dark complexion.
Ho wore a brown coat and derby hat.
Itlehnril I). Young nnd Two finest! Have n.
.Mishap Off Atlantic City.
ATMNTir City. N. J. July 10-lilchard D.
Young, son of n Philadelphia wine merchant,
started out this afternoon for a sail In his
yacht, accompanied by tvvc companions. Tlio
)oung men wero about to return to tho shore
when a sudden gust of wind snapped off (ho
least and capsized the boat All tlireo were
able to swim, but tholr plight wus hail
enough. DulTeted uhoiit by tlio waves two
miles front laud and without a s.i Insight
they helped ouch other, clinging to the over
turned boat. Finally a naphtha launch sighted
them nnd went to their rescue When
hauled Into tin, launch they were so exhausted
that they could scarcely speak.
The Hurdett Overtiirnpil In Peponle Uny
1 hp Neptiuip' Tliuplj- Arrival.
Ghhrsroi.T. L. I . Julv 10 The steam yacht
Neptune sail,, 1 into tliis port last evening hav
ing ou board a part) of six men who wero
rescued from tho bottom of tlm overturned
sloop vncltt Durdctt In Peeotiie Day. near Jes
snp's Seek T he lesoue.l men were III. Joseph
Case and Frank F Oveitoti of Peeuuic. John
W Cas.ilear and n friend from Ilrooklyn. and
Dnrtou llnrton nnd a ninn mimed Itaynor, who
weie In cha'g" of tho boat. The part v had
hind the yacht foi u sail, and when oil Jes
suit's Neck thev were struck liyasiidden squall
that capsized it Thev clung to the ovurtutued
craft for more than half nn hour.
a jeai.ovs lirsii.txii MfitiiEitr.it.
Sbnttuek's Hotly rimed on n Itnllrond Af
ter He Unit lleen Shot 'through the Ilrillll.
Fiitr. Pa.. July 10 - ( larenco L. Shattuek was
murdered last night at Four JIllo Creek, n
summer resort east of tlie city. Four bullets
were fired thiougli Ids brain, nnd his body was
then placed on a railroad trestle, where a
motor ear tan ovor It
t first it was siis ected tint JIrs hhnttuok.
who excited her huslninil's jealousy, was tlm
muideier. and the polio, ariested her. She
was released to-dny and the officers are trving
lo capture tin man who Is supposed to havo
filed tho shots lu her presence.
1. F, TOOK KIl'S llO.tr CAFSI7.EII.
He nnd Hi Son Howard UeMiied After
Helng Plunged Into the sound.
Pout JpcirRsoN, L. I . July 10.- While out
sailing in the harbor hero vestenlav, 1 . Frank
Tookerof the Century Publishing Company nnd
his son Howard were thrown into the water by
the capsizing of tlio boat, which was struck by a
sudden gust or wind i'hev clung lo the over
turned craft until. i boat put out from tho shore
to their rcsciio.
ltr.cF.irEii I'on nvsKiv coi.oxr.
Stockliolilei In thn Co-Operative Kxperl
ment In Tennessee Disagree.
Ksoxvit t r, Tenn .July 10. Tho lluskin eo.
merit vo colony in Dickson county has been
placed in idiargo of II J Dowers as lecelver.
A reorganization will follow- The oolonv Ins
I,, en pondiiete 1 successfully along socialistic
linos, but tlie stockholders disagreed.
1 liiiinlle Iiriugs SI 11(1. 0011 -Itnllrond Com
pleted (rum shnewiiy to I. like llriutptt.
Sni tif, Wash , July lo-Tho stenmer
P.o-alle arrive I from Alaska to-night with I'J.'i
' Ivloiidikers nnd $100.0011 In gold dust Tho
railroad is now completed fiom Skagwny to
Lake II, inif-r. and tlie time fiom Daw son to
, Seattle reduced to eight d'i)s
Hnofkilowii in Front of the Oilspy,
j Two men got ITa Droadtvayear at thoOilsey
I IIou-o at 1 1.1 o ei ck )estetday afternoon.
One of (hem bad a woman with him. Tho
otlu'i. it Is said, was tli" woman's husband
The husband proinptl) knocked the other
man down He got up and wnt with the
w man t" tho ladies' iiitranee of tlie hotel
T ho inisl and ! '"iv, d them in and presently
1 le.ippenred. ejei'lllig tho oilier 111.111
The Merrn Field Oliliirs.
1 Ut powerful l"tig duian n glassei 1 .1 ,,in Urctst
utuitiiKUt lu iitj. Hi cuter, 1 JtlanJtu luiv.-Jut.
FAsst:.(ii:ns all safely laxiikd ox v2
The UpiI Cm Litter struck Dig Fish Shnnl .:,
In n Ilpiisn I og-Snlleil from Here on '
Snturdny with FighO-loiir Pnspncers ',
Keller Ste.inier Sent from llnllfni. i
II i.trx, N S . July 10.-Ton miles Irom her vt
dock In tills harbor tlio P.od Cross line steamer ?
Portia, lu command of Captain Fnrrell, lies if
abandoned on the shoals She struck Big Fish
Shoal, n mile fiom Sambro Island, during a ' .t)
dense fog which has prevailed for twenty-four i
hours. IAII the steamer's passengers havo boen I
landed safely ou S.imbro lslnnd. "
The news leached the city nt 10 o'clock. A, 'm
messenger iliovn from the seetio of the wreck jl'
to York lioilouht, and fiom there tho nows was fft
telephoned to Halifax A steamer with cloth- ij
Ing nnd provisions has boon despatched to tho X
relief of the passengers Tho wrecked Jn
sto.miei wns abandoned In basic. Slip wns to 'M
havo sailed fiom hero to-dny for St. John's, , !
The island on which the shipwroekod pcoplt Jj
took refuge Is n small place, nnd the patten jfj
gers will suffer some dlseouifirt until warm '
clothing und provisions reach them. 'Jsj
The Poitin belonged to the lied Cioss line, of ' tw
which Dow ring A Aielnhnld of thisi Ity aro tho 'li
agents She sailed hence for ll'ilifnx and ,
for St Joint's, N F. by way of t-. Hi
Long Island sound on Sntunln) She "-(
culled eighty-four pisscngers. mostly oxeur- 'IM
slotilsts, who Intended to sin ml 11 few vveoks In .(l
Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, and n small 1 ii.f
cargo of geueinl nieiehaiulise. (he chief tir(l- ,
cles of wli lelt weto ilonr nnd poik J&J
The Portia was ai lion scliooner-rlgged jjtl
slennishlji of 1,1,10 gio , lonnage. She was , ,2.
btidl at Newcastle, I ngland. in 1SM4 Sho was 11
"JO feet long, ;i,l feel bio id and of 'J.T foot .1 ' ,'
Inches depth of hold Sir
The Portia bus tnen several Arctic explor- i
ers. including It. D Peary, fiom this port as , IR
far ns St. John's She In. s also taken stores and rllSi
Instruments for the explorers She nneo un- T M
successfully attempted to tow aluavyraftof f
logt to this port. $Xi
J ' 9M
The Schooner Ida 8. Hull Lost on Cnmp ffm
Inland lu .11 ni Idas lias. I
JIai HiAB, JIo.. July lO.-The schooner Ida B. ' l
Hull, hailing from Dnrnstnble, Mass, went '(M
ashore eatly this morning on Camp Island. In V i
MHchins Day. bhe is leported to have had flf- jf)
teen persons on board, Including passengers f i
and crow, and their Into Is not known Tho i
Ida S. Hull wns n four-masted ichoonor of 473 rjj
tons net She is thought to be a total wreck. 7fl
Tho .steamer Frank Jones on her passage) 5
west this morning heard, when In tho vicinity Ji,
of Cnmp Island, cries in tho dltcetion of tho f &
Island When Jonesport was reached by the 1 w
steamer a party was sent In tho direction of IJ-?
tho supposed trouble The wreckage of tho ,Ak
schooner was found, but no trace or tlie crew (if
could be tliseoveied. There was a thick fog J f
and It wus very rough The schooner was i
bound up tho Day of Ftinily, probably for Is' I
plaster. I '
The tug S 11 Jones arrived here to-night ij ,
from tlm sceiio of the wreck Her Captain says 2l
(lint the only way in which tin, crew could lej
possibly have escaped death wus by leaving laifl
tlio vessel In Hie boats when flist (he breakers 1 H
wero made It Is reported that a party of men H
have landed nt lio.iim Dluff, and thoy may bo J (
tho crow of the schooner. i(l
jii.AZB ix hie ciiii.nr.EX's wAitn. I'M
Dcllrlcms Hoy Set tho Mosquito Netting M
Atiru und Stirred Up llnllevile. 'A'fl
While JIIss Addio Obb. a nurso In thfichil- $
droit's ward of Dellevuo Hospital, was standlne !'
near tlio cot of a delirious little boy ox- jJ
ninlnlng him by tho light of a cnndlo nt ,9
lli.'IU o'clock Inst night, he started up and I'H
knocked tho light against tlm mosquito net. '-'
ting, which blazed up. Albert Stone, nn at- ' yl
tendant, nud Dr. Wnugli. the house physician, VJ
who weie in tlio ward, crabbed tlio burnlne "
netting, tore it down nud throw it out of tho ;,
window fl
Watchman John Kranor, who snw tho blaze s?S
from the und, turned in an ulnrm. brlnglnz '.$
seveial engines uud a hook and ladder com- ;
pany to the liospltnl ground and causing soma ;,
excitement among nervous patients. Thore M
was nothing to do. so tlie firemen went away :m
and tho patients wont to sleep again. : d'-M
Two Miners Killed nnd Three fierlouiljr , . jfB
Hurt In n Pennsylvnnta Mine. ".fl
Aitoona. Pu., July 10. An exiiloslon of nat- ',
ural gas in tlio colliery of 1). Laugliman A Co., ,'-9
nt Lhreufold to-day. resulted in tho loss of two i i fl
lives nnd the serious Injury of three minors. ' fl
Thn dead nro Henry Hover and Jnmes noyor i fl
of Lhienfelil. Those Injured nro Georgo Wal- I' fl
luce, William Callaliau and John JloCluren. (
The explosion followed a fall of slate which f B
ndmitteil the natural gas Into the mlno. Ado- 1. fl
feet In Henry Hoyer's lamp fired the gas. The H
explosion shattered window glass In the town ilfl
of F.hrenfeld nnd tore away mine supports and ,1fl
doois. '100 yards distant. A State mine Inspeo- Xfl
tor closed tho mlno until tlio dangerous cat
pockel could bo drained This is the first mlno ifl
nceldeiit of this character ever reported in tho 'ff'H
bituminous cotil lleldn of Pcunsylvnnia, whoro ;lfll
pockets of explosive gas aro very rare. !UflJ
Its Miitorinnn Arri'ted on Flftli Arena) ij
I.nNt livening nnd Locked Up. ( JflJ
.Tamos Donahue of 'JO.'l West Fifty-third ' H
street, a motorman In charge of an elcctrlo flj
cab, received an order last night to call for a flj
passenger nt thn Union K'luare Hotel. Ho jflJ
turned Into Fiftli nvenun at Thirty-fourth flj
street, nnd as ho was a little lato he started , 'flj
down the nvenu nt a (errific speed, rlnglnir i flj
the gong continuously Hi, had u number of ' S
nanow escapes from collisions V
At Twenty-eighth Isireet llloclo Policeman fl
Dobsnti siw tlint Doiinhun wns going at an fl
III, gal speed ami shouted to him tostnp Dona- fl
hue only went the faster Dnhsoii chased him fl
nnd caught him al Twenty-second street. fl
Doiinhun was locked up In tha West Thlrtloth fl
ttreot station. HJ
MISS I OX UEltllF.lt SECllETLT. fl
Senator Stewnrl' Oinnddnugliter Mnrriet ,fl
n evndn si haul Piliiclpiii. H
CaT.sos, Nov. July lo.-Jllss Isabtllo Fox. jflJ
granddaughter of Senator William Jl Stewart 'jl
of Nevada, was scretlv married last Saturday flj
to Thcodoto li Hofor. Jr. principal of the HJ
Gardt i rvllJe public schools Miss 1 ,.x lint flj
lived at Senator Stewart's home In Washing. B
ton. and i- well known In the society of the H
capital, she has been spending the summer .M
mouths In l arson The voting lady let th" so-
cutout by telling a voting girl filend. H
Mr. Kopi hell' Inllaiiiiundle Stock. flj
Victor Koeehelt, a dea'er In dicn ieals at 13 HJ
North .Moore street, has had trouble keeping HJ
his gootls tinier control during the hit jflJ
weather this )e.ir. Inning tlio past three flj
1 1 a s lire alarms liavo I eon sent in M
tlireo times liee.iuso the chemicals blor.ed 'flj
up I.nst night policeman Grimes of the HJ
Leonard street station saw llaine. alter n little jflJ
explosion. In fmiit .( the stole and sent in an
alarm Sotae stuff ill barrels had exploded H
nrd eailgll' lite B
Jlr I.oi- belt said Hint ho was making pr"P- H
nr.itions now to put his chemicals into cold JH
storage during warm wenthei Sj
Pmseiby strui k by Falling Ctrl. flj
As liiidolph hauler of 111 Htati'on street flj
wns passing 11'! Didge street yesterday 10- flj
year-old Marv ll.tppopr.rt fell on him and HJ
knocked Inui down sin- had iallen from tlm Hi
loiirtli iloor lire esinpe Thegnl was sent to Hi
Oouverneiir lb -pitui w it Ii 'i biokeu ki.e, e.ip at ,fll
I the icsiilt "f her lull h tiller was pot Imit ,M
Ollli e He, liiird by mi Alnhuutii egrn, flj
Mi'.Mi.'iMKlA. Alt.. July I" Pp snlei.t Jle. -H
Kinle) appotitid .1 i k D -'i d . a negio. to be flJJ
i P .stm i-t 'r nt W lot. i',k avoag in i as'ern fljii
I Al ibai i f. vv d iv- ag . I'.sli p knew that flH
Ins ,u , He .. vv, ' I It , I tp'iil .", and HI
I promt liv ,b in.' I th ai luiiituitnt. lie had flH
I uut upplicd foi the plate.

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