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si' ,4 v "PH
ir ' to I JK- 9k9HN jf& JUL I La parii' cioi,j' to-da' i'l I
inr. uigoest charoe of gelatine
Iibani't niaphrnsjin hliell Fired with 4S0
rounds of Ordinary llrown Powder
frcini " lS-Itit Ti fion Snfely Cnrries 113
rounds t tlm High Fxploalvo to Sea
Thorite Sx-nl Thriiiicli Armor Plato.
nVnuiiinlltf tests il high e.xploslvo shells
ere nm I" ynterdny down at thonrmyprov-
, . urouiiil') at Snmly Hook. For the first tlma
, ,!, ,,,i i) of "rilimtico trials n great massof
U lon, .latino, one of tho most destructive
1 cmn!"1"" I chemistry lii"i produced, far moro
Jkift Mviir'ul il'i" "' "1(,,t Powerful dynamite.
S3 i huo'i" ril llrod fiom n scrvleo soacoast
r,ll miller ordinary service conditions.
1 'orJu.ii' e c vports hadseeti small charges of
, , ext - ves Hied from big guns without
.xrlndini; I nt never bofnro had n sholl carry-
R inL'11.1 I' ""''"' "' otiUi-lv o gelutlno, as did
tlio Mi'"1' -1" '' nl s'""l Hook yesterday, beon
I firnlfroin ni: in with gunpowder as the pro-
rol mc eM ! ic. One hundred and thirteen
-ouaJsof cxpl 'slvo gelutlno detonating lit tlio
fcu'l'.if Mi- i" '"I fonmdablii battleship afloat
,,,11,1-. i, ! I.'M- tn tlio bottom of tho sea. and
n'ne W(m il be left to toll tlio story.
torie.iri mcrle.in ordnance experts hare
heen 'ei.ii! a sjt-teni of llrii.g great masses
cl ti cli '"ii'l'i-iM-1 from seivlco heavy guns
w,lh ...n.ie i .wdor churgos and with service,
velocities Tune mid tlmo again Inventors
hiMSbiilniiilted devices, somo of which have.
(pun tr'nl but not one of them has done
uhtt W S" Ii-hnm, tho Inventor of the
dial hraeni high-explosive sholl. did yes
terday when ho put a hundrodwolght
Pf cxrloslx" gelatine In a steel shell
ord fired it from nu onllnary seacoast cun.
American ordnance ofllciiis are very oon-s-riatiM".
.ii.il they will not aceopt the single
Urine of ve-tenlav as conclu-lvo proof of the
morlt ot Ish i'ii - invention. More eovere tests
must be made After Isham shells have
pierced armor pinto without exploding, the
artliler) mon will bo moro ready to accept
them Juttm. the bsraeuso Inventor, had al
riadi fired smallei charges of explosive, gela
tine with somo success, but the success of
i v yesterday's experiment marks a distinct ad
s' MJ vance
,' Three systems of firing high explosives were
,y tried ycsteulay. l'lrst in itnportaneo was
v j fjf Ikhara dvieo of o cou'.tructlni: the sholl
I , that iiuy exploslxo can bii flred In It with
" nfety Thin there wus the tost of thorite, an
eilnOflTc invented by Dr luttloof Tacoma. so
itatls that it can bo llrod In an or
"J dinary shell. I.ant camo the test of
in Imrroved monel of the well-known
Bims Dudley rowder-pneumatio Run, from
which ninall charges of high explosives aro
fired mth decreased velocities by the use of an
Ir eiif-hl-Mi S-o far as tho flrinc of heavy
charges u IiIeIi explosives nt hlcli velocities
waconierned, the interest of the tests centred
about thu lshiuu shell and tho Tuttlo explosive.
Ordnance exports are divided on tho ques
t tion whether the best results will be
reached by strilnc to devlso a shell whioh will
S rrcteet unstable explosives from tho shock of
$ flniiK'. or byscckinc an explosive which will
he o stable that tho ilrinc shock will not de
tonate it. For u long while the drift of Inves
tigation has been In explosives and not In
shells Gun cotton has been successfully flred
lu shells in Urne'iuantltiei. but its action is
11(11 CI 11. Illl
Iltvau-e of the Importance of the Sandy Hook
te.K litany all tit the members of the Board ot
Ordnance and Foitlllcutlon were on hand.
3!ajor-(len Nelson A. Miles, the President of
I the board, nho is staying at the Union League
(.'hi I), nas theie, accompanied by lJrlg.-Uen.
Huynl T Frank, Capt. Charles 11. Wheeler,
Lltut Uanc N. Lew li-, tho recorderof the board,
and Judge ,1oeph It Oiithwnlte, tho civilian
nu in bur Major Frank Heath, in charge of tho
rruUnicgroutiils. conducted the tests. Among
tliecrtl!!i!ii who witnessed thellringawerothe
i.ivcntiir o' the Uhain shell, the inventor of
tli"rlte tho Intcutorof the Merriam fuse and
w beott Minis nf tlie Hlrus-Uudley De
fence CoRipauy The party went down to the
I "nmc k'louiidi on the (Jovernmeut tug Ord
nani'O. 'i tie number of visitors at the Houk
v.i', luereased b the members of a special
loanl appointed by tho Chief ot Fnglneers to
t-t ni xterimeutal tower mounting u poi
tun tltnler 'llni memberh of this board nre
I'. IleiiD 0 Ila-bruiick, llajor .lohn 1' Htory,
lap' Heniv I Harris, Caot. James (', Ayrcs
a l i !! t William Judsou.
lhe -.ham 'hell is divided in Its chamber
hi" '. ver.il hiualler elmmbors by diaphragms
. riKht ariclth to the loni( axis. These dla-
I'lrixms m brfnlc lhe shock of firing that
I ivui iui li a dangerous high explosive
- -h ' ei uiv gelatine can be safely used
I a a bursting cliarge. Tlio shell llrod
I )'H'erilay was it l'J-lncli projectile, somovvhat
1 Inner than the ordinary twelve-Inch shell,
H fciiil it wilghed l.OUH pounds. Lieut. Jameson
II' aded it with 1111 pounds of explosive gela
t ii In one uf tho twelve-inch rifles down by
the chore he put 400 pounds of brown powder.
the seivlee charge. The electrlo wires were
t ion attached. Meanwhile tho officers and
civilians, had retired to a safe distance to tho
ton ol the gun lift-to watch the flight of tho
shell, (diould It not tear the run to pieces. The
iun was flred at a low angle, so as to bring tho
ncochetlnc within vision
As tin uuarter-ton of powder was flred the
tic tun shot buck on Its cradlo fifty feot. The
Jell nlled out over the sea, strlklngtho wnter
lupin two m.ils of! shore. It rlcoohoted like
i flat none thrown across a mill pond, and
(truck the water again lar beyond. Again
It buunded Into the uir, and then it
hupiiarid Into tlio sea. It did not
explode, homewhero oft bandy Hook lies
enough explolve gelatine to blowseveral good
fnlpb to kingdom come. The firing was a sue
cess, arid everybody congratulated tho Inven
tor He had little to say. He knew what his
fhell would do. and It did it. He was confident
inatwhi-n it came to firing his shell through
wiaortiiato the roult would be the same.
Jr. Tultlo's thorlt passed a severe test. An
Jpnl nary elcht-lnch service shell was charged
with i about tnlrtoen pounds of the Tuttle ex
plosive, 'iho shell was placed In a servlco
eiriit-inch rifle In front of a service charge of
Town ponder. The shell was flred out to
fa, and withstood, as had the Isham shell.
'he shock uf tho flrinc. Thon n second
ne l. an armor piercer, was loaded with
thorite and tired point blank at a four-and-a-nait-lneh
ateel armor plate. The projectile out
inrouKh the plate, but tho bursting charge was
jot dMiirbeit Tho stability of thorite was
rnreni The composition of thorite Is a
J'cr'-t, known only to a few officers of tho
jrmy 1'iernj iielit U said to bo Its base. Pre
vious te.ts f,r it at tho proving grounds have
teTi e'lualiy successful.
,, f" other tents were made. The double
iiioe Mnis.Hudiey gun was flred soveral times
wun entire success
A 7 'millimetre (three-Inch) mountain how-
' "J'V'vm Mckers. Hons A, Maxim. England.
i ri'vn the ordnance exports sity Is one of the
K li i"".', ri.sce of guumaklng over soen at
th?I ''V011' wns "md a number ot times.
B t his has been lired 'JUO times. It can deliver
I uV."'!ihpisamlnuto.
..r, ,h'', tests were going on Col. Tlai-
S! !??. 3 .boarJ wn Irltig tlio 12-Inch gun bat-
i? y,i,J.,n" an experimental steoi tower a
13 nun.ir.. t jardsofT. At the top of this tower
m n?Jinou'!'i 0, ' tho delicate Lewis position
a h. r9 , .Tne llU8t ' tho Kiins did not disturb
'If ,I1B working of the Instrument.
H Mr. Pstrlik DotIIii Needed the Ilrioks and
H Siiya What's the HnrmT
M riunEi.i.uiA, Julyll .-Tho charge of steal-
m lneabrlek pavement was made against Patrick
4jS i " ' f '-''-'I'alrmount avenue this morn-
t$ "" ' "e- 'ral btatlon. It was charged that
ITrver.' iy t. pavement In front of the Wright
trim i k Works. Taney strcot, above Pennsyl
"Jila avenue, was laid with new vitrified
u "no oi the members of the firm, John
noti ,'i,,,ln.' "'0 Place about noon,
wdtho new pavement. Two hours later
' 'i kod over tlm plaio again and
"'re were no bilcks there. Ho notified the
j 'lKl wl. , made a search and found Devlin
1 1i.'"f "u,br"'kh i "'o yard of -'.')( Hvvaln
X ) , , u i" n asked whit ho h.id to nay Devlin
St riti . -hire, jour Honor, they've got the
R u ':', , 1 took thim bricks."
1 LM.',ddyiuloitf '
' Hifi ' '"''"b'd the bricks for the job on
si Ji.ti '" ,' "-aw them layln' thoro. and so
,"j tl'i r,"w,'d tliini. Was thore any harm in
'.' I I hiQI!i',,'),"r:''r,,'1ll'dthnmagl8trate,andheld
i ,' ' amJ"aulto!i.MX) bail for court.
Call Issued for Dissatisfied Kentucky Dem
ocrats to Meet in ittaismeetlng.
Louisville. Ky July 11. The Democrats
who are opposed to Ooebel for Governor havo
begun steps to soaure another convention.
The following call has been Issued for a mass
meeting: "All Domoornta who bollove it the duty of
the majority ot tho party fairly expressed to
ruloand who nre willing to subordinate their
personal preferences and all minor matters to
that will In ordor to socuro the triumph ot
those great principles which will promote tho
prosperity and welfare ot tho whole people, thu
success of popular government and the
malntonanoo of liberty, and who botleve
that the Louisville convention was dom
inated by force, fraud and treachery,
and by a combination of shrewd, solflah, ma
chine politicians, who substituted their will
for that of a majority of tho party ami dis
franchised this and other counties, and who
aro not bound by this action, aro invited to
meet with us at the Court Houso In Mount
Sterling on Monday next, county court day, nt
'i o'oloek P. M to take suoh counsel and con
sult as to their political duty under the circum
stances and as to tlie proper steps that should
bo taken to avoid overwhelming defeat this
vonrnnd to secure success next."
The publication of thlscall hasmado a politi
cal sensntion, and a lnrse crowd Is expected to
participate In the meeting,
Louisville. Ky., July 11 The llandnn
na Club, ono of the oldest and lurg
est Domocratlo organizations of this city,
to-night adopted resolutions denouncing Ooe
bel. the Democratic nominee for Governor, arid
indorsing the movement to hold another Dem
ocratic State Convention forthe purpose of put
ting out another ticket.
These resolutions also donounco the Demo
cratic Mayor and Hoard of Safety of Louisville
for helping Ooetiel to obtain tho gubernatorial
nomination by filling tho convention hall with
police and llremen.
During the mooting 'violent spoeches wero
mado by Judgo T. F Hargls. tho Ilev. II. It
Coleman and Capt. J. W. Williams, who was
Sergeant-at-Arms of the convention.
Judge Hargls's plea was that Kentucklans
should look to the preservation ot the honest
ballot, which was a thrust nt Ooebel.
The other speakers woro bitter in their de
nunciation ot the Democratic ticket, declaring
they would not voto for It.
lrOIUtlED or Kit TltR FREE &IT.TX11ITK8
Deuiocratlo Kntlonnl Committeemen Anx
ious Over the Cllicngo 10 to 1 Sleeting.
Chicago. Julyll. Domocratlo National com
mitteemen in nil parts of tho country are much
Interestod In tho "Demonstration In Force"
that the radical silver men intend to mako here
on July 20 while tho National Committee Is In
session. Well-known Chicago Democrnts havo
recelvod letters from members of the Notlonnl
Commltteo in other States asking for Informa
tion as to the silver gathering, what it means,
and tho objects of Its promoters. In those
letters the writers do not hesitate to express
their displeasure with tho policy and move
ments ot the 111 to 1 advocatos.
Tho committeemen declare that the action
of th Amorlean lilmetnlllc Union and tho
Ohio Valley Bimetallic League in holding big
meetings here on tho same day thnNatloii.il
Committee convenes Is unwarranted. The
committeemen say that such assemblages
here ot tho men who assert that they aro
the unwavering friends of free coinage
can be construed only as an evidence of sus
picion on the part of the lilmetnlllc League and
Union that the National Committee is disloyal
to tho Chicago platform, and may do some
thing that will bo In offset a betiayal of tho
principles set out In that document.
The committeemen are reatlesi under the
Implied accusation. They disclaim any inten
tion of attempting to make issues fur 1P00.
and will merely discuss plans for party organi
zation and devise means of lalslng funds. Tho
proposed demonstrations by tho silver men
they regard as an attempt to bulldoze the
National Committee.
Sllislonary Work to Da Dons In Indiana
for the Chicago Platform.
Imdiaxapolis. July 11. The National Dem
ooratlo Committee has taken cognizance of
tho utterances of Mr. Moras, editor ot the
Sentinel, and other Democrats In opposition to
a free silver campaign In 1000, and Is prepar
ing to mako an ante-convontlon campaign In
this Stato in support of the 10 tol Idea. With
in a few days several free silver Democrats
have received documents from the committee
for distribution, and omong thsm Is an elabor
ate argument In favor of making the issnoone
of free silver, and confining tho campaign to
It. with an Incidental tight against trusts.
It Is also announced that Allen W. Clark, Sec
retary of tho Himetnllle League, has been com
missioned to eomo to Indiana and urge upon
Democrats tho necessity of standing by the
Chicago platform and nominee. Clark will
make a tour of tke Stato and will hold confer
ences with Democrats In each of the thirteen
Congress districts. It Is asserted by free silver
Democrats that Mr. Moras, whose paper was
for the gold standard before the Chicago con
vention, has gone over to that wing and will
make a fight against Bryan.
Popallat Confesses Having Fraudulently
Marked llallots on n Recount.
Linooln, Neb., July 11. A oommlttee of State
Senators, nil Republicans, began an Investiga
tion to-day intox-arlous abuses ot Stato Gov
ernment. Tho most sonsational testimony was
that of a formor Populist janitor, Edward Si
mon, who testified to having assisted at a
fraudulent marking of ballotB in 1807. At the
election in 1WKJ a constitutional amendment
luoreasing tho number of Supremo Court
Judges was submitted. It lacked about 10,000
votes of adoption, but tho Populist Legislature
ordored a recount, as their contingent nomi
nees had been elected.
Simon testified that In several counties blank
ballots wore taken by himself, ox-Oil Inspootpr
Edmleton and two olerks and marked for tho
amendment. Some boro the signatures of
Judges on the back, but on those unmarked
the namssof Judges wore forged. He identi
fied various ballots as somo he had marked.
A. D. Christian, a banker, picked out of tho
ballots a large number he saldbore the forced
signatures of Judges In, York county. The
amendment was returned as not carried In
spite of these changes.
The committee was compelled to meet in a
hotel to-day, the Populist State officials refus
ing to give thom a room at the Capitol. The
Governor had previously vetoed an appropria
tion to pay expenses
stose, noao and wiliktt ao,
Jnst What They llnvo Been TJp To Ilere
May Come to tho Surface Later.
Hogg of Texas, ex-Governor of tho Lone Star
State, deacon, professor, flnanoler on a gold
basis whero his personal ventures nre con
cerned! Wlllottot Alabama, Stonoot Missouri,
ex-Governor and would-be Democratic Presi
dential candidate Instead of Bryan, and all the
other Democratic folks who have wandored
about these diggings for tho last week or so,
went away yesterday, greatly to the rollot pf
disinterested spectators. It wouldn't do to
say It out loud, but some ot these gen
tlemen who Imvo visited Now lork
city at this time nro regarded more or
lees as political humbugs They nose and pose
and toll what they uro going to do and oltnn
tlmesthey believe that their htorloa arc re
garded as " all right, all right ' Perhaps in a
few years the time will eomo when what some
of thesogeutlemenaio now trying to do will
be printed Until that tlmo nrrlvos newspa
per readers must be content with the outside
facts; that the National Democrats are trying
to get together, by hook or by crook, to defeat
thoHopublleanslnthe nation next vear, and
that the first gun is to be loaded at the meet
ing of tho Domocratlo National Commltteo in
Chicago on July 20.
Jack Chlnn's Assistant on Deck.
Lexinutoy. Ky., July 11. Tho new Demo
cratic Stato Contral Committee met for tho first
tlmo this afternoon and arranged for making
nn nggresslvo campaign, beginning on sept. 1.
A commltteo of HKJ Is to bo ielectcd imme
diately to take active control of tho campaign.
Percy Haley, Juok Chlnn's nssistant stnrtor of
race horses, was elected Becrotniy of the State
Ilrynu Keeping Tub nn Oiiehul.
Lexington, Ky., July 11 W. J. llryan sent
Alen W.Clark ot Indiana and Secretary of the
Ohio Valley Illmetalllo League to Frankfprd
to-day to learn If Ooobel was really opposod to
the Chicago platform and to llrynn. Ho was
assured that Ooebel will be a supporter of
llryan and the Chicago platform.
All of the ratnlltl.l Due to Pistol Acci
dents In Celebrating Independence Day
A Larger Number of Casualties This
Year and More Deaths Expected.
Two boys dlod of joekjaw yosterday In the
Bronx, and nocordlngto tho physicians of tho
different hospitals tliero will be more deaths
from tho same causo in tho next fow weeks.
Another death occurred In Hoosovelt Hospital.
Tho records of the uptown hospitals show
that tho number of boys who recolvcd injuries
about tho hands and faces fiom tov pistols on
the Fourth of July this year was 100 per cent,
larger than on any previous celebration. Ono
of tho physicians of tho J. Hood Wright Hos
pital snld yesterday that tho average wound
causod by n toy pistol leaves a small opening,
which makes It particularly hard to clear out
tho foreign substances. "In such cases." snld
he, "tho tetanus bacilli are bound to got In
and icinalu."
The two deaths In the Bronx yeBterdav wero
those of John Indorf, HI years old, of H47 F.nst
i:C)th street, and Oscar F.stauuiberger, 10
years old. of HJ1 East lll'Jil struct Young In
dorf In firing a toy pistol on the Fourth was
Injured by a blank cartridge In tho palm ot his
loft hand. His wound was dressed in a drug
store, but that night ho felt pain In his neck
and tho family physician discovered symptoms
of lockjaw.
Oscar Kstaumberger got Into n scuffle with
somo other boys last Saturday In a vacant lot
at 151st street and St. Ann's avonuo. A toy
Pistol was discharged in his right hand In the
scuffle and symptoms of lockjaw rapidly de
veloped. He died live hours alter Indorf.
Pntrick SlcLnughlln. 10 years old, of (145
Tenth avonue, dlod of lockjaw In Hoosovelt
Hospital voiterday ntternoon. A blank car
tridge in a pistol exploded in his hand on tho
Fourth, tearing a ragged hole. The wound
was dressed In Hoosovelt Hospital, but lockjaw
developed. Tho patient had been treated since
Monday with antitoxin.
John Knabbl.ll yoarsold. of 437 Brooke avc
nuo. had his loft hand Injured on the Fourth by
a pistol's explosion. Ho was removed to tho
Harlem Hospital yesterday with symptoms ot
lockjaw fully developed.
SAHArooA. July IL Edgar T. Braokett. Jr..
aged 10 vcars, eldest son of Senator Itrackett,
died last night of loukjuw resulting from an
Injury received on the Fourth of July through
a toy pistol's discharge.
Llizaukth. N. J.. July 11 Horaco L. I.on
hor. the 13-year-old son of Walter L. Lenher.
MO Third avenue, dlod this morning of lock
jaw. While celebrating tho Fourth ot July ho
burned tlio second finger and palm ot his left
hand by the dlschurce of n blank cartridge
pistol. The wound gavo him no trouble until
yesterday, when symptoms of lockjaw devel
oped. He grew worse until death relieved his
sufforlngs. Ho was a bright pupil inagram
murnctiool here and a soprano In Christ Lpls
copal Church boy choir.
MovTCLAin, N.J.July ll.-Hnrold H Clark,
a son of Mr. and Mrs Charles O. Clark of
Itloomtleld. died ot lockjaw at the Mountain
side Hohiiltal yesterday afternoon. Ho was 14
years old. On the Fourth of July tho wad of a
blank curtrldge from a toy pUtol entered tlm
palm of his right hand. Little was thought of
tho wound until on Saturday the boy felt pains
in Ills head. Dr. Charles Itallcy then examined
him and found that tetanus had developed.
1'atkrson, N J.. July 11 Josoph A Orotsky.
a Justice of the Peace and lsw student of Pas
hale, died In the genoral hospital lastovenlug
of lockjaw, resulting from blood poisoning
brought on by a wound In the hand received
on the night of July 3. The phvMelaiisat tho
hospital, seeing yesterday tha tho ene was
serious, decided to try an Intercerebrum in
lectlnn of Antitoxin. This was without elTeet.
however, and Mr. Orotsky died threo hours
later. Ills injury was received while ho was
ioadlnc a blank eartriden pistol, tho charco
.ntorinc the palm of his hand.
PiTTsnunn, Pa., July 11. Hugh Ravage. 17
years old. died to-dav ot lockjaw, caused by a
wound from n toy pistol on tho Fourth of July.
Wilbur Ltndburg died tho other day of lock
jaw from like cause, and William Sweeney. 14
years old. Is dying. All tho boys were wounded
slightly in tho hand by tho spattering ot the
caps used In firing toy pistols.
flvnnisut'no. 1'n , Julv 11 Frank, the lfj-year-old
son of Judge WrU of this city, died
at 11 o'clock to-night of lockjaw. Ho was in
jured on the hand by a revolver on the Fourth
of July.
rrr.s as to carraxxa's letter.
Hell's Stery Proved to Ttr raise by Official
Iteeords In Washington,
WAsniNQTON, July 11. At tho Cabinet meet
ing this mornlnc tho subject of the Carranza
letter, on whicli tho United States secured
the expulsion from Canada of Llout. Car
ranza aud others formerly connected with tho
Spanish Legation In this city, was Informally
considered, Chisf Wllkie of the Secret Ser
vice called on Secretary Hay this mornlnc
with tho original letter and tho original trans
lation made by Lieut. Wilcox of tho Bureau ot
Military Information. Mr. Hny was not Sec
retary of Stato when tho letter was stolen, and
never having soen the original was curious to
examlno It. It Is possible. In view of tho story
ot the Toronto man, Bell, that ho stole the
lettor, and that, as given out by tho United
Statosofllclals.lt contained many alterations
and was practically a forgery, that an unofficial
representation may bo made to the British
Embassy of the falseness of his story.
To disprove Bell's statements Chief Wllkie
to-dnyhad an examination made ot the books
of the captain of the watch of the Treasury. In
which a record Is kept of every person entering
tho Treasury after hours. Bell pretended to
have visited Wllkie at the Treasury on May 2!l
and May30. May20 was Sunday anda record
Is on Uloof every person who entered the build
ing on that date, and Bell's name la not tliero.
On that afternoon Mr. Wllklo had a confer
ence with his chief clerk. Mr. Mnran. and De
tectives Barnes and (Irlffln in regard to tho
Philadelphia counterfeiting cto. Ho left the
Treasury at .1:38. and spent tho afternoon on
the river. That evening he received the letter
In the mall, and at H:4H entered his olllce. He
Immediately telephoned for Lieut. Wilcox, who
arrived, according to the books, at 0:03, and
Immediately made the translation.
Lieut. Wilcox left the department at 10:23.
and at 11:27 Chief Wllkie left, having tolo-
S honed the incriminating parts of the letter to
ecretary Gage. Bell said that on Monday
morning he Tiad an interview with Wllkie,
Quesada and others, but as this was Decoration
Day and tho department was closed, neither
Boll nor the others mentioned could havoen
torcd the department without registering with
the captain of the watch, and the books show
that none of them did enter.
Allege That the Cnrrnnia Letter Was Forged
Demand Damages for JUxpiilalun.
Montreal. Quebec, July 11 As a result of
the statement mado by Ooorge T. Bell ot this
city that the letter upon which Lieut Carranza
and Seflordu lioso were expolled from Canada
was forced, tho Spaniards will press their suit
for damages against tho Dominion Govern
ment for unjust expulsion. Mr. St. Pierre,
their Montreal lawyer, ald to-day that ho had
ndvlsed his ollents to continue their suit. If
Bell's statement Is shown to bo true, then tho
damages will bo against the Dominion Govern
ment. In that esse tho Dominion Government
will probably call upon the American Govern
ment to pa. as It was at its instance that the
Spaniards wcie expelled from Canada
Sir W'llfrld I.aurior, when asked about tho
Carranza letter, stated that ho had not heard of
any pioceedlugs against himself or tho Gov
A Medical Student Arrrited for an Inhi
bition Defore High Srhonl l'nplli,
Jamestown, Julyll. John B Flsbec, a stu
dent at the Medical School ot tho Unlvorslty of
Buffalo, was charged before Judge Woodward
this afternoon with dissecting a living dog be
fore a high school diss atl'.llliigton yesterday,
He was held for the Grand Jurv
According to the stories told by pupils not
enough chloroform was administered to the
dog to stnpely It, and the dissection wns done
nuild th howls ami helps of the dog. Nome of
the pupils were hlghli Indignant ut the exhi
bition and made complaint It isjald that tho
trustees are to investigate the matter, which
menus troublo for the principal who allowed
the exhibition. '
Fatal Familiarity with a Mule.
Dallas. Tex.. July 11. Earl Banks, fourteen
years old, living on Hill avenue, to-day pinched
ii mule's tail and the uulmul Licked Jilm to
Kentucky Kepuhllcnns to Start Oft with
300 Gallons of the Mixture.
Lkxinotov. Ky July ll.-Nearly 2,000 IKen
tucky Republicans lira In Lexington to-night
to attend the Sta'e Convention which will
moot to-morrow afternoon. They are a happy
set. for they believe that the ticket nominated
here will be victorious In November when Wil
liam Goebel wlllgoilown, The Committee on
Arrangements will not set a barbecue as was
Intended, but will furnish the delegates and
visitor! with 300 gallons or tho brft claret
punch, so'callcd. Honlly the decoctka, which
will 'be itrong with mellow old bourbon, will
be colored with claret. Sliced lemons will
float In It and It will be something new to the
hundreds of mountaineers present, who never
tasted auythtne better than moouchlns.
All tho candidates have been on hand to-dny
and they wero busy making nnd unmaking
combinations. The three Gubernatorial ean
illduton have hod their headiiuartors thronged
with visitors, W. . Taylor was called on by
ux-Conitressmnn IV. C Owens, who defeated
Breckinridge, nnd who lias'hottcd the luls
vllle Goebel Convention. He told Taylor ho
would support him It ha Is nominated for G07
irtior. There is a conference to-night hrtwoen tho
friends of Judge Pratt and Capt Sam 11. Stone,
the other two candidates for Governor, but the
result Is not known.
At a inoetluc of the l.xeoutlve Committee
to.nlght'.Iudge Incent lloerlne. a pronounced
Tnv lor man, was selected unanimously forltem
imrary Chairman, nud K.J. Hampton, another
Taylor man. for temporary Secretary. This
means that Tnylor will organize the conven
tion nnd tint he will be nominated on the first
ballot, lis he has the majcrlty.of the delegates.
Among the noted delegations tn arrive this nf
ternoon was that from Clay county, headed bv
Sheriff Whl'o. who participated In the Baker
Hownrd feud, nnd from whose house the shot
was fired that killed Tom Baker.
Kefnses to Answer Krvlng Wlnslow nnd In
tluintrs Tlint He Is n Traitor.
Boston. July ll.-Capt. Dyer, U. S. N.. lato
In command of tho Baltimore In Dewey's fleot,
has had his first encounter with tho nnti-lm-periallsts
of Boston. Lrving Winslow, tho
Secretary of tho association, wroto him an
open lettor, in which ho referred to tho officers
ot the army and navy as servants primarily
needed by a republic as a police force. Capt.
Dyor did not know who Wlnslow was. but when
told he said :
"He ought to bo treated with silent contempt.
I hnvo nothing to say ton fellow of his stripe
Any ono who will doliberntoly oppose and trv
to prevent tho work of tho nrmyand nuvyof
his country is as low. In my estimation, as
though he were to deliberately tako up arms
against his country, nud should bo taken in
hand at once. Tho American soldiers are en
during enough perils and hardships tn tho
Philippines without being decried nnd de
nounced bv ii few Boston cranks who have
taken it into their heads that the Administra
tion is carrying on tho campaign for the fun of
tlie thing."
"Senator Mason says that the war is being
carried on without ttio sanction of Congress.
What does this gentleman think our nntlon
would do if wo were attacked bv one of the
Luropean powers? Does he think the Presi
dent would wait to act till Congress had assem
bled? I am tired with this rot about Imperial
ism. The men who opiiose the petlon of the
Government in tho present crisis are of too
little consequence to be notlcod "
Major .Tonei Forms n Syndicate tn Relievo
the Citv of an Incubiii.
Toledo. 0 , July 11. This ovoulnc tho first
practical offer of n solution ot a municipal
problem nftectlng Toledo was made by Mayor
S. M. Jones and somo rlMi frlenjle,
Tole Jo has a natural ens pipo line, which wos
Installed about ten years ago. In a futile attempt
to keep tho Standard Oil Company's lines out
of tho city. It has cost tho town, nil told, more
than $2,000,000.
The exhaustion of tho Hold near here and tho
sharp competition ot the Standard Company
havo mado tho line simply a means to Increase
bonded Indebtedness
Mayor. lones had u special act passed allowing
tho city to sell orleaso tho plant, and his bid
was one of tho five submitted. His Rjndlcnte
offois torake the lino and Invest $300,000 In
the construction of u fuel gas plant with which
to servo tlm city.
All profits above the flxod charges and f per
cent, on tho swidlcnte's Investment are to bo
put aside to form a sinking fund, and whon
that amounts to $300,000 the company is to
turn tlio lino over to the cltv.
The other bids, one ot which wns from the
Standard Company, wore on a minimum valu
ation of the pipe In tlio ground. Final action
on the bids will be taken In one week.
Neighbors of Ituode Island's Former Gov
ernor Iteient lilt Appeals for ulet.
Providence, H I., July 11. Kx-Gov. Charles
Warren Llppltt wants no moro street piano
muslo near his homo. Ho has boon waging
war against the muslo now for some time, and
his calls upon the police to prohibit it have
been frequent. Ho has mado complaint
to the district police, to tho Chief ot
Follco and to Mayor Bakor. Tho neighbors
want the music, and the tambourine girl with It.
A fow nights ago Mr. Llppltt called fora special
officer, and the neighbors protested against in
terference. Mr. Llppltt mid that ho was dis
turbed, and that his children could not co to
Tho piano wns taken In from the street by
the neighbors, and each night now It will roll
out tho latest songs Inside the proporty lines.
Among the patrons of the piano who don't
like Gov. Llppltt's interferonco aro tho
family of Col. Frank F. Cnrponter. Mr. E. V.
Dunbar nnd Col. II. Anthony Dyer, tho latter
employing It at n summer night hop recently.
The conlllot may end In tho courts.
Cheers for Miss Elln Clendentn. Who Tins
lleen Nursing Her Bister.
The seventy-two discharged soldiers and
nlno cabin passengers on the transport Mo
Clellan who have been held nt Quarantine
slnoo Thursday were discharged yesterday
aftornoon and landed nt tho Government pier
at tho foot of Paclllc street, Brooklyn,
Among them was Miss F.lla Clendenln, who
has been nursing her sister, ono of tho yellow
fevor patients dctnlned on Swinburne Island.
When tho crowd at tho pier learned who she
'was nud what sho had been doing sho wns
greeted with cheers.
Her sister Is much better nnd will probably
be it bio to leave Swinburne Island In n woek.
The sisters do not yet know of tho death ot
their father, Surceon-Major Paul Clendenln, In
Santiago ,
Oscar 1'. Lackey, the sick mnn on tho Me
Clellan who wus t rented with yellow fever nutl
toxln serum, Is recovorlug.
He Keeps Ilia Liberty nnd Finds Out from
KxnerU What's the Matter.
The pollco heard last night Hint Charles J.
Dcmpsoy, tho smallpox suspect who escaped
from New York Hospital on Monday, had conn
at Belleviie Hospital, They started out tomako
an investigation and learned that Dempsoy
had gone to the Wlllard Parker Hospital, In
F.ast Sixteenth street, nnd had surrendered
himself, telling what hail been said of his ill
ness nt New nrk Hospital,
lie was admitted, nnd an examination was
made Tho iloetois decided that Dempsey was
siiiTerinc only from a form ot muptlouot tho
skin such as Is caused by poison Ivj
The police nr at a loss to understand why
Dompsey's nppearanco at the hospltul was not
made known to them when tho hospital au
thorities knew thatthero was n general alarm
out for his arrest.
Needed, It Is Lxplalned, on New I'.oulri
nnd to Ilnndle .Summer Traffic.
An advertisement stating that able-bodied
and Intelligent men wore wanted by thu Brook
Ir it Itunld Transit Company for motormen and
conductors was received at ntwrpaper offices
last night At the general supeilntendent'a
office it was said the company was In need ot
mento man the cars that will be used on the
new routes about to be opened and to hand'
tlie extra summer tralllo.
II Was nt Luncheon Yetterilny with the
Others (loialp ltevlved Concerning n
Poaslhlo Kxtrn Senlon ut Albany to Cut
tlie Term of the Major of New York.
Gov. Hoosovelt camo up from Oyster Bay
yesterday morning, looked over his personal
and business affairs In Now York city and at 1
o'clock joined Senator Piatt, Gen. Frnncls V.
Greono and Douglas Hoblnson, Mr. Iloosovelt's
brother-in-law. at luncheon at the Lawyers'
Club. Mr. Roosevelt hnd practically just
returned from Washington, whero he
had a long talk with President Mc
Klnloy. Gov. Hoosovelt Is entirely In
tho confidence of the President, and ho
Is not In the habit of betraying personal and
political confidences. Senator Piatt Is of the
name character and so were the others at tho
lunch bonnl. The Hon. Joel Bismarck Er
hardt. Collector of tho Poit under President
Harrison, onco mado a memorable remark to
the otToct that whero one or two aro gathered
together in political life there are bound to bo
thirty or forty rumors, somo of them with
foundation, as to tho result of tho conference.
It looked yesterday as though New ork
Stato was to have a place In President Mc
Kinloy's Cabinet. Whether It is to be Gen.
Greene or nnotlier Is not nt tho moment
known. Senator Piatt, who has been tho life
long friend, In social and business lifo, of
Secretary Algor, seems to bolleve that Mr. Alger
has mado a mistake In tying ud to Gov. Fili
gree of Michigan, especially In view of the
fact that Senator McMillan has supported tho
MoKinloy Administration all the way through.
Whether or not lion. Greene Is to bo put for
ward as a possible candldato to succeed Mr.
Alger ns Secretary of War In Mr. Mckinley's
Cabinet. Is ono of the questions which tho
President himself and certain other gentlo
men will determine, nnd they will do this, It was
said laBt night, without regard to newspaper
comment unfavorable to tho MeKinley Admin
istration, An old story was revived last night. It must
bo regarded as gossip: purely that and nothing
more. It was totho effect thatone of tho plans
discussed by Mr. Housevelt and Mr. Plntt and
the other folks nt tho Lawyers' Club yosterday
aftei noon was the calling of an extra session of
the Legislature lato in Augui-t or enrly In Sep
tember to amend tho charter of this city,
making tho term of Mayor two vearB nnd not
four yeais. This amendment, If enacted, would
call for nn election forMnvorof Greater New
lork this fall. Tho gossip was revlvod that
the ltepubllcanB will decide upon a policy
of that character after the full developments of
thu Mazet Assembly Committee nre known.
The committee la to resume its sessions very
shortly. It was not generally believed yester
day that the Republican lenders will. In view of
the complexion or thu State Senate, attempt to
adopt a pollcv which would call for tho election
of nMavorof New York this fall. Neverthe
less, it was said, nil things nro possible, and
during these summer days nil politicians had
better "watch out."
I'attengers Were Frightened by n Man in
an Lpllcptlo Fit,
Just beforo a Third nvonue olovated train
reeched the 121)th street station at t. o'clock
last night Heury Thornton, n carpenter, of
177th street and Honeywell avonuo, who was
in the front conch, had an epileptic fit in tho
car. Ho gave a cry. sprang to the middle ot tlio
aisle, foil down, and writhed.
Tho car had many women aboard and a panto
ensued. Whon the train reached the station
the passengers rushed pellmell for the door, nnd
in the crush hats wore smashed and eowns
were torn.
The car was emptied within half a minute.
Tho trainmen then cariled Thornton to the
platform and an ambulance was summoned
from Harlem Hospltul. Sedatives woro given
tn Thornton and he was ablo to go home halt
an hour later.
The Horse Strikes Out for Mldoeean, but Is
Overtaken by the Doat.
AitvenNE, L. I., July 11. An ocean race be
tncon a horso owned by George II. Cornish
and Ll'o-Saver Hairy C. Minor was witnessed
off this place yesterday afternoon. Cornish's
coachman wanted to give tho animal a plunge
In tho surf, but tho hoice refused to ven
ture In. Life-Haver Minor got on his back to
ride him in. Finally tho horso mado a vicious
nlungo Into tho surf, unseating Miner, and
struck boidlv oceanward. The horso kopt go
ing sonward until those on the shore became
alarmed, when Miner set oil In his catama
ran, and after a lively chase overtook the
animal n long distance from shore, nnd suc
ceeded in turning him shoreward. When the
horse reached land he shook himself and ap
peared to have enjoyed his long swim.
He Dad Already Entered the South Side
Hank In Hay Shore.
Bat BnoRi, L. I., July 11. An attempt to
rob the South Side Bank was made this morn
ing beforo dawn. Shephard llhoades, the night
watchman ot the bank, heard a peculiar sound
In tho rear of the bank. When ho reached tho
rear he saw n man leap through ono of the
windows and run rapidly up Main street
toward the railroad deisit. llhoades chased the
strangerand tired Ids revolver in the uir sov
eral times, but tlio man succeeded in losing
himself in a denso thicket behind the Con
gregational church, and could not bo found.
Nothing was stolon from the bank.
Aldermen Vote 3 to 7 That ltlds Must De
Advertised For.
At tha meeting of th Board ot Aldermen
yesterdny Alderman John T McCnll (Tarn.) in
troduced a rebolutlon giving tho Dewey Com
mittee authority to spend the $150,000 appro
priation. In amounts over $1,000, without ad
vertising for bids.
Aldormnn Folks (Clt.) objected, saying that
It was three months beforo the celebration,
and there was plenty of time to advertise for
bids. He had every conlldenco In the Integ
rity ot tho membeiB ot tho committee, but
could bee no reason lor deviating from tho
regular courso In such matters
The resolution was lost, 43 to 7, and wns
mado a special ordor for next Tuesday's meet
ing. Tho same resolution was introduced in
tho Council by Councilman Murray (Tarn. I and
passed, there being but one negative vote,
Clnclnnntl Men Coming to Welcome Dewey,
Cincinnati, July 11. --Mayor Tafol decided
to-day to at onco tako up tho matter of tho
special commltteo of Clnclnnntlans to visit
Now York and participate In the demonstra
tion whon Admiral Devvoy shall arrive home.
About ono hundred will be nppolnted on the
committee Among those already determined
upon nio Leopold Kleyl.olte, Geoige Bohrer.
Samuel A. Meniaii, Casper Howe, James W.
Faulkner. President Bathgate of tho II. ot L
Piesldent Weldiiorof tho Hoard of Education,
Siiperlnilent Hoeh ot the Water Works, Super
intendent IVhrenbneh of the Cincinnati Hos
pital, and Oscar W. Kuhn
Kllai Hnttield, .Ir,, to Surrender.
Wiiehlino. W. Va., July 11. A despatch
from Orey. W Va , says that Ellas Hatfield, the
18-jear-nld slayer of Deputy Sheriff Ellis, has
agreed to surrender to guards sent by Gov. G.
W. Atkinson.
At last accounts the young desperado was
hiding In tho mountains ot Kentucky, across
the river
Tho State is taking active steps In the mat
ter for fear that the old Hatllcld-McCoy feud
may start up anew.
Tho Yacht Xara Ashore.
Onrr.srouT, N Y .July 11. The yacht Xara
has just been icportod ashore on Ham Island
Shoals, near Montauk, Tho Xara Is n cutter 48
feet long nnd is owned by E. C. Van Wart
and W Irving an Wart ot New York. She Is
lying with her koel two fset In toe sand, and
went ashore at full tide In the gale of Sunday
alternoon. The tug Kelpie went to tha yacht's
asiUtance last evening, but was unabls to pull
her oil.
Illinois Soldiers on Guard at the Cnrtervllle
Mines Attacked nt Night.
CAnTinviLLB. III.. July U.-After a week of
quiet In tho coal strike, owlnc to tho presence
In tho town of two companies of State troops,
the situation at tho mines has again assumed
a serious nspoct. Last night ns a fl'iundof men
undor Corporal Ask ley was passing through a
wooded ravlno nearly n inllo from tho camp,
the troops woro llrod upon by men In ambush.
Tho firo at first was scattering, but soon camo in
volleys. Tho troops woro deployod as skir
mishers and advanced In tho dlreotlon ot the
firing, returning tho fire. Moro than 200 Bhots
woro exchanged, nnd the soldiers wore soon ro
Inforced by squads from Camp Conner. Tho
woods and adjoining fields wero scoured in a
search for thoso who oponed the firing.
Four negroes, all heavily armed, were cap
tured. Two said they wero union miners.
The others wero men known to be cmplovod
at tho mines. One striker was wounded.
Representatives of tho strikers strenuously
deny that union men wero engaged In tho
attack upon tho troops. In spite of the asser
tion of tho prisoners that they nro union men.
It la Snld That a New Order Will Put the
Case Over to Auguit.
No a'tempt has yt been made to serve sub-tKi-uas
upon persons wanted as witnesses for
the peoulo In the case of Roland B. Mollueux,
charged with the murder ot Mrs. Kutharluo
J. Adams. Persons who aro to testify before
the Grand Jury are usually subpoenaed five
days or a woek before the day set for the pres
entation of the case. As Supreme Court Jus
tice Fursman made nn order providing forthe
submission ot tho case of Moltnoux on or be
fore July 14. Trlday, the usual procedure
would have boon for tho District Attorney to
BubtKena the people's witnesses for yesterday
bo that they might bs ready to appear before
the Grand Jury on Friday at the latest.
A story got afloat yesterday that Assistant
District Attorney Osborne has obtained anew
order to havo the case submitted to tho Au
gust Giand Jury Instead. ofithsCJaly' Grand
This order. It was said, he applied for three
weeks ago to Justlce'Werner. The order, ao
cordlng to th Btory told yesterday, was mad
by Justice Werner on Saturday last.
Mr. Osborne went out of town yesterday,
and District Attorney Gardiner said he know
nothing about what was being done In the case.
Senate Finance Committee to Ileiiime Them
at tlio Oriental Hotel.
The Sennto Finance Commlttoo. which has
been sitting nt Narragansett Pier for the last
week or so, will, it was said la't night, rcsumo
Its conferences at tho Oriental Hotel, Conor
Island, either on Saturday next or on Monday.
According to the best testimony, tho Senators
on this exalted commltteo hnve not yet pro
parod a cunency bill. The outllnos of tho bill
havo deen druftod, but It will bo somo tlmo be
foro tho full measure can bo propared. Mean
time tho Senators are to sit a week or two at
the Oriental Hotel and listen to all sorts of ar
guments and plans.
And the Crowd Watched Them Uorn Till
a Qnlck-Wltted Mnn Appeared.
Mrs. Leopold Hplro. tho younc widow of a
clothing denier, was sitting In front of her store,
at 1S2 Park row. last night, leaning against an
elevated railroad pillar, when a lighted ciga
rette stub fell Into the folds of hor dress, whore
it smouldered until her garments blazed up.
Many people were nearby, but all stood gasp
ing while tho woman ran around screaming
for help. Dan O'Hourke, who keeps a saloon
next door to tho woman's store, ran out at last
to soo what had happened. He ran to tho wo
man and. some other pooplo assisting, pulled
off hor skirts. Thanks to his efforts. Mrs. Splro
ran into hor shop blushing, but unburned.
MarcSnnche In Uellevuo Hoipltal Violently
Maro Banchc, 25 years old, bocamo violontly
Insano yostorday morning, as tho result of ex
cessive clcarette smoklnc, and attempted to
jump from a third-story window at his home,
2(11 Fifth avonue. He was Dually overpowered
by his father, a watchman employed In tho
building, aud Policeman Marvin, and Is In
Sanche smoked seventy-flvo to a hundred
cigarettes a day. He left home about two
mouths ago, and was reported to tho police as
missing. Ho returned two days later.
V. D. Armour A Co, Placed on th List nt
S'-.000,000 ; Pullman Estate, 81,400,000.
CnicAoo, July 11. Among tho assessments
of personal property made by tho assessors on
tho South Sldo. T. D. Armour &. Co. head tho
list with $2,000,000. This assessment is for
the business of Armour A. Co. In tho south
town nlono and does not include the proporty
of the linn at tho stock ynrds, In the town of
Lake. Tho assessment acnlnst P 1). Armour,
personally. Is $1,000,000. Tho Pullman estate
was assessed $1,400,000 and Mrs. Pullman's
taxablo personalty was fixed at $100,000.
Runners for Gambling Houses Hnstllng
In All the Poolrooms Now.
The great run of prosperity that local pool
room keepers have enjoyed lately has enoour
aged gamblors nil ovor tho city, and new places
whero faro, roulette, craps, poker and othor
games ot chance can be played aro oponlng.
The competition Is solivoly that many of thom
havo runners out hiiHtling all day for custom
ers. The runners do their work mostly In tho
poolrooms by distributing cards and admis
sion tickets. Frequently six or eight ruuners
nra working In ono poolroom at a tlm.
ti: r i sits at $1,000 each.
Dr. Iloblnsim's Hill for Attendnnee That
Mr, Chambers Ilnfuies to Pay.
Binouamton, July 11. In the Supreme Court
In Tompkins county Dr. II. L. Robinson has
sued 0. E. Chambers of McLean to recovor
$10,000 for professional services Dr. Robin
son wad called to attend Mr Chambers during
n recent illness and paid ton visits charging
fl.O.Kia visit, Mr Chnmbers refuod to pay
the trill on tho ground that It wns exorbitant.
Dr. Robinson will summon physicians to testify
that tin- services rendered wero fully worth the
amount charged.
fnnnila lies Decided to Withdraw Some of
the Mllltln Alieady There.
Ottawv, Gut . July 11. Tho report that
more mounted polico aro to be sent to tho
Y'ukon is officially denied. The Government
Intends to withdraw ome nf thu mllltla.
There are at present about 250mombersof
the police force in tho Yukon, most of them
stationed at Dawson. Somo nra scattered
along the ti nil in bodies of two nnd three. Tha
military forco consists ot 200 men, ot whom
120 are at Fort Selkirk and 80 at Dawson,
jor arir a playmate's life.
Jumped Into the River After Hlm( bus
Wouldn't Tell Their Names.
Arthur Friend, 7 years old. ot 854 First ave
nue, ran so hard while pl&ytcc Ug with other
boys on the pier at the foot of East ?orty-flfth
street last night that he could not stop on
reaohlnjT the strlngpleo and tumbled Into the
river. Twooi his companions, boys 12 years
old. jumped Into the water and rescued their
playmate. They wouldn't tell his ir .mar their
names when she arrived, breath'. sj, having
beard that h was drowned,
Pumps Coping with the Inflow of Wnter H
and an Attempt Will Ho Mndo to Tow jH
Her Into Fnliunutli To-Dny Snlvnge Vet- IH
sets Freed Her Unexpectedly Steamer H
Has Ileen Abandoned to Ilia Underwriters H
Spinal Cablt Dupalih to Tuc Be. IH
London, July 11. Tho American Line H
steamer Paris, which ran on tho rocks at Low- H
lands Point, Cornwnll, early In tho morning of , nH
Mary 21, and which was subsequently alien- M
doncd by her owners to tho underwriters, wus jJ
floated at 8 o'clock to-night. B
A Danish nnd two Gorman salvage vessels M
were slewing tho Paris around in order to give ,M
tho divers easier access to tliolr work when It 'H
was suddenly found that sho wns free ot th H
rocks that held her fast so long. The wreckers H
wero able to move hor Foveral hundred test, S M
which took hor practically dear of the rook. jiH
Sho retains n big list to starboard. The JjH
pumps are coping with tho Inflow ot water, ' ;)S
and it is expected that she will bo towed to H
Falmouth In the mornlnc. tho weather per- ' M
mlttlng. JH
A denso fog, accompanied by rain, prevails -Jk
to-night, and tho wind Is blowing from tho H
southeast. If the wind Increases it Is doubtful f j
whether it would be safe to rl.k tho eight-mil ' tWM
tow to Falmouth, but tho salvors aro most 'H
hopeful. M
Tho news ot tho floating ot the liner reached 'H
Falmouth at 0:30 o'clock, and all tho tugs tn ' jH
tho harbor at once raced for Lowlands Point, iH
hoping to get the job of towinc the saved J M
steamer. Tho German salvors, proud ot their v j
triumph, treated the offers of tho tugs lightly, ', sH
and deeply woundod the dignity of tho master i j t
of the bicgost tug by offering him 5 to tow i 1 ;S
the vessel. w U
i '
A Supply of the Deadly Missiles Has Deen :M
Sent to South Africa. i. vH
.VpKt'at Cablt Dtipatth to Tnn 8c. '', M
London, July 11 Replying to a question , '' jH
OBked by Mr. Michael Davltt in tho House of V' )H
Commons yesterday. Mr. George Wyudham, " , i
Under Secrotary for War, declined to give tho . t
dotatlsot the new bullet that has been adopted ,' '" H
by the War Office, but virtually confirmed th .' ,J 'H
description of it that has already boon oablod 5 J H
to The Sun. Ho said that a supply had beon J IH
eent to South Africa. ' ) H
Tho bullet, which Is snld to bo more deadly $ !H
than tho dum-dum bullet. Is made ot soft v ,,.i H
metal, tho point ot which Is expanded by frlo- Fi j M
tlon with tho air during Its flight. It has a $H
depression an eighth of nn inch deep In Its 'u f'jH
noso. Tho main defect discovered in It Is that It j
It Is apt to strip whon flrod, leaving Its nlokel S. lliH
envelopo In the barrel of tho rltlo. The de- .. ij-MiH
tonntoi of the cartridge Is also detective. , ,i"i H
Dernulede, Count do Cnstellnne and Guertm 11 M
Mnke a Protest. -, H
r i Jnsl
Sittnal Calif Vitpatck roTur He. M
TAnts. Julv 11 The Mlnlstorof the Interior jB
has Informed his eolluaguos that tho report of fl
the oxlstenco ot Orleauist intrigues is authen- fl
tic, and that an.lnvestlgntion -is being made as t S
Jtho means bv which the irpnrts reached the jH
Paul DiSroulfde. Count Bonl do Castellano ' "
and M. Jules Guorln have made a protest fl
against the part ascribed to them In an alleged ' JH
Royalist plot against the republio. ! , M
Tho opinion grows that tlie ultra-Hovalist t jHJ
Gazetted? France published the pollco report of j j jB
tho royalist conspiracy to overthrow the ro- 'j
public in the hope that It would lure tho Gov- .' S
ernment to prosecute It. It wns thought that ; tl
tho report was genuine, but It is being declared i f
that it is full of Inaccuracies.
Recent Attempts to Asinaninnt Fx-Klnjx -.t
Milan Intended ns the First Step. f
Iptrial Catitt Deivateh to The Sec. jf
Vienna. July 11 The 7'oMmcAc Con-canon- (
(few says that an Inquiry into the lecentat- '
tompt to nssassinnte ox-King Milan of Servia .
shows that it was part of an astonishingly $
widespread conspiracy and was Intended as '.
the prologuo to the overthrow of tha dynasty .,
and tho entire present regime. -t ;
Other reports indicate that the persons j
nrrosted In connection with tho attempt l
Include threo ex-Miulsters, threo ox-Soo. y,
retarles of Stnte, two Judges ot th " ,
Court of Ar peals, nlno mocbors ot th , g !
Skupshtlna or parliamentary body, nt. e pro- M.
feasors, and a sprinkling of military and pollc ' w
officers, priests, btudents and civ 11 servants. i i
London Star Says Ho Will No. He Milled It ' M
He Leaves England. ( ', j
SpMi'al Calif DtipatiA loTusBtnr. 1
London. July II. The btar suggests that -s j
Mr. Croker. having failed to make money by S
running hU horses, sell his string of raoors at m
Tattersall'd and return horns, adding! "H .11
will not bo missed." j
Record Prle Obtained at si Jxmdsra Jtn "
tlon for a First Foil. '
Hvteial faHfl(ipa(cAliTmSins. jj
London, Julyll. A copy of th flrnl fcftlo of it
Shakespenro was sold at auction hare br-day '
for 1,700, a record price. Th hlghsstjpr- ,
vlous price for ii copy was 715. ill
jC" 4
Rumor That flen. Ilmcere VnUBuceesa'
Gen. .Turnout on July IB l?i
Iptnal Calif Dl Hatch to lax StjW. )
Takis, July 11. -It Is rumoredthat Oen. ' J,
Brugero will replace Gen, Jamoht a Com- 'i
mander-lu-Chlef of tho army on July lb. 1
Tries a New Finn to Seeuro City Manage- g,
raent of Detroit's Street B all o a da. a,
DETnoiT. Mich. July llt-Ocrf, Plmme (
new Bchemo for municipal ownership ot street 1
railway lines in Detroit apparently won avlo- fi'
tory to-night, when the Common CoanoU, by '.
alvotelof.lU to 14, decided to give the oommls-
sfon nlthlrty-year franchise with a sixteen-year I
extension In which to try Plngree's plan of mu-
nlclpal ownership and operation ot street rail- .
wars. It took over sevon hours to bring this .'
about, and when the final motion reaohsd th i
Mayor he said promptly that he would veto tn ,
proceedings. Daly one step has been aooom i
pllihed In adronoe for th Plnrree plan, as ft,
It will takoour mere votes '.than he has at i
prsasnt tA earry th measure over Mayor lis J- ft
burr's vsto. u
Inereas ot Ulnars' Wages. ')
Ciiattanoooa. Tenn July IL Tho (lle A'
Mary Coal Company, operating coal mines at . k
Glen Mary, Tenn, to-day posted notices that jr
on and atisr Aug. 1 wages of all miners in 1
their employ will b Increased 10 per cent. II
About 1.000 men ar affected. Tha oompany II
is rushed with business. The strike of th
miners ot the BoddyOoal Company, at Soddy. f
Tenn.. was settled to-day, Th men returned (
to work on a 10 por sent, inorease In wagon. i
Beqaeit to Harvard Worth 9100,000. s J!
' Boston. July 11 Under the will of the lut i 1
Xiuoy Ellis Harvard University Is benefited, as ( !
the college Is made residuary legate of bo- ' i
quests to ksveral relatives for life only. In ad- ;
dlllon to this tho house an I estate f Timirly i
ooaupled by Mrs. Elllslst.ibei.ohl a' th.. Us- j ;
oretlon of tne administrator nnd tie r " is 1 jfi
paid to tlio college More thun SLi ,"00 will ., f.
undoubtedly revert to Harvard. k

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