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B - ' jM " ' '''tw1
VS rMtuborr Outplays N Tork-nniton Loses
W r" ' (1lrllco ort the Philadelphia. Who
imil I'lnrc Hnln Prevents Other Omnes.
The Ht. l.ouls team dofonted tho Brooklyn
iih c'"tnirattie case yesterday, which re
T,L, tl,e lead of Hanlon's men ,0 M Polnti.
Th riiiiBJelphlm moved Into second placs by
ilttoe if tlioir third straight victory over tho
rieiel.v I tMl-enders and Boston's defeat nt
the hand nf the Chicago.. Ihe New Yorks
"re summarily defeated by the l'lttsburgs.
1'iln printed tho games at Ilaltlmort and
ffaihlrs''i Tho results:
v Lo-u " Hreoklyn, a.
Jv il .re. n pw Vnrk, ft.
rh'llotl'blft. f; Cleveland, 1.
Chtrago, K; Boston, 4,
At Baltimore IUln.
At Washington Bain.
tnr. nRconti.
I't Per
r l. lien. If. cinl.i Clubl. iron. ,!(. t(nl.
r'Vi, M -' .H71 'Cincinnati ..8H SB .607
tPir 1lnlili -" .tUO.l'ltlsbure . 80 87 ,8fl
k1".' ' ' 51 em New York ...a o .a
Pi";1..',, 4 1 it ill'l.nlilsvMs ..JB 44 .88H
Li. u 'Jl .57"Whllllou..aB 4U .8.18
' liiiLP !? J ") Hl-.k'kveUnrt . 12 6U .lau
rt locts. 8; imooKLTN. 2.
John 1' ' wl' I-one of the coolest pltoh
c,', ,n li e I o.ieiie. had the crack Brooklyn at
T?J"" his c t nil r 'Stenlay afternoon at Washlng-
B Inctnn l'nrif 11a did his work so well that six
teen tatsmen went out on flyballs, which Is an
iinusim, i. vurrenee. The 8t. Louis team
played b'nut'ful Holding game behind Powell.
the onlr runs scored by the Brooklyn being
directly at'rlt'iitnble to two bases on balls.
lMJrlrk. the former I'aterson player, was a
Inet'r D Urnokiin's downfall because of his
1 Inlliant !'' line Hu pulled In three hard
drln, and m.ih "" great throws which cut
off runner ,ut at tho right time. Wallace
and i'ros' tl-'iciptureil some sharp smnshes
! In pVnii,d -iy!o Ilurkett's bnttlwr was a
Itront. hi' 'im -1) "Ingle In the seventh send
ing I'ltJi'T Hughes uu for a temporary trip
through M iee.
Iluche reasonably effoetlvo exoert In
the enii nnlng With the score 2 to 1 In
lrooUyr.' Ininr. tho vliltors orploded a bomb
Irom hiel ii runs escaped. Tebeau. first
ui , started the tally v Ith a alnels and McKean
airltlieil HUfco reeeltcda base on balls, and
i lien Imre scratched a hit to Daly the bacs
vote '"'" '1 his was tho opportunity
tl (or lk.rKi'tt and he promptly sent In
tun runrers with a spanking single to
', cor.tro lleidnek llled to Dahlen, ana the
fi inks hoped that tho end was near But
lui:lie .n unst- udy and handed four ballk to
Wallace i r,i ""tit a sharp croundor to
. Jlihlen, wn nii'ied it. nnd as Kelleyjuuitled
i It ton, both 1'uiwil and llurkett scored. Mo-
I hem f l w l th a heavy bao hit oerseo
fl I 0, which f"-nt h umi Wallace and Cross, while
thecrond i:r,iiied Tobeauwas third out on
w I t rap to Anilcr- hi
Nj n bn kun - iiilf Casey started off with a
4 kJ sine!, hut fijolNhly tried to stonl second be-
J1 tore Orlni had a dunce to hit the ball The
jl rudi'i-t nipped so easily thnt It took the
SI starch out of tin, other (litters, who were nerv-
CT Inc tlitme!e up for ,i rally. Aitaln In the
II e sliih pi r ;ndBiuent In bae rutinliiB killed
AjV on another idiati"t or runs and made some of
Ct the r uteri k'o liomi-ward With nobody out,
7 Junes tuuk hi hasp on halls and Kroler Hied to
1 Illake Andeison scratched a hit and Kelley
wri Iniplored to knock tho bnll over tho fence.
M Cat' Ji's rapped the ball so fnr oer Ilci-
I ilri'k' he.Tl that lie could not catch It,
C lut ho kno"ked it down with one hand
El mid madea ,"tiir, llKhtnltii: throw to -McKeiui.
Mi Kelley wnit on hit way to second, but seeing
fit. tl"' he iiu,d be entiuht turned t.nek McKean
iB threw to Tetioau and the hitter tried to run
vm Kel'ej down. Then Jones made a break for
fM the I late and Toleau got him by n mllo.
W Iinhlot. sent a lone 'mil to llurkett nnil the In-
Tj trinltd rally asw,iihss Kelley wa blamed
J bi thecranksfnr tiiKine too hl a chanco altor
'; rraehinit Urst. but it w.n really ICeldilck's re-
i markil.ic hindllrii: of tho drive which urdor
,' or'i' ary clrPiiniHluipe would have been good
ii- for two ba-ep that caucd the mix-up
i' A-JennlnuR coibi lamed of soreness In his
a. arm nuiiln. llanhm was compelled to o back
to the old arranutnn nt nt Casey nt third baso
a unil Pahlen nt h it Held Casey Rot a warm
sfc reeentlo' 'r .i ihe "luwd, and. barrliie his un-
I fr.icee ii -' i1 ii ei tloned above, played a neat
c.ime He e the llrooklyus at tho bat and
J toi.l; thr,'" difllcult chances In clover style.
ij luhlen. Imlv an I Anderson did well, too, while
Mi heeler and Junes hauled in sovcrallonirswlpes.
I Thev'sl'ors surprispil the crowd by biihavlnir
V rather decently They refrained from their
ft uuil bulldnrliiir t.ietlcs except on two occa
W (lonsMhen 'I el can liiokc loose Crlcer. who
i vvn rut off the cruiinds by Umpire Kmslle on
18 ed'ie lny. was ns meek as a lamb. Ha nlso
caucht ftnoly The score:
l!ROnRI.l.. ax. LOUIS.
K II FO. Jl T. R. H. TO. A. E.
Joc, tf 0 13 0 u llurkett. If 1 3 1 0 o
Eedi-r, rf u n a u n llelilrlok, rf o 1 8 3 0
Ai.dnaon.lbii 1 w 0 OVValUit.si 2 13 3 0
, k'llty, If 113 0 1 C'roes, .til. 112 8 0
i Pahlcn m 1 1 J J 1 McKcsn, 2b O 1 1 10
'l Pair. Jb 0 14 1 (I Tele au, lb 118 10
ft l-7 '1. o .' 1 2 0 I'rtiter. c. 114 10
, (urn c 0 0 2 2 0 Illake cr 1 O ft O O
v' JhUku, p II O 0 II II I'owill, p. 13 0 2 1
A """1 2 7 27 111 2 Totals . 8 1127 13 1
M t' mt . o ll o 1 0 O A 1 08
Jf V. lrnnkljn 0 0 020000 02
iff -mien hax-Crteer. Bsrrince hit-5IcKean,
R Cr.r. rirn lime , i, errors -St. Louis, l, Drooklyn,
' 1 First base on I alla-Uff Powell. 3, offllUKheB, 2.
Ir K.i;li in-llv To ell. 1. by Iliiuhea, 1. Hit by
i,l Pitf'-r II IMirlifs 1 Ir'l on base-llrooklm,
KB I Si l.nni" e Pusel ball Ortm Ttine- '- Iioura
W iii'l r ninutea Lmptres Kmslla and McDonald.
f Atier.dacn- .'.lull
iTj i inmt no. :i ; new iork. 5.
ti iMritic the flr-t four Innings of yesterday's
i nine played at tli" I olo (irounds neither team
Sr3 as Mile to corn Seymour made a deter-
&J tiilr.ed effort t,. keen pace with Tannehlll, hut
S3 essoon is the I'lttsbums broke tho otrlnc of
53 clphei the mth InnliiK tho Albany south-
m I'JW beeame su ky It wa In tho seventh
IS; Inning tint Cy went up In the air. With two
R? out. ,oii .ian lilt mi easy boundor to UettlBT,
Jpj vAlm, aithoUKh having plenty of time tocom-
Ivii jieto th.. r i.ir. without tnklne accurate aim
th'en tlm b.i'l live feet over Doyle's head, nnd
atsy ran around to third. At this iiolnt twy
, mour io,t )M iittvo and apparently did not try
very tnr ' P heck tlie following batters. With
n ellrM.,oi sieeilto thi'ball.tlii vlsltineplny
rtiink kinillytn Seymour's delivery and tho
Ml went Mj in.. 10 various partsof ths outlleld.
a im,, , ,,,.i, thri'H singles and Williams's
leirill.'.l-ive t-'he left-Held ropes netting four
runs v, i, ., (M, X runH ,, Bnme looked
it" 'or 1'onov.in's mon, but by good stick
' rk an I llnncrinan'B high throw to third the
i' ii tilip vo runs In the seventh and
tBl".h "'''lines, thereby reducing the I'ltts
? P'-rc lend to ono run. All hopes of a victory
f) f-T tlm Now orks vanished In the ninth.
M yuen. Mih two out. Seymour, aftor mulling
vl l'oj,e ,,mV i,r,,w at first basn. picked ip th
M tail tin.) threw It high and wide of tho plate,
a ainwpg t,.neriiian and Kly to acore. Btlll
S nlk.iiiit. Svviiiir followed with n wild pitch
a f" i " br i ii came In Oleason had an off day
jj Kth In ,vt nc and flohltag. Tho score:
3 riiisiim, mw mat,
jo i ii m r b. li. ro. a. it.
m p,T.oTn. rf i t i ,) o V.Haltren.cM 110 0
II J! ,r i; i 1 2 ii ii Tlernan, rf O 3 1 o 0
Jlisirs iti 1 '.)2 ollmls.ss .03270
m liiaiinien-fi ,1 i u o D lyle. lb 1 1 18 3 0
m B-n n an, 14 4 11 uleasun, 2b 1 0 1 2 8
AM i, t' . 2 i s 2 o T u llrlen.lf.l 1 1 i u
, 7 1 lr'',' -' ' 0 3 6 1 Oettlir. .lb 13 3 3 1
M t rk ,lb. I J m 1 o iiraily.o. .. o 2 l X
a Tsiael I i o 0 i 3 o Seymour, pi 0 0 8 3
M T',,1 t"1327 14 2 Tntala... .ft 12 27 33 7
M "l,,',r? 00003040 8-0
M "'"'"I . . . O O I) II O O 3 2 O ft
1 I rtt Laic ,n errors PlttsburB, 3. Left on baaea
I f,;.' ','- Sr Tork, 7 Time bias blta-Wll.
II ii ," ,n "vltrxn Two-liaie bit" Ilowennan 2i,
H r - J" ' u v "'"'" ,",',''', -MeCn-err , IioyU. ileaon.
ii1 ii, " " ly s,yinour, Tannehlll, Double plaj
m i.1""" " "" and Clark Flint base on balls
a in e. i ,. . n nimslilll, 1 Btnick out-lly
i ?! r' ', b) Tannehlll, a. lilt by pltcber-ltow.
1 'i m lata, i b,u (ira.iy Wild pltoh-Seymour.
1 i "r"" ai'an and Hunt. Tims 3 hours and
-a.u tn Ait, mlaueo ftijo.
i mi.Anri.piiu, ft; ri.ETrn.iND. 1.
PniiiiFiiiiu. July 13 -Philadelphia mada It
JBree .traitrht over CleTeland tlua afternoon, lha
iu n ,. t ruike no headway auatuat Fraaer'a
"' . siil b it for s nintf by Oooley tbey would
j1- ' i. -i ut out The name naa called by I'm
l r iiili.y.wii, declared he could not see a low
'" A't.ii.Uu, e, 2,ftH5. Thoacerei
uu iiiiiiiiia, ii.rvri-ASO.
r , . ii n iii. a. i n. ii. vo. a. a.
lo I-, jb -i n ,i 2 Powd, cf 0 0 110
,' ' ' I 1 a 1 u llarle), If o n 3 0 O
' ' i.lu J 1 ii ii giilnn. 2b o o 2 O 0
;",'!' ii 1 1 u Sullnan, h 1 n Ii 2 l
,'"'' 111 o ii M'Allter. rf 0 o 0 0 0
v.,'..81' " 3 II 1 li Turkir. lb O 1 7 I 0
J. Knrlil.o. 1 2 2 ll (il.ockh'il. as D 1 o ft O
. o j i 2 ilch'k'e't. c.n o a i o
ir. r. p o o ii 4 o liugberip o o o o o
T'lTali . ft 12 2114 s Tottls .."7 "3 IB 10 "3
r''"ii;hia l i o o a l -b
"" nd ll 0 0 O 0 O 11
Tit) ha hiti-Coolsy, Delehantr, Iuder. Mc
J"4riaud I.eftoiilisst-a-Pbllailelphla.Ol Llereland.
s-iiuek nt llrF aeer. 1. 1T Jluihey. i. Molea
!..,!, ,mi ,lfiiantri jajola, McFarland.
I'auiie (,iai Hull i,ii, jui ker and fulltvan, Urat
j" ' I ails mt fraaer. 1, oft llutihej, 2 Firnt
. i . '" 'r,r- Cleielai.d 2. Umpires Oaffnoy
siiilatuaui lime 1 hour and 4u mlnutaa.
l-osim, Jiil7;i3.-Tb Chlcaaoa had an easy Unia
.';-. ins cbauiplona to day and won on their ureal
Ka". t"" proilng a mark. GarTln, Chicago's
j , " S'Kosr, prortd a puLda to Uu Boatou, aictpt
!fl.hiio,MTt,,wh,, h " bUd .
""n o I OBioaeo.
rrtabia.cf i a o o oUrMUf o"",,To,o
Tanney. lb.O 0 14 0 0 Oraen. rf,.! a a J o o
J?!lf' ".c 0 " 4 1 WolTrt'n.8bl 3 0 9 3
Ool'lnslb 0 0 8 8 OlMg,. lb a 8 13 o o
Uuriy.if O 0 3 0 u Merles, cf .38300
Btalii.rf.... 0 MO o UcfJ-m'k, 3bo 18 8 0
JJwe. 2b .118 3 1 Iiemont, aa. 1 1 a Ll
llernen.c. .113 0 0 Donahue, o..l 1 8 30
Iawla, p .M 1 O 8 oOanln.p, ,0 o O o u
Toula ....4 8371 al ToUla.. .."oiTalis's
JJOftou 00000004 0-4
Chlcaao 88008000 0-9
Two-base hlta-Donahiia. Martas. Three-line hlU
-Htahl, Laiuie, Merle. Oreen ta). Htolen baaa
Uertea. Hacrine., hit- Martes. rirat base on batla
(ni5wls, 3i off Marvin, a. BtrucV out-lly Oarrln.
1 Double nlaya-Lewls, Umtt and Tenners Lonir.
Lowe and Tenuey. Tluie-2 hours and 7 minutes
Umplrea I,)iich and Connolly. Attcndance-8,000.
Atlantlo I.tmme.
at micBiaoaD.
Illcbmoua 0 ooooooi o l' ' o'
laincaater 0 0 10 3 3 0 0 1-fl 7 l
llatterlaa-DonoTan and Steelmani Fraaer and
Nawark V 00000010 01 7' i
Alientown 30000001 .8 7 1
Ilatterlaa Donovan and Roach; Btlmmel and Mc
Manila. it Baaorxa,
57d'Or' P 0 1 0 0 0 o o-S "' 5
wllkeabarra. ...31000100 04 0 3
Uattaiias Murphy and Foil Vorhaea and (lan
ding. Eastern leagu.
At Srracnes Byracuaa, 8; Prorldanoa, 8.
At BocheeUr WorcaiUr, 3; Rochaater. 8.
At Toronto Hartford, 8. Toronto, 10.
At Montreal Bprlnicfleld, B: Montreal, e.
TCeatrn Leaga.
At fit, Paal Bl. Paul. 4: Buffalo, 0.
At Minneapolis Minneapolis, O; Oolumbua. 1.
?," 0"y-Kanaa ttty. 81 Datrolt, 4.
At Milwaukee Rain.
ttvn England Iicagna.
At Kawport Newport, 4: Manchester. 0.
At Brockton Brookton. S; Portland, 1.
Al Taunton Fawtuoket, 6; Taunton, 4.
New Tork State Leagne.
At Anbnrn Auburn, 3s Blngbamton, 1,
At Osweio Oawesio, Os Cortland, 3,
At Bchanactady rirat game Schenectady, 111
noma 4. Second game Hohenectady, Os Home. 4.
At Albany Albany, Ui Utlca, 8.
Conneettcnt State League.
At Bridgeport New Haven, 4i Bridgeport, 1.
At Norwich Derby, Bl Norwich, 4.
At New London Naw London, Os Watarburr, 11.
At Merlden Merlden, Os Brlatol. 1.
Other Games.
at BioanxLD Brainoa.
Richfield 8 18 110 0 0 ..11 8 8
llion 0 1300110 3774
Datterlaa Flahal, Roblnaon and Elddi Brandt and
a. at. a.
Cuban X QUnU.,.0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 04 B 3
Flelschmanne O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 3
Battarlaa Robinson and Williams! Relllr anil
MeGnlre Seonred for Smith and McGana
Orlm to lie Beleosed Jennings for Wagner.
The Brooklyn Club has decided to strengthen
Its team, with the result that Hanlon closed a
deal yesterday for the celebrated catcher. Mo
il ill ro, of the Washington team. For this star's
services Hanlon was compelled to give up two
excellent players. He proposed an exchange
of First Baseman McQann nnd Catcher Orlm
for McOulre. but Manager Trwln would not
make tho trade unless he got catoher Alexan
der Smith, the " Broadway Fashion Plato." In
stead of Orlm. Irwin, who has been
anxious to secure Smith for several rears,
hold out bo obstinately that Hanlon
was finally compelled to yield. He wanted
McQulre badly and had to let Smith go or
throw the deal over, Hanlon said last night
that ha did not want to trade Smith off, but It
was a matter of business and the Washington
Club was able to dictate to him. Smith took
tho news to heart and declared that ho would
not go to Washington at all. He said ho had
nothing against Irwin and Wagnor, but he did
not care to leave this city, whero he In
Interested In private business which is said to
be profitable. McUutin made no protest and
left for Washington last night, whero he was
Introduced ns a first baseman by Irwin In 1HH7.
nnd was traded to Baltimore last yoar along
with Dsmontrevillonnd McJanies In exchange
for Do? lo. Ueltz and Amole, McOulre has been
regarded nt various times as tho best catcher
In th" League Cincinnati offered $5,(iO) for
him Inst winter, but It was refused. He has
been with the Washington team so long that
ho wanted a change, and said st, A Irwin hns
Klttrldgo ho could afford to dispense with Mc
Oulre. at the Bame tlrao getting Smith. By tho
terms of tno deal each club takes its chances
with the players That Is to say. McOulre Is
now tho property of tho BrookltnClub whether
Smith goes to Washington or not. Hanlon
says there was no money paid to Wagner on
the side. With Farrell and McOulre thellroik
lyns aro better equipped behind the bat than
any other team In the League
The next move will bo made by Hanlon to
day. When McOulre reports, this morning, as
lie has been ordered to do. a ten dayB' notice of
release will be handed to Catcher Orlm. who
ha beon with tho Brooklyn for eight years.
Cirlm's arm has been troubling him. but he
caught and threw well In yestorday's game.
Ilntilon bellovos It would be well to glvo him a
chance to sign where he pleases rather than
keep him on tho payroll to sit on the bench.
Casoy. who is n fine catcher, will be retained
desplto rumors to the contrary, rjhe can be
used both behind tho bat and us a utility
jilnyor. Hanlon admitted that he was trying
to exchange Jennings for Hans Wagnor, the
Loui.sTllle third baseman, Jennings says the
climate hero makes It Impossible for him to
get back the use of his arm, and wants to be
sent to some city whero hot weather prevails
all through the season. Dreyfuss of Louisville
has bcon conferring with Von der Horst In
Baltimore for the past two days regarding the
deal. It Is understood that the Brooklyn Club
will be willing to pay a good-sized bonus In
addition to Jennings If Wagnor Is on the
market. Those who know say that Fred Clarke,
the Louisville manager. Is blocking the deal.
Hanlon says he has no Idea of releasing any of
his pitchers.
Eaaex County League Disbands.
Tha Eaaax Oonnty League dlabanded on July 10.
The cluba failed to live up to the rulaa and regula
tlona and It waa thought beat to go out of bualneaa.
Each club put up $10 entrance fee, and thia was to
have been donated al the end nf the aeaaontotha
cluba finishing first, aecond and third. Tha money
waa returned to the aeteral organizations. The
atanding of the cluba at the finish follows;
iron.' tut IFos. LtiU
Wataeaslng 11 1 Orange B. B. 0. .4 8
Verona u 3 Little OlanU 8 4
Roaeland 8 4 Brighton A. A-... 8 4
Puritan 4 SIKmerald A. A....1 7
Baseball Oumes To-Day.
Bt. Louis at New Torki Chicago at Brooklyn: Pitt
burg at Boston: Cincinnati at Philadelphia; Cleve
land at Baltimore, Lonlavllle at Washington.
nartford al Toronto; Springfield al Montreal;
Worcester at Rochester, Providence al Byracuaa.
Alientown al Newark; Lancaster at Rlohmondi
Wllkesbarre at Reading.
Leaker May Vlilt New Tork as Oueat of the
Manhattan O. C.
On Tuesday last some prominent members of
tho Manhattan Chess Club were engaged In a
conversation about the advisability of engag
ing the world's champion. Lasker, for a month
at tho club In the fall, and a rcportor of The
Sun was asked to ascertain by cable the terms
under which Laskor would be willing to fulfil a
month's engagement at the club. Tna BuNcor
respondentln London was therefore Instructed
to consult Lasker on the suoieot In question nnd
11 reply was received yoetenlay. When a copy
of the despatch containing tho terms and prop
ortions given byLnskerwas shown to sonio
of the directors and Influential members of the
club. It was thought that tho termswero rather
high Still every every effort will be made to
rulsethe required sum. It must be added that
Lasker would engage In playing serious games
against tho principal players of tho club, that
he would give several blindfold and simul
taneous exhibitions, that he Intends to looture
on tho principal openings and on the stylo of
the various masters, Ac.
Ilr.MPSTZAD, July 13. Rookaway and West
ohester played lively polo this afternoon on the
Cedarhurst grounds. Itookaway, with Keene
and Cowdln. won out, but only after a hard
fought battle. The game was tho semi-final
for the Cedarhurst challenge oups. The Kock
aways led from start to finish, and although
tho team work was not up to the standard the
Individual plays of Keeno and Cowdln won the
match. Thescoro: Kockaway, b'; Westches
ter, 7H.
llaaeball, Washington Park, 4 P.M. To-Day.
Brooklyn va. Chicago. AtUo. Os, and atva, Utc.
trziroB.n roor nAxniCAi:
Favorltas Very Successful Over a Heavy
Trnek at tlrlghton lleach Ilannockbnrn
Carries Top Weight to the Front In n
Canter Urlar Sweet Again In Form.
When horsemen reachod Brighton Beach
oourse yesterday the traok was so heavy from
the downpour of the previous night that upsets
nnd surprises of all kinds were anticipated.
Tho weathor had been so consistently good
slnco the season opened thnt the regulars weru
unable to Mnd any "mud form" recent enough
to be reliable, and they bcg.in so shyly that the
bookmakers, who wern In tho same, doubtlul
frame, of mind, offered unusually liberal prices
against horses that would bo rubbed off tho
slates undor normal conditions. Tho results
wore startling, as live legitimate fuvorltns
scored In succession, while the closing race
went to n horse that should have beon first
choice. The weather was pleasant, and the at
tendance was again abovo tho average.
Most Interest was aroused by the Winged
Foot Btakos, a handicap for two-year-olds nt
flvo furlongs. All of the sevou ellglblcs named
overnight accepted and Vulcaln and l'rlneo of
Melbourne opened favorites at 'J to 1, Kllla
shandra bolng quoted at 5 to 2. A steady
stream of money on Sydney Bnget's grand lllly
forced her pries to 7 to 5, while Vulcaln's odds
were also out a point, leaving l'rlneo of Mel
bourne only third choice at post time. Of the
outsiders Oonfalon attracted quite a following
until the odds against him tumbled from 30 to
1 to 12 to 1. Clawson took Klllashandra to the
front soon after flagfall nnd she literally ran
away from her field, winning easily by two
lengths from l'rlneo of Melbourne, who beat
Vulcaln four lengths for tho place. Klllashan
dra's time was remnrkahlii In v low of tho con
ditions, as It tied the track record made by
Matanra on July lit) of last year.
Only threo horses went to the post for the
opening event, n hnnillc.ip at one mile for
three-year old and upwind ll.innockburn
and Oeorge Keeno opened and closed at 7 to 5
and 0 to 5 respectively, while Swlftmns was
played from 'I to 1 to l.'l to ,ri I'at Dunne's eolt
looked llko a 1 to 4 shot, but his heavy Impost
was regarded as an anchor In the going.
Oeorgo Keene's conduct wns worse than ever
at the barrlor, nml he finally wrecked tho web
bing. Then he, uctit the Mag a trltlc, unit went
away In front like it wild horde. Diuinookhurn
nailed him In tho stretch, however, nnd It was
all over, the top weight winning, pulled up to a
canter, by a length
Persistent piny on Star Chime and Flower of
Gold at ll to 1 enabled backers of Prejudice to
socure almost ns much against .1, ty. Colt's
6mart filly In tho second race. Ludy Uncn.
one of the outsiders, furnished n scare by tip
toeing her field until nearlng the Held stand.
Then O'Lenrv let Prejudice down ond she
enmo away llko a streak, winning easily at tho
end by a length and a half. Briai Sweet had
only two opponents In the one-mile race for
all nges, and they turned out to bo only nomi
nal onos nt that, the Sir Jlodred- Sweet Briar
Ally running a raco by herself out In front and
coming home on the bit with a length and a
half to spare. She was only moderately sup
ported at 2 to 6. the talent appearing to think
that she would not run In thti mud. Ah It
turned out, howover. she could probably havo
takon a sllco off the 1:42 hung oil t.
Kirk wood mnde It flvo straight for favorite
players by beating his rlvnl thrce-yenr-olds
cleverly In the kelllncovent nt one mile nnd a
sixteenth, nnd the last race went to Intrusive
In n drive after his price had skyrocketed from
iitoltoOto 1, due to a stampede on Oliver
Me.. Imporator, Tamor. and The iJauphln In
turn. The Dauphin ran away a quarter of a
mile: Iniperator, as usual, went out middled
lnIront. and Innovator outstayed tho others.
The Meddler colt won by a length, Tamor,
Lady I.lndsuy and Buelu following heads apart.
Tho summary.
rrr.T nvrs
Handicap for three yea- Ida and upward) tSBO
added, one mile
1'. Duuiia'a tir. c Bannockhurn, 4, by Ilarden Ed-
warda-Uottle Blaise, 127 (O'Learyi 1
Sydney Pagifa b, c. Oeorge Keene, 4, 118 (Claw-
sou) 3
Delmel A Farrell'a b 0. 8wlftui4u, 4, 113 (McCuei. 8
Time, IH3
Betting Seven to & against Dannockburn, B to 8
Oeorge Keene, 13 to r. Hwlftmaa.
REonvD nacK
Tor two-year-old fillies, non.wlnneis of 81.8O0;
wetgbta 11 potn Is nrlow tha acale; winning pen.
altlta. Hie vnd a half Mrlnnga
J. W. Oolt'B br. f Prcjiidtce, by imp. Loyallat
Pride, 110 lO'Lesrv . . .. 1
Osreola'a b. f. ImXv Uncas. lilu iDoggett) 3
IV B. Jennings's eh. t Flower of Oold, 107 (Mc
Cue) . . ... . 3
Shrove Tuesday. Llebe. Star Chime and Jugglery
also ran
Time, 1 0 1-8.
Betting Five to ak'atrst ITeJndice, 40 to 1 lady
TJncaa, a to 1 Flower of Oold, 4 to 1 flhrove Tnesday,
20 to 1 Llebe, 8 to 1 Star Chime. 100 to 1 Jugglery.
Tmnn hack.
For all agea; $600 added, penalties and allow
ances, one mtlet
W. B. Jennlngs'a cb. f Briar Sweet, 4, by Sir
Moilre.l-Swiet Briar. 114 MoCuel . 1
W. 11. sink. Jr.'aeh. e I'onneni, J, 107 (Clawson). 3
T. F. Barrett's b. c. Ur Parker. 3. 107 (Odom) 8
Time. i:a.
Betting Five to 2 on Briar Sweet, 8 to 3 acralnal
Formoro, 13 to 1 Dr l'arktr
FovnTii hack.
The Winged Foot Handicap: for two-rear-olde; ano
each or only 810 if declared. 1,000 aided, of which
f.'OO to aicond and MOO to third, five furlongs:
Sydney Paget's ch. f. Klllaliandrs. by Imp ilold-
finch C. nnemara, nil (Clawsmil 1
J F. Maduen's ch. c l'rlneo of Melbourne, 131
(O'Learyi 3
11. F.ugt-ne Iielgh'a eh. c Vulcain, 123 ((Mom) . . 3
Kentucky, Matchlm, OonfAlun and Decimal also
Time. l:l)l.
Betting Seven to & aalnat Klllashandra. 8 to
1 Prince of Melbourne, u to 5 Vulcaln, 20 to 1 Ken
tucky, r0 to 1 Matchlm, 12tol Oonfalon, HO to 1
yirrn hack.
Belling; for thro-year-olds; $e,oo added; weights
7 pounds below scale, allowamea; one mile and a
M. L. Ilarman'a rb, c. Klrknood, by Oeorge Kinney
Tocsin, 10!i McOle) 1
J. Mcl.aughllu'e h f. Diminutive, 8K (Odom) .. 3
0. 1.lltlefield. Jl 'a blk. f. Fast Black. W (Wilson).. 3
Ordeal also ran.
Time. 1 ta.
Betting Twenty to 11 on Klrkwood, 4 to 1 against
Diminutive, 0 to 1 Fast Black, 13 to 1 Ordeal.
SIXTH nai'E.
A welterweight handicap for three-year-olda and
upward, t-tioo added; aeifii furlongst
D. Oideon'seh. c. Intrusive, 4, by Meddler Frollo
OraceII..13fl larali 1
F. B, AT Hitchcock's rh.c Tamor. 3, l3a(0Xsry) 2
J. MeLaughlln's ! f Lady Lindsay, 8, 1 18 ludom) 8
Oliver Ho , Buela, impcratur and The Dauphin
alao ran.
Time. 1I10 4-B.
Betting BK to 1 against Intrusive, 8 to 1 Tamor,
6 to 1 I ady Ltndaey. M M 1 Oliver Mc, 11 to r. Buela,
V to 2 Imperator, 7 to 1 Tho Dauphin.
The entries for to-dav's race are as follows:
First Usee For two year-nidi; penalties and allow
ances, SOiiO added; elx furlongs:
Trumpet 122 Knight Banneret 113
Marlbert 122 Mldwood 113
Montanic 118
Second Baca For three.yearnlde and over, non
winners In lBl'Sor 1HUU, selling; allowances; ieoo
added; five furlongs.
Emlere 107 Athy 98
landgrave 105 sharplesa Bl
Article im Kilt tio
Auruin lie I'atnVar hh
Falrydale 117 Itosn Ilrlmdel 8R
Asthore u (Iraham llrnce NS
Deride u" Itoso O l.oe H',
D.illon ur, Our Annie 85
Belle nf Erin U3
Third Bace A handicap for three-7ear4a and
over; $1,000 added, one mile and a quarter;
Ooodrtch . .. 117 Oeorg Boyd 100
Decanter .1 In Lackland 108
Buela USLvverock lOit
Knight of the Oarter 112A'ucena 105
Fourth Bace For two rear nlda, aelllng; allow
ances; $fi00 added, five furlongst
Affect 110 salmagundi BA
Frestldigttater. ... lln Allowame 08
Hhorcliam Ill Belle of Orleans Mr,
U. K. Nightman 101 Flank Webb ..H5
Waring llil Mynheer IM
Mimicry 101 MunomeUlllst. B.1
Fluke llil I'ninpadoura 1)3
HosaClark V I'nstUe BS
Betsy Jane II lid The Laurel bo
Hakhrat . . KH
Fifth llace Forthreo-year-olda that have run and
not won In 18f)H, weights 10 pounds below the scale;
$000 added, one mile;
8fr Hubert llSiCamotop 110
llnomaetua lie Mall Bag lis
Walt Not. ... UU Alnnlie nil
The Keutncklan .. . Hit Disturber lis
Mauluis Hi)
b.xth Bace For three year-nlda and overi non
wlunersof $760 In 1HBK. allowances; IHOO added;
one mile and a alxteentb
Eateca I2A Capt. tlgabee 114
Lansilale llil TI10 Burlington Boute 114
Apprmal U4,hlrkwood lie
Orry Jacques 114
At Chicago.
CniCAOO, July IB. The racing at Hawthorns to
day waa without apeclal feature. Oypceirer, the
outsider, won the stteplechaae and Hearing added
another to his list of recent itctories. Bummaryi
First Bace Six furlonus Lew Kraft, lu7 (Urer
toui, 7 to 1 won; Ladr Elite, 1U8 (knight), 8 to 1,
second, Itnsa Dish, 104 A. Booker), eo to 1, third.
Time, 1 144
Second Kme-Seven furlongs Al Lone, 113(Nutt),
4 to 1 won, Loyalctta, 107 (Gray), to 1, second,
Isen, 101 Beaucbainpi, IM to 8, third Time, 1 27t.
Third Bace One and ouo-o,uarter milea Deenng,
87 (flick,, V to 10, won, Honey Boy. 1)4 (Seatoni, 7
to 3. aerend; Monk Wainian, 110 Butttr). 4 to 1.
third Time, . 07'. '
Fourth Baie -Hteoplechase, short course Oyp
eelrsr, 182 (Mcllugh), 15 to I, won, Chenler. 147
to Brieiii, eien.eeoqnd; Zufalllg, 143 iKldd, H to 1,
third. Time, 3ilwH.
Fifth llace-Bevea furlongs Periwig, 114 (Over-
ton), 10 to 1, won: Fair Daeetvar. 110 (Nntt), 7 to 1,
second; Tony LecaUl, 107 (llahn), B to 1, third.
Time, 1 138)4.
HDlith Race On mile Semper Kadetn, 08 (It.
Wilson), 4 to 1,-won; Bon Jour, J01 (Mathews), 2V4
to 1, aecond; Lord Zenl, 110 (Everett), 10 to 1,
third. Time, 1)404.
At St. Louis.
Bt I.ocis, July 18. Dellghtfnl weather and six
events drew a large attendance to the fair groimda
this afternoon. Tiack fast and betting lirlak. The
fourth race furnished a sensation. The Calm
Brothers bad two horsea entered, Verify, the favor
ite, rarrlng the colore nf Abe, while Fauaturo, a 8
to 1 shut, raced for J. Cahn. After fiddling for over
thirty minutes tho field got away, Fauaturo winning
easily, with Verify a poor third. The cry went nt of
crooked riding and the Judges were asked tn declare
all bets oft, but tliev did not Interfere. Hiiinniaiiesi
First Km 1- One mile Tragedy. I on (T, Burns). 1 1
tor., won. Guide Bock, inn (Jenkins), 7 to 2, aoc
011.I. Alleviate, 107 (Couley), 8 10 3, third. Time,
1 124.
Seioud Bace One mile and three sixteenths
Judge Hteadinau 104 (Jenkins), r. to 3, worn Chi
mum, ut iFrost), 4 to I, second; Trimmer, HO IT.
Burns), 2 to I, third. Time, 2 11314'.
Third Bace rive furlonas Alloe Turner, 10H
(Couley), 11 to r., won: Lady Curaon, 10H (Uolden), u
to 1. ari-otid; Miss Uae Day, 108 (Froatl. 8 Ui 1,
third Time, 1:02(.
Fuiirth Ilaee His. furlongs Fausliiro, lOOiHourk),
tl to I, Mum Our Gertie, 107 (Jenkins), 11 to 8, sec
nnd. Verify, 10B (Conleyi, B to 10, third. Time,
Fifth Bace-Ona mlle-Qo to Bed, B5 (Frost), 8 to
1, won Pat Murrlasey, BB (T, Burns), 12 to I, sec
ond. Fireside, 100 iSoutbard), 3 to I, third. Time,
Htiili Hace One mile and 20yarde La Josephine,
107 iJeuklns), a to a. won; lied l'lrate. 112 (Conleyi,
10 to 1. aeoond: Be True. 117 (GUniure), 5 to 2,
third. Time. 1:444.
At Fort Brie.
Fort Erit, July 18. There waa a fast track al
Fort Erie to-day and It waa a good day for the books.
Summary 1
First Bace One mile Bklllman, BB (MoOuade), 8
to 1, wou; Rotnerdem, 10H4 (T, walker), 4 to 1, seo
niul. Tony llonlng, B8 (Boland), 13 to ("., third.
Time. U40H.
Second Race F!ve-lghthe of a mile Larkspur, 100
(Valentine), to 1, wont Llrrio McCarthv, loaX
(F.. Hames), 10 to 1. second, Statlr, IDS IT. Oard
neri, eren, third. Time, 1:01 H.
Thlrd Bace Three-iiuartera of a mile Tlllee, 10B
(Hann), 15 to 1, won, ileum Kratr, 110 (E. James),
r, to I. second; Duke of Mlddlebnrg, 110 (Powers), 1
to 2. third. iTlms, 115.
Fourth Bace Hie and a naif furlongs Tyrlan,
lull (T. llnlandi, 24 to 1, won; Albert S., 108 (Pow
era), 7 to 1 second: Dumbarton, 107 (Songer), 4 to
I, third Time. HOW.
Fifth Bace one mile and an eighth OUIe Dixon,
107 1 1'. (lardner), 8 to 8, won: King Tlk wood, 105
(Valentine), 5 to 1, aecond, Teaamme Porter, 101
(Cheat), into I, third. Time, 1:5.1.
fiixtb Bace One mile Tim Meglbhln. 104 (T. Mar
tin,. H to n, won; Cynthia If . MM iBolaud). r. to 1,
second, Shleldbearer, 100 (Valentine), 10 to 1, third.
Time, 141,
Dunraven Deaten on the Turf by Pierre
Spttial Cabte Uetpatch tn Tht Bun.
Lohdow. July 13, The race at Newmarket
to-day for tho Midsummer Stakes of GOO sov
ereigns, added to a sweepstakes of 60 sover
eigns each for starters for three-year-olds,
one mile, was won by Y. Lorlllard's Dominie
II , ridden by Sloan, who bcatLord Duuraven's
Morgante. ridden by Maddon.
Moth Miller rncea n Fnsl Mile at Rradrllle.
BEAnvitM, Jrdy 18. Moth Miller's mile In 3 07M
waa the speed feature of the third day'a racing here
to dav nls victory was popular, as he was bred and
Is still owned br Col. John K lhajer, Presldnt of
the New Eugland Breedera' Association. In tho
second heat of the 2:lil trot Timbrel fell down In
the third nuarter and Con Withers went over him.
The latter'a drlier. Jamea Golden, was severely
shaken up The racing throughout waa of the hlgh
estilsss flmnmailea:
218 class, trotting; two In three heats; puree
Red Weed,ch.g..byTouchsTone(IIInckle).4 3 11
Nilitis. h. g. iBoycel 0 13 2
Siirptte.li.m (Gilbert) 1 7 11 8
Timbrel, br. g. (Paige) 3 H 4ro.
Cilitablle, b. m. iPojie) 0 4 8ro.
Learh Boy. br. g (Payne) M 3 tro.
1 on Withers, h. g iGoldenand Deinarest) rt n 7 ro.
Casseltun br. g. Bviwne) 8 8 dr.
Time-2 14f, 2-13V4, 2115, 3 1HH.
3:10 clsss, pacing: tuo and three heats; purse
M, tli Miller, ro. g., by Alcantara (Trout) 1 1
Flirt, hik. Ill 'Renlckl 3 3
Woodshed, ch s (Sterling) 8 3
Castliten, br, (Garth) 4 4
Ftsionio, cr. g (Bowen) 5 5
Arlington, b. g. (irNell) 8 0
Fiperauza. 1). s (Datcnmbi. , ills.
Time 2IU71, 2:0Si.
2 20 class, trotting; two In three heatat purse
If out
Li ceo, blk, a , by Bonnie Boy (Ethridge) 1 1
Glory, ch g. (Carpenter) 3 3
Mikado, b. g. iTrout) 4 3
T.ibnr, br. g. (ilntcomb) r, 4
I mi. br. in. il'aynei a ,5
..umber F.ight. b, g. 'Main) 8 H
1'rinci Otto, b. (Allen) U 7
Kllilun, b. m. (Young) 7 B
Alcy a., b. m (l)avlsi 10 H
Uodiiey J., b. g. (Isabell) 8 dl
Lvdy Andover, b. m. (Turner) dla
Time 2:164, 2M4V4.
3 17 class, pacing; two In three beata: purse 500i
Journejnian. br. s , byPrnilU'al (O'Sell) 3 1 1
Mercury Wilkes, ch a. (Palmer) 1 4 4
liana, g m. (Young) . . 0 3 2
Joe Pilot, b. g. iKllborn) 8 .1 n
Marjorle.b. m (Kerrlck and Titter) 8 8 n
Oeorge K.,b.g. (Bcgtrs) 4 8 8
Tlmo 2:MH. 2:14i, 2-1BH.
Turf Notes.
DrTnnrr, July 1 3. The harness racea at Highland
Park to-day were postponed by rain.
Baoivaw, July 13. The harness races to-day were
postponed until to-morrow on account of rain.
Miniii ktiiivi, July 13 The match race between
Joe Patchen and John H Gentry will take place on
the Goshen Driving Park's half-mil track on
Wednesday, Aug. 23. Thin occurs during the meet
ing of the Orange county circuit. The circuit opens
in this city on Aug. h and continues hi re until Aug.
11. The seiond weok's rsces will bo h-ld at port Jer
via aud the third and closing week at Goshen.
The Sew York and Nilson Lodge cricket olubs
played an Interesting game at Prospect Park yester
day, where the former gained an eaiy victory by 48
runs. W V. Ungues and A. K, Smith made a good
atand fnr the winners, the former putting on 37 aud
the litter 23 r J. Loiighllnaud A. G. Hhlugler also
made double flgurea for ?iew York, while the best
work for Nelson Lodge waa done by B, W. Powell
and 11. G. Humphreya. The score
klw yohk c. c. srtsos 1lrKIR c. n.
A. E. Smith, c. Mara, b. W. Mara, c. Shlngler, b.
Harris 33 Hughes 8
C Brers, b, Harris ... 1 11. W. Powell, b.Talter
W 1 . lliuhea, b. Hum- nail 13
phreya 37 II, O. Humphreys, b,
F LoiiKlillti. c. Hum- Hughes ., 10
phreya, b Armltage 11 R. PArnham, c. Ham
W. Hammond, b. Hum- 1 Bond, b Hughes... . 4
phreys OH.Thouipsou.c. Hughes,
11 Landau, b. Hum- b Tatternall , 3
phreya 0 J. Blundoll, b. latter-
II Tattereall, b. Artul- roll 1
tag! . . . 3 F, Chadwlck, 0. Hara-
Dr. Hornby, b. Arml- mnud. b Tattersall . O
tage l'W.Armitage.c. Htighea,
A. Bourne, c. Mara, b. b. Tattiraall ,, O
Humphreys .. .. 3 J. Clouting, not out. .. 7
A. Hinedley, b. nnm- III. Newman, b. Tatter-
phreva Oj aall 0
A. G. Shlngler, b. Arml- A. Harding, b. Tatter-
tsge ... 11' sail ,. O
G, W, Barnes, not out , 1 :T. W. Ilarrla, b. Tatter
Byes 3' sail 1
iByea 1
Total 93
I Total..- 45
Baseball Notes.
B. Meyer. Tea.
The Kutley A. C will guarantee expenaes to any
pood team for July 15 and 22. Addresa E, T.
Humphrey, Secretary, Nutloy, N, J.
The Crescent Jr.'s would like to arrange gamea
with teams averaging 14 yiars. Address Edward
Martlnc, .15 Atlantic aveuuo, Brooklyn.
Tho Ashford Juniors would like to arrange gamea
with trains averaging HI years. Address Oeorge
Uagerty, Jr., 1255 sterling place, Brooklyn.
B. and O Profesaionala alwaya hold tho bal with
right hand above the left I' . 'eg right handed,
ami left baud above the rl H 'st' " left-handed,
Tho Arlington Baseball ( t t. lnlformed, would
like to arrange games "h tesma averaging It)
years, the Klmoros preferrt Addrcan H. Maraland,
2iim Spencer atreet.
Bt Monica'a Lyceum has Jnlv 15 open, alao a few
dates In August for strong teams offsrlng a suitable
guarantee Address P. J. Daly, Secretary, 82B East
Klgbty-foiirth street.
The Carteret A. C would like to arrange a came
with a stroi g amateur team on the Carteret Grounda
forJuh 15. Will guarantee expenses. Address B,
W de Wilton, Carteret. N J.
The Chicagos, who have Just taken two out of
threo games fiom the BoHtons, will play at WashtDg.
ton park thla afternoon Burua'a men are playlug
the b, t ball of all the Western tctms.
The Imperial Baseball Club of Woodharen would
like to h ar from a atroug tiaui offering a eultabls
guarantee Alerts, Borough A. !'., and Emplree pre,
ferred. Address F F. Kegreiss, Jamaica, N. V,
nCAnusLK, Pa., July 13. To Interesting gamea of
baseball were pla)cd on the Dickinson College ath
lctie grounds to-day bitwerii the Carlisle and Oham
bursbtirg teams 'Die first g.ime resulted In favor nt
Carllali ly K to o. The second game stood 1 Carlisle,
4, Chsmbersburg. o.
The Barnards of Brooklyn, owing to their grounds
being cut up Into building lots, hare been coin,
pelled to cancel all their home games. Will play
otit-of tomi aeml professional teaina olTerlug a fair
guarantee. Addriss William Weldman, Sixth ave
nue aud Pacific street, Brooklyn.
Manager Campbell of the Borough A. C. aaya the
dull has not cancelled all Its liumo dates There
will be no more Saturday gamea plvyed there, but
Sunday games will take place at Borough Park. A
fiiw Smela) a are open for flrst'Clasa teams. aUo Sat
urday a 1or out of.ton n games, teams ofirriug a suit
able guarantee preferred.
Baai'ball at Orange Oval, once unprofitable, la
flotinahlng thla aeasou. The team rrprratntlng the
association Is playing a clean, snappy, aportaman
like game, and tho croa da are turning out In auch
huiiihcia that expenses will b more than paid,
3lany pureons who have turned their backa upon
the National Iaguo gamea because of the disgust
ing tactica of the rowdlea go to Orange to aeo their
favorite game played without riots and brawla.
Bear The Bun In Mind
When again you have aomethlng first claaa in
"Horses and Carriagea" for sale or exchange. You
ran reach udm readers through ao other dally pub
lication. .adv.
orncrAra or tub u a. ir. avnritiann
They Contend Thnt He Sllsconatriiod the
Nldewalk Law The Htorm of Wednesday
Night Damsiei tine nf the Coney Ialniul
Pnth World's Clinnipliinelilp Hcheilttle.
The deolslon of Judge Bchatr. of Mount Ver
non In the case of Sebastian Durr, who was
nrrcsted for riding on n sidewalk and dis
charged with tho comment that tho law per
mitted him to do so, has caused general sur
prlso and Indignation among the local leadnrs
of the L. A. W Several of tho League offi
cers are lawyers, and therefore declined
to havo tholr remarks iiuoted In criti
cism of a Judge, but the sentiment is
that the Judgo misconstrued tho law and
disparaged tho caip-e of cyclists by saying that
"Under this new Ian ncyollst can do nlmost
nuythlng on earth " Tho law prohibits side
walk riding, but stipulates that a beaten path
unlnipiovcd by tho city or town Is not a side
walk. Tho law was designed to prevent coun
try constables ftotu arresting riders found on
a mero trail at tho roadside. Judge Huhatr. is
le ported as saying that he acted under an
other law. Tho only other law touching such
matters Is. the sldepnth bill, providing forthu
building of evele paths by thu wheelmen nt
tholr own oxpense and tho Issunnce of
llcenso tags to riders desiring to uso such
pntlis, Tho llcenso tags do not permit thn
holder to use uny sidewalk reserved forpodes
trlnns. Chief Consul Holding nnd Secretary
Treasurer Hull both say that tho remark of the
Judge wns without wnrrant anil that not ono
of tho laws passed last winter grants any priv
ilege" to riders to uo the sidewalks. Ex-I'resl-dent
Potter and J. 11. L'hloor tho Htato Hoard,
who are both lawyers, statoef that they know
of no law such as Judge Schatr. described.
The poor foundation of the upper part of
tho westerly cycle path to Ooney Island was
brought out glaringly by tho rnln of Wednes
day night Hetwoen Prospect Park and Church
avenue, where the llrst trolley line crosies
the lloulovnrd, the top dressing of crushed
stone was largely washed uwny and barn
brown earth was the surface offered to
riders yesterday. On one section thu mud
wits so heavy that men wero at work
with hoes scraping It Into heaps to bo carted
nvvny, the same as was belngdono nt the plara.
The macadam roads suffered from the rain, tha
dilt being wii'hi'd nvvay so that the stones pro
ject and tnako rough going for bicycles. The
country roads wore nil heavy with mud yester
day, but should be dry before Sunday unloss
there uro moro heavy rainfalls.
Anew lesson was given to local riders on
Wednesday evening by a woman who was
caught In the storm. She was 11 stylish-looking
ildor nnd wore n skirt of white duck When
the llrst drops fell she dismounted and from a
small parcel on her handlebars unfolded an
J'.uglish waterproof poncho, having loops in
side for tho thumbs The garment fell well
over the handlebars In front nnd reached down
to tho dresBguurd behind. Tho severity of the
storm waB not enough to distract attention
fiom lior. I'or the riders unfamiliar with the
customs of Kngllsh cyclists. It seemed as If this
wheelwomun had removed herilressand tied It
nbout her neck The whlto duck skirt show
ing beneath tho poncho fnvored this Impres
sion In lln gland It Is aommnn for wheel
women to go out nlways thus Provided for a
hummer shower, and the men curry waterproof
capes. A well-known Herman business man
sasho has nought In many places for these
capi"., and aNo for a diamond frntno wheel with
mud guards on It. but has been unable toobtntn
either lie thinks that Atnerienn riders will
not show themselves ensbo until they adopt
mudguards, and go nlwas provided with a
wnterproof cape. Cyclers In this country ob
ject to Increased weight nnd dislike to carry
anything thnt Is of only oeenslonul use. Drakes
hive these same prejudices to overcome, but
the signs Indicate that the Hnutlumnt is chang
ing, nnd It tuny need mil) n few such examples
as that furnished by the woman with the
poncho to convert many to the English Idea
of being always prepared.
The only racing In this vicinity to-morrow
will be the meet of tho Atlantlo .V. A nt Mnn
hitfin Ileai'h The event of the day will boa
twetity-flve-iulto paced nice thnt will b differ
ent fiom anything ln-ietuforo seen In this lino,
in thnt there will be three competitors, Harry
Kikes, Hums Pierce, and Karl Stevens. Kach
man will use two motnr cycles, nnd nil will
stnrt from the same mark Chief among the
other races will bo a "best-two-ln-throo"
innich at a mile between F. L Krunier of the
Harlem Wheelmen ami W !'. Wahrenberger
of the Greenwich Wheclmon.
The schedule of events for the world's cham
pionship meet nt Montreal, Aug. 7-V under
the auspices of the International Cvellsts' As
sociation has been, made up. The champion
ship ovonts will be as follows:
Amateur Ono mile, short distance: 100 kilometre-,
long distance. 1'ach countr proiides nia
chlle s and pacemakers toae'lst Its oun iih n. hither
human or uieclunlcsl pacing ma) boused, learn
r , tenuis nf nut moro than four, oier a ilihtancu of
file kilntiietree.
I'r,,ti i-slonal One mile, short distance: 100 kilo
metres long distance, slth pacemakers lor etch
rider. Chain p!oui.hip match, ono u. ,1c, o),i 11 only
to t) wimirr cf tho one-milo amateur aud one
lilllo profosbtonal.
Tho nitlonnl amateur championships of the
N. ('. A will bo decided at a two dnvs' meet nt
llerkele Onion Aug 2," and 2f There will
be n iiu.irter-mlle. thlrd-nf-n-nillo. h.ilf-mtK
one two nlnl flvo miles, one-mile tan loin, and
nisi a mlildlo-dlstniieo single race The plnn
of deciding the championship will be different
from what it was in the L, A. V Inst vt'ir. where
the winners nt ths various dl-tnnees less than
0110 iniioqunlilled for the one mile, nnd tln win
ner of that raeo received the title 01 champion.
In the V C A the points system will prevail.
5 being allotted to tno winner, !l to the wcond
man, '1 to the third man. and 1 to the fourth
man. in on"h of tho events nt whatever dis
tance up to tho concluding one mile. The
winner of the most points In all will be de
clared champion. The tandem and middle
distance races will be independent of the
sprint contests.
The regular outing run of the Madison Wheelmen
for neit Sunday will be a "duck " run, ao called be
cause tho destination will be a duck farm near llu
f:uenot Be ich, Maten Ulvtid, and because duck will
ie the principal article nn the menu lor dinner. Tho
start will be from the clubhouse at 8:30 o'clock tn
th, morning.
By a 1 oiirt decision the Oreenwlch Wheelmen of
Abingdon B.juarc have iloteated tho secoding mem
bers, who urguuircd .1 aci'imd club under that name
on Klidtth avenue. The lourt onlers the surrender
of the charter to the original club.
At the si ml annusl 1 lei lionnf the Plaza Wheelmen,
held on I iicsday night, the following onteers were
elected for Mi months Frank Johnson, President:
John Ksler, Vice President 1'eterN Banka, Financial
Hoeretar Williaii Cull, Beconllng secretary;
Thomas itooucy, Treasurer. William Ksler, Marshal,
William Carter, Captain. Anthony McGreeiey. First
Lieutenant Jatue II Cutr, H-cml Lieutenant,
James Panatt. Color Bearer, llobert Henderson, As
sistant Colnr Bearer John t'filer. Bugler.
The Bowling drt-en Wheelmen nill start at 3
o'clock t'eniorrow afternoon for a ride to Glen
wood, I, I., where thej mil spend Hunday, leaving
for New York at 5 o'clock tn the af tf moon.
On Saturday night Arthur fnimi rman will hold
his third race meet of the seaon at the Aabury Park
Athletic Grounds, where in lsfl5 the national meet
races of thn 1. A W. were held. The third of a mile
track has been Iltte.l w lib 1 lectrlo lights. Several of
the piominent professional who do not compete at
Buflalo on Saturday will race.
NewronT. July 13. The olghteen-holee.ourae
at the Newport Golf Club has been completed
and a plan of the links has been posted In the
clubhouse. The mcmhorsbellovothatthey have
one of the finest nnd most picturesque courses
In the country Thn circuit Is fi.llrtil yards, a
trille over threo miles, but ono takes n good
four-mllnwalk to cover It. The nt uino holes
are 2.(17(1 vnrds and tho second L',707 yards.
Although the bogle scoro remains the same ns
of old. the length of the course Is materially
changed. The nominating committee lint
posted the following nomltintlnns for ofllcers:
President. Buchanan Wlnlhrop; Vlce-Prealdent,
William 11. Travers, Governing Committee, to serve
until iwil. llobert I. (lauimell. John Bolt, Victor
Hun-ban, AftlutrT. Kemp aud George Piabody Wet
mure. OnEEVwicn. July 13 - Tho soml-flnala and
finals of th wonuin's hnndlcnp for tho F, if.
Norton cup were plnyed at the Fairfield County
(lolf Club to-day Those who qualified In yes
terday's game wero Mrs. E. ?i. Norton. Miss
Janet She. Ion, Miss Iluth linker and Miss Pot
ter In thn scml-llnals this morning Mrs Nor
ton defeated MissHheldun h 4 up ami. 'I to go,
and Miss linker beat Miss Potter by 4 up and 'J
to go. Tho final was Played this itltornoon and
Miss Baker won tho cup, defeating Mrs, Nor
ton by 3 up and '2 to gu.
Thn second nnd lat thirty-six holes of the seventy-two
lioln four-ball home-and-home match
with Walter J Travis of Oakland nnd " liavn"
Hunter. Its professional, opposed to James A.
Tvng of Morris County nnd Hnltusrol and
lllie Anderson, professional, with thn latter,
will bo played next Wednesday ut ll.iltusrol.
Tim first half was played over thn li.iy Hide
links nn June 21 and ended with honors even.
1'iillowors uf tho Oakland pair expect Travis
nml Hunter to show up well on the Hhort Hills
ccnirso The change of locality will not affect
Travis's playing, as he is familiar with the
Hnltusrol course, and the Improvement In the
form of the Oakland champion should offset
any disadvantage that Hunter may encounter
011 account of his unfamlllarlty with tho course.
The weekly contest for women (or the
Adolph De Harry oups at the Ilaltusrol Golf
Club will bo played to-day Instead of on Thurs
day At the Staten Island Orloket and Baseball
Club to-day there will be a mixed foursome
Another four-ball foursome took. p!ao-th
proohliw aih'frtturmtii.ij. gtooMnn Q&vtxtttmtntt. 4
"Iramrl 2.00 Suits for $8.00
pr $15.00 Suits for s.O.00- j
' 20.00 Suits for $13.50-
Tin's statement, when made by an irresponsible firm, amounts to
nothing when made by Browning, King & Co., means just , (
what it says. In order to dispose of our stock of Men's Sum
mer Suits in the shortest possible time we give you your choice
of any business Suit on our main tloor (Men's Department), at
the following reduced prices:
SUITS, formerly $10.00 nnd $12.00, NOW . . . 9S.OO
SUITS, formerly $13.50 and $15.00, NOW . . . lO.OO
SUITS, formerly $16.50 to $20.00. NOW . . . ISl.",, j
These are of this Spring's make, all wool, and worth every dollar ,
of the prices formerly charged for them ; but we propose to open j t
next Spring Season with an entire fresh stock, hence this great '
sacrifice. j
We are closing out our entile line of Children's Wash Kilts at j
50 cents on the dollar. . J
FUtowSt, coKiDcKalb Ave. , "
BroolS-lyii, 3ST. 5ZT.
Cnlcb V. Smith, Manager. 'n
KEMRMIlKIt, our Btoro closes Saturdays (luring July and August ut 5 P. Bl, '
i .. . , .
3fimrt,smrin'jJ uoitji.
Men's Outfitting
Devoted exclusively to Men's Outing
Wear. Clothing for Cycling, Golf,
Base Ball, Bathing and Track Ath
letics; also Shoes for all of the
sports. Popular prices prevail. Only
reliable goods, and these marked at
a small, tixed margin of profit. The
Spalding Policy of demanding that
every article in this department must
be Spalding Quality meets with uni
versal approval.
A Few Specials for
Friday and Saturday
Complete Bicycle Suit, Golf Cuffs, $2.50 '
Navy Serge Coats, Extra Quality, . . 3.00
Check Cycling Breeches, Golf Cuffs. 1.50
Odd Cycling Coats, Extra Value, . . 1.50
Crash Cycling Shoes '. 1.00
Scotch Hand-Knit Cycling and Golf
Hose 50
Striped Jerseys, High Collar, ... .95
Fine Cycle or Golf Suits, Imported ,
Goods 5.00
Bathing Suits 1.00
Bathing Trunks 25 1
Golf Shoes, Coats, Breeches, etc. '
AVjoto cooda st downtown store only. Store closes
Saturdays at 1 o'clock.
1.6. Spalding & Urns., I Spalding-BldvTell Co.,
130-130 Nassau 3U I 29, 31. 3S V. 42d St.
I ' " ,
Crnivfords, Preino,
Wolfi-Amorlcaos, Aacot,
Harries. Klondike,
Stearns, Wlsnrd.
Iliintere. ,
4fe A DOWN
or Proportionate Monthly Paymenta.
Eanitat)le General ProYiflln Co.
.. c e. o. r. co.")
K8TAI1I.I8HED 1801.
3D Broadway (Columbia Bide )
1123 Broadway (Townsand HMi, 25th st)
1ST Montague at. (Brooklyn.)
Open Monday and Friday Erealncs. B
other Jay nt Hnltusrol between W. A. Lnrnnil
nnil I.. H. Ornlintn. nml 11. K. Tolor nnil 1, I'.
llnynrd. Jr Tim cml of tli llrst thlrty-K
linlfs left Ilnyitrit nnil Tnler In thn load, lut t
lirnhain nnd I.nrnoil iron th second half, sun
tlilnl match will he iioeessnry to snttletlm
question of superiority, ll.iyrtrd nnd Tolr
iinvniMit'rnd togothar for the foursomes nt
Tho Marine and Held Club paddles, who de
feated ihoso nt Pyker Mendow recently In a
tonmiiiiili'lib) '.'1 In 4. will Koto Dykor .Meadow
on Monday for n return mutch
Work nt tho recently oriranlred Hacken
sni'k dolf Club Is iMini: forward satisfactorily,
and llendelow. the professional who is snper
ilslntr the work, snld yesterday tint he ex
ponteil to hnvo the course ready for the formal
openlnif bv Labor 1M The membership Is
now lfiii. nnrl. besides coif, there will be com Is
for tennis and, lu winter, a pond for skatiiik'
Wa Wn In the Iad from Start to Finish.
Newtoiit. July 13. Tn the raoo this eyenlnir
between tho thirty-footers, Reginald Brooks's
Wa Wa was tho winner by fifty-four seconds
over the Vaquoro III. The race was failed
over a trlancular course of seren miles, twice
over. The wind was from tbs west and quits
stroiic The first leicwasa beat and then two
reaches. The Wa Wa led from the start, but at
the end of tho llrst round the Carolina was see
ond, only to loso It to the Vaquero III. on tho
wind With the exception of the ABnhtallthe
boats were sailod by their owners. Hummary:
Start. finttk. Timt.
Ytieht and Owner, b. u. a. n. u. a. B. h. a.
WaWa, B Brooka a 21 00 5 U S3 l so 3d
Vaquero III.,Il.B.Daryea.8 31 oo fi 13 80 1 61 SO
Carolina, P. Jonas... ...... a 31 00 6 1 08 1 o3 08
Asahl, L.Wanaa.-.-... 31,00 6 110 X IS
liortsmnn's (Gootli.
Opn ICifry M'nlni I Oi.ii nsl Fi.nlnil.
MU Oritur rill-d In at Hoars. m Cstslftrns Fr-s i
S Two DaysjofClotbinc " Snaps i
VVg Hose Specials. ? , ' 1
S fsaePs Ksefl A- larco ussortinont of
i KKSJriSifl.' all-wool hosn. with plain i -' ,5
WH I'ti3 and tltfured lees, lu all j
S KSJ pm colors, with genuine S m
1 V&Cl Wi& Eni:IlshtoiHofequlsltn C J
C fPJl iWt ileslirns. Btrletly 1rt ?
$ S uiorly75o s f
' ffltX W()ItSTr.l)HDHn.val- V J( '
y ;s"r " "'' ' ' ''c ar"' ? , i
New Ventilated Caps
J of due crash, with f
J the new patent -njjoS5. t '1
lentllatlncienms, raSfC(52st'2V a j
S ?vherre'; here 23c ESSS
S bZf Fine Summer Jerseys ? 'f
K ' P"ro worsted, In solid ? Ijcr
-fsi- colors, with strlpsd eollnr. c ii5f;
? ig?1 ij cuITsiindHkirt Thenentest, ? St'
S .fri ""ii coolest, most eomfortnble J Jjf
t eyf lT vacntlon unr- d 1 rr ( 'a i:
5 Eiiii I Bike Shoes, i ,
S all that shoeB should be: m
perfect lit, durable, fT"! ' ml'
f handsome nnd easy, f'J 4 r R
J a J'J 50 shoo for S(Zi2 .-l ' j
t nnd HU.IS. !
i " Uwanta" Hammock Chair I S
J dies all the swlnir and comfort of a ham-
V mock yet retnlns all the elo- t -f fin P
I Kaneo of a chair: easiest fur .n 1 l It I J
S rendlnuor leellnlnn p JJ J j
Notn unr EXACT STltl!i:T NUMflEUS. $
r mid licsinre nf Intltiitois illsplnylni; r je
S iMTitioit .turn i, in Mt mr aiivi:k- s U
r tisi:i I'ltirKN. kmokks. f if
Built of the heit attalnabla material, by tho bit
iDfchniitcB hold to the rider fit aa honMt profit. t v
Eay running, eltnple, tUncli, Who could aak
for more ? '
I., p. iKir.T.otvr.i.1., ('HAS. IIIUISIT, '
an.'Nij cKNTiur, PAi.irE, x t rem. Eich.. fJ
n. iusRr.LT, k co.. An tiom:i-.hh. (j1
12 Alurraysi. aud lr, Part plu' .w lork. f3
rniDAV, .iri.v mth r i in o cluck. a
LAIUti: ANll Dlin.HI.i' MUU I Ml.M fJ
mi vt'i.ns. jg
Wheels now un cililbitlon, 4
A KEU l.r.0. HAlCII'llKIH m-j.lMlup. I 5
llANOVl.K I lltl. CO., IS4 K. 33d. I 'j!
die tTurf. ji
RAHLCQ Daily at 2:30 P.M. H
ilMUlCd Kin. or shins I Jl
Oourcrt by Lander Take uny consy Island rout, is
Tale and nnrrrtnl Atliletra lln Light Work
at l'restfin I'nrk.
Fpenal Carle Itetpatchn rn Tils- Him. i i!
BmnnTON. July IM. The Vain and Harrard ,!
athletes who are to cnmpetn with a (earn from , "
Cnmbrlduo and Otford had their flrM praetlca 'I
on KnL'llsh soil this nfternoon fter luncheon .
Mr Wendell. Clialrman of the Athletic Com- I
mltlee of the American universities, nldressed ,
the combined teams nt the I,,t,l Melropolo ,3
nud outlined ths plan of work lor ihe comlnif -l
ten days. At I o'clock the m"ii. win, were lm-
patient for enerelse, wero lal."ii lucarrlaRei
to Preston 1'ark. Their trainer thnimht It ad- ' U
vlsable to pr"serlbe liuht woilc, and the men ii
were restricted to short runs on tho turf Inslda i
the circle of tho cinder trnek ' 'j
The chance of air has as et had no appro- '
clable erfect on the American nnd nil aro In I ,
excellent condition. To-nleht. by Invitation, , , ;,
they will attend llarnum A Ilalley's show. To-
morrow Capt. T 11. l'lsher and Ulxon Hoard-
man, both of Yale, who w. II eompeto with tha t
Knellslimen In tho iiuarter-mllo run, will pro j -i
to London to praetl"o nn the Queen's Parle '
track lu older io accustom themsolres to tha ,
turns The others will remuln at Brighton )
until Salur, lay, when all will co to Loudon for Ij
a few day-' work. 'j
Boi'tiumiion, July 13. Tho Yalo and Hap.
vurd UiuiurBitT athletes, who arrived on board i
tha steamshln Ht. Louis last evenlnc, wera '
heartily cheered upon leorlnB th station for '
Brighton this morning.
BMaaavtsA tttmoM as TaoAOt'lTOUS. ioC ' 1
alra.Ha. UlafsL'VUaa, 1Tllw aoaeta. U
ISSaFftor Bites , .

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