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I . ""' THE 'SUN,' TRIDAY, JUlflT" l$ri899. ; ' 7 '!
r Ml.41 TO ACT I'BPaM.I.V w s;-
, jum r iMi'L'nn """ arot'hs.
Anil TliM Inmlirs Disposing of tlir Cnntiol
I ' f Mm Nrw iorU Hecurltj nnd Irusl Colli"
I pail? Nritlmnil Itr llnnk 1 ollm Mnnt
Ly I lull "o l'nlrrlillit nnd lilt l'rlenilt.
liii ip ire two lntorostlnc points lnoloil lu
tlipiletirmlmition of tho Now lorkMfo Insur
, , iiiratir to sellout ull Its IniestmonUln.
onr) rut" (-toi'ki ainl to purclian no inoro of
;,-h viirltios in the future, anil to innko no
ui r" 1 iaiif with "took a collateral
Oni" i-tlic fact tint tlioinoiemont li likely to
rlioP tl" V iv ork I.lfo a practical monopoly
of tin i ' iinuraiico business In l'russla no far
,, An,iTii"in companies are eonoornM. When
tin Aim n an companies ttoro ilrlien out a
(ett jeais bl'O. Prussia, wns a flettl of tremen
rt , itlw Iti tiiIuq Ih in great to-ilay It
TH- ,'Niitt"l yesterday tlmt the chlof object
,-!! miiny In prolillnK for tho sales was
t j. 'In in nopoly of this flelil.
S tin ... nil 1 InturestlnR point Is tho future
'. r ,,., ' Mi-' Vu-inrk Security ami Trust
J i i '1 lie Now lurk. .Security ami Trust
4 (.in olio uf the most prosperous of tho
I tii- ti.imos "f the country Its ill.
,1 v ,, '.it m it icarnero In the iicluhliorliooil
I ' ( i"ut It lias n capital stock of
i jl i i imiloil Into 10.0()) hImips, nml of
"t tho Sew ork I.ifa Insur.inco
jjm t i, v mis .".'tin), oi con9lderabl more
5J- th 1 1 r UiiiK Interest In the market
j t, v Mk 1-iiunteJ at OOO.hIx times Its
imuif in I it cannot bo bought tit that price
diir I tin hllil. former Hecrotary of tho
'lij- -v Ittli" I'n siilnntof tho truHtconipnny.
lull- i . iiTiipof tlioeonipauy Mr Fnlrchlld
IhIi"'ii.i - 1 1' r from the llrst nml his frlenils
d! , ri n ii lilm to i-ontliuie In control of It.
Ism" Milium, the 1'renlilt'iit of the Na
tion i i '. H.ii . tho hiirceit bank In the
5 rum tr is a trusti-n ( the trust com pan v
9 'IllF si" lein eJ jestenlay that one of the
J lalituii-is iiitiitii'olnitli 1'rvnltlviit htlllmau
i In th- I ii'lniiMif iIikoIiI Custom llouso alto
it hiil 1 1 n ii'Piiii'iiiJ Mltli ii proK)itlon to
I: jnmiwili it" t t'Ureha-w the control of tho
5 trut cuiiiiain 1 his (- n llcato, It Is under-
i il ik t I In i 'eil In Mr Htlllmau. ami Mr
lair hllsfrlenls ar not connei toil with It
Mr 1 nr hilit finMuls will. It Is understood,
I inn i-unll it" itn! the) will do their utmost
to cot tin- n'l Hint: Interest now held by the
Vl ik I ( When Mr Htiilman was seen
hi 1 1' I iter 'it I ill. his leiterday anil the
iiu t i ii iiinicd .it him ho Hiulli'danil
ami I hnt Is n in) loading iniestlnn." Mr
1 unli 1 1- i tru.tee of the New iork Life In
fiiriii ' ' ml nil li -Met all. the l'resldent
iftl'NeO rk 1 1 e, U a diuctur of thoNa
tlniii i in Hint,
lit i nrf th- ' ek must I sold to the hlch
tktlitlh't I i it-I I'-t h'atement tho insurance
loiuinv iaui ii the trust "umpntiy stock at
jlHsir.i i Hi t iimi'd In-$:i."iti a share Klx
hunlrel I" tits i .hare, the present price bid,
- lunld brine its inlini up to J'l.'J.I-l.iKK) and If
' tiio-in liciitei tr for It. It Is not iinllkeh that
It in I i"t tn" smvvnsfiil I'ompetltor ii meat
iIchI m ie thin th if Nil nil j Interested In
, either ! tin ir ued n iidlcites wnuhl talk
( 1 e-ter'lm - mid an) body connected with
I t tlitMn-.ui.ii it impani.
A !l' '" "" eiiu-nt of the action of the
m lloiid lii-i.'csnf the Institution company,
y ui lihis I riiitcdiii TiiKSfN jestculai tuorii-
' . x Ire wi i -i.rnrli-e in Wall stieit. and It ete-
rC ' at. I m "I ni: if i flurry for n little while.
K l're de t Mil ill of the Insurahi'o company
S w is to" in tliecltj (Ullenls nf the I iiultablo
w I'foanl'h Mtitml life tniile hnsto to deny
i- that their i ntnpinlns proposed fulloulnc tho
jfc lei I t the Neil Virk Life 1 lie 1'iiultnliln
. h ln eksi.f inimliicnf nearl) t.'U.OUiMKK)
lfFr ami the M Una nf n pir Milun of nearly $.10.-
fl ihhi hi nhil" th N"W York'sholdiints ore not
I 54 ii cmhiii Wiliam C Van Antwerp of the
I tl rm l hcinan A V in ntuerp nuiiln tho fol-
I liMiL'-'it in. ntthat s"iied tiiUiut tlilnes
fl 1 li in mi In s'is the market short on
B this mm mil cet l"Tt I'resl lent MeCnll told
in" la-t n unt tint Instead of throwlni; tho
coinian s ei tlr" In Mines on the market at
r& i nee th" tiut"is li.ni o'pnelnlly Rtlpultited
fc; tlutth" nli' shi'lbe sptend mer a period of
KB time "t"i .lu u in 1 i Moremor. the eom
Im rati) s entire h ildines of stocks do not ex
B ci"d 4 ihh i mi her is one of the other laruo
Wi HI" c ninnies nuns moio than $ III iiou otio
II Iksiles, tie. Sen ork Life's stoi ks are
I m. stl) thus.. ,f Sen .irk city banks nnd
, a trust c mi mi s iiith ten nr fifteen thou-
li Fsiul lnres, i Nnrthnest pteferred. and theso
Ifl nlll prnhnblj aM he distoseil of at prhate sale.
ft Mr Mci ,,il st.t, i (hit tho company hair tie.
fu ci l"'l ti t ilte this step liecnuse nf the ultra-
g conseriatiie- t ru t m KOiernlm; tho inveci.
RI ment nt l,f. m.i ri i funds, and hee uiso eer-
tiln f r itr ii icriiineiitK under w hosn juris-
(J illctiiin an I in I is meut the lompuii) mis
jt ilolnE I u.ines nhn it had silCKested filch ,i
I course sin "Mr Mi ill insum-d the 1'resi-
K ill nej i.f the untnii) t h,m not been in tho
I, mar.etf r si.iek iiuru.13 It made many loans
l on tln'e Hit, rii
H It i e ii ni d later ro the tiny that the New
p letk I f In .i-anco( ompnny had beon for a
fc jnnetinineoiii.iileiinc tho notion It has tnken
? The nutter was llnally referred tot ho Kxecutiio
Ccmitiitti o 1 1 the I! nrd of Trustees, and after
thii Im I studied the situation the made tho
foil 'w-tnp rupnrt to the full board-
ih" rxci'iitli.i Committeo beus leave to re
tort t th" bnud that the examination of tlm
I cotiiiijI i tii" Insurance Department of this
Nate an I the representatlies nf the I'russlnn
I ''"letnmeut Is tiiocf.'illni; sntlsfaotorily 1'ach
ft- tlenrtment h ImestlirntlnB for itsolf, nnd at
'1' frjsfnt tunothu jsihey rek'lsters. coierltiu
.ii i. M4 1 iine. ,ae I p,n compared with tho
yhiini s I, (the Insiuanco Department nnd
i correeteil t , the .Into or our Inst report to Mb.i
t m lhe i xnmin.itioii of titles to real estate
M I tn irtmues ami the nluatlon of the prop-
"'!, ," ."tiler wiy and will In enmplotetl
stent Im'i I i The lnninrablo reiiresentatiies
, or I rn-s i I, ue l.en illllcentli eiiKnireil In the
Iiiie-ticiitir.ii d theaitenei department mid Its
ccim t. and in tlieevaniinntionof thnsmeral
tiireius ml hi Us nf departments ns to our
" ts t I ni es i;niernln(r the ceneral
irsnsietKn f inr business It Is erv irratl-m-
a i",? l'"t th it. otiini! to our reEulntlons
Ifi " . ei ii in piiimenis, tno iimcers nine
i i! n '','', ' 'comply lery prompt!) ultlieieiy
iietniii 1 tlmt his lietti made upon them, and
tneextnitnltii; nfllciils liaio expressed sntls
fseti ni nith n hit they Ii ne fninid. nml for the
t'l" htioiis milun r in which their reiiuests
hue l." cmpllcl ulth Tin. Mlmtlon of
our s"e lnties i.-eemll iuirlionils.mil stocks
ene .Inn, that the total amount inluht
nimii., ti I, .tnsed to tho extent of scleral
m ps ' 1 1 c taken thei.iljes ns found in
tho ret iii,filinst .ek r.ielnnce nt the date
ei nn, iu. ir stnt "tnetit n are sure that
"i" tseri.itlu iction of tho company's ofll
cersm. ,tt with t, appinin! rf the htatonnd
I" Y f mot t rtllciilq
,, r irs i mi to th- liws and reo.ulrernents of
iri-sii th,. , i ii.ihio representatlies of th it
e-iii'iirr hine stiteil to the oftleers tint tho
owiii rsh't nf stocks, nhurotheie is.idoublella
'i ut I rth tin, nn not nccot table; that,
!n ' ' tin tin Tshlpof stock securities of nil
i us i th mi mi ti companies was objeitlom
i' ir m rtitme loans on unlnipiovcd or
i. i1 r '.' tii'MiropeiM.ni onfainis, cliurehes,
, '" " " Mires breweries, fiietorlesni nilnlni:
1 ' ,r i - f am description ulialsoeier, or
in ci i t, in the sei urltli sof Indiistilal en-trpr-.
s nnd tint In nil likelihood, a con
ri m ,iii, , pBsse( for dm fiermnn
rem i i (s ns well as lor thuso of other
r'iin'ries tr itis.n tint' business In Germany
i er in c the j issiu,, of mifi) nn net. nnd pur
fumt t., t, seiera! Interilens held with the
ni ' r. r the loiuir.n). It is deenioil bust to
fpr . . ,,, M.'vrs ru'es nnd icKiilatlons
'" ' i ni s position In telitlon tolniest
jn" t i n"ns and tn that eml It l reeotn
P1 I I tl lit ,i I y 'in be pnssod ilenerlblnc ths
f T I ii i ittiiii lenn these points "
i !, nn i i iposp,l hj tho L'xocutlvo Com
n"'i n i- ns f il r.ns
h I " 'nn lsof tli'seiimpiiiyslinllbo liiTested
' ?"'' k it r.iesteil In the folionlnc Interest or
j), J"'. " " ' ' irinc seeuntlos nnionit those por-
T?K mii, i i , ti,,, pioximons of the Insurance
Wrtl .? ,f,"i" s'ate nf New York, vlr In bonds
'M V i ' ''"' h,al( or of the Htate of New
iRi ' rk 'i' lids d an) county or Incorporated
V , "' S lt,,of N"w rls! I" I'onrts nnd
if m ni. ,,. on iniiirmcd, unlneumbereil nnd
I v 'V'l'f ''uelnif real proporty In tho Htato of
n "n ) ri, wort, rl() IM,r or.iitiim more than
II '"' ' iut loaned thereon; In bonds of
d ?," - imt Institution Incorporated under
fi I,! "'? "' ,hp I'nlted Ktates or any
M """ thereof, in bonds Issued bv any
ct ,nt) t ,n, illlnto or school district
M nl"1. .v" ' w yrk: In bonds of any of
m the s,,K , f t0 rltod Rtatc, T,. lnny
"" i" liiicsted on the pledore of anyof the
B 'v "ei unties 'lhe cotnpiny may further-
0 "j r I; lest the funds rennlied to meet Its
t, F1 '"' lu"irred In oth'T Mites of the
fj ,, , 'ut " r foreign countries anillueon
'ii 'i iiith ilm ans tliereot. In the sima
; t; ' 4 r hi, unties in such other States or for-
t n,J. i"',nf. ' are moildod In the Inns r.t
r '""e'ati of Now ork The cotup.inv may also
'ii mi tlm lodge nf Its on n pnllelcsof Insur-
?i ,,'""1l ft to exceed the reserve which It
t ii J' '.'.''' " ? "c1' pollcyand the acoumu-
1 v int thereof
Hut tins company shall not purchase, hold
i kmiii in) mortunKoloanaonunlniproiedor
m i ,'.' r'"'l'tlve property or on farms, hotels.
m i'n,, churehes, breweries, factories or
m me enierprlses of .my description whatso-
(1 i ,''"'"' "hall this oompany make any
1 ' , ' '"ytiuentH in what arn conimoiily
! ni a , .1 itrlal enterprises, nor shall this
urn iiitiiltlistnnillnir tho permission to
sin 'r In.iii on tocks, contained ill the in-
Hitiiii i laws i,' the htate of New York.
r i''i i iueieae Its holdings in such
i' i is, ,ut instead It shall annual-
I i I i ii 1.. it ti the nmotint of ttoeks
l in I the amount of stocks nM
f i' til sei urlti i to bo eildenced by the
I ' ij. meiith herejftermiidobvthlseoin-
: , , ', ' in the ;cnmpnnv'snnniinl statement
i ,', ' f-d in Hue im item of stocks owned
' , held as enll.iteral shall be Incliuleil
,' K . -,'.- '-"'ts rursuant to tho law of tho
1 ,, N "rk tho company shall not no-
L i ,u ' y "rchasoorothorwlse.nnyrealestate
except for the accommodation of Its business
or In satisfaction of dobts duo tliecompany."
At tho meeting of the trustoss nt which tin
eommltteo roportod the by-lawawns adopted
Prnctlcally as presented. The stocks that tho
New York I.lfo held at Its last annual statement
woro tliofollowlng.
Hi ansi IllesnJ Terr Ifsule ItallrotJ ' l.iaiu
Ci c.MIl sndHt. Psnl prsfmed . . tiaoij
hie Mil snitat l'siilonnmon , ooo
Clilrauo unit Nerlhwontern lUllrosd pref 10 000
Atch , Tup, tnilKsnti Fn It'jr Co prof lu 2r,0
tu V) n sn.l Jack , OsJ per cent., guar by
Ii H. and M B . j r,on
Pennylanla llallnad Co. . . , a 000
Hotithtrn Hallway t'o. preferred. l.Oou
allevlt llr. percent., guar L) D I,, and
" it it . r, qoo
Atnerlcsn Jicli. National Hank, N. Y 'hid
Merchant!' Natlnnal Hank New York l H7
National Hank of the Itepublie, N. Y , it
Hank nf Aineriia, Nw Yiirk ai
Central .National Hank, Nni York , l.ooo
New York Hei urlti hnd 1 nut Co., Now Yotk (,, mo
Marker nenbltt Coinpaii) 700
It I. hicli. and Aur. ltuoin I.lni , K Y . 10
In nclclltlnn to this tho e6mpany held as col
lateral for loans'
1,000 sharps of llroollyn City Itallfoait.
HI aharca of People a'lnlstCi, nr Urnoklyn
15 aharen of llauilltnn Trilal Co, of llrooklyn,
loo ahtiei of Aine Mean frleirraph and Cable Co.
ISO sharta of Moiiaullla National llnnk
JM) aharca of Chlcauo nml Alton llallroail
400 aharea of Y Irst National Hank nf Mamn. ria
10 shares of I'liiteilHtsteaMiirtiyure . Tnut Co.
10 uliarciof (tiiatantr Tnut Co of York.
ail sliatea of HUte '1 rust Co ef Nos York.
10 1 aharca nf Natloiml Hheo ami Leather Hank,
r.,li(si aharea if ttiilun I'aelflpprafcrred.
l.r.oo ahares of II, mi eertltlcates preferred.
In aharcauf Ni w York and Harlem Ilailrnad.
11 shares ofN , N .n.l Hartford Itallrosd.
n aharea of National Pirk Hank
1 1 no shares of Oreat Norlheru Hallroad preferred
These holdlncs. It will be seen, nre small
conipnioil with the stock holdlnus of tho tuo
chief iliulsof tho .now York Life, and being
small It I-possible to dlsposu of them to cap
ture thu I'nis.inn business.
1.1 1 r. juries ahovt tows.
"I am on my way to New Rochelle to gat
n look at !the Columbia," said a commer
cial traveller, "not became I hold any particu
lar Interest In ynchtlne but bcausa It will
help me to sell coodslbaek from the coast. My
experiencollsada me to bellsie that the further
one gets away from salt wntsr In this country
tho mors; Interest he finds In the Internn
tlonal yacht races. I was In Rt. Louis a wsk
ago acd before I could talk business with any
of the merchants there I had to talk yachts.
They wanted the latest gossip about the Co
lumbia and It I could have said that I had seen
her I would have told twice ns many Bunds.
Now I am going up to look her over and pho
tograph her. With my own pictures of the
Columbia I will be nble to approach the sour
est buyer of them nil and win him. You peo
ple In this city underestimate the public. In
terest In these races becauteithey are right at
your djor." : '
A young man who Is now wall up'the list of
high-salaried ofltcois of a big maaufacturlng
company said seieraldas ago that he owed
his (list opportunity to show his ability to the
fact that he was not afraid to null his clothes,
lis was one of half n dozen young men just
graduated from scientific echoob wlo en
tered tho shops of this company as students.
They were expected to shoir that they were
practical livoikmen, but most of them pre
ferred theory to practice,. The manager of the
oumpnny was n self-taught man and he didn't
take tnuohstockinsclentlflosehoola Theyoung
man who ha succeeded took his meusure ac
curately and putting on old olothes went tc
work In tne shjo. Whether l accident or
design he was noticed by the manager one
dm. stretched out on his back under a heaiy
casting with u liimmtr nnd cold chisel 'n his
hand working nwnv ns If he had no higher am
bition. A week later the manager summoned
him to the office.
"Didn't I seo )ou under that easting several
davs ngo?" ho asked.
' Yes "
"Well, I find that we haie a T.icnncvon our
staff now nnd jcu niuy 1111 It ir 1011 choose "
The.ioung man did boose, and his progress
has been rapid. Ho does not hale to soil his
clothes now to proie his ublllty.
The expeose'of llilnc In New Y'ork clubs
seoms to inry lnierelyas the cost of the Initia
tion nnd the cost of the clubhouse The last
big "lub to be opened in this elt) Is probably
the best appointed building for s,ueh use In
the world It h is nil the comfort' nf the most
extr.11ng.1nt of tho new hotels with the excbi
slieness of a club of cnrefulli solected mem
bership Its initiation feo is lirgo ns com
pared with most of the other New Sork club 1,
and let the expense of llilng there is com
paratively small. A man nho is emoiing lis
privileges while his wife Is nnni his fouul
tlmt he mav hue 11 eomtort iblo bedroom with
a'bath and theiserilces of ui inlet or about u
bird the amoiiur that similar accommodations
wuiild cost him In a cowl hotel, 'lhe restau
rint charges nn about '-'.I per cent cheap -and
as an eildenoe nt tbo moderate bar
charges hosiis that two whiskeis are.sold for
J"i cont".
"When I broks my log about thras months
ago." said a law) a whose ofllea Is on lowor
Ilroadway, "I wns taken to this old downtown
hotel, and being n bachelor I preferred to re
main here rather than bo carried to my rooms
uptown. It Is so near my ofllce that when I
was able to get on I could hobble down the
street without cre.it dlfllculty I lima had a
lot of time to kill, however, nnd I hue made
some interesting now acquaintances, 'lhe
men' who lie nt these old' doTntown hotels
seem to be ns old ns the buildings themselies.
nnd in the eienlng they sit around and tell
stories of the hotel's past night nfter night.
The city has pushed ahead nnd left them be
hind, but thev nre not discontented You
louldn't convince 6no of theso old-timers that
his liotsl was not as well equipped ns the up
town hotels lhe In) ally of n man to the
hotel where he has Hi ed many sears Is strong.
I liaveilearned a gienOleil about old New ork
history since I liaie been'llvlng hers, and al
though I lime spent my whole life in New ork
this experience his had nil the noielt) of lli
lnc In a foreign city '
The dispute between tho cottagers and the
hotel guetts of a stimmsi resort, recorded the
other day In Thf Hun, has always proied the
preliminary to the ultlmcU triumph of the
eottuge element, as many New Y'orkers ha
realized In tholr own experience In one
eae the power of the cottage snjeurners has
entirely cnanged ths character of a nearbv re
sort. Ifenioied until this summer the reputa
tion nf rather unresttained and constant ga
itv. whlcn gaio It gieat demnnd with per
sons looking for something besides rest nnd
health whsn they set out for n country vacation.
Nothing llieller than the summer life of this
lllage on the Mound could be found nniwheie
near New York, and It was unique for some
year In this respect. Pride In it reputation
or more exacting ideals of summer pleasure
led to an Increaae In the gayoty which reached
n climax two venrs ago The reputation of
the place spread beiotu! Its coterie of regular
visitors Once or twleo tne law stepped In to
Interfere with the harmless enjoyment of tho
sojourners The town nas nut before ths
world In a light extremslr distasteful to the
owners of cottages thoro whosiw the possi
bility of lery material loss frcm the reputn
tlon the!placo ns a whole wns acquiring, al
though onl) the hotel element was ruaponsl
ble for the disturbing stories that gut abroad.
The cottagers met. decided that stringent
measures ware necesanrv and mndo It known
to the offending hotels that they would have
to put an end to tho vagaries of the guests In
search of pleasure or meet nu opposition they
could neier hone to conquer. The cottagers
Intlmnted that they would become the allies
of th law In bringing about the changes :hey
demanded unless the hotsl proprietors changed
their methods. Hut it was neierneceseari to
carry that threat Into effect. The proprietors
succumbed, nnd the good name of the town Is
no more endangered by Its hotel visitors. The
change proied .1 shock to thoso who had not
been prepared for It, and they promptly re
treated to New Y'nrk. There were no signs
that the good old days were ever coming back.
The cottagers are delighted that the) hse
connuered so decisively, and free from th
chances of diminished ialue of their property
nnd tho loss of the town's good name they nre
wondering why thydlln't stop In before and
show thslr power.
home social doings In New York have had
their amusing foaturee, but tho story of n large
ball given recent.y In London has had no
parallel here The host was one of tbo new
South African millionaires, and was anxious to
1111 his new l'nrk Lane residence with the nrls
tocrao of Lnglnud mid nus willing to pay for
the plenauie He was foitunnt enough to re
celietbe assistance of a tltisd woman of fash
ion, who Introduced, as they arrived, the many
arlatocratlo people to whom she had tent Invi
tations and to whom the facta of the host and
hostess were entirely unfamiliar. It had been
adroitly ramored that the most magnificent
favors would be given nwnr In tho cotillon,
l'relimlnary gossip plased the value at very
guest's posslbl acquisitions during the even
ing at (W Ho the (loner of London society
felt that It should turn out to'honor a host who
showed saeh a disposition to do the right
thing Alter an entertainment as liviih as it
could bo man by the expenditure of mouey.
the favors proied to b less valuable thnn they
wero expected to be. although far more mag
nlfhent than ueh trifles are customarily It
Is said that the shock of this discovery soup
set the guests that they made no effort to con
ceal their vexation at not getting what they
expected V.ioi I,ondon entertainers of great
wealth must have to struggle under dlfllcul
tles that are unknown herelf this nnd the ex
perience of anctlisr host are t pical He gave
a large ball and refused to ask anybody with
whom he was not personally acquainted. The
result Is said to haie bees an absence of young
men which was enough fH to wsko the fuuu
tlon a failure).
AOA1X APrOIXTED cossvr. TO t:.v
Ills First Appointment Itrvoked Itceniite
of the AVer with Hpnlu, nnd Ills ltenp
polnttnant Dolnyed liecnuse of n Itepnrt
Thntlle Had Ilecn Killed on nHtennnhlp.
Wabhinotow, July l.'l. An order wns Issued
bythoStato Department to-day reappointing
Solomon Uerllner of Now Y'ork city Consul to
Tenorlfte. Canary Islands, nnd thereby hangs
u tale.
"Sol." It Is superfluous to any. Is 011a of the
most widely known cltlyftns of Grontor New
York, n man of parts nndallepubllcati politi
cian of ability and Influence. Ills fame, more
over, ns a m Isoobserverand commentator upon
political oients lone slnco passed local bounds,
and lias mndo him a national character of
prominence and standing, Ills practical ser
vices to the Kepubllcan party In tho cnuso of
sound money during tho campaign of lHOtl
brought "Sol" to tho attention of l'resldent
McKlnley, who, on Mnich It. 181W. Issued to
him 11 commission sotting forth that, Imposing
trust nud conlldenco lu his Integrity, wisdom
and pntiiotlsm. hohad appointed him Consul
of lhe United States to tho Canary Islands. In
tho kingdom of his Majesty Alfonso of Spain.
Armed with this open sesimo to ofllclal life,
with all Its mysterious possibilities. In that far
off laud, whoro the Inadequacy of tho consular
fees Is compensated for by tho tlellghtsof tho
climate, which tliero is as nonr to perfection as
anywhere on earth, " Sol" purchased hla steam
boat ticket. That's as far as ho wont toward
the poetlo Isles of tho Canniios, for tho cruel
wnr between the I'nlted Stake nnd Spain came
aloug, and, while President McKlntey's trust
and conlldenco in "Sol" and nil the other
patriotic Americans who had received llko
appointments to Spanish possessions remained
unshnkcii, the commissions wero of necessity
Time passed and the glad day came when,
poace hiving been restored, except n tho
Philippines, It became the pleasant duty of
1'rosldent McKlnle) to rennnounco his appn
clatlo.i of thoso whom ho had taken to his
ofllclal bosom In tho happy di)s before the
vi ar. Hut when the lists wero made pub'lo tho
nemo of Solomon Uerllner was missing. It
did not appear, howovor, that any aspiring
patriot had been namod to set sail to tho blue
( unary laics with the proud purpose nf so con
ducting the diplomatic business of the I'nlted
States ns to mnko him worthy of tho SUM) per
o.it which n grateful and appreciative Goi em
inent provides for Its trusted leprescntntlve
there, and so "Sol" took hope nnd his friends
set about learning vi by ho. one of tho bulwarks
of tho Party, had been chosen for ofllclal aacrl
llce Tho mystery was revealed by the confi
dential Hies of the Mate Department, which
told to tho President and Secretary Hay the
follow Lug romantic stor ,
The (Tepartment mall brought to tho Secre
tary one bright morning In October Inst a let
tei. dated on the (Ith of that month, from Solo
mon Herlinor's son. asking for Information as
to tho fato of bis father, who, the writer said,
had been seiloiisly Injured by a fellow ussen
gor during the previous month on the steamer
Columbia en routo from San Francisco to Hon
olulu Tho department had no knowledge of
Solomon. Sr .or Jr .or of tho fact that the for
mer had been Injured on a steamer or else
where, nnd so the letter of inquiry was for
warded to tho Consul-tieneral at Honolulu
for investlgat'on and roport Sovernl weeks
elnpsed, and then on nnother bright morning,
this time In December an ofllclal document
came to tho department from tho Consul
llonornl containing the Information sought for
b) Solomon llerliner's son The report set forth
that Mr Herlinor's ivlfo ami daughter accom
panied hlmonhlsvornge across the broad Pacl
tlc and that there woro on board two other pas
sengers who wero destined to be directly In
volved In the life of the Uerllner fnmlty and ospe
clallvin" SulVdlpIoniaticcnreer. Oneof thuso
passengers was Itussell Cnlgrove. tho other
Ills brother Will Ml became well and pleasantly
acquainted too well nnd too pleasantly. 1 cr
imps fnt on Sunda). hept 4. lHlo, a dreadful
thing happened Mr. Will Colgrove emphat
ically and losttbly Impertinently demanded
that Solomon Uerllner return to his brother
Itussell a 111m of money which ho hid lor
rowed i It Is only fair tost atel it this j unit lira
that the testimony tnken on board ths ship at
the r rdor of tho Consul-tieneral Is not entirely
clear ns to whether the climax of tho quarrol
was caused by a demand for tho return of
money or by uugnllant nlluslon to tlio all-too-deioted
attentions which, according to the tes
timony, was paid by the Mcssis. Colgrovoto
tjie ladles Uerllner I
Solomon told Mr Will Colgrovo to go to the
devil or elsoivbeio Mr Colgrovo rostonded
b) selling a belaiiug pin. the nenpon olwais
ued In lights, rea' or Imaginary, nboinl ship,
and smashing Mr Ilerlinnr over tlm head.
Hero the l nnsul-Oeneral's story abruptly
ends, except tint he udds n postscript In the
form of Solomon liorliner's ante-mortem state
ment, duly sworn nnd subscribed to by the
ship's notarv Iloginnlng nltli thocustomaiy
words, "llolleiing 1 am about to die." Ac . Sol
omon relates the facts substantially ns above
sot forth, but. leaving existent the doubt ns to
vvliethei line or cash caused the trouble, tells
of an amount of money deposited In a San
I'rani'lsco bank that he desires t go to his
d mghter Hose nnd calmly resigns himself tu
Whether Solomon did nctunllydle, and If so,
whether Ills daughter came Into her Inherlt
nnoc, tho (ieinrtmetit ivas not Informed nnd
does not jet know With the practical ofllelnls
RtifhVlont unto the diy Is tho evil thereof, and
so when tho names of those who bad been up
polntod Consuls to Spanish torntor) 111 tbo
blissful days of peace, and who had not real
i7cd on their good fortune, woro laid before
tho President to haie diplomat!1 honors for a
second tlmo thrust upon them. Solomon Her
Unci's ri'iiue una missing With n promptmss
possible only when tbo truth had been ma
ligned, Solomon llorllnor of Now iork city,
business man, politician, statesman nnd dlpln
mat, made known to tho President of the
I'nlted States and his rieerotnry of State,
through his Inlliicntlal liepubllcnn frli lids,
that bo never had n wlfo nor, consequently, a
duiiBhter: that ho never irossod tho l'aeiflo
Ocean In the steamer Columhlnor by any other
means of eonvoance.and tint Intact he has
never launched his frail bodv upon any ooom
sinte the day. more or less roinoto, wlicn as 1
boy of thirteen ho landed on tho shores of free
America, vv here, under the boon of demoeratlo
Institutions, ho has risen from the humble sta
tion of a friendless emigrant to that of tho
diplomatic 1 eprosentat'.vo of tho I'nlted States
nt the Canary Isle"
Bolt has nil ended happily Truth hns been
vindicated once more. ' Snl " will recelvo his
renewed commission to-morrow, and all that
remains Is to discover the Identity of Solomon
Uerllner No 2. Dldhedlo of his wounds and
W116 ln hit with a belaying Pin because ho de
clined to icpay borrowed money, or because ho
resented tho pirtiallty shown to his wife nnd
daughter bv a follow pissengor on the steamer
Columbia on routo to Honolulu In September.
ISiiH' Miy nno jiossesslng Information on
these points will don patrlotlo act by forward
ing the sainn to the Department of btate.
Washington, D U.
.vjrir pai.31 aAJinisy o.v niKHinrAr.
To He Constructed by the Aator Katntn for
the Bhanley Ilrothera.
Tho William Astor estato Hied plans with
the Building Department yesterday for nxten
slvo alterations to the property at 1470 nnd
1478 Ilroadway. on Long Acre square, and
leased It to Shanloy Ilrothera, restaurant keep
era. Tho alterations, which will cost SUO.Otx.),
will bo largely intorior The top. or third,
lloor will be mndo twenty-eight feet high and
will be converted into n palm garden. In the
centre of which will bealtoman fountain A
balcony suppot tod by marble columns aroiiuq
throe sides of the room will bo divided into
prliate dining rooms, and a stalnod glass
dome Illuminated by electric, llghte win bo
built in the centro of the telling. The decora
tions will bo in Iloinan red, Ynlo blue and
cream. Hammcrsteln and Donlvelle are the
architects and designers.
Dnlton Must Ilelnatnte n Stenographer with
Vncntlon rj.
Graoe Brlckwedcl has obtained a peremp
tory writ of mandamus from Justloo lllschofJf
of tho Supreme Court compelling William Pul
ton, Commissioner of Water Supply, to to
Instate her In tho post of stenographer and
typewriter in his office at $20 a week. She was
nppolntod after passing a civil service exam
ination In lKHfi and was removed by Commis
sioner Daltnu, without charges, on Oct VI,
IWiH Tho vv rlt roqulros that nil her salary lu
the Interim be paid and that alio have tho costs
of the proceedings.
McKlnley nnd Cleveland Kxpeotd.
Winona Lie. Ind , July 1!). President Mc
Klnley is exacted to attend the PI bio Confer
ence to be held at the Assembly grounds Aug,
'JO, and ex-Prosldent Cleveland Is expected
hero tho samo day.
New lllllmp of Holae.
Nohfiilk, Va, July i;i The Rev James
Bowen Funsteu was consecrated Bishop of
Bolsii, Idaho, to-day. Theceremony took place
nt Trinity Church. Portsmouth, of which Mr.
1'uDBteu was fornitrly rector.
II Is Asked to Decide Whether or Not nn,
Actress's New (lawn l'lts.
Justice Herman Joseph, who was recently
appointed to the bench, had to decide a dress
making case In the i'orkilllo Court yesterday,
and moro than once ha looked us though he
wished It were any other kind of a pioblsm,
The action was brought: by Margaret Dillon,
a drsssmnker, of ".West. Porty-flfth street,
against Miss Ilelcno Moore, an actress, of 17fi
Wost l'orty-seventh street, to recover $10."i for
a gray cloth gown made for the defendant,
which th latter would not accent.
The plaintiff testified that Inst November
Miss Mooro ordered a gray cloth gown to cost
fl'2.- and left f 20 on deposit. She tried on th
dress threo times whllo It was being mnd.
and the last time said that she was satisfied
with it. Afterward eh rofussd to take the
dress and would not pay for It.
"What tho trouble with It?" aekod th Jus
tice "Thore's no trouble with It." said the dress
maker. "It's just a whim of hers."
Mary I'. Smith snld she had fitted the gar
ment on'the defendant and It suited her per
fectly. "It fitted first rate, except that It
wanted to be let out Just n trill In the bust."
"What do jou call a trifle-so much" asked
tho Magistrate, ns he held his hands a foot
"No, so much," responded the witness, as
she held her thumb nnd foieflnger half an Inch
The Justice remarked that If It fitted so
well then. It should fit now
'.Not nocesinrlly." said tho witness, "Seven
months make n difference. '
"What difference?" naked the purzled Mag
istrate. "Women chnngo ciery year," she answered.
"You ee, the st)le chances eierr season."
Miss Moore took the witness chair, said she
was In the theatrical business, told her stago
nam and said alio had ordorea a gray cloth
gown with a deep ioko of lace with steel trim
mings When It was mad tharo were no steel
trimmings in sight on th dress, the yoke
was shallow nnd tho lace was skimpy.
"I noiersild I was satisfied with the gown,"
she continued "On thetcontrary. I said I
would not accept it. though 1 wanted It to
wear at my home at Asbury Park on Christ
mas." She was qulto willing to put It on 60 that Jus
tlce Joseph could see for himself whethoror
not It fitted, so she was sent to nn anteroom.
The dressmaker snd:two of her assistants
itnrted with her. The .lustheoidered a court
attendant to se that tho women were not dis
turbed, and the man went on guntd. In a few
minutes he was called nwnr nnd just then the
door of tho anteroom opened nnd n woman
partly disrobed poked her head out and looked
up and down tho deserted corildor. It ap
peared that the actress wouldn't change gowns
without a mirror large enough to see her whole
form In and the only mirror In the anteroom
was on ubout fhrev Inches square.
On of the women said she had seen n large
mirror in a room near by which appeared to
be meant, o It was suggested that they go to
that room Tho actress headed the procet
sloo, holding her waist In her hand, and with
a run and a fklp entered tho room. She
creamed us eh got Talrlv Inside, for there
David Crocheron nnd Bernard Horc, two po
lice court clerks, were drawing up some
papers. The clerkb wero probably more
atartled thnn tho actress was. All of the wo
men went back to tho anUroom and when th
situation was explained to tho clerks one of
them shouted through the kohole that the
other room ImJ ben vacated nnd was nt their
disposal The woman took possession nnd
nfter a time Miss Moor returned to court with
the new gown on.
"It was too tight beforo, now It Is too loose,"
she said "The waist is short and eloppy I
would not wear such a gown '
"Win. It's a model." Interrupted the dress
maker Tho Justice viewed the dress from all points
of the compass and th women talked gown
for fifteen minutes.
"This gown docs not fit nnd I am so confi
dent of It that I will abide by th fudge's de
cision." th defendant declared tit last.
"I am not going to dncldo that," responded
Justice Joseph "I am not an expert In fe
male apparel. It appears to me that thero is
tx much fulness in tho waist, but that ma) be
the style for all I know. I will end for nil ex
pert and accent hr opinion In the matter "
Miss Kate Lilies, a dressmaker, was called
In. She xamined.the gown nnd gave It as her
opinion thnt It wiA well made, it was a little
too full In the waist, she said, but that could be
aslly oltered 1 ho Justice sighed a sigh of
relief as he gave judgment for the plaintiff
with I'M additional costs.
Prompt Treatment by a Neighbor liny Save
the Child's Life.
8nAM0KiN. Ta , July l.'l Oeorgo Korn.i, 4
)earsold, living at Continental, whllo In tho
woods near his homo gathering huckleberries
last evening, trod 011 a copperhead snake. Ho
was In his baro feet, and the leptile sank its
fangs Into his left Instep He ran lioni" im fast
as lie could, and his mother sent for i doctor.
Before tho iih)lclan arrived soverol neigh
bors ran to the house, and ono of them sucked
the wound, nfter which strong poultices were
applied Although tho child is in a dangeious
condition It Is thought ho will recover.
wnruTTRE ALiiAwao rata nr
Banrltei . . 440 Snnaeta.. 7 30 I Mooneeta 10.13
hioh WATrn Tnta iut.
Sandy Hook 11 OS I Qov Ial'd.ll 40 I Hell data 1 83
Arrived Tni'iianAT. July IS.
St Germanic, Haddock, Liverpool July r, and
Queen-town 1 ta
m t'enntylianla, "plledt, Hamburg Jul7 'J and
Boulogne n
81 Furope, Tubb, I ondon.
H- Hnhtu-i Liiah, Palermo
1-nSiMa, ( lnrk, Hullfii.
he Kiclvu I'arae, Hall luin,
sa I lotiio MUen, Hirtiaao-,
Sa Ague- Alvor-en, San Dmilngo.
h Jomreot!. llulphfrJ, Norfolk.
t-H Tallabapaee Aekln' snannah.
Ssllali Cltv, Ooiiglnt Himtoll
Hall M. Mhltnuj iiallett Iloston. ,
SaAlleli In), Smith, lloalnn
Khlti Vbner t'oburn, Hutniau Manila
HaikChm. F Hard Conmba, Trln dad.
Hark Alert, Itlce, Hnonoj lyre.
t ui later arrival! aeo Flrit Pa(a
Assivrn orx
Aiirvnla. from Now York, at Liverpool,
fi Patrla, finm Now York, at Hamburg,
ba HrlUiinlc, from N'en .ork, at Queenatown.
SAttrn rsoM rrtnrtoM nRra
Ba Maje-tlc, from Qiteen-tnwn for New York.
Bi Trave, finm rtonthaniiitoti for New York.
f-i statendatn, from Kntterrtim for New York.
s lladlana, iroin Ht Ihninaa for New York.
avttrn rnoM iiiiiraTto pout.
8 Mgnnqntn, from .Tvrkaonvllle for New York.
Sa Nneci ii, from Oulveatnti for New York,
qi, Jo Uatf,
jaifj rJmi. ru w.
flrerlnn Prince I a Tlata 00 P M (inoPM
Tin ml". Jatnsli a . 1 mi P M 8 00 P St
Bemlilnte, r harleatnn . .... 8 01)1' If
Colorado, Hrutiiwii k iourll
.Vail r.i Storra a
Cinipanla, Liverpool it 1 1 V If lonoAM
Iji Normanilli. Havre 11 10 V vt 1000 v 1!
Ilottir.bnn Hotterdam son v M 10 00 A M
Hn, Niplia 1100 Vt ijoii a M
Furnemla.dla-irow 1000 V.M IB 00 M
OrnfWal leraie, Hamburg n no A If
Fram lam, Hull
Hritlah CJiuen Antwerp
Onrltifoa, Matanfm
Carllibce llarhsdoa 10 1 0 A M 12 00 Ii
Mexlin. Havana .. .It 00 a 1 oo P M
Hubert Para , 1200 M 2 00PM
Adirondack KlniHtnn lOOi) A II isnov
Andea, Haytl loon A If 1200)0
Hllila Newfoundland looflVM UfHiM
Now Orlean", New Orleans n oo P M
Cherokee. I'harleitou 8 00 P M
Leona, tlalveaton 8 00 P M
Knickerbocker, N Orleana .... 8 00 P M
5ml Turldav, Julv ft.
Prlnrlt I.nltpold.Dremen. 7 00 A M 10 00 A M
Algonquin, Charkaton . . ... HOO V M
ntcouixo BTtAuaaira.
Dut To-Dan.
Pollux Tiamburg June 18
Mertla Ht I.nrla ... July tl
El Mnnts NrwUrleana July ti
Bt.t'aul Smithainutnn July 8
(Nine Ilicrpnnl July
Njiiinhae inhriltar Junn 80
Bt Andrew .Antwaro July 1
Alglera , New Orleana ... July H
city of Maeon . .. Havannah Jul) 11
Beguranra Havana July 10
Dut Saturday, July f J.
Umbrla Itverpool July A
Prim ItegantLultpold Bremen July 4
Clematla . .. illbraltar July 1
Han uguatln .... Havana July 10
Tnija llaiaua , ,, July In
Thltisrvalla ,, Copenhagen ,. June 28
Put Sunday, July 19.
La Dretagne .. Hairc. July R
Crorus Dundee ... . July 2
Algonquin jackaoiivllle July la
ZJuf Monday, July if,
Amatcrdara Hotterdam ., July n
Hovic Liverpool July 7
Domtnlc para July 6
KIMar .. . .NewOrleana July 12
Dut Tutiday, July IS.
Bulgaria . ., Hamburg July A
Aalrakhan BIlliM" Jllljr 4
Kiel rClty ,,,, Hwaaiea July 4
Uudaon .New Orleans .... July 12
Alene , PortLiuiou . . July It
IMadlana Ht Thomaa . .July 12
put tVedntiday July 19,
MrjeaUc ... i Liverpool Jul) 12
Nut eel UalTciton Jul) 14
tiivrr.a tike nn: statves, sats
llOlUlAX, SAT.1 Hl.ATIElir.
Amen, Says Ann Yl'yek, Snva ritiggenhelmcr
-"Cut n Million Oft the Decoration","
They Sny to Architect Thoiuna-Tivo
Arurs Spent on IMnna Tlmt nny llnrn
lluilder Could l'lnlah In Two Weeks.
Architect John IL Thomas's plans for tho
Intorior of tho now Hall of Ilecords were to
turned to him yesUrday by tho Hoard of Inti
mate. In st'lto of his pica that the Interior
coutd not be built nnd decorated In a manner
credltnblo to the city for less than $2,500,0X.
the board ordored him to revise them so that
the cost would not bo more than Sl.ToO.OOO
Mr, Thomas's plans for the whole building
wer adopted by the Hoard of Kstlmnte in
Mayor Strong' administration, and the board
In December, 18H7, acctn ed tho bid of John
I'lerce to put up the building and authorized
the Issue of $'2,100,000 of bonds to pay 1'lerco.
Mr. 'Ihomas's plans called for n bulldlnu mag
nificently constructed 1b eiery detail. Its
main Interior features Nero to be a grand
staircase and corridors of rnr marbles, There
were to bo groups of statuary, artistic mantels
and graceful metal work throughout tho en
tire building.
.Tammany Hall, when Van Wick oauie in,
wonted to get the contract lor tho building
away from Tierce After tr)lag to do so for
some time tho :lty officials, from the Minor
dorn, were obligsd to admit that 1'lerco's con
tract was perfectly legal. Then the Major and
the other mtmbers of the Hoard of Ketlmnto
decided to see w hut could bo donn with Mr.
Thomns's plans. The plans wer submitted
two weeks ago when Mr. Thomas asked the
Hoar J of Kstimate for some money with which
to constiuct working models. President Clug
genholmor of tho Council moved that the mat
ter be laid over for examination. Ills motion
nns adopted.
Mr. Thomas's plans wero submitted to the
eminent Messrs. Morgan .V Slnttery of 1 Madi
son avenue, the Tammany Hull architects.
Hcrgan A Slattery get nil the good things that
the city administration nud the Democrutio
Club liavo to glvo out. They remodelled tho
Democratic Club for Mr Croker. Whon Com
missioner Lnntry of the Department of Cor
rection wants to make changes In any of tho
aulldings in Ills department he calls In Horgan
i Mattery.
Horgan A, Slattery took Mr Thomis's plans
and wont over them, and nt )estcnlav's meet
Ing of the Hoard of Kstimate they reported
that tho mirble decorations wero too elabo
rate, and, while suitable, nerhups. for an opera
house, would be out of Place in a municipal
building. Most of the itatuar). they thought,
could be omitted as superfluous 'lhe hand.
carved woodwoik vvaB not essential on ull the
Moors, and tho mosaic flooring thov con
demned as uselessly extravagant In nn office
building The Tnmmnny architects also de
cided that marble stairways wens not neces
sary In the upper parts of the building, and
that their place could b taken by Iron etilr
vvajs with raarblo facing. '1 hey thought that
the Interior work on the building could bo
done for SI. 475.OO0 It their suggestions wore
Mr. 'I homas slid that he hnd spent two yenrs
In designing tho Interior of'tho building, nud
that lie had hud constant!) In mind the erec
tion of n harmonious and dlgnltled muulcltal
structure Ho said that it the nlms of Horgan
A Slnttery for chmges worn adopted th in
terior or the building would be ruined
"Kit took two )ears for vou todealun the
interior of tnat building," said the Mn)or, "we
can get atuther. architect who won't takcso
long "
l'resldent Citiggenhelmersald that he thought
the $l,ii(HMH)( ought tobos.ned ( omptroller
Coler said that unless the line was drawn some
where the ultimate cost of tho building would
bet$loiMKM) i. and ho believed that for an
otllce building the Plans wero too elaborate.
Corporation Counsel Wlialen "va the only
member of the bonul who opposed cheapening
the structure He said that ho thought the
building should be one that would reflect
credit on the municlpalit)
"1 hoae who bine seen the public I ulldlngs
In I utopc nnd some of th so lu other cltitn of
this countri. said Mi Whalen, 'know tint
New York N far behind the times When I
saw the plans forthls Hall of Ilecoids I thought
that we hid come to a new ein In municipal
building. I do not believe that ue should stop
nt n matter of a few dollars, when by tho ex
penditure of a llbsul appropriation we will got
n building of which nil tho people can bo
proud "
Minor nn Wick vild thnt he wanted to see
nil the cltv op es tinder ono loot, nnd th it n
inuuli'pit roof, before he went out of olllcc.
but be dldn t mnto-a It was possible Ho
Imped, however tint beforo his administra
tion ended work vould be begun on a building
in which nil olt) ih I artmeuts 'mild bo housed
The scheme of a muni ipal buildln.' for all
departments was an old one and was recently
reiiied in the Hoard of Alderman whim Alder
man (loodman illep I introduced a resolution
calling for an Investigation of the subject by
an Aldcrnnnh) committee,
J4 0HO.O0II mit new kvst mx Fit ni.IPRF
l'r-sldent Nixon of the new I'ns- Uiver
Ilrldge Commifslon usked for ? I Out) 000 to
tun apnr mi In s nnd m itertal. '1 ho board loteu
without discussion to issue bonds for tint
aniount. Mr Nixon said th it the bridgo would
be comulsted iu two and a half jenrs.
Acting Commissioner dibson of tho Depart-'
meat of Street. C leaning nsut to tho board a
draft of the proposed snow removal conttnet
for next winter It contains a provision that
tho dennrtnioiit may p.d the contractor by th
load, as heretofore, or else on tho basis of
Mi"ii fnl'en, as computed bv the olllelal wea
ther ob-eiver. Capr (tibion m plr.n In to find
out how much snow h is fallen In the streets
to be slc.med. deduct (torn It the shrinkage
due tn svaporation and meltlrg and pay the
oontructor for retnoi Ing the rcmnlndcr Cnpt.
(llbson save that it is an experiment, and he
does not know how it will work, but h thinks
It fill prevent frau 1 Die draft of the con
tract'contnlnod nolspecillcatlon that laborers
should be pitd $- a da), and it was sent back
for correction.
The hoard honored n number of requisitions
from th lloiid of Kdueation, and voted nn ex
tra appropriation of J'r(l() for tho Hulldlng
Depnrtmont In the borough of Ilrooklvn, The
llrooklm department Is overwhelmed with
business nnd the force Is Insufficient to attend
to it.
usiitcsc 31otifcs.
lira, xxinalovv's bonthtmr Sjrup for Children
teething, a&fteua the kuiu", retime Intlatnmatlon,
alia) a patn, curcaniud tnlte, diarrUira. 2.1c. shuttle.
IIATIX. In nrookljn, on VVedneaday, July 12.pt
colieuuiptlon, John V). Hate a.
Helatlvea and frlrnda are invite I to attend the
funeral aervtua at hla lata residence, M New
inik ai , on Friday, July 14, at 3 P.M. Inter
ment i rlvate.
Cll VTl'IKI.Il. -U her snmme home, Iiroola
Vale Oinn . Yludnnisy, July 12 toi. of heart
fallnie riinltth Hrookil hattuld, wife of Hen
r; U I Imtflol 1 u 4'i nuth Oxford at., Brooklyn.
Fuucral acriioca at Hrooka Val Friday afternoon
at 4 o clock Interment at Hridgepoit, Conn,
MOIU.i:) .-OuThuraday. July 1.1, lHim, Charles
H Moilej In the r.Kth j ear of Ida age
Fumril aenireaat hN late realdenra, an Ualatesd
t , Kant Orange, N' 1 Saturday, July IB, at 10
A, M luttrmi nt pmate
NASH.-On Jul) n, Isnny L. Ooabel, wlf of
Olln Naah of Lee, Ma-.
Funeral from realdenra of her alster, Mrs Nlch
olion, 661 East lU'.M t , Saturday evening, July
It), at 8 oMock Hridireport papera pleaae, copy,
rUTl'.KR. - On Ihuralay, July 11, 1M0P. at
Marbledale, Litchfield county, Coun., Uernard
l'etera of Hrooklin, N Y,
Funeral acrilcea at All houla' Church, South Pth
at , on Saturday, July IS, at B 1', M, Interment
at convenience of family l'leaae omit flowers
SMITH, -On Wednesday, July u, at the realdenre
of hla alater, Mra, J M lamder 223 Halt 17th
at, I rank II Hiullli
Bervlcea Friday veiling, H o'clock Interment pri
vate, Saturday A M , at lu J, Woodlawn,
Office, 1 MndUon av., orucr 23d at.. N". Y.
Special loticfjt..
47th at icearllroadwa)!. Kjit'Li'd lsso, lloura, lo-u.
Court Calemlnrs This liny,
Ariallate Dlviaion Hupreme Court Iteceas
Supreme tourt-SpCLtal term -Part 1 Motion
raleudar railed at lo JO A. M Part IL Fi parte
hiirroitatt'Bi ouit Chamber! Cats on Nn mho
Wlllor Umbel L Kenuidy. lor l lohate llilla of
Katharine, circa JJuuiul Havanny, Johu I Hranner.
Moaea Herger. George W 11) de, Jaliua V. Hatla,
alary Kediau, VVildaiii Niisent, Luul-a lb nl, at
10 soA 11.
( Ity court-Hpiclal Term -Court openiat IOA Sf
More I'rople nnd lleltrr I'eoplr
Head Tut H(,x than anj other pipertnibliihed For
Itiia reaaon you will rcaue a quicker reipnnae
tbroiigh adisrtlaina la its columue than tliromtn
any other medium If ) ni i (induct a dualrabla
suuimir talurt rcuisnibir tula, -A Ji,
Jicycle-golf breeclies -l.fiO.
Tho patterns aro n3 uunsamn
ing us the price.
All three stores.
Ko(u:k, Pj:kt ifc Co.
.ir,0 Hroadway, cor Leonard,
r.iui Hroudsnv cor Prlnco
Thirl) mi'onil mid Ilroadway
Some One Higher t'p lo He Punished for
Shnrpu's egllcence?
Tho Committee on ltules and Discipline of
tho l'ollco Hoard concluded jestcrda) Its henr
ing in tho cases of Dooimcn shnrpo nml Car
roll, respoctivcly of tho West 1'ort) -sovonth
street and tho I'ist lk'tlth street stations, whoso
prisoners walked away Inuii them without
mentioning tlio fact nt tho desk Charges will
beproforied against tho two doormen w lion
tho committeo hns hnd time to roKirt to tho
board, and they will be put on trl il on Monday
Thero wns a persistent rumor at llcubiuar
ters )osterdav that soino one higher In au
thority thnn Poonnun Shnrpn would be made
to htiffcr for tho ludicrous exhibit of Incapacity
In Vest Forty-seventh street, but who It was
no one know Tho Commissioners would eay
SUii- ihtblirnf.ms.
John J. Ingalls
Is writing an in
teresting series of
papers on
Famous Feuds
T?? Saturday
Evening Post
In this week's issue
he describes the
Lamar and Hoar
Controversy in 79.
5 Cents th" Copy. On All Xeu -Stands
The Curtis Publishing Company
RIHF.- Vo'tiin Philosophical IM tionirT?7
Mtidnw 'Physical Iraiiilmt, ' Snltt'a ' Jour
nal to stella " PIlAll, 101 nth av.
U'oUffjra nml Schools.
l"or Voting Hen A. A oiiiuii City .V. I'oiintiy.
OM-t, UrkT,,t. lift pqulin '.I m hnnl iiroi'ttiiiiaj
tu lent fur lit jpntt esiuliittt)oij lur pstr
ONF htiiflrut reir(l eUrwhtia tliis fclmnl 1 1 u i
mciptifully prepirfil Fl I!. Minimi r term u
I Siftu ()UK I'nEPVHVTOKV SCHOOL, r, 4.I1I At.
lur Uojft A. ViMinc lru 'ltj uuntrj.
Hilucatiiiiial fHitlltu hi ompli te 1 horonghacailrin
! Ic, comtiti n tal ami Minimi r coumi" in w utuhUni;.,
1 athletic track mllilar) ,lnll coIIcuh lamp lor i hi r
atuip'tita at MontiHKh i 1 nke near M nroi , lira c-i
00 X, Ti rma mi ilerati lall term 1 ccltn Hfc.Pl
7 Aiblrcaa Uruihi r VKIl'hl. Meat cln-tfr. N Y
I OI ASIliK III SOlir for Im) a ami ) 1.11111:111011 tuTilir
I I'thecaruor the ltantlaian llrothtra. at I cutro
s port, I. I., on th t-onnj m roiiiiKtloii with Ht
I 1-raucla a rolhKO, Uroi klMi tirtna r,'aonatile. Sirid
lurcstalOKUe llUOIlll.lt JFHOMt, O. b. F,
It'antctl .fcm.tlcs.
Newark, N. J., Branch.
11.4 Hlt()IIST , WIIHIF. llti: SAME I'AItK
"IJOUMOLDHH Fspcrlcnisl ulrlnviantol
l ti:u, MihlllUlN, 241 Canal at , oor rcntrsjL
I)LANK DOOK srvvnis nantcil
J davis nrtiritvi.n, 7 natch at
iANUYFEVIIII-.K maida nantjil aoo 1 orl
H M'bllAlM, Mil Uroailway.
OSlItli II n-AIIU'.lts.-VVaiitol. hc,r and curb
tr. ClIA-i It 1HII ON, IMS Metier at.
U'MllltM.I.AS Tippii wanted.
llUilllhl.L A. Comt. .', ami ! Liapenanl at
W'AMKI) l'vperifnccd liamla on fane) frathcrn,
i alao Iiarnrl, hteadv i uiplo tiitMit cood wuta.
I Chl.HA JUSKPin, 71S 717Ilroadwjy
"W'AM I'D Kxpcni need fancv fctther pvrVer
' A IIFII.1I1I1..S .1(11, C.W lltoiilwny.
lomrstic jJcu'iuits Vantnl.
1 i()OKS, (40 to Ji 0. waitri'K-i, lo laun Inmc, -,
kiti heutiiiililH, honacworkora I'miii) l.i Ii a
maida nurm a. .10 rooVa who wnah and iiin,
laundreHtaa who da rhamliprwork Lmilfra, pneomi
and third men. Mra. I. hKKLV, is licit JJd at.
hrrv ants' eutianci.U.,: tlth ar., telephone call, isn
lHlh at.
C051PF.TF.S r rlumtitrmald and acvmatrtBd, tn co
ono hour from New York uaitei sih rifereucca
retuired Mrs L. Sh tl i, il) llet 23 A nt.
C'CMIK and laundrcaa. to s to Oiam;f tMoinfam-
II) p. ruiamut ilice, wa;pn t JO, relorencpa ro
unded Mra. 1. SFI.I.Y aijilthai
C'OMPKII.M" norklni:hoiiatkii'ier to ito to Ni'w
' port muat havenrat i laaa refi rnuia
Ml I hM'I.Y I .'Mhav
'OOKtncoti I akcvlllc Conn wii.e . mint
vbaiogooil nfereuria. Mr I, MH.l, I',.' nth si
1'IIIST-l lAHSSwedlah rooki", fid to filornreC
claaa riferctic4a required
Mra I . SFF1.Y T.J nth ar.
L'lltsr CLASS laundrua t "i:i"to the Adirondacka,
L waicea t.'O uillHt la acctlatoun d lua larc wash,
rcfereiicea teiiulred. Mr I, MFH. dr.'j nth av
IVautril JtllalfS JWtchanlM, r.
WANTED First-class, clean-cutj
able-bodied and intelligent men for
conductors and motormen. Apply 40
State St., daily, in the morning, Brook
lyn Rapid Transit Company.
HOUKKhl l'EIt, Wnnti-d, ouiiB inauli.it over .'ii
aa hoikkeepir, mutt underatatid t)pcn Itinu,
miulerati alar) teferencia rcuuired stml wr it. n
application to ruom lnj Oarneld httildlui;, n Court
at , hro ikl)n
lltICKLA.YEIWNANrKU Twenty flvuKinirnun--l
try l.mUaere Impilro ii( J II I. UuiUlK
UIEL S "ON a. CO, 11SJ liroadtiay. N.
I)OY about Id who hs4 had ttperli lice In printing
J offlin. wat-ea $3 CO, Apply tlth It' or :3 City
fjOoivlUMiFIt Youni; man wanted 1 1 wrk Ins
J) aluet M nu II VI 01 FF. ntCentreai
1JO0K F.UOK lllI.IIKIC watit-d
I II. viol. F, 8H Centre at.
WANTED 2 rnurdrliiler win weaii-ra Apply
V 11II91I.K MllK CO , Li o. llaaa.
1 ((( 1'KBSOSi WAN1KD to Inveat t3i) city
l,Vilvj nu, freaeiiuraionSuuda), tOc vuckly,
hcii 1 fi r fn u paaaca ox iJiat iiith at
Wnntrtl JUalts: IHiircUaurous.
BOl IN I.i'.V OFFICl Nalary l per week i in.
Ililntf up oti New York preferrtd Addreai I
vv ii . im mi snnorticf
l.HRvNl) HOH IVANTfcl). -Only thoae with lefer"
Ij enre tiitd apply
I hllMAIFR A BRO , TH Ileekman at.
W'ANTKII-A ho; In a U)ir ciftn.e, Apply at
iota 8V, CV tlberty at., city,
i 'a
'nntfil Pales HHtfrtltnufoum. B
WANTKD-A rate nj. had health that IVt-P AN 5 M
will not decent Tney Panliih pain ami pro- H
lonullfe tiiiAithoareller Kolnthewnrd ll-l P K N 4 B
onthepackaiteaiulaiceptnoaiilatltiile. ll-l I V S 9, aaJ
10 forBcentaortwrlTeiiaiketa for iHrenla may l. J fH
had at any ilrui! aiorc Ten aamplii and one limn- M
aand teatlmniilala will he mailid t" am addreaifor B
r. ci'iitu, fnrwatileil t tl o llipiiial'liiinicsl Co., Jfii. ,
10 Spruce at,, New York. fl
OtntJ" IVnutcrt lltnlts.
AOHN'TH WAN'TF.Dforaaneclalaun.tnercampslgn. ' M
'llll Sll lllllY l.VKNINO Pi si, ratabllahi.l
tiy llintamln rianklln in 17.'8-now publUhed hv ,
'I lie CnrlU I'ulillf huii (' impany, proinielom of TII K I
IJtDll.1 HOMKJOl'llNvL, la uncled In iibcribu a
for one irar only for tl ro-the nuulur prhe Is ,
7.. In. Ihla ollerla Inr tin pnrpoieof aipiuklii-
troductlmi and will lie lhdr.iu September 111.
lhe tcitular prhe of J Ml Mill In. maliitaiiieit alter
that flatc Me will ulie n tru il inniinioti fir
vrn aulKcrlber auurtd auil ili-tulnilc I oooSep-
trnihtr latsiiKHiittlii rn liistiiuenla f 'nowlll !
Klien to thepeipiu emtini! tho larneat number of
euliacrlbua at tl uoia h pit liar. At thla aneulal
low ailba riptlitl prli c th iialiila ran te n-iill) e-
cured. Ill, IrfM Till' C'l liriH Tl III. ISIII.MJ COM-
I'AXY, l'lilladelplin, l'a ( H
Jlr.ot-ilass Help cmalru i'rorttf-
CTl SOUItAI'UJilt -Kiprrleuiril. Ihnrouulil) unul H
0 I'liulisli triinln.', a. ika euinl lymont peiuianent
or teuiporar) can anawer ai d cmupoau lettera for
rmplo)er If net rnar) and .n t aa confldMitlat aecre-
tarj . ivperlcmel lu fouinlri and iraa olMcn work
analatant to lltt larv man and thtstrlevl anther and M
manaier CQMl'l.TKNf. lim auo Hnn oilhe.
ffivst-v!:Tiii. Slf'P- nltis. I
C'OMPKTENr Swedish parlormild or chamber- H
'mall waca flMtofSi) llrnl i ln refi rencea.
('. O , tin rtli inn inrtown ullkc lJilo Uioada)
CllIAAtllF.KMvII) and waltreaa. underatamla retv S
; Inu wlnca and aalad, Ac, i;ood rcfciencca. a.
It.h x Inn Sun uptown ofllic, lsun llroadnsy HJ
(U)OK. t mlerstaud' itood fiuilly ronkluit, wases j' 9J
f2S. cily or lontitry, good referemea. h. M.t ,
box htli Dun uptown nfllcn .,.'ti5 llroadua) i jHJ
fUlMPF.TFNT cook, can furiiUh nrat elaaa refer H
V emea, small pilvate Tamil) ivaitea f.'ci. A. U, fll
hoi r.iilt Sun uptown office lQilf. Promt iy.
I 'OMrEIIN'Tconl, lllidcoitandaanilpf. meat" dea.
aerie, Ac , referenceai pilvate family. C Mct 1
box (luu Sun uptonn oilloe, liiu Ilroadway f BJ
'HVMIlEUMAlIl. underatauda her work thorough"
v 1) , tan furulah excelh nt refcrancea T. 1'., box BJ
f.n& Sim uptown office, 12ri5 llmadwa) , vSJ
COOh Ni aland tidy no wniUlm: country pre- H
ferred email private famili M H, box oOl M
Hun uptown office, 1. !U5 llniadw a). 1 Bj
1 'OOKor kltchinmald with fltarclaa ilicf. prliats t H
v fatuil) oiollint refircncia M 1), box r.r,'J
Sun upton ti offict I2ri" Umailwa) JBJ
COOK, competent woman In prlinle famllr, tidy M
and rconomiial refeieucoa M 13, box KM Sun 1
uptoim office. I2ilf ilroadwa). IBJ
llllVl CLAt.1 laiindriaT ahlrla, cnllua and i lifts 9
a and ull kmla fine Ironlni;, itood icfireticea J, BJ
II,, box SiU sun iiplnnn office, l'Jit'. Proa Iway BJ
IIRSTrUSS chambermaid and altre thnr- H
ouuhl) lomprtent priiatn tamil) I O N bos Mm
1)48 Sun ui t iimi oihie, lltii'i Ilr-ia la) BJ
IJMItSTCUSS waitrf. limleralsnila cvrilnc, n- TU
ada and airviu; wuua, li , riteieiicc. .Vl h, BJ
box fi&iiMiu uptuvMiolh e i:iiM!riAlm) BJ
'VTltip Th iroimhli lruetworthv titiric cvn taka M
cntliei h uko of an Infatil en t Ih nt referrncea. BJ
A. II , box MH sun nptnw n otlh e. KM" Ilroadwa) BJ
'riioiiorulll V lonipcti nt ihiinhcrinald ant H
iwaftnai Mucin flu to Ih nt) or i oiintr) : i BJ
Kiod ri fi tenet . ( K., box .1 1" Mm uptown olllce, BJ
I2nr, Uroulwvy ' "B
.ITm SS and rhaniherniald thnrnuahlr com- H
ii intent t iu furuiah itood rcti r una I . H , bos BJ
&it7 Hull uptown otUte 1JII5 HloaitviHi 1 BJ
V MTItl ss and chanilioiunl 1 in pilule famllr: a H
' uood refeieiiies .M, M, box .r,4U sun uptown
1 in X Llroadna)
public 3oticcs.
ijosr OlIltK OHCK
'Hhnultl be rr&d I)IIA bj nlllntrn nloil nchausft j.
ruft ut t ur ut (in time i iij
torflu tnnilH fur ihf wrrk Piit.mc lulj " Irtii). jf"
will i U e d'UOMl II in a I ihmn nt itipOcnerAi U
roHtomct'HKfuiiowri I'MicnHi'Oi MAiiaub y
on liuui tHilier tii in rUtniiu tiiuu tiiuu beliw. r
SMfUnW -t. not M for 1.1 ltdPr icrtfiim j
ftlnp CftinpaiUrt vltt Qiui'iiitoun (Utttrn tor j $
t-ntire hiti rl.iiil, Itulv Siuiii, I mtiinul, J ur- I H
kty. I"-''t mil Uritihli In liu niut h-.liioctfil ii !y
" , rr OtnniAiui at n :i i a M. far ItANLF, c y
iiithn, n.MM nt a niniiMi i.sdia, or J
fteainiliUi I i Ntitiruinlit, in Havre, at h A M. k ',
tor M-111 I-111 Mh ilirnt. icr rtPanmhlp Rot ?
teiilam. a In t'Mitnin ltttoii niuttt l lirecteil J )
1 t It lUetitim at HA M fnrllMA, per ;
r-tcniiihhlp 1 m ia Napl-i 1 ttf t nnmt be rti ,
rtitMl ifrl-mft atlUA M fur BlOILAND I
lirt, per uti in chip iirnttiA( ma Ulaiow
ilcttirs must I j 0 UtfLitc t 1 01 i urJtstU
rillMH) MATTKH.Ao -Otrmtn ntrameiw i&lllns
nn liu'itiH taki I'riutiMl Matti r, i., for (ler j
man, and Smi i .Uy AiMn ii(il l'riutul M Uter. ,
i fur itthi r i in uf Lim ye Aui-riran ami j s
Mto Mai htfauurn on f ilno(lai dennau '
KtiunerBuii 1 huisUa' n aiinl (.1111111 I tnncU
ainl (ti iniaii nt aniero imhiiiinlijKta r l'nntdl
Mitin a fen nil roiinlrlcH for w hi h 1I1P7 r
utlvtrtiH l tn ir mail
AftiM tlm 1 i,nof tuo MippUmtnl im J Huiatlantia
Mill iitnu I almie, alditiioitl mij plpnientarjr
11 tilt in itpr in rt un tln pii r nf tin uiPiian,
Kiu!lh. n ich hipI tl rinaii it tea in t tu. nnil ie- ,
11 a ti npf 1 iiutil witlun Icu Minutts ot tin hour
t 1 I 1 icof hti ai rr
UI -.I lVOUS, .v..
1IUDAV- At '. A M f 1 LA Vl.Kl COI NTUIF9
hritt per Httanifhip llixninii at I I' M f r
lAMAUM, 1(1 U lt'LIlKM KUpiiI II -
FI MALA por kIpiiuhIiIi Itirml 1 ttf rn miit hi
illnittil ' i"'i rhntiiH .it 1 I1 M 1 r IA
l'Lr( (Jl MltIL vim tt, nr httaniMhip dro .
PAlt IIH ltlOA M for liAHIKDOs anUH M- 1
Ht):v prr KteaiiuMti Caulitif at lu K. M.
fur M UJul MJI.AM) per Mumj-hip s,h 1 at
lu A M fHiipiliinenurj in 1i M) fur II Ml I
and SANi" MK1H pir KtraiiiHlnp Aiifl. at
lu M iHtipi IfiuuitHrv ID 3D A Mlfnrl-Olt-1I
OAItrtHilI'M 1 or Mc.imhip AitlrnUflark dt
tf-ra firtoMi M nunt t illtritl it Ail
rtnulaik , at H .lit A. M fr I'tUU w Kid , j" r
riiite I tatft t ran pi it Mi li Uau. ia su Iiion,
At It A M for LU1H pprfrt'rtiuhip Mtinrn f
IItana (ictttrn nuit It dlnttnl ' i r Meni
tn . it U l f 1 SI I I ( l IUKKA1XH mill
NOinil UUKU pit tt'aiiihhtpllnhtrt, Malar
Malls fi " Nt wf miitlliuri, 1 5 rail tn North Sidnnr. fj
ami tht in i ! su aim 1, (.lour at thin ortlifl dally 1 yg
at .tu I M onnicttii! 1 1 00 ht ri t w rj Mull 'j
ilaj , MediRMliu .in 1 1 atiinta . .Mailit for Ml- , uf
tpiflnu h rati tn lit uton an I ihcnp bj- teanipr, ' hi,
clnfi at tin nflh c daili at H ml' M Mallt f.-r )f
Cut a, hi nut tu port 1 ainpi, 1 U , ami tht 11 lp by S
ti.iumr rl f.fat thlsntlii t d iil exef pt Moudajr) ', TOr
at )7 M (tho nnnertliiK t hmM aii'iin Mindii) , at
UediiPfilA and Frida Mall fur Cuba, 1 y rati J7
tn Muiiiii, liu , ami thclii- bv otiaint r, 1 1 iff ut w
Ihlo (fttti iwr Mimdaj. Tuns la And Miturlay a
at IL iu a M tl ttionntM tiujilnkti. arrnti uci fi
daj atidsuurdi Millafor .Mniui lit) nver j V
land uuh ! e iall) ulilroino l f r ib -1 at h br n
AteAinpr il at thin nttW dad) at ' sa A M.
ami 1 to I M aMdiU tor Cutta Kri U"f, H
I'lurtt) (Mi to nud uiuumala, b) rail t New
(irlranR, and tin nit by htpTunr, clftm at thU j. L
nfU t tlail) at .1 P M. r.iiiilPi tliur 1 hiHOt lier v!
umlniaand 1uo-Iih fir Cntta IEh a and Mm t
i1h h fnrJtelui I'lCitn tort' ami (tiiatciiinla). I
filtp.'Nti rrd 111A1I rln(h at ill' M nirUoiiH d iy.
lfl t,'l"tt ro 1 mall rloHftt lit d P it KiOiut day
Iffuie t
ntvNsrciFn mmm r
Malta fnr Chin 1 fni tu and H.all 1 pr ttmnliip J
AuiftKa M mi trutn mii 1 rati m ! no hero
ibulj u ti lul) 17 at tup M M11UI rt lima
and lai an 1 t-rnii iuirhip()l) nipia fr tnTaiotna,
i'Ioc hr tlaih up n Jul) 17 nt t tn P M. m
Mail f r Ilaua i, piTHtraiiiMUtp Australia ifrnui
N11. Main 11 n 1 !( hen tluh ti) t 1 lub t' at
tl fi 1 P M M id- f r Aiiatralia t irt 1 1 wM Ani i
trail t . Iliuau tut I (Ji 1 imU. 1 cr at ainliip
Anrutik't (in in am uwr, rlow hfio tlailr u
attti Jul i." and up U Inly i'l at u 10
P M MiiU f r tuna ami Jap-wi iir
Hi nnihlp K iiprt m Of In pan fr in tun umor),
t lne lu n daih up t J 11 1 at u Mit P M.
MaiNf r the h nitty I,ainU j t r ship ( it of
Pa 1 r itl ffr 111 Han 1 min it-r 1 b m In rr iUll) up '
to Jul) K.' at il tu p M Mui- fur AlUtMlU
ion 1 Mhu-!' for Went Ati-tralu wliiih art for
HAidtdiiu I un in Ntw inland Hawaii HJl .
and 41110111 NIumIh pi r t itnhip M an
1 from han r raiuiM 1 htt Inrn dkilyaftt r.Iuly
JI and up ti Aim St at 11 ti P M u U of
arilal nf kk iihxlitu ( aiiipaiiii uhlihn 11 j r b-
Ahl arrlM Aur y4 i!
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