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nun i.v noviKTr ifAXis iiiepiei-
' ll)i:.T TO 1X1 EV.VEDK
', In Hi Trnnnl-nnlli Van Wyek Hr
Aggressively Tor It - . !' Deal nt
j DU.rnt Whlrh Win Ovr-rlxirne - Chair
lilies Tlmt the Holland Hnclety Mny
j Heard President. Mnn. tvrrnor, or
' Ijiniit. If II Thlnl, It Wl" " Do Sn.
Dutch bloo.1 waved lift t " "Pecial meet-
i Ing of the Holland Society held at Delmonloo
last night, iin.l alleil for tho Purpose of
' ti,in. expression 10 the society's sympathy
1 wllh Dm h "ith Urican llepuhhe In Its Strug-
gle with Great llrltaln." Hvervbody agreed
aofaras th simuathy went, but wtitm reso-
Intlon practically rilling upon tlio President
i,' tlit I lilted States to interfero was pre-
1 aontcd there was the liveliest kind otn debate
I and the resolution was carried bjr a very tight
.,iiie"iil after feolmg had mil pretty hlcli
i im i xpressmns of It hail been decidedly fioo.
i.iih nf the Van Wycks took an nctlve part lu
the pio-odlugs. Brother Out made a long
nn I impassioned speech. Brother Jlob didn't
mske inv speech, but h Interrupted other
ie,,p. s speeches In aniiinnor that seemed to
Kr..e tlm t'halrman. llolh stood for tho antl-
llnt.-li resolutions
l.mit l.'iO members wore prosent when
Tatii" O Bergen. President of tho society.
Pil'i-d th" meeting to order George M. Van
lloe-fti furnished an Immediate incentive to
,niiresioii "f opinion by offering tlio follow
liijrevllll 'lis
,',.. nf, That the Holland SocietyofNew
v. iik. (join posed exclusively of descendant of
lni' 'h l.iiruln rs resident in the Colony of Sow
Valid mi li before Iii73. HVinpatliizInc deeply
luthtnotuiuliorsnftlicSoutli African l'.opubllo
iiilh. i snuggle fortho innliitenuneo of their
Independent and autonomy, earnestly appea
t , th.. iiovernniont of tlw I'nited State to use
!tffK.il olllcoswith tho Government of Great
Uriiiiin fortho presiT.ition of peaco between
Ing an I an I th Transvaal and for tho
-nit ement of lh points In dispute he
men tho-" two nations in n manner
that mil sine to the South African llepubllo
the lights g Mianteel to It by the convention
..f I-!-
. h nl. That a committee consisting of tlio
President of the society and two members to
bcvlco'cd by him be authorised to present to
th President of the I'nited States a copy of tho
foregoing icsolutlon". and to urge upon hlut
.needy action that war may be averted between
dreat llrltlan and th South African Republic,
i r if war should occur, that pcaco may be
rnncluded upon terms that the conselene of
mankind will not condemn
Somebody seconded tho lesolutlons and Col.
lleermance got the tloor
" 1 simpathlre with the object of tills meet
Ing ' slid he." and I sympathize with the eauta
of the Doers, but when It comes to asking our
Government to Interfere with what ia none of
our business. I object. Only a few days ago the
Irish cltl7ens In meeting expressed a wish to
join in with the Holland Society In taking a
stnnd against Fnglanrt I can easily see why our
Irish friends should wish to take such a stnnd,
nnd 1 will pay that I thoroughly condemn
Kngland' pol.cy toward other nations, but I do
not lellove that this society should join with
the fnshor any othur ri'o in any such causa,
nnrdo I beiicvo that woshould ask tho Presi
dent of the I'nited Mates to take nny action
which may look like criticism of a friendly
cation '
'Julie a little applause greeted the speaker.
Mr. hw 1ft lalseil the question whothr under
Us constitution the Holland Society had the
right to pass nny such resolutions. Mr Van
.Vrss got the floor from under the feet of sev-
ral other gentlemen who were demanding It,
ninl tild.
'While I ngie with tho sentiment of the let
riliitioiis. I Insist that w havo nn right to ask
tlu Government to Interfere. Wo can aceoni
Ish more h simply passing lesolutlons and
thus calling th'jn'tentl on of tho people to the
real issuer Involv-d "
II lint's the only kind of action we aia go
Inciiit.iki',' end I' IgailKtiickerboi'kot. jump
In l" his fi'i't. "I sa), Mr Preulent. that we
iniul.t at. well "hut up our mouths and go home
t" I"! I lilies ? adopt thn original
lofniillon there's no need of adopting
mi. Ih re isn't n mean thing tlrrat Pritalu
mm cou'd ' lo a smaln-r nation tlmt she
I ii-n t done Ai'plausn Hnd laughter Ah soon
t.ili'i.e)uteliiii..i In South Africa Mud a little
I.'. 'I I nlaiol isnltcr tlieui. Now wuouglittn
I k by them. If we can't do It, let's go
I . I hi-, time the loom was in a stir, ami
iiifii io me went .ugulng it out privately
i.'.ii'itl) llooH.'lt got a (hnneeto bo heard
liti'M a ni.iiiite
"W" mm i.. show the woild that this
tin! on yinpitlii,-.i's with the Mulch against
Hi" I eglNli." he ald. What is the use of
H!"ilng m the I ederal tiovernuient lo aa
(i.mpli'h tint piirpo-e when we know it will
J.i I t.iko anj iii'ti.in'' Ifnny llumpenii eounti v
lndlntnrreied n the Into w.ir we should haio
ti'i-n b.tterlv in iMised, mid If our (loveiiiinent
were lo Imerfere. eicn In the mot ilelloato
i.n), in the prc-eiit crl-ls. It would biinlTeiislva
to i iritloti with whoin wo am nt peace. We
te under c"rfiln sciitlinental obligations lo
I ri. slid and it seems '
What am the " suddenly erled Ilia Mayor
who had been itlng right behind Mr. Itoote.
fitnnha dc'trnetixe scowl on his face ever
sire., tint cent email began to speak.
le. whit ate the)-'" called voices from
(hoi pirtsot the room, " How do von make
Itnitf ' "Where d they coino In?" "What
kind of obligation'"
," no .whatever," declared tho Mayor
We are under certain .entimcntsl obllgn
t ons l.. Kngland. ' repeated Mr Itoosmelt
nnl.il.' and I' '
"inii' us faota, give us facts." snapped the
.Mayor "Tli.it onli jour opinion. llo us
(acts '
Tins it a direct quotation from Mr ltlchard
roker on th" occasion of one f Ills tilts wltli
I.iwjer I'rank Moss before the .Maet Com
liHii.'e Mi Hontnelt turned around uiion Ilia
excited III tie Mnynrnnd said u inanely:
I Mii'l t.e delighted, Mr Mimir. If you will
Klie mean oppoitimitr. We all knoTTtlieun
iii' ihl in. .tB of most of the r.uropsau nations
'lining the war with Spain, and we can assume
from hT lotions Hint Kngland was frlendlyto
"Iliiini h' ' grunted the Mayor, resuming his
tonvil "Mmter of opinion "
Mr llo.is.'M'lt offeiod as an amendtiient to
lie ((including clause of the lesolutlons the
wo-1. "i. settled on terms honorable to both
rirti - '
n .'tsrv llanla moeil to strike out all that
lart ..J id., resolutions after tho word "auton
omi !. iMng only tho expression of sympathy,
jnl this bruught Augustus Van W'yck to his
(onardice never won liberty." he began In
fi'or.u tones, "nor over preserved It. I
me l e. n surprised -res, amazed, sir nt tho
limidltv expressed by iiiiih of our members.
"V'lidrtiitkof a race that established liberty
r un'1 u and furnished a model for the great
l.'Pib'ieof which we are all so proud of bolng
Cltl ens "
broth, r Ilob. who had been sitting with Ills
""" turned up to Ills brother and his mouth a
"" " pen. shut his teeth on that sentence,
' " it. nuil then looked as If ha had dl-ts-t
s.r we afraid." continued Ilrother Oils.
'I wi -bnulil thus oniaseiilate these reolu-
. jmi.-. eh,,), would say noililnc, In Hie
, iini. i Irl .inn, but that wenp'tliailexcendnnts
yii. I'uti'h uhoenmii hem before a certain
in' . ' ''"i"e is until ng ill the resolution to
, ".""' I ulniid llaxen't we done this eame
'"ins i ft un' I asl. tho secretary to read the
'" 1 1 .nsln regard to. lameson' raid."
I "- -K uiry H.inta looked them up and read
'I'i'i hev weto wnrmly denuuclntory of
t Jitnif- i,
."' Aero i two parts and. after finishing
in.. , nrt.s."retarr Ilanmsaid
i ml to say befote te'iilitig the rest" -u
"h i. ad 'em, please," luoka in Ilrother
I "- S ' on , read em " piped Ilrother Hob
I ' '" wit general lauglitor and tumult,
; b i"i the spercUty eoticlililed tho
' s- ivii. l.r.nber lius had begun to
1 i 'inmed In by elialrs. but he bad
' i i side and tlm other In In
J a now had n lath almost i to
i 1 , '-uible dvanenctothO'!ndof
II rii'
Ji ' i .i .is .nl i ltomeinborthn
J, i ,(1, ' in luul .in) u'prmoniamu of oar
race in that little Dutch Btnte. of whom
lllsmuick said that ho wn the greatest
iiiitiinii statesmen of , tho time, and of
whom OlHilsione anid ho was the
smoothest nnd smartest politician that
eer ant on tho African continent, llrothsr
Hob. who had boen nodding and smiling hi
approval, took that under advisement und be
gan to look worried again, ....
Heeietnry Kiinta declared himself so moved
br Judge van Wyck'seloquencB that lip would
withdraw bis amendment. Mr, an Ness re
offered It nnd It was aeeondod. Warner au
Nordou roso nnd said!
Whathave we. the Holland Hoclely. to do
with South Alrlcan politics Ifwonro to ex
press our sympathy with our brethren, to
whom should we express It? Wo nre Anglo
Saxons as much as Dutch, most of us. The
Kugllsli nroasmuch our kin as the Boars of
South Africa. , . ...
"1 think that the learned judge who just
spoko ha 1st his feelings get the bettor of his
judgment 'laughter There Is no provision In
our constitution permitting us to do any such
thing aa Is contemplated. We might as well
endorse a political partv as to do what is Im
plied In these resolutions."
John P.. Van Wormeraald that the resolutions
weto extra-constitutional and that the nows
papora would laugh at the society If it passed
"And another thing." ho said, looklncnt.Tus
tlee Van Wyek. "Don t stnnd up hole nnd
tnlknbonsycownrds That's all rotund imnsetise,
If there's to bo any talk of cowardice let's hnvo
It inHti to mail and not by Im
plications that menu nothing.
I'm soiry that tlio Secretary didn't havo the
sand In bis craw to stick to hi lesolutlons. for
I'm In fauirof his amendment If we're to pass
anything at all." , .
At least a dozen persons, some of them with
flushed faces, wero on their feet when tho
speaker Bat down : hut President Bergen own
face was.aomowhat Hushed and he needed the
tloor himself. Banging the desk with bis
gael he said:
"In spite of the Intimidation Implied n the
remnrksot the last speaker, tbe chair rules In
full In behalf of the competency or the society
to express Its sympathy with the Boors, and
the chair does not tule that the society when
it does express its sentiment will be atinid
toconey them where It ileases:to n piesl
dent or a king, to a governor or a tyrant, lou
may. If you choose conwy your sentiments
to the President id the I'nited Stntes cither In
por-on or by resolution sent. The chair so
rules " ...
Amotion to lay all lesolutlons on tho table
wns moved, seconded and out, nndthoayesand
noes were ociferous.
"Absolutely lost I" cried the chairman
"Turn the t'nsealsoutl" shouted a voice,
Mr. anuess'H nniondlnent was put. but Jus
tice Van Wyek stopped the proceedings
"That's the amendment tint Is disem
bowelled of all ltsxlrllitv. Isn't It.'" ha asked "I
wnnt In know If that part about our ancestors
being here In th seventeenth century Is In?
Laughter i That's all there was left and it
would be a pity to lose it." The amend
ment wn declared lost on a vote even more
MiolfeioustliHii the previous one. Mr ltoose
velt's substitution of the words. "Honorable to
both parties to the controversy." for tho last
clause was thea lost. Tho rosolutloa was
called for and the noes were louder than the
Tho chair decided for the ayes and on a
rlaiifg Mile ho counted nnd announced III) ayes
to 411 noes Many did not vote. There was
some protesting afterward as to the count
The Mayor made u motion to adjourn. Others
wanted to speak.
" Moe to adjourn." cried the Mayor again.
" I hnve a motion." began Col Hearmance.
"Mono toailjntiiu'" cried trio Mayor ngaln.
"Mv motion Is lu order llrst."
"So. ion see. we've done It befote. ow why
have the Kugllsli taken this step? Ureed for
gold Thuy wauled to have the mining camps
entianchl'ed Youall know whntniiningcamps
ate. I dare say there Isn't a member of thl9
goolely that hasn't bought stock In fcome
of those Western gold mines. Hut the
South African gold mines are the rich
est In the world That's why Kngland
Is going in there 1 hope and I feci that
"I ask the floor for Col. Heermanee." said
a member who had been quiet hitherto.
"Question! Question"' cried the Mayor
To quiet him, his mnMon o adjourn was nut
and oerwholhilngly lost. He looked nmuzed
and sat down Col, Heermnnco moved that
the Holland Society should not recognize any
otbersoclety to the extent of meeting with It
for a coufeienco nn tho South African quea-
"N!o other society has asked us to," said ex
Judge Van Hoescn
"You're mistaken, roplled Col. lleermance.
"I'm not: you're In error."
"Move to adjourn '" erled two or three olcea
for tln discussion, was in danger of becoming
acrimonious. .
"Hnsn't Queen I.avlnla of the Holland Dames
asked us to confer''" qtierleit a voice
Judge Van Hoesen began to makn a speech
but he hadn't got lalrly well stalled when tho
Mayor aioc and chipped in ...
"What's he speaking to?" ho urbanely In
quhed. standing on tiptoe to look over the
sneaker's head nt the chairman. "There's
nothing before tho house "
"Oh, yes there Is, Mr Mayor, said the chair
man looking with a wearied expression at the
little man . ,
"Well, let' proceed In an ordeily manner.
Insisted the Mayor "I'ho motion wasn't sea
ended " . . ...
"Let's." agreed a Ice. It was seconded. I
seconded it"
"When was It done? wnsthenextquestion.
Nobody nnsweied and the Mayoraftpr swing
Ini' hi chair back mid fotlh for a while decided
tosltdown. The motion not to confer with other
societies was lost and u motion to adjourn pre-
Charles I). Pierce. Consul-Oeneral of tlio
Orange I'roe State. Is credited with the state
ment that President Stoyn or the Orange
Tree Stale had tried to rerMiado Pres
ident McKlnlev to ask, other nations
to propose arbitration between 1 nglnnd and
the Transvnal President MeKlnley. according
to Mr Pieiee. declined to act Mr. Pierce as
cribed the President's unwillingness to inter
fere to a desirn to keep undisturbed the pres
ent relations between Kngland and tho I'nited
States. .
is h:r v i. s i:n nv -i:. n it i . 7'.
I'lllpluo Attack On llneoor Koail a IMsus
tiou Vnlliire.
Jpfrf.if t'niU Pnitatefi ti Tar. Hus.
MiMi.t. Oct '.' The Insurgents along the
Boeoor road nttacked tlio American troops
under Bilg.-Oen 1'iaderlek 1). Iir.int to-day.
They were repulsed with heavy Ions. Our
casualties wore Ihe
Tho I'lllpluo commissioner spent sovarnl
hours with Oen. Otis this atternouu. At tho
conclusion of the conferonce It was announced
that nothing had been accomplished. The
commissioners will return to Angeles to
morrow. The naval expedition to destioy the town of
Oranl In retaliation for the winking of the gun
boat Urdannta Is In charge of Commander
Charles 0 Cornwall and consists of the gun
boats Petrel, Helena and Mlndora. Comman
der Cornwcll proposes to raise the UrdaneU
and expects to be back here by Wednesday.
The gunboat Concord has gone to Hollo and
the gunboat Bennington to the I.lngayn Gulf.
The eruler Charleston will patrol tho east
coast ol I.uon for six wueks
Nothing Arcoiupllibed by the Visit of Ills
KnTin to flrn. Oils 111 Manila.
Wmiisitos. Oct 'J Gen. Otis cabled to
tho War Department this morning that tho
conference with the Filipino representatives
regarding a cessation of hostilities terminated
without accomplishing anything looking to a
surrender Ho explained that Agulnaldo's
attempt in this dlrectlnn was merely
a play on his part to secure from
tho Americana a recognition of a rillplno
Government The attempt was so flagrant,
however, that It failed in the beginning, Uen.
Otis refused to recognize Aguinaldo In liny
way. and so explains In hla despatch. Ho also
rolers to the delivery of the Amerlcun pris
oners, confirming press despatches on that
'see'retary Hoot took Gun. Otls'a cable de
npntcb to the White 11 uisesoon after It was re
celvedand consulte I with tho President in
gnrdlng other iiuestlons presented by (len.
litis licnue of references to certain pro
posed eanip.iign movement It has been
thought wise not to make the despatch public.
senntor lliiunrv in Poor Health.
imiiMiTiiv. Oct - Senator llanna nnd
Henry C Payne, of Wisconsin, called on Pies
blent MeKlnley to-day. They iv ill bo guests of
the President nt the dinner to be given In
honor hi s.dmlrnl Dowcv to. morrow night
Senntoi llanna Is in apparent y isiorer health
than when li" was Inst In Wn-hinglon and bis
ippeariince wn temarked b persons at tho
I White House.
I rnm 7 A. M. lo Midnight
Tlireistlir' uiib IrsiiPTer' hour h-svlm: flrand
fe 1ml " 1 uli I " m " 'k Lmtril. 'lnu-LVt
lull' JW U ketl ar k'd. .tilt,
bt.asks snsr out rnou Al.lUSl'
TO 1111! CUItVOltATlOSH.
Mr. Flam's l'lnn of Collecting the Mprrlal
I'ranrlilie Tax to lie Adopted by the
State Tnx Communion A Wtntcment nt 1
Its Purposes Information Called For,
Ai.nASV. Oct. 2 The plan under which tho
8peelal Franchise Tax law will bo rut Info
operation was made public to-night by the
State Tax Commission, The law took effect
to-day. The administration of this law Is
placed In the solo charge of tho State Tax Com
mission, though the taxes uoon suoh franchises
as real estate aro to be collected locally upon ,
tlio assessable value of the franchises as
fixed by tho commission. The general plan
which will govern the commission In assessing
special franchises will follow tho legal opinion
upon this question submitted to Gov. Roosevelt,
Attoincy-Cunernl Davis and the State Tax
.Commission by J Sowton l'lero of this city,
the special attorney nrpolnted for that
purpose. The essential point of Mr. Kloro's
report wero printed In to-day's Sun.
Mr l'lero says that In his opinion the value of
a special franchlso should bo arrived at by
ascertaining the value of the entlro corporate
property, taking into consideration all the ele
ments which go to makn up such value, nnd
deducting therefrom tho value of the personal
property of the corporation of so much of tho
real estate as la not connected with tlio special
franchise and of the franchises not affected by
tho new law: In line, by deducting from the
total value of corporate nssets and of tho
Intangible and and tangible property not a
part of, or connected with, the special fran
chise According to Mr, l'lero, n largo discretion Is
left with the State Tax Commission In determ
ining the valuo of a special franchlso whereby
they must deduct tho valuo of the good will
conduct of tho business and tho franchise to
be a corporation and whatever constitutes the
value of the Intangib.e franchlso not taxable.
The State Tax, Commission In making public
Mr. l'lero's plan for putting tho new law Into
effect, made a statement to-day that until th
law has had a thorough trial, no cast-Iron rule
for assessing corporations affected by the law
could be adopted which would be applicable
In all cases. Tho statement Intimates that
Mr l'iero's plaji will not bo formally adopted
until after Nov I, when th report requested
from the corporation affected by the inw re
garding their llnnnelal condition will have been
filed with the commission
While the commissioner hesitate formally
lo announce 'he adoption or Mr. l'lero's plan.
It is known that their careful examination of
the question leaves them no alternative. They
have practically reached the conclusion that to
go further in the luxation of special franchises
would result In the court declaring the law
unconstitutional While they realize that the
literal carrying out of the law without the
amendments that will lie recommended to tiie
next Legislature by tho commission would
make Its enforcement questionable by the
courts, the Commission I disposed to
other question upon whieli the corporations
are requested to report fact.
The commission may most rigorously en
forck the law as It stands, yet the tax upon any
franchise will not tend In the least to
cripple the corpotatiou affected by It.
for the reason that many of tho elements which
an erroneous opinion ha consldored should
enter Into the question of assessable values
regarding a special franchise aro taxed in mote
or loss degree now.
The commission must fix the . assessable
values of special franobises in New York city
ltore Jan. 1, though assessments In the
other parts of the State need not be
made until several month later, while the
taxes as the result of such assessment aie not
to be paid under th Inw until the latter part of
11H)0. After th commission fixes the value
of the special franchlso of any corporation,
the latter baa the right to a bearing
before tho commission From the decision
of the commission an anpeal may be made
to tho courts Whether the quest'ons
of law raised by such nn uppeal
could reaoh and be dlaposod of by
tho Court of Appeals before tho
Legislature adjourns next winter is ques
tionable What tho outcome will be is
problematical. The Commission realizes
one thing, nnmely. that even though
the law be declared constitution-it by
the courts. It cannot secure the iieuesaiy data
upon which to fix the assessable value of any
special franchise until legislation isptoeured
giving it authority, and the Inrg appropriation
necessary to employ manv experts to Inspect
and repot t upon eondlt Inns mirroundlng tlictuse
of streets by n corporation affected by the law.
A perusal of Mr Flero's icport will show
how much dlsciotion is left with tho Slat
Tax Commission In ilxing the value
of a special franchise Through Oov.
Honsevolt, the State Tax Commission ia on
record as favoring the assessment of any
special franchise so that its effect will not In
any degree tend to reduce the return now
secured to ,1 to"kholder
The Commission to-day sent to every corpor
ation affected by the law a copy of Mr. Fiero's
opinion, outlining the general plan of it
administration, together with a blank falling
for Information concerning the financial
condition of encli coipornllon. which will nld
the commission In leaching a conclusion re
garding th assessable value of a 'special fran
chise ' This blank calls fnr ndesertptlon of tho
special franchlso showing the streets or
public places possessed or rights enjovedby
the corporation, together with maps showing
the locution nnd extent of nil pioperty ubject
to taxation as n special franchise and a copy of
the Inw or ordinance under which uch special
franchise is held nnd the luirdun under
which such franchise Is enjoved. A state
ment of the assets and liabilities of tho
corporation on June :10 last is also called for.
together with the highest and lowest market
vnlueof the stock for the year aud Its market
valuo on ()ct 1. The financial operation of
tho corporation for the yenr endod Juno
.'ID are also called for in detail
There Is a request for information re
garding salaries tar general oftlcets and
clerks nnd for legal expenses Tho request for
Information regarding legal expense is re
garded ns significant by some. It wonldappear
that taxes upon lessor roads are to bo
paid by thn lessee. Information Is also re
quested regarding the cost of the tangi
ble real pioperty Included In the franchlso
and the cost of real property not Included In
the valuation of ;i special franchise Other
facts atiKgostod In Mr l'lero's report as neces
sary to be secured by the cossmlssion. thecor
poratlons arc nlo requested to furnish for the
Information of the commission.
Ilrltllll Strainer founding Herself ta I'leres
nt Mldeovr, !. Mnry's Hoy.
Ri. Johns, N' F.Oct ''. The British steamer
Proda mi. ( apt. Scroggle, ten days from Balti
more for l.clth. with a general catgo, went
ashoro last night at Wlldcove, St. Mary' Bay,
a region noted for frequency of wiecks Heavy
current prevail tliero, and In the dense fogs
steamors loso their reckoning and go on the
The Prodano struck at midnight nnd en
tered a cleft in the steep sen front, where she
battered her stem against tho cliff and tin
paled herself on Jagged rock, which tore out her
bottom Half tliectew were nsleep bolow nnd
the bulwarks being beaten down, ono senmnn
bad his h'ad spilt and another was severely
wounded by Rplinter of wood. A third man's
rlbH were bioten and others sustained smaller
Injuries. Two boats were broken In the surf
nnd ton men plunged Into thn sen, but all were
saved. ,,,111
The other boats were kuccessfully launched,
the crew staying by the wreck till daylltlit,
when they htmled The Injured men were
liolHind to the hilltop with th aid of some men
who were llshlng ne.11 by The Injured wero
Placed In a hut nnd the other vvnlged eleven
mile to St Mary'. The hlp Is a total loss,
but much of the cargo will bo saved Fishing
schooners nre a ready salving It and the steam
ers Panther nnd Aurora will leave foi the
wreck to-night.
Methodist Cmifrrrnrn Kudnrsrs the Phil
ippine Poller
Ptr.ht.i.sm'iui, W Va Oct 'J -The fourth day
of the flftr-thlrd conference of the Methodist
Kplscnpnl hureli here was marked by n report
bv the Committee 1.11 ( hureli and State, en
dorsing the administration of Piesblent
JI' Klnley in glow lug lernis, an I promising the
prayer of nil jtetlio.ltMs Hint Ihe national
honor may be pteserved, and that peace may
soon pievull In the Philippines.
Ileasnlyptlls Alltlippllc Tooth I'nnder
rciuovit all ira'Ts of tebsreo flrsns the ttetli and
sciUui Ilia buaib. AtsllUiuvgUli-.Uu.'
, j:.(ii.isii views ormT
Cugllnliineii Applnnd the Nation's Course
with llegnnl to the Philippines.
The twentieth anniversary of the formation
of the Now York Congrcgntlnntl Club wa
celebrated by a largely attondod dinner held
last night tit the Aldlnc Association Booms,
111 Fifth avenue. Of the seven after-dinner
spcnkeis, five wero Fngllshmen who bad coino
to this country to nttend the recent Interna
tional Council nt Boston, and all five
of them referred to the responsibil
ities devolving upon the United Slates
as nconsequosco of the victories on land and
sea All of thorn exprcssod confidouce that the
nation would do what was right and
best, and nil of them reforred to the
bond of friendship between Great Bri
tain and this country. Tlio speak
ers wero- The Ilov Dr. John K McLean.
President of the l'aclllo Theological Seminary;
the Hev. Dr 11. Baldwin Urlndley of Notting
ham. England: Evan Splcsr of London, the
Hev. Dr. Danlol Bliss, for forty-four years
President of the Protestant College at Beirut,
Syria; Alfied J. Bhepard, a member of the
London School Hourd ; tho Bov. Dr. John
Brown, pistor of the John Butiyan Church at
lledtnrd, F.tigland. und tho Bov Dr. P. T.
Fursvth of Cam bridge, Kngland. The Bev. Dr.
A. II. Brudford ptesldod. ,,
In his speech. Mr. bhepard said! Just
think what your future a a nation Is I
We over In F.ngland have 11 past, but we have
no room at homo lorn tuture. Uod has cast 011
the Anglo-Saxon race tho great responsibility
ot governing tho world, und there 1 no doubt
that we shall be able to do it well. We Fng
llslunen also realize now how closely the two
nation aro bound together,"
Tho Hev, Dr. Brown said that Englishmen
understood now what our great vlctorlesou
sea and laud meant. "They will." he said, bo
tho means of doing a great worx nnd will give
vou 11 great power for enforcing the peace of
the wholo world "
"You ate assuming." said the Her, Dr. For
syth, "enormous icsponsibllttles. You aro
not drifting lutothtmi. either; you are stepping
into them. America is moving forward in tho
groat International drama of history. '
tjo.sn: to liaiiT asduade.
Gen. Velutlni Leaves Hern with Arms fnr
n I'nrly of nno.
I About a month ago Gen. Jose Antonio Velu
tlni. President of the Venezuelan Congress,
cam to this city accompanied by his daughter
nnd son. Ho engaged a suite of rooms In
Fifty-eighth street, near Lexington avenue
and teeelved but few callers. Tho ostensible
object of Gen. Velutlnl'a visit horo wn to con
sult a phsslclan lu regnid to his daughter.
Last Saturday, without any previous notice to
bis friends, ho left with his son for Trinidad.
W. I. Y'estorduy one of hla acquaintances
told the cause of the General's audden de
parture uad tho real reason for bis leaving
(len. Velutlni, up to the tlmo he left Venezu
ela, was n man of influence. He owned a large
estate In his native State, Barcelona, aud dur
ing th administration of President Crespo
was the latter's advisor on all questions of im
portance Ho also enjoyed the personal friend
ship of the present Incumbent. Gen. Ignaclo
Andrade, The latter had a bill presented InCon
gress providing for the division of certain
States, which was unconstitutional and which
is the causo of the revolution now In progress
against the Government. Gen. Vel.ttinl pleaded
with the President to withdraw the measure,
but be refused, whereupon the General In no
uncertain term said that he would not be
a party to any unconstitutional act. and left the
When Gen. Velutlni arrived lisie n'cabte'deif-
patch fioat President Andrade awaited hlra.
It said that the circumstances under which be
bad left Venezuela led him to believe that Uen.
Velutlni was In leaguevvith the enemies of the
Government and that be could consider himself
an exile. Simultaneously with this announce
ment camo the news of tho arrest lu Caracas ot
Gen. Veltluei's friends. This ho incensed the
General that be immediately put himself Into
communication with tho revolutionary junta
at Curacao, which authorized him to purchase
all necessary ainisand ammunition for nn ex
pedition nnd go when ready toTrlnidad. where
preparations w 111 be mado for hltn to lend 11 1111
busterlng party In th eastern part of Vene
zuela. Oen, Velutlni bought WX) rlflos. r.0.000 cart
ridges nud other essential war implements.
When ho reaches Trlnldnd, piobnbly next 1'ii
1 day. he will take command of tho expedition
nud enter the field against his former friend,
Pitsldont Andrado. Gen. Voliillnl is well
known In that part of the country in wliloh lie
will fight the government forces nnd his acqui
sition will help tho rebels greatly.
I'raildent MeKlnley Mny Consult with Ad
miral Dewey To-Morrow.
Washimiton, Oct 2 President J. G. Schur
man of the Philippines Commission arrived in
Washington to-day and made a brief call on
President MeKlnley. Ho will remain hero
during the celebration In honor of Admiral
Dewey. It Is probable that tlio President.
Admiral Dewey nnd Piesldent Schurnian will
have a eonfersneo on the Philippine situation
on Wednesday before the President starts on
his Western trip. There can be no full meeting
of the Philippine t'ommlsslnn at piesunt. as
Col Denby and Pi of. Worcester have not yot
urrlved in the United States.
Elt.lSK A. EllltET irAM .Vf.1Sf.VB.
For n Whole Week Ills Wife Hid Not Know
Where He Wm-Ill In This City.
The pollen were notified last Thursday that
Frank A. F.hret, who Is the son of George
Khret. tlio brewer, and who married Ada Dare,
thn actress, was missing from his home at
F.lmhurst. L. I. Mr F.hret left his homfi.rhis
business us usual one weok ngn vesterday nnd
telephoned to his wife during tho day that ho
would not be home until lata In th evening.
That was the last known of him at Elmhurst
until yesterday, when a message that he was
III nt the house of a friend In tills city was re
ceived by bis wife. ...
At young Sir Khret house It was said last
night Mint hi fninilv know where he was and
that his wife had gone to the city to see him.
Mnret Committee Wont Sit Ciitll Thursday.
Instead of resuming Its sessions to-day, as
was expected, the JIaet Investigating Com
mittee will not sit until Thursday. Theehango
In the committee' plans Is due to the fact that
it cannot meot In the courtroom which It has
been occupying this summer, on acciunt of
the opening ot court, and also to the fact that
thn Dewey reception and the jneht races havo
Kieatly unsettled th" ty departments It Is
expected that the c. 1 m lee will beublo to find
suitable quarter to- a .
Nntlminl Hunk Circulation.
Washington. Oct. 2 The amount of
national bank note In circulation on Sept.
DO was $:n:i,2IH).l2S. being nn Increase of Sl,
21rt,:t:)il for the month and of $7,.'1.'U 7H com
paled with the iniim date last year Tho
amount of bonds deposited with tho Treasurer
by nntlonnl bank Insecure escalation nnd de
posits aggregate JHOI.hWi.lWl.
President MeKlnley F.xperted to Mnke nn
Address nn Webster.
Wakiiiwiow Oct. 'J Senator Chandler in
vited the President this morning to attend the
uiivelllag of tho monument to Daniel Wobster
In Washington on Jan. IK, next Tho Presi
dent will probably nccept the Invitation to de
liver the oration nt tlio ceremony of unveiling.
Another llnliy V.U.
A baby elk was born In the deerpaddock yes-
terdny, being the second little one added to the
elk collection within the past three weeks
Director John B Smith of Hie memigarl
1 said tho birth ot the two elk was a matter of
I considerable satisfaction as there were only
live does and two bucks lu the city' elk family.
I At the Vaeht llnret.
Irrov Unit f'liMiipsiMte suit King William Rcotce
1 wUlikej i. O. i'jmrvsdeu all tlia bosu, Adt,
xo noun iibceiveii vbstekday
Despntch Describing the Uiipreparednesswf
the Ilrlllili Force Against Widen th
Attnek Is Likely to He Directed- Jnraeion
Trying to Raise an Army Corps.
Sucltl Cablt PtivaUK (a Tn Una.
I.onuov, Oct. 2. Ko messages from the
Transvaal have been received to-day. The
wires to the Cap and Natal aro both working,
but there Is no news from the border districts
where the Boers have massed their forces.
In Government circle It bv thought possible
that a fight has occurred, but It Is believed
however, that the Boer Commandant General
Joubertisln camp eight miles from the Natal
frontier, with 7000 armed men.
The l'alt Mall (Jaittte prints a deipatchifrom
Johannesburg dated last Friday, which was
aent by way ot Cape Town, stating that the sit
uation of the British troops Is critical. The
mismanagement of tho War Office, it says. Is
obvious, and unless stiong reinforcements aro
sent roverset, are certain.
There In opeu treason In Cape Colony, where
there nro only two battalions of British troopi
The plight of the poorer class ot Ultlanderals
Oen Sir ltedvors Buller, who Is to command
tho British troops lu South Africa, will sail for
Cape Town on Oct. 0.
An Kngllshman who has lately arrived here
from South Africa, say Dr. Jameson was
recently in Matabeleland trying to raise an
army corps for the purpose of operating on the
Transvaal frontlor
Major Giles, who commanded Lord Ran
dolph Churchill's expedition to lthodssla In
1801. Is organizing a corps of gontlemen
tough riders modelled on the plan ot Gov.
Boosevelt's regiment In th Spanish-American
War. Each member of the corps Is to pay his
own expenses, which. Major Giles estimates,
will be about .ri00.
Statement That They Can Italse Not Over
5:2,000 Men.
SvteialCathDtivateh to Taa Be.
Lonijon, Oct. 2. In an Interview to-day J. B.
Robinson, a S'juth African millionaire, who
claimed to speak ns n friend ot President Kril
ger and the Boers, ascribed the fnilure to reach
a settlement to the bad Influences sur
rounding tho President, the Uxeoutive
Council and the Volksraad. He dtclnred
that the burghers ot the Orange Free State
were by no means unanimous in support ot
tho Transvaal, and that If there was a war
there would be a rush ot these burghers across
the Orange Itlver Into British territory to es
cape fighting.
Sir Itoblnson said that the lighting strength
of the Transvaal was grossly exaggerated.
Speaking from intimate knowledge ot the
country, lie estimated the total force. Including
the friendly Uitlanders. at 15,000 men, while
the Orange Free State could put only
7,000 men In tho field. In conclusion
Mr lloblnson declared that the real, tho only,
point at Issue so far as tho Transvaal was con
cerned was suzerainty. President Krtlger
would willingly grant a flve-year'a franchise If
Oreat Britain would agree never again to In-
terfere In the nffalrs ot the Transvaal ; nothing
else woul I autlefy him.
iibt.oiaxs roil the iioehs.
A isentlnient Which Has Awakened the
(Iratltud of thn Dutch.
.vrt(lf faMf Dt$flal foTuKRuv
Bitl'ssn.s, Oct. 2. The Vti't Illeu. In com
menting on the Transvaal trouble, says Kng
land has decided to use every barnarous
weapon against tho Boers, Including aerial
dynamite and dum-dum bullots. which were
condemned by the International Peace Con
ference, Nothing will be wanting In abomina
tion, it says, in this coming race war
Tho defonco of the Boers by the Belgian
pi ess against the tyrnnny of Kngland has dono
more to wipe out tho Ill-feeling between the
Dutch and the Belgians than anything that
has happened since tho involution ot lb-'lO
when Belgium separated from The Nether
lands, Tho tone of the Belgian and Dutch
newspapers toward Kngland I extremely
The Klmlf iWtfesays It is remarkable that,
despite tho wise resolutions adopted by tho
Peace Conference, no power has ever at
tempted to propose mediation or arbitration
between Great Britain und the Transvaal.
BUMon or a xote to tub voncnu.
(ireat Hiltnln Mny Thus F.iplain Her Course
With the Transvaal.
jreial Cable Pttpi'cK to Tbb li.'.
London. Oct. U The Berlin correspondent
ot the Jlailu -Wim says it is understood there
thnt before beginning hostilities against the
Transvaal Groat Britnln will send a circular to
th Powers explaining her motives and ob
ject In going to war with tho Boer. Tho
same correspondent eays It Is stated In oftlolnl
quarter that tho recent frequent Inter
views between Lord Salisbury and Count vou
Hatzfeldt. the German Ambassador at London,
rvferted to Samoa, am! that they did not
touch upon the Transvaal matter, regarding
which Germany purposely avoids Intetferenoe.
BXai.ASD'.n AilfXT AT VRETOItl .
Itepiirt That n Train llns (Inne to Tnka Him
lo Ihe (nm- Nut Vet Hecalled.
.VpffiatCa&V tittvotcK foTiia Sim
Capk Town. Oct. 2 Tlie.Soiifi.4rifciii eif,
the organ ot Prime Minister Schrelnerof Caeo
Colony, declares that a special train loft here
last night to bring Mr. Conyngham Greene, the
British Diplomatic Agent, and hi staff from
Pretoria. Tho formality of hauling down tho
British Hag on the legation building, tho
paper says, Is imminent.
Sir Alfred Mllner, the British High Commis
sioner, denies that Mr. Oreeno has been re
called, Tynnu, the Dynamiter In the Trntisvnal.
fxtnalCaiU UtipVe tn 1 nt. Sos.
London, Oct 2 despatch to the hill Mall
(,'nirlt', dated at Johannesburg last Friday,
says Hint Patrick J. P Tynan has arrived in
tho Transvnnl
Patrick Joseph Ptey Tynan is the alleged
dvnamlter well known In America In connec
tion with the assassination ol Lord Cavendish
and Under Secretary Burl-elln PhoenU Park.
Dublin. He was arrested at lloulogne-sur-Mer.
France, at the request of the British
authorities, but wns released after .1 short de
tention on condition that be leav the country
Tynan's family lived ut udiibon Park, near
Camden, N J Thev met linn 011 hist .turn to
New York. In October lSlsi. but not a tepre
eentatiio of nn Irish society wns on the plr to
greet him Irishman in tins city reg mled him
hh 11 man who was posing - luvlucihle No 1,"
nnd was 1 rally wearing Hi" laurels of another.
Ilnllnnd'sfjiieeti Mny Appeal In the Knlier.
.Vprtinl Cob't Htto-itch t Th Scs
F.vl.H, Oct 2 -'I h Fmnrn says that (Jueen
Wllhelmlna of Holland Is going to Potsdam for
the purpose of seeing l'.mpror Wllllain and
trying to. induce him to Initiate n movement
for nieiUntion between Groat Britain nud tliu
I'nlle Itnnior lilt Hie I'nrU lionise
fvteial C'ofif D't tlle In Tin -M
Pris, Oct 2 rumor that the Transvaal
had made a declaration of war against Oteat
Britain caused price n Ihe Hours todeclliio
slluhtlv 10-dav. but they reenvertdou thu dis-
J coven tliut lliu tumor waa false.
rBXEZtrmi.A aw Attn to-vat.
No Advance Information ns to Its Nature
.lodges to Leave 1'nrls.
ftttlal Culli Diipateh to Taa lea.
Pahis. Oct. 2. Tho Anglo -Venezuelan
Boundary Arbitration Commission wilt render
Its decision at noon to-morrow. M. Delcasie,
the French Minister ot Foreign Affairs, will be
present whtn the decision Is rendered.
All statements as to tho nature ot the award
of the tribunal, whothor purporting to be
bated un Inside Information or otherwise are
merely guesses and bad bettor b Ignored, It
I expected that the decision will be pro
mulgated to-morrow, after which the mem
bers of the tribunal and tho counsel will
shortly start for their homes, or, at least, will
leave Paris.
.Initios Fuller and Brewer Intend to go to
London on Wednesday, and will sail for Now
Y'ork on the White Star Line steamer Majestic
onOot 11. Kx-Presldent Harrison will start
on Wednesday for Berlin and will go thonce to
The Hague, Brussels aud London.
Capt. nemphlll or th Detroit Reports th
Situation Unchanged
Washington, Oot. 2.-Mr. Ituasell. the United
States Charge d'Affaires al Caracas, has re
ported to the State Department that tho new
Venezuelan Cabinet Is composed of the follow
ing members: Interior. Dr. Fernando Arvelo:
Foreign Affairs, Gen, J CaUano Mathleu:
Finance, Joso AntouIoOlavarrla; Public Credit.
Gen. Santos Kscobar; War and Marine. Gen.
Diego Bautlsta Ferrer; Agriculture. Industry
aud Commerce, Abelardo Arlsmendi; Posts
and Telegraphs, Gon. Jmlnto II. Pachano;
Publle Instruction. Dr. B. Mnsquern: Publlo
Works. Dr Alberto Smith: Governor ot tho
Federal Distrlnt. lien. V. Batalla: Secretary
Uneial, Gn. . Hello llolrlguero.
Washinoton. Oct. 2 Capt. Hemphill of tho
crulsor Detroit telegraphed to the Navy De
partment to-dar from Cuincoa. Dutch Guiana,
that tho Detroit was about to leave therefor
Puorto Cabello, Venezuela, with Frank II.
Loomls, the United States Mlnlater to Venezu
ela, on bonrd The Detroit was sent to
Venezuelan waters to pintect American inter
ests during the Venezuelan revolutionary out
break. Capt Hemphill reported later from
Puerto Cabello that the political situation was
unchanged and qulot pinvnlled there. Ho SHld
that the Detroit would proceed to La Gunyra
Holme Surrounded nnd 11 Wounded llur
glur Caught Two Others Gut Awn).
Omaiu, Oct 2. Chauncay W. Wilson return
ed to his homo in the heart ot the residence
part of tho city about midnight last night and
found three robbeis nt work. Ho called hla
neighbor togottiBr, each arming himself as
best he could Several old shotguns wore
used, a number of revolvers, a Wlnchestor
rifle, one old Buffalo gun In the hands ot the
veteran Mike O'Hern and several modern
pieces. When tho house was surrounded the
robbers wero about ready to depart. They
wero stopped by a shot from O'Hern. They
rushed to tlio rear of the house und wero re
peatedly fired upon. Then they ran together
ftom the side door nnd tho shooting became
general. Henry Clark, 0110 of the burglars,
was eepnrated fiom his companions anil wns
quickly surrounded when lie fell after being
shot. The other robbers fought their way to
liberty. A trail ot blood showed that another
man was wounded, but escaped. Clark refused
to tell tho names of his companions.
liryan Makes Tvvii Speeches nnd Is Going
tn Make Another To-dny.
Dam.vh, Tci.. Oct. 2. Tho largest orowd
Dallas has ever hold was In town to-day for the
opening of the Democratic National Carnival.
Messrs. Bryan. Stone. Belmont. Sulzer. Adams.
Wetmore, Jones. Berry, Bicbardson nnd more
than twenty other Demociatio leaders from
outside the State were cheered to the echo.
The Jefferson Club of St. Louis, was lionized
by the Young Men's Democratic Club, whoso
guests they nie. Jlr. Bryan at 11 o'clock
addressed fully 20,001) peisons packed In front
of tho grand stand of tho race track In the
Htato Fair Grounds.
Mr Bryan's speech was brief and mainly
complimentary II said nothing new on
national issues. He innde Ids big speech nt
the State labor mass meeting to-night. Ho
will also bpeak at tho dollar dinner to-morrow
TOOK A DEAD 71.1711' I f 1 1I E HOSPITAL.
Mother Thought It Still Lived Twin Dying
Tlieia When It Arrived.
Jlrs. Louisa Dollclo walked into Gouvernnur
Hospital yesterday carrying a dead baby In hey
nrms. Tho child had died aa she was carrying
him from her rooms at 1." Cannon street to th
hospital fortientment. n bout laterthe baby's
twin mother, who had been taken to the hos
pital soon after he was born, died in theiiifants
ward upstair , , , , . ,
The woinnn did not know that the baby she
carried was hovnnda doctor's help till the clerk
to whom she gnve Iti til to bo examined told
her Charitable neighbors wll bury the babies.
The wonian'A husband has been out of work for
months and the family has been auppnrted by
tlml.l-yeni-o'dilaugliler.who earns about $1 fit)
a day stitching coals.
7(11) MI'I'll I'OIAOV IO Hill..
Would-be Suicide Took Hair a Plat ut
l'arl l.irru nnd Will Kecnvei.
Anton Sattler. a shoemaker of (17 Kast 147th
street, tiled to kill himself by taking a doso of
Paris green ut Twenty-flist street and Second
avenue vesterdav nioinlng, but made tho mis
take of taking too much, l.sst night he was
recovering In llellevue Hospital fi 0111 1 lie effects
nflhe poison Miitlci drank half a pint of the
stuff mixed with water in front of the United
Hebrew Charities Building So huge a quan
tity acted as nn emetlo hauler hd been a
pensioner nf the Hebrew I harlties for s"Vrnl
year He went 10 the building yesterday
uinruingto dtawlps pension, and did not get It.
Wat on tlio Way to nn Inriilmtor nl llellrvue
Made Kiev tiled I'ltsiriigrl Stale.
The wife of William r lay. n hat designer ot
lft Fast 124th street, gave premature birth to
a child yesterday, and on his physician's ad
vice Flay took it to Ilellevue Hospital Inst
night, to be reared for a time In nn incubator.
He wrapped the child In cotton wool, put It In n
small satcliel nnd boirded an elevated train
The child erled almost em unip'Uslv on the
trip down and iiiou-o I the liveliest eommentin
the ear. At the hospital it wns put in an Incu
bator, anil, u'lhougli one of the smallest and
frailest luianis ever een there, will probably
Tn lletiirn n Trxns llnllls I Ing.
IndianvI'oIis, net. 2 11 v Mount and h'a
staff and repiesentatlves of tlio Indiana de
partment of the Grand Army of the Ilepiiblie
started for Dallas, Tex , te-dny with n flag cap
tured from Terry's Texas llangets dining Hie
War of thelSebelllon and which will be restored
tn the survivors of tlmt body '1 lie Il'ig as
eatlured at Coosaville, (in .011 Oct 12. IHHL by
lldets' hr.g.i'l and was sent to the (1 iwrnor
nt Indiana and has been In the Slate Capitol ev er
snnn III Northern Connecticut.
HviiTroiil'. Conn., Oct. 2 Conneitlciit had
Its llrst snow slorni ot the season to-day, when
a. 7:11" o'c ock this morning, with the ther
mometer at 10 degiees above zero. Hakes fell
thick and last foi a quarter of .111 h un very
heavy Irost Inst night destroyed everything
susceptible to It. causing the farmers consider
able loss,
IMntl's f'lilnrlilra, n True Disinfectant.
An ninrls. ilnlcs li'iunl Cheap and site - AJv.
New Yorkrrs nn.tt pirfft nutinira re ih 1 opular
Warn hiattd I)) Line lnp. uiiuiv .
Hoth Measured nt the HrooUlyn Nnvy Vnrd tni W.
-Shamrock Una a I.nrger Sail .Sprcnd, lrM
hilt Is Nearly Two l'eet Shelter Hum l!r3
the Ilerreahnft llnat-Nearly S.IMIO iSfilp
Pounds or Lead rut In Culiiiiiliin Her ''iv&iil
Spinnaker l'ole Hawed Olf-Ameri nn fffil
Yacht l'avorlte Heady for the Mml. iflKt
Tho Columbia has to allow 0 3 seoonds to KiiiiiIr
the Shamrook In tho incee for thn America's wi
Cup The Columbia's racing measurement I 'ffWli
102 11)5 feet and tho Shamrock's 101 K- The LSl J
posting of these flguros at the New York h
Yacht Club last night causod great surprise "Wf jl
because It had been thought that the Sham- V lni
rook would bo the larger boat when Measurer y tl
Hyslop of the New York Yacht Club put hla k'Trfj
tape over the two yachts. Tho Shamrock did !RKli
prove to have a larger all spread by WIS 'IkIKI
square feet, but she Is nearly two foot shorter 138
011 the water line and so saves what she would JlfT?!
have had to pay for hor extra sail area. Tha .ftad
measurements ate as follows: 'litTl
frit ffl. 'tSll
Lonttthon tlidoa.t walor Una .Minn 87. C ; IMm
IiAliitth fiom thsartflrniulertlie ufulfi
main Pnnm to (lis forvrsrd -SMSs
polrlof m-amreuitiit 18181 189, IS 'vSR"
T.eiigth rroiiitlie foresidc of tbe Hiln
mint to the forward point of r :Ws
measurement . TS.ar 70,4 WPj
I.snu'lli of i.plcmktr pole. ,, 7n.3!V Th.ai t fiS
Length ufgaiT . (I4.H. ". f 9
I.euKth of topmast . 111 r.o r.s.on -UM
so percent, uriiipinast t.i o 44.43V BuSf!
llfiisht from the upper aide of arAMI
the mainlieem to the topaall i3Sfifil
hslrnrd block . 131. 7K 12B.SH ,v5JB
H'liian root nt ttia sail aiea 114. ni llH.lfi iiux
Balling-length .. .. 102.135 101, VI ywSm
When It was seen that Designer Fife had, -iSiC
put a larger sail spread on n smaller boat. 'SoB
some of the member looked grave while ot h jmfl
ers began to figure and try to find out the re- 'lftr
suit if possible of Fifii's plan. It was agreed AiElL
that tho Shamrock had th greater drivlnic jjjrej
power and tho smnllor body to drive and thoo- t fjisfi
retlcally it wns arguod alio ought to win, es- rpfjga
peclally if she has, as has been stated, several '' ')l(l
tons less lend on hor keel than the Columbia. .JfSl
Then th great beam of the Shamrock wns 'sflafl
considered and the full, powerful quarters wrafilj
thought of. It was thn llnal conclusion that '"-sSl
the Shamrook was what might be termed a ,iva
short, blunt boat; that with all Ker extra drlv- J&ffl
Ing power she would not go through thn water ''rvwH
as easily or as fast as the Columbia, nnd when (GP
thoy had figured this to tholr satisfaction 'Vjjfi
they decided that it might bo all wrong, but 1&K1V
that all would know by this evening. '.I.
Th Shamrock has evidently been lightened '"Witf
since she wont out sailing for thn first tlm tWrn?
in Iheso waters owing to tho fact of her being trK'
shorter than the Columbia, Ae hnsLeen stated 'PiSl
In The Suv the Shamrock Is much longer from f ,4jiJB
tho bowsprit to the end of the boom. 'I ho . Ht
forwnril point of measurement unnjnchli 1-H H,
mid way between the jib topsail stay and the jib- anw'
stay on the bowsprit, and fiom tlmt point to w &
tho end of the boom the Slinmrock is7 ."1 loot ,!
longer than tho Columliln. Most of lids gain, "'-itifc
howover, is In the forwaid triangle or the he.id ',.ft fif
sails. This Is shown from the forward side of l,H fi
tho mnst to tho forward 1 olntol measurement. rfj t';
the Slinmrck being li 11 feet longer Hum the ? S
Columbia It Is believed by many that a big st"iv;
bead rig is not an advantage, especially when IrJIli
going to windward, but it makes u big di(Tor Siijf '
nco when reaching nnd tuiiiilni; ! xSJt
The spinnaker polo must no'.' e lunger thin lV
the base of the forward tilnng'e. If it Is. ! 1 .'fe"
nny excesB has lo be added to the li.'ise lino for '-' jttK
measurement. Neither yacht is penalized for "vnS.
having a spinnaker pole too long, but owing to FS!!?'
such n big head rig the Shniniock litis n polo Ji f,'
thnt I 0.11 feet longer llian thnt of the ( oltitii- P'
bla nnd sho will upload a larger spinnaker f'i'fi'
when she gets olT the wind for the run home, "'b'lj'f
if the race Is to windward and return The 'Ktk
challenger gaff Is 2 Hit feel longei than that '"Iv.'ir
ot the Columbia, but the defender's topmast I ''jvSv
tl 14 feet longer than the Shamiock's Till eZ't j
will be nn advantage lu light airs and those tSJ$'
light puffs that will pass over the Shamrnclc -fill'
will just ctiteh tho Columbia If the gaff I ',fl mI
more than SO per cent of thn length of the top- , jAW'J
mast that excess Is added to the base line. u't'l'
Here the Shamrock pajs the lamest penalty. !ji fi
nnd it would seem ns If Fife had mode a i A j
sbght eiror In his calculations On w
the other hand, llerreshoff has put on thn J11 a j
Columbia a shorter gnff on a longer " '
topmast aud so saves much taxation Thn ' j'k' .
mainmast of the two yachts must lie nearly 'Jjl l
the same sire. The difference from the upper- ,' jj 1
side of the boom to the topsail halyaid block - ' ii
on the two vachts Is tl 47 feet, the Columbia J..
being the Irglier. This Is only n small fraction ' ijl
more than the difference between the two top- , v.
must. ! J'
The sail area of the Shamrock Is 1:1,400 ', 'l
square feet and of the Columbia Kl.l.lo, a differ- fi) &.
ence otll.Visqiiaie foet. The sailing length of iiTtS!
the Defender in IK.'.", was lOO.'IO square feet. K IV;
It her length I tho same this jenr a It wn 'm
when she rncod against the Va'knie, then the i'.',f"
Columbia has bad lo allow ."1 seconds to her .' J
over a tblrtj-inllo course, nnd the Columbia '"fy'-J
has won every raco she lias s'llled this year, iflf''! :
having beaten the Defender eunuch In each t,l
race to savo her time allowance. (''.'.1?
It wa a busy day for Measurer Ilv'op yes. , t gj
terday and very cold, too. He worked from fsfcj jjk
early In the morning until neatly aunsst at th ')R y,
Nnvynrd. It is no easy task to mensur a f li
modern tacer, aud Hyslop Is particularly ' If Jy
painstaking. He will measure nnd measur ;,& M
until he gets the llgures right to suit himself r,T',y
ns well as those who are watching Ills work ("VflH
with the tiipo. The Shamrock was floiteil f ',H
out of th" J.ne Basin soon after 'I ; JL m
o'clock 111 tho morning and then th rfP
tug James Lawrence took h"r In tow '5J
and pulled her around to tho Navj Yaid. where VJA
the Columbia was lloating In tlie bigdock wait- t jg
Ing the arrival of the challenge! ThSham- t Hjj
lock was unchored outside the dock, and the f(y
Lawrence took a berth near the Wallace B. i
Flint, the tug t lint acts foi the Columbia It is ,jjj
nstiauge coincidence Hint the c iplnlns of tint ,J
two tugs lire btotliers and each Is eonlldei.t (
that the jacht to which lie is attached isgi.mt 1., ,f
to win tlio cup The tender Plymouth, which. t A
had followed the Shamrock, nlso found a moor- ,. Kb
Ing near tho St. Michael', tlm lender of the '.Tp'
Columbia. , J 3C
Mr Hyslop was on hand soon after HoVo-k, ; r jjfj
nnd at once prepirod to gel to woik to find .ut j '
thosl7oof tho two yachts lie had Willi hliu ' fb
bis bag In which he carries the steel tup" mil f"j'
other tools that he has u-eil on so iniinv note I lj
viicht. Ho had nn assistant Willi him to do T ,
some climbing Hyslop culled mi C, (1 i. r ''
Iselln on tlio St .Mlcha-ls. ami about s. . '
o'clock the two, with Nat HerreshoiT mil "!
Herbert Leeds, went over to tho Coliiin. , , j
bin, l'r 1111 the Shaniiock Jessie f nnm 'I J
nlso boarded the (Viimbin Connell w.a -r
to wateh the measurement on behalf "f . .a,
the challenger nnd llei resin IT acted in l" .
simllnr way foi the( oliimbiH lly-lop at on-e ,
got towoik to nievsiire the spars. He un- ' j 1
wound his tap. .nt d then giving his assistant ( t
one ud sent b. in (.ut to the end of the boom. j 1 1
HerreshoiT and ( onnell waiehi'd the opwatloi ;
carefully The former having designed the j..j '
yacht knew what the tape would te I. Connell f U
was anxious to find out how the Columbia 1 T
compared with the Shamrock, so there wus I 'Hi
tmturallya lit t te engerncM on his part to tee , fltj
the tape H
This having been ("one. tho nex' thing was to (J
get the base ol the forward triangle The as- 1 (
slstantwent out this time on th bowsprit and K
Connell and HerreshoiT climbed out with him. rl
First the line wa held at the jib topsail stay" (j
and H) slop noted the figure at th other end of j( , '
the tape as ttitr came against the fc-wirdeisl 7 I

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