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THE SUN, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1809. ' 7 9
l vrrtui4r hhat im.h trim J lit:
m vir.Mi'v to rt.vna: nisi.
II Ilia 1 ilenils Hro Tlint Itti W'm Arrrstril nml
II lirtiilni'il li tli I'lillrr Vtltlioiit Iti-nvni
H Imi'PI I" Alii Hi"1 llnckliimi Won't
s it Whist He'll K11 -imnml'ii Side of II.
I 'ward 1! I-juIpw. tlio millionaire li'Mlier
m--t ''linn t who was urn-stcd rm Kiturdiiv nlclit
by a lilccit tmllo'in m fur rfuIiiK t" I'-tv
jnmi'sMoririiy.Ai'iibnian.-iitixorliltatit firef,.r
a rid ot three blooU., lina not yul ttikon anr
action ngalnHt tlio cabman. nltlioiiliiidvlod to
di fo by Mairlstiate Pool on Sunday iimmlnir.
Mr. I.adaw'n frivnila tiro lilirlilr In llatn nit "vor
tlm affair. Trior are not mirprlso l.thej say. that
a New York cubiiiun alinuM a'lcmiu t linen
hit fare, but thoy e.iiifi"H to lonshlerahlo
amaramcnt over tlm .ittitinlu of the
pollen In the mattnr Tliy .iy that
In arrestlwt Mr. I.tnli-w llu'icl Policeman
Walter House ecoedi'd ln nulborlty mid de
liberately assisted the eabniaii to ncennipllali a
palpable (rami Nn.e.itit Hlnre of the Kat
Thirty-fifth street station, they nlio nasert, as
sisted In maklne tlie i.nlcal harder for Mr I.-v-daw
and hl wife, who was with him, by hold
Ink tho former and refintlne to rsle.ise hlni
until ho kum) bail Mr IuLw was out of town
yesterday nnd lii friends refused to ar what
hi-I colnir to do about tho matter, but It was
evident tb.it limloes not menu to drop it.
Inlin J IteUel, who It assoolatod In business
with Mr Ladevr, nnd who wont on bis bond
on Saturday nlcht. save a Hi v repoiter the
fol'nwInK account of tho affair esterday
"Mr l.adew's aido of the troubln has not yat
been told," bnealil, "but I will give II to you
B nv mat aa Im cavn It to me the other nlsht.
Aftr dinner on Mitilrdar nleht, Mr. and Mrs.
Ladew. with Mr and Mri. Tboniaa A. Mclntyro
and some, other friends, went aboard Mr.
J.adew's yacht, the Orlcnta. and sailed
lip the North lllver to see the il
lumination of the warships. Thay spent the
evrnlni: on the water and at Ui30
oVIoeW returned to tho foot of Kast Thlrtr
eeeoud street Mr I adew aent tho steward of
the yacht to net two cabs, one for himself and
the other for Mr. and Mr. Mclntyre When tho
rabraen came Mr I.adew oidered one of them
to drive him to his homo at a Dast filxty
heventh street. Thoeabman hadn't driven a
b'ovk beforo It became npimrent to Mr.
mill Mri l.adevy that he wax drunk.
The cab swayed from cne aide of the
street to the other and Mrs. I.adew bo
came alarmed, hut Mr. I.adew calmed
her, After drivlne three blocks the cabman
whs 7iK-'aKKUiK from one sldeot the road to
tho other so niuoh that even Mr I.adew be
came friehtened Mrs. I.ndow refused to ko
further In the cab, o her husband ordered tho
Inan to etop nnd he and his wife cot out.
Mr I.adew Is familiar with thu legal rate of
fare for cabs and omad no bargain with the
cabman when ho started nut. Ho was some
what Mirnifr.ui. thouch, whan the cabman de
manded $ from hlni and, of course, promptly
refused to pay it. He pointed out to the man
1 that he had only come three block, but the
latter emd he didn't care how far he'd come
and that the (are was $4 Ho aald lu an Inso
lent vvnv that he'd have Mr I.adow arrested If
lie didn't pay him what he demanded That
naturally exasperated Ur. I.adow and he aald
he wouldn t do tiny such thine
'"1 hen the cabman called llicycle Policeman
House and explained matters to blm. The
policeman elded with the cabman, despite tho
fact that Mr I.ailew rolnted out to Mini that $4
was a Ereat deal more than tho legal rate for a
three blocks ride There was some controversy,
i hut riei-pite the policeman's advice to Hr.
I.adew to pay up and end the matter, tho latter
was firm and refused to do it The result was
tint all hands went to the Kast Thlrtv-firth
atreet station house to let the sereeaul on duty
there settle the matter
"J ho cabman made his complaint and the
sergeant utnine i him in h.s demand Mr.
I.adow tried to point out the Injustice of it nil
t the aerceant. but that officer letiisod to lis
ten to him F.i orated beyond meaeiire, Mr.
I.adew tlien said
"This Imly with me is my wife and you
1'iiKtit to listen to wliat wo soy, because this
, cabman is drunk, as you can eo I insist that
the word of n reputablo ell., en as I am should
ho taken against the word of that Intoxicated
cabmnn '
"The sergeant refused to heed even thisnp
pea'. but f-uituestud that Mr I.adew give him
'".'tit guarantee the cabman's $4 demand, and
'Htle the matter In court the next day Mr
I.adow relusod to do een thin Ho was willing
to ray the cabman the legal rate for the anr- '
ices rendered and not a cent more He told
the sergeant tbih and tho latter went at blm in
a loud tone of voice and finally aent him into
tlio back room, shakmc Ilia linger at him ns hn
would at aomo criminal Mr. Lndew de
manded a messenger but tho sergeant refused
to let him havo one. Later on Tin got a inea
Knger and sent for me. I went to the station
b'uise and went on his bond for ''0
"It is untrue ai published, that Mr. I.adow
paid the cabman f'2 in court teslerdny Ho
dldn t givehimn cnt. I won't say that the
ralunati dldnt get 'J. but Mr Lndew didn't
I p.ve it to him and didn't know anything about
I It He didn't say that he wouldn't prosecute
th cabman either I am not at liberty to say
, what notion Mi I.adew will lake In the matter
I Jiut now "
The sergeant before whom the ease came In
the J'.net Thlrty-ilfih strct station was
Sergi Shire After he refused to allow Mr.
I.ailew to go unlena he mid the cabman, Mr.
Ijidew dvclnred that he would see the affair
nut and wouldn t accept ball If be had to sit in
the elation houm all ninht. Mrs I.adew sat
with him for nn hour and then went home. Mr
l.a lew staved for two bonis and then decided
that be li.nl acnllced enough for tho sake of
pnneiile. and sent lor Mr. Hctzel. In court,
un.lnv morning, Mr I.adew wan commended
by the magistrate for the stand be bad taken,
and when thu on y defence the cithmnu could
maivs tor his demand of $4 turned out to be u
I lea that on account of th Dewey celebration
cabs nere minimally acarce, tho magistrate ad
vised Mr I.adew to make a charge ol violating
a nn oration ordinance against the cabman.
Mr I.adew wouldn't do It nt the time. I
I iiderth exiitlngcltyordinauoe governing
public hacks and hnekmon, 50 cents only can
b charged for the first mile or any part of It
traversed, and 'J." cents for eaoh additional '
half mil" or part thereof. Under the time
method, the law allowa the cabman $1 for '
the first hour of ridlnc nnd Ml eenla
'or ea h additional half hour There Is no eec- i
Hon giving a cabman tho right to charge
a higher rate, unless ho makes an ar- j
raiigement for moio money with his I
uias'iger before starting. There lit nothing
nig in the law giving a cabman the right to
i harge for the tune eonaiimed In coming tohla i
lassenger. If summoned by telephone, tele
graph or messenger Mr I.adew' friends
ileum that under thu law Molllroy was entitled
joji m tin- time rate and 0(1 cents if charged
by the distance travelled. i
,,ergt Mine when seen at the Kast Thirty- ,
r.rth street station hou-e last night, had this to
jv about the case- I
"I am sni ry that Mr I.adow thinks be was
uniaiiljr treated here 1 had no Interest In the
innper savtito bringiibout a settlement of thu
ii'-ubl- ai.d 1 reoi that 1 'd my du.y. When
, 'lieeatiman had tod his story and I heard Mr. ,
i i idewihrnnun. I took from the desk a copy
ot thf city oulinanco goveming cab charges
I hiude I it to him 1 told him tint ho would
l ! 'lie ,.'cnl la'. In thore and that that would
t'le the matter beyond disput.- I didn't
veil kn iw what the cabninn had demanded
an tuidn tmru If Mr. laden would pay him
i lie legal rai, I would have lot him go in a
fe nd and been glad of the chance to Ret rid of
tiieensi. m easily. Hut Mr Ladew wouldn't
ven iolt at iho law nn tho matter Hod,
rnhnded that a magistrate hear Ills case I told
mni ths.t iinirdei to have a magistrate bearthu
i iftltr. he'd havo to wait until morning He
ii'dii i cr. how long he had to wait, he said,
u 'wanted the facta piesented to a mnglatiate
in. ii i.neel-e would ilo. Ho fnrns I knew I
''! in light to llx tlio cabman'a rate. The
T ' '',".' i1 ',0 wa' to glvo him a copy of thr
it d j ,u, ,
W hi n Mr I.adew declined to denl with any
fO'iv t u- a M,igsiitH lie loft me In aiiiiaudai y.
Jiieesinian was entitled to somoilnrig. but
ir I a lew didn't otTor turn nnytblng Ho was
f"tii I to havo n Magitrte sottl.. it I lold
nini , Inve to liold blm in I ail nnd ho denied
mi r glit to do it I nauteil to bo a eoiiMdor
Jtenr him asiiossil e. .ill gut on' a edpyof tho
idv..dm.iniinies and called his utleution to
ecu. inii.,,,1 Aitlclo IX. ill which my duly Is
ean)r outlined. I'tidm' this sitlou re-
..i i'i ' I1'1' a cabman constitutes a
"il.leiiifncr and the pun, aliment lled Is a
fhWifMu When Mi I.aib-iv tefuscd to have
nnr .ialintrt with tho oluuan or with ine, 1
"ii'J to entr'ain tlio chaigc against him I
'.in i ot ti (u lntii a iiiosseiigor When lie.
''k 1 bii'iin,. 1 told him ihat It wna Use ess to
ii 1 1 it fm bail when lie could go fiuo by de
J" iig'.'iinltli inc lie wiiiildn't do this, so
' " t nun havo a mossoiigor and ho Kent out for
f ' n Ismail. Shen tlio bond vvvs signed I
"Ui'm g poapltn Mr I.ndevv'i Htatomonl to
" c.inniuv, I must say in justice to the cab
i,i.iii tint , did not aiipuar to bo drunk
'ii' Is all there is to the mntter Certainly
'r.ei- ,,, i,ilM,ded discourtesy to Mr
1 i".v en in v part '
I Mule S.-.Oll Worth of (iolil Tcetli.
'i. f vvith im lack of uoive made a raid on
' 'ay attemoun on the ehovr cabo In
font ,f the riiomn of tho Watoibury Dental
I .W"v '414 I ulton atreet. llrookfyn. Ho
II. ,.''"" "led or oft tm case, took out ull
i i .''f "". "i 1'iu'd.i sViil nit llwm lu a
: ".in ..i.d ioutfa.rarvu a;;o.l' y car.
j Mrs. I.angtry's threat to publish her rramolra
Is said to hive caused somo alarm In England,
' mid If theywero accurate) 'In regard to her
American experiences there might bj some
' grounds for uneasiness in this oiuntry also.
She Is not likely, however, to do nnytblng to
i detract from the success of her next visit to
New York Bho is to come sotnu time In Janu
ary with the play Milled Is said to treat of cer
tain Incidents In her own bfo, although they
l am vague and sketchy enough to ha barely
tecogniyable. She will bring hoi new husband.
I lu tiot t do Uivtlic. and br daughter. Miss
i .leatine l.angtry. Thin young woman, who Is
now nearly nineteen, is said to have Inherited
I none of hr mother's beauty. It will la seen
1 that Mrs. Lnngtrr expects to bring with hor an
. unprecedented domo.stlc entourage. Home
body expressed the other day curiosity to
know whether she would bring also the sliver
service presented to her father, who is a dean
on the Is. and of Jersey Kven in her most Ho-
I heinlnn duys abroad Mrs. I.nngtiy was novor
i without this evidence of domestic and social
antecedents, which always found a place In
her dining room
One of the visitors In Kcw York last week
went to an uptown office In search of Informa
tion which only a directory could glvo. He
carried a bag In hlx hand nnd was rather sur
prised to see the clerk eye blm auspiciously
when hn asked permission to look at the book.
"Put down tho giip." said tho clerk, "and then
you may look at the directory " This was too
much for tho pride of the out-of-town visitor,
whodid not propose to botreated in such fash
Ion evon if he did como from u strange town,
nnd he left thu place and tried to get the aame
Information in several other stores beforo he
reached one which possessed a copy of th di
rectory. There he told his experiences to the
man In charge, dwelling on tlio fact that hehnd
been told to put down bis grip while he looked
nt the directory, and nddlng that ho had found
three Places which possessed no direc
tory. He did not know New York well
enough to traoe any eonnectlon between
these facts. "The reason you were asked to
put down the bag," the last clerk said, "was to
make certain you wore not one of the men who
make a epecialty of stealing directories. Por
tho past two eara It has been next to Impossi
ble to keep a directory in a much frequenlod
establishment, so persistent are the efforts
made to get uway with it by a class of men who
have come to be known ns directory thieves.
Thov always carry a bag. hurry into a store,
ask to look at the book, wait until the attention
df the proprietor or tho clerk is diverted, then
dropping tho book Into tho bag contrive to get
out of tho place without attracting attention.
That happens so frequently that many placoa
havo given up the nttempt to keep directories,
and at all events arc extremely cautious when
they see anybodv carrying n grip como In nnd
ask for one That explains why you wero
asked to put down your bag in one place and
why you did not find a directory In the others."
It surprises New Yorkers to learn that a dis
cussion ban been going on In London club life
as to the propriety of guests wearing their bats
in the dining room. Here such a thing would
never be thought of, but it seems that the prac
tice grows so common In London as to cause
protestlfrom those persona who do not think
It in accordance with the dignity of a club. In
the average New York club most men relieve
themselves ot their coats and hate on entering,
although there is still one hlatorla Now York
club In which the fashion of wearing hats still
remaliiH popular with ite members. It is al
most a tradition In this Institution, but thoy
never honor It to the extent of retaining their
bead gear in the dining room In nearly every
feature that Involves comfort, luxury and Pro
gress tho Now York p'ubs are greatly miperior
to those In London New York clubs occasion
ally havo correepondentsnmong institutions of
the same kind in London, nnd members from
this city have beca rather astonished to ob
serve th simplicity and inexpenslvenesa
which are characterlatlc of some of them The
Interesting feat urn of the recent riiacuaslon
about hats is that it arose in some of the most
expensive and conservative London clubs
If the spectators who Joined In the hl.sMngof
the Sesenth Ilegltnent as It marched magnifi
cently past the stands last Haturday bad known
something about the markings ou military
uniforms and had looked closely they would
have aeon that not a few of the men In gray
had aeon active service during tho Hpanlsh
war, though unfortunately for the popularity
of tho regiment they had served In
other organizations. In accordance with
tho regulations of tho Nnttonal Guard, ser
vice in war is Indicated by a diagonal
half ohevron ol gold lace, one-half Inch wide,
vvith plplug on each side one-eighth of an inch
wtd of cloth of the aame color as the faciuga
o' the arm In which tho enlisted man Mined,
'lheee chevrons are worn on both aleevH of
the full dress coat only. It was noticeable that
the greatest displeasure with the Heventh waa
manifested at the big city atanda on Fl'ty
nlnth street but tho men In the regiment Ig
nored the hostile damonetratlona. Behind an
American flag which bung lu front of a
window on Fifth avenue abovo Forty
second street a man groaned and hissed
at the Heventh until a pretty girl who waa in
the window of the adjoining house called out:
"You ought to bo ashamed to hide behind the
flag and hiss the Heventh." People who hoard
the remark applauded and the man behind the
Hag shut up. It was an unpleasant experience
for the men who had been acouatomed to take
the lion's share of the applause In nil paradei
before tho war. but they never marched better
and their friends did their bast to drown the
hisses with applause.
The passing ot the old Crocharon House at
Bayslde. L. I., from a hotel Into a Private resi
dence for a yachtsman, Is of Interest merely
because of the reminiscences which It recalls
of the days when it was a famous hostelry. It
was a favorite resort of politicians and horse
men during the Civil War and for twenty years
after, but. In reoent years, it has been almost
forgotten. It waa for a time n favorite road
houte for such onthuslastlo herBemen as Com
inodoro Vanderbllt. Uobort llonner, John Fox.
Sheppard Kaapp aad Qeorgo I.orillard. Gen.
Grant waa frequently Keen on Its plarza. New
Yorkers drove to the Crnchoron House by way
of Juckson avenue and the famous "Fashion
Course" near Flushing. Nearly eryold hotel
along tho North Khorof Long Island Is pointed
out to visitors ss the place where Tweol
was concealed after his flight from
justice just as nil the old oolonlnl
houses back from the coast servod Washington
iihii headquarters. The old Crocheron House
baa been htipposed to be one of the places
where Tweed was concealed, and there' is
foundation for tho supposition. Mrs Croche
ron, tho widow of the man who owned the
house, said last week thnt she bad beard that
Tweed hid there for threo days and nights nnd
that bo left Itayslde on a vessel at night. Mrs.
Crocboron aald that she was no' aware of
Tweed's presence at the tinio and ho had
merely heard the story Ironi other people.
lliuie Disposed lu llrioiit Their Detention
Advised to Itp Tlinnktill.
Magistrate Flamuier, In the Centre street
police court yesterday, discharged the last of
the crooks arrested for the public good before
the Dewey celebration. Klgbty prisoners lu all
were marched across rhe Urldge of Highs to
tho court room and released from custody.
Most of them loudly dencuincod the ikjIIco for
locking them up. Tho protest of tho Hoston
contingent was voiced by Larry O'Toole, a
well-known plokpocket.
"I think It's a pretty louuhdeal. Judge,' said
O'Toole; "when a man eomen here out of pure
patriotism to help along tho celobration to
i lock him up all the time he's here "
I "You ought to be thankful instead of Indig
nant," aald the magistrate. "A great many
persons were unable to obtain board and
i lodging and you had yours free of charge."
.surrogates Appear, for the 1'lrit Time, iu
(iiiMtit-Cnlendnre Were Storked.
i Th courts got under way yetterday'for tho
season. Hurrogatos Fitzgerald and Varan m
nppeared, fur tho first time, In gowns. The
gowns are similar to those worn by the Hu-
prcine tourt justices, nml were assumed by
the Surrogates In su di an easy way that It was
presumed tiicv had beep taking lessons In tho
handling of the long, wide sleeves and skirts.
Justice Lawrence, who has boon In III health
i and bad not sat for several monthi. waa
warmly greeted when ha lesume1 bis dutUo
vestetdiiy. There ar about U.OOO eases on
tho Trial Term calendars, a normal condition
I id the calendar, which is ahout a year and a
I half behind About 4.1)00 cases are on the
1 Hpoehil Term calendar, which is a third more
than normal This calendar will probably be
about six months behind.
Mulliieui Trial,
liartow B Weeks, counsel for llolaud B Moll-
neux, went up to the Criminal Court Iltillding
yesterday to find out when Mollneux would be
put ontilal on theohargeof the murder of Mrs.
Katharine J Adams Mr. Weeks said later that
I the District Attorney bad promised to put th
I case on tho calendar ns soon as possible uftr
Oct. 16. Assistant District Attorney Os-
boriiHaiilil tuai ho was of tho ;p nlou that It
i it i : h impossible to try Mollneux until
I 1G.UU. .JC1,
j.kadh jo .v onitv.it aoaiit ri.V'
txa rut: .ii'axisii ii, au.
Com li'tlun nnd Imprisonment of Young
.ttillo Hnngitlly nnd Two friends nn
Incident of the Antlpnthy lletween
Cubans nnd Mpmilnrds-Cnr Htrlke Falls.
.'irii Cahlr 'rftiiire to TnsSu
Havavs, Oct '', Magistrate Pitcher to-day
rendered his decision In the caso of Julio Bun
gully and his friends who were arrested for
hauling downnHpitiish flag at the Spanish
Clorka'Club. fiangully was required to fur
nish cash security to the amount of $'J0O to
keep the pcaco for a year. Tho other two pris
oners were required to furnish seourlty In the
' amount of $400. In default ol this security,
thoy will be compelled to serve a day's Impris
onment for each dollar. They decided not to
furnish tho bonds and wore looked up. There
Is noappoal from Capt, Pitcher's decision. Pro
ceedings against tbe prisoners In a higher
court for the forcible entrance Into the club
also wero ordered,
Secretary of Ktate Capote has prepared aa
order, which he will submit to Governor- Gen
eral llrooke. forbidding the flying or foreign
Hags on feast days and Hundays anywhere ex
cept on the consulates. The profusion of Span
ish flags Inflames tho C'nbans, nnd while the
more sensible of them havu no sympathy with
Haneully there is no doubt that an order llku
that propoed bvHenor Capote will tend to pre
serve tho peace, although loyal Spaniards will
protest vigorously against It. '
The feeling between Cubans and Spaniards
continues very bitter, despite the efforts of
Senor Sagrarlo. the Spanish Consul General, to
establish good rolatlons between them The
Cubans appreciate Ida services, but tils own
countrymen display much enmity toward him.
The Ihrcution to-day publishes n cartoon
representing Renor Sagrarlo trying to quenoh
th flam or raoe passion with tho aid of tho
Cubans, while the Spanish press Is represented
as feeding the flames with threats.
The street car strike Is a complete fizzle. Th
strikers attempted to get back to work to-day.
but the oompany refusod to employ them All
the now hands will be retained, and tho strikers
will have to Reek elaawhero for work.
Jean de lleiikr Isn't Coming This Season,
Malinger Maurlre ttrau fcnTi.
Maurice Orau returnod yesterday to New
York on La Normandle, bringing with him
Mmes. Emma CalvA, Suzanne Adams, Olltzka
and Bauermoister and MM. Salignau, Herman.
Devriea. Illy. Dufrlcho. Pinl-Coral. Meux.
Latham and Louis Saar ot the Maurice Grau
Opera Company which opona Its season
one week from to-night at New Haven with
performance of "Faust." The steamer r.
rived on Sunday night, but It was not until
yesterday morning that she came up to the
Tier. Maurico Grau told tho reporters
that tho most Interesting thing he had
heaul since his urrlval here was that tho
subscription for seats nnd boxes at the Opera
House were at present much larger than they
were a year ago at the aame time when the
subscription was unprecedentedly large. He
said that In all probability there would be no
seats to sell when the season here began on
Dec IS.
"Most ol the artistlo plans ot the season have
been mad public alieady" Mr. Grau aald
"and there Is little to bo added to them apart
from the fact that I have decided to begin the
chronological Wagner cycle with 'Der
Fllegende Hollaender' and not aa I
had Intended with 'lllenzl.' Ho far as I know
Jean de Roszko will not come to Now York this
season. I never questioned him about the
matter after he declloed first nnd there I no
contract existing between us. In the perform
ances of 'Tristan und Isolde.' M. Van Dyck will
sing Tristan. He will also sing Walter. I shall
certainly give Nikolai's 'The Merry Wives of
Windsor.' but will probably not attempt Verdi's
Talttaff' although I thought that It would be
Interesting to perform both versions of tho
story. Hut tho Verdi opera is too difficult to
rehearse, Mmes Sembrlcn, Schumann-Heink
and Adams and MM. Ilertram, Dlppel and
Frlederlchs will sing tho leading roles.
"I shall follow this year tho fashion ndw so
popular In Europe of giving comic operas by
grand opora singers. Mme. Sombrich will be
heard in 'La Flllo du Iteglment.' and 'Don
Pasquale' and possibly Mile. Calve, may appear
In her "Dragons de Vlilars,' by Malllart. if the
production can bo arranged. She is very anx
ious to sing the leading role which has been
given her before only by operetta singers, such
as Almee nnd Inn a Marie. The three Mozart
operas to be sung are 'II Flauto Uaglco'
Don Giovanni' and 'I.e Nozzn de Figaro.'
There will bo no attempt at a oycle. It is not
true that 'Parsifal' will be sung In oratorla
form. I think th company la the strongest I
have ever had. Certainly ray sopranos are the
best, and I thinklthat the tenors and contraltos
and baritones aro equally superior. Ho I think
the success tho company is likely to have is
well deserved."
Mile. Calvd went to the Plaza Hotel, whore
she always lives when in New Y'ork. She Is
thinner than when last here and seems In ex
cellent health. She saidthatshe wasdellghted
at the prospect of appearing In "Herodlade" In
order that the Now York publio might see hor
In somo new opera. She is also to sing .Inhrltr
and Cherubino for the 11 ret time in New York.
"I'm going to sing the leading part also," she
said, "lu a new opera soon to be given abroad,
and and If It succeeds, Mr. Orau will produce
it hero for me. No. I will not tell tho name. I
shall sing not more than twenty times In New
York. Most of my appeaiances will be In the
other cities. I've loat twenty pounds this sum
mer, and did it by tbe striotest diet which was
harder than singing the most difficult role. I
shall never sing Wagner. I have given up that
idea altogether in spite of the fact that New
Yorkers expect It ot every singer. I shall
certainly sing. Salome iu 'Herodlade' with M.
Saleza who has just made a great success on
his reappearance at tbe Grand Opera In Paris."
jivnai.Aiti kxi.iku rim watch una.
ltaimnrked llnnlei's limit While the
family Was Away nt the Dewey Parade.
In tbe absence of the family who wero wit
nesting the parade In Manhattan lastSaturday,
the residence of Goorge Oaaler at S.'i Harutoga
avenue. Ilrooklyn, was entered by burglars who
stole ubout $:00 worth of Jewell y and $500 In
cash. The house was locked up when the fam
ily left it early on Satuiday morning, and to in
sure bolter protection they left iu tbe kitchen
a pet sky terrier, whose shrill bark made blm
an efficient watch dog. When thoy returned at
seven o'clock in the evening, they found tho
body of the dog jummed under the wnsh tubs
in tho kitchen. The dog had been stabbed In
the neck vvith a ohlsel
The same chisel, it was attorwnrd found, had
been used to force opeu the kitchen door lead
ing to tho back yard. Lpslalrs every room
was In disorder ami the contents of trunks and
bureaus wero strewn about tho doors Before
starting out for tbe day. Mr Hauler had put all
tho jewelry ami $500 in cash In the trunk In
th tront bedroom The trunk was found with
the lock broken and ov erythlng pitched nut on
the lloor All the jewelry consisting of aeveral
diamond and pearl rings, a brooch nnd some
Pins, had bean taken aud the money was also
ir'; Aieith-.sTKD j.Yor..M'ii
If uiliand Made the Complaint Against Her.
but Did Mot 1'rest It.
A rolicatnan waa called Into John B. Willard's
Picture stoie at Hill West 'J:id street early last
evening nnd asked to eject a middle-aged
woman who was abusing Leonard A. Wlllard.
tho ptoprietor's sou. Willard explained that
the woman was hi wife, from whom ho was
teparated She wouldn t leave tho atom and
ho nsked the policeman to arrest her for dla
otderly conduct, but when ehe reaehet the
Tenderloin police ttatlon ho lefuaed to presa
the charge
Knglneer Whirled to Death.
Uobort I). Wylle of '.'rt'.' blton street. Jersey
City, nn engineer employed at the National
Storage Company's works at Communlpaw,
was killed there yesterday morning II waa
oiling a steam winch when his clothing caught
In the machinery and be waa whirled uround
tliHcrnnksevor.il tunc- The machinery bad
to be taken apart to release the body.
manor dudlrv o.v viruncn
'Willing t Stand with lllthop Potter for
Stricter Views by the Church.
Louisviu-k. Ky.. Oct. '-'. lllshop T. U.Dud
leyof this city Is out In a stirring denuncia
tion of the dlvorco system inspired by a simi
lar stand taken last week by lllshop Potter ot
New ork In the Diocesan Council of New
York. He says he thinks when th General
Church meets In 1001 It will enact a law forbid
ding ministers to marry divorced portons. Ho
"At Hid General Convention ot lUfiS. lllshop
Potter ltd the opposition to tho enactmont of
the cuaou then proposed to prohibit the mar
riage by the clergymen of the Church of any
divorced petson. DlshopPotterfeared and tlio
majority oft ho lllshops Including myself agreed
with hlni. to go bevond the expiessed declara
tion of Holy Scripture upon the subject of di
vorce. He felt, as 1 felt, bound to regard the
exception which our LonUeemsto make In tho
case of an Innocent person, divorced on tlio
ground of adultery, notwithstanding tho fact
that the genuineness ol tills particular passage
of tli Scripture has been questioned
"It would soem that th" experience of the
paat year has persuaded illshop Potter of the
absolute necessity for audi heroic measure
and I will ndd that I am quite prepared to
stand with hlni in his changed position Per
haps w must look further than to the dls
ftraceful facility of dhorcos which exists In tho
arger parts of the States ofthcl'illnn for the
bottom evil of our present condition Per
haps this Is to bo looked or In tho almost un
limited facility ot martiagc In eveiypart ot
our country.
"Tlic little protection provided by our Ken
tuckv law la made worthless by the proxlmltv
of a region where no such law Is of force, and
so It comes to pass that the hastily married re
pent not leisurely but quickly, nnd the men
and women who aro not nshamod thus to rush
Into the most solemn relation conceivable,
rocklesaly and feariesof iinn or God, equally
without shame, demand the dissolution of
tho bond which has become Irksome, careless
of tho disgrace they are bringing upon the un
happy offspring of their unhallowed union.
How long must we wait fora uniform marriage
law enacted by national authority nnd of force
throughout the nation? Is it not time that
our legislators shall be urged to consider thla
need? Heond all doubt the practice of virtual
free love by our present svstem ot marriage
and divorcers undermining tho vory founda
tion ot our State."
krvisii ir.vs oir v wkft :' uktviis
bajt the Welcome to the Admiral la the Out
come of Nntlonnl Mllttnry Intoxlrntlon.
Hoston. Oct. '-' F.rving Wlnslow. Secretary
of the Antl-Imperlallst League, paused long
enough lu his work of sending out literature
to-dav to glvo his opinion ot the Dewey cole
hratlon He aald that tbe welcome to Admiral
Dewey was the natural outcome ot tho Intoxi
cation produeod by the military spirit, which
t lie Antl-Imperlallst League Is combating.
Hlx months honce. he says, it will not have tho
allghteat effect on political conditions
"Tjp to the present," aald Mr Winalow, "Ad
miral Dewev has not In any of his reported ut
terances said one word contrary to what wo
bad always contended his views wero. In fact
he has butoonllrmed the accuracy of what our
publications had attributed to him. He has re
iterated since his return. according to the news
fiapera.the only statement which we made pub
ic, claiming ho bad befole made, namely, that
the Filipinos are better suited for self-government
than the Cubans, and that he was con
versant with both pooples "
Mr. Wlnslow is sending a large amount of
antl-lmperlallst literature to tho West, espo
cially to Nebrnaka.
forty-third Volunteers Nenrlr Recruited.
Dt'Bl.tNOTOv, Vt , Oct 'J The organization
of the new Forty-third I'nlted States Infantry
Volunteers will be perlected within ten days.
There are now more than 000 recruits at Fort
Ethan Allen, and nenrly every train from Now
York brings a aquad of new men Irom the re
cruiting offices. Tbe moil were assigned to
companies ns fast as they arrived, until a few
daysago. Hlx companies are organized, and
two or three more will ha added to the list be
fore the end of the week.
Sun Ituei .OiGH Hun et .r.-40 Moon rises 4IS.4
nioii w crrn this hat.
Bandy Hnok :HI I Oov. I'd T 0 Hell Oate. R.5
Arrlved-llotiAV, Oct I.
He Amsterdam, Rofrifeven, Rotterdam, Sept. 21.
He Montcalm, blisll a. I oniluti, stit, 20,
H kilMtuatllil .hihmtone, Msletillet, AU2. 2fc.
Ht ItAvensltle, O'tVmnli. Prostrei, Heiit 21.
S City of Kinitstnn lladi r, Port Antonio, Sept. 27.
He Cltta ill Ui'tln, I.avetelll, (ilbrltar.S.'pt. 10.
Hi. Armenia. Mirtcnn, Btettin. Sent 1 4.
Ki Winifred, t.iuidimie. New Orleans, Sent 22,
Ss tai MHrcos, oung. lalv,.tn!i, sept. 2i
R AUmbnrn. Cllllnuhani, Biltlnmre. Sept. 80.
HKUlandntte, llllller. Norfolk. Oct. I.
Re Xenla. Thlrtemtnn, Poet n Oct I.
B Knaa Oitr l'leher. Savannah, Sent. SO.
He C lorsdn HlaV Hmuawick Sept 2H.
Si N'nmidlsn. P.irV., (IUnl-i w. t-ept. 2 I .
ildps. II, Carleton smeabury, Philadelphia, Oct. 1.
ling entiirer, Too'e, Corn Ialaud, Sept. 2.
Hs t ft Ilretaene, from Nw YorL. at Hal re.
Ha firemen, Irom Sue York, at Hnuthampton.
hi liraallla from Mew York, at Hamburg,
St Wfrkeiulam, from Itottenlam for New York.
Ha Chuli n, from matenlam for New inrk
Be FrlcdrtcU der Oroaau, from Bouthaiipton for
Kew ork
Si r.me, from Gibraltar, for New York.
Ba Kalter Frledrich, from Cherbourg for NewYork.
urrooiMi t.rEAMaiius.
tS'dlhii TtufUiy.
MalU t' . Vrti.l Saiti.
Tabn nrrinen 7 00AM mooAM
Kthlnpia. IllaJL-ow 4 00 A M
Pirn nicla Hamburg. .. 4IH1PJI
Msillana. -t Croix ... 12 8oAM a on p M
Cnmanetie, Charleston... . a nop SI
f.l JI uite. New OrWat IIOOI'M
Dagury, Hayti 1 oil P St .1 00 1' M
.Sail Te.morrr.ie
New York, Soutlnnipton 7 oo A SI in on A SI
Teutonle, Ilverpool li0nAf 1J0OM
Frieeland. Antwerp 10 .'10 A St 1'JooSI
Advaiu. Olnn KO A 51 1 I n p St
I Vlgilani'la. Havana . I o I' M .1 oo V SI
i Ithaka. Tamplen 1 oo 1' M 3 00 P M
I Tilnldad.Ilrmmla ... H 00 A 51 HI on AM
1 Han Marni', Oalveaton :100 PM
Grenada. Orenad U oo SI I on P 51
TulUman, Guadeloupe .... I 00 1' 51 8 0 , P SI
.sail Thurnlnu M Wi.
august Victoria, Hamburg 7 00 A M Hi on A SI
llarbaro.fa llremen lOOOAM
Irojan Prime. Amres ... 7 no A. St in oo A M
Dean, l'nrt an Prince 10 no A M 1 no P M
Hev llua l.a Plata I'jaoPSI .loop SI
Antllla. Naasau . I no P SI ioiM'H
Hantlaitn dn Cube, Salittan. I OO P JI R 0.1 P M
Slamnbente, liarbadoa 200PM 4 00 P SI
Dur To-Pan.
Stoutetuua. .. Greenock . Hept. 12
( alifiirnla . . Gibraltar H. pi. 14
I'lympton Antwerp ... Sept 14
Kvnrven Ht Kills ... ht.pt. 2ft
Cevlc I.lvtrP'Hil Repl. 31
El Mar ..New Orleam . hept, i7
Kafier III derOniiie llrenieu Hpt, an
Wrr . Hrrnipn "Sept. 'J4
houthw.irk Antwerp Hept. 2.1
Numld'an i.laajiiw Sept 21
rtrnollrn CID san,a uopt. in
Knickerbocker N w Orleans hept 27
Madlana .... St. 'limine hept. 21
tie llVbirjd ly ll'l. U.
Kirnlcln I.ulte . Iln-mili . .Bept, 2S
Pic iua Gibraltar ... . sipt. -ju
1 II Norte . New iitlfiiui sept. 2U
Hlela ... . Si I.iuia hept. 27
New Orleam New Orleans . Sept. 2h
finance . Colmi e.l. 2 7
IroipioH UcWiiutllle Oct. 1
Dm 1 hu mhi 11, tkl. I.
Penueyl'tula llainburir Sept. 24
Germanic Iiverpnnl. . Sept. 27
Servla .. . Ilterpool Hept. 2
llontnnt'lty Huanaea Hept. 27
F.l Norte . . .NiwOrltana .. . Sept. 3u
'11 AVidiy, Oct. 6,
Columbia Hamburg. ... Sept. 2 H
Hind u . Hull Suit. 24
Kaleril'i Newcastle hept. 2a
Illblerbrand . I'sra . sept 24
( balniette New Orleans IX t I
Put .VKii.n ti . T
ht Imli . . Si utliaiantoii hppt an
finbria l.ltinool Bfjit. So
City of Home. Glasjow Sept 2H
llekla rlirlitl.lli.and.. . dipt 27
Dm .Vim tan, nn. a.
ijlChalcpaiiue. Havre Sept !MI
Htateildaiu . . Rotterdam .. s. pt. 2M
Panama . . Iloldeam hept. 25
Slaultou leilliinn . Sept 21
Alamo. Galtcitoii O I. I
are an iron food for the blood. Iron makes
the red blood corpuscles. The red cor
puscies vitalize the vthole body. Ferritin
Tablets thus strengthen and build up the
tntlre system, they promote appetite.
Improve digestion 1 do not constipate,
50 tablet In a box. At all druggists,
1 I
IVER SIXTEEN YEARS of unremitting labor were necessary to produce the t.
great volumes that have superseded all other reference works of the sort. f
1 Begun in 1882, under the supervision of Prof. William Dwighl Whitney, 'f fj
Ph.D., LLD. (Sanskrit, Comparative Philology, Yale), and a corps of five hundred J.I
of the world's greatest specialists its progress has been watched and its completion !'
awaited by the people of every English speaking country. j
So great was the need, and so universal the popular demand, that as early M
as '88 and '91, the six volumes then ready were published and at once became . W
" the authority of authorities" while the owners and users waited for the rest of tM
the work, whose steady, even growth bespoke the infinite care and perfection of .P$
systematic research which has resulted in presenting the sum of the world's knowl- j8
edge complete concise authoritative and so arranged as to be of instant and frl
satisfactory service to the people of every class. In '94 was added the Proper E
Names (50,000 of them). " i
Now with the appearance of the massive Atlas, the entire work has been 'I'M
revised brought down to now words, spelling, definitions, encyclopedic matter, v$jt
maps, everything, with a store of new material added in everv department. The jM
"most important literary enterprise ever undertaken in America" is completed ! 'fm'
An entire edition of the newly revised Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia j!
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illustrations and full particulars readv to hand you. or to mail free ! r-jfk
NEW Y O R K n SEX jEn 1
A Transvaal View
of the
South African Question.
Dr. F, V. Engelenburg.
Tht t'lit'ir rf tf ' Vctkitttm," the nfftrtal organ c the
fiotr Government it Ir'torta.
North American Review
For Sale Everywhere.
rrC -KIPMNO'H "Fleet In DelnirT" FleMlnTi
OU 'Tom June," ranll,le. 1'KAIT, 1B1 Htb ave.
UI'i'H Tiro FASI11.IKH J-7tO.1T FIMC
Vr.uiinn Went ThrmiKli Hrankei-l-'llled Haill
waye Hut No tine Knnvra Her.
Tbe prasono of mind of a woman, whose
nam nobodj known, probably snvrd th live
of several persona In a Ore In the flve-atory
tenement houso at !5! Oreenvrleh avenue arly
yesterday momlne. The lire started In the
suloon of John W Dovvllnc on the ground
floor of the bulldinc. On tho floor above the
aaloon lived Soloman Schlatter with hla wife
und two children and on the top floor James
O'llrien, his wife and four children.
Jnat after 3 o'clock yesterday morninir, Mra.
Schlatter waa awnkened by the violent rlnclng
of the door bell. She went down6talts tone
what the mattr was and found at the door a
woman, who said:
"The houso la on fire lion't be frlehtoned
I nave ent In an alarm and the engine will
be her In a few minutes "
Ou learning that thero wu another family in
the hnuan, the woman ranir the O'lirien' bell
while Mra. Schlatter went up to her room and
waked her husband and children. The Haines
in tile aaloon were then eat'ni: through the
lloor of the Schlatter Hat and tho hulls were
tilled with amok The O'llrien family found
it difficult to gat out and were about to try to
retrace their etepe when the woman who
had aroused them appeared and nutrieil
them down Into the street. The fire
engine arrived a few moments later and ex
tinguished th fir , .
After netting th tenants out of th housn
the woman who gave tlm alarm disappeared.
I No one knew her. The saloon was wrecked.
About f l.'.'OO damage waa done altogether.
53116111060' itotirrjs.
Mrs. TTInalow's anothlnir Syrup fur children
tethiuir aofleiia the ullina, reduce inflammation at.
I laja pall,, urea wiinl imIic. illarrhua !.". a buttle.
' X3XX3X3.
IIII.I.. On Huutlar murniug, after a nori Hliiraa
Howard Hill. on of Charlui K. and Mre.n a A
Rill, ai'ej '.! yraii.
Knueral private.
Ill ItKt:. suildiulj', on Saturday, Sept. so, Kranele
J. Uncle, lata Captain of Coiupani 1). Twelfth
New York Vuliinteera, eldeit eon uf Francis Jam.
aud Mary K. lli.rke
Relative, frlemla and coinrarteeof tliehevenlliand
Twelfth itecimente ate Invited to attend thorn
ueralim Tiirailay. Oct a, at 10 A. M at hla late
rnidenre, .'UK Writ lSUIh at, thence to ht
Joaeph'a Church, Columbus av. and I'.'Mh et .
where a reipileni mais will tie celebrated for th
repoac of hla a ml Interna nt iu Calvary.
t'lNM-.HI.Y.-At hla realdeuce, M3r. Oarden at.,
lloboken, N. J., on Saturday. Hept. tio. IHiiu. Dr.
II C. Cunnesly, beloved In other of the Kev. I. J,
Cunueely of lla"kenaaik N. J.
Funeral lake, place on Tllradaj, Oct J, at 10
A. M . frcm the Church of Our I.ady of (liace.
IK Vi:,M'X.-Attm Van.terbiltav., Brooklyn, on
Oi 1. 1. Lillian Younir, beloved wife uf William Vv.
de Veaui.
B'rvicii at St Ann'a Church, Livingiton and
Clinton bta . VYedneads). at tl A M.
ilUM.li,-(InOrt I l:i'i, .lamia Hurt Jonti aKid
7f eare ind u mouth.
Futu ral iervues from hu late residence, :.'04 VV, M
r.'Wb it. ou Tuesday, 3d lint., al h o'clock
I" M Internum at N'ewlmri.'. N. V. Warn irk and
Ooihen papers pleaie copy.
HOW. I. AMI. -Suddenly, at Ynnkeri. V Y . on Sat
urday, Sept. an, tHitw, Carrie Taylor, daughter of
Mr aud Mrs John llltrelberuer and wlfaof Ji'bn
Funeral service on Oct. a, al 2 o'cb ik, from the
residence of her mother. e Iludao'i t..Yonkeit.
SMITH. On rrldar. Kept, 2W, atHaranac I.sae. Jud-
son Newmsu Smith.
Funeral Tburadsy evening at V. M.. from J007
Fifth av Interment at Sleepy Hollow Cetaetery
atiuiivculemecf the family.
) .0111 niA to eat It jitrsuti fntrrfttt,!
"'PIP I ll'N in fMtb iil-iiiL.- t th- Ku ;.
4 HUb.W W j-aarip nei, Monument
i nAPndO Houvenlr Fund Sdhm-ril '
' r 1 P ITwl . tttij amount .leirMl. Hub- -
Ublllv prrf)tloii a low as ll.on
. A HI"? I t will t utltlc don fir to thm
fl f llll daintily artt-tic oluint '
,., nfftsflB (cloth hound, Hill ft" a
nllllK rrrt H'Mfof fsuUcriptinn '
UVUU tntum. Hook rnntaiii-t i ;
TIIK Iftiuk of the rIeitum of F.ujiI nrl
1 I (cntiir) Hand and ino-t r.'ji-"'nUtm '
t loiuoly Illua work nnd fa nad) Top dc
tr.itedb)-thtri- li.r . I
,,, tiro of the Hit for the noble ron
World'a tireat- tnhutlon of th worl l '
? et Artmri, rrattt artita ttu book ,
., rould not not liio been icaimfactured for I
1m thmi IT oo. 'Y I
'V The Fund rreifd i divided n onllv between .
.. the famib of thr latn F.uttem Field andtlic Fund I
j for the h ildiiik; uf a inotiuiucnt iu tho memory
'-'or tho bel iul pod of thlldhootl, Addn'-a m
Kniffiif I It 1.1 .Momuiiritt -uiif nir I'll ml, m
f tAlaoat liok Stnrep ) IrtO Monroe 8t. Chtcac". ,
1 If you also wiyli to end poatat: rnclo-loc. ' ,
t V- ' '5' ' ! i" i !'!"- ' V
I IVnntcrt Zonules.
HOOKllINIUSO-Eiperleuced Smyth machine op
erators also hand foldLn aim pastera. K
IVEH BOSH. 22 Howard et.
, IJLiNK HOOK hKV.VI.It mi Job wnrl.
15 Al'sTIN A UAUIM.. inr.Fulton st
J atesdy poiitlons WIIIIIXU l'M'l li (.0.. 110 I
Duane it. I
DROP ROLL rnniiF.RS on Iieiter foldmi ma
ihlnes. II. VVOI.Kt, Hs Centre at
I HtL WANTHII tu piste nil box lahela. appl)" nrat
V- tloor. ',4,-, 6411 West 22d it.
FKRATOltH-Eiperienied on flue shirt walits.
none nibers ueed apply, b. st pay work year
around. J K. PARKER CO 7K lTulilnav.. li'klvn,
WASTED-In a downtown mercantile urate, a
IV lady stenographer and t pewriler, 11 vliaar at
home with pareuu, iroi d ueneral isbl at on n
I quired. Applv b mantucrlpt 1 Iter, irivini; experi
ence, it any and references. C, boi lilf, Huuomee.
WlNIlElt 11 cotrll jam, experienced help onlv,
' Apply 417 VV. B4lll at
' ANTED-Kanuly lviindre.fes
l l.Al'MJKY, 247'J Mil av
WAN'Tni-Twubrleht irirle
VV lT.'IC.reeuwIch t.
Jloiufstir $mants HVnutrd.
1 'IUMRERMAI11S 4(1 roola. Ill Isilndresiea, JO
s waltrrs-ea to kltclienn aids houeworker 4ii
cooks wlio wasli aud lion lauli licarH who do
rhatnle rwnrk chamberniaiilaatid wsttn es a.I'rMieb
Herman and uiflish lsdle muids uuitis butlera,
econd a, nl llurd men lr I. SKI'l.l, ih VV
22d at H rvaiita' entrance :ir.. eth a Trleph tie
1 lnll lHtll at
1 I 'OOK ASH I.U'SDI'.Fss-tjmail family for the
I s clt referencei rt'iuired.
Mis 1. V.FH.Y. "-' rtli ns
1,'IRST f I.ss l. SI lli:8-One wHihl- to me
1 I ut VVlilte Plain liet re'i run e re't Ired
Mil. I, ii:i LY. .1 .' Mill av
I At'MlltKss Mu.t lie thornua-bli intiipet.nt and
I willum to do aoine eiiaiiiliernork iiiiall ta-i l.
l titat retereucti rtutured
1 Mr. I, WEi:i 'I.-.2 i.th av
CVVKIHhU I'llOK -VVllllllJ to du lusrst' wa.llllig,
i 'oid wai;es. rtt.rei , , s re.inlie I
iir. 1. hKM.Y I'.; nth av
aJWEUlillToTiK-to u"' to lrviiitfi n let irfei
' emis It, ,ulud Mrs 1.. Kl'l.l.V. if.'J mli v
I IVnntrtl 5U.lfa Hlfclumro, fit.
HOOKHIMIMIS I nn ioverer wanted
J t TsPI.hYl ii ullon.l tl I
I "OMPOSnOR wanted Appl i mis. I'lll"hlll., ,
v L. 1 , take 34th hlnet Jerry and 1 olley l
I I 'afllllELLAS-Jntilcr wanted i ne who under
) t atauds nrnabliic
MtSOI.I) si HUT A CO . '.r.-i Chun h ai
I 1 MliiTETl.A'i - Hrt ciasa iimiiiiki wsnl-.l.
I AI.L1SO.N.I MhiiS. utsllr adts
W'ANTEil-lllaeka'ijiths slid wheel n.'hts on
' trio k w. rk
, lllADmiI,TM,NfiiLO its JTiiibintHi. llriKiklin.
j Situations. Ht'nntcrt ffmalrj9. ,
I .'a- suil trustwiirthy, ties res ijiiaitioti Ht h ile
I kispet, muslial e Hli'atiou. Atdrea.Mrf.il J b x
lstl hull uptiwu ottlce, 2il', llroudwM
VN IFrlCIF.S"! lapableS C w.msn wishis .n.
, hltiou sa houaekeeper . nude r.taoda N I mar
ketltlK . dli.eii,a.'e. Ott I, siMieas IMJl si 1(101 s,
lux 1H4 Huu uptown ottii e.
WOMAN wiihes to t-o out wAaliluir. Ironilii; and
cleaiiiiik.. .14 1 Wythe av , tlrookliu, N. ;
I t , uir or luiiiitr), irood refei.-n, re. c N,, bi x
Cftd Hun uptown oihci , I ae,r, Rroadwa.
OMl'ETFM" rllAMliritMll wt T7n btsl
, r tercin ee rroui privste tsuiil,,e M. II , b. x
, t.'.j Sun uptown oltlio, I.NI , llroadwa)
, I UMI'EIFM' hITCIir.XMAIIl VVa-esl mwiu
' i lh be.t reeruci M M . box .'.4 Mm li,
I town oillre, 12U'. Ilroadway
I 'OOK SULA1 KI)RIS-vrs . '.'o. i nun i tint.
I t city ri tereiiiei A. H. oi.x ..' 4 h.iii opt wnil
I flee, 120-, llr adws
' PIRST CI.Mts SVYFFHIS1I Cllllh- ttaes f ' ,
I i elleni r.-loreute. ii P-.tioxj.'.! hull oi lowii
uflici. 12' & llioadway, '
IIltSr CLASS HfNDRhSs-W.iiea t.o a:....d"rer
I oreneea. J Mr' , bo ri2hLIU III I' v Ii in e,
I28r ilroailway
fjIRSTlr LsSel WMTRF.sH- Wall's 20 fi"""d refet
1 enoes S lieu., Xiji 010 Sju uptowu rt.ee,
120ft Druadway- i
Situations! Wantfii rmalcis. lg
I 0(n FMILY COIIh. Ilinrnuuhly competent! "31 !
VJ cltr relerelicii. A. J', box ".',.1 Sun uptown iS
ofllce I'Jflf.llri adnsl IJi''ifT'
N'lAT Mil M. C.IRI. aa rliainbi-rnislil and wall- rfil"'
ie-s ws.s sin, it""d lifer, mi s. JI. C. boi ,,l(V':
r,r,4Hun nplownofHie, I2'l-, Ilrnadwaj SstfiVl
CIESOHIIAPHEII ,lpf lli need 0 id Ell-lleh e lii 'lr&"
i ' ration expert mi Snillli Premier machine, ami ,"
ost trans rllii notes i onertlv tnd swifll.'. beat TRa
refer, nees from former employer; $1000 ddies , urtc
I AREECL. b a 114 Bun olhi i- ' i 'j'.J
CTESOORW-IIKR sSli r PKVVRITr.lt Perm. j",
lien ialt, ou want, d rxpern lo e I nnd well leis. j,t
oiiilui iided rapid .leiurate, Vddrisa VV H ., boa ' j i
' 11 .suiiiiiTlt'e, izilA llmailwa) '
''IHlRlirclIII. I IIHI-BITST WWiltKss-rnW j tijt,
sttuds serving w ties, mukini; sslil drei,i!w, I t- t
csrvnikT, i'., toiiil Hftrtniea, A, t , box .".US Mia , 'i''!
uptown ofllce, 1215 llroadwsl ".I. i
'I'llOltoruilLY COMPEIi'.NT CilAMIlKRMAIll'i sy
I uudi-iataliils l lain si winir t'ood ntireiurs. A. . ., '
McD., box r..',n Hun uptown i. dice, 1 2U."i llroadway ' .'- .'
W'ASTI". i ni an merlran ninbll.' aeeil widow, a , v' i '
I situs ion ss ntirse to aliiuvHlid m liildien. or ' '
housekepjier to s. widower, references. Ctll or ad 'i
dresaMrs IlLVCV F.I.T, 270Iiroadw. Ilrookljn " i
Situations 'antrtl Itlnlto.
,M HMTI RK SALESMAN W .S 1 Ell ' t' - i.
I MM. I ls,si)Ns, 7h H4Mnle.iv . Ilronklrn. J 'f!
puliri.RHEEKSI'OSIIKIN in aimleaxl bllslnessi s ,(),
I first ' lass references und bond vddress co5I J 1
I'l'.ll SI box 127 Mill J '
II desires s, ere jr ai,ii wuh Uiiitleinin small
iaUr Address L. Iv VI. Harlem Huu Otllre, I IV 4!
W U.'tli t J
Ot Nl. MAS PMlIllMl:R..iud wh .all doneo- 1 j
I eral I ilulfry work, dtslres po.ilion. .1 ,1,
I'Mil.fN, in; llaltlrst , Iliuoklyn. ''
. a ,,M,
lUitlincri) ami Hrrsomahiiip,. i'j
J .'I'ltS Remodelled and Repaired he ll Sae.pKe nut "
Capisftltend into tvsliiMrable irini me 1st -t
tyles at very moderate prlci a R.MIhl'.R s 1 1 1 vr. i '
,'l.itll St.
;, - f ,
rCradtnrj Hotels anil Itcstauraiits. u'"n
Rates, Routes, Ac , call or write i
HOll.L 'I VR1H ill III VI i.'l.thsv. f'
(A. P . Amerltall Plan E I' , Llir ipeatl. Op , Open.) . t'
AI.IIANY, S.Y.llotel len Mil V V r'Jnp If 4UP j! '
d .Ilntrl Kcuiii m, 1 IUP 'e Si
flMTlMORi'., Mil 1 Im l arm. in ii. A I'.. l 'l t' .
lll.lt.N ItllsVII.I.E. J Si.meisi I Inn I I imsiIi I ii if
110S1U. Mas II 1,1 V. iiiii'lii. , A I lk '-
do. Until lltllliswi, i. t P !'" A P..SS '.
do Cuplei hi Holm, I. I' f I Ml up VP.flM'IP ,,
llltOOI.I V'.N N .IIikiI (II.I1.I r V II V P.J I oo 'i
DlU'HlIrN I'm pie I'iBll m . Ilelle V.ie llol.l -
I FIEI! hNO .llo.il( '.reli i Ib'lel I P 1 V.P fl .;
(Ii llVKHINli IDS Ma". iu him llir V P. slip i ,
I lontsc t.Mlft Chanu lislliriillliilllii.'s, llonkiets t.
(UEESI IKI.II lloi MaiiMiUilliiuac. P Jr.O, l . ,,
Ollhl'.WVH II C 'Hi . Ill Mi l.s. oi wnkli up . f
LONDON I Hi Vi rc.Prilnei.r VV'alis.v ll'osdwalk.. p. v ,
KenslUB ! KauslT utiilll'Jl tins op n t ' tllepllbbe; ,' -
ton litis f lilt i-l. tri liu-l.l i .e illimvuplodate. . i
I.IS.IH1V i Wi .lo.liwlei. hiLtii i la.s Reaiilent.il ,,V
L;'m"' ,,.' 'Hotel, nn, x. clleil forltnsiut.t imfoit: , iJT
' Br""" ( Hindi lale. anil. I '.I
Mn.STItl'AI .1 an l'l.ii:, i lltl A.I' .Hop V P .IPill 'f
SW YoltK . Hflh vnue llitel A !'..'. lis ,
.ii . iioiuiid iiousu i: p.s.'ip v m
d . iCliauiliersAW.il way CosiuniolIU ii I' l'.,l IIP ,
M-MMI HUH N. V I'm l 'loe .V I on. '
lilll.AHKI.I'IIU.I's All n .l'.l.,llop El'.fl.'.O.p
do Tliel.ir-ij,- le It i th. and lull F. I'.Hmii i'
I'lrisiirim.i'a mis hei.i. i Ki'ii 'oup a p4ip
I'iVMOl'lII htu (.ran I II, 'el. E P. 1 V P I
hVl.VMKIASPOs S . 'I niA.l.lph V P 2 ' .
VIINNV ...llltfllli reioln Ii l.l.M.i-sl Hiluln ".
WsHl.MITON III' Vil i k'tou Hotel. A !'.
il , 'lln itjle .h, 1. P II ".'lii
Sherman Square Hotel,
AMFRH N 1'I.AS. , 'j!
strii tly a faimlv boiil h nee suites, furnlshel of 't
Ulifliruiahed to tent by Hit season or leur Clllsia J,
aud snrnce of I he lilk'ln st m.li r Rstes ressonable, ,
Lis stlnii eonvellleiit to all url of tile city i i,
M.M.I I. It I. IMItlJ.M I'.. j's
Uroailway and 63d Street West. $
A Modern 1 ire) r... f II .', 1 ' the nrst ela.s C"0
lllilsd on tlm Fill I an Plan r ,i tin- airoin
i ludstiuii of tho.e wh want tlio I .-t at reasoiiabl
c0 ioiissiiS (i lv. Proprietor.
THE ROLAND, " t .,
nili t . betwten Madiso'i an ' i'ark svi ( i
Mi. ,1.11. ii ,i, I. vt .tli roil c.mf .n ml" tiveinene
lililll IP "Ms WITH 111 'A II IU I'MIWKHC .'
M'SM Riiutl WIT'I IPJVIlli 114 PLR WEEK. )
Miles f two al dtliren looms wi'hhilh ,
CkSS'.-l III. Evl .JLII'I'dl I HE MUSI 1 j
;ili ai, mid "Ililist . iiipiulf nrneitlr Hull,
Sew tlleproof aP lern iinprov, i i tits, I u al oil I
iiu,ilipi,e 1 s 1 t 'an l an I I'an.ielit hotel, l
lr .pea,, ,.l. I......I. f.iJI'.-V. j''J fi j . (
Hiiiiiiurr (.nrilHii. I n In h table d bf'le. ''
HOTEL MARTYi ilaia'prnste'lmi'iuVnoouis t,
47 Mrst 'JliliM. t on eiti tery ev.mnir j AM
HVautnl to Vurcli.ior. 1 iH
i id --i
Hffroiitn Ol Ii 1.1 Vli IlllASs, I ull'l-.n. ZINO. BH
PLVV1KP. 1FA 1 FVll "LII rYP KLE' 1 lion I'll aH
hlt'RhiiriPI I'LH IliJdhw I API".!.. Ae - HUSO A H
, ., sB
ilUUSalElS. lue WiU.aiuit.. near Tj a AM

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