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- ' fcsBSBBJlBJBBl
Office of the St. 1'inil Ilitlnth Ilallrnnd
No 32iiAi?fir., Nrvv Yis. Sept. 28, 181)1,
Votlcr Is hereby chfii that pursuant Kith. Plan of
nmrgaiiliatloii iif tlin LakoHuperlor and MItl(it
HalltoadLouipaiiv, Include. In the uiganlration nr
UieM Paul slid linluth Uallroad Company, ml In
its by laws, drawings ' preforrcd ibrtnl the St.
Piuland Piiluth llallriwl Company wcredulr had,
,t the outre of the Company, No, .12 Nassau stn-it.
in the City ef New York, puisiiaut to rmluti';ii "f .
tic Board nf lilrciluri. and that two thou. and and
fnrty-nie -'.ii4'" shares of tlie nrfUrtnl slock vvrre
drawn for cancellation ami thereby lellted
The shares drawn for retirement will bo paid '
at par at the Company's "fllce upon surrenderor tlm
r.rtlflcatee affected by tho drawing, ami new rt r
tlfieatra forthe remaining aharrs will ho issued it"
.irhangeforlhecertlBcBteBBiiBiirie'idcrcd. , ,
Fartioiilare of tho result of 111" drawing can be
obtained on application. ui.,-
1 R. HOLI.INS. Assistant Secretary
I' ganbtw anil 2?roltcr..
V-i 'L - i Trsnsaitageneral
I f r. t srM t. sf t banking bilalness.
KeaiflOfia, (,
' Dividends and in-
1 . O aO n. toicet collected and
4 Af f ?b I SI remitted. Act as
IXC I 1 IX VU Plcal A"t 'or
s1 v'vw ,,,,1 negotiate and
iiivirvtti issue loiua of rail
HAHI.H. roads, street rail-
., vr.ir ST S. T. win, aa rompa-
41 WALL ST. .-. . I !,,,, etc Hacurltlos
Members liouitlit nnd eoldou
. ,. , uimintaalnii
x. r Stork Exchange. PF.AL IN
Illgh-Ornile Investment Serin itles.
I lsts of fiirtrnt offerings sent on application.
run wiKi.riiuc'iiiutKHiMMiK.Ni!),
Kountze Brothers,
Broadway t Cedar SI. NEW YORK.
Investment Securities.
Foreign Exchange.
Loans made against approved collateral.
Interest allowed on deposits.
Members uf the
Stocks, Grain, Cotton,
Bonds & Investment Securities.
Bankers and Brokers.
1 Nnsau Street. Cor. Wall St.
Mcmbtrt ol
N. Y. Stock Eachangt, N. Y. Cotton Exchanae,
N. Y. Product Eichinjc. Chicago Board ot Trade.
Branch Ofllcta:
80 nroaJwaj, ror. Puane St , Nbw York.
M BroarlwaT. cor. Barrj St . Brooklyn.
Dirtrtcmls and ntcrr,t.
' New York. Aticmt 18, 1809.
Adlrldendof ONE PER CENT., out of accumu
lated earning! haa thl ilar been dcrlaird on tlia
1'KEFERKF.U STOCK of the Company, parablo
U. tober 4. 18V)W, to stockholder, of record at the
rlote of banlneaa September 11, 1B9U.
The preferred atock trau.fer Uioka will clote at
n 1", M on Mondar, Sept. 11, IH'.W. and will reopen
t 10 A. M on Frldav. HiileinliT s:. IH.
JOSU1I F UILL, Becretarr
13 Wall St..
w Yoik. Annual 10. 181)9.
The transfer book of the Votiuft Trnateea for
freferred Stock True! L'ertincatea of the Southern
Itallwar Companr will clone at 3 p. 11.. on Mondar.
Fei't. 11, lHuH. and will rcopeu at 10 A. 51., on
FrUar, Sept. 22. 1MIU,
OnOctolwr 4. luu, the Votlnz Tnnteea will be
prepared to dlatrlbnte the aho o dirldcnd of Oue
l'er Cent., when recelred by them, anionic the par
Ilea entitled thereto, as aame appear of lecoul
on their booka when loatd aa above,
Aent for Votlnu rmateea.
S74 BaOADWAT, Naw Yoek, Oct. 3.1, 1899.
Twenty-fourth CanaectitlTe Monthly IIt
lilend. The utnal monthly dividend (No ;-! of ONE PEIl
CF.NT. en the capital atock of this Corporation hat
this day been duly declared by tho Board of Direc
tor., payable Oct. PUb, TrantferbookacloieOct. iltli
to loth InclutlTe. O. I). IA DOW. Secretary.
-1 Comuils.ary, Oocrnor'a Island. New York, N.
i..Sept. so, ihhh. Bealod propoaali, in trlpllLate,
dl bererehed by CoinmlFaa-kHOf following poata,
until IL'M., October 37. lmi. and then opened, for
furniiliinir and deliTernik; at the posts, lespectUely,
the freah beef required during six inoutha. comuien
illiEJauuary 1. 1P0H. vl Fort Adaiur.lt. I.-, Fort
llanki. Mae.,l'ort Caswidl. N. C. Fort Columbua,
S. Y . Fort Constitution, N. II.: lort Da Pont. Del.;
rort Ethan Allen, Vt.: Fort Hamilton, S. Y Fort
Hancock, N. J ; Fort Hunt, Vs.. Madison Barrel ks,
N Yi Fort Mi Henrr, Mil.-, Fort Monroe. a.. Fort
Holt, N. J.: Fort Myer. Va.; Fort Nlaitara N Y.:
l'lattaburs Barracks, N. Y , Fort l'ortor, .N. Y.; Fort
Preble Me. Fort Hilmyler. N. Y. I'ort Hlocum, N.
l.. Fort htrmur, Msaa.; Fort Totteu, N. Y,, l-ort
Trumbull Conn.: 1'ort Wadsworth., JJ. Y.t Fort
Warren. Mast . tort Waahlniiton, Mil.: Wasliinutnu
Barracks. D. (' , Fort Williams. Me.: Allegheny Arse,
nil, Ta. r rankford Arsenal. Ta . Knuebe'k Arsenal.
Ma . Sjrinfleli Armory. Mass : Watennwn Arsenal,
Mass , Waterrllut Arafual. S. Y.; West Point, N. .;
and Joilah Sinpson, U. b. A., Oeneral Hoipltal, Fort
llinro."1, Va. Right reserved to reject. In whole or in
rart, any or all bids. For Information apply to
C'ot'iruissaries of posta. Each proi osal should bo
Inrlised in an envelope, marsed ''ProposaU lobe
opeaed October 27. 1H91)' and addressed to Com
nussariea of posts to which it relates. l A. WOOD'
UIFF, Col t. C. O. 8 . Chief Cjm'y.
1 ' Thames street., Newport. R. 1 Oct 2, IBim.
Snale.l proposals will bo received here until VI M..
Oct. 1,, 1H99, and then oneucd, for constnictfon.
lieatlns and plumlilni: of aildltlou to barrai ks. Fort
Alams. R. I. Information furnished on application.
1 8 n-eerrea riant to reject any or all proposals nr
nuts thereof. 1 mclopes to be endorsed 'Pioposali
for addition to Barracka."
II. P. YOUNO. Quartermaster.
x West Point N.Y.. Oct. fl. IHUii Hi altd proposals.
'? triplicate, will be recehed hoie until 12 o'llwl
M, No.s, 18U9, for Vtlnnu Memoilal Hall, as per
Puns in thla oihee. U. b. reserves right to arcciit or
Meet anv- or all propnaals, ur any part thereof.
1t,inus and specifications fiiruiahud upon applica
nt Adiltess O M U. ri.JI, A.
r.U,F.D PROPOSALS will be lei en e.l at theofhYeof
" the l.ishthouse rnelnier. Tompkluatllle, N. Y..
until 12 M., Oct. u. lmm, and then openod. lovihe
ule of a steamer tu be used as a Lighthouse Ten
L'er For Information apply to F). P. HEM',
Lieut. Col,. Corpa of Engineers, V S. .
;,, I'NIVF.hnirY OF IHU U1V OF S'hW YOItK,
S DliEIK!! OF MKN. OLD l)h. (tRISDI.h has
teen irin. , stabllshedand has had more experience
tuau auv other adtertlslui; physician, city j.apers
fryvtlhli. Uudarhis H,.rutlDctroMiuentbloudand
kin li. ases pAlu in boncii, red sihjis, .ore throat
ami mouth, ulcers, painful awellings, kidney und
iia.ider complaints scalding inrlainiiiatton. i'rel.
oiidejflopul organs weak bick lost Mtallty. are
Ptedilj, permaueutlycmed Men ntmiit tu mairv
siionld consult OLD lilt IIKINDLE. Every liniiriii
hisiit i emoted HnJcrurs. do not waste time visit
i",'1'" akUful pb)slcian lt-r.ienilie.', OLD Dll.
HINDI.F. never falls. OiTKT. U r.R ir.YEABSat
1,1 est 1 2th St., between th and 7tliavs, Advice
I1"' Mi'dlUueai. Hours, iitou: Hiiiidais, V tuj.
(II. ! up., ,iu:v, 4 .-5 venrs n aponnllst in
'li.euss nf men ,iiil. Quickest cimaueut cuiu
(iiarautred in all the diseast s priiillnr to men. blood
union, skin ilisea.is, kidney and bladdxr trouble.
J'skiu,., niTVoun ilelilllt, errois uf yuuth, lad
ar. am., undeveloped organs, nopoilliuents to mur
llsne . I'wn.ultold Dl.tirev Inst hols the old
t relabhthrit and the loumat In piaitlcoof auy
i ulistiu thmlt) Olllio hit ,)5 years at 1J(
J. )I"ih st. mai I nlnu H tuare. Iloiira Kto M Sun
':hii .: Hcirntitli' ueatuHiit: advuo li-ee. Medi
duel nlj r.u cents. No , barge uulesa i ured,
A: . V? - Ufi"K i:vr p v. p. m an"i; n t
1 I 111, in di. eases or men. daugeroila cus a ao
.uiir.l relief at once; tliore deslriuir only fliat
"a - ientiactroatniftit ahoilld call. The leading
I'e i.il'st Dr. Uoiischii', 141 WKsT aiSV ST.,
1- i' i. "inn, Sund.iys, id tu I.
" li.loil 1S7H. female irrejulanties srlentltlcally
' '" " suie, married inn West 47lli at
I)H MRS HOIILHASNB'new inethoTfoTtreatlna;
-.. -r'ale irregiilsntles, painhsi. loufldentlal.
" . 'h av mvi 4Nth,
RS i.F.ISr. niidwTfe, 29 yea's' aticctssful tieat
a ,., hoards .ulsisltictly private, no sign.
4iril s. . 2k Ke1 Tlr! Crowe ores Irregular!
" ..j4'.cce. TitiautpaluoraitiJu-mti.fet (10,
TIib brokerng brnncli of the realty mark
waa even .lullor yesterday Hun on Monday and
the pale nt prlrntts contract were nlmoat uni
formly unimportant. The profcMlonal ele
ment was much In ovldonce, as la likely to lie
the cnee durlnir tho romalnlnc day ot the
week. The deallnc yeaterday Included anveral
properties In TheDronx.
Tho sale ot lilcli-olnsa modern (IvtoIHdes.
Tfhlcli constituted n lnreo part ot last week's
business, are so far mlssine In this week's re
ports. Thobtilldorsot this lasn of property
ato advcrtUInc extensively In tho belief that
tho demand will soon crop out tor It, and
to all appearniiceH thl, ballot Is justified by
tho numerous Inquiries mnde ot brokers.
In the auction room thn day was without
incident. Uf tho four offerings, tho plaintiffs
seemed throe, while the foftrth went to an out
sider, rive parcels are scheduled for salo to
day. It was reported yesterday that the bloek
front of unimproved property on the east side
of I.nxltiRton avenue, between 100th and 101st
streets, had boon sold by W. 1'. Maniram. Mr.
Mancam admitted that contracts had bsen
Hlgnocl for tho salo ot tho property, but refused
to ulvn tho names of the Interested partlos or
any further details of tho transaction.
The deal Is one of the most Important re ported
from upper I.exlnclon avenue thix year. The
neighborhood Is civen ovor largely to apart
ment hotisos and flatH audit Is probable that
the Improvement ot the present purchase will
be of a similar character.
William SI. Hran has leased for John Jacob
Astor. to the Edison F.lectric IllumlnatlnB Com
pany, stores in the Astor Estate building, Nos.
LT and 'Si Vfvit Twonty-slxth stroet.
Anions' thodeods recorded yesterday was one
transferrins the properly on the southwest
corner of Madison avonue and Sixty-eighth
street to Krio 11. Uahteren. for $150,000. The
property was owned by Kllabeth B. Schley.
Whltoliouse A- Porter hnve leased to Terry
Belmont for Mm Oliver Ilarrlman the dwell
Ins No. 2 West Fifty-seventh street.
Private Sales.
Adelson A flhone havo boucht. tli rough Henry
8. Hewson. No 14t."i Lexington avenuo.
(J. Tuotl A Co have sold for Christian Hnm
mer the five-story tenement, on lot 'J.'ixlOO.
No. 147 Hulllvsn street.
Jnckson A Htorn hso boucht the two private
dwellliiEs, Nos. lilt) and Ill'J East Nineteenth
street, and the four-storv flat, on lot l!.rxW),
No. 'J14D Second avenue. They have sold the
llvei and four-story tenements. No. 10 Boring
stieet. to Nicholns Mangier.
Martin Walter has sold toO. I,. Ouyers the
two-story flame dwelling on the west side ot
Park avenue, near 1H'M street: also, to the
Northern Improvement Compnny. two corner
lotsonClaremont Heights : and, to George It.
1)111. n dwelllnic undtwolotson Jeioruenveuue.
near Lincoln Park.
Auction Sales,
At the New York Real Estate salesroom yes
terday Philip A. Smyth sold, in foreclosure,
the three four-story stone front lints. Nos. 118
to 122 West Sixty-first street, to thn plaintiff,
John II. Hudson, trustee, for SOO.OOO.
William M. llvan sold. In foreclosure, the
three-story frame tenement, on lot 25xli:), No.
0," West Forty-ninth street, to the plaintiff,
Anna I. Magulr. for Jl.lXiO.
Bryan L, Kennelly A Co. Sold. In foreclosnre.
the three-slorv stone-tront dwelling, on lot
-'0T.1OO.H. No. til West Nlnety-llrst street, to
Joseph B. Friedlander for $21,102.
Auction Snles To-dny.
I1T rr.TER F. MF.TER a CO.
Manhattan avenue. No 504. east side. 25.11
feet south of 121st street. lHDxIO, five-story
stone-front flat:.lacobCorlies, sa executor. Ac.
of Eliza L, Merrltt. against Mary E. Harris,
etui: Wilson M. Powell, attorney; Thomas D,
Adams, referee: amount duo. 10,400; subject
to taxes, Ac. $:t'17.
Thirtieth street. No. 212. south side. 107 feet
west of Soventh avenue. 2.'lx!Ht). five-story
brick store and tenement with one-story Irama
building on renr; John Klein against William
(' Wielnnd, ctnl : Seligman Maulielmor. attor
ney; Thomas .1. Dunn. Sheriff: amount duo,
$11,027: subject to taxes. Ae.. $1,340.
Webster avenue, east aide. 525 feet south ot
Rerlbner street. 50x72.10x50x73.0. except part
taken Tor openlnr and wldeuluc ald avenue,
vacnuti Michael J. Egan against l'rank Abatn,
etol: M. J. lkan. attorney: August '. Nan,
rufetoe ; amount due, $1,".85.
Madison avenue. No. 1530. east side. 07.7 feet
north of 104th street, 10Hx70. threa-slory
brick dwelling; Knickerbocker Trust Com
pany against Minnie Moser et at: Davles, Hton
A Auerbaeh. attorneys: fleorar E. Kent,
referee : amount due. $8.140 ; subject to taxes.
Ac. SO.
Jackson avenue, west side. 400 feet north o
Columbia avenue. 30.0x100: Sarah M. Kelly e
al. us administratrix. Ac. against Ann Dolan
etal.: John J.Gleason, attorney: Julius Leh
matin, referee : amount due, $1,011: subject to
taxes. Ac. S5S.50.
Real K.state Transfers.
Amsterdani av, B.-.2. 26xl0o: Frank W
Hauerand ano to a lie Coneolidated Milk
Eichange . . . 100
r.uL av, 120S. ltuiifl, Maraistha Hoff-
inaiiu to Licj AMnrphy 100
St Lawiencoav. e a. iar,.l a Weat rarma
mad. 2'jh1 'O Charles Knauf to Charlea
Cn.vvU) ... . 2.V50
loth at, 3fl7 and 311" K, 4iuu4,U; Beny
B Siluona and ano to Jacob Summer. . 1
1st av, a s. lot 107, map New Village of
.leiouie, ufixlSu, John Berrlan toJamsa
A BillB . .. 200
Thimosonst. vr s. 3.m Snrlug st, lh in
liri'g.JoaephtiolilmautoMauilzIo DsOlia 8.600
Uadisou at, 302, 20ipl ox20ltll. 4, Michael
Fav audauoto Ilanis Laltiu .. . 19,400
St Raymond av, n a, lota 73 and 74, map
H P Hose, ht liaviuond Park. 4UU00.
Hudson P Bose to Adolphua I. Bake 1
2.',tli at. a k, 350 e nth av.'JBvtneg: Margaiet
r and Bii ardo Costales to Dinlel F (Julnn,
or ... . 2.DO0
ll'lith et, a a. HM2 w ith av, J7.0I99.I I;
Isaso (i MlllspaugU to j:mma Ulllspaugh
etal, iC, Mi Pan .. 1,100
12iith st, s a. :i2.' a vd av, 20HI9.1 1; Mary
Msrren toAnuaM (iaffuev ... 1
KducoBib av, w a, 25u.li u 14ath at,
'J llxloo; David I, Osbonio to Wm II
Hratnn. ... 1
Edgei onib av. w a. 284.li n urth st, 201 1 1
to centre of 147th at if extended xlou,
Victor USmvtlie to Wrr. H Hcaton 1
Fairmount av. s w s, lot I, map of Fair
mount, uppe- Morrtsaula, jnBxir.7xl4x
ir.o, Luc U Prentiss ct Hi by attorney to
Bow land WTorues and alio H,7M
Jeiomcav, w s, 242.11 s High Blidtce road
in Siloo, Win F Holdings to eaiah C Tut-
bill .. - 1
Bj ur av.es. 3D7.I n Burnetdo av. 2,l98,Mi
2,1xlo.U,.loBiphWhitoside to Htephen, Jr.
and JoedMiCormlck 1
lar.tli st, h!4 E. 2.",H00: Maryaretha Met-
lulerto Joseph and Bsbstlo Peter 1
Arthur av, 1UP7, tu. 8xxo, Edwin J, Blauvelt
to Henry C I. Feetrh 8,760
Blcecker at, s w cor Christopher st, 4ux
78. Ilxirreg.. Svlrrater Pope et al, exra,
Ae.t i Charles L.Adrian 45,000
33d at, 3t0 333 W, 40x94. li, John J. Dana-
lurto Fredcilrk W. Mejer, ... 1
I.'mth at. n e a. 2fo n w FIton av, 26x1 (Hi,
Lonradb(haeftr to.Iohn Moaor and ano 7,000
doth at, 2S1 V. 2.',x!00..V, Jsmea Machcll
to Joseph Alexander ... I
flilh at, s vr tor .Madison av, m.;x1()0.6.
l.lirateth II Schley tu ltric B. Pahleren.. 160,000
120th st 112 W. -jut ion II; Augusta
Hm user to Isabella M Elnbiirj . . SI, 000
lamh at, vv a. 244 W, ln.ini.'i 1 1 ; Louie
IlaiinemanntoIIenrleltaSllehl . .. 10,7."
H.!d st. s vv cor Melrose av, ln.r.xioot j.
llxlt.0. Joseph Petir to Margaretha
Mi'tnuelei' 1
Goerck st. e a, lot 120, map M, Wi!let. Sf.x-
Hii. liaur. Kahlenbtrg to MorrlaWallo.
wit 1
7th st a -. 2tt av (', 2r.xut1.lD, Nathan
Laiigsrhurtn Ileuiietta Laiigseluir 1
Lots ,'iiih to 374. man sec A. Vyse estate.
CtiariOtttiC Hue to Nellie Bice. .... 1
ll.th si, a, I9r..il e v A, 26HU.I.3; Sophia
lleilei, til llenietta Vogcl ... 1
411th st, s s, 20IMV 7' liar. I l.axlH.o; Eugeuo
.1 Flood to Katheloe Tlood 12,000
.'tr.tli s 1. s, r,si w nth ar, 22xli8.9, Lucie
llnl, , In den I' peeper and ano 1
1 ti4Mist. 11 a. jjr, vv Wist End av, 7oxinu.'4,
1 .lan "iolt to dlole Realty ( .1 1(,0
both at 11 s. 2110 2d av, 2'iXllKi K; Oeorge
btlirn.iu- 1 ,fl t l'hs F Boes'l 1 100
pl.t si. ms, 1 1. 1. 4 1 Mallsounv.l2.lllxlll0.x;
.M.r v 1 sin a to Betty tireer.e lil.2r.o
.'.ths s 7", Ion H'llhst. 2"XU1, Sophie
Mollis hild tnSmmii UoITjisu 100
r.lll nv. e s, -'.',. lo 11 Until st, CiUlUI, Sophie
Roll sihilittn I'.lkau Kahn 100
Kdirecoiube av, w s. 2J11 to a I 4.',llist, 2r,ii..
IDxItsl: Y.'tii II Ilea ton to JacobD Butler 1
Erttwiinbeav. wa, 22P. IDn 14.rlli at. 30x
Inn Marguerite A Patter to Wm II Heaton 1
Southern Buiileva-d. us. J.".o vv ht Ann's a v,
r.oxlou, Fmma Boerson to diss I. ltlt-
uistiii 1
W'llisav e .. 2.". a I44lli sl,2"ixPO.K: lleluv
Iviiiseaul vflfa u lleriiiaiiu O Egers k
ano 1
1M-..1 st s, - vv Elton av, 20.3xun
Htn.v Mulilktr and wife lo Win II
Muhlker .1
Pnion av. on:,, vv . I4f. ir.lst at,2onon
Wm Wainvv right and wlfo to Anna (!
(chmldt 100
Westchester Pa Irnad at, a w s, etul-distant
bet Passage r.ud Bobblna aves. 2xoo,
J. annetto Kingston to Agnes E. Illncston l.r.oo
Part lot t2 mail Woodatock; Ellra Nolan to
Louis M F.bllns I
Freeman st. s a ir- w prospect av. 2Vx
r. 212UHOI, I, Wm II Wr.fht et al to Mary
Judge .omitted
4tlist so s, 241111 1, Villon ev, 2'lilim, 4th
st.ses ln 11 p rnlounv, HOtliio, rin-
u. Inwenfsiil unl to Heniy Kellus . in
Bsrkerav, w a, "0 n Ellabeth st. notion,
Janettr Kingston to sanee n Kinvstou 600
NorMr st jj rs 'jA.:t;a, Karl U Wallacli
1 sus'i 0I111 100
tullitt, "27 L ,,iji,-, Utrubarl LllUij.u-
stein and wife to Jeacette Well 1
Hth ar, n w a. 71.4 a w Jans at, 20t8,.lx
20.UX2P.I, Charles Mezger to Maria ht
Himpson 1
27th at, a a, 1IM.H w Hth av, 1R.HI74.II,
Catherine Illckry to P Adallagher 12,260
Itecnrded Lenses.
Ecan. Stephen J, to Alfred A JacVaon,
Htanusav, a wcor 141st st.r. yrs 1HOO-720
Cnnrada, Ernest, to Jacob Mattliewa, 3d av,
14RI.ii w cor 77th at, 3 yrs .. 1,704
Katr.nliu, John, et al. to Saul Krauman,
Madison st, 30. a e cor Rutgers at, 3 yrs 430
Recorded Murtgnget.
Crowley. Charles to Charles Knauf, lot 37,
mai Manea estate 1 Installs ... $400
Klopper, Loula to Harlem Havings Bank,
Vanderblltav. n wcor 17.'.th at-l yr . .. 3,000
Kllpatrlck, Edward W to Metropolitan Life
IniCO. until st a a 460 West End av. 3 ys 85,000
Rametopame, H.lth at sa 400 w West End av,
s a . 86,000
Morgan, Wm R, to Abraham Anderson. 47(1
Wcstasthrt, 1 yr ... 3,000
Noitlett, Majgie. tolliadler k Curriert Co,
Tintin av, sr a, 121 a w 160 li at, H yr. nno
Roinnier, Jacob.to Berry BSImons and alio,
KI7 and .litHK inth at, iyr... l.ejta
Tier, Charles , and .Irnnle L. to John. Jr.
and Amauda HDssing, highway leading
fnun F"aatehe.ter to Palhsm Bride.
tiounded w and 11, audadj land of Wataon
Fetrts and Martin VII Watson. Ilyra . 10,000
Van Riper, Wm (I, toJohn II Slorer, Man-
hattanav. 11 o cor I I7that, ljr.. 16,000
Sain, lo aame, Mauhattan av, a e cor 118th
at. I'iyr .. ... 10,000
Wallace. JaroeaO. to Metropolitan Lifo lua .
Co: itliav.os. 21 27th at, .1 yrs 130,000
Wsselewskl. Frcdrich. to Marx Wlntjen,
part or lot (101 map Village of W'akvdeld,
.1 yrs .... .. 1,00
Ilall.CharleiB. 1 1 Kllabr th (llfford. KHtli
at, 11 a. 2. w Tluton a? , 3 yra 8,600
McCarthy, Trr'ss, to Iiaui-1 J Llnehan,
Cauldwell av, e e, 20 11 Clifton av, 161st
at, & yrs ... . 2,000
Httk, William, to Mary Brandner, Crotona
av, 11 vv s, IOO11 n l7th st, 6 yls flOO
Metrler, John It, to Lucy (1 Barnard, Proa.
licet av, a e s, lot NJ, map village of Eaat
Tremont; slo Vale11tlneav.es. 2D9.8 n
IHOthst demand. 3,000
Adler, Himon, anil Henry B Hermann, lo
BoseD. l'utrel, 689 Southern Boulevard,
:i yrs 14,000
Same to aame, r.91 Bonthern BonUvard, r.
vra . . .1 .. 14,000
Howler, Anula T, to (len H McOnlre, plrt
begat line bet lota lot and 97, map tair-
mount and lin w Crotona ar, 3) is .. 2,300
Rlgga. (leo F, to Robt I) Wlnthrop. trustee,
141 Maiden Lane. r yrs . . 18,000
Schrsyer, John, to the Esst River Havings
Instu; luth av, w a, 76 6 a 43d at. 1 yr . 35,000
Macy. Then F. et al, to The Lawyera' Tltla
Ins Co Macy pi, s a, 208. lo e Froapeet
av, 3 yra 4,000
Same to aame: Macy pi, a a, 168.10 e Pros-
pectav, 3yrs 4,000
Same 10 same: Macv pi. a a, 108.11 Proa
pect av,3 yra ... .. 4.000
Sanio to same. Macy pi, s a, 183.11 e Pros-
pectav. ayra 4,000
Same tosa-ce; Macy pi, a a, 133.11 e Pros-
pectav, .1 yra .... .. . 4,000
Metxmeter. Margaretha, to Joseph and Da
botte Peter: KI3d at, sw cor Melrose av, 3
yrs . ... 3,300
Biitniuira, Julius, to Mutual Life InaCo,
2"B 3d av. a yrs . ... .. 10.000
Embury. Isabella U, to Augusta Haeuser,
1 12 W. 120th at, ayra .. .... 15,600
Same to Susan K Blodgett; same property,
ifyr 9,000
M tier, John, and Frederick Ernat to Con.
rtvl Srhaefer; 158th at, n e a, 260 11 w
Elton av.r. yra 4,000
Liltln, Harris, to Michael Fay and ano; 3(12
Madlaon at. J yra . 900
Defina. MaurUln, to .Toasph (loldmau;
Thompson at. w s. D3.D a Spring at, r. yrs. 6,000
Adrian. Cha 1.. to Sylv eater Pope ct al. true
Ac: Bleecker at, a w cor Christopher at, 3
vrs . 20,000
Tenner. Trank P. to Title Guarantee and
Trust Co. Hit W 8.1th at 6rs. .. .. 16,000
Bonnet, 1'iedk P.toOen II Uuber, 118th st.
a a. 22.". e Sthav. 1 yr 600
Same to aame; asme property. 1 mo. 300
Mayer, rr.dk W, to John J Danahar; 3.10and
332 W B3d st, 1 vr . ... 4,760
Crear, David, to The (treenvrtch Savinga
Bank; 63 and 66 W With at. ft yrs Sil.OOO
KiiKtlman. Mary O. to Anna Boeltner; 132d
at. 11 s, ICO n w 6th av. r. yrs 6,000
Peetsch. Henry C L, to Edwin J. Blauvelt:
1097 Arthur av, :i yrs . 1,300
Murphy. Lucy A, to Margaretha Hoffmann;
120.1 1 a-k av. :i yra . 13,000
Granville, rhoniaa J. indiv andadmrand
ano, to John and Matthias Hafien; Rob
bins av. e a. lot lri'J, map Wlltou, Port
Morris, t ) r . 800
Thomas, I; iwlard W, and anoto Title Guar
antee and TrustCo, lot 1, map Fairmount.
3 yrs. , , . . fl.000
Klgard. Iver, to Thomas F Gaynor; Brook
av, ea. mu n luutn at, 1 yr ... . 775
Muller, Elizabeth, indtr and extrx, to Win
B Alt; lnoi. and l't'lt Av A, 2 vra. . 2,000
O'Krete. Alfred J. tu Mary ( Bichardson,
ad av. w a. 76.6 11 60th st. 0 yrs 36,000
liumel. John, to Agnes J McLatchle. lot 42,
map aectlon A. Vyse estate 1,000
Fable, Chr.atopher. to John P Pape and
wire, lot 8, map portion Hunt estate,
Byr. .... .. 2,000
Fay Mil hael al.d ano, to Win D Manning,
Bulgers t, n e cor Henry st Installs .. .. 10,000
Gordon. Jennie, to Fannie Friedland, 264
Madison t ;i ra .. 21,000
Waltuwitz. Monia and ano. to Plncua Low
enfeldand ano. lot 12. map Marinua Wll-
letts.es Goerck st. Hyr . . ... 3,000
Same to Fanny Wallowitr, aame prop H yr. 1,000
W11I Jeanette, to Bsruhard Kliugcnsteln
.'127 KlOst, Inrtalla . . 2,000
Matthese.Jai.ob. to Jacob Ruppeit 1481 2d
av, saloon lease, demand .... 3,500
Laiu.si.hur, Henrietta, to Isaao Langschur
7 at. a we'i-il w AvC. new line. 1 r. .. 2.000
Stlebl. Henrut'a.t 1 New York Life Ins Co,
UOat. a a 443 H w 7 av, r. yra 10,000
Pardelck. Rudolph, tu Jacob Buppert. 1978
Park av. demaud . 3,700
Cannon, Mary A, toGeorge II Toop, trustee.
153d at.esCUU vv Amsterdam av; demand 6,830
Cannon. Mary A, to Usury II Bogert. true.
too. IS'ld et, a r, CM) w Amsterdam ar, .1
jrs.. . .. . . 21,000
Prior. James C, to 'lhoa T Held, 130th. st,
a a 100 w 8d avidemand .. . 2. COO
McCormaek, StepLen. Jr, to Joseph White
aide, Ryer av, 0 a 307.2 u Burnslde av,
2rs ... . . 1,100
Colin, Sarah, to lleorglana C Stone, 22 Nor
folk st. .Ijra. 25,000
Groesbeck, Edith, to Title duarautee k
'Final Co. 811 W 80th st r. yrs 10.000
Bnunelli, Vlrg'nla to William T Hookey.
12tjd st. as. 237.0 vv Pleasant av. securea
material, demand 6,000
Damrau, Henry, to Oeorge l.hret, 2031 8th
av. saloon leas,, demau I 3,800
Wilnsti'ln, Mat. to Abram I.akritz, truatee,
Wator at, a w cur Jackson st, demand 14,000
8iiiipHon. Maria 3, to American Mortttazo
Co. Hth nv. 11 vv a. 7 1 .4 w Jane at. 3 yrs , 7 000
Ludwlg. Bernhkrd J, to Iaura D Beach,
l.tlh a, us, 47,1 w 6th av ; leasehold,
I vr . 8,500
Wulkenberg. Bertha and. loaopb. to Wni H
Ualdaur. ion Columbia st; 6 yra 30,000
Uleaaon. AmellaM, to A Gertrude Cutter, 58th
St. 11 , 125e pthav;6rs .... 3.1,000
Do'igan, Herbert, aud Garret M Taylor, to
Geo F Moore, 83d st, aa, lot w Boulevard;
due . .. 6,000
Wallowlt. Morris, and Louis Sroka, to Fran
Kahleuberg. Goerck at, e a, lot 120, map
ManmiBWlllets; "nyr . . 4,000
Greenwood, farah B, same to Cornelia D
Stevens, 241 aud 24,1 West Broadway; 1 yr 8,000
Sllvereon, Abraham mill Security and
trust Company, 10 and 12 Attorney st; 6
yra 45,000
Scliml It, Ann C, to Paul M Uerrog, 6:16
1'niou av: installs 1,960
Ottcrstedt. Vradsrirk and wife, to Christian
Trcieel, ft'Jd at, as, 176 e 2d av: r, yrs . 10,000
Greene. Bettr to Mary Calna, 91st at, a s,
1 13.4 e Madison av . 1 vrs , 11,000
Cannon, Mary A, to William B Bogers, 153d
st, a a. 5.V) w Amsterdam av ; demand 2,278
Clark, Mary, to Harlem Savings Bank, 123d
at, a a, 3H1.8e4th av, vvideued; I yr . 1,000
Far. Michael, and William Stacom, to Wm
D Manning. Rutgersat.ee, lot 7(l. map
estate of Hendrlck Bulgers, 10 yra ., 50,000
Assignments nf Mortgages,
Adima, Thomas, to Loula Gordon, etal, 18,860
Adelson, Thomas, and ano, to American
Mortgage Co, 12,137
Eaggot II, At more L. to Title Guarantee k
TiustCo 40,000
Buckley John J, to Frank P Smith 3,600
Cohn, Blgmund, to LunlsaH Vnsbrinck 3.000
Krasvr. Marv, to Mary Dennerleln nom
1-ow. John II, to John Forsyth .. 60,000
Potter, Fiodeilck. and ano, trusteea, to
Mutual Life Ins Co 48,000
Sinllh, Mary, to Harry II Meeks 900
The Seamen's Bank for Savings, to Joseph
P Grace . . 65,000
The Irvlug Saving? lnst'n.tu Geo W Grots, 3
morte . 40,404
Wood. WmQ, and ono, exors, Ac, to John
Morn, exr. 4-c 6,600
Wlesler, Andrew, to Konrad Mnller, ,. 600
Foreclosure Hulls.
Elton av. wa, 12.1 n. 160th at, 2.1x1 Oil; Elton ar. wa.
luon.l eoth at.'J&x too; 3 actions; Clinton II Leggett
k ano vs Di uniaF farrell et al: attya Greene k S.
lilld.t lies, 132.6 e r Brook av. 61. 11x100x1. 6x
It'll, Clinton H Leggett vs Henry Mueller Sr et al,
att-s, Greene k S.
154lh at.tia. irnc Courtlandt av. 2.1x100; Twenty
third WardCu'op B A'LAisn va Sophia Moebus
etal, ally. J .1 Brady.
Avol'. wa. 19 a 13th st, 19.flyY7- Mary F. Richards
k auoettrxe vs t'atharino SIcMulIen et al Sbzara;
atir, 11 Wright
186th at, a a, 1 uo w Amsterdam av, 17HIM. Ernest
Ehrmann va Dal 1.1 J Murphy etal; attya. I ach-
mau i. G.
Horatio st. n s, 61.6 w 4th at, 18,6x87.6; Tlios J
Oslnes vaThomaa JGalnesexorrtal; altys, Blow.
mil P.
Pleastutav, vr , 7.1 7 a 115th at, 13.1x74: Thomss
A D sbrow et al true vs John Cussen et al, atty,
J A Lynch.
Lis Pendens.
Cherry st. 149 153, 1.15 and 156 Fellu O DargJn va
Edward McArdle et al (dower . attv. J It Smith.
Cherry st, :i'.'4, rear; Dep'tor Buildings va Mary I,
I'a.sidr, eictx, r, etal, violations; alt, E Otter
bourg. Lewis st, 60; Dep't of Buildings va Joseph Weber;
violations, atty.'r. t'tterhourg.
Allen at. 167: Esther Phillips va Wm I Cavern speci
fic pcrforniatK e; all) s. Kautrowitz k T.
Mechanics' Liens.
Riverside Drive, s ecor 11 Id at. 65x1)0; Win
EHenshallva Horace II Ks.el.tjn 133.00
1I3IIIB-, us, 2ll-l.li w 2d av, 37 Hxllio.ll.
Bertha M Hahn va Max Vogel and Louis
F. VlThenB .T4.1H
lnnili st, n a. liu e Courtlandt av. MUloo,
Krhual k Massoih va Rudolph Newschaf
far 2SI.2
rarkav.ee 10011 17Jst.M)i .Washington
av, w a, ion 11 I7lat st. 611x100, James II
Dudley va Abraham Farl-er 300.00
Cannon st ml Rslnian Hi heintrr et al va
, Krakower A Gorll t 105.1 0
btli av, u w -.or KB st, Kuiloo, WV, K.
Pro len vs George Brown 814.60
H2tli at, til. 203.9 vv 2 av, 37.flxlOO.tl;
Bertha M, Hahn vs Max Vocel etal ., "".18
162 st, ! s.HO.O e Brook av.501100; Badanrs
.V: Lebrervs Henry Mullerctal .. .. 180.00
F.lten av. w s, loo n 160 st, 611x100; Badanes
LebrervBFarrill: Algleetal . 180.00
10th at, 105 and in; r; Wlllam Scroggy vs
John Levy ct al 370.00
57th et, 4(w w: John Brtngman vs Alonro
Alnsworth. . 14.50
Pnion av, w a, 60 a tildtli at. lODxIOO:
church K Galea k Co va Matthew F
Riley 1 M
40th at, 226 and 227 K, Frank H tlpib va
William Ijvne etal 189.611
8thst. luaud 21 E; Domlnlco Vltello vs
Joseph Whlerat 4111.25
14Uth al, n a. Ion e Boulevard, KkixIOO;
Bartholomew J Rlreva William McCrack-
en et al . . 86.00
Sntlslled Mrehnnlrs' Mens.
ConnMl. John, va Michael Del Guldlce and
ano, 151st st,ns.276w Morris av; I89U 47.". 16
Crane Co va F.i'aa Kempuer iby bond, 33 4
ami 880 W 86th st; Ihiiii, 662.71
Rehaefrr, John V, Co v a Charlea Ilaase, HM3
I.etingtnn ar; I8I19. 699 46
Stanley Hod KlavatorCo vsLlehl A W'elgand
and F.mllla Glass, 12 to 181 Clinton at;
18111). ' . 1116.00
Harrow, R ifus, va Samuel Johnpoln (by
bondi: 69th st, a s. 500 w Columbua av:
189H. ... 182 66
Weiaablatt, Clarence, vs Michael F, Diryer;
Rider av, 11 ecor 131th at 1M98 .. 4n 00
Blnns. David W, vs Ftnlll Oliss rial: 183
to IHUCIInten st: l8ou 875 00
Mi rkcJatnca J.va U atllda tlai os; 926 Madl-
amav; 189'.). 302.78
Pinna Filed for New Rulldlngs.
ISBth st. n a. 22.1 w Walnutav. slone yard:
Gottfried Ottliigrr. owuer, F. Wen, archl
tect; cost S2.&00
lnih st, (156 K-. two story stable and shed.
Thomss Besdr, owner; Chatles Lohse,
architect; (oat 800
Elizabeth at, 120. two alt-story flata and
atorcs; K It Poersrhke, ntvuer. Chatles
Rentz, architect; cost . 4S,000
Goerck at, 30: Improvement to tenement:
Louis Sroka. owner: Horenbiirger k
straub. architects, cost 2,600
Walesav and 162d at, a vr cm. improve
nient to facorv; K ttobltek, owner: M J
Garvin, architect; cost . ., 1,000
Wtet Fartua roid.a a. 2.1 w Bt lovsreuce
av. Improvement to summer garden;
hophla Hegeinan. owner: Chailra Knauf,
architect, cost 100
Mott rv, 310. Improvement til dwelling;
David Rousseau, owner; cost 600
Broome at. 316-317; improvement to tsne
nient; William Prhinltt. owner: Henry
Klein, architect; cost . . . 600
West Washington st to Market st, Ganae
voort av: Improvement to market: City
New York, owner; J G Glnvrr. architect;
cost... 200
City. Heal estate.
Borotif-U of Manhattan For Sale.
Above 14th St., l.nat Side.
QQD ST., 69 EST Five story American basement
0. houae, examine before purohaslng else
where. Pre-ulaia or
J. BEN fl.EV SQL'lF.ll. 21 T. 79th St.
Heat (Sistnte at 3Vution.
PETER F. MEYER, Auctioneer,
will iU at auction on
Tuesday, October 10, 1899,
at 12 o'clock, at tho Xew York Ileal EiUte Salei
room,, 111 Broad),
Executors' and Public
Auction Sale
George R. Read and Charles A. Prabody. Jr.. I'siis.,
Executors or the
the nve story double brick Aoartinent Home, with
plot of land,
two flTf-ttorj brick Tenements, with lots,
NOS. 316 & 318 E. 44TH ST.
Maps, Arc, at the Auctioneer's, 111 Broadway.
fflntji and partmentis to get Htufur
iiijihril. Above 14th St. Enst Side.
Madison Ave. and 59th St.
Corner and other choice housekeeping apartments,
eight rooms and bath, to rent.
CHARI.KS A. liEULACII, Proprietor.
uruiulieti itnoinsS fapartmcntjt. to get
Knst Hide.
100 Lexington av., cor. 27th
st; small furnished room in pri
vate family to rent.
ADISON AY.. 120 Handsome suites and single
rooms: with or without private baths, bratk-
fast optional; references.
Parlor floor of 3 room sin private house; furnished,
excellent location; all conveuleucea. rjnt moderati
breakfast if desired. Apply on ptamleea. 21 Kist
11 lth st.
X 6l) 8T,7 63 EAST Two large, haadaomely fur
JO nlshed rooms on second stoiy, exclusive bath;
private houae; referejice,
' eat"siae7
3 ELEGANTLY appointed house ; hotel service :
J elevator, will accommodate few guests; board
optional. T HE CORNEKJ', coiner U7ih st.. Central
Pork Weat.
maiii: Foil i'i:w ciioicK 1100311, rou
tiik vfiSTKii; :enti.e.iii;.v im.y.
IOTU ST., 49 WEST Handsomely "furnished
I - front aud back rooms, private bath; suitable
for gentlemen; lefereuce.
3QD8T, 14 WEbT Newly furnlahed, decorated
OO throughoiit'.hlghclasaaervice.ensuite, singly;
private baths; bieakfast optional.
iisr ST.,:3 r.s.3T iJirge. elegant room and
OX eldo room for gentliineu, near Madtiou av.;
JOD ST.. 46 WEST For gentlemen, nowly fur"-
00 nishnd large and email rooiua, leferencea
J.JTH ST., 109 W'IST-Uandsomely furnished
T"x ronma with private bith for gentlemen, ref
erencea. iTiTII ST.TlSl WFST-Newly "furnished large and
J"U email rooms for gentlemen,
,5elen oavtl.
Knst Side.
HOTEL ROLAND, 59th et., between Madison and
Park avs.llrst class, new family hotel;
strictly fireproof, all the comforts and conveniences;
desirable apartmenta for the season; single rooma,
with hot and cold water, steam heat aud electric,
light, for $5 per week upward,
MADISON AV,7l53ri65-rariorfloor!prlratebjth;
second Hour: other rooma; board, references.
(Til ST.," 129 KVST-De irable largerc7omrprl
' vate bath, with board, amtable two, three
gentlemen or physician.
Weal Slif.
Attractive auites, with bath; alan single rooms,
with or without board, bachelors' roups, doctors
ftfllces, lefcrencee.
H. 0. I.IILAM) CO..
2 West aid St.
1 7TnTvTj24 WF.91 -r.legant rooms. "furnishedT
1 I with board, gentlemen or families, rcfeience,
table board.
i'lZTll'ST.. 17WEST-Nely furnfs'heiTroom In
xlJ apartment with board In private family.
Dour by the Clearing House Agnlnit the
Iteroril 4B Hllllons ef 1881.
James T. Woodwatd. President of ths Hun
over National Bank. w.ts roPlected President
of the Clearing House Association at its an
nual meeting josttnlay, and Edwntd H. Per
kins, Jr.. President of the Importsis' and Trad
era' National Bank, was elected Chairman of
the Clearing House Committee, suceeealnc W,
A. Nash, President of the Corn Exchange
Bank, w'ho retired.
The other rotitlng members of the Clearing
Hous Committee, whicli is practically tho ex
ecutive committee ot the association, weie
James hllllman, President of the National City
Bank.and George O. Williams. President ol the
Chemical National. They v.er suceceded by
l'tcdoriek 1). Tapptn, President of the llallatln
National, and Henry W, Cannon, President of
the Ctiaso National Edward I',. Poor, Presi
dent or tho National Park Bank, and J. Ed
ward Simmons. President of the Fourth Na
tional, remain on thn committee.
Tranels I.. Hin. Vice-Preeldent of the Fltst
National Bank, was rei'lecteil Secretary of th
association: William Sheter, manager, and
llliam J liilpln. usslstant nuttuignr.
The annual reportof Managerhherershowed
exchange for th yejt ending Hept .'to nf
$r7.Hiln,230.771. and balance of S3.0K5.
H7t.370. making tho total transactions $00.
154,202 14.1. Thprelnns record made jn ihm
wa4w.tK)(),rKHi.000. That was also n year nf
great business and commercial pinaperity.
'1 he total transactinns In the year trading Sept,
au.lbPf. weit $42,l'il,U2.V01.
PIano buyers
will be Interested In tills week's
Fifth Ave. and 1 6th St.
A number nf slightly used and aeconddiand
Piano, comprising initrnmiiits of some of the best
known luakeis, can lie pur, hased at prioa thatwllt
be appreciated.
IIPRIRUTC In Mihozanv, Walnut, Oak, Rose
urniuma ood, and ninnlzed Caves.
GRANDS Suitable for private or public use.
SOUARES For c',,lrc,1 P' hnvl or Lodge p'ir-
Old Instruments taken In etrliange for new
Weber Pianos.
Jnspertlon Invited.
Cnrresponilenre Solicited.
Fifth Avenue nml Hit h St.
no. 10.) i;. urn sritisCT,
uf atwt t nu hinl a larur nt." k P
of almost cry niukf, iifc mm lir ludi, tultan In
eiehnte tv no' Sti-lnny piann. 'Uim tntr
tnontit am Iti unod order, hal been tliarniitflilr
rriiatted 17 ui, and tlio an ntTrrn 1 t InnuHt poini
hie prlrnn.
,t$i7"lwnrp of IIobur Strhmny rinno.
"Wo Iim, a few itrnond'hind i-ianna of ariniia
rnaken wlnU rt Oflei' hm apr-cUl HH(INS. Miine nf
tin m lur a $7r.. nleto nitchih n l KltAhAlT.K
PIANOS at srresth tedu ol pncn.
1 1.1 ISA ST HTH 8T.
We am nw offerlnc dPTerat odd rt le5 nf I'priuht
T anon, b'lth new ami arcond-hand. Jt civat reduc
tion. Sold ..a eas lrm or pay mr tit or liberal
fttsronutatallnneil for cah.
aArtU.'Ht lHlli Mtiot-t, w YiirU.
10 hST -I21 St.. jut Wt nf Oil. Ai.
IIlRhrAt utandanl of ton and i'ontriictton. direct
from manutai'lurer aiiy ptiyments. factory lar
R&ini 'n ucd piauifi, nno up. piauua rented $4.
Hrite tor catalogue.
Ilt(iIV9 40iiprl3btplauo. flne niaken, perfect
- urdor, ftitlv warraotod, 91(i np. npen aen
iliK. AMIII'NKY A. CO., USWcBt 2Mhfl..
REUA1ILE Connor 1'Kuus. F.sUb. 1877. 11Uu
tfiudn .Medium prl. e. Kas terms. Hentlu,
exchaniilnn-. 4 R -4 2d at.
Bend for cataloL'tto HUKDOX'a. I.'ltf Fifth et.
Theia irta a jotmt woman named Ilora.
There oft earut n weannesi oer her,
Ilvit a mpana ahoM taka
That "tired fctlinc" to shake,
Aud quickly t rtreucth 't would restore her.
UIP-A-MH, U ftir n crntA at driiLM.ats. tvrocera,
rcitauranti, saloon? , uowustan.., urner&l atore
aud barharahotts. They lianlKhpatu, Induce alcep,
prolouc life. One cite ralicf.
(Ocean tramcr.
will despatch their new main line steamship JCF-
1 KitHOX to accomiuiiy- the Yui tits In tho
Urat three races.
The Jefferson will Irate Pier 30, X. It.
(foot of lleneh atrrot). Thurailnv and Snt
nrilsy, Ort. S ami 7. nt II A. .11. (sharp).
The JefTerson Is 3. loo tons burden, 330 fest in
length, with Hush decks.
Number of pascn:ers limited to 800.
Tickets. 80.01) each Trip.
Staterooms, 9:1. 00 and 8'-'. 00 each.
Application for tickets cither by mall or lu person
will be filled in older of tlulr leieipt,
.L 7. IIIIOW.V, Ocneial Pa.sengsr Aicnt.
fjnlllilg IVeslhollliit nt i'herbniirg.
Sailing W. dm eday at lo A. M.
Maw Tort Oct. I New York . ..Oct. 3
Ht. Louis .Ovt. 11 St. Louis Nor. 1
St.Paul Dei. last Pant Nov.B
F.v york 'Tl:Iip-l'lllJ.
Fvery Widnesduy at 1 1 noon.
Frleslaud. Oct 4 Westernland . .. Oct. 1
Southwark. Oct. 11 KensiuKton Oct. 2"
These stumors tan caMu aud thiid'Class pas-
aengers nt low rates.
Piers 14 anil I.'.. N. It. Office, 7.11lruadway.
Htmncr Arkadla. sailing Iht.
A.....-l rt. nnd steamer Ponce (newi
round sailing Oct u,. at it P. M.,
tolli hm.; at San Juan and prin
ilpalpoils of tho islaud. Hx-
Px n!.. cillcnt accomiuodallona for
OILO niCO. ur.tand sicond cabin passen
gers. MILLER. llt'LL A KNOWI.TO.V. Agents.
For Old Point Comfort. Norfolk. Portsmouth,
Pinner's Point, Newport News and Richmond, Va ,
connecting for Petersburg. Itlrhmond. Vlrgiuia
Beach, Washington, D. C, and entire tiouth and
Freight and passenger .te.im-rs shll from Pier 2(1,
North River, foot of ilcecli st , every week-day.
Kxcept Saturdtv.at A P.M. slid Saturdav.at4 P.M.
11 11 WAI.KF.lt. Tinfllc Manager
From Pier Nn, .', North Ither, toot Morton r.
I a Nmmandle Oit, 7 I.i Hr"k'ne th t 2H
I,a Champiifne Od 14 LaToumtun ov 4
a (lascoEUt Oct 21 1-a rhainpi?n Nov 11
Firt elan. paKriattf tn lliiir, $to and up. art.
flen'l Acency for T h and Can . 33 l-toadwnj.N V,
JOl72-.tt j yj'JWSAILfflGS.
FINE MTP.ter&-L-6aaWirrTi rnrmrs
rwoiLMro.'toy,SiaAfi2 7 whjiam it. new Toaicf
Twin firruv .proi Uni w Clifrbnurc
ilfirla So ut ham pt on Lafiiuliuw, Ilamliurc.
Tuln Srrrw I,n'iipr Surtlcu to I'lyinutith
tLondnn) nnd llniuburc.
Alfo N. Y -Ha iili'irz direct
Tor (tatllrui, Ac apnlv to
Coinpany'a of hi e. .'t7U'y, N Phone I AT 1 Droad.
Teutonic Oct. 4, noon (Heanic O.-t m, 4 P M
Oermanlo .Oct 1 1, uoou I rmrir 1)1 1. 24, 11 A, M
For passage, freight and geiii-ri itiroriiistion. ap
ply to Wllll'i: M'Ml LINK.
Pier is, North River. Ofaci . w llroadway. N'eiv York.
Fi-om Pins r.l and r.2. Nor.li Uivir.
Camparla Oct. 7, P A 51 . Luibno..(icl. 14. 11 A M
hTvla Oct 10. 0 , II I l.u-aiia Oct 21 it A !
VKHNONH llROWNACU (len Agt,.4 llowliliglll'ii
VoKiiuiKUMAN 1 LtiriihrrfiMMiiPm
K W. d lir. Oct Hl.liH.M. , Mali Di t S4, 10A. M
Trave. Til. Oct. 17. I lA.JI. ' h.W il.dr Oi t.ai loa.'U.
OEI.I.lCIls ( ()., .' llroadwaj,
Boston and New England Points,
PA I.I. ItllKU l.lNK-IVr Fa'l P.iver. Uoston
and New lulstid po Ills, -vl-aiur. P.'iscilU and
Piintnu Dri hestia mi eeh Lcive Pier ill. N. 11 .
tout 01 Wane 11 st. "i ek il.-iyi.aii I suudsvsat n no p.
M. Pti aiuer tium N. t V mi . Soiut ivs mil) , inucinis
at Newpoit dp other ilars of Iti. week Provl leu 'e
Line . stwaril .tenners stop at Newpii't.
PltiH llll'Sri I.IN'r. For Newport. 1'n.vi
dene. HohIoii, rh ud Kjst stt-aeiers Rhode
lslind and Pilgnn , Dn histra 01 taeh. LeavePinr
ih N. It., footnt Murray "I week days mil), at ". 1111
p M.. tniicliingat Sewn, rt II I Mondar morntnus
ucepled . nn Monday nnroliiL-i laillPvcr Linn
atcamrs touch al Newpoit
81 ON INI. 1 ON LINK- I'or Sioningtoii, Uoston
snd all p luta KAt. Meamets Maine and Neiv
llsmp.lilre. 1 rave Pier.io. V. 11 , foot f Spring at.
seek darannly, al (I OOP. M
NOIlWIiH I.INK-Kor New London. Norwich.
Worcester. Ilostou an I the Fast, htssinei. Provl.
dence and City of Woteester. Irfeve Pier as, N. It ,
foot nf Spring t. weeL ria-s milr at B;ao p M
Cntskill, Hudson and Coxsackic Coats
lavef, otof t.hriit'jpUr .treet .very wiei day at
will temn Pier 10, Host lllvei
illetween South Ferry and Wall st
AT 9.00 O'PI.OCK A. M. l'.APII HAY.
siMit.i: day TicKirr. s:i.(m).
hna mnde lirraolf fmnmi mi tli ontnln
rnntf to I, tiiii; Itranrh, tit ruinpnnv with the
Kd.tiltltr, ntifl tht rToiuiiiPiiilntlini nf
nil uhu lint trjMflli"! nn tier toll tht atnry
t Iter iHiiiitlnrHT nml tllnraa for thi anrvlre. i
ali- Mill pifitriu In followinc lhe
3rht pfifhitii) f 1 inn Mm t tn llmah. tht' l
(nntniitnilfil 1 xppitfiirnl nlllrpra. fniull
lnr with Nn ntk intera nml thnntnnn
Srn-Knine niinlltlen nml nliuiidnnt cloi'k
rftoni Hrr npf anniy to rnnifnrt nml enjoy
mnt 1111 nrhl UnreDn.i,
Tlhe OoBumbia
hn liotli. she hn ns.t'HOv.unrn frnt tT tint"
hie di'Ck menu. IntKe. atrnmhPHtPit
Innnf ntifl rnnm fur nil nn the number nf
tlrkt-M will b
i,niii;i toonivmaij' iiiai'zOAi'ArirY.
A rumplfti nml rllliiiit loafWtirniit aer
Tier, nt ronintiublf prlrrn, will lin Ett-n
I'tir tlrUrlR nutl ftutlipr Intormnt Ion ap
ply tn
V, 1. 1.Vsi:iJ f.enernl Mnnasnr,
I1H1 llrndn.
Phftnr '41 1 lntUitn Sqiinrr. nr lMrr
I l.t lth or.
s. So mmmi
of the Flagler Florida F!at Cnant tyatm haiban
chartere 1 by IUytnnnd . Whltcomb for the
Internationa Yacht Races.
1,1 nit t Guaranteed 3fit) ieraonrs,rapneitvoTr I.oo
Hupmlor :i7iniueneut for tlione wihlnr to avoid
rmwiled condition. The MIAMI U built of atfnt,
twin srruwp, with a apiol of 20 mil per hour,
lighted br electri dty, and rarrtfn powerful search
ItL'hl. MeaU ill be benei! on biard.
Yacht Races, $10.00 Each.
Ship will atl from Pior .11 (newi, N. 11., font of
Watts at., adjoinlnc I)abrosva at feriy.
Ctrrulaif, ttfki'ti. &c, at ly ion's and MrBride's
Newriptnndi, J. W. Surbmc, liot llroidwa) , and
25 Union Square, N. Y.
Telephone 3138 or 3130 18th Street.
The fust deep-water fteamer BLOCK ISLAND,
lecularlv failing hctweeu New Guidon ami
lllock Ipfsnd, wtli atten 1 vc ra' bet wren the
COLTMBIAand filUMHOCK. Capaltr l.ftui)
pasRcnutTK, atrictly limited to 500. Her apa
cioiih dti ks and limited number of pMsengeri
offer excellent opportunity to view tho races.
Ihe BLOCK ISLAND ia one of th ery f jt
boata atteudmu the mc.i which la regularly
rutininc lu aau watett1.
Maali will l aetvi'd at moderate prices.
Brass band of 20 piece.
f-hip will aall from Iior .tl (new-. N. R.,
foot of Watts at., adjoinlnc Desbrosses a: ferry.
Price Three Dollars Each Race,
Ticket are now on aale nt the Journal's
Dewey Bureaua of Information, as follows:
.lournal'a Main OfMce. 1207 Hroadwv, a.r,i
West 12'ithRTrfet, Uutrl IUrtholdl, DbiinSa.
Incs Bank Xiulldlnir. .'HI WatihinKton street,
Brooklyn, or at 23 Union Square.
Telephone", 313S. or 3139 iSth Street
Hudson River by Daylight.
Talatlal Day Steamers "Now York' and "Albany."
Fatebt and nuaat riter hoati In the world.
Tor the Cat!., Ms, Albitn, Saratoga, and all points
r.at, North and West.
Leare Brooklru, rultou tt. by Annex ) 8-00 A. U.
" Deabnmsr a st. Wit. .. H:40
" est22dkt. 1'iti Vt 00 "
I andiiiR at Vonkf r Wtnt I'olnt. Nowburuh. I'oitRh
beepsle, Kiimtitoii 1 int, At-Mll, Hudon and Al
bany Throuuh tukrts on i-ate nt leading ticket
offictH, Iticludiiii; thoit. of tho New York Iraunfrr
Co.. who I'necLbiscae frtm residence to destlua
IW-SIN.. 1IIK WAU ri.KF.l.
Steamers dath. Hnudsys excepted, from Pier 2".
Fjiatltlvir. for NEW HAVEN and PltOVIUKNXF, at
4 P M.
'litnely train eoriuettloua made at New Haven for
Hiuideii. Hartford aud Springfield andatProvldence
tor 1I0S1ON md all points 1-ast.
Flue orchestra nn Hay i.lne steamers.
Nr.WIirilC I.INi:: Pier 24. N. P. . dally C P. M
satirlsys. ;i p. M . Huudavs. I) A VI.. ttsturdajs.
West 121'th st ,a:2h p 51. Mindavs. ii:2.r. A. M
I'O'KICF.Psli: LIMIt Pier 24, N. P... 0 P. 11.
dallj, exrepl uuilars.
Kl.MiSKIN LINK: West loth s'... daily, except
Ktturdara an I Sundays. 4 P. M. West 1211th st .
4 JH: M salllnlavs I P. M . Wist I'JHIli st . 1 lo
V M., landing at Wi st Point, Nevvhurc New Ham
' burg, Mailboro, Milton, Po'keepale and Eiioiius, ion-n.i-ting
at Kingston with t' and 1, It. It. for all
points in the CataLlll-
Steamers leave IVest 10th st. dally. HP. SI, exrept
haturdar. Sunday steamers touch at Albany
lsaving l)eshroses at. :i:lf, P. M, iSaturdais,
1 ,4T P V. . West 22.1 st. 11:30 P. M Satlirdava, 2
Albany Evening Line.
leave Plor.'(2. N. II foot Canal st , ut 0 P M. daily
iSundays excepted connecting with express trains
for all points North Fast and Wi t ,
Through tMina liaie New ork, fi)"t of I hambera
st.. as follows, and tlve minutes earll-r from Wrst
21d st
9 .fill ' " Vestibule oxpresa daily for lung-
UKJ hanitoii. Wavcrlj, Unilra, HufTaln, Krsu
lord, Jatuvatowii, arrives iliiflalo h I1 M, Parior Car
to llutralo.
O.I X..1I. Pall except Sillidsjs. to Iliiighani
.. I tf ton, owejo. Waverly. Ktinirs and Delaware
Valley point, liilly to Pott .lervis and Montieello.
Pull man Parloi ( ais.
U( I'. 11. V oi t.buln I.imi ril Isstmall dad
M.VtU solid luinfori'iid ago arrives ate evclau I
7 40 . 11. Ciiliago ! P. M. hleepera to Chi. ago.
t'loveianit and Cinclrinati. Dlmnj ( ai
7,'JI', II. liiltTalu anil llevilanl Ve.tibuled
I .OvJ r.xpie.s di.ly arrives HiiIsIm 7 n.' M..
II .dfold 7 ,'n A.M.. Jaine-t ,vin 7 , M.. lnulig.
town lu 27 A. M . Clevelsud I.' 30 P. t. hleciicrs to
ililttal and ( lev. land. Cafe Lilir.iiy I sr.
(1.1 r. P. tl. Ilsllv. solid tl jiii Tor llln'.'hsmtnii.
'I, I sj Wa c lie, Kimira i hi m' t. Sleepi rs to ll'lf
fslo, i,hiisuo and cin Innat . Iiiiiingi a
ArCOUWdliAllONsat 111 III, '-'II ml and
'.if. : lie advv.iv 127 llowery, 15(1 ha.t I2.th St. and
I 27JI West I jr.tli si. Uhambersand Wrsi J.'ld It. fe
I rl. New Yn.k .'.ilaul huh lulton -t . u Hrisd
vtai, llrooslui I21tversl li ilioscn ulld .lerse'
l.tyMlailon. New ork Traii'fer I o. talis toi and
i lucks bsggsge ftom hotel and reiideu v to devtina
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western.
HUH mi in New York foot of Ban Ur and t'hri-t
lea,S Y pherat Airh N ,
Hooam .Ihntliaiut'tn Mail n 10 pm
IP.oo am Ithaca. owet Buffslo I t iuipin
l ,ihi inn lliiflstlonml i In aio r xprt-ts - pni
4t (i ,uii s Hint n ttiU- stbairn at'd
I'lrmouth Mpre .t- pm
7io pm Butfiil ind t hii tio I.un r 7 ) pai
"H to pin HuAiloF tar hnflaloTM'' iim "d itni
i ao pm hhica 0weyo. Ft. a and
Huftalo Fi T trlan
tSIeper to 8. iant in II sj hm r rupiM tn ri
'U(kttNHrd rullrnan af.imnmdti" nt in .
an 1 K.o Lrr j'lwar snd 1 1 Tail, plnre
mi -oil s -irfi r in pili mil tall r T 4itl
i-iiSv tasjAL'Q tj dtiUoatlou, Da!l
Pennsylvania H
RI'ATIONR fool of W'isi TwiNtv tmsp sTBrtt ihd JVvkBssH
lirsm.ovsrs vMiCiintMNPt sTtifrts, 14,4 BBbbH
4?-The leuvlng time from lleshrnsses sinil Iftv' ISBBbH
( iirtlnnilt streets la five inlniites Inter than 'tw
thnl given lieloiT lor I wentT-tlilril Street ASK BBH
Stntlnn, exeenl vvhele otherwise noted, &fll
', ", . M t'AMI MAIL Limited tn tun P.uftt 'tjB BBJ
Parlor Cars New oik to Pitt.hurg "lecplnCir !i!fl I
Pitl-bliut Chicago No loaches to Pittsburg :oSt BBBBB1
H ;,-. A M K -. r LIN P.- Pittsburg and I'levelvnd. 'SI BBBJ
I'i-.r. A M PP.MSiVt VANIl I.IMITKIi. piillrasn Mi .fBH
Compariuient 8e p lng lilitltig, Smoking sud Ob- '!Jt BBBBl
tirviitnui i.irs Pr Chlcigo. Cleveland. Toledo, 'S3?
Cincinnati, liullaiiaii, ills I ... n 1 1 1 1 e mi. Louis tVf i BBBBB1
1:'.. P M l'llt('il(lANH IT l.OCIS FAPHE8S. lilBBS
Foi LoulBvllIe via Cim lniistl, lndisnapolis. sj B if jBBBaBl
Clil. ago. St. Louis. 'RklBBBBl
n .--. P M. Wl'.sir.lIN IAPUI.4m For Ciitcag ( TK BLsH
Fie rolcdo. exceptSsturdsv. R V
7'.,. p. m snt nivMH'ir.nN r.xpnF.ss.- f.vf i affl
Pittsburg, cleviliind, Nashville ivin Cliiclnnatll, Vj BaBBa
Louisville, 1-iilisnapolls. st Louis 4,5 , BBBBB1
7 .-.-, 1' M PAUIfin I. tPItl , -Fof Pittsburg an! I BBBJ
t'hli ago. For Knoxvllie dall), HhenaDdoah Val- V
lev ll'iutc I'oniircts fo- I'levelmd cxctpl Sattir- BaaavJ
da) BBbBJ
n :.-, p M. ileslirs,s an I cirllandl streets s 4 v it BBbJ
P, Mi MAIL NI) FAPIIFJS -Pullman Duffel , , I BBB
Sl-eplngl ar New York to Altoona F-ast Llbeity, i BBBl
Pittsbngand punls West, dally en ept Sunday. 'ItBVSsVj
No coarhe". BBBJ
7:S H -'.-. li 2.r.. 1 0 10 Desliioavns stroet tOllO.Ojrl '.Tasi
limit sttiet 10 I r mining t'nr , 10 r.r, il)uliigCar (.IBBBbJ
A. M 12 r."- 2 II) illrsliMMea stleet i In, Port- v IrBaBH
Ian It street 1 2m 2 r,r,i:t'jr, ' Congressional I,lni," -'t bbBBB1
all Pnloi nnd I) iilnglarHi. 4 a"., Dining Car),4.si i ItaBBBl
iDDiing Car, x'.u p M 12 in night, Sunday, '. VaBBBfl
R 2., ntsr.. in r..-, Diuiug Cnr A. M . 12 nr. ?:., y 'BBJ
(i..'.i Congress on il Lltii all Pallor and Dlniu -
Cars , 4 2i. IMuiii Can, 4 ',.', ilhulng Can, K.ol 'BBBBl
f . ! Ki , IJBBH
HdflllKKN ItAll.W'AY. Kxpiess, 2 .'., 4 2r. T M- ' . f aVJ
10 night dvllv feaaBaaj
NOItl'OI.I. AM) WISTHIIS nill.WAY.-For Mem- i VraVBBl
phli and NewOrlevus. 2 -... p. M dally , 1BBBBB1
A'1L?U'IC HIM 1 INT.. F.ipress. P :c A M. and vllBBH
K.r.-, p M. ,unt-, UJ1BBB
CIIIilVPCAKr IND OIUll 1IAILW.Y -4 f0 P. M. . lTlBBaffJ
rou old point coMror.r and NonroLK. -7,fi ,'i iiRaVaV
a. M week dars and ; 5.'. P .V dally. n)llBBaVj
ATIAMII lin. nip M. week days (Desbrosses flBBVJ
strer- 2 10 P. M CortlauUt street 2-ir P. M.) VaVssVJ
Through Vtstibulrdlralii. IlurTet Parlor Csra. Pm- '(BVBai
etuer Coai h and Combined Coacli. i tBBBBBl
CAI'F. MAY -I J or. P. M. week days. ( tBBH
For po'nts on New York and Long Ilraneh Rallroal s, BaaBi
ifiom WeaiT.riiij tliirdstieetstat'on), 8 rift A. .vi , C'sBvBaBl
12 in.'.' :i:2r, 4 in r. to, m :.".-. P. It. Bunders. V. .BaBBB
P J" A. M . 4 . P M from lirsbros nistreeti.il ou ' BBBBl
A M . 12 20, J So, ,1 40, 4 '.'0. r. lo, 7'00 P. M. Run- 'aBBsBa
dais, ii. 4'. A M. 6 lft p M ifriun Cortland! ) )
strero, li ii A M., )2:.'0. J so, rt .in. 4 23, 6116, IBBBBB1
7:00 P.M. bmidars. :4". A. M . 5.H. P. 11. f IBBBJ
rim piiii.i)ki.piiia. , 'v H
0.111 1 Desbros.es and Cortlamlt atreets, ill. 20l. 7.2 ) H
7 r,r., h 2'.. s '..'., li.'.'.' in r.r, Pcniia Limited), 10 ui i. ' 'tBBH
(l)csiiroases street Hi 10. Cortlamlt street 10:1,'.) v BaBBl
illlnlngCn- , Ill-ri.ltllllilllgCari.ll 85A.M. ,12 5S, BBVBj
2. Ill, Ib'sbioasis street 2 10, Cnrtlandtstrcet2.iri). , .S jBBBBBl
2'.j ., a.r.r,. 4:2r, 4 '.'." Dining (an, 4:f,r, iDinlna iBaVasVJ
('ari,r,:r,.riDiuiugiari,7 r.l. s.oBP. M., 12:l(inlght, BBBBB1
Hiiuiiaji. it ID, i,2r, h..-,-.. o::.-,, n:.r,r, .Limited',
11 a, in .siDining r.iti. a 11.. i2.."r., i:."r. mining i- t !
Can, 2. r.r,, 3 rr,. 4 2.1 (Dining Car), 4:Sr (plnlnx i BaBBBl
Can. r, ." . iDlulDg Can. 7 Ci, K:.ri." P. M 12.10) (BBBl
night rsBaaai
Tirket oejrrs Nos 4HI.HJ4. 1108,1854,111, and ' IBBH
2H1 Droadway. 1 A.tor House; West Twenty-third . BBBJ
Street Station; and stations foot of De.brosses and ? tBBapj
Corilsudt streets. 4 Court str et.uilu Fulton street, (BB
iih lip adway and Pennsylvania Annex Station. . 1 IBBhb
lliookljn; Station. Jersov- City. The New York lisxaVBj
'Irvnsfer Companj will call for and check baggags ' HBHaBJ
from hotels ail residences through to destination, .Msxavfl
Telephone "il I Kighteeuth htleet,"for I'enns-rlva X BBBJ
pla lliilirovdCabService. J (BBBBl
J. 11 iiruiiissoN. j. 11. wood. ' iIBBbI
Oeneial Manager Oeneral Pasa'r Ascnt. 1 . tBaaBl
The AtiuuiH nf TrnTrl South nnd Southwest. H&IsbiH
Train Horn Nv Vti"lt, dtpart from rennyHftnt if irbbH
It It. Station Dally, 33.1 at., Cortlatdt and Des- 'rbbH
brica llH
KB-Ihr Iruvlnc time) from Oeshrnsaea and H
Cortliui.lt str-i'tH la lc mlniitea Intnr thnn H
Hint tlrn br-lnu for 1 uentj-thlrd Street H
lVtloA.M -rvsTMML-I'tillmanBnfTftSleepInz H
( ars. Now ork to Atlanta. New Orle&na, Bavau al
nah mid .lackaonrillr', b'U, Dititnir Car, Wahbtna- bLbH
top nnd SjpQttanlmii: Toutit and hlu-r-plnirCar. LH
Ma-shimiton toS.iuFtaurUio.'l uesdanand Friday a 'i
Sifi." 1'. M.- N Y . KL. KXlMtKSS-Pullman Draw- H
liu: Room htn pirn: Care. Nw ork to Columbia, i y ,H
Savahuah, .lacki.inUU, 'lampaaud Aucnta. H
-:-.-, P. M. AsHINdlON -V CllATlANOOOA, ' bbH
LIM1TF.D MA LYNCHltriHl-Vullmiin Drwinj ' '-iH
Kontu Slt-cpiii Curb, Nt w York to Itoinoke, Knox- b ibbiH
illlo, Chattanooufi, New Orleans and Memphis. t 1'?ibbH
DmliicC.irr', ltetdfnrd nnd Attalia ' K 1-JbbbibV
4 !'... 1. .U.-W SIIIN(i'lON .V SOrTIIWKRTERK nilteVBlBM
I.IMIU'D rullinati DislncUoom Hleeptni Cam "'ftrHH
Nt'. ni, to Mlauti, New Orloana. Btrmlncham. i' AMVM
IMumt his, Afchi-WUi-. Kuovlll, Chattanooua A, ' 'IvaiBH
Nsahillc. Dinin-t Car sunus meals, New York U VIbbibH
Now Orieaiir. , H
TIUNK H. (.ANN ON, .1. M. CVLV, ' ,-H
aid Vice I'iph .v (lcn'1 Titr TnHlc Men. M
w. a. iriiK. o. r. a. H
'trains airive at nnd depart from (Irand Central 'SbsSI
iltstlou 42.1 St., New York, as follows aVBBJ
LejvoNew York. Ariive New York. 'SBSBJ
' II i (. II. Syracuse Local tU'2ftP. M. VBBBJ
Ih:uiia.M Empire State llxprcss. tlO.UOPM. -. a .BBBBl
m ir, A )1 KnV it.ill -inifOA M. 1SBBBJ
tlo::iOA. M ...Pay l.vplcss 17:0(1 P. St. BBBB1
111.10 1.11 ItulUndl.xprras. 17 00 P. M,
'I'.dliP M N Y and Chit ago Special.. I.MP.II,
Inn P. M Southweslern Limited. Ill 00 P, M. BBBBl
I .-ill'. II . Albanj Fiver tll.OOA.M. SBBBJ
I5HP.M., AlbHUyFljrr . . .1 1 1 ;0il A. M.
t:ir. P. M AllianvHpeiial. .. t2.00 P. kl, " BBBJ
-I (ill P. M .Detroit Special -ID OOA.M. . 9BaBBl
".-, ,(l I'. M Die Ijlko Shore Limited "(l'HOP. II. J !SBBBJ
"uoiiP.m Wist-tn F.xpro-s s ir, P. M. I iBBBB
n 2 . P M .Noithcrn Kxprcss. .7:20A. M. ( sBBBa
7: in P M .Adirondack A Montreal F.x 'N.20A.M. . .' BBBBJ
" uP.M Pan mi ru an Kxprcss s7:S0A.M. 1 ' )
"i :n P. M lJUIlsle A S. VV Special ."N no A. M, rfABBBJ
Wir, P. JI lailni I'.xtirra. . .;00 A. M. ,BBBJ
1.' I'll, Jl .Midnight Hinresa 7:00A.M. t
D.ilv. IDallv crcept Sunday. Daily, except I IBIBfl
MouiU) Saiiirdaja only. 1D3lly. except Satur- liBvBB
das aud Sundajs 1 .BBBBl
H.12 A. M. and ,1 : . p. M, Dvilj, except Sunday, t I J 'BBBSl
Plttstlnld I.Mliilajaolllyat li 20 A.M. 'aBBBJ
Warner Palace Cars on alt thiougli trains. ? BSBl
Trains illuuiliiated uith Pints, li Light. ' -SBBBJ
Tirkutnihi isnt 1 1'l. JO! sl.'lun.l 12M ilroadwsr, I'jBJBjBJ
2r.tiuonsi W . 2.1 , Columbus av . hi W I2&thst.. BBBBl
Hramt ( i-ntr-1 St.-.tl u, I2f.lli St. station and t.istli , BBBBJ
si Station. NawVork .l.is and 72H 1 ulton st. and i aJBJBJ
lint liroadw.i . L. !., llrooklvn. BBBl
Telephone "4:uu Cortlamlt" for New York Cen- BBBBJ
tral Cab scribe llaggage rhecVcd from hotel ot . BBBBJ
resideure be W'estcott Lxpress Comi any. I BJBJBJ
OF.UItUL n. DANILLS.OeueralPassengerAsent, ,( -'.'BJBJR
Ctatloas foot of West 23rd, Cortland! and Ilcibrortes i iBJBBJ
Streets (films It It K'rrlca i J rOBBBl
Time Wesi 2JM aire, t lulier tpiresCortlaniltor v J BBBBl
Dcsocrx'es streets, t Dally cxi el,- Muioai "T bunday ' s 'BBBBl
only, Irtner ( rains dill) t s.ndav Ur.vesS.43. erJun. 'IBBBB
davlenves 1 x --iiclsy 1ea.es i I S . f, BBBB
i-lT.'J.J. 7.0(1 A. M ' Locsl for F.ARTO.V. .'BJjBfl
7,.53, r'l.ll'i A M ror ill F1-AL(), MAOA1IA BJBJR.
FAl.t.s ill )-:, and principal locsl points Parloi r BBBBl
and I'mlns Cars ( onmcis for Coal li-anclust ,BBBfl
fl.3. Vt.tm Soon " BLACK DIAMOND . .BJJBJJ
CXPrtEO-t." llandsomrat trail, lu the. world Lim- ;BBBB
Pel lo soiling capsi irv Duo isuflalo ya p. j.i con. .RBBS
ne-t ig with ihrouzh -i"peri tu Detroit and Chicago. iBBBB
Dining car acrv Ice .Ha cone .. iBBBl
...,k i nn i. M V for WI.,KK9.BAItnE, JBJB1
Aje"35' MJ2 fl- ANTON. I oal Branchci jBJBJJ
'"J..5S. -l.il I 'i nnd Intermediate noleta "BBBl
'LUMSril, lcal for MAITII CHUNK. i .BJBBJ
is.-S.I 0 .'.( P. M I'Cal for MATCH CHUNK. ' .BJBJ1
li.lll. U.'JOI'.M. Local Kxprcss for EA61 ON. rt 'BBBJ
.1VV id.ON 1' M. For llunalo ard points West, tBBBJ
ThroiigiiSlcenine Lars tuLlilcuco and Toronto. . IBBBl
..-.3. S.00 P. M Kxprcss for mm. LO and LBBJfl
Tliltosro None but FleepingC -passengen csrrlea. , ;
MO.iS. ID.IIO I'M ForfTllACA.nilf.llFoTEIt, 'iBBBl
Ilt'FULlJ sad West, hleeplne Car; tnriilraio. , BJBJ
(lallyexcept Sundav i -IK 40. 10'.) A M. 'J 25, 2 10, ! 10, BJ
4 .). an 1R31PM ,, , .SJBJl
I'.ckeuaad Putin, an accommodations at 11. -41. Tan, Bfa
wv.'in and ISM llroadwajr, a Union bauare WesUStJ
( olumbus Ave.. V Y.i V.I Fulton St , 4 court St.. '
llroadw,iy and llrooklvn Annex Station, Brooklyn, .
!i. V. Transfer Co will call for and check last si. JBJBJBBI
slum hotel or residence, through to destination. vjMJI
Sl HF.Dll.i: IN FtTLCl 11 sY 14, 1S9D. 2H
I oi; 'i in. wivr. .iaVJBJI
LeavnNew York. South Ferry 'Whitehall Terrolnsll ,3BjaBB
and fo. t f LH erty stint Time shown la front 'BBBl
soulli IVrrr. Leave Liberty street 5 minutes Ister. RjRB
-naib t.:x ept Sunday Sundays. BBBl
(II li Mill l 3u A. M 'Liberty street only), , jBJBJ
1 2.-. P M. iind'12 10 night. j BBB
PITISlll'KO. "l tin M (Liberty street only), ' 1BBH
',','.. P.M I2 Untight , 1,.BBB
CIN01NN41I. ST l.m 13. S A, M 5tS5 P.JI ' tBJBJ
1 1 ri kht BJBJ
WASHINi'.ION. IHI.IIMORLi; 5r., D.SS 'Dlnerl, H
II.". A M Dinir . ti2 ,--, p. M 'Diner). -I-: BJB
l)ui 'i ,-2 ,v ."lloval Limited, 'exclusive Pullman ABB
'I nun. Diiui, 'i v. I'imi . -J Vi P M. (Dinar) 9BB
.ii d m: tnuight. .nuhhu.k. ii j r.r. p. m. BJBJ
All li.uus are llluiuiliated with Plntseh Light. SBB.
Utiles 11.1, 172 201. 414 1 2H4 Ilrnadway, 25 BBB
I in Hi s, j V" 127 lloiverv, V U.IU Fllllnnat , Iko MMJ
(Irihatii av. iroV.lii Whitehiill 'lerinlnal and V Bfl
I.ibi rtv st Hacgsgei heckiilfriiinhotelorresiden-. MipJ
to ilestltutDII. BJBJ
New York and Boston 111 Rail. 1
N. N" II. A II II II and connections JjfJ
From i) mil C ntrsl Stition BJ
L'.lve llv waj ,.t Due. . ABB
n i4 AM.. Spimglleld and Worcester. .1:3o P M. ' BJBJ
Iniii.. VI ' 'New L"ndr,n end l"riivldenie,. nml p M, BBB
lii iiA M..sNi'vUiiiiloiiKinl Providence, 4 dor M, BBB
I I'jimM -.pnugnild and VVorresie.r, r.ml'M, BBB
tun I'M, Air Line via Willlmautic. i( on r M. i BJBJ
I ii.' I' M . Neiv London and Pr-mdence, 7 oo P.M. BBB
I : li ip M..'N Loudon and I'rivideiice, n 00 P M. BBB
4 i p M lurnigneld ami Wnrceiter loon I'M . BJBJ
on p M . 'New London and Providence I BBB
ill ml' M - i ungfielil ami Worcester, h '. A.M. !l BJBJ
I 1 1 1 i ' i' M New L nd n and Providence, I BBB
i itiiusdaili , up In ling Sunday I apj
' I Hi sun Limit. I, all pari-"- cars fare I", lav BJBJ
. luoiug p.nli . r.i-sea . . BJS
' list irn i It siuie I ir and 1" same rutaw BJBS
i Ml"; .nst 12 th si x 'vBpJI
I Tn. jU pari a-i I sleeping cars tr.each trtta. , 'BBBl
C. T. UiiimuD, Q'i. Pais. Afstl. i BvJi

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