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Iff HH
THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1890. 11 J i jffl
" 111 At. tTiTK ABIT.
... rrattlcnl openlnc of the fall auction
8 ,ester.li ttrPtotl a .rent number of
i1' i r.mcrntori', "peculators and Inventors.
I k iirnt.lwa cnlciroom. and tlio tlio lurce
'l ,imi wan easily disposed of. While
1 i.tntilTa -" ln majority of cnat-i the
,l" o' the parcel whleh were eold under
I l"e!.n'rr there wa n tllsroaltlon on the
"rfout-H-r. to participate. In the bid-
'in th voluntary ir.lu condticled br
""Lneer Smyth, fourteen olTerlnirs wore sold
''. Ink tf of these wore secured by inter-
Itartle Thoothor parcel In the offflrlnc
" . ' .t.'d for easterly by outsider-, and n
I..nlMhe l.ld.llnir xvrn x-ery eplrltod The
" I jue" attendant upon yesterday's
' ..sin-itm w for the Kno sale to-thy
'V,, broerr.io branch of the market con
''., It, .li.iro toward jesterdnv's he-ilthy
.,tr The ilea wore not conplouoti In
i iiaallv but nmbtnnllal number of tram
.. m r r. ported as consummated 1 ho
nrlirof the ealea concerned private dwell-
anil pi Two ot ,h" 'i,T,,llln,", sol(1 Tev"
..i the bu.it trlo of prUato holme One of
1 . li i l.."ited on lllxerside Drixe and the
'",'nn Ht scxentj -fourth .treot between
In, moi iniporfint nlTerlnc at auction yes-J,,iv-s
reeirda Intrinsic vilue war-the plot
,n lot fr .ntniB on the -vest slit., of Bexenth
lfWM I2-.IH and 12.111. Ht.ee.a
Th?. lot ere M.Mbr order o! tho executor
.(the estate of llenr) Slmhait There was nn
to n.o..!: tl...ee who attended the aalo
It i.n "1"' lr"" ln'1 ,,r'n pWct''1 " l,,e
. rt n.l '""" tnthlthe..lddlnBwa.
!..,.r ll-tlen Th.. iroperU xa Ilnally e
jre 1 hi I-ruel elnlirirdt. a -on-ln-lawof the
,i .wner.f"rl,HX '- '" il'i tr.t x
,leu.ffer hae been mido for the Property
".,l ,n the ri.t to "" at much hlf-her
,., than it sold tor yet.rly One of
ih. -. .ffen I ' il'l " h'"f b'pn "n,1 bv "" ,r
nirs.sin The amount -y S7WMKX)
Th. trotert) .idjoln the Harlem Opera House
TH. Interested partle In ye-tenlay al. anl.l
hi llier-i were no reerntion of nnvUnd
Ij r tar I to th- e-ile. but in l'lte ot thin the)
11' in it wis hcMnctn I'm
nu h 1 1). olio of the m.-mb-ra of the yndl
ohleh made the lmihet offer for the old
Po-iui C Th'. i on lun A-yluni property.
H 1 s 'i 1 1) Mint thu bid made b himself
iriitu I irtiiTt had been acceited but that
iK ntr-i. t bad not yet been eUried
1'rlvnle- Sale.
I lrenee Trim ha Hold to a Mrs 1 dwar 1
,k uf.sir.rr vul basement buck dwtlllnc
'iiillxersi.le l'rlxe. , , .
' s II m. ii h.n -old Hi f ur-tory brown
inii laellinc 1SM4. So KI iiiucatourt I'l ice
ttillnei H Arnold In I ma-'it tli four-Htorr
i-ose JwellluB. -No 1.'-' . Jt Mieiityfourth
"ciiirl. Orimth !oe Ilrother have koI.1
Mli-fcrmuer A We-liu lu-plot. Wxllji on
tn Mat aide of Park i-w 1 erraee. near ll8th
"lal.rA llerlnser hue "I'l tn Jacob Bern
Hm thH in.,"iiil'"te llie-tory lon-front
lnir f in I. ("fluent Iwelllni;. .MxnJxHM). o.
."1 Iil seent-foiirlli "tree! Ml .") 1.000
(nitwillitc litoth. are rctort.-.l to haie
lmsht the outbwet corner of Hudson and
u-try nnet uji1"1
Ihrodorn II lntik is rcpi.rted to hain
t miht Su il'ark aiHiiue
Irl r 1! I!e xtr h i eol.l for Mr, hate
T huen the Hie ,tor double tnnement, on lot
'.".M'ti'. S . M4 t 'llilrty-niuth street-
ii r.Hiti t Co h nc sold f. r Samuel K Jacolu
th-Ciest rv I uildlne. IUK'H '.. No 13 Wll
lnm treet. to Mchnla T llronn
I .Tn(ell A I'raeer have bought the old
tui iik. on plot J.i. '1x70 1. So 14'lAienue H
Hi Hie tori brick Iht. J.'.xan. No. 1453
Filth aientie. ha been sold
1 WnodrulT ha old tho threo-etory
br'wntono dwelllnc .So 21H at lU4th
Slohnlis . VAalsh hna aol.l for Louise J.
Till i tolniidColifn. the norihweat corner of
M.irket street and Ent llroadway.
Auction snlH.
At the New Wk Ileal l-tate .Salesroom ye
ter.hi. l'eter 1 Mey.rACo sold. In foreolos
uie, thtwn thre.8torr brick dwelllnc. No.
r.'ll and .'.ft W niton Henn. to the plaintiff,
Hurtle A Ilnndell. lor $j Mi) eieh: also the one
ant two.t rr frame duelline. shede, Ac.
. rlmis, o I1J ti 41m ast Mnety.flrst
fre.t to fietronakl A Kellnr. for lH.l.".n:
aUothe three in.. Mors flats. Sor. Into 14 Kat
ivti-tentb street, to the plaintiff, both M
JJHI'ken. fnr$47.r.()'l
Buhard Harnett A Co. sold, Tor the exec
utory the tliree-stor) l.rlclc dwelllnc. lot
IMilHlt. No llHWost Twenty-ninth street, to
Mlliani Seleon for $l.'..li.(l: nlso, the flio
ntnt) brli k warehouse. LMI.i.'H, No 44 Jay
treet. to 11 I.oob for Jl.'l 'J'.n. ind the fonr
s'orj l.rnwr atone dwelllnc. I'J 4x10.1. .Sn .'111
Eatienteenth street, to I F Murphy, for
llillll Smith snlil, at i.iii.lio unction, tha
Ticinttlot. 104 2.'xr.4 ."17x2 ilili).nn thesnuth
writu.iui ruf St Sun's and eteipter ae
rnes todeorc.i 11 1 Inck, for $rj.7Uil:alo. th
rl t. looxKli). a.ljolninc. on the outli side of
Wftc'hter aienue to A Hothermol. for
JA) lVi il.,. tlie plot on the southeast corner
ot ttetteliester annuo. 'J'tOKlOOxlUhl-x
l'"J 27. n.l the plot n.ljolninc on St Ann's
vonue.Mxl44Hlxl.ir)xl.)l 74. to.lnmes 31.
Jyrnasji.r ll,i(): also, the lot adnlnlne.
MiMl i4x'J7'.lxr.i. to Solomon Jncobs. for
JI7.0, I.I41. the plot adjoining. l,J."xl24x
irrtciihr. '" I- C Hell, for 4lll.ri50. and tho
allHtilne riot fiilx.f.ix irregular, to Joseph
Tlrpel fjr $4.07.i
William M Hjnn sold, in foreclour. the
three-etorj frame dwelllnc. No 1IIj1 Interva'e
armue.tntheplalntllT. Julia Jnlin. for S'-'.O(H):
No the nie-itory hrlck tenement. No 1(4 Kast
Foiirth rtrect to tho plnlntilT. Max Welas. Tor
MliKJO and lor the ex-cutors. the four-atori
'rown-atone dwelllnc. IkIixHKI. No 411 West
Fmi-fllth street, to I, H. Hermain. for$20.-
"imue Ooldatieker sold, for the executors.
'. riot 1''Hllxl'J-, with framo t.ulldinc and
mil" on i he west side of heventh aienue.
runninu Irom U'.lh to 12tltli streets, to Israel
its nlmr.lt lor J41.'.(i00
Thomas ( Smith sold. In foreclosure, the
twfMtory brick stable, on lot '.'.IxHO, No, 4"t3
.'! Tv'n.,f;r'rl'., "feet, to tho plaintiff, limily
F l',ifjl.for fniioil
i. 1 1-occ sold, for the executor, the Ave-
oryhroniistono Hat. on lot -T.xlOO. So l'fj
et Sixtletli Htiet-t, to J T. Wall, for JJ4.00O.
Aurtli.ii SiiUs To-Ilnjr.
1 1 1 FTH. 1 MK1HI t CO.
''erilian's,iennt and Improved prop
'tr.cxeeutor., a ile, et.ito of Amos li. Eno.
a l mi
I nrtet. So 77. south sine. 7.10 feet west
lri.""' -''."" -'' 1,Jt Ir'eculiir east mid rear
if'ix'l. 11 lhH.,tory brkk bulldlnc.
i ?i-.1''''' N ' " adiolnlnc on wast.
-. ivh lU.'.'xisa similar bulldlnc.
I me ;lreet. Si 7.1. a.ljolninc on west,
jinx!. x.'J Ix.ni'j ,. similar bulldine: par-
n"' liro'"1 ii . So 147. southeast corner of
Uoins street .",..(! ,x4l. llx'.'l llx.r0.1. five
"fli triu nuil iron front bulldlnc
i.l, TS "lrr,t' N" 71). south side. 4ft 11 feet
,; ' ,' 't Uroadwai and abuttlnc on east-
r lire f ireK0ni. .T.xltXI.ll. fhe-atory
" 'ml line pireelj
tlowariKiieot. So .r.4.Routhenst corner Mer
ll'!',"1 ,"' ,x '" 1 Ix.MHxfirt. Ilie-storystono
V1 lint piree:t.
,.7-ternr.et. Sn 1(W and 110. east side.
1, ''etanuthol Prince at.. 4.tflxlO0x4l 11 ,x
,, ; ' " "I brick bulldlnc. connected on
i'iilloirutio.),tor street. Noa ll'J and
' in lailjiinlnc M lxlOOxf.().0txl(H).
V...ri'."nclt biiildlns. parcel I
' loamay Sos. 471 to 47H. l'J'.'.'J feet
'lr ,i.i. .'"S Houston street, til V'xl72 5
"nihto So, unto j riii Thompson street
Tr,,, ''' t Die-stori brick bulldinca
-.J'nns n ir-ot, If.'.' nnd 1T.4. east side.
(-1 . u :""' "f "P"' Hoiiston atieet.
U,i, . ', v,s.'l! xnw 11. two two-atory
hi i t,r k I'Ull'llocs. parcel r.
" n'"a, N M "',w and 1H70. Noa. 'J00 to
)t..;r '"' eon I street, unit S'o 70S
aienie, beiiic southerly block front
il'l e. intio,..i7(j 11x411, "ii, on Rroad
- ... ' ",s' lenth aienue and ltl'M) i;i-lit
i, ," "I flii'.hinrj and mansard roof brick
i ?r.'" " v"'" ."ii Port:" pare el il
f A."1 N ' HtHOtoliWl.nsst sider.0 8.
,, otfii th i iMieet. throuchtoNos HlOto
K, s tb arvnue. 7.r 0'.xIK1.8'.x7."n
!!''; w Rt r "'i'l attic brick buiidlnB;
it?"1..C,"u' at "O'thwest corner Fifty
I'tl'.""' and nichth avenue, Irrecular
J r.1". ,'-"nL ,n '" s south 40 Hii on aienue
111 '- "" "feet x north 100 .'x east
W t "''lr,v 'n"k "'' frame bulldlncs
ntliei,'..1 '"''"Il street, north side. 123
weir ..' 1",IUI and adjolnlnc forocoinc
H'iih ,'r'"' lot- ' 2,rxl0tl.r.. acant:
i-.'.t" m'-'.i "ortliHast corner Blxty-eecond
' own ii1 .' '-I'ixlSl 4',: this nnd the
'farce V j, ,i ,lhP''flli' occupied by one-story
'"' Vn 'Vm "."' -lir nnr,h Slxty-aeeond
""il,.1UU1 4 'tviv.H1 lti'4
in,,," ", ,''!' ''".' north Slxty-aecoad
'. mm.7"'".1'1' s7.f north Slxty-aecond
leii's, ,lxl '' 2.xltl4 Hi,
"hr.M''' .-""' -'fHt. north aide. 11117
;;' uy J. Mix.-,
'. s. xr '. "' ,'"' ,"'l north side. 15t)7
s's ' I r id. .ii J.-.xliM.r.
'"in., n. ' n ' e"."t. il rth side, 1KI 7
'h. ,,' r nl" v J.x 10.1.1
I1" r ,' n.J , " ' "' .' " ''"rth aide. '.'OH 7
Uli,,,1,1'"! 'war -Mi 100 .1
feet eaat of Broadnay. 25x100 5 ,
West Hlxtr-second street, north aide. 25(1.7
feet enst of llroadway. 'J.'.x UK) 5.
Hroadway. east side. lHJ.it north of Hlxty- i
aecond street. Irrecular plot runs north 40 10' l
x cast 02x south 23x east '.'..x north H4 11 tn I
Sixty-third street x oast 2.1x south 100 5 west I
to llroadway Mt.ll','. parcel H
llroadway. southwest corner of Blxty-flttli
etreet. "JH 4'.xlM 2 l,x 25.5x111)5. xaoant.
llroadway, west side. 2S 4. feet outh of
Rlxty-flfth street. 28.11x114 2'.x25xl28l. in
cant Hroadway, west aide, 58 3', feet nouth of
Blxty-ilfth streot. 28.11x128 Itx25xl43.'l' a-
llroadway. wot aide, 87.2'. feet south of
Slxty-llfth atreet. 28 Ilxl4,l.:)lix25xl57.tt'4,
et Sixty-fourth street. No. 1. northwest
corner Columbus aienue, itfx Irrecular. about
104 ll'.x'JiiO'.x Irrecular.abotitl05 ll'iillvo
story brick bulldlnc! parcel 10
llroadway. northwest corner Hlxti-elehth
street. 84.l)'4XlH) Ox Irrecular, about 75x50 0',,
llroadway. west side. 84 OU feet north of
Blxty-olchth stroet. 28 U.xlOH x21xlHrj'4.
Hroadway. west side. 112 10', feet north of
filxty-elchth atreet. 2H.r4Xl21.'.,L,x25xl08 4'..
Hroadway. west aide. 140 1V feet north of
Sixty-eighth street, 28 rxlO-M',x25xU5 0'.
Hrondwny. west side. 28 () feet south of
Sixty-ninth atreet. 28.lxl20 0,.x25xl078.i..
Hroadwni. southwest corner Hlxty-nlnth
atreet. 'J8l)4Xl07.8iX2r. 1X04.8. inennt.
Amstoi.lam nienue. southeast corner Sixty
ninth street. 2.1 5x7.1: partly covered by three
story brick- bulldlnc nnd framo shanties
Amsterdam avenue, cast side, 2.1 5 feet eouth
ot Slxt) -ninth street. 2.1x7.1, frame shanty.
Amsterdam aienue, ent side. 50 5 feet south
of Hlxty-nlnth street, 25x100. frame shanty.
Amsterdam nii'iiuc. enst aide. 75 5 foot south
of Kixti-nlnth stroet, 2.1x100. vacant
Amatordam aienue, east side, 100.5 feet
south of Slxti-nlnth streot, 2.1x100' framo
shunt i
est Sixty-elchth street, north side. 100 feet
east of Amsterdam aienue, 25x100 5: framo
bulldlnc: in ice 1 11.
Hroi.liini. southeast corner of Seienty-ilxth
street. 7.x80.0,xi2 7'.xl07.8. til o-story hrlck
bulldine: pircei 12
Hroadnay. southeast corner of Heventy
soienth street. 28 0lxl0 1 4'4x27 2x110 4.
Hroadway. east aids. 28 0'i fee1 south of
Heveiiti aeienth street. 2.1 0'.xlOJ 4',x25xl)7.
Hroadway. east lde. 51 10 i feet south of
Peenty-uienth street. 2.1 00'. xi 7x 2.1x1 10.7 .
lirouilway. eist aide. 7'S1, feet south of
Seient-soienth streot, 2.1 HVxlHi 7', x25x84 '1,
West Seienty-Reienlh street, south aide.
111)4 feet enst of llroadwai. 2.1x102 2
West Seent)-eienth street, aouth side.
1.154 feet east of llronliviy, 2.1xlO.'2: framo
elrinty partly cover this and forecolng: par
cel l.i-
m HFiuiriiT a siintMAS'.
Dlilslon street. No, 15 south slde.HV) 5 oist
Catherine street. 12tl70 0. two story brick
store: the Eoultable Ouarantee and Trust Co,
of Wasblncton, Del trustees, v Mary Poner,
rt al: Hen A toilncton, nttorneis: Thomas
J Hurdy. referee: due on judgment. $.1.H12:
taxes, ftc . $1.27.1 01
Honeri. No Hkl at aide, throuch to 13.')
Christie street 117'". north brnoine stieet.
23 11x22.1 7x21 .1x220 .1. flve-atorj tone front
store on Honory and four-story brick bulld
lnc n ( hnstle street: foreclosure sale: Gros
XHiiorS Hubbard trustee, vs Hohh Harnett,
etnl: IIour.nl Vim ttlnderen. attorney. Law
rence (lookin, referee , due on judement. H2.
704. 10 and interest -.cost nnd nllowance. $474.04
and Interest: taxes, assessments Ac. $1.2.10
nnil interust
Twolfth street. Wllliamsbrlice, north side.
127 tl feet wast of Prospect terrace. 27 0x100:
foreclosure sule: Peter It Fcanxs Mure I.i
perces et al: 31 J F.ngnn. attornov; Illchaid It.
Costello. referee: clue on inclement. $2.7.10:
costs nnd allowances $'1.000 51 and Interest
West 124th street. No .'152. bouth side. 14,! 2
feet east of Columbus nienue. 27 8x100 11.
Mve-story brick Hat: foreclosure silo: Kdmunil
F. 3lurphy. executor, xs William F Cronln. et
nl: William t. ruold. attorney. William O
Davis, icferee: dun on judsmont. 2.1.15il07
and Interest: cot and allowances. $422.21
and Interest : taxes, aasessm. nts. Ac. $Ulu and
Maple aienue, W'llllnmsbrldce, west side, 50
feotsouthor Hand ill street, .10x1(10. :
foreclosure sa'e: William C. Arnold xs Joseph
F Dean et al: William C Arnold, nttornev;
Isaac F. Hussell. reforee; rlu.i on judement.
$7"li 13 nnd Interest costs and allowance,
ri3 01 and Interest: taxes, assessments, Ac.
$21 08 and interest
in brian i Krssrn.1 to.
West Forty-elchth street. No. 108. south side.
1.10 feet west ot Ninth axenuo, .MxIihiP. flxe
story and basement brick nndston flnfalso,
West 103rd street. So 140. south side 177..V4
feet east of Amsterlam avenue. 32x10.10. Ilie
story and basement briok and stone flat; pub.
lie sale.
n niciiAitn i. HAnsF.TT c o.
1 58th streot. north side. 1.12 2 feet west of
Boulevard I.alnyotte runs west 150 feet x north
Ol'.ll feet x enst 01.7 feet to west side Ilo.ile.
vnrd I.ifayetto x south east t south 84 I)
feet to bcclnninc; xacant: assessment. $2,
.108 .17
lloiilevard Lafayette, south cast corner 158th
street. Hkl 0x124x100 feet. core, xacant: as
sessments. $1,2 17 00.
Houleinrd Lalai. tie southwest corner 1.18th
street, runs west 131 I! feet south OH 11 feet
west 21K1 feet south 120 11 feet to a point
tmidn by producluc the middle Hun of West
157th street beyond Its termination at It road
wav x east 531.2 feet to west side Houlnvnrd
Lafayette north net 30.1 feet to becinninc:
two-ston brick stable nnd xacant: assess
ment, $1,30184, nnd mortcace on this and
parcels 1 and 2. $15 000
Houlevard Lafayette, west sldn, lPO.lO feet
north of 151th street. 30x447 8x30x440 10.
West 1.11th street, north side. 437 0 feet west
of Hroadway. runs west 2 17.0 x north 370 4 x
oast 07 x southeast 218 2 x south 30 x east
12i!x south HII 10 to becinninc: two-story
frame dwelllnc. with two and ono-story brick
bulldlncs' subject to mortcace of $1.1 000
West 1,15th street, north side. 12,1 feet west
of Ilroidwar. runs west 312 0 north 100.10 x
enst 28 O x south W 11 x east 2.1 x south W.ll
to becinninc: two-story frnme dwelllnc. with
twoetorv frame bulldlnc: subject to mortcace
of l 10,000
Hrondwny. narcel bounded on the east by
nest side ot Ilioadixny. on the west by east
aide of Houleinrd Lafajette and on the north
bi a line formed by produclnc the north side,
of 157th atreet beiond where it ends on east
sldo of Hroadway, xacant: partition sale;
Wllllim 31 (irlnnellx I.iur.ii! SInrtlnotal:
Charles It Smith, attorney: Henry lie F Bald
win, referee
m r rnoFMX imwaiiam aco.
Kast 118th street. N'os 14 to 10. south side,
210 feet east of Fifth aienue. 50x100 11. two
Ilve-story lints: foreclosure sale: Charles 31,
HnaHnth.ll vr. Abraham Stoacetal: Hrdmnn.
Leiy A Mnior, attorneys: l.divnrd I. Harris,
referee: duo on judement, $8.430 02 and In
terest' costs and allowance. $'157 2,1: taxes,
assessments Ac. $108 43 and Interest: prior
mortgage, $21,500 and Interest.
Fast 107th stree'. No 54. south ide. 100
feet west of Madison axepue, 2.1x100 11. Hie
atory brick Mat: foreclosure sale: Henry Herr
mann xs. Morltz Welssltopf et al; F.dward
Herrmann, attorney: I'hllln W, Hopper,
referee: due on judement, V2 8rj8 nnd interest;
costs nnd allowance. $314 07 and Interest:
taxes, aasesemonts, Ac, $21,000 and interost.
Kenl Kstnta Trnnsfera.
Union at, e v. 101 A a lHfltli it, 20Ucl8.1,
I ncno H IUtiin.oi.il to Hettj Leiy $1
7HII. t 20-. F. :X0,'2, I...UI IMlravel
to Jai.iei It Keane .. 1
1.4th M. 12.1 11 l.l .nn7.ll. Catherine I.inde
til JrtlllF XI ItllllftlAU. 1
tin I in si , e, Va of lot 4 map land of Jacob
H.iUeliler made by Audiew Fi.i'ilay
fitlrrtg H part, Alary K llr .wn to Klttn
DoitKliert) e 1
Uulor.ax n w. Hot Alw.velot.rj5x.l77 Mxa7 0
x iMt, H .art, UlleiiDoiuherti to Mary B
llr'.wn.ffo .... 1
H'Oili st H4an.l 11.1 I".. 41.HI1IM) to. Ail
imati sltbolil to Henry WoIm ... .. exch'ce
BJd ,t us,4onrHth ai. 20xlOJ "., Jamtis
Mrlkei to llohert II ill 17,000
t'nlon rv r e r,t a of old line of Oeorce or
iniitl. il, lioilo.ixlrrrc,)Iatl.ew 1' Itiley
to lolm F O I.iary I
Wiatl'mlav p I ia a UMh at 'Jncliji.i
il(. t, .loin. Addison to Ham.iel K lltcclni 1
anoint 3I.X1 iHxlnor., Miud n Bank to
llenrj irlluman fa,700
r.mlit. a.' 11, ."lit id Ki.Hxrab K Knapp to
Henri bPllcmau , 100
la Id et ri s, ;re 7th a. Soxll!) II, John T
Little Jr. reform to Man Jollier 1,100
ll.l et .tn .. : ii w Went 1-n.l av, r.oxloo.ll
I avl 1 K Opponhelnter and ann. to T Juil
an i MliuTi, k I
24tl. t. - i' W. 2'ixhs.h, Mary lirelthaupt
to Oeorge J llui.iphreyr, , . ..exch'ce
tlth ai , n e cor 1 1 nth it, run, n 1 to Manhat
tan la or nl i -tol luth il i U lo bee,
hugenn V Hal) to William W.ttcrer. 1
5th av, os, .,',1. n I nth at, 2RxM. Louis
Lea to ICralna F. t'hurch. et al .. 1
40th it. a s, 21 " 2 w.M ar. 20 1x72 1 War
ren 11 Foater, loferce, to Andrew Mill, 2.27IS
llt,t at. (. 225 w lat ax. 2MIO0.S, Henry
Oundlacb and alio to Loranz and Mar
car. tha Fl -thmaun 100
Old HoHtin Roud wa 2&0.H n Jullanni st.
aoxioo sx'.oxli.fi Mar) E Knewlti to
llerrnaj hnewlu . . 1
121 tn at. a,, anonHth ax. JJ 4xlM.ll John
K Sloans to I lua Tllrxi iconaroiatlon
and roirection drca n i . 1
f7tn at, au K, iuxI.h. a David Fraukenbere
to Kiulb Da s c. llntcn . 65,000
6th ar, n a i or 1 1 nth at, runs n 1 to Manbat
tau la or rd x to tiuih it xwu to bee,
Xlaiy F. Polllon et al t. F.ucn X' Daly 1
122.1 at, a a, 170 e Lenox ax, 21x1. Ml H,
Mary K laylnrto I'.mllyK I'.iriU 24,710
rmnn ai, w , ho s l.i th at 2nx7r.x20x7r,
lloitaril U"nu t llileue r-unburccr 4,000
Av II, n a, 4M Hunt at. Mix 10. 1 11,1,11c
rri-mbrnrer tolloarl xteini ... roo
In.eralea, e ,, 12.' I r Pre, man at as.!
IOI4x17 txej luuen,. J lluaher to
Harry 1 llnnchberuir j.000
Uan.lltou at. Ill1-, a a 17 4x101 HxI7 IX
nn . liabella L Dainln.lce lo itolirt li
KUllotl 1
Marian it, e a loti 2l4'216'21fl, map Pen
Dald property 100x100, XXarrsniK Bammla
to Kinma lleyeraon . , exeh
Tenfold , a a, lf4 e Hnburban pi, 22x
lot 10x27x10. Annie L ilarnla-libprgtr
and ant. to Joaepb Lleherta 2,00)
And It, 12 r, 2:uioor,. unit, it, 111 F.
is. l.xtoo Hi Mathll.leKidlltaet al, trui
taea, to Ilobrrt Sherwo id , .... 37,000
Prince at, li a, an 7, Klliaheth at, 40 llx
H7.WI, Irrrz, Marian r). hrainme to Iaaao
Marx .... 1
2(.th at, 41 XI, a a, lHHtlil.lli Jacob F
Miller, referee, lo Harah I. Hayea. . . 8,000
Lit 14, map llandrlck niitvera. JJHOB;
IJ1C It Horowitz to Cl.aa llnlfaon 1
Hlit at, .'41 K, 20il(i2.2i Thomn II Carey
to Mary Flanltian, S part . 600
Lot. u to 2ii, blk, 1V2V. map, l'n lot,,
Ilatbcatr Fitate: Oeorce llonavla and wife
to Auit.ut Hlebold .. 1
6Sdat. 12H KA IH K tilth it. Itobert Hhcr
wood to Mathllde Kldlltr et al. trilltres. 87,000
tilth it, la.' F. 2O.UI00.8, Macdalena llnter
to Mary llarry 17.500
Henry at, n a, owe Ollnton at, x8ri, Iiaao
Ooodalein to Dai id N email 126
llldcu at, e i, hii a llroome at, 20x100,
lacob Ilyinan to 1inl, Hvman, it part 1
4th st, a a, ml 10 w llowiri, ir.4xU4 II:
(IcorgB 11 Carrliicton, referee, to Max
Welas 4.000
Bill. at. inn IX 14x100 11, laniea O Wright
to Philip Kllnir 10.000
Bllttolk at, e a, 100.2 a Htanton at, 25x100,
Cl.aa ItntTet al to Uernard Calewakl 1
lm.that, a a 81 6 e Union in. lHllxt9 5x
18 4x105 it. .l.ncpli Llebertr to Annia
HarniaclifFcer 7,000
Iteenrdad l.eaaea.
Oolilbarc Nathan F, to Lonla Mnllir; Am-
attrda.u av r.75, aecor HBth st, 4 10 12
rr, . .ai.tioo toll, POO
Hubert, Conrad, tu Ham Orahsm, 3d av,
ll.'H, a wcor "Kith at, 10)r 2,600
Weil, Jonaa a alio toharonel Fial.lman, id
ai, a wcor loothat.ajn . .100 to 720
Hlr-ibfelil. I.oulaa, to Urnry M Hmtth nib
av, 348. & jra . - 4,800 to 6,003
XXeliifctflu. Morris, to Nathan Kempuer,
41)0. al, 2J3 I0 22W W', .1 rrs 6,100
Rtnion, Pauline, lo Morria Meyer, Hcit-r at,
eo r, yra 1,800
Pilnce, Ivan, to Irederick Miller; Btanton
at I.', 2ym 1,800
Hotlnn Hophie. to Frank II Htruck, latav,
1MII, u 1 il) is 1,200
Banders, Ile.arlt) C, to Iiaac L Parnett;
HHth ,t, 14i.1V, J yra l.aoo
Darnheinicr Hiiunn K, and auo to John H
l'atjana, Park av, P'.W.s e cor82d it, 6 7 12
jra ., , 1,200 to 1,800
Recorded Mortcavcea.
W'e'a. Henry, to Mary Ehrmann, 114 and
1 1.1 F. 120th at. 1 r. . $1,000
Bchnucr, Francti J, to ( arollne C Llndaley
and auo, trmtees Al, 5th ar, a a cor I Ifth
al, 3 yra . ... 35,000
Fame to Philip Toots et al, exora Ac. HUth
at, s a. 86 F. f.th av, " yra . 12,000
Kllpatrlck, 1 Judaou, to DaWil K Oppen
hrinicr, and ano, lOlit at, u a, 20 W IVcit
lln.lii.liir , 20,000
Same b. name, aume property, H yr.. 40 000
Halne to fcame, sauie propertv, l, yr 25,000
llinuham, Jarnea M. to Catherine Ltnde,
i.4tli at, a a, 32 m w Olumb.ia ax, a )ra 7,600
L'ccVerman. William to Rrlvctar Pope et al,
truateea Ac. Do, ton Road a e a, uO N K
lm.that. ,l)ra in.500
Bauie to aame, t'nlon ai, w a, 2115 a Bos
ton lioad, 3 ) re 11,000
Ljiy, Larnrua, to Clara S Neumann. HO Mmi
Catharine at Installs 5,000
Wela Henri, to Mary Ehrmann, 114 anil
Urt K 120th at 1 jr 3,000
Wtxemlauxer. Phlllpene C. to Itabella San
lei. il Hi at a s IMi .1 K 2dav, 2 yra. 1,000
Orabam FrameaH andanotn WmH Slec
man 1 1 4th at a a, 3 Ml 4 c Lenox av, also
.1.1, Ijlat ir.lst at, demand 1,000
Wecktrniann William, to sle"ter Po
andotheis truttctx Ac, t'nlon ai, w a,
lert..i a lloKton road. J)r. n.000
Same t. nuir Iioaton road a e ,, jij 8
IK", il. 1II.(I.15hi1 1U4 rtaid 77.il nc of
I'U.tb at. a jra (1 morla. each .' 1(1,600
I)Bii HI, a, t .Call in IX Wlthey, Both at,
n . 2." w Jd ax, lntall 800
Hlircms --aniitel K, to lm F. Unn, West
I.n.l ax, e a, 13 k a H'.th It. In-talla 3,000
Hill Hot ert, to lamps X htr.ker, 02d at, a,
4o w 81har, 1 u 1.000
Wilfltnbach, Iillle toFdward P l.von, Wil
lis sx.w a 7da14.ldat 'i.ri3)ra 2,500
llunchl.ercer, Harr) I andwifa to Kuuene
I lltiaher Intrria'e ai, e a, 122 11 a Free
man st iii .... . l.ioo
Ilacette. Anton, and Henry 1 A Wolr. to
Mar) Alllil. rton, 1 44th at. s a, 17.1 11 w
id xv )vr . 18,000
I eter n, Charle-.t.t Louis and John Ilrandt,
Cxuldrllal w 17",a ICatliat .' li.ontLa 6 000
B'hnelder ("haileialid I oulae P, to Paul M
llerznu 102 lleachav. 24 vra 1,000
Fll.ntt Kobt H F, t iSlmcn I'Flannery, HI1!
Ilainlltrn it, 8)ra .. 4,600
Altn.au, II. iijanilli to The (tr-enwlch Sax-
Inua Lank, l.'4l luth at r yra , 10,000
Chirlra Howard M, to Anna It Falrcblld,
I'r.tonapl wa lOe 1. a 171t at, I yr ?,600
XXertb. im, I tpl, to r-imon Adler and ano,
latAV.a cur 1114th at. 1 r . 1,000
Lion Dxxld tol.ail.l Hire b, .1.11 K "Hth ,t,
r, rrs 8,500
Rtark. John 0 and wife, to c'haa 11 7orn.
White Plains sx a w Lor 2.1 at. 1 yr 1.00.)
Curler l'atll-k. to the exre, Ac. of lamps
C Hell lltverdnleav a e cor Hoi k at, 1 ) r 10
M-trt. Iaac, to Mutual I tfe Ina Co, Pilnce
at n a, 11. 7 e FlOnbeth at. 5 l ra ,. 15,000
Rime to hams. 7 Pr ... at 6 yra . 25.O0O
Wmer, Iaat to XVm 3t kintfaland, Madison
av e 7", 11 a nsth at, 1 yra . 18.O00
Banie t amr Ma Itaon av, a a. 25 11 a of
l.sth atan I the adj lot, l vra, 2 mortauxch 18,000
Bamc tot ha F Ila'lard, XIaliann ax, a eccr
UMh t, ,( iri. 38 000
Mtliulre, Thomia J, to O'rman Rivinca
Hank 84lh ar, a a, 16'. w West Fnd ai ,
1 yr 7R.000
Bame to eanie, 84ih ,t, a a, lix) w Weat End
ai: 1 yr 78,000
lUmniel Chtt'tian to T tie Ouarantee A;
1 r.l-t l n IS2 K 81al ,t 5 yrn 8,500
Mc irauuhxi. Xiarcaret and Hoiiemary ti
Km erant Ind.t trial Barincs Hank, l4th
ft, n y, 42". 2 1 av l)r P.OOO
K.mpler Sxnnieland otl to Mxx K pieii
and llemy rilat, 131 Allen it 6 yra 4,00)
Holy Trinity Hi' chiinh to the Mum, 1 Life
In, Cx, 8.'d it, n , 3(0 Amatcrdan. jiv,
1 i r . 80 000
Hell. Thoruai II. to Fmaiiuel Heilncr et al,
4th ax. e a. .1 i.2n -'I'tli at, ti nuuiiha 40,000
Havea Sarah 1. 1. Mary J Mondorf. 4 1
XV 20th at 1 x r . 5,000
N.iiendi.ri cr. Cirl, to Juatiia llruno. 147th
al a a 40 .1 w Iloulexard J yr .. 1.600
XXrav. Inlui II, to Manilla F niilnelander,
Withat a a, 28''. 4 e 8th av, ,lir. 100O0
Wray. LlizaT to Klla I oikwoo.l, 127th at,
aa .looesthul .Mrs 10,000
Iloiiiaine, (lirard to the Roman a Hank for
havlncs HII at, n a, 225 e Lolillnbua av, .1
rrs . . 12 000
Ruuialue, Louis r, P. aame,83d at, n ,,241.8
a Columbus ax, 3) ra .. . 12 000
lli.rmacliffcer, Annie, to Joieph Ltcbertz.
l.ii'th t, a Hir.elnl nav.lyri 2,600
Mancheiter. Harriet, to Flljah ItCr.xft.ll'Bth
at.ua .'lOHtilli ar,)r ... 2,500
Florle, lien P, to Mary J Oilier, Morris av.
ns r.0 aCliav It, .1 jra . . 2,250
Oaleviakl. Heintxd to t'nlon Pime Ravinci
Inxtit.uton, hiiffolk at, e a, to ) 2 a Stanton
st. r. jr 17.000
nrown, Ann, to Amelia II I ockwood ai
utlard. Jd av, c i, l.il.ll a 31d at. ' yra 10,000
Oood,teln I,aac, to Oeorclana C Stone, 216
llllirx at, 6 yra 24,000
Kllnn, Plilllp, to Drayton Hurrell, exr, Ac,
1 W 7th it 1 in 9,600
Jenkini, Oeortte, toOenre F Fauell, .'27U
and 281 la tax, 1 )r . 2,500
Bxrrr, Marv to The EmUrant Industrial
Ravines llank, l'lo and l.l.' F. U4'h at,
1 ) r . 10,000
P.tJeni, .lotin H, t . B rnhelmer x. Rchund,
MM. Park av, aal on laaai , demand 8,600
reuco XI m K. alii auo.exra, Ac, to Amarl-
an Mortuauo I ... 81 that, n a, iao e 3dav,
nyn. . .. 14 000
Palue to aalne, Hlitl. at, n a, l85e,1d uv, U yra 14,0 lo
Asifcniufluta .f "ilortcaces.
American Mottzxce Oo to Mary I. McCready,
trilHlne . .. .. 16,000
Il.Uk'kTaf, John II, air, 4c, to Joseph Lit
Wood. . ... 20.000
Ilriaut, Julia S, lo arris R thlvvia nom
Hradle) Currier Co to Joaeph Dauer . . 8. BOO
(..inn. Cha, N to Charlai Frailer . .. 36,000
Morria. Henry L, truitee, Ac, to Harriet I
Crueer .... 3,040
Murphy, Mary E, to Charlotte Haitorf ,,,, 70
Pott. r. 1 redk O. to The N Y Life Ina Co 2A 000
Ilamidcll, has F, admr. Ac. to Francis M
Carpenter, aa Count) Treasurer, Ac 4,860
Ran lell, Anna J, extrx, Ac, to Anna J Ban
dell . .. 7,000
Slain, Conrad to lAwrence Ilocart . 12.000
Bhawc, John C, to Catherine Linda 7,500
Morris, Henry L, trustee, Ac, to Laura C
lronit , .. 12,078
Taubert, W in 11, to XX'ni II Itoae , 14,100
XX elll, J .cob, to Rimon 1'hlfelder and ano 2, J50
Weill, Max, to lloiy Rohn . , 100
niirhnrgea of MortcaKea.
Ami, Stc, Li. iagt
Klnkeldey, Carl toF.uimaFlsh. 14.000 8 12 ii
hlnkeldey, Carl, tnEmina Flih 4,000 8 20 140
The Scxmen a Iixi.k for Bav
inua to -arah 1. Knapp 20,000 6 85 1(11
Cohen William, to Kveiett
MaiKlnstry .... 1,600 6 72 402
Metrker. Otto ,1, to Francis J
R hnucif no.ooo fl 78 .140
Metzxer llertha, to Francis J
Schnila-C 3.000 rl 70 351
Metzker. otto J, to Walter Held 38 000 a 71 :W8
litzserabl Annie tojuciindua
Hchnel.br 7,0)0 3 33 34
Pope, Byliester, et al to Milton
V. Oppinbelmer .17,000 11 47 410
Marx, mild, to Milton F, Op
pauheimer 10,000 11 61 20Q
W'aiOeubach, Klecta M, to Llllle
Welflenbach 8,000 a 4 452
Metzcer. Iiaar, to Thoma, J
Jeiulu, 24,000 A 72 430
Metcer. Otto J, to Franrli i
hchnuec 4,000 fl 85 OB
Llnde, Catharine, to John 0
Hchaws 7.600 4 02 4011
Hloom, Iiaebel to Cecia Cahen , , 1 44 280
Ainni, William H, tx Jaccb
Loeb 8,000 It 6 177
United Matea Trust Co to ta
thor Oroenbirc 0,500 6 21 17
Itothschiller, Sophie, to Louis
Le,e 3,000 6 81 205
Whitman, Edmund 8 to Phlle
monTacumieh Sherinin 4 13 31A
rtitx vii, Carrie E, to Lawrence
Hlchardi 4,500 11 10 426
The Bowery Saving! Dank to
Huth A Wallace 42,500 4 18 44
Da Jonite Solomon, to Edward
N Marks 20 000 4 74 S7n
Levy Fphralm II, to 'John
Hharaann ., 660 11 47 180
Deca, hrederlck, to Iaaao
M-irt-r . 8,800 (1 78 289
Thu Mutual Life Insurance Co
in 1" Jerick Heck 60,000 II 74 168
Iri.uell, l'jtilik John, tn
MlibaelO'Urirn 2,500 6 40 428
Haa-ei Emma, to Macdalena
Kuiler 1,',00 6 75 400
XX in R Ileal Land Imp Co to
Stephen J F.an 10,000 10 28 83
Wliuer, I rank &ud Win, to
Anl. Stt. Li. Tilt.
Jeaaph J Bcbrejner 16,000 r 43 211.
It Y Security and Truit Oo to
JO'ephJ Schrelner 16,000 A 42 281
Todd, Hobt W, to Joseph II
Jones . 4,200 0 40 68
Ooldsttln, Morris, to Iiaao
Uoldsteln 7,500 1 10 ISA
The Seamen's Dank for Bav-
lnva tnBarahR Knapp ,. 30,000 2,102, 80
Weiffenbaeh, Klecta M. to
Charles 11 elffenbah 4,000 1,760 371
Collins. Barah W.to Stephen
TWHIel 2,000 l.ROO 12
Wlllais, Marie, to Stephen T
Wlllets .. . 2,700 1,877 230
Hoyt, Wlllard E, to John
Sloan 7,760 1,876 407
Hoyt. Wlllard F to John
Sloane 7,750 1.B76 413
nnrt, Frederick M, to John
Stone , 6,000 2,2011 260
Vincent. John, to Benjamin F
Romalne, Jr . ... 2,425 22.1
Vincent, John, to Louis F
Romalne .... 12,000 2,425 22A
Kruesland, Walter F, to Ber
nard oaienakl 10,500 1,800 104
7ulaser, William, lo Charles
IlutI . . 20,000 2.3A4 180
Rever, Maria I), to Abraham
Nawmark. .... 7,000 2,414 42
Lew, Kohralra B, to John
McCarthy . 200 A.T. 10 413
Levy, Ephralin U, to Harlow
Jllalvin . 1.375 A.T. 467
Ilolhachlller, Jacob, to Jacob
Nickel .. . . 750 Chat. 17,227
Treanor, Julia, to Owen
Treanor Cha',15,147
Hechnnloa' Liens.
81th at, n s, 200 e Riverside Drive, r.Ox
10.1 2,(lllsonColllna CovaXV KDhtokes
andColller-WeokiCo 1,623.17
76tl. st 4.'3 and 4J4 K, Daiht W Diuna xa
Adolph Wiedhoff. etal 430.00
Brook av, n e cor 17lat at. I. .0x100 W'aah
lnrton Hydraulic Pressed llrli kCo va Louis
Ollbert 118.54
Waahlnuton ax, xv i, 26l)l. 17l.that, loot
100. Rtiltau Hollow and Porous Bilck Co
va Jamea A Lane 133.08
Bathgate ax. u n cor 174th at, 40 8x05 7x
40.11x116.7. MStr.ihan A Co va Morria
Neufeldt and Isl.lor Cohen . 170.00
Madl,on at, 1,15 Marx A lacobaon vs Kate
Hofeubsiim and Abraham Ab-lman 162,50
13 Id at, JV W, Ii.hu Madden vs Louis I eso
and ano 60 00
18.1th st. n a, 400 e 8t Ann's av 12x1ih),
Louis lubcler is Marie I aapervaa 2,81. 1.A2
Cherry at, 478 to 44; F. A P Marrln xa
Joseph IV Kierst et at (176 01
Rutverast, I3J COrrft Co va Michael Fay
and Win Btacom .. 2.A00.00
Woablnctonav, wa 285 lo a 180tb st, loox
146, Chaster F Reynolds xa Jamea A Lane 28 60
7th at, 114 E: Havitch Ilroi va lay k
tiSUcom . .. ..2,100 01
Henr it, u e cor Rutizera at, 25xloo, same
va same , 2,400 00
Ulster at, 6 and 7, Same va same 5 4.UI Hi
Lenox av, 621. Iaidor Olasshcim vs Iretl
crick Aldhaus . 2A0.A7
B5th at, 104 K. Bradley A Currier Co vs Ber
nard BlmlM.ru 1H7.60
12 ird st. 2.14 and 2BA E Michael P.ellly xa
Mar) Lyons . 60 00
Sntlslleil Liens.
Hubenir. Oeorce. xa'Moses Lubelskv, 173
Monroe at, 18111. S425 00
Trnden, Win K. xs McCrscken, Daznall A
Co, 140th at, n s, 100 e Iloulexard. Ihiio 604.20
Bcroccy, William, xa John Lev), 10th ai,
105 and 101, 1800 .. . 270 00
Foreclosure Suits,
1 luth st, a a 11.3 1 w Pleasant ax, 107 8x114 ax
irrvc. John J Bulliiat. xs The Church of the
Holy Rosar) et al, forilnauro lien, attys,
Hooraem, II A 11
Pleasant av, n a 76 7 a 115th at IS 1x74, Thomas
A Hishrow nnd ano, trustees, Ai, va John cussen
etal, atty, I A Lynih
Broome et, 14i and 151, Leopold Schneidler and
ano la Nathin Llebtrit al, attjs. M I and IS
. aac.
4nth nt n a, .'7 w loth av, 26x100 4, John Jordan
x Oeo II if ster fmiiioeiiro Hen atti.r I hlft
Lawrence at, .. , .IA lo wlAmsterdam av, 26x100,
, Mutual L ft' lis Co vsThos J Larkln etal, atty, O
h. snerinan
nzd st a s, 12", xr t ential Park West, 4".xloi 8, WII-
Ham Huesa a lat k ,1 liConnell et al, loreclos ira
lien att) a, P-nnea A F.
134th at, a a, 2T e 7th av, 100x00.11, Louis Lese
and ano is Arthur u Muhlkeret al, atty, I Hoths
llth-t a a. 154.1 xv lat ai. 18x100 11 Anna J
Randall va Hannah Kotlowaky et al, atty. It K
Prospect av. ea widsned. 12 n a Westchester av,
107 4irrei: Jarnl 11 Hell xa Oeo E Fowler et al,
atty, XV II Hlockwell
lothst it a !3e Irxmcpl. 24x70 Martha E Kcbert
va Annie Ta) lor etal alt). W II Williams
Division st. a a ltlrt ,1 a Catherine at, 1.' .1x7(1 .
Barah Michelsou and auo, vsMar) Poxvcraand ano,
foreclosnre lieu attv, I hual-man.
87th st as, 7o w Central Para West, 18x100 s. John
RLyle a Oscar A Noruiau etal, atty, Pnllbln A: II.
154th at na 16.) w c ourtlandt ax. roxloo. Charles
I nanarst va Oeorce Hoicel tl al. atty. lUldwm A 11.
I11.let.aa 23 el.enox ax, 26x100, lohn Madden
EJrs Lmils Lese and ano, foreclosure lieu, atty M P
Orernwlch av, w a, 8A.5 n 10th at 2Ixirrec Cath A
F Casanova va Meyer LHIre etal, atty, A 11 Prentice.
l.ls PenrleliB.
A5tb st, sb, 1U.' Amsterdam av, 18x100 5 07th
st, n s, in.i w Colunibux av 16'txion il, 117th
st, jr to 41 XV Daxls Htirton xs A Alonzo Teets
tapeclDc performance, A-c). atiy, J Kearney,
rinna Filed for New Iliilldlncs.
Rosedale ax. xr a, 200 a Merrill at, two
story dwellinc, L.ula K Hunsburker,
owner HF.bilnc. arcultect cost. (1500
Mtnnlford av, w a, Ml n Bridge st, two
story hotel and clwellinc J C D ckson,
owuer, II Iblinc architect coat 4,800
34th st, 112 11 and.! id st 101-111 W . one
atnrs music hall.T D Hulliian, owner,
M Heruateln. anhileit ost . 51,000
flchuc ler at and Marvin ax n xv cor three
story dwelling and store, 1, F. and It D ity.
owners. B S Sticar, a-rhlteit. cost. 3,650
Union al, a a, 7A a Home st, eight three
atory teuements, Charles Peter. on, owner,
L .V J Ilrandt, ai cbltects, cost 32,000
138th at. n a l.ivth st. s a 178e7thai.
twenty fixe atorr flats. Uorothca Meibel,
owner. Edward Wenz, architect, lost 550,000
20th st, 1 12 W : six storv and basement tlat,
EFicor. owner. O F Pelham. atxhlUU,
cost 28,600
11th st, 212 F. four story dwelllnc bt.
Mark's Church, owner, S 11 Colt, architect,
coat ... . 15 003
1st st, e a. ,11011 10th ax Wakefield, coal
shed. John bi'hrader, owner, r VI Itlnc.
architect, cost 1,000
Bmadwai 4o and 410, improvement tn
atore, Mra J Brooks, owner, Llemau A
Nash, architects, coal 1,000
3d ax and 63d at, aecor, Improvement to
dwellloc, Peter Doeluer, owner, i Stec
mayer, architect, coat . 3,000
Orotona place, n a. 16A h huburban plx.e,
improvament to dwclllmt MraAXocel,
owner; It Lhrhardt. architect. cot 160
2d av. 8rjM. improvem. nt to ten. mint,
Pl,ilp lloehler, owner, MJ (larxln, .r hi
tect, cost 1,000
Summit av, e a 175a 1112(1 st. Improve,
meut todwellluc. Xnnie E Thomas, own
er, M nilrliuea, architect, cost 350
42d at and 12th ax, n e c.r improvement
to bain, Metroiolitan Street Hallway ( o,
owner. A V Porter, ar, hltect, cost 1,00.)
Front at 313, improvementto stable, John
Slmmuns, owner. Dudce Atorrlsoii,
archlteiia, rest . . 2,600
3.1 uv, oi2, improvament t . tenement Ann
h Iteilly, owner, II XV Bercer, arckltmt,
cost . I 000
A 8060,000 Ilnrlem niitlillas- Operntlon.
Plana wore Illod with Bulldine Com
missioner Ilrndi yesterday for a block of
twenty five-story brlcL flat to be erected In
two croups ot ten bulldlncs each on the south
side ot 138th street and the south side of lillitli
street, just east of Seventh avenue The data
are to cost J5.1o.000 all told The owner Is
Dorothea W'eiber and the architect Edward
Utopia lneorporated.
Aldany. Oct. 17. "Utopia" was Incorporated
to-day with a capital of $10,000 to conduct ho
tels, cafes, theatres and other places of amuse
ment In Manhattan hornuch. The directors
nio: (leorce F. l'i ken. Noll A. Flannery and
Mark Hums of New York city
Cits 38ml (Btatt-.
MONEY FOR I Tor New York and Brooklyn.
.. I 4 to aperient.
MORTGAGE I First and Reennd.
,, I II. SI. .NF.WMAN.
LOANS. l40H'way Tel. 2816 Cert.
UoroiiRh ot Hrmix Male or Itnnt.
and flatB for sale, all Improiementi. vary desirable
lo-atlon, near L and surface care $1,100 and np,
terms to suit, lota for sala
MURRAY, 8IA4 Set av.. near lfllatat.
noroiicli of Ilroolil jii - Sale or Kent.
Korough of Queens Sale or Kent.
Write New York I and A XVarehome Co.,
86 Borden av.rLonz Island City,
For Factory Sites or Buildings.
6 to 10 mlnutei walk from 34th it.
or James Blip Ferriea.
gtrafCMntr Out "of tbr City.
evr .lei-aey Sale or Kent.
A TEN ROOM HOUBFInuerfectrepair.bsaullfiilly
located, with aawer. eleetrlc Unlit and running
xxater. situated nn Roosevelt Manor, Cranford, 17
mtlea. 40 trains d, llr. commutation I0 fnrrsntat
t1 par month, or will be sold at a bantam on your
own terms Address Mrs. JOHNSON, owner. P. O.
box 14LNew x,ora.
41 K BUIRCOHNFR TLOT HKiiioo must iell7t3
pXUdowu.il wstiLr. SACRIFICE, boxisj Sun.
ltnl Outttlf nt tirtion.
PETER F. MEYER, Auctioneer.
TUESDAY, October 24, 1899,
at 12 o'clock, at the New York Real Folate Sales
room, ltl Broadway,
Choice & Valuable Lots
Broadway & Seaman Ave.,
Isham, Park and
218th Street,
Park Terrace & U. S. Ship Canal,
12th Ward, New York City.
70 prr cent, mny remain nn Hon,, nnd
Mnrtcnse nt fl par cent,, or GO prr rest mny
remnln at 4H par rente for 1 or 3 year.
For bonlt-ninjKi and further varttculars ftpply at
the Auctioneer' h otTtcf, lit tlroadwar
At lit llroadway, N, 1 , Real Eatxte Salesroom,
24 Very Choice Lots,
148th and 149th Streets,
St. Ann's Avemie,
HIIONX HOIlOtiCllOtllil xnr.l.. N. . CITV.
All flnaly located In lie-art of Imllilln district,
nar LHtstion Trollat Lines, new School, Part;, c.
No rt ck. i;uoct Imliitincr snud
11TI.K INHt'ltKlt fKi:K OT COST
to each purchase r be Title O.larantpe an I Truit Co
:o fiii ci:nt. in xioitn. .k
If deslrc-d at 0 pr rrnt T1TLK rEllFEiT. Mapa
and portlculara froiuXXIlllaiu Hhlllaler ,)r, rrustre,
No 1 llroadwai, and James I.. Xxells, Atictiorieer,
Ml llroalway.
So 2Ctt for Susinrpiji -urposifs.
No. ioi West 68th Street,
Corner apartment: stini) exposure, atnam heat
and hot watar supply itexv pliimlilni
No. 04 Ollnr St. 87 WfBt 30tll St.
NO. 141 (illANO sTltllr.T.
Niir ilro-i.liTHT for ifi.t,
size about J5il2r, at low rental Ap' ti to
No .14 Cedar Ht 21 Mcst aoth 8t.
9QIThT. in? XX. KST-Uenutlfiil front i arlor. rxn
-t me for business, reasonable rent. Apply
lot) a.
-fIitt5 anil ,intimcnti to Crt ln
ftmushril. Abnxn Hth -it. Knst Side.
ZATll RT.. 17 FAir-IIlKl. class apartments. 4.
tJM: r. rt rooms, bath haatttiK hot water, gas,
electric liuht, uas range., telephone.
tflato nd x').mmrni;i to jttx
niohril. THE OS BORN
r."th st. ant 7t i ar lxwr- ittiactlxe. corner
apartment, handsotnrl-' furnished, twulve rooms.
Applj at J he Osborne or of
WUOItTII A IH IIYI'P. 4 Vxcst 3.11 ,t.
itrnidhttl Jloom;ii;imrtmcntic.to jtt
I'nat Side.
iiArni:inn apartmevtii.
Handsome rooms, en -ulte or alniily '.'ri F. 21it it.
XDIhON AX., 130 nandsonin aii.tss and simile
ii rooms, with or xxlthout prixate baths brcM.lt
fast optional, tefermcea
8fTTsT. 2 flHSlT near ifnlfer'ltj plue-Larco
front parlor to let, furnished
OT ST Bl , 147 FABT Sciuaie and alnule sunny
1 room with bath. prlxa(e fanilh , Rentlemcn,
OOII HT., 14 KAS1 Han.tsnine suite rooms on
AaVi second flooi, for ttentlemen onlj . references
J 1 HT AT , 31 F.AST-8unny!arlirB. sultablo 7or a
) 1 i hyslclsii'B oQlce, also larue room xvlth dreas
QJTII ST.rilf F.A9T NTcilyfiirnlsneTl rooms ln
iiL prlxatn house, steam heated, for itcutUinen.
92 BO. references.
West Hide.
l.tTII RT. 218 XXESr-Irge, handsomely fur
1 -L iilsbrct front room for gentlemen, a. also
hall room. 1. MExD
1 OTII BT.. 28 WET Larue second floor room,
li. modern Improvements, bath adjolnlnc. hall
room, Reiitl6men.cuple, references
9 I ST RT . Bil XVr.4T-5ocd rooms, well furnlshad
A lu piixatu house Iranaients accommodated,
references, shown Hundaya.
91D RT . 340 WEST Lare front room7rnnnlni-
water, family private uso of bxth, ueutlemen.
jqi)8T. 14 XX EST NowTy "furnished, ileeorated
v'O tl.rouithout.hicthclassserTfce en suite, singly,
prliate bathat l.reakla'.t optional
O.tTll ST. 3. WEtT-Handsomely furnished
"1 second floor; aflutharn exposure jirixatebatU,
prixate table; hlith class lof xronce.
APARTMENTS (houiaieapina, 1 aehelop, fur
nlBlieil, unfurnished, rooms, anirta, wltli, with,
out board, hltth class, references etchani;ed, axve
answerlnir misleading advertisements.
II S3 Uroadwax (.'.lib).
cfurniislifrt 58oomJ Wnutril.
1ADY wants square room, runnlne water, 34th and
i 31st its , nth anA Lexlnuton area . moderata
price, permanent j reference! necessary,
Mrs. r. XV., 1242 llroadway,
Hlufuniiuhfil Roomie, to get.
fTTH AVE. I21-I44-181. 4 East 20lh at.-nooms,
0 floors, studios BITTENUM, 13a Gtl. axe
.Srim Soavd.
hHt Sldo.
A 1 1 n F. JSTIl ST. Irire and small rooms, eicel
. lent board, special terms for season, cintral
ADI80N AV , ir,3, ir.6-Parlor aud second floor
en suite, also BcjUare and slnsle rooms table
West Slil..
Attractive suites, with bath also single room
with or without bjanll bachelors' rooms, doctors'
otQceB, references.
fl. C. I. ELAND A CO..
2 XX est .13d at.
A-EXOEWIONA LLY lara aecond floor suites
other raoma: Baloou dlnhiir room, Buperlor
table appointments ltl West 84th at,
1 ,ITII hT., 314 XVKsfTlandsome. lariie "aecond"
L A- atory front! small ronma, back parlor, suitable
for doctor, table board.
nTII ST", 24 WEHTMcely furnished roomTwith
iMiard, uentleroen or tamtlles, referenra,
front basement room,
"1 QTirsT.. 41XTBBT..Tha naymond. excellent
A U table, laras rooms, comfortable brdi, terms
moderate, referent ei.
0 8T"RT,, 29 WEST, near Mb. av'-Laree, newly
4 A furnished rooms cuisine and attendance
uneicellad. refereneei required
99D ST.. 141 En-Larile. sunuj rooms, ntwly
"- fnrniibed, excellent toard, transients, table
boarderi accommodated.
QOD ST., 20 xviJIT-NawlyTiirnlaheirdTnlnirnwiii
Um first claa. table board to centlemenlnbachilor
apartment house, all ronxemenres parlor floor,
fixe tientlemen or physician
qjTII 8T r 2" XVE4T-Ferwtoter7 hands"omsiy
J J furnished second floor, Axe rooms, bath, prl
vain table reference.
7iTII bT. JS.I XKS1-Attractivel) furnished
'" second floor, bath, after Nor 1, other rooms,
convenient neighborhood, referen. ei
8""tTH RT.. SI X EST -Lar,e. pic, ant room on
third floori alio Hug-lo room ou fourth rigor,
Purrlinsers of tlckrta will In. tlven n con
IM... Blind fur the next ilex, Tu event .if
ynelits lint lunklnir n inre.
rni.iniis Loner llrnnrli Ori'iiii Stenmer
(lletween Houth errj and Wall st
JJST9.30 A. M.ea
mNdM: day th'KKt tm.xon
Tl( Khl, iooi i ou Al.l. !.As . . nn.oo
Kvfij pBirtartiKr nn tlio 'Coliinitila" lt
AfitUflcil Mi nlwnTK lioltIt Kniift povltlnn.
Iiiiincnfif il( k rouin A p-nt ffnr ftttrjliiiitjr(
SnlfMtiiK flteniuhrntr(1. lllnuriint excel
Ifintt rit(inullM irlrM. nml cjiitck mrvlro
Ilr ottlrrri nr exiM-rOnreri inmi utel to
rncnlnc uork. Slin ulll follow t tin rnrhU
In nny T-ntlii.
Marine uIrrkpo nn hli
W V. lirnSKI.L Mtnacr. 1 181 IJIlOMm W
Hudson River bj Daylight.
Palatial Ix Rtexnmrs "New nra" and "Albany."
Fastest a.d nmst rlxer bouts In the world.
l.AtLX. KX( EIT rlllNDVi.
For the CatsMIl,, Albati), Harntiura, and all points
r.st. North an I XW
Ieaxe I'rooVlju, 1 niton st iliyAunei) Finn A. U
Ileabrosses st Pier H 40 '
" XXestiidst l'l. r I. II i " '
IandhiLtat onl.ei. West l'oiut, Nenhurh ToiKrh'
kerpslc Kingston Point, Catalclll Ilildaou aud Al
1 any. Through tl. sets ot. axl a-t li ailing tic Lot
e.Rlccs. In. ludlnz thosn of the New orl. lratisler
I.... wiio check baxite from residence to dcatliia
To nml InrltiilliiE Oct. 11.
I. rest Deixvn Trip, Oet. 3.1.
Boston and New England Points,
I hllUND I.IM rt
TALI. ltm:it I.IM.. xla N export and I all
Ither 1 eaxc Par in, N It foot of Warn list we. k
dax nml BuiulavR, nt ft mi P XI Mian.ers PI1H
t 11.1 A and Pt'lllTAN "n hetra on i n. li
I'llOXII.KM I, l.INi:, xla ProMdcnco-Lcaxe
I Pier Ih, S It , fo it of Xlurrax st., ccekdaja onlc at
oi P. M. Httxmcis JtlluIiF. ISI.xMi and PIL
nitlXl. Ilrcho-lra n ea li
MOMM.ro.N I.IK, xlx stonlniclnn -Leavev
Pit.r 1.1, N. It . foot of Sprtnct st. xceoldays mill, at
ll.l P. M htoamcraltAINr. nid.NI XV HAMPilllllE
MIKXXICII l.INi:, xl Nm Lmi Ion -1 eaxe
Pier ill. N. It , fo.t of -jMrlmr st xceekda. - nnll at
r. in p XI stixmars PllOX IliLMT. and Cll 1 01'
Kteamers lall Kundajs exr. pte 1, from Pier 25,
Ixstliiiei fo-Nl,v IIAEN and PKOMULNt Lat
4 P M.
Tim. lr train connections made at New Haxen tor
M.'il leu Hurt ford and Sprinvneldan 1 at Proxldcuro
for HOnION and all points fast
lrllio orchestra on Hii Line aleamera
MlUlll'lKJ MM i Ilrr4tK H.. dailj. 1 T M ,
SaturiUrn 1 1. I Stiuiln. , . A M sattinUr-fi
fst l.Mttifit, 1 J V M . R nlitrx J'. A M
rO'KIIht'sli; LINK: Vict 2 1 . It , H i M.
clailj , extent Hutitlan
K1NMSTO.N MM t rt inth ft . dall) . rxrejit
atunlitjR ami huntlaj-c, 4 1 51 MtiirUu, 1 I' M,
Undttiir nt Siwl-nri: N Hiinlnnv Marlhnro, Mil
ton l'n ktMjuii nn 1 ritni- rouncctliu at Kliisifttuu
with V and 1) It U. tur all pnintR in Ihc f'attk.lln
Albanv Evening Line.
Ht.amcra AI)'R0NI)rtv ami III N RICHMOND
leax ii p er nj, N it m it or Csml t . at n 1" It dall.
i-tiimlai s en, t.tedi i 'imeetini; wirli express trams
for nil points Noith I ast xnd West
Steamers li ale XXVsr Imhst .lail. .IP M. excejit
Hatiirclaj. Sundae stexmer tomb at lbany.
Catskill. Hudson and Coxsackle Boats
Lesvo foot of Chuslophcr street ixery week day at
.1 P. XI.
oVriiu 5trnmrrs.
t nllluir Xiiotliniii.il at t IictIhiiiiu.
Saillm- XXednesilar at lu A M.
Rt Paul lit is St Pcul Nov.
Now Xork O t. I', ht. l.ilis, Nox 2J
HI, Lou Noc im pail ,No.:i)
ni-xx xonix-xNT ntp-P'.uin
l-xer WeilnMta. at IJ nnnn
Westernlsnd , Oct 11 Noordland 'Noel
K. usliiitliiu Oct J, hrle-liind Nox. H
These at. unier. carrj c.t.iu and third elxss pas
sencrera at low rates
Piers 14 and I "., N 11. Ofllce 7 I Hrcndccar.
1 "-"""-" Stexini r Police newl salllnir
AH Oct, m, at 3 P. 51. tmirhlnir
MlUUnQ at ean luali all 1 print Ipal ports
. of the island. I xc client acconi
PortO RlCO moilatinns for first and second
B-BM eahtn iMSseliircr-
.12 llHOAIlWAY
TTtTU riTTTri- B-''-Bae---,inTt-""""l
lltamOpliVHltt'OMaTirntiJW0IIVl KtWYOtJUn
I) IILX. sl.IH K K.
For Old Point Comfort, Norfoll,, Portsmouth,
Pinner Point Newport News and ltlrhmond. a ,
roniiectlnic for PatersburL;. Itlchmond. Mrjlliia
Ilea h, Xiashtuiiton, li X , and entire -.outli and
XV. ,t
Freight and pxssenner steanirrs sail from Pier 2fl,
Nortl. ltlver font of lleerh st , exerv week da),
r-.cejitsaturdaj.at 1 P. XI and Saturday at 4 P M.
II. 11. WAI kill, 1 radio Uaiiai.'i r
Twin Nrr Kxnrfln lelnt-t tti liorlmnre
(I'nrli), huutbiiiiiptoii lain don), llninlinri;
ruin Scicw lttf n-crr rrrir to llyiiiiutli
(Lniulon) nnd llnmhiirc
AIsj N , Hamlmridirrrt.
or idilinR, K . ainlr tn
Ciimpanj-'sonii e, 17 11 wa N l'liouc 1H71 Ilroail
1)1111 OT LINK TO HAltr-lltIH (KAX K)
Kntm ljtr ', nrth JllTr, foot Mnrtotittt.
laUtucouuH Oct 21 L I'tiMnpanne Nov. U
I,a HrttaictiA O-t. JH 1 Oaacom.e Xo lrt
La Inuratne Nov 2 rAqnttaliif- . . o.iM
Fir-tcUm panaaun to Un . f Ho and npwnrtt
Orn'l Agencj for X! 8. and Can . ".2 llroadway, N Y
O.eanle Oct IH, 4P M I Maleallf Oct. J., noon
Cymric Oct. -'4, t A. U. I leutoulc Nov. 1. noon
Tor passage, freieht and general information ai.
ply to 1111 IJ SI All LINK.
I'ler4H, Norlli Illxer Odtce, 1. Ilroadwaj, New Xork.
From Pii ra r.i mil r,z, Noith Illxer
Iucanlx Oct .'l.fi X M 1 1 anipai.la Nov. 4,7 A. U,
Ftriuia Oct 2S I n A XI I I'mbris Nox 11 10A M
XHINONII 11HOXVN.M II ,(.en Aitts 4 Ituwllin-Or'll
i I.OM..IN 1'AltIS MI IlltKXIt V,
FAST KNl'llF.-.". fl1hMHlS
Raale .Tu Oct .'4, UlA M I.ahn luNoi T.IOX.M.
h W d Or Oct Jl 10A M irixe.luS.ix 14,IP M
Ol'l.HIClIS ,V CO , '. IlltOAIIW XX
Trains arrive at and depart from Grand Central
Hatton, 4Jd Ht New ork, a, follows;
Laaxe New ioie Amxe New ork
M (H.1 A M Syracu.elo-al 1 I :r. p II
ts 10 A M I niplr. state Fipreaa tiondl' u
K 4H A U ra Mail "111 nn A, U
tll'iOA M Davfii.res, 17 00 1' M
til SO A M Itlltland Express t7 ll l P Jt.
1 imp M N. andChlcairi Hneclil "I nop tl,
I0III' M H illthwci.lern Lltultecl 1(1 00 P M
I riil'.M A bany Hyor til O.IA XI,
tisuP.M Mliani Hyer tlteiOA M
l.l. I' M Albanv fipe rial 12 Oo P II.
"4 oo I M lletrolt S-peclal 10 00A 1
. in P. M The lake shore Limited i no 1 XI.
' OT P Id Wi.lern 1 ipies. K, P M
.i 3t. P SI Northern Fxprrsa 7 20 A II
7 10 P M dlrondxcl. ,x Xlowreal Ex 'sjiia H
-8 0.1PM Pan American I xpreas 7 .10 X. M,
i10P M IllltTalo..H X- hpeclal OlIA. M
i lr. p M 1'nirlc Kxpres, sh.ioa xi
T13 10 A tl lliilnli-ht Fxpren 7 00 A M
Dally tllail). excej.t Holiday. TllallJ, el ept
lIonda. Ssturdaja onl) tDally, except Ratur
days and Huudaxs
llsirlwiti Ilivlilim.
U 12 t M ami I ,.',!' M Uail), except Rundty, to
Plllith Id Hun l'l a only st Hl.'n A M
Wagm r Pilace cm mi all throuch tiains
Train, illiui lua el wit i Plutscu Llithi
ticket om.es at 111. Jill 41.1 and i.'lei iiioadvxar
2. Pnion S'i W ji i. li.mhi.s ax .11 W IJ'thst
tlrand Central Station U ,ih Ht Mation aud l;lth
Fit Htatlm New Vork ,HHand 7 J.I Fulton st an 1
loelliroadwa). F H llmoklyii
Telephone M4l"ll ( ortlaudl for Newlork Can
tral Cab Herxici JXairssLie ihe.ked from hotel or
residence bv XXesli oil Kxpress Company
UEO'tUI'll liAMLLI, (JcutrlPsiiea;rAi-oat,
gtailromls. ' (11
Pennsylvania ; m
STATIONS foot of XX rsr Twin rx rutnu RTiititT aid , "ill
UEsiim.ssrs ANti Ciiiiti xsiir smitii-. j tVi'H
arf-llio I. rxx Inn time friini lle.lirosses nnd '( ' '! H
t'cirtlniirit atreii'ta is live iiiliintes Inter tlinii . i y.
tlil.t bIxpii .loir fen '1 Ht-nly-tlilri! Street I, 1 TJ
Stntlnn, rr-i.t xxlii're. ntl.erxxfse noteel. t 1 -i 1 il
7 '.r. A I TAST UAIL -Limited to two IllllTcl i 1 '
Parlor Cirs New liork to Putsbiiri.'. Hlcepiiiu Car 1 A j
PlttsburitnChlcxiro. No co-,hs ti Plttshum. !
s r. A M FASI LINF-Plttslmr,! and Cleveland. ,4 I
It.,-, A M PKNNSYIAAMA LIMllPI) -Pullman i , j ;
Comi xrtment sliepins. lilnlnii sit okli e and On- ,j . ; I
srrvatlnu I ara lur Cliirain Cleveland, Toledo, ' ' ,'(
I Imliinxtl, Imtlanxpolla, Louisville Ht Louis 1 ,
1 ftr, P. M. CHICAGO AND HI. LOUI-. KAPlthSS jt
For Liulsxllle .tin Cincinnati!, Indianapolis, ; b
t hlcxo, st Lulls. n i- I
OR. P M WISIF.HN F.PUE9S-For Chicago. , t.
I orToleln, eiespt Sati-'day , I ', ,
7 r,r, p XI rAllI'THWF.Sir.ttV VAFIIFJaS -For , V
I'lttBhnnr, rieceliind, Nashxllle (via Cincinnati), ' 'I:
Loulsv II,, Indlaiixpolls, At Louis i 9;
7 f.P M PACIFIC FPitK8-tor Plttshitra and i , t
Chleauo For hiioxilllHdallj, via Shenandoah Xal- ' ,
lej lti.tite Omiuucta for Llevelaud except Hutur- tl h
day. ' I
BiriP M (Iiesbr.-sea and Cnrtlandt atreeta K 45 I
P XL MAIL AND KPr.rXH -Pullman IlufTct j(
Sleeplm-Car New Vork to lloiiua. Kast Llbirty,
Pittsliiiritaiid p iluts Xtest, dally except Sunday.
No coaches,
7 ''r-.H 2'. I" 2, in 10(l)eslirosistreetl0il0,Ceir- if i
Innltatred 10 tr.) iDinliiKi'iri, 10 r.l(l)lnln-tOar) ,'
X Xt 12 r,, j in elie-brosses atr et 2 III, fori- i I'
laiutt street J ltn.2 ,5 12", 'Oonitraasional Llm ," ' 1
all Parlnriind lilniiiuCaisi, 4 ;, dunliur Ocr),4'r .'
ililnliiL' Can, H .. p XI, u hi nlitht Rundaj, , j
m 2B. p j-i. in -,r. ll'nlni; Car A M.. I2i B 2 r,r,. ' i
i 'JTi fj.iiirresaiona Llm ' all Parlor and Dining i
Cars., 4 Jr, iDlnlmtCar , 4 r, iDliilnitCau, R r.i P. i
XI 12 loniitht '
HOI'TIIHIN HAlLWAV.-hxpr.si,2 ..-. 4 2.. P. M., J
li lo niirht dalli ' I
1 his and N vv Orleans 2,.ri P M da lj 1
AlLNriCCOXSl LINK. -Mil exs V 2. A M and i
k ft, p XI dallt , '
tlll-'APFAKI. XND OHIO 11MI.XVAV -4 50 P. M. 1 t
dab ! I
Ililltll It POINT IOMFOIIT an I NOI1FOLK.-7 "i5 I '
A XI wick dara and 7 ' P tl daily.
ATI XNTICUTX .' ltl, M week days (Deal.rosses
strict 2 In P. M. Corllandt street 2. 1ft P. M.I r
Thr mic.1i rstiliuli il Train llnfTet 1 arlor Cars, Pal- i
eencer Coach and Co'nlilne 1 1 oa h, , 1
CAPFMX-I2 ,,P XI weekdajs L
I or points mi Nuw X. ukauii Lxucr Branch Itailroad f'
(fr.ni XXestTw.ntj lhtnl-lretHtatlon'. H 5ftA XI., ,1
U 40 .1 jr. virt r. in P JI Sundajs. n 2. A M.,
4r.-,p XI (from l.e.br.sses atreeti, n uo A Ml -12
ki 1 4il nml n HI P M Sundx-a. V 45 A M , , li,
r. IT, P M from Cnrtlandt atreet . 1100 A. M,
12 4 r, i .isaiiit r, ir, p xi. Hiindara, ii to A M i ,1
6 1. P M. Tl j
0 10 (Desbrosa-a an 1 I ortlandt atreets ut 201, 7 2 . u II
7 . . s J, k -,-,, ii J-, u ',;, lvnna Llmttedl, lo-IO ' "
(De-lirossea str.el 10-10 Uirtlaudt itreet 10 K,l ,.
iliiiniicCari. 10 5. (UinintrCari. II .r, x M 12 ,x, t
2 10 illesbrnsses stleet 2 10, Cortlaudt street 4 loi, lt
2 ",-, i fir, I 2", 4.J (Dinlntf Can. 4 . i Dining L
I ar " .'nl) liilliriarl, 7 , H rt'il M . 1J lOlllulit , '
bundaie, Hill., H jr. H "i". usJG, I. . Limited), '
li .','. in -,., Dinlnit ur.AM.lIW, l r5 Dinimt ,
(Mr , 2 .,, I .. 4 j. iDiiilmr Cn 4 , (Dliilni ' ,
Cari. 5 '. . cDlutnj Cir), 7 )', H ".6 r M.. 12(10
nieht i
Tiokcl rfllces Voa till, U44, 11ml. 13".l ltl. and
j-11 nrcixdwny, I Ast r lions. XX est twenty third
Street Station and a'atious foot of Ilesbroises anil
Cortlxndt strieti, 4 Court street unn Fulton street,
in Prnalwnv and Ivunsjlvanla Annex Station. i
Ilrnokl) n Sratlon. Jerse Cltr The New orlt ( '
TiansfcrCompxMi will i ull ror and check hafffratre ij
from hole Is snd residences throuirh to dcstlnatlnn. t
Teleihone tU4 richteenth Street " for Peunsyl- !l ,'
xau.a Itailroad tab Service. uf
(leneral Muuaiter Ceentral Pass r Aseni.
10 10 All.
Thn vf-mMf Tmv.l Smith and SnutlivfrnU .1
Trains from Niw Xork dejinrt from renuijhnii
U. It Htition lull, J.td nt .Cortlandtand Das ,
lirrj,fiH nt , -1
ttv'1 In1 lrnliiK tlnifv frmii Ictlrntra nml 1 ,
ioitlfiudt ntrret In l i tulnutos lntrr thnn '
tluit kUh I)cJo-. for 1vrut3-tlilrfl street '
1 lit 10 Al.-r-kSrM1L-PiiUman Buffet Bleeping
fan, cw ork tti Atlanta Jiw Orleans Savan
na!. and Jim kNon illt i la. Dinlntf earn, Winhtna
ton nnd SpMtanbiiri; lomlht aud SleeplneCar,
NSftihtniiton tnlin r ranciro,1utRdaiiiand tr daj
2.riMI.-N hhK KPUh-s-PullnianI)raw- ,
inu Ilooni bUwpiim att. .New Xork to Columblft,
Hr-.amiali Jacl.ttonlUfl Tunit.a nnd Aueu.ta
2:r p. u.wahui virus riUTTANOOflA r
tmiTrti Il I VVIIIIIItMirl tLi11.... Tl-.. In.. I
i-aaiia ir vin iiixx iitn aax isssisifaai A'i".vxr4ai
ltoom sieuplnj Cars. Neu ork to ltoanoke, Knox- v e
xllle. Chattanootra, New Orleans and Memphla. i
DinlnjC.rs Unlfor I and Altalla i
I IXtnrD Pullman lira wine: P.oom Bleeplnu Cars, iRtiaiE
New , irk to Xtlanta, New Orleans lllrnilmthain, "'tfl.Xi
Memphis, Ashexllle Kuoxxllie. I hattauoosca au 1 p y iY
Nashx die. Dlnim; Car serxes meals. New York and. tn
New Orleans AM
t oitk ornci:. 271 nnoAPx-AY. I'iW.
Fit X. Mx S IIXNNON. J. M. CCIP. ,f "
.id Xlcc.. Pr s . eie.i'1 Misr Traffic Hit.
V. A ll'IUc.c-.. P. A
btatloos foot of XVest 23rd, Cortlandt and Deibrones ,
Btreeta (I'cuna It I! Ferries )
Time XVeit JJrd Street oilier tlirures Cortlandt or
DeitjrtafiaelStrecls t Dally eiceiil simdar "J Sunday
only, tTrttier trains dall) t Siuidai leacsC49, eun
clay loaveio tx x Sunday leaees o 15
X'ti.yi. 7.00 A. M Local fur I" ASTON.
J.,53, iSUSA XI tor II. rr.llll. MAOAI1A
FALLS pd xxcrt, and principal local point! Parlor
and lilntnir Cars t urn ccia for Coal rrancbesl
t'11.51. I'J.OO Noon. "BLACK DIAMOND I
f'XPRfeS-." liandsuiiirst train In the worlu Luu
ied 1 1 sc.llui- capaclil Duo lillflalo 95X p M : con
nectlnit wltli iliroiiKti sleepers to 1-etroltand Chicago.
DlulLir Larfltrilc e a ta carte
... ti . no r- xt 1-w fl: 'FR.BAR11K. i
V.'t?" J"S2 ! x .Silt l His. losl UrancLcS
1l..,., l.lx I "' (and luteniiedlaic joints
M.."Ci. .-I.1 -1 P Jl. Locsl for MAI til fill NK. i'
T'S.III. 'i.JII I' M Local for MAI Lll I HUSK.
'i), lo! 0.11) P. M Local l.xprc-s for LAhTOS.
5.33. all.O-s P n ror iliiiin.ii a'd oiuii Welt.
ThroiiRli"ilO'Ii ut Can to CIiIcsko red Toinn'n . i-
r.VJ. ts.00 I M Kxpr.ss for IllH- LO and
TOl. .sr'i None but Slc.pimrt a-psspengert can-ted,
I0.-J3 10. .10 I'M ForlTIIXlA.ltOi lltSTEIt.
llt'h Al Hand xxest sleeplne Car-toCllrsjo
SOI'TII PI XIVFII-LD and I10L SI) llltOOK, locals, U
dallyexc.pt r-undayi -1040, 1050 A M. 'JS, 2 30, 4 10, ,'
4J0 -.anlS ill' t. . f 1
llcketsand Pullman accommoditlom at 11! i -si, w,
avi.aii and 1E.M llrotulway, u t'nlon scjuare XX est, S4J I
Columbus Ave , V t 860 riilton fit . 4 t nnrt St.. ti
llroadw iv and Brooklyn Annex Station, Brooklyn, i
. N. V. Tranifer Co will call for ind chec haei,t
troiu hotel or residence thro usti to destination. i
erTe railroad. ,
Throiicih trains leave New York, foot of Chambers '
at . a. follows, und Axe minutes earlier from Xest
J id t
(l,nIA, M. Xcstlbule Fipresa dsllv for nimf
U.yjU hamtnn, Wax.rly, Klmlla HutTalo. Ilrai-
ford arrlxes llnlalu s P 1 Parlor Car IlurTalo .
i;,(l'. XI. X.stihulc Limited last uialldalj.
- 'V ' solid train for Chlcairo arrnesat Cleveland '
7 III A M.. I hlcaco " P 11 Sleepers to Chlcsjo,
Cle. eland aud I Inclunatl Dlnlnirtar ).
T.'ilX I". M. -llurtalo and Clexeland Vestlbuleil ,1 I
I .OU Fxprcssdallj anlvea lliltlalo 7-ur. A XI,
llr ul ford 7 jo A. at Jxniestnwn 7 AM, Younirs- -
town in 37 X M Cleveland 12 10 P XI hi. epsrs t
ll'ltlaloaiid I Iceland. Cire library Car
9,1 ". r. M. Dsllv. solid train for llimthtmlon,
lJ Usrorli Flmlra. cincaio. sleepers to Hut
tnlo I lilrino and l iiulnnatl 1'1'ilnirCar.
'I'lChU-. Ull AI 11X11- CAIIlis ASH PI'I.LMAM
X XI I OllUOUAllll.NHit I I 1. 1 11 2.11. 4111 and
P.7 lliiiilnsj IJ7 Unwary. lfn I .st UF.thrt and ;
J7 I XV .st 12".th at , I haluber- and West J8d si far
rles, N, w Xork, .133 ami hiii I niton st,, HH Hroad-
wuj, Ilroiihljn UJ Itiver st, Iloboken, and Jerser
City station Sew ork lrausferCo calls for anct
checka hairitaito from hotel and realdince to destlnir
New York and Boston 111 Rail.
N 1 , N II A II It It and connections.
1-ioiu Oram! t't utral Station.
L-axe lly waj of pna.
H-114 A XI Springfield and Worreater. 8 SO P. W. I
10 om XL, t.Newl ondouandPriividenee,8 00 P SI. i '
1002AM NiwI.endonandProldence,4 10 P. M. '
12 oo XI HprltiL-neld and Worcester, n 40 P. II. '
1 on P M Mr I tun xla XMIilinantlc, e on P. M.
1 oj P M New I ondon an 1 Providence, 7 00 P M.
h on p XI,, .New London and Providence, lijOO P U,
4 oo P M , -.prlimlleld au 1 XXnrreiter. 10 00 P. M.
r. est P M. Saw J.ondou and Providence, I-,
1 1 OO P M. t
111 OOP M v.pilnuaeldand XVorcester, 11.15 A SI.
tlj on r M . New Ixmd'.naud Providence,
n 25 A.M. .,
"Kan, dally, iucludliiR Sunday. . I,
nllai State limited all parlor cars, fare (7, In- ,rJ
cludim: arlor car seat llj!
Keturii ssrvlco same hour and br nm, root. , t
SXXII1 stop at 126th st Zl
Ihroiuh parlor and sleepins cars by each train. (, r-
C T IlrMi-arF-Ati. Oen. Pass. Agent.
-.1.11)111 LKIN I.FtF.CTMXY 14. IRlm
I Oil TH). Xv i.sr. ,.
Leace Sew York, South )irry XX hltehall Terminal) '.
ami foot ef liberie atreet lime shown Is from '
S .nth I ejry I ears Liberty stroet ti minutes latar.
-Daill iLxcejit sunda) ISundays
Cllle Alio, ! in A. M .Liberty atreet only),
I 2 P II and -1J ionic-lit I
Pinsiillt.i -4 to A M el.lberty street only). i
'. r, p xi . "12 in nleht
12 10 nUht . ,
x-iAHlllSOTOS IHI.TIMOUK t7 -.5, ' -.-.(Diner), '
112. A U. iDiner' 112 fit. V M. 'Dinar), 'l.ii
iDlner : K ltoyal Limited exclusive Pullman
Train Diiieri. . ill ner). n MM P M, (Diner)
and"IJ in nluht NOKFOLK 112 n, P M I '
Xll llama are illuminated with Pintieh Light, '. i
Oflces III, 17J 2'1 414, 12"4 Hroadway, 2R i I
I'nlonS. XX 12 Ilow.ry, N Y .130 and Mmh Fill- I .
ton at Ilronklvn XI hltehall Trrnlnil and Liberty f
at ltaititaice checked Irom hotel or reaidence to das .!
tlnatlon 1
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western. s j',
iSuiloii. In Sew York, font of Itarclarand Chrlito
I.cafl S phf r hu Arrive J Y.
h oo tin niDchdintnu Mail a aq pm
liMi'ai IlhaiH Oswi-ci) Huftaln Ex h 00 pni il
linlin 11 irU an 1 Chit ai:o h xpr4 --4i)opca It
4 ooji.h S rant m UllkHibirir and il T,
Ibm utli Ktpref 12 .opra
7 00 pin lludtiloaml ( hi)iL'i I.tm Ki m7 .0 pia i 1
huo n li Tal il i, ar llnrtnl . 4 am) ho am t
ijjui I iffj I ti.a an.l 1
li'ifal 1 i TiSOara , ": I .
t81-ipr to - rantin M ir li nrcitpifilto 7 30 am 7?
'llrkf-ta ami l'uiimaii ar nimo lat on at in -WH Ul
and W'.o !irof.w ai I U Park plar i U
UfiioilH Riprf-r Cmpa. will call tcr and j HI
check ta.can. tu '-eiuuatl u. ailr, 1 Vl
: -

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