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I ' 111
,-..,,-, . . - t ' or T.-1 ' l 1 't 1 C" '. I It 'Warn
roirunn cnvsiiKH ritit snr touk
i.v 1 must i r klrvkx.
ronfli Pnnfiinl Tries Out Number of Bub
itltutrs Among Wham Waekos 1'ruTea
l,i Hn n Stisr 1'rlnceton Ilpfenli Prnn
hsnln Mnto College-Other Games.
Columbian 'Varsity elaren In two IHteen
minute halves ran up 40 point and blanksd
ihSe ork Univarslty team at Manhattan
field )terJar afternoon. The New York boys
TeraB,j only 14H pounds, but In splto ot
sreat otd they plnyed with remarkable pluck
tbromttn.iit the contest. It was an excellont
practice Bim8 'or Columbia and afforded
C( eh Saiitord a fine opportunity to try out the
it of hi substitute material. Columbia's
iltsckwarreslBtlble. Tho brilliant feature
ofrtwaaatotallaokot fumbling and the In
c.asaat rushing In splto of tho hot sun which
made all th players persplro freely.
XheNfw York I'nlterslty men had tho ball
Ir twloe In tho first half and In each instance
they were unabls to gain the necessary dis
tance In the second halt with many substl
tutu In Columbia's make-up. the Now York
.i(IIInnn more easily handled than In
ths first half. Coach Hanford put Id Weekes at
left half bak toward the close of the game and
hlirushitiuwasof amot sensational nature.
Wfokeilsalmlrably built for football and can
runllVx adcr Ills boat plnywasa grand run
(, 711 yards behind almost perfect Interferenco
for the lat touohdown of the gams As ho
erossed the I1-ard line lis stumbled and fell
but the eicunti'i Wright, formerly of Williams,
caught him hv tho shoulder and literally
dr,L.f I him otur the Roil lino before an op
lo'neit could tackle him Weekes mndo two
ottur runs of 40 nod :I0 yards, respectively.
unJ ww on ot tho heroes of tho day. It Is
probable that Coach Sanfonl will work him
nor regularly In tho future.
Morly. whose nainn w.n given out by mls
Uke tlio other dor as Mulv Played havoc with
Nes-York's lino whei er li hit It. Ht and
i.nrendon worn abn1 an" stanls to Denraan In
fierce line bucking during the first half. Cnpt.
Y"sonpla)elaleiiitlfulLame both at quar
ter and fu 1 bi'k. an. I his kicking was a Brent
Improvement oier that done by him against
Princeton tiumbU's lino was noworful. both
In defence and In the matterof tenring holes in
the opponents. Coach Sanford mndo several
shifts by wiy f experiment, but they did
not weaken thoOolumbla team In any sense.
The man who played the star game for New
York Fnltersltr was lllunt, the full back.
Though lie went Into tlitiguinu with an Imureil
Lack, which was so hentliv padded that he
looked as If ho had a natural hump between
his shoulders. Ilium g't into almost every
Hay. and his tackling did much to retard the
ricgress of Columbia's advance. He was fre
lupntly laid nut. and though battered and
LruNed so that he could nut run. hs stayed In
the battle until after tho second half had be
gun Then nature cam out, and he was forced
tosurren lerlils place to Thome Kourkp, the
farmer Trinity school boy, was nlso conspicu
ous Lectin of his line tackling, while Van
eeek. In spitool the weakness of hia line.
puute I with commendable skill.
Considerable fault ws found by the New
ork plays r with two rulings by the officials.
In the ftr.t bal' on a kickotf, Henman fumbled
the hall anil allowed it to roll over Columbia'
goal line He fell on It and was held down by
scleral of his opponents who claimed n safety,
or In other words, two points for their team.
The official ruling was that Denman had made
merely a touehbick and tho ball was ordered
inl, kicked over. In the secand half, while
inlumbm was battering the line with heavy
rlunges, one of the hacks let the ball slip out
ot his hands after being thrown. A New York
man fell on it, but again the official ruling
awarded the oval to Columbia on the ground
tnut Its original possessor had crlod "Down"
btor ho lost it, Weekes. by the way. wns
also deprived of what was thought to bo a
touchdown because the ofllclals suld that tho
New York Captain had called time a moment
before the ball was put In play.
Columbia's tnvlnclhlo attack was shown the
moment VanVleeck opened the. game with a
klcVoft at 2:.'i() o'clock. I.arendon, Morley and
Henman by svrllt plunges at tho tackles and
guards and several end runs carried tho ball
from Columbia s thirty-yard line straight
down ths field without losing It until Denman
was pushed nter for the first touchdown after
flie minutes of play Morloy goalod anil the
ecore wsi u to (I This tdyle of of p'ay was
immediately rereated. tor after the usual klck
etl by Now "inrk. Columbia's back, began an
other pounding, which was elm till overpower
ing, It took the nine mid White team lust
Jour minutes to walk tho ball down to .New
lork'e line aealn. where Mnrloy made tho
eecond touchdown nnd also kicked a coal. Just
to show that ths trick could be accomplished a
I third time the Columbia backs again took tho
ball on the klckoff and from their twentr-flve-
nl line hustled ths oval back into New
York s territory lu jig time. I.arendon an I
lienmnn made runs of twenty yards each and
Henman Anally scored tho third touchdown
from which I.arendon kicked another goal
when tho llrst half ended tho score wis 18 ton.
It took Columbia six minutes to soor- the.
first touchdown In the second half. It was duo
to line runs by thv substitute, half backs Aus
tin and Uerrlan. the latter being ths lucky insn
to cross the line. He tal'ed at the goal which
wastrld from a difficult position Mors hard
iihes by Austin, Htrrinn. liruce and Wllbon
enabled the latter to mike the tilth touch
down and hlncovltoh kicked the goal. Htuart
in. n cokes were now substituted at half bnck
tid the latter lost no time In getting In somo
oirricine rushes m, the hall nn Colum
bla s4.rf yard line Weekes skirted ths left end.
aided hr splendid Interference, nd eotered
Inrty yards. He hnd a cle.ir field st tho time
and would Imve scored but for an unfortunato
Mumble on Hie slippery turf
Onthe next line-up. Wookesngiin got around
the end for a brisk run and crossed the goal
line, Lilt the touchdown was not allowed and
tie bill wns brought bnck. Without delay
eele smashed through the lino for twolve
jnraaiii Wilson mndeanothprtouchdown. As
K ncoviteh iiiUhed thego.il tho score was.'il tot).
Then came the t,av of tho gsme New York
kicked olT and WnllT who showed up strongly
at uuarler bicU. gof back llnely to tlio 4U
)rd line Tho teams llnod up ami W'oskos re.
jeljel the ball .New York's loft end was com
li'tsly hox.il ,v Columbia's Interference and
ntekes, runn ng nt n ton-sepoml clip. dushd
en the l.i.) nnl line, but Wright hauled him
down the field unmolested He tripped
ever the gnai line for the last touchdown,
tjepkeshav.ng colored seienty yards. Hloco
yehgLnied. which madoths flnalscoro40 tot).
Tlw summary
fV s'm V,tili,,n. .V. T. VnUrrulv.
UjTh, '"' ""l Cr,lK
Jirlson" I .IcftUckle DeUmttnr
Li.nk'S'Tf .1 . .
Owen . . .Left guard Allsben
P mi I Centre McKuhill
MM r
' rulit ' I Right guard Fernsld
i a, ; J night tsckls Hslford
(oVIirst . ( .lighten! Malison
Hi ua i
M in t Quarterback nourke
Mori,, '
.'it' am
Np.kni f. Left half bsck VanVleeck
." n .; '
I .- n !.. l
,.'!),' ! Itighthalf Lack Young
wn" "; .rnllbark I "bint
. ' t 'liimlls 4Hi N. V. V . 0. Ton hrtowns
'' n 3 M.rej, 1 ll.rr s'i. 1 ldon, 2
t,r s" ' '" s from toiichilnwus Mnrlr. 3
I i;""1 ' l Hloi-mM,, i II...U mU.el from
' !" ' of ' nun i,.l.iire I'lnplrn-Klndi n o ths
H ken. .k.r c 'Jime-t'ifuen uiiiiute hslns.
J)' ,l '.ns- "' iw Htate College's much
juuiitedeleieu went down In tin easy manner
"oietho tigers this a'teinooii nnd the :(l)l)
er.'J." wl'l' l"1'1 followed the I Vnnsvlvuiilniis,
i!i ? ",s to """ " ''lose game, lefr town to
v,l n ' '"r'r nml wl'"' 0'intlngcnt Hut
Uulr ; . mh'es pf play won given thu
Li i .1 t0.'"""er the 5 to i) score of lust year.
thinJ. "'" '"ttud was amply sufficient for
its i"ln "I' Prietleniiv n seore df 17 points,
icu'!,1h.'fht."!nm' V,".nr,,.""llMte'1 '"' 12o
c a,?,n..Vi h'f,rt, White's uuoHtlonnble de
c."ion at the end of the llrst half
tiii il' "'"' Played together In n style
m.V.i ".lrt ,ia r"11'"1 'I'" P ,n"' l against
II V," . ' '""O'eraggregiitlon than Coach
t i.res.nt(. i The backs were on thejump
til.." hn.'l' 'f the ball, and never failed to
KiijrUr1'!. IB,".oM,!,'1"!,k ol'lnK" between
itisV. .I'1 '""l0- wl,!t, Invariably resulted In
onli ihr'l n ''" linH wnH cuii.illv strong and
lai K'".t"n'a wa" l,,n 'Voodruftlan style of
S at-".""1 wn". ,,'",,l almost ontlroly by the
'l"r-,n,i?.',n,If,l.v'4"clnK,hobsl1. b' t0 '"
in . ' ,r '' distance
slsssln!1"1 hlxLr wl,h .,n(, Plkln In their
Kf'r ?" .n ,h' ,l"ir's 4r-yard line.
iiin a,i"i. i.'J ,au J,xr,U through laolle. Hode
lirouih Vir'', mor'' ,""1 JJeanlsIsy spllle.l
t'rouii1;,i"lSr,'.'r'' Kafer nnd Ii.ardsley
lloliKm. h1 bn ' ,en "irda nearer the goal nnd
")a th?JL,.,lnn,,,rt, , ". f,t 'e 3.vanl mark.
i 'ou-hd vti' l,?y Kafer scored Prlnvetou's llrst
work., IV" ,A,f,,t,r the kick off the tigers
i ths n . 'i'1" ,r).,ho visitors' It-yard Mne.
It 'f"r riV1 "y,-a" !M"T "tarted for the line.
i,,r,.f hits blew his whistle and refused to
hough the ball was in play
Edled. Tho half ended 0 tot)
was or ten minutes' duration
tailed. Htralght down the
lie, ball. Levlck and Kafer
mis In clever style. Htate
the 411-yard line, but a dou
a and the little ijuorlvr baik,
Hutohlnson. sprinted around Harris's end for
thirty yards. Two more rushes i swept the ball
oior. Lsvlck gotttng the touchdown and Mills
ths goal, nummary:
I'riiu'lon. J'otitio. J'rnn. Halt.
palmer Left end lUrrls
Mc&inl Left tackle Rubble
Mills Left guard Randolph
Hoolli Center Cnminlags
K I wants Itlnht gusrd Hclisll
lllllebrsnd lliuht tackle T. Miller
Vot.. .. Itlshtend Wood
llutchliison Quarter Lack Johnson
llSTlek1"' " ''thslfbaek Durns
liJuVr " J"" hslf bsck K. Mllisr
Hodguisn Fullback Mstwell
Hcore-Prlneeton, 13; Tenn. Bute, O. Touch
downs Kafer, Iteltar. (loals from touchdowns,
Mills, 7. lleferee-W. Whits, Lehigh. Umpire
I'. Whiting, Cornsll. Llnearucn, W. 8. Langford,
Trinity and O ndlebrstid. Psnn. State. Time rif
teeu and ten minute halves.
lunvxni), 2t: DATES. 0.
CAMnmnaE, Oct. 18. Harvard defeated
llatoa rather easily this afternoon by a score
of 21) to 0. Harvard's magnificent ead run
ning was the event of tho afternoon. Hawln
praotlcnlly duplicated his feat at West Point of
running for a touchdown through a broken
Held. This time he caught a punt on his own
llfteen-yard line nnd carried It between the
goal posts. The entire team aided him by
elegant Interference. Unco, however, ho wns
aught In the open with three llatss tacklors
clutching after hltn, but hs dodged them,
Warren, likewise, got In a fifty-yard run for
ascore. Liko Daly at West Point, Hawln kept
ending his men at the line. Harvard, how
ever, found n great deal of difficulty In making
any substantial gains In this ruspect. The
green Dates line held them too frequently for
a team which Is to meet ltrown In three days
nnd the Indians the following KntuMay.
Hnvrln's kicking wns n llttln off, ho missing n
Held goal ftum n drop kick and a goal from
touchdown, This may In some measure be
credited to the damp field which made accurate
work Impossible.
lu the second half Uurnett, Donald, Daly and
Campbell were sent in and Katou wns allowed
to try it In the lastfew minutes of play. Uur
nett began his career by sending the' ball on a
pluce kick squarely between the goal posts and
followed It up by plat lug a fast, aggressive
game. Donald also played well. Daly who
came In to allow Bawlu to replace Hurley kept
up the line play of his predecessor. Kills and
barren were sent Into It time and ngaln with
excellent results as the Dates linn gradually
crumbled and melted before the steady orlmson
assault. At the ond tho poor fellows were In
bad shape and panting like dogs.
The day was one or the worst Imaginable for
violent exerolse. A hot mist lay over the field
rendering spectators an well as players un
comfortable, nummary:
Harvard. Jlitnmt. llattt.
c."npbn.ii::::..::l ' iuchrd.on
DonlSd .'."': I- Le tackle Bturgl.
llolllinwortn . Left guard Daldwln
Burn1."!- -.:::! c-"r ,&
Uurden.. . . RUht guard j "i.U
J. Lawrence ..I rtiuht tackle ) c11
Katon I ""m uc"e j.... Willis
L Motley Right end Jordan
?)7yn. .'.'.'."".!" h Quarter Purintnn
B"wln7"" !..'." ( Left half Btlnchfield
Vtsrreu. '.'..'.", ' Right half Oailough
Ellin . Full back Putnam
Score, llhnard. 2ft, Hates, o. Touchdowns War
ren, 2: Kills. 2, Hawln. Goals from touchdowns
Lawrence, .1, Suwln. 1. Referee A. Ooul. Cmplrn
W. II. Lewis. l.lnearacii-Oray sud Fulslrcr.
Timekeeper F. N. Wood. Halrei 20 and in min
ute i.
I'MiLAPF.I.rillA. Oct. 18. The University of
Pennsylvania team played the weak Wealsyan
eleven on Franklin field this afternoon, nnd
the best the Quakers could do was to score 17
points to the ministers' 0. The combination of
players that opened tho gams for the Quakers
was an experimental one, nnd It was a friuent
occurrenoe for Coaoh Woodruff to make substi
tutions, which ultimately had their effect.
Pennsylvania playod weakly and loosely in ths
first half, as well as In the early portion of tho
second half. It wns not until a number of sub
stitutes were put on In the second half that ehe
plnyod with aggressiveness, Davidson playing
In n form that put his follow-players to shame
Wesleyan soored her touohdown on n re
markable run by Wilcox It was the minis
ters' ball on their forty-five yard line. On a
double pass Wilcox got the pigskin, nnd bv
beautifully dodging half a dozen Pennsylvania
players skirted the left end and carried the
ball down ths field for sixty-five yards and
landed It behind Pennsylvania's goal, num
mary: JVnnrvIvania, 7'eiilfm, irif.y7n
uowlu ;.:::.:::! i end B.Dodd.
"immermin":.: Left t.-kle Yarrow
Hare Left guard Drown
McCloakey Centre Hlllmau
Hnorer Rlghtmiant Luftin
IleSUrer Right tackle. Montgomery
WOardlner ... I "'" end .. Corn-ail
Gardiner .. Quarter back C. Ilodds
Smith Right half Lack ...Harwell
Keunedy I r. r h;.v I ... .W'llrux
liaitdaon .... Left lislf baek Wlnj
Rongenb-rg .. Full 1 s k luglK
Score Pennsylvania, 17: Wesleyan, fl. Umpire
W. Corhtn, Yale. Referee J. II. Minds, Peunarl.
vanls. Touchdowns Hare, DcSllvor. Davidson, W,P
cot. Goal from tonohdowni Hire, 2, Inirbs. I.
Time Twenty-two and one-half and twenty minute
Wii.i.iamstown, Oct. lB.-Wllllnms easily
defeated Holy Cross here to-duy by the score
of 2.'t to r in halves of twenty and fifteen min
utes. The Holy Cross line was weak. The
Williams defence was much stronger than in
last Saturday's game ugalnst Union and Holv
Cross could not gain through It to any extent.
At no time after Kcnney's run for n touchdown
was the Williams goal In danger In the
second half Capr. Draper tried most of his
most promising substitutes, but In spite of this
the team remained almost as strong aa before.
After the kick-off Holy Cross returned the
ball to the Williams forty-dve-yard line On
tho first line-up Draper dived through the line
between tackle and end and mado a run of
slxty-flvoyardsforntouohdown Moore kloked
the goal. Immediately after the aext kick-off
Draper cot through the same place as before
and scored the second touchdown after a run
of sevonty-Qve yards Holy Cross touohdown
was made soon afterward Dolph punted to
the mlddlo of the field Kennor caught the
ball and mads a pretty run. carrying It over the
line. Williams' third touohdown was the re
sult of a protty run ot forty yards by Moore
after a double pass.
In the second half Williams scored by a se
ries of rushes by Wilbur. Urates nnd O'Neill
from the middle of the Hold. Konney made
nearly all of the Holy Cross gains and besides
his run, whloh scored their touohdown. had
another gain of thirty yards to his credit.
The Columbia eleven will probably be
strengthened further In n few days by tho ad
dition of one of the greatest full backs who has
ever played on a college team, ltansome, tho
former University of California player, who at
tondnd Yale two years ago but was Ineligible
to play. Is studying medicine nt Columbia.
When at the University of California Hansomo
was captain of tho team and was nlso consid
ered a phenomenal punter and drop kioker.
During his term at Yule he played a number of
games with the Orange A, C team, which af
forded football crltlns a chance to judgo his
work, and It was tho unnnlmoi'H opinion nt
those who saw hlra that! In playing ability he
equalled If not surpassed somo of the most
noted full backs In the Kastern universities.
Coach Hanford said yesterdnv thnt Han
eome hail so far declined to play because of his
studies, but that he hoped to get thogrent
kicker out upon the gridiron tnafewdajs.
With Itnnsome baok of tho line It Is bolievod
that the Columbia team would he strengthened
fully 2.r) per cent, in a department whloh up to
data has shown neednt improvement. Colum
bin men hope that ltansome may be In shape
to play in the game against Yale a weok from
Nkw lUvy.N, Oct. 18 Two hard halves of 12
minutes were p'ayed to-day by the Yale eleven
In which tho only scoring was u goal from the
thlrty-flvc-yard line, It wasoneoflthe pretti
est hhnrp made since ho has been in Hull's
bunds nnd the sase and surety with which he
plnced the ball squarely between tho posts
made the coaches feel that O'Dea may not have
things ontlrnlv his own way in the Wiscon
sin znmo on Saturday. The college side
was strengthened by the presence of
Jllclok. T( und Cross. !). and wns gen
erally able to hold tho 'Varsity on downs, but
with all their strength were tiDnbto to do much
In advancing the ball. Tills means that thu
'Varsity deleuce Is Improving, a condition that
has been worked for most strenuously for some
time Hale played at left tackln in place of
Francis and was an Improvement over his
competitor for this p'ace when playing on the
defensive. Holt, a Ireshman, wns tried at
oentre In plnco of Cunha, whose arm was hint
In n scrimmage yesterday He played a rattling
goo 1 game. There was half an hour of seoret
practice In the afternoon
other football llsmes,
Columbia Orammsr St hool football teain difeatol
Pslght Hchuol at Van I'ortlandt Park yesterday
aft onoon br the Htoronf 2JtuO.
The Calumet Football Club would Ilka to arrange
games wlt'i teams averaging from lis to 12o points
for Hiinilirs and holidnvs, Addreis E. F. Foley, 13
Macdouual street Rrooklrn,
Pratt Institute defeated Toly Prap Kchool In the
opening game of the Long Island tnterscholastlo
championship aeries at Waahiuion Park yesterday
afternoon t y the score of 2s to d
In a well contested game Ktevous brat Rntgtrs
yietenlsy afternoon at the Ht George Cricki t
Grounds, Hoboken, This was the flritof the two
games plsyed annually between these colleges 1h
return game la to La played at Hew llrunawlck, The
score; Stevens, 12t Rutgers, a,
Phi.nciios, Oct 1H. Tiie heavy Villa Nova team
wae too much for ths I.wre!irevllle boys to-day,
when ther twat them on their home grounds Lv the
sroreof 1H to ft Lawrenceillle'e oidy touchdown
was secured by Kafer. a brother of Princeton's fa
mous bslf back, after a twenty-vard run through the
entire Tills Nova team. la spite of the superior
weight of ths visitors, the yn'ingster put up a good
nght and only the hardest kind of playing landed
the Pcausylvauiane a victor,
nznnr nnr.MOHT'i cot.ou ahain at
Morning Rnln Leaves the Course Deep
In Mud and Leads to Jinny Scratches
Kteoplafhaso Marred by Accidents Maid
of Harlem Enjoys a Wnlk-Ovrr Entries.
Trainers ot ths homes engaged to run yes
terday at Morris Park became demoralized by
ths rain ot ths early morning and tho conse
quent heavy track, and ths blue pencil played
sad havoo with ths sntrlos. The weather was
tins when racegoers started from town
and fully 4,000 mads the trip by train and
trolley. The Caatleton stakes, third on the
card, attracted a lair lot of two-year-old Allies.
Perry Belmont sent two, Oread and Jamaica,
and they were heavily supported at odds-on to
beat the others, Orond did the trick In clever
style and her stablo companion made a strong
bid for second honors, but had to glvo wny to
Hmoke when they struck the flat.
Tho sport began with a stceplechaso for
horsos that had not won at the game this year,
and there wnj ths customary chapter of acci
dents. The Ilnchnlor, at odds on, held his field
safe from llngfall and won easily from Phllll
doro and Mr, Stoffel. Troll, Nestor, Oovernor
(trices nnd Hardy C camo to grief. Durgess
was severely hurt by his fall off Hardy U. and
wnti removed to a nearby hospital.
The largest nccep'nnce of tho day material
ized In tho second race, n selling dash for
three-year-olds nml upward Tabouret and
The Barrister went to the lost eiiunl choices,
but Caoutohonc. at 1! to 1, upset nil calculo
tlons by winning out from Tabouret and lluf
toon lb n neck finish. Htlmulatcd bv tho succsss
or Oread In the stake, the plungers plnyo I
Waring almost off tho slates for the fourth rsco
and never had a moment's uneasiness as the
Mnsettocolt drew clear of his flold In the first
furinng nnd won galloping.
Trlllo hnd only Walt Not to beat In tho fifth
evont. and tho books held the Tristan colt nt
the prohibitive odds ot 1 to tl. Ho fairly re
velled In the mud and onrae home on the bit in
a gallop. The handicap for three-yenr-olds
and upward was reduced to n one-horse race
through a blunder. The route was scheduled
as one mllo nnd three-quarters over the
Withers course, but when the trio engnged
reached the turn on tho backstrotch, Spurs '
nnd Julius Crcsnr went on up the hill while I
the first choloe. Maid of Hnrlom, followed the
oorreot course. When round as far n tho
water tower. Odom realized tho situation, and I
taking Spurs baok, cantered home for seeond '
money. Hlack only began to set Julius Cnsnr
right when he came down to the judges' stand,
nnd his number was not hoisted. Hummnry:
rtnsT nACE
Rteeplechaas: for three-year-olds and upward.
non winners of a eteeplechese In lspu by subscrip
tion of tin each, to the winner ulthtiluo added, of
which MOO to second and s.vi to third, weights flvo
pounds below tho scale, about two mtles:
B)dney Ticot's ch. g The Rachelor, r, ly Judgo
Murray Spinster. tr,s (Mclnemeyi .. l
E. S Craven's h g. Phllltdore, .1. i;i2 Donohuo) 2
K. L. a R. W. Smith's (b. g. Mr. Stolid. 4, 147
(Johnson) 3
Troll, Neitor, Hardr 0, and Oor. Griggs also ran.
Time, 4 on.
Retting Ten to lion Tho Bachelor, o to 1 against
rhlllldore. r, to 1 Mr. BtofTel.r.o to 1 Troll, 10 to I
Ncator, in to I Hardy 0.. 12 to I Gov. Grlgga.
Belling, for three year-olds and upward, non.wln
ncrs of $400 In 18iut or of more than one rare in
1MU br subscription of Jin each, to the winner:
with SHOO added, of which lino to second and tr,o
to third weiuhts ten pounds below the scale, allow,
ances, last Ave and a half furlongs of the F-cllpao
J C. McOIII's b. f Caoutchouc, n, by Galore
Issaiuera, 101 (Danamsn) . .. ....1
T. A. Maaee's Lr f. Tabouret. 4, Mrt iWllson 2
0 A. Mlller'a br. g, Ilmron. .1. U2 (J. Dalvl .. . 3
The Harrlster, Pr F.lchl era, Tyrsn, Tyrla. J A.
Grer. Domineer, Requlta, Rose 0Lee, Becotid
Chance, Top Note and Hanwell also ran.
Time, l:o-,Vf
Retting Fifteen tol against Caoutchoue, 13 toft
Tabouret. 1 1 to 1 Dunoon. 13 to r. The Barrister, to
1 Hr. Elehberg. 1ft to 1 Tvrsn. r.0 to 1 lyrba. 7 to t
J. A Orev, 20 to 1 Iiotnlneer, .too tol Rpquits, 16 to 1
Ro o'Lee. no to 1 Hecond Chance, 4o to 1 lop
Note, 50 to l Hanwell
Titinn hack.
The Caatleton Btakes for two-rear old Allies, non
winners of tl.ono. by eut-acriptlnn of lo each.
ISO additional to s'art. to the winner, with tl.ooo
added, of which $200 to second and stoo to third:
selling allowances: last Ave furlongs of tho Eclipse
Terry Belmont's br.f. Oread, by Order Ruhr Royal,
104 (Odoini 1
W. Sho-alter's ch f Smoke, lot (O'Connnri 2
Terrr Ilelniont'a hr f .Tamstra.IU Dangmant.... 3
Flleen Daly, Jugglery and nuron also ran.
Time, o.ou'i.
Retting Ten to 7 on Urea t and Jamaica coupled
as the Rclmont entry, H to r, acilnst Hnioke, too to
Rlleen Daly, 100 to 1 Jugglery, tt to 1 Fleuron.
For two-vesr-olds: br subscription nf $10 en eh. to
the winner, with $700 added, of which 412", to sec
ond and $7ft to third, penalties and allowances, the
Withers mile.
V. M Taylor'e I), c. Wiring, hy Massetto The
Sweeper 1 10 'Clswaoin
J E Madden'sblk. c. Rvlford, 100 (Odom) 2
Osceola llahle's br. f, I.adr Uncan, los I)oecctt) n
Mbslonary, Mr. Jerary, The nobby and Viateruire
also rnn
Time. 1142(4
RMtlng-Iie to Son Waring. .1 to 1 acalnat Rad
ford, ir. to I I.sdy t'ness, 7 to 1 Missionary. 12 to 1
Ur. Jersey. 200 to 1 The Rubhy, 30 to 1 Viatercnrc.
8elllna:forthree.rear olda and upward, non-v, in
ners of $l.r.ni).bv fuhs, rlptlon of flu each, to tho
winner, with 7oo a Lied, of which $100 to second
and $.10 to third, weights ten pounds alsive the
scale, penslties md allowances, the Wither, mile
I.O. Appleby's b. c Tr llo, 4, by Tristan-Fiona.
105 (Hpencer) .. . 1
J. U Carr'sch.c. Ms'tnot. t. lm (Odom) 2
'lime-I 4.'HJ
Betting Six to I on Trlllo, r, pi 1 against Waltno.
KlVrit tUOF.
Handicap for threo-ycaw-nlde nnd upward. Ly sub
scription of $5 lach and fft additional for starters
to the winner with l oihi added, of which $2o0 ti
second and $100 tothlrd. one mile and three quar
ters over the Withers Course
Osceola Stabln'a L. f Mail of Harlem. Jl, by The
Bard Ella Lakeland. K13 (Vlllsoui. .. ... 1
F. D. Beard's Llk. or br. c. Spurs, i2 (iMotnl 2
Julius Ciesar also ran.
Time, 32S.
nettlm Ton to 7 on inld of Harlem. 7 to IS
against Spurs, A to 1 Julius C-iesar.
Tho entries for to-day's races are as follows :
First Race For three-j ear-olds and nier; aelllng;
$nooaddrd: tho Withers mile.
Scotch Plaid .10". Konchon 117
Tamor hu The Unman fti
Intruslie. ..102 The Pride .. 117
OueenofSong 114 Maximo Gomex . . lor,
Matanra . ... Il Wait Not 104
Rare Perfume . 102
Second Race For mal leu two.vear-olds. special
Wi iKhts. f.iin added, laat six and a half furlongs of
the Withers loll.
Bombshell 110 Dissenter llo
Male Haulon . .. Hi: MawnlAcint 110
Radford 110 Irmor ,. ... 107
Royxl sterling HOFonsolee 110
Wakcm llo xolnn . . 1 111
BackTalk 107 Matt Simpson . Ill)
Third Race The Ramipo Handicap for three year
olds, $2,000 added, last amuu furlongs of the
Withers mile.
The Rose It)-. Maid of Harlem . . US
Dnkenf Mlddleburg 105 Admiration .. 1111
PrlmeMcClurg . .lis King Barleycorn lis
A. N D 1 1 -. 1
Fourth Race The Fordharu Hlghwelghl Handi
cap for two year-olds and 01 er: purse $1,200, lat
aeie 1 furlouga of of tho Withers lutlo.
Trillo lis L'Alouette 10e)
Ladv l.tndsey lu.". Box l-in
Warrrntnn 121 hpirltuelle 12s
ruin Coulg 110 Klllashnndra lift
RlihanlJ !2!Oneck gueeu los
Kanlne im The Ilohhr . . ,, 103
Fifth Rice For maiden three-year-olds, and over;
special weights: Ifioi) added; laat six and a half fur
lotursof the Withers mile.
Pickwickian 1 10 Draughtimsn 1 it 7
Dr. Fltslnimoue ..., 10 KniWr 107
Haveloi k . .. 1111 Hi. HlnionUu lift
MlssSoak II2Trltonus IU
Tispplst 112 Maimorlca 112
Belleofll li)7iRosoo' Lee. . . 107
Sixth Race A handicap for thrie year-olds and
ever. $1,000 added, one mllo and a ouarter over tho
Semtxr Ki:o 120 Our Nellie too
Csniero Its Mr Hubert tfi
Warren ton inn Dutch Slater U5
Uuakadlne lou
At I.ntontu.
CmrivxATi. Oct. I R. With a track heavy with
sticky mud there were some surpilses at Latonta to
day The lait race eej.ucially waa a disappointment.
Troubabne, art toft favorite, led all the way to the
atret h. when Reseda took two lengths' lead'and wou
tiusily in a gallop. The other llulshea wero alao easy.
First Race Seven furlonua, Rul el, 100 IDupee). 0
to 1, wen. Yo No-Sue, 100 fUlegrrs), I.', 1 1 1, sec
olid. Mslah-c, tur, tWclri, 4 to I, third Time,
1 3V(.
Hecond Rica live and one-half furlonss John
Ynikes, 107 Crowhurtt) i) tu ft, mm Woodtrlee, 104
(Fresti 4 to 1, second! Caviar, 101 (Southard), nu to
1, third. Time. 1 IIH,
Third Race One mile Tho Oeeacr. loilf (Dupiei
N to I, wnn.Xanoy Till, Huts (Mason), ftto 1, second,
Lord Neville, 10ft (Southardi, il to I, third. Tine.
Fourlh Race One mile, soiling Manilas, 10.)
(SUurO, 20 10 1, wou. Loyain, 102 (Wnlderslrandl,
i to 1, secoud, Uusket, 10U (Fox), in to 1, third,
Time. I:47(.
Fifth Race -illx furlongs Reseds. 110 (J, Bolaadi
?l to I. won; Trouhallne. 1 10 iKiol) 7 to ft, secnuu,
Iauis (J, G., 100 (Snlght). 12 to 1, third. Time,
1 UiV
At Chicago.
C'sn a in. Oct, Is Lu'kharl Brothera horse, Astor,
won with mi to I aramat his chancos at Harlem to.
day and the atabla haa Leen auspended pending un
lui estimation of the hniae's runtilmr. There were
set era! oilier surprises and the racing was generally
unsatisfactory. Summary!
1 1 ret Kace 1 our and one half f urlougi Tildee, 110
illlni.r, 4 to 1, won; Majdim. 110 iConleyl, ft to I,
second; Kmma VI., 112 (Mclntyret, 7 to 1, third.
Time. 0.6.114.
Second llaerOne aud one. eighth miles Adme
pas, 100 (Ucguadej, s to 2, won; Yuba Dam, 1UJ
(Oonley), S to 1. secoud: Jennie F., 100 (Mltohell),
10 tol. thlnl. Time. l!5H.
Third Race Five and one-half furlongs Molet
Parcolia, 104 (Mitchell). Oto I, woni Little Alarm,
J04 (It. Nsrvaei), 10 to 1, second; Don't Skip Me,
ou (UcQuade), 7 to ft, third. Time, 1:0VH.
Fourth Rate One mile Canaoe. MO (T. Durns), ft
to 2, worn Tulle Fonso, 102 (Mitchell), 1 to 2,
second; Vooandies, IO"i (L, Ross), 20 to 1, third.
Time, 1:41,.
Fifth Race8lx furlongs-Nettlo Regent, 100
(Mitchell), 4lo I, won, Tho Monk, 10ft (Oonley), 7 to
2, second! Brownie Andorson, 110 il, Powelli, ft to 3,
third. Time, 118. M , A , ,
Sixth Rsce One mllo and twenty yards Astor,
ion (Htukey), ftu ti I, won. Free Lady, 111 iMc
Intyro), )0 to I, second: Great Bend, 112 (T, Burns),
(1 to ft, third. Time, llir.H.
rnoTTixa j.vo vacisu.
Mew Scheme for Withdrawing a Horse
Heavily Hacked In the l'nols.
Coi.ummts, Ohio. Oct, 18. The first day's
races of the Columbus fall meeting, which
were postponed yesterday on nccount of rain,
were started this nftornoon over a very muddy
track. It wns after .'I o'clock whon the first
heat of the 2:12 paoe was started, and but
seven heats were completed before the races
had to be postponed till to-morrow on account
ot dnrknsHs
George Castle, owner, and George West,
driver of Hcapcgont, the favorite In the 2:1'J
pace, left the track under the Impression that
no r.ices would be started today, and when
the 15:12 pacers wero llnally called Castle and
West could not be found The race wns no
cotdlngly started without tho favorite and
ri Lout i-H.oou worth ot auction pools, w lilcli hnd
been sold the past two days with HcnPegout
dirtying the money against the Held, weiti de
clared off. It looked like a scheme on the pnrt
oT Castle nnd West, for they had backed Hcupe
goat henvllv to win and they felt thnt ho did
not have n chnnce over tho muddy trnok.
The races were very much split up as fsr ss
they went. Hoien heats wern paced In tho 2:12
class and the 2:M() pace and six different horses
had 11 winning heat to thelrcredlt Miss I'.dlth
was the only one to have two. Hho won the
third and fourth hents In the 2:12 pace and
looks like n sure winner of this rice to-morrow
when the races will bo started nt 11 o'clock.
2:12 rises, pacing, purse J'loo (unnnlsho.ll.
Mls Edith, br. m Ly Edguvond (Mc
Carthy. ... noil
Minnie Irene, ch. 111. iKidesi . . I :i 4 3
1 ,rdle Dickers, in, Lr. in. (Garfield) ... 4 1 .1 4
Clsahlltore, b m (S(ltll-en) ... 2 4 t! ci
Dower, ih, in iSpincer) . ... .11 ft 2 ft
K Heard s. ih. g, (Scott Hudson) 7 2 ft w
LlglltMar, ch. g. iGosnell) 8 7 fl 2
Gypsey Red, ch m. (llolfne) 3 U II (I
Burr I'ati h. b. IHwIslier) ft h 7 7
B'apeguMt. L. g. (West) dr.
Tlme-2 lsS(. 2-l7i. 2'17'f, SMU'l,
2:.so class, piicinz; nurse filoo (nntlninhed'
The Diichiss, Llk. in., Ly Lord Jeuklnson
iShnpherd) . 2 1 ft
Circle, b. m.(Vanatta) . 17 3
Csrniellls, L m iMaloney) 4 1
McKlnlov. h. g. i8:iarti 4 3 2
Bud Brown, Llk. c. isnyderi .. . . '. 2 u
Blnlsi, L g. Bdghami 7 r. 4
The Vlmlral, b. h. 'Swisher) . a ildr.
Russellniore. b. g (tnssou tl dls.
Time 2:2J'l. 2:1P4, 2 21 V
Close Finishes at I'urkwny.
Heavy rnln oar'y yesterday morning flooded
the Parkway half-mile trotting track and de
lated the start of the sport for somo time. But
when It did start there were mora keenly con
tested heats and more close driving finishes
than Parkway's patrons have seen In manva
day. There were no very fnst heats, tho track
was too heavy for that, but the spectators as n
rule don't stop to take uvidonco as to a second
or two, when four or flvo horses are racing to
the wire heads apart.
The first heat of the day In tho 2:30 pace . is
easy for George, but after that Mace the fa 1 -He,
won the next three, by a head, by a length,
and Ly a short half length The talont mndo
lieorgena the choice In tho 2:1(1 trot. She was
second money, but only becausa Newhurger
developed tho nnsal hemorrugo that throw him
out of training two years ago. Tho first heat
was n II',' lit alltilong thellne nndnrattllngclose
finish between Nigger Jack. Quartsrstaff and
Newhurger. In the second the later went at
tho Nlgcer. and from wire to wirn there wns no
gap between thorn. Newhurger camo with a
rush ut the finish, hut wns just too late, losing
by a nose Again In the third heat It was noth
ing hut these two to the three-quaiter pole,
where Newhurger began bleeding nnd had to
be en'-nit. the result being that he failed to bent
the Hag by four or the lengths. The summa
ries' 2:'lo Clas, pacing, purso f 300.
Mi i.h g. L) Mind, r Wilkea, dam Ly
llooler C Bedforl'. . . 7 111
G' 'r.r.. ti. g. iM Klnneyi I 2 4 ft
Walt-l 0eis. b. g (Smderl 2 4 2 2
T. II liradi. b g Nichols r, :t a a
I Prim e Nai r ix.ue, ih m. illlltehinsoiw, 3 rt ft 4
1 Nelll, M II.. b 111 (Brennan) . 4 ft tl 11
BsmoIIm. L g, Diivle) . ,. a 7 dr
Titne-2 'Jftif, 2 224 2:J4"L 2:2411.
2 lit class, t otlinz. purse $400,
Niguer -Jack. L. g., br cj clone dam Ly Aber
dteii (Arthur Ill
Oeortfena b. m (Devyl 7 m 2
IJunrlcTstatT, L s. iSn.ider) 2 7ft
1'indorf, b. g. Finery 11 ft ;j
Hob liny, h, ir, 1F011U 4 4 4
Mjrtln 1) iv, b. g (Whelpley ft ,1 11
Newlu.rger. rn g. iTboinuson' . 3 2dla
Tinie-1' IH4, 2H74. 2 lhjf.
2:24 class, trotting, tiurse $300 (unflulshcdi.
Ilolli luiroc. L. m. Hendrlcksoh) 2 1
Miss Rsttorton ch. in Shank) 1
Hlcfco. 1 wood, Lr h. (sinnotti s ,t
Hunter Hill, li tf. Dodge) 4 4
I litre), L. in. (IVilmti-om ft 5
imi lue hr in 'Williams) . n 7
N", Hie Belle. LI. 111, lALrains) H 11
btar Uly.gr in Whelployi, 7 h
Tiiue-2-2m, 2 iu'-l.
To-day's card has the free-for-all trot and
pace with u big field ot starters.
I.avin Tennis.
Yesterday was the second day of play In tho
Coliimblu University Fall Tennis Tournament.
Th" preliminaries and all except one mntch in
the llrst round were completed nnd the second
round begun The scores-
l'r.liiuluary Round IMlsiiu, IL02. College, 1 eat
Audeison, 11,01 Law, (I l, 11 2, Ro;n s, 11x12 Col
lege, li.at 1 ii) lor, IUi'2 Lav,, by default. Si mm s.
mill La. Leal Hid Hues, lpooCollege -4, u 1.
Miuphy, 111112 Law, L. at Ropes, mot 8 lence. lv
default. Conwell. 1ISM1 Law, Laat Splller, IPOl)
Silence, il I, (1 -1.
First Round Brlggs, 1 (100 Science, defeated Dur
ham, IL011 l ollege 7 ft, 11 4 : K. Cuahlng. Inn
Law, dereated Sviimes. nml Lxw, 11 1, 11 3, Rates,
IU02 science, di'tejtld Tlldeu, 1P02 ljiv., 1412,
il 3 L' eman. IIKU College, defeated Shoemaker,
1IMI2 College, Ly default: Mahali, 1IKI2 Collect,
de.'at,il VjnlTse, IPOJ College, tl 3, il 2, llelidor
son, moo Sipnee, defeated I'otinill, nsu Ihw,
D-4, s 11 llove-on, HUM) College defeated Lue
man, luot Cile.-c, hy default Dusi nLiirj 11.00
Science, defeate I DinlelH, lluij Science, u 3, ' 4
Gnl'atln, UKsi ColLue, defeated liurlis. 1 POO Science,
.1-0. (I 3, it 'I. Bulkle), lliol College, debated
Wi I I, I ,m I College. II I, ,1- 3
Second ILutd-R. Cuahlng, 1P02 I,,v. def, atcd
Schley, IP.I2 l.'iw. rt-O. ll-l; Mahan, IPO.' College,
detected llur.ILt, IMoo College, 2-11, tl 3, s tt.
Ouinlnn to Leave Harvard.
CsMiiniiMiK. Oct. 18 -The Harvard track
team hue been weakened by tho decision of J.
F Dulnlnn, who won the loOyjrds dash from
Thomas of Oxford nt the International gnmes
last spring, to enter n law office In Huston.
This will en.o Harvard very weak In tho
sprints, us llochti has lelt college and Oreen
nud llutler have failed to prote of any use to
the team. A'groat deal Is cxpocled of Hpriigne,
wlm entered this yenr from fit Pnul's. (lurden
t'ltv. I.. I. (Jnliilnn's departure will mean that
Yale will get most of the points In thu coming
dual games.
I Cricket.
The White Htsr liner Oceanic, which snllcd
jester.lav for I.iverrool, had en board Prince
llanjltslnhjl nnd his team of English cricket
ore, 'vlid made such a splendid record on their
recent tour of the I'nllod Unites, The Prlnen
suld: "Wn all enjoyed ourselves Immensely,
ami wo feel vory grnteful for tho general coin
teay and hospitality extended to us Our team
wns n little strong for your men, but we did no
better than expected. I think your bowling
has Imprmoil. and its quite good, but the bat
ting appeared to us a llttlo weak,"
Hon ling Gnmes To-nlglit.
American National Tournament Rosedale, South
Pav. aud Gerniauiu, at tho Oermatila Assembly
Rooms allevs
National Lsague Tournament Goldeu Rod, Rlver
dult md Corinthian, at Htarr's alleys.
Harlem L aguo Tournament Morningslde, Grove
Hill md Colonial, at Thiiiu ft Kahladorf's alleys
C iluiiiLiaTpiiniami nt Empire, Puritan aud Orien
tal, at Schl asing'a nlleys,
Arlington National Inurnainent Oradell, Man
ahailaaml Welcome, at tho Arlington Hall alleva.
lire lusiiriuci l.iane loiirnament l.amaahlte
Fire Insurau eOoiiipauy Greenwich Fire Insurnuco
Cimpauv and Catedouian Firo Insurance Company,
at lleld'aallejs
Arcade Head Pin Tournament Uanahatta No 1,
Mauahaiti No 2. Uanahatta No 3, MenahattaNn, 4
and H'niir.'ler No. I. al tho Arcade alleva,
Ilrookli'ii lloial Arcanum Leaguo Tournament
Coiiitnenwealth Council, Price Council and Delxmg
Council, atlralnnr'sallcit,
tiiisslp of the King,
P I... New York No, they Dover met.
X. Y. 0 New York 1, Yea, at tho Lenox i.e.
2. 0.
George L , New York Address Aleo Brown, Coney
Island Spurting Club, Coney Island.
Kid M. C .y haa signed articles to meet Billy ttlft
of U ileago in bt. IxjuIs on Oct. 27 in a twenty-round
Frank Chllda of Chicago and Bob Armstrong have
t eeo matched to meet brfors one of the local clubs
lu lleceinber.
Ham IWdan and George Johnson have besn matohed
to Lo-. ten rounds at the Natloaal A. O, on next
Bstusday night-
7f.s). LIMD3AT COMI'lETItB lir.lt TAKK
ik ot nouns.
Finishes In n Downpour nf Rnln but In Good
I'lirslcnl Condition Grout (lathering nf
Those Who Have the "Century Fever"
All nf Her Jealous Rivals Vanquished.
Out on tho Merrick road, at Valley Htroam,
L. I Is a hotel where ths Inmates are slum
brous to-day, after flvo days of wakefulness
and a pocullnr slats of excitement that could
not with tntire acouraoy be called lunacy. The
tiulet of last night and to-day are duo to the
fact that Mrs. Jans Lindsay lias finished her
blcyclo trip. She completed a tldo of eight
hundred miles before daylight yesterday and
went to sleep, but the excitement of the occa
sion was perpctuatod by the aggregation of
blc)cle onthuslasts, who did not tiro ot tailing
about tho performance.
Mrs, Lindsay, alter her rldo, was allowed to
oat somo chlckon and sleep two hours. Then
she took a walk and returnod to her room for
another nap. In the afternoon sho slept
heavily until darkness Ret In, nnd last night she
remained at the hotel for more sleep. Hho wns
In ths sumo condition tie any other tired per
son, except that she wns unnaturally sprightly,
because sho was elated over her performance.
To-day she will doubtless bo ready to go out on
n wheel for u short pleasure ride and enjoy tho
samo sights over the same course thnt nti
noved her when sho had to pass them In ful
fillment of her self-lm possi! task.
Mrs. I.indsnr rodo MOO miles In 01 hours nnd
48 minutes. Hho performed this feat under
the rules of tho Century Ilo.id Club of America
which prescribes 11 hours for one century. 21
hours for two ccnturlos and 12 hours additional
for each 100 miles thereafter. Ho In order to
make n record that would be reeognlrcd by tho
0. It. C, Mrs. Lindsay had to finish within (Hi
hours. Sho was many hours ahead of the limit
and has shown n greater tost of endurance on
tho road than any other woman. The best pre
vious record vrris that of Miss Jane C Yatmnti
of Now York who on Hc.pt. 20 completed a rldo
of seven continuous centuries lu HI hours and
5 minutes.
Mrs. Lindsay started from Wythe avonuo
and Hon th Klgbtli street. Drooklt ti. at H:30 A. 11.
last Saturday, proceeded to the official check
ing station at Valley Ht renin aud from thoro
rodo again and again otcr tho triangular
course of twenty miles that haa been surveyed
by the C It. C. Htartlng from West's hotel tho
Merrick road Is followed seven miles east to
Freenort. From there the course leads north
to Hempstead, about lite miles, thonco six miles
back to the Merrick roud at Lynbrook, thence
a mile down to the hotel, past It. half a mile to
Foster's Meadow and return to the checking
Hy hnvlng their slips stamped at Valley
Stream nnd at Hempstead century enthusiasts
authenticate their record, brcause Hempstead
Is off at the apex of a triangle of such shape
thnt it is as short to go around to Lynbrook as
to retrace tho toad ridden: and, therefore. It n
rider passes through Valley Stream nt Hemp
stead It Is certain that they have covered tho
required distance, which Is twenty mllosto a
At present there Is no reason to doubt that
Mrs Llndsav's rocord Is authentic and will be
accepted, although these long rldos by women
havo been the cause of much jealousy and
blokoring among ths local riders and local
ofllclala of the 0. It. C
In respect to the weather conditions tho
finish of Mrs, Lindsay's WO miles was similar
to that of Miss Yatman at the end ot her 700.
but with regnrd to physical conditions there
was a conttast that was Interesting nnd In
structive. Miss Yatman hnd no one in partic
ular caring for her although she was better
paced than the new record holder. Mrs. Lind
say, however, was attended by a woman who
looked after her needs nil through the long
journey. Miss Yatman finished TOD miles In
n downpour nnd was a physical wreck. Mrs.
LlnJsay finished 800 miles in a drenching rain
and dismounted rational and sound, although
of course, tery tired.
It a in began to fall nt Valley Stream nt 1.05
o'clock yesterday morning as suddenly as the
emptying of a bucket of water, and about as
fiercely. Hvery one of the forty or more heavy
eyed watchers at the chocking station ran to
tne porch Mr' Lindsay was then nway on
the twcnty-tnllo lap ttmt would complete her
seven hundred nnd eightieth mllo The rain
descended upon her and hor company of lite
when the party was between Ilompstend nnd
I.tnbrook.nn which stretch there Is no place
to stop. It was a deluge for twenty-live min
utes, but at 1 .IlOo'olock It stopped. At 2 o'clock
Mrs. Lindsay and her escort renehodthe hotel,
drenched and bosplsshed with mud.
Hho had n hasty rubbing. :i bowl of broth. and
n drink. t 2 20. tho rain began to fall again
nnd nt'J'22 Mrs Lin Isay started out on the
last twenty-mile Inp that lay between her nnd
her ambition At this time sho wns a tery tired
woman. Tim color in her face wan not the
usual one of perfect lienlth, but rathei the
Hush of tuver Her usually full cheeks showed
hollows and her eyelids drooped heavily but
the little mouth was set In the same quiet line
of iletermin.it'on that It had when she began
Hupported by tho arm of her husband, Will
lain l.lndsav. n rough and reidi telegraph
lineman, who was gltn to spenk proudly of
"my woman." .Mrs. Lindsay, with n rubber
c.e about her that reached to the wal-l.
ttnlked to the porch and out on the muddy
roul Into tho rnln. whete her wheel was being
held for her She took the wheel sllentlr,
slowl) plnced one leg ovor the top bar of the
diamond frame nnd tlttud her right foot Into
the toe. ellp. while two of her pacemakers flit
ted off into the blnck gulf of the roadway
With the wheel tilted and her left foot on tho
ground sho paused and essayed to speak Hho
was perfectly calm and rational, but like a per
son half awake, was too tired to speak Inci
sltely. Khessld'
" h-wh-where's-er-Hyde?"
She was Inquiring for one ot her pace
makers. Hyde appeared, wearing a long rub
ber care Tom West called:
" l'ull up your dross. Hyde."
There was a chorus of calls, such lis "Look
out for the mud I It's slippery, he careful!
Take her easy I" Then Mr. Lindsay got lo
the steps and exclaimed:
" .Vow, tnke her gently, bovs."
With these calls sounding In her earsMrn.
Lindsay mounted unable t and disnppe.ired
Into the belt of dntknesH that made mockeries
at l.inips. bhe went alone for several hundred
yards Leforn tho company oT ptecmakers
I surrounded her With her on the last 1 ip worn
' V. W. Hyde. C. It. 0. : W. H. Uruy. Wniorly
Wheelmen : Philip Pent, Lings ( oiinty Wheel
men : H. Schwcnke. Vigilant ('tele Club: Flank
Albert, the-slx da) cyclist, and Mux Mat-quiz
I Dining that last rule oter the slimy rond
(Iray fell and Mnrqulz got his ehnln so clogged
that ho had to stop, but Mrs. Lindsay loilo
stenillly and without help Coming down from
Hempstead she ate nn iipple that one of her
companions gathered from n tree, riding
through the slippery mud with one hand on
the handle-bars while sho munched When
the party started atvai on the Inst lap thero
was much noise nnd when they went past nt
4 10 toward the til in nt Foster's Meadows, half
ti mile below, there was concerted cheering,
but at t lie llnlsli there wis sllenc.
Passing the hotel, Mrs Lindsiy went to tho
turn and hack, riding the tulle in eight min
utes, nnd coming up to tins hotel sho ills.
I mounted unaided, cairlcl her wheel up the
three stops of the porch, tossed it to Tom
I West and walked ncioss two rooms lo hor
apartments In silence fier having n bath and
somo chicken to eat she said she w.is ns happy
I as nny one could be She had done tvhnt sli set
I out to do, had bentep the record ot Miss Yat
man In eiery liundrn I miles nnd added
another cntury to the club record for women
hho 'idded Inter thit it lint she had done it ns of
I as much use as tho mold races. This tins lu
replv to n remark upon tho folly of her ride.
Among the piieemiikeis on! the lap belore
the List were ',li and Mrs. Onirics Ilrush on il
tntulem Mrs Ilrush. who hopes next venr to
ride ten centuries, agreed with hoi husband In
tho em' athlc remark that Mrs Lindsay had n
remnrkahle constitution and still mure re
in.irkuble recujierntlve imwers. Frank Albert,
tliosx-i!av rider, it ho is'noiv Cspfilti ol the
Jackson Wheelmen, said ton reporter ot The
"The tvomnn has been starved It Is a shame
the way they fed her In a lone rldo outdoors
she should have had solid f tod and plenty nf
It 1 nduranee In a enso like this Is n mutter of
handling I can tuke almost any healthy
woman oyellst and send her a thousand miles,
If I havo full way ns to her treatment '
Mrs. Lindsay's record for the ride Is ns fol
lower sturt, H 80 A. M Haturday.
Tirst century. 4 'jr. P M Saturdar.
Se, ond century, 1 an A It., Sunday
Third ccntii'y 1 I .ar. a. M . Sunday.
Fourth century. 1 1 2r P It. Sunday.
Fifth century 2 :P2 P. M Mondai .
Sixth century. ?ilo A. M , Tuesday.
Set enth century. 2 .12 I M Tuesday.
Eighth ciitur . 4US A. M , Midi.isday.
Totalelapaed time. HI hours IH minutes.
Total (tine oT wheel yd hours 20 minutes.
Total all up, 3 In urs.
Mrs Van Kleeek remained with Mrs. Lindsay
yesterday and last night, mid thov will prob
ably rest nt Valley Htream to-dny berore going
The questions "Why does sho do Itf" "Is she
crazy? "Is It sport?" huve been asko I as
much alone tho country side where Mrs. Lind
say made her hard rids ns In the city. They
seem to hate bean unanswernble. as they were
when Miss liitmnn rode. The llrst question
usually is: "What dose she get for itf" In
these days when athletes of all kinds admit
that they follow a sport "for what there la
In It," It seems hard for any one to believe
that a man or woman would enter upon such a
task as that of Mrs. Lindsay without thers
being a monetary Inducement One can un
derstand why ths men In the slx-dav races
tortured themselves In tho hope of winning a
takts aud a fame that meant Independence,
.j I'm mm
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but to pay one's own expenses and ride night
and day on the rond through wind and ruin and
mud tor tho snko of saving "I did It" has
proien Incomprehensible to most persons.
The matter did not become muoh clearer to
those who went out to Valley Btreatn. They
found there nn unpretentious wayaldo hutol
that, bei'iiuso of tho good nnture and Interest
of the proprietor nnd Its location, had been se
leeudns th checking stntlon of the 0 It. (' of
America This Is eighteen miles out from
lirook l 11 on tho Mnrrlok road. The visitor j
arriving there any night during the ride would
hate fouuii 11 row of smoky lamps burning on
1 ht porch Tho sste.i doorsof a room twonty
live feet snuare stand open On settees and
choirs are stretched the forms ot a dozen men i
und two or three women In slumbrous pose
Another do?en or two are gathered In ill fler
eut groups talking. Alwnvs tho subject Is the
same century rhtlng Tho plnco has been
dubbed during the last two weeks as sn
"astlum" nnd "joint" for thoso afflicted with
"century dope)." Tho proprlotor, a big man
well along In the forties, has joined tho t'en
tury lload Club, and although he employs bar- I
tenders anil other help ho sits up himself all .
night to watch tor tho return of a rider like
Mrs. LlniNay or Miss Vntman Thero Is some
kind or morbid fascination about tho thing
from which no one escnpes. The newspaper
men and those who go out from curiosity call
it all Insanity, but they linger, and watch
One rider after another comes In and asks:
"Where are they?" or "Did Jim come In?
"I ntn now on my thlnl century." "I hate paced
her lour laps to-dav." 'Tie got to get hack to
business to-morrotv. I promised to return to
dny." "I lienrMnlth did two centuries Hundav;
he can't rldo." "I'm going to beat thorn all
when I get my vacation next summer." The
air Is full of the talk ot men nt)d women who
seem to bo Insane on the subject ot bioyolo
riding. To experienced rldors who hnve
thought that the enthusiasm Is dying out this
hotel on the Morrlck road la n retolatlon that
bewilders. To go there ond stay torn fewdnys
means a new study of human nature, and yet
ono lcnveswlthnsllttlocomprehenslonof'tt hy
they do lt"ns he had before.unless he becomes
Infected with the ambition to ride n centurv.
If ho rides ono. say tho authorities, he will
hate eaten of the dope and become n fiend.
Will II l'ltmnn. who won the first cycle race In
America, and has seen nil kinds of cycling
enthusiasm and every sort of gruelling contest,
was a fascinated spectator nt Vallev Btream
during all of Itivlerre's and Mrs. Lindsay's
ride. Hosnysthat In all of his twenty-threo
years as a oyellst. he has seen nothing like the
scenes he has witnessed at Vallev Btreatn. Ho
suggested to the Proprietor thnt his checking
station bo called "The Paresis Inn for Wheel
men "
The century riders acknowledge themselves
cranks to each other, and when asked why
they do It cannot explain except to say that
they like It. There ore a thousand who check
at the place, nno every one is desirous of being
recognl7ed ns an exceptionally hard rider.
During tho days whllo Mrs. Lindsay was rid
ing there were n score of others, not riding
with her. who checked from time to time
They were riding single, double or triple
centuries, for tho sake of getting the gold bars
Indicating the fact from the.C. n C. A con
siderable proportion of thoo affected
by tho crare are of n class that many riders
would cnll "common," "Ignorant" and "under
bred," but hand In clove with these nre a lot
ot intelligent persons of business and social
standing, some of them wealthy
Bo for as tho ornzo for these rides on the part
ot the women go, it nil began last spring when
ono woman did a "triple century The pa
pers mentioned It. Mrs Irono Ilrush went out
nnd did four. Miss Jane Vatmau next (lid five.
Mrs. Jane Lindsay then did sH: Miss (Yatman
did woven, and finally Mrs, Lindsay ho done
eight It Is feminine jealousy and tanlty and
rltnlry that stnrts them and feminine grit that
carries them through. Baid Paul Thomas, ono
of the most Inveterate of eentnry riders:
"Some of these women will fnll dead some
day while trying to beat all others nnd then
the others will stop,"
A woman who does not ride centuries, who
was standing nenr. sold:
"Oh It's nil right If they can stand It."
"Would vou like to have your ulster do It?"
aha was asked. Bhe answered:
"Ves, If sho was able, and I wish I could do It
This womnn, who was nmere visitor at tho
scene of Mrs. Lindsay's rldo. probably ex
plained the feelings that prompt such feats.
iir.rFittKs's ahm stkamkh agaix.
The Champion, It Is sold, la Heavier Ttinn
He Wishes to He.
Champion Jim Jeffries came to town again
this morning to so Dr Btycr. his
physician. He had his injured member
"steamed" and will undergo this treatment
until ten days boforo tho battle. This will
leave him with hut a llttlo over a week to do
hard work, for without the tiso of his arms he
cannot Indulge In the oerclse which will do
him the most good.
As the trip from Asbury Park to New York
every dny Is arduous, the big pugilist will bo
attended to at his quarters by one of his doe
tor's assistants. The steaming process, so Dr.
Bnydr says, will cer'ainly bring JolTrles's left
arm bnck to Its normal state. Tho spot whero
the medicine bnll struck It Is badly swollen
and each effort to raise tho elbow is accom
panied by a shooting pnin
Owing to JolTrles's accident his labors will be
confined to roid work. Heisn glutton in this
respect, but his efforts have not hud. It is said,
n tendency to reduce him Jeffries, according
to good authority, weighs about Jlrt pounds
now. This Is rather a handicap to him. for ho
1 Is nt his best nt about 'JUS pounds
Jeffries, It Is known, wool! rather forfeit
$1M0 and have the battle put oft st least four
. weeks hence. Such II course would glie him
I a bettershow to get In eoiHIiiou
Despite the report of JelTries's nfllietlon tho
bettois nre still backing him nnd the figures
j remnlu at ," toll Somo small hots were, how
ever, mndo at 11)0 to MO. Slnrkey has gained a
number of admirers who like his eh mess
Kid Met'oy Is another boxer who wants to
lake Jeffries's place and Unlit Sharkey either on
Oct 'J7 or Not !i TheKdcime to town tor
the purpose of signing articles to light Peter
Mnher lie says that the delay In clinch
lug this fight rested with Mnher The Irish
man, lie contend, winto I to hnve the mill
settled before I)ic. 1 1, the dt'o now proposed
font This Is agreeable to the Kid and ho adds,
"it is up to Peter."
Putt itiririiit, Oct. ! Brooklyn won the second
of t'm gsraes of the post-sesson scree from Phila
delphia hi hunching four hits in tho ninth Inning.
These, with a hasi on hall", l lelih'd thr, e i 'Hi" The
lmalsdlil not do much w. th Ilium s iletirti-y. b ut
1 were f irtini.itn lu iiuiMug thMr sw hits emint.
The fielding of Cro-e esperlilK hrllllinl.
Dihleii pUid siip,'i)i hall I o'h at the bat and lu the
tithi. Attendance. I. 4io. ihoHore:
i-uit ihi'i I'nu. I !'onM.f.
p. ii. ki. a r. v. ii. po. a. r.
l'lick. rf. '-' If I o o Killer, lr o 1 o u
er". -. I 2 r, r, o K(eW. rf a I l o o
lit I ant). If 0 i 1 I o Jrniii g, lb.0 I 11 1 o
I.sl'.ie, cf il i 4 1 il Il-ilv ill II V .". 4 O
l I'hlh's. lb 1 Oil) 1 l.lilis.if. .1 100 O
, Mi K'llinl. c 0 1 .1 2 " H-lhl II. s 0 3 I! 7 J
I IMilglsss.'Ibo il I 1 0 Ttlitiulrc. c o 1 r. 2 1
Hola.li Jl! II 0 2 'I ii t'lisej. lb .1 2 1 II 1
I J)onohi;e, p o ii o 2 o Dunn p on 3 o
Andiism". I l i' it o
Totals, , 4 li 27 HI 1 All James p 0 O 0 0 II
Totals. .. & 14 27 17 4
Hatted for Dunn lu ninth inning,
Philadelphia . ,u 1 o 1 o 2 o 0-4
llrooUyu ... 0 1 1 0 o 0 o o ii .",
Two ban lilt I lick, Tliree-bnse hlt-Kllck. I.elt
on hasos Philsdeiptiia. H, Hr mklj n, I htru'kuiit
By Dunn. a. hi l,.Janei .', hi lionohue. 1. ht"li u
bases Cross, Pougln-s Datilen. Dolll b play
Mrfarlsnd and Cross Plrst I. neon balls on liiiun,
il, nl tionobue, 4 First I.ssm on ernra Ptulsilel
plus, 2 llruoklyu, 1 Wild pitch Dunn. I'nipire
Lathnm. '1 line 1 hour und on minutes.
13th Day, Thursday, Oct. loth.
The Itnlilupn Handicap, The Fiiriltiam
Hlgtiirelgbt Handicap nml Four Other
riist Usee st 2 P. M. Music by Contemn
Take 2d at. ' I," to Willis ST., thence hy !4o,-liil
Trains to Morris Ptri at 12:10, li 5, 1.0'., 1 21,
1 to, 2:oo and .' 1.'. P. M. KIKI.il, fto f'KNTs.
In-day. Thursday, thl ID. unfinished 224 class
trotting, 2 'Uclais trot, 2:20 dies jiaoe and tm.tur
all trot an I pac, wirn lo entries Imludlug the
Orasd Circuit perferm'is I'r nee Alert 2 oci,
lUiau likes 2 OlH, llesale llni-lnll 1 lir,. l.irl
Wilkea '. to'4, onev 2 o"s,t'lio si 2 OK, Democracy
H.05. i'lrsl repealled at 11 JO P Al.
I illfl
jioiri.ixa, l
Tor the purl ose nf arranging the first round of Nil
gamre ill the Dank clerks' I.-airne Tournament, a I 'Mm
lui etlng nns held al Hold's alleys last night. The ' -Jl
gjmea were arranged as follows 41
Oct. 24 - United Htatrs Sub Treasury, National , 21m
Park Dank and Mechinlca' aud Traders' National 'j flB
bank. j !
Oct. 2d - I.nileiiburg. Thalmann Co., Chase Na- 1 Si
llonn! l'euk Tcim No 2, and Chaao National Hank, JIB
learn No, I. 111I
Oct. 2s -Ilink of Manhattan Cnimianr. American 1 !(
F.tchange National Dank and H aboard -National ' , ilia
II ink. , , ',,
Oct .-tl T P Morasn Co., Mercantile National ' lW
llauk and Plara Hank I .)
Nov. 2 Knanlh, Nachoil A: Kiihne, Hamilton Hank ! ' ijfl
aud Impcrttra' and Traders' National Dank, . tal
Not. 4-Mount Murr.a Hank, Chemical National f '''ill
Dank and Broadway llankof Iirooklyu. , IH
PNov. p Koiintre brothers, ltanuver National Dank . 1 ,),
and National Dank of tho llepubllc. 1 A !,',
Hcldlchtc. formerly w.th the Ootham team, and ,' c
Rosenberg, who made their nrst Appearance tvita j Tfl
the Uleackers In the Auie-jcan National tournament, , M
at thederuianla Aseeml lr ltooma allejs lat night, f .fl
did not make a good shelving In the first game, but !, rU
the ntherthree men snoied enough pins to pretoat . . ''
a defeat. 1 he s -ores: , I 'L'm
pinnr oitir !('
I,otusw denies, li H Hrsth. 1B2: Dehm. lps , .fj
F. denies, 17ti II leniineriiiaun 1411. Total. Mil. ' p
I'l-ieeker-Wiagiie, IM3 It senberg, 1 CO, Borland, Va
17U. Bchllchic. 1SJ, Hitler. 1U3. Total, m 6. ( Hm
KMONIl OAMF. ( t,l
Lotus-W. Oerdcs, 187 Heath, 150: Itehru, 149; I JlH
F denies, 1112, Doeminennann, 2.14. Total. HHR. itl
Oriental Mlt lull, 170. Vogel.lwH. Oillbaus, 1S7 , U
Dolbermel, ltto, Admit?. 102. Toial, H45. 1 ,1 ' '.!
Tiiimi iiAtir. ' 1 , .'!(('
DleerVei Vtrazee, 161, Itoseuberg, 1S3: norland, rfl
144. Bchllchte. ir.2. Hitler, 17H. Total, 70S. PB
oriental Hit 'hell, lno; Vogel. 11, (llllham, I8O1 "tftM
llolhermil, 10 ,; Bchtlltz, 1H4. lolal,H7t. - Mgl
Two of the Columbia tournament games at Bcblus. ' . tl
slug's allevs last night were not decided until in JM
last man of either side had rolled, the Momlngsldes M
winning hy ten and tho Premiers by twelve pine, :' m
The scores: j ffj
rtnsT oiMF. ,1 la
Mornlmralde Frankle, ltt4; Hymer, 140: Van 1 tl
Vleet 10:,; Dohn. 170, Doncourt, 1H0. Total 77l. U
llouletard-lraTes. 14(1, K Vetter. ir5: Howard. .Veil
171: Fuller, 121'. Ilarrell. 13. Total. 704. I'M
SrCONU OAMC, ' g 1 j
Doiilevard-Oravea, 147, E Vetter. 104: Howard. ,;!
1H2 Fuller, 1.17: Ilarrell, 13. Total. 73. '
Premier E. Moses. Ko: Uchtenberg, 107: Ull- m
man. 120, Davison, IIH, L Moses, IB 1. Total, 775. -
Titinn oame. 1 ,j
Morningslde Frankle, 14B: Hymer, 1 AS: Doha, -M
IHr,. Doncourt. inl; Demmler, 187. Total. 810. 9
Premier F.. Moaea, 12U, I'll man. 1142, O. M.
Moaes. 11 9: Davison. 177. L.Moses, UR. Total. 712. ',
Another tournament was started In this city last . .t9
night, the Life Insurance League bowlers rolllug 1 s
their opening seiiea at Starr's alleys. The seorea: r m
fisst oame. j If
Mutual Benefit Life Insuranco Company Cadiz. 9
ln, Hornfeck, 143: Williams, 147; Jacobus, lilflj
Thomson, 143 Total, 7U1
John Hancock Mutual Deneflt Life Insurance Com- m
panj Height, lui): Jenpen. 120, May, 1U2; Oil- ,9
nan, 1U7, Luce, 184. Total. 711'.
errosD noir, ' m
John Hancock Mutual Deneflt Insurance Com 9
pany UalKlit, 102, Daldridge, 116. May, 140; Oil- '
man, 1.17; Luce, 141. Total, ls4
hqultable Life Assuranre Company Dey. 16A ,' f .
Lowe, 1H5, Haubner, 122, Uurgesa, 177: Budd.129. " M
Total, 720. ,
Tiiinn oame. J 1, 1
Mutual DcneCt Life Insurance Company Cadiz, I 'ill
IB,-, Hornfeck, 183. Williams. I7n; Jacobus. 145: tirl , .aSil
Thomson, 1113. Total, nan. 'Hri Si'M
E'liilialde Llfn Aesuranie Company Dey, IS5; ,11 WilU
Lowe, 143; Haubner, 1.14: Burgees, ltlil; Iludd. lrts. ' ,AfSM
Total. 7l'ii. H , UJ (f FM
The Atnltr, Black Dass and Ootham teams made ' ' I
their first appearance In the Arlington National 1 '
tournament at the Arlington Hall alleys lait nlgbu
Tho scores.
Amlty-Rtryker. 118 rilneer. 01: Pfeffer, 123 .1
Msckey, MB, Carell, 1B0 Total, HOB, ' .
Black Dass Sleliug. 12.1: Dassler. 122; Sihulve, ,
l.M. Maier, 140, Deline, 114, Total, 078. !
Amity Rtryker, l.lrt, Sorenson. 110, PfefTer. 1531 M
Msckey, 132, Csrell, pa. Total, fill. '
Dotham Lihiiiann. 1,17; Dannefelaer, 183: Ba-h- ,
minli. lilU, Schwa:h. lil'.i, llellrs, 14 1. Total. rOi. .
iiunii oiMi. )I
Dlack Dass-Rlellng, 148: Dassler, 100; Dollne. I
147: Hchlllte. 1MJ, Maler, 17U lotal, 7U2. fl
Gotham Lehmann, lip: Dannefetacr, 12-1; Barb. m
maun, ltt.; Hchwa-h, 131; Hellea, 14B. Total, us.
Kniplrn Cltv Council bowlers Tve-e the winners of fl
two of the .New lor'i Hoy.il Vrcantim League tour- tfl
nauieut games at tho Tcnnl-. Club alleya lait nlglit. m
The acores "M
Kmplrs City Council Knubel, IB4, Partridge. I2S; ' -1
Naiiiil.. 14W, Ilralsted, 1.11, Draper. 1H4. Total, 73-1. -M
I'nltas Couii'il Donii.igen, 143: Hinds. 121;
Me ar, 111; Bhcrwood, 152. bchroedor, IBB. T0U1I, ' 9
osr,. le 9
bECONIl OAME. , . 9
Udfai Councll-Dormagi'ii, 1,10: Hindi, ISO; , 9
Meier, 14U; Bherwool, mo, SUiroeder, 173. Total, 1
77m. I M
Hauler Council t alders. 12U; Astlund, 1,10; i , 9
Rpiirgion, 120. richoenleln, 174; Unke, 134, Total, ! 9
duo , 9
thiiiu nmr. ,M
Kiuplre CityCouncll-Knnbel, 181: tartrldge, 113; , 9
Naugle, law llrai-ud, 14.', Draper, 151. 1'otal, 72a. ,'9
btauli'v Ciuncll- Mahlers. in); Astlund, 107; .9
Hpurgfuii, MB, 8-boeuUln, 117, Finke, 120. Total. 9
6U8. 9
The Cyclones lost the second Harlem League t ',
tournament game by tit e pins, but w- n the last by )
fifteneu jiulnts a'. Thiiiu Kahlsdorf's alleys last
night. The scores:
rinsT OASir.
Morris Wheelmen Mncnonald. ins: Tompson, I
lis Drigjs, lri; illb.mi, 17.".. Delke, 1B7, lotal, .
8'.' 1 , ,
Dellii)erc-Newl.lrk, 161. Hotlllnx, IB7, Hill. 171 n
Ixickwoiid, 17lt, Hellea, 104 l'otal, 82U.
HelTldere-Newklrk, 137. II dallng, 1U7: Hill, 103
Lvkwood, 1,U, Hilles, 104 Total. 8411.
Crrtone Joliausineyer, 1B3. Le Hoan. 148: Miller,
1MB; A. Jlnettjcr, lrin. U. lloetljer. 18.1. Total, 884.
T1I1HO oame, I
Morris Wluclmen MacDonald, 1B1, Tompson, '
137: Hrlggs, lis. Delke, 22l, iilbson, 143; Total,
Cyclone -lohanameyer, till. LoBeau, 17.1; Miller. '
K,2, A. lliettjer. 17H. C. II letljer. 178. Total! 842.
I.upton, an old Central Y. M C. A athlete, carried
lolnnthc Council to ilctorrln the second game of
tho llroukljn Kuril Arcanum tournament lest nUhl.
Alert Ciimcil v, m tne tint aud third games. Tne
i riRsi oame. . .
' Alert Councll-Flero. 13, F. Wood, 183. Rlchter, i
I 14R. It. Wimil. 1KB. Hanklne, !4rt. lntal 7PH. , '
Difoid Coiiiuil-Carniau, 144. Co-iroy. 170. Phil- , '
Upson, 121, llunnagle, 122, Thompson, 134. Total,
Otford Counrtl-Carnisn. 103; Cinrnj, 140, Phil-
Upson, inn; lleinna'.de, 131, Thompson, 1B1,
Ti.lal. rim. !
I Inlantho Council Kar, 141, Carey, 121: Smith, '
14i . JacUon, 80, I.upion, 211. Total, Bun.
T.llllll OAME.
, Mert Councll-Flero, 134 F Wood. ii; Blchter, i,
I 14o. II. Wood, 17 1. Hanklna. ir.o. Total. 77o. 'IV
, luhnitlie I uuni il -hay l.ii liinutrs, l.l.t, Smith, , L"V,
14U, Jackson, IJ.i. I.upton, 107 Total, 70S. ! AA
. s'i'
I.efTertstouncil heatpr.io (nurell las' niiht la , '
j the Cr-t eleieu. frame game b(iwtd this season, Id
Hi" Iirooklyu l'.ojal Arcanum subtouruament. , ',
The sci rus;
I-ff.rts Counetl Hini'ii, 13s, Van Riper, 11: ,
Hhkok, lot, Aarhotil a h llo Ka nmerer, 167. , 4
To'al ifli. f 1
r rt ilneiie (oiincil Pe-r, 1B4 Horton, 13ll jl
HaS, 102. 1,111), lis Spencer, 1 14, Total, 744. ( JJ
iriuMi oitiF. -a
I.etlerts Counell-Smith. I."B. Van Riper, 114; ,J
, Biown, ill, Aarhenbucli, 127; hammerer, 144, To- ,
I tal, n'.l 3
I I F. Price Councll-CiclhaiiB, l.lu Irater. P7; Lo- ',
1 rent, 137, Hovcnholr. 132, Weolley, 140. Total, r
obi I , a
K.etentn Irame Leffcria Council, 08, J F. Pries ,'
Council, IB. J,
i iiiiii, nmr. I
J. F. Price Council -tlelhaus, 133, Traier, 127; . V
Lorentz. 121; Bi'ienhulr, U., Woolley, 1U4 Total, , J
02t. .
Fort liroene Council P( rry, 124; Horton, 14s) , , P
UatT, I5U. I.llli. 145. 8p.un-r. 11B. Total, 70. ,
llnaeball Notes,
The first nf the serlrsof Indoor baseball games In I 1
these ond annual loiirnament "f the 1 wouty-thlr 1 'fl
llek'liueiit of llrookliu waa decidfd in the ariuury un . ' p
'luesday night The eont, uding teams were Con.- i
psny F. s d Company F "lhe score was a tie at
ruus each ! I
i !
a,ia,e,eiiei " , s i e a s a i s . l
cure bilious and nervous Ills, j ! i.
sick headache, disordered ' A
. liver and Impaired digestion. M P.
lotientsand SSt'rnta, at all drag stores. I lit L
i - . e e e seiosesesas j '

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