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1 " flKfl) flT& SfliPinriMilk 9llVW Pair to-day and to-morrow; fresh F Im
j.vw) mi:x asd five arxs lost ix
i atiavh ox iit.Kxroi:
The llrltlsh Coniiiiniitler, flrii. Sjmons,
Mnrtnllr Wountleil-HrllWi Losses f
300 Men-Tlin Iloers Jtcgnn by Shelling
the Town-lhclr (inn " Silenced by
the llritlih Flro nml TVi'lr Strung Poul-
thin Wan Taken bj AsiauU-llrll-
llant Chnrge by the Dublin Fusiliers.
Spool Callt HtipnMts to Tiir Scs.
lospo.N, Oct. 21. 1 lie (lint serious notion
between tho llrltlsh and the Hoers wns fought
In tho Immediate neighborhood of tlio British
cjrnp nt (llmcoo Tester Ity nnd resulted In u
victory for tlio llritlih. but the extent of the
-victory and Iti comparative value cannot jot
to asserted. The llrltlsh commander Is now
dying from a wound received In the cngage-
mrnt . , ,
The battle Is declared In hli successors
despatch to the War Oillee to have been
en "Important lucceis." on J the London
m,n describe the vlctorv as brilliant.
Ueyond the somewhat bare oftlelal de
spatches nothins of substantial value lini
lien received which enables any judirmentof
the true character of the defeat of the Invaders
to be formed. The . tlmntoB of the losses nro
mere guesses. Unto mldnlsht the War Office
had received no figures of tho killed nnd
The hill where the Roer artillery va posted
and which was gallantly stormed by the Irish
Fusiliers aud the English Royal ltlflei In the
face of a heavy rlllo fire by the Doors Is vari
ously deicrlled as Olencoe Hill. Dundee Hill
nnd Telana Hill. It is about two and a half
miles t at of the Glencoe Hill
1 he "toiiiiird'i correspondent at tho Glencoo
Camp sas tint the attscking force was led
by Commandnnt-Ciener.il Joubert. Nobody
but Gen Symons and his etnff was
iwarn that tlm Iloers Intended to
sttack. thouch they were known to bo
advancing southward. Unusual precaution!
were taken overnlcht to guard acalnst sur
prise. The correspondent adds that tho Doer
artillerymen judged the range badly and that
theiiuallty of their ammunition was virypoor.
Scarcely sli shells buist within tho Hrltlsh
Oen. Syraoni at "-HO orderod a goneral
advance of the Infantry brlcade. which he
accompanied. The men had been exercised
lorweeka rat in taking advantage of coyer
nd they carried out tho tactics thoroughly.
A terrific fln from threo llrltlsh batteries at
a range of 2.500 yards covered tho ad
vance. Sevaral of the Doer cuna were
silenced before tho Fusiliers began to climb
the hill, and by the time the In
fantry wero within a thousand yards of
the .rnt. the Doer artlllerv was completoly sl
Itnced by the excellent Dritlsh rractlce. Tho
Doers meanwhile kept up a heavy rlflo fire,
which thinned the Dritlsh ranks considerably.
The correspondent continues
"DyO o'clock the Irish Tustliers and Itoyal
Rifles had swarmed over the hill and the
Doors wen on the run Meantime tho
Eighteenth Hussars, nil the colonial and
Imperial mounted infantry and the
Leicestershire Ileclment had been moved
rorth and east. This practically cut
off the Doers' main line of ritrent.
Tho enemy were caught between two
fires and lost deadly. At noon tho
fighting was still going on, but the dofeat
of the enemy was already oomplete and crush
ing. It looks as though few would escape,"
Olkncoe, Natal. Oet, 20. 8:23 A. M. During
the night the Doers got their artillery In posi
tion on a hill overlooking the town, nnd they
orened fire at daybreak this morning, but
with very little effect. Tho Dritlsh gum Im
mediately replied and made good practice.
The Doer artillery was no match for tho
Dritlsh guns. Aftor an hour nnd a halt's fir
ing the Doer guns were sllenaod nnd not one
of them replied to the Dritlsh fire.
Then the King's Itoyal Elites nnd tho Dublin
Tuslliers wero ordered out. The troops ad
vanced, and, taklnp advantageous pos tlons on
the ground, maintained a hot fire The Doers
replied vigorously at first, but after prolonged
firing fell back. Then the Fusiliers and tho
Itoyal Rifles mado a splondld dash forward
anil rushing up the hill carried the Doer posl
tioiu and captured the guns,
London, Oct 20. The War Office recelvod
tlds cublo despatch from Ladysmith. Natal, at
ti 3.1 A. M. to-day.
"The following was received from Oen.
Eymons at tho Glencoo camp at 5:110 o'clock
this morning: 'Tho Doers nro shelling tho
camp with big guns. The troops are moving
The War Office received this despatch from
Glemoe at 10.54 A.M..
"The King's Itoyal Rifles and the Dublin ru
illlers are attacking the hill, which Is defended
by the Doers with artillery. Soouts report thnt
I'.OOO Doers are advancing from Halllrm'H
bprult Tlio Leicestershire regiment has gone
to meet them "
later tho War Office received the following
despatch from (iloni-nc
"Wo wero attacked nt daylight this morning I
bya force roughly estlmatod nt 1.000 They '
Placed fourorlho guns cm a hill 5,400 yards
atof tlo camp and Ilred plugsholls at our
Inhntrr, which was formod opposite them.
After the shelling hud coaled the Infantry ad
vanced and therowns hard lighting till 1:30,
when an almost Inaccessible position was
taken, tho enemy retreating eastward. The
cavalry and nrtlllory are still out.
"On Syinons li severely wounded. Our
l"n were heavy "
His repotted that the Dritlsh losses were
300am! Ihoso of tho Doers 1,200. Tho Cen
tral N'ews says thut a report that Gon.
Symons s wound Is mortal Is officially con
firmed A despatch to the Central News from Glnn
cneatH25 A M. sns tint the Doer position
near the Gleticoi aamp was carried by the
British after heavy lighting. Tho guns were
captured A later despatch to the Central
News from Olencoe, regarding the repulse of
the li-iers, says
"( redit on the Infantry side must bn ac
corded to the Dublin Fusiliers, who woro first
In the Doer lines and raptured the guns."
In reply ton riuestion. Mr George Wvndliam,
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, tor
War confirmed tlm sta'oment In the des
I atehts from Lndismlth and Gloncoe In re
gard to the lighting between the Dritlsh nnd
the Dnera
l.tni'MlTH, Natal. Oct 20. The Doers have
orened lire on Dundee, which is near Olencoe.
, f en Mr I'.liam I'enn Eymons. K. C U . was
''li n (ornna I, July 17, 1K4 I He entered
thenrniT in IHiCt and wasniudea ( nlmicl in
.,KS' lle,-i veil lit tho Zulu war In 1H7H. and
lor his gallantly received a medal nnd clnM)
l..tr heserveil In Durie.ih nnd India, winning
ati'ithur ineilnl and clasp In IH 'rt lie com-
mamleil the hlrhlnd distr or, ruiuuh. India.
I iileiimi i . is on a line of railro.nl running from
m bang s Neclj to Iulismith nnd on to Durban.
VS he .chief port of Natal I.idsiilitll is about
!0."V miles to tho southward of Glencoe. From
15 iilenm runs a brunch Iim of nllwar to Dun-
H aye. twontv miles away The plnee is therefore
fcl c' considerable i-tiateglo lmportniici).
J& Ail mil nl l(fifj' i.i tteis.
H lniiril liswr) si, iti'ia will licii-aftur bn wriltt'll
m li. imin m (vpin-it r. winch bin Iiiii nrdi rut
i . .." I'" ' '""lay Mr I W. CisMfnnl lui
Miin ai fuiinu.l n th. iMikltlon. uli inuk er
M 1 1 ui. n on in tin icuhr until -I.
K 1'iilnmll I'nlnnd! Pulaiiilt I'nlnuit!
W -(i"vt'u,u'e ' -'uwlir ug ttaiuriu the woild.
lianxixu ahout lunxastiTii.
liners In Force Descending tho Western
t'ltssrs Into Natal.
ft mat Cnllt llnpilchtt to TllaBnt.
I.AntsMiTlt, Natal. Oct. 20. The Carbineers
and llorder llllles were In action nil day
Wednesday. They finally fell back fighting In
the face of 2.000 Doers. Heveral times they
wero nearly cut off from retreat, but the Maxim
a-uns checked the Doors Sixteen Doers were
klllod. Many Dasutos were soon with tho Boer
London, Oet. 20. The following dospatoh
from Oen. Blr Qtorgo Wlilto, oomranndlng the
Dritlsh troops In Nntal, was received nt tho
War ODIco At 2 A. M. to-day. It was dated at
Ladyamlth yesterday:
"The Doers commenced descending tho west
ern passes Tuesday and came In contact with
our patrols. Yeaterday thoy continued their nil- i
vnnce, halting for the night with their left
flank at Hesters Station, their centre nt Dlue
Dank Dlaaubok?l nnd their right more ro
tlred at Acton Homos. Lieut. Gallway of the
Nntal Carbineers Is missing. I more to a
rosltlon I selocted with the object of covering
the town of Ladysmtth.
"I hoped that to-day the enemy would be
sufficiently nenr me to strike a blow, Tho
enemy, however, seems to have retired to the
west, the patrols getting In touch nowhere, ex
cept a comparatively email body at Dealer's
"Hallway communication was out to-day nt
Elandslangta. where the enemy captured a
goods train. The Doers In foroe are advancing
over Luggarsborg Nok. Telecrnphlo com
munication is still open via Grcytown."
Dorrs Bnlil to Hnve Lost Heavily anil Not
to Show Their Old righting Qunlltlrs.
,wnlCabU Detpalchl The Sat.
Cave Town. Oct. 20. Tho town of Tryburg
surrendered unconditionally to the Doers last
Sunday afternoon. The place was Insufll
clently garrisoned to withstand the large
burgher forces that threatened It, nnd to save
useless loss of life it was decided to capitulate, i
Owing to the fact that there is no communi
cation by rail or wire with Klmberley or Mafe
klng, only meagre reports are received from
those places. Despatch riders, who eludod the
Doer pickets about the towns and have
arrived In places held by tho Dritlsh, report
that the Doers lost heavily In both tho Klm
berley and tho Uafeking engagements. The
English nt Kimberley suffered no losses, while
atMafeklngtwoofthcllrltlsh force were killed
and twelve wounded.
Hlverton. a suburb of Klmberley, which was
previously evacuated by the Dritlsh, was
snelled by the Doers on Monday. The burgh
ers are roported to have possession of the Klm
berley water works, seventeen miles distant
from the town on the Vaal ltlver. and they aro
raid to be devastating the country all about
the town.
For several days skirmishing has taken
place near Ladysmtth. Natal, betwoen an
Orange Free State commando Band the
Kngllsh patrol. Tho latter were compelled
to fall back on I.adysmlth. with the
Doer artillery following them olosely.
The Boers were twice charged by the Natal
Cnrboneers and the Dorder Mounted Rifles.
The burghers, t'lough they wore numerically
five times as strong as the Dritlsh, retlrod
eaeh time. Sixteen of the Boers were killed.
One Kngllsh officer is missing.
The superior marksmanship of the Boers,
which was a noticeable feature of former cam
paigns. Is not maintained In tha present fight
ing, and they are said to be lacking In courage.
The English are shooting well, and displaying
plenty of pluck.
Mr. Easton. the correspondent of the M'osn
inofon iM. who recently wont to Blnemfontein.
the capital of the Orango Free State, has been
unable to get back to the Dritlsh lines. No
anxiety Is felt regnrdlng his safety, but It is
likely to be some time before ho oan get out of
the Free State.
French Canndlnu M. P. Will Test Publlo
Opinion ltrgarillng the Transvaal,
MoNTiiEu., Oct. 20. The Laurier Govern
ment Is having trouble with some of Its French
Canadian supporters on aecount of Its action in
sending a Canadian contingent to fight against
the Doers in the Transvaal. Henri Dourassa.
one the lending French Canadian members of
tho Dominion Parliament and Canadian Secre
tary of tho Joint Commission to settle the dis
pute betwoen Cnnada and the United States,
resigned his sent to-day as a protest against
the Government's action In sending a Cana
dian contingent without consulting theDomln
Ion Parliament. Mr. Dourassa will soek re
election to Parliament as approval of his
In his letter of resignation Mr. Dourassa
"The question is to decide whether Canada
Is ready to give up hr prerogatives as a consti
tutional colony, tha freedom of her Parlia
ment, In order to go hack to the primary
state of a Crown colony The question la
to decide whether the ( anndian pnoplo xhall
bo called upon to tnkn part In all the wars of
tho empire without the doors of the Imperial
Parliament and Cabinet being open to
them, witheut even being consulted through
their representative!, and their Gorornment
on the ndvlsablllty of thesn bloody contests I
shall never consent to uphold such n retro
gressive policy. A Dritlsh citizen, loyal to
England and her nuhln sovereign, I nm ready
to hi ate neither my life nor my property, my
words nor my doeds for the dofenoo of tho
Dritlsh Hug throughout Canada. I therefore
resign my seat In Parliament and will again
oiler mvself to the judgment of the eieetorn
anil will plnee the question lorallv before them
nnd shall wait for their answer before taking
my seat In the House."
Antwerp Offlrlnls' Iteferencn to tlin Cour
age of Small Countries Applauded,
hpttntl Cahlt Dupatc It Tni )n.
Ar.Twuni Oct. 20 At n banquet given to
the officers of the Greek wnrship Mlnnulls, tho
Durgomastor referred to the courage of small
countries In fighting Krent ones where the
cause of tlm latter ws unjust The reference
, to tho war betweon Great llrltnln and the
TiniiRvnal brought out thunders of apnlause.
The newspapers, hortevci. crlllciso what they
term tho indiscretion of the Durgomaster.
A demonstration is expected when some
Antwerp llrms attempt to ship arms to the
Warships to Guard tlio Itniite of the Trans
ports to Smith Afrirn
ftfrtnl CalU VttvntcS in Till Sov.
I.ospov, Oct. 20 The Instructions that have
been received the last few days at the various
naval centres from the Admiralty are taken
to Indicato an Intention to forma special ser
vice squadron, possibly with the object of pa
trolling the route of the trnnsports to South
frlcn The Admiralty refuses to give any In
formation on tho subject.
fiKA.IOO.f 71.4 1" XOT HOI It.
Denial That Knclanit Has Purrtinncil the
Territory of Portugal.
..;iria! Cahlt P'ipatc fe Tun Sen
London, Oct 20. Replying to a question
naked by Kir Ellis Ashmend-Bartlott, Conien
atlvo moraber (or the Ecolesnll division of
Sheffield, In the House of Commons to-day, Mr.
A J. Dnlfour. l'lrat Lord of the Treasury, said
that no arrangements had been made with the
Portuguese Government regarding the pur
chase of Dolncn.i 11a J
(asliltls, liiiieiiln, Nlimi'M, Iljsenteiy,
Kvrcss nnii'im nirs where sli else falls. Mauaie
Nsturul Spring W'sttr. J2 lleiivor St., N. Y. iiir.
"I ml I'M I ineixcimioiistn-das. Oisml sccueiy,
toJ music, last down-trip Mondsy," ait
Morn Thought to lie In the Interest of the
Acquirement of the Now England Itnll
rnad I.tnss by the Vandnrhllts --Hew
Stock to lie Exchanged for the Old.
Chicago. Oct. 20.-OfTlelal announcement
was mnde to-day after the joint meeting of
directors of tho Pullman and Wagnor Palace
Car compnnlos held In the Pullman offices
here, that the absorption of tho Wagnor com
I any by tho Pullman company had been com
pleted. For sovaral days reports have beon
circulated that this would be done
and tho stock of the companies has reftocted
Inside dealings which confirmed the advance
statements. The Pullmnn oompany will tako
possession of Wagner interests by giving
200.000 Pullman shares of stock in return
for Wagner's stock and advnnolnc the
capital stock of the Pullman company cor
respondingly W. K. Vanderbilt, J. Plerpont
Moignn. F. W. Vanderbilt and Dr. W. Seward
Webb aro to be made directors of tho Pullmnn
company. A dividend of $2 a sharo on Pull
man stock also was declared at the meeting of
directors of tho company to-day, payable aftor
Nov. 1.
Following Is the statement given out at tho
headquarters of the Pullman Company this
"It Is announced that negotiations have
bean concluded bstween tho Hoards of Direc
tors of tho Pullman and Wagner Companies,
subject to the ratification of their respective
stockholders, by which tho Pullman Company
will purchase all the assets and property of tha
Wagner Company, Including Its contraots with
railway companies, paying therefor 200,000
shares of Pullman stuck, the capital stock of
tho Pullman to be increased accordingly for
that purpose.
"It Is understood that the Board of Dlroctora
of the Pullman Company Is to bo increased and
that William K. Vanderbilt, J. Plerpont Mor
gan. Frederick W. Vanderbilt and Dr. W Sew
ard Webb will become members of tho Pull
man board.
"Steps are to be taken Immediately to sub
mit the matter to tho stockholders for action
and approval and for that purpose a special
meeting of the stockholders of the Pullman
Company has been called for Doc. 5. next.
"At an adjourned meeting of tho Doard of
Dlreotors of tho Pullman Company held to-day,
a quarterly dividend of $2 per sharo was de
clared, payable Nov. 15 to stockholders of
record on Nov. 1."
The addition of J20.000.000 to the capita
stock of tho Pullman Company will mako the
total capitalization S74.000.000. About a year
ago the company Increased the Issue from
$.'18,000,000 to $54,000,000. at the same time
lowering tho dividend rnte from 8 to 0 percent.
It Is understood that the suggestion of the
purchase was made by the Vandsrbllts. One
of William K. Vanderbllt's nmbitlons. His said,
has been to control the railroad systems of
New England. To that end ho ac
quired a large amount uf DoBton and
Albany and Doston and Maine stock. He
could not obtain enough of those securities to
give him undlsputod control of the roads Tho
Pullman holdings of the stocks of the New
England lines are considerable, sufficient at
this time to sway ownership. It is said
that Mr. Vandorbllt has been trying to
buy the Pullmnn holdings privately, but as
thore has always been more or less rivalry be
twoen the two car-bulldlnc oompantes, the
Pullman people declined to give Mr,
Vanderbilt control of tha two systems
that are ustug Pullman conches, since
the transference of ownership would put
Warner sleepers on both the Boston and
Albanyand Doston and Maine roads. It seems
that Mr. Vanderbilt thereupon submitted the
proposition of relinquishing the Wagner com
pany In order to have free hand In N'tw Eng-
Th'o relinquishment of the Wagnor concern
will not be a sacrifice from a financial
standpoint. The shareholders of the
Wagner company, who are practically the
Vanderbilt family and Its Immediate connec
tions, will get pay In Pullman shares for tho
holdings. The action of tho dlreotory to-day
will be at once submitted to the stockholders
of the Pullman companywhlch.lt Is said ad
visedly, will be a mere matter of form.
According to a circular sent to tho Wagner
stockholders by tlio directors of the company,
they will have the option of exchanging their
shares for Pullman shares or a;oepling$180
a piece for them.
The Pullmnn Compnny In absorbing Its rival
will acquire over ltl.000 miles of railroad ser
vice, which Includes all the Vanderbilt lines
nnd affiliated properties, such as the New York.
New Haven and Hartford
The negotiations which have thus com to a
successful issue are said to have been con
ducted by Robert T. Lincoln nnd Norman II.
Ream for the Pullman company and William
K. Vanderbilt for the Wagner organization.
Onn of the most profitable resultsot the con
solidation will be the discontinuance of a
number of expensive lawsuits which have
been dragging along In the courts for years
and which nave to do with patent rights to
vestibule frames nnd other Improvements In
car construction used by both compnnles
Pullman stock opened nt 1fifl' yesterday,
quickly rising H points to 207. No Wagner
stook has been sold on the Stock Exchange for
several days The latest quotation for It was
11)5 bid and 210 asked.
Kffnrt to Ilnvn the State Ilepnrtment R
reive Their Commissioners
RvLTiMonr. Md , Oct. 20. Mr. O. W. Van der
Hoogt, Secretary of the South African Lega
tion, nppolntod by President Paul Krllcer to
ask for Intervention on the part of tho United
States In the crisis between tho Transvaal and
Great llrltnln, was at his office this morning
and seemed somowhat encouraged nt tho
prospects of securing tho aid of President
McKlnley In the matter.
Gen. James O'lkdrne, commissioner extra
ordinary, of the Transvaal appointed nt tho
suggestion of Mr. Vaa dor Hoogt. was in the
city yesterday and to-day He nnd Mr. Van
der Hoogt arranged with ex-Oov. William
Plnekney Whyte nnd Mr. Harry Welles Rusk to
present to theUntted States Department of Stats
a brief containing International rules as to
1 why Oen. O'Dvlrno and Mr. Van der floogt
should be received by this Government to rep
resent the Transvaal.
! hx-Gov. Whyte, Gsn O'Delrne.Mr Husk and
Mr. Van der Hoogt held quite nn extended con
ference to-day at ex-Oov Whyte's office. All
of the vital points of tho situation worn sub
mitted by Mr.Vnn der Hoogt.who holds the for
eign papers. Mr Rusk said to-day;
" We aro not ablo to say what course we will
pursue Our plans are not yet arranged, hut of
course we hope to gain our point and to this
end we will make a complete International
synopsis of the mntter."
Mr Van der Hoogt thin morning received
from the Transvaal important papers contain
ing correspondence with England regarding
thn crisis "The Doers." said Mr Vnn der
Hoogt, "are rendy to arbitrate nt nny time nnd
that Is shown by the fact of the Republic not
pushing her warfare. I do not believe there
I arena many Doers being killed as the papers
, say. The small English forces could not cause
l so many fatalities.
"We will try to make arrangements with the
Department of State to meet us the early part
of next week, and I hope by the latter part of
the week wo will ba In a position to ask for
friendly and honest Intercession."
i Mr.Vnn der Hoogt ha benn In enrrcspon-
I donee with Ambassador Lexles. tho Trnusvanl
I representative toFne'nnd. resldlngnt Drussnls
' nnd heexpresse't u wish thnt the I'nlted "tales
will listen to the commission appointed by
President KrUger
Notice tn thn Pliblin,
i Third Avenue .Surface Itnnit,
The ran of this line between 5th street and
Hirlem Hrltlco will be ateppel on Sunday morning,
' Octol er 32, I00, for a few hours after 2 o'clock, lo
1 permit the changing of tt a inotlvs pnwer (rum rshlo
ti clictriclti on that sertlon. and to connect with
the elnctrlo line now in operation on lJMh etrert.
Thereafter tbrouuh ea. s will be run over the Third
atcuie nml l'J.'.tli street linos without Changs at
12.1th street as heretofore. Atlv
rotund! Poland ! Poland! Poland!
lie i;iiii.c:h1cJ by eminent pbyilclint for purity.
I Ati,
SIX DEAD Al lll'O JlADl.Y lSJt llEl)..
An Kxplnslon In n llinnty nt llncklnnd Lake
Whero Men Sought Safety from a Ulnst.
Nyack, Oct. 20, An explosion which shook
tho town occurod nt the stone, crushing works
of loss iVC'onklln nt Rockland Lnke, just before
noon to-day, resulting In tho denth of four men
nnd tho serious Injury of four others. Tho
explosion occurred in n shanty vury
unexpectedly, for no dynnmlto or oxploslvo
of any kind was ev er known to bo in the build
ing. The shanty was U9ed for protection tn
the men at work in the qunriy during tho set
ting off of the blasts. A blast had been pre
pared, and shortly before tho time for setting
It off some, fifteen or sixteen men flocked to the
shanty, most of them going inside and crowd
ing the building, and a few remaining outside.
Suddenly a fire broke out within the building,
and the men rushed to and fro in their efforts
to esaape from the ono small door. Before they
could get out. however, n terrlflo explosion oc
curred, and the building was completely de
molished. Two men were killed Instantly, one of them
having his hoad nnd shoulders blown
off. These men wero Austrlans and their
names were Frank Supliskl. 40 years of age,
and John H, Arikol, 35 years old. Hugh
McIIugh. an Amorlcon, 112 years old, was badly
injured and was takon to his home at Rock
land Lake, whoro ho died soon after
ward. Ho leaves a wlfo and four chil
dren. Josoph Kudemao, nn Austrian, was
so badly Injured Internally that he died.
Two other mon. Terry Tlrskoy nnd Thomns
llenllskey, wore so badly Injurcdl that they
died, and two others are more or less seriously
Injured. Only six men out of the ontiro group
In and around the building at the time of
tho explosion escaped without injury.
Wilson P. Foss, one of the owners of the
stonecrushlng works, was down the hill, u
short distance below the shanty, when he
heard the cry of file, and u few sec
onds afterward he heard the eploslon
which resounded through the lower
Hudson vnlley. and wns heard for
miles Ho hastened up to where the shanty
had stood and found only a wreck of a build
ing, with the dead and injured lying among
tho ruins. He summoned aid nnd several men
went to tho prostrnto victims and did what
thoy could to alleviate the sufferings
of tho Injured. The only physician liv
ing near the village Is Dr. Davis, n
woman, nnd sho came promptly and did good
sorvleo Word was telegraphed to Hnverstrnw
for medlenl aid, nnd Drs. Laird. House. Hns
brouck. Carter and Crosby went down, where
thev were joined by Dr. J. O. Potheraus of
Nyack Tha doctors were all kept busy for
some ttmo.
Mr. Toss saya he does not understand how
the explosion could have occurred as there
wero no explosives In the shanty so far as he
knew, nnd the origin of both the lire and ev-
Closlon is a mystery. Mr Foss is the well
nown billiard plnyor who lias won several
victories over players In Ne York city. He Is
the principal owner of the stonecrushlng
works and feels badly over tht loss of life.
Cnrneglei and Rockefeller Chartering and
Isuytng Vessuls for Transporting Ore.
Cleveland, Ohio. Oct. 20. The faot became
known here to-day thnt agents of John D.
Rockefeller recently offered to sell to Androw
Carnegie the oil king's Iron mines,
railroads and ships for the sum cf
$50,000,000. Carnegie rofusad to buy, and
vessol men say that Rockefeller's recent
activity In leasing lake steamers for ore trans
portation followed that refusal.
It Is believed that the oil magnate Is
engaged In a great effort to compol the Carne
gie Interests to buy up his holdings.
What the outcome of .the fight between the
great money kings will be. Is a ques
tion whloh Is puzzling all the owners
of vsssol pioperty on the lakes. Rocke
feller Is still chartering vessels,
despite the statement given out a week ago
thnt no more sailing property was wanted,
while tho Carnsglo agents nro scouring the
akes for all available vessel property to oarry
or next season.
The American Shipbuilding Company an
nounced Inte yestorday nfternoon that Carne
gie had contracted for two additional bargas
of nearly 7.000 tons capacity, to bo
launched at the opening of navigation
next season, which makes sevon boats that
will be built on the shipbuilding trust's stocks
during tho winter for the Carnegie Interests.
Furthermore. Carnegie has an option on
all the berths at tho various shipbuilding
yards of tho big combination ns they become
vacant until Mny 1. 1I)0. whloh in
sures the construction of a number of addi
tional vessels for the Pittsburg Iron king.
With Carnegi going into tho vessel-building
huslness on so gTgantlo n scale, vessel
owners fear that rates will again
take a tumble In 1H01, as it Is evident that Car
negie will not ngnln be caught napping by
Rookefollcr. nnd will place himself In position
to carry all the ore needed at hla furnaces, re
gardless of Rockefeller or outside shippers,
Former Tedrral Ofllolals Convicted of At
tempt to Ilribn Unit Increased.
PniLADiLTiin, Oct. 20 After being out
forty-nlno hours the Ingham-Newitt jury this
afternoon at three minutes past 4 o'clnok re
turned a verdict of "guilty of conspiracy to
bribe with recommendation to the mercy of tho
court." Immediately upon the statement of tha
verdict by the foreman Judge Mol'horson arose
and said thnt tho recommendntlon would re
ceive consldoratlon. Mr Shields, nddresslng
the court, said that ho would mnke
n motion for a new trial, nnd tho
Judge responded that ho would henr the
reasons in n fow days hut pending argument
he thought It would be proper to Increase tho
amount of bail. Ho then asked In what bail
the defendants had been hold, and being told
$20,000 eaoh. hs Increased It to S40.000.
At:i:.'tOo'c'ock the jury mado the first ap
pearance of the day to nsk lor instructions. In
reply to written querlss the Judge sild tt wns
a matter for the Court to decide, whether
McManuswasan offleerof tho United Stntos
Government. In tho meaning ol the act of
Congress, nnd that he had so decided, but that
this had nothing to do with tho oase, ns the
charge of bribery of an official of the United
Stalea Government had not been pressed.
The payment of money to McMnnus bv
Nnnitt undoubtedly constituted bribery, if
they were convinced thnt It was done
for the puriHisnof obtnlnlng Information ns to
what was being done ly the Government
which he had obtained as n Secret Service
operative. After getting this information the
jury went back and in less than a half hour tho
verdict was reached.
Ball for Ingham and Newitt was furnished
by Alexander Dnlfour. pnpor 'nnnufneturer.
and William II Clark, cashier of the Ouaker
CltvNallonnl llnnk. the nmnuntnntho bonds.
$HO.0OO, being subscribed jointly
Wants to Erect a SHSO.OOO Plant In Ashta
bula If He .rts Help,
Arutaiium. Ohio, Oct. 20. Jacob S. Coxey
of Masslllon, Ohio, of Coxoy Army fnme, hns
been in tlio city mooting with tha
Ashtabula Chnmbur of Commerce, nnd
Is now ready to launch In a now
steel Industry In Ashtabula If tho Chamber of
Coramoroo tnkes Immediate notion and suc
ceeds In floating $100,000 bonds. The money
derived from tha snlo of these bonds will be
used In mnklng payments on some of the new
material to be used In the construction of fac
tory buildings
I Coxey. who has reoent'y beon mnklng qulto
; a loriuiio out of his mining Inteiests In Mis-
sourl. has decided to enter the steel Industry,
I and to this oud will erect at some place in Ohio
a .urge p ant.
Within nine months he promles to employ
I 400 men, and by that time will double tho
enpacity of his plant which originally will cost
rsmeKH- 1U11, Cliirkrruig Hall fnnpor Union.
ll'UiuAcmleiiiyuf Slniii l.iHUi'liti Suiulij nUliu
lreu. Awurdotlove. Bui Amiiniiineiit t'ol. .li.
No ipisranliue renlrictioiti upon piengeis dei
t'ne to ('iiu thiouuh Ismpa nnd l'wrt Tsuip4,
' Vlsut Line Ulttce, 2VU Urvadws) ,-AJt,
t,d alive in revenge
AfXEano's pexai.ty von nvnsixa
.Mother nnd Four Children het on l'lre on
Wednesday at .St. Anne, Miss,, liy Three
Negroes All thn Victims PrUh-('on-fessed
Lender Horned nt the Same Place
by a Moh-One Alleged Accomplice Ks
iape nnd Another Is Flnnlly Spared.
Memphis. Tonn.. Oct. 20.-Two shocking
crimes have been committed at the little
village of St Anne. Ml-s. tho last two
nights, one the natural sequence of the
other. The first wns tho murder of n
mothor and four children by negroes, Tho
second was tho burning at tho stake of tho
leader of the black msn by enraged citizens of
Mississippi. At St. Anne lives J, II Gambiell.
an aged and well-to-do farmer. His fntnily
consisted of himself, his wife, his daughters
Bnllle. aged IS, and Jlniid. 10, a son Haywood,
aged 12. and n baby boy, 'J years old,
Beforo daylight on Thursday Mr. Gambrell
left his home to take a load of cotton to Canton.
Shortly after ho left tho sleeping family was
nwnkonod by a party of negroes, who sel7ed
them, Hod them tightly together with ropes
and plnced them on the floor in
the middle of one of the rooms
of tho Gambrell rosldenco. They thou
picked up a feather bed, ripped open tho tick
ing with corn knives nnd emptied Its contents
upon the mother nnd children. They then
secured the kerosene enn and a quantity of
eottonseed oil. The ringleader Informod tho
helpless victims that It was their intention to
burn thorn alive.
Tho mother and the elder boy. who had
fought desperately while being tied, now
begged pltoounly that they and the others
might be spared lrom such a death, only to be
jeered and laughed at by the demons. Tho
daughters, however, disdained to sue for life,
but calmly awaited tholrfate.
The oil wns poured over tho mother and chil
dren nnd a blazing pine knot touched to the
Inflammable material. In a moment tho writh
ing victims wero enveloped in fire. Soon denth
came to their relief, the victims being stifled
by the thick blaok smoke of the oil. The mur
derers than ransacked the house, obtnlnlng
$180 lu money.
Neighbors attractod to tho scene soon dis
covered that wholesale murder had been com
mitted. Suspicion pointed to Joe Leflore, a
negro, who lived a mile from tho Gambrell
home. A posse started after him. but
he had disappeared Early last night
he was captured several miles from
the scene of the murder. At first
ho denied all knowledge, but lator confessed
that ho nnd Bob and Anderson Smith, two
other negroes, had eommltttd the orlme. nar
rating the details of the most revolting tragedy
In tho history of the 8tate. Later tho accom
plices of Leflore were captured and brought to
the place, where he wa held prisoner by the
Early this morning, with ropes around their
necks and hands manacled, tho thrse men
were taken back to the blackened home of the
Gambrellsnnd with Leflore chained to a stako
driven deep into tho ground In tho door yard.
Pine knots were pllod up nround his feet. A
torch wns applied and soon the flames were
licking away his life. Some one of the mob,
appalled by the shrieks of Leflore, sent a bullet
Into his body, hastening death.
Anderson Smith oscaped while Toft Leflore
was being buroed, nnd has not been recap
tured. His brother Hob was fastenod to an
other stake, and a light wood tiro built
around him. but he protested his Innocence so
strongly that the flro was raked away, some
believing him to be Innocent. Ills legs, how
ever, were so badly burned that even If he
survives he will be a cripple. Leflore nlmost
with his last breath charged the Smiths with
being his accomplices.
Struck and Rhinned In the Darkness by n
Ulan TTho Sneaked Away.
Patzbron. N. .1 . Oct. 20. Another chapter
was added to the story of Polly McGrail to
day when sho reported to thej'pollce that
an attempt was made on her life last
night. Much mystery has beon made of
the matter by those In charge of her
Interests nnd the police who hops to run down
the now assailant of tho woman who Is trying
to earn a living for herself, hor Invalid husbind
and their Uttlo child. But Mrs Sampson, as
she became when she wodded, was not at all
reticent nbout tt.
She wnsTseorted home to-night by two stnl
wart weavors and two equally stnlwnrt pnllco
men. She carries now a new. self-cocking
revolver, whloh has taken the plnee of the old
style one with which she put to flight Inst week
two men who assailed her In the fog
"I suppose I should not say anything about
It." she snld, "for It wns by keeping a little
quiet that I found out who the men I shot
wore One of them hns a bnd wound
In the side of the face, I nm sorry
to say. nnd Is a sourco of great
worry to his wife. Blood poisoning
set In a few dnys ngo and the worst wan feared,
but ho Is getting better now. and his wife wil
be able to kesp her promise of getting him out of
ownbyM' uday. Well.I readied home last night
all right from the mill, fo-I was accompanied
by these policemen and these gentlemen
from the mill. Dut we have been mov
ing, and last night I had tn go bnck to
the old house at D'J.'t Hurun street.
We aro living now with my mother
as my husband in away. Whoro Is he? I don't
want that to be known or the strikers will bo
after him. and he Is not well yot, although he
is improving rapidly.
"Dut us I was 8ay'ng. I had to go bick to
the old housn for something and I did not
tako my revolver nlong. never thinking that I
wns still being wntehed I thought that tho
strikers hml given up watching nm except at
the mill and going back and forth I went to
tlm house and was starting hack There are
twoopeh Iota near tho house anil I wns ptihslng
them when a man appeared beside me nut
of the dnrkness. He slapped me nn the
shoulder and then nn I turned to see who It wns
he struok me In tho neck with some
thing th it, Hlthough It was soft, stunned me
completely nnd I could not see nt all for a min
ute 'I hen 1 saw him running across the lots
and through a gateway I managed to get
home nnd this morning roported the matter to
the nol.ee
"Th lollow had nn ulsterand the collar drawn
so high about his fneo that I could not nee
who lie was Dut we will hnve til tn yet.
"I nm sorry thnt I did not have my revolver
with me It is full of loaded cartridges now nnd
Chief of Police Crnul has told me thnt I nm to
fire whenever I find It necessary I nm not
n bit more inclined torhoiin tlinn I was be
foie this attack on me, Slid thin . onb make
me the moro determined to stick It out "
Wmiinn Assaulted nnd Robbed.
James BngUy of :i25ii Third avenue, Joseph
F. Drogan of HOI West 144th street and Alex
ander Little of 47.1 West 127th street were nr
rosted last night by detectives or tho West
I'.'fjth street police station on a charge of rob
bery and nssnult preferred by Mrs Emma I).
I Foster of 2HI1 West l.'l.ld street. Sho snld she
wns reluriiliiK homo from n call when n mung
I mnii grabbed her iiuil c.irtiod liet to a vacant
I lot nearby Two others c-ime up Iminedl
1 ntely, she snld. nnd whllo ono held a bottle to
tier lips the otheis tore threo ring fiom her
Angers The throe iirlaouont were I tentifled
by Mrs. I ostcr.
Secretary of War III Tovtn.
j Tho Hon l'.'lhu Root. Seoretnry of War, ar
I rived In this city last night nnd put up nt tho
I Wuldorl-Abtorm.
Poland! Pntnndt Poland! I'lilund!
rure.sparkllng, dellilous. Telephone 1 1 3 Lortlandt.
Mil. Vl.i:iEt.AXD ortERS AID.
Leaves Her Carriage When dlio Sees Threo
llctlms of a Collision nn the Ground.
Tdkntun, N. J . Oct 20. Mrs. Orover Cleve
land this evonlng sought to bo helpful to throe
men who were mixed up In a collision of car
riages on tho i cad to Princeton. Sho
had boon shopping In this city nnd
was on her way homo, with hor maid,
when her driver took an extra tight hold on tho
reins to steer the tonm away from a horse
which was madly bearing down on them. Be
hind the runaway horse was Richard Stock
ton, n son of Samuel Stockton of Princeton. He
guided his hoise past the Cleveland carriage,
escaping It by a hair's brcuth, but then ran into
a bugg in which John M, Thompson nnd
Goorgo I.awience of this city wore seated.
Thotlneemen wero tumbled to the ground
and their vehicles wero badly wrecked.
Mrs. Cleveland jumped out of her carriage
nnd offered assistance to tho men. nnd when
sho found that they were not very sorlously
hurt sho offered to take them with hor bnck to
Princeton Tho men, with many thanks, de
clined the oiler
He Signs thn Cnpltulntloii Proposed by the
Venezuelan lternlutlonlits.
.Vj trial Cable D'tnalcK tt Tus IVf
Caiiacah, Venezuela, Oet. 20 President An
drado has signed the capitulation ngreoment
proposed by Oen. Clprlano Castro, the revolu
tionary chief, and has abandoned Caracas.
Gon. Castro Is expected to enter the city at nny
Oen. Matos. formorly Minister of Finance,
who was Imprisoned for a political offence, hns
been set nt liberty. After his roleaso n number
of dynnmlto bombs woreexplodcd in his honor,
nnd one of them destro'yod his house.
Wahuinotov. Oct. 20. The State Depart
mentrecelvod this afternoon n cablegram from
Alinlstei Loomls. dated 2:12 P M. saving that
President Andrsile of Venezuela left Caracas at
daylight with 800 men for La Guayra. Tho de
spatch hujb the Prenldent hns not resigned
There Is some disorder In Caracas Heavy
dynnmlto bombs wero exploded In honor
of Mntos, former Minister of Finance,
He Mslts five or Six Houses and Suys Any
One of Them Would he Sntlsfnitorv,
Wahiiisuton, Oct. 20 Admiral Dewey, ac
companied by Frank A. Vanderllp, chnirman
of the Denoy Home Fund Committee, visited
to-day flvo or six of the houses offered to the
Committee for purchase. The Admiral, after
examining all of thsm, told Mr Vanderiip that
any of them would be satisfactory to him, and
left the selection tolheCotnmlttee Six houses
are considerad nvallnble. These. nro all situated
In tho northwest section of the city between
Sixteenth nnd Seventeenth streets, and are on
I. K and N streets. Negotiations with tho
owners will be resumed Immediately with n
view of securing the most satisfactory property
in return for the money at the disposal of the
He Expects Gradually Higher Prices Roth
for Stocks and Money.
Russull Sago said yesterday icgnidlng money
conditions and the stock market situation.
"Tho market is not so sensitive to spasmodlo
fluctuations, and I sea no reason to change my
belUf in gradually higher prices. The tempo
rary efforts of Mr. Keeno or others to depro-s
pricos can only react to tholr disadvantage In
the end The only feature In the situation
which mar cause embarrassment is money
conditions abrond on account of tho Transvaal
war. Money should go higher, but this should
causo small apprehension. The fall business
Is good anil this must havo a salutary effect.
Money tor legitimate purposes is not too high,
although call money should go to somewhat
firmer figures. "
Wns Bitten by Ills Son While the Latter
Was In His Death Agony.
John Young of 184 Beaoon avenue. Jersey
City, the father of Charles Young, the seven-year-old
boy who died a woek ngo yesterday of
hydrophobia. Is greatly worried through fear
that he may be attacked by the disease When
the boy wns In his last agony he bit his father
in the wrist and thore is some dancer that ho
may have been Inoculntod Dr P. E Hommell
has oauterized the wound several times He
says thn wound is slight nnd he does not ap
prehend any serious result but he will not be
able to determine positively until five more
weeks have elapsed
The Austrian Attache Who Wns Said to
Have Fought a Dreyfus Cnse Duel.
Special Cablt Dtipakh to Tns Bus.
Vienna. Oct. 20. Col. Sohneldor. the Aus
trlan military attach? In Paris who figured in
the Dreyfus case and was recently reported to
have been wounded In a duel with a French
officer, is dead.
Man with Ilrohen Neck Can hit np now
nml Is Sensible to Touch.
It was nnnouncedi yesterday thnt Walter E.
Duryea, who has been under treatment for a
broken neck nt Roosevelt Hospital for several
weeks. Is now able to sit up In hlsrolllngchalr.
He is nlso sensible to touch now for the first
time since he wns Injured,
Fnlth Cure Women Leadeis Indicted.
Lu'omK. Ind.Oct. 20 The Grand Jury of
Forter county to-dny returned Indictments
against Mrs. G J Smith, Mrs M L. Anderson
and Mrs. Edward Smackles, converts of Dr.
Dow le, tho Chicago fnlth cure healer, charging
them with lelng respotudble for tlm death of
the son of Henry Erne, who died without medi
cal atten lanco, the only menus adup'ed for his
reliwf being the recltlngof pravors, The Grand
Jury of Lake county also began an Investiga
tion to-day of two deaths attributed to criminal
neglect by the practice of faith curing.
Dog Covered with Oil nnd Set on Fire.
Late on Thursday night a blazing dog ran
yelping down Third street. Hnrrlson. N J.,
and was caught by Patrick O'Brien nnd Patrick
Slinnley ut tho corner of William street They
extinguished the flames and found that the
dog hml been sonked with keroiene nil Tho
men thou reported the matter to the police
and nn unsuccessful search was made for tho
brute who tortured tho dog.
A Phllpot Killed by a Trnin - Trouble
Loviion. Ky . Oct. 20 -SylllB Phllpot. son of
the Clay county feud leader, Tom Phllpot. was
kllle I nenrCorbln. Ky , to-day. by either jump
lug from or being thrown from atrnln Friends
of young Phllrot say that circumstances Indi
cate thnt he met with foul play Tho Phllpots
have called their forces together to go to Cor
bin to-morrow to investigate the case. If tholr
suspicions nre verlllel they declare they will
begin war ngaln at once upon their onomies.
Two Men nnd u Woman Killed at a Danre.
Itn iimomi, Ivy , Oct 20 -Near Wageravills,
In the southern edge of Estill county, nt a
I danco given by John Hoover last night, a gnr
eral light took place In which two men and one
womnu were killed outright and others were
wounded I he killed are John FnulkH.Jnmes
I'nulk', and a oung dan inter of James hparkn.
Wbisket was at tho bottom ol the nlTnlr
James Fieemati. who. It Is alleged, ki led the
young woman is still nt large Willi a posse on
Ills trail.
Death of Foil, the Voiallsl.
Arena' CiM DnoatrK tn The Si's.
Lomiov. Oct 20.-Thevoes.IIH Foil died to-
ilar (it rfnutliport
Poland ' Poland! Poland! Poland!
Tr it lVHinl Wster Dopet t l'irk plsie, X. Y.
1.1 in I led Train-No Fxeess Fare.
Kirir day in the visrt h join-. In New York
Centisl e felt Soutliwtitirn Limited. -Ad;
mmmmm jj
Coin Wins Third and Final ' , II
Race in Great Style. ,, ' , 1
Sir Tnouias Upton Says He Will Try 'iJ
Once More. 'II
The Columbia Defeats the hhiinirnrk by m
Mx Minutes mid Flghteen econds li jfl
Actual Time, and Six Sllnutet nml ,'' M
Thlrt-fnur Seconds, Coireited Tlitiu , iW
The blinrarm k Makes a (inllnnt Una jfl
Down the Wind, hut Is lteaten to the .9
Outer Murk by Due Minute and l.lgh- j ' .9
teen Scconds-ln the Thrash to Wind 'ijl
ward, Thiough Whltecapped Heat, the i tm
Columbia Vaiiiiulihvs the Ureen Hunt 'j'jj
by live Minutes-Sir Ihoiiias Is Satisfied i PM
with the Kesiilt and S.13S Vie Hnve the V I.
Iletter Ynrht li liira and anu"lshfil M fl
Cheer One Another nt the Finish. i jfl
III a breeze that occasionally assumed the ' fl
forco of a modorato galo, and through wlilto- I M
created, choppy seas, the American cup do- U
fondor Columbia yesterday glorlousl defeated l''fl
Sir Thomas Liptnn's gicen chnlle.iger. the ,
Shamrock, and the gallant Irish knight will jfl
have to build anothof boat If ho wants "to lift jfl
thatoup." , jfl
The tlmo made by the marvollous white "' U
yacht over the doep sea course of fifteen miles IJ
dead befoie the wind and fifteen miles thrash- ' jfl
lng home, wns unusually fast, and was jfl
eclipsed iu only ono other windward and , 9J
leeward race for the prized tiophy. That w."U j9
when the Vigilant vanquished the Vulkvrlo. '
six uars ngo, la U hours and 24 inln- jfl
utes nnd 'J'A seconds. The Columbia's 'jfl
time over the course yesterday was 'A hours, M
:i8mlnutos and 25 seconds Sho defeatod the 1
challenger in actual time by 0 minutes and IS 9
seconds With the nllowanco of 10 seconds ; I
which sha recolred from the Shamrock, her I
eorrected tlmo was tl minutes aud 31 seconds. ifl
The Vankeo craft shnwod her superiority In Ifl
every point of the gamo, und her aotivo und '
hardy Deer Isle sallormon were more than a 'I
match in seamanship for the nimble Urltons of ' ,1
the bhntnrock. In the run to the outer mark I
the Columbia was 1 minute and IS sec- ' I
onds better than Sir Thomas's ship. This i fl
soemed to bo tlio Shamrock's best point of ti'llfl
sailing. In tho weather work tho Columbia, 1 f,' 'IfiliH
defeated her rival by f minutes, actual time. ' 'slfflB
The result of tho three races may be summed Jjjjj flj
up thus: The Hcrreshoft creution Is better tV 'fl
tlmrrthe Fife model, not only whon tho broozes I
blow moderately, but when they thrum a tune ' 9
through wire rigging and send the spoondrlft jfl
flying down the wind. In beating, the Bham- Jfl
rock Is not In the snme clnss with the great ' ifl
white boat, but there Is little difference be- ijfl
tween them when the wind in dond aft. Sir , M
Thomas Upton gracefully acknowledges that tl
the Shamrock Is not In It with the Columbia. jfl
Everybody who had over seen weather of M
nny Hort In this harbor noted when hu got ua "M
oarly yesterday morning that there was going jfl
to bo a blow out of the north. In fact It had l
already begun, and before ll o'clock the il igs j
on nil the downtown towors stood out llkn
painted signs from thoir staffs The shell
backs snld thero was going to be a gnle, und
their prophecy was almost fulllUod
The excursion tleet got away early, but not
quite early enough to bo on hand when the
preparatory gun boomed from the Luckeiibneli
at 10-45 o'clock The viewless Hall of the wind
was lashing un the sea crests and them was an
ebbing tide, on whloh tlio iacers.lt was pre
dicted, would make a great run of It down the '
coast. The turmoil of the sen made the talent
on both yachts somowhat doubtful al out send
ing up working topsails, st led by tho English
jib headers. The yachts wero revealed to the
watchers on tho attending lleot inaini-uvrlng '
around the Lightship under malnsnIK jibs nnd
staysails just before the (.tart. Each ship lui
her working topsail up in stops
The patiol fleet, particularly the alert tor
podo boate, kept a wide, clear circle about the
starting line. The ynclits needed plenty of sea
room while running beforo the henvy north
erly brer, or utiuidlng ofl and on '1 lie
Shamrock was tho first to break out liet io-
sail. It appeared ridiculously imll com
pared with the voluminous and sk)-pleiclng
tall whloh she cariles In pleasant weather.
The end of the gaff projected nime than llta 1
leet I eyond tho little plecn ofd.niity It was
obssrvod that the crew of the Columbia, ovi
dtutly anticipating nasty weather, were clad
In oilskins. The sailors of the llritlih boat .
wore their usu il light weather nttue
Whon the warning gun was llro I at live min-
utes of eleven the ynclits passed beme-n the
Lightship nnd tho Committee tug l.uckenba -h. x
nncbored to the east of the rod vess-l 'I hey (
stood to tho northeast, the Sham ruck to the '
windward of the Columbia. Itoth taekni
within about two minutes of tlm stmt and i
simultaneously wont on the staiboird t.tek, i
heading westward When the Minting gnu
wns fired nt 11 o'clock they stood for the line.
The Shamrock was first to cros, dropping her
spinnaker pole to starboard as she wns timed,
and leaping on hoi course The Columbia was
one minute and one second nstei u of bei
Within half u mluuti) after eiossing iho Una Jl
her clever Yankee sailors hnd her Immen'-e v,l('j
white side snll blooming In th' wind 'I In jV,!
8hararock was somowli itslo'vor In getting nut (i
hertplnnaker; It li id been too tlghtlj sio pod ,'
nnd even the piping breeze lacked sutlletent i
force to break It out loi smeril nnniites '
about fifteen feet of the head of the great sill
was not lolngiluty - '
While th patriots on tho ships oi the a'fnd- -'
lng Meet were admiring theal lo se tt. ui-lupof
the white yacht's turs and the beamy if the
bulging splnn ikor. something happened wlueli
sent their hearts into thelrthn n1. To- halv
ing mass of duck eudilenly euived forwinl
under the pressure of the bini, I fling th
spinnaker boom h gh in the air. Mnug n as
they would, tlio Dour Isl unlets eiiiild not hi lug
the boom to the horizontal again. The sheet '
also Eot away from them ami tho spurn ikor
curve 1 upward, balloon-like, mini tl.n fo t of ,
the sail was twenty feet above tho boi.spiit.
It looked as If it were unillt lehed to the ship,
and from a distancu resembled a hugs wluin '
cornucopia with the big end down, painted on ,
thesky. ' '5
Finding out thnt they could not utilie tin 1
sail strictly as a side hail, tho talent let It -ct -
well forward, making a siirtofs'juarss.i.liuit ' i (
It Every nowand then It nppe.iK I as if it i'i i ,
about to got away altogsther Its tnnli g ' u a I
was stupendous, but tlm question with tlm ,1 . u
servers on every one of the 'ibsirvamii vessels
was whethei the l)eer Islanderh would be ablo J
to prevent the wealth of distended musllu ) i S
from enrrj lng away J; f
i It was forced by the wind to far forward that I' I

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