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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, May 13, 1906, Third Section, Image 35

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Iis1e I rJ
t i NTf It 4 S < W tXI tiT Iii n L
rnr 1Nfl II YNI nllNNfJlHtll
fI tMftd NIItI 4 Th a Niicffl
pAI lilt tClW t 14 0 rrrftl h
rI ht fillfit 11 VsiI 1111
y Ps rF Il AI P4itI tilt t 1l1li
c 1 hi I4II 4 Ifll Unnt WIII tha
4 rs NIIn tfnVa the tth114
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q e I1 Inl P hlh I hl l NI
t P hlrh finitII if IM Hlh nt
q t 1 I Alt I mll l yw As
I 4II IVt fl IM idh III4
0 1 I t t I tlhl AI1
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p rlef fUYHIE Iat41nn4 A W4tffl Sit
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1 I iiiIi1a II bli4 In hii 4 MMI
I I IirllIhuf thin S I4 haf44I
0 I I llmI inn iin enit4 eiihW
t41tIhi Ia4 m 1m I Ifll In I uS
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r a I ietIt iii Arnk6n III
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I 11 IiiIlt fltsf f UIntl
I i I his 1ttn f a nife1
I re I 111 In S ut tiiith f4 IfP4fl
tl lt < ot frn ftil It 110 nnilty
u1 4nst nrnl with In Ibllt
9 tt k nl ut lheI hIIU hl
hl r 4iitIiS 1 nIlta 1 MI
iirll h < hll WI tIIt I thi 11 I Mi
YI III I flflhtfl flt 11n thI4 lnit In
14Ianr eit ri Vk4n nl Amn
dlln IIIIIIIIlnn wu S boy About
I vpr4 lit qIf I niiupI i rnllf
Ii thfiIt thi Ihll ld h pl
Ilill flit IhI Illlr Th thoIogIst
44frl Ihl < potnn wills Clhhrb In
I 1 I foiivwl hll yinittitiI Cllo Inin
Irt Sf11 t4toiiIniiIy IFATA for
hI rHO Thl rNI loJI1 aa It
riIaIfl4fl0 prniriuitI So one 41 I
into iIIviiiflc from hi IJ nor
AIt 1w Inllrd ti wnl rom I1
rIn iniI Inlllln roni trI
nc th Ihuii 1lhln I hI bhl gI It I
11 Ipllll IhAI In Alnlc chid tndpntt
rM tit ool Ii In InItitlni ttUI hu
n 10INhf hf Ii IHI I
I 4rA I fltiIIi I nonllr
< tiit nlll rmlI nC th brullh and
hrIPt II rrIiIn mllran pr IIII hl
1tI I tittit IIndln In plllln Into th
ntl 01 lrrlrn tholclm From the
blp h rlllllhl hOn or the 1ult alh
Pr at nlulnth Irt and NInth nenil
f h nlr hla haIuare1 duln his
111 In Sf York The day following hll
arrival hAPproln to I 8unda hI 4 hll
II 11 Ih rllrodlly lrnfltn a of
the orhlpl at th IAullt church 11
irprl wIi rnt whe hl was told thai
they nlmhre 0 alt earellr Inter
ull either M worker In some branch of
eburch comity or u fervent attendants upon
the maM on Sunday confessing and tkln
tbe ommunlon at Irut once a month ftnci
many every day Je compare this con
rraton with that or ehlrhll at Iarla
brr I 811 1 parlh might h1 from 700
t 1 mm era hut oC them not more
cent could bA called Christians
lhn 10 per coull calt Chrl8tlanl
ID the alrrnoon or thla his nrlt 8unday In
New York the IbM visited a ruMonablA
PrisbyterIn church In Firth 1nui lie
nlrrf In the footsteps or perfectly clad
mn and womel He waN startled at the
1lab ni rlctVnl or the Inlrlor or the
huldlo from what hl cll the stage
Uttado containing the organ nd pulpIt
01 tlie orator to tho richly caTe pews con
talnlnr aUlrbly bound books or devotion
Everrtblnl In what hl designate I this I
lecture room wu comfortable and In per
feet taMe He was Impressed with an In
tor which the millionaires attending the
tburc evidently intended should not al
below the level or their luxurious homes
Ho uw no evidence In the congregatIon or
the vreaence or what might be called a poorer
du There was In the appearance oC those
present a uniform level or unlmpNchable
properity lie atatf howsvlr that In the
UnIted 11 la dlmcult to judge by out
ward Irl oC the social grade or an indivIdual
There is a uniformIty or self respecting de
maor maely absent In European coun
trI6 The abb note the prayers music
and reading af Rcrlpturt were conducted
with commendble dlno and that wIth
this utraalsoratlo congregation worship
wanot iackin In Ilncerly
aaot lacklnl
ID cnVrMton with Father Doyle or the
Pauliiits and lubelquenty with numerous
poll and prleas ot the Roman Catholic
Curh the abb6 was enlhlbne In regard
tci the subject whh mOt eO ale his ten
tonIht or the rellroul spirit In the United
Slae He concludes that on the whole
1etcn are rellou people that they
oeUe almost unlverialb In od In the
Imor1ly of the soul and that on solemn
occasions their homage to the Mot High t
Sincere that A great number believe n the
meacy ot prayer and that non violently
I ollc1 tl the derl What conlrl the
bW I this belief la that during hil travels
ID the lnlll tatf1 he madl It a business torN
reid Ihe rliar journals oC various co
rN 3l t In no single instance did he
munltll adverse crllcl of religion al
though there were Cruent discussion or
rlllllIAI topics nnd oC the burning nuee
lon 01 church schools Al an example or
the brolJ and Impartial altilde or American
onl14 towrd the Catholic Church hf
Irlnl In I tootnot In English an extract
of an elitorial Iii Tirr BUN ot Ootoer 21 10
In hl florlalln ccorde the tOllfrlnl carl
nbls Churh ot newly arrived Italian Imml
urnu which fIr the highest com
pndnlon rain Proleltnls and even roli
bus Inndla
From Ne 1 York the bbt stops at BOlon
pit rouIo Montreal II visiting this famous
le1 England town it II plall to see that he
PNMa a humorous desire to spcal St
Icnlh 01 thl Irnlie weird CII which
agitate tnvon II entiie way hl became 1m
lcd nith ihe tiles that that tow II a
rfnt or French elltlrl He Is evidently
I predIpnii to thll bIile b reason or the
Nellopr blef
1flurM iilivercl btorn limited ludlfnI
by hiv drlvrld flriinetire UOlmleEd
nunl Rod nnd Anatoln icrnyhaulieu While
all iinnirt hn lllld the nlrhbor ni vlale
of lhIIIWII Rt Important Iroquois rrr
alon II was on I Hunday morning The
thtrPtl ot th hnllet WHO deserted I b
the hur ot the these he asked his way 10 the
ehurrh Ot whom and In what tongue
le sdirewti in French the first person
bf mcl II Ial told In Enl lh tow t
teach Ihnt ho was seeking The onl
tlont Itlt hA o1ld In W n thAt between
two old omn Their clothing wal that oC
LOIly hut their face wlro of the old Indian
1P Ilr the theologian gives fervent
lhblnb that hA II permitted 10 bo P Catholic
that hiv rltglnii II the 1011 universal one
hat Ilia Ue lmo In this lrocttioia chapel I
III LAIn Ibo cathedrals 01 Home parll Cologne
n ntlnd Norway and In Ialeetinc where
It had itv hlrlh Little dOe It concern him
that the hlil iijtysgecongreqation urroundlna
mbch i5itii In art unIntellIgible tongue 1 long
51 the woril or adoration And love are ad
d rMf to the nod whom he worships That I
they sing In their Incomprehensible jargon
the common communion prayer II all the
more IIplrlng and Ideal pryer leaving the
church IiI albA mingles with the connel
Ironb Their clothing II that of today only
I r Ihltr colo happily the Phyloi
boml4 had nQt 10lt the native cast retaining
aborlllnl Iype or the race hb blank
hilt prominent cheek bones and nOle8
tbln lips and copper tint oC the skin but
al Te an thi coppr sunken eyes glowing
II ke eQala ot fire Among the crowd or
IndlLs Ilnllul ullr wu a young girl
tOblhlnllY bMUtll with fl Cat
to tn ground Buddlnly me looked UP
and mst the gaza oC the abb Instantly there
tn Into her blaring eyes an expression or
istse hatred transforming her In moment
iAt he tlroloul savage Hnw many Qln
tunes ot Christianity the abb6 Ik will b
aAcssary 10 lame these terrible natures
i Thoupsnd and thouend or years oC the wlhI
life or tie fnest have permeated overy fibre
oj their hodis with ineradicable savagery
hdlr wllblnldloble evry
Later 11 ie day In company with the loc
frIt he visited the cmpny Imf oC tho
thDdllln They were politely received never
ltIe the bb was 111 at nase The ol1lnl
t > fSLOfd hll hota Mplrld ele lnN fear
tt hc1 hA hen cue or that rMrlt band
hmllonarlf who lInt among their wild
o Mrl In the sixteenth a01ntenth and
J fllhlnth centurIes hl would probAbly
ae IIjrjiiNt lila life In the catise wit
har Inrrll hil 10 II Ouse wih
the lin 10lflftno aa did they but tmol
are hnRr and wlh thlm the llr our
nit nr mlr rlIicitis maryrom M AutN temper I
I II an abrupt transition from In Iroquois
Iliac 0 the residence of what the Ibb
t1I a riuuIuonar Bishop Of western Now
ork IrAtlonao mut be understood In
e IMA or dIsapproval or the Iloerci attitude
ci trdlalnh other American Catholic prelates
OlTarci thu progressive spirit of the Uqited
I prlreMlve Ullt
B tati With sentiment the bbS i
1 n entire thl hone his hesitation In
lsetliig this Bishop Itodid not Intend to
Dlhop Illd
fOlo hit an accident or travel landed
E tdl here bateau ot At Dualo however
S dii tint regret what at lbs time he IqeQ
Ioli u a toqlrelempa Inasmuch as found
themilitant prelate anything but reaction
miian laln
at Iii tho matter or hospitality lle
lb him a the bOIJtltYIUO which
Wo Iceneur bad fOunded Aa inoidsal or
It bleat i45 tti lt rm t fly
rlttll RInd I viii I S rif fi
U 4 1k IiWlIIiIi fi I f nIvh lt
me I Ibtn I 0141tre qptgulultIL f
af tn ie hnf I 1 Iuii IiC vniwsf
Jd fIflhl4Vit4 oreiluuit it yAe nIiIf r
Cr IiC Its 8 pvnnI I I uItisfnns atr
A fi I ipwit f Urtisutt ifeIhttt 11
Instil h qht iuIitf Ni h nf irsKC
WUI Ill Inusnut hi l1 4
U JTOIIh I rid utfIuthIi 4 tf
Isk1MPuiJne 4nt fIstpUientrifrft r I
PtwntnenJ4lIift ihAnStt 1 Ifl tfji nMI
fniny ns ef inituil hnevnhsnne
ti n9 sut irnipillif hi If ftfi t
t tffltInLi of ll Ifta5 tiu it4 titi Illihel
roni 11 r nsf tutu IifpI 1 lit ItI Il t
rMtP tutu JtIfIm4ftV I I ini nf i4ni tt
f 1
nulaltsin In tttf seuf4
1t ImtfliItl I fvt frhIe Iii 4 J ti 1 t
lt If fl I iIftiWV1it hIrr iii ffIiCrits
1 111 fI Ii htthuf turn It I iii fl I
uIWtIfi4 it t fit rffI JIineVeIf
Jtestfnfl IPy eouusqt tutu cis hi W v I
rfnih qet 4 fPntI 4C ts rpeesnte
nr ens Cf Ifui lf IiIIrinrNt tutninni of the
rhf flue IIi n 4 ftf H I U
nuinhu p f ItICIInItf tnrI I intt juWtIe
I iu inistelse lit sief 11 IIIVIE I
cli In ufIe thi tuItsInt trntitng
fW lhtlf ipefofa IPC 5f5eIflP1I 11 ths
uintei R SUb I ftlend ei if thi WJIfC
f N Pnlfremitt eqi un utuite flit ifutrf
itt this ntiItf tue ItnIfilfIfleut ifr I I
llhl I n ihVe nwntIsi thsfi
I mien C10tk4 Ithnuit llfnl ni rifle
mrn All n 1 the npulIleint Cohuif t
Ih ntiwp IPPeICI 41 ItnoeeYPIt ilIuullet
11 lit t loo In INlf IrIS rheltoti re tilt
lirIvAl nlr tn flu ssIulant eeteuI lhuni
nest eDrJIijIjy jipoinSlfini tnr his Initif
reran rrnth lb foflsPritII91 Wilt
diltPd rp IIh I nnl fnll 11 lSl
SririS ehIe < fluent In III ulC HI rrsfsrriI
lhf the IrIuInt stimuli I fntnt r iii
nutite Inquu o hn I i rauihi ii fin
CI tfsrrI Mt irewrpIsuJ WIth titles ti r
mmA 111 1 itehuIttt for aitnis Y
wis 104 In 1Crlff nf the eimIIs n ftim
lflnlll iiI I wn seifed near fl
tlnnmvIt In a Wr posliluin In sIiull
lIl pvessloti ntb fIun
I f IflhPfflsta lt hI I br the sriul
lflTTerjlone nl fl jtaIlnw I uuI yIlutllr
II lie 11 IJIW A magnetlo nif
tint unwed rtnm Ih PrpiIutnt 4t hic slit I
ni t rsa 1m eu AII it tn nI
mnnii A 1III1nn of ftsJte 1h hh
MW ndentnoil stist On II fllr n asserted n
fl Ii the personality of Mr 10111
hii hi was a Mlnl ind lf ems toni
Uini In a fIe O napinetonul Tb visitors
wet Impreessil Ittu hIs wonderful rnrn
lull eflifesal hhll eye soil what IIIht
us flf III nsn TI priietis mln Iln
mCI Ih rohlfnt thnt It a th Intent tori
nC hil tl11 10 publish iinpreaslnne or his
vIsit Cn the tnll KIQlflll alvo In his nrn
patriotsotuject leanneofhenerg1 soul Inlet
stw Ir the Amrjcanis T lrieklnt so
proved of this Then Ihl nib IhIIVI
the subject of the mmlnl In Ih t ni I Mtats
of I many expatrIated fnch WOlfn fr
the rlIII ordeN Mr ltnoiseviut warmly
cnmmenIed It sayIng In euIrtsnce Titer
cmmnt 11
cannot 501 11 to putny never Ilutl we
have 10 Ilnr Pnr of that Ilnd
ThIs rrlr pleased the thologtan who
note thll the Irfhlnt with his absorbIng
Iut hl no time 10 write he mulct Mn
fin himself tn talk giving In incisive spceltps
lessons ot courage and vIrtue avoiding
empty phraseology ni makes futuir Ir fyi
epeechee every month cacti being l 1m
poflant that they wnll erl aUnlnl Vlll
Ir delivered ly a elmpl citizen The ebb
dId not Ihlnk hI was too rlUIIY when he toll
Mr JOlt that France was greatly In
ralf In hla chrctr and oplniln
The Preeldent rarondei
T plrlt hy nrlll
personal lymlth with France There was
direct reason for this some or his rIlves
hr marriage being 01 Frrnfh extraction In
df1 hl had f trace of 0111 blond In his
veins Til bb friend tonluIAtd the
IrPlldent thlt a person eeerrhIntr for him
with A revolver bed foiled of Intention tl
Aftapinste hm The letter replt that hI
did not intend 10 change hIs habits nit that nf
count nor alr the routine oC hl life tn 8vold
there hypothetical Mlle Thin visitors
wrre Impressed wIth the conviction that
this moralist writer ortor this rhlr or
lusts was capable of battling physically with
any kind or nn adversary that tuci wee ii per
tCdy balanced man In whom lttIIInc
hlartllnd mulICllIrerluR Ih well developed
a spirit and body In romplete hllrmony the
American type the Idrlll product or a greet
natIon one who In polltlrll never hItIlI11 to
nxnress till honMt opinion who denounce
boldly all abuses and who In controversies
I with foreign nations maintains ntlinchlnlllr
Iho rRlIlf ot hilt country IIcllnlf always so
I cording 10 the precept of Lincoln Po the
oo8t but if you CAt do the beet thln do the
beet you 1111 The moml had com 10
tkIullot him tile IIhM cllll the greet mn
of arUon the mot interesting except the
Crdlnal Lovigerte Ihllt hll hot er mIlt
What endllf8 Mr Itosevelt the more to
him la his enrll In dpCflIdllll rIIClloHII tel
rrance his friendly word for CatholicIsm
lie prllll long extracts from his speeches
alld writings always with laudtor oem I
mAnLy I
The theologian discovers tMt WhlirlflI1 I
Is a more agreeable Ice ot rlrtrncl for
EuroPMnlhlln SOY other city oC the United
HhllO There 11111 bustle 111 nolan and 11
Is lees out oC proportion Its domInant
chuaclerllIr are flult Stid harmony nil
aeM II rfIIemblnCA to VsrMUle In II brood
avenues radiating from the CII pit nl to the eriI
01 the tow There 110 something of Ib
ChempsElye4e ot IlIrlll III Itll IIOlllltfll and
the Ionic colmM oC the White Houao cccii
Ihroullh the tollII flu enJoys the vrlo
odd chrat1te with whom lie is hpht In
COlltt lit mentions oe in prticulsr II
retired Admiral who enjoyed tcilng or i1t
various cruIse To Amrlna who IT ceck
lime for npprrelaUon or theIr country Ihl
volume front the pn oC a French priest will
offer abundant eaUataction
New Ker08eneLlme MIxture lot Equal
to Sulphnr Wuhea
One of the new Insecticide oomblnatllnll
for trHlment for Han JOIlt o1le oonll811
of II mixture of keroNlOll In water pro
duood by the UIIO of limo in very fine par
tide ThlloomblnDotlon with oIeml modi
fioatlons Mil been strongly reoomnumdlld
by II few experIment stittlons and hall horn
ullCd on a large IIOalu with t1 dlgroo of sue
OOM bYlOme orohordletfl If all relllble QI
the IImllIUlpbur combination 11 a 80110
destroyer and nil nrll to UM It 10118188e1l
advantages over lhllllO lIulphur lAhel In
being nora elllY to prepare hoonulflno boil
Ing Is required
nut Iet made at the Delaware Export
merit station during 111O Indlrote that the
lower trengthll or the Kr mlxture are
not mollnt aplnllt scale and that the
suonger mlxturetthose containing larger
percentAges nf kerotnoAro liable to In
JUro tho trees bOOlltltlO oertalnportlonsof the
mlturell contain much more DC the kerosene
than other portion In other words the
mixture III not uniform or not permanent
At the Delaware stAtion teetH were made
In five orohardsl on chortles plume peohe
and applfII and nppll03t1cnA wore mdl 11
rail winter And summer mn difficulty
111111 mot In applylnR the mhturoll having
the higher perootnRee of oil hecatito or
the small quantity or water used In pro
portion to the amount of limo omllinyed
In the fall lre1tmllnt a01 with IIml111
percentages of oil the first Cow treAII or a
erloe showed marked ItI11 of IIIJury front
the spray while trees rncellng the last
portions of the mixtures IIhool no Injury
In one plum orchard where trcM sprayed
with sulphur wehetl served 011 oecka the
oomrrnrtiuon was Mtlcehly altllnet the
Kr mlctur8 Four Burbank plum trees
sprayed with a I per cent olloomhlned
with a hydrated lime bore only oelIrth ofa
crop or fruit while the nrijol tog sulphur
sprayed roes produced full ylelllI
The effect of tile 10 per coat and O ler
cent mixtures on IIOlle was Dot sttlefao
tory as young rouse on tree treltet with
these mixtures were 18 numerous in the
following Autumn as on check trees though
the trIt llreellwero smoother bec1uIID uf
the removal of the old eolle Incrullwlloll6
through wttbering oil of the wash Eoe
where the higher percentages of oil were
used there were considerable numbers of
young sotina the following I16lllOn On the
wholo the fail spraying with a IImolIulphur
mixture prociured mitch hotter roultll
A Dlddlns to a Welsh Wedding
From IPie owth Companion
In writing of WeIeh scenery and customs
lIlr Edward Thomas finds oooalon 10 notice
many characteristics oC social life that are 11ft
Ilronllly mar ej II ro the features or the
landscape None of the cllrlollll ussgee II
more obaracterlllo ot rlmlllvII WalM than la
the one mlnlontd In this paragraph
I pauedthrough a village In which t found
that the old fahioned blddlnao tnarrllllfe was
not dead For sprinted sheet with this an
nouncement In Welh rIll Into nlY hands
A DlddtD 10 a Yarrlare
Inasmuch as 10 tnend enertne ne state of wed
lock on we 1I111e wedding gifts which will bll
repaid with thanks 111 a hue occaiion
r Wzuiamm
tauAlIlITn JOMa
It fa exIlfQled that gifts due to thepI and to
their parents and brothers will be paid On the
hero are AmerleaOIl who know by
oItXpllrlonOfl tprcttcllin in tnl eounry often
dlrtcfrqm tile cutom In alesopIY nV the
arNter rrankuen with which till Welsh
tatt tIlcue
11 c t
I I I T Llw
= = If =
r rHv wsNtN N4lW
45 a oMIt rftfut4 Wsssss
4 liii ale 54 I M tis 504i CM f
Ii l 4euIei a cnv iss
tIIiP4I isv a Cf use aiwsis III
IIICfI If Slid aiwl 110111 51 15544 it tisd lit
ep ef jday
t ill If Is 111 Mwf ef iii iweiiif IfIf1 lilt SeffilMeS
ISpite III rEiee tir It 4tvliui eiP ef Isiv
I t ti tiOCtt fri V4 014
i ffIW 01 nviet sisfstltmii sit 11 4piW IS
tueilst cute pious ihosli MV1s15 C
j Stie 5iasInudEIetstsePiafM fWfSiliOfi
I It ii I t INC isseli uf flu ifi rut II1lii flltt4 ta44
4Iil 154 III f01V1 SM IfI
Asil Pier sniss tni sVww49 1111 197
tel uuv ftis III tit he 159ti IA IIitfSst4t lest 514
tflilft pests
fir dIII ilatw iluai 1IfIfII i ffI Itll l
Is ifS II krc1C tStpillf
41 asts Sit Mtf ti Md Mmrts44 sst 5145
I iIift clii AIlS
1 i IItW III seiil ef9 If a ysiiE fIIMIM
I1ts1Iest uiI 04 5CC ieu01Sef III 11195411404
cl d1I1
154 tsi stts iini rlAstAO lie IMfI kf Iftltl
flMI Asif i1pstr
ru Nt itis elf fstdSef OnMas 0IiIt8Il b
AM II Inn 1111 nIght p1154114 cleW tft hOt 1IMf
rlltlt flutist itt 4StP ill IIWO lit 114
mntNeta 4s57 iut4tttlII 119 1151
Act Iii lilt rsuerlitilo 55055 eeiiifiutfq415i If ettfflft
Was llts 114 MIlIIIftfd nMai 1114 Mttt4 54 11ft
ella III ta elaIt bEiMIAI tIuC yisesO fttII is
119t Itmlf
Nntwsl Se1 tIfIf na tIC eld Ur0iI ftmtIt
05I Sad lfIIIt I P1145 irestuwI wtie wis
Ic IMiM ae4 tut rstid 115
tvh lb 0 li taabtseM wuwilafi ie aSVa
lI11 M silielitCi 111IlIIn till Ilclfll
Iv40 the bmatI ult trII 4519195 tJI4 nid I
cull IIIaI they at
FlIId a trued III Ibl alit fuHsaed Seats
Aol thiS sever rrt huar IIr d1l1fttut4 fNI
het oor
For lb does eat rpreaeS thefts tot their aUtt
Not rl1ld them tIe rlollolll 111111111 sad tb4I
IllImItable alt
10 l lrlloI IIIm Ills 10111 ot 141 bIrds Mol t1Ie i
IDUAIt 01 lb wtada ta tile tiltS i
And mr 1Hr the blsedmgi of QaoI thee poor out
CUU lIIoe upon her
Ar tlrard In the Count Above and will stud to
her credit titer
When 1114 molds are fintabed aII4 ludltllfll ta
pronoulled on UIII Gru lay
Cnuris Pa May lit OD II Jogwos
To lbs OtatfI
Gloom gloom iloomt
CJiv u the Isles nr thu temb
Ole us tit torlta or tumor and cancer
Tales ot the problems I1tll neVer a IIaWffJ
Tales or tilt vandal
cotaIp and lCandal
Tal of dIe and storlt oC babble
nrredlDI disaster and dlleM troubles
Tell UII the lain or weak IOul III damulloll
Tales lull 01 folk 00 the brink of starvation
Coh us tile novel whose motive Is mean
Murder and arson sad 11I11I1e raplllo
Tell or Mad habIts nd IIearttrlckell mother
Sisters gone wrong and a jail full or brothers
nyc us tile dram or publIc rorruplloi
Innocence grilled In otcanle eruption
Tell us the tale 01 lIeelaebub time
1111 up your pages wIth fresh minted crime
lIunro and w1nd1es and coward assaulter
Forgers shoplifter and high plll defaulter
IIlIktn and wrlcbtr and llbellere vile
Turn Into roallie all of Jour bile
live us our hcrolnca all meretricious
lIown with the virtuous up with the vlclouV
let all rour visions be rbeUmaId dark
paragraph brimming Stilt cavil aDd cork
Sorrow misfortune indecency woe
lIuln aDd allhiesaDISS eerwhtreIO
Wherever me go
Erotic neurotics telli cry with a roar
hiss brought twenty sorrow where one crew
To 01 firing josl en 1M cUll San lrentfrt
Thou dull arlaeour CIty 01 the sunl
For ever III a lien death like thine
Ere scarce the flames be fled
A reclfllllloa is begun
Fen as In ArabI4ibe nh1n
A plumed anentUried life was ihed
Only anew to greet lbs skies
nrln through day ud night
To Jellopoll its mrUo journey bright
So phtrnta both and goal or phrrnla flight
OUr Jlellopoll where last the dabam IItI
Sc thou again 111 rI1
Thou balt artae but late lied Alllumn polll
5tial bloom with vigor greater titan 01 old
As when a Ore baa swept some virgin soil
Whose clods wild Floras uncuuaed ennlDi hold
Spllnll there ace growth miraculous 10 mortal
So thou sraln balt rleelFoITR
WIsdom ot 14 Tou
AooIlello craduto wu he
His knowledge was his Jor and pride
No merely theoretical
Put well applied
In Iclcnce well hi knew Ibo cause
Tba md an earthquake jog a town
And rulthermeN hlmtlt could shake
Tho Old tln down
had ht been hoes or Panama
110 could blova quaffed at Fortunes eup
ntllld be knew the way 10 make
III 1a dig up
socIology dread art
lie worked not merely for his health
III knew lust how to make his dad
JIIUlbute pAllbMcLaKDIIUllon
I Frorpu tilt Vew Orleans TlmuDlII
JOY goes along lllh sorrow
And sorrow on with Jot
What bOolll It whIch we borrow
Since each baa itS alloT
Jut lire wears death for jewri
And death makes Sweet our lIfo
Which It more kind more cruel
wrJ hlch more rdO the utile
TIle Sona of tile Thrush
peon lilt Cahoc Slanctad and rrnt
Ah ht lIa wu grand this morulat
Shun bow rould I feel forlorn In
Such a landwhtn ttlC and rowe r teased their kisses
to the bNrt
Could aD IrIhonear be Quiet
Wnlle the prlnr was runnIng riot
An Ille birdied free mellca were atorlnr tn the
In the tongs that they were alnrllle
No mlllar note was ringing
nut I strove tmllllie them an Iwhltlet like a lad
Ob my Malt Wall ann to love Ibem
Fo the 1 newness 01 them
For the auld IOnl thU they helped me to forget
IJI 1 wa glad
so I mocked the feathered ehotr
To my hungry hearts desire
An I IIIQrttdla the comradeship that made their
joy mr own
TIll a new 1I0le sounded stIlling
All tbt reel A thruah was UIIIIDII
Ahl the tbrulb lieu behind me In the drlola bout
Where upon the wbltttbom swaying
lie wall minstrel 01 they Maying
In mr days 01 Ion so laughter that the years ban
laId at rest
Urf again his note were rlnlrlnrl
Du 101 lot IlIr Marl for IIncln
Ab the song I could not solver was the one I
Ihn J nd
korw tar heat
Tile LlUh LaW7ef lion
Frost 1M Green Dog
It was a little laWer man
Who eolll blushed aa he began
lIer poor dpl1bublld sIR 10 scan
tie smiled while thInkIng of his let
Then sold 10 tier an tended
You have a nice fat legacy
And when next dy be lii In bd
llIh bandages upon his btld
lie wondered ehat on earth he said
The Short Sleeve GIrl
The abort lectc girt I must confess
Has hit a cute conrell of dress
shes allO hit mi wad of doulll
For long sleeve gloves come high yea know
Three plUnks and a half per pairno less
01 louree II she your sister lIe
You feel no 8d PODdult trrao
nut II site be your tedob
The short lIeevo girl
par CupId rive you swift success
If lIunlmer comes without the Yes
May Mol retard Our Illcre flow
IIr cl vlnl her In anand 10
Leave you the wealth to mirth Impress
S Tile bor sleeve girl
tU l r
ttfIlJ 1s iitssM 1ft 115 M5ate14I tu ma
t Mol IItiIeS lP eefjs hueS vowS
ir Itn Mfi 1 rtl 1
I Is 11 1ft 514114 P95w tit 151510 11419 liftS
0410 lAS 11Itt1tlllJf iu I 50 t59 IllS 1145Se 145
siiKM lit tutwf isesstp M Is pirifrs
It I iItI IS lAS 51110 It T S CP40 IsttUs4
liv JuJCa AitiSrI n lIves tlr 1144 1145 55
iiylfwl40SfltbH4Af5 tt4fCfIftSfM4
rIM flptata4Iii lilt ff144 fIt 014144
10 iiyt9 ti ft stem
Mfu4 tic 55p It liAf 1111 SlIt
Alt fl4ftftt 1I 1
Is so esunsvaM it 1ftM tm I 119 tes
iIf 4 tWO 5114 lfIt lit 11Th IS 1154 iSIS flit
144 f is Hot Itit lilt nU Ills
WI rt r islil 00 hIm
Al tItfIf f 5f4f Ii 015 4141 petIt
Alt hsflassl iffiss ftM
flftlftfflt II Ills M1 ftIIff itl filas4
11154 145 1tlliuafst OtiS 5 fNf U
H e veal fit 55414Sf Mt
of Ahpist flsesl Is iliad i45
Vstit ftIIffIlI alflt M41tft P
HSIIMMSH11141111M51000 5 1
This hti Sow 141141
I f Wekqtf S IlIft Nt if ISIm tttf tIfft1t
ef AstriIl040 5154 f 0 0 tot 495155140115
4f54 11 155 4ad tltt4tr lIlft ftWftIt
544004 111 eH ibiS 14454 19540 simsM IS ttII
iii wttl kitif t4lltaf eftilOId hRs 515t
514qtftM1efIf WfHdIdtIfD t
tIt MI flltl
Ifliri aI1 Jf
frtMff Iae5 SItS Ie 5514111 ItrtItIt
uet1er it I YstebtIe IS oef rtIeSatdI Al
stIII5 If nf 11 is Rt Pftn4 If 0
peril 44 Itsa vashils It IgDi54 1ft 40
werdl tilt utne II till tM tllflol 095 Sf lii
vn mMs Is 104 Item tattle 45 iti
Ie fact SIrS tall HI WI4 44 440 Set v
peat dissected 1118 ntiS M 1ft IIId prsvrvb by
flame tiallass Semen Ii IM lrystn at yIbflfs
Syth III ADlI Tbi tttn II mnhitii1t40 4
WIsite lit Yord4 tOsti letter ci III NoMt
54 It 1051 well vs tIe gasti of melyayu ha Nest
rites IfI WhlyrbS ttywfii prii1ytLblI tit NIS
IntWwyyi ThatliWwyUtmocoticI4ku1a
af till IouJ I oW It 14 ceo Mill 0 be 8Mn sad
I f the heels of hiS body tot II ILtIt osusi IIBI 0
4 bole Also to tllll IMrfIH of Wi godfl IIIIr it
shall make him dolts As the aids fIIlaII
pbIt sayth whit see troll fYI I rlp aWl b
IIoIr belihy sad IIly
no wu thy pdeii WII4 saclalatli fltI 01 llIeId
i4asbodefLouls Ztillliu df kllit Loul MoStil
an 0111 ass CIlIoOTT
If be eves did sat is dill priest of 14 Xliii faa
Noinenil WIt tbe AbW hluurp Fuea IAllWDrtll
dl Frmollt 1111 unless fares of UsIa g1suui table
appears OB a cut published a trw day aftir the
secuticeu Allu fill alaS tk 8m LouIs Ie
rid Will Ugd oal 01 otbT of thta versions
II mill a royalIst point DI view Just what tbl Irish
priast IIItluld have soil III sublime disregard ot tile
p111 ta which lie mlrM hare placed himself Abb
rdrnlu111 IIItlllalD bat he ruuld oat recollect
that in the deep grief of the moment be said any
thing or IIII sort Lord Itolland recite thlll the
lAJtll tit Utter lellca thatEdgeworib aaaurfd blOt
of his failure to recall having IIId It and hoUsed
eolltlllUIl1 that the pIous ejaculation was invested
at asupperhildon Ilrlltohe tletatlon
What It tile byname or New Jmeyf Lying as
a doormat before the Empire Slate and till Kn
51008 Slalelt surly fount bay some pet name 01
it own but wbt Iht inly be I have nyer been
able to learn edlllI COxIOT
NwJerser la by DO means to be slighted even
though II dON II 1 tile front doorsof New York
sad PhIladelphIa for a host of metropolitan of
iiher sort Ire glad 10 get away from town at even
log to the enjoyment In New Jersey or their bed
lower or down But New JerseY hks never beell
called out of III namrand It is proud enough to bo
named III oommellloralloa or a gallant delraeo III
the Puritan ware without aeeldlllIIc11 renown al
braggart nicknames mar grant
What ii the rulll II indeed there be one concern
tog the tile or proper adjectives We read that a
yacht has returned from a cruise In Cuban and
Florida watersshy not Cuba and Floeldani We
bear tlf MexIcan Ilvera but nol of Yennonlan
towns of EnglIsh hIlls but not of New Yorksb
naJifu ul uft Wt
manufactures of Siberian uble but not of la
constnlan timber Then Is II Java sperms but
the Curl soldIers sin the Russian army ht
It is just that wealth of idiom ruled only by
ellphoD that ahould mallll a man rejoice that
Enrll6h II his mother tongue IIId not a painful
Who ta the author of the saying Ho who eon
quera bmltlt Is rater than the roan Who COllquen
a cltrT Dh1rlT
The reference eoms to M 10 Proverbs nl a
If that Is slow to anger is better than the mighty
and he that ruletb bisepidi than he that taltrtll a
dU The Donor enton is practically the lame
Tbe patIent man is better than the valIant IIId he
that rulelb his spirit than bo tbat lakelb cities
aoell OzarrIt Ie seldom that a query btlge
out such a wealth of replies aa has greeted the
request of J J While for Ihlll pteco whIch be bu
dImly remembered from childhood A hot of
warm friends of the ballad have supplied such
actlal informatIon al to the author 1111 available
fOr III bumble life is nol written IA the work of
ordinary reference At best the information Is
AO more Ibll a Uille fie was J Keerall born ot
lowly parents ta a village by the Nor In Queen
county Ireland and be died 11118 D about 40 years
old To this eraUty tenors an apprecllh cor
respondent add ills poems are tborourbly
Idiomatic and as IrIII 10 tbth rub of feeling and
sentiment as they arc toil of pullr arid tender
ness Caocb Ia to be lound tn lbs first volume ef
lIaeaa nallde of Ireland tl Fords National
LibrarY and In Frank Touseis Popular Songs
and nalld ot the mprald Isle DUI because 01
the Interest whleb II bal IIkend and also because
of its merit aa a living tpeelmen of the popul
ballad II II here republished even al scene con
elderable IIcllllco or space For its full compre
benlolIlI ahonld be observed that the word eoch
means blind
Ohs winters day tong long all
Whtn I was a little fellow
A niCer winrred to one door
Orahtded blind and yellow
And oh bow rlad wu my young bNllt
Though earth and sky looked dreary
10 are the stranger and his dog
Poor Pinch and Coach Olesry
And when he stowed awar his bsg
Croubaned with Ifreen and yellow
I thought and std In Ireland a ground
TneM1 nol so line a fellow
And lincen Burke and Shone tarn
And Elh Kate anti lO
flushed in with panting haste to irA
And welcome Cinch OLeary
Hit 001 be with those hapoy tlmeY
Oh rtte be With my chIldhood
When I bareheaded roamed all day
Ulrdllullnr In the tldwood
Ill not forgrt those sunny hour
lIolIver Vram OtOY al
JIll not forget nit early frIends
Nor honest Caoeb OIeO
Poor Caoch and Pinch tlPl well that night
And to the morning atiy
t called inc un r hear hIm llal
The wind that shakes the barley
And then lie stroked my flaxen hair
And cried God mark my d
An I went wbn he said laMwell
And think m tn OLesrt
And IflllOot esme and went and still
Old Cinch was not forgotten
Although f thought hIm dead lId gone
And la the cold cloy rotten
And often when I walked and danced
WIth Elly Kale and Un
we spoke dr nlldbood TeaT hourI
And prayed for Caoch OLtat
Well wenlr summer hd gone past
And June 5 red sun was sInkIng
When I a man sat by my done
Of twenty iad things thInkIng
It little dog came up the way
His rn was slow sad weary
And as nip all a lame mM limped
Twos Pinch and Caoeb arY
Old Caoob but ahl bow wMberonel
Ills form I bowed lId blllldinr
Hie Aeshless hands are stIll and wan
ArTlme is even blending
The colors on his threadbare bag
And Pinch II twice as hairy
And thinSpate as whtn fleet I saw
Ulcostif anti Csoeht oLeary
0n4a blessing here the wanderer cried
Far tar bll bells bhek viper
Does anybody hereabouts
Remember Clloch the plpn
With IwrUlnr heart grasped bl hand
The old man murmuled DealT
Are you the IIIItY headed child
Ibat loved poor Caocb OLearYT
Tea yes I MId The Wanderer wept
AI It his heart were brklnr
And where a vhlo machete be sobbed
Is all the merrymakIng
I found here twenty years agol
My tale I sighed might weary
enough to say theirs none but me
To welcomo Caocb OLcary
0 0 vol the old man cried
And wrung his hands In soqow
Pray lead me In uthore mactree
And Ill ro nome tomorrow
Mr peace is made Ill calmly leave
tHaco t PJ
This world so cold anddrery
And OU shall keep myjilpes and dor
And pre for Caoeh OLeary
With PInch I watched his bed that night
Nu dill his wIsh was granted
lie dledand Father lames was brought
And the reqlllem mass was chanted
The neighbors came we dug hi grave
Near lll 1015 and Mary
And there 110 aleepaJlI last wtI1Itp
God rest rolll Cao OlAaf7
Ptrnu lIN
11IA IIWI ht Vhs Mft fNIIflf sa
Mklot 0 1M tiH40 It 10 41115
Mngttiras rawl Jistftiss fi ItVidStS fisPitiu
relt TII fttffltltto1tlmtll smlf r msrta Pit ItirlIe
549 4IMtilMfti Itlf WIftiset ifsl
It 11 Isis dnmIsseul iwilifkusf f4051IlInOS
1mfMlt 1M fIIfIfI Ther II S 9
pses sits this Ih lfithelsfldOftP ftltlfWlf
IItiIM4 hy WIIltatn ft I1If Sill 1t111
lilt rllfllfflllIif Vet lit dtPSli
It 11155 ifOni 0 Il iSI4V Iti fllMfIflII
Ifti fl71uuIan IIItI1flM SIlt smtil1
tit Ut afitit pliso fits sttn tiemfselInt
II 11 nt Ift0Mt lnIi uf1f Mtliftlt
IffI fu UI qlas Iasys SM ItS liliIIetit
b4tiIfdSti Hit 0b1 Itt thu Msb iiiiid
stMtlafltI4sfltotijbsfprImSl54 IPIISVs
IA f4ymtitnott Ifftrns rflflll hId fISIIO4
r Mttf tty Ate IA Miff V9535PII5119 tIll
hHtM Cf UI RP1ll1fft 1If lIIfftf1t
aN51I40UI if thu 1IG11t1f
n fJttttf flitS Ill MfItI ru 45 Yo
MI9 fttt 1401 04 I I95 HtfN1t tMt 54544
HIM sass nf 115 VUI44SI4IM eM
rf Itttt 4fflhsfv Is hskUfle t N
5444 6MItt IIeMII1 S s114M44 M
Ms 5 5 HtftIIK1fttt 444 estI4fi0 fII
lJa5 Ysf II In 51105044 Csr4 Myr HI
Hurtle 54 Ills eirt4id45C tnt L4siliftftf
tOIef Oft this 111 ti9544 18 IH
tf b cf WttieI HI tefflfIH It Ii
01154 frets thai U ellatt1n54ip may I
Jntatta willi PitS iOiii4M ltitus IJt 511 55
or an fMlU ottllfto
lot a Vw Hapuhiletea Ii WIltlIAI Il 4
list that YlfNldnt rsIthsfl4 telli be
olBld fir Preeldini by r1Iff itidleltil
conventIon 10 hoe IM bM tllllil OPI1M1 I
00 the ground that Hr rallbMH I 1k
AllIINf 1tramllntaM 01 PrsMssI
ReoItteI Other Alrbanll men say bat
tb Mepubldratt oganIaatIon Of fMlan ii
lat IIIperlo to thai or any other IMC whir
the Rpublleanl aristhdomjfianl patt I
John lgetow sit IOItor or ulu1 J I
TUrJtu willed one of 111 wIsest oo1ulfll
01 Mr TIIuMn In the day 01 his political ascendancy
cendanc fa the DemocratIc part wan
delegate from New fork Huts to the lie
lIublclft tltlon convention which asasmb led
as rhlla1t1p1lla In June INS and nominated
FrmoDt ad Dayton Mr fligelow II tI
1IIl1lol1y elect and ntraordlnarll to
8tllpl8D A 8mllh oonftdlltlt1tmnt
for AlolUt D Corallli when that LIzard on
the JUU as fleeces Conlrllnr dubbed 0ev
Cornell WI Governor is very Ill at Mount
Clemens MIeh 8mlth slime ComllI cIlPN
has been oonfldentfal mesaenger for 811116101
Thorn C Ilatt Jr Platt llpoke In Wh
lorton the other day or 8mltb discretion
fidelity and loyalty to this Itepubllonn part
for twentft yeses
8enator Forabl friends now buoyantly
declare that be will oontrol the delegates
from Ohio to the Rfpubllonn national con
entlon two years hence Renator Knox
Pennsylvania friends proclaim with equal
onlhulrum that he wilt have the Keystone
Btte delegates on the same Interesting OCOA
GoT Folks politIcal supporters In llIlIIOuri
Insist that he II the limon pure Southem
Democrat demanded by the IIUIfIllllon oC
promInent Democrats that It II about time
that A Southern lmocrat was nominated
for President by their national connntlon
Many Northern Dllmooralll already want to
wager m little something that IIryan will
break the record or his party and for third
time receive the nomination
Present indIcations point 10 many lively
primary Crlmmall for control respectively
of the Democratic and Republican orQanl7a
lIonllln New York county In September Not
a day now passes It II said In which plans
are not outlined for leadership supremacy or
tbeee two battling organization
IncIdentally there II a report thlot Ropre
enlAlive William Bourke Cockr may rot
bll rfnomlnated In the Twelfth New York
district and Il II said that Representative
Henry M Ooldtolle ot the Ninth may also
tall by the waysIde
It ii just possible Is reported that the
two Sulllvnll DIll Tim and Llttlll TIm may
turn up 811 Democratlo Bfnalo at Albany
next winter DIe Tim III now Conn man
for the EIghth New York district a place
exquisitely uncongenial to him bl says and
LIIIIII Tim III the Little Father or the New
York hoard or Aldermen whose powers In
the matter of granting franchises have been
abrogated by ft recent deelllion of the Court
of Appeals which lIulalns Republican legisla
tion on the subject
Senator Patrick H McCarrenlI district
In KIngs county ball been mild by the new
Senate apportionment passed At Albany
even more strongly Democratic than before
hut 3fr iicCarren III In doubt Ir he will return
to Albany not winter Two years ago hll had
similar doubts III Brooklyn Democratic
rlendll are allaln urging hIm 10 remain at
homo and be Johnny on his Job Democratic
leader ofEings counl1 nlllhl and day
In January McCarrn talked Hearst for
Governor rather openly At the moment bo
IIITS hn III thinking thinking thinkIng
Prllllident Roollevelt carried Nebraska
1100anlI State In tOO by 88M2 McKinley
In 1000 carrIed It by 7822 and Bryan In 180tl
carried It by 13576
Eminent Republicans unhesitatingly declllre
I that It will btt II difficult task to corral a 1111
factory successor for tDt to Cornellua N
Bliss treasurer of the Itfopubllcan national
committee I
It II now stated that William It Hearst hall
captured the Dtmocratlo State committee
man for Alton B Parkers district which
comprises oounlllll oC Ulster and Greene
The Republicans oC Wllrren Rarlltolla
I WssbIngtonFultonnnd Hamilton coun tie will
support Senator Edgar Braokettor Saratoga
for Governor or New York In the Republican
State convention next fall The Republicans
01 the counties mentioned have issued a roan
ftoato saying
We have long recognized he IndefatIgable
Industry the sturdy common sense the great
learning and broad grasp oC arlllr the rug
gad courale And the blllh devotion to duty
poaleleed by Senator Drackelt and we bl
Rove him unquestionably the man to grapple
with the qUfllltlonl looming large Intho State
lathe near future
1t iaeald that Joseph Cassidy William A
Doyle Jametl BhelIn and John T Oakley
are among the Democrat Stole committeemen
men below The Bronx who are not to be reo
elected this ru
TheDemocratlocandldates for PfIIIldentlllnce
IBM wero nominated In the following named
cltlel Buchanan and hancock at CincinnatI
Poulh andOieeloy at Baltimore McChlhln
C1evelod and Bryan at Chicago Seymour
lit NewYork Tilden and Cleveland second
tIme at St Louis and Bryan second time
St Kansas City
The Republicans fIIImed their candIdate
I during the same period AI tollollI Fr6
I mont Grant second time find McKlllley
I second limn At Phlladclphlaltncoln Grant
Grneld DJalne Harrison and Roosevelt
t ChIcago Hayes al Cincinnati harrison
I refCOnd time at Minneapolis and McKinley
at BI Louis
I For I core of years San Francisco IU1II been
an ppllNlnt for either tho Hopllbllcan or
the Dernocntlo convention
Certain or tier Inellll
lfrofl harpers 1Jrklu
I The principal In ono ot Washinctonn hlllh
schools flIIIICA an Incident In connection with
I the last commencrment day 01 the I lilt ItUtloll
mention A clover girl hAd taken one or
the principal prlzM At the close of the Ilcr
clM her friends crowded about hr to offer
con natulatlonll
Weront you ICllllr afraid you wouldnt
get ItHttlt asked one when there were
so mnyopnt4ltlIanta
Oh not ohOfTly exclaimed Hattie Be
canoe I knew th4t whet It came to Entl1ah
oomPOIit1oa I 1tJa 1iIldltd alInl
i fl 0
Mt 1M1 ap p
They hIlt a IifetimeIt
0 Md AlftNltM A lit ffIrHIffItl 4 if IrtItIiIftI
Mfrm4n IMIt wmW N P 1fIfHI
= = =
A eflIffJRAJ1ffN alI IJA
New I1HWIArV51IpIr1l mv
w otm I L4
ZONfiW May iA mwft cIo51 Iii
N54II nsooU Ii thf e M Mell utusr
at Ike Now Oto1ef7 1 i4t 45401 The
1Ji e zm erasitMisig Of
drswls cu3ptuos a4 s IIis jswilr7 aM
ferwefi4 m tItftlfth
of th NfWt
0rltMI1 a ptoa qaI eM CGMIfT
UM of Nte raJ s1 a fIlilhatlon
01 the OfOllTtlKn Oallnr Ie Mob issiy
01 WI1S beet works weri first seen
the show 11M endua111 taken 08 auck of Ite
chuaotet 01 the elder IfIttJtttUO lid for
11 OMUaJ yWtot It mllkt asa a 8 epit
ome or the Witfit esMblU08 blob o
at BurJlnltoe DotIMJ a week Of two atM
This year the interval I lOtIIewhat longer
than usual is the lint Monday In Mar the
day or the AoarHmy1 opening IJt ae late as
It can be
In spite c4 the ge rtNIm1blanC8 b
tweon tlleee two MOW there are dlfferouoee
which haTe their 1nmeet What mJsht
be seen equally well at tha Royal Aoad
Is the greater part or the good and fairly
load orb The bad tuG dUlerant They
roach a depth of badness mOM profound
and are chiey produced b7 quite a differ
ant kind of peoplo
Tbeee people profoundly convinced of
the superiority ot the New Gallery ehow
brinK fashion With them They are rep
relieDtativeII of fashion and If there Ls any
reason why they should DOt at the same
time be entatltli of art the do not
know It It Is the attentive visitor who
begins furiously to think
The catalogue open with the work of It
baronet and by the time you have reached
the rarefied atmosphere of the balcony you
ore in company with the work of II prlnoe
Numerous nobilities British and foreign
arc passed on the way
What do they all In this ga11f1f7 They
suggest lltowaway clad In purple and fine
linen As lIuch they must waItS
Sargent contributes t1ve caDVIIIC Ono
of them The Garden or Oetbsel14nll
baa no great interelt of any kind Perhaps
ho rarely tena to a geiifue loci
Here he gives us 110mB eunahiIUI a monk
a tree and a fraction of the earths IlUrfoll
You nrrr away tho Impreaan of a work
with arboricultural propsDsltl and Fran
can raiment
Near Ibis are two portraits ot friends
Seymour Lucas R A and Napier Hemy
A n A both good and tb former a brill
ant sketch A still more brilliant ketch
a Syrian Study hangs on the opposite
wall Such adjectives as brl111aut and vivid
fly after Sargent like the tall of a kite but I
what othks should one use to denote that
wherein be moet excels On this oooasIon I
ho positively eateltlO muoh DO that
some cribs look upon this sketch aa mark I
leg a new stage In the development of his
art I
artStand qmte oloee to this sketch and you I
will understand nothing at all Unlesll It be
some trees again the sky In the distance I
at the ploture Stand wen away And you
perceive In a very stony place a flock of
longhomed Syrian sheep Perhaps they
are goats
Anyway they are partly In the blazing
sunlight and partly In the hade ot a low
rocky bluff and on top oC the bluff Is a
stone wall anti leaning over the wl a
shephord lor goatberd wearing a fez
The whole thing simply omokles with light
and heat
ThellItht is O intense that the shadowl
are full of reflected lights and the remark
able thing III that BarRent has been able
to render thlll effect without forcing con
tracts 01 resortIng to any of the fonnul
of the impressionists It Is A notable four
de force
Hut remaining exhibit 18 nn interior
the room of a young priest Padre Albern
who sits writing at I table Flowers lie
nn the able and behind It III the bed on
the bed a broad brimmed hat and black
cloak and crowded Into the little room
all the young mans worldly possessions
The face Is not painted with SURents
lIl1al bravura but IIIre 110 has given
npIIIRon to spirituality Some people
will think this little picture more remark
able more admirable than the Syrlan
Study for the sake of IIn unusual depth
of feeling
The wonderful powers of hand and eye
are more familiar Here they are also In
ovldlmoo but subordinated to something
else J J Shannon A n A Is represented
by two portraIts Except that they Are
well up to his average and that the fiittelll
are Mrs Arthur H Leo and Oliver eon of
Douglas Vlokers thee III not muoh to be
IIIIld about them that roqulrea 81y1nl
George Hitchcock sends a Return of
Proserplna which might be better suited
by some other Mmo It III quIte a good
picture but this fresh damsel who trips
ActOI a landscape blossoming from winter
to spring all bo passes III not A convincing
ProeerplnaProserplna daughter of Cores
and Queen or linden Admitting that
Pluto stoe his bride after the simple fashion
of the period and that ahewas very glad to
got away to epond six months of oioh
year with mamma still one would not
expect ber to look like a kind of glorified
dairy maid
Home other American eihlbitora are
4ra Von Olohn Miss Ellis StilIrarn T F
SpicerSimson and Max flohm Apparently
it Is the firat time the last named shows an
important picture at a London exhibition
and ho certainly will not complain at Its
placing for It forms the centropieco of a
wall in the chief room Golden Hours
as he calls it a mother and two boys painted
from the artists Tile and children is a
composition somewhat after the manner of
Sir Joshua Reynolds
The mother leaning forward oere
cherries tothe younger boy seated on her
kueo lie wears a wdte pinforo and pink
frock and fruits are in his lap Dy his
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T1 MW Willals NOSOS WS swIll
IN ismmtI Illi Pr iltields
tw Ill T1l N 154Sf 1W eNt 1154110 Ilf
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IlNiet Hueley lebeol
ass 31 51t4r relartesi
Thu Tbompsa Pratled
61 coeair J so it
A Wkadiseri rmnetsa
tTaiwetih steeta ai
and Nteeeirsphle iniiltetss
101410 F Iath let t T
0 4 Wlwerth PrincIpal
Waiweith fiCslnees School
015555 halt 540th St cot 54 Ast
JehaCWaiflorth principal
Woods 5th AT School
sin Ave and 25th SI
Predevlrk Il Wood Principal
Wood 7th A School
14 Ave and 111th St
Prederlek E Wood Principal
Plagan Ochoot of liesines
524 Brosdwsy ew York
Jolte 3 Eaais President p
Lens Island fluslnese ColIrge
143140 No 5th Mt ilrookiyn
Usury 0 WrIght C P A PrincIpaL
Liii Ave 23d hit Subway at Door
Tb Scaoot That faks5 a Specialty of
Faon Student hndtvldusl Instruction
Sntr at any time withoUt dlsadvantag
23 West 45th Street
Nw buildings will be at
45 and 61 East 51st Street
aide stands the elder toy with a toy beat
under hlsartn The setting is a landscape
Thin picture begun in France and fin
jibed in London has many pxceliedt Epiali
tine so many that at first onowonderb why
it should not be as a whole more eatis
factory Casting about for the reason
seems probable that the artist hits s dii
muchthat he has been subjected to many
Influenoes which are not yet welded into
a homogeneous whole Did one not know
that Mr Bohm is a well known teacher op
might exect it from the many sympatbI
shown in thin picture
Be seems to have looked at the old Vena
Uans through the eyes of Reynolds Them
In a blat of Henner a knowledge of the
Munich school a recognition of George do
Forest Brush
Just what Max Bobms own individuality
may be Is not clearly seen but it would not
be surprising if he were some day to p tht
a really fine picture This one containa
everaI small faults Two Sargenta on the
same wall emphasizo them
Frank Brnngwlfl A B A needs A
Wino Shop which is one of the best pie
tunis he has ever painted In the fore
ground are huge vegetablee pumpkinsj
guord and onions and rtdn above them
two dark figures half lengths
One of tlittse wine sellers leans on a lajg
copper pan and beyond is a lighted interiors
with a group of figures seated at a tabl
It is a work of great individuality fine
clot and forceful expression One adght
however complain that all objects for
example the faces and the pumpkins aria
painted with precisely the same sentiment
Good portraits are shown by the welt
known Scottish artist Bit George Reid and
eeveml proment British painters and scitlp
torn are represented by characterintip
work A Royal AcaconlcIan who sends
something of an unusual kind In Prof vo
Ilerkomer He seems to have thoughb
it time to draw some more attention to
himself and hi manner of doing o Is not
merely effective but quito dIsconcerting
The machination with welch no etartlee
the unwary lean Immense portrait of Mrs
S L Lazarus The upper half of the can
vas is filled by a sable curtain It mlglit
be leather a most worthy material much
neglected by artists One is glad to eon
about twelve squarefeet of it horn
Against the lower part of tn fine ox
panse of leather are relieved tho ladys
head and auburn hair She wears a dross
of strong lapis larull bltue and a crimson
waistband She Inneated cnn couch clone
to a brtght green cushionandat her aide
is a vMO containing lilacs
Cold grays from the surroundlnga are re
footed in the ladys facea hamidotno
face with rather the air of a tragic muse
Perhaps abe wonders why th Herr Pro
feesor should beP by viqaUng the or
didary yuleeot compositIon an4 Onlehby
omitting to harmonize his color scheme
Possibly sh has never board of Urger
Dainty jewelry insrired by Lalique is
shown byLuclen Oalllard of Paris Couno
Feodora Oloiohbn and the Countess pf
Wemyaa are among the senders of sculpture
A little portrait by Sir Philip flumeJones
shows the former at work itt her studio in
we learn St Jamess Palace
The Earl of Wemynn shows little smudgee
in colored chalks called Senile Sunny
Sotivonirs The Marchionees of Gmanby
contributes pencil portraits of languid
grace and three water color sutudice of
flowers como from Princess Victoria la
tmlola of Connaughta firm talent ap
proximating indeed to cast Iron
There are other Countenses a sprinkling
of Baronots and one lonely Chevalier The
Now Gallery summer exhibition In a highly
fashionablo show
Front the lVashnfon Sfar
What I want said the Toting man i
to get married and have a peacefui quiet
sVelI said Farmer Corotoasel some
times it works that way arid then again
itLm95 it a like Jol1n a deatitq
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