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Own came the first eot of the Dlstin
luitbid Authors Series of Picture Peat
end published In England from draw
lap by A Wall Today through the
kindntes of the editor The Picture Potteard
ewJ Collector Chronicle THE SON to en
abled to answer the burning question for
te Interested readera
Authentic description of Mis Cirellls
pinrnal appearance have heretofore been
tol Mibl to gf t People paMlng her sum
ate lone Hall a Croft in Stntordon
boa biTB told of flitting glimpce of a
olden bared woman now and then run
dint too lots to borrow the padder
or dab of lard from a neighbor but their I
descriptions have been far from eatigfac
Two years ago during the proeecution
of ilia Corellls libel suit against the Strat
tordonAvon Utrail the London car
rtipoitdent of an American paper cabled
tint the wu a ihort plump pugnacious
oonUn Mrs CutlerMaxsmlths Impres
Fwr Years of Work and Then Nen oni Pro >
tntlon Declared to Be the History of
the A > erase Demonstrator In a De
P pulment Store Feminine Grftera
Aooordlng to the advertising manager
of I firm that manufactures health foods
and breakfast cereals there is one calling
for women harder even than trained nura
tai tbat of the demonstrator
The trained curse complains because
la her profession a woman can endure only
tenor at most fifteen years of hard service
tad must then go on half time or Mod some
thint else to dobe MId With women
deaoEstrators It is only four years of work
ud then nervous prostration in twenty
lour cases out of twentyfive
It Is hard to say why The hours and
Kidding are no longer for the demonstro
torthan for the clerk and the pay is higher
Demonstrators come under the control of
the advertising department of a firm and
when we find one who is really good we
send her all over the country to introduce
our wares and this gives her a chance to
travel and eee quite a bit of the country
Still it in a profession in which the supply
Mvr even meets the demand and in which
throe years is nearer tho limit of endurance
than four for by far tho great majority of
the who attempt It
A young woman who boor tea In a de
partment store gave hr version of the
four years and then nervous prostra
lon Yes thats very true ohe said
Te been demonstrating for eight years
IIITiolf but Im one of the great exceptions
Then I go to my homo in the South from
tins to October every year to rest Even
Ie I almost went under one winter I had
to lay off for four weeks to recuperate
Oh It tent the standing for ten hours a
My though that hard its the people A
rood appearance and an ability to talk well
ret a bit more Important for the demon
Krator than are an inexhaustible supply of
rjaueoce and optimism a keen eye for
the humorous side of life and a wit quick
enough to get even with mean people nicely
ad In such a way that they cant report
Without some or all of those qualities
the manner in which she is spoken to and
rested and hcoldod by dozens of other
ornen daily will soon get on her nerves
ad she will be in continual trouble In spite
rl btl11lr
Unless you havo tried it you cant oven
wnoeive what a demonstrator has to put
up with from what we call tho regular
ittltr Of all the cities Ive worked in
N 1r York is certainly the worst in this
Thero are dozens of women here who
1itn furnished rooms and make a practice
4 procuring both breakfasts and luncheons
from samples in department stores Its
ti bit
of an exaggeration They come
r after
day regularly or some go to ono
wrtone morning and to another the next
wat we have them onoe or twice a
I least
1e women are utterly without shame I
hiYdont Ge try to b ohIo They
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which In the ntI mn f Mm tehhi4 In
lo flirn n iumfmNcr Injunction
wnn AliMin M ml IM c1M I4IIUI nn
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iik Mr mn4 not fniDifnl
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Before the Injunction was obtained 1
however A a E Wall publishers of the i
cards engaged a number of pandwich men
on the hoof who had the effrontery to i I
parade right pat Miss Corellie house with I
advertisements of the postcards painted
on them going and coming It WM unbearable
When the case came up before Mr Justice
Swlnfen Eady in Chancery on Friday
April 27 a continuation of the injunctionS
I demand a cup of tea without 8 much as
ple To refuge them means a com
plaint t the firm and I you pour out I
small portion Instead of a full cup they
say mean Impertinent things to you
A morning or no ago one of tel regu
lars demanded a cup of ten and the young
girl who assists me served her half a cup
The woman regarded scornfully
Dont you know you should treat a
poor woman with exactly the samn courtesy
which you would extend to one dressed in
I silks and satins miss uhe demanded
My assistant was young enough to feel
the rebuke deeply but I have got bravely
over sensitiveness of the sort and I turned
upon thegrafter
grater I am conducting this
business as I and the firm tbink best and
the young girl is acting under my Instruc
te aotng
tions I you like the tea I will be pleased
to have you purchase box otherwise the
amout in the cup should certainly satisfy I
youThat woman ha bon her many time
and had bought nothing or I wouldnt
have ventured being BO brave Usually
we havo to be cheerful and pleasant no
matter what happens For Instance many
say of those women on getting the tea will
Well where are the crackers Is it
possible you dont peno crackers or cakes
of some kind with the tea
Oh1 I always reply promptly but
smilingly you have evidently Utalen
this for a lunch counter We are merely
demonstrating tea here in order merelr
You will find the lunch room up the aisle
to the right
Demonstrating is a plendld thing to
knook timidity or scneltivenefs out o any
one troubled that way 4 girl soon Icainfl
t have I rerlv ready and to pot the best
of people without appearing to do to if
she is to last at all
The regular grafter is easily distin
guished When a quiet little worrnn elides
up to the booth and says
Have you any tea made Let mo toeto
It and then tapers a los and toys What
IB the price of this while you are pouring I
her out a cup of tea wo are quite as sure
that we will not make a salons wo are when
we see 1 bold woman who demards her I
cup every morning as a matter of course
Another type I the rich overdressed
woman who I simply tasting everything
out of curiosity or to amuse herself When
she ban drunk the tea she Invariably puts
down the cup with the remark
Well I must say thats very blUer
1 havo other flavors often I say
Oh yon Well I havent time this
morning I will come again nho will say
hastily and depart with a rte of silk
Oraftora even those who come regularly
are not poor women by any moanH You
would bo surprised to fee how smartly
gowned are many of those who In this way
economize on a lunch while out shopping
I have demonstrated a great many
things In my eight yoara of experience
and the women aro pretty bad In all but tea
Ic a little the worst of any A cup I always I
refreshing to shoppers I use a apound and
sometimes a pound and a half of tea a day
I make RD many as ten potfuls In a single
rooming and a very small amount or tnat
represents purchasers
rprent five women will come down
the aisle together and behold this booth
S Oh come lets have a cup of tea I
they will exclaim and forthwith they will
line up in front Let us taste your tea1
they will MY
thy What Jilnd of tea do you prefer I will
11 Oh I dont know the spokesman of
theparty will reply Lot us try whatever
you bave made
We mae flavors Which Is It you
use at home11 will persist
T a havent an Idea the woman will
likely reply I send to the grocer and ho
gives pie what he likes1
Pe thsy will demand whatever I
have made In chprus and after they have
elppod it at theIr lefsuro the leader will
mate Ito such remark a
the late Mr Shakespeare long a leading
citizen of the town
Your Lordship said Mr Eve thy
comparing these atrocious cards with this
recent photograph of Mtsn Corelll which I
have here you can see how gross la the
libel on the ladys features The de
fendants say these cants were done by a
artist but before I believe he is T want to
hear him say 8 under oath
Mr Eve admitted that the postcard that
Well thats no bettor than my grocer
gives me certainly and they will all de
part i
On of the meanest of the grafters who
pry upon demonstrators of all sorts of
goods Is the woman who bustles urv and
saysI bought a box of your preparation some
time ORO but somehow it doesnt seem the
name when I make it as when you do What
do you suppose is the matter
Often the demonstrator will be deceived
into gbing this worsen an extra large heir
ing while she explains just how to ere rare
the dish Afterward the wcrran will ray
Yes thats very nice Ill try again I
have some left of what I bought before but
if Im Buccestful this time Ill come for
moreA demonstrator must sell a certain
amount ever week I she falls below
her average the firm will instantly inquire
how this I Then she must work harder
than ever to rlo above tho required mark
the next week in order to bring heraverafe
up to the standard S you can eee that
when she gives out sample after sample
and makes no enlo her nerves are art to
get the wont of I unless she has optimism
enough to ray Oh well if this goes through
there Is always something else for one to
doThere are many really nice women who I
will step up and pay plewantly We are co
tired and hot ehorring Would you mind
giving us a cup of tea And of course I
never mind accommodating them One
meets a great many pleatant people who
drop in every now and then and bcccrne
really friendly thats one of the bright
sides of the work
Thati What he Ship That Sail the Pacific
Are Doing
The team schtfoner a vessel whose
build and habits are peculiar to the Pacific I
often goes to sea with her loadline over
her hatch Which means says Ralph D I
Pain in Onlinp that after her hold b8
been crammed with cargo a dookload of
lumber is piled half way up tho masts no
that her riiippcr puts out with the water
washing green over his main deck and an
occasional comber frisking across b
battened hatches
Along the harbor front of Seattle runs
tho ptory of a pnercngor who loped down
to the wharf J1Pnger to get aboard a
departing steam schooner He balanced
himself on the etringplece for an Instant
then hove his gripsack down the only
opening In bight Ht was about to dive
after It when a lounger the wharf shouted
H there Where do you think youre
jumpln to Thats the smokestack you
tossed your baggage down
HeW gasped tho passenger I thought
It was the gasp
Tho yarn has a slight flavor of exag
geration but it may serve to hint that the
commerce of the Pacific has wan of Its
own Until recently another distinctive
feature of this shipping was that there
seemed < o very little of it for co much
On a recent voyage the Minnesota carried
to th Orient seventy locomotives more
than a hundred railway cars 10000 kegs
of wir nails and 500000 worth of hard
ware machinery flour and other products
of the mills the mines the farms and th
fCotorAs the total tonnage of American
steam veemisengagod in the Pacific Ocean
was 23428 In 1905 it had increased to H9flSJ
by which time more vessels in foreign
trade worn owned in Wohlngton than
in any other State of the Union
New ship are building to meet new
demands and et with almost
dtmondl yet Wih almOt every voyage
the liners leave behind them waiting cargoes
for which they hay no space whose bulk
Is measured by hundreds of carloads In
the first half of last year ten ships worn I
filled with freight left behind by steamers
out ofeaWeand Tacoma I
t J
r rounding She does not like the
tiny app her ponies i two
of the card The shopkeepers on
tM other band say that the plo
tures do her justice but that
they dont blame her coachmanfor kicking
Besides they contend the pictures boom
her business
Owing to the absence of a comic colored
supplement on Sunday THE SUN unfor
tunately is not able t print the card in
their original colors and Impatient readers
must be content with a description of the
hueaI the picture of the author conversing
in her garden with her pet terrier Czar she
is standing against a background of no
particular color and wean a mauve gown
that perhaps was foolishly bought under
the impression that the colors would not
run Sprouting up from yellow ochre grass
is a litter of white rabbits in full bloom and
at the end of the ladys forearm as beau
tifully symmetrical in the picture as I well
modelled Indian clubIs a shower bouquet
of sauerkraut On her head she wears I
soft and fluffy yellow sponge down from
curl which strays an undecided Janice Meredith
Then It Was Heavy Vittles for the
Man Who Tried a Vege
table Diet
Which I seize the occasion here and now
to state oracularly began the large eon
tented looking man in the hotel caf who
surrounded by three of his cronies and
who was himself rapidly surrounding a
thick well broiled steak with mushroom
trimmings and a sautd of chicken livers on
the aide with a high perspiring mug of
fcamy ale close at band that the man who
Is too much of a terrapin to have a word or
so to say in the bosom of his ow family
Isnt worth a Costa Rican peso and that
which I say and proclaim Is no phantasy
born of poppy mandragora or any of the
other drowsy syrups of the East
Ive earned this feed Ive put in ten
days earning it My wife may connect
with tho Idea that a really and truly sure
enough live man of this era and epoch can
slide along on a diet of Shelley and stewed
carrots hut Ill bo eternally dubblowubbed
If that ideas ever gclng to stick again with
mo and you can
What dye spose the yaps talking
about spae large mans three
crories wonderingly
and gamble lace mitts
you can your mits
on that went on the large contented
looking man with tho feed in front of him
I want t be coarse and clayoy and carnal
I want to shoulder my white mans burden
along the common dirt road I dont
want to inspect the stars while I Mumble
over the clods as my wife puts it although
Ive only a gauzy notion of what that
means I dont want any spiritual irradia
tion Im not hunting for any mstbctio
pipe trances I havent lost any connec
tion with the illimitable that Im going
to hunt for I want t trudgo along just
like the ordinary everyday feller getting
the civilized vlttles that I can provide
mseltwith if Ive the price and Im
Leftover souse prc one c tho largo
mans friends looking significantly at the
others Thats what ails him leftover
Not on your natural have I got any left
over replied the man with the three inch
steak and things in front of him but I
must have had something worse than a
souse when I allowed my wife to spring
that vegetarian gag upon mo ten days
ago Shed boon hinting about that vegeta
rian business for some timeever since
shed got mixed up with I bunch of Bud
dhlstio women folk who bunted punk sticks
In front of a joss every day or something
like that never could get much head or
t of what they thought they were doing
On this particular morning just ten
days ago my wife took advantage of the
glowy way I was fooling over a good bit
of business pulled off the day before and
then she unwound this vegetarian coIl
for keeps Id just got on the outside
of a bangup breakfast and I didnt foci
just then as i Id ever again care for
another square mel S el o got me to
promise to do a ten day trick of vege
tarianism She said it would not only
make me feel like a four time winner
she didnt that
physically maybe 1l didt use tht
exact phrase but that tl e elimination of
animal foods from my diet would cause
me to take a spiritual brace that would
give mo a hull lot of inside glimpses intd
upper atmosphere game of which ordinary I
flesh eating folks knew nothing whatever
She even sid that If I stuck to VORO
tnrlanlsm I stood an bddson chance to
become a mahatum or mahatma or some
old thing like that thoHO lobs In India
that sit In caves with about ninetyfour
grains of hop in em all the time thinking
Hugo thinks She sid that by clinging
OM MO f mm to pfeftir nf HIsnfsII1
I rfritin rlCJ flviM flwpol thai 1
Il Mro PPI mnnull fttant tier
if It fwn fll1 Jua linrti nf IM pnhl
It I trtildlln Cmi1n4 r 04 mn4 ln
isSsife Thl AflvHMf I iIawsJ f it I
ItinItwP erlIfim raaIem
111f 1m Ipw
Iff ffltmll MlfI lit tM ismfm f rtfttj rm M
fwHilif r I whit filiyn fetus Cult Ise f
NIC lflillflf einds mrnf NfM nf It font
fJMfl Wllll 4 fi < 1 nf Allen Mil
In IM Mlfwffifi Ill tin 1iiffI
nI I P 0 tff1 ml Im Ilt I IftsisiiSil Iii
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4 MfUflr mrt wlh IM Hflr Imlfnft nf
t MM Kmiitftf hi Wir in Iminuimt nf flail
fsIfii4iiif issiCs II miils1t15r4 Fletcher
flfl lt
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H Itim fhlh MS nit ii lfntI sfy lfl
IM Ifl 1tlf t Jlrfnn IIfM fenfV
t iImseirti jtft IM ftoinAM a nf I I
sentlFtJ IUIW ishitt 1 lI1fsvjiilcf
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ff ofm 4 Ififaelt I i w TI full
WfflWItlfl < Wfj f JilfNlfirW Iii ttt t
ilJ Illilt tIifliil l Ma IaFlnIlfm4
Ihn 14115 in rc nh I M fwMf 5iIhiiii iii
fIN Rtt wears ii piitElat
WhIt nttm worn totif irtmfnwf wiw jMivhl
fluifrf Ielfmt I m t Hhrt rrtirtntift Wi
nelllnis ltd wif hmw nffff ffivn ntltt
Hwwwf ilutMni nIr flnytltftlii in fiif
nil I fMurn fii MM for till
In Mm Pfmtn0 alifi eIlnee If A 0nc9
Ufirul HOJH r It fisum merrill I flIIIlk
fIlillllfl a now uml tm mrfntptmsI rgm
TMif Yflf nW fN1n ftp IIIIItlISWI
Mrtfin nn the imoK rtitnn n r M 1 no
whiff iinlnn cult Cliff whIM or Mlfi IM
trtndnlii ho tKlnnriK nM li nf MrtAnhlrt
fn rwm nn tim hw r wffl in iM gem
ilnis Ie ti siith < ir Her n1t17 hat lettlinined
r lf
M5M44tCO1LU cms A CUP TI
I with oyster sheik and In her hair she has
thoughtlessly stowed a little red apple
I She Las no right hand in this picture but
with her left she holds a plate of beans
Two point of the starboard bow a swan la
stuck in the scrambled eggs
In Sweets To the Sweet we see a plump
girl in a heavy coat padded with shredded
wheat Luxurious tin vines growAip the
background I and a coachman stands at a
respectful distance carrying I group of
I tripe on his arm
I In the card that pictures the lady present
Ing a fancy coal scuttle to a partly draped
etatuo of Apollo the novelist again wearing
the yellow sponge on her head agan It is now
covered with a picture hat that has sagged
The color of the gown Is the popular sgge
mauve and on her train stands I Japanese
boy with stingy shoulders Apollo wears
porcelain running breeches slightly cracked
at the knee and the coal scuttle he clasps
is of purple sheet Iron decorated at the top
with the frock coated figure of a man who
holds corner his high hat as if rounding the Flatiron
Just why Miss Corelll objects to the post
card is difficult to eee as they are splendid
examples of the color printers art
to vegetarianism all of my clayey earth
earthly aspirations would vanish slough
off and drop away like so much dross and
that Id got so tit Id be able to see through
a thick wall with one hand tied behind
my back I seems y understand that
folks who eat animal food chops and
steaks and birds and roasts and such like
are the ordinarieat kind of dubs who dont
possess the spiritual Insight of dead cat
fish nod all that
Well a I say I was kind o glowy that
morning and s 1 promised her that just
to please her Id turn a ten day trick of
vegetarianism I told her that I was per
I haps too common and thick headed a person
to get real next to all of her tributes to
vegetarianism but that if she wanted me
to Id just hit up vegetarianism for ten
days to give her a chance to prove her
flints where I proved myself to b
a land looked turtle You fellows dont
know it of course but Ive been on the
verge of horrible crimes ever since I fell
for that vegetarian game ten days ago
Ive been In restaurants chewing on cold
storage fried egg plant and lyonnaiae
spuds and longing for something t eat
when fellows that I knew would drop in
and sit down at the same table with mo
and proceed t gormandize on Southdown
lamb chops and ham and eggs and big
juicy cuts of roast beef and young lamb
with mint sauce well none of those fel
lows know how near he was to death
I didnt mind the vegetarian diet so
much on the first day My wifo had a nice
little ftxupof fried and roasted and broiled
vegetables for dinner the first day and aa
i It was one of those unsenaonably warm
days I didnt particularly hanker for any
I Next morning though I was pretty
i nippy when there was nothing but some
I kind of breakfast food and baked tomatoes
on the table for breakfast und I sort o
peered around for the chops or something
My wife looked at me so reproachfully
however that I remembered that I was
up against 1 ten day vegetarian whirl
and I ate what sho gave me and made no
howl I make It a point not to renege on
any oomrnct I enter into with my wife
and so I had to fall for the milk and pie
thing at lunch that day For dinner my
wife had hashed and crowned potatoes
canned lima beans stowed carrots and
celery salad
well paid I then not knocking your
little idea my dear but a slice of rare rat
beef wouldnt go so ba with this now
would it
The animals are our brothers of the
field she replied and they should be
feld rplle ldthey per
mitted to live their lives pr I
I wasnt very conversational for tho
rest of that morning
Hungry Say on the third day out I
could have eaten a Mexican burro stuffed
with Roman candlesl
Ono evening I wanted to order n cast
of boer to sort o keep me urlr but my
wife told me that beer was cut not of tho
vegetarian plan that its heating qualities
destroyed the spiritual effect of the vege I
tarian diet
Lhhuh My ten day vegetarian trick
was up this morning I was up pretty
early myself I didnt eat breakfast nt
homo this morning but I came downtown
and got about nine of the cutest Illtlo rork
I chops you ever faw and kidney tnnl
and then to mo fried ham on the side That
was all of three hours ego Xcw Im bury
again Ill have about four bioiled mutton
chops with appropriate chaeejs about
throe hours from now
Theres no ttse in talking there Icnt
anything spiritual or mahatma ish lout
meIm just common and emery dials
all Her waiter fetch me about n foot
and a hal of flannel cakes with soinf rnaplo
syrup and another side dish of those
chicken liven and another little rubber of
bacon to go with this steak no use in
talking at all tellers Im just coarse and
carnal and clayey and there isnt a chance
in the world that Im ever going to b
anything elsel
I j
J r r uel
n Vff 0 Sa Wtfft Le t
I PN Wisis Nnfis
ft wotihfftf hat Mw Mf Nxf thing It
I Kwf tif CNi trvmfw limit Nwt In fhnrfr tt
Iftfrt M tliftfrijt t Ps 1 fatf Imnffl fin m M a
ItIftItflnMtfl 1M minu aM Itllt
paile hn uI fhff fUl In It
thug rcsske Pf liii firs finmu 1
iitlY nan M fritffifflif ftrtil 11111 nubfA I
I f fK for lMcrmti flflr f 1
l tnrfmP fri teA N h mpit f nthuItg
r Mft 5 M fMWOftlnrf flim nf IM f qshtstfrq
5Atvinet 1M Viv let Ihatifg hln I I t In
IM ruiflrrwff flrit 04 I big < helmnin
Mrtf WI < tfAt lfcfim 9f > Rwntw If imf
mtitftf sn Mlf It IM IN IM mtft rtf IM
RfiCtif WM pftfff wdl tftfit rmf drill fI
111 at Inn l e4 Iltl sf N N
Wit fn niMrtf M hlit mfcl meufr nf M Arm
rhi tl hetti fdllcn through l 0 IN tnea
Iff with h mIItam nf ififiMllHn Jfl
Mil tfwtr plump on Illlf on IM f
M rctnnfd It 1 A mwrfwif nf this
nM tiflInssm s Its ti wi hut tin
M nilltlK nrnlitul Mlilrti fh fulfill nf
IM < i11rr 0ra iinrnnnf li Alrtljt fttmitt
nnnn fi tiny Cftcf IM flu In N fin
Wilwl oMen nut n IM flw wft 1ltf
In help In I tin Ifn nf IM terms
TMi sat 1 Wl only IM fn tof l n gtinrI IM
1111 fnlItffitl W rm trttltng nlll
stamping Utlf fat lo kf warm1 wtin A
wolf looking Hforlx mcii with million
chop shUn whisks MtnrMcliml idem
mrtyjfif a itnis MM nimUlnnn tag Ifs
was urceflipMilw I if nuMbs r nwn nf earns
what bulKnlflrtfit ppmrtnc
Olflwr1 tPPlnt IM fdtrf
Ilf with M bag ArMrVMln ceim nf IM
COM I went fo open mir ifa Atxl sea how
thing ste Inuld of It and ho leaked A
pleco of paper tinned lijr ono of ho mm
here nf the biff tianlwaro nnna tidy for
gary of potirno nlvlfis him pfrmliwlnn M
manager of the fnUMInhmont f open the
Mf ftc rind lot I pas through th mil
firs lines sanity enough too nally nml
tM framing up nf th bogus letter wee
merely a minor dell Tim two nope
wore Impressed with his dignified end Im
portant appearance and they told him lo go
an far a hn liked
Thfj pompous man began t fool with Ih
ufes combination keeping his oar glued
to the front of It to listen to the clicks M
ho turned the knob forward and back
h tuml
ward but At the end of fifteen mlnutf ho I
wan unable to open the safe
opn 1e
Warped b tho head I presume b
ad affably to the oops and the combina
tion thrown nut of plumb and he resumed
hi job
As ha worked away at the safe I con
siderable crowd of men possessing fire
badges and passes through the fire line
assembled and this trouMd the wrath of
th man with the white whiskers
Officers he demanded I want you
to chase these people away from here
if you ploan I am not eager for a audi
ence which was the sure enough truth
although th policemen didnt understand
It th way he meant It The cops dispersed
th crowd and the man with the Glad
stone bag went on tinkering with the com
After about twenty minutes more work
there was a rattle and a slight clatter within
th wean the job was done The portly
man swung th va t door open with the
assistance of his companion
Ah everything seems to b all right
whatever be said in pleated
no damage whatver hI sd a pleu
sort of way to h companion and then
pulling out a large bunch of keys from h
pocket he fitted several of them into tho
keyhole of one of the inside steel doors
and presently opened the door revealing
big packages of currency lying snugly
upon th shelves The elderly man and
his companion quickly stuffed the currency
Into the Gladstone bag and then closed
the safe remarking that theyd be back for
the checks and papers and books later on
It was not until the following day that
the genuine representative of the firm turned
up to open the safe and when he made his
appearance he was promptly arrested by
the two cops as a fraud When he had
established his identity and was released
th two cops told the story of how the safe
had been opened the day before and
the detectives were set on the track of
the man they described one of the most
noted safe manipulators in the business
a man who had made good time and again
the boast of his pals that he could open any
safe in the world not fitted with a time
lock inside of half an hour merely by
toying with the combination and listening
to the pulse and heart beats inside
Tho fire started on a Sunday so that
the safe contaned of the Saturday
sfe cntaned a great part Stur
day collection of the big hardware firm
a sum saidto have been more than 30000
all of which the white whiskered crook I
took away in his nice Gladstone bag He
had such a good start that it was Impossible
to nail him at the time but he was sent
away in England last year for a jewel rob
bery and is to be extradited for trial in
Baltimore when his bit Is done there
The Professor Pauses to Muse for a Little
on the Wonders of Spring
The trees in tho ranga of backyards in
view from my study window said Prof
von Joggleby are now again In leaf once
more have I witnessed this annually re
curring wonderof the spring tho coming
the leaves
In the summer wa givo no particular
thought the leaves seen then on every
hand and grown familiar nor do we give
much thought to them as they shrivel and
die and drop away one by ono or in
bunches blown by gusts in the fall till the
tree stands bare
I think I like the trees best In winter
when they stand thus stripped of their
foliage I seem to come closer to them
then and I fancy that shorn of their sum
mer glory they are willing to come closer
to me So winter id the time when giants
as they are I feel that I know the trees and
I rojoioe with them as they stand bare
armed and sturdy against the winters
gales And then comes a time when we
draw apart again
On Borne warm day in spring tho mf riad
swelling buds on every branch and twig
burst Into tiny tips of green and then day
by day the leaves unfold and thfl tree that
you knew a month q v > a brawny giant Is
now like a gentle mother fostering a million
little children
Then as the summer grows tho tree
with Its myriad dusty leaved grows familiar
again and imtioraonal just a tree and then
once more will come winter when you meet
the slant
Now the leaves are new and wonderful
you have watched and seen them unfold
out of the solid wood and when you have
looked long enough at them you turn again
to tho problems on your desk to thOM trivial
Inventions of men for which you may hope
to find a solution
Dust Wa > e From the Ocean
Falmouth corfeipandtnrr Jamaica Olcantr
A strange phenomenon was observed here
on Tuesday night last when a windstorm
burst at tea between Band 10 oclock bring
ing with it on the town of Falmouth a cloud
of what seemed to h smoke or dust
Some persons sa there was a smell of fire
or of brimstone slung with the dust and
that the dust or dhcs blown against their
faces wan hot A number 6t the inhabitants
with a lively remembrance of boa In their
minds sat up dressed nil night in easy chairs
rather than retire to be
HHK1 A 11 rWCUHf AXH Tltf
mil ffmfttfirf fitf mm dim 111 ffII
Htt Oy mwif Wtitpln ssji ft1IffsM
I PMfcnf M tiitltn ttni ffffftaf
titit > ltimH t ffwi dwl tmtimt
11ft 4nsajs a 1HftWCtf tttmtll 1ft
fenefeirn Mil M4 M hem M viy tIMlf
I fur cxrff < lfr ntilf HIM rw M ccli Fiy nf f
I ranAnf KfTnfil tel hMitf J nf ii tn 1
Ct I
I WItI mIng WIfe flltll tsefl nIil snt f
tijl < IM rtiMmnrf nftft I IIseI1I4 Mf
fOirug Ilflf if hlihwlf is yrnsne must rcf tier
I ens fJlllil lee 11Ift liii It l4 11I11111
ItlitMif nf Alirft Nt M a IM tlnfir Hin iiiif
TM Maj wniricii hW HIM h f H IrhmM
aif IM Nrtrnjii mithlrn nnwr MC M offffI
nf m rililH HM M nn < ml IIMfly In hniss
fnr lHtf tf lull Is It wft nf Bltntllftfl Iii
vifalIrift hirh Mr mother ItItt mil 11
infnctri4h fltfll
TM 14itje tllfIhlllfn I II gietc
Of wflh Vet Ihn tliJtinhlcf tIIltnjfil Id tt
irHlxr tint tnrtrrM wl ifill llm lifidnHrfliW
Aliot IIIIm fits prftff y nf hid mother
Itbl llh hdin M Ia f < niirf l to llfffi
o4lt M lii IIlltl fWiifiw wwr Ic lmlf hmf If
IM tiM cilteflm Idieftunen II fllmIIIfIIf
the ymina girl wlilnm guile n joting
hllllltn mast IM young miii nnl loiri gati
a yiHiriK wit Prnttortf nmntn lIft N rt
Jan In mnnllf pceapt1 liy the nIl Inn
llr urn n 0 It rule nliU In offer n I tttT
print for the girt linn U Km yuiiii mnn
who tien nit yet hud time to necumuUin
his fortune It rriuln wrtrnl penies
nd n goon llorb nf cheep In buy n young
and butntn Kntnjo muMcii
I mivntly wltMiwd an old nrvinw lead
Ing A young girl nhnttt 10 rrnro old In tie
llInlll urnundi nt the Navajo 8jttll f
1IItl n writer III lbs Indian ArAool iournaf
Aeshe nppronclied hI iiRrnt offlcn she
fell upon tier taco by Ihn sidewalk end lin
midlatnly set tip n loud mournful wnlllng
Home nf her rmopl itutst 1w timed
I Mid In the igrnt
Nn hn rppll d I know the old lady
well Yon see thnt little girl sitting there
on the sidewAlk beside her SVeil that girl
Is about tn yMr old short time ago
hw rnolh r sold hr fo nn nH roan for hid
He Is 70 years old and stone blind The
matter was reported to me and I ordered
her to bring the girl to the agency and put
her In school and that hi what she is here
for but she does not want to give the girl
tip and that Is why shn Is walling
She hope to get my sympathy but I
will not stand for It That girl munt go to
school where she belongs
So saying he called a policeman and or
dered the girl taken to school and turned
over to the matron
The Navajo wedding ceremony is thus
described by A M Stephen
On the night set for the wedding both
families and their friends meet at the hut
of thn brides family Here there is much
feasting and singing and the brides family
mattes return presents to the bridegrooms
people but not of course to the same
The women of the brides family prepare c
corn meal porridge which is poured into thE
wedding basket The brides uncle then
sprinkles a circular ring and cross of the
sacred blue pollen of tho larkspur upon the
porridge near the outer edge and In the
The bride has hitherto been lying beside
her mother concealed under a blanket on
the womans side of the hogan hut After
calling to her to come to him her unole seat
her on the west side of the hut and the bride
groom sits down before her with his face
toward hers and the basket of porridge set
between them
A gourd of water is then given to the
bride who pours some of it on the bride
grooms hands while he washes them and
he then performs a like office for her V lib
the first two fingers of the right hand he
then takes a pinch of porridge just where
the line of pollen touches the circle of the
east side He cats this one pinch and the
bride dips with her finger from the earns
He then takes in succession a pinch
from the other places where the lines touch
the circle and a final pinch from the centre
the brides fingers following his lhe
basket of porridge is then passed over to
the younger guests who speedily devour
It with merry clamor a custom analogous
to dividing the brides cake at wedding
The elder relatives of the couple now give
them much good and welghty advice and I
the marriage is complete
The Navajos do not bury their dead
At least they do not inter them The Na
vajos superstition prevents him from even 1
KO much as touching a dead body 4
So before life has entirely left the body I
it ia wrapped in a new blanket and carried
to some convenient secluded spot where
it IB deposited on top of the ground to
gether with all tho personal effects of
the deceased and if it be an infant the
cradle trinkets Ac are carefully deposited
beside thd body Vt hen there are no longer
any signs of life in the body stones are
piled up around and over it In order they
say to keep the coyotes from carrying
it off C
If the deceased boa grown person his
favorite noddle pony is led up fo the grave
where it is knocked in the head with an axe s
Here it lies with bridlo saddle and blanket
ready for the journey to the spirit world
The Navajo never dig a grave them
selves though they like very much to have 1 if
the white people bury their dead and if
they are anywhere near where white people 5
live they will ask them in case they haven
death In the family to take charge of the
body and bury it If by chance one of
their number dies in the house before they j
have tlmo to remove him they Immediately
not fire to the hogan and burn it up with
its contents thus cremating the body
Believing that an evil spirit enters a
body at death and that if they coins In
contact with the dead this evil spirit will
enter into their bodies they are afraid to t
touch ii corpse or even the house in which
the person died i y
Upon the death of the head of a Navajo
family all of his possessions go to his rela tiI
tives brothers sisters < to instead of
descending to his wife and children This hit 4
custom is perhaps tho most harmful In I
effect of any practised these days by the i
Navajo jL
It often leaves tho wife and children j
destitute especially where the husband le r
owned the flocks as well as the cattlQ and Tj
the ponies However the Navajo women l
usually own the flocks in which case the te
mother and children haye wtmo means of
scanty support at bunt j4 ti
i t
round Lost Coin After no Vcart j
From tnt Hartford T 71
Mrs William Maine of Xorlli btouliiRton Is J4 5
the owner of some gold colnn vhlrh have
come to her in a peculiar manner r lt
Over fortsflvo years ago John lloblnson
In company with thre or four other men
was trying different fonts of strength among t
them being a jumping contest Mr Robin si iu
son had 15550 In void in his vest pocl > tt at Ja
the time and after the content hn missed the
money A search Vas made and two twenty 1
o1 lat told pieces worn found but nothing of Jl
the remaining ItO
hast fall Mr Maine wlio now liven on the i ti
farm Rln something glIstenIng In the hen l ij
yard tlrklni up ho object he dlwoxorcii 7l t
11 to he u 1220 cold coin and upon toiling the I
story of his find to his neighbors learned of s f
Mr IlobliiHons loss no ninny years before 4ta
DIgging and raking of the grounds followed
In the hope of obtaining the remainder of the
money hut no more was mind il
A few darA ago however Mr Maines i I
small daughter was iiliijlnt in tti tainn spot tL nj
where the first discovery WUA innrln and hap
pened upon another told coil I POM n fur
ther March a 13 roln lllt 120 iilno to llxht
making the total I2O flimllv recovered ii i I
The gold pieces were riiniirknljlj well pre fI
served after lying In thecnrth for such a long u
time i

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