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fl j = L
1ft THE SUN TUE8DAY JUm 12 jlOe n
L t 1
YtAflM I
MfIT I PIIrl ItIftrk All Aliusg th
UDII Onlnlnrtt llh i Im
nmlllDr for tnrl Mm Iork hilt
tIn ftllulliln tip II rllflldlY Ihllt III 1m
rnr hl bn IIhlll 10 ptiIi pip IIn end
rtlnln cnn lrUrllon ennIttsrehly 11411r
Ihan III r ronlmpllll1 it Ihl tCV
er Ih prolwfln
MIIII nlrld In Pltthllr III lIurr Ep Ih
fnr h heM 10 monlh lnrlll Im hii
rlvlnll pIpe IIn Ju1 Mil money
oulcl It p sired 10 tny for 1m Ilr nol
dIIT the olpllon or Ihn 10 rfnrl
now building lofr during the pat
two weeki rnlllnl ni InrrMI en
tepidly Ihll otto pIYnt M wIid Ihroulh
10 PlnblU II ordr 10 rloh plpn Hoe hip
mnt inn t I1 rte milL of I1bl
ate now IhIO right nt way for lncl Hm
rlJ Him rIpe and lilting thc nxl MIX lkl
rnek Sam 1 dlnr Rnd eompIeti Illty
clx mil morA of mln trunk plM In con
nfctIn th Irlal prndiiers Oi 110crl
tnt 1 4 with IhA pnlIrr lankl al Chlrry
1Thl rlPlctlr of Ihll nlp Hoe will bn
from 170 to srm bnrrl Ir day and tncl
em ran eave 31 Inll r har1 on each
turret by completing Ihll Jlp Iil nnd plmp
the Ing raliroede Ih nil or rlllhlM nm hlnl paid
will 1m la 15 Mike Ialo Trunk PIpe
Line Completed
Wflh thn oIXIlx mil pip tine om
rllp R bMorp mlnton wi give tlnrll
Sam 13 ml of main trunk IllnA line com
pfrtd II not Ihll 1 pretty good record
for thLe In
r1tf great independent company
Mtfn monlhM ronlldprini Iha ThREE
REFINERIES will hlvo al8 bln com
plete during that time II not Ihll the
kind of In nlrpril 10 hook up with Ono
15 Ilnralr rolowl another old dont
011 know that the dln1cult brler agaInst
rhi company have hn 10 10 I In thc pagt
cain what the wi be In Ih future with
Ith strength ot a thoroughly organized
eompan In every department bckd bv
nea a millIon dolal cash and over EIGHT
TBQUSAND etockholders compriaing
a 18 slockholdeT cmprilnl come
of tbA most Influential men of the nation
Three More Pipe Joe Dolen rH
At the town of PIQua near the heart of
tbe oount3 Kas 0lneld8 where
Undl 011 ountc purchalo and work
commenced no the FIFH main In pump
to mene the lost man their lari
boiler arrived last week and workmen have
already unloaded one and the other two
1 be hustle sloni to Tyro KI where
Uncle Sam hal land bought and IlkewfsA
II building pumping sttlon No TWO and
from there the last one will bl rsbf on to the
Sad Creek pumping elaton sulbt
of Brlevle In the Indian TerrItory where
Uncle 8 large storain tankl now corn
rle with lverl milea of lateral hlnee lead
t4 the Mme where Uncle Sam pumpln eta
tldn No ON If nearing completion
Fnt Independent Company to SNQre a
dun Territory Pipe Lie PermIt
The Uncle Sm Company secured a per
mit from the Interior department p
weeke ago and corntnenced at once lurlng
alO commence
pipe In complete the line RIght of waY
wee rnIcba and money paid the Indian
21 0t0 it In ConRoldalm EXlhnse
Qgden ldd the regular candidate
for president of the Consolidated Exchange
was 11 fd yesterday filer the hret
trglf In history of the Nchage Mr
Budd had a majority of 76 reeiving 3
vote to 317 cst for hil opponent Thee
wee eight blank votes for prident The
rgl18T elected enough other cndidatC
10 insure management hy them of the
blNn and property of the exchange
The plR opened at 10 oclock Rinul
tanelly with the market opening and
voting continued until 3 oclock Moat of
the active member let business go by the
board and went chaing up Inaclvf em
I hors Appl8 wer sent by both factions
10 Henry H Rogers and John D Archbold
o the Standard Oil Cmpy W A Nash
peldent ot the Cr Exchange Bank and
Dumont Clarke prlidentot the American
Exchange National Bank but all of those
r uM mingle In the fray
The election W8S of particular Importance
bou otto plaIUor the disposal ot th
property flbe exchange The Knicker
bockerTrust Company has recently pur
chafd thE lAd hit cnt take positesalon
for many years unless the exchange sur
rnder the leal The trust company
hal made an offer of 00 for tbe build
Ingl and the surrender ot the lease and will
undoubtedly m to tnO with the
exchange or the later hM been groaning
for come time under the heavy weight of
the rent and the taxes The i8e con
cerning control was enlivened by many
charges and cuntrcharg regarding
busnB methods
There wa much voting of eplt tickets
and finally It was announced 9 oclock before the results were
Promoter Owes 12304 and la Cacti
teert ot 1185
George H Iwr promoter and real estate
brker If 12 East Tlnlelihth Street hal
fled a Itlon In hmkru PtCY with liabilities
7234 end specie II c cash and 0 halt t
In 180 eliaree of stock ot the AmI I cnn Ruor
Company of unknown value Among the
creditors are John I Van Wagenen Oxford
Y 150 Kate A J htln I O James
Madison Lively l3oston 14I William len
Butler 17O A1IMu8 a Wck 120 for
legal ceths 10hncIRnn hospital sits for
room ald board leopllsllale DanK of Sa
tlonRI el II 121 and Camden State
uldlnrani LVII ANoclotonCamden NJ
John Oaubll Ialn1 of Franklin Halet t
Co export and import commission c
chants of 2 old 4 Stone itreet and at Liverpool
h tiled a petition In bankruptcy Franklin
nalet Jhl other Mrlr resides In Liver
Pl 8n refuced 10 Join lit the petition Lver
firm I hllls are htt3 and assets 143
Tile art brothersinlaw
1e partners at hrolhlllnlaw Brad
rft I reports Ialo that they were pioneers
In tho Introduction of chewing um and
rpt sweePers In Flrol They Imported
lallntlJwlr curious Inlalk and Irieb
nd 8010 hotatoei
A creditors Petition in bankruptcy hun
been flpd unlnt Bnrne tplnf I Jeweler of
M4 81Mh avenue who ei hI was robbed
ObfJ Jewrln lu New IneurlnUy robbd
Ilt1 arc Ib t 7Ov J 1
deal heal one nlollh iii I I tnIIe lt
Ihl plpe Ic how InIMI1 II Hit r I ni I lIe
end Desey while mcn mIls lucre hcs Ipen
I Int tCt I ie pk enl h I tie I Itne IPII reil
this nIH arrive II repel MII Ihl
I lorl flOllh In etC 1 I It sercnd plittipin
Ilan I fr ha t tins PlllIJllf
anti loaded lt I he mi II Ill I tiitt nlil wl
I he rrndl forward lh all htn onletent
with pOIII good nlklUhll
Ila Close In 2nOn narl nn Pro
curlon I Admit I
Iplnl pare with the 1lp line ark end
oIPIol oI the grt rllllt I tide
I HI SI 2 I I lie tlk of rvtnt Ion by
stehleoninele tatti hM heti ro111
he work with I lie Irl In order to 111no
the daily Ilrolwlon from our OWI wells
Figure for olrJ whet ii greet Inol
I Uncle Rein will 001 hate IrR
Should tie Or 3Ofl nan I f
Part of Jill
I July I will he the day the big river rlnllt
will 1011elll turnIng gold into Ih Pncl
Main Irpllr for Lnd Ham lokhollrM
I This IIIRnt will start with I daIly capacIty of
clx 11llr1 11 haI per lay run
Chrnle retlncrytndle Ram o 11hih
has hn In 11fll opereton for the
past eIght months haH R capacity of three
hundred 3 harrf1 daily Ct h > lh 4 the
IlblnN capacity of tbe two lanll Mill I
J nine hundred I1 barph ever day ibis
oil when ready for the market Vlt bring elos
10 II per barrel Now Illur for yourself
Hnmlmblr WA 1 have our owgi pro
ductol over our on Pipe Jm d If J
to the IIPpl of the Vest II our own lank n
and Ink waanl10W 18 title lot A iracti
cal lineup for success DOIt you think
you ci better cecure sonic of the tock of tItle
i crowing enterprise by sending your remit
tance al once before Ih etok tl all taken
At the JS Towns In Kansas a nd al HI Joe
Mo mltrlblns Stations
Already Completed
Th Uncle Main ompnnr has IIrl Ior
age tanks for refitted oil with warehouses
built and lrm one 10 three tank waonq
trade tally dpItrlnl oil to our large and growIng
Topeka Ra llnrll Ras
Wichita Ka Ilapn10rth Rai
Concordia Ka Uhison Kite
Anthony ta onkKM
Winfeld Kite Lawrence Has
Wellington Has 1alna Rat
lutchlnln Rae Kansas Cit 1a
Pltlburll has SI Joseph Mo
While at several other places heavy chip
mnt re being mad 10 Individual customers
especially to Ionlln and tprlnlffld Mn
Fifty More Stations 111 lie Installed for
lo the Net fll Dae
Lrl bRI distributing tallonl will be
installed at Omaha Council Hlns SIoux
City Sfbraska City 1rerl City Ht LouIs
end Eat 4t 1ull while from 40 to 45 rail
road towns consistIng or the best trade
roa In Kansas Oklahoma and Missouri
will be established This company will
rabllhe Thi 11
do Just what It started out to donamplr
secure and are time the oil trade
of the tIsourl valley stale I 01 fllh
I do your par t break the grip of the oil
trust on the oil lpid of Ianfs and the
Indian Tfrrlorh better join our band to
day and help the the onlv formidable foe
10 oil trust oppression west of the Allegheny
monntalnon 10 greater success
ImprnII CondItions In Iron nrklllA
IMI In Steel lanutatllrN
Improving conditions are noted In Eastern
and Western markets for foundry Iron and
thernarnheavydemandsforstpel making Iron
The UnIte States Steel Corporation clo d
In yesterdays market for B very large tonnage
of Dlslemer and ba and two other large
consumers booked In bllc 10 the aggregate
tonnage ot 200 For the larger iota sold br
makers of 111 making Irons price are
ranging between 1725 and SI7O For
leveral parcels running Into 10 tone basic at
valley furnace latest sal were mode at
1171 u lnM faIrly good In local and
adjacent markets for 8 uthlr Iron for near
by deliveries Prices are fIrm on the basis of
11 for foundry So 2 at Birmingham In
Northern Iron a firm feeling II prevailing
and considerable bURlne II being rtte
upon the basis of lIS fdr So 2 X at furnace
Several makers are klnl IIS25 for Northern
No2 X Furnace agents report an enliven
ment of foundry Iron selling In Connecticut
and Massachusetts mainly for account of
machinery makers In textile metal working
and elerlcRI apparatus lines In the local
market the most of tho olerll business Is for
nearby shipments to the smaller foundries
and machine 8hopI The larger buyers are
loundlnl the markets with inquiries for round
tonnRes but little business IR resulting
Similar conditions are reported from Western
markel The large meltel at foundry Iron
are holding off and furnace agents exprlM
the opInion that the lull 80 far I It conditions
the larger buyers will continue until the fore
part of next month
Coke II easier for foundry and furnace
grades For prompt shIpments ot prime 72
hour foundry Connellvll coke the market
II S27tt28 Virginia furnace coke 1112 3
I nar iron II quId and there II a goo deal
of Quiet cutting going on from offIcial pries
1 si0 base at lltsburl Ore tranporta
ton on the Great Lakes Is costing owners of
the larger ships a considerable Increase ocr
last years operating expenses bnuse the
average dePth of water Is 0 toot below last
rrI level Steamships that draw when
fully loaded above IS feet are having nip and
tuck 10 get or the lchhnn waters The
owner of the new steamship J Pllrpont
Morgan conditioned 10 carry 140 tons
on 10 feet draught think I unlikely that shl
can be full loaded under present low water
Business Is reported at lop notch Ilure
at most domestic and roreim steel selling
agencies In this mark Prices ore un
changed There Ie remarkable activity In
cast steel and steelforgings and In structural
I material and I plalM for water pipe and
pressed steel car In 1 number ot trade
bur are flocking to town to buy for fall
trade southern trade II beginning now
and there are a number ot Important South
western and Western buyer In the local
market A local electrical enllnerlnl cor
pratn II about closing a contract for 250
mils of raIlway In Asia which will require
American mad steel and Iron track bridge
and freight station equipment 10 the amount
of 1500
The president of one at the larger steel
corporations states that the aggregate ton
nage ot standard steel rails booked by do
lSt 1 i
f f 2
I n I
lfwlA 5 I
mM I
I It Ii 1111 It fI 111 ulllhi ill irrjrI les
itt I I nil Is t rolnlr 181 0111 he hid 1
rplllI1 oil hits 4tret property olrr
lndtl1 sail I 111 drillers u IOl011 working
In 0 I attil II lit IPII Is now
drilling nut II his ntr of the portety
Irllll title tithe and R 1 trout wIistI nil
wits first dlwoverNl nn the p51 lute IIh
lIII hl IIldr Iteen lrot1 10 IIO
reol for ssYenty more oil well while the
pa nit cititi is IlerIlnl II the I whl mot
west 111 lion Ii I Its Ifl oi it ri In t lie
Inclall Ttlot I DoI teriCili 10 ii
fOllul Iii thee rIi lorlonl I not Ih 11n
pool II it ii iqlt ivIt volt iTflh Iii see I lila stocit
RIIIP to ntersl Ikites ivt I st Ioet
I 11 Salit I a Ilulll 1m its A eeI a hack of
this stock Rr increasing eveli ililii you
i sleet rhe tri work night cud day 11
II is 101 R I htiCel hut if a trw n hoot ti ii till
tItle property will lii developed until I trill
oe worth over a dloJC hli dollars
to title Main stockholders for every barrel
I ill title oil when run through the Une AI
rilnery 1 tiring 1lcl lnl etockholIrr
rinse 10 tI tier barrel
her 2MOn Acres of Other Oil flights
lit addilun 10 the llforl named valuable
11n hUlulrdcrp lot 41 the Incll 4am
company holds leases Oi oil right on nearly
twentyelght thousand 701 aires In JH
blI Iolllor El ttiil I hII181I
counties sonic of which is very 100 Nap
erty producers soil nfl of which lucy develop good
Control Nearly no Acres More In
I eluding nnHfoll tIllers
In Rddltol 10 Ih forI flint ionNi oil
nrolrl Inll 1 COl111 Cothi role
I lie out IntL of eml ool Fields Ilcludlnl
H oil wells ak I11n111 tiants and nearly
4KI additional oil rights fid owning
ollrllhl Ilx 111 cells one that is good for
or five 111n ret dllb I here are
assets hack of this stock on every hand
and the will cottittuall increase Ind make
the stock Oil buy more valuable
Rushing Shipments for Tulsa flefinery
I Cnoll Ham No I
II the heart of tie Indian Trrlor oil
flelds nearly 111 111 trout the big river
refiner 01 will find tIe Uncle Ham flag
flying on the hank of the Arkansas by Tulsa
whr hy 111 I nearly all of the material
will bl on the Irolndl or shipped for Uncle
HAm refinery So 3 From this plant Ulcl
Sam will reach the trade ot Indian TerrItory
and Oklahoma and Welem Arkansas and
Northern Texas This refinery like the big
river refinery la being built so It can bp In
lorged 10 TEN THOUSAND barrels per dR >
larie time a very large refined oil pipe line
will hI built down the Arkansas river 10 For
Smith Ark where light barges will he loaded
Rml 1111 ROk anti other Arknlla cities
and on down the river 10 the Southern coasts
YOI should Join the Uticle Sam Company
today and let your investment grow with I
160 10 120 although a mol amount now
maY grow into I good 1lltmlnt for you
with this growing enterprise
Now or errol best ChanceRN
mltantN Drlklne tlI Rtnr
It natters not whether rOi hive In Oil
Mnxianada nn he New England coast or
Florida or Oregon you ran secure chock In
this Uncle 8RI COlpnn and depend on R fair
treatment and dividends on your 10nl
However the curtain II aboll ready 10 ring
down on the last Rclfor there are thousands
who have been about ready 10 invest who
are going 10 act before they lose the first
COPPER TrY 4n 1tn
rrllnl OlaldR for SrptlDhrr Copper I I
Drhlnl Nlulrrmenl1 for Wire Dan
Home and foreIgn demands for September
deliveries of lake and elrdroltl copper are
prlslng producers and A number or 11
porant specifications are about 10 hI closed
for exports or October electrolytic Four
Important producers of lake hoc MId out
for September In casting copper huslnlM
I moderate In the home market mainly be
cause ot the usual short lull t hit marks be
twen seMon8 In many brass industries The
enormous demands for copper wire from
So 12 I t 8 to SO HI inclusive I beyond
the capacity of wire bar makers to supply
for Ulust and September shlpment8 Thc
scarcity ot SOR 12 and 18 copper wIre Is hut
derlnl scores of electrical engineers engaged
for telephone and the wiring of buildings
There Is no visible supply of wire bars In
America or Europe According to the tale
mlnll of the chief omclal ot ten of the largest
copper producing interests In the countf
the aggregate production for this ear will
not bl much In exce8 of 12 per cent more
tItan the output of 19 The Increase In re
fining capacity that will mark this year II nfl
Important There is a great jieal of work
tinder way In the buldlnr ot smelters and
several building contracts are In being for
the extension of electrolytic plats but the
bulL of the work In hand will not be com
plete until I toward the end of next year
Four Eastern eletrohlo plants have not
hn able to work to utmost capacity for
several weeks because ot inadeqtiate supplies I
of material PrlcN for all grades ot copper
r y l = v
smaflSSaWSa ne = p t nas a
C ± StJT ciz iz1T I1 w E r
1 I
t tAtt 1 It t f I fi tjefeit nil r1114ff v 1M ll i I fl II tIfiM th ptihhs i a naMl tfatttias 1 I mr I I 111111 utc nf Uitt U J fili hhl Ih 11 iP arI isV IM ftcrW 111 11t 11 1m MI 4 fll
I l t tMiI4Mf 1IhI1 wit I If sftif4 VVIIttt I aUf fits I l fls i fcuf 1 Imh iImitwI Vf IIJII 111 II V41t U tIll M IIItIi II I ll I tqg iIa II h 1m f ft ViiflffPt hlA 5CfP Pelt frfr2I4ttIt 44 rI cllfl fe
IAII 1 I fhdMfhctlIli 40 tl tn fhCf I the II I 4at Miti i nfM iI 1 t Itint s afet I 11 Ihatteinti IIsIt 111111 M P 1 1itf t Vui I ta4Ihs f IstIt I the te1ccf 1 fithii Vtt PPP 11 t 1
Iiiele M tl I ait4i fllh hllt 1 f I4 54 fUHn Jl fr i ItII I lit the I AtCil MiII iIti < 40It111 4114 fill 1f fn ft lIfU1 et dVI1Ifh f itt 11 II stieat 111 flln Phil hilt I ItIA 14n III M Iii Iftt IHf i4 IIII
lf1u14d lM 1110f I fWII let vfIIIian I this ief I N h n tI 11Irj I 1 I 111 mllt it the rnalI 4t141 tIl II f411PhftflII tdflhltAned tarnstthiv iPbtt IIf ItI I1Ift1Pft mfl tliifhIfO 1 hef 110 H IM ml fitIe
Af iIE Nfga ll d trl ltl fits tea 11 111 ttiiIttnetl qeI 111 hI taI in ittif aiwl dust lhC P4 fl t hr titeit ptll lIrtifl4 utica ef 11 flat tt in tuft rll 4y akI h rn t rist 1115 iiii IH 111 I IePtt 4t11ht1 VVIf II I I1IIItI flf ItI4f fr frViIhst4hi
itiI the asI M ntattths whlh insane a 14ftI l t fetiti si 4 Itt nti1i fff II the I ftIt ft flu 1111 nf Kne II ill nniI tti4Vh Ia aIless 1 1l I beta tlwns rtaa4rr I Ih UI1 t fII fIeld fAI 111 fl 1f 111 4tI the lfl
Ita ItM flIVI een ttl ltel 4fietfhe MI A ele U fl f rr rent ii r 1 his 4t I ItSIfl tUi ItAhI ihe Ift t IVI ttk4tta i I tulsa Ilits teiritntr h 1 11 a IIiff I PF i tflhtPVhI In 11 I flrI SIft sIIl hiiti II t A 11Wt
t I
111 lAlr nf 1NI he a sut c1 in tAtnfIt Itd fj II seltee in rice It rt t1ln n hlIflfl h 1 Ilitl II ieIn ttIt1II lfIII ritv iIiient tttee nil Rtcflai fleltia it ffl ncI e jl4 I at nAT N1 liIslen I I ffl fUIIUIt 1 PtI 41Ir tthll4 tMI a fIdlr Un il1 te
ptae IPIAnfs at tie ll al th 1h14 it tI CC tl IS lmmiita IIfnl ii e alt ahitlil lPtlhIfmCtItd t 41 ehinn u itists 11 I 1 111 IA1l itsauin iif1ttv inlet Iltis 4n tft r tlCMinl tnnitIctinL admit lnV rr1TI I tIde ta ssfeVei tithes ul t Ar ittrtsed f I In mil fPia sf rll
Remittance Must Be in the Mails by Midnight June 20 1900
I en Iark I lull Iist f 01111 as the
I I h pith I rl tie It1 at II tth
JI 1hHI II I 11 1111 lesdI And
wlllil tip loyally oIHII the Ihtet little
1ntolt rnlurl stilt II eilppi I ri
I itie sale 1IIIIlt If I he IIInl titti
111111 Ii well MURIId And rll let
R olh In prlilriln tIl tnt Ilnl t h
on pattys prnl 1111 n s witit I 151
etc tins 0011 Th olllal Iss clock
tinlilers II itcerly Mnr osi I I tOtS II In
I AR fklmlI ilel 1 111 ciii a
hR t 0 Ifll1 rol I w r tIfl t tilt et Il Inc
1hlllr itt I IIII I Si fil I he
1111 1 I al If I tutu I
I 111hlr rl evir tsutllttiiit nhtd PI
I Illl Iii lit tire a If IRldlllll cm nttttditt g
I tIle Ott lilt Hit 30th RI I pet 111
I nlUc br lur iiist untie tutu ihtadtiie
I itt olr 1011 JI ll olr I ton nr 1 foot
thigh I nl intcst iii 111 stock
Iholld Untl lp tl Eighteen Thouunl
I larrl Ier Its
Inel Mm II hay a daily RPlII of
i7utJt I sent ysrn h lit I rll liii rile Ir
I tit r nut laler 11nl Slit it lxr nl 11 ron
11 1 lu lticrasv 1111 t Iten Ic I tiC 1111
I HIII run wh > II I ito rir I fir lr I Iil
ham annul hllci tit 14 I Itch lul1
I thoUalr Iarrcl 11 tl 18r II Iln1
huLl hotb rlller No at AtchIson 1111
I unry No 3 at thea are IIh 111 lui lit
to that In M tiUM little Ifr iliiy tile lal
I lot ii tie ttohi itleit lip to I t sit IWI Vt ii ttt hired
horrel Ir dl or I it itt fflr IllHlrld
I barrels Ild ii lh Ihrrn tiitiri lall
h7ttOb twel yrvii hlllrd barrels II all
I b OlU t lute itt Shlhr
With Ialn PIpe 1111 lpllll Ihe lrelGht
Hane Alone II lie lose
tu 100 nai
Barring the great profit 10 hI mad In
the refining of rude oi howlr over the
IllI trunk pip 111 ld rlH barges Illonl
when completed tlr II he al actual
saItig over freight rates If nearly 11
tier barrel or close 10 1270 dill lho
tue Uncle Stun credit for even onhalf of
what It has in eIght Ilid ou will la 10 ad
I mi hat WA otter Ih 11hlc I llar r11
of ai tiivestrtnnt one that certain r lulH
are right In your plain Iw IItr follow
the lllple of scores or others titid loku
Immdlalll 1000 shares at IZo or 5VJO shares at Ol
Ieople 11 ConfIdence In ThIs nreat
I i only a question of a few reeks until
a JIUOX 1011HH cash and TEX
1JOlJMA D shorpboldlrs will be back of
Undo Sam ThouRndl of stock holdr
are securing their ftindstolnvest thMork
while b the hUldrld they are doubling UII
their holdings Uncle SII II putting 1 a
square conenIe fight for IlrIIR and is
wlnnln almost Ih lolnal icess right
11 the face ot the greatest crJmllal combine
the world hal ever kIOWI lneleSatii hal
the friendship of nlnlplll of Ihs intluen
tal newsPapers of tin oiled States and
Canada while the 11tllnt of the 1Holrl
valley II with itq Rhnot to a man I was
forced into Illtenl el account of certain
large independent producing oil comlanle
In the ChlrrI field being boycott and
blacklisted by the criminal trust I Is
manned by Kansans who are working with
might and main 10 hlUr np an ltrJrIHA
lrolJ enough 10 take earn of every home
oil field and those of our neighbors In Ion
IIUI mills for 107 delivery Is 7 10 Ions
and that contracts which are AUTr for
enteritig clurln Iub 11 Iul will rUI
the amount tip 10 700000 lon 1 Imporlant
order of UI cllonl of rails for IIIRI Is
about 10 be placed 11 this market conditioned
for delry In the first llrlr of 1007 Thl
tonnage 14 reported 10 hn 00
Wins Stilt Aalnst Wa huh Belt nlroad
PTDUBO June 1ln the United States
Circuit Court In the ease of the Plt8lur
Construction Company VR the West Hide
Edt Railroad and Johl H Sculy and T M
Harndahi sureties for the railroad 0 ver
dict wins returned for the plaintiff for the
amount sued with interest Iudge JOHlph
Bufgton Instructed the jury t return 1
verdict for the plaintiff company for S342
8442 the claim having bon for 337W9A
the excess being InleTt
The suit wait brought for cst of cOtruc
ton of the West Hide Belt Halrad a branch
since the Wahah and
sinc acquired by Wahalh over
which most ot the United States Steel Cor
prton Wabh tonnage will iiass The
fight has lasted five years inc Iho con
slrlcton ot the road a claim ot faulty con
struction having boon made
nasIon and Maine Ask Leave 10 Make
BITO June tPresldent Tuttle of
the nton and Maine R1lr0d a ppeared
be for th e Rlrod Comml8ionem ppar
In favor ot the petition for the althorl t 01
of the issue of 4237 shares of new com
mon stock for purch1 of additional equip
ment new shops repairs and main
tenance of motive power second track
and crossings the separation a rower and grade
The division at the expenditures waR
given approximately aR 00 for 60
freight cars 110 for new Rhope re
palr and maintenance of mote power
and 11100 for End track
Nets Interests to Buy Into COlmlrrlal
National of ChIcago
CnICAGo June ItClreular will be tent
10 the stockholders of the Commercial
National Bank aeklng them to waive rights
on a proposed issue ot 100 of new
stock I If proposed to sell the now stock
10 a now Interet at 3 It It underllod
the position ot the bank will be
1 IIIon bnk wi b greatly
strengthened by the acquisItion of the new
American Shlllhulllns Reorganization
CmCAGo Juno 1AbHolule denIal II
mae here ot the ItorO fnt out from
Cleveland that the American Shipbuilding
Company 18 10 b rorganize with one
issue at stock and made a Ohio instead ot
a New York corporation A high ofcial ot
the company Mid today the report was
without foundation repr 1
CertifIcate for New Surface Road
ALDANY Juno IThe State Bard bt
Railroad Commissioners has granted a cr I
tfco that public convenience and neoos
sity require the construction of the
6ty rqui cDtrclon ofle proposed
railroad of th Hudson River FlemTrc
lon Company I to extend from the New
York Central Railroad ot Scr avenue In
Otnln through the vihiae and town of
Olnlng and the village of Briar Cliff Manor
to PlcaantiIle and to th hamlet of Sher
man Park In th town ot Mount Pleasant
The rad will be nine miles long
1 111 Illln Tr o I 111 III lea
lull I I I 111th I ic ci r1 iii fir lee i 1ltr Ril
Ilnllhlll hR tech 11 II MifiO fl 11
A iiirt trick if the sgresetr 111 litl wi I
IIIIlIr I Ic lhl fur I UftltfI ileal uil
All tihilt ul IIIlo 11 IIAr It the
hOIIA tiIi IIIH of lila rkel ill it a till IC
fllli Ijl lhOII hf uuhll lt Irhrn
oll of KIO hr wtti known ollruot olr
able nhl hirehitigs are list 101 1111111
steal I Inllta ry cottirol of part of the HaIN
Ilfll1 I hitotigli A 1111 If hlcklsl
hut tiresa agent situ I few hrlh1 nl we
ushers hkh 11 lnn eaeii nlrk Its their
t I ra tIn 11 I tine laln it hlhlllcl tl Ihlr
IIICI tiler R rl ullhl II 1811 fdr ofle
1111 In our nttwiirl Iltdl In Irllr
Telegrams ronrlnx In fr Ilofk
fluting the p1 three itnys 011 1lrlrl
frol lhlnll11111 reserved In Ihol8and
hll al 101 sRA rmllnnle 01 the
way lolhrr frol lIttle Mont reserved
01 HhlrlH lh IIfK already mailed rwo
frlm itch nile for 110 anti one for lb
enlll Itg On for tllclnnat Olin a1
hold 1l shares llOtsidralt tent nothlr
titleS frul Irl Sw York 53S 1101
ccitt fur 00 shams while n Iitesngc front
florid rlnNI 3 OIl shitirce wilt 1120 on
tie its W oitid tell ot about a 5015 o
other I HIIM fur from IMI 10 IZo hUI If
01 tPia3 your rlultan you will find that
additional orders li3 wire and letter will hiep
HIurd all Ih hnlan of Ihl stock You
Ir oldl1 10 Jull tiC IUW RICI your ron
eilI hl pits I I nd
wil ii lie III mor 111 Ind build
i iist t lie t Illb lrOIIIr Ihl Irllt coltipatil
which I lie oil t rust Rld its icr tired hire In gs
1 h IIRII In rllek 1111 little San will
14 In strotig that w on give II trust a nm
for its nIO Oil esterti soil wlpr right
line always onQulfd anti where oil thieves
Ilk grief horse thieves 8 f rllin 10 come 10
ihy increased Dh111mds rr Certain
Wllh the rfnln 1acl increased on Rn
average of ten times luring the next six
months II will hp sn eney matter for Uncle
Him 10 dOlhl lip the 1011 dividend There
II a 10rkt for lt least 18010 barrels of oil
plr dl In thin West 00 you suppose this
olla flY will lie aticfled ultl I lit tip to
111 barrels daily HIPIO stn make only
115 per barrel whln the truatnow is raklnl
nearer 0 and you will realize that In
creased dllrlHI arc an assured fact
Dhldrnl Do ok WI Close In lr Than
Tm U8
BorA R great many people read this an
nounrfmnt I will nol be over rd until
the 1ldI1 hook wi close Howlr I
01 are nol arlualnlld with the great work
of li lII 1 COIlIla you wi havo
tlmo 10 send for full Particulars and thleit get
our rrrltln 11 the mail by midnight
fnd hln 20 hOtel positivel the tact I
10ur that eihsrlhcrs for stock can buy stock
and secure Ih first dividend which 1 he I
mailed 10 evrystockholder between June 20
and July 20 IPu6 11 as wel gr 1 move 01
yourself how Ind get II RI 01 for you all
Jut prl1I aH 11 Heur the first dividend by acting
A MIllIon and a half Uolar ProducIng
Property nrk of Uncle Sam
h01 Ihrp miles ollhwt of where
plmplli Inllon So 1 of Ind Ham mall
r clink 1I line I luOnlr lot 4t 01111
I ll if otiended by olnII oil Iwn I
I IOM Into Effect on 011 I 100 by
Order of the Universal Postal Congress
WARINOTON June IThe universal
Plal Congress recently in session at
I Home Italy ordered 1 substantial ruc
lion In letter postage by increasing the I
unit of weight effective on and after
October I 107 from IS t 20 grams and
providing that while the first
provlrinl Ihnt whie postage on fnt
2 grams hal remaIn at 2 centimes
five oentst every additional 20
fo cntt eer 2 grams
shah onl he at the rat ot Hi cntmes three
onlOrat Britain and the United HinteR
strongly urged that the unit ot weight for
them should he fixed at coo ounce al It I
wOII 1 be extremely dlf It for them to j
I OXprSI fin equivalent weight for 20 grams
not having adopt the metric system
This request was granted This will give
1 tho two Krat countries exceptionally
I ow rates for the exchange of letters Under
the rlcd rates 0 letter to Grot BritaIn I
will cost live cents for tho frt ounce and
three cents for the second our or eight
cents for two ounces In other words
when the new rates become erectlo a
letter packet welghlllg six ounces can
be sent to Great Britain the
h Int Oral Brlaln ot rate now
charge for a two ounce packet
Delegation In ahlllllon to Procure AId
From Congress and Secretary Shiaw
WAmNoToN June IA delegation of
prominent ctns of San Francisco arrived
here tonight to aid from C
her procure ad Congress
and Hcrtr Hhw for the relief of their
stricken city Their proPosition 18 that
Congress Ihl lon 1000 to th Red
Cross to enable the society to erct homes
for tile working pople of San Francisco
the money to be returned to the Ooerenl
after a term ot year hy the Red Cross
Solely Their second prpsilion Ie to
induce Secretary haw to approve the
I SIZO 0 or bonds issued by th city to
i the end Ihatthoy may h accepted 3 the
hai toran issue ot llrrnoy hy the national
hunks or Hn Francisco
Secretary Sliai oel tn loa 10 lalu a
WASIIOTON June 1ScNlary or the
Treasury Shaw left Washington this after I
noon with the consent of the President
to make a apech bfore the Lincoln Club
nt Davenport la on Weneay evening
the day preceding the Scott county Re
publican primaries The Secretary had en
I gagements a Syracuse and Baltimore for
this week but In view of the desire ot the
members of the Lincoln Club whO first
invitation he had previously declined he
decided after a cnternc with the Presi
a dent speech to attend the clubs meeting and make
Gea Kethal In Ills Seat Again
WAShINGTON June 1Oen J a Ketch
am Representative from the Dutchess
County district surprised his colleagues
by resuming his seat In the House today
apparently fully recovered several weeks
ago be was taken sick and for a time It
WaR feared he cud not recover Ac soon
as he watt able to travel Gen Itetotnm was
taken 10 Old Point Comtor Ya and there
recuperated 10
rapidly rcprted returning Washing
> y
t dl Irlil lhl sill tieei that tIIIIII
til clock for thin test few mists will go far
Pttnted W hAt None iweil C i ci 11Ir
tfc lies wittil they hate beet tar lie
tact two weeks total nrt t over
gn wmp etltt y fhnlllr tIiliera Vs Irr
A lustS Alt cntPrttfIse In t 111 HIRlr
tthiitlItiit Ce rapidly where 01 UI itiPst
with the safiI nr this nl nlh art
nol Ii tt frllII1 IhOll the rmlllll
II that they ar tooting from tue popie
tine day this last nlni 121 different
I Iftolor Iok I rsN 51111Cc cant at 1210RIII Ill
I 2n ItIreclhtei hn IlfI111 Ilal so Ol
11 eni that the hitiltg is nlrll 111 Ihat
Ihnl IntIe hlil studied Ih rhdl
fletins InI Haiti hl 1111 rllhl
nlIllo of 1 1150 1111 iltiritig the
iieXt wlt nhIe a Its f oti c1flltPtt tIle hlr
01 Iln 1111 II
KI 1lrl If Ill hl attic If 1 lp 11 Ink
sold rite Ctlnll II riot Irlllf 10 sprit
the prime II II Illll 1 value InrllF
realizing IInl It 1 Ink the prNnfds frol
ho Mlip of tithe lark and itiltet 1ticIp lal
whl i tt antI olllo lonl In lnrn
R3 amid IIrh force I cJtinrn deal lit the
WIrn oil fll
Rig Itelllr Will Italr tile Mlesoirl
al Alrhlnn iiiI 4
ror IIrl the rRlroacl nll thte nil trust
working together have tried 10 dl rolrl
and kill I water IrnHlrtRlon but thin
bUHIII nH1 of lIt 11 Holl 11 Rrp
j wait low imp and I II It Just 8 IIHlo of
t tote Illlh gre al 11I nll rIver rlnI
wil bo the 1llt of lalllllon 01 thc lc
sotiri ktthion titit for
olrl 011 10 Ion 11 ru your
self Iul 4 Rld a Iso ste the grist rhlr Illlt
I which thin oil rrl1 IHocr said lnI Maui
would never hlid lowrlr wOlld IIIIM
01 10 suiire rOlr et tick It 01 cc
i Flee Thousand DOIIUI Fuel Burners
foon head for nllhr
For the pest clx mOllh Uncle Sam men
I itave beer hnrd AI work 01 R tlll oil hunter
for cook stoves situ hRIr Them Ls R
market In Kansas for nearly two hundred
j IholHnd barrels of fll oil monthly wlh
thIs burner atttl lIc1 Ham has started olt
10 put iui RIXTY ThOUSAND of these burners
by Arlr rail nod wi come pretty lunar doing
I too Wil iiOtI have tive Ilould ready
for Illdtair delivery
More Tank Cars Secured
rncl Sam hiss secured option al len more
lank cars with which 10 hall oil from the
north end of the eOlplpl pipe line 10 AI
IhlHon refinery and then 10 hall filch oil In
latter 10 Western Rld Central Kansas
nemllanrt Week Knifing June D 1000
Total 12000
Corning from every corner of Ih United
States 1111nlalnlli R steady dll average
front 130 tip 10 as hhh s 180 dully
I Cnic HRI hRS banhJ dlrJl1 Ihl wcek
JIHI ended 121 Wi h this k Ild of R record
before Jllor that 1 iuave I hul8h
effect all PSiutse hundreds 10 invest In the
lock who Ire a little Ilmid rorlh stock
I cannot help but nllue greatly aM qllk
I al the balance is old and the work toot
I vlrf
Write or fIre for ralcllar antI Pictures
i Thil rOIPRn 111 Just what I advertises
In tiut deilerent the
I dlllrlnl dIIRrtrnl nt Ihl re
flpr on I pipe line 11 the oil fields and
al thin different dlHtrthulnl stations over
one hlndrd l1n are crowding the great
are firm Product uoll Inkl September r
delivery 1 dJc electrolytic Hrpmhlr
aud October ISc IRtmle i c casting
copper thirty days lSu isti is
1110n quol cs llldRrd lolnr WlrrantR
spot 8 s od forwards Csi 17s Cd
1 8r
best selected Cn bs Mark t Irm
Ill tin Is In large dIRnd Ind prices are
frm at 40ii4Oc slot LOldon prices
are spot 1lst l2s od Ihrl months dci I
Lead is II good demand timid ample supply
at Goaa oe pot
Calls C1ieago nord R Bucket Shop
MILWAUKEE Juno HReduc from its
lofty position I chlmpion of commercil
Integrity to thin low plane of 1 bucket shop
18 the way the Chicigo Board of Trade
II stigmatized In the annulI report of Secre
tary W J Lingsoii ot tim Milwaukee
Chamber of Commerce
The attack on the Chicago 03rds methods
Is bas on the acton ot the directorate
In dispensing with the services of John Hill
who waged InrAIlt warfare on bucket
hope and kindred evils rho controllin
element IR characterized as lawless and
vicious and throughout the report scores
rpor CNR
the Chicago body for its position on matter
otvlal moment to trade
Wlnlhrop National JankSlockSrls at 832
BOBTON June IFor the purchase of
the control of the Winthrop National Bank
the City Trust Company pays U3 per
share The Winthrop ls rogirded as one
orlhl strongest of the smaller banking In
stitutions and for len yelr has euned
16 per cent on Its capital enne I
OutQr exercite is goods is UNDERBERG BITTERS
exercEe BITEIS
Both make for goo health Underberg Bitters is a I
delicious appetizer and aids digestion As a Ionic it I
stimulates braces and benefits
benefts pernanentl Recognizcd
as a necessity in the home and popular at every social I
function The standby of all welilrormed tourists
The Best Bitter Liqueur loursts
Enjoyable ns a oclUal and bettor for you
Over 600 bottles imported to the United States
At grocer wins mlchull hotels iabz cafes reztaurantsstc
I oled only by I Underber club cal German
dJ e <
work cuf iii utu1riAfly Oft I ar
I tAvC attotlt fIJAIY Ilk I 1
life In hit lfrll rtnlrtn I
1111111 ut Ih Itrl1 rk h non a
rllIIrl n 1111 Ie tiled I t
alt IlItnr III Ih ttultctl oIIR e I
rtcign 1fIlllltr ItCh Sit iiiinr I t
ulsIred W e pliitttl 1151 If io
11I1Illirolll Jlarl hr11I anti e
IllItlllItrnl In hula 1Ik It Intel e
will ccc Ihlll yoti el Ie elliltIrl in
All well 1i4 it nrls fill uut lu ii
call over IhlTI IhIlfllll diCte
otue tutilul iud rtH lit IIlIh
all offer 11 ret II rlllllll III rrtitlt ICu
rattler Itave fi 11111 sibrrile s
hail Ofle frlRII 11551 for ills c
a tnlltun this ns nrllardIIlIul1 II 1
its large II IIlIInr of lorkhttiIit 0
I ho mlollII ins CA uotsIhi
PrIce Itf Sleek
I roO 8hllrII I i9 700 eiiree I
Inn IIltarell ZlI M shares a
310 511111cc 111 ltss HIIOIC e
I ron shares 011 fI share 0
1000 shares 2011 i
I SpecIal Offers
100110 shutirec 3
15000 siiares v 11
I 3000n shames
I Ionlhl r81IIlf1 IInlr
From the start 1cI SIII t 01111al cc
nitn tie It jotsi lie for tuintu nr lilt it I eq
I 10 Join hut rompflu tint III Rltll
orrrlnll trIRlIr Iolk lit I hI 1111 A
i ion ed rnHIt prtr will 011 1111 ollhl I
II1lIIIII as follows
ir If
Shnrro Tnm
0 1100 each S I iieqh
lot 3011 rafill 001
au 7541 asht r i s h
00 ISS fRIt IiAeiih
Inoo moo ca sit I11h
20110 60no h fIl 11
I 1000 0000 rll Hit 00 roO l t
000 15000 e1sh I
tJ0x 50000 cash 4 ° olb
In onrllolI
barter name oJ title olllflln j Tnt
lnclr Slim Oil Compllnr Ihorlzr rl
talizatlon is In million IIhnrc par RIIIA t
each fhe stock III nouisssessable allot hero
is no personal liability IInd each share nr
stock draws the stone amount or dltdr11
as RII other hrp janiCe Ingersoll is prsi
dent 1 H 1I11hl vice presIdent and H
TUlkr Jr lrlan nll1 IrlIurfr Thsc
olllcprll constitilte the hoard or directors
RetprlnI Ir Walker president AtlhlSM
Ravlnllll hank oldest Iop hank In Hanat
Atchison has T It Clelldenill prMtdnl
committee of fort Atchison Keg 1Siiiuei
SIIkr editor Tiistu Democrat Tuh6 1 T
Montgontery County National hank Pponl
National bank Cherrnnll State hank all n
Cherrnnl Ka iso JrllnlreAI III Pt
110w to Srnll Money
Make all clraftt checks or mone ord
payable 10 The Uncle Sam Oil COlllpan
or H H Tucker Ir crlllIrr and our
I tock will bo sent promptly h3 return rcltsrel
For further particulars write or tt
I The Uncle Sam Oil CO
I oril TUCKER JR Sec Chefryalc18
t JUTE 1011 OlR rtirkrt ICIr Snt frr ttn
rrqlllconrlrlr rusunu or Nevada mlnln pr
Smokers GoIIIllrt Nevada
fruit Co operative Eliterprltus anuioun i
eilors Iarnturs MIne Owners end to eii ri
eentattvu of Mtuulng and AlrIctiIuiureI tn it rc
that they itublisli a monthly ltevuio uric Isp
anti Labor lituernattonai Rethew wntri II
laliguages EngIlt panih Frttueit ant i
In publishing it they do not conicler
moneymuting side of It utu tirttitI b
being to keep at any colt hut VOttLlt H
tormed aeto Ike couiditton of tunnnttaui and It t
tnterprises aintthe wotudcttui Vnt1utt or X
lhny give the meet relIable reports or the i
of those eiltcrprteec Thousauids iii 1o1i c
ofTered as preniturots to annual iubimuir
Subscription raucs 110 cuurrenu A
and 100 A currency sIx unituitlis
ttidreas to Manager of CtITl P 1 ttfli
INT1tIlNAT1ONAl tlliV1E trlnwr
Santa Clara No C MXtcO I I FUmthtr I n
lion and advenulaing rates out reqicit
Your business can Ic Izirreasect reatI a a
mum cost by luavtrug a resident repreeI4tIv t
tim Greater Pittsburgh terrItory I ha ni
eat omee facilitIes anl profletent hiistnrsi nirer
ence to properly bandic duet lint f flt
reterenree Al propositions nub titr
CttAflLltS E rnuutAN 25 hiout Itle P
hurrh Pa
FOR SALEA mail order mdieal htsn
tablisbed 20 caus practically a motuooti c ii fl
more utica l07 cash on 1330tt an can I ad
10 pa as muc1 more wiii sell at it Cr1 witl
La5 tY cash anuiually onty tho iitn
ncknt capital neest split tddrcsi ii
eflceaflUINESS box 525 ChIcago Ill
20000 LOAN wanted b3 large jPwetti flY1
very best tandingr investment abitI I
tected llheht toinpenssltoa oflered uhi I NS
tlou tttii bear the strictest tnvestigsttnli pt
PARTY wtth 15000 wanted active titan t 1
established builntaa Sloe monthly
Vet beat of references furnIshed ttnrcir
VeauieutIon InvIted her mIt partttttart ii
flAYSWE Long lilundMost dettrabii nTfl
house en plot 200z123 cost I4OO00 ran he ii
at 22000 free unit clear Apply to
MEAT MARKE1Rest trade In PIatnfle1l
400 said wcekiy owner wiU iacrlflce on a itt
of Ill health Appir IC
WANTEDA partner in Iba rattle
business will rusraittee B on tnveItut
taxes For full Information acidreis M Al
LINDSAY San Nlcotas Cuba
1310 OAJE Wonderful scenery owner s
would lake party of lix gentlemen on thr
Cruise Gulf of Alaska 1000 each pas all
start July lit Addreas rtrrytwn 1
104 Sun uptown ottiec l3 Proadasy
free Ofteen ear cZperlence patent tti
tie3 Call write or telephone ttI1
19rF Pteni Sales Speciatist 290flyoeile
SrOcIc CompanIes Incorporated i t 1
work of all klade a specialty Ct0llii
LOGO Proker 510 Ctllcott Square itr
I BUY panut tickets itIi olcl ttl
strictly ronridentlal rrlNohn a
hstnb1tshed 15i5 Open evenhnra until S
HlChItEST prices paid for taut I
unonils pearls icatchee and jewlr ii
223 Ouwery
EDGAR TATE 5 CO Patent tciI
roadway Send for bed tbtius to It
EUfl18I1Efl iioosrn 11 1
IRYSICINS officeFinn 1ane ii
reception yearn ether rooms genuiu
4lh at
5 EAST lflhIDeatrable rooms II
conveniences permanently or tr3tSiP
1 s

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