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AtH fMify elnwtly MH wimw fonJay and
gLi I Jjj tm I tI fI f
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S I I I I lf rtflllU
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tiff mill iltr mid Hunrt Inmrf
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I Ud riinn IIf New I I 11 IM
ii r fur llflr vnl > In llm Hinder
il < IMiiiiM i if lln Hlnlr Ill rpii
inirMir fur ii f intii M c In Hmi city
i I iirtiK 0 iif rlntrtte ntndi III wo
ItllI ii riiniMillrf iifrlllwn nf
I I i I ldtlI lifniM nl tl At titiwv
1 Yiiiinii rh HflldiiltnMrn inn d
I i lloynolik rlllnl of tlio Mlnla
I I M U i Iotnimny rilidnlMi irtiJi 111
i < i 1 torn TrlilHHi IttILI fly
I in II Unit th laltnr bring Mr
I S ornIr
I IIdllI > > nfltdilvIlK tint Iho
A Tiii itnilliMleil it ked amounn vnry
I in JJH I U JAmii for tlNlr vnles
< it I > if 1 lirlbex nIl giI to hnvn
1 Mill liejng finom The mKiitlii
fiidcil ol r niirly two month
I f I in Iro1 Wflf4 vritod on on April 2t >
U I uti WAlh SlgIIIllmlI t ht
111 I rnldI I Two of thl Alder
M wim it is clnrRfd solicited money
i r vote voted in favor of gmtillnK
i inin Inm although several week
i < I hit Mr Reynold aM 1M Mwron
il > i nlldtvlt Imd nnnounced that llm
eIi 11 thins wa off and that lh Aldermen
n IlMnt gtt a 0111 out of him
Tho 11 Aldermen who are named In the
alii lavits as having appeared at Mr Itey
nk offico nnd whO conversation in
irjMirtid Rr Ilermnn Knllenlwrg CharleH
v Hilldring Anthony J Rivera Alfred
Had and C I Morgan Mr Reynolds
MJS that Knllonlierg told him h repre
sented still another Alderman and that the
money for him could be paid to Morgan
The affidavits were laid before District
Attorney Young at hi hpme In New Rochella
late on Monday night by a committee con
pistinR of Harry C Perley George I Lewi
and George Gqvors
The State Line Telephone Company
made its application for a franchise in
New Rochelle early in January I wanted
a perpetual franchise but agreed to give
attain free service to the city
After the vote by which the application
TMIS rejected the talk became even stronger
and some of the citizens then took It into
their heads to Investigate the matter and
H how much there was in it The flrpt
person they went to see wan Mr Reynolds
and he told them what he knew and turii d
over to them the notes alleged to have ben
taken by his stenographer of the various
interviews that were held
Tho stenographer makes affidavit that the
note era correct arid Mr Reynolds affi
davit i t tho same effect
According t tho affldavhB lon after the
Application was made to the board it wan
referred t a committee on franchises Mr
Reynold nayi that noon after thL Wa lion
IXTK camo to his office to makearrangomenta
for the paseing of the franchise It I alleged
that Kallenberg Intimated that would havo
to lie for a consideration and that h mid
tlizt the AMnrmon had decided upon S100 I
I it the proper sum they should receive for
rn > Ing I Thorn won no stenographer
I tnt nt this interview and Mr Reynolds
nys that It wnn cuj nhort iq order to allow I
1 iii tniiiikoarninBommift to have his t1e
WFTrhprVoncealedin an joining rom In
oil to takedown what Hubsequently might
li mid Tho atonographor sat behind a
olt but woe only n very short distance from
Mi peaker
U tlio Mtbopqiient interview which wan
tiiion down Kllenlerl is alleged to have
firn tho prlr for each Alderman Mr
Reynolds then had the different Aldermen
tJ and he
come down to his office ceparatoly
HA ram that all agreed to the prices that
had been named by Kallenlwrg
llio price for each Aldennan Mr
Reynolds mild last night varied from
Kooo II J3000 My recollection is chat
two of the Aldermen wanted S2O apiece
and that 3000 was needed for each of tho
01 her Kallonberg said that ono man had
demanded 15000 but that he had beaten
him down to 13000
The interviews lasted two woekn alto
gether ami ended about March 2 After
they were finished tho stenographers notes
Cere translated and put in the f Hor
riginal notes were destroyed The reason
the notes wore destroyed was because wo I
destroy nil our books from time to time and
vellow no waste pa per to go outside the office
believe that another
as wo have reason t blov
company II buying 1 the waste paper of
our concern
At thf last Interview with IheAldermen
I paid that I had no intention of paying any
boodle that it was Knllenbergs proposal
and that I had carried it along because I
Canted to see how far It would go I e
DO threats o f ftny kind and they did not seem
particularly lurpre scared Of course
they knew nothing about the proof that was
In my safe I told them that I would be
piffled If they could see their way clear to
pas the franchise but Jwould not pay I
cent for It t
J The transcribed not of the stenographer 1
hieh are attached t Mr Reynolds af
fidavit give the entlre oonvenxstlons at the
various Interviews with thl Aldermen
Thy fill many pages Kallenberg made
several visits but tho other four Aldermen
mar only one visit apieoe
The only two members of the board who
dil not appear or were not alleged to b
represented In any way were Aldermen
Adams and Kuchler When tho vote was
taken in April Kallonberg Morgan and
Apri Kllonbrg Morgn an
Adams voted for the franchise and HI1I
I c
dung Steele Rado Rivera alt Kuchlar
voted against it Mr Reynolds sold last
night that he had not mid a word about
thl matter until the committee camp and
akttl himnbout it
1iMrlct Attorney Young Bald last night
that hu should probably place the matter
before the present Grand Jury
Before I do anything M lie said 1 want
to haMJ a talk with Mr Reynolds and with
I hI > tenorraplicr Mr Reynold says In
Ins affidavit that h made some of th remarks I
marks la made in order t lead th Alder
teen on that he had no Intention of course
of Over paying for the franchise and that
he was imply acting as a good citizen
Any ono reading some of to reported
nveraatIon i would have eonoe difficulty
t 1 Illn 1 wM ii fftmf nllil twiw
I utIs fllll
f M Irtlcml tn jut II lit n lillnm nf 11114
ttwllsf II II lois rwi lltnti d4 II U V ff
wrlotw tflM nffthvldi irt liffiiixM
In tn f Iwnsq wi Isis M nlnlif Uml I I ml
I I f nit ftf lil fn IIIMI Kin Rotilleinctt
I IHI dniiialif llmin h wmtt 4 I f N
Hwtn lifer1 f liU imirhlnrt I ICIIt ilnwii ntiil
i nl < < Mf KfijriHtliN I IICeI I itt mf nfflw
nl Wltllfl IMIn
I Kiivirrnw tl wnt
wiifll tint I do ritilil iiil ninin flf fvtttf >
I ii ell6sHil him If II ituil IiI4fI
I fIh
Mr tleylKilili unfil Usl tilnlt Uml tm did
hot Intend In viiliinfeer MA n WMM but
Im MM Unit Im itiilil srirtlnly nNit it
Hurry IVri y she ls undcr lMMl in
his ye lnli < iiii I mllll IKIII In tlflIt rib ln lln <
nl ut iirpviitwl lo tin 11st net Allnnmy
U I irnnilimnl l inormt and tine run for
Alilnrinun ACNiFII log II t of llm IIIPIII
I era of HK eotnti II tee liowr r IIIIH < if II
Tiwrs win I i EtlMolutota no ground for
any clwrgi of > IIIhI11 1 Ihl iinilcr
wild Ill iiinn last nlRht V iiqii gruwli
sIck of the xirriiilliin In tin city govern
nient and deteriti his I liird as I wn lu
li enllKitlA 1 1 K mailer ul Molt which si I
much talk WOM b < > nx lu irl
Ti HcciiMd Alderinun M < lieineiilly diiiy
II oluirnTH nnd my that they enmiilti
from xilltlcl < iiiH whl n ni optxiwd tl the
I Iiriii lit administration Al of lh < > men
who urn Iwhlnd Ihl clurgin with I lie a x
cptlcili of Reynoldx tluy say niv ideiill
llod with IheliKul I hIIIOCfll t Ic lichll
tOXdllKSS Til lilA TILL Jlll
KITorli Iall In rritiRe for the iljniirn
Inn I liinr 3n
tAilNoTnN June 17FfllitltiS effort
wew made today by the Rnpubllcidh leidnrw
in the Senato to bring about an adjourn
ment on tino 21 v The llepublican Htnuring
committee will meet tomorrow 10 try to
make plans for facilitating luiiinow hit It
isadmltled that an adjournment of CongrexH
cannot possibly occur before June 2H nnd
flay is postponed lieyoml that date
Senator A Id rich today hail a delegation
from Ih house in th Iinmioe Committee
room to meet Homo of the Konate leaders
and discuss a date for adjournment No
agrvemont was reached
When Senator Klttredge learned today
that the lenders were planning nn adjourn
ment for June 23 he concluded that that wan
In fiirtheranoe of an effort to sidetrack bin
sea level Panama Canal bill and started an
investigation He WON soon nxsured tint
he leadens liad ndono hope adjourn
leg as early as June 21
Senator Klttredge will inslot on considera
tion of hil bill He mid todpy thnt Congress
gress In tho present state of public bl
would L fortunate If it got nwity before
July 4 The Illness of Senator Allison of
Iowa hl delayed the work of the conference
committees on the general appropriation
bills Senator Hale admitted today tliat
he would IMJ content it Congress adjourned
by July I
Offers a Ilewanl of 25 Cent for If ery Ono
Killed on lilt Plate
I TAnrTTOWrt SY June 12John D
Rockefeller has dnclared war on the snakes
I that Infest his large estate at Pocantlco
hills The following notice was sent out
a short time ago
I will pay 2 5 cents for nil snakes klllid on
lY itstale I leSlie to rid my laud of thwe
reirtlles nnd any OIIH lilti r outer llm war of
Every boy In the neighborhood Is doing
what he cud to kill snakes Mr Rocke
feller estate IH a good field for snakes
Tho region of Buttermilk Hill Is about the
wildest In the country and there blacksnnket
copperheads and garter wialces abound
Mr Rockefeller line that horror of snakes
common to many persons He will never
walk in the Buttermilk Hill section I ho I
has occasion to go there be always goes ifl a
Mr Rockefeller also offers S for every
dog killed on his eta le fmo valuable
dogs were killed last wtKjr and he had
some trouble with htf ighlKjrs His
order to exterminate the snakes however
ban been welcomed not alone by the mnall
xtyn but by nil the people William Rocke
feller offered 25 cents for all snakes killed
fn his place for several year and now It is
it is said
oroe of the reptiles a
lolm Drown New Vork Holder hho Nhot
Jlr roinervett UatiBliIrr lit 12 Year
limnoKJonr Cone June 12Aftcr scor
ing tho prisoner severely and commending
the verdict of the jury Judge George Wf
Wheeler this evening sentenced John
Brown die New York hostler to not lefts
than tvnlvo no mom than twenty years
in State nrisOiMir breaHing Into Ihe home
of Mrs W alter C Morrill at Greenwich
left Septntnber
Mm M orrill Is still suffering from the
bullet wound In theleft side of her neck
where Brown shot her when she surprised
him In Irowl hallway of her house The
wound is Ftlll kept open as part of tho bullet
remains In I the doctors fearing to probe
because only I little tlwtue wparatos the
> uI onl
piece of lead from a large blood vessel
I v pnorxixa JIVES amp
Lad Nearly Perlihed and Couldnt Save
Young nhrat
Burton Wheat 12 years old of 154th street
and Morris avenue wan drowned In Fleet
wood Pond 185th street and Grant ovanue
yesterday afternoon and two other boys
Allen Jones and Peter Adam had a close
Alen Allworoplaylngon aaftienVbeat
fell of Al h Jones boy who could swim
jumped In to nave him and was caught by
the drowning lad and pulled under The
Adams boy although h couldnt swim
lumped in t help th other two Bicycle
Policeman Shy ltd another man also went
to the rescue Jones managed t break
Wheats gripMindor water hut was 8 far
gone that he couldnt move when th police
him wheats
man dived and brought up iS 11t
body was rer
4 iiunl SCHOOL nors DIWVNED
Members of Graduating Clasi Go Down
nth host While nn an Oltnl
BANOOII Me June 12By the capsizing
x > f a unllboat nt HymeHH Pond nine miles
from Brewer tola four members the
graduating clous of the Jlrower High Hchool
wore drowned
They are Norman Herrick 17 non of 8 f
Herrlcji of SoutO Brewer Wintleld Brown
lerlcl of Edwin Brown of Brewer Lamont
Parker IH non of Mrs F A Burrell of
Brewer IAwrnc Alken 16 son of George
Aiken of North Brewer
ThiS hot and rtudents ank throequarters I
of n mile fromthe shore Thirteen pupils
hays and girls wero in lh party all but
to four oY being on the bah
I After all Vaherith scales
mthbiibb5 1
iiai lhcbb rlU
r O
mm HAS OHM mm
r fiSh I 11 MIHK IIP I V
l II4r111 IlVIV
tf llrfl lfr tllfmlgll Wllll Ill Htltllll llcll
fUrM Ito t II It IAItlIftt1M
1 tlm ItiniUrPletutsantMPt
ten Ii IIat Ml 4ap ltnl Aessb
llrt tllnnmy Ictnino in dc II IIln
yeelerily lust Hm IndlHmerit nf Dr Woller
II IIIMIf itfid II ltt A IrdimUn fnfiner
vlr ifMlipnli nf lbs Mutual Ufo lnniir
ntti < n Colnmiir i 11111 inenn lie nrtnllin a
lion I if llm llf liKtimmi rseiis In fitrt
Mr frriiind wild lie lu ret I gat Iiiti luiiloiily
Not iiily will llm New York llfo nnd the
Kllll liki eninpa tune IK InvestlHed bill
lie stnullcr ennqwi tiles will I s looked lulu
very eflirfullr lbs InvestIgnlIon will lake
months and ntnybft
ninny lunlh ln nll years Kvery
ilms uf tlm liiKiintncrt liuslimM B 5 run
ItlClHil by till Vitrloils OntlllNinles will IH
I hl subject nf I Irund Jury Inquiry
Jin > l wluit luirtlculitr r bninrb of Ihl I nil ii
linen Inquiry wllli Im Inkin lip nest Mr
Jeninm will not NIV but II Is known Hint lie
1 iIisinht Ion of t hi finance commit I pi of lie
I Mutual will In i gone Into Mr Jerome does
i not intiiid that llm Investigation shall br 1
I Implmjinl unit Ii nil action will lx < lalieu
only il cows where In thp opinion ot tht
District Attorney then Is sufficient evl
denct > to warrant a conviction by 1 trial
Among lawyers end instirunee men there
was solos sfieciilntion yesterday UH In just
I here Rlchiird A McCnnly former prusl
i dent of Jlic Mutual lt luau runes Coin
j rally stiKMl In the invimtlgation r wax
hard lor some rnons to understand how
MoCurdy had escaped when Grannlsx and
Gillette bad U > en charged with crimes by
the Grand Jury r is wild that nothIng
producid bpflrt the Grand Jury except
I perhaps the detnils of one transaction
Involved Mr MrCimly In any way That
concerned tht marking down of real estate
holdings ofthe Mutual in tho lot report to
the State Insurance Department Mr
Jerome snld there was no significance In
the absence of Mr McTurdy
In view of tho faCt that Andrew C Fleldi
the legislative agent of the Mutual testi
fied heroG tho special Grand Jury under
promise of immunity there lion been a
good deal of uensing as to whether the
name of legislators who have cooperated
in Ills legislative work would b brought
out It is almost a foregone conclusion
that the names of few if any legislators
will come within the scope of the inquiry
From what has boon learned to date it would
b next to Impossible to get evidence that
would stand in a court against any legis
It is evident that Fields and his friends
are aiding the District Attorneys office
In every way It became known yester
day that LouU Murray who was wanted
so badly by the Armstrong committee to
explain vouchers that he had signed and
which were supposed to represent money
paid tto Fields by the Mutual hat been
talking to Mr Jerome
This Investigation said Sir ijeromo
yesterday will certainly be a mutter of
irnintiii and maybe years My policy has
been to lure Indictments which in my judg
ment IiI a lawyer would not only hold In the
lower oiurts but would Bland Inthe Appal
lite Division Necessarily this means long
careful and arduous work If nee < siry
the rest of my term will h taken up with
the investigation
I have been told by lawyers men eminent
in their profession and men wlnse usuil
conservatism made their statements all the
more surprising Indict them all Jeromo
all of them and clear the atmosphere
That view didnt appeal to me I con
sider it an Improper one and nol thin 11RIton
for a conscientious public officer to take
I am familiar with other investigations
mtably the Lexow investigation and the
bribery investigation In Missouri What
happened Wo all know what happened
as a result of the Lexow investigation Take
the case of Folk There were a lot of in I
dictments and some convictions in the
lower courts but they were thrown out one I
after the other by the higher oaurtnv 1
The rewon for all that Is very Simple I
the evidence was not there I It had been
tho convictions would have been sustained
by the higher court
tle this Insurance Investigation only
one branch of the Mutual has been gone
into There are other branches yet to b
covered and such Investigations take a
matter of months It is not the simple
matter it seems I mean to get the evl
deno and connect It HO that It points b
yond a reasonable doubt t the guilt of one
man br a net of men
It didnt take the Grand Jury long to
find out that there had been wrongdoing
and plenty of I There was no doubt In
my mind and in the minds of themembers
of th Grand Jury that there had been
crooked work but the thing was t get
the evidence in such shape that It would
stand In a court of law Often wo got
just no far where only some little thing
remained to make th missing link in the
chain but that was missing
So far an the Grand Jury was concerned
Fields won only needed for a minute and a
half First we had to get him He filially
came Without his testimony we might
have been blocked in certain respects He
was needed to point but certain things
Mr Jerome is going away for six weeks
vacation tomorrow He is going to the
Maine woods for about two weeks to fish
for salmon He will be accompanied b
William Rand Jr who was his chief of staff I
Mr Jerome has been joshed a good deal on
this an Mr Rand b idl being counsel for
the Bumhams and other Insurance men Is
counsel for Robert Olyphant the chairman
of the expenditure committee of the Mutual
who is Hold t have cleared himself before
the Grand Jury
When MrJerome returns from the Maine
woods he is going to his country home at
Lakevllle He will stay there for a few days
and then go on a Southern tnp wnloli may
take in several States He U to make some
speeches which may l > e red hot
me of Ualierg Propellers Disabled
Information was received last night from i
Nantucket by the agent of tbe North German I
Lloyd Steamship Company that the Kaiser
WIlhelmTlhad broken a propollerand was
coming to this port under only onevongine
She passed NanUicket at 530 P M and Is
expected to reach her pier at Hoboken
between 8 and I oclock this morning Under
ordinary circumstances she would have
arrve yctterday I
ll y U eo i 1
Klu 0 11 j dt
hIfri lity llfiftM 0 WM nf t
In HH flrHfil In ItnllP
Afl llili fund If Inllcil Mules
MiiirrMM tntifl ln > Ho Wllllnitt II I Mf
IhH CVfttln Kffliifril lit t Mlnt WlllMm
I Itidwiy oh KcndirMy Htiil A I Hli > < Ifll nf
4eW Vnrlt ffyt ill Imlmlf of HHf I fil
Albeit T 11 fit New Vnfk wlm iw
ftlllf1 MIIII rntciirfd Id Mfllli for IM
ntr of NVillliiii Mr < tt HIci I will of
Irriit itnJ nUjr Ut ctcnlIon
Flue HUM lli < itinsel f u litlrlct this
1hl1 nf ntrrjrlhit IM i ei bffnm the
Ililted HOP < Mitjireinii C iii itt II loioli r
lunllco iMyUnow yWllnual liUiiltllmiim
In I hilii city KiHotiittor tlndM mid A I
MMitslon drrlvrd tiers yntsrilny and wut
fflrml with iitlrx Day dnrlnfl tie lIfter
noon suit vriiln Tnnl liln net Ion was
the result nf their rotifcrenm
KiSoimlor Miiduy MIl totiigit Wn
am sit I lell with Itm teMlit of tl < xiu
funmrw A writ nf nrmr and stay tif nx
ecntlon was n I wo nuked for
liisllra lays derision again Mny thai
carrying out of thai death xentennn on Iat
I rick who Is now In tiw death hOI at fling
fling I inakeit the fifth pofttKineinnnt for
P1 rick
Patrick liNirncd earls lust night of > IudK
IIYf lid lOll The Infonimtlon wan car
nod to his cull white the condemned man
was Iiu y on IKIIMTH to l > e uxtxl In bin cone
Patrick hud no comment 10 make and it
WIIH evident hat he bad exacted that the
May wuiild IM granted
nnnsm KIT WIT ri MMIXS
Irenldenl IJhm Nunellon to rampalicii uf
bun MtanilliKtten
DFH MOINEH la June 12 President
Roosevelt seems to hive become sufficiently
Interested in the Iowa campaign to allow
Secretary Hluw to make u third trip to Iowa
to henna deliver ninechen for the Htundput Hopub
A telegram from Secretary Hh w to
W F Parrott manager of the Perkins head
quarters in Des Moines is IIB follows
111 urn in reiwlpt of telegram from Davln
port S follows The Lincoln Club of thin
city Invite you to Hjmak In Davenport
Juno 10 evening
To thin I have replied as follows I
wired Den Moines vesterduy that I could not
accept Invitation to speak at Davenport on
the evening of Juno It ax It necessitate
cancelling two Important previous engage
ments On receipt of your Invitation how
ever I havovconforred with the President
and have decided to cancel these other en
gagements and accept yours I will be with
y u Wednesday evening L M SHAW
The fact that President Roosevelt has
approyed of Secretary Shaws participation
ip the campaign has caused I sensation
It la well known that Gov Cummins not
Inucoord with the views of the Ptentdent
and tbe Iowa delegation Congress on tho
tariff and Canadian reciprocity
CntMOo Juno i I am not I condMnta
for the Presidency I am going away
tonight to Davenport In to make a
speech I am not Interested in the orv
giinlyntlon Ifl new bank In Wall Street
I am not here in regard to any financial
scandal I nin here on private business
People nay a lot of things about my move
ments that are untrue Good morning
All thin was shot over the shoulder ot
Secretary Shaw at he hurried down a cor
ridor in the FederalBuilding today
Irnnilneitt Plilladelphlan Poisoned to Death
by flrttlnc Tablets Mixed In the Dark
PlUlADKUMUA June 12Aftor swallow
Ing a tumbler ot poison In mistake for llthla
In the dark Richard Tllghman a City
TroopeTi well known in social and business
circles le in his apartments at the Lin
coln this rooming after a fight of six hours
for life
Mr Tilghman spent last evening dining
with fellow members of the class of 8
University of Pennsylvania at the Unl
vemity Club and was in 0 happy mood
when he returned t his apartments His
brother accompanied him Col Tilghman
had scarcely retired before he heard his
brother calling The suffering man told
him b had dissolved a blochloritle of mer
cury tablet by mistake for lithia and had
swallowed the doe before bo was
Iwalowe dofe WI aware
of tho mistake He umjally took the llthla
before going t bed but had forgotten It
until he had extinguished tho lights Then
groping about in the dark he got hold of
the poison
Mr Tilghman was booked t sail for
for extended business
Europe today an extonde bl8ne6
and pleasure trip with Mm Tilghman and
their two children
Mr Tilghman was connected with the
First City Troop for many years He was
a member of the Philadelphia Rlttenhouee
Radnor Hunt State and Sohuylklll clubs
His widow was Miss Gnbrlela de Totestud
a daughter of the Marquis do Poteetad
Fomari and their wedding In 1888 s a
brilliant event With the wife two chll
drenMlsa Gabriela and Master rtfchard Jr4
Knorki Him Down and Never StOl to
Inquire How He Ii Getting Alone
TBKNTON N J June 12An automobile
In which were exCounty Clerk Barker
Gummer Charles E Gummere and Cornelius
A Turford who warn returning t this
city from th claps day exercises at Prince
ton University was bold up tonight by I
masked highwayman with a rope when only
a short distance from Princeton Before
10 party got to th place In the road across
which the stretched the
tl rope was trthd th highway
man at one end and th other made fast
to a tree th autoisto had received warning
from an automoblllst bound Princeton
way that there was dancer on lh road
Hie rope was revealed to the chauffeur
by the bright headlight of thoauto in time
for him to swerve to the right As he did
8 the rays picked out clearly the make
man at the end of the rope The chauffeur
headed for the man and bowledhlm over
The autoiftts proceeded without waiting
for the man to get up They reported
the attempted holdup to the police her
4 ho have gone out hunting for the man
Latent Marine Intelligence
Arrived Kilter Wllhcfm Urorcmen June t
VU Ptnniylv Onll Railroad June 14 to July C
tlciceu 09l to rciurnijUDtlt September 1dor >
Atenti topover Adr and ruil N intomnion coatuli TMktt i
= o = = =
IHlH I wriffr ir llVf1
HIM Pteslilesits HititMfrfif MUM of idA
At lila tl l lhnt Mcfll 4if Vane
Pitt f Pf Ill Ig Mel VI fsU4Itte
intl IumN In AflM Hfiwtrf rmrpri <
eCetteI 4 tff Itpsi M TII 1
rII M JUht IJAl the desire of Ulna
14cril MM 1IItl Iaiitittr of trpaia
iletit fIuosiiyelt1 nnmililml Ilia Jlar n hi
left Uml At I ltd illtniff llmt was 11
Mhlftlilat Dtirtlmnlur lttusc lijr Ainhisesis
dor Wlilielnw until Thiw chic look > rc i
pdcnw of nil Km IhiolmMM nrul oilier
ladles prpMnli Including those of this first
rank In fonJori moiety ThrC were forty
two cover The King satin he centra cut
one slits of I lung tnliU lii wnro ordinary
evening drm with kite brwlmn nml A
number of order Ainhnnuuliir Held fucel
bit Majesty
llecetvlni the King on his arrl val Mr
Reid oincluolpd hltn in thr library whom
lite IniRwortlis worn IntrodiicKl to him
Mrs tiiif worth wore a simple OTAIIII a doted
gown Tho King chatted with her for it
fen minute until dinner wits announced
flue chief decorative feature of tin Dor
chester loll was a magnificent rpipsen
t Hi Ion of the American eagle In white Italian
tnatblendoniluKtlinfrontiwrtlco Mr Held
procured theembluni some time ago In home
nnd placed 1 In position a few days ago
I I honor of Mr and Jln Ixmgworth I
will remain where It is during the remainder
of Mr Reldn tenanoy of Dorchester Houe
and afterward will MOn country house
nmoiig the Interior decorations crimson
mlg crmln
rambler roses were conspicuous The en
trance hall the grand staircase and the
terraces were one mass of blooms The din
ing room alone wan not Invaded by the hor
ticultural display The table only was
decorated with flowers to soften the severity
of Mr Ilelds splendid service of silver plate
One feature of the room Is the fireplace
decorated by Stevens with beautiful female
figures supporting the mantelpiece At
the back o the house was erected a huge
marqueeln light green and white and fitted
with electroliers and tables t > rtf whole form
ing a apartment where supper WON laid
The guests included the Karl of Granard
LordinWaltIng Major George Lindsay
Holford EquerryInWaiting to the King
the Duke of Richmond and Gordon the
Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch the Duke
and Duchess of Marlborough Lord Two
mouth the Countess Frey Lady Susan
Townley the Marquis and Marchioness of
Lansdowno Paul Cambon French Am
bottsador Admiral Fourier French Navy
Lord and Lady Curzon Mr and Mrs Joseph
Chamberlain N Donald Cameron Ogden
llavJktr John RIdgelex Carter Secretary
of the American Embassy and n Carter
and Delanony Jay private secretary t
Ambassador Reid the Duke of Roxburghe
ho Earl and Countess of Ore wo Lady Her
bert widow of the late British Ambassador
x > tbe United States and Sir John and Lady
Premier Sir Henry CarapbellBanner
man Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey
and Secretary of War Haldane were in
vited but were not able t b present
Among the guests Invited t the musical
entertainment after dinner wore the Duke
and Duchess of Norfolk the Duke and
Duchess of Westminster the Duke and
duchess of Somerset Consuelo Duchess i
of Manchester and Winston Churchill I
The artists included Enrico Caruso and
Mme Emma Barnes
Mr Reid began the day unfortunately
While driving to the embassy hil carriage
ran down a laborer hurting his leg but
tot seriously He was removed to a hos
pital Mr Reid will do his utmost for tho
victims comfort until he recovers
Aitori London Newspaper Call Iloitlle
Comment Ignorant TittleTattle
flptctal Cattle DuptteH lo Tni lux
LONDON June 12 William Waldorf
Asters paper the Pall MallOaittte speaking
of the visit of Mr and Mrs Longworth
saysThe IongwortliB are the guests of tbe
Relda at Dorchester House because they
happen t be persona friends Tho point
i is perhaps worth underlining OA there Is a
certain amount of illnatured ignorant
tittletattle anent the state In which the
Prsidontl daughter has travelled Noth
ing could be more natural than that on the
oooajion hor woddldg tour Mrs Iong
worth should be glad to visit her
wort b vt many
friends who have settled In Europe To
twist other meaning out of her visit
tw any ote manIng out vllt
Is the acme of perverted ingenuity The
marked honor paid to her and her hosts
by the announcement of their Majesties
presence at the dinner In Mr and Mrs
Longwortha honor at Dorchester House
today ii ono of the gracious personal com
pliments to President Roosevelt and the
nation he represents that King Edward
with his happy tact knows 8 well how to
pay I la of course in this light that Mm
Longworth regards itl
Woman Secretary of Ptiotocraptylo le Concern
Unbalanced Prom Overwork
Mrs Margaret McDonald secretary of
the flitted Company photographers at
M8 Fifth avenue swallowed the contents
of a two ounce bottle of carbolic acid In her
npcfrtmcnU in the St James Hotel 10
West Fortyfifth street at noon yesterday
sl won found unconscious in her room
by her mother Mm Jacob Wise of Pitta
burg and Dr De Birmingham of 10 Wfltt
street called In Ho
Fortyseventh flret wan cle I 10
hfvd nn ambulance call sent to Roosevelt
Hogiftl ana worked over tho woman him
ked hm
self until she was taken to the hoipiul
She did not regain consciousness nnd died
within an hour
I la believed that Mrs McDonald was
tern ornrtly Insane She cpme hero from
Plttxburfi five years ago having separated
from her husband who Is a dentist tht I
She acquired nn interest in lie
Bha ulrd In Interlt photographic
concern During the past winter she had
charge oi fife ctrlce her while Mr Hinted
conducted a branch Htudlo at Palm Beach
Pressure of work this spring had worn
Mrs McDonald out It was paid end a month
ago lb found that sh was threatened
with neurasthenia Her mother and father
came here last week t take her t Narra
gsntett Pier this week
Mrs McDonald was sa years old Mr
and Mrs Vloe started for their homo at
il 1 PiUburewith the
j 1 t thto
i SI a X
t t r 4 T
J Jt fjVj jjfr ri > jyi ftJSii w
= = = = j
p1 ffrlr4 HH1 ntf Aitil Itrtlcsf9
I Htt nfl
rtftttn Nag JIM I fta William
fill Vrcjr nlfo of M iff > lilfti < nf 1k
CnlfiHl flfifM Kfful iflmffldnti fniiy
nlfl n thIttofl In hl frcntiit filetrfrt mitt
of Net mlii torn for nn ftliimliif IIntl
hIss itltln I lirtftf roelllnd thaI em
WitS inn ft If i in orcf b Drr mMr IA
1u4 nml that Its uttAfHlontil Mr nlxitif Hey
Ii lnn1 Him iipbi fur 1 iNw tqsin lbs
gmoimil nf Irtol anti itUi ht t that
this titstoily of Mir mm Im gIven In Mr
fIII Ilo1 reirsntln rON
15 hl I miily I liz t ln did ml IIIKIW whet limit
his chant noulil oppnw 111 Itliln or tnt
I a Mlil Ihut iKuntlfltldtm N In lIrus1
for < Vn y td alr hI consent Ii the tilvorea
i nI1 settle on lil wits at liiiloi ndAiil
Mm Cnrvjr Is 11111 whIle lit tleno lv
the iniillur and Ulcr of the dnfemUnt
Is 1 riitqior liT TIl cit Ii
Tile AllrfilMny In Hllli a Tale nf a Mirlni
The MrntiifJilp AllosUiny of the lie mbtirg
AmorlrAii llnon Allnnw < rvl < < 1 which arrived
Mm yolerdny from Kingston reported
encount rlnff is numMer wa rsMiut Just
llh of Copp IlHtlorns early on Mondny
morning Chief Ofllrar Iteldierx who was
on 11 lirldf I nil Qua risrinti ter llovuiinl
who wan ut lh wheel were knocked down
by the water
They d clnrn < l that the s spoilt wan Ixty
feet i cJrcumferetiwt and thit when it
truck th vessels bow olio came near
turning turtle None of the ships deck
flxturen wan curried way though much
water iMitnrud the culilnn
The Alleghany hud only one passenger
TO Jilt 11 MAtHIHIAt TIlillK
lBiaiirie In Virtual CombInatIon to Heat
Kor lffn romiirlllori
o1ptrlal fjW lit match to Tim SUl
JoIolOOlol June t3A denpatch to the
Daily Mail train Tokio my that despite the
empliatlc reassurances of the Ministers of
the Governments intention to maintain the
open door In Manchuria foreign merchants
in Toklo are uneasy
Their Investigations convince them that
while Jnpin will keep the open door policy
to the letter shrewd legitimate plans are
being matured for a national effort under
Government supervision by which the
bunks manufacturers shippers and dis
tributors will be united In u virtual com
bination which will sweep the whole north
ern trade
nentnEm ran 1 I HILL
lUllroad President Uuyi a House In Rait
Ntxtnrtli Street
The private house at 8 East Bittyfifth
street belonging to Mrs Annie B Bits
was bought yesterday for a residence by
Jamew I1I11pre entot the Great Northern
Railway Company It is a modern five
story American basement dwelling on a
43 foot lot and has been held at 1500000
The deal won made through John N folding
of 8 Pine street Mr Hill luut been living
when in New York at the Savoy Hotel
rinwiv SVES MAY VoilE
Who Didnt Pay Him After a Twpe Hour
DrlveNliei Fined NIB
Aprcfal Cubit Dopatch ID Tue HUN
IX > NDON June 12lIIa Yohe formerly
Lady Hope and later Mrs Putnam Bradloo
Strong has been sued In a police court
here for bilking a cabman I The plaintiff
testified that he drove her around for twelve
hours and finally took her to a railway
station where she boarded a train without
paying him
The cabman consequently wait unable to
pay for the days hire of the cab and lost
his place He had been idle a week The
defendant did not appear Him was fined 3
ArIzona and New Mexico to Vote on Ques
tion of Upcoming One Slate
WASHINGTON June 12The Senate to
day uuthorbed the withdrawal of the
conference report on the Statehood bill
and the conferees just before adjournment
submitted another agreement which was
Vt rinted and went over until to
The compromise which IH aprarently
acceptable to all thooo interested pro
vifjea that the electors of Arizona and
New Mexico voting separately shall de
i cide on November 8 whether or not the
two Territories shall be admitted as one
State and that delegates to the joint State
convention shall be chosen at the name
time but no State officials There Vras no
difference of opinion between the two
houses on the question of admitting Okla
homa and Indian Territory as one State
hoosier bemocratR Propoie John IV Kern
for Iloang Ilnnnlnc Mate
INDIANAPOLIS June 12The Democrats
of Indiana will have a candidate for second
place on the ticket with Bryan in the person
of John W Kern nominee for Governor
In 1900 and again in 1604
Kem was opposed to free silver but he
supported Bryan loyally In both campaigns
Bryan will be consulted on his arrival
from Europe and will be asked to consider
Mr Kern as his running mate it being as
sumed that lie will dictate the nomination
A large number of Influential Democrats
are arranging to join in the New York
ovation to Bryan when he reaches that city
Court Grants Decree mien Dlieaie De
velops In the Husband
Los ANGELES June 2That tuberculosis
Is sufficient ground for divorce in Cali
fornia was decided In the Superior Court
here today when Judge Bordwell granted
Mrs Charlotte T Scammell a decree be
cause her husband Is suffering from that
Charlotte Boyle was at one time socially
prominent in San Francisco and Charles
F Soammell a real estate man of Lbs
Angeles won her heart
Before their marriage she Bays on
several occasions she asked her pro poclivo
husband ho was perfectly pound and
healthy and received every assurance that
he was free from disease
Dellrhtful trips at reasonable expcBM throuch
the sneer a thouund wenden Ptnnirtrtnla
RaIlroad tours to Yellowstone Part and the Ptciac
Cout July I Aurusi I and September 3 Rate
ertcc ntctMtnr CZPCMM vni iroa New York
i C
JI f mi mmm RULli
IH qI H HV HHfW tfUUrrn
A qflqttr7l jHHIH s
It J
frfeit Wallet 1Ht In lie I + ftstrlhim ef hit
Sfap ff AgrhitifPngr 15
ltshlIfii iml HKmpifld Ptehitmtt Vet
11111 111 Nf HetffliU Hiefliffflffifi
WUHIHunH i fitnc II The house tim
millie on AarlMilliifc Milny ronllnl1
lie work of IvlMirilin 1111 thin IIIv1cI1ff
htimt lnnfllon itncntlmrnl In llm Aarl
eiili urn I A Aiiruirliillin bill When It himii
roiitliidfil lbs Hineivltticnt WM left N titers
skeletOn titan which this iwitnmllliw hen
II In mould Its own mwtl itiesct inn
iriialnti Whim nM mnmlw of thin win
mlllra was nnkwl nlftht what Imd himionma
of the Ilevrrliltfn provision Im replied that
In M opinion It would llulril a micro
ooplo nxninlnatlnn III find It so little WM
left of Ihft original liingiKiflu nf this amend
Tho committee hAlO bownver prepared n
slllMlltiito with which a majority of tim
member nrii llf nconrd nnd which It Is be
lieved will not only meet thn requirement
of the situation fully hut nt the name lima
will prove satisfactory to nil parties oon
earned tlm packers this cntll nsn and
his public
The proposed snlwlltute was practically
agreed upon today with tho exception
of ono or two minor provision and the
matter of cost of the inspection This
latter iiientlon will lie decided at a meeting
of the committee tomorrow morning
and the agricultural bill together with the
meat inspection amendment will be re
ported to the House tomorrow afternoon
unless something unforeseen should arise
It Is regarded quite probable that the
committee will vote to Increase the appro
priation for the Bureau of Animal Industry
HO an to provide 2000000 for meat inspec
tion This Id 100000 or more In excess of
the estimate of Dr Melvin the chief ofthe
bureau batted upon the number of cattle
sheep and swine inspected last year
Some of thomembers of the committee
however prefer to fix a tax upon the stock
slaughtered at 6 cents per head for oattlex
and calves and 3 cents per head for sheep
and swine together with an appropriation
of MO000 for emergencies There were
slaughtered and Inspected last year in
the neighborhood of 7000000 cattle and
calves 25000000 bogs and nearly 8000000
sheep and this number together with the
additional number which would be Inspected
under the proposed new law would It Is
estimated at the bead tax named raise a
revenue of nearly 2000000 It is thought
however that the committee will make
the 2000000 appropriation direct
The substitute provides the machinery
for inspection and then stipulates that the
Secretary of Agriculture shall exaot such
requirements as may be necessary to in
fprm himself concerning the sanitary con
dition and to prescribe the rules and regu
lations of sanitation under which such es
tablishments abattoirs and packing housed I
shall be maintained and where the sani
tary conditions of any such establishment
are such that the meat food products are
rendered unsound unhealthful unwhole
some or otherwise unfit for human food
be shall refuse to allow the same to be
iahelledmarked stamped or tagged as in I
spected and paused
The measure then provides that prod
tictfl which are not properly labelled
stamped and tagged shall not be admitted
into Interstate commerce
It Is also possible that the committee
will agree to a further amendment pro
viding that all goods which are offered
for interstate commerce and not prop
erly stamped labelled and tagged as in
spected shall condemned and destroyed
although Rome members of the committee
hold that the Government has no rlFht to
condemn and destroy
In other words the substitute provides
that before any meat food product may
be admitted Into Interstate commerce
It must first lie properly labelled stamped
and tapped which IntoHing stamping and
tagging will Indicate that it has been prop
erly Inspected ard that the oondltons
under which It wan prepared wore sanitary
and In compliance with the rules and reg
ulations prescribed by the Secretary of
The substitute will strike out of the
Beveridgo Amendment tho provision rel
quiring the date of canning to be stamped
upon the label of the can The committee
hold that there had been no evidence
offered tending to show that meat food
products kept hermetically sealed would
not remain good condition Indefinitely
hence that there was no necessity for re
I quiring that a oan should boar upon its
1 label the date upon which Its content
were prepared
The label will be required Ijowever to
show the oontentA of tbe can to tbo ex
tent tht it contains nothing deleterious
to health The bill will not prevent the two
of such preservatives as are not deleteri
ous to health but this Is a matter which
is left to the discretion of the Secretary
of Agriculture under the provision for
inspection In other words the inspectors
will not label stamp and tag as inspected
and passed any meat food products which
contain preservatives which are held to be
injurious to health
Tho committee got over the matter of
Inspection for the email butchers which has
been a matter of much dispute by agreeing f
that the substitute shall include a provision
leaving thia subject to the discretion of the
Secretary it Is the Intent of the substitute
that the small butchers shall be eliminated i
from inspection that those who slaughter
only a few bead of cattle a day some of
which may pass into interstate commerce
It doer not draw any line bitt loaves the r
matter wholly to the discretion of the Secre
tary of Agriculture who may order inspec
tion of such establishments where he deems
it necessary and practicable and be may
extend the Inspection as far as his desires ii
within tho limit of the appropriation of
money available for such purposes a
The matter of antemortem Inspection U
also left to the discretion of tho Rccreta r
ot Agriculture It Is not to be compulsory
except to the extent to which the Secretary
of Agriculture may direct it
Upon this subject the original report of
the three Inspectors fron the Bureau of
Animal Industry differed widely from tha
reports ptepared by Mowers Nelll and Rey
nolds The former ld that ant mortem ix
inspection was highly essential In that it
JII 1 ± Al LM4J jll l k J

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